Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Let's Play A Game of Clue

Let's play a game of clue since where Rob and Kristen are concerned we have plenty of them.

 Clue No. 1

Does this look like a happy man to you? 

Nope it doesn't. The Robsessed hags can tag these pics as Rob is so happy all they want. This is NOT a happy man.  Looks more like a man that's about had it with putting up with a petulant pineapple.

    Don't ask about the pineapple reference. Trust me you don't want to know. 

Clue No. 2

Does this look like a man who cares about the woman he is with? He can't get away from her fast enough. He leaves her to fend for herself with the paps. I give him a 10 for the car dive lol.

Hey Twiggy no need to hide your face. You're the one that has the paps on speed dial. Get over it. 

This is how he walks to a car with  someone he actually cares about. 

 This is the real story. The difference between a staged pap pic and a fan pic they don't know is being taken. They look so happy don't they? 

Again notice the difference between someone he cares about and someone he could care less about. 

 Looks real pleased here too doesn't he? Funny how he is on one side of the cab as far away as he can get from her. They look cozy don't they? See the difference? Your biggest clue that the Rob and Twiggy romance is a big farce. 

Clue No. 3

The hoodie Rob is wearing caused quite the stir. Why? It's only available in Japan. Not NYC, not Paris, and not Italy. 

Thank you to Alex who lives in Paris and went to the store and asked specifically if this hoodie was available there. They said no it is only available in Japan. And who has been in Japan recently? 

That's right his wife.

 The dipshdiots have panicked and  tried in vain to come up with every excuse in the book.
Excuse number one was an anon guy in a pic with Rob at a Paris store is wearing the same hoodie as Rob. Not unless he's been in Singapore lately.

Someone contacted FCRB dealer in Singapore:

Hi HKN, I have checked with the FCRB Singapore dealer and the said hoodie is still not available here.  They said not anytime soon
Only in Japan as of now.

Excuse number two was Twiggy bought him the hoodie in Paris. Nope it's not available in Paris.

21st Oct 2014 from TwitLonger 

I am not one to bother with where or when a particular item of clothing was bought so forgive and indulge me this one time.
The hoodie that Rob has been reportedly seen wearing is from a Japanese collection, available 'exclusively' for Japan stores. I am sure you can order it, but that doesn't mean the main Nike Stores in Paris will have it, they have their own line of Nike and that collection will be an 'import' in a Paris Store.

My son wears Nike amongst other clothing brands and has a friend he chats with in Tokyo, he asked and that was the reply (its morning time this side of the hemsphere - Japan 1hr ahead of WA)

Their desperation got even worse and they started talking out of both sides of their mouths:

It's out of Stock in Paris! That's why they said it's not available!

Uhm if it's out of stock then how did Rob buy one in Paris?

 You're asking the wrong store!

Nope right store. Both in Paris and Singapore. Two places have said it is NOT available anywhere but Japan.

All these excuses don't matter. Know why? It doesn't change the fact his wife Kristen bought it for him. 

Clue No.4

This is an interesting clue.Why? Well the Dohertys are linked to Google. And who just had a new video funded by Google? Yep Pineapple herself. Even more interesting? Kristen saying she worked on a video project recently. Clues galore!

Speaking of Google when you type in Rob Pattinson or Kristen Stewart Partner you get this:

Despite a number of high-profile breakups (and rumors that Rob is hooking up with FKA twigs), Google lists Kristen Stewart as Robert Pattinson's official partner. Ever since the two first met on the set of Twilight, the world has been obsessed with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's public romance.

Funny how when you type in Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart there is no Twiggy or Nicholas Hoult mentioned in their bio section  anywhere. There are fifteen people in the people also search button and nowhere is there Twiggy or Nicholas Hoult. 

Clue No. 5

@Robbunny53 New York rep for Dior told me on Sat. that Dior's face of Home, R. Pattinson's wife's perfume Florabotanica is exclusive
to Neimans, OMG!
The conversation at the Dior counter started with me asking about when Florabotanica would be sold at Dillards. This started a 25 min convo!
I am still shaking from the Dior rep's explanation, my girls were looking at me, like did she just say that!
@TheChildrenHour @BlackAliceb @msinmi This rep for Dior is heading back to New York and her name is Darla, I got her card!

Are you still breathing?  

Yeah I call that a big clue. One the dipshdiots aren't going to like to well. I can hear them crying already.

Clue No. 6

Robert Pattinson Leaves FKA Twigs Tour, Fighting Over Kristen Stewart: Twilight Couple Getting Back Together in Toronto?  

The dipshidiots like to believe tab headlines so I thought this one was funny. I'm betting this one made them more than a little nervous. Trouble in paradise already? lol!

 Clue No. 7

Oh my my what a cute baby! Whose is it?

Is there a  likeness? Could it be?

Clue No. 8

Ring on the wedding finger. Yeah we have seen a ring on the wedding finger numerous times before but the dipshdiots continue to deny the enevitable truth. 

So add up all those clues. What do they tell you? It tells you a completely different story than the dipshidiots want so badly to believe. NO Rob hasn't suddenly had a personality transplant and enjoys selling his personal life to the paps now. NO Twiggy didn't fly to Japan in the middle of her tour to buy him the hoodie. NO someone from Dior isn't going to call Kristen Rob's wife if it isn't true. 

Of course the dipshidiots still don't have a clue. 

The Kristen haters aren't having a good week. Oscar push talk all over the place. And Kristen On Tavis Smiley.

 Take that you right wing nutters! They messed with the wrong chick and were handed their heads.

The Queen owns your sorry asses!

Congratulations to Mama Nails over at SRWN for hitting the 2 million mark!!!

  I have to address something that is very disturbing. Windswept has been attacked by the haters again. This time they have crossed the line.They sent threatening emails to Windswepts husband at his place of employment. A School. The police have had to get involved. What the hell is wrong with these people? What on earth is your reason for doing this? You are that worried about what someone believes to be true that you have to threaten family members? I hope they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law for this. It's damn scary behavior.

They also have been trying to harass a person named Debbi Shingleton. I don't know her but the dipshidiots believe she is me and are stalking her Facebook and trying to get her friends and family to follow them. Stalking innocent people who have nothing to do with me is not going to get you anywhere but in serious legal trouble. Stop this ridiculous behavior NOW.

Let's close this out with one of my fav Rob and Kristen moments.

Too damn cute!!!!