Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fifty Shades of Stupidity

Way more than fifty actually.
It's been a week where dipshidiot stupidity has reigned supreme. The first thing they did was get all excited last Monday April 6th by some tweets that said IT was shopping with Rob.

Kind of hard to do since she was still in London on Tuesday April 7th. There is no proof what so ever of IT being in L.A. last Monday.

The first proof of IT in L.A. was supposedly on Thursday April 9th...

Rob by himself supposedly on April 9th.

Rob picking up IT from somewhere supposedly on April 9th. Why would he have to pick her up if they live together?

Answer: They don't. The only person Rob lives with is his wife Kristen.

IT looking dejected after getting an earful from Rob. I'm betting he was letting her know how he felt about the April fools joke cooked up by IT and her friend T-Pain in the ass.

Supposedly from April 10th. Nothing spells romance like hugging a car door.

Rob picking up IT again supposedly on April 11th. Again NO she isn't living with him.

Don't they look so happy? You would think a newly engaged couple would look ecstatic to be back together wouldn't you? They look more in pain than in love.

This is what two people in love look like in a car.

Again for the blind dipshidiots...

Google Rob and Kristen in a car and guess what pic shows up?

Yep it's Kristen and Rob.

The car pic the dipshidiots hate the most. I'd like to thank Rob again for handing the dipshidiots their heads that night. It was epic.

The dipshidiots ovaries exploded while waiting for what they hoped would be an epic Coachella. Unfortunately it didn't turn out the way they hoped.

First we got this..

It drove the dipshidiots crazy.

Looks like Rob and Kristen at Coachella to me! Definitely not IT. And before the dipshidiots jump on their racist high horses nothing racial intended. Just stating a fact. It's not IT.

Once more for good measure. Rob's arm and his wife Kristen's arm at Coachella. Deal!

The second disappointment they received was IT bombing at Coachella. They can post all the paid for critic reviews they want . There were plenty of people who were there that said otherwise...

My favorite...

Another disappointment for the dipshidiots, No ring. April fools! What the hell with the eyebrows? Seriously.

Even People Weekly tried to back  track with the absence of a ring...

April Fool's! (Has it sunk in yet? You've been had.)

The dipshdiots were getting desperate. Things weren't going as expected. They had to do something. You know what right? Yep enter the photo shopped pic...

Their desperate photo shop attempt.

Actual pic from Coachella. White top. Not green.

The dipshidiots explanations for this?

"It's the lighting making it look green."

"She changed clothes during the concert."

Let's do this 
with red circles for the brain dead who can't comprehend. White top with bare midriff.

Green top no bare midriff. There fore NOT the same top. And not Rob and IT.

Chalk up another photo shop fail for the dipshidiots.

Rob's friend ( and I use that term loosely where this person is concerned) Alturki posted a picture to IG. I have always been wary of this person's intentions where Rob is concerned. I would like to thank him for proving my instincts right. He and his new buddy IT are like two peas in a pod. Both are attention seeking leeches. 

Rob with Katie Perry at Coachella. IT looks a little annoyed. But wait it gets better...

Suzie Kristen's friend photo bombing Katy Perry at Coachella. There's a big clue here if you're smart enough to grasp it....

Think about it...

All right I'll spell it out for you ...

Yeah that.

That's about it for the dipshidiots stupidity. At least for now. I'm sure there will be much more to come. It's never ending.

My last call out is courtesy of Hopeless who dared me to call out Lisa and the rest of the PrSten trolls. Snowy owns your asses.

They have been on a rampage lately because they were but hurt a lot over being burned by buying into the Kristen is taking a break quote from an interview.

They partied and celebrated thinking Kristen was going to drop off the face of the earth and disappear so they wouldn't have to deal with her continuing success.

Kristen on set of her new movie Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk. She's has another one lined up with Woody Allen after that. And another one she is in talks for. That break isn't panning out to well for them and they've been crying a bitch over it.

They also insist that Kristen is gay because she hangs out with a female friend.

IT looks pretty good riding her friend Imogene. I'd call that some serious gay behavior.

Karma can be a real bitch.

So much for that dare!

Bow down to the queen bitches.

 In closing I want to say how proud I am of the commenters on this blog and how they handle the onslaught of trolls who can't seem to stay away. You are my heroes. Keep up the good work. And don't let them get you down.