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RealInfo •

Last week, I told you Kristen wasn't the girl in the truck with Ro, and that the reason the tabloids went with the unidentified red head headline was because they had conclusively ruled out Kristen as being the girl in the car. I also mentioned finding this out from my boyfriend who works for a company linked to all of this. You laughed and said I was lying. Well this week, I'd like to advise everybody to buckle their seat belts cause from what I just heard, it's going to be a bumpy ride. A hardcore shipper you all know and believe in is going to have some major explaining to do. I will be around LMAO at all of you. Next time, be a little bit nicer to people instead of calling them names even if you do think they are bsing. Tata!

Ill be holding my breath on waiting for that earth shattering news  that will make me have some explaining to do .

Okay first this person posted under a different moniker last week when she posted her drivel about the paps not believing it was Kristen because they knew she was out of town at that time. She is not Real Info. And now she is saying there are damming pics coming this week of Rob with another woman. 

Well I have some news for her. My source is saying different. Yes it was Kristen in the truck.  And that's not just my opinion now. Its being backed up by my source. She hasn't let me down yet so I'm going with it as FACT.

Second thing is the ring. Yes it is from Rob. Again it is being backed up by my source. FACT. Ring is from Rob.  When I asked her if it was engagement ring she just smiled and said "you can figure that one out on your own". (I hate when she does that. And she always has smirk on her face when she does. Guess I didn't give her enough of that Grey Goose!). I still say ENGAGEMENT ring . That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Another thing. Yes indeed Kristen bought Rob retro MTV Jacket. FACT. Does he have another MTV jacket that he wore to Beyonce concert? Hey if you got proof of that bring it on. I'd love to hear it. 

Uhm the pool thing shes not so sure of . (darnit lol ). I still think its Rob and Jamie (and possibly Kristen) but that will have to stay as my opinion for now.

Neither of them have been staying at their houses very much right now. The paps would be hounding them if they did. At least it's not a daily thing now. The pap thing will be resolved. And they know what they have to do to take care of it. It's already in the works.

They are solidly together and anyone who thinks different is the one who is in for a bumpy ride. They will both be filming movies soon and we will have a drought. The haters will be foaming with their drivel of on-set hookups. I can give you the list now and save you the trouble. Catlin Cronenberg, Sarah G, Julieanne Moore (yep I predict they will go there), and any other female within 2 feet of Rob.

I want all of you to stay positive. They are together. We all know that right? There will be a lot of bull spread around while they are filming and we need to just take it for what it is :

Because we know what really is:


irene said...

Ha ha, brilliant HKN!!!!

Of course they are still together...!!!!! Never thought otherwise...... That Anon was talking like all the believers would be out slitting their wrists if the news were bad, LMAO......!!
Much as I love these two with a passion and even more the two of them together, if they did decide to call it a day, that would be their business and fans would just have to accept it.....

But that ain't happening any time soon...... so let's see who will be crying into their cornflakes this time next week.....
Nonnies have had plenty practice at that during the last 4+ years........

Anonymous said...

Hey HKN...Another great update especially during this god awful drought but I just have one question for you. Did your source say anything about when we would be seeing them out together again? If so when?

felicity said...

i agree with you HKN, we have to be prepared for the rumor mill to spin like crazy. but we knew that already. it was to be expected, even without april happening. they always did that. everything to make it look like rob and kristen are done.

if.. and that's a big IF in my opinion,.. it will happen, that they call it a day..

than we have to accept it and to support them seperately..

(don't see that right now)

so.. thanks for the update..

have a nice day and hope your mom is okay..

and.. all those anons who try to bring the GC BS to this place.. go away.. have fun at GC or Robsesse.

but one thing.. 'DON'T CALL YOURSELF A ROB FAN!' because the picture you are painting about him is not a pretty one. and a real fan would NOT do that!

Holly said...

HNK thank you for the update. And this info!

felicity said...

@anonymous 10:48 a.m

well, i would guess we will see them together again, when the pappz are going to stop with holding pictures back?

that would be the first thing that needs to happen!!

we know that they do this.

Holly said...

How the source can know when and where we will see RK together? It is impossible.

And leave time to RK. They had a tough year. By papz, the media. And especially the fans. Who invented rumors.

They take their time to them. And we will see when it is time. And I even have favorite tabs BS. And RK is quiet, peaceful, not hunted.

msinmi said...

I want all of you to stay positive. They are together. We all know that right? There will be a lot of bull spread around while they are filming and we need to just take it for what it is :

Always have and always will. Come on people it's so obvious. Why do you make HKN work so hard so you can stop worrying. The only ones who should be worried right now is the haters,paps and tabs.Egg on your face is not a good look and they will be wearing it soon.

I'm with you, the man put a serious big ring on it. Engagement has a beautiful ring to it ;)))
Thanks for the update.Enjoy your week,I know I will;)))

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update HKN and all the other nice people keeping it positive life is to short for all the crap the trash rags are pumping out of the public sewer system called the media these days.And to the anon 11:22 only the ones who are afraid deep down keep coming here if you were so sure of yourself then why does it bother you what others think?Sounds like you should hit the freaking road and find someone else to ship.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:22 Btw you do realize there are 24 hrs in a day and in these pics we maybe see less than 2 min of their life so how do you know that Rob and Kristen haven't been seeing each other after all there is still 23 hrs and 58 min in a day that is unaccounted for that we do not see unless you have a GPS tracking or camera attached to both their behinds to know what they are doing.js

Tomoto said...

Thx HKN, as I said in my last post yesterday, "it is what is"! Haters and non-believers are the affected ones, because what is true doesn't fit their agendas or scenarios meant to spread the seed of doubt.

If we go about living our RLs solid in the notion RK are together and as much in love as they were from the beginning then we have no worries!

I just think those of us who "KNOW" can let the BS roll off our backs and turn the other cheek.

To all RK fans: Don't over think, don't over react, and above all trust what YOU KNOW and the next few moths will be fine. We have been right more than we have been wrong about them, trust in that!

Have a great day all.

smiley girl said...

Anon 11:22 - Why do you care what she writes? Trust me - we are all fully mature adults who at the end of the day know that this is their life - not ours. So what is wrong with having some positive discussion? I am not making any changes to my life or doing anything different based on what HKN is writing - I'd just rather read something positive over the disgusting crap posted on all the other sites. Again- we all KNOW this is a pro-Robsten site - what is the surprise? It sounds to me like you are way too invested in all of this and are taking her musings a bit too seriously and too personally. You need to walk away from this blog and maybe find something else to obsess about. We will ALL be just fine.

Madeline said...

Thank you HKN! I love your positive site. Common sense tells me that you speak the truth.
Now watch those cockroach ninnies scramble to your site and leave their hate because they are terrified that what you say may actually be true.

Unknown said...

If you believe that Hkn is not telling the truth, do you have pieces of evidence to substantiate your claim? As court proceedings go, the accused is presumed innocent unless proven guilty. Just wait for the truth to come out then label Hkn as you deem fit.

Anonymous said...

I had read you since GC days last year when most of the commenters doubted you...But I was on your side because you were so sure of yourself when you said they were together last year...So I believed you.( if it turn out not true, I will not be mad at you because I am the one chose to believe, you didn't force me). Thanks

To all non believers- we like positive news, if you don't like it, don't read, better yet, don't comment at all.

@smiley girl- I agreed.


Molly said...

Nicely done, HKN!!!!
Shutting the haters down yet again. Rob and Kris are just fine and probably just want a little privacy. They deserve it. :)

LizzieD said...

HKN -- Thank you for a great post!!! I apologized that I missed the one from yesterday so had to play "catch-up" today.

We KNOW "our kids" are together!!! Maybe not exactly which house they're in but that's okay with me. As for seeing them together ... I think it'll be a LONG TIME ... we should prepare for a drought. But, hopefully with both of them filming we'll get little pics of each of them ... better than nothing, right?

I believe they'll continue to give us little "hints" and it's up to us to pick up the hints and KNOW what they're telling us.

A NOTE ABOUT THE MTV JACKET: That thing has been worn to death, LOL, did anyone notice the tear in the sleeve? And he wears those Balenciaga shoes everywhere these days.

Anonymous said...

HKN - Don't you think if they got married, the papps would be done with the "bored married couple" etc? I am sure RK have thought about this. So, is that an option for them?

RKsoulmates913 said...

ANON 11:22

Who said we believe HKN blindly? There are SIGNS out there, and lots of them. The pieces of the puzzles are connecting with what she is saying! We HAVE EYES. We connect the dots.

She reinforces the FACTS.

We are not stupid, THE FACTS are there, they are happening. FULL FORCE. It's glad to know she has someone to undergird the facts.

It's simples as: 1+1=2

This is HKN's blog, if we choose to come here , it's our choice.

Go and find your way back to the shithole you came from. And take your robsessed friends with you.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Jeez people calm the f*** down! HKN will say what she wants and it's up to you to believe it or not. She is not shoving her info down your throats, if you dont like what she has to say then move along my friends. After all this is HER blog.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

ohhh and @RKsoulmates. I realized the comment you replied to was the one that was removed. Let me just say this It's okay to be a fan of rob and kristens but you my dear are not only being disrespectful and blind to your own kind but you are acting very immature. Grow up. Don't be a fan of either rob or kristen if you believe anyone close to them could come on here and answer questions that only Rob or Kristen themselves would know. Get your head out of the mud and stop being a temperamental brat like some of the other embarrassments to this fandom.

Happygirl said...

Thank you HKN! We all know that RK together! they gave us so many hints.

Anonymous said...

Thanks HKN..the haters are all churned up right now..must be their instincts telling them what they do not want to hear...LOL...thanks for the updates ..I look forward to them to keep me going thru the week...Any one with even half of a functioning brain should be able to see that the red head in the truck is KRISTEN..... I cannot believe how much hatred affects a person's perceptions...! Andreana

Anonymous said...
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Holly said...

Who says they are married?

HNK did not say that. Rob has already offered a multitude of jewelry Kris. each having a different meaning. Maybe it is not an engagement ring. For me it is not. Just a promise ring. Engagement promise in the future. Each interpreted.

And I still think that we should not say that everyone who does not believe in RK should not come here. On the contrary. Come and give your point of view. But argued.

With facts, items of evidence.

I asked Anon, on the previous post, I answer 4 questions. I'm still waiting for my answers.

As for HNK, if lying to us, she knows that it is worse than anything. Worse than the haters. Worse than the media. Worse than tabs. Worse than anything she hates.

And if Anon speaks the truth. Supposedly we will see Rob's girlfriend, next week. And well. Expect. And if nothing comes. So I would like to have their argument. That is why, not the anon who does not believe in RK should not leave. Each at a point of view. Share.

What I see is that the haters are convinced that RK are separated. Yet they are more afraid than we are. Those who believe in R and K.

icrodriguez said...

It's a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!! Thank you HKN!

Hatersknownothing said...

happy birthday icrodriguez! glad I could give you a present lol!

icrodriguez said...


Hatersknownothing said...

pool gate lives!


are these Kristen's shoes?

LizzieD said...

TO THE DOUBTERS--- believe what you WANT to believe. I suppose that even if they made some announcement (not going to happen) you'd still be doubtful. So I say go ship someone else. They could be married for all we know right now and we wouldn't know about it.

Like RKSOULEMATES913 says, we don't always agree with what HKN says (hides face) but we respect what she has to say just like anyone else.

The evidence speaks for itself. Geez, Rob & Kristen were in a vehicle TOGETHER only 10 days ago. And 2 weeks before that, it "appears" that Kristen was at a party at Rob's house. And so on and so on, and exes don't wear each other's clothes ... ain't happening on either side. BUT, yes, that is what we are seeing!!!

Anonymous said...

hkn, I thank you for hope
I have a difficult question for you and your cousin, I know that the reply knows only Kristen, but perhaps I will get some grounds, why Kristen took the golden ring so suddenly, carried this ring so long and faithfully, where from this decision?

Tomoto said...

To anons posting as RK fans: if you are really fans, have the guts to reveal yourselves rather than posting as "Anonymous". Or wait... Maybe you are just trolls and haters posing as fans so HKN doesn't delete your drivel.

Take your own advice, "YOU grow up!"

Had2BU said...

First of all, thank you very much HKN for doing all this - taking the time to unravel mysteries and fighting for the truth!

Honestly, I cannot understand how any sane fan of Rob, whether that person likes Kristen or not, can really believe that their whole relationship is for promotional purposes only and still admire Rob for the person he is!! Because @felicity said it right: that doesn't paint a pretty picture of Rob and I definitely wouldn't want to be a fan of someone like that. They should be happy that ROB(!) is happy and content with his life and his love for Kristen and nothing else!

Furthermore, I've also heard that some world shattering news are coming our way - but in a good way. Someone has some interesting things to say that will supposedly destroy some rumors and lies. I don't know whether that is true or not, we will have to wait and see. What I do know, though, is that I hope wholeheartedly that whatever "bad news" comes our way doesn't reach the press. Because I've learned over the last couple of weeks that it hurts me to no end to read all this bullsh** and not be able to do anything about it. I have no clue how someone can already say TODAY that some compromising news and/or photos will be published some time the COMING WEEK. If whatever this is is so shocking that it will change things irrevocably than, believe me, the tabs wouldn't wait to publish it. Because in the end it's all about money!

So I say, let them come. We KNOW these two love each other to death. We BELIEVE in them. And the rest of the world, even though their hatred and disdain gets to me more often than not, can kiss my (and RK's) fu**ing a**, thank you very much!

Cough said...
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Had2BU said...

@Cough: they are not living in their houses at the moment because the last couple of weeks LF1 and LF2 were pretty much under constant observation by the papz (see the photos of the party in Rob's house). I'm pretty sure they both needed some time at a place where it is not that easy for papz to snap candids. And I'm sure that they are at this "unknown" place together - I really am!!

Hatersknownothing said...


Very well said! Exactly!

Anonymous said...

I sincerely wish that Rob and Kristen are together again.
But also do not understand why they can not be seen together. What's the problem?
I understand that they want their privacy. But it has several celebrity couples who have privacy concerns, and are photographed together.
Still, now that they do not have anything to do with the Saga. What makes me sadder is that rumors of separation will become ever greater. And we only have pictures of them with different people. Never together.
Rob and Kristen will start recording now. And the opportunities to see both in a single photo are remote.
HKN, you believe that even in this drought that is approaching, we have some joy photo of Rob and Kristen together?

felicity said...

@anonymous 01:57 pm..

how do you know that there are NO pics of them together? you only see, what the papz are selling to the magz/tabs/ragz.

they are holding pictures back! that's also, why we only have a few pics of the truck.. but so many of other occasions.

the papz would never publish pics of them together right now, if they would have them, because it does not fit into their storyline

grail said...

Anon 1:57: no other celebrity couple faces such extreme scrutiny or has such an over-invested fanbase. Who can you name? I can only think of one couple that comes close: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, but look at how they live—surrounded by staff, care providers for their children, always a huge retinue. And they are growing less popular with time. So that's the problem: Rob and Kristen can do nothing without stirring intense, nosy interest. Including threats to Kristen at times. And they don't want the retinue. Plus, horrible fans make up stories about them from innocent outings. Stealth is the only option for them.

RKsoulmates913 said...

ANON 12:42 PM

Am I bothering you? GOOD, it shows that I'm on the right track. YEAH I do Bother you, if I didn't , you wouldn't have bothered to talk to me.

"The world is not full of bullshit. But, they are strategically placed so that you'll come across one every day."

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.

I'm not afraid of it! What it has to be it'll be!

"A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on."

And THE best

"The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is."


#ItsALLgoodBabyBaby ;)

Saphire1231 said...

Yes!! Hi Five HKN.... Nice post honey... especially loving the comment regarding K's shoes in poolgate lol.

I am one fan who comes here because I detest the negativity on twitter and other places. Negativity gets more negativity and as long as you allow that... your life will have many problems!

As for our couple... I have always believed in them and the proof of my own eyesight. (5yrs worth of proof).

Being a part of this fandom has taught me several things...

1. The media culture is nasty and vicious and filled with lies/gossip

2. Gossip is Chinese Whispers gone mad, and repeating it is not worth your breath or your time!

3. There are too many unsupervised children in this fandom.

4. There are some very psychotic/committable individuals on the net who live for the negative influences and love to get involved in fandom's like this just to get their jollies by being hateful, invasive and disruptive.

5. There are some lovely people in this fandom who truly support Rob and Kristen in all their endeavours.

For those who come here to disrupt... go play elsewhere... your opinions are neither required nor believed! The delete button is specifically aimed at you!!

The lies, innuendo and misleading drivel out there is now being exposed with truth! It is very true that Karma never forgets an address LOL!

Personally... I have never doubted that our couple are together and will remain so. I have loved the recent pics signs/ring/clothing/shoes/etc., and will continue to appreciate all the like minded good fans who come here to share in the joy of knowing and caring about our young couple, their careers and their togetherness!

Cheers Chrissie

Anonymous said...

HKN loves me!!!!!!!

RK are fine!!



Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear that the pap situation is being taken care of. They deserve to live in peace.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure many of us have been in cars with males we were not in a relationship with. Therefore it is of no significance who is in the truck.

Glow said...

Thank you for another awesome post HKN ! I trust your posts and look forward to them . You go girl😊

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on HKN Haven! Sorry I was at church. Cooking and cleaning.
To HKN Haven- Great job on your blog.

edangel said...

Thanks for the post again HKN!!!

I have never doubted their 5 yr old relationship because though many may think they are young, still i think they are far more mature than many hollywood couples out there!!!

We have seen how proud is Kristen about Rob and Rob about Kristen!! They will continue to support each other to whatever extend it may take!!! Right now they both wanted the stalker papz to get away from their backs and they are doing as much possible to get rid of them!!

You know b4 starting a family you always make sure that things are more secure and safe to start a family and in my opinion thats what our couple are doing!! They wanted a safe and secure place without the hounding papz and other infuriating stuff before they take the plunge and enter the family world!!

People ask why they are not moving forward!! To me our couple are moving forward and taking every step to have a secure and safe life together!!!

He has put a ring on it and in no time there will be a matching band on both their fingers but before that they will take care of all the rats, cockroaches and parasites!! Because thats what everyone will do before entering a new home!! MAking sure that its free of any unhealthy roaches!!!!

Thanks again HKN and to all the believers!!! Continue Believing in them, THEY ARE TOGETHER AND SOMETHING BIGGER AND BETTER IS ON ITS WAY!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! I am about to go to bed.
edangel- I have say that I agree with you completely. I believe in my heart that they are together. So I agree with you there.
As for everyone I am going to bed. Keep me posted.

Sue from Holland said...

@HKN, Damn girl what are you doing to my heart so early on Monday morning.

I saw another pic of 'Poolgate' on RD from 2 days ago. Some friend of Kristen, allegedly, posted it, a man with black and scribbled whitish letters cap, worn backwards and a girl with reddish hair beside him. Now of course there is an element of wishful thinking but with all the signs, it definitely seems plausible to me.

@RKSoulmates913, there are so many signs lately, that I can't keep up with them. They were doing this last year too.
Have to be honest that I was never one of them CSI people, dissecting everything they wear but even I can see some obvious signs.
Whatever R&K do, they are doing it for themselves, trying to stay sane in the fckd up hateful fabricated world they live in.
All these years it's what I respected most about them, they always did it their way, they don't owe anybody anything, it's their lives not ours.
Anyway, no matter what they do, it will never be good, they'll always be scrutinized by some group.

So I gather the stalker psychotic straight jacket gang are in a frenzy to fabricate something? They really do prefer their 'Rob' to be a manwhore don't they? Says enough what kind of mentality these harpies have.

Anonymous said...

Hi HKN... If they are together. Then why we always get their sighting separate? They both in the same city,but they go out seperatedly not together. During April they go out & seems like dont care about pap.. Why they care now, if pap is their issue. I really hope what you tell us coming true just like last year.

Anonymous said...


New pool gate pic? Sounds interesting. Where did you see it again. I can't seem to locate it. Would love to have a look at it.

I truly believe all is well with RK, they just want to get on with their lives privately . Completely understandable, honestly, wouldn't that be what we would want too if we were them.


mlf said...


Found your blog a few weeks ago. Just love it!! I believe they never broke up. it was all made up and the media ate it up and know they will all look like unreliable fools. Good for R/K. I heard they will be both filming in LA. If the pic were so daming why not release them immediately. I bet they are not that good at photo monkeying yet. LOL

didi84 said...

Thank you for the post and for the info.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning all the HKN Haven! Hi everyone. Keep up the good work and keeping trolls and haters out. Keep me posted on our couple. Got to go. Have to babysit and working.

Anonymous said...

Hello to you all on this sane and lovely RK blog. I have been lurking here since you all came over from GC but am quite shy and don't usually post anywhere. I hope you don't mind my putting my thoughts out there but there are a few things that no one (that I have read anywhere) seems to have noticed/mentioned about what has been going on in recent months. Firstly I will say that I firmly believe that RK are fine and nothing as happened in the way of a break up. The photo's that came out of Kristen (supposedly on Rob's birthday) were seemingly at night when it was claimed they were in the afternoon. I personally don't believe these were really taken on Rob's birthday. The dates were messed with imo. I think its possible that RK may have been having issues about where to live to avoid the paps and I think that resulted in them packing up their stuff quickly including their bikes to move it all to Malibu or where ever it is they have chosen to stay at the moment. I think there was too much stuff in the back of the truck to be one person's and I wouldn't be surprised if Rob noticed he was being followed and went to LF1 instead of where he intended to go because he didn't want to lead them to where they were moving their stuff to.
I think they saw what was being written about them and decided to use it to their advantage a little. So have done their best not to be seen out too much together which is why there haven't been any/many fan sightings of them together. I wouldn't be surprised if there are pap pics of them together that are being withheld. I think Kristen removed the gold ring as Rob maybe had it incorporated into the new ring - yellow gold is used to make rose gold. There are percentages of certain metals to make golds certain colours. There are definitely diamonds in that ring too, but not big flashy ones as that wouldn't be RK's style and I also have a feeling there is a very special meaning to that ring :-) I couldn't help but notice how K was making sure it was noticed in Paris - the way she carried her hand - wore the ring on her right hand when signing autographs etc. I think it was RK pictured behind Sia at the party at LF1 and I have no doubt that it was Kristen in the truck and photshopping was used in an attempt to distort her features (lamely done). My friend uses photoshop software for their job and is convinced its been used and inconsistently so in those pics. I think this 'break up' story has and continues to be manufactured by the media for hits and they will get to a point where they have to back away and create the 'make-up' scenario when it becomes too apparent as to the real situation. But I don't see that happening for a while as they will be busy filming and physically be apart for that time so the media can stretch their bs out for a little longer yet. This is all just my opinion anyway and not based on anything other than what I can really see with my own eyes without be influenced by media or 'insiders'. That said I do really like HKN and hope she is genuine. I am sorry to have made such a long post on your site. I believe in them with you guys and think your all great. Keep the faith.

Sue from Holland said...

@Anon, 3:23 I've never done this before so I don't know if it's working or if I'm allowed to do this. It's HKN's blog, my apologies if I'm out of line HKN.

You see dark cap fellow and brown/reddish haired girl beside each other. Please I hope I'm not starting something.
Sorry on second thought I took the link away, I don't trust anyone and they could twist this around again.
If you want to see the pic, go to Robsten Dreams, post: "New pictures of Rob grocery shopping Beverly Hill July 5, 2013".
There are 111 comments, the one you're looking for is from 2 days ago, you'll see the pic as she (Steph) has it displayed out.

LizzieD said...

ANON 6:00AM --- THANK YOU!!! Great comments ... and so much of it can be true and probably is true. I def. believe they are together somewhere where they won't be hounded. Both of their houses have become too open to the world.

Please change from ANON to a NAME and please come back, okay?

Anonymous said...


RKsoulmates913 said...


I'm with about RK thinking about a better life for their new family TOGETHER. And you said "THEY ARE TOGETHER AND SOMETHING BIGGER AND BETTER IS ON ITS WAY!!! " I couldn't agree more with you.

We still have to be patient, and strong, LIEgazines, tabloidshit, media and haters are still going to try to sell this bullshit 'break up' story and paint Rob as a 'manwhore'. And they will bring some old and untrue things up again. Have faith and believe. It's All Good.

Whenever haters try to discourage you, remember what we have witnessed so far. LOVE! TRUE LOVE!

@Sue yeah we have lots of signs. if people don't wanna see...

isis said...

hello ladies : ) big kisses for you HKN : )

We all already knew all this but being confirmed by HKN source gives the word FACT the real meaning.

HKN i want to ask you this : It was Rob who made the first step for the reconciliation?


Sue from Holland said...

Anon, 7:34, haven't got a clue what you're trying to say or ask me.
I definitely think they are together but I'm not sure if that's what you want to hear or not.

Hatersknownothing said...

So Ruth is now following Jamie on twitter. very interesting.

LizzieD said...

HKN -- *waves* all happy and basking in the glow of RK's being together!! You just KNOW they had a nice, quiet weekend without paps :-)

Re: Ruth following Jamie ... it appears to me that they are all one big happy family, LOL. Hers and his ... OR, is it possible that Jamie was in LA for more than just a friendly visit with Rob & the OG? Maybe some screen testing or something? Just a wild guess.

Anonymous said...

@LizzieD Hi,Rob's friend Jamie is mainly a model and into photography it's interesting Jamie went to a black flag concert just before going to LA and then we see Kristen wearing a black flag shirt while in Paris and now Ruth is following Jamie on twitter!

bronzehyperion said...

I have ZERO doubt Rob and Kristen are together and engaged. Don't need confirmation from HKN's relative, though I thank her for (both of them) for making the constant effort to calm the insecure masses.

I am not even going to waste energy on the trolls, the haters, the doubters and the drama llamas. They are a waste of space on this and any blog/board which enjoys positive news on Rob and Kristen.

They will never be satisfied and will always hate and doubt and whine and bitch and they are not worth it. Period.

I do want to address one thing though, which is the ASSumption that nothing is confirmed until Rob and Kristen pop up together. I read somewhere on Twitter today "It's been 2 months since we had pictures of Rob and Kristen together."

Really? It has?

Did we not just debate Ping Pong Gate for a week?

It has NOT been 2 months. If you count the LF1 party pic, Ping Pong Gate pics, a few legitimate sightings and the extremely likely possiblity some smarmy pap has a drawer full of pics....

The thing is, people keep thinking it's up to Rob and Kristen to pop up. To fix this. To show how wrong the media is.

But they don't. This isn't their mess. This wasn't created by them.

So they don't need to fix, correct etc anything.

It'd be great if they did and hey...

...if you have been watching carefully, you probably noticed that they've been sending very subtle messages plus that big ass ring with which Rob totally "beyonced" Kristen.

A not so subtle message.

But this is not theirs to fix. Apart from some very common tension in a perfectly healthy relationship, resulting in what defiitely appears to be a wedding on the horizon (huzzah!), Rob and Kristen have been living their life in these past few months.


If anything, this is a drought. It sucks and we need to be patient.

But one look at that ring, knowing what it means, and a little patience sounds like a breeze after the shitstorm of false reporting and disgusting demafation of character we have had recently (not to metion last July..)

Anyway, apologies for the rant. I am a ranter.

HKN, re: Jamie/Ruth following each other. IMO, it's just more proof as is well. Very well :)

bronzehyperion said...

defamation... spelling is hard.

Hatersknownothing said...


your spelling isn't have as bad as mine. its legendary lol.

Anonymous said...

love your thoughts bronzehyperion @ 9:50 couldn't agree more. thanks.

irene said...

Hip, hip, hurrah for Bronze!!!

Love it, hon.....!!

LizzieD said...

BRONZE -- TOTALLY AGREE!!! And Jamie was with the OG for several days last week as his pics were the same place as their pics ...

FOR ANON who said Jamie is mostly a model ... I am aware, was just speculating that maybe he's contemplating doing something in the "business" ... perhaps even commercials or something?

But we ALL know that their lives are totally intertwined ... just go back to BD2 premiere and watch the pics of PapaStew and MamaPatz conversing over pics on their phone like two normal grandparents!!! You know they were looking at the dogs, LOL ...

Anonymous said...

Dear HKN! I am a concerned grandmother.
This site was recommended to me. My grandson is 13 years old and loves Rob and Kristen. You hear that they broke up. Since then, very sad and
of his soul. I want to comfort her. Can
I serve some real news that we
the truth?
I'm sorry, but I can not so good English.

broxton1223 said...

Love reading your post HKN :) I'm another one that believes everything is good with R/K :)

bronzehyperion said...

Lizzie, can you imagine the day they are swapping pics of ACTUAL grandchildren and not solely the grandpuppies.

(The 'Goldenchild' stuff is a little too Sci-Fi for me, but you know these kids, should they be blessed with them, are going to be gorgeous. :)

Anyway, happy all is quiet. Happy they're happy. :)

bronzehyperion said...

Anonymous at 10:46 AM. Rob and Kristen are fine. 100% together. I think HKN has made that pretty clear.

It's up to you if you believe or not.

Anonymous said...

Hugs my dear Bronze.You nailed it.

smiley girl said...

To Anon 6:00 am - Very well said. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

HKN so what you are saying is that Rob and Kristen have another place they are staying at?

Also the first part of this post is what some crazy posted right? It's not you talking

Anonymous said...

I think that it is obvious that Rob and Kristen aren't staying at either LF1 or LF2 because the media and paparazzi know exactly where both homes are. I believe that they are some place in California that must have stronger anti-paparazzi laws than there are at the moment in L.A. at least for the time being.

Anonymous said...

I really hope they take some legal action against the paps. Among many steps to fight/evade them.

felicity said...

seriously. i just saw that the papz worte 'i love Rob' on kristens car and were giggling at her, when she climbed in. i really hope that rob and kristen are able to do something against these f*cking a**holes. it is enough. they don't deserve to be treated like that

Anonymous said...

hmm.. new k pics.. where is the supposed ring? i do not see that bling ring, i see another weird ring. well there goes the rob gave her the ring assumption..

Unknown said...

Hi ladies, anon I see the ring open your eyes. Again, thanks for the update. This is only my second time posting. Am keeping the faith, because I never thought they broke up.

Anonymous said...

You can definitely see it's the same ring in a couple of the photos. It's the same distinct shape. It just didn't photograph as shiny, maybe because of the lighting or distance at which the photos were taken.

grail said...

What are you going on about, anon 3:46? I can easily imagine RP buying KS this great big "weird" gold ring, as you put it. Looks pretty cool to me. It just appeared recently, didn't it? hmm...

abby said...

can all those anons' who don't want to believe anything anyway, just go and leave us alone here?

they are so full of doubt that they would not see the light even if it would shine them directly into their eyes.

thanks for the update HKN.

Anonymous said...

Good morning hkn haven! I am up and getting ready for my water aerobics. Keep me posted on our couple.

Anonymous said...

Are people really questioning the ring on her finger lol! Lord, this fandom is crazy!

Much like her hair, the coloring of the ring can be distorted by light and distance (if you're into photography, you know this). It's the same ring people. But I guess their are those fans that are so insecure, the very thought that it's not the new "bling" ring she's been wearing must mean she isn't with Rob lol.

Reality check! Rob and Kristen AREN'T breaking up and getting back together on a daily bases! That would be insane. Keep claim and use your heads.

Another thought.......

Does it disturb anyone else to see how visibually upset Kristen is in these pics? And that some a**hole paps wrote that on her truck? Pure harrassment. Really wish there was some kind of legal action that could take place that would really make a difference.

I hope HKN's cousin is right, and they are making changes in their lives to get away from this situation.

Love them, and hate to see them hurting.....

edangel said...

She is wearing THE ring and ONLY that ring!! She is wearing his hat and may be his TShirt too!!!

The papz are 'f..ktards' who are nothing but a burden to the world!! They thought they will get a raise out of her but she did not even notice it and drove as fast as possible!!

When they are able to get pics of Rob @ a Dept Store and Kristen going to a studio then why not get a pic of them leaving LF1 or LF2?!!! why?!!! Because they both are staying in an undisclosed location spending time with only each other!!!

I think the haters believe that they are together more than anyone else and that subconscious feel makes them grasp all the straws!!! I pity them all!!

Anonymous said...

Anon at 5:33am. I have to say I agree with you on that part of the pictures of Kristen getting harrassment by these crazy papz. One of them had to wrote it.

isis said...


I don't think that is the new ring. If you see on the news pics of kristen the ring don't have diamonds.

If you compare with the ring that HKN put on her post, you see that even the color of the gold is different.

Maybe i'm seeing this wrong. But looks other ring.

Holly said...

A girl, especially Kristen does not clothing his supposed ex boyfriend!



The ring is the same. The light is different.

Think about it! Why put a ring that has the same shape? That looks like so much?

irene said...

It's the SAME RING..... It is just distorted in the light, and in many of the HQ pics, you can see it better.......

Anonymous said...

Irene and Holy- Don't forget the hoodie too. I believe that's Rob's too. So I agree with you both.

edangel said...


The ring does not have any diamonds!! it is just the cut in the ring and the metal makes it look like diamonds!! Guess its called as 'Machine cut' or something!!!

The ring that HKN posted and this ring is one and the same , just because of the light it looks darker and you can easily make out the designs and compare!! its the same ring!!

Anonymous said...

How sure are we that Kris was at Camp X office yesterday? Why she would take with her JUST the passport? No Backpack with her just like the last time she was REALLY at Camp X office? and she wasn´t too long in that place yesterday..Just saying hmmm

LikeCrazy said...

This ring has never had a diamond, neither here nor in Paris. It has a mixture of two metals, copper and silver, the silver details on contact with sunlight or flashes give the illusion of being diamonds, as well as the mixture of metals gives the illusion that the ring is orange, pink, copper, silver, but in the end is the same ring. Just look at all the pics of the airport, paris and yesterday.

grail said...

LikeCrazy, I'm not sure there diamonds, either, possibly small ones, but I'm sure it is not a copper/silver combo because that's frowned on by expert makers—those two metals interact in a nasty way.

Anonymous said...

Edangel agree with everything you said but the ring have diamonds...thjey are very very little and that's why with a different filter and shadow looks like just the design but the ring have diamonds...you cant see it really well yesterday because of the light nad the filter they used on the camerra.


felicity said...

and.. the ring is not copper and silver.

it is rose gold.

and rose gold does look very dark if you are in a shadow. and that's where her hand is in most of those pics from yesterday. but there are also enough pics, where you can see the ring shining in the sunlight. you have to look at all 87!!! pics they have of kristen..

i agree.. i highly doubt that this was a studio. i would guess that it was somewhere else in hollyweird.

the pappz just said it was at a studio for something related to camp-x-ray.. to make their storyline more interesting. IMHO

isis said...


thanks bb : ) i looked in the news pics and yes it's the same shape.

in the paris pics looks like the ring has diamonds.


Anonymous said...

sorry girls it's another ring not diamonds here...

grail said...

It's a testament to Kristen Stewart's superpowers that she can wear a big new ring in Paris and LA and magically cloud the eyes of certain people till gold turns to copper and diamonds to rusty metal!

Whatever the carats/alloy/provenance, this ring looks important to her.

irene said...

HA HA HA ..........
Anonymous should have gone to Specsavers!!!

Keep trying......... LMAO!

Anonymous said...

HKN the video.I don't know how she keeps her sanity,I wish they would let her have some peace. If they really broke up she doesn't need all this grief .

Sit Down said...

So issues except the paps situation are resolved?

Anonymous said...

Hi to all the HKN Havens! I just home from my friends ladies night out. Just church thing. Leaves all the kids with our hubbies. While us ladies or mom have time for ourselves.
I was just telling Justice for Kristen this:
Great Job on this. Papz are haters, trolls, and bullies to me. They go together. Included the tabloids and all the gossip sites. Papz, haters, Trolls, bullies, Nonnies, tabloids, and all the gossip sites. I have to say they all go together. Is the way I see it. They are getting kick out of her. You know teasing and harrassing. That has got to stop. I just wish we all could do something for them.

Anonymous said...

My friends, this is hollywood and in the city of lights it is apalling to see celebrities who are people just like everyone else get trampled on and harassed by these immature paparazzis. I have seen celebrities get hounded first hand when i was 15 and two years later it is still happening. I still see celebrities get harassed whenever i am at LA. i dont like to see it neither do my friends want me to witness it. I wont talk about my friends here since they are of no interest to any of you. But it is scary to see it and if you are even 5 feet away from all the commotion you'd feel the fear and anxiety that these celebrities feel. I look back to what kris said before about the feeling of being raped when in front of paparazis and her statement although quite harsh was appropriate for her situation. These paparazzis take what they want and leave their victims scared and anxious.

Anonymous said...

Scout Compton @PoutyScouty I wish I could take someone I love nervous energy or saddness away

What is happening?

irene said...

Nothing, Scout is being emo again!!!

Not everything is about R&K, you know.......

They are working, and happy........

Anonymous said...

It's kinda pathetic that some people think that every thing in K's friends life is related with her... and more if we are talking about Scout, the queen of cryptic, pretentious and melodramatic comments... come on people...

Molly said...

@anon 2:14

What does her tweet have to do with anything? Scout has more than one one person she loves. This fandom is its own worst enemy about assuming everything that their friends tweet is automatically about Rob and/or Kristen.


Anonymous said...

Hi all,
I'm a shipper and I'd like to ignore HKN but her posts are everywhere. I'm septikal by nature and I just wonder how HKN know could know private things like they want to move to another city, she was at his party, she bought him the MTV jacket, he gave her the ring bla bla but she doesn't know if/when he goes to toronto. She never hints about projects either but of course her cousin is intimate enough to know such private things.

bronzehyperion said...

For all the nervous Nellies. Scout was not tweeting about Kristen but some other friend, who responded to Scout's tweet with a thank you.

(Can't believe I have to explain this.)

Anyway Rob and Kris are fine as demonstrated by him wearing his Balenciaga shoes, her wearing his sunglasses and of course that big ASS ring.

Which is not a different ring but keep trying, trolls.

irene said...

Hey there "skeptikal anonymous".........

'I'd like to ignore HKN but her posts are everywhere' - yeah, like especially on her own blog........

You really need to hone your ignoring skills!!!

Least said and all that........

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all the HKN Havens! Hi everyone on HKN Havens! I hope you guys are not mad at me. I was expressing how I feel about those idiots. About Papz, tabloids, haters, all the gossip sites, trolls, nonnies, and all other jerks that they all go together. They should date each other. I can't stand them. So I agree with you all on DIDY, Justice for Kristen, HKN Haven and all the Robsten site and twitter. We know the truth that Rob and Kristen are together. I believe in you guys and in my heart and prayer. Well got to go now. I have get going soon. To babysitting and work. Keep me posted. I am glad we have each other as friends. We agree one thing. They are always end up together. That is what we believe in. Have a great day you guys.

Saphire1231 said...

Hey there Anonymous @ 4:11

If you really followed Rob and Kristen properly, you would be on more positive sites than you obviously currently are... scepticism aside... I do not understand how you can be a shipper and want to ignore HKN's posts...that just doesn't make sense in my book..

Also if you bother to read back over some of the older blogs HKN has done... she actually tells you who her source is... not by name of course... but by ties to both herself and K.

Perhaps you need to reassess where your current information is from... if you get it from Mags and entertainment sites or hater sites... then I am not at all surprised you are as confused as your posts makes you sound.

Your claimed shipper status is seriously in doubt in my mind!

Anonymous said...

Seriously to all those haters I tend to believe you are closet robsten lovers why? Cause instead of doing things you love you are posting hate.
Seriously if you believe they have broken up or just hate them (though I can't see why) just leave your not acheiving anything by doing this
Besides why do you care if you hate them
Leave hkn alone She's done more than you

To all the doubtors just remember good things come to those who wait

Anonymous said...

why cant you leave them both alone? It's their choice to move on they do not live for you lunatics. You call yourself fans but fans you are not obviously.

Lisa said...

Hi, HKN! Love your blog. I have followed you since you were on GC last July and gave us great info.

I have a question. Last year, a poster by the name Suzie516 gave inside info as well and her info matched yours. This time she is giving quite opposite information. I remain an avid believer in your posts, but am curious if anything she stated is remotely close to what you have heard. Thanks for your input and thanks for all you do!

Suzie516 • 10 days ago
Sources, sources, who has the best source? If you think RK don't talk to people they trust, you can stop reading now. Those people talk to people they trust, and on an on the information goes. Eventually the info makes it into the fandom because people have co-workers, friends, and relatives that live and work in LA. Does the info get embellished or things get lost in translation sure. People who are closest to RK get the most detailed info, and that info gets leaked into the fandom. With me so far? RK were having relationship problems long before the scandal. Sarah Roemer gate ring a bell. While these problems weren't big enough to cause a breakup or keep them from being happy at times, they were real issues. As with any type of relationship problem, if you don't deal with it, it will get bigger over time, and other things will be piled on top of it. Move forward to July 2012. Kristen is forced to deal with even bigger things on top of their relationship issues. These things plus some of their issues led to the scandal and why Rob took her back. Problem is the underlying relationship issues got lost in the fallout of the scandal, but they never went away. Move forward to Jan 2013. Those same issues crept back into play, but they were bigger now because of their separation. Move forward to Mar 2013. Two people who truly love each other were reunited. Issues pushed back in the closet. Move forward to May 2013. Issues not only come back, but that volcano erupted. Everything that bothered RK over the last 2 years came to the surface which lead to the split. Move forward to June 2013. K is working on her own personal issues. Their relationship issues were just left out there when they split, open-ended. Rob doesn't seem to think he has any issues so he doesn't have anything to work on. Instead Rob had his head so far up his new friends butt, you need a probe to pull it out. That is where you are getting the "Rob sources". Rob's friends are telling him just what his ego needs to hear. So that is why you are getting the #StayStrong Kristen or #WeSupportKristen stuff on Twitter. Neither RK are perfect, but people don't like Rob's new friends. Sort of like back in the day when people didn't like Nikki's influence of Kristen. Remember there are people who live in LA that have the scoop on his friends and their lifestyle. For those who talk about Kristen's friends, both RK turned to their friends because it was easier that dealing with their issues. Two stubborn people. My take, this is just a story of 2 people who didn't take care of their relationship issues before they became too big to cause them to split. Can they get back together? If they deal with the issues they left behind.

Anonymous said...

Hey 1:40., blah blah blah...

BTW, the tabs have started writing they are talking and missing each other. They're already setting up for the big REUNION of the couple who NEVER BROKE UP!!!

irene said...

Oh, not the Suzie spiel again..... We already saw that, thanks!

I say bullshit......

Lisa said...


So HKN debunked it already?
I have missed a lot as I have been out of town.

I was reading all her posts from last year and she was very supportive of Rob and Kristen, but seems to have changed her views. I found that really odd.

Thanks for the response. :)

Lisa said...

Clarification: I meant SUZIE has changed her views, not HKN.

Do not want to upset anyone. :)

irene said...


There is a poster at GC posting as Real Info who used to post there in support of R&K, but it is not the original RI, can you even be sure that this person is the real Suzie516 and not a fake......
Honestly, does that sound like Rob to you? And yes, we already had the message posted, I don't remember who addressed it.......

Seriously, I can't be done with this laying the blame at one door or the other.....
All the signs for me are that they are together and there is no real evidence of any split at all, only hearsay and tab lies......

Lisa said...


I know others post under RI's name, but Suzie is actually registered and you can go back and view all of her posts from last year to her recent one. It is under the same account. I never pay attention to the unregistered users as they can post without being monitored, but she was one of the few, registered "insiders" like HKN, so that is what threw me.

What I do remember about her that struck me as odd last year now that I think about it is that she and Powdered Donuts were always conversing and PD is a known Rob hater. Maybe that should have clued me in, but Suzie was always gracious with both last year.

Here is her disqus account if you are curious: http://disqus.com/Suzie516a/. If not, no problem.

I have been catching up reading all HKN's blog posts over the past 2 weeks and she has been a busy lady. If you read this, love your love for this couple, HKN. :)

BeLoveAlways said...

HKN, I do believe you have a relative that works close with Kristen. I believe that. How sure is your cousin that Rob and Kristen are ALREADY back together? This "Suzie" person that was posting, she sounds pretty sure of what she is saying. What do you think about this? Also, I noticed that GC referred to them in their most recent article as the "former couple." Is it possible that Rob and Kristen don't want people to know they've reconciled so that they can have more privacy? Someone claims that a friend of Nick's, Rob's manager, runs GC. Thanks for always taking the time to keep us updated!

Anonymous said...

wow you are all nuts to be on here believing this bs and this false insider. Rob and Kristen would be petrified and mortified if they knew. Be ashamed all of you. Especially you fools who are so desperate you are believing all this bs. You are not a true fan just a lunatic.

grail said...

Whatever complaints people make regarding HKN's information and style, what matters to me is this: she never has one bad word to say about R or K and always has goodwill toward both. How much do you see that lately?? Maybe the earlier Suzie### was real, but what was posted here is retread garbage with know-it-all spin added. It galls me how many fans and bloggers and media outlets and people like Suzie### feel entitled to p-ss all over an admirable relationship they honestly know next to nothing about.

Anonymous said...

Oh geez.... Suzie516... I remember her very well... She throws out her 2 cents and than disappears for awhile... At least under that moniker.... She was around the same time as the Maisey insider last year, who left the board cause I was mean to her... Boo fucking who... Why waste time on that one.... Waste of time.

RK are fine!!!!



Lisa said...


I trust HKN because she has yet to let us down. I also trust that Rob and Kristen know what they are doing and will do what is best for them. Rob has never seemed the type to get wrapped up in Hollywood or to let other's influence his decisions. He and Kristen are both very driven and headstrong. These traits have served them well and will continue to do so.

Suzie caught me off guard, but that was posted almost 2 weeks ago, so even if she was a little bit right (which I no longer believe after reading HKN's info), a lot could have happened by now.

Bottom line. Trust what they have shown you in the past and that they are fully capable of navigating their lives. They have what it takes to go the distance professionally and personally. They seem to be trying to keep their relationship more private, so maybe we should respect that and be thankful for what they give us. :)

Jen said...

Are you on Twitter? I like what you have to say!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on HKN Haven! Just got home from work and babysitting. Anything I missed while I was out?
Anon Bearly- Thank you! I am agree with you. R and K are fine.
Anonymous at 5:31 PM- I don't believe in bs. I am against tabloids and all the gossip sites.
BeLoveAlways- I don't believe the GC site. They lies as well as all the tabloids are.
Lisa- I agree with you about R and K having private relationship.
As for everyone I hope you all have a great day. I don't know if you read my comments or posts. About Tabloids, haters, troll, nonnies, gossip sites, papz, and the rest of trouble makers that they are all together. They are nothing but lies and hatred. They don't know what to stop do they. I don't know about you guys on HKN Havens. I am pissed at those idiots. At least we as all the Robsten sites, RPI, HKN Havens, Justice for Kristen, DIDY, and the rest of the Robsten twitters knows the truth better than these trashy tabloids and all the haters. We believe one thing that R and K are together. And they deserved their privacy. What makes me mad the those is some papz vandalizing Kristen's car. And these papz get away with it. Its still a crime even its not painting but wrote so they can laugh at her. And harrassing her. They should be behind bars. What is next shoot or stabbing or something worst and then get away with it. That part is what I am worried. She should have someone walk with her. Like her HBG. That way she is safe. I am sorry. I am just expressing how I feel. I really feel for them and Kristen. I just wish we could do something.

Lisa said...


I am on twitter. Opened an account in June to follow my favorite R/K supporters. I will share when I know you are on and I can delete right away. No telling who trolls these boards. :)

tina said...

It's at least so curious how some old "insiders" (this suzie girl, delaney...) are saying now the same things about the couple, specially about Rob. It seems he is not the guy that they thought...mmm ... different "old insiders" or the same people under differents names spreading the same shit? It's really odd...

Anonymous said...

@tina Well they are Rob haters now which is why they sound that way,they don't approve of him because he doesn't act like they think he should but if Kristen had a problem with it then she wouldn't have stuck around the last 4 yrs and I wish they would give her more credit than that because she is a very smart and beautiful woman on the inside out so I trust Kristen's judgement and I wish more people would as well.

felicity said...

erm.. sorry, but to call delaney an insider would be so wrong..

she is a fan, just like the rest of us and she does hate Rob now, for whatever reason.

and, by the way.. the 'former couple' was not from GC.. it belonged to the OK-article that GC debunked yesterday.

and GC made it clear that they know nothing!! absolutely nothing. they didn't even mention their usual 'source close to the sitiuation' they simply used commn sense to state the obvious... that OK or any other tab is not able to listen to a phone-call or to know how Rob and Kristen are feeling.

End of Story.

to all those anons.. who are saying that we are delusional, because we believe in true love.

let me tell you something.. if Rob and Kristen are not together anymore.. we will still love them both and support their career.. without calling them names or anything..

are YOU able to say the same, if Rob and Kristen are still together??

Anonymous said...

Good Thursday Morning to all the HKN Haven! Hi everyone. Getting ready for work.
felicity- First of all I don't believe them breaking up where is the evidence. They don't got proof. At least we know the truth. Then those trashy tabloids, haters, trolls, nonnies, and all the gossip trouble maker sites. I am glad that I don't click them or read them. I believe you what you're saying. I also agree with you.
Anyways, Keep me posted. I love hearing good things about our couple.

Jen said...

I'll be checking in throughout the day. Maybe we'll cross paths. ;)

felicity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
felicity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
felicity said...


funny. i don't need to go to trash sites either. i have a friend who is obsessed with gossip mags and she is emailing me all the things related to Rob and Kristen.. i refuse to give any of those rag/tabs and gossip bogus sites hits.

so, yesterday she posted me the GC article and i was able to read it this way.

that's why i know that GC is still in the dark just like the rest.

i agree with you.. there is no proof of a break-up, split or whatever they called it ..

for me, GC debunked another article out there.. maybe unintentionally.. maybe with intention.. who knows..

they said that OK and the other trash mags are not able to know what is said in phone calls btw Rob and Kristen..

remember?? all this started with Rof*ckdo... stating that Rob and Kristen broke up during a phone call on his birthday..

but like i've said.. that's all a rumor, started by x17 and their trash pappz.. nothing else.. and it went from there...

all the other magz just added more BS to the storyline and are running with it now..

we believe in the love of those two.. we keep the faith in them.

edangel said...


We are seeing lots of pics of Kristen and Rob separately, stalked by papz while Groc shopping and attending meetings!! So, Why there are no pics of Rob or Kristen leaving or entering their houses?!!!

The papz are nothing but roaches who can invade any place!! So why they are unable to take any pics while Rob or Kristen are entering or leaving their houses or the roaches have pics but are not ready to share it with the rest of the world because the pics wont fit their current agenda of 'split up'??? since they both r entering and leaving the same house?????

I have a theory that many have already discussed about the papz withholding the pics of RK for the past 2 months and they are simply showing only what they want us to show but not what has actually happened!!!!

Because the fact is that RK are together and it becomes boring after some time which loses its money value, so they cooked a 'break up' story...After some more time they will come up with 'Reunion' stories which are already started to make rounds!!!

I believe that RK are together and are gonna get old together, have family and kids and still these papz will run all the BS however they want!!! Thats what is gonna happen!!!

So, on a final note, Just believe in their love of 5 years and nothing else!!! JMO!!!

Anonymous said...

Felicity- I agree with you more on that. I know about you or others. I am sure they feel same way as I do. To me they all go together. Haters, Trolls, nonnies, GC, tabloids, Papz, and all other gossip trouble makers sites. They should date each other LOL. What makes me mad and sad about is this. They seem to get away with it after what they did to our couple. Especially, Kristen. Oh forgot to tell you guys and RPI this. About one of papz. That same person that chick as the one kept asking Rob are you and Kristen are married this time when he was at Jimmy Kimmbel and last year ask Rob when are they getting married he said soon. And the last time when Rob and Kristen walk separately with their friends saying don't run. I bet that girl and that Rolando are together and setting them up. I could tell that chick papz voice. I had to put two to two together. I don't if anyone notices.

edangel said...

Sorry for the grammar and spelling mistakes in my prev post!!! ***embarrassed** after reading it again!!! :(

BeLoveAlways said...

Anonymous at July 10, 5:31 pm, excuse you, but you do NOT need to be insulting us. The majority of us do not have our own inside information and, therefore, have to CHOOSE what to believe. Like someone else here already said, at least HKN supports BOTH Rob and Kristen! If we want to believe that she does indeed have a relative that works close to Kristen, that is our business. In the end, the truth will all come out, but until that happens, we have to decide who to trust. If you don't believe HKN, then you can kindly find another place for people who agree with what you believe. GC seems to have many who share your opinion.

Lisa said...
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Anonymous said...

does anyone think that rob and Kristen hope the rumors of a split between them will eventually lead to people being less involved with their personal lives..?? I believe without a doubt they are together..but I can see how that might be the reason...There are fewer familiar posters on gossip cop nowdays....maybe this was their intention..It must be hard to have every move you make be completely public...oh well just a thought...I miss the heck out of seeing them.!!...sigh.....Me....Andreana

LizzieD said...

ANDREANA -- I've been working so hard this week that I haven't had time to view the blogs much. And your comment is the ONLY one I've read so far today.

Here are my thoughts: You could be right about Rob & Kris not wanting their personal lives to be so "out in the open". I believe 150% they are together and happy. BUT ... if they didn't want their fans to KNOW then they wouldn't be giving us those little signs like the t-shirts, hats, shoes, etc. At least that's what I think. So, not sure if WE, the fans, are their reasons for keeping a low profile. I think more about the paps.

Another thing --- remember about a month ago how "some" were saying that Rob is ACTING single for his Dior job? Yes, well, he's doing a terrible job of "acting" single, I think ... LOLOLOLOL

KnittedUpInside said...

Wow, I'm away for a week or so on vacation and miss all the ~fun!!!

Nice updated HKN :D

gonna just lol my arse off at all the trolls, poor unfortunate souls. cuz I can't take a one of 'em seriously.

Both Kristen and Rob are looking very very good lately. Love and happiness and fulfilling work do a body good, yes?

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the relative quiet!

Anonymous said...

Sorry but haters are starting to have a point if hnk really has inside info how come she is no where to be found until something is out on twitter and then she pops up and rehashes it but has nothing to " update" other wise? Just saying guys

Anonymous said...

I don't know about that 9:30. A few weeks back she talked about one of them wanting to put a ring on it and then a week or two later Kristen is sporting that beautiful bling. I admit I have only been following this blog for a month or so but I'm impressed . Maybe someone else can speak to her previous insider info. since I'm a newbie. All I know is people on here say she has always been right in the past. So I'm listening.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say my comment is in response to 9:05

Anonymous said...

I know that HKN was completely correct about last year and I still choose to trust her but if someone else chooses not to do that this up to them. I also think that many in this fandom overlook what is right in front of them including the fact that Kristen has still chosen to wear Rob's clothes and sunglasses for example and Kristen also has new, beautiful ring as well that I believe is an engagement ring and no. I don't need a blog to let me know that Kristen is still wearing Rob's clothes and now is sporting a new ring that no one in the media will comment on because it doesn't go along with the story that they are trying to see. As HKN has noted before, there are plenty of signs that Rob and Kristen are together and just fine and to me there has been no sign of a break up. HKN uses logic and common sense with pictures if needed which I feel is really needed in this fandom for some people because they want reinforcement of some kind. I guess I don't really understand why haters would read a blog that they disagree with and then post on it as well because they are then giving the blog even more hits and even more attention. I believe that Rob and Kristen are together and I say thank you to HKN for reinforcing why and remaining positive and a voice of reason as well.

KnittedUpInside said...

HKN was right last summer when many people were trying to say R/K were over - haters and doubters argued with her just like they are now.

The best advice I can give to rational minded people is to use your eyes and ignore all the white noise from the outside. Don't believe HKN or anyone else just because you don't know what else to do. Use your brain. Personally I've been through this wash/rinse cycle more times than I'd like to count where this fandom is concerned. It is just particularly frustrating this time because it is like we've gone back to 2009 in many ways.

If you go only on what we have seen of both Robert and Kristen the last couple months it has been nothing but business as usual. What WASN'T normal was the extra exposure of them on their down time in March/April. People suddenly decided that was their M.O. so when it stopped it became OMGZ THEYRE OVERZ. Blind and stupid imo. I think they tried to be a normal couple out and about after Rob got back from Australia but because they are still such a high ticket target for paps, that attempt quickly imploded. Hence the drought.

We've been through longer droughts, why this one is different to people is beyond me but then again, I don't buy anything sold to me by paps/gossips and I'm deeply saddened by the vitriol I've seen spewed at either of these kids by fans and those fans towards one another.

I do like HKN and that her blog is positive about BOTH Kristen and Rob - there is so little of that out there these days. Whether you believe her info is your choice but at the very least appreciate she's created a space for genuine supporters to talk and fangirl. Her info appears legit to me going off of last year AND her hint about a ring and that one of them might go to PFW. Assuming they move out of their current residential area when filming is over, I think that should erase any doubt that HKN's source is real. Guess we just need to wait eh? lol. Anyone who expects more details or for daily updates should check themselves, because seriously? NO. No one has time for that.


Happy Friday y'all!!! May this weekend bring us more to smile about ;)


p.s. I'm sick to death of any twitter sighting of them together are immediately called bs but I shouldn't be surprised since these are the same so-called fans that insisted there was no way it was Kristen at the party or in the truck. The back-tracking has started to seep through and I am legit laughing at these assholes and I pity their ignorance and misery because it was all SELF INFLICTED.

felicity said...

seriously, those anons, who believe that he/she has the right to ask for constant updates from hkn??

she has a life of her own, for heavens sake.

those who wonder, why she is not updating on a daily basis..

ever thought about, from whom she gets her info from?

i don't know about you, but i don't hang out with my cousin all the time.

HKN can only update with news/infos, when she has talked to her cousin..

that's why there are not daily updates. what should she write on her blog? would you prefer, if she would make stuff up, just to satisfy you??

no. you say that you doubt her information anyway.. well, why are you even still here? no one fored you to come, no one will force you to stay. if you don't believe HKN and don't want to read her blog, then please go.

there are enough places out there, where you are welcomed with your doubts.

we here know that this drought is nothing new. no, this is actually the normal way things were before Rof*ckdo and his peeps started to stalk Rob and Kristen.

we had longer droughts. way longer.

and i am still waiting patiently and i am still believing in the love of two people, who know what they have in each other.

we just have to let them live their life as they want to. it is not our choice and we have no say in, what they do and how they do it and i am really happy about that.

Anonymous said...

I'm mystified by the number of usually sensible people,who predicted that Rolando the Scumbag would try to put this kind of spin on things,yet are falling for all of this tabloid BS.

KnittedUpInside is absolutely right,April was what was unusual for them,not May and June. People went into complete meltdown about her missing gold ring,there are many reasons why it could have been missing, chances are it's absence was connected to the appearance of the gorgeous new one but I have known her not to wear it at times in the past,the point here is that because people were buying into the narrative that was being put out by the rags,they automatically assumed the worst. People have admitted to writing to tabloids with fake stories to se what they'd do and have been appalled when they were then printed as fact thus proving that fan twitters are the tabloids "sources",this whole Rob/Riley stupidity came from a nonbert tweeting X17, yet still some believe it!

Anonymous said...

I feel it is unrealistic to think HKN would have info on RK on a daily bases. She claims to have a relative that works close to Kristen, and when she talks to her and hears anything new about the situation between RK, she seems to share it on this blog. She just updated last weekend!

I have only been following her for about two months, and have been impressed with the info she has shared and her own personal insight. She never claims to know RK's personal emotional state like other "insiders" claim to know (which keys me into their illegitimacy - how would they know that lol Ridiculous!)

So people need to stop expecting so much, be content with what she has shared. This constant need for positive info on them to quill insecure fans anxieties is over the top!

HKN is NOT a tabloid rag kranking out bogus stories on a daily bases to feed the frenzy and make money! She gives us info when she gets it, or shares her personal insight when she feels like it.

If you are expecting more, maybe you need to seek confort elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

@felicity a d susannahkey ITA. I would RATHER have UPDATES from HKN when she has little news to share. Heavens, I am sure she has a real job to tend to, and I agree with who talks to their cousin daily??????????? I am happy coming here to read other people who share my thoughts on Kristen and Rob and share with everyone. I DO NOT want HKN to be one of those bloggers who sugarcoat things or embellish scenarios just to satisy us. WHENEVER HKN has something to share, she does. I like that. Please, there is enough made up fru fra and hatred on the internet. Thanks for sharing. Sioux

Anonymous said...

For whatever its worth, since Kristen's road trip there has been a positive outlook about her. Like really trying to act mature. I like it. Also, she is not glued to her "friends" at the hip. This to me is very positive. On the other side, I feel the same way about Rob. I don't know just speculating. All this speculation may go by the wayside. It is friday night and things could change. But, right now, this is what I am thinking.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is ok. Just got home from work and babysitting. Tonight I might sleep over at my sister in laws house so I could babysit my niece tonight and tomorrow. Last night went to book club. Its was history fiction to me about Dust bowl. Its very interesting. Any news on our couple?

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone to HKN Haven! I am leaving now to my sister in law. Having the night with my two nieces. Keep me posted on our couple. Talk to you all tomorrow.

vana said...

Please don't get mad, I believe in Rob and Kristen but that pic of the girl in Rob's truck seems to have much shorter hair than Kristen's. I'm not trying to stir anything I'm just saying what appears to be real to me. But, if you say it really is Kristen, I am very happy to believe it.