Thursday, January 30, 2014

Guess Who

Guess Who  had a recent photo shoot in NYC and looked beautiful and radiant?

 Guess Who was only shot from the waist up? Gee wonder why that would be.

Guess Who became so quiet you could hear birds chirping when her attempt to get a pic of Kristen where she didn't look pregnant at Sundance failed miserably?

She made a last ditch effort tho in a video she posted where she remarked how skinny Kristen looked. She suddenly doesn't want involved in it anymore. She should have thought of that BEFORE she opened her mouth.

Guess Who has been ninja since her photo shoot in NYC?

There's a big yellow suitcase that's ninja too! Wonder where she was going? A short trip to NYC doesn't need a suitcase that big. 

 Guess Who would need a clone to film 2 movies at the same time? (yes Still Alice has now been confirmed.)

Every movie She has is filming in March? Funny how Jesse Eisenberg has another movie supposedly filming in March too. Guess he needs a clone too.

Guess Who finally arrived in Morocco to film QOTD?

Guess who saw this picture and invented a hook up fan fic? 

No they are not strippers.

     They are dancers at the restaurant he was at.

Guess Who was out having fun with her friend Alicia? 

 Guess Who was emailing the tabs with Kristen and Alicia are a couple bs?

Guess Who got caught at being a fake?

I got called a lot of names for saying stalkersarah liked to photo shop herself with celebrities. I'll accept that apology now.

Guess Who made the dipshidiots very very very nervous?

They are not backing down and insist what they say is true. Anny-packer/poopforbrains/jimmyandcarr (they are all the same person) were especially panicked.

Guess who floored us in The Rover trailer?

Take a minute and catch your breath. Ready for more now?

Guess who is happily ninja, keeping everyone guessing and enjoying their life TOGETHER?

Let's give them a hand  for all the crap they put up with.

I'd like to say how happy I am that I had a hard time finding stuff for this blog post due to Rob and Kristen being so ninja. It's a pain for me but a blessing for them. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Sundance, A Jacket, A Cap, And A Dog Named Cole

Robert Redford: Are you nervous?
Kristen: yeah. I'm shitting my pants.
Robert Redford: Good it'd be weird if you weren't.

Kristen if I met Robert Redford I'd be shitting my pants too lol.

Kristen working it at Sundance. Looking good. So is that very  visible baby bump. 

Can I say how much I love Josh Horowitz? 

Guess that answers that question. From her own mouth. Cole. Guess that means I have to stop calling the pup Baby B :(

Funny how that differs from what In Style Germany said she told them. Just goes to show you not everything a print magazine says they said is true. Even if it is in quotes. Kinda like with Rob and the many print interviews during Dior promo claiming he said things and the one or two video interviews with the words coming from his own mouth he didn't say a word about his personal life. Yeah that.

One more for the Sundance road. 


Kristen arriving back in LA.

That jacket looks familiar.

Thank you fandom csi! Good job!

And again for good measure for any dipshidiots whose brain can't compute the obvious.

Tell me again she doesn't look pregnant.

And while we're on clothes sharing. This cap she's wearing a few days before she left for Sundance. Yeah it's Rob's.

Damn that cap gets shared a lot!

We got this picture of Rob supposedly in LA. The dipshidiots about had a cow.

  Uhm not sure if it is recent. Some are saying it is geo tagged from LA and recent. I'm not tech savvy enough to understand the whole geo tag thing so who knows where he is. Timbuktoo for all we know.

Are we getting ninja fooled again?

Movie News!

Jack Fulton has been added to the Life cast as Rob's character Dennis Stock's son Rodney.
He's too adorable!

Kristen is definitely confirmed for Equals.

This just in! It looks like Kristen will be playing Julianne Moore's daughter Lydia in Still Alice. 


Kristen a good while back.

Kristen Now.

I rest my case. 

Lots of rumors swirling. Could it be?