Thursday, January 29, 2015

Arrivals and Departures

Buckle up your seatbelts.We're about to give the dipshidiots some lessons on flying. And the differences between ARRIVALS and DEPARTURES because they can't seem to comprehend the difference between the two.

We got this pic on Monday of Rob at Heathrow Airport and the hags were extremely nervous. Why? Because notice the ARRIVALS sign. He was ARRIVING at Heathrow which means contrary to what the hags have been pushing  he hasn't been in London for the entire month. They got even more terrified when they found out a flight from LAX came into Heathrow about the same time Rob was seen at the airport. 

The Robsessed hags posted this pic but conveniently forgot to post the correct source along with it. A man who was ARRIVING in London posted it on his Instagram. The Robsessed posted this troll sighting along with the picture...

We don't know where Rob is off to but a tweet suggests it could be Budapest. 
@alex1773: Robert Pattinson was on my plane to Budapest…

Guess they can't comprehend the difference in the spelling of the word ARRIVALS and DEPARTURES.

Twiggy Life hasn't had the guts to post the pic yet and say he was departing.

Some red circles for the mentally challenged that still don't get it. (Thanks Bronze!) And yes there was a flight from LAX coming in that morning.What a shocker.

I'm pretty sure Rob has flown enough to know the difference between an ARRIVALS sign and a DEPARTURE sign and which one to follow. (Thanks Mama Nails!)

The dipshidiots with Hopeless being the most vocal (what a surprise) insisted that
Rob was departing for Budepest not arriving.

Try and stay with me while I show Hopeless and the other dipshidiots how wrong they are.

 ARRIVALS  whether you are coming in or are getting a connecting flight are on ground level. Got that dipshidiots?

DEPARTURES are on level 2 and 3. There is NOT going to be an ARRIVALS sign on a level where there are no ARRIVALS. Rob was ARRIVING not DEPARTING.

Oh and another thing to bury the dipshidiots even further. Budepest flights do NOT fly out of Terminal 5. They only fly out of Terminal 3.

Also Notice that Terminal 5 and Terminal 3 are not close to each other. Rob would not be in terminal 5 if he was DEPARTING for Budepest at Terminal 3.

Now when confronted with all this Hopeless and her crew came up with a doozy. Did you know that L.A.flights do not come into Terminal 5?

Hope Katz ‏@HopeKatz  6h6 hours ago
“@Spankmeirish: @HopeKatz flight arrivals from LAX isn't terminal 5 either” @hkntakesnocrap

Okay you can stop laughing now.

I'm pretty sure they do.

To sum all this up the the dipshidiots can stomp their feet and insist the impossible all they want. Rob was ARRIVING not departing.

  Why are they so afraid of him having been in L.A.? They are scared to death to have him anywhere near Kristen. His wife.The mother of his child.They wanted him in London while Kisten was in L.A.but as soon as Kristen landed in Paris they wanted him headed to Budepest. Paris and London are too close for comfort and it frightened the crap out of them.

Could he be in Budepest now? Yep sure could. He's due to start filming soon. The fact of the matter is he wasn't there on Monday when he was flying into Heathrow from L.A.

Looking forward to promo Rob at Berlinale. The best part will be no SWSNBN (Skank Who Shall Not Be Named). No sightings of her with Rob in two weeks. (Hey I'm counting badly photo shopped pics in that equation so it might be even longer).

Yep.I would wear my exes clothes (Yes it is Rob's dipshidiots) a year and a half later. Sure thing. Sharing is caring. And Kristen sure likes Rob's clothes.

It kills the dipshidiots that this beautiful woman has Rob's heart. They are pea green with envy.

I want her legs. Love her outfit but I'm not crazy about the shoes! Sorry Kristen!

Okay! Okay! I LOVE the shoes!

Kristen with Gaspard Ulliel. I'm gonna be honest I have no clue who he is.

But you can bet the paps and tabs do. And suddenly Kristen will have gone from her gay lover Alicia to being madly in love with Gaspard Ulliel.

Kristen Gets Chanel Handbag Campaign!

For Spring-Summer 2015, Chanel honours two of its emblematic handbags: the classic handbag named the 11.12 by Karl Lagerfeld with its iconic double C lock and the Boy Chanel, as well as unveiling the Girl handbag, Karl Lagerfeld’s latest creation.

In front of his camera Karl Lagerfeld unites three women, each one with their own individual style, and who today represent the image of Chanel.

Kristen Stewart becomes the face of the 11.12 handbag while Alice Dellal continues her story with the Boy Chanel, and Vanessa Paradis embodies the new Girl handbag.

So much for the PrStens dreams of Kristen fading away never to be seen again.

Who wants to help me rob a bank so I can afford one of those puppies?

HBG is looking mighty good. He can bodyguard me anytime he wants.

Kristen talked about her and Rob's dogs on Kelly and Michael. 

Her and Rob's dogs. As in plural. Bear AND Bernie belong to both Rob and Kristen. Cole is technically Kristens but she loves her Mommy and Daddy both. Nice to see the fur babies again! It's been a while!

Is that Bear peeking thru the left bottom corner? Or is it Daddy? Come on have some fun with this! And watch the dipshidiots squirm at the possibility.

Congratulations to Julianne and Eddie! Well deserved!

Lol! Nice slip up Eddie!

Isn't she too cute! I envy her cooking skills. I burn toast.

And I leave you  with some positive.

Rob and Kristen are just fine. More than fine. They are deliriously happy.