Saturday, August 30, 2014

Just Saying

Stop the presses! Rob has a new love!. He's left Imogen Kerr in the dust! Get the scoop here!

Just 24 hrs before these pics came out the dipshdiots were  all about Imogen Kerr. She was in NYC and supposedly took a picture of  Bobby Long's bride to be and was also hanging with Dakota Fanning. Of course in the dipshidiots minds this means she was in NYC fucking Rob. Until the pictures below came out and they smelled new hook up blood. 

Yep a woman walking alongside Rob on a side walk means he's fucking her don't you know. But wait it gets better. The woman's name is Taliah Barnett also known as FKA Twiggs. She was also seen hanging with Rob in L.A. so of course this means they are an item. They look so romantic don't they? Holding hands. Kissing. Yep they look really in love. 

Rob walking on a sidewalk with his wife.  Someone he's actually attracted to. Can you spot the difference? Some people are clueless. 

Another woman was lucky enough to get in the same shot as Rob. Rob must be into women walking on concrete these days.  A new kind of kinky fetish maybe? That's three women just in the past week.(Imogen, Twiggy, and a mystery blonde). The man has some serious stamina. 

This is how the man looks when he's actually interested in a woman.

Do  you see the tongue thing going on for  Imogen, Twiggy or any mystery date ? Yeah that would be a big NO.

 But wait the shit gets even funnier. 

A twitter troll swears that she saw Rob hooking up with an "ugly" chick.  Tulip and her flower brigade actually fell for this crap which makes it even more funny.  

One tweet and they believe it. But one tweet of Rob and Kristen in NYC while she was filming Still Alice with video proof to back it up was deemed not worthy. Some hilarious shit. 

Rob enjoying hanging with friends. (Funny his new love Twiggy was a no show).

 Rob and Tom being bad daddy's, husband and fiance again. Oh wait that would be Rob only. It's okay for Tom. You have to be attached to your daughter or your significant other 24/7 or you can't possibly be a daddy or husband  at all. Other men in the world need to be let in on this new law. Including Tom. Or maybe it just pertains to Rob. 

 He sure likes talking on that phone. Looks pretty happy with whoever he's talking too. Seeing if someone was making their flight okay perhaps? Yeah  that. 

Kristen at Tokyo airport. 

Jun Sato
‏@junsatophoto Kristen Stewart sighting in Tokyo. Next stop Singapore! #Equals (Photo by Jun Sato) 

Mama Nails had a nasty anon that insisted that Kristen was going to Singapore too.

Wrong fools! She came back to L.A. I love it when trolls get burned. 

What happened to Rob's guitar case? Don't think she left it in Japan. Or her husband picked it up and brought it back with him when he visited. 

Kristen has a new ring with an A on it You know where the  dipshidiots went with this right? The A is for Alicia her lesbian lover. The crazy is never ending.

Could be for Angel, Rob's favorite name for her. Or Sweet Pea's name begins with an A? Uhm.... Or sweet Pea's name is Angel.

 Yes you do Rob. Don't make us tickle it out of you!

 It looks like The Big shoe is being put on hold indefinitely. Some fanatics have gone plum crazy attacking Jim Sturgess and others. Get a grip people. It's only a movie not life or death. 

Brad and Angelina were secretly married in France. Now of course Rob and Kristen couldn't possibly have done the same thing. 

Yeah they could and did! Deal with it haters!

Kristen channeling Halloween Rob.

This just in! So it looks like Rob was possibly at Sundance with Kristen!

Ladies this weekend could get pretty ugly troll wise with the wedding happening. The Robsessed will be busy with their hook up dreams. We may get a new record for stupidity. 

Just remember this.

And I'll leave you a can of this

And I'll keep this close by.

And I may need your help to bring me down from wanting to strangle a few of them. 

You'll help me out right?

Have a nice holiday weekend!