Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Around And Around We Go

Around And Around We Go. Where the haters stop nobody knows. They are like rats running on a wheel and going nowhere.

Michelle Rodriguez  out  with a friend. The guy in the background? Rob. The first thing the haters tried to do was hook him up with Michelle Rodriguez. Yeah right. Haven't they tried to hook him up with her before and failed? Yeppers. And They fail again .

Michelle Rodriguez & Girlfriend Leaving Whole Foods In This Photo: Michelle Rodriguez "Fast & Furious 6" actress Michelle Rodriguez leaving Whole Foods with her girlfriend in Venice, California on July 12, 2013.

Yeah that lol.  From the haters bible the tabs. This one is from fashionmagazine 247

When that didn't pan out to well for them they went on to the mystery woman standing next to Rob. Kinda predictable . Next one they tried was the piece of blonde hair sticking out by the hat of Michelle's friend. They never give up and they always fail.

Picture of Rob at party for Greg Collard.  Lots of blonde models were there. You know the haters jumped on this. Unfortunately none of these models had their pic taken with  Rob. Riiiiiiiiight. so a room full of models and none of them got their 15 min of fame pic? The haters were desperate and latched on to the woman in the left corner of this pic. I kid you not. That's the best they can do these days. People in the background of pics have been relegated to Robs latest hook up. Seriously.

Rob and Sia at Justin Timberlake concert. The haters could only concentrate on the fact that Sia has boobs.

Hey if you have nice tatas  flaunt em! I have pretty nice size ones myself but if I left them hanging I don't think they would have as much gravity as Sia's lol.

 Now the way the paps cropped  pics you would think they were there by themselves. They even laid on the ground  to get a certain angle so you couldn't tell who was there with him.

Actually they were there with Kristen's friends. You heard that right KRISTEN'S friends. 

Kristien's friends Gina and Tamara at Justin Timberlake concert with Rob.


Rob leaving the concert with Kristen's friends Tamara, Gina and Gina's boyfriend the Cheese (how does one get the nickname cheese? lol)

Some haters are trying to say they can hear Kristen's friend saying Kristen is so better with out you.

Yeah right her friend is going to say to that to Rob. Are you brain dead? No just desperate because you know what's coming.

Yep its inevitable. And the haters know it. 

Kat Perry commented on Rob in New interview with UK Elle. And all hell broke loose. 

"OK, so here's the proof there was never anything going on between me and Robert Pattinson. I fart in front of him. Properly fart. And I never, ever fart in front of a man I am dating. That's a rule."
"He's my bud. I'm like his big sister. We just hang out. The other day, I said "One of the things I'm most proud of is not sleeping with you, Robert". And that's true."

"I sent her (Kristen) a text message saying "I know you've seen all this stuff, but you know I would never disrespect you. I'm not that person. I'm just trying to be a friend to him but it's unfortunate that I do have a set of tits".

She pretty much buried the haters hopes of hook up with Rob at any point in time didn't she. Not now, Not in the past, Not ever. 

And why pray tell would you be concerned with being the other woman if your two friends were completely over? Yeah that. Funny how she never refers to them as being over or exes. 


Katy distracting the paps for Rob and Kristen. Shes a good friend. Maybe could have found a better way to get her point across but still a good friend. 

Kristen and new friend. Looks a lot like Bear but with different coloring.. Bear JR perhaps? 

 Too cute


Why is she hiding her hand? 

Tee hee. That would send the haters into meltdown wouldn't it! 

Also Notice the 1760 address in this pic . Why?  Well because according to the paps the pic was taken in Long Beach

No it was taken at this restaurant in Los Feliz.

 Now why would they want to hide that fact? Because someone else is in Los Feliz too and they don't want you to know that. Who might that be?

Yeah him. The man she's going to marry someday. Or maybe already married to. ( Right Sash? )

And last there is pap video out there where Kristen is cornered by the turds and harassed. She responds to it. Of course the haters say oh look it's classy Kristen again. And I say good for her in telling them off. They deserve it and then some. They are scum. Your right Kristen They are fuck faces and they don't deserve to breath the same air you do!

Now why were they asking her if she was back with Rob? Their break up stories are getting old and tired that's why. They aren't getting the big money anymore for separate pics of them.
Yeah you know its coming. And soon. 

The tabs are starting with their reunion stories for the same reason.Its all getting old and no one is buying it. Their hits are going downward. 

Karma is coming haters. Hope you enjoy a second helping.


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Anonymous said...
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LizzieD said...

HKN: Thanks for a great post. What a day!!! That horrible video/incident for Kristen. I actually think she handled it pretty well. I guess she was trapped in the restaurant waiting for someone to pick her up. And KATY, yea, that was interesting.

ANON -- You believe what you WANT to believe and the rest of us that KNOW they're together can just sit back and be patient and smile. I guess you don't think it was Kristen in the pickup truck either? Oh, yea, that's right, you think they're just "friends" now ... I'm not going to be ugly to you, you are entitled to your opinion.

BUT, why are you here? This site is pretty much for R&K TOGETHER fans. You might want to hang out with the Rob fans or the Kristen fans who are both glad that they THINK that they aren't together.

ROB & KRISTEN ARE TOGETHER!!! We are "almost" at the same amount of days in the drought as last year IF you don't count the pickup pics. BUT, the pickup pics happened AND the party pics happened.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Morning Coffee said...

Thank you HKN for continuing to always put things in perspective and bringing some joy into our lives by giving the haters a dose of reality. I saw the very brief edited version of the Kstew video with the rats..of course you know they cut the part that caused her to lose it. You have to love the bravery of this girl she puts up with that trash from them everyday....it's no wonder she snapped at them.

I am so looking forward to the day the haters all have to eat their hateful words.

Anonymous said...

Just saw the video of Kristen being hounded by paps. They are truly lowlifes. I don't know how she does it. I personally would have been more creative with my comments to them. It wouldn't have helped any but I probably would have felt great later on. She handled it wonderfully and with a grace we have come to know and love.
This latest post has been wonderful. You even have the haters running for cover if all they can do it copy and paste comments from previous posts.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I have faith in them. They have always been in control of their lives and you get what they want you to have. They may have had a disagreement early on but they are very much together. There are some people that know this. You won't get the pictures until they decide it is time because of what happened today. Rob is sick of it and before he gets into trouble trying to be protective of her, it was best that they not go out together. Like HKN said they know what they have to do to correct this as best they can. It is being done. Rob has always had her protection as his first concern. So no, you just have to either accept it or not. Don't come here if hearing they are together in most all the comments and blog bothers you. The reason the paps keeps asking Rob "what is going on with you and Kristen" and "Are you and Kristen getting married this summer" is because they even know they are together. It has gotten to be an embarassment to the tabs/mags/paps that they keep trying to spin Rob with so many women and yet that is just not the case. It will come back around when they are ready but not until then. Have faith and know that this is better for the time being until other things work out for them the way they want it to.

blueforever said...

hkn thanks for another positive post. Everyone is saying their not out together how would we no the paps manipulate the pictures so much how do we even know what we're looking at. Thanks again for the positive vibe.

barbara said...

@Anon4:24/@4:48.Why did you feel the need to post twice?return to your troll pea brain lumps,they, like you are a bunch of rapidly shrinking fools.

Anonymous said...

Kristen had every right to tell the scum paps off. The haters have of course turned this around on Kristen, but then what's new? They focus all their attention on Kristen and not Rob who they supposed to love.

I for one, can't wait for the day to see them together again. Even if they did breakup or take a break, I still believe they love eachother deeply and will find their way back to eachother, if they haven't already.

I must say I'm tired of the drama...

Anonymous said...

Honestly, my heart broke seeing her cornered like that. This insane harassment is totally out of hand. Karma is a bitch and these low life scum should be getting theirs soon.
Yup, that adorable pup looks like Bear Jr?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

AAAhhhhh...once again the voice of reason... god it is so good to be here..i was on gossip cop and felt like I was at war....Now I feel like I am lying on the beach sipping a marguerita ....So peaceful ....ahhhhhhh...thanks for the safe haven HKN...once again you are the warrior queen!! have a great night. Keep the good vibes coming...its my crack. LOL Andreana

felicity said...

okay.. HKN.. you know i love your posts but you have one thing wrong.. it doesn't look like kristen is wearing any rings recently.

i would think it is because of work. she would have to take them off anyway.. so she left all of them at home. for me it is no biggie.. and i would do the same, rather than to take the risk to lose them.

that kristen was cornered like that is disgusting and should be met with a legal statement. i hope that rob and kristen will be able to do something about this vile and disgusting form of harassment.

to all those anons right now: getting desperate?? seems like it!

you all claim that there are no signs that rob and kristen are still together, but where are the signs that they aren't?

did you see rob arm in arm, or hand in hand with another woman?? did you see kristen arm in arm, or hand in hand, with another man??

no you did not!

you have only seen rob hanging out with friends.. or working..

and kristen hanging out with friends, with this puppy or working..

if i remember correctly.. this behavior is just like the one they had since the very beginning.. we had glimpses now and then.. but we had to wait months for them..

patience was always the keyword for this fandom.

Anonymous said...
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KnittedUpInside said...

@Anon 602
LOL Wow, do you live with Kristen and Rob? How on earth do you know what they are doing 24/7?! You MUST be psychic, tell me allll your secrets please!!


Such nervousness amongst the trolls, I can't help but snicker to myself. I'm sorry for you and your ilk, I really am.

Fun post HKN, I'd missed some of that silly drama you corrected and I gotta say I'm not sorry. It's kinda yawn worthy how pathetic and razor thin hater reasoning has become lately.

I wish there were some way for Kristen to strike back legally at a pap like the one who cornered her. Jesus how do those scumbags live with themselves? I don't blame K and R for looking at moving out of L.A. and away from the insects, they both deserve to be able to live normal lives without being stalked. Sure it wouldn't be entirely convenient but thankfully they have the financial resources to travel as needed for work if they do relocate.

I see nothing to be upset about outside of the paps (that goes for KP, not understanding all the drama or hate going around about that, but oh well). Both Kristen and Rob look happy and healthy!

Anonymous said...

hkn has something new from your cousin?

Anonymous said...

So you still think Katy is a good friend despite she told the world about their business in a magazine? I just don't like the fact that she mentioned that she texted Kristen ... it would have enough to just say she and rob, not romantically involved before and ever, would be enough to clear her own name ... also don't get why she needed to text Kristen if there was really nothing on going ...

LizzieD said...

ANON 6:32 -- I'm not taking sides with the Katy thing but let me ask you a question. If your friend was constantly being talked about as "hanging out" with your BF ... and you heard nothing from your friend, wouldn't that look a bit more strange than getting a text or a phone call saying "you know this is a lie, right?" Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

All KP had to say was "Kristen knows all these rumors are ridiculous. I am like his big sister. We are buddies." Thats all. She's proud of not sleeping with Rob? As if he was available if she wanted him. Yeah Katy you are not helping here.

Sad Rob and Kristen have to hide out. The secrecy and lies can tear a relationship apart from the inside. Doesn't get easier for either of them being seen apart than it is when they are together. Once I thought it was a wise move to be totally private but they are not - not really. Wish they just give the finger to the haters and papz. Be proud to be seen together.

My hope is a pic of Rob with little black bear.

LizzieD said...

FELICITY: Regarding K's rings ... I believe she's leaving them home while filming the movie. Remember how she "accidentally" left on her ring during one of the Twilight movies? And the crew didn't catch it. So, it's probably smart not to have to remember to take them on and off. That's just my guess.

felicity said...

@anon 602

erm.. did i miss something?? did you see kristen hanging out with cj recently? does that mean they are not friends anymore.. or cj with suzie?

get it straight!! kristen is working! you won't see her out and about as often as in the past couple of months, because she is busy with filming camp-x-ray now.

how should she find the time to hang out with tamra, gina and the others all the time, when she is on set from early in the morning till late in the evening??

and i bet she is falling into her bed at night.. completely exhausted.

they are on a tight schedule!

so, why should rob stay at home, when kristen is working? is it a crime to have a little fun, when you other half is at work? do you always stay at home, when your hubby/BF is not there?

sorry, it is not healthy for a relationship to live like that. you need to spend time out or you will feel suffocated by your own home.

Anonymous said...

Hi, hkn. Love your blog and appreciate your info. I believe they are fine or working towards it.

One word of advice to keep from giving doubters ammunition: try not to speculate when the answer is obvious. The full set of pics of Kristen show she has no rings on at all. Trying to insinuate she does when it has been proven she does not feeds those who say you are delusional. Stick with facts and the rest will speak for itself.

Keep up the good fight.

Anonymous said...

From Anon 508 to Anon 602. It is what is it. Can't take it then get off of here. Not old, it is what they do and they obviously do it well. They are together and their friends, unlike you, are completely devoted and protective. Have you learned nothing in the past 5 years? Friends of theirs will never stray and they will support them completely.

Saphire1231 said...

HKN.. Love the post... Great stuff!

Anonymous @ 6.02... I see your post as your negative response to R/K togetherness... Who are you to decide what is right for couples anywhere to do? R/K do not owe you or anyone any kind of explanation of how they operate or what is right for them! Your judgemental attitude speaks volumes!

Anon @ 6.19... Your idiocy is very apparent in your post... Go back to your muddy puddle and play with the rest of idiots who think like you!

As for the paps video of Kristen and the puppy... if anyone needed more proof of the nastiness that is the lifestyle of the paparazzi... I guess this is it.

Kristen is like Cream... she rises to the top of all the bullshit no matter what they throw at her...

I think she is very brave and manages to contain her distaste for the idiots behind cameras extremely well for the most part (God knows they are enough to make a saint want to physically smack them down).

It takes an incredibly strong person to put up with that shit... and those who decry Kristen's actions wouldn't last through one such attack without running to mommy... never to be seen in public again lol, let alone the hundreds of pap attacks which Kristen has withstood!

Thank you HKN for your continued positivity and a very special thank you for regularly cleaning out the crappy anti posters on this lovely support site!

Love Chrissie

Tomoto said...


Great post HKN!

To everyone, I think she was being sarcastic in reference to hiding her finger sand wearing a ring. And yes, she usually doesn't wear her personal jewelry while filming.

I feel bad for in that vid, I haven't seen it, but I can imagine it.

And finally, go Katy! I see nothing wrong with what she said. She was making it very clear, because let's face it, to many wackos try to twist celebs words into what wasn't meant to be conveyed.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say if they are married or engaged. Please keep their secret. They have worked hard to look broken up. So let them have this time in their lives to themselves. I know I want to know and share this but it is not mine to have. Those who share this with all of us (who wish them well) are not nice people. They have agenda's etc etc.

Keep the faith! Mary Mary

Marion said...

@anon 6:32, because Katy had to sit the record straight for the deaf,dumb and blind,who were convinced she and Rob had something romantic going on. Katy is a good friend to both of them and she wanted this crap to stop,that made it look like there was a wedge in their friendship.

Funny how all this started not too long after the KCA awards, where you see Kristen sitting on Katy's lap. She's a big sister to both her and Rob and she's not afraid to stick up for them. A real friend would tell another that she was not trying to go after her man,yet that's not what the nonnies wanted to hear. So this article is rubbing them the wrong way, like everything else does when they wind up with custard pie on their faces.

felicity said...

@anon 6:32..

after all of katy perry's statements, that nothing is(was) going on with Rob..

she had decided to be very blunt.. with a lot of sarcasm in there.. to make it clear for the blind and deaf that she is nothing but a a friend to both, rob and kristen..

nothing more, nothing less

Anonymous said...
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RKsoulmates913 said...

Anon 7:14

I agree... if they are married or engaged it must be kept as a secret. At least this kind of privacy.

And DO NOT REPLY to the nonnies, losers or skeptical fans.

Faith: you have it or not.

I never thought I would agree with a nonnie, but today I agree with this loser 100%. She said 'We are NOT WORTHY' <<<< finally she can see them clearly. Unworthy!!!

Anon 5:08 said >>> "they are very much together. There are some people that know this. You won't get the pictures until they decide it is time because of what happened today. Rob is sick of it and before he gets into trouble trying to be protective of her, it was best that they not go out together" SPOT ON GIRL!!!

You couldn't be more right. Rob is sick of it and they are working on it.

Do haters really think that Rob sits at home and enjoys seeing his girl been surronded by stalkerazzis
and they are getting bolder each passing day. It's getting dangerous. Don't forget that stalkarazzi admitting/confessing that Kristen is his number one kind of girl. So don't say that they broke up. Wait and See... The kind of game that nonnies and paparazzis like to play got too dangerous, and Rob knows it...

Focus your energy on people who have nice things to add, not the ones who come her to spread their lies and plant seeds of doubts.

Keep believing and have faith!


Let them show the world that NO walls come between two people whose only fault was to fall in love >>> #UsVsThem <333 RK will show it.

This "If it's you and I against the world, just let our love unfold.For if God created you for me, the world can't stop what is meant to be"

Don't forget Kristen's quote > "I’m just going to let people watch whatever little movie they think our lives are and go for it. Keep them guessing. That’s what I always say" <<< wise young lady!

romina2 said...

Just a little question: is Sash IIII Chanel the girl who says RK are married? does she know stuff? is it the same one HKN mentioned?

Elizbeth said...

Anon 6:02. There are 24 hours in a day, get my drift? The few seconds of clicks doesn't count. Here is how this works. You say they are not a couple, we say they are. You hold on to that truth and I will hold on to mine. Sometimes in life, we have to agree to disagree. This is such a time. Robsessed will welcome you as the people there share your view. What got you so scared to the bone that you think you had to come here to regurgitate the crap of hate you've been fed. If everything you say is true, you wouldn't be here. You are here because you are stupid and childish to think if you stump your feet and scream hard and long enough your wish will become a reality. The sky won't fall because they broke up (if and when that ever happens. Neither will we acknowledge a break up because you wish it to be so. Stay if you wish, but you are wasting your time.

Anonymous said...
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barbara said...

@Lizzie D.yes wasn't it 86 days before we saw any pics of Rob and Kristen last year. Why are some people feeling all a tremble and faint because they are not getting their Rob and Kristen fix.
The maggots and their intrusive lens hounded them 24/7.is it any wonder they are keeping low key.I am pleased the papps are not getting their money shot.

Anonymous said...

Remember back before last summer's scandal when the papz would follow Kristen saying Rob had a fling with Katy? I remember she got mad at one of them and replied something. We all know Katy has never been involved with rob, and obviously she knew that, but hearing it when they were still a couple had to really hurt. After the scandal in their first airport pics together the papz almost spit of Rob ad Kris telling Rob Kris was going to cheat on him again... the intention of those comments was not to inform ppl that Kris was gonna cheat on Rob... it was to make them both feel horrible and get a reply. This is the logic behind pap comments towards R and K.

Today they asked Kris if she and rob were back together.. so it would hurt her to hear that. Paparazzi are not fan allies, they are not informing us anything. They say what they do.. the most hurtful things in order to get a nasty and popular-in-the-tabloid rise out of their audience.

LizzieD said...

BARBARA: I think 85 days last year. BUT, we have the pickup truck pics this year so it's not been as long. I think they're going to keep on with the "low profile" thing when they are together. After the paps chasing them at Coachella, I think that was the last straw. Just my opinion.

emily said...

I'm an R/K fan. Love them both so don't bite my head off when I agree with the person saying not to speculate about what Kristen may be hiding. In other pics it's clear that she isn't wearing a ring....let's not start something that isn't there. Hate the pappz

Anonymous said...

@Barbara and the worst mistake we are making is constantly drawing parallels with last years crisis. This is why people keep waiting.
I tell you that when I compare this summer with last year I get really scared... just looking how this time around Kristen did not keep her promise ring.

Anonymous said...

hey HKN, on GC you said you will talk with your cousin soon, is that true??

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

LMFAO!!! Love it...I like Katy, but she has her own agenda, but yeah...if they were over she could have gotten that little tidbit in!

Anonymous said...

Great Job HKN! You really nailed it.
Hi LizzieD! We also miss you over there too.

Anonymous said...

to the anonymous poster who says they don't talk- I doubt that, whatever is/was going on with them they talk-
and here is another take on the clothes/shoes...
Here's what sticks with me. At the end of the day I think R & K have a lot of respect for their fans. OBVIOUSLY, they have a lot of respect for each other. They are aware that details are being scrutinized- hats, jewelry, friends, etc.. Personally I think it's all a bit ridiculous. But, I did read an account from a fan who commented to R about his shoes. I then looked at his shoes and saw that they are in fact Balenciaga and that they looked shabby. My first thought was what happens when this multi-millionare does what any person should do when his shoes are on the way out? Will fans panic when he wears new shoes simply because he needs new shoes. Well, turns out he did get new shoes- new Balenciaga shoes.
I have no idea what is going on- but my perspective (all based on my projection) is that R&K don't dick their fans around. They owe us nothing, but there is a part of them that wants us to know they are fine.

Anonymous said...

HKN you very much, please, answer the first comment ! I know that I never posted from what we write, but make an exception ! You your friend has any information as it is now between Rob and Kristen ? Do not care about the rumors about them, I just want to know if Rob and Kristen are still together!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous July 31, 2013 at 12:50 AM that's what HKN posted few hours ago:
I'm 100 percent sure they are back together and will be talking to my cousin soon.

Anonymous said...
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Saphire1231 said...

Anonymous @ 9.00PM

What makes you think that any of those of us who truly believe have any interest in your drivel other than to tell you we are not interested in your "white noise"

Also... who do you think you are coming to this blog and making demands??

Do please go slink back into the murky pond of pernicious microbes from whence you came!!

Unknown said...

Bravo for this great article full of common sense, thank you for making us share your way of seeing things things, it makes in this world of resentful a lot. Just personally I do not think that she(it) carried(wore) a ring not but maybe she wanted to play a little with paps. On the other hand for me katy would just have of to say there is nothing there will be never anything, why to indicate sms?
Thank you again to you, it is always a pleasure to read to you.

vana said...

HKN thank you and thank you to all the positive commenters, you've helped me to get my thoughts back on track. Words can be so powerful and I confess to having been a little shaken but that's me. Great work HKN

Anonymous said...


Thanks again for another post a la voice of reason. If you don't mind me asking, there are three things that I just cannot get out of my head - maybe you can help me straightening them out.

#1) The new pup Kristen was seen with - does it belong to her and Rob or was she just dog sitting for a friend and/or cast member? The pup looks so much like Bear but somehow I have difficulties believing that he and Bearnie did the naughty and the adorable pup is the result. Wouldn't R and K make sure the dogs are castrated??

#2) Kristen hasn't been wearing her new big ring the last couple of times we've seen her - was that because she came from or arrived at the CXR set? I noticed in the photos with Alicia and Suzie her tattoos were covered with concealer and she wore the wrist watch her character Cole also wears if I'm not mistaken. But in the candids to which the nasty video belongs, her tattoos aren't covered, yet she wears the watch... It's confusing.

#3) Do you believe that the tabs/papz crop the photos in such a way that they leave out Rob? In the last candids of K, when she's walking towards her red truck and smiling and later when she is cornered by the papz and gets into the car, many fans think Rob was there with her. I doubt that somehow as I don't think you can just make him "disappear". Wouldn't other people (like other restaurant guests or passersby) have seen him? The pap asks K about Rob in the video, why would he do that if Rob was the one driving the car? I'd really like to hear your opinion about that!

All in all, however, I truly believe that Robert and Kristen are fine. As you said yourself, even TMZ does not believe the whole break-up thing so why should we? Apart from Kristen not wearing the golden ring anymore, there is no, and I mean no good reason why RK shouldn't be together anymore. And if people I deem to be "experts" on this whole situation (including HKN) are right, then she replaced her golden ring with a diamond one. :D


Anonymous said...

And by the way, is anyone able to tell me who "Sash" aka "Sash IIII Chanel" is??

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...
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Anonymous said...

Good morning to all the HKN! Hi everyone! I am up and getting ready for babysitting and work. Keep me posted on our couple. Hope you all have a great hot day.

Tomoto said...

@emily and others who don't know "sarcasm" when it is written. HKN didn't mean it literally about hiding a ring, she was only making light of the fact that Kristen is going to share that or show the papz her personal life.

That is my interpretation from her post anyway.

Anonymous said...

I respect and love rob and kristen equally and wish them the best in everything always, but in my honest opinion i believe as of right now they are not together. I truely hope they find their ways back to eachother but if they dont there is nothing we can do, its their lives and their decision. I will love them both regardless of relationship status.

Anonymous said...
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FrostedFlakes said...
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Sarah said...

@frosted flakes

I am a firm believer in R/K, but I do agree with you. Anyone who questions anything is labeled a hater on this board automatically. It is funny because the haters attack the same way. I think both sides are unsure because reality is that we do not know their reality, so when beliefs are questioned insecurity(no matter how small) rears its ugly head an people lash out.

Just like last year we just have to wait and see. I am excited that hkn will be talking to her source soon. I prefer real information over regurgitated twitter talk. I do appreciate this blog and hkn, and I hope everyone will respect each other, even those 'insecure' in what is going on right now. Obvious trolling is one thing, but attacking people who are trying to figure out things that are obvious to you is unkind. Everyone sees things differently and none of us know their reality.

Jessica Jaldin Lange said...

HKN! lovong your post
it looks like we have some haters here... and all i have to say to them im this: you said you love Rob, but you don't respect his decisions and HATERS Kristens owns you because you live your live just to know about her... PERIOD!
Thank you for writing such and amazing words!! love you, see you soon

Anonymous said...




BE KIND said...

@Frosted Flakes - its very simple - don't come on her blog. This is where she posts her comments and everyone knows her position, so why are you upset? Its kind of sad that you write this long dissertation about her behavior when you had to specifically come on her blog in order to do that. Don't like it - don't come here. Its not that difficult.

Taj said...

Hello Everyone!! I commented the other day and you were so nice to me, I think I'll comment again. I do have a question first....Are the people who post all the hate on here kids/teenagers?

I live by a reap and sow philosophy. If you reap mean...you get mean 7 fold, if you reap kindness/love...you get kindness and love 7 fold!

Does it really matter who they date? Does it change your life in any way? NO? If they do something you don't like, do your family and friends come down with a plague? NO?
If they are married...does it have any bearings on your life at all? NO?
If they share dogs, will it cause you to die? No??
Why do people talk so mean about them, you don't know them. what did this girl and this guy do to you? Nothing?
As a fan who at one time realized (as I have said before that I became WAY overinvested) I can promise you, if you would just step away from the computer and use your time to help others, you would feel so much better about yourself and will begin to realize all we need from the 2 of them is for them to pick rolls that help them grow in their craft.


Hope you all have a wonderful day!!

Taj said...

*AND THAT'S A FACT. Oops! :)

Anonymous said...

FrostedFlakes and Sarah - amen. English is not my first language, I wouldn't say it better. I love RK since 2010.

FrostedFlakes said...
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Jen said...

Did you read the full comment that FrostedFlakes made? Most of the comments weren't directed at HKN herself. Rather, they discussed an overall mood in the comment section. Even amongst people who agree for the most part, there should be room for differing opinions and dialogue. My hope is that people who genuinely have a question or an opinion that is a bit unpopular do feel free to express it without the threat of being shouted down. It takes a lot less effort to BE KIND than it does to harp on folks. There's enough hate already in this fandom - why create more with folks who essentially share your thoughts? That's just my opinion - you're welcome to yours.

Have a most excellent day.

Anonymous said...

Frostedflakes and sarah
I agree 100% with anything you said. This blog is not about RK anymore, it's about HKN and her groupies!
Anyone with different opinion are troll/hater/stupid/debbie downer etc. All the big accounts are HKN groupies and as cruel as haters. They dare to brand those who ask questions as lower and more stupid than them.
The way I see it, there are hardcore haters, nonnies and shippers and all of them are the same, hatefull!, not just to R or K or RK but to people they don't even know.

Unknown said...

I agre with FrostedFlakes, Sarah and Jen completely and I hope that HKN agree too.

Anonymous said...


To prevent fandom doubting
virus, stay off tab sites, ignore hater accounts, push the possitive and
for goodness sakes use common sense

Anonymous said...
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Sarah said...

@anon 11:45

I do not see HKN doing this as much as some of the regular posters. A few immediately become defensive and lash out at anyone who questions anything. I think that is overkill.

The ones who come on claiming they are over and for us to move on are trolls and are trying to start crap. However, those who ask questions or are on the fence about R/K relationship status should not be condemned, in my opinion.

HKN is good at deleting troll posts and keeping those with simple questions, so I do not fault her in any way for the bullying that sometimes happens on here. If I felt she was attacking those with questions I would not come to her board.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why anyone would criticize Kristen for the pap incident..How much abuse does one small girl have to take. and why is it not allright with people for her to finally speak out to them...These haters should spend time in her shoes around the paps...no one would want that kind of attention and plenty of famous people have cursed and even worse to these dirtbags...I would have said a lot worse things than Kristen did.....come to think about it....I have said worse things!! LOL eek....Andreana

Anonymous said...

Who wants to ask questions, to be respected, I invite you to Robsten Angels. You can find google.

Anonymous said...

Who wants to ask questions, to be respected, I invite you to Robsten Angels. You can find in google.

Anonymous said...

no you can't be respected at RA either.They booted out a lot of nice people from there too,for not sharing same opinions,or just being "lurkers".This fandom is run on mini dictatorships, and that's ok. Your blog your rules,but please don't think someone is not gonna express an opposing view.PUT ON YOUR BIG GIRL PANTIES AND DEAL WITH IT.It's like life everyone has opinions and assholes.You don't have to agree or like the opinions but you should listen to them.If you don't we might think we need to goose step when near you.

Anonymous said...

please remember we all want to know what is going on, but the only ppl who know the truth ARE NOT TALKING,any and all other is CONJECTURE,NO PROOF.It is up to you to believe or not believe in the evidence presented even on this blog.If you are OVER INVESTED,NEEDY,LIVING YOUR LIFE THROUGH THEM,take a step back please.I am sure Rob and Kris would not want you doing that.They look like they are living happily( other than the pap incident)coping well with life and work.The rest is a NON'YA(none of ya business).

Saphire1231 said...

at Anonymous 4.21

You come across like you have a huge chip on your shoulder.

Your opinion is yours... I can ignore it if I choose...

I certainly do not agree that I or anyone else NEEDS to listen to your opinions!!

If you feel you need to goose step near me... you go right ahead and act out that bit of bigotry!

Anonymous said...

please remember we all want to know what is going on, but the only ppl who know the truth ARE NOT TALKING,any and all other is CONJECTURE,NO PROOF.It is up to you to believe or not believe in the evidence presented even on this blog.If you are OVER INVESTED,NEEDY,LIVING YOUR LIFE THROUGH THEM,take a step back please.I am sure Rob and Kris would not want you doing that.They look like they are living happily( other than the pap incident)coping well with life and work.The rest is a NON'YA(none of ya business).

Anonymous said...

saphire, all that means is that the fan sites and blogs are run the same, as long as you agree with "thought police" its all good, the minute you have a differing thought your a nonnie, hater, debbie downer,ect,and you get the reaction I get from you.You proved my point.

Anonymous said...

I have no chip,stated the truth, went to another board even post here.All is good, so moooving on and hope you have a blessed day.

Anonymous said...

and the funny thing is some of the RA group still follow me on my old twitter handle...so go figure that one out...makes no sense to me..lol.ahahhh life love it.hope everyone is good,I know R&K are.ta ta

Saphire1231 said...

To all those who feel entitled to come to this blog to air their opposing opinions to the contrary.

The name of this blog is HKN... Hater's Know Nothing... It's author is Pro Rob and Kristen.

Those attracted to this site are generally supporters of Rob and Kristen and believe in the fact they are a couple and together.

I am constantly in wonderment of those who come here asking questions... many of which are simply obvious, in that they are designed to try to put doubts in the minds of others.

Still others are blatantly so anti they can only come from someone who hates the idea of Rob and Kristen as a couple.

Why do you think people who do not really believe or are filled with doubts come here??

Could it be that they are not convinced?? If that is the case, then this blog is not the place for you.

you need to go elsewhere and find people of like mind for you to share with.

Come back when you are convinced that Rob and Kristen are indeed a couple and together!

bellastar9 said...

I was booted off Robsten Angels too, I would love to be able to go there still but I was just a lurker after Robstenlove closed. I think it was Felicity the other day that explained that personal info was being copied by haters and published on other sites and that they needed to shut out a heap of accounts to find the culprits. I hope that I can get back there soon but until that day I will have to be content with HKN and the positive people who post here. As for all the nastiness around I just ignore it. I work in child protection and there is enough real crap happening out there in the big bad world that I don't need it here so if I see someone being nasty no matter what "side" they are on I skip it.

Anonymous said...

I have moved on,RA is just not what it use to be,there was a lot of bickering going on.I was a lurker too loved the pic spams they use to do,but oh well,they ain't they only fish in the R&K fandom pond.

Anonymous said...


I respectfully disagree. Telling people to come back to a blog when they are confident in their beliefs 1st of all is not your place as it is not your blog A lot people come here for the positivity and reassurance and to actually confirm they are together. If they were confident they would not need the blog. Nothing wrong with that. It is not your board and I find it very sad that you feel the need to attack those who may not be as headstrong in their beliefs as you.

I am a firm believer they are together but have no desire to attack those who are on the fence. It is HKN's board and she can deal with it how she likes. If she wants a person to police her board, I am sure she will ask.

Lisa said...

Wow, everyone relax. Just enjoy HKN's posts and if you do not like a comment by someone ignore it. Easy peasy.

Thanks for the posts as always, HKN. If your cousin is needing a refill on her drink, let me know. I am happy to pitch in. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi. First timer. Not really a comment, more of a question... Respectfully: so it seems you have a close connection with someone's camp. I don't need to know who's, that's your business. But, I wonder why you're not informing on that info vs tab/pap encounter info? Only ask bc you're right, paps/rags spin stories to create bs. It's all smoke & mirrors. And maybe you can't reveal more than you have, that's understandable but I'd rather find interest in small weird and intriguing info that gives us a slight hint. Look, I'm a firm believer in as fans we require too much of them and then get upset Bout them being harrassed. Fans feed the meter, so paps/rags keep at it. But you do offer interesting perspective and I wonder if you could focus on things that aren't apart of same nonsense reported. Thanks in advance. Alls I ask of RK is they find peace, happiness, resolution and growth, together or apart. Time to focus on their craft and HOPE that it reunites them with time. Cheers. a

Jen said...

Again, is it just so hard to be nice? I mean, seriously?!?! I am of course not referring to the obvious trolls. I think that we all know what they look like, and what their agendas are. As far as I'm concerned, they are the 'haters' in Haters Know Nothing. The 'haters' are not people who clearly just want to ask a question, find some reassurance, or, gasp, express an opinion that only SLIGHTLY differs from those of the rest. Discourse and debate are healthy. This is an open comment section. There is no litmus test to post.

What irks me a bit is that differing opinions from what HKN and her source say are okay as long as they fit with those of some of the more forceful posters here. I personally think that HKN is correct that something went awry between Kris and Rob in May/June. I also don't think that everything in the press is just made up, though much is exaggerated and some is flat out fantasy. I think that the evidence points toward a turn for them around the time of K's trip to Paris. Does this make me a hater with no common sense? What I believe is in line with much of what HKN has reported. I think the world of these two kids, and I enjoy reading HKN's posts as well as what many commenters have to say. Should I not be allowed to post my thoughts just because I may occasionally have doubts and do believe that R and K's relationship is just like everyone else's, with plenty of ups and downs?

My main point is the one I stated before, there is enough hate and a lack of kindness in this fandom. I just really hope that people who essentially agree on the fact that both R and K are talented kids with bright futures can not add to the hurtful discourse.

As Tom Stu says, "Be kind."

Enjoy your nights, all.

Anonymous said...

For those looking for a nice place to "fangirl" or talk/share pics,fan love: rkvsthem.com you log in it takes 24 after your first post and you get your email verified then your good to go.

Anonymous said...

last night he says robert this in soho with sia and friends and another woman who was with him on the show last week if he goes out with friends kristen why not go out with him?so this very sad hkn please let us explain.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the RA bullies are already posting on this board. God forbid anyone post something THEY don't consider "positive". You can expect no less than a dissertation on how delusional you must be.

HKN please don't allow these nutters to hijack your board!

Anonymous said...

@anon 6:37
Kristen was at LACMA at a movie screening for a film directed by the producer of Camp X-ray. She was working and Rob was out with friends.

Anonymous said...

Remember, rkvsthem.com no hate.just fan girls ;) we love support both.No Matter What.

Saphire1231 said...

At anonymous 6.49

Your disgruntlement shows in your references to bullies and nutters...

bellastar9 said...

Okay, I feel stupid, I'm trying to register for rkvsthem.com and do not know what the URL is for the question to stop automatic joining(it is a wonder I even know how to use the internet). Can anyone help me out?

bellastar9 said...

please ignore my last comment, I figured it out!

emily said...

Gotta say, Katy Perry distracting the media looked really cute. Just had to laugh. Looks like she's a really good friend. Loved the pup, it's so gorgeous I just wanna hold it.

Tempest said...

Whoa okay, sorry i haven't been here to post as i had my own blog to take care of. What on the world does a message board have to do with people commenting in here - choose your battles somewhere else please - people here don't really want to know what goes on behind private message boards, you are only showing just how bitter and resentful you really are and that doesn't bode well with the then 'arguing about Rob and Kristen' if you don't believe they are together (some don't) then why come on a blog that essentially believes they are? that's called 'itching for a fight' and you seem all kinds of itchy to me. Don't you think that this is maybe 'why' you were banned from the message board?

As for the rest, good morning and for the haters still doing fly by posts of 'please HKN i am desperate for information from your cousin' or 'they are not together Rob's with...........' stay pressed, because it obviously irks you enough to come onto here and post, knowing that you will be deleted by HKN or shot down by people who don't want to listen to your drivel.

Attention seeking people tend to go around in a group team tagging each other. It also means you are annoying them doing what you do, so that's the main reason why they keep coming back, like i said stay pressed little ones, your maniacal behaviour is showing!!

natt39 said...

@Tempest A brilliant post as per usual and you are right if people are so sure of being broke up then why bother to even come to a blog that believes they are just fine!

Tomoto said...

@Tempest I love this and I quote you again, "Attention seeking people tend to go around in a group team tagging each other."


Probably one of the biggest issues with this fandom in general.

Look, if I am being "unkind" when I say the next thing I am going to say, then I apologize in advance. Peeps, it is all very logical and common sense. You don't need HKN to post confirmation from her cousin, you don't need the regular posters here to fangirl with you, and you don't need anybody to explain it to you either. Pay attention, be observant without intrusion, and listen to the "sane" people in this fandom and you will have your answers...which is that RK are fine, living their lives, and managing their careers. And yes, the are together.

Anonymous said...

Hi HKN! How are you? I just got home from babysitting.
Saphire1231- I am not with anon. I am with you. So I agree with you.

felicity said...

well, it seems we have some very angry people here on a blog that has nothing to do with the robstenangels.

to make it absolutely clear.

we had to make our board private because posts were copied and pasted on comment sections, blogs and other boards. not only posts about r/k, but private posts too.

we had so many lurkers, people who never posted anything.. people who weren't on board for months.. and we need to find the one who is behind those copied posts.

to make it easier for us.. we needed to decrease the amount of members.. that's why the lurkers and unusued accounts were deleted.

ex-members, who are banned, are banned for a reason and they know that. we have rules on our board. and those rules are to be followed.

if those rules are broken, consequences will follow. simple as that. the rules are available on board for every member to read.

if and when we will allow new member accountsa again, depends on, if we can be sure, that we have been able to get rid of the one who copied those posts.. we are not there right now.

have a nice day..

HKN. sorry, that i had to post this.. but those ex-members need to know and they shouldn't even have posted their angry posts about our board on your blog.

Saphire1231 said...

Thank you Arleen... I always love to care and share with most of the posters here.

Some of the occasional visitors have already proven or are in the process of proving that they are just so much "white noise"!

Tempest... Great post hon.

Tomato... Good advice sweets.

natt39... Well said.

Emily.... I agree with you Katy was very funny on the video.

Lizzie D... I agree with your take on R/K keeping a very low profile... they have had to put up with so very much. People need to walk a mile in their shoes before they bother to comment about what they should and should not do.

Hope everyone is having a good day.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on HKN! How are you? I am about to go to bed. Keep me posted.
Tempest- Hi! How are you? I am with you.
Felicity- I completely agree with you.
Saphire1231- You're welcome.
Good night everyone!

Anonymous said...

felicity, I appreciate getting an explanation why I was removed from that board. It was the one and only place I went to read on the topic at hand after another forum closed. It felt a bit rough as I'd just posted an intro planning to be active but that is the mods decision and their right to do so I moved on. It's nice to know it wasn't personal.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

I have no idea why a couple of people asking for tolerance is angry or disturbing the peace. I also don't see these posters saying that they don't think r/k are together, so i have no idea why some of you are linking the two. I have no idea what the Robsten Angels are (and don't think I want to know), but can't we all agree to co-exist? Ignore the trolls (because HKN deletes them anyway) and tolerate others who may not believe exactly as you do. It's not that crazy.

edangel said...

OK!! If i dont like someone i avoid that person as much as possible!! Similarly if i dont like some food then i completely avoid taking it!!
If i dont like a movie i dont watch it again...
If i dont like a blog i avoid it completely!!!

I dont do something i dont like because i really dont want to torture myself like that!!!

I have so far avoided quite a few blogs and boards because i was unable to take the hatred there!!!

I come here and to RA because i find these both more peaceful!!

The very thing that u come to the blog where u know that they have a different opinion than yours and donot entertain haters in itself says that u are a nosey parker who is scared that what this blog is for will be the truth and deep down you all know that its the truth....

So to all the anon and even a few named people who are trying to justify that you have to voice your opinion, which is actually not in line with what this blog is for then i think that you must find your way to other blogs or boards where they will welcome your opinion!!!

Why come here and disrupt things here???

Not only here even with other boards!! If someone is banned from a board it will be for some specific reason!! Not everyone are banned!! only people who get nasty and who try to disrupt the peace are banned!! because the board in itself is in support of both RK and if you are unable to accept that then its better to leave the board yourself than get into a fight and then abuse and then get banned!!!

Anyway!!As i have said before Rob and Kristen are fine and happy and healthy and focusing on their respective careers!! Thats more important!!! We all have witnessed their love for 5 years and we have seen them grow in this 5 years!! Seen their love for each other!!

So anyone who believe in their love will never believe that they will give up so easily!! They are meant to be together!!! and they are together!!! Thats it!!

Thanks HKN for a wonderful post!!!

Anonymous said...

I the previous anon... I just wanted to add that as this is an open comment section, I'm guessing that no one is going anywhere. Let's just ignore the posts we don't like and move on, m-kay?

Anonymous said...

I would just love to hear of an update from the cousin. That's all.......please don't hate! You can't help but feel the palpable love between the two of them and I'm having a hard time believing their giving up. Period.

Anonymous said...

hi i thougt this is a place to talk abour RK and not to talk or give publicity to other boards.i joined Robsten Angels board in 2009,well the name they had first and didnt comment much but i read them everyday,i was banned or blocked last may when all this problem started i guess just because i didnt agree with most of them didnt have all the positivism some had and just bc of that they banned me,at first i thougt there were some technical problems and i create a new account which was banned too and since then i've not been able to join bc i cant even create a new account,so please dont come here saying is a respectful site,i asked by twitter some of the moderators or insiders like cardinal23 etc to help me to rejoin but they didnt,so as much as i admit i love that site,as i said i was there since 2009 i admit they're not good and not fair you cant have doubts or a different opinion,i still miss them and i've tried many times to keep on joining them but if they dont want me i can survive.much like this,i understand u delete trolls,but it's not fair to do it w rk fans who can have diff opinions or doubts bc some people just dont have so much info or just we dont have to share the same point of view but we share our love for RK.also most of the time HKN and other insiders just give their opinion,just want to show a happy side of things but there arent facts to prove 1 thing or the other so anything could b possible,thanks.by rkall

Anonymous said...


just want to point that out though. i don't bash people. i even login on my fb page for only 5 mins, lol. don't have twitter too. i know how social networking sites or forums work so i try to avoid commenting or just stay quiet.

just want to say that though but again i'm not here to cause any fight.

thanks hkn for the update.

bellastar9 said...

oh gosh, earlier I commented that I was booted off Robstens Angels too, I hope it was not misinterpreted,I'm not upset about it,I understand it was not personal, I liked going there to see nice pics of Rob and Kristen and hear nice thoughts about them. I like coming here for the same reason and to Temptests blog. I don't comment a lot in places, I just go somewhere to read comments from people who have similar beliefs as me, that Rob and Kristen are together and appear to be happy.

Anonymous said...

I love that hkn opened this blog to the public and I love her spunk. My advice to everyone who has their panties in a bunch is to bypass comments you do not like. It does not change reality and everyone is entitled to opinions. I agree with the person who said hkn deletes the obvious trolls. If you do not like someone having doubts, ignore. If someone attacks you for having doubts, ignore. None of it changes anything, so no need to get so worked up. Bigger issues in life than trying to only allow certain beliefs to be posted here.

Guess I just see no reason to sweat the small stuff.
Hope everyone has a great day. PS: They are very much together! ;)

SusannahKay said...

Why are so many people here moaning about RA? It has nothing to do with this blog but Felicity has been kind enough to explain,at least twice now ,why people have been removed and although I've not visited their board,her explanation makes perfect sense to me.I'm not sure why it's so hard to grasp that the owners of a website have the right to restrict access/membership in any way they please and they are not obliged to give a reason if they choose not to.

While I respect the right of any individual to voice an opinion, those who are getting their knickers in a twist seem to be the insecure and needy. HKN,along with several others have made it abundantly clear that R/K had a fight back in May and they're working it out.It's not the first time they've had a fight,I'm sure it won't be the last.It's got blown out of proportion in the media because of a stalker pap and another individual feeding lies to tabloids.Certain anons have decided to take offense but I'm fairly sure these are some of the same individuals who analyse every pixel of every pic of R/K together to ensure their body language looks affectionate,Kristen is wearing every gift Rob has ever given her etc,etc,etc....

It's not reasonable to expect HKN to be providing reassurance 24/7. You either accept that they're fine,which they are or you believe that they're not in which case you need to move on.Whatever their status it should not be affecting your life.

Anonymous said...

aloisius again. should have not made a comment awhile ago. this is why i always lurk. but i am not NEEDY.

this will be the last time i'll be commenting on this but @SusannahKay don't tell me i am NEEDY 'coz you don't know me.

Tempest said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tempest said...

Apologies for my typos, I was quickly firing this off from my phone on the way home and didn't have time to check the spelling :/

Anonymous said...

I am like the previous Lady, never been needy,pissed off yes,but needy no.I have ran a blog/site before and when removing someone did give a notice/reason for doing.I understand why but was not but of the bickers going on there,and the resident shrink and keep her diagnosis to herself.Live and let live is and always will be my motto.(even if you piss me off) life if too short. bless you all and bless R & K

Anonymous said...

Okay, new day... Everyone had their therapy session? Good, cool, can we move forward now? HKN, whatcha got for us? :)

Anonymous said...

new day,new month.lets go :) all is good,all is great.love is in the air <3

Sally said...

I have to say this is my first post on here but I've been reading your blog for months, I absolutely love it. I would like to say thank you for all your hard work that goes into it and I truly appreciate it. I always look forward to each new post you make :) I look forward to the next one :) x

BE KIND said...

@Jen - Your comments were well taken - thank you. Perhaps I was a bit too harsh on Frosted Flakes - but I get frustrated when it appears that someone is going after HKN and her particular POV - but its her blog. If you are not on board with what she has to say, come on here and read and politely disagree but do not attack her or others who support her opinion.

@Frosted Flakes - I apologize if I was a bit too harsh in my comments. Perhaps my panties were in a bunch -- you know I was actually snooping around on GC earlier and the hatred there always just makes me so sad.

Please accept my apologies - I really am a kind person :).

Anonymous said...

I have a friend that hangs on the GC board (she used to hang on the AT board) she's crazy wonderful and she keeps me up on the hate that is spewed from that placed.I don't know how she stands it.Braver soul than I.

Tempest said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tomoto said...

@SusannahKay ICAM

Okay, just going to say it!

Being desperate for info, speculating and being needy, and expressing your discourse is exactly WHAT the tabloid/webloid media and paparazzi want from us. This is an OPEN to everyone blog, trust me the media comes here.

Ask yourself, "Do I want to be part of the problems that RK are experiencing?" We should ALL be thinking about that when posting on an OPEN public forum. JS.

There is more than one reason why HKN deletes haters and posts of discourse against RK. One of them is to prevent the media from grabbing ahold of incorrect or slanderous info posted on her blog.

Again I mean no offense. I am 100% in support of RK, their privacy, living their lives on their terms (not what we want from or for them), and giving them the respect they deserve.

Tempest said...

To 4.19 psst your hater is showing as for resident shrink, a) I go by Dr, so its really Dr. Lawson to you. b) shrinking is banned and completely unethical so no we ony wish we could shrink heads, what we actually do is pick through conscious and unconscious thought/feelings, but I will keep in mind that you believe I shrink heads (intellectual stmiuli sarcasm for you there)

As for the rest, coming in here and arguing over a board you were banned off really is/childsh and stupid. I deleted my post as it was rushed, but for those who didn't see it - SusannahKay thank you for your post. Resident posters good evening and stay positive. Hater of the Robsten Angels board (yes I believe we all know who you are) stay pressed and understand that your behaviour here clearly shows just why Felicity banned you off the board. HKN *waves*

Anonymous said...

Last time, done..not a hater.life is short,your provoking (great work doc)not going for it again.live laugh love. carry on carry on.Together or apart they are great.

LoveR/K said...

I usually post as Anon.

HKN I love your post!
Tempest: I love yours too :-)

It's a pleasure to read posts by sane people who point out things we might not see when we are constantly being bombarded by nonsense and Nonnies.
Your both absolutely right,your blogs, your opinions. I choose to agree with them. I am not delusional, I just choose to not believe the media bs and the people who hate on either Rob or Kristen or Robsten being together.

I enjoy reading what HKN writes basically because I am in like opinion. I love coming here and reading what other's have to say. However, what I don't appreciate are the people who come on here and try to create problems. IMHO: If you don't believe, don't come here. GC board is the place for you.

I choose to believe that two people who have sacrificed and fought to be together don't just drop that love and act as if all is well in the world. I see two beautiful young adults who seem to be happier and enjoying life and working on films they love.
Might I add, ever since that *ring* showed up on Kristen's finger, they both seem to act like the *cats who ate the canaries* :-)

Thank you HKN and thank you Tempest.

Jen said...


I appreciate your comment, and I'm sure you're an awesome person - just stay off those GC boards, man ;)

Anyway, it's a new day. Hope everyone has a good one, and let's all remember what brought us all here in the first place - two talented young people whom we all want to be happy and to find success. That should be enough to bring us together.

Peace out, peeps. The weekend is one step closer! :)

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all HKN! Hi everyone! Hope all of you are enjoying your summer vacation. Well I have to get to do my duties. Keep me posted on our couple.

Tomoto said...

This should make us ALL think about our behaviors online:


Anonymous said...

I agree,Rob and Kristen both need restraining order on some of these paps/tabs/agencies of 300-500ft, Jackie Kennedy did against a pap and won.(I know it involved her kids safety but these paps are getting really dangerous).Their idea of "the money shot" is going to cost someone a life again,(Princess Diana being the first).

FrostedFlakes said...

If you see this before it gets deleted...I accept your apologies. Many people are on the edge, I don't doubt that you're a kind person. You read, answered, apologized and for that I thank you :)

I'm going back to being a lurker, no hard feelings.


Anonymous said...

Quiet day - I like it! ;)

felicity said...

well, the tabs are getting desperate.. now rob is with riley again, according to usweekly. just last week it was sarah gadon..

they are running out of options..

Anonymous said...

makes me sad now rob this going until
lual models,hkn true even if your cousin,talk to him what is happening,
why not come to rob kris,I fear rob enteressar is a model that already,since he seems to enjoy his new life of this divo,Forgive me for speaking so more ja ne hkn this time, to see robsten together.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on HKN! I just got done with cleaning and pretty soon I am getting ready for babysitting again. My sister in law just got engaged. I am so happy for her.
felicity- I don't believe it. Did you see it at the store mag. Or on computer. If I were you wouldn't even click it or read it. Just walk away.

rmol said...

Us Weekly printed the old Riley Rob story. Lulu and GC have already debunked the already multiple times debunked lie. Riley has her own boyfriend

felicity said...

@arleen.. it was all over twitter.. they are just plain stupid.

i don't click on their shit site...

@anon 3:00

first.. i can't understand half of the things you wrote, second.. if you believe this BS about Rob with Riley (even after Riley herself made it very clear that it is NOT true) and the BS written in the tabs..

why do you come here and ask for news??

you have made your mind up, don't you?

Rob was not out with models.. he was at a private fundraiser to get money for the treatment of Greg Collard. nothing else happened..

sorry to destroy your dreams.

Saphire1231 said...

Wow... The media continues in their delusions to portray Rob as some kind of superman!

With all the supposed exercise he is getting with all these imagined hook ups I am surprised the guy has time to breath let alone function normally LOL.

The media are like rats on a treadmill... ever running in circles repeating the same predictable drivel on a daily basis.

It is a sad indictment on women everywhere that the media thinks so little of the female sex.

According to the media, every follower of Rob's is in the "tween", the "immoral" or the "stupid" category!!

They must think so, to print such drivel and expect it to be belived... who else are they printing it for??

Because the saner/normal fans are simply turned off by all the drivel, don't buy it or bother with it, and the disdain for tabloids and gossip mags grows daily.

One would think they would at least look at the fact that amongst the female population are many real women, as well as parents of tweens who supply the pocket money that their teenagers use to buy the crappy tabs...

I wonder when they will catch on that they are doing themselves out of quite a bit of business already from the saner folks who have become disillusioned with what is termed entertainment mags/web sites... not to mention if the Moms (with a conscience) who may well decide to dry up the supply of funds to their tweens to stop the purchase of rubbish press to protect their impressionable tweens/or young teenagers.

All the rampant stupidity printed in the world about Rob and Kristen will not alter the fact that their subject matter are in a solid relationship with each other.

Robert and Kristen are a very strong, together unit and the media are worse than children penning fabrications which are now old, repetitive and tiresome!

Anonymous said...

Anyone know who was with Rob besides Sia at SoHo House ?? They said it was the same people he was with at the concert?? Was it Kristen's friends I wonder? E said 2 other guys and a girl.Of course they alluded to the fact that the other girl was Robs secret girlfriend. I am sorry I went to E this morning.I didn't know it was like a tab. I won't be going back there if that is the case.

RKsoulmates913 said...

Tomoto said...
This should make us ALL think about our behaviors online:


It's a PITY that people IGNORE this kind of msg! Sigh...

Thanks Tomoto. I agree with you. I tweeted it earlier. It broke my heart.

And ANON 6:31

THE SAME msg... different place...hmmmmm


If possible RT the video TOMOTO posted here. Lets do something to AT LEAST try to stop this madness. It's getting worse each day...

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:31

This is my thought on the secret girlfriend but I am not attacking you when I reference people clicking on gossip sites. I am glad that you will not go to that website again.
Would it not be funny if the mystery girl who e claims as Rob secret girlfriend was actually Kristen? Just like the mystery lady in the truck was anyone but Kristen. Maybe they are in plain sight but people would be more interested in clicking a website about who Rob maybe dating next then the boring topic of everything is okay in their relationship.

Anonymous said...

Are you the same Jen from the GC boards?

For some reason, I can always tell you apart from the usual posters. You were always one of the more reasonable ones and raised valid points without getting carried away by emotions as wont of the usual fan (me included) :)

I like your posts. They're good for balance :)

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 7:31.
I like your theory but wasn't Kristen at some screening when Rob was having dinner at Soho?

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on HKN! How are you? I just had a movie and a popcorn with my two nieces. And now I am home.
felicity- I agree with you there about those idiots.

Anonymous said...

Saphire1231- Great comments! I agree with you.

Anonymous said...

So, it's almost 3 months since we all last saw R and K together in public. There's a big chance that they have calling it quit you know.
she's at Joan Jett Concert but no Rob. Jackson is there but no Rob.
Rob went to JT/JayZ concert, no Kris.
What are you going to say if they have calling it quit for good?

Tempest said...

10.59 - god help the man who is foolish enough to take up with someone who, unless they are with each other 24/7 and in their faces all day long - they have quit for good.

Do yourself a favour little anon, come back when you are all grown up or better still, go back to the little cronies who you hide out with and exchange worrying concern with them, seeing as they will be of the same mentality as you!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh Tempest....why so angry?, you must be worry...it's past your bed time now..

Paula said...

First time here, to the Anon 10.59, how do you know that Kristen wasn't at the concert with Rob, how do know that Rob is not at the concert with Kristen,why do you need a photo, will your life be better if you see one?; if you don't think they are together that's fine, but don't try and cause arguments with others with your opinion.

Anonymous said...

i think as days pass by it's more clear things between rob and kristen are not ok,probably they're not together,not living together but also not a couple anymore.i know many "important,insider" people like HKN,Tempest,Bronzehyperion keep on saying believing they're ok,you dont have to be together 24/7 blah blah blah,yeah true,but that's just their opinion as much as this is mine,but any of these people who seems to have the truth of all and accuse the rest of being doubters or trolls dont give us any proof of this,still is just their opinion,as valid as other and i dont come here to call them desilusional or liars,and tbh facts tend to give the reason to the people who have doubts bc let's see,we have not only a single pic of rk together in the last 3 months but also not a single legit sighting even w/out a pic and this is when most of these 3 months they've been in LA,we have the new ring k wore a few times that could be a hint of a good rk thing happened but nothing else,she doesnt wear it anymore,maybe bc she's filming now,but that's all bc i dont share that idea of sharing hats,glasses,etc i would if one day rob wear something and the next day is K wearing it,so not a reason to believe they're together.they also dont share friends,k is w her part of the OG,like suzie,alanah,cj,etc while rob is w tamra and other more matture than K's og part,lol.then we have rob out alone always or k alone i mean they'r both in LA and they wont do a normal life like out for dinner or go to concerts they both like just because they dont want to give money to the media with their pics?i mean rk care so much about what media or trolls would say about them that they give up their life as a couple?weird,i mean any other hollywood couple do their life without caring about a few pics,some minutes of bothering paps against a full night out w your couple and friends enjoying a beer or some good music,sorry but common sense proofs everysingle day RK are not together,it's sad,and i'd love to believe what hkn,tempest,bronzehyperion etc say but reality shows just the other side so unless they know and have proofs no one has seen to be so sure rk are together i think is harmful to give hope of good things when facts show just the contrary,you could hurt a lot of people who trust in you.hope you're right and i'm wrong but things dont look good rn,so dont give us just good writing saying i'm a troll a doubter,etc,give us proofs,facts and i'll admit i was wrong happyly,a simpl rk sighting together or a fan pic of them would b enough to stop the drama,the rumours and the doubts,bc u know there're many fans doubting they're together find it hard to explain why they're 3 months never together out etc,and i mean real fans,no trolls,krisbians,nonstens etc,fans who love rk but dont want to be fooled.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys

I am honestly so confused j love robsten to bits
but with all the negativity hat is going around can someone please tell me if they are or aren't they??

Not trying to start anything I swear I just want answers

Anonymous said...

morning i got to agree with Anon 1.30. it's funny how someone here said that u deleted some negative comments bc media make reports and bs news following these opinions so u leave just the positive ones,funny we dont see any of that in those called mags,prolly bc they have no evidence like pics or sigthings to create a bs story.
i have a question for u all,last year when "that" happened rob went away from LA,was in NYC i think with Tom and other friends,this time he's stayed in LA except the time he went to Toronto to film,so do you think that indicates he's in LA bc he wants to work things out with Kristen,want to see and talk to her,maybe is bc he has work stuff there,it seems MTTS will continue soon there,or might be bc he's enjoying his single life in LA,sorry but JT concert was quite a single look to me apart from Gina boyfriend i saw no other man,so could it be he's interested in any of the other girls,bc u cant say all the girls around rob are lesbian,please let be real.i also agree a single pic of rob and kristen together will put this drama over forever.

felicity said...

well.. gina was at the Joan Jett concert with Kristen, Riley, CJ, Jaden, Kassie..

and Gina was at the Jay-Z, JT concert with Rob..

so, to say, that she is only friends with Rob now.. sorry, that would be wrong.

i have a perfect example for you, who made it more than 6 months without being seen together, yet they are still engaged despite all the rumors about them. they also went out with friends during those 6 months.. worked on different projects.. but they still were living together during this time.

not one single pic of them together anywhere.. and no legit sighting either..

you know who i am talking about??

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth..

linese said...

You know this site is one of the few Pro Rob/Kristen sites that I visit but I lately with the stunts that the paps have been pulling on Kristen (writing on her car, cornering her with her dog etc) I have begun to question whether it is worth it. I believe that Rob and Kristen are together and they are choosing not to be seen together for a reason. Can't we respect that and not ask for or look for pictures of them that eventually lead to Kristen flipping them off . I guess my fear is that our obsession with them may lead to an eventual split. They don't lead normal lives by virtue of their jobs, can't they just have a slice of privacy on their down time.At the end of the day we the consumer are the reason these pigs, I mean Paps exist.No we did not ask the to become RABID but the are doing it because people want to know or see in this case!

Jade said...

To klaudia
"a single pic of rob and kristen together will put this drama over forever" <= just saying, it is impossible. Maybe it will put this round of drama over, but there will be always next round. Do you know why. Yes, money talks!
Why do those tabloids make such effort to print-out or post these stupid lies everyday? Yes, $$ talks!
Are they nuts? Do tabs have too much time to kill so they decide to write all the bs stories about two young and talented actor/actress just for fun? Of course not! It's because $$ talks!

SusannahKay said...

Klaudia - Let's be honest here, the only "drama" is amongst fans of either or both. Rob and Kristen are deliberately not being seen together because they don't want the endless media intrusion. It really frustrates me that people cannot grasp that they don't owe us anything because lovely as it is to see them together,it isn't any of our business and they have said time and time again that they want to keep their relationship private. I doubt they give a damn if people outside their close circle think they've split, the longer that belief is out there,the more chance they have of being able to spend some time together without being bothered. Unless they're spotted somewhere accidentally,I think it will be a long time before we get joint pics again and I'm fine with that.

Tempest said...

Anon 11.19 sorry mate to burst your bubble, but I I've in the glorious country of Australia, so my post came in during my day time and unfortunately your bed time, so run along now like a good little girl and make sure you wash all those nasty thoughts out of your mouth when you brush your teeth.

Saphire1231 said...

anonymous @ 1.30

HKN does not force any one of us to come to her blog.. We are all here with our eyes wide open... if we choose to believe, that is our right and pleading with HKN to cease and desist sharing the news we want to hear is, I believe, presumptuous of you, in spite of your claimed "caring for our welfare".

Those of us who have a similar point of view to HKN come here willingly, because we want to, and because we are "desirous" of the information HKN shares with us. We come because we believe.

You ask for proof of Rob and Kristen being together. Why is it, that whenever I see this request, I always think that it is such a one sided request?

You have proof, believers have repeatedly given you proof, R/K have given you proof, but you refuse to believe any of it.
The biggest proof for me is that - in spite of all the ridiculous hook up rumours out there, (Rob especially cannot be seen in the same room a woman)! You do not see either Rob or Kristen dating another person...
Still, even this fact, does not stop you asking for yet more proof!

Conversely... you give no proof that they are not together, other than to cry down that which we believe is proof.

Neither Rob or Kristen, or their people have ever said a word about any split. Yet a sleazy pap, whose only agenda is garnering money, puts out a fabricated split story, loosely matched to one of his pics, (he thinks) and so many non believers pick it up and run with it as gospel...

Sorry... fabrication, innuendo and gossip is not a source of truth...

Saphire1231 said...

part 2 of my post above...

It would be the same thing (picture this little scenario if you will), as if somebody was to make up a story that you had stolen something belonging to R or K and sold it for a huge sum of money. If that somebody was then to put the fabrication on the internet and sell it to blogs who ran with it... and others picked it up... you would very quickly find yourself hounded by the media, the paps, angry fans and crazy's... You would be miserable and feel victimised, angry and unable to live your life the way you want.

Of course all that was based on, was... a fabrication... an outright LIE... but do you think anyone would really care if their contact with you fed their individual agenda? Gave them $$, stalked, harassed, or possibly bashed you!

Of course not! They would take what they want, make money off you, and leave you, battered, bruised, scared and alone.

Can anyone really blame Rob and Kristen for wanting to stay under the radar... for wanting to keep their personal life private and personal? I know I sure can't blame then one iota!

You are suggesting that one picture of RK together would stop the doubters... Would it?? Maybe temporarily - for 1 maybe 2 days... but ultimately...I think not.

R & K have tried being more public.... We had pictures on a daily basis in April... but what did that get them? It got them stalked and hounded and more death threats.

Saphire1231 said...

Part 3 (final)

Hollywood operates like no other place... Couples are expected to hook up, show PDA all over the place and split up, reunite, split, reunite and eventually split and move on.

There is a lot of skulduggery in Hollywood and a lot of inherent dangers from psychotic fans and crazy stalkers. It is just not realistic to expect that one should ignore basic safety, or willingly put yourself out there in your private time for the entertainment of others.

And before you hit me with the predictable... do you know, do you...etc., etc., No I do not live in Hollywood... I do not even live in the US. I am not famous.. However I suggest you pop into your local library and get out a few Hollywood autobiographical and entertainment history books and have a good read... You will no doubt find the same information I found when I read those kinds of books in my library.

Some time ago Kristen said... (not her exact words of course but the meaning is all here)... people want us to confirm ... they almost did (she said), but decided against the idea because she knew that the more people get... the more they will want... She went on to say, That nothing would ever be enough... and further.. They (people) would always expect something!! ... like maybe your 1st born! So NO to confirming anything.

This particular interview is out there if you care to go look for it... I believe it was around Eclipse premier time - I may be wrong. From where I sit.. Kristen was not wrong with her statement.

Rob used to be so much more open and fan friendly... but not so these days. He is guarded and less likely to capitulate to fan pics and definitely not the paparazzi.

In all of the pap pics I have seen of him lately, he is guarded, poker faced, or just plain angry or has a sarcastic smirk... he is no longer the open, easy going, fan friendly star he once was.

Right now R/K are both working... but it needs to be remembered... that whatever they are reported as attending, being see at... is a very short time in the 24hr period... There is plenty of time for them to be with each other as they want... PRIVATELY!

Finally... I believe we will see little of R&K together for the now... will we see them down the track? I have no idea!! But I truly get why they want their private lives to themselves... They are a loving couple... not a circus for the entertainment of the world.

This post is long... but it gives me personally, great satisfaction to post it.

I believe Rob and Kristen are together - I have never believed in the so called split... I personally believe in this talented, lovely couple.

I also believe there will be a time when they will be seen openly in the future!

Have good day!

Anonymous said...

susannahKay i think you contradict yourself bc u say rk dont want media to sell their life,etc in order to be able to share their private life without interference,what private life?going out together to dinner,to concerts,just to the grocery shop?things they used to do and they dont anymore?so bc of paps they have gave in to do those kind of things and the only moments they'll share are those locked in their home?really?how sad and pathetic giving so much importance to media and haters,so they have to change their life 100% for paps?will they get the bs rumours stop?no!will they make media seeing them out w other girls/boys hooked up with any of them?no!sorry if that's a master plan,sorry it's a fail they have to get normalcy,like couples lie andrew/emma,tomo/sienna etc etc,couples btw having babies getting married,doing normal couple stuff not playing a game to the paps of you believe i'm single so i can be w my girlfriend...sorry that stupid and make no sense,give an rk pic and there'll b drama for whatever but this are they/arent they?wont go on after 5 years

Tempest said...

I have said this so many times, but I guess people need to feed the drama to feel important. Sometimes its as if the people who are constantly worried about the 'lack' of togetherness are the same ones that will complain when we do get photos of them together, because they can't grasp the reality of the situation and the intrusion the media has done in their relationship. Since May there has been the groing speculation that they are not together but what proof is there?

"They haven't been seen together in .... months"
Oh you mean stalked by the very same media that can never leave them alone, is that what you are trying to say? How about all the times they are together and not taking about 2hrs out of their day just to be snapped by parasites, just to quell those insisting that they deserve to be told they're together?

Clearly we have a lot of self-entitled people in here, who feel that they are owed something by either to show/prove or disprove they are still together? When in fact they are not. Rob and Kristen owe the fans nothing, its the drama being pushed around by these same fans that is actually causing the stress - not Rob and Kristen. Successfully they have been able to slip in and out of places not being seen, or tweeted that they are there. If you be le e they are not together, thn why one on here, hy kept asking HKN for clarification, when you clearly belie e that they are over - you can't have it both ways. Make you decision one way or the other and go with the like minded people of your choice, but repeating the same line from your song, isn't going to get you the answers you want, when you have already settled for the unhappy ending. Just MY opinion, of course.

Anonymous said...

saphire why did K stop wearing her gold ring when the rumours of break up started?we did have a lot of pics in april of them together,did u hear any rumour of break up then?no they were together,but since then,since NYC nothing,i dont want mags to steal them pics,just a sighting,a fan pic,enough to know everything is ok.it's ok to do things w/out your couple from time to time but always apart?tell me something they've done together in the last 3 months,like dinner?shopping?concerts?.....None..so why if me and many other rk fans have doubts is not common sense and u and the ones w beautiful words and wishes(i have those beautiful wishes for rk forever believe me)but cant proof anythig are the one and only TRUTH?WHY?

Anonymous said...

one last thing before i go for lunch,we had the excuse that kristen couldnt go to JT concert or to soho w rob and his friends bc she's busy filming,but then 2 days ago she went to support Emile Hirsch film and yesterday to a concert w her friends,while on last weekend she was having lunch w her friends and new dog..obviously without rob,so yeah,busy to be with rob but not to be out,also rob is too bored to be at home waiting for her he rather be surrounded by women..oh wait,they're all lesbians?...yeah,believe it


Linda said...

@klaudia, I think you are wrong, the couples you mention are not hounded by the paps like Rob & Kristen are. Ever since Twilight comic con they have been chased, stalked and have been attacked by the fans and paps relentlisly, I don't know how they lasted this long without going into hiding.

I believe they are together and for the sake of their sanity they have decided to not go out publicly for a while. I don't know how long they will keep this up, maybe while they are filming, but it really is none of our business, this is their private life and they can do whatever they want and when they want.

The way they treat them is horrible, these paps shld look at her as if she was their daughter and how they wld feel if someone spoke to them that way, I'm sure they wld look at it differently.

I just pray that they are happy and living life the way they want. I will have faith and just wait for the day when they again can walk together without being harrassed. It will come.

Tempest said...

Can I ask you a question Klaudia, why come in her when you clearly believe they are over? Is it to feel you are justfying your need the set everyone straight in here? Surely if you are certain that they are done - isn't there other blogs that you can post up on, or have you saturated them with your opinion also? It seems only fair that with your 'wealth' of knowledge in the movements of Rob and Krsten you see it as your rightful duty to put down arguments of 'not seen together, therefore not together' 'this blog comment section looks decide more and more like the GC comment section and haters/righteous fans who believe they've split inundate places like this saying the same things over and over. If you don't believe fine but don't harp on and on about it - you've made your point people agree to disagree end of stry. Constantly arguing with those who don't believe is just a waste of energy Chrissie xx

SusannahKay said...

Klaudia - I'm not contradicting myself at all.You're merely so wrapped up in your own ridiculous sense of entitlement that you can't/won't see reason. You have absolutely no idea what Rob and Kristen do together during the 86,310 seconds of every day when one or the other isn't being chased by paparazzi, bottom feeders who are trying to push whatever story gives them the biggest pay off. Both Rob and Kristen are regularly seen out with mixed groups,sometimes friends,sometimes work associates or possible future collaborators. The fact that you are clearly buying what the tabloid media are selling, more than proves my point.

It's you that wants a joint pic to "put an end to the drama", it has nothing to do with what might be best for Rob and Kristen, you clearly couldn't care less how terrified tiny Kristen must feel when cornered by 20 screaming men with cameras or how angry and frustrated Rob must be when he can't get in his car and drive home for fear they'll follow him or when he can't defend Kristen because touching one of them would be exactly what they wanted and would get HIM arrested.

I actually have no idea why I'm even responding to your stupidity because you clearly have the life experience and insight of a brick.

vana said...

Saphine1231 I loved your post. I remember hearing Kristen way words to the effect that no matter what people would always want more. I also remember hearing Rob say that they wouldn't arrive together at Premiers because everyone would go crazy. I have no idea what really goes on in Hollywood circus, it sounds really bad and I can only hope that Rob and Kristen can be safe. From what I've seen and heard it sounds really scary out there in Hollywood.

Saphire1231 said...


I have no idea why K stopped wearing her ring... she would no doubt have had a very good reason for that... but as it is not any of my business I do not ask.

Are you aware Klaudia that this is not the first time we have had a drought this long. The last time was 85 days long... I think we may be at day 87 at the moment... Whatever... The reasons they are being unseen as a couple are theirs.

It is - after all - their lives!!

I guess ultimately... it is up to you to decide what you believe. Personally I do not need more proof than what I have seen in the past 5yrs.

I choose to believe in R/K and the relationship I watched blossom and grow and strengthen through many trials... The current situation is just another trial... and for me... No reason to stop believing!

There is nobody who can convince me that R/K are split, except R/K themselves...

I hope you can find some peace from your endless questions.

vana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saphire1231 said...


Thank you, that is very sweet of you!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Kaludia. I have the same questions and doubts...I'm fan of RK since 2009. I come to this blog for hope and news HKN's cousin.

Sue from Holland said...

@SusannahKay, @Tempest, @Saphine1231,
I'M with you girls.
They have been together, IMO for more than 4yrs. There were months of them not seen together.
The trolls were always screaming they were not together, now they are screaming for pics to prove they haven't broken up. Make up your bloody minds, what's it gonna be when you see them together again?
It's true, it's not R&K that are causing all this drama, it's the fandom that is.
If you think they have broken up, good for you. You can move along now.

By the way, G.Paltrow and C.Martin have been married for how long? 10 yrs. In all those yrs I think I've seen them together 4 times and yes lots of break up/divorce rumors.
I've never witnessed such a witchhunt like the R&K one. No wonder they go in hiding, it's their lives and none of us has any right to judge them for it, who in the hell do you think you are for doing so?
So you lovely sweethearts (R&K of course),keep on going and do whatever you need to do, to survive in this snake pit of harpies and twats.

Tomoto said...

Did nobody see that video link I posted yesterday? I think if you watch that vid you will KNOW WHY RK don't go out in public together anymore.

@feliciy very good example, I hadn't thought about them, I don't really follow them. But you are correct I have not seem pics of them together in a long time. Heck Kerry Washington got married recently and nobody knew she was seeing someone. Loolk at Gwyneth and Chris they have been married for at least 7 years and there are only a handful of pics of them together in public in all that time. There are are many more examples.

@Saphire, @Tempest, @linese great posts, I bow to your excellence lol

A lot of people are going to feel really stupid when it gets found out that get married someday.

My school of thought is this: Maybe they are purposely going with the flow of the "break up" to thow the paps and public off balance (even thought they are still together).

Think about that.

Have a good day all. Those of you who are unsure--use common sense and reason, stop worrying about what you WANT to see and start really seeing what IS.

SusannahKay said...

Tomoto - That video is heartbreaking and anyone who doesn't understand how they feel must be made of stone.

Victoria and David Beckham,together 15 years,4 kids, often seen individually or with various children, rarely seen with each other.

Anonymous said...

Good Friday Morning to all the HKN! Hi everyone! I am going to work. Keep me posted.
LizzieD, felicity, Tempest, and Saphire1231- Great job on your comments. I read them.

HollyPupp said...

Parti 1

Some people said that since May, there's been no sightings of R/K. That's wrong. There was a woman in Malibu who had nothing to do with the fandom, who said that she saw R/K & dogs in Malibu. But nobody believed her.

Then there was a man, who said that he saw R/K together, his sister took a pic with them but people, especially haters attacked & insulted so he gave up.

A girl said that she saw R/K at Echo, she even described what they were wearing. Nobody believed her even though only a few hours later we saw pics of Kristen wearing exactly what that girl said she was.

There were 3 sightings of Rob in TO...everyone believed them even though their were false.
Now ask yourself the question, how many sightings are there that were attacked and shut down before the fandom saw?

It's like the French girl who said that Kristen would be in Paris. She got burnt by everyone it was so bad that she put her account on private...and still had to delete it. A few days later Kristen was...in Paris.

Now if E! had said that R/K had spend the night together at SOHO, no one would've believed it because of the lack of pictures & sightings. But take the same story just leave K out of the equation and it becomes the truth to many people.

People mentioning that Tamra isn't with the OG or hasn't been seen in a while. We mustn't forget that Tamra is the assistant of KP who went with her to Sweden to record. Tamra was in Sweden, there are pictures of them there. Sweden, then London & NY. It's a been a few days since she's back in LA so saying that Tamra isn't going out with the OG is wrong.
She speaks with them on IG. She also said that maybe the reason why R/K don't want to be seen together now is because they're working on fixing their relation.

They tried to be a normal couple in April. Going out, holding hands, going grocery shopping and it didn't stop Rob's fans to create more drama, more lies, more rumours. On the contrary it was 10 times worse. Their hate for Kristen hurt Rob. He was happy and smiling a lot with Kristen but it only brought the hate to a higher level, making them crossing a line. They were always hiding and as soon as they tried to act normal, fans created rumours and send them straight to the main page of many gossip sites. After witnessing that, Rob betrayed by his own fans, Kristen wrongly accused by Rob's fans...how do you expect them to have a normal life? Haters became allies of tabs. Everything that R/K hate.

There is a problem between R/K, made worse by the media, the haters & the fans. But it's not a reason to say that everything is over, that there are no sightings, that they go out separately (without proofs to say so), that one is in the group and another one is out, that KP made official the break up...that's wrong. It's pure interpretation of facts.

HollyPupp said...


And these interpretations are made by haters but also by robsten fans. One team turns it into negativity and the other one into positivity and everything ends on gossip sites. Both teams are missing the point...it starts with a fact.

It's been a while since we saw Kristen with her father, mother, she removed the family ring on her thumb, does it mean it's over? She recently also removed all her rings, even the sign of friendship among the OG, does it mean it's over? Rob could be in NY where most of his friends are but he stays in LA, where Kristen is. Does it mean that Rob isn't friend with his longtime friends? and that he prefers to go to a concert with friends of Kristen? Sia is working with a friend of Kristen who was at the concert with Rob. Let's suppose that Tamra is essentially friend with Rob (even though the other night she wasn't far from LF2 with a friend of Kristen) and that cheese is a man and so he doesn't care about all the stories...Cheese is friend with Kristen and I don't think that if Rob had hurt Kristen like some people like to think, he would be spending time with him.
What about Gina? Gina is one of Kristen's best friends. She speaks a lot with Jamie because they have a common passion. He was with the OG girls before going to NY.

Anyway, there are facts deformed by fans so they work for the "R/K together" team, and facts deformed by the haters for the "R/K are over" team and in the end, everything is BS.

If you believe in what E! says, that is that Rob went out with Sia again, you also have to believe that E! doesn't rule out a reconciliation between Rob & Kristen and that things will fall into place. You either believe all of it or nothing at all and not just what works to your advantage. It applies to both haters & robsten fans. Praying, having faith won't change anything concerning R/K. It's their decision, their choice. Being a robsten fan doesn't mean being part of some cult. If we don't believe we don't get to come on this blog? What gives you the right to say that? In what name can you do something like that? Some robsten fans here are on the same level as the haters. How dare you judge who's a good fan and who isn't?
You think that being positive is gonna change anything for R/K? No! R/K became items for robsten fans & haters. People don't care about them, it's a fight between 2 clans. It's all about which one is right. Meanwhile R/K respect each other and try to work things out.

Staying 24/7 together won't make things better but taking some time and space apart and coming back together stronger will. So far, none of them are showing proofs that they separated. Especially since Paris. We saw a change after that.
Robsten fans are as nervous and on the edge as the haters because nobody has proofs, just signs.

Just in case people are wondering, I'm not a hater. HKN you know me from twitter, we talk and I often give you proofs of the BS the media tells (and that only the haters believe). I was the one who recognise Gina and Kristen's friends at the Jay-Z concert that Rob went to. While people were panicking on twitter, I figure that out and show proofs. So with everything that I said, you can't even pretend that I'm a troll, a bad fan who has doubt or a none R/K believer. I'm a realistic fan. I am not blinded like some are. The same people who think they can push away other robsten fans. I am a fan who see facts and without making suppositions, these facts show me that R/K are doing everything they can to save their relationship.

R ∞ K

FrostedFlakes said...


Stepping out of the lurkdom once again...

Now that was a refreshing reading. Thanks for sharing your point of view. I agree with you on so many points... You mentioned being a "Realistic fan". You ask questions, you investigate and don't blindly believe...you use your head and it's respectable. I share your opinion and I support you on this one :)

rmol said...

Hollypupp, good comments. You mentioned problems several times. Do you know this for sure? If so, are they serious?

HollyPupp said...

@Rmol :

even if I knew, I would not say it! And that does not concern us fans!

@FrostedFlakes Thank you.

Dorothee said...

People always focus when R and K are not together. One is out at a concert with friends, the other is working. God, they're not together anymore. One is out at a screening, the other is said to be with friends, at a restaurant. I told you there were not together anymore. Twice or three times a week, we see Kristen or Rob, out with friends or living their lives or working. Fine. I believe they're together the rest of the time. Rob was out friday, and sunday and then two days ago. I think he was home the other nights, waiting for Kristen. Kristen was at a screening and at a gig yesterday, but I believe she came back home the other evenings? I believe Rob was in the back seat of the car Kristen was in, a few days ago when she was on the set of Camp X Ray. You see a man, wearing a beanie. Who has been wearing beanie recently? Right. So Rob manages to visit his girl when she's working. I believe Rob was with Kristen monday. There were sightings and some of you are right. We don't see the driver in the red truck. Why? I believe the driver was Rob.
Remember when Kristen was in Paris a month ago. She was glowing like a woman in love can glow. Everything makes sense to me. Why is is so difficult for some people to see what I see?

Anonymous said...

Holly-pupp, great post. I'd follow your blog.
Klaudia, go away. Oh, I mean, go away, please.

Unknown said...


Bravo for the comment of the thinking independently fan RK.

Jen said...

@ Hollypupp - *waves* Sing it, sister. I like my facts, too. Belief is great and can help people through rough times,, but, ultimately, it doesn't change reality. The best any of us can do is root Kris and Rob on and trust the hobos to do what is best for them. None of us (and certainly not the thought police) can affect their choices at all.

And to the annon who wondered if I post at the GC boards - heck no. I'm a veteran of the AT boards, and I'm done with those kinds of places. I can laugh at the few trolls who post here, but I choose not to hang out under the bridge, if you know what I mean.

Happy Friday!

felicity said...

well, no need for HKN to ask anymore if the new puppy belongs to the pattinson-stewart family..

Tom Wright
Got to meet new KStew family member yesterday, so cute and very chill just like her mom. Promised no pics or name, but she's #oneluckypup

Anonymous said...

I read everyone who is not a troll comment and have a question, why is that with HKN said that they are together now ppl still doubting and having Rob and Kris on this "working it through" phase that doesn't change I guess until you see pictures of them together?

Personally I don't think this "fight" is not as serious as everyone make it out to be. HKN don't even make it that but everyone here on the blog and twitter seem to be.

Holy that is a great post but I don't think I agree with "R/K are doing everything they can to save their relationship." To me that just sound so dramatic. This is not me attacking you what so ever just a thought.

Normal couple fight daily yet some how when Rob and Kristen do it the fans make it bigger than it really is and suddenly it is a game changer. When I fight with my bf I get angry for a few day then we are over it

Just because you don't see it doesn't mean they are not already working it out. Working it out doesn't mean separation either. I think most ppl think that some how and it is use wrongly often recently.


grail said...

Interesting post, HollyPupp with some really thoughtful points.

Jen, I agree, best not to linger under the bridge w/the trolls but take that bridge to the other side! I really think if you hang w/the trolls too long you become the trolls, or at least trollish. And they loooove the company.

And Yuri, I so agree w/you. The endless talk of R/K "problems" and efforts at "saving" their relationship, even when kindly intended, demean them by wildly dramatizing without facts. It's misplaced, projected angst, if you ask me. And pretty insulting. I think some people (not you, HP!) are turning R/K problems into another unending Saga for entertainment and distraction.

Anonymous said...


After the ordinary fiht isn't being taken a ring carried for three years.Only my modest opinion.

Anonymous said...

A family consists not only of a woman and a puppy. So what does that say to us . There are more ;) Three more

Anonymous said...

sweetowl, I had the same thought! Kristen could have ten dogs, eight cats, three horses, and a canary, and still nobody would call that her "family" unless there's another human in the mix. Just one will do.

Anonymous said...

@Grail: I am glad you understand what I was trying to say. LOL making a comment on the phone isn't the easiest thing to do

@Ano 1:40: I get what you are trying to say with the ring but didn't Kris get a new one on the same week Rob mom was known to be here? The fact is I don't know how big or small the "fight" was. I just don't think it is right for us to spread it around as though it is when we no nothing about it. HKN don't even say that and if I remember right she said it was fix.

I want to thank HKN for giving us the info she have but honestly I can figure out with my own eyes that whatever it was, it is already fix. Once again I don't get why ppl still have RK in this "working it through phase" when HKN already said it was done or you can see it with your eyes. I guess only RK pictures can fix that but then that wouldn't still be enough.

@sweetowl: Yup family as in Rob, bear and Bernie


Jen said...

@ Yuri
Actually, HKN's source shared directly on this blog that Rob and Kristen had a disagreement significant enough that Rob did move out. Some of us acknowledge this, but it doesn't mean that we don't have a lot of hope for them. As I said before, there seemed to be a turn about the time that K went to Paris and hopefully this has continued.

@ grail
I hear what you're saying, but I don't think that admitting that there was something awry in May/June is inherently over dramatic. Anyway, that's MO, and I'm glad to have a fellow non-bridge dweller around here ;)

Final thought - Even the most solid and healthy of relationships have their ups and downs and require lots of work. There is no shame in working on it, especially with all of the added stresses that R and K face.

Have an excellent evening, all.

Anonymous said...

@Jen: Oh I do remember HKN saying that but maybe what I read and my interpretation is different. What I remember from HKN post was "there is a fight ( I am not saying they didn't) and it was heated enough since they are both passionate ppl that one of them left to go cool off. That is what happened/problem when the party have more than one house and option to do so." She also going on to say how her parent fought and didn't talk to each other for weeks.

From that I don't take that Rob move out..some cooling off time to think and stuff and lets not forget there was pictures of Rob going back to LF2 in Kristen rental gray Toyota.

I guess it is all how you look at things and what I saw and read is a normal couple spat. I guess it doesn't really matter because at the end we both want and feel that RK are find :-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry the above comment was me Yuri and what I ment to say is from that I don't think Rob "move out" I think space to think and cool off

loveR/K said...


That was an amazingly insightful and refreshing post. I love coming here and reading the opinions of other's of like mind. Like you, I am a fan of R/K and have been since the beginning. Anyone who believes that they don't go thru the same thing as other couples and ten times worse because of their celebrity is, delusional.
Like you, I see the signs of them being together. As a matter of fact, I posted before saying that Kristen and Rob seem to be so much happier since she went to Paris and started wearing the *ring*. Now we see a new addition to the "KStew* family. Family as in Rob, Kristen, Bear and Bernie. Signs are all over the place if we choose to see them. I believe in love, and I believe that Rob and Kristen love and respect each other. I choose to believe HKN.

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