Thursday, February 27, 2014

Barnyard Animals and Rob


The Barnyard animals went a little wacky over the last couple of days. It was definitely the cows for the win tho.

Rob trying to dance his way around the cow dung.

Lucky Elsie.

Rob's new lady is a cute little heifer.

Rob: Come on Elsie you can do it!

Oh Oh Elsie has competition.

Bessie: you think you're keeping him all to yourself do you?

Oh No he did it again! Elsie's been Pattinsonated! He just can't help himself.

Please let this be the scene they were shooting .

Wait a minute I see pigs. Could a Rob with a pig picture be in our future? Can you imagine Rob chasing a slippery pig around? That pig better run for its life. Rob's on a Pattinsonated roll.

We already have an elephant.

A giraffe.

An alligator.

Dogs are an extra bonus.

I think are chances are good.

The Chicken Cluckers. A group of so called Rob and Kristen fans. They decided to attack  and make fun of one of our Havenettes. Then they were surprised when she didn't just sit down and take it and fought back.  

Makes you wanna do this.

Vernier had a sweet account of how she was lucky enough to see Kristen in Nashville while she was directing a music video for her friend Sage. She took some pics and commented on how Kristen looked to have a baby bump.

This sent the Cluckers into overdrive. Funny how Vernier is the only one that took pictures that day that the Cluckers decided to single out. They didn't say a word about any other people that were there that took pics. Just Vernier. Wonder why that might be.

You know why. God forbid anyone should mention her pretty telling baby bump.

The Cluckers ran to another blog and protested their innocence. Oh please. Stop acting all high and mighty. Guess what your shit smells like everyone elses. If you can't stand the heat then shut the hell up about people. That simple.

The dipshidiot pigs. An especially nasty smelling bunch.

Message to Enna. Nope we aren't pinning our hopes on one tweet. Actually there was more than one. There were several for Rob and several for Kristen. So despite all your excuses odds are on they were both in NYC over the weekend. Odds are even better that they were there together.

Put all your money on it.

Katy Perry and John Mayer have broken up again it seems. The dipshidiots immediately started their pig slop. Rob couldn't wait to run to Katy. Katy would be running to Rob soon. Let's see if the pigs  can grasp this but I doubt it. Katy Perry has told you in no uncertain terms on three different occasions that she is only friends with Rob. Can you take that hint or does someone have to hit you over the head with a club for you to get it?

From her own mouth. Now move on and give it up.

Of course we have to give Kristen and her animals some face time.

Kristen and her cat Jella/Max.

Kristen and a cute dolphin. 

Kristen and a beautiful white horse on SWATH set. 

Bear of course.

The newest member of the family.Cole. (But not for long. tee hee.)

And now I'll let the barnyard close things out. Til next time!


Monday, February 24, 2014

New York Ninjas



@/brianokum 1h Just saw Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson in NYC together!!!"

 One tweet had everyone up in arms.They started hating on his twitter and he immediately deleted the tweet. 

olv ‏@olv  Feb 22
Anyone know the filming schedule for #Life in Toronto? Wondering if filming on weekend

@olv Not filming until Wed

And this had the dipshidiots even more shook up.

 So shook up that they invented a story about how the guy that tweeted the NYC sighting had suddenly tweeted that he was joking and called Kristen a mop.

Nice try Robsessed but NO.

If this was true it would have been all over twitter. It wasn't. Secondly I guarantee the dipshidiots would have screen capped it and re posted it over and over again. 

And then we have this:

Anna Wood, Dane DeHaan's wife. That makes things a little more interesting doesn't it.


The dipshidiots tried one last ditch effort with a tweet that said 1000 people were waiting in line for Rob at a University in Toronto. They're waiting in the wrong place. And we got only one tweet? 1000 people and one tweet and no pics? Yeah right.

The ninjas have us going around in circles AGAIN.

I'm being quiet Rob! No spilling where you are here!

Don't mess with ninja Stew. She will kick your ass!

A Russian astronomer has named an asteroid he discovered after teen heartthrob Robert Pattinson, famous for playing a vampire in the popular “Twilight Saga” film series. 

Amateur astronomer Timur Kryachko, who found the 2-kilometer-wide space rock with a commercial Astrotel telescope, which can retail for about $1,000, conceded to RIA Novosti that the name was his wife’s idea. 

The rock, discovered in our solar system’s asteroid belt on February 24, 2009 and initially identified as 2009 DM89, was listed on Wednesday in a registry published by the International Astronomical Union as 246789 Pattinson. 

There is no chance that the asteroid will impact Earth, unlike Pattinson, a former model who has won the hearts of teenage girls across the world with his role as Edward Cullen, a compassionate “vegetarian” vampire who only feeds on animal blood, in all five “Twilight” films.

Who's pitching in with me for the telescope? We can take turns sending it back and forth. I get it first of course.

I'm thinking that amateur astronomer got some serious loving from the wife for that gesture.

The moral police were all over this picture.

 How could she! She's drinking while she is pregnant!


New study shows no harm from moderate drinking in pregnancy, but experts urge caution
link to article here

Get off your high horse and stop trying to tell people what to do with their own pregnancy!

There is no law against smoking  or drinking while pregnant. Quitting smoking cold turkey while pregnant may not be a good thing according to some doctors. And drinking moderately while being pregnant has never been taboo.

 Except for moralistic idiots on their high horses!


As Renee would say enough with the heavy . Back to some fun.

A shout out to rklove for giving our lovely ladies a name!

The Havenettes!

This one might be better  :)

This is me lol!

 And thank you to the Havenettes for the baby clothes pics!

I think my favorite is Robsten Is Unbroken  I'm the proof.
Thanks to rkimagines!

Vernier you have done it again!

More and more sightings are coming in from NYC. There are a couple of Kristen and one of Rob on the 6 train. This train runs straight through to the Bowery. Rob and Kristen's favorite place to stay when they are in NYC. Getting better and better!

And I leave you with this beautiful pic from rkimagines