Friday, July 25, 2014


Get together with the cuz was all good!

First off she would like to thank the dipshidiots for all their concern over her violating her NDA .

Yep Kristen and Rob still have a baby. Did you think that would change? No they are not bad parents because they don't spend 24/7 together. They spend plenty of time as a family that we don't know about. Ashton Kutcher goes off to Brazil with out his pregnant girlfriend and of course that's different. Right? Funny how the fandom pregnancy police have no response when you ask them about this.

Who's taking care of Marlowe while Tom and Sienna hit the town? No they are not bad parents either. 

Just like Rob and Kristen they have plenty of people to help them out with childcare if they want to go out for the evening  separately or together. 

Can't believe she is two already! Adorable! Looking forward to the day when we get a pic like this of Rob, Kristen, and Sweet Pea. Sigh.

Oh by the way cuz says pink flamingos were definitely a clue lol. 

The cuz wouldn't tell me her name but said it does not begin with an R. We can cross Roberta off our list.

Thats okay Kristen .We don't need to know her name. It's more fun trying to guess anyway! 

As far as diaper (or nappies as Rob calls them) duties go she said Rob is up for changing a number one but if it's number two he runs for the hills lol.

I poured the cuz a little more Grey Goose and asked her the marriage question. Are they? Aren't they? or somewhere in between? (Engaged?)

Yes they are married! She would not say when or where they got married (she did say no not in L.A). Woot! This is the first time I've got her to confirm anything about them being married.

Is that his wedding ring on his finger? Could be. Wink.

She also said yes Kristen was in L.A on Rob's birthday. Taco stand she's pretty sure on but doesn't want to say 100 percent. July 4th is a definite yes. The other pool party she has no clue on. She may not have a clue on the other pool party but here's  a little clue....

Same shirt? Maybe.

 Three out of four isn't bad.

As for where they live no she's not going to tell us where but yes they do live TOGETHER. Rob doesn't live under a bridge or sleep on an air mattress. He lives with Kristen and sleeps with her. Among other things. 

I told her about a certain holier than thou person with a flowery name who insists that Kristen was actually smoking pot while pregnant when filming AU. Her first response is unrepeatable. Then she asked what this persons IQ was. I told her according to this person she knows that Kristen doesn't have a scene where she smokes pot in the movie. She just laughed and said she plays a stoner so she most definitely does. IN THE MOVIE. NOT FOR REAL. She said this person will be surprised when the movie comes out and there are several scenes where she is smoking pot and drinking.  I told her the sad part is this person would rather paint Kristen as a pot head rather than her be pregnant.

Her message to us is this. Have a little faith in what Rob and Kristen have together. Just because you don't see daily pics of them together like other celebrities who WANT to sell their relationship to the tabs  doesn't mean their relationship doesn't exist. It most certainly does. 

 Yep I believe because there's nothing that is telling me not too.

Having said that we are always still looking for clues to convince us what we already know to be true.

 Oh like say this....

 Kristen at LAX  leaving for Japan. With Rob's back pack for good measure. Oh but wait it gets better....

Rob's guitar made the trip too. I would so be carrying my exes guitar across the globe a year after we  supposedly broke up. 

Kristen landed safely in Japan.

And then we got this....

 "@yashishishi: Kristen signed my Harper's Bazzar with an angelic smile <3  Goodbye world pic.twitter.com/JgGrNcyKWm" OMG, OMG!!! <3333333

Yep I would sign it angelically if it was my supposedly hated ex. 

Oliver Assayas did an interview where he talked about Kristen. He mentioned something about a recent breakup and the dipshidiots with their lack of reading comprehension skills turned it into something it wasn't.

I hadn't made things easy for her, the set was situated in some of the regions the most secluded in Europe, Leipzig, then Engadine and finally South-Tyrol. She was alone most of the time - the tabloids were talking a lot about a recent breakup - an assistant for every company, of course, smiley and devoted. It isn't the only geographical remoteness - difficult to come back to L.A. for the week-end, nonetheless - rather the situation of vulnerability that she was putting herself in.

 All the dipshidiots saw were the words recent breakup and immediately concluded he was confirming that Rob and Kristen broke up. Nope he did not. He was simply talking about the tabloids and the bs they were spouting.

Dakota Fanning. One of Kristen's closest friends.

Q: Music is a huge factor in the movie, and it was scored by the 
amazing Jenny Lewis. Did you by any chance catch her new music video 
with Kristen Stewart and Anne Hathaway?

"I did! Well, Kristen is one of my closest friends so I knew about it 
when she was filming it. It was really fun to work with Jenny. She’s 
very close with Naomi and I was so excited to meet her! I think the 
music [in the movie] is so amazing."

There are actually fools out there that believe that Dakota would stab her closest friend Kristen in the back by setting up another friend with Rob. No she wouldn't especially when that closest friend is STILL with Rob. Married to him in fact. 

Rob having a bowling night out with friends. 

Zac Efron being among those friends. The dipshidiots of the Rob hating variety were making vicious remarks about Rob and Zac hanging out together. Drug addicts, gay lover, you get the picture. Oh by the way the dipshidiots can give up on the blonde in the picture too. The guy to the furthest right is her boyfriend. No mystery date number 1,000,000 whatever.

I was kind of disappointed we didn't get to see Rob in his bowling shoes. His orange socks with bowling shoes would have been a hoot. 

Jamie Dornan got some bowling in while in NYC for Fifty promo.

Is Rob starting a trend?

 Jamie is fast finding out how crazy it's going to get. He couldn't stay at the bowling alley too long because fans started to create chaos.

Fifty Trailer!
Over 7 millions views in two days. Wow.


I'm loving Jamie Dornan as Christain but not really feeling Dakota Johnson as Anna.
Which is okay because Jamie is more than making up for it .

                 They did a funny interview where Dakota got Jamie with the word Fluffer. I'm wondering how many people googled it to see what it meant.



A fluffer is a person employed to keep a male adult film star aroused on the set. These duties, which do not necessarily involve touching the actors, are considered part of the makeup department.

Okay Dakota you got him on that one  lol. 

I can only imagine if Kristen would have said that word to Rob in an interview. The reaction would have been priceless. 

And I'm going to close it out with this...

This little girl...

Has grown into this...

Mackensie Foy you are beautiful!

Remember to not let the bs get to you. It will be flying thick with Kristen in Japan. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pictures Create Drama And More Drama

Pictures create drama and more drama. We got plenty of both this past week.

First was this pic of Rob at a party. When this pic first came out I and a lot of other people thought it was a not Rob. Sue me.

You know where the dipshidiots and the tabs went with this right?

According to Marc Malkin Rob was flirting with multiple models.Yes the same Marc Malkin who got burned by Dylan Penn. Some fools never learn I guess.

He looks more interested in who is texting him on his phone than the bar sluts all over the place. 

Kristen: Sweet pea and I miss you.
Rob: Bored out of my mind. Miss my two beautiful loves too. Will be home soon.

Come on you know it happened !

Then we got this pic.

Rob July 4th at Ashley Greene's pool party. How much you wanna bet the dipshidiots tried to hook him up with the model in front? 

Hope they didn't wager their life savings on Kristen not being there with him. Hehe.

So let's see. We have Rob and Kristen together on June 21st (taco truck) and July 4th  at Ashley Greene's pool party. 

I think we can safely cross off October as the last time they have been seen together and move it up to July 4th lol. I think it's also safe to say she wasn't in Hawaii, Oregon or Timbuktu.

But wait it gets better!

 This is another pic. Rob at a pool party on June 28th. (Wow that'a a big pool party! Too many people for my taste.)

According to a source for Gossip Cop Rob was looking single...

Our insider notes that Pattinson was not necessarily approaching women, but he’s “showing up at a lot of parties these days… He looks single.”

Great journalism there. Pulitzer prize winning stuff. This was Gossip Cop's way of reassuring the only commenters they have left. Unattached Rob for the Robsessed. They get more pathetic by the day and it's hilarious to watch them beg.

On June 28, The Rover star enjoyed the VOCO Summer Kickoff pool party in Beverly Hills, where Pattinson and other dudes were outnumbered by women in “sexy bikinis and high heels.”

Guess their source missed Kristen at the party too. Circles for the mentally challenged that want to ignore the truth.

 If you are keeping count that's three sightings with pics in a two week period. I'm sure the dipshidiots have their excuses handy for all three. 

Shout out to Mama Nails for all her hard work! You rock lady!

There were a couple more pics of Rob.

Doesn't look to be ready to move back to England anytime soon does he.

Rob out with friends at a concert on  July 12th. He seems to be going for the mountain man look again (Not my fav look but hey it's his down time not mine. I prefer a little stubble Rob).

Now according to the dipshidiots these pictures should ring the death nell for us. We should pack up our tents and give up. Don't hold your breath on that.

 And of course Rob is a bad daddy for going out with friends....

Ashton Kutcher in Brazil at the World Cup Finals drinking and having fun. While leaving his pregnant girlfriend Mila Kunis in L.A. 

He didn't seem in a hurry to get back.

Is he a bad daddy to be too? Funny how this fandoms pregnancy police haven't said a word about this isn't it? Hypocrite is a good word to describe them.

And now let's switch gears and get ready for some beautiful Kristen!

She cut her hair and I love it! Kristen said it will be going even shorter for Equals. 

 She cut it in her hotel room the same morning! 
She said how free it made her feel. Of course the dipshidiots took that to mean free of Rob. That's why she cut it. 

 I call this her I dream of Jeanie outfit. She slays it!

Who wore it better? Kristen of course!

Posing with Dakota Johnston. I am so ready for some Fifty.

Looking beautiful! Love the hat!

Before and After. If you can't see the difference there's no hope for you.

We have some ingenious fans out there. Cuteness overload!

Kristen out and about with Alicia. Of course this means Kristen has suddenly turned gay. Alicia is wearing Kristen's shirt so this means they are together romantically and we should now shut up about Kristen wearing Rob's clothes according to dipshidiots warped logic. 

Alicia wearing  Kristen's shirt has what to do with Kristen still wearing her supposed exes clothes a year later how again? 

Yep. All three of them in the same shirt. It still doesn't explain why a woman would still be wearing her exes clothes a year later does it. The dipshidiots excuses are wearing a little thin. Literally.


Kristen surprises us again! New Jenny Lewis video with Kristen, Anne Hathaway, and Brie Larson.

You know she had to be fangirling when asked to to be in this video! Cross that one off your bucket list Kristen. Done deal.

Rock it girl!

This from the woman whose haters say she can't smile and have fun.

Just three chicks jamming!

George Clooney blasted Daily Mail for its disparaging remarks about his future mother in law. They tried to apologize but George didn't back down and refused their apology.

Read About It Here!

We also had an ugly incident on this blogs comment section. A racist remark was made against one of our Havenettes, Vernier. And just like George she got a lame apology and refused to back down.

George and Vernier deserve a hand for not giving in to these vile people.

                                                              BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO!

This is a little something I found that explains what the gossip rags are all about! Eye opening!

Confessions of a gossip magazine writer
8 HOURS AGO JULY 13, 2014 2:00PM

YOU can spot a gossip rag a mile away.

It will say Kim Kardashian (with her “$22 million booty”) is divorcing Kanye West, while the one next to it on the shelf will tell you she’s pregnant with his second child — and said child
already has an album deal. With Blue Ivy.

It will read, “Kim’s baby shock!” and you will lap it up.

If this article were a movie, you’d now be watching a 20-year-old girl walk through the halls of one of the country’s biggest magazine houses.

She’s starry eyed, Bambi-legged and ready to make a good impression on her first day at a gossip glossy.

Scene 2: two weeks later. That same girl is being presented with a set of intriguing photographs of a famous person.
Would she like to break the news story behind the photos? She most certainly would!

She feels prepared, because she’s been spending her days researching what ingredients make up BeyoncĂ©’s Master Cleanse (lemons and cayenne pepper) and speculating why Snooki from Jersey Shore wore ugg boots to the beach (answer: because it’s Snooki from Jersey Shore).

That girl was me. “Your reading shock!” the headline of your life now, no doubt, reads.

All those three-hour-long university lectures on moral integrity? They joined the lessons in thorough research and reputable sources flying out the window quicker than you can say “two pages in a national magazine?! Yes, please!”
But there’s always a catch. And this one was that the only information I had on what was actually happening in the photos was … the photos themselves. Convenient, eh?

Scene 3: A troubled starlet sits in a grimy LA street, puffing on what I can only assume is her third Marlboro Light and covering her eyes.

Is she crying? Is she applying mascara (badly)? Or has she simply read a hilarious text message and is now in fits of laughter?

I had no idea, but I was quickly schooled in the art of writing a gossip story. Legally, I could call myself an “onlooker” based purely on the fact I was literally looking at the photos. Handy. I was also “an industry insider”.
And, yes, even a “source close to”. Hear that? It’s the sound of the glass shattering in your mind. How did the story end?

I handed in my copy, the editor loved it and I felt pretty darn good.

Scene 4: A man comes up to comfort Crying Starlet, and, according to … me, is pushed away. She is inconsolable (in my defence, she was obviously teary), because she has just been dumped.

By a celebrity who will remain anonymous so as to protect my own now-non-existent-gossip-magazine-writing career.
Bet you never saw that one coming as you read my story in the check-out line waiting to buy your lemons and cayenne pepper.
I should have known my creative writing skills would be called upon. In my job interview, when I’d tried to impress the editor with my big contact book in case, you know, she needed quotes from certain celebs or friends of celebs, she’d looked at me as if I were mad and said, “Oh, we don’t really use contacts!”

As I soon learned, my little ‘writing around photos’ jaunt was the tip of the proverbial gossip iceberg.
An iceberg so large that it could sink Titanic II (which apparently exists — along with Jennifer Aniston’s baby).

If we didn’t trust our own eyes enough to draw conclusions from the “exclusive photographs!” that came across the newsdesk (is she drunk or blinking?), we’d phone the photographer to source “eyewitness” comments.
Technically, they were eyewitnesses because they were there.

And for when we were feeling slightly more ethical, there was our man in Brisbane.

We’d write an email to him, saying, “We’ve heard Brad and Ange are getting married/divorced/moving to Mars. Can you confi rm this with your sources?” Within a couple of hours we’d get a long email back from his “sources” (aka him) confirming exactly what we’d asked about (“Yes, they are”). And to think my editor “didn’t use contacts” …

Journalism is about fresh ideas and groundbreaking investigations. So it’s only natural we would also go through clips from UK and US papers and magazines, and decide in the ‘news’ meeting which stories we would rewrite under the headline, “It’s a scoop!”

I know I’m being harsh, but it’s out of love and understanding.

I quote the home of all truths, urbandictionary.com, in defining a gossip rag best as: “A magazine or blog containing rumour, speculation and trivial information, generally about celebrities. Often presented in a catty manner.”
See! Rumour; catty; rumours about cats.

So let’s give the gossip magazines a break and see them for what they are: wonderful entertainment and nutritional advice.
Because everyone knows celebrities eat only steamed vegetables and chicken for dinner. Every night.
Stop the presses: it’s a scoop!

Daniel Radcliffe supporting his friend Rob!

Let's close this out with the coolest chicks ever!