Sunday, March 31, 2013

Crazy BS and Rob Surfer Boy Part Two



I'm laughing so hard right now I cant stand it!

Yep he went out for a drink with a friend . Of course this means they are over. lmao! How many times have the fools been excited over them spending time with friends separately only to get burned ? Repeatedly. Here's a clue. He came straight to Kristen right after he was done filming Rover. He has been with her ever since he got back to LA. This is fact. Fact number two. No way in hell is Rob doing a shot with some random chick in a bar. The haters can keep dreaming on that one. 

Now if this wasn't enough to make the haters salivate with hope we were also treated to Lindsay Lohan  BS part two. According to Hollywood Lies  Lindsay was invited to spend time at Kristens house and Rob was there too. Of course the loons jumped on this and said Rob was to blame for her new found friendship with Lindsay Lohan:

Guest -The funny thing is Lohan's connection to Kristen is BECAUSE of Rob. Rob is friends with two of Lohan's biggest supporters: Gavin Doyle and Mohammed Al Turki (sp?). Rob and Kristen even hosted a party in NY last fall for Doyle's bday. I don't like the Lohan connection, but Rob and Kristen are also very compassionate people. Yikes. They need to ditch all three of them imho.

Okay first off yes Rob knows Gavin Doyle, Mohammad Al Turki, and Kevin Turen. And yes all three  know Lindsay Lohan. This does not mean that Rob and Kristen are close friends or even acquaintances of Lindsay Lohan. They definitely did not invite Lindsay Lohan to their house. That will never happen in this lifetime. But the loons can dream.The desperation is getting rabid among the haters and the paps are running out of fresh ideas

Now onto some sweetness. First up. How about some more info on the golf outing:
The eyewitness says that K.Stew "walked into the pro shop around 4 p.m. and bought a bucket of balls" before walking around back to meet up with R.Pattz.
"After they retrieved their balls, Kristen gave Rob a little kiss and then they headed toward the course. They looked like they were really enjoying themselves," the source added.

And second up is this. Ladies you are forewarned!

 Get a glass of wine and try hard to breathe:

 Are you still with me?

And I leave you with this Easter goodie. Have a good one!!!!! 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Together As Always

Together as always. Yeah it was a great time this past week. The haters were disappointed time and time again. Let's review shall we? LMAO!

Tuesday March 19 

At Ye Rustic Inn. Of course the haters had their excuses at the ready lol! It was photo shopped don't you know. Yeah riiiiiiiight. 

Wednesday March 20

At birthday party of a friend. Notice Kristen taking pic of Rob. Too cute for words. This was all done for PR according to the haters. hahahahaha.

Video From Party

Friday March 22

Making a late night candy run to the convenience store. I can relate lol. 

Can this man get any cuter? I'll have what he's having lol.

 I'll give you a minute to enjoy the view.

all 36 pics here

Now of course the ninnies had an excuse lol. Kristen was crying and upset. Rob made her cry. Seriously?

 She does not look upset and she is not crying. Annoyed at the paps intrusion? Yep count on it.

And then we got this:

Fan account from robstendreams about the pic last night:

Thought you might wanna know- Rob and Kristen weren't fighting at all. My boyfriend and I ran in to get skittles and red bull really late and we didn't even see them initially when we walked in. Then my bf came up behind me and said "I think that's Rob Pattinson." I told him no, until I saw his face. Then I saw Kristen and I almost passed out. My bf was going to take a pic of them holding hands but I didn't let him. They were so cute and undisturbed. When Rob was trying to take money out of his pocket, he almost dropped the candy and Kristen laughed and tugged on his jacket. She said something really cute but I can't remember. I just read all these reports that they were fighting and I saw the pics where he looks upset, but from what I saw, they were just a normal couple being super adorable. I wasn't going to post this but me being a fan myself, I didn't want people thinking they were unhappy or upset. BTW, I saw Rob picking up a little package of Starburst.

An eyewitness at Lassens Natural Foods & Vitamins in Los Feliz tells HollywoodLife.com
exclusively, “Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson came in here on Friday 
just like a normal couple buying groceries. They looked really happy, 
smiling, holding hands. They bought a bag of organic fuji apples and a 
bunch of other items. They came in the late afternoon and again just 
seemed like cool, down to earth people.

That about says it all doesn't it? They are happy. They are together. End of story.

Saturday March 23

Kristen at the Kids Choice Awards. Shes glowing isn't she? Could it be because her man is back? So much for upset Kristen. She looked happy and was having fun.

Girls night out! Yeah! lol. Katy Perry, Kristen, and Selena Gomez. I think its safe to say we can put the nonnie rumor of Katy and Rob to rest. Again she looks so happy. 

Acceptance speech:

Slime time! Kristen was such a trooper. She took one for the kiddies:

And then we got this:

Okay, okay its a man nip but hey it could of happened. tee hee

Speaking of the devil  we later got this:

And this just in :

HoboSexyQueen รพ@JaStew179 33s RT @/iamjefflewis: Kristen Stewart and Rob Patterson just came to my golf course at our "super twilight" time....

  uhm dude it's Pattinson

Kristen teaching Rob some golf? Sounds plausible to me!

Aww come on it's funny!

And finally we get this :

Robert Pattinson might be busy wearing hoodies and band t-shirts in Australia, but luckily our friends at Dior Homme have taken it upon themselves to get him naked (and possibly a small shower, too). May is going to be a good month for Twi-hards and other R-Patz admirers alike when Rob, as the kids call him, premieres his first commercial since signing on as the face of the house last year. His looks might be a far cry from those of models like Victor Nylander and Ben Allen, who have been lending their Arian beauty to Kris Van Assche’s campaigns for Dior Homme over the past couple of seasons, but Pattinson embodies a certain dirty East London spirit, which was very much a part of the label when Hedi Slimane first launched it in the 2000s.

While current creative director Van Assche works with a much cleaner, more polished Dior Homme – words that don’t exactly spring to mind when you think of Mr Pattinson – the label represents the kind of aloof sexiness, which Robert has down to perfection. And yet rumour has it the short film will be anything but modest. Early reports are using words like ‘explicit’ (which, considering it’s likely a commercial, is hardly the case) and promising lots of nudity on Pattinson’s part (let’s go with ‘moderate nudity’) as well as some apparently very raunchy kissing. For those of us who still take great pleasure in the paparazzi pictures from the filming of New Moon, in which Robert is covered in airbrushed abs, there’s obviously quite a lot to live up to, but the prospect of him wearing Dior Homme is great.

What would be really amazing – perhaps even more so than full-on R-Patz nudity – would be to see him in some of the less conventional (and by that I mean less suit-oriented) pieces from the autumn/winter 2013 Dior Homme collection. Since every single actor in the world seems to shy away from men’s fashion and has chosen a life in boring suits, wouldn’t it be refreshing if someone like Robert Pattinson got his sci-fi chic on and broke out one of Van Assche’s pentagram jumpers? Or perhaps one of those white PVC coats or, if we really must go to the suit place, one of the belted numbers from that same collection? Here’s to keeping the dream alive… and if all fails, nudity will do, too.

Before you get your panties in a wad I don't believe this is true. Sounds suspiciously like sun article. As far as I know there is no Dior commercial.

And that has been our wonderful week! I would like to thank Powder Doughnuts and her buddies for saying how much my smiley emoticons annoy them. That just makes my day and I intend to post even more of them. Thanks for the shout out! Oh and by the way I guess I have to repeat this since some people seem to think I've ignored the issue because it's not true. YES Kristen did visit Rob in Australia at the beginning of the Rover shoot. She wasn't ninja for nothing.

And that about does it for now. Everybody smile! Have a nice day!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Reuntied At Last!

Yep they are together in LA

"My friend is a photographer so she is not shy about going up to people and asking for photos, so she just asked them for one," another fellow Ye Rustic Inn patron told us.

"Kristen was super nice," she said. "She was like ‘You know how many times I get asked that, no problem'. Rob was a little bit more shy. [Stewart] was like, ‘Come over here, Rob, don't be an a--hole.' She was laughing and put her arm around me. He smiled and took the pic. She was super friendly."

"They seemed really happy to be with each other," an eyewitness to the reunion exclusively tells E! News.

"Rob and Kristen were having so much fun together," the insider said. "They sat in the back of the bar in a booth and were laughing. At one point, they were standing at the bar and were just being normal, as any boyfriend and girlfriend would be with each other.

"They were touchy-feely. She was holding on to his jacket and had her hand on his back. They were just cute."

Makes you wanna do this:

So sweet. And of course the haters are crying big time lol:

" No seriously. My husband is a photographer and the second I saw the photo I knew it was photoshopped. Surely you can see the strange hand, strange expression on Rob's face and fact that he and Kristen are blurred. Where did the fan spot them ? I bet there is no narrative."

" Photoshop. That is why Rob looks like he is,on another planet. He was in Oz when this picture was taken. Why lie?"

"Some things to share:
1) The picture isn't photo shopped.
2) The picture doesn't prove or disprove that Robert and Kirsten are still romantically involved
3) The Picture proves that Robert is in LA and was out with friends last night. Where did you all think he was going to go? He has a house in LA and LIVES there.
4) To the person wondering about the Krisbian mentality. The majority of Krisbians appear to be older women who grew up in a time where admitting one's homosexuality was considered a sin...
5) Poor Rob did NOT look happy in that pic. I wonder why that was..."

Okay now that have that hilarity out of the way some really sad pathetic so called Rob fans:

"Rob looks like a wimp and a door mat ! Just look at him LOL !! He is not a man he is a wuss !!"

Message to these people. You are not and never have been fans of Rob's. If you were you would accept what he wants and not hate him for the choices he makes. Why is it so hard to accept that these two people love each other? If they weren't in a serious relationship they would have never made it past July. But they did. Because they love each other and want to be together. Its that simple.

 And I would like to give a big shout out to real pr pro for this twitlonger:

@SillyNonstens - The lunatic fringe does seem to have a bit of a problem with time differences and photographic evidence like shirts and beards.
Not to mention their total ignoranabout the economics of low budget movies that would mandate a wrap party be held the day shooting ends so as not to incur another day of pay and per diem for the cast and crew.
Although in this instance I am willing to grant a little bit of slack since Eonline's sloppy reporting did confuse the issue a bit. But there's confusion and then there's delusion - the difference being that confusion can be cleared up with a simple recitaiton of facts , whereas delusion is impervious to logic.
So I'm sure this next round of rationale thinking based on empirical evidence will do little to shake their convictions - but what the hell, let's see if they can follow along if we break it down into small sections.
The Rover ended production on March 16th.
Wrap party is held that night at the Marree Hotel.
How do we know the location? Well, if you look at the photo of Scoot as well as the photos of Rob from the event
you can see the hotel's distinct brickwork
It shows through the window in the Scoot shot and between the chef and Rob's heads in their shot.
(Hey, you spend 30 years reiewing contact sheet thumbnails with a photographer's loop and you develop an eye for the background details.)
Why does it matter where the wrap party was?
Well, take a look at the picture of Rob and the chef again, in the right hand corner you can see the same wooden slats siding that also appears behind Rob in the picture that fansites had tagged as March 17 - the one where his fresh stubble shows that it was clearly taken after the wrap party, he's wearing a black plaid shirt, and appears to be carrying a bag of some sort.
This is the shot that that Eonline claims was taken on March 19th. But this is obviously still the Maree Hotel - not Adelaide as Eonline reported, which is about 366 miles away from Maree.
Now let's for a minute ignore the fact that the pictures were clearly labeled March 17. Let's pretend we didnt know when they were taken. Ignoring the previously published date and even ignoring the tweets from three apparently rationale sources - inlcuding a non-vested party - does it make sense to think that after spending three weeks in Maree - a town with a population of 70 and oppressive heat-- Rob would want to hang around hung around Maree for ANOTHER THREE DAYS after shooting ended?

Take a look at the picture of Maree's main drag and tell me how that's believable.
Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that not only is the picture in question indeed from March 17, it also most likely is Rob exiting the Marree Hotel for the drive or airvan trip back to Adelaide - if driving, its a trip that is equal to driving from LA to San Francisco, and takes about 7 hrs on good highways.
Based on a fan account, it sounds like he spent Sunday evening having a few beers with a crew member and his GF in Adelaide.
Now going back to those credible accounts of his being on the 10:30 am flight out of Melbourne on Monday Morning (which would be about 4:30 pm Sunday afternoon in LA) and absent any credible photographic or verbal accounts of his still being in Australia, the reasoable conclusion is that after spending most of Sunday getttin to Adelaide, he caught the early morning commuter from Adelaide to Melbourne and then got on Quantas flight to LA 93.
(For those who suffer from TZCDD -time zone conversion deficit disorde -- the time difference in this instance would mean that he left Melbourne on Monday 3/18 morning at 10:30 am and actually arrived in LA 4 hours earlier on the same date.)
Any questions?
Tomorrow we will take on the Grassy Knoll and OJ's travel schedule the night Nicole was murdered.
BTW -someone just sent me a very similar analysis of the timeline in question that was posted on GC but i'm going to tweet this anyway since a lot of you don't like to go over their without your hazmat suits.

And right about now Rob and Kristen are doing this:


 Just come up for air once in while and give us some cute pics now and then. Thats all we ask !

Monday, March 11, 2013

Karma Is So Sweet!

Jack Morrissey. My new hero lol. He pretty much put the haters on their asses with his new podcast.

Here are some highlights:

"It was all real. It was and is all real. So anyone who thinks they broke up and or got back together for any level of theatrics to sell the movie or get the movies back into the headlines, come on."

"You have to give them a lot of credit for getting over this huge event and hugely public event." 

And you know this has to kill Twilighter and his minions lol.  Yep blown right out the water.  So what do we get from this? Yes it happened. Yes they reconciled. Yes they are still together.

Of course the haters jumped on the part where he talked about Kristen smoking pot. He also said Charlize Theron smokes pot lol. So does Jennifer Lawrence. Of course the only one who is a stoner is Kristen. Hypocrites anyone?

This cracked me up:

"Liberty is very social media savvy." 
And whether or not she would do SWATH 2:
"She may not be able to resist the opportunity"

Lol. Got that one right Jack. Anything that puts her face in front of the paps is for her.  

And Bill Condon wanted to have all the cast lined up at the premiere in LA and then have all the directors come out. But it didn't work out. Because of David Slade. :

"I think no one wanted him in the room just the same. Hes not a people person"

Its a bummer that one sourpuss had to ruin that one. 

An how do you think the haters reacted? They desperately clung to a blind gossip item that conveniently popped up right after Jacks revelations. Of course it plays to their haters agenda saying its all for PR and that they will be breaking up in August. August? Why August? Why not  earlier or later than August. Just curious where this specific date comes from. And what will their excuse be when August comes and goes and no epic breakup happens? I'm sure they will think of something.

               Aww come on you know its damn funny!!!!!!!!!!

We will see this very very soon and I cant wait! Some more Karma coming the haters way I predict


Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Helping Of Friends, And Dirty Sweaty Rob On The Side

Friends are always good to have and Kristen and Rob have some really special ones. They put up with a lot of crap being said about them simply because they are their friends. The best part? They hang out with each other. They co-mingle:

Kristen at Marcus Foster (a friend of Rob's) concert with friends. Including Taylor Lautner. The paps of course were lying in wait and attacked them when they went to their car:

Paps Attacking Kristen At Troubadour

  There are no words for the scum that they are.

Another pic of one of Kristens friends at her and Robs new house ( Yes. hers and Robs. They live there TOGETHER.) Of course the haters said this proves that Kristen is a lesbian. Now when it was pointed out to them that she cant be lesbian and have an affair with a man they changed their tune of course. Now shes bi lol! Whatever fits their agenda of the moment.

And the caption to this one reads:

Kristen Stewart and a mystery man walks into a nightclub venue together in Los Angeles

Problem with this is its not a man. Its a female friend of Kristens. They really are that clueless.

Okay this one just made me laugh out loud hysterically. The man in the picture is CJ a friend to both Rob and Kristen. He is also gay. Got that? Gay. The haters jumped on this of course as fact .

Uhm on another note. Kristen and Rob supposedly broke up according to the haters. Again. Yeah right that's why shes still wearing her jewelry from him and of course his hat:

Caring is sharing as they say!  :):):)

And last but definitely not least. This!!! :

On set pics from Rover. Dirty ,Sweaty Rob. Love it. Edward is nowhere in sight.

And this one just no words tee hee. I don't want to know. Who am I kidding yes I do!

Yep that about covers it !!!!!!!!

This post brought to you by friends of Rob and Kristen, and Dirty Sweaty Rob!