Thursday, May 2, 2013

Another Day, Another Excuse

Rob at Lax. on his way to where? It had Hot News in a tizzy :

hot news :
I knew this was going to be a bad day.

First, GC, Ryan Seacrest just say something really stupid involving the words Rob and engagement. It's NOT TRUE. Probably evil Ruth spreading LIES again. So we need you to call Nick Frenkel and debunk this nonsense. Thank you.

Second, I hope Rob's not going to NYC. I mean, he BETTER NOT BE GOING TO NYC FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fucking bye. This day can go FY

 What's got her in such a state? She knows Kristen will be there in a few days and she doesn't want to entertain the thought of them being there TOGETHER.

Like This:

I love this pic. A woman tenderly touching her man. Yep HER man.

Another day,another excuse. That about says it. Rob is in NYC and the excuses from the haters are running rampant. He's there with Katy Perry, hes there with Florence.(Of course if he's in NYC there has to be the  Jessica fan fic lmao!) Their stupidity knows no bounds:

So I guess Katy Perry is why he went to NYC since he partied hard with her and couldn't wait to be rid of Kristen

Mike, T :
Rob was spotted on a date with Camilla Belle, yesterday in NYC.


? :

robsten will be sad aprenant their relationship ended

The replacement florence welch

Patches :
I totally agree with Cheat-ah R.Pattinson uses K.stewart and has done so since day 1.
I think she is very much in love with him and cuts him to much slack.Think of how many ladies he has been with---DDR,ag,nr,cb,Katy Perry since 2008 ,Sarah roehmer ,Nina,
Nettie ! Mystery blonde in NYC waitress,models,( his new interest Florence welsh) and the many we. Don't know about.When I saw pictures of him out to dinner with his Brit pack in Malibu and her not included when he is using her home, I really felt sorry for her.
Is she not allowed to associate with his friends?----just for a place for them to stay in California? He planned this NYC trip with Katy and Florence.He is there for Katy,Florence,the Brit Pack and will go to wherever he is going to when Kristen comes
To NY for the Met Gala.He will not support her just like he did last December---remember. She will be on her own --- You all call her such despectiable names,but
You let him be your GOD--- Two sides to every story I hope I am wrong!

Can we expect anything different from these people? They have been like this for four years and still can't accept what keeps getting put right in their faces over and over again. For some reason the thought of them being together and happy sends them into fits of anger and hate. The funny part is that they think any of their ramblings have an effect on Rob or Kristen whatsoever. They continue to ignore them and live their lives. 

A lot of people ask why do they go out when they know they will be papped? (Of course to the haters this means they are doing it for PR) What are they supposed to do? Stay locked up inside THEIR house? Never go out anywhere? They are young people in their twenties. They are not going to stay inside like hermits and let the paps dictate to them how to live their lives. They like going to concerts and have the money to do so.They like going out with friends. Just like most people in their twenties would do. They don't let the haters dictate to them and they don't let the paps dictate to them either.

Kristen will be at the Met Gala looking beautiful no doubt. Can not wait to see what she wears!

  Have to say red is my fav color on her!

 If I had legs like hers I'd show them off too!

Have a good day!


Rob at Orphans!

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noisefaidaus said...

I hope Rob and Kirsten end up at the Met Gala together as well.