Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat!

It's that time of year. Remember last year?

The dipshidiots we're tricked and we we're treated.

And this year? 

Yeah more of the same. We we're treated once again and our patience was rewarded.

Grab some champagne and let's celebrate!

Kristen leaving their abode.

 Rob following close behind. They were headed to Los Feliz until they were spotted.

With Baby B aboard of course!

Kristen getting pissed after being spotted.

 And you knew the old salute to the paps was coming right?

                                                                            You go girl!!!

The excuses and meltdowns were inevitable. 

"It's all for PR for the DVD!"

"That is not Rob!"

"She's only there for a play date for the dogs!"
Guess they forgot they said he won't let her see the dogs. Remember? 

"They met up to talk about the Liberty interview."

I picture liberty walking 
around her house, stomping her feet like a a petulant child because she 
just got outfoxed by Kristen Stewart

Bet she was disappointed they took away from her 15 min lol. Thanks to Rob and Kristen her 15 lasted about two seconds.

The best part was watching Annie Packer cry.

"Wake me when its over!"

 Enjoy that  sleep!

So Kristen was there for 4 hrs and then Rob was following her elsewhere until they were spotted? And what do you think they we're doing all that time? Kristen's hair is looking a little sexed up if you know what I mean. 

Thank you FightingForThem ‏@KStewandRPatz for giving me a heart attack with this man nip!


Now of course the tabs are desperately trying to cover their sorry asses. Snowflake didn't disappoint.

 According to E! Rob was so devastated by the scandal that happened over a year ago that he has no interest in dating right now. And that explains his outing with Kristen how? Even his own reporters looked a little skeptical while reporting this pile of BS. 

Lets talk a minute about the trick we got. Poor little victim Liberty Ross.

 Nicole Kidman who will be working with Rob soon! Bet Liberty was a little miffed at not getting the cover. The Wife Who Outfoxed Kristen Stewart? Really? In what way? Who is still with the love of her life? And who is so desperate for attention they have to bring up something that happened over a year ago to get their name in print? 

“I was able to be there completely secluded,” recalls Ross. “I just visualized [being] this sort of Masai warrior."

Yeah. She was so secluded she was out getting papped as often as she could. 

She also said she wouldn't talk about her relationship with Jimmy Iovine because of her kids. 

But she has no problem bringing up the past and hurting them in that way. 

Something tells me this woman can't walk and chew gum at the same time. 

The dipshidiots also got another trick. The ex reality star, swedish model who is an out and proud lesbian that they we're counting on as Rob's latest hookup admitted to it being photo shopped and deleted the pic from her account. Some fools never learn. 

Katy also once again ruined their hook up dreams.

Kyle and Jackie O ‏@kyleandjackieo 40m 
“We (Katy & Rob) got wasted & did karaoke like people do. About 8 yrs ago & it f*cking finally showed up on the internet” #KatyOnKJ #KJshow

Kyle and Jackie O ‏@kyleandjackieo 47m 
“There’s the media for you. Nothing is sacred; not even karaoke.” @katyperry on her R Patz’s drunken karaoke video #KatyOnKJ #KJshow

Kyle and Jackie O ‏@kyleandjackieo 50m 
“At least it shows you we’re just friends… like true friends!” @katyperry talking about her mate R Patz #KatyOnKJ #KJshow

Will third time be the charm and the dipshidiots will take the hint? I doubt it. 

Two friends getting toasted and having fun at another friends birthday party. Hilarious!


Lovely Kristen shopping for pumpkins.

A big deal was made about the fact she has a tattoo. Supposedly it's fake not a real one. Doesn't matter. Is it your arm?

Now the dipshidiots were crowing  "ha ha hkn she doesn't look pregnant!"
She's wearing a hoodie. You can't tell jack. Did I ever say how far along she was? Nope I didn't. Until proven otherwise she's pregnant and that's my story and I'm sticking to it. 

The next few days are going to be fun while we watch the dipshidiots and Annie Packer and her minions kick and scream and try to come up with every excuse in the book why they were together.  In the end they can't explain why two people that they have been saying aren't speaking to each other are spending time together.You don't spend 4 hrs alone with your supposed ex and then have him following you to somewhere else if you are over.

So while the dipshidiots are doing this

We will  twirl, dance and celebrate! Our patience has paid off!

Just to rub it in lol!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Monster Mash!



Let's do the Monster Mash!  On some people that deserve it. 

Monster Mash no. 1

Star Magazine. They took a month old story and embellished it with some cocaine drug use. According to their fan fic Rob was snorting cocaine all over the place the same night he was out with his fiction girlfriend Dylan Penn.

Now of course the dipshidiots were all over this. Does Rob look emaciated or like he's on a cocaine  high in this pic? 

Nope. Looking good actually. And very buff! Yummy! A lot of take out  for just one person don't ya think? Maybe for two and a half. tee hee. Nice shirt too. A gift his girlfriend brought back to him perhaps?

One monster down. A lot of em to go!

Monster Mash no.2


So Lisa Marie Presley dashed the dipshidiots dreams. The Rob and Riley hook up rumors are lies and Kristen and Riley are best friends.What? I thought according to the dipshidiots she was only friends with Rob and his family.

Hollywood Life calling Lisa Marie Presley a liar to save their own skin.

Robert Pattinson Did Date Riley Keough, Despite Her Mom’s Claims

Wow is all I have to say. Desperate attempt to cover up their own lies. 


Monster Mash no. 3

This is a picture of Rob taken by Rolando. It was tagged as being taken on the 20th and Rob is leaving a friends house. 

Thanks to this fandoms wonderful csi peeps we know otherwise.

He is actually leaving Harley Pasternak's gym. And its on the 17th not the 20th. Rolando playing with dates of pics again. Surprising? Not. 

Monster Mash no. 4.

Robert Pattinson Parties With Zac Efron On His Birthday

Hollywood Life gets the distinction of being Monster Mashed twice. Because they are THAT pathetic.

They used a picture that is over a year old because there is no picture of Rob at Zac's party.

Stalker Sarah @SarahMOnline
Nice to see Zac Efron out celebrating his birthday with Joe Jonas, Robert Pattinson and more tonight :)
5:09 AM - 19 Oct 2013

They also forgot to check their source Stalker Sarah's IG before posting her twitter. We know how diligent they are in checking their sources before going to print.

Yeah kind of hard to be at your schools football game and CM at the same time.

And In and Out Burger  is not the CM either.

This high school bush leaguer  keeps digging that hole deeper and deeper. 


Monster Mash no. 5

This is a fan pic of Kristen. At a gas station. This is what the fan said.

Omg just saw Kristen Stewart at the gas station!!!! Couldn't get a clear photo but she's so pretty!

Now this got exaggerated on by twitter of course. There were two friends with her. There were dirt bikes in the back of the truck. Kristen was going on a weekend long dirt roading bike trip and staying in a hotel and Rob is not going to be with her. Oh and she's definitely not pregnant. 

Really you can tell all that from this pic? Where are the two friends? You can tell what's in the back of that truck? You know the details of where she was going to or coming from by looking at that pic? And no you can't tell if she is pregnant or not from that pic either. 

Maps Going To Cannes?

"Maps to the Stars is a very exciting international project and we're looking forward to introducing the project in Cannes" #MTTS producer

Oh let's hope so! Rob in a tux! 

And maybe some of this again.

See Ya Laters!