Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Reality Check VS Fiction

The crap has been thick lately. The latest is that Rob can not go out with a group of friends with out it being called a date or sitting next to a woman without her being called his latest hook up. 

Fiction: Pic of Rob with woman in back seat . His latest flame. Michele Rodriguez, Dalia Bayazid, or Alexandra Kerry. Take your pic. 

Reality Check: There are actually 2 woman in the back seat. ( My first attempt at red circles! how did I do guys? lol. Could woman 1 be Krist.... No couldn't be. could it? ) There were also two men in the front seat. So it was a group outing with friends. Got that? Nothing more. 

Oh but wait it gets better

 Fiction: Rob is kissing a woman in back seat of car. 

Reality Check: There are two women and he is kissing neither. He turned his head to talk to one of them or to avoid the paps. Take your pick.

Fiction: Rob supposedly at lf 1 day of the party.

  Reality Check:  These were not taken at lf 1. No how No way. For one there is no dirt/sand road off of  lf1. Ask your self why the paps feel the need to lie where he was at. They don't want you to know where he was at because it  doesn't fit their agenda. Think about it for a minute. Getting the picture?
(on a side note Rob you are no gangsta pull up your pants lol!)

Kristen's statement about James Gandolfini's passing:

"When I heard of James’ passing I was in New Orleans, where we met shooting, and every memory flooded back and gutted me," Stewart says in a statement to EW.

She adds,"I’ll hold that time near to me forever. He was immeasurably great. My heart goes out to his beloved family."

Fiction: The ninnies actually had the nerve to crap on her statement to EW about James Gandolfini's passing. Saying she did it for the attention it would bring.

Reality Check: She made a heartfelt statement about a co star who adored her. And she did the same. Ninnies get a life.

Fiction: Rob and Kristen can not be together right now because he went out with some friends.

Reality Check: Oh please. Let me clue you in. They never do what the ninnies want them to have they? You think they are now? No. Not even close. They are sorting things out in their own way. Holding onto each other like always. A team against the world. They will survive and win. 

Yes it does and Rob and Kristen know it so well. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Okay I gotta post this before all that wine hits me lol. 

We will see this again soon. When? Don't know. Depends how ninja they decide to be. Their decision not mine.

Here are the facts.Rob is not living at LF1 at the present time. Pop sugar showed pictures of him getting out of a car at a house and presented it as LF1. No it was not. 

Kristen is not at LF2 at the present time.

They are together at this moment somewhere this much I can tell you. The where is a place where the paps don't know they are. They deserve to be left alone to sort things out and that is what they are doing.  Cuddled up somewhere sitting close and talking. Maybe some other things too (sue me I'm a romantic lol).

Rob AND Kristen were at the birthday party at his house for a short time. This party was planned well in advance and Rob (who wasn't living there at the time) graciously offered his house for the celebration. 

Rob and Kristen? Maybe. Could be. They were there. 

I can tell you the pap issue has come up again and a solution has been offered by one of them. Its the same solution that has been offered before. Moving out of LA. Kristen wants to do this for him. Rob is at his ropes end where the paps are concerned. No one should be forced to live somewhere else because paps are hounding them and won't let them live their lives together where they wish. It may be the only solution for now. We will see how that plays out. For now they both have movies that will be filming in LA. (Partly Toronto too) So they aren't going anywhere just yet . 

And this. You don't wear your exes clothes when you've just had a supposedly ugly break up. She wants him close. Always. even when they are apart.

Someone would love the other to put a ring on it. Will he do it?. Stay tuned. I have a feeling it won't be long before that becomes reality.  

That's the best I can do for now. Just sit back and giggle at the haters. Their day is coming. 

Update Soon!

Hang In There Peeps! 

Gotta give her a few more glasses and Ill have all the secrets out of her lol!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Words Of Truth Sting

The haters don't like hearing truths. Yes I was on Gossip Cop the other night raising some hell. The haters we're going on incessantly about how happy Kristen looked with out Rob and how she wasn't ready for a serious relationship and needed to have fun and concentrate on her career. So I educated them with a truth. Let's just say they didn't like what I had to tell them. The truth stings. Especially when  it's something you don't want to accept or hear.

Kristen is not a child. She is an adult who loves Rob more than anything. I told the haters about a pregnancy scare that happened shortly BEFORE July. Kristen was excited and very much wanted it to be true. Rob was terrified. He wants children with Kristen but not with the crazy way their lives are right now.She wasn't pregnant but like most women deeply in love had babies on the brain for a short while. A normal reaction in my book. Now the haters wanted to insinuate that I said this is why July happened. NOTHING could be further from the truth. What happened in July had nothing to do with the pregnancy scare.

I told them Kristen would love to marry Rob and have his children. Yes this is true. She loves him . Why wouldn't she? During Bel Ami filming marriage was put on the table by Rob. At that time Kristen wasn't quite ready. When they sort out  the problems they are having (and they will) I wouldn't be surprised to see an engagement soon after. If he gets the chance to ask again she will say yes guaranteed. She is more than ready now.

Some people said they would send my info to Kristen's management for saying what I did on gossip cop. Be my guest . You will look like fools. I've heard it all before and been threatened many times. I'm still here and will remain here. I'm not going anywhere. That you can be sure of. And yes I will speak my mind. If you don't like it ignore it. And another thing why would you give me the hits on my blog by posting negative comments on it? Makes sense to me lol. Thanks! The people you should be going after are the psychos on twitter making death threats against Kristen and Katy Perry. 

The drama llamas want everything in Rob and Kristen's lives to be some big soap opera. They are a couple in the spotlight who are refreshingly normal for the business they are both in. A fight turns into a ugly break up. A road trip with friends turns into Kristen trying to get as far away from Rob as possible. Rob and friends hanging at a concert turns into  Rob having an affair with Katy Perry behind Kristen's back. Its what the tabs and paps do best. Take some simple moment in their lives and turn it into something sordid and ugly.

This is from April. You really think they went from this to ugly breakup in  a months time? No they did not. 

The last picture of them together. Does anything look wrong here? No it does not. But supposedly days later Rob broke up with Kristen over the phone on his birthday. ( No he did not. They spent his birthday together in private. The way he wanted. )

We are going to hear a lot of crap while they sort this out and the haters will be in their glory. They are already crowing about Kristen being in NOLA. They say how can they be talking with her in NOLA. And Rob in LA (or wherever he is lol. hes been spotted in quite a few places in the past day). Here's the funny part. They said the same thing to me last time when he was in England. How's he talking to her form England HKN? hahaha. Its called a cell phone people. And they are both skilled at skype. Im thinking their talks when he was in England went pretty well considering after he got back was when things started moving quickly. 

 All we can do now is have faith in the love that these two have for each other. It is stronger than all the hate being thrown at both of them right now. They WILL work this out. They made it through July . And this is a piece of cake compared to that. 

 Yes Rob. Someday Very Soon.

Thank you to everyone for your prayers and concerns about my mother. She had two stents put in and was able to come home on Tuesday. Getting her to take it easy is going to be a chore. Might have to strap her down lol! Thank you again :)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Are You Ready For A Laugh?

This about says it with the hilarity of went down on Friday. The haters were in panic mode and had a complete meltdown. (Annie_ Packers meltdown was priceless!)

Here's how it all started. . E online posted this story about Rob and Kristen sighting. :

And then what happened? The reporter got attacked by Anny_Packer and her bunch of loons.

Why so nervous Annie? Why so scared that you threaten a reporter? I will tell you why. Annie was pissed because she wasn't the one sending the tabs the story. Valet story anyone.? Yeah it was made up and sent by Annie.

E! took the story down and then reposted it and reworded it and put it in as part of a timeline:

It's been nearly a month since Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson called it quits after more than three years of dating.
And while a source told E! News at the time of the split that Stewart was "heartbroken" over the breakup, it does seem like she has managed to move on, as has her Twilight costar.
Here is a look back at what the former couple has been up to in the weeks following the end of their relationship.

May 19, 2013: Pattinson is spotted moving stuff out of Stewart's Los Angeles residence. A source tells E! News that Stewart was home at the time when Pattinson arrived with a pickup truck. He later departed with his two dogs, a bike and a number of suitcases and trash bags.
May 20, 2013: A casually-dressed Stewart is seen smiling as she joins a few friends for a night out in L.A.'s Silverlake neighborhood.
May 23, 2013: Pattinson, sporting a baseball cap and a pair of shades, is caught running errands by himself in West Hollywood

May 23, 2013: Stewart flips off numerous shutterbugs trailing her through a Hollywood parking garage. E! News learns the actress was mobbed by more than 20 paparazzi and her behavior was simply a reaction to feeling like she was being stalked by the photogs.
May 26, 2013: Pattinson moves back into his Spanish-style villa in Los Angeles.
May 28, 2013: Stewart is spotted in Los Angeles after doing lunch with friends.
May 27, 2013: A grinning Stewart is seen enjoying a low-key Memorial Day as she and a few gal-pals hit up a pizza place.

June 1, 2013: Stewart attends the wedding of her Catch That Kid costar, Max Thieriot.
June 4, 2013: Stewart's rep confirms to E! News that the actress is set to join the casts of two upcoming films, Camp X-Ray and Sils Maria.
June 6, 2013: Clad in a baseball cap, a casual top, jeans and sneakers, Stewart grabs dinner with friends at En Sushi in Los Angeles, wining and dining for about three hours.
June 11, 2013: Images from Pattinson's new ad campaign for Christian Dior's men's fragrance are unveiled at a posh party at West Hollywood's Soho House.
June 13, 2013: Stewart looked anything but down and out in Beverly Hills while taking a leisurely solo stroll.

June 13, 2013: Pattinson is spotted at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood. A source tells E! News the actor has been talking with Stewart over the phone "from time to time," but the onetime duo has still not physically seen each other since the split. However, an eyewitness claims to E! News that Pattinson and Stewart were spotted together on Thursday and looked fairly comfortable with each other.

Notice the CM sighting that they have added. It is from a tweet that was conveniently put up right after the Rob and Kristen story was posted. Coincidental? Hardly. Now of course this tweet has been deemed as legit! lmao!

Did you also notice no sighting of Rob and Katy mentioned? Yeah like everyone else they think its bull. 

Gossip Cop decided to join in on this hilarity:

According to the clueless blog, the pair ”were spotted by a fan holding hands in Los Angeles’ Echo Park on June 13, and they looked ‘very together.’”

So, does HollywoodLife have a photo to back up its claim, or some other sort of irrefutable evidence?


The webloid’s “proof” of an alleged Pattinson-Stewart sighting is a random Twitter user claiming to have seen the former co-stars together.


HollywoodLife then embarrassingly attempts to back up its “reporting” by citing an E! Onlinearticle, which alleged Pattison and Stewart “seemed to be in good spirits” during their supposed hangout.

That story was also based on the same Twitter user’s unverified tale — and was pulled almost immediately.

But HollywoodLife rarely lets facts — there was NO “spotting” — stand in the way of a juicy headline.

“So are Rob and Kristen back together? It sure seems so!” exclaims the site in its piece.

In actuality, the only thing that “sure seems so” is that HollywoodLies, er, HollywoodLife, is still better at fiction writing than actual journalism.

Where are Gossip Cops notorious sources for this article? No where. because they don't know if its fake or real. There is no proof either way. Gossip Cop got worried their legions of hater commenters were about to scurry back to their holes. They had to do something to apease them .

What was the most fun was watching the rats scurrying around panicking that a reunion was eminent. If they are so sure they have parted ways and never speaking to each other again why are you so panicked and worried?


Heres a message to all the rats scrurrying around. You can threaten reporters that don't follow your mantra. You can send fake Rob and Katy tweets to tabs. It isn't going to change the fact that that at the end of the day Rob and Kristen do speak to each other and have seen each other. They are talking this out and no amount of threats or fake tweets is going to change that fact.

 They know we will see this soon and it has them running scared. If they were so sure we would never see this again  why were they so panicked at the thought ? lol

We just need to sit back and watch it all come down on the rats. Because it will eventually. It always does. 

Tempest thank you for the wonderful post in the comments section! We know what they mean to each other and they aren't giving up so easily don't we :):):)

My mother has had a mild stroke and is in the hospital so if I don't post for few days you know why. We will know more later on if she will need by pass surgery. Keep her in your prayers.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

What A Fool Believes

The haters are desperate. So desperate they would  have you believe that Rob and Katy Perry have had something going on behind Kristen's back for ages. Take your pick on how long. It depends on which fool your listening too at the time. This is what we have regarding Rob and Katy. This all started when two fools tweeted they saw Rob and Katy at a wedding rehearsal. They are liars. Rob and Katy were never at a wedding. Now the haters will tell you they are legit because they were picked up by People. No they are still liars. People made them seem more legit by making them relatives of the bride and groom. 

The next thing we had was Katy and John Mayer at the Chateau Marmont. Now all of a sudden we get that Rob was at the Chateau Marmount too. Uhm here's the facts. Katy and John Mayer were at the Chateau Marmount. TOGETHER. Rob was also there with other friends. SEPARATELY  from Katy and John. 

Next is the Bjork concert. Again Katy and a group of friends went to the Bjork concert. There is a picture of her arriving with a group of friends. Guess what? Rob is not among them. Know why? He was not with Katy Perry. He arrived separately with his own group of friends. They were not at the concert together. A group of 40 pics were taken by paps and sold to Popsugar. Guess how many of Rob and Katy together?

 You know what I see? Two friends who saw each other at a concert saying hello. And You know damn well if there was anything other than that going on those paps would have taken way more than one lone pic of them together. They only got one because they took a pic of a couple seconds of two friends saying hello and turned it into something else. 
 And they also didn't leave the concert together either. Although the haters bought into the added bonus by the tabs that they went back to Katy's for an all night party. What a fool believes.

Katy Perry has been trashed to hell and back and what for? She has been nothing but a good friend to BOTH Rob and Kristen. The only thing she has done is support a good friend during a tough time.

Thank you Katy for being there for BOTH of your friends!

Love Is In The Air


Yes it is. And Love is in the air for Rob and Kristen and always will be. They are talking and working things out. They spent some time in Malibu recently and it went very well! There are also rumors of pics maybe surfacing from Malibu.We shall see. Some one is missing his baby. He's also getting tired of eating In And Out Burgers.

Whats that they say? A way to a man's heart is through his stomach? Through my experience it's a little lower. Just saying lol.

They are not giving up on a four year relationship so easily. They didnt give up last July and they are certainly not giving up now. There have been some tweets about them but of course the haters would like to sweep that all  under the rug. The only tweets that count in their minds are those that make up crap about Rob and Katy Perry. The haters would like it if they couldn't stand each other and never spoke to one another ever again. Not happening in this life time. 

And ladies prepare your engines! He has finally arrived!

Dior Rob!

ohh la la!

Lord have mercy!

And if that wasn't enough? Congrats to Kristen 

Balenciaga Florabotanica named winner of Fragrance of the Year, Women’s Luxury, at the @fragrancefdtn #FragranceAwards!

 Rob starts shooting Maps To The  Stars soon  and not sure wether Sils Maria is first for Kristen or Camp X Ray. Indies change daily so who knows lol! Mission Blacklist now filming in LA? Not sure when exactly. Just glad its not in Iraq or anywhere in the middle east. 

And Last but definitely not least Bear and Bernie were spotted driving in Malibu lol!

 Laughter and hope. We have both right now. Rob and Kristen will find a way. They always do. This is their future!

Thank you to all those that sent their condolences and prayers on my uncles passing. it was much appreciated!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Things Aren't As They Seem

The Tabs are painting an ugly picture of a public break up. It all started with a couple of pictures form Rolando the stalker pap form the afternoon/evening of Robs birthday.

Apparently now a days when your a few hundred feet away with a telephoto lens you can also eavesdrop on telephone conversations. She was supposedly being dumped by Rob on his birthday by cell phone. According to Rolando. Now I'm going to tell you the truth. Kristen spent her birthday with Rob. In private. The way he wanted it. The pictures were taken at a friend of Kristen's who was hurt and she was checking in on her.

The next to add on to this pile of crap. People:

"It was very strange that they didn't celebrate Rob's birthday together," the source says. "He had friends over at his house, but Kristen was not part of the celebration. For the past few days, they have not spent any time together." 

And the lie spreads. See how it goes?

Now the next thing to add fuel to the tab fire was this:

Rob supposedly moving his things out of Kristen's house. I guarantee he has more things at her house than would fit in a truck. And whats with the his and her bikes?

The next thing you know teenagers are having fun on twitter with fake sitings galore. Unfortunately the one they picked up on was a doozy. Rob and Katy Perry at a wedding rehearsal. Rob and Katy are nothing more than friends and there is no way Rob is going anywhere with her right now with all the tabloid crap going on. The news has come out recently Katy is back on with John Mayer. The desperate haters of course are still clinging to the hope started by this crap that Rob and Katy are together. 

There are so may lies and tab crap out there right now that the truth is being buried. Nothing is as it seems. 
Here's what I know. They had an argument AFTER his birthday. Rob was upset and took SOME of things to his house. They are talking now and I expect it to be resolved soon. All couples have fights and squabbles. They aren't any different than anybody else. No relationship is perfect. They have hit a bump in the road and they will get through it. They got through July and that was way worse than this is. 

The haters are in heaven right now. Dreaming of Rob and Kristen apart and never talking to each other again. They can dream. It will never happen. They will work this out. Already on their way to doing that. 

The haters karma will be coming. Just like it did in July. And just like July we all need to stay strong in our belief they will get through this.

Just remember this. We will see it again soon.

That's right not even close.