Wednesday, September 17, 2014



One word that sent the dipshidiots  into a blind panic.

Their numerous excuses were pathetic and hilarious at the same time.

They stomped their feet and insisted Partners was coming from Wikipedia and not Google. Why did they want it to be on Wiki instead of Google so badly? Because Wiki can be edited more easily. 

They said that the person who broke this to us edited  Wikipedia to say Partner. This was only the beginning of their lunacy.

 They let person number one off the hook and targeted someone named Jessica. (Jessica seems to be a popular name in their fan fiction.) Jessica changed  Kristen's profile on Wiki  on September 5 they claimed. ( Remember that date. It's going to come back to bite them in the ass.)

According to the dipshidiots Jessica  also added a daughter to Kristen's profile. They actually kept a straight face while slinging this shit. They had Jessica's source file from Wikipedia which proved all this.

This is the source file they were claiming that showed Jessica changed Kristen's profile on September 5th.

The last time Kristen's Wiki profile was edited was on July 5, 2013.

Fail number one for the Dipshidiots. 

When confronted with this fail the dipshidiots excuse was that Google hadn't updated Jessica's recent Wikipedia changes yet. It would take them a few days.

Oh and I was involved somehow too.

Are you banging your head over the stupidity yet?

 Get out your crayons dipshidiots.

This may be hard for your limited brain function to comprehend. 

This is Google.

Red circles for the mentally challenged. 

 The sentence  before the Wikipedia hyperlink IS from Wiki. The parts after that ARE NOT.

This is Kristen's profile on Wikipedia.  


Nowhere on Kristen's Wikipedia page does it say Partner. And Nowhere does it say she has a daughter. 

Fail number two and three for the Dipshidiots.

Not only are the dipshidiots  mentally challenged they are color blind too. 

No it's not orange or gold . Its Red. Yep an ex would be sure to wear a beanie that advertises where his ex is filming. Now when did he get it? When he went to visit her or did she bring it back with her when she had her little break from filming? Come on Kristen spill the beans.

The Dipshidiots pinned their hopes on a tweet that Rob was in London where Twiggy happens to be. Their dreams didn't come true.
  Rob was in L.A. Not London.

Fail number four for the Dipshidiots. 

Speaking of Twiggy she posted this and all hell broke loose.

 The dipshidiots were scared shitless over the Partners thing and they clung to this like a life raft.

 They got on their hands and knees and begged and kissed Bonnie Fuller's ass to put something on Hollywood Lies about this until she gave in.

This is my response to this bullshit.

Kristen wasn't safe from all their crap either.

Now according to the dipshidiots and tabs Kristen and Nicholas Hoult  were on a hot zip lining date. Nope. Pull the other leg idiots. It was a group outing that included other cast members too.

Fail number five for the Dipshidiots. 

 I think were approaching a record number of fails for the dipshidiots.

Rob sure isn't cooperating with the dipshidiots hopes and dreams that he can't stand Kristen lately.

Yep an ex would sign his  autograph on a picture of his ex. Especially one that he supposedly can't stand.


Rob talked about walking a dog in Toronto. Immediately the dipshidiots said he had to be talking about when he was filming Cosmopolis pre fake up. Because he couldn't possibly be talking about Maps or Life both of which filmed in Toronto also. Why?  He gave the dogs to Kristen because he couldn't stand sharing them with her. Remember? Even though they have failed with this scenario multiple times they keep insisting that it's true.

Rob and Kristen live together. There fore the dogs belong to the both of them. TOGETHER. 

The hair has grown back and it makes the hair grab even sweeter. Also notice the watch. It's been seen before. Kristen has worn it also. Funny how he can't stand his ex but he has no problem with her wearing his things, taking his guitar to Japan with her, or he and his friends staying at her house while she is filming.  

Looks like LF2 to me!

Rob I don't think that's what Dior was hoping you would say! How much are they paying you again?

So to sum  things up Rob and Kristen are Friends...


 Husband and Wife...




I'm getting tired so Nighty Night!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Rob and I, The Little Wife, and She Was Around

Robert and I.

Now why would a woman refer to an ex in this way? Why not say my ex boyfriend and I? 

Because he's not an ex. He's her husband and father of her child.

 There was a twitter troll that I had to set straight a couple of times. She insisted that Rob and Kristen broke up over two years ago. I'm not kidding you. Guess she didn't get the memo on the daily pap fest from April 2013. Or their follow the leader car of shame after their get together in October. Actually the last pic we got of them was July 4th of this year so back up that train.

She also insisted  that there is no such thing as a "confidential" marriage license.

A confidential marriage license allows all the personal information on a marriage license to be protected from public view. Only a court order or a notarized application by either spouses can obtain a copy of the information. This benefits anyone who wishes their information remain private, including celebrities. 

For a confidential wedding license only those people present at your ceremony need to know and the marriage certificate will be sealed from public access or review. Consequently, only the bride and groom and the minister need to be present; witnesses are not necessary. 

 Maybe she's been listening a little too much to some of our  trolls that like to infest this board.

 Speaking of  weddings...

Rob at Bobby Long's wedding posing with two geezers. Don't think this is what the Robsessed had planned for what they hoped would be an epic holiday weekend.

Rob was a groomsmen at the wedding. Too bad they couldn't use this one as a hook up rumor. She's married. Things were looking a little bleak for the Robsessed.

 The lady holding up the camera  is way out of the hook up age bracket. The Robsessed were doing a lot of this. 

Tom looks like a Blues Brother lol.

Even Rob's newest hook up rumor Twiggy was a no show.

A bunch of drunk bridesmaids and the bride drooling over Rob. (Was this a wedding or a frat party?)
When I see this picture I see Rob doing this....

Run Rob Run!

 What is wrong in this picture? The bride looks so interested in her new husband doesn't she? The Robsessed were let down by Rob again. No hook ups to speak of. More worried about what's in his jacket pocket . 

Hey maybe their buddy the new blushing bride will help them out. 

Not quite. More like  she put her foot in her mouth.

This woman was on twitter the day after her wedding trading blown up pics of Rob with her Robsessed buddies and making this announcement:

"Too bad his little wife couldn't make it"

She deleted her twitter account shortly after realizing in her attempt to be bitchy she had  inadvertently let the married cat out of the bag. 

And the Robsessed as usual were left still waiting for their great chance at Rob...

Hey maybe they can hold out hope for Twiggy.

People Online who said a friend of Rob's told them Rob was crazy about Dylan is now crowing that a friend of Rob's has confirmed he is smitten with Twiggy. Hey the dipshidiots fell for the Dylan crap why not this !

Twiggy with another man! Supposedly he's gay but I guess Twiggy doesn't have Rob's super powers to turn gay people straight so they can be his latest hook up rumor. She was also seen kissing  on another man too. Of course the dipshidiots believe the tweet about Rob hooking up with the "ugly chick" but they don't believe the one about Twiggy kissing someone other than Rob. If we're going to believe all the rumors how about the one that Twiggy is gay herself? That would put a crimp in the newest hook up game wouldn't it. Of course that hasn't stopped the dipshidiots before. 

Oliver Assayas dropped this gem.

She Was Around.

Three words that sent the dipshidiots into  a tizzy.

Now the dipshidiots  will tell you this this happened in 2012 or early 2013 before the fake up. Doubt that . More than likely it was shortly after CXR.

Kristen out with friends in L.A.

I don't have to tell you where this went. Alicia, Kristen's lover.You can't just have a friend who happens to be gay. She has to be your lover too.

Kristen at the beach in Malibu.

Looks like a ring to me.

CJ being a good friend. There were some dipshdiots that went on CJ's instagram and said some stupid things about Kristen and Alicia. They kept asking why Alicia was calling the paps.

Yeah do this and when that fails to register with the idiots do this.

Because sometimes getting down to their  level is all they understand.

Aww Cole was with her. Let's see how many dispshidiots make a big deal about Bear and Bernie not being there too. Rob won't let her near them right? Eye roll.

Rob and his two right hands shopping in NYC lol.

Verrry Interesting. 
Now why would the paps feel the need to badly photo shop Rob's left hand?

Yep that would be the reason.

Now according to the dipshidiots the excuse for his two right hands are Rob has some extra powers that make his pinky look like a thumb.

                         Kristen leaving L.A. for Singapore          Rob arriving in L.A. from NYC.  
                                                                                                            (Hi Sam!)

So of course the dipshidiots think this is proof they are broke up. Rob arriving right after Kristen leaves.

Nope. Actually it shows they are smart ninjas that know the dipshidiots will fall for this shit.

We also got some new/old pics of Rob from August 2nd. Drama was started over nothing as usual. 

If you have time check out this article. It is definitely worth your time. 

It tells about the smear campaign going on against Rob and Kristen. Simply because they won't play their games. 

And  that about covers it. I leave you with this cute pic of Rob and Dane from Life.