Saturday, March 14, 2015

Grins & Smiles & Giggles & Laughs

Are you ready to party?

And grin,smile,giggle and laugh?

Yes? Well then sit back and take a load off because the dipshidiots and IT gave us plenty to grin,smile,giggle and laugh about recently.

First up is train wrecks.

Uhm apparently IT and Rob were taking a train to her next concert when a man was killed on the tracks and they were held up for so long that she had to cancel her concert. 

One minute according to the hags she was stuck on the train. The next minute  their story was she missed the train. Another story was they tried to get a plane or helicopter to take them to the concert but couldn't find one available. It was hilariously ever changing and impossible to keep a straight face while the hags desperately scrambled. 

Okay first off why did she wait until the last minute and why the hell did she take a train? Her band had no problem getting there by plane. Funny how that works. Her band is more professional than she is. 

Oh by the way that's not the only concert she has cancelled...

Maybe she's contemplating another train ride to a concert and is taking precautions ahead of time. 

You know what happens next right? A pic of them on the train of course. 

One thing wrong with their scenario. Rob's mole has done a disappearing act.

Moles do not suddenly disappear from one pic to another. Another photoshop lesson the dipshidiots need to learn.

IT tried her best to save face by doing a public apology for missing the concert. She has no excuse. No explanation as to why in this day and age she was taking a train when a plane could of gotten her to her destination in a matter of hours. 

Now the next train wreck will have you in fits of laughter.

IT had a major meltdown at her next concert.

IT stomped off stage in a hissy because she didn't like it that the hags were talking about their exploding ovaries and how happy Rob looked and weren't the least bit interested in her lack of singing abilities. She doesn't have a clue.

Message to IT. You are not Beyonce. Having hissy diva fits when you are still a wannabe will not get you anywhere. Grow up and act like a professional. It's not that hard to do. Oh wait... if IT did that then she wouldn't need Rob to stick around and clean up her messes. 

Think about. It explains a lot doesn't it. 

Someone wasn't to pleased with her antics. 

  Next up! Some more photoshop fail!

Who is behind Rob? And why are the hags so desperately trying to photoshop the person out? That hair behind him looks familiar. Kristen come on out you little sneak!

Okay next up is Rob at the airport going to L.A!!!
Or is he?

This pic came in supposedly from March 11. It was geotagged  as being taken at Heathrow at 1am in the morning.  Uhm then why is it daylight outside? 

Next up another one supposedly from  Heathrow on the 11th. What the hell is wrong with his beard? Guess he didn't have time to finish shaving, he would have missed his flight!

Thanks Sands for that last quip!!!!

The biggest mistake the hags made? If you are going to try and post something in March as recent at least have the smarts to try and and attempt to photoshop out the Christmas decorations in the background!

Ready for another giggle?

Childhood Of A Leader Wrap party pic. The hags want it desperately to be from February. Why would they have a wrap party in February? They weren't done filming until March. It's from March idiots.

 The next big laugh? 

The hags fell hard for this photshopped VF cover picture. Someone who calls herself a PRO bought into it bigtime. And when she realized she had been played tried to blame it on me lol. 

"Just talked to VF sales rep - there is no special Oscar party issue. Entire cover was an incredibly elaborate photoshop effort."

"Just confirming that there's no such issue. Some people still think its real - as I did when i saw it on my iphone yesterday."

 "VF rep wondered why someone spent so much time on something so easy to disprove. I told him to check out The Haven."

Now that's some funny shit!

The actual Vanity Fair cover. 

And lastly they still  have no answer for them still sharing things.




No one in their right mind is going to be sharing these things with an ex of nearly two years. Grow a brain. 

The last laugh is one we've already had once but the hags are going for round two.

The hags are waiting with baited breath for Rob to move to NYC with IT. This is supposedly happening in March. 

Guess they didn't learn much from the last time they tried this angle. Some fools NEVER learn. Maybe they should hold their breath until they turn blue on it ever happening.

What we need to do more of is just sit back with a smile on our face. And let them bury themselves deeper and deeper. We know what is true and nothing they do will change what is. 

I have a message for the trolls who come and try to disrupt things on this blog. You are getting no where by doing so. You don't get to tell me when and if to moderate the comments on this blog.  And you are changing no ones minds on here so give it up. 

Everyone remember to smile and laugh. The haters can't stand it.!

Kristen's mom posted this adorable picture! Amazing how much Kristen and her brother look alike!

Rest in peace Richard Glatzer.

Everyone have a great weekend!