Monday, July 22, 2013

Breaking News! Rob's Arm In NYC! Rest Of Him In Toronto!

The loons have gone over the edge. 

They used this old pic and said its Camille Rowe in NYC with Rob last year. 

This is supposedly  Camille Rowe in NYC last night. And the arm on the left is Rob of course. They are saying her hair is red in this pic . You know where that's going don't you? 

Rob flew to NYC to be with Camille last night and then flew back and was on set early this morning.

Walking pic for Rose!

According to haters he was flirting in these pics lmao!

Yeah they've been busy little beavers. Making up their bull. 

Gnawing at anything . Desperate, ranting fools.


My friend told me that #Rpatz is leaving Toronto tomorrow around 6pm. Should I go?!? #photoop #RobertPattinson #Twilight

Oh really? How many times have we heard this now? Just stop your looking pathetic. 

  Rob with Beyonce backstage at her concert. 

Some more tab bull proven to be a lie. So Beyonce wouldn't talk to him and didn't want to meet him. Looks like she did to me. Ha ha. 

In other news Lionsgate/Sumitt bit the hand that feeds them and the hand bitch slapped them back.

Lionsgate/Summit served C and D edicts on Twilight fan sights. Yes you heard that right. Fan sites. 

Couldn't have anything to do with this could it?

Lionsgate Refinancing $450 Million In Debt

They forgot who they are messing with. A shit storm ensued. And then this:

Twilight Poison ‏@twilightpoison 8m
OK UPDATE on this Lionsgate situation... They just e-mailed me and said that upon further review, they now retract their C&D.

You don't say. Sounds like they got their heads handed to em by the fans. Don't mess with the fans that got you where you are. You could make it up to us by releasing that audition tape where Rob falls off the bed. Deleted scenes that should have never been left out would be nice too. 

Kristen on set today looking good!

 There has been some comments on the blog about the apology. I'm going to say this once and make myself very clear. The apology was from Kristen. Straight from her heart. I don't give a flip who passed it on to People. The words came from her. Case closed. 

William and Kate. A son was born to them today. Congrats! 

They went through  a rough time and came out the other side with their happily ever after.
Rob and Kristen will too.

Go to sleep dreaming of this. !


Molly said...

Nicely done, HKN!
Calling out BS and clarifying truth. You rock as always and the haters are getting very desperate or they would not be grasping so hard at little straws.

Anonymous said...

I thought Camille Rowe has BF?

Anonymous said...

@anon 8:33
She does have a BF. his name is Andrew Vanwyngarden

Here is a pic: https://www.google.com/search?q=camille+rowe+andrew+vanwyngarden&hl=en-US&espv=1&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sboxchip=Images&sa=X&ei=ovrtUZfPOIe69gSvnIHAAg&ved=0CAkQ_AUoAA&biw=1024&bih=672#biv=i%7C0%3Bd%7CUzfJhi9DnbQpRM%3A

Unknown said...

SMH... When will the haters ever learn? Oh, sorry what was I thinking. That's assuming that they have brains. They have proven time and time again what idiots they are. Well... They are entertaining. Lol

Anonymous said...

So are they still not back together? Only talking and trying to work it out? I thought maybe an engagment ring was possibly given to her? I'm so confused! Hkn can you please tell us the potential relationship status?

Anonymous said...

Hey I really love reading your blog...can you please give us some insight about Kristen's tattoos? And maybe how Rob feels about them?

Also, there have been some rumors going around that Rob dislikes Kristen's friends. Can you please give some insight on that as well?

Thank you.

Tempest said...

Lord in heaven it's like 30 questions to the teacher, some of you need to lay off the cool-aid and do something with your lives. "So are they still not together? blah fucking blah" Why don't you buy yourself an 8 ball and ask it the same question or are you still not up to your reading skills and can't go back several blog posts?

Anyone who comes on blogs and needs constant reassurance are to me people who have never had a relationship and if they have, their questions are the very reason they no longer have a relationship. Kristen and Rob owe the fans nothing, nada, zilch when it comes to their relationship and if you can't see it with your own eyes (those who don't need intrusive pap photographs to calm their weary hearts) then common sense will never find the way to your inner peace.

I guess some kind of anniversary (wow is that what it's being bullshitted as??) Has c got some nervous twitchy just come off their medication fans in a lather. If you refuse to simply use common sense and stop foaming at the mouth, maybe, just maybe you will be able to see what has been hiding in plain sight all along.

Anonymous said...

Hey girls! Can anyone tell me, who turned out to talk
the last pictures Rob in NYC? You do not yesterday was Rob in NYC? Camille's friend and who he really is?
I hope all will be well! Have a nice day!

Saphire1231 said...

Hello HKN readers

Well I see the Lunatic Fringe are still hot on their negativity.

Rob is very skilled at being ninja... but sorry... even superman could not be in two places at the same time. He was in Toronto last night... not NYC.

The girl the idiots are trying to hook him up with has a boyfriend and even if she didn't... Rob is not interested in anyone but Kristen... The stories out there have been put up by haters and Nonnies... and if you believe them .. then I have to wonder why it is you call yourself a FAN.

I said on the post on the Celebrations HKN post that those who spend forever looking at the past will be knocked flat by the future because the did not see it coming.

Trashloids/Mags, Gossip sites print all sorts of drivel... The truth is not one of them!!

This universe of ours will deliver whatever you want it to... so if you are looking for negativity .. the nonnies & haters will deliver it for you...

But if you are looking for positivity you will find that too! The biggest source is Rob and Kristen themselves... Look at the pics you see... ask yourself seriously... who else have either of them been seen with other than their friends or business associates? If you truly believe in Rob and Kristen... the answers are all there staring you in the face... Hiding in plain sight as Tempest said.

Love to all

vana said...

It's always been way beyond my comprehension as to why people attack people who show nothing but respect towards others. Yeah, yeah, I know people are jealous, they enjoy bringing people down and take great joy in attempting to destroy what is good. Rob has been nothing but respectful towards everyone...I haven't met him but anyone he comes into contact with describe his as being thoughtful and a really nice guy. I guess what I'm trying to say is that haters take too much energy, it's really important not to given them any time (easier said than done). I just keep remembering Rob's words saying that if you take notice of the tabloids you end up going crazy.

Believe in You, Be Yourself said...

Very nice post hkn.

I have to agree with Tempest, those who are looking for constant reassurance.......STOP, JUST STOP. If you cannot see what is obvious, then you really should most likely consider quietly retreating from the Fandom. You people obviously will need an actual affidavit from R/K as to the status of their relationship, but YOU WILL NEVER GET ONE.

The fans that believed the ridiculous Tabloid stories and Pap Pics with the accompanying "manufactured dialogue" created this crap storm; therefore, neither R/K owe the fans anything. Stop wringing your hand, and please quietly go about your business.

At first I considered that it was jealousy on the part of the "haters" and their refusal to accept what seems so obvious to many, but I am beginning to feel that the unbridled hate that some feel towards the reality of the R/K relationship, is not actually jealousy but and unrealistic view that R is their possession and his refusal to follow their edicts are inflaming them. No matter how many people they obsessively attempt to link R with it seems fairly evident that he does not plan to change his course.

Now is the time for the haters to truly rethink their obsession with R/K and move on.

irene said...

@Believe in You, Be Yourself said...

I pray every day for it to be so, if you don't already believe, you never will and really don't deserve to - just go away........

Anonymous said...

Good Morning to HKN! I am up and getting ready for my water aerobics and work. Keep up the good work HKN!

SusannahKay said...

The same band of insecure,semi-hysterical individuals has been around since 2008, the ones who obsessively scrutinise any appearance by either to check for jewellery items,clothing,hand placement,expression. They go into meltdown if Rob and Kristen stray more than 2 feet from each other and God forbid they should have separate outings with friends or attend business meetings and work-related functions without the other being chained to them. I've often pondered whether these people are exceptionally young or just have extremely limited life experience but it's abundantly clear that they have no conception of how a healthy relationship works in the real world. As for the haters,well in my experience they're usually deeply unhappy people who want others to feel as bad as they do to make themselves feel a bit less crappy. It doesn't work,like begets like and karma's a funny thing,you don't always recognise it for what it is.

Linda said...

What ppl don't seem to understand is that Rob & Kristens jobs are not 9 to 5 and then they come home. Their work takes them away from each other for weeks and they are working closely with other actors, because that is what they do "act".

They love each other very much,they also respect and trust each other, without that you can not have a relationship.
These two have something very special, something that you don't see every day, they have a strong, healthy love that helps them get through the s**t that is thrown at them every day. For a couple so young they have a very mature outlook at things and they know each other very well.

Have faith in them, they are together.

HKN, posts are great, some parts very funny, love reading them

Anonymous said...

Well, if it wasn’t Camille, then who was that? Just don't tell that Sienna Miller, because the girl is absolutely does not look like Sienna and they don't look like just a friends.

LizzieD said...

HKN -- That was great!!! Love the pic of R&K and all their kids. IF everyone believes the media, they've already HAD all those kids, LOL.

DITTO on the apology. Yes, it was from her, from her heart.

grail said...

Anon 7:49

Thousands of eyes are crossing from staring at these photos. Yours too? Which photo do you mean this time? The old one in a bar with a woman sitting on a guy's lap alongside Rob? The recent one with the body-less mystery arm that is going to star in its own horror movie franchise? You know what? Don't answer! All this photo/naval gazing only makes one blind AND dumb while grossly insulting a really nice, loyal guy.

irene said...

@ Anon 7.49


Flowergirl said...

@Anon 7:49...whoever you want it to be.

irene said...


Exactly - if Anon wants it be be Camille, go for it!

The girl in the pic will still be sitting on the guy's knee with his arm wrapped around her waist...........

Camille will still have a boyfriend and Rob will still be with Kristen.......

Anonymous said...

@ grail
I wonder where you saw the “guy sitting alongside Rob”? Can you psychic?

irene said...


The girl sitting alongside Rob is sitting on a guy's lap and he has his arm around her waist holding her there......Rob is actually talking to the guy over her shoulder......

Is that straightforward and clear enough for you??
Or have you not seen all the photos from that night, LMAO..........

grail said...

"Anon" 9:05

Not psychic but intelligent, especially since I'm not the one desperately rehashing discredited nasty rumors from last year. What a grubby, disgraceful activity, and an insult to RP, the actor you apparently despise.

Anonymous said...

Hey what do you have to say about this pic of Rob at dinner with friends in TO last night and giving a goodbye kiss on the cheek. People think him and K are over. http://www.thestar.com/entertainment/stargazing/2013/07/23/robert_pattinson_kisses_mystery_woman_goodnight_in_toronto.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

Hatersknownothing said...

Im just going to sit back and laugh my ass off while the haters try to make something out of nothing.

Happygirl said...

@ HKN 10:07 AM Thanks HKN :)) Can I join you? LOL

Morning Coffee said...

Love, love , this site, it's a new discovery for me and what a happy journey it has been the last few weeks..truth tempered with humor, the best of both worlds. Thank you.

HollyPupp said...

before Nonnies come here to talk. Here is the last photo. Of course the angle is just right, as au CM in the car. But it's still bullshit.

Photos from left, Rob out with people of Set. And he said goodbye. There was another picture. We see Rob to kiss Mia. The left photo is in Cannes with the wife of Mr.. Co star Rob on Cosmo.


The girl in question is a lady who works on the set of MAPS. One can clearly see that she is older than Rob. And it just makes him a kiss.


If nonnies passes by. I want to know. Rob then cheat on that? Camille? Sarah? Riley? Mysterious redhead girl in the truck? Mysterious blond girl in front of his trailer? Mysterious brunette girl in CM?

will try again. You are more and more ridiculous!

Rob belongs to Kris! And he soon returned to LA!

HollyPupp said...


Lulu Robsten ‏@LuluRobsten 5 min
L2P…but i've seen the whole set of R out in TO, and it's R hugging and saying bye to lots of people, inc. Mia. Nothing more, nothing less xx

Happygirl said...

Some people found out who the woman is! The woman works on the MTTS set! It´s the woman with the jacket. It was only a goodbye kiss on the cheek.

here is the pic: http://i1.wp.com/mapstothestarsfilm.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/IMG_3250.jpg

Anonymous said...

Robsten is over

Anonymous said...

Wtf hkn?????

I'm sorry but it looks like a real kiss

I'm freaking out here

Happygirl said...

@Anonymous 1:26pm

This is only a goodbye kiss on the cheek. The woman works on the MTTS set Nothing to worry about.

felicity said...

well, sorry @anons.. Rob is flying home to his girl right now!! back to LA!!

Anonymous said...

ok HKN you have outdone yourself with rob and Kris's family picture!!! My heart is melting to the floor....awwwwwwww...I will sign a petition if you write one to get Lionsgate to release the audition tape with rob falling off the bed .....girl I would even help raise money to support that cause!!!! Just say the word!!! LOL Andreana

Saphire1231 said...

OMG... WHY OH WHY do anonymous posters come here with their little black cloud of suggestive drivel.

Actors go to work just like the rest of us... during their working time together, they develop PLATONIC FRIENDSHIPS, just like the rest of us... after spending several days together, the shoot is over and it is time to go... and just like us... they hug as platonic friends do... even give a peck to the cheek.... as platonic friends do!!

Sheesh.. your over the top crap is truly tiresome!

Anonymous said...

HKN robert this kissing another woman in the mouth? http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-ehKL7t2DLy8/Ue7GODhatxI/AAAAAAAAUAs/zpNdIEGV6Uc/s1600/9284924809.jpg

I thought you said you were robsten juntos.voce lied?

irene said...

HKN & Sane Fans.......

Are you still all there with your popcorn, feet up and watching the comedy nonnies freak out.....????

It's great fun, huh?

And it's even funnier that they would think anyone here would be worried by their drivel....!!!

They really have great comedic flair....... Thanks for the laugh, nonnie @Anons.......

Saphire1231 said...

@ Anonymous @ 3.07PM

What are you trying to say??

I do not speak your language... what is this sentence supposed to mean???

I thought you said you were robsten juntos.voce lied?

Nobody here lied!!! If you want to believe a picture showing Rob giving a goodbye hug to everyone on the set in Toronto is such a drama... then my obvious answer to you is... You must be trying to stir trouble here... and it will not happen!

Those here on this blog are believers in Rob and Kristen and also know and understand about real life relationships and the etiquette one uses in group/working situations... so ...

Unless you have an explanation for your post that makes sense and is in the right context, and is not aimed at trying to put down this blog or the people on it... my suggestion would be... LEAVE and go find someone of like mind to you to post your negativity with.

Anonymous said...

Hi to all the HKN Havens! How are you? I just got home from work, water aerobics, and store. I bought me a t-shirt of Tweety Bird which he is my favorite. Its also says ASK ME IF I CARE. I wish Rob and Kristen would wear that to the Papz, Trolls, and haters. I think it will look cool on them. LOL.
Molly, Irene, HKN, Happygirl, Morningcoffee, HollyPupp, felicity, and Saphire1231- I am completely agree with you and with you about our couple. Keep up the good work on keeping troll out or telling them off. Best is to ignore the trolls. That is what w RPI are doing ignore the trolls.

Anonymous said...

I am happy that Kristen has two days off from the movie set. Just coincides with Rob returning from Toronto (TO) just like he left for TO same day she started work on set. These two know what a relationship requires to work; focus on work when required and know when to focus on their time together. As some people have stated previously this relationship has lasted longer than Hollywood marriages and continues to do so. I wish that people would respect their privacy. Another site has pictures of Rob on the airplane travelling to LA and when he was in the TO airport lounge.

Anonymous said...

@anon 5:50

How do you know she has the next 2 days off? Thanks.

barbara said...

HKN Haven. first time posting.love the blog.I am a long time fan of Rob and Kristen,I have never wavered in my support and belief in them. My respect for them not ever selling their private life to the raghags,no pda just to give the maggots their money shot.Rob and Kristen,are a classy couple.

tempest said...

I love the smell of desperate bullshit first thing in my morning - turd inducing giggles - shit pipes must be really clogged. Don't the desperate idiots have any school to go to? Education is very important, you should really try it and brush up on your comphrension of all things knowledgeable about life and stop inventing drama because your little egos are bruised. rob is back in LA - face it losers he has not been hooking up with anyone and saying goodbye to a bunch of co-stars and workers either means he enjoyed working it them, or in your stupid head he has a harem in Toronto - wow the guy has some stamina to have to satisfy every female and Kristen - your pervy 50 shades is showing, I suggest you put down the books you're too young for them anyway!

As usual its the idiots showing their complete lack of anything normal, who come in here and even my blog and post hysterical bullshit, showing just how dumb they really are.

Lady Chancellor said...

Hi Everyone,
For those K Haters who are thinking it was Camille in the picture HKN has posted of Rob with a blonde girl back in Dec. well they are wrong and this picture was hashed out last December. The blonde in question was found to be Sienna Miller and the guy that is cut out of the photo was Tom Sturridge who she was sitting on his lap in a bigger picture of the entire scene. This is an old HWLies picture that they used to try to prove Rob was out with another actress which turned out false when the actress tweeted that she was not even in NY at the time. HWL had to retract what they printed and then GC proved the girl was Sienna with Tom. Like some of you I freaked when I saw the pictures of Rob kissing the brunette in Toronto last night. The tabloids have cropped the picture to tell what they want it to say. If you go to Robsten Dreams you can see all the shots taken and Rob is hugging and kissing on the check all the girls including Mia. The photos look like they are at a restaurant with the stars and set crew of MTTS along with Jessie Esinberg. Rob is saying good by and he goes to hug one girl and kiss her on the check the same time she is going to hug him. It looks like the entire kissing thing was an accident for they were both moving to kiss and hug each other at the same time. Jessie's face says it all if you look at how he is looking as Rob and the girl meet. Looks like an awkward accident to me for there is another picture of Rob finishing the hug he started in the first picture. If it was a real kiss (which it was not) I think the girl would have put her arms around him first and he would have done the same before the mouth kiss happened. You can see they are not touching each other when the kiss happened then they complete the hug and you see that picture. The paps are very good at shooting angles to make something look one way when it is entirely different in real life. The Kristen /Rupert pictures are a perfect example of this. If the photo HKN posted of Rob's arm suppose to be in NYC photo then how did he get from NYC and go to Toronto in the same night? I might have my nights mixed up but how could he be in NY on the 22 and be in Toronto on the night of the 22 like the pictures the tabloids are spewing garbage about now. Was the Camille picture from the 22 that the haters are pushing? I guess we will have to listen to the haters whooping up the kiss that was nothing picture now. Getting really sick of all this.

Lady Chancellor said...

sorry I intended to say cheek in the above post. To Anon 7:49 it was Sienna Miller for Jessica Devlin is the one who took the picture with her phone and tweeted it on her instagram. This is old news and has been proven to not be Camille by several sites when the larger picture came out and you could see the girl in question was sitting on Tom's lap. There was also another shot of Sienna and Tom going into the bar and she has on the same shirt the girl in question had on. Stop trying to drag up old rumors to start something when they have been proven wrong since last December.

Lady Chancellor said...

Okay, I don't mean to sound stupid. What is a C and D edicts? I read the article HKN listed but I don't understand what that had to do with Lionsgate going after the fan sites. Can anybody explain this to me? Also HKN said the apology came from Kristen. What was she apologizing for? I don't believe she cheated on Rob with Rupert. The pictures looked photo shopped to me and it is so out of character for her to do that out where anyone can see her.

Anonymous said...

Lulu Robsten: Code 13 Mother Fucking What does that mean? Several days passed and not be able to
What is it? Why do you write that? We'll never know what is the meaning?

Sue from Holland said...

@Anon, 1:23, ahhh did you get your kicks for the day? Enjoy it while it lasts, jeez some people should go back to the playground, oops kindergarden is out for the summer, forgot, that's why the boards is full of immature drivel.

Sue from Holland said...

Oops meant are full of... a slip of the Dutch tongue

irene said...

@Lady Chancellor

A C&D is a cease and desist order, I believe - they were trying to close down Twilight sites on the web, because they area bunch of a$$holes - e.g. TwilightPoison got one.......
However, they have since backtracked and withdrawn the orders, as far as I know, so crisis over meantime, I think.......

About the Code 13 - I guess it will be revealed when the time is right.....!!! Wait and see....

Seems patience is a quality long since forgotten, along with respect and politeness........

Kiara said...

Hi everyone!.

This is my first comment here since I discovered the blog a while ago. And I have to say that I love it!!.

Well, for all of you who wonder the meaning of "code 13", I found this (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=code%20thirteen):

Code Thirteen

Originally derived from the movie Thirteen Days, the term “Code 13” has numerous definitions:

1. This information, of or relating to political strategy, is meant to be kept top secret, private, and on the downlow.
2. Privileged information.

Then being applied by prestigious members of the Warren Mott High School elite, in Warren, Michigan, the code took on an underground meaning as well:

3. The motorcade formation of vehicles traveling to various locations as a group confidentially.

The group is recognizable by their high speed driving in uniquely equipped American-made vehicles, with chrome “13” emblems, through residential areas, highways, and school parking lots. Certain political affiliations allow the financially sufficient and resourceful brotherhood to remain elusive and ambiguous.

1/2) Ben: You ridin' with us, or you chillin' with your girl?
Tim: Man, I dumped that hoe, but keep it code thirteen.

3)Rod: This game is wack.
Steve: Let's code thirteen outa here.

I don't know if it's true, we can only wait and see...

HollyPupp said...


I just wanted to share with you my impression, after knowing that the papz told Rob at LAX.

I have not looked, but the girls told me. And I found it interesting that the papz did not cause Rob with any topic.

Indeed, RK are supposed to separate for 2 months. The papz had a lot of provocation about Riley, Sarah, Camille, Dior, mysterious brunette TO. Mysterious brunette at CM. Or how will his single life. How Girl Rob sees now.

Or the supposed separation with Kris.

But no! None of that.

The paps have spoken and led Rob, asking about Kris and forgiveness after cheating.

And they have to sotn fabricated lies or Pic with a bad angle to continue to make us believe the break. (They are like Nonnies)

But really, the papz Rob asks his opinion on forgiveness of cheating and Kris, it is revealing. And I feel that RK will soon BACK!

I'm ready!

felicity said...

either the papz don't believe their own BS or they forgot something.. rofl..

rob returned to LA and the papz had nothing else to do than ask him about kristen? seriously..

they are supposed to be done according to the papz, so you would think that they would ask him about MTTS or his new 'single life' but no.. all they do is ask him questions related to kristen..

strange, isn't it?? roflmao..

i just can't anymore..

how stupid do they think we are!?!?!?

if he would be single, they should have asked him about his new 'supposed' girlfriend. doesn't matter which one, because there are so many right now, that they can choose..

or about his new movie projects..

or about the 'kiss' in Toronto!!

they have no ground to stand on, so they ask him about kristen.. his real other half.. does make sense..

Anonymous said...

Why do they think that Rob would answer questions about cheating and asking him about Kloe and Lamar. I am confused on why one of the papz was shouting to Rob about "Kristen dropping out of that film"? What the heck was that guy taking about. Maybe I missed some updates but she is working on camp-x ray and then doing the film in Europe next. Are they referring to a different film or the movie she dropped out of earlier in the year.

felicity said...

@anonymous 12:35..

the pap was talking about 'focus'

seriously.. if rob and kristen were done, why ask him about that??


Anonymous said...

Hi HKN! How are you?
Felicity- That's because those Papz are jerks. As for that dude on the purple shirt with the glasses. He always shove cameras in Kristen's and Rob's face. Its too bad Rob didn't push the camera away. And like I said before Rob and Kristen should bring a air horns. That should do the trick.

Anonymous said...

Is the sighting of Kristen in a bowling alley true? Then why would she go bowling when she knows Rob is arriving? Why would she always go out with her friends? Do you think her friends are always with her to help her go through whatever is happening that we thought is okay but really is not? Im just confused with all the things I see. I hope u understand? Thank u.

HollyPupp said...

here is the whole video. I'll put it because it's a fan who posted on his account.

As horrible as this video is, listen to the questions papz ...


Saphire1231 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Saphire1231 said...

@ Anonymous @ 3.31

OMG... what is with all the why question... ????

Some Facts:

Paps are predators, liars and twisters of facts to better the money they make.

Tabloids, magazines and gossip sites are also predators, liars and twisters of facts to better the money they make.

Rob and Kristen have fans/followers!

Some followers are nothing more than harpies and nasty liars who twist the facts to make themselves appear to be "in the know" or "hopeful of winning" what they see as a "war against reality and the good fans"

Other hater type of followers are all about jealousy, death threats and downright evil intentions.

Whatever..!! The above types are no different to the Tabloids, Gossip Sites and Paparazzi in my book... they are all predators in their own way!

Then there are fans like us... people who really care about Robert and Kristen... care about them as people, as a couple as individual actors and want nothing but the best for them.

We who care believe in Rob and Kristen as a couple. We have seen with our own eyes the truth of how much they mean to each other. They show us in countless ways!

I guess if you are asking all these questions, you must have little faith and it takes nothing to shake your grounding in your belief system... you appear to be so ready to believe the BS out there on the net.

If you do not believe or have decided that the predator side has won the argument for you... then feel free to leave this site.

Otherwise...continue to believe... continue to have faith in Robert and Kristen and believe nothing and nobody but them!

They will tell/show you all you need to know.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on HKN! How are you?
HollyPupp- Those Papz sounds like idiots. Rob is pretty calm and quiet.

Lady Chancellor said...

@Irene: Thank you for answering my question about the C and D. That is horrible to put something like that on a fan site that has done nothing but bring in money for Lionsgate/Summit all these years. The fan sites report on the movies and to me that is free publicity for the movie studios which pushes the box office revenue up for the studios. I am surprised they would even try to do this since they don't own the fan site or blogs. I guess that is why they waited until the Twilight movie and DVDs have been out for a while. I am so glad they didn't succeed in ending the fan sites. Thank you again for taking the time to explain it to me.

Anonymous said...

7Well I am going to bed. Keep me posted. Have water aerobics and then work. Good night to all the HKN.

Anonymous said...

I just wonder how it is going to be when after 6 months of not being seen together... hkn comes here to tell us that they were trying to save their relationship but couldn't in the end.. but that their love will be eternal and their friendship is the best. All her recent posts are scary not only because they have no new information... but also because she is narrating her exaggerated version of the fats that WE have seen with our own eyes. I wonder how much she has magnified with the information she is given. I could imagine her source saying they saw each other one night... and her saying that they are already together. Yes...The truth we know does not come from tabs... even better it comes from tarot readers.. and fangirls. Meanwhile they drift apart and we keep thinking they are sleeping in the same bed now. HKN please stop this... this is really messing with our lives and you know it... do not be cruel... nice words are not going to make the miracle occur. The dream is really over.

Tempest said...

To anon 10.21 wake me up when youre over yourself thanks

BeLoveAlways said...

Just out of curiosity, what does everyone else here make of the pic of Rob kissing that girl in Toronto, when he was out with Mia and Jesse? Hmm....not sure what to think. HKN, will you please ask your relative about this? Thanks so much for continuing to post! I don't want to give up hope, but am perplexed by that kiss.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the writer's 10:21. Maybe my opinion is canceled.
I wanted to believe that everything's gonna be okay, but you need to see more
away from each other. Rob around too much on the rise and ambiguous
situation. Every situation is excuses and explanations. no
real perception.

felicity said...


sorry to tell you this, but he did not kiss her, he kissed her on the cheek, just like Caitlin Cronenberg and Mia. and to inform you, this was not a girl. it was a woman, who seems to be quite a lot older than rob

he said goodbye to the people who worked with him in Canada, because they won't work with him in LA!

the other pictures of him saying goodbye and hugging the other people there are out on the internet. if you want to believe that there was more behind a kiss on the cheek, just because the papz used the right angle to let it seem that they truly kissed each other, be my guest... but don't come her and act as if you don't believe the tabs, because that's exactly what you do!

Anonymous said...

I admire the positivity, but look at what they are showing us. Rob flew home Wednesday & she was with friends bowling that night. Last night he was out with the Jarecki crew. They are living separate lives people. Sharing the dogs, but that is it. I am told they will not do the TCA's together, Kristen will go, but not Rob. I will not say the rest of what I have been told because no one will buy it, but stay tuned. HKN has not had solid info in awhile from her source. Wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Anonymous for being a Debbie downer this morning. If you have such great info, why aren't you attaching your name to it. As far as I can tell, you like to stir the pot and then sit back and see what rises to the top.

irene said...

@ Anonymous 'stay tuned'

Ha ha ha, for LOONEY TUNES????

felicity said...

to make something very clear.. right now, no one is really announced to attend the TCA's. it is to soon.

and there is also no confirmation that Kristen will be there or anyone else of the Twilight cast. it is just that the TCA's are promoting their award show. Taylor is going to promote his new movie at the phillipines in august, so it is also not sure if he will be there..

get real.. the real TCA's twitter account did NOT confirm that kristne will be there.. it is the fake account who made this fake announcement!

stay pressed as long as you will.. i am still confortable on my yacht.. i am not going anywhere..

wait and see..

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all HKN Havens! Hi everyone! I am up and getting ready for work. Keep me posted.
felicity, mickeymackey, and Irene- Great job on telling that Anon. I have to say I agree with you both. Well got to go now. Have to get ready. Have a great day.

lolingaboutthis said...

Anonymous who admire the positivity... they share much more than the dogs, and you know it. Maybe you don't want to see this, but you know it.

Elizbeth said...

Anon 2:47. If you really believe that Rob and Kristen aren't dating anymore, then you have your facts, hold on to that and dance with it if it makes you happy. So then it begs the question; why are you here? Your answer is the reason why RK fans celebrates. You don't have to be afraid of the boogeyman if he doesn't exist. You are here because it exists and it frightens you. And you should be, very afraid.

edangel said...

Just because the haters shout the lie @ the top of their voices wont make the lie to Truth!! See what happened with the papz!! The lie did not even register in their minds that @ LAX instead of asking about the Break up they asked ROb if he is going to marry Kristen in Summer!! Why ask marriage questions when they have broken up? They should ask about his singlehood and why he split from Kristen!! Instead they ask several times about when he is marrying her and Why she dropped from a movie?!!!! Does'nt this ring a bell?!!!

People plz!! If u want to hate then leave this site and goto some other ones which will accept you with open arms and grow your hatred!! Not here!!! Move on!! We are positive people here who are for love and who believe in the love that we witnessed for 5 years!! Your rantings and ramblings wont change anything!!!


Anonymous said...

@felicity i would like to correct you about Taylor. He is not going to the Philippines to promote a movie. He will go there to promote a clothing line for Bench and it will be in August but the date is to be announced so he may have the time to go to TCA. Thats all and love hearing more about Rob and Kristen. Hoping to have new pictures of them together coz i really miss them together in one frame.

felicity said...

@anonymous 6:04...

sorry if i am incorrect about Taylor and his promotion of a movie.. i was told that he would be there for that.. but even if he is going for a promotion of a clothing line.. it doesn't matter. he might not be in LA at all for the TCA's.

no one is confirmed to attend so far..

and i want to appologize for my typos in my former post.. sigh. my keyboard is messing up again. i hate that!!

have fun today.. stay strong.. everything is going to be alright.. the truth will reveal itself!

BeLoveAlways said...

Felicity, you need to take a chill pill. All I did was ask a question. That is all. And you're right, the "girl" in the pic is actually a woman. I apologize. My bad. But you don't need to take that tone. I do NOT read the tabs, for your information. I simply LOOKED at the picture. If there is an explanation for the pic, then so be it, but there is nothing wrong with asking.

Unknown said...

I've been told that they are married but no one will buy this also without proof. But stay tuned, since the truth has a strange way of making itself known...

Anonymous said...

You guys... this is a very tight fan community... really good friendships and harmony have been established due to our love for twilight and RK. The end of their relationship shouldn't change that... and this website can keep keeping us united as their fans regardless of their status, just as so many other sites. I would like to see a bit more tolerance towards people who very politely come and express opinions. Our blog administrator has been brave in her determination to protect the image we have of them... but we cannot change what they decide on their own. They had dogs... and will have to take care of them as a team for a long time. We should be respectful of their lives.... they are so young.. the time might come when Rob will show up with a nice girl that understands the huge scrutiny his life is subject to... or when a brave man will dare to love the girl who so many have diminished and spit on... and we cannot hate them for that... I remember last summer I asked myself what we would be doing in exactly one year... and here we are.. again willing them to go back to a relationship with so much trouble. I invite you to think or their calm and happiness and not prioritize our obsession. In a year all this might be even worse if we do not start accepting and letting go.

grail said...

Anon 9:43:

Are you from the Pompous Church of Divine Acceptance of Gossip and Tabloid Spin-andments?

No need to condescend. No need to use the royal "We" here. People think for themselves...or have you forgotten how that works? I invite you to "prey" elsewhere for enlightenment.

Anonymous said...

HKN, how is it that you know when K has a pregnancy scare or when they plan on taking care of the pap situation, but have failed to a deliver any details evidenced as true later on by facts?, especially those related to Kristen's work? or location? why do we see them both doing always separate stuff in the same city when you claim they are back together? are they really? or is it wishful thinking? There is this psychic who predicted in January that Rob would get out of a problematic relationship in the middle of the year to focus of his career, and that Kristen would find her soulmate at the end of 2013 but this person was not who she thought he was as of January. So sad to see we try to keep this hope alive when really there is no motivation.

felicity said...

so, now we have 'let it go' preacher and a 'psychic knows best' anon?


would love to see you to the door!!

have a nice day

Anonymous said...

i want to be positive but i kinda have to agree with the latest comments.we have no evidence that RK are together,apart from supposed hints like sharing hats,sunglasses,tshirts,etc(when u've been living 4 years together and even more when u'r hobos,u'r house is a mess is easy to get they left some stuff)we have the wishfulthinking that the new ring K's wearing was from Rob,i'm not talking about engagement,knowing it's from rob would b enough but apart from HKN confirmation we have no proof,i mean when they're in LA,he's out with his friends or she's out with her friends,or at LF2 with them.Werent RK living somewhere else not LF1 or 2?but we have recent pics of CJ,scout in LF2,so that means K is there,if they're really together are they gonna be like this forever,paps,media are so important to them that they wont go out to dinner or a drink together again,just separated to not give them hits,sorry but i want to believe they're together,i believe in their love but i need facts,legit proofs that they're together,while on i keep on having doubts and praying they're together or will soon.

Linda said...

I don't know about the rest of you but I am so sick of these posters with no name that come here and try to convince us that R/K or not together. I wish they wld just go to the sites that believe their false info and leave us alone.

Since R/K have never stepped forward and said if they are or arent dating, how can they continue to say that they know for sure they are apart because they get their info from physics and tarot cards. If they are so positive of this why not sign their names and give us the links where we can read it for outselves. They always only give little info and say they can not print the rest because we wld not believe it. Seriously do they think we are that stupid.

I believed in R/K last summer and I believe in them now.

Sorry they cause you so much grief coming here with their bs hkn, maybe if we ignore them they will go away and leave us in peace.

There is a little prayer I say everyday and it is so true. "Faith is to believe in what we do not see and the reward of that faith is to see what we believe."

Hang in there everyone and have faith.

irene said...

@ Anons 1, 2 & 3

Piss off and leave us poor suckers to our 'delusions' if that's what you think they are.......

LMAO at you, taking time out to come over here to educate us challenged, like a trio of do-gooders....

I'm very happy sailing on my ship, and when my ship docks, all you rats gonna drown.........

Anonymous said...

I admit i am another anon just like most of the pathetic posters here. I have always believed in both R/K last year and same as this year. I understand that a lot of you feel the same way. While the rest of those who are still doubting can continue to believe what they want. Sometimes maybe people post here and are actually acquainted to either R or K and just dont want people to know. I mean who really knows who posts here except those who actually show their names. Regardless of that idea, i will continue to believe in rob and kristen and believe in what ive always known to be true. Its that no matter what people say love will always conquer all the hate

KnittedUpInside said...

I'm assuming the trolls that continuously espouse such self righteous b.s. are equally pious in their real lives? *snort*

Unless you are Rob and/or Kristen, pretty sure you don't know jack of any issues in their relationship, let alone have the authority to called it ~troubled. Lovely wishful thinking though ;) I'm sorry two peoples' happiness makes you so upset, maybe get a hobby?

Trololol at these same folks trying to tell HKN and the positive people here to accept nonnie b.s. LOLWUT?

Anonymous said...

When Rob came home from LA, why not dine with Kristen, but Michelle R.?
Where reconciliation?

felicity said...

@anon 1:07.. because kristen was working? ever thought of that??

they don't have a 7 - 5 job. their hours are nuts at times, depening on how long they need to get a scene done or many scenes done..

Anonymous said...

@anon 1:07 PM - The only place that I have heard about this dinner thing is on this board by other posters. Other gossip sites (ie X17 and Hollywood life) are not reporting this nor if you do a Google search at the moment). If this is just a twit from a twitter posting than anyone can post whatever they want and not based on facts.

I will through you a bone and if they did have dinner what is the big deal. It might be work related. When you are in a relationship you are not joined 24/7 at the hip to your partner.
Also why have not the paps taken pictures of where Rob and Kristen are currently staying if they want to confirm the breakup. Maybe they cannot as Rob and Kris leaving and returning day in and day out the same house would not support the breakup theory going around.

Also dinner only takes a few hours at most so out of the 24 hours in a day how do you know that Rob is not spending this other 22 hours with Kristen? Interesting that there has been no pictures of Kristen on her movie set for the last couple of days nor Rob since the airport. I have only heard here by other non-believers of her going bowling when Rob returned . Are the non-believers rehashing the bowling story from last week with a twist? Again I have only heard that here and not on any gossip sites.

felicity said...

@anon 2:07.

gina, a friend of kristen had her birthday this week, same day that Rob returned. and people assume that she was there, because someone who was at the same bowling alley, as gina and her birthday party, mentioned her name at an instagram picture..

but no one took a pic of kristen there.. and she is the only one who said that kristen was there.. riley keough was there too. maybe they mistook her as kristen.. happened before.. wouldn't be surprising.

kristen hat two days off, as far as i know and right now they are filming the prison scenes, so it is inside and the papz are not able to take pics of her on set. thank heavens.

there were tweets of three different people of rob being at the restaurant with michelle rodriguez and one of his producer friends. those three people are friends.

and i agree with you, that it would be easier to make the break-up-story more plausible, if the papz would be able to release pics of them, coming out of seperate homes.. but there is nothing.

they are also not following kristen home, after she is leaving the set right now.. or they do and just don't release the pictures.

felicity said...

so, the one, who said that rob was at the restaurant last night lied.. simply as that. she just tweeted it

@.shartstagram we decided to lie for attention at midnight on a wednesday

no dinner with michelle rodriguez!!

Ellie said...


She was being sarcastic in that tweet. No big deal, though. He is friends with Jarecki and Rodriguez.

Saphire1231 said...

Oh man I am so tired of the pious drivel coming out of many of the anonymous posters here.

Why do 'we believe' in the face of all the crap to the contrary peddled by Paps,Tabloids, Gossip hacks and negative posters.... ???

Because... we have eyes! We have minds of our own! We deduce and decide for ourselves! We do not need guidance from the misguided!

Posters that are anti belief in R & K keep asking us things like - "Where is the proof they are together"...

Conversely ... I ask for you all to show me the PROOF they are apart... and don't try to feed me drivel from mags/rags/paps and negative posters!

You know there is far more "evidence" to support "together" than there is "apart"... That is why you come here to disrespect HKN, her relatives information, and the rest of us believers!

You don't want to believe... FINE...yOUR choice...!!

But do not come to what is essentially OUR HOUSE trying to ram your disbelief down our throats.

IF we believers ever decide that we need saving from our beliefs... We will LET YOU KNOW... in the meantime... just leave us in our happy delusion and sod off to play on your ship called "Misery"

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on HKN! I just home from work. Did I miss anything while I was out?
Linda- I am with you. I am also sick negative here from the hater.
Irene- Good job on telling those Anon 1,2, and 3 off.
KnittedUpInside- I am with you.
felicity- Hi! Thanks for keep the facts straight about our couple. I completely agree with you.
Saphire1231- HI! I agree with you about tabloids, and all the gossip sites. I completely agree with you 100%.
The rest of you hope you have a great day. Keep me more posted on our couple.

RKsoulmates913 said...

Funny how the three girls who tweeted about seeing Rob yesterday (they are friends btw) were the ONLY ones that saw him at the restaurant and the best part: they took pic of AndyMilonakis(w/o his permission), but -gasp- they didn't take one of Rob. Interesting how their camera NEVER works when it's to take his pic. Do you remember those two who swore that Rob was with Perry at a wedding rehearsal and they took pics of Elle Degeneres but when it was Rob's turn... exactly, cameras never work. LMAO

and the bowling thing is the same way, the girl took pics that day and her camera didn't work when taking Kristens.

No pics = No proof.

those three girls did take a pic there so pics were allowed (she did not ask to take a pic of andy Milonakis but she did take it. )... and 2 of them are MIA...hmmmm

it's funny how cell phone cameras work just fine but when it's to take a pic of RK...damn the camera freezes!!! LOL #WhateverYouWannaBelieve

“I'm sure all that you've heard is just the usual gossip, invented to injure feelings rather than illuminate truth. Often the truth is in front of your face, but your eyes and heart are so full of lies that you can't see it.”

This is for you who BELIEVE : "In your heart, you know you will triumph and you will defeat your enemy with the one weapon that you have inside you that he cannot touch->> TRUTH.”

Kristen at NORMANS Rare Guitars meant nothing??? MY gosh, it spoke volumes to me! Actions speak louder than words!

http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mdfibebnOe1rhn63po1_500.gif … >>> “Then there are the simple things. The sound of my name from her lips." <3333

KnittedUpInside said...

Hey Arleen :)

*waves to all the regs*

I hate having to be all pics-or-it-didn't-happen but it really seems to be the only way to operate in this fandom now. The girls with the CM sighting last night seem to *know* too much to have just seen a celebrity at a restaurant, like were you just stalking him the whole time or did you maybe decide to make-up a story to go with your non-picture? Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh. I have no problem with Rob being at CM just as I have no problem with him hanging with his friends nor do I have a problem with Kristen doing the same (doubt the bowling story tbh) but I do take issue with people who like to shit-stir and lie.

As for that so-called journalist? I'm looking forward to HKN's verba takedown ;) I have no doubt this woman will never have an audience with Rob or Kristen at any point in the future. Personal feelings are irrelevant to her job and exploiting a fanbase with lies should be grounds for dismissal imo *shrug*

Anonymous said...

KnittedUpInside- Hi! I have to say amen to that. As for the girls of CM. I think they just may up. And for the trashy tabloids. Which I can't stand.

KnittedUpInside said...

P.S. Yet again reminded of what a class act both Kristen and Rob are and how rare that is with people at their level of celebrity. They never throw shade at or talk shit about their peers and those in the business. For that they will always, always, have my respect.

Tempest said...

Good morning little ones...
I love the idiots who peddke their fucked up reasons why a. rob and Kristen are not together and b. rob is hooking up with anyone and everything he can get his hands on. Maybe the delusonal medicine was administered with too high a dosage?

Coming onto supporter sites is the ony way these trolls know how to operate, they love the fact that they will get a rise out of ppl, that's why they do it. Pity that their parents didn't teach them respect to their fellow kind - maybe then they would understand the meaning behind it and not waste ppls time with their hate driven drivel.

Bottom line folks - Kristen Stewart owns their sorry asses FACT! Why do they 'need' to prove 'Rob has moved on'? Because admitting that the tabs have been lying, that Rob would just simply walk away from a relationship with 'no' evidence as to why it ended (except the delusional lies in their heads) because having him linked with anyone means they don't have to face the fact that despite the lies from the tabs - Kristen is still very much an important part of his life. You can believe in the medias back peddling, assumptions and blatant fawning over Rob (Maria the idiot Estevez) good luck getting an interview with Mr. Pattinson again - but the truth is always easier to believe and stares you in the face so much clearer than having to go hunting for a lie. Cameras don't break in the same location you take a photo (see robsessed idiots who went to the London premiere of BD2 took video and photo footage of Rob, but didn't capture Rob and Kristen being all cute to one another - staypressed) it all amounts to the same thing - people under the age of thirty and who like to troll, should not be allowed a mobile phone, or internet access.

Anonymous said...

Tempest- Great job on your comments. I have to say I agree with you on trolls or you can haters which they love start trouble. And you really nail it. Thanks. Good work. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi to all HKN! I am going to bed. Keep me posted on our couple. I mean good news. Not from troll or haters. But from you guys. Because I believe in you.

Anonymous said...

HKN you say the apology was from K but I DO NOT believe K would NEVER kiss that asshole she would NOT cheat on Rob.