Friday, May 31, 2013

Hkn Rob And Kristen Update: Message From Relative

Hello everyone. I don't usually do this and some people will judge me for coming here. So be it. But the ugly viciousness and attacks on innocent people has got to stop. Katy Perry is nothing but a good friend to both Rob and Kristen. There is nothing going on romantically between Rob and Katy Perry. Secondly Rob was not in Santa Barbara with Katy Perry as friends or otherwise. Your vicious and hurtful attacks on her and Rob are uncalled for.

No one from either side of things is talking to anyone including People, Us, Gossip Cop or any other outlet. They do not ever talk about their personal lives to any of these people. (Kristen's apology in July being the exception to their rule) No one is playing games with the other via entertainment outlets period. Commenting to these outlets about their personal lives is not part of Nick Frenkel or Ruth Bernstein's job.

This all started because X17 took some pics of Kristen out the night (or afternoon depending on who you talk to) of Robs birthday and looking upset. Other tabs jumped into the fray and exaggerated this into a nasty break up of epic proportions. Kristen spent Robs birthday with him in private. Checking on a hurt friend does not negate this.

Next we get pics of Rob leaving Kristen's home with some of his belongings and going to his home. This of course adds fuel to the fire and the tabs pic up on this and  run with it.

I'm saying this in general terms. I will not get into specifics except to say what is going on now has nothing to do with what happened in July. AFTER Robs birthday there was an argument of some kind. It got heated enough for him to pack his things and go back to his home. Two stubborn people refusing to budge. Been there and done that more than a few times in my life. Someone is trying to reach out to the other and I feel this will be resolved soon.

The sad part of this is? This is just two normal people going through some relationship woes. And because of the position they are in it gets blown so far out of proportion that the truth can not even be seen anymore. They are followed relentlessly. Obsessive paps follow their every move. Multiply this about ten times for what it is for most celebrities and you get the picture. Can you imagine if someone followed you everywhere you went? They take a pic of you having a bad moment and make up their own narrative of what is happening.

Some of you call yourselves fans but I highly doubt that you are. You can not say you are a fan of someone and in the same breath attack someone they care about and love. Do you think either of them appreciate this kind of behavior from you? No matter what happens next everyone needs to take a step back and treat both of these young people with the respect they deserve.

Thank you.

This is Hkn! We've both had too much of this and hope you all have a great night!!!!!!!!!

Hkn Rob And Kristen Update: Message Coming Soon!

Get ready peeps! Shes on a tear!!!!!! A couple of drinks and shes writing an essay lol!

Hkn Rob And Kristen Update: Birdies Are Chirping!

The birdies are chirping and what they are saying isn't jiving with what the tabloids are feeding you. There is no nasty break up. Since when does a fight constitute a break up? That's the problem with them both having houses minutes apart from each other. A fight happens and instead of sorting things out  one of them can load some of their things in a truck and go sulk for a week or two. My parents have been married fifty years and my dad is a master at sulking. He can go days to weeks without saying a word to my mom lol. That can only be worse when someone has a seperate house to run off too. And of course the tabloids take this as a break up. But the sulking may be winding down.

  The news I'm getting is there is movement afoot. Someone we all know and love is reaching out an olive branch:

Hopefully this overblown drama is coming to an end. 

My relative is just sickened by the rumors and lies going around right now. She will be coming on here later tonight and addressing some of those.  Including the Rob and Katy bull. Not sure exactly what time . Will post an update when I'm sure.

Until then hang in there! Brighter days are coming!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

There Are Just No Words

There are no words for the stupidity of some people.

Haters are desperate and a little worried. How can you tell? They make up tweets about Rob being with anyone other than Kristen. 

Zooni Khosla ‏@zoonikhosla said she saw Rob at a resort in Santa Barbara with 2 to 3 other people lol. 

And then she dropped her bomb. Katy Perry is there too with someone who looks like her mom.

She has pics of herself in Santa Barbara so this means shes a beacon of truth according to the haters. 

Of course she had excuses for not getting pics. And no one else in this wedding party got pics? They were all  these paragons of virtue and respected Rob and Katy's privacy lmao!

Stephanie Sands ‏@GoldySands

Robert Pattinson & Katy Perry at the rehearsal! New item?

Of course she had a friend to back her up lol. Of course still no pic.

Theses paragons of virtue then proceeded to sell their story to People. Yep People that oh so credible mag that picked up a story based on two false tweets.( Did I mention Katy Perry was tweeting about recording why this was all going down? yeah that.) Within an hr People removed the story. Now why would they do that? Because they found out it was a lie.

I love real pr pro:

@sjjw clarification on your last tweet - the only thing that can make a reputable publication take down a story is to be presented with evidence that shows it wasn't true. To think that any rep can get a published story pulled simply with a threat is wrong - if that were true nothing but puff pieces would ever appear. They might be able to suppress stories that way but they cant get them pulled without proof that the story was inaccurate. And they only tend to make that effort when they are dealing with a reputable publication. 
As some of you know in the hospital for a few days dealing with some post op complications so that's why I've been off the grid - but this is one of those things that I can't stand by and watch be misconstrued or misrepresented. Not that I think that EVER happens in this fandom...

Yep they got word it was bull. I'm guessing someone informed them that Katy was recording there fore couldn't be somewhere with Rob.

oh and this lmao!:
@CelebUpdate: Katy Perry, John Mayer Reunite, Flirt at Her Memorial Day Party: USWEEKLY on MAY 27!!!

The haters are getting rabid. They need to remember what happened last time they got over invested in a broken up for good  rumor:

Keep it up haters. Your hate just drives them closer.  They circle the wagons and hold on and don't let go.

Yep its always what happens sooner or later.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hkn Rob and Kristen Update!

I have finally heard some news from my relative. Whatever is going on is not as serious as the tabs make it out to be.  Uhm we already knew that right? :):):) And this. The fat lady isn't even close to singing.

Sounds to me like they had a fight and we have two stubborn people neither of which wants to be the first to cry uncle. My moneys on Rob how bout you lol! Because seriously the woman is going to hold out longer than the man without getting any. Just saying.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Connecting Dots That May Not Connect

I usually hate TMZ  but Harv has a point. People are trying to connect dots that may not connect. Speaking of Rob supposedly moving out. You think  some trash bags full of clothes,a couple of suitcases and two bikes is all he had at LF2? He lived there for quite a while. I'm thinking there's a lot more. And then  there's this:

Rob arriving at LF2 Yesterday. The funny thing? The paps got a pic of him arriving but no pic of him leaving? Really? Riddle me this . He's already taken his stuff. Why is he visiting his reported exes house? Yeah explain that one haters.

Now we also got a pod arriving at the same community Kristen lives in.:

Okay notice how the tab said Kristen's house lol. There are no pics of this pod at Kristen's house. Its a big community where a lot of people live. It could belong to anybody.

Trying to connect dots that aren't there.

We also got some pics of Kristen:

 The worst editing job I have ever seen lol! Whats on her middle finger that they are so determined to erase I wonder.

Yep still trying to connect dots that aren't there. And if they aren't you can always use photoshop to make the dot magically appear.

The paps were saying nasty vile things to Kristen and she gave them the what for. Give it to em Kristen! They deserve every bit of it.

The many multiple personalities of Lainey surfaced again and of course she covered her rear and said for now lol! She was trying to play matchmaker already. Wouldn't do that just yet Lainey. Your jumping the gun there a bit. Especially since there's no solid proof that they have broken up.

 And we got this picture which had the haters wishing that it meant Rob was cheating while in NY by himself.

All this is is a man having a night out with friends. Key word there is friends. 

And last I leave you with this because with all the bull floating around we need a good laugh:

Monday, May 20, 2013

Calm Down And Dont Drink The Kool Aid!

This needs to be remembered right now. A lot of crap being spread right now. New pics of Rob emerged supposedly moving his stuff from Kristen's house. Wait a minute according to the haters he wasn't living at her house right? Yeah that. These pictures show him  moving some things from one place to the other. NOTHING more. 

My little birdie told me she has heard nothing about what has been going on. This is a good thing. If it was major she would of heard. Most of these stories are saying she didn't spend his birthday with him. Yeah she did and whatever if anything  is happening I'm doubting its anything serious. 

All of these stories and I do mean all are copying and pasting with added embellishments form the x17 story. Its like the game telephone. And each time the bull crap  gets worse.

My favorite was form E Online. Snowflake ( Ken Baker needs to hire some competent fiction writers):

"They are going to stay living at Kristen's house because of the dogs," the source continued. "It's not fully over or he would have moved out." 

Thanks for the laugh Kenny boy!

My opinion is is this is something that is being blown way out of proportion.Everyone needs to take a deep breath and count to ten. And STOP drinking the kool aid!

Remember this they were coming back from NY just a little over a week ago:

And these:

 Doesn't look like a couple in trouble to me. And Funny how all these tabs keep saying they will get back together. Covering all their bases I see. They don't want to get burned like last time lol.So my advice is to Stay calm and remember:

Friday, May 17, 2013

A Big Helping Of Crap

We had a big helping of this the last couple of days. Two trolls made themselves infamously stupid by punking the fandom yesterday. @SrewedOverGal 2  was twitter troll number one. She started a rumor that she slept with Rob. She later said she was a fan who said she did it to mess with the nonnnies.  Now a pissed off nonnie stole her twitter moniker and started bull crap number two. She posted that she slept with Rob and sold her story to the tabs and had pics of course. After she posted a cartoon pic ( I kid you not) she admitted that she just wanted to mess with the troll who messed with her. Got all that straight?

 Of course the haters were salivating at this news . They had victory in their sights lol. Now of course when they found out they were punked it got eerily quiet on the gossip cop message board.

Now after all this E decided to stick their two cents in on the x 17 crapola fest:

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson "Crazy in Love," but "Having Some Difficulties," Source Says

They then go on to say they are having difficulties. The problems according to E? "Priorities".  

What a load of crap. No They are not having problems. No priority issues either. A bunch of made up nonsense.

 And where does this all stop?

“The appeal Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have for the tabloids is obvious. When they create rumors about Stewart, Pattinson must be involved, and vice-versa. Two huge fandoms are thus joined to provide visits, sales, and revenues. And the tabloids will keep on cranking out tales for as long as fans and other interested parties continue visiting their sites and buying their magazine issues.”
—Alt Film Guide

And that right there says it all. Its not going to stop in the foreseeable future. This fandom is its own worst enemy sometimes. They will continue to make up crap as long as we buy into it and visit their sites. And they know we will. I'm guilty of it too. 

Another reason this will continue.? We got lucky in April and saw quite a bit of Rob and Kristen. But with Twilight behind us that isn't going to be the norm. We are going to go weeks, possibly months without seeing or hearing anything. And of course the haters will jump on this to start their lies and wishful thinking. 

Here's the thing. In the grand scheme of things the tabs, the trolls, haters, they all mean nothing in Rob and Kristen's lives. They will continue to happily live their lives ignoring and not even knowing these people even exist.

This is what we have to look forward too. They are in it for life. Count on it.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Load of Bull, Panic Attacks, And A Birthday

And here we go again. A tab prints a load of bull and the fandom goes nuts.  Here's the facts. There was no fight. period. nada. nothing. Only in the haters delusional dreams did this happen.

  Notice something in this pic? Yep the ring. The one that trust me has very special meaning. Oh and supposedly Kristen is crying and upset. Uhm. No. Annoyed yes. Upset no.

 Yeah pretty annoyed at the pap taking her pic. Guaranteed.

Everyone needs to calm down and take a chill pill. Really. So supposedly these pics were taken the night of Robs birthday and that of course means she didn't spend Robs birthday with him. And hows that? Because she spent a little bit of time with a friend that means she wasn't with Rob the rest of the day or evening? Yeah right. 

And another thing we are taking for granted that X17 is telling the truth about when these pics were taken. Because of course they are so trustworthy lol. 

real_pr_pro ‏@real_pr_pro1m

And FYI - for those going by camera time stamp data, that reflects the date the picture was last EDITED.

Yes they can adjust the date and time of the pic. Why would they do that?  Too make it match their fan fic story. 

 The best part of this fan fic? X17 is saying this took place in the afternoon. Funny how all their pics are taken at night. And they supposedly know first hand that she had a phone conversation with Rob for 45 minutes at another friends house. Where are the pics of this epic moment at the other house ? Really?  And funny no video either. Your slacking X17.

 Now the haters are rejoicing thinking this is their epic moment.Seriously. They have been burnt how many times now? oh wait EVERY TIME. 

 But in the end here's what matters . Rob and Kristen don't give shit what these people write or what the losers think. They live their lives the way they want to. Together and happy. And yes they spend time with friends. That's not going to change either. Get used to it. 

We just had this. You really think things changed that suddenly? No. Kinda happy he got the private birthday he wanted. They will continue to be and the haters will continue to be in denial.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Rob and Kristen Always TOGETHER, Haters Always Wrong

Rob and Kristen headed home TOGETHER from NYC. Yep that's right together. Some people need to get used to that fact. 

Checking for pesky paps and making sure his baby is okay.

Lol. I could actually see him saying this to her!

 And her saying this back.

Oh looky there,walking side by side for those that they think they don't do that enough.

Awesome post about encounter with Kristen at the Met Gala. Really sweet.

Of course the haters were pissed that they got burned with all their break up nonsense and Rob out with other women. Katy Perry's own people called the rumors  "pathetic". Yep the haters were shut down. Another hook up rumor bites the dust. What a surprise.

So with their break up and hook up dreams dashed the haters frantically looked for anything to pin their hopes on. And what did they find? It's Rob is an alcoholic day once again.

According to the haters Rob looks plastered in this pic:

Uhm no. Here's the video: 


He's looking at his phone. Wonder who is texting him? I'm betting a certain green eyed girl named Kristen that he adores.

The haters keep dreaming that there will be a break up soon ( August is their new end of PR agreement date lol. Some are already taking measures to cover their sorry butts if it doesn't happen then and stretching it out until December)

Okay. Here's the facts. If their relationship survived what happened last August what on earth do the loons think is going to break them up now? They are in a serious committed relationship. The loons will call it PR, fwb, anything rather than face the cold hard fact that they are together because they want to be not because they have to be.

And one final thing. Kristen's people did not confirm anything with Media Eye or any one else on twitter about attending Cannes. No how. No way. I hope she ends up going. If Rob goes to Cannes and she doesn't the haters will be hooking him up with any female within two feet of him. The fun part will watching the meltdowns when he goes back to Kristen afterwards. Like he ALWAYS does.

 In honor of Mothers Day :

Claire Pattinson with her wonderful son Rob!

Jules and Kristen. A mother who adores her only daughter and wants all her dreams to come true.

Happy Mother's Day!