Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Chasing Tails And Striking Out

 The dipshidots were chasing their own tails a lot this past week. A lot of bs flying about.

 Unfortunately for the dipshdiots none of their hopes and dreams came true. They kept striking out.

 Ninja Rob showed up at Coachella. Wait. Wasn't he supposed to be in London? Guess the dipshidiots fan fic didn't pan out. Strike out number one .

The dipshidiots tried over and over in vain to make something  out of Rob at Coachella . Unfortunately for them they failed at every turn.

First it was Katy Perry. Seen at Coachella with Rob. 

 And you know where this went with the tabs and the dipshidiots right? They are deaf, dumb, and blind and didn't hear Katy say multiple times that she and Rob are ONLY friends. 

Give it up. You're  embarrassing yourselves.

Now this is who she made out with at Coachella.

Dildo oops I mean Diplo Katy's new man. She has been seen multiple times including at Coachella getting  her flirt on with him. Strike out number two. 

Supposedly two mystery blondes were there with Rob. Guess they were invisible. There were multiple pictures of Rob from Coachella. 

 Funny no blondes.

Still no blondes. (Who is he texting? Tee hee)  Stike out number three. 

Rob,Tamara and her girlfriend Erika. Both friends of Kristen. The dipshidiots can't seem to catch a break. (Message to the dipshdiots. Make sure the females you are trying to hook up Rob with aren't gay before you start your bs). Strikeout number four.

But wait it gets worse for the dipshidiots.

A fan posted this video on instagram.

Now why would Kristen be tagged ? Was she there? She commented later that yes Kristen was there with Rob. If you look at the youtube video frame by frame watch the right side of Rob. Supposedly Kristen is in there hiding from easy view. Make of that what you will. There were five sightings of Kristen at Coachella. I believe she was there. Strike out number five.

Some will tell you no Kristen is working she couldn't have been there. The last time we saw Kristen was on April 8th in Nola. Yes April 8th not her birthday. So yes she could have flown back to LA for a few days and flown back on Sunday. There are these things called airplanes. 

Rob used an airplane when he went to see Kristen for a few days in Nola right before her birthday. I luv you cuz!

 This pic came out and the Kristen haters were out in force. 

 Kristen holding a can of beer. Omg that means she's drinking it and she's an alchoholic! Wait she's pregnant! She can't have a drink! (Yeah she can.)

It got even worse when a pic of her supposedly holding a bong, bowl (whatever) showed up on Perez fos Hiltons site. Funny how it never turned up anywhere else. Why would that be? Photo shopped maybe? No I'm not bringing it here. It's total bs.

Smoke! Omg she's smoking!.Stop the presses! Funny how you see no bong/bowl and no cigarette. There is no pic of her taking a hit off a bong/bowl or a cigarette in her hands.

The dipshdiots can't seem to grasp the fact that she is filming a movie where she plays a stoner/slacker.I'm guessing we will get more pictures of her smoking and drinking. WHILE FILMING.

According to the dipshidiots there are no cameras in view so they aren't filming.


No cameras. guess they weren't filming here either.

No cameras. Guess he wasn't filming lol. He's just into cute heifers.. 

Strike out number six.

Some people need to get their heads out of their asses.

Movie News!

Maps To The Stars Trailer! 

Watch it while you can. First one's already been taken down. 

Some other goodies. I think I'm going to like this movie.

Benedict Cumberpatch said in an interview that Lost City of Z to start in June. Lord help us all.

Mission Blacklist end of April and thirty day shoot.? Lets hope so. Finally.

Seasons of Dust. A new Kristen Movie? With Robert Redford, Ewan McGregor, and James Franco. Wow! is all I have to say. Not crazy about James Franco but that's just me. Sounds interesting.

Sweet pea trying to make his/her presence known. Anyone else notice she has on a different outfit? Supposedly this is from same day as  the park pictures.

 Another one supposedly from same day at park. So that is three different outfits now from the same day at the park. Something fishy going on here don't ya think? 

New pic of Kristen on set. Wow that hair is red !
Anyone who can't see something else is blind or in denial. 

  Oh the stories those sun glasses could tell if they could talk.

Keep calm and ignore the bullshit!

And if that doesn't work do as sweet pea does.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Kristen!


This beautiful girl who has grown into an amazing woman.

Give yourselves a much deserved hand!


Rob's fans are doing one for Stand Up For Cancer. Unfortunately a few robssesed bad apples full of petty jealously are putting a bad light on a very worthy birthday project. They have said they don't want Kristen fans or Robsten fans donating in his name.

Rob would be ashamed, embarrassed, and appalled at your behavior. 

Peter Travers (rolling stone mag)
vor 51 Minuten
Happy 24th Birthday to Kristen Stewart. Free of the Twilight noose, KStew has been making lots of film choices that put her in the indie sphere where she can spread her wings. At Sundance, in Camp X-Ray, she did powerful, textured work as a military prison guard at Guantanamo. Next up is American Ultra with Jesse Eisenberg. For big bucks, she’s the new face of Chanel. I think the outlook is bright for the birthday girl. You?

I agree with everything he said except the Twilight noose. She is very proud of her work in Twilight and her AND Rob would not be getting the chances to do the amazing movies they are getting right now without it. I don't like it when people diss Kristen or Rob's involvement with Twilight. Twilight was and is not a noose. It was a blessing. 

A blessing that brought them together onscreen and off. 

This is a new/old picture of Rob when he was traveling form Toronto back to LA a few weeks ago.Those sun glasses get around. Tee hee.

So how did those sunglasses get to Nola and hanging on Kristen's shirt? Also I want that miracle wonder bra that according to the dipshdiots is the reason for her increased breast size.

Rob's been MIA for quite a while now. Wonder where he could be? Nola perhaps? He hasn't missed a birthday in six years. 

Oh Rob you silly man. 

Guitar, Romantic weekend in Croatia while filming Bel Ami. Jewelry left on her pillow. Somehow I doubt he forgets her birthday.

 I now have to address a very serious situation that has been happening on this blog. We have some very determined trolls who were desperate because they weren't getting their usual attention here. We were hop skipping and jumping and basically ignoring them. So they decided to attack another blogger who comes here and comments occasionally. Tempest. It had its desired effect.They caused complete havoc. They threatened to post her address and phone number and her real name which is against the law.

They have been reported to blogger by both me and Tempest and blogger is doing its best to take care of the situation. Their intent is very clear. They want to disrupt the comment section of this blog and scare people off from coming here. They say well make your blog private then you won't have to worry about us. 


NO that won't happen. You do not get to tell me how to run my blog. I also do not want to have to moderate the comments and disprupt the natural flow of commenting. It is sad that these attention seeking vile hateful people have nothing better to do with their lives than to constantly insinuuate themselves where they know they are not welcome. 

Thankfully for us there are also fans like The Mad Ones@themadones4. She made a wonderful, sad and thought provoking video about what Kristen has to put up with on a daily basis. She gave me permission to post it here.

Things for Rob aren't much better. 

Yes the paps come with the territory where their jobs are concerned. But Kristen and Rob  should be able to assume to be treated with a small amount of common decency. Cornering someone and then attacking them verbally is not part of a paps job. Writing something on someones car and then giggling  while you lie in wait to see what the reaction will be is not part of a paps job either. Bringing a man to near tears after he desperately asks police for help after being followed and causing a near accident is not a paps job either. And you wonder why they are so desperately trying to keep things hidden? Do you blame them? I sure don't. And especially with little sweet pea on the way. 

  Kate, William and Prince George arriving in New Zealand. Just imagine this will be Kristen, Rob and sweet pea soon.

Wishing Kristen a happy birthday and maybe just one fan pic of her and Rob celebrating?