Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Roberto and Bernie Roving Reporters!

Roberto and Bernie  your roving reporters! Giving you all the latest Dish! 

This Just In! Epic Robsessed Meltdown!

The meltdown occurred  when Martin Katz dared to mention Rob and Kristen in the same sentence! The Robsessed cried and stomped their feet.

 Stay tuned for further details as another mention of Rob and Kristen in the same sentence will send the Robsessed away in straight jackets. 

Me being the sarcastic bitch that I proudly am lol. 

Stop The Presses!

Rob At A Bar With Male Friends!

Old Edward, wasn't too happy that I took a sneaky photo of him last night. He tried to grab my phone and delete the photo but no dice. #rpats #notsofriendly #papparazzi #vampireattack #Hollywood

 Unfortunately there were witnesses at the bar so Rob couldn't death ray this fool. 

  In related news we had another troll who said Rob bought her a drink at said bar. Oh wait now she's saying it was Rob's entourage that bought her the drink. Oh wait that's not right either. It wasn't Rob after all it was someone else. 

Is your head spinning from all this crap yet? 

We have a report from a reliable source that said yes Rob was there with MALE friends and no he wasn't skirt chasing. 

 Kristen And Alicia Are Lovers Smear Campaign Uncovered!

CJ received a medal of honor for  posting  a picture of Alicia with her actual girlfriend ( he deleted it soon after to keep the dipshidiots from attacking) and surprise it's not Kristen. 

Anny P and Poopforbrains to be arraigned on libel charges soon.

New Kristen Chanel Pics!

Sweet pea trying to take a peek in the last one. 

Some people with vision problems might need one of these to see. 

Stay tuned for further updates on Sweet Pea!


Chanel Stew! Enjoy!

Robert Pattinson Exits Mission Blacklist!

Robert Pattinson Exits Saddam Hussein Thriller ‘Mission: Blacklist’ (Exclusive)

Robert Pattinson has exited “Mission: Blacklist,” an indie thriller about the hunt for Saddam Hussein, due to scheduling issues, TheWrap has learned.

First announced in May 2012, Pattinson was set to play military interrogator Eric Maddox, who spearheaded Hussein's capture.

With two films premiering at Cannes, Pattinson is coming off a very active period. He just wrapped Anton Corbijn's “Life” with Dane DeHaan and did not have sufficient time to prepare for his demanding role in “Mission: Blacklist,” an individual familiar with the situation told TheWrap.

The role of Maddox will now be recast, and the filmmakers hope to start production this fall.

Scheduling Issues?  Or maybe sweet pea arrival issues.

Hkn Says Black, The Dipshidiots Say White!

I stated my OPINION on this picture and all hell broke loose. I still don't think it's Rob. MY OPINION.

Other people had opinions on this picture too. One noted Robs sudden new affliction with lazy eye. 

Very interesting. 

Another said this has to be Rob because he has a double chin now just like the guy in the pic. 

Double chin where? Just asking. 


And yet they weren't attacked for that opinion.

What it comes down to is if I say black the dipshidiots have to say white. To agree with me on anything would be blasphemous  in their book.

Well that's about all the news for this week. 

Give a hand to Roberto and Bernie!

 Great job roving reporters!

 RIP Bob Hoskins

26 October 1942 - 29 April 2014

Monday, April 21, 2014

Cannes and Canines

Let's Get This Cannes Party Started!

Maps going to Cannes! In competition!

Clouds of Sils Maria going to Cannes. In competition!

The Rover. Midnight Screening! We also got the trailer. Amazing is all I have to say.

Camp X Ray screening at Cannes Film Market May 16 ? Looking for International distributor?

So that makes 4 count em 4 movies at Cannes for Rob and Kristen!

Yeah! So proud of our babies! All that hard work paying off.

So a lot of people keep saying don't get your hopes up for this happening again at Cannes 2.0.

Really? Why not?

They are still together and a sweet pea is on the way. So yes it is very possible.  Unless sweet pea makes an entrance close to Cannes time 

Nine Months. Hilarious movie!

Kristen supporting Rob.

 Rob supporting Kristen.

Why is it so hard to believe they would go to each others screenings? They SUPPORT each other. Always.

Yes it could happen. So could this. AGAIN.

We got a pic of Bernie ! (Some people think this isn't Bernie. I have no clue. Maybe were being doggie played.) Panic ensued of course. 

 "Why isn't Rob taking care of Bernie while he is in LA!"

Uhm because this picture was from last weekend when Rob (and Kristen) was at Coachella. 

This pic of Bear (Is it Bear? Some people aren't sure.) caused all kinds of havoc too of course. First off it is from over 3 weeks ago when Rob and Kristen were both out of town filming movies. 

A big deal was made out  of the person that posted the pic saying that this was their dog Bear. 

"Kristen gave Bear away!"
"Rob gave Bear away!"

The dipshidiots can't keep their dog doo straight.

Oh wait he left HIS dogs behind when he moved back to England. So now he gave Bear away to one of Kristen's friends? Their dog doo keeps unraveling. First he broke up with her and took the dogs because he couldn't stand leaving the dogs with her. Then when we got the pics in October it was convenient for the dipshidiots to say they were discussing and sharing the dogs. (Much easier for the dipshidiots to face then what was really going on lol.) We also have the people that seem to think that Bernie is Kristen's and Bear is Rob's. No Bear and Bernie are THEIR dogs. 

And NO neither Rob or Kristen is giving the dogs away. 

We got a couple of fan pics of Rob at a Sam Smith concert on April 15th.

I have my own opinion of these pictures. I don't think they are Rob. A very good Not Rob. No problem from me if it is him. Just not feeling it.

Side by side comparison. Sorry still not feeling it. Somethings off and I can't put my finger on it.

 Rob and Kristen were both ninja over the Easter holiday weekend. Kristen has been off since Friday. Where oh where could she be. LA perhaps? Or did Rob go to Nola to see her? (Funny how he still hasn't made his way to England like the dipshidiots claimed a couple of weeks ago. Guess he wasn't in a hurry after those interviews or was it a christening with his parents?) 

Either way her going to him or him going to her some of this was going on.

And with luck some of this will going on at Cannes. AGAIN.