Saturday, March 29, 2014


So I had a good get together with the cuz. Unfortunately she beat my butt at PhaseTen lol. 

 The Grey Goose was good too!

Came in handy when this happened.

Slept through the last Quake. Not so lucky this time. The cuz laughed at me shitting my pants.

Ready for the goodies?

Okay first off Rob's parents are in LA! (cuz said yep they are)

 From the Ellen show a while back. Too cute! Somebody help me out here. Is that his sisters dancing too?

Now ask yourself why would they have to come to LA to see their son if he is soon to be done shooting Life and will be heading to his new home in England.

Maybe to see their daughter in law? And new grand baby to be? Baby shower perhaps?

 The possibilities are endless.

Straight from the cuz. Rob does not have a new home in England. He and Kristen have discussed moving to England in the past and Rob feels that it is too much of a sacrifice on Kristen's part.  She would do it in a heartbeat if he would agree. THEY have  a new home alright but not in England. Think about this. The interviewer in a recent article about Kristen said how sparsely LF 2 looked. Yeah that. She's not living there on a regular basis. The ninjas have a new abode TOGETHER.  The good thing is the paps are too busy chasing their troll sources tails to catch on.

Oh and YES she is still pregnant. Hoping that would change dipshidiots?

 Uncle Karl did good hiding the baby bump. Ingenious and beautiful!

Yes she is doing American Ultra while pregnant. I said to my cuz "but according to the dipshidiots she can't do this movie and be pregnant." She laughed. "She's pregnant not bed bound. And it won't be the first time a pregnant actress has filmed a movie around her pregnancy." The cuz also said it has become so obvious how in the hell could any one not see. And no she said she does not know when she will pop .

I think she knows where they are planning to have the baby but she wouldn't spill.
I tried to tickle torture it out of her but to no avail.
"Tell me now! Is it LA? London? NYC? Somewhere else?

We also had a good laugh over the Kristen gained weight for her role. The cuz laughed and said NO the director did not tell her to gain weight. NO she did not decide for herself to gain weight for the role either. You don't gain weight on purpose when you are playing an aspiring actress. Nope you don't.

Oh and yes dipshidiots they have seen each other and been together since May. October does count and no it had nothing to do with the dogs lol. So I went down the list of times they were supposedly together with the cuz and this is what she said. They were together over Thanksgiving. Kristen went to see Rob after the Dallas show in December. They also spent New Years together. They also saw each other in England while she was filming Clouds of Sils Maria. He went to see her twice in NYC while she was filming Still Alice. She went to see him twice in Toronto. Doesn't sound like they have been spending as much time apart as the dipshidiots hoped.

The cuz said they are desperately trying to keep things on the down low right now. They are doing a good job. I told her to tell them a slip up now and then would be nice.

It's not funny Rob!


Seriously though she said it's what they feel they have to do right now. They are doing everything they can to protect their little bundle of joy. 

We had a good laugh and a drink over this

Poor larissa .Couldn't get a tab to bite on her Kristen and Alicia BS. She must not be the Pattinson source or close friend of Kristen that the tabs trust for their info.

The cuz said Alicia is just a friend nothing more. 

Oh but wait it gets better. Bonnie Fuller and her cast of idiots ARE biting from their source anny packer (congrats to anny for winning the most pathetic dipshidiot poll by a landslide lol). 

Dylan Penn & Robert Pattinson Romance — Couple’s Hookup In Madrid
Dylan was all smiles when she was spotted at the Madrid-Barajas airport in Spain on March 28, and according to a new report from Celeb Dirty Laundry, that’s because she’s planning to meet up with Rob in the capital city very soon! Dylan and Rob have reportedly picked up where they left off last fall, but they’re keeping their rekindled romance on the down-low for now.

Yeah that would be a neat trick since he's in LA with Kristen. Uhm guess Bonnie and anny were having a brain fart together when Dylan Penn herself said the Rob hook up rumors were BS. It's been denied  publicly by one of the party's involved . Give it up. 

Le Pacte ‏@le_pacte  Mar 28
Maps To The Stars de David Cronenberg sortira le 21 Mai ! #MTTS #DavidCronenberg #JulianneMoore #RobertPattinson #MiaWasikowska #JohnCusack

Maps To The Stars coming May 21st!

Message from the cuz. Stop worrying. They are fine and extremely happy right now. Don't let the haters BS get to you. Just use the brain your mama gave you and it isn't that hard to figure out. 

The gorgeous Pattinson family.

Soon to be joined by another family member.

That's about it ladies and don't forget to



And Jump!

See ya next time!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Belly Laughs

Belly laughs are the best. And the dipshidiots in their panic gave us some good ones over the past few days. 

The dipshidiots were wetting their pants over an instagram conversation Kristen's friend (possibly cousin) Brittenelle was having with Kristen's supposed alter ego Jimmy. About Tampax.

I'm not kidding you . Tampax.

So the dipshidiots were dancing around and all excited.

"Ha Ha HKN Kristen isn't pregnant."

And they fail to see that even if Jimmy is Kristen (she isn't) this in no way confirms she is not pregnant. Her friend teasing her about her lack of need of Tampax is saying the exact opposite actually.

Hollywood Life in all their wisdom posted a new article yesterday about why Kristen has gained weight. A friend of Kristen's gave Bonnie and her cast of idiots an exclusive.

“Kristen is absolutely not pregnant. She has put on a few extra pounds for a movie role and that’s it. She’s already so thin so a few more pounds makes a noticeable difference, she’s still thin,” the friend told us. 

“Don’t get me wrong, Kristen would love to be a mom one day and have little rugrats running around, but not for a while. Her priority right now is her work,” the insider added.

Yeah right. No friend of Kristen's is going to tell Bonnie and her buffoons anything. So who did leak this information to Hollywood Life? And why?

That one word says it all. And the dipshidots are in a full on panic right now. Desperately typing their fingers off sending emails to all the tabs pleading with them to do something about me and a few others who dare to say Kristen is pregnant. So which one of the sweating bullets dipshidiots sent this bs to Bonnie? Let's see.

My first guess.


Tulip/Mary comes in a close second. 

This comment from the Hollywood Life board had me belly laughing the most.

"I bet if any of the HKN people read this they will have a major meltdown for they have the baby name, it’s sex all picked out for the expecting couple. She gained weight for her movie Silas M and hasn’t lost that weight plus she has added more but I agree that she looks healthy and has gotten rid of those stick legs."

Yep we're having a meltdown alright. We are worried sick about a lame article from Hollywood Life who also had the audacity to call Lisa Marie Presley a liar. We're just beside ourselves aren't we ladies?

So if the dipshidiots believe this story then they have to give up the Kristen's tummy is flat and has gained no weight story. Am I right?

Our resident trolls who can't stay away Assanani and Enema have their own excuse for the weight gain. 

Living in the mountains makes you gain weight. 

I've been considering a  change to a place with a better cost of living. Guess I better cross off all the places around any mountains. 

We also got another Hollywood Life article. ( Anny/Poop have been very busy).

They had no picture of this supposed outing so they recycled an old one from years ago. (Nice try Bonnie).
Again it was all about how she has been told by her director to gain weight for Still Alice. She is playing an aspiring actress. No she does not need to gain weight for the role. 

Of course Anny/Poop had to slip in the bit about how much alcohol she was drinking. 

 No matter how many times you run to the tabs dipshdiots it won't change this.

 Or This

 Or this.

Or This.

 Or This

Or This

ROTFLMAO! Who said anything about 8 Months? 



No better way to end a post than with wonky legged Rob!

Oh wait there is a better way.

I give you the many expressions of Rob!