Thursday, August 29, 2013


And the dipshidiots have been running rampant. Desperately flailing at anything. Rob missing in action for over a week has them very nervous. 

Lets get this straight before we start. Because some dipshidiots can't seem to grasp it. 

This is Camille Rowe with her boyfriend Andrew. She is an actress/model who did the Dior ad with Rob. They met in December and did the shoot in December. They have not seen each other since. Much to the dismay of the haters and  Annie Packer and her minions. 

The Hollywood actor, new face of the perfume Dior Homme this fall, has fallen under the spell of the Parisian women. 

If his next love story is as the sexy ad campaign of which he is the muse - a tribute of the New Wave cinema, broadcast for the first time on TV on Sunday night September 1st - it would be as intense. On screen, Robert Pattinson seems he would like to devour the beautiful Franco-American Camille Rowe Pourcheresse. 

"When everybody was watching the footage of the kissing scene, I was already embarrassed. Suddenly, Camille said 'Oh la la!' I glared at her and told her 'Are you kidding me?' I thought that the British would say 'Oh la la!' as a way to make fun of French. I didn't think that French women would say it for real. Then I realized that I would like to have a French girlfriend with all her clichés."

After some digressions, Pattinson comes back on his passions at the time: French women. 

"They are amazing. When you arrive in Paris, it is the first thing you see. I think Paris and New York are the two cities where the women are more beautiful than anywhere else. They are more confident of themselves, of their personalities but also of their looks. They are elegant and have a natural grace." said Pattinson. 

There were exploding ovaries from the dipshidiots everywhere over this. They of course think this means he is stating he is broke up with Kristen and is into French and NY women now. Not to mention Camille . 

Yes they are that desperate. Clinging and hoping so badly for this to be true. 

Funny how he never mentions French or NY women here. Not a word about his personal life. Not a word about a break up or being single. Trust in what comes out of his own mouth. Not in print. Not in tabs. No where but him. 

Rob had not shone his beautiful self in seven days and the dipshidiots were growing restless and afraid.

Then this happened.This is a supposed fan pic from a concert.  Lots of rumors going around it is photo shopped. A big red flag is her changing her hash tags on it constantly. She actually had it hash tagged with Kristen at one point . Not trying to get attention or anything is she? 

Another nervous dipshidiot inventing things is my guess. Hollywood Life picked up on this pic but unfortunately for the dipshidiots  it doesn't mention any hook up.

First off this is a pic from a week ago filming MTTS.

Unless he put some miracle grow on it I don't see how it grew out that fast. I know his hair grows out fast but come on. And I haven't put my finger on it but that pic of Rob looks very familiar. 

 Brazilian csi!  SOS we need your help! Red circles would be much appreciated. 

 The Jury's still out on this so just take it with a huge grain of salt is all I'm saying. 

Annie Packer the queen of the dipshidiots

The inventor of fake twitter accounts to stir up trouble. The problem is every one knows her shtick now. So no one is buying. 

Jessie M ‏@TheSoCalLife 
All day I've got abuse from silly little girls with Robsten in their name. If this is what Twitter is then fuck this. I can do without it.

Of course you will delete it. It's how Annie works. 

 Her posts consisted of seeing Rob somewhere with a brunette whom he was kissing. Sure he was. Also an exaggerated account of how she talked about guitars with him. And of course no one else tweeted about this momentous occasion. Just her. 

Jessie M ‏@TheSoCalLife 
@HatersNoNothing Is this the Annie you speak of? https://twitter.com/anny_packer/status/373095301113856000 … because she doesn't believe me either but ok.

This was her response when I called her out. Annie trolling herself. It was hilarious! Funny thing is she spelled annies name right when I always spell it wrong. 

She's been caught in quite a few things. And a lot of people are calling her out. Annies fan fiction is slowing unraveling.

This is Michaela. 

She is a good friend of Rob's and is also friends with Kristen. She has been with Kristen in Berlin along with Jack and Suzie. And Cj and Alicia are on their way there too.  They both have a good group of friends who have their back. And no they are not the sources that the tabs make up. 

The dipshidiots will tell you this is proof that Rob and Kristen are broke up. Her friends are in Berlin with her because she is no longer with Rob. 

It tells you no such thing. It tells me that someone who loves her very much wants her to be safe and  have people around her to keep the vultures away. 

Every time the dipshidiots cry that they are broke up and to get over it we get something good.

Like this

And this

And this

And this

Get the picture? 

We will be getting a new one to add to the collection. 

Kristen in Berlin. Nice shoes Kristen. Kinda go along with this

Mismatched socks and mismatched shoes. His and hers. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Haters, Doubters and Flipfloppers



I'm a believer. I believe that someone who has been broken up with his girlfriend for three months isn't returning a key to her house three months later.  He also isn't spending two hours at her house resolving dog  sharing issues why she supposedly isn't there. Your ex girlfriend isn't taking your guitar or guitar case which ever it may be to Europe with her on an extended work related trip. Unless your planning on visiting her at some point in time in the near future while she is there. Your ex girlfriend doesn't wear the latest bauble you have given to her for all the world to see. 

The haters of course have an excuse for all of this. She wasn't there when he was at her house. Someone else drove his car there so he was never there. He was there to pick up the dogs. He was there to discuss dog sharing issues ( neat trick if she wasn't there ).

1. Rob was spotted pulling up to her house in Los Angeles' Los Feliz neighborhood, where the two spent lots of time together as a couple, but though her truck was parked outside at the time, a source tells E! News that Kristen was not there.

2. While Pattinson did indeed pull up to Stewart's Los Feliz home earlier this month, it's unclear whether the former costars were together, as a source tells E! News Rob's visits to Kristen's house have been only "dog related."

Which source to believe? 
 Annie "too many screws loose to count" Packer? or Annie "too many screws loose to count" Packer?

Now the first source told them he was definitely not there. Now suddenly a new source comes forth and tells them it's unclear whether they we're there together and it was dog related. 
Sounds like Annie covering her sorry butt with  an excuse in case it comes out she was actually there. 

Annie and her buddy Poopstew or whatever her name is have been crowing about another article they supposedly had a hand in getting out there. Kristen hooking up with Lane and supposedly living together. 

“The duo have taken things to the next level,” with Garrison is “moving in” with her.

And even though Garrison spent a few years in prison after a drunk driving incident that left a teen dead — and was arrested for battery after allegedly slapping a girlfriend — a so-called “source” tells omg! that Stewart “understands his violent past but trusts that he’s changed and is really enjoying getting to know him.”

Unfortunately for poor Annie even her faithful buddy Ken "snowflake" Baker wasn't falling for this crap. She had to resort to going down the BS ladder to that paragon of truth OMG UK.

The haters cling to any negative thing they can find that will refute the actual fact that they are still together. Yes they are. TOGETHER.

plural noun: doubters
a person who questions or lacks faith in something; a skeptic.
"he had proved all his doubters wrong"
synonyms: skeptic, doubting Thomas, nonbeliever, unbeliever, disbeliever, cynic, scoffer, questioner, challenger, dissenter More

This is supposedly a pic of Kristen's new dog Baby B as I call her staying with Kristen's friend Alannah  Now the doubters see this as a sign that Rob and Kristen are no longer together. 

HKN why is the new puppy staying with Alannah if Rob and Kristen are together? 

HKN do you know why wasn't this puppy with the other dogs at Rob's? 

Brie "stinky cheese" hacked into Alannah's private account and posted this. Trying to get back into her buddies good graces after the "paws" fiasco is my guess. Supposedly pffftuhsuh is Kristen's private instagram. Maybe but I highly doubt it. If it was you can count on it being gone now. 

The doubters can't see the forest for the trees. They buy into the latest BS and ask themselves how can this be instead of there is no way this can possibly be. Baby B is a pup. She needs to be watched after and Rob was working. Why is it so hard to believe that Alannah was watching the pup while he was working? Nah that would require some common sense which clearly not too many people have right now. 

The Flipfloppers. Which ever way the popular opinion is at any given moment is the way these fans go. 

One minute they are on the they are together ship. 

The next they are sailing away on the break up and no longer together ship.

 I love, love, love Rob and Kristen. I want to believe with my whole heart that they are still together.

And of course the flip flop.

 I don’t buy into the bullshit from the tabloids and the narrative they are trying to sell us, but some things still don’t make sense to me and I’m not one of those people that needs to know they are together 24/7 and have constant pictures of them. 

Fair weather fans I call them. They want to believe but always find a reason not to.

This is what is needed right now. Stay calm and trust me the haters, doubters and flipfloppers will get what is coming to them.

In spades

Yes it most certainly does.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Spinning Wheels


A lot of haters spinning their wheels. Getting very very nervous.

Why? Well first was a fan pic of Kristen

Notice the glasses. Look familiar?

Guess she went over to his new digs in Beverly and swiped them. 

 And Kristen At LAX. 

Yes haters that is the new bauble from Rob. Could be his jacket too. Stop foaming. 

 That guitar case looks very familiar. 

Yes it is Rob's . Taking it on ahead for him when he visits later perhaps?  According to the haters any pics that prove this are photo shopped by Sash.


This Dior video caused a big uproar. He is an actor. Playing a part. They paid him big bucks to do so. Its for men's cologne. Guess what for men sex sells. That's what they are aiming for. Just chill and enjoy gorgeous Rob. That being said Dior is trying to paint a pretty picture of single and free Rob. He's not cooperating to much with their wishful thinking. Going out with friends and not one hook up story is sticking. 

The haters have to be fuming with Maria  "exploding ovaries" Estevez. She blew smoke up their rears and didn't deliver .

Robert Pattinson says he's not the perfect man, but he's very close. His millions of fans believe so, and after seeing him in the new Dior Homme ad, so do we. Discreet and mysterious, Pattinson (London, 1986) is still the same he's always been in spite of the fame he got with The Twilight Saga. Since then, his CV grows in an unstoppable way with titles like Water for Elephants, Bel Ami and David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis. We'll soon see him in The Rover, and he starts filming: Maps to the Stars, again with Cronenberg and Hold on to Me, with actress Carey Mulligan. Used to living with the rumors of his break up with Kristen Stewart, he feels grown up for the first time. In Los Angeles and in a Glamour Exclusive, he confesses that he's a one-woman man. As said before: almost perfect. 

 Lol. Don't think that was what her buddies were expecting.

Used to living with the rumors of his break up with Kristen Stewart. 

You just have to love that sentence. 

He confesses that he's a one-woman man. 

That doesn't sound too good for the hook up trolls. 

Another James Dean jewel is "Forgive quickly", is it easy for you to forgive?

*Sighs* I'm good at forgiving myself.

Do you have to forget to forgive or are you capable of forgiving generously?

I think I'm capable of forgiving without further ado. But at the moment, I don't feel the need to 

forgive anyone. There's nothing that really bothers me.

Funny how no matter hard she tries he doesn't go there. 

Do you worry about dressing well? Is clothing important to you when you define your image?

Of course. I think shoes are very important, because even if they're nice, if I don't feel comfortable wearing them, it ruins the whole ensemble. In the perfume ad, I'm wearing my own clothes. 

 Yep shoes are very important. Especially Balenciaga ones. Tee hee. 

Maria has now said she will have more of the interview on her twitter. Trying to save face with the her hater buddies maybe?

From another German interview

Are you talking about yourself or the general need for fans to get close to famous people?
In general. The internet changed a lot. If you google something long enough you will soon know everything there is to know about me: what I eat, what my poop looks like, with whom I’m sleeping, what my dick looks like, even what I look like when I masturbate…

Well, that might be a little exaggerated. But my hand-job face is recorded for eternity.

Ever since you played the young Dali.

Can one not simply pretend to do it?
Try it. I can tell you right now, no chance. It just doesn’t work. So I rubbed one out in front of the camera.

Gotta love his sense of humor. 

What do your friends from London say about R-Patz, the nickname the yellow press gave you?

Fortunately they ignore it. Just like Twilight. But regarding R-Patz: I’d like to strangle the guy who came up with it!

Do you know who the father of the fighting name R-Patz is?

No. Well, actually I do. Some fat celebrity blogger… let’s just leave it at that.

Is he calling Perez Hilton out?

Full Translated Interview Here

 I got this comment on my blog on Sunday.

 Anonymous said...
Hkn, I was given irefutable proof they are no longer together. I am giving you a chance today to come clean. If you choose to not tell the truth, I will do it for you tomorrow. Have a nice day.

Oh really. If you are going to hand out threats at least have the guts to say your name and deliver on said threat. Is your name Real Info by chance? 

  Still waiting.

 There were three trolls on GC who started a story on GC and it got blown up to epic proportions. According to Meme she saw Rob and Kristen together for about 15 minutes. She was with a group from where she works so she could get fired if they know she's talking. Okay first off this was supposedly outside and no paps got pics of this? Yeah right. Then her buddies Just Thinking and Mind Games joined in. They thought if they went to an old obscure GC board it would be private. One of them joked they had done this before. Of course they added more to their story. After Kristen left two women showed up and one of them was rubbing on Rob outside in public. 

When they knew the jig was up they went scurrying to delete their posts and started crying their excuses for what they had done. Of course Powder Doughnuts was on their side lol. Now I guarantee if the shoe was on the other foot. she would have been furious. There is no excuse for this. It was a game and they got caught. End of story. And NONE of it is true. 

Rob on set for MTTS. Uhm Rob sweety keep your eyes on the road! English drivers.

Enjoying a laugh with David Cronenberg.

Grabbing a quick snack.

Love that smile. Hey Dave I feel a little gypped . No chauffeurs hat!

This just in!


@aitchhollywood @SilsMariaMovie Johnny Flynn, you don't know him, more established as musician but he is an amazing actor..

He is replacing Tom Sturridge who has gotten the lead in another movie Vinterburg so he will no longer be in Sils Maria. 

Good luck to Tom!

Until next time!