Monday, November 17, 2014

The End

The End. Is Kristen trying to tell us something? Maybe. 

One thing that is showing signs of coming to an end? The Twiggy Rob pr showmance farce. Twiggy is showing her true colors more and more. And it's not pretty.

Kissing her actual boyfriend? Or just proving she is truly a skank. A little of both. Yes she is kissing him. No you can't see his teeth and no he isn't Rob and Twiggy's real estate agent. (These are actual excuses from the dipshidiots to explain this away. I'm not kidding you.)

But wait it gets better...

…when he said the word “dance”, Twigs popped into the center of the stage out of nowhere and gave us a manifestation! Prince played to her, she danced for him.  We were all there but neither of them was seeing any of us.  Oh we were feeling it. 

Twigs grinded and twisted and flew all over the dance floor.  In a symbolic expression of completely freeing herself she untangled her tresses from their bind and tossed her head as her braids spun wildly out of control. 

The chemistry was electrical. 

Prince immediately went into Hot Thing and Twigs kept on with her overt display of confident sexuality and Prince said, “Turn off the lights!  There aint nothing to see up here!” 

When it was over we hovered to the side of the stage and watched as Prince sat on the side of a ping pong table dangling his well-heeled boot while charming Twigs with his aura.  They didn’t see any of us.  The lights came on, Prince stayed engaged with the girl.  I have never seen him stay in the room when the lights came on.  Ever. 

The dipshidots have harrassed this poor woman to death trying to get her to change her story. Doesn't matter the whole world has already seen it and knows Twiggy exactly for what she is.

So she was still at his house the next morning? Hey she had to do something. She 's been practically invisible since Rob left her tour. She had to get the attention back on her somehow. She also got herself a new nick name. PRIGGS. (Prince and Twigs. Get it ? lol.)

First she ruined pineapple for me and now Pringles. What's next? I don't even want to think about it.

That sound you hear is the stampede of Robsessed hags trying desperately to get their money back from those Twiggy concert tickets they bought.

They are desperately trying to protect Twiggy's ass. They are trying the lie that Rob was also there. NO he was not. Prince is trying to protect the skank too. He deleted all his tweets that referred to her lol. Too late. Everyone knows what she was doing with Prince. And it wasn't dancing in the dark.

Damn now she's gone from food to ruining songs for me.

Rob seems in no hurry to get back to Twiggy diaper duty. Probably doesn't even want to think about the shit he has to clean up.

Twiggy keeps digging that hole deeper and deeper.It's kind of fun watching her burying herself. Hopefully Rob will be free of this crap soon. 

Yep it's almost here if not already.

Rob's hair. Do I like it? No. But guess what it's not my hair. Although I do ask myself what the hell was he thinking lol. 

Could it be for his upcoming role in COAL? Possible. Looks like the same kind of haircut doesn't it? Just thinking here. Something the dipshidiots rarely do. 

Rob at the Go Go Gala in L.A.

At the last minute Rob was announced to appear at the Hollywood Film Awards. People Weekly who everyone thinks is reliable put their foot in their mouth once again.

On Friday, Tinseltown's finest will come out in full force at the Hollywood Film Awards, where host Queen Latifah will honor A-listers such as Johnny Depp, Jared Leto, Robert Pattinson and Hilary Swank. 

Uhm no they presented. Again the tabs can't get it right. What a surprise. 

And this set the stage for Rob and Kristen being at the same place at the same time. The dipsdhiots were in a tizzy. The best part was Twiggy had a concert that night so no pr for  her.

Kristen knocking them dead at the Hollywood Film Awards Awards. Girl knows how to rock it. 

Simply stunning.

 Shoe porn.

Kristen and Papa Stew.  Father and daughter. Too precious.

Kristen presenting Julianne Moore with her Award

Kristen and Julianne.
Looking great together.Wonderful friends and co stars.

She is also friends and co stars with Kristen's husband. It's a small world isn't it? 

  Rob taking his turn at presenting. 

 Rob looking dapper and fine. And happy. Does this man look sad to you? According to some he does. No he isn't sad. He isn't too thin and he isn't on drugs. Stop with the crap. 

Rob presenting to director Morten Tyldum.


They both looked fantastic and did a wonderful job!


And now for the goodies!

Yes he signed a digital autograph for a fan. And the best part? She had Kristen as her avi. He could of picked anyone but he picked someone with Kristen as her avi. 

Yes it is and yes they were backstage together. The media was hoping they were going to get a reaction shot in the audience of Kristen when Rob came out to present but she was smart enough not to bite on that one. She was backstage WITH her husband. He never came out to a table and sat. Stayed backstage WITH his wife until it was her turn to present. 

 Nicely played ninjas!

Oh wait one more....

  Yep she showed up all right.

Pay close attention. Does Rob wear makeup? NO he does not.

But somehow he had make up all over himself. In interesting places. Lets just say him and his wife Kristen were  having some fun backstage.

 Lips stick? Gee I wonder how that happened.

Kristens been raiding her man's closet again.

Kristen has a new tatoo. Looks like maybe a lowercase r? Who knows just an observation.

These are the tatoos she has. So far. I'm not a tatoo kind of girl. I'm too chicken lol.

More power to her. She's a lot braver than me.

This  is a picture of a  house that Rob supposedly bought in the Hollywood Hills. Is that a childs swing on the right hand side? Him AND Kristen own multiple properties TOGETHER. They won't live there for long if people go mouthing off about their address. Use your brain people. And NO he's not moving to back to London or NYC. L.A. is his home and it's where his wife and child are.

I got a threat from a PRsten bitch. Again.

STOP THE LIES • 5 hours ago

All these Robsten liars need to be SUED. I hope Prince does it.

A Cease and Desist for HKN • an hour ago

''Just to let you all know, I just got confirmation that HKN received a cease and desist letter this past Wednesday. Quite blatantly, she has chosen to ignore the contents of this letter (perhaps she thinks she’s untouchable) She knows the next step will be legal action. Apparently she has 21 days to comply. We shall see."

 I'm shaking in my boots. Hope they didn't send that C and D to Debbie in Ohio.

 I'll make sure and hold my breath while I wait for that letter that will never come.

A24 is putting The Rover into the Oscar race.

Well it looks like A24 is going to launch an Oscar campaign for The Rover.  Larry Richman explained this to us a little.

Larry Richman
As far as Oscar eligibility goes, a film just has to have played for at least a week somewhere in Los Angeles County by 12/31 at midnight.

So yes it's eligible.

Larry Richman @larry411  ·  Nov 16
Box office and reviews don't matter, either hehe. What does help is if Academy voters have actually seen the movie.

Larry Richman @larry411  ·  Nov 16
Critical to Academy members being able to see a film is the distributor having screenings in cities like NY and LA.

It's basically up to the distributor to spend the $ (mount the campaign) on ads and marketing to make voters aware of their film/candidates.

I'm going to say I wish I had the confidence in A24 pulling out the stops for an Oscar campaign for The Rover. This is a film company that basically snarked on Kristen early on in The Rover process just to get themselves noticed by the fans. I have my doubts that they will be able to do what Sony is doing for Kristen and Julianne right now. Rob and Guy Pearce deserve to be nominated and I hope somehow A24 can pull this off but I'm not getting my hopes up.


Fingers crossed!

Kristen at LAX. Looks like she borrowed some of her hubby's luggage. 

She does the hair grab almost as good as Rob.

Kristen and friends getting together with  Riley for her bachelorette party. Guess that kills those Riley and Kristen can't stand each other rumors. And we all know who was in that red truck don't we. 

And that about does it for this time and remember ...

See ya later!