Friday, May 30, 2014



Rob was asked in a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter if he was still in contact with Kristen. (Of course the media is still trying to hard sell the break up scenario).

His answer? 

"Oh, yeah," he says blithely.

And that sent the entire fandom running for their dictionaries.


blithe  [blahyth, blahyth] 
adjective, blith·er, blith·est.

joyous, merry, or gay in disposition; glad; cheerful: Everyone loved her for her blithe spirit.


 happy, mirthful, sprightly, light-hearted, buoyant, joyful, 

Of course the dipshidiots weren't too happy with this so they re-invented the definition of the word giving it the exact opposite meaning.

He also gave us this:

He recently sold the 1922 Los Feliz mansion that he bought for $6.27 million about three years ago because he felt engulfed by its sheer size. "It was too big a house," he says. "It was incredible, like Versailles. It was absolutely, completely crazy. It had this incredible garden, but you just stay in one room, anyway. I could basically live in a cell as long as I had a window."

I guess the dipshidiots can give up the reason he moved was to get farther away from Kristen. Yeah he pretty much nailed that door shut.

We also got this:

Since then, he has shacked up in a rented place within a gated community in Coldwater Canyon. His decor is decidedly bare-bones: He moved in with just three inflatable mattresses and "this one kind of shitty chair that was left from the previous tenants [in Los Feliz]," he says, laughing. "I would move my mattresses into different rooms according to the occasion. It was very odd for a while."
Oh. So he hasn't given up his rented house to move back to England? Gee what a surprise there. Funny how both he and Kristen are living in sparsely decorated houses isn't it? It lends credence to the idea that they have a new home TOGETHER somewhere else.

Since the move, he has been unable to locate many of his possessions, including some much-needed clothes. "I don't understand how I don't have any clothes," he groans. "I've basically stolen every item of clothing that anyone's ever given me for a premiere, but in my closet there's literally about three things."

Gee I wonder where those clothes went to?

Hey Kristen have pity on your man and give him some of his clothes back. He's desperate!

Rob was at Katy Perry's concert in London. You know where this went right?


Katy has said three times publicly they are only friends. What part of this can people NOT comprehend? No he is NOT a prick for going with friends to a concert of another friend. (Yes someone actually called him that) There is no Rob and Katy this year, last year or any other year.

Rob at Katy's concert with his arm around a woman.

 You know the dipshidiots were scrambling to find out who it was. They were disappointed as usual. It's Tamara Katy 's assistant who happens to be gay. Now when that didn't work the dipshidiots went scouring the internet for anyone they could find that it could possibly be since the Tamara scenario wasn't flying.

Kacey Musgraves. A country singer who is due to tour with Katy Perry on the US leg of her tour. The dipshidiots forgot to read the US part before they jumped on this. As usual they embarrassed themselves. She has a boyfriend so no she wasn't in London with Rob. And then there is this....

It would be impossible for her to be in London with Rob when she was in the Bahamas at the time of the concert. Another fail for the dipshidots. 

The sad part is no matter how hard they try they can't make anything stick. They've been trying for going on six years and still have nothing to show for their efforts. Waiting, Waiting and Waiting....

And now I give you the Shit list!

Please Investigate These People • 18 hours ago

The following individuals are guilty of making up horrible rumors and lies about Robert Pattinson. They have claimed that he and Kristen Stewart's child was born in March 2014, is married to Kristen Stewart, and is living with her:

@Sash_marie101 is the person who started the pregnancy rumor. She said that she is an entertainment law student, and that Robert Pattinson's people leaked the info about Kristen Stewart being pregnant with his baby to her. @HatersNoNothing said that she has a cousin working for Kristen Stewart that is leaking private information to her. She also says that Kristen Stewart just gave birth to Robert Pattinson's baby. @bronzehyperion is a fan fiction author insisting that everything SashMarie and HKN reported is true. @SRWNS is also known as Mama Nails, and is also spreading the lie that Kristen Stewart just gave birth to Robert Pattinson's baby. @Windswept333 is a former fan fiction author turned pro, who is also insisting that Kristen Stewart just gave birth to Robert Pattinson's baby. There's another one by the name of Bunny Sherman, who claims that she is Kristen Stewart's long lost relative and has also said that Kristen Stewart just gave birth to Robert Pattinson's baby. I can't remember her twitter name but it's Rob fan something.

I believe that these people are trying to harm the reputations of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart and ought to be investigated and reported to the proper authorities. They also have 100's of innocent people believing their lies. I'm concerned that they may attempt to collect monetary donations for the baby that never was.

  This bullshit was posted on several boards and twitter. All I can say is how proud I am to be included with the lovely ladies on this list! This person seems unduly concerned with what people choose to believe. Why does it bother you so much what we may believe? You spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about what we think. No one has asked for monetary donations and you know it. You are using this as an excuse for your behavior. 

Yeah that about covers it. 

Kristens directorial debut!


 The Roberts sign is in the video! Coincedence? I think not. 


Robert DeNiro to star with Rob in Idol Eyes! Rachel Weisz has also been added to the cast. 

Look who else has worked with Robert DeNiro. What Just Happened 2008. We can add another one to the growing list of six degrees of Rob and Kristen co stars. 

New Rover pic! Can't wait to see this movie!

And thank you Morning Coffee for our new motto!

And  I leave with Rob in a tub! 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Kristen Cannes 2014 TV!

It's Kristen Cannes 2014 TV!

Get ready for Chanel, Ruth landing her face to the floor, a not so pregnant looking Kristen, and a huge helping of fandom drama of course. What would this fandom be with out it?

Kristen arriving at Cannes last minute. She didn't do the photo call or press conference. I will admit when I saw this picture I thought she was STILL pregnant. Yep STILL. Yes she WAS pregnant. 

This is all the proof I need that she was. Sweet pea giving her a kick.

Kristen arriving at Clouds of Sils Maria premiere. No the man in the car is not her date.

You know the dipshidiots went there. It is her manager Ken Kaplan. Nice to see him there as he usually doesn't show up at these things with her. 

Kristen looking stunning!

 She's Rockin the Chanel pantsuit!

Too Beautiful for words!

 White with the red hair was  a good choice!

 And you knew the shoes were coming off right? Just call her our Barefoot Contessa.

 And your first commercial break is brought to you by...


Ruth planting her face to the floor.

And sweet Kristen running to make sure she's okay.

ruth bernstein ‏@ruth_bernstein  8h
Au revoir Cannes, it's been a trip... #obviousjoke

Lol. love you Ruth!

And now back to our regular scheduled programming...

 Kristen appreciating a fans sign for her. 


Too adorable.

Kristen in another Chanel  illusion dress. I want those shoes!

And cue the drama. Yep she's showing off her post baby tummy. Of course the haters were right on cue.  Her actually having the baby makes me a liar some how. I was attacked left and right and everywhere in between.

The knives came out. 

And what exactly did they think would happen? She would never have the baby? And No I don't know when she DID have the baby. There are plenty of theories on that. Take your pick. 

The holier than thou jackasses descended from the heavens telling me how righteous they were and how wrong I was. How could I hurt so many gullible people. They are adults and free to believe what they want.  As for gullible no they aren't. What they do have that the jackasses don't possess is common sense and a pair of eyes that are wide open and see what is right in front of them. 

Maybe the jackasses just need a pair of these.

Then maybe they could see this...

is a lot different than this.

And this...

is a lot different than this.

And  this...

is a lot different than this.

And with that I have one more thing to say to the jackasses...

And now we will take another commercial break brought to you by...

The Attack of The Twi Moms!

And now back to our regular scheduled programming...

 Let's wind this thing up with some funny and sweet...

Looks like Boobgate lady is out of luck!

Still sharing as always. Someday those glasses are going to write a tell all and it will be a best seller.

Notice the tan line around Rob's ring finger. Trying to tell us something Rob?

Aww the memories!

Thank you Rob and Kristen for all the great Cannes moments. Hopefully more to come in the future!

And one last surprise...

Don't look below if you don't want to be spoiled!


Rob in Maps To The Stars!