Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Around And Around We Go

Around And Around We Go. Where the haters stop nobody knows. They are like rats running on a wheel and going nowhere.

Michelle Rodriguez  out  with a friend. The guy in the background? Rob. The first thing the haters tried to do was hook him up with Michelle Rodriguez. Yeah right. Haven't they tried to hook him up with her before and failed? Yeppers. And They fail again .

Michelle Rodriguez & Girlfriend Leaving Whole Foods In This Photo: Michelle Rodriguez "Fast & Furious 6" actress Michelle Rodriguez leaving Whole Foods with her girlfriend in Venice, California on July 12, 2013.

Yeah that lol.  From the haters bible the tabs. This one is from fashionmagazine 247

When that didn't pan out to well for them they went on to the mystery woman standing next to Rob. Kinda predictable . Next one they tried was the piece of blonde hair sticking out by the hat of Michelle's friend. They never give up and they always fail.

Picture of Rob at party for Greg Collard.  Lots of blonde models were there. You know the haters jumped on this. Unfortunately none of these models had their pic taken with  Rob. Riiiiiiiiight. so a room full of models and none of them got their 15 min of fame pic? The haters were desperate and latched on to the woman in the left corner of this pic. I kid you not. That's the best they can do these days. People in the background of pics have been relegated to Robs latest hook up. Seriously.

Rob and Sia at Justin Timberlake concert. The haters could only concentrate on the fact that Sia has boobs.

Hey if you have nice tatas  flaunt em! I have pretty nice size ones myself but if I left them hanging I don't think they would have as much gravity as Sia's lol.

 Now the way the paps cropped  pics you would think they were there by themselves. They even laid on the ground  to get a certain angle so you couldn't tell who was there with him.

Actually they were there with Kristen's friends. You heard that right KRISTEN'S friends. 

Kristien's friends Gina and Tamara at Justin Timberlake concert with Rob.


Rob leaving the concert with Kristen's friends Tamara, Gina and Gina's boyfriend the Cheese (how does one get the nickname cheese? lol)

Some haters are trying to say they can hear Kristen's friend saying Kristen is so better with out you.

Yeah right her friend is going to say to that to Rob. Are you brain dead? No just desperate because you know what's coming.

Yep its inevitable. And the haters know it. 

Kat Perry commented on Rob in New interview with UK Elle. And all hell broke loose. 

"OK, so here's the proof there was never anything going on between me and Robert Pattinson. I fart in front of him. Properly fart. And I never, ever fart in front of a man I am dating. That's a rule."
"He's my bud. I'm like his big sister. We just hang out. The other day, I said "One of the things I'm most proud of is not sleeping with you, Robert". And that's true."

"I sent her (Kristen) a text message saying "I know you've seen all this stuff, but you know I would never disrespect you. I'm not that person. I'm just trying to be a friend to him but it's unfortunate that I do have a set of tits".

She pretty much buried the haters hopes of hook up with Rob at any point in time didn't she. Not now, Not in the past, Not ever. 

And why pray tell would you be concerned with being the other woman if your two friends were completely over? Yeah that. Funny how she never refers to them as being over or exes. 


Katy distracting the paps for Rob and Kristen. Shes a good friend. Maybe could have found a better way to get her point across but still a good friend. 

Kristen and new friend. Looks a lot like Bear but with different coloring.. Bear JR perhaps? 

 Too cute


Why is she hiding her hand? 

Tee hee. That would send the haters into meltdown wouldn't it! 

Also Notice the 1760 address in this pic . Why?  Well because according to the paps the pic was taken in Long Beach

No it was taken at this restaurant in Los Feliz.

 Now why would they want to hide that fact? Because someone else is in Los Feliz too and they don't want you to know that. Who might that be?

Yeah him. The man she's going to marry someday. Or maybe already married to. ( Right Sash? )

And last there is pap video out there where Kristen is cornered by the turds and harassed. She responds to it. Of course the haters say oh look it's classy Kristen again. And I say good for her in telling them off. They deserve it and then some. They are scum. Your right Kristen They are fuck faces and they don't deserve to breath the same air you do!

Now why were they asking her if she was back with Rob? Their break up stories are getting old and tired that's why. They aren't getting the big money anymore for separate pics of them.
Yeah you know its coming. And soon. 

The tabs are starting with their reunion stories for the same reason.Its all getting old and no one is buying it. Their hits are going downward. 

Karma is coming haters. Hope you enjoy a second helping.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Isn't It StrikeThree And Your Out?


Isn't it strike three and your out? That's what I always thought it was. How many strikes do the haters and trolls get before the game is called? 

This pic caused a major uproar.

Why? Well according to the haters Rob is kissing another woman romantically on the lips!
 Yeah her holding her arms out no where near him. It just screams romance.

Yeah again oh so romantic.

Looky here. The same woman. Guess what. Shes a crew member from the set. Yep. Nothing more.

 Strike ONE!

Hes giving Mia a kiss goodbye too! He must be romantically involved with her too! Right in front of poor Jesse too!

He's just a kissing hugging machine! Damn!

mariaestevez ‏@mariateam 19h
@DaniMillanP @ByeByeDreamBt I just said that he is moving on . He is being to loyal that he deserve to move on... I stand by him. Not her

I fore saw this one coming. She's one of those exploding ovaries type. Robsessed to the core.  I'm betting her so called interview will be filled with innuendos and out right lies.  No journalistic integrity at all. Using her name and journalist in the same sentence is a disservice to the profession. I have it on good authority her interviewing days with Rob are done. Nada.

Hold up . What's this? Camille Rowe and her boyfriend Andrew Vanwyngarden. According to the haters they are broke up and she is with Rob now.

And speaking of Camille

This pic is from October not December. It is NOT Camille. How do I know.? He did not meet Camille until December. I now have it as confirmed FACT.

Strike TWO!

Rob leaving Toronto.

Rob on plane going to LAX.

Rob at LAX.

 Rob walking fast.

Unfortunately not fast enough.
Video Of Rob At LAX

The paps were waiting at LAX. The link above is to an extended video where the paps ask him if he is marrying Kristen this summer and how he feels about cheating. They are trying to get him mad and get a rise out of him. Didn't work with writing on Kristen's car and it definitely didn't work here. Now I ask you why aren't they asking him about Camille? Riley? No they are asking him about marrying Kristen.  Ask yourself why.

We had some trolls playing let's fool the fans games today.

annie _packer a well known psychotic had a fake account @10_jenny_17. She preceded to tell everyone she saw Rob and Kristen together and had a pic she was asked to wait to post. To her dismay barely anyone bought it and she cried uncle about twenty minutes later. Bet the haters were hoping for a longer shelf life. Too bad. The account has been banned.

One of the three trolls admitted to lying about Rob being out with Michelle Ridriguez. Like they were ever believed in the first place except by the haters.

♡ 7 DAYS ♡ ‏@shartstagram 20h
@Lux123_ no we decided to lie for attention at midnight on a wednesday

Their CM tweets are being deleted. How convienient.

Strike THREE!

And then @bellangela27 played a game back on them. Saying she had pic of Rob at a bar with a woman. The haters ovaries were exploding at the thought.

And lastly The haters crowed that the pic from Toronto with the crew member from MTTS  was way more romantic than any kiss he had with Kristen. Oh really?

Lets Review.

This is how its done. Your arms where they should be when your romantically interested in someone.

A NYE kiss the way it should be done!

Just sigh and enjoy. Its called 

Some more for the road just to rub it in.

We WILL have more to add to the collection!