Sunday, September 28, 2014

Open Letter To The Fandom: Use Your Brain and Open Your Eyes!

I have to get a few things off my chest where this fandom is concerned. Every piece of bull shit that comes out in the media you panic over it. Why? This time isn't any different than all the others. The same old bull and you're falling for it. All you have to do is open your eyes. Stop hating on Rob for something he is not even doing. Twiggy is not his hook up, flavor of the month, girlfriend, or love of his life.


This is going to end up the same way as Dylan, Riley, Katey, Imogen, Sia, (insert any other woman he has stood next to.) Have you not learned by now what the game is that the media likes to play with you? 

Secondly a woman who is broke up with her boyfriend does not wear his watch among other things. Isn't  it funny how his guitar didn't come back with her? It came back with him when he visited her. Yes he DID visit her. Again open your eyes.

How many times has Rob bull shitted us with his living arrangements in the media? EVERY time. No he is not going to tell the media where he is living now or in the future. Did you believe him when he said he was living under a bridge? Or that he slept on a air mattress? But yet you believe the media when they say he wants to leave L.A. and move to London? Didn't the dipshidiots get burned on that once already? Going for a repeat in stupidity? (Maybe they can finish that kitchen he was having designed.) Wasn't it just not so long ago that he said he considers L.A. home now? Or do you believe the other media outlet that says Twiggy has moved to L.A. to be with Rob? Is your head spinning yet from all the scenarios the media has painted for you? 

Rob is not moving away from L.A. and Twiggy is not moving to L.A. to be with Rob. 

The simple truth? Twiggy is in town on work related business. Rob is simply being a good friend and showing her his town WITH his friends. Nothing more. The Robsessed can photo shop pictures and the tabs can crop car pictures until the end of time. It still won't make a romance out of a friendship. Neither will a video of him helping a trashed friend down a few steps.

Also I find it funny how in that video Rob is talking to another woman and as soon as Twiggy sees she's being filmed runs up to Rob.

So if Twiggy is with Rob what is she doing cuddling with Sam? Again open your eyes and USE YOUR BRAIN

To the flip floppers and doubters who have left this fandom over Rob entertaining a friend who is in town.  You don't get to come back when you find out you've been played by the media. Stay gone. (You know they will come back pretending they knew it was bull  all along.)

Why is this all happening right now? I have my own theory. Remember the link I put up in a post a while back about the tabs trying to smear Rob and Kristen?

Is it a coincidence that this is happening right when the Rover DVD is coming out? Or is it to diminish his DVD sales? Just something to think about.

The trolls have been infesting the comment boards with glee the last few days. Do they think they are going to change somebody's mind? Hoping this will make us go away? Nope. Actually I'm getting more hits than ever. So is my buddy Momma Nails. Shout out to Mama! You keep giving them hell !

Let's talk Google a minute. The dipshidiots were celebrating saying that Google had taken Partners down.

Nope still there.

When you put in a search for Robert Pattinson Partner, Companion  pops up. Funny no mention of her as his ex. No mention of Twiggy either. 

Same thing for Kristen. Want to go for a third round on making fools out of yourselves dipshidiots? 

The dipshidots were also jumping with  glee thinking Angelsslave had left the fandom. Angelsslave has not left the fandom. She simply went private to keep the trolls out that were invading. A lot of  the people from her boards came over here and we had some very interesting conversations going on. I would like to thank my ladies for making them feel welcome.  

 Message to the trolls. I will not be going private. Won't ever happen. I will continue to be your worst nightmare. Your  living hell. The thorn in your side. You  keep coming into the comment section of this board hoping somehow you will see me bow down to you. Not in this lifetime  bitches. 

In closing everyone needs to calm the fuck down!

 Look at what's right in front of you and stop imagining things that aren't there.  Stay calm and let this play out. It won't end the way the haters hope. Stop feeding into their crap. It's what they want. Don't make me come through this computer and shake the shit out of you!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Snap Out Of It!

We got this picture and all hell broke loose. The flip floppers and doubters were leaving the fandom in droves. Everyone panicked...


  After you take a deep breath and calm down take a better look at that pic. 

Wow did Rob gain some weight in a hurry or what! Maybe he needs to ask his wife for her miracle diet that let her lose her extra weight instantly.

Rob has a new super power.He can shave his sideburn off in between pics!

The dipshidiots say its the glare from the sunlight that's making it look like its not there.

Seriously lol. Think up another one because that excuse isn't flying. 

Did we mention some other badly photo shopped Rob body parts? The Robsessed hag that posted the pics needs to work on her photo shop skills. 

She tried another one but failed again.

Rob needs to see a doctor asap for that lump!

Is it a coincidence that we get a Robsessed desperately photo shopping pictures  right after they got burned with the Google Partner thing? 

We also got a 4 second video that shows the back of someones head. It's supposedly Rob.


I can't with this stupidity. It's cracking me up.

  Ahh so here's the true story. Another fan posted this pic. Obviously not a member of the Robsessed photo shop crew. So romantic looking standing across the store from each other aren't they?

This is how you look with someone you actually care about while grocery shopping.Grasp the difference dipshidiots

We also got some nicely cropped pics of Rob and Twiggy supposedly by themselves in a car. According to the dipshidiots Twiggy is leaning against Rob's shoulder. NO she is not. But nice try. 

And no he is not kissing her fore head. That's reserved for his wife Kristen. But thanks for playing. 

What's he looking back at? Someone the paps cropped out? Come on have the guts to show us the whole picture. What are you afraid of? Afraid it won't paint their pretty hook up picture that gets them hits. That's what they are afraid of. Come on show the whole picture. I dare you. 

Now that we have that out the way I had a nice little chat with the cuz. 

I talked to her on the phone first yesterday and asked her about Twiggy. Her response was who the hell is Twiggy? The next thing she said is this. The only woman Rob is romantically involved with is his wife Kristen.

 Then she came over today and we had a longer chat. 

Rob has been staying at LF2 off and on while Kristen has been filming. This kind of kills E's story that Twiggy has moved to LA and in with Rob. The dipshidiots luck going with this will be about as good as the Rob is moving to London was for them. It will get them nowhere.

Rob and Kristen and Sweet Pea are doing just fine. Better than fine. They are Ecstatic.  

The cuz's opinion on Twiggy? If she was somebody involved in Rob's life on a regular basis she would of heard of her. She is at most an acquaintance. A casual friend. Nothing more. She is not his latest hook up or the love of his life.  

My opinion on Twiggy? She's another Dylan Penn. She will ride this thing to promote herself as long as she can. When she feels she's gotten everything she can out of it we will get a denial just like Dylan. Unfortunately for her it doesn't seem to be helping her cd sales. 

Oh by the way Rob went to Singapore to visit Kristen. The cuz doesn't know exactly when he went but she said he definitely did. Twiggy wasn't invited.

The dipshidiots can celebrate all they want. Let's remember what happened to them the last time they celebrated and thought they had won something.

They celebrated this..

and then got burned with this..

When you see him bringing Twiggy a cup of java after a swim call me.

When you see him  kissing Twiggy like this call me.

Until then you have nothing. 

The cuz gave us this message. Stop falling for the crap. Believe in what you know is true. Not some tabloid garbage.

What do we know to be true?

Sweet Pea exists. The dipshidiots can bitch and moan and groan all they want. They have no other explanation and they know it. 

The cuz said you don't need to be reassured by her every time this crap comes up. Just listen to what Rob and Kristen are telling you. It's all there if you listen. 

"Rob and Me."

"We Stay In A Lot"

I know it's been a drama filled couple of days and we need to ignore the gloating haters. They will get burned by it. They always have before. This time is no different. 

A lot of people have been leaving the fandom over this. I'm here to tell you this bitch is going NOWHERE. I'm here to stay no matter what comes down the pike.  

And if your hubby or significant other asks why you are on your second bottle of wine tell him this..

And a little hint to close this out. 

A fan asked someone in the know if Robsten fans should take another steamy bath or throw the bath water out. He said he likes hot baths.

I've got my frying pan ready for the infestation of trolls

 Don't let the them  get to you...