Friday, November 29, 2013

Things To Be Thankful For

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving  and didn't eat too much! (The third helping of green bean casserole did me in!)

So what do we have to be thankful for? New pics of Kristen for one!

 The dipshidiots are having a hard time explaining Kristen's sudden weight gain. She's setting a guinness world record  for the longest menstrual cycle according to their favorite excuse.

Why are they so afraid of this being true? It terrifies them to no end. It just makes me smile while they squirm. Time will tell now won't it? And if my sources are wrong they're wrong (I don't see that happening). In the mean time I'm enjoying the dipshidiots misery over the possibility. 

Bonnie Fuller of Hollywood Life also panicked a little. 

“So with K-Stew roaming the city without Rob, does this mean that their romantic holiday feast was put on hold? Not exactly.They may have just made a point to not be seen in public together, and these pictures may have just captured Kristen on her way to buy some cream cheese for Rob’s pumpkin pie!”

Oh but wait it gets better. Gossip Cop jumped on board and called Hollywood Life out saying that Rob and Kristen did not spend Thanksgiving together. Oh really? Funny how their notorious sources weren't sited in this article. No source at all was quoted actually. 

And when people started to joke around at Gossip Cop's expense about their lack of sources their comments were deleted. A few even got banned. Seriously. 

Kristen out without Rob must mean she didn't spend Thanksgiving with him don't you know. I bet that's news to every woman that did a last minute dash to the store with out their significant other in tow.

So I guess someone needed to tell the woman in this picture her husband and her boys daddy was not spending Thanksgiving with them because he wasn't with them for a last minute grocery dash. 

CJ posted a video on his instagram  and it had the dipshidiots  biting their nails.

CJ Video Here

Why did it have them biting their nails? There is a voice at the end of the video that sounds suspiciously like Rob's. Rob spending time with CJ and Suzie? It had them crapping themselves.

So you know what happened next right? Cue the Rob and Dylan sighting on twitter. 

Kara Cronley ‏@k_cronley 27 Nov
Pretty positive I just stood next to Robert Pattinson and his new girlfriend Dylan Penn on the train to my terminal 

He was supposedly on a train going to the airport in NY. With Dylan of course. The busiest traveling day of the year and he chose to take a train to an airport? Really?

And yes there are people that actually bought into this. 

Supposedly he was also at the Ama's after party on Sunday too.  He was either with Katy Perry, Lisa Remini, or two mystery blondes depending on witch BS twitter you were reading.

If you want an even bigger laugh this is supposedly Rob and Jamie leaving the CM.


So I guess we should be thankful to the dipshidiots for giving us plenty to laugh about this past week.  The further they go with their lunacy the funnier it gets. 

What else do we to have to be thankful for? 

Caring is sharing. (Glasses)

New pic of Kristen that just came out. Is that shirt tugged out for a reason? (Hiding something maybe?)

And we are thankful for Rob and Kristen and their wonderful love for each other. 

And I leave you with this beautifully made video


Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

One's On The Way


Aww come on it's funny! What's even funnier is the dipshidiots having a heart attack over the ever increasing possibility of Kristen carrying Rob's baby. 

 Kristen out and about with her friend Alicia. Trying to hide the belly perhaps? 

Looks like it to me. 


 Stussy . Someone did some his and her shopping while in Europe. Those glasses she has on look familiar too. 

What had the dipshidiots in even more of an uproar was the ring . 

Yes THE ring. Just the thought of it drove them nuts.The meltdown that ensued was priceless. 

"That ring is silver not gold!!"

"That ring is flat. THE ring is not flat!"

"Are you blind? That is not a ring it's her keys!"

Wait it gets better.

@samueltwitt1: girlSCOUT cookies are delicious! And COMPTON is absolutely dope!”

Marcus Foster ‏@marcusfoster1 
SCOUTing locations in COMPTONville.

Scout Compton ‏@poutyscouty 
Last night London hangs with @mekalala @marcusfoster1 @samueltwitt1 ...mr. @alexanderdeleon need to hurry his bum.

The dipshidiots were furious over the thought of Rob's friends spending time with Kristen's friend Scout while she was in London. 

"Sam and Marcus hate Rob now!"

Yeah I guess all his friends that visited Kristen while she filmed Sils Maria hate Rob too. 

Max Thieriot and his cat named after Kristen.

Kristen and her cat Max. 

Too stinkin cute!


Rob at the Go Go Gala. Smiling and happy. 

Rob and the gal pal he was talking to at the event. 

real_pr_pro @real_pr_pro:

Strange that @eonline knows all the details of Rob's "romance" with the Girl Who Doesn't Want To Be Famous, yet they don't recognize the agent who has been by his side at every premiere for the past 5 years? You might want to make a note that the "gal pal" he was talking to last night was WME agent Stephanie Ritz. But I guess those pesky little details tend to fall through the cracks.

Stephanie the mystery date once again. You would think Ken snowflake Baker would know who she is by now.

Hi there handsome!

Robert Pattinson was the toast of the town Thursday night at the sixth annual GO GO Gala.

GO Campaign co-founder and CEO Scott Fifer thanked Pattinson on behalf of the 25 impoverished Cambodian girls he indirectly helped with an auction contribution. The actor donated a meet-and-greet on the set of “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” for the non-profit’s online auction two years ago that sold to woman in Chicago for $80,000. That funding led to the creation of a Program Advancing Girls’ Education (PAGE) in Cambodia.

“It’s been remarkable how one auction item from a person in the Hollywood community can translate into changing the lives of girls forever,” Fifer said before the gala.

The PAGE home will expand from 25 to 35 girls early next year.

The “Twilight” star continued his charitable streak by participating in the liveliest auction of the night. Pattinson bid $5,600 to win a cello made out of recycled material (built by Paraguay’s Recycled Orchestra of Cateura).The overall event raised more than $500,000.

Doesn't Kristen play the cello? Yes!!! 

Oh all right that might be stretching it a bit. But lets jump up and down and have fun with it anyway!

That smile says it all. A very happy man. 

The cello he bid on. 

It was a pretty quiet week tab and twitter wise until a certain teenager opened her mouth once again.

Stalker Sarah ‏@SarahMOnline 11h
Hello there Robert Pattinson :) pretty much seeing you every night now... ☺️👍

Hey at least this time she wasn't clueless enough to post pictures of herself somewhere else at the same time. No pictures of Rob of course. That would be too much to hope for. Funny how no one else was tweeting about this. Nope just her. Maybe she can sell it to Ken snowflake Baker again. Or maybe she will wait until someone says Dylan was there too and suddenly her memory will come back and poof yeah she was there too!

Oh but she didn't stop there this time. 

Stalker Sarah ‏@SarahMOnline 11h
Hope Robert Pattinson is okay...he's been spending too much late night time at some known Hollywood party spots... we all love u dude

Message from Rob to Stalker Sarah:

And I leave you with what else? You guessed it. Rob.Gym. 

Not even Sarah what's her name can ruin the good feelings I'm having  right now. Love is all around.


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Extra Extra Read All About It! Tabs Spinning Out Of Control!

The tabs were spinning out of control this past week. 

Rob Rob everywhere Rob! We had 6, count em six, sightings of Rob. 
A book party at the Roosevelt, a Selena concert (which happened to be going on at the same time as the book party. Guess Rob has some cloning skills), Joni Mitchell's 70th birthday party, charity event, Bafta after party at the CM, and a private home party. I'm out of breath just thinking about it! The man just never stops! (sarcasm there people).

We had a trolling kind of couple of days all started by that paragon of truth Stalker Sarah. Yeah that Stalker Sarah. The one who likes to say she's at some place where Rob is and then proceeds to put photos of herself all over her twitter at her high schools football game. She gave us more of the same . She claimed Rob was at a Selena concert (where she was at per the many pics on her twitter) but then added that she also saw him at a book signing party at the Roosevelt. (Never mind that she's a minor and no way  was she at the Roosevelt). Funny too how she never mentioned Dylan until the E! article was posted. 

And speaking of the devil Ken snowflake Baker was the first to jump on this pile of crap. 

Robert Pattinson was spotted out on the town with rumored gal pal Dylan Penn Wednesday evening in Los Angeles.
The two were both at a private party for the launch of Angie Banicki's new book 30 Before 30 at the Spare Room inside of the Roosevelt Hotel.
And while the evening outing wasn't exactly a date night, the two were definitely together and hanging out in the same small clique.
A source tells E! News that R.Pattz and Penn left around the same time after mingling with guests by the bar area and the back room.
A second insider says that the Brit was quite the spectacle at the intimate gathering.
"Girls were all flirting with him," explained the eyewitness.

Both left separately, according to the insider, but were with the same group of approximately four people throughout the night.
Of course, it would be far too obvious if the duo packed on the PDA during the party, so we're told that they remained friendly and not touchy-feely whatsoever.

They left separately. And the pretending to not be together and no PDA!

Is your stomach hurting from laughing so hard? 

The dipshidiots were wetting their pants with anticipation waiting for the pics. 

And waiting. And waiting. And waiting. And waiting. 

People continued with their multiple personalities and weighed in on the situation. Let's see. He's dating Dylan and he's crazy about her. He dumped Dylan to get back together with Kristen. Wait a minute turn back a page. He's dating Dylan. Is your head spinning yet?

Of course Bonnie Fuller  had to get her two cents in. 

“He was bombarded by three hot blondes,” our on-the-scene source confirms. “One was doing everything to get him.  She tried his jacket on, sipped his vodka soda and flirted hard. He blew her and the rest off pretty quickly.”

Did we get pics of Rob and /or Dylan during any of this hilarity? Nope not a one. Pics popped up on Getty images of everyone and their uncle and even the food. But no Rob and /or Dylan.

We did get pics of Rob but they weren't what the dipshidiots were hoping for.

Rob and his friend Jamie Strachan coming out the back entrance of the CM. Yep he was at the CM the night of the Baftas. Or he was there with friends and it had nothing to do with the Baftas. Nick Jarecki and his female companion Anette Nyseth or his wife Agatha Bobola (take your pic) were also with him. Dylan was nowhere to be seen.

The dipshsidiots were hoping for a pic of him with his future father-in -law  Sean Penn.
Once again they were left waiting. And waiting And waiting.

Wonder who he's talking too? Checking up on somebody near and dear? Someone named Kristen?

He also showed at the private home party.

Playing piano! sigh. (And no that isn't his wedding ring laying on his lap. Not yet anyway. wink).

Having fun with friends

With Eva Chow. She's married dipshidiots. Don't even try to start. 

Of course No Dylan. Sense a pattern here?

 We also got some more gym pics. That's all Rolando has been getting these days and not much else.

Today is tabloid Wednesday and the spinning was hilarious. Which way to turn. Rob and Kristen? or Rob and Dylan. They can't seem to make up their minds.

What happened to  Rob and Dylan? Waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Looks like they are afraid to go all in with the Rob and Dylan nonsense. Wonder why.

Meanwhile they continue to spin around on their wheel hoping somehow they will actually get a nibble of the truth  which they never do.

They will continue this as long as it gets them hits. And if you think about it a happy Rob and Kristen together is not going to bring them hits. Drama does.

Meanwhile Rob and Kristen are cuddled up somewhere together laughing at all the uproar.

And I leave you with this sage advice