Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hkn Fan Of The Week

Now if I'm going to give the haters their due lol. I have to do so for the wonderful people who fight the good fight day in and day out. The fan of the week is:

Deb Spotts!

She is never ending in her defense of Rob and Kristen! The haters like to razz her but she remains unflappable. She always keeps us updated with the latest news and goings on. She is a sweet heart who goes toe to toe with the nay sayers and I admire her dogged persisitence in handing it to the haters!

Congats to Deb Spotts! You deserve it sweety!


noisefaidaus said...

Yeah Deb!!

Sash said...

That is Awesome Deb You Deff Deserve it Sweetie!! :)