Monday, December 30, 2013

The Buzzards Are Circling

Did everyone have a nice Christmas? I sure did! Glad to be back in LA! I come back and I see nothing has changed. The haters instead of enjoying time with their families were glued to their computers waiting desperately for anything. 

The buzzards were circling .

Of course the same thing that happens every year happened. Rob spent Christmas with his family in England and Kristen stayed in LA with hers. The SAME thing they do every year. And the dipshidiots take this as a final sign that they are over.

This picture was supposedly from the 28th. Oh wait they changed it to the 23rd. Nope. try again. Uhm where's the tags on her car? Not even a temporary one if it was new? 

 CJ a week ago. Unless CJ put some miracle grow in his hair no the above pic is not from the 28th or the 23rd.

And you know the excuses were running rampant at the ever growing tummy!

Again supposedly from the 28th.

I don't know about you but that looks a like a baby bump to me! That's a lot of dog food for one pup. Looks like enough for two or three.

Hey Rolando! How does Charlie/Charlotte suddenly become the same height or shorter than Kristen when she is known to be taller than her? 

The dipshidiots didn't leave Rob out of their holiday craziness. They desperately tried to place him with a blonde. Any blonde.

So we had a so called twitter source named Livia Franchini that said Rob was at a bus station at 3 in the am in Peckham on December 14th. Now the first time she didn't mention him being with any one. Suddenly after talking with the dipshidiots her memory came back and he was with a blonde. And then miraculously she might have been, looked a little like Dylan Penn. 

Yeah your bs right back at you  Livia Franchini!

But wait it gets better. Blonde dipshidiot effort number two. 

This is Rob supposedly on December 24th.  Where's the Christmas decorations? Just asking.

Notice the blonde next to Rob. The dipshidiots went crazy. It was the mystery blonde girlfriend! The dipshdiots were wetting themselves with glee.

Hold on a minute.

 Try and ignore the the pink heart and the wishful thinkers caption. However do notice Rob's sister sitting next to him. Yep. The nerve of the man! Going out to a pub for a few drinks with his sisters!

The dipshidiots were let down again with their blonde for Rob efforts.

We also got a brunette effort thrown into the mix

Fail again. It's Nettie a good friend to both Rob and Kristen. 

The best was yet to come. We got sightings of Rob and Kristen on the IOW. Together. 

They can't all be lying. What reason would they have to lie? (using the dipshidiots favorite line when they are trying to convince you of the latest Rob hook up.) Right dipshidiots? 

You guessed it according to them everyone one of them are liars. Of course they are lol. 

It doesn't matter. News Years Eve is not the be all and end all if Rob and Kristen are together or not. They are together regardless if they spend it together or not. They are happy and giddy over something else that trumps New Years Eve.

Yeah That. 

I love his sense of humor.

We are coming into a new year and good things are coming our way. So take a deep breath ignore the hate and have patience. Our reward is almost here.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas



It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I love Johnny Mathis singing Christmas music!

Thank you Dylan Penn for delivering us an early Christmas present!

Too bad she waited until after her magazine spread came out. Nothing like using Rob's name for a little pr right Ms. Penn?

Snowflake has to be sweating bullets about right now. 

I think he needs to fire his Pattinson source. Something tells me he's more than pissed at anny_ packer.

Now his trusty sidekick Marc Malkin is non too pleased either. 

He called us crazy for calling him out. 

Mr. Malkin also stated on his twitter that he doesn't lie.

Oh really? Well you or Dylan Penn is lying. I'll go with you.

Funny how that beacon of truth People is being eerily silent right now. 

And the Dylan trolls are doing a lot of this right now

Yes. Betty Boop it can be pure entertainment. 
Can't wait to hear the back tracking and excuses. They will try and cover their sorry butts somehow. Or stick their head up it and deny. 

Speaking of covering butts  E wasted no time in covering theirs. You have to laugh. It's that funny.

While a source says Penn and Pattinson still talk, the source also says she's been spending more time lately with Vampire Diaries hottie Steven R. McQueen. They were first spotted together about a month ago having dinner with null and Penn's dad after the premiere of his film, The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty.
The Penn and Pattinson rumors first surfaced in September when they were seen at Chateau Marmont and then about a month later at a book party at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.
When asked in the new issue of GQ about the attention she's received because of Pattinson, Penn says, "That's been very foreign to me. But actually kind of funny, because it's all bulls--t."
No word if she's talking about the attention or the romance rumors.

Funny how that's the first time they have mentioned  Mr. McQueen isn't it? 

So will Kristen and Rob spend all or part of the holidays together?

That would be my guess. It's not like they haven't done so before.

I'm going to Ohio for the holidays on Friday and will be freezing my butt off!

I'm sure you all have sympathy for me right?

Did I go overboard with the Christmas makeover for the blog? 

Okay maybe a little Rob and Kristen. No need to give me those looks.

Everyone have a wonderful holiday.