Thursday, August 14, 2014



Yes he does say it at the 12:55 mark."We" which means plural not single lol. Who does he stay in a lot with? I'll give you a clue...

Yep her. His wife and mother of his child. 

At the 12:00 mark the interviewer goes there. Of course. Same old shit.

 "You've had to live out the breakup of a big relationship in public"... 


 "Did that make it worse or did that really not matter?"  

"No, it's all the same... your reality is detached from that, it's a totally different situation... the only connection to reality is when stories happen and there's more paparazzi around - it's a higher intensity level... no one really knows anything about you really...and I've tried really hard to make that separation between my lov.../real life, and my public persona."

Rob corrected himself when he slipped and was about to say love life. If he was single that  would mean he has no love life at the moment. Right? Yeah that.WE and LOVE LIFE. Double whammy on the dipshidiots single dreams.

It's also funny how he supposedly opened up so easily to the Esquire interviewer but goes back to avoiding and skirting around the question with everyone else. I guess Sanjiv was that special . So special that the  Robsessed dipshidiots sent him a gift...

Sanjiv Bhattacharya
Those lovely people at Robsessed just sent me a couple of cedar planks look. 

For his next barbecue where he pretends that Rob spilled his guts to him about the epic break up I presume.

Rob and his missing clothes again...

Not a lot of people. Just one in particular.

Hey Rob I would suggest looking in this country first...

And with your wife...

Twins. It's a husband and wife thing now. 

     Too adorable!!!!

Claire and Richard Pattinson supporting their son.

Marcus Foster and Tom Sturridge were there too.

Marcus with a fan.

Rob is so proud of sister!

Go get em Lizzie!

Rob doing exercises to stay awake during the Google hangout.

Rob finally woke up at the end of the interview. Jet lag and  late night Skyping with your wife when you have an early morning interview is not a good thing.

Can you imagine if Rob actually called David a wanker?

Do I even want to know?


And now it's the Wife's turn.

Kristen as a domestic goddess in a photoshoot for Elle.

 Unfortunately the interview that came with it was a sister to the Esquire crap. Very few actual questions to Kristen and the rest the interviewers bullshit narrative. Maybe the Krisbians can send her a nice gift like the Robsessed did for the other hack.

A can of spam maybe?

The movie also wreaked havoc with her personal life, when Peeping Tom cameras caught her getting lovey-dovey with married director Rupert Sanders.(Poor Robert Pattinson seems unable to shake the role of ingenue as far as his relationship with Stewart goes.)

NO. He is nobody's ingenue but nice try bitch. He's a star all on his own. So is his wife Kristen.

As we all know , the tabloids having mowed down acres of forest to let us know, the actors portraying Bella and Edward fell into each others arms as rapturously as their characters did.

No the tabs didn't let us know. Rob and Kristen did.

After the scandal broke Stewart issued an apology to Pattinson in People magazine, essentially casting him as the Wronged Woman in the love triangle

You need to stop while you're behind. Oh by the way it's 2014. Not 2012.

I ask Stewart who she is dating these days Are she and Pattinson secretly back together?or is she seeing Nicholas Hoult, Hollywood's young hunk du jour? or has close friend Alicia Cargile become more than that?(In just the past 48 hrs I've read gossip items suggesting all three possibilities.)

But wait. This interview was done BEFORE Kristen went to Japan and the tabs invented the Kristen/ Nicholas hook up crap. No not in the last 48 hrs unless she added it later for some salacious gossip.Some stellar journalism there.

Kristen shot her down with My private live is private.

When Rob came back to L.A. he went out with friends to an Iron and Wine concert. Too bad for the dipshidiots no women sitting near him. Now according to the dipshidiots he can't go out with his friends and be a daddy and a husband  too.

Oh look it's Tom Sturridge and he's out supporting his friend Rob at the Rover in England. He must be a bad daddy and fiance for not being attached to Marlowe and Sienna  24/7. Maybe the woman with him is his new mystery love.

Is he texting Kristen when Iron and Wine sang Flightless Bird?

He was also at he Roosevelt.

Andrés Benedicto
Robert Pattinson was yesterday partying at Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. He left with a girl in his Suburban pic.twitter.com/qwtnyH1kOS

Stop the presses! We have Rob getting into a car with a woman.


Is this supposed to be his epic picture of Rob with a woman?

Or maybe this one?

I've lost track how many times the dipshidiots have counted on the Rob in a car with a woman bs and lost.

The last time they got burned...

 They believed the paps and tabs with their cropped pictures.

Then we got this. Paints a different picture doesn't it.

Someone else was there and got his picture taken with Rob

Funny how his story is a little different  than the other one.

Wow you are so lucky. Can I ask who he was with? People are saying he was with a whole bunch of girls
@pheonix786 he was with a group of guy friends


 Funny no woman mentioned.

Looks like Marcus came back to L.A with Rob for a visit!

Did you also know Marcus has recently started following Kristen's friend Allannah on  Instagram? And Kristen's brother is following Marcus. Yeah I would follow my sisters exes friends on Instagram. Sure thing.

Two Hollywood legends passed away this week.

Robin Williams. 

“I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy
because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless
and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that.”
Robin Williams 


This video shows you where he got his sense of humor from. They are both in heaven now cracking each other up.

I can't believe he's gone. This just got to me so much because I will miss the way he would always make me laugh and feel better about things. He was not only a comic genius but an award winning dramatic actor as well. I think it's harder for a man to reach out when depression is getting to them . I wish he had reached out to someone before it was to late. 

Rest in peace Robin.

Lauren Bacall

She'll be Bogey's baby for eternity now.

Truer words were never said. 

We are going to win our battle. RIGHT LADIES?

Our time is coming ladies.