Sunday, June 22, 2014

Not This Shit Again!

Yep the same old pile of shit as always. Some people have no brains between their ears and believe the 
same crap over and over and over ...

Makes you feel like this sometimes...

Katy Perry at the Rover after party. (We still don't know the source of this pic.) Of course the tabs picked up on this and had an eyewitness who said Rob and Katy were making out in public all over the place at the party.

Yeah right Rob is going to making out in public for everyone and the paps to see?
Funny how no one else saw this epic event. Probably because the eyewitness only exists in Anny Packers deluded mind. She must be on the outs with Snowflake since she had to scrape the bottom of the tab barrel known as Radar Online.

Someone needs to remind Anny Packer and her eyewitness that Katy has a boyfriend and his name is Diplo.

The weekend before the premiere she and Diplo were in Jamaica.TOGETHER.

There is no Rob and Katy.

The dipshidiots weren't happy with just Katy. They frantically searched through people on the red carpet for fresh hook up meat.

They found one.

Rebecca Dayan.

Yep Rob the manwhore was getting it from Rebecca on the red carpet and Katy at the after party. That's some staying power!

But wait there's more.

 Rob supposedly at CM on June 20th.  First we had Dakota Fanning  with him there and then the dipshidiots retread the old Imogene hook up rumor. By the way that's not a woman next to Dean in the front seat of the car. You know the dipshidiots tried to go there.

Yeah the shit is getting thick. We need to start digging.

Seriously. How can you tell where he was in the pics? You can't. We are supposed to take a tabs word for it that he was there and on that particular date? And funny I don't see Dakota or Imogene in any of the pics.

Yeah Buddy they do. Which is why we never take their word for anything.

Rob on ET

Now according to the dipshidiots  this is the second time he has said he is single so we should just give it up.

The journalist and I use that term lightly where this woman is concerned went where she shouldn't have.

Are you seeing anybody?
Rob: Uh No.

How else was he supposed to answer this? Can you imagine the follow up questions if he said yes? And NO he is not seeing anyone. He's in a serious relationship with the mother of his child. Guess he kills all the hook up rumors with that answer too. No he's not seeing Katy, Dylan Riley, Imogene, Rebecca, Kasey, or anyone else.

Are you single?
Rob: Yeah right. So exciting.

Can you imagine the meltdown if  he let that cat out of the bag? Even if he was married do you really think he was going to tell that nosy assed bitch?

He gave the the answers that would end the questions.

The dipshidiots have been waiting for going on 5 years to see Rob either single or with someone other than Kristen in a romantic situation. They still have nothing. They will be waiting a lot longer...

Now that we've shoveled our way out of the b.s Rob gave us some adorable and adorkable moments. Let's sit back and enjoy!

Rob on GMA

Thanks for helping Rob out Guy!

That was too easy. They should have given Guy a harder one!  How about what was Rob's characters name in How To be? 

Come here. I'll whisper it to you.

_ _ _ _ _ _ !

Works for me Rob. LMAO!

Rob on Seth Myers

I have no clue what he was doing. Showing us his molars?


 Oh Rob. Who needs a little brother when you have sweet pea!


Rob the rapper lol!

And I present to you Big Tub and the Tappy Cats!

Popcorn with Peter Travers


Guy trying to get Rob to sing a duet with him. Guy has a great singing voice.

Adorkable Rob! He's just too cute for words! Rob you sing great. No need to be embarrassed.

Rob on Good Day Philadelphia


Kristen is mentioned at the 2:34 mark.

Rob's  trying hard not to react. Didn't work Rob.

Word going around that Joan Rivers is getting sued by Kristen Stewart! The old bat stepped over the line and Kristen is taking action!

Gossip Cop got pissed when the Kristen fans boycotted them and left them high and dry after they posted the Joan Rivers story with a salacious headline they changed several times trying to appease the Kristen fans. No commenters. No hits. No money.

They desperately tried to back track...

Gossip Cop Will Not Stand For Lies About Our Kristen Stewart Reporting

In recent days, a vocal minority of Gossip Cop commenters on stories involving either Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart have accused us of deliberately slandering the actress.

Most level-headed people understand such bizarre allegations to be completely false and to make zero logical sense whatsoever.

A website devoted to being the most accurate celebrity news source there is — by doing everything possible to avoid the ad hominem attacks, speculation and sensationalism that other outlets use to drive traffic — does not attract business by going after Stewart or any other celebrity for no reason.

We do well by not dragging people through the mud.

That’s why, when challenged, our accusers can’t find a single example of Gossip Cop actually starting or spreading a malicious false rumor about Stewart.

Not one.

We don’t invent mean-spirited garbage.

We spend or time reporting news and cleaning up the messes left by less careful outlets — the places that do resuscitate old traumas and invent new hearsay for the sake of riling up readers.

This recent outrage about Gossip Cop grew out of a
totally innocuous article, one that was no different than a hundred
other similar stories we’ve done in which one celebrity says something
about another celebrity and we report it.

Joan Rivers happened to make jokes about Stewart — and others — in her new book.

We reported about her book.

That’s it.

Gossip Cop frequently writes about famous people’s thoughts, jokes, tweets, interviews, etc. about other famous people.

But detractors, who maybe misread the article, attacked us over the
Rivers/Stewart piece, somehow believing that we… invented Rivers’ words?
Or only reported on it because she slammed Stewart? Or used it as part
of a conspiracy to trash the star? Or… something?

It’s been very hard to figure out the specific problem… since there isn’t one.

When we report on Drake Bell making fun of Justin Bieber, no one thinks we were the ones making fun of Justin Bieber.

When we report on Charlie Sheen slamming Rihanna, no one thinks we were slamming Rihanna.

Rivers joked about Stewart, it was newsworthy — our story, after all, was based on book excerpts in the New York Post — and we wrote about it.


Twilighter got banned for calling them out on it.

We all know who it was in the red truck don't we. I'll give you a clue.

Over a year since they supposedly broke up and still sharing. What's the excuse for it this time dipshidiots? No one in their right mind is still wearing their exes things a year later.

Kristen out in L.A. with Jack and Suzie. And yes Jack is a friend of Rob's. Still sharing friends too.Yeah exes do that all the time.

 And that's about it. I would like to close it out with these beautiful words to my havenettes....

This post has brought to you by....

Rob's orange socks!