Thursday, December 18, 2014


I had a nice talk with the cuz and yes Rob and Kristen are still married and still have a child together. The dipshidiots were hoping this would miraculously change but no such luck.

 And Rob still lives in LA and is not moving to NYC with Twiggy, to London, or Timbuktu. Rob has stated in interviews several times that L.A. is where he prefers to live now. I'll take his word for it. Not some desperate tab trying to get hits. Oh by the way the new house is Rob and Kristens.They bought it together. Like most people that are married do. The dipshidiots can give up their dream that it's Rob and Twiggys love shack. It's Rob and Kristens love shack.

Now I have this song going over and over in my head.

As for the Twiggy shit ...

It's all for show. The paps can photo shop and overlay chaise lounge pics at a beach all they want. Won't make it anymore true. The flea market pics tell you one thing when actually another is the truth. Rob arrived alone not with Twiggy.Twiggy showed up later with a friend. Just in time for her latest photo op.

 The paps also want to make sure we know that Kristen is in a different place than Rob. Why so desperately trying to prove that point?

 Yes they are afraid of us.We have outed their photo shop fails and their lack of professional journalism skills. They want to get back at us and think they have found the perfect way. Too bad anyone with a brain isn't buying it.

Some more photo shop fails to drive the point home.

The paps think suddenly Rob is their friend and is giving them exactly what they want. Rob is laughing his ass off while playing them for the fools they are.

No he hasn't suddenly had a personality transplant and loves selling his personal life to pap scum.

Does this man  look happy to you? No he doesn't. Think about it. He's getting tired of the game. But he will do what he has to do. Which means unfortunately it will continue for a while. 

Some people ask why Rob and Kristen don't cut their losses and let Twiggy sink on her own. Because they aren't the only ones with a investment in the petulant child. They have friends invested in this too and unlike Rob and Kristen they can't afford to cut their losses and bail.

Another reason why they don't cut and run? It's working on two fronts. The dipshidiots have their heads so far up Twiggys ass they are leaving Kristen alone. Can you imagine the threats against Kristen that would happen if they realized Kristen was Robs wife and the mother of his child? They threatened her life more than once simply because she was his girlfriend. Imagine that ten times worse if they knew they were married and had a child together. The cuz said Rob will do anything to protect his family. Incuding playing the dipshdiots for the dumbasses they are. 

Secondly the dipshidiots are spending their hard earned money on Twiggy concert tickets hoping for a glimpse of Rob. Helps Rob out on the business side. Too bad they don't support his movies the same way.
 Hey Santa I have a long list of dipshidiots but can you start with the one named Hopeless? She desperately needs to be shit on. She keeps my delete button way too busy.

Rob and Kristen are all to happy to let the dipshidiots and paps have their Rob and Twiggy delusions. It gives them the chance to live their lives the way they want to. 
With sweet pea.

The cuz also said Rob and Kristen had a wonderful Thanksgiving . TOGETHER.

With sweet pea.

They will spend Christmas together too.

With sweet pea.

Funny how Rob hasn't left for his annual trip to London yet. He has usually left by now. We may get a Rob/ Twiggy photo op to make you believe otherwise. But rest assured Rob and Kristen will be spending Christmas together.

There has been a lot of rumors about Kristen being Pattinsonated again. The cuz said she has heard nothing of this. YET. That sure would stop the dipshdiots in their Twiggy loving tracks wouldn't it?

Maybe if were lucky sweet pea number two will give mommy a kick in the middle of a photo shoot like sweet pea number one did.

Listen to her words. Theres a lot of bullshit being thrown out there right now. Don't eat the shit.

I know it's hard not to buy into it sometimes. But remember this, Rob and Kristen know exactly what they are doing. Have a little faith in them. Rob hasn't done anything wrong. Kristen knows exactly what is going on. Stop creating drama where there is none.

Kristen surprises us again.

She is just amazing. As always.



I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas. I'll be heading to Ohio and hope you all have safe travels and happy family times this holiday season. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sticks and Stones

First off this is for all the dipshidiots that were celebrating my demise lol.

Sticks and stones. There's been a lot of sticks and stones thrown around lately in this fandom and it has gotten beyond ugly. The dipshidiots are cackling with glee as we tear each other apart from within. I sat back and watched as people I call friends ripped to shreds another person I call friend. It grew like a cancer and she was accused of all kind of things. Is any of it true? Some of it maybe and this makes me so sad. I trusted this person and the more that comes to light the more I doubt my trust in this person. I am treading very cautiously where she is concerned right now.

It has become open war fare on both sides. People attacking others that they once called friends. Mass unfollowings of anyone who doesn't toe the line. Ugly name calling . Bronze, Robbunny, Sands, and others are being called the RK Mafia.

 Okay that one made me laugh. Can I be a member?

People being accused of having multiple monikers. Let's see Windswept is Anny, Poop, Mad Medusa , Bearly (lol. I doubt this one as she is the infamous shit list author), and more that I can't even remember.The list is endless.

 I have my own accusations of monikers. I'm supposedly SRWN, RKfan2012 (Nicole), LizzieD1951, even Windswept at one point  and a long list of others.

The one they persist in being true is Debbi. Debbi is an RK fan that I know who is from Ohio. They have been stalking her account and posting her private information on their hater blogs and Twitter.

 This person had the audacity to post a picture of Debbi from her facebook account and say it was me.

 Debbi is extremely upset by this and is considering legal action. Hope she does. She doesn't deserve this. Leave this woman alone idiots!

Hopelessness one of the regular trolls who posts on this blog,( not anymore haha), got all excited when robsessed hag Tracygee promised to expose me as Debbi. What she exposed was I still have a bank account in Ohio and Debbi and I both belong to the same Facebook group. And Debbi and I talk on social media occasionally. This was the bombshells Hopelessness was hoping would end me.

Thanks Hopelessness lol. I'm still here and I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.

The dipshidiots got excited with a sighting of Rob in Austin.

Uhm No. He was in Malibu.You know, where he and his wife own a home. He was with his family on Thanksgiving. The dipshidiots tried to say they didn't fall for the Austin fake tweet. Yeah you did. You were all over it.

Oh lookie here. The same guy in the Rob pic was hanging with Suzie too on Thanksgiving. Yeah explain that one dipshidiots.

Another pic of Rob  at LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) on November 29th.
The "Haunted Screens: German Cinema in the 1920s explores masterworks of German Expressionist cinema." is the current exhibit at the museum. Researching for COAL Maybe?

Isn't she a cutie? I think she looks like her daddy. How about you? As you can see there is no C and D that has been served upon me keeping me from posting this pic of sweet pea. Nice try tho dipshidiots.  

Twiggy hasn't been seen with Rob but this hasn't stopped her from running her mouth in the tabs. Yes dipshidiots the Guardian is a tab. ( funny how she never actually says Rob's name in that interview isn't it? We're these interviews done before or after she did the nasty with Prince? ) My hope is she keeps it up. Why? Because the more she opens her mouth the closer we are to the finish line of this fiasco.

No Rob hasn't suddenly had a personality transplant and enjoys idiots running their mouths to the press about him. He isn't suddenly selling his personal relationship to the paps either. Business yes. It's all for show. Personal no. Use your brain. That is if you have one.

This pic of Rob just came in. The robsessed hags got excited again but to no avail. This idiot tried to pass this off as a recent pic. Notice he says it's from last week. We already know Rob was in L.A. last week so NO he wasn't in NYC. And neither was Twiggy the attention seeker. She's  not with Rob.

 Rob played guitar on a Death Grips song called Birds.

Death Grips-Birds

Not my cup of tea  but hey Rob's on it! lol.

 In closing I'd like to say this. We need to remember we are in this together and stop tearing each other apart. If someone is not on the up and up it will come out. You've done your part in letting people know what has been going on. No need for overkill. Let it play out.

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!

 Just because I know it annoys the hell out of the dipshidiots.

I'm going to have a get together with the cuz this weekend! Who wants to pitch in for the Grey Goose?

            Welcome back POOKIE!!!