Monday, July 1, 2013

He Put A Ring On It And Liked It!

Oh my how the tables have turned. What have we here. Kristen at LAX on her way to Paris with some serious new bling. Why is this so significant? Because you don't go buy something like that for yourself. You get something like this from someone you've been with for a while. Oh like say a certain English boyfriend who wants to kiss and make up. And like I've said before all she was waiting for was the question to be asked.  

Let's see here. That's a man's watch she has on. Could it belong to a certain Engishman? Why yes it very well could lol. That shirt is kinda big on her. Could it be? Why yes it could.  And the hat? Yeah that too. That back pack has seen some co-sharing too.  Now I ask you this. Why on earth would you wear your exes things if you were completely over them ? You wouldn't. 

Yeah this too. Again . You do not wear your exes clothes when you are done and over with it. They are are not done and over with. Not by a long shot. 


 Take notice of the glasses . We will get back to them in a second. 

 Rob driving in Los Feliz on Saturday:

According to Daily Mail UK this is Rob and a red haired woman who LOOKS like Kristen. 

Remember I said hold on a sec about the glasses? Yeah the woman in the pic is wearing them. Coincidence? I think not.  She looks like Kristen because it IS Kristen! Wait it gets better!

 Now according to the haters Rob took his new flame to LF2 (Kristen's house) and then proceeded to take a ping pong table back to LF1. Uhm more than one thing wrong with that scenario. 

1. Rob is NOT living at LF1. So the haters backpeddled and said well then hes taking it to wherever hes staying at. 

2. He is drivng TOWARDS  LF2 not LF1. 

Okay lets  explain this in english. The top red circle is where the paps were staked out. Second red circle is where Rob's truck was (B). The blue arrow is the direction Rob was headed. Towards LF2. The green arrow is LF2. Got all that?  He was not coming FROM LF 2 . He was going TOWARDS LF 2. Kind of kills the haters wishful thinking  doesn't it? 

The second point in this being if Rob is "definitely over Kristen" why would he still a have a key to her place?  And more importantly I can just imagine the bitch face from Kristen if he even remotely tried to bring a new flame to her house. 

Let us logically think this thru. 

The paps are on Rob and Kristen right now like glue. Why on earth did they not get pics of where he ended up at or where he left from? Because it doesn't fit with the bull crap they are trying to sell you. Once they've played it all out and used it up to their advantage they will of course then go the they are reunited route. But they aren't ready to do that just yet. They've both got movie projects coming up very soon and they are going to stretch this as long as they can. Notice the uproar with the Rob and Kristen are broke up angle. Gossip Cop set a record in May. Do they get as many hits with them together? No they do not. Therefore they will drag this out as long as possible until it becomes obvious they are back together and they can longer play their game. 

  Annie_Packer is at it again with the sex tape ridiculousness. 

There is no sex tape. She tried this once before and had a big fail. Just like her valet story big fail. She is a scared mental hater who needs an intervention asap. 

I asked my cousin about what's going on and she said and I quote. 

"you people are all nuts!"

And then she said this:

"believe in what you see from them not what the tabs are feeding you" 

Oh and to the starlight girls. She said she can be bought with this lmao!

This is where were Rob and Kristen are headed!:


To all the ladies on my comment board keeping the positive flowing this is for you!



Anonymous said...

Hey there,

I just found out about your blog recently and really like your view on things. : ) There is one thing I'd like to know , however: I read a post called "Message from a relative" (from May) - do you have an inside source? Are you the inside source? I'd just like to know why you know so much. Whether it's just common sense or some extra knowledge. And I don't wanna know who that source is!!

Thank you for the effort to put all these weird accusation into perspective!


Lori said...

Do you know for a fact that he gave her a ring, or are you giving your best guess? Hard to tell what you know as fact and what you are thinking is true. If you would clarify that would be great.


Hatersknownothing said...

Lori by reasonable assumption I believe the ring is from Rob.

Anonymous said...

I really love the huge ass diamond ring he gave her and it is so unique and different like they are and yes that looks very much like Kristen in the red truck from the hair,glasses and all and Thanks for the update and we all need to chip in and buy some Gray Goose don't we!

Hatersknownothing said...

Anonymous @11:37

I am not the source. I wish lol. I do have a relative who works closely with Kristen. She is my main source of info.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, hkn. Would love to have some drinks with you and your cousin. lol

Unless Kristen is wearing a wig, that girl in the truck is not her. It does not matter anyway, means nothing in regards to their relationship, but I did want to point that out. Not even positive it is Rob.

Anonymous said...

But assumption is still not fact. :(

The post is just a rehash of things clued in by the shippers. Those are not necessarily facts :( I'm not a hater, I just want straight facts that are sustainable and not mere speculations. Those clues are still just that, speculations.

The Los Feliz path in the photos, how we are even certain it was going to the LF2 gated community unless we see one that is actually entering the gate? For all we know, he could just be passing by LOf Feliz blvd itself. So, see, it's still quite suspect.

Wish your cousin could tell us more. :(

Lori said...

Thanks, hkn.

There is so much speculation vs reality and I just wanted to clarify the ring thing. Hope it is from him. I will assume it is as well unless proven otherwise.

KnittedUpInside said...


And cheers to all the other bright and intuitive and happy people who have never doubted the truth, y'all make staying around the fandom worthwhile... I'm just so grateful I found out about this place. Been on the periphery via twitter for years and the insanity since May has made that place 90% ugly.

No doubt the tabs will keep the ~breakup story going for as long as they can. Too convenient with both K & R obligated to their respective projects but it won't last. The truth will come out and the rats will scramble.

I cannot deal with people who want to deny the ring. WHO in their rational right mind thinks a diamond ring like that came from anyone but someone special? I just... NO, gtfo. Sorry, none of the alternative theories will ever make sense to me and I'm fine with that.

This post made my already massive smile even bigger, thanks for that!


p.s. I happen to have a bottle of Grey Goose on my shelf, would happily donate it to the cause ;)

Anonymous said...

^ "by reasonable assumption I believe the ring is from Rob."

was referring to this assumption

Anonymous said...

@Hatersknownothing: Thank you for replying and clarifying things! : )

Keep up the positive spirit!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wth? Bullshit!

Anonymous said...

If someone had pics of Rob & Kristen together, that would be a very big payday. Much more than pics apart. No one is trying to push a narrative. It's simply not her in the truck

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The pics were taken on Thursday and released on sunday, the day Kristen left for Paris, coincidence I think not.

Object Name : Robert Pattinson
Byline : IONU-Blanco/X17online.com
City : Los Feliz
Headline : EXCLU Robert Pattinson with new girl in Los Feliz
Credits : IONU-Blanco/X17online.com
Copyright Notice : IONU/X17online.com
Caption : After breakup with longtime girlfriend Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson spending time with new girl in Los Feliz. He went with her to get a ping pong table in his Silverado truck and went back home June 29, 2013 X17online.com EXCLUSIVE
? : CP_2
? : Model: Canon EOS-1D Mark IV
Camera Date: 2013:06:27 18:51:19
ISO: 640
Aperture: 5.6
Exposure Time: 1/320
Focal length: 95.0 mm
Flash: Off, Did not fire
Exposure program: Program AE

KnittedUpInside said...

Lol 'kay
I'll come back later when the trolls and downers are gone because I don't have the patience for it today.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The woman in the pictures is riley keough who was in the runaways with kristen. She is dating someone else. I dont think that this guy is Rob
because of the ears and I believe that the gossip magazines should be all over these pictures if they were really Rob but they are not. Just something to think about. I do love Kristens new ring.

Hatersknownothing said...

from glamour uk

Did anyone think that this picture of Robert Pattinson and "the mystery red-head" driving his new ping-pong table back to his home in Los Feliz LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE KRISTEN STEWART? And lo and behold, here she is, flying out of the same city, with the same hair, the very next day. We reckon they might well still be going, don't you? #RobstenUnbroken.

Hatersknownothing said...

okay they got it wrong with driving the ping pong table back to his house but glamour uk gotta love ya right now lol!

Anonymous said...

you people here all of you and i say all of you do not want them togetherso you all shut up

Anonymous said...

@ anon 1:10

I want them together and think they are, but people are entitled to their opinions. If hkn wants to delete posts she can. Not your job to police her boards.

Hawal said...

Hello everyone.

HNK, I've always thought, even if I had a doubt. When yesterday's photos Kris with the new ring appeared. I believed you because you said June 25

But this post just made me confidence in you in the same day lose.

Sorry, but it's not the same hat.



And I do not understand, of the previous post in the comments, you said that it is not Kris and now you said this Kris.

Enlighten me, please. You took all the fixtures on Twitter. Not the fans.

So explain to me, and I continue to believe why you say that this is the same hat? It is not. And why do you think this is not Kristen. And you've changed your mind because of a mounting made ​​by fans.

Thank you.

Hatersknownothing said...


link address to glamour uk article.

Hatersknownothing said...

Hawal after looking better at the pics I believe it is Kristen in the truck with Rob.

isis said...

HKN you asked your relative if was kristen in the truck?

Can i ask you this please: It was rob who made the first step to reconciliate?

Lilly said...

Hello. i´m new here. i only found you blog 2 months ago. I really want to believe what you say is right. You always bring us posts based on your source and what your source tell you. But this seems to be more a post about your opinion and perception than a insider info. So please tell me. You really know they are together? You really know that that ring was given to her by Rob? I really want to understand it.
Don´t think i´m a hater, cause i´m not. I love Robsten and i want them together. I just want to understand where the info of your post came from.

Anonymous said...

Hey HKN and one big ole kiss right back atcha girl....Once again you have made my day...I don't even go to the other sites any longer ..I only come here ..thanks for the good work..And thank God and the Stars that they are still together.....once again ...why am I sooo invested in their relationship...LOL it must be a psychiatric disorder...LOL...thanks for the great update....!!! Have a good week and keep the good news coming...I cannot get enough!!!! Your are still the warrior princess in my book...!! Andreana

MoFoDouchebag said...

Thanks for the blog, HKN. Honestly, I don't care if it's Rob in the car, Kristen in the car or bleeping stunt doubles.

And let me say.. tsk tsk, run along now, tiny little trolls.

"I am not a troll. I love Rob and Kristen...but..."

BUT you are a troll. You come to a blog, designed to show Rob and Kris are together, but you insist on stirring the pot, focusing on drama where there is none.

That's what makes you a troll. You don't believe? Fine. But the f*ck the heck off.

Kristen's got a big ass ring on her finger. You can deny that it's new. You can say it's given to her by anyone but Rob.

It won't change the reality.

This is the type of ring that comes with a vow. End of story.

Anonymous said...

Ok one more posts I saw the pictures, then posted , then read the other comments here...When I saw the pictures of rob in the truck I was soo happy cause first thought I had was holy crap he and Kristen are together....!!! Why does everyone pick this apart like this??...Of course its Kristen ..the sun light on her hair looks red in other pictures..and those are her glasses ...and who is dumb enough to think rob would take another girl to Kristen's house...Seriously?...For god's sake that is Kristen..and if anyone thinks its not it is either a case of bad eyesight or very wishful thinking!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry HKN but I will have to disagree with you here. I really don't think it's Kristen in the truck. I have higher bets on it being Riley more than Kristen but truth be told, I think it's another girl.

I know we all want that to be Kristen but simply willing it to be her would not magically make it to be her. It won't really help.

Anonymous said...

^^ But we don't have ultimate proof he's going to Kristen's house here. Unless we have actual pictures of the truck going into to LF2 gate or Kristen's house, we'll never really know would we? It will be just another speculation. Unless Rolando releases them if they even exist.

We always say, we shouldn't jump to conclusions but it should work both ways.

Anonymous said...

MoFoDouchebag, a little objective viewpoint every so often wouldn't hurt. We would just have to learn to distinguish the pot-stirrers from those who try to seek truth minus the embellishments & wishful thinking. We can't always just hear or see what we want to. There should also be some balance.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Saphire1231 said...

Thank you HKN...

I believe... I have always believed.

Hello and "Happy Dance" to all the other real believers here... isn't this just the greatest news? I love the ring and I love R&K for being who they are.

For those who come here to say they don't believe or whatever else...

I ask why?
Why bother? Those who believe are

1. Not interested in your drivel
2. You will not influence a true believer.
3.Twitter is a better place for you to enact your drama... you will get bites there that you won't necessarily get here. So just go enact your drama elsewhere... you are totally superfluous to requirements here.

Keep the faith... Love to all.

Hatersknownothing said...

To all of those saying its not Kristen explain the glasses to me. Sorry too much of a coincidence. And search for a pic of Riley with similar glasses. There are none. I believe it is Kristen.

LizzieD said...

HKN -- Thank you for a great post!!!

I know y'all are tired of me coming here and saying the same thing over and over and over again ... Regarding the pics in the truck ... think about this:


I'm not saying that the world hasn't been pranked but otherwise, just too weird that someone would be "posing" as Kristen. Same glasses, hair similar (Kristen's hair at the airport was a similar shade of red) and the knee up position she sits in and it's about the right height for Kristen.


Hatersknownothing said...

preach it lizzie! love ya!

LizzieD said...

HKN -- LOL, been "preaching" every chance I get.

Anonymous said...

How the OG-BritPack debunk stupid rumors? Going out together LMAO
Riley is just proving she is THEIR friend and she wouldnt be with them if she has something with Rob.
CJ with Riley now "Heyyyyyyy sexy lady!!!! Roosevelt pool w @drkeough @alicia_cargile" http://distilleryimage3.s3.amazonaws.com/4a45c594e2a411e29ff222000aa8009c_7.jpg

Anonymous said...

Ok, I ask you this then. If I believe it's not Kristen, does that automatically make me a hater? Or perhaps potstirrer? Does that make me a troll?

I'm not claiming that the girl, whoever she is, is Rob's girlfriend. Now that's stirring the pot. I'm just saying that the evidences (pictures) are too inconclusive to tell us anything but there's a redhead who looks similar to Riley or Kristen with Rob in the truck. Operative word being "similar". We don't have enough proof to declare without doubt that it is one of them. Neither can we prove it isn't one of them. All I'm saying is what we currently have remains inconclusive. Does that make me a hater then? Whatever happened to objectivity?

Hatersknownothing said...


check this out ladies!

Hatersknownothing said...

two sightings of Rob in London lol. wouldn't take much to go to Paris from there.kind of a sneaky way to spend time with your woman tee hee.

Anonymous said...

Hey, hkn. There is an insider on GC saying that Rob has been dating this red-haired chick, who is 26 years old for 3 weeks and that he checked out of his relationship with Kristen a long time ago. He needs a dose of truth. Hate mean trolls.

Hatersknownothing said...


whoever it is is fos lol. checked out for some time? he needs to have a relook at april. no he is not dating any redhead and he would have been papped repeatedly with this woamn which hasn't happened. just another troll in lala land.

Molly said...

So how soon can we get the vodka to your cousin? I am ready for some deets! :)

Anonymous said...

"There is no disguise which can hide love for long where it exists, or simulate it where it does not."

-Francois de la Rochefoucauld

We will just have to wait and see. Nothing else for us to do.

Hatersknownothing said...

Molly you can give it to me. Ill make sure she gets it (gulp gulp burp)

Unknown said...

That pic of K's ring almost looks like a mans wedding band. Wonder if they are possibly wearing each others jewelry??

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why the haters are saying this is a kristen look alike - kinda makes rob seem creepy and obsessed with kristen if he has to find a new GF who looks exactly and dresses exactly like his old GF. argument is flawed for me.

LizzieD said...

Speaking of Kristen "look a like" ... this is really cute!!


RKsoulmates913 said...


Here we gooooo

It was asked thousands times 'oh, please, just one pic of them together, please'

TamTamTamTam...we have PICS... but heyyyyy It's not Kristen! And who said it? LIEgazines and tabloidshits...like I said... " I've gotta stop saying "How stupid can you be?" Too many people are taking it as a challenge."

First X17's headline was ' the look alike Kristen'... every detail checked... and people clicked there like crazy, haters bc it was NOT possible-Rob would never betray them (rolling my eyes), skeptical/suspicious/incredulous 'fans' who were too curious -'is it possible?' and then Twitter was FULL of their links and tweets and of course it was 'amazing' (the rule do not click there- forgotten), the more you clicked, the more money they were making... then -this I blame some called fans- who were trying to 'prove' (what was/is obvious) it was Kristen got the attention of the nonnies who got the hint from THE fans and BINGO ~the absurd was there~ it was Riley Keough (btw she's Kristen's friend and OG's friend), and YOU fans, created the LIEgazines next headline 'Rob with Riley Keough'. Does X17 have better pics from that day? you can bet your ass they have, so why didn't they put the photos out there? It would be their money shot! NO, It wouldn't. WHY NOT??? Because RK back together,the pics, make much less money than DRAMA dude! (IMO there was NEVER a break up, an argument, yes, who doesn't have arguments? especially when you are in a serious relationship). They would publish the pics, people would click there, buy their stuff and FINISH. NO MORE MONEY. Can't you see ' the break up rumor' is their money machine. People love DRAMA, the more drama, the more people are making them rich.

With the same pics, X17 got more clicks and RTs than if it was 'the Reconciliation' pics. First the 'twin sister' and then a friend of Kristen with Rob (dating)... >>> HOW COULD HE??? reaction and GOOD for him! reaction...and 'fans' virtually fighting like crazies over a LIE...

USE your brains, the break up rumor makes much more money than a happy couple in love!


RKsoulmates913 said...


CJ has a pic of Riley TODAY with him and his friends (that are Kristen's friends) and he was very sarcastic 'heyyyy sexy woman' and Riley winking!!! But hey, tabloids know much more than her friends and Riley herself, don't they???

I've already written a LONG comment her, but lots of you ignored it, WHO AM I???Right?A fan!!! Yes, you are right, I'm no source, but IF you stopped TO think only for a minute and connected the dots, you would see what is right in front of your nose.

There was NEVER a break up, NEVER a Katy romance, NEVER he moving out her house in broad day light, NEVER he taking THEIR dogs from her, NEVER a party where she was not there (she was- you don't wanna see)...

It's a lost battle here, you've already chosen tabloidshit and LIEgazines over THE FACTS. You do believe all tweets where Rob or Kristen is out and about ALONE, but NEVER the ones where someone says they were together, and guess what??? None of them have/had pics, but you believe the dramatic ones.

I do NOT care if you chose to believe that it's Riley, There are lots of evidence that THE woman with Rob is Kristen. The lenght of hair CHECK - her hair color in the sun is redish CHECK- she wearing his tee CHECK -the way she sits CHECK- her NERDYglasses CHECK -hair little wavy CHECK - pouty lips CHECK >>>>>>WHAT do you MORE?

The same way you ignored that pic at the party, all the evidences were there...her t-shirt and her famous BLACK BRA and hat But heyyyyy everyone BUT Kristen, right???

>>>> "Blinding ignorance does mislead us. Open your eyes!"

And again NOW you want more PROOF >>>> Is the RING a gift from Rob, a ring given and worn as a sign of betrothal??? Why do YOU ask??? Don't you have eyes? It seems an important ring. It's there, look and believe whatever you want. But it's so obvious!

I'm really tired! And some people who come here as 'ANONSS' ... you are not trolling anyone... You cry and whine and ask more and more questions, you bring stuff from other blogs and Liegazines... you smell TROUBLE...Nonnies<<<<< "There are some people who always seem angry and continuously look for conflict/drama. Walk away from these people."

why do you want a SOURCE??? OPEN your EYES, and you need NO source. The truth is front of you, you refuse to see it. #ItsAllGood (Sorry HKN,NO offense here.I do like what you write here, what I'm trying to say is: I NEVER needed a source to tell me what I can see...it's just a case of connecting the dots)

And if Rob is indeed in London...it's just getting better and better... Why didn't he go to London when Kristen was in LA??? Exactly!!! TOGETHERTOGETHER ~right, JESICAMA???

DO NOT forget Kassie's pic TODAY>>>> #ITSALLGOODBabyBaby



RKsoulmates913 said...

Do NOT forget GlamourUKmag >>> RobstenUnbroken

And unless pappz have a NotRob, NotKris and NotRedTruck... to forge/fabricate the pics... :)

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
RKsoulmates913 said...

#ANON 9:07

And why do you bother coming here? If we are a bunch of delusional women in denial??

Why do you care?

If you're so sure of what you're talking about go to Obsessed blogs, they'll appreciate your facts there.

If you're sure they broke up, what do you fear? After all we're only delusional people here. LMAO...I know sweetie our faith bothers you. #sorrynotsorry


Karma NEVER lose an address! TeeHee

Anonymous said...

I came here because I heard about this article from somebody else. I had to read it to truly believe it was real. Believe me, after reading it, I won't be back!
I am not absolutely sure about my comments but I make them because Ithey seem real. REAL! As, get a reality check! PLEASE! Read what I had to say again..and then read it again...and again. Maybe then you can face the truth and get on with your OWN life.
Oh, as for Karma? What you wish on others can come back to you..WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND!!!

Saphire1231 said...

@ Anonymous at 9.56pm

Since you seem to feel free to come here and give your unsolicited advice on this board... let me afford you some words of my own...

What makes you think your Reality is absolute?? !!

Perhaps you would feel less angst if you just go about getting on with your own life and leave the rest of us to get on with ours without your interference!

RKsoulmates913 said...

#Anon 9:07 /9:56 ~

GLAD you know :D >>>>> "Oh, as for Karma? What you wish on others can come back to you..WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND!!!

felicity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
felicity said...

so, it took me a while to comment again.. but not because i don't believe that they are together

just because of some posters here, who have nothing else to do as to try to take us down

sorry to say this to all the haters (anonymous, because they don't want to give us their name)

CJ made it absolutely clear, that it is NOT Riley with Rob in the pick-up

Quote: leave Riley alone it is not her!

so, get over YOURSELF and leave US the hell alone!

if you think a woman would buy a ring like this for herself, you really need someone to give you a good smack against the head

end of rant


don't believe all of the BS out there..

Anonymous said...

Where is the 'Like' button :-)

Anonymous said...

I can say in all honesty that I don't know Kristen personally or really know much about her, but no way is she going to buy that ring herself. I also don't think friends go out and buy friends diamond 'friendship' rings. Could it be from a family member? Yes, its possible. Or could it be from Rob? Also possible.

I've seen a lot of 'haters' and 'nonstens' getting really angry in the last day or so for people daring to think its Kristen in the car or even Riley. Why are they so upset if they 100% believe that Rob and Kristen are over. The answer to that is that they are scared that it might not be over.

Time will tell

KnittedUpInside said...

Gosh I do love me some patronizing (faux) concern about my (and others) theoretical delusions as diagnosed by a stranger behind a computer screen. Thanks for that! You've changed my life. *eyeroll*

Wish I could give @Lizzie @RKSoulmates @Saphire high fives, love what y'all had to say :)

Rob is lookin great, always nice to see him smiling (IC that smirk!) while out with friends. Kristen looks awfully happy too. Wonder why, hmmm? ;)

Still not over that gorgeous bling Kristen is rocking!

Here's to a wonderful July, it's off to bright shiny start!

LiLiStew said...

I have one Question.... what is LF1 and LF2?? :/


KnittedUpInside said...


LF1&2 are references to the homes Rob and Kristen have shared (share) in Los Feliz. LF1 = "Rob's" house (i.e. the one the party was held at for his friend Nick) and LF2 = "Kristen's" house (i.e. of the much loved but creepy photos from last fall). The latter is in Laughlin Park (gated upscale community).


LiLiStew said...

Thank you <3
Do you have a Link with Pictures of their Houses? I still thought Kristen lives in the House where no Street View is,.. With the Pool .. Where Pictures from them with their Dogs and Friends :)

PS: Sorry for my English but I'm German :D hehe

Anonymous said...

I have to confess to being a bit confused by certain comments about them "going to extreme lengths to look like they're not together". No,they're not,they've always tried to keep their relationship out of the puiblic domain because it's the most important thing to both and private. When they're just out with friends,they don't care so much and why on earth is the fact that Kristen's in Paris without him significant? She's working and it isn't usual to take your partner to work with you.Also they've been hounded by paps for months and they know any joint outing turns into a media circus.Why would anyone invite that? It's also pretty hilarious that people see 30 seconds of their lives where they're not together, in a pap pic,with a specific agenda at that and think they know from that how they spend the other 86,370 seconds of their day and they have the nerve to call the positive people delusionsal?

isis said...

Why some people are saying that rob was in london? he went to beyonce concert last night.

tempest said...

Oh dear, come into my garden little trolly spiders, its nice in here.

So ppl have lost their minds completely, is it Kristen, is it ot Kristen, could it be his mystery blonde suddenly deciding to dye her hair and take a drive by Kristen's house with a big FU to her? God you losers would love that wouldn't you? Too bad it lacks any common sense, but then again we are dealing with toddlers here who don't possess any.

I don't suppose it ever occurred to you that the girl sitting in the passenger side of his red truck, comfortable I might add - wearing glasses (not sunglasses) and reddish brown hair. But it no, its this person, that person and the same old mantra 'anyone, but her' happens. Its not the who its is that tickles me, its the desperate need o try and make it into someone other than the obvious. Even CJ is trolling the haters - the guy is tired of the ever increasing circle of hate around his friends and knows just how much they will try to make up bullshit about them.

But hey ho...
Giggling about that big passed ring in her finger - a shiny 'new' bauble that can only be from one person, nice diamonds on it too - a very (statement ring) if I ever saw one :-)

didi84 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
didi84 said...

I found your blog last week, and congratulations.

I think the ring is a a gift from ROb, and I love the ring, by the way, it´s very beautiful.
Thank you for the blog, I needed a blog like this, with positive people.

MoFoDouchebag said...

Cheers Tempest!

CJ make it very clear with his message, IMO. It's NOT Riley.

And I know, I know....trolly trolls. That to you that translates as: "It's not Riley, it's a new redhead GF that Rob has been boinking for weeks."

But what CJ is really saying is:

"F*ck, you're being played by the papz/ you're dumb as turd. It's obviously Kristen, but I ain't going to spell that out (since you don't want to hear it anyway)"

Apologies if this makes me UN-OBJECTIVE as some Anonymous has pointed out.

I prefer the term 'common sense' but to each their own.

Truth is truth. For some it's ugly. For others it's a beautiful thing.

Have a good day!

tempest said...

If people believe its a new gal he's been spending his time with, go right ahead delusional ones, you obviously think that highly of your idol, that you would assume he would jump at the very first women as soon as the bed has gone cold. But then again, it seems half of you loonies don't know what a real relationship is, except with a BOB and a battery pack of 24.

That nice big bauble that's on her finger...you would like it to have been from a friend, a fashion designer, a little think you from Balenciaga anyone but Rob, anyone but the guy you can't have and it kills you. Go nd tell your sob story to HWL, Star Lies and Shyte and any other gossip hack site that listens to your drivel

Anonymous said...

To RKsoulmate913 and others of her like thinking-

Thank god for you!

As it has been said, there are fans (loose use of the word here) that live for the drama of this situation. It is a drug to them. So they lach on to the twisted drivel the paps and tabs create (to make money mind you) to get there fix. Drama is there drug of choice. No drama, no drug in which to get their high. Therefore, believing RK are fine just doesn't work for them......

When I heard about the "truck gate" pics, I just looked at the pics period. No clicking on tabs sites, no looking at paps' remarks, no reading comments. No outside influence, just the pics. Used my own eyes and logical thinking. And you know what I saw? Rob and Kristen in his truck period.

Then I started reading people's comments. Big mistake lol! Most were based on what the tabs and haters were saying about a "mystery woman", not logical thinking. But they bought it, hook, line, and sinker lol!

For months now there has been discussion about how media outlets and paps twist the truth to make a profit. "Don't click the tab sites" the blogs preach, "It's crap!" I thought fans were buying into that. I was....

But the minute new pics come out with a twisted story to go with them......boom! Fans eat it up...to feel the high, get their fix...

I too have taken to my corner of relationship contentment. RK are fine. No drama. It's nice here, and watching the crazy from over here is very entertaining lol.

Sue from Holland said...

Too many coincidences, way way too many.
1. HKN, you mentioned in your former post: "put a ring on it" and oops what do we have? Kristen with a beautiful new (big) ring. I'm not one of them 'ring obsessed' people but some coincidence AGAIN.

2. You must be a martyr if you're gonna wear your ex BF clothes. C'mon please. Silly little teenagers maybe. Not a worldly and intelligent woman like Kristen. Not a fckn chance in hell would you give your ex that pleasure.

3. Common sense like Tempest is saying. That girl is the spitting image of Kristen, the hair/glasses/posture. My gut instinct says it was K at the LF1 party, wearing her trademark white tshirt and blackbra. Coincidence much?
Plus there is no way I can or will believe that Rob would do such a thing even if they broke up and he had a new GF, no no no unless he's been abducted and possessed by aliens.

4. Rob in London? Kristen in Paris? Hmmmmm, very interesting.

5. I became a lot wiser since last summer, in the way the media/papz works. People love drama, it sells. Good news is boring. I definitely believe most is manipulated, rags/mags/papz give us tidbits. We get swamped by pics when it suits them.

There a lot of straight jacket candidates out there, I've never seen so much hate/bigotry/homophobia/discrimination in my life. GC is a sick place, I can't read the comments anymore, it's too depressing.

Well girls/gents have a nice day! Finally a sunny day in Holland, the weather has been crap.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

*waves* Finally Rob did it lmao 2 rings!!!! Good job, man!!! Finallyyyyy! and your woman is soooooooooo happy and glowing!! And you are sooo happy too!!!!! #TogetherTogether

KnittedUpInside said...

Hallo everyone *waves*

Gah, K looks so gorgeous in Chanel!! You can always tell when she feels super confident in her clothes and she owned that outfit today.

NGL I like getting more pics up close of her hand... that ring gets more and more beautiful the more I see <3

LOVE seeing Rob hanging out with friends and acting like the goofy/adorkable guy we have come to know. He and his gal both look happy. I know it is mere seconds of their lives but imo they are both exuding that kinda intangible vibe of people who are utterly content.

<3 what you had to say!

straight up, ITA

Anonymous said...

Comment CJ ( best frend Kristen )on Instagram "Let Riley himself. She is not one in the car. People Gah!" /

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Any 831 & 1254 just go and don't come back -_-" My goodness she doesn't have to deal with your insecurities haha just stop looking for news if you can't handle them -_-"

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I do not understand why everyone is questioning the identity of the girl in the truck with rob...did these people see the pictures of Kristen in paris.?.Her hair ..her pony tail is red in the sunlight...that girl in the truck is KRISTEN STEWART..with her boyfriend ROBERT PATTINSON... not riley , not katy not Odessa whoever...that is Kristen...the glasses are hers and her mouth is open just the way you often she Kristen in pictures..There is no doubt...HKN is correct...100% Kristen... Andreana

KnittedUpInside said...

Do we need to call the waaaaahmbulance for some of you? I'm thinking yes.


How's everyone else doing? :)

Anonymous said...

Hello gentle fans. I too love this blog because its so positive and filled with good energy. I used to follow GC but I'm just really hating it as there are some incredibly rude people on there. Of course THEY know the truth - hahaha - and if you disagree, you are either stupid, f*cked up, dysfunctional, delusional, blind or immature - choose your poison. I like to think of myself as happy, positive, hopeful and a believer. I will admit I have weak moments when I scrutinize the pictures and starting thinking, "well.....it could be.....". But there is a part of me that believes more in the bigger picture. People say "well - they don't debunk the rumors - so they are true." Ummm - they don't debunk anything - why start now? I especially do not understand the pure hatred I see towards them. HKN - I'm believing in your POV because it makes more sense. I think this Riley drama will go the way of KP. Of course, the drama is only within the minds of some hate-filled people - but the tabloids know it will get them hits and attention. Such a tangled web :).

KnittedUpInside said...

@anon 517

nice to have another positive voice :) I totally understand having moments where you wonder/question what you see/hear/read, that's normal.

I think the big picture approach is the best way to go and that POV is looking mighty fine right now ;)


Nice of GC to ~debunk the Riley rumor. Took them long enough.

Like someone said yesterday, Lizzie I think: If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck... yadda yadda. It's A FRIGGIN DUCK.

The house of lies is falling to the ground and I'm greatly amused at the people I see backpedaling.


LizzieD said...

ANON: 2:05 -- would be nice to have a name ???

FORGET INSIDER INFO --- I have EYES and a BRAIN which tell me that R & K ARE TOGETHER, HAVE BEEN TOGETHER and like last year, THEY NEVER BROKE UP !!!

THEY are together. They ARE together. They are TOGETHER. THEY ARE TOGETHER!!!!!!!

LizzieD said...

ANON 12:54 -- THEY DIDN'T BREAK UP!!!! They may have had an argument/disagreement/fight or whatever the hell people call two differing opinions ... AND they might have spent a little time apart but THEY DIDN'T BREAK UP!!!!

THEY ARE TOGETHER!!! No reason for you to be heartbroken.

LizzieD said...

ANON 8:31 -- Repeat after me ... LAST YEAR, R & K DID NOT BREAK UP ... NEVER BROKE UP, NEVER BROKE UP. We don't even really know the realities of what all happened. They dealt with it and moved on. We should move on, also.


LizzieD said...


I'm so sick of the doubters. But, can't change everyone's mind. Heck, some been watching them for 4 years TOGETHER and STILL wonder if they're dating ???????


LizzieD said...

HI ALL!!! Hope everyone had a good day?? Better day than the past few weeks, right? LOL, even though we have RAG MAGS LYING to the public. I say "public" because I would guess that the majority of the fandom that follows closely KNOWS about CJ debunking Riley being in the truck. I'm hoping that the RAG MAGS stories just make them look like FOOLS!!!

It also helped to see Rob out having fun with his buddies last night AND OMG!!! seeing Kristen in Chanel and showing the tattoos AND the rings ... she looked so happy with her fans and SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

I need to go to bed. It's exhausting continually repeating all the evidence that shows us (and has shown us for a long time) that R & K are FINE!!!

At the risk of sounding like a broken record AGAIN, can I just say THEY ARE TOGETHER!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

i would like to say that kristen looks very, very thin. yes, i know she is always thin but she looks sickly thin. kristen, u do have fans that are not crazy so thank u for being kind to them today. very happy for you and rob....take care of yourself....

Anonymous said...

lainey isnt on board with rob/kristen together at all. made comments kkristen good to be in paris and looking to get busy and better to be there than in la with rob partying with young crowd....???? i always thought lainey had reliable sources

Anonymous said...

Lainey is in my opinion just another gossip columnist who is just generally speaking looking to stir the pot and looking for web hits and attention so I ignore her. Kristen has the much discussed golden ring and her new ring on Paris today. Here's th link, https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BOK0eSICEAIfZyw.png

Tomoto said...

Hey everyone!

So, I have intentionally not posted because I knew I would insult people, but I can no longer hold back:

@Anons, Trolls, Haters, Nonberts, Nonstens, Ninnies, Terds, whatever you call yourselves---GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR ASSES or if you so choose to CONTINUE TO EAT YOUR OWN SHIT.

That is all...

High five to HKN, Lizzie, KnittedUp, Tempest, RKSoulmates, MoFo, and all of you astute, rational, smart, intuitive, and reasonable people who knew it was K in the truck, that have deducted through sound reasoning that the ring is probably from Rob, and finally just know beyond a reasonable doubt they are together!

RKsoulmates913 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RKsoulmates913 said...

GOSSIP COP DIDN'T DEBUNKED the ludicrous, laughable, absurd Riley and Rob lie...

CJ debunked it, but as I said and I'll say AGAIN :

Some or (dare I say ) the majority of 'fans' ONLY believe it when it comes from a gossip site. AMAZING, isn't it?

Funny how some of us HERE are singing this song even before CJ. We need NO proof, we have eyes, we can see. OMGOSH just stop and pay attention, there was NEVER a break up.I'll repeat it, not even last year when LIEgazines and tabloidshits had in what to grasp to spread their lies, not even there RK DIDN'T break up (after all it was anothef lie).

They argue, have their divergences and arguments, but they're mature enough to face their problems TOGETHER. RK face their Problems, RK do NOT facebook/ tweet their problems. But stupid fans do it, they create all this circus and give media the power and money. You are eating on their hands, exactly like they want you to be. Tangled in their web of lies.

We do not need information to where Kristen is going or whatever she's doing, we appreciate not to know it.Kristen (neither Rob) doesnt need vulturazzis hunting her more than what they already do.Telling them this kind of information, as you can see it's NEVER enough, they always want more, and when they have it, they do not believe it, unless LIEgazines and company say something... and when they say...oh man...they twist all the facts and as a result wd have a fanfiction.And 'fans'read and believe it, it's like their bible.

Happy observation: Rob running from sharkrazzis reminded me of Kristen at Coachella (he learned with his woman) , too bad Jamie didn't have a water gun to shot the vulturazzis. Maybe CJ can lend him his gun. :D 

the truck pics were edited... <<<<

BELIEVE what you see, your heart is alway right...and yes if it swims like a duck...



RKsoulmates913 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RKsoulmates913 said...

How do I know? Tabloids lie all the time, manipulate and twist facts... they do not care if it's the truth/fact or a ludicrous lie. if it's making money is enough...So yeah...simple as that.

Oh boy... how happy Rob was. And Kristen...so fucking gorgeous and her smile... #strongerthanevah

Anonymous said...

Good job on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi to all the HKN! I had to workout today at my water aerobics and then work. Also, I have some wonderful news. Tomorrow I will be donating my hair to Hair for Love or something for cancer patients. I did it two years ago. I have let it grew without coloring my hair. And now I am doing it tomorrow. My goals every year I will keep growing all the way to my butt. That I will be donating. Without getting hair color.

Anonymous said...

Now what is going on about our couple. To me the way I see and I am hoping and prayer they will stay together. From what I saw on Robsten Dreams. Rob is having fun with his buddies. And Kristen doing her work in Paris. I am hoping they spending together for Fourth of July. I don't know if Brit. Celebrate Independence Day. I am sure they do. I hope they will enjoy together.
As for these trashy tabloids and all the gossip sites are nothing but trashy. I wish that tabloids, gossip sites, Haters, Nonnies, Trolls, and Papz would go to some Islands and they can trash each other and see how they like it. I am against them.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Anon 3:54. On Knotted JP Board, you said you saw this post somewhere else. Troll much?

Anonymous said...

The post I copied and pasted I read on Knotted Up starts with "Anyone remember..." Someone else put it on that board. Not sure what you mean. It was there this morning. I only troll hkn and knotted up if that classifies me as one.

Anonymous said...

Ano 354...what the heck did i just read xD

TheTruthIsOutThere said...

I never do this, mostly because I don't like being in the line of tomatoes and fire.

But I want to say this (and I will stay deliberately cryptic but allow you to know enough so you can fill in the pieces) please don't believe the story posted above. About Rob not wanting to deal with issues (and enjoying his new friends and being up their asses) and Rob and Kristen not dealing with issues for years, resulting with a break up.

I have no doubt there are issues, like every couple has them. But that's a simple conclusion based on what we have seen for the past few years. They live under a microscope, have been through a lot and again, I can't stress this enough...every person has issues. It doesn't mean they have broken up. (Far from...)

The story originates from someone who for a long time was a respected 'insider' within the fandom. Perhaps even THE insider. I know a lot of people still follow her, thinking she has info, and that since the 'break up' (there is none) she has firmly planted herself in Camp Kristen. (She knows shit, I promise you that)

This story, like described above, has been sent to various people in the fandom...right about...3 days ago. It's FOS. Not true. Lies. I;d even call it defamation of character.

No one has to believe me. But if you care about Rob and Kristen for real, do take note.

That ring...that's the truth. That's what matters. That's what comes with a future.

Don't ignore the evidence (hoodies, clothing, caps, misleading pics and papz) and don't be blinded by people who have long lost their 'crown'. If you want to know the kind of people Rob and Kristen are, listen to what people close to them have said about them. Nothing but great things. Trust that. Not someone with a huge chip on their shoulder, clinging to a former relevance that is no more.


Anonymous said...

what you just read was another "insider" from the past,it's up to you to believe or not believe in the information that is given.Please don't throw the word troll around like you do,that's how the bulk of the fandom gets the information (we don't all have cousins )anyway,I have stated before all we get are sound bites and snippets of their lives,behind the closed doors it may not have been rainbows and unicorns 24/7.I am sure each made mistakes.I am not sold yet on the "girl in the truck" nor am I sold on the "gold ring" looks silver to me(rose silver)it's a new or old Italian style in ring that is coming back. ta for now.

Anonymous said...

I have to back up TheTruthIsOutThere 's post. I know who they are referring to and they are 100% correct.The individual is peddling this defamatory version of events,making Rob out as the "villain of the piece" and Kristen as a victim.It's not true and is actually an insult to both.They're a normal couple, they go through rough spots,they fight,they're both stubborn as mules but ultimately they love each othr and they work through whatever issues they have. Not sure why this individual has suddenly taken such an anti-Rob stance but it's sad.

Tomoto said...

@TheTruthIsOutThere Thank you for pointing out that above all, the finger pointing has got to STOP!

I don't care if it comes from an "insider" or not, we (fandom, everyday people, and freaks) have no right what so ever to play the blame game on either Rob or Kristen. Unless you are among their friends, family, or close co-worker/friends then you DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING! Period.

Sure, people talk...

Gossip - idle talk or rumor, especially about the personal or private affairs of others
Gossiper - a person given to tattling or idle talk
Scandal - is rumor or general talk that is damaging to reputation; it is usually more or less malicious

However, where do you think that "insider" idle chatter and talk falls in the aforementioned definitions.

In my opinion, there are groups for Rob and groups for Kristen. Both are trying to create "Scandal". It has to STOP!

The interpersonal issues of their relationship is between them. Not between them and the rest of the world.

Have a lovely day!

Anonymous said...

Anon 522... Are you referring to the 517 post or 354 post. Because I really want to believe the 517.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:41am they were referring to post 354 they are a troll and have posted this garbage atleast a few times a day on GC and they are making up their own fanfiction to fit their agenda.

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all the HKN havens! Hi everyone! Today I am donating my long hair to Hairs for Love. You know to the cancer patient that needed. I grew it without colored and dying it. Then after that I am going to work. Keep me posted on our couple.
And hope everyone have a great day and a great Fourth of July tomorrow.

Tempest said...

Round of applause for the Troll who has copied everything that was written in hidden emails. Only difference being, emails are rarely hidden when you are too scared to voice that kind of garbage on say...twitter?

So Rob is the bad guy and Kristen is the victim, a far cry from last year folks when the same high on a horse so called 'insider' was painting Kristen out to be the Queen Bitch and that she was suffering sexual deviant behaviour (as asked to me) and that she was having some kind of mental breakdown - gee now the white flag of 'we support Kristen' and 'united we stand behind Kristen' asking people to choose sides and support the underdog.

The only thoughts i can string along for this garbage is; get over yourselves, you have no insider knowledge anymore. First it was 'Kristen is spending way too much time with her OG friends and that's why they split. NOW it's Rob is the blame and it's 'he's spending way too much time up the bum of his friends' wow bipolar much (yeah i do know what that condition means, i treat many patients for it)

Time to change the channel, change the tune and peddle something different, because those 'hidden emails' won't get you credit for copying them in here...not when the owner of such 'ridiculous assumptions' finds out you have exposed them. Oh and i do know where they came from, like i said hidden emails don't stay hidden for very long now...do they?

Anonymous said...

Tempest- I have to say Great job on your blog. You really nailed it.

edangel said...

Hi!! Thanks HKN for the wonderful post!! The ring is now on her finger!! and she is glowing and he is happy and what else do we need?!!!

Arleen Parkinson - Hats off to you for doing such a selfless act!!! Want to give a Big Hug to you !!!

Tempest - Love ur post once again!!

The haters are all so scared that the very thing they do when they wake up is come and check all the posts of the fans so that they can spread their virus of hatred!!!
What they dont understand is that we have enough firewalls and Anti Viruses to protect us from their pathetic BS


Anonymous said...

edangel- Hi! And thank you.

isis said...

Who is the insider that everyone is talking? It's delaney ?

LizzieD said...

TEMPEST: THANK YOU ... my eyes completed glazed over after the ANON 354 ... why can't people use names? Would be so much easier to respond.

ARLEEN: Aren't we glad to have people like Tempest here???

ANON 354: I hate to bring it up "truck-gate" but doesn't look like R&K are split to me!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm not a troll (whatever that means). I'm just new to these blogs. I really didn't mean to offend anyone. I just copied and pasted it from Knotted Up. You can go to the blog and see it there. I don't know where it came from. I was just looking for your insights/thoughts. Obviously, there must be some stuff from a long time ago from supposed insiders? I am not schooled in what the history is between these two. I don't get it, but I guess I need to stay off the boards because I certainly caused a ruckus and I apologize for that. I thought Knotted-Up was a good site because I learned here that HKN posted on it so that's why I looked in the first place.

With that being said, I love HKN posts, and I believe in her and that's why I came here in the first place, and her remarks about a ring really sold me after Kristen stepped out with it on. Seeing the latest fan photo of Kristen from last night with her hand in a very pronounced position as if to show it off reminded me of when she said, "I'm always communicating with my fans."

LizzieD said...


We just THINK alike. She is so thorough in her thinking whereas I just fly off and try to remind people that R&K ARE TOGETHER but RKSoulmates913 has ALL THE FACTS all neatly listed so that it's difficult to not BELIEVE after reading her comments.

TO RKSOULMATES913 --- Thank you!!!

LizzieD said...

ANON 7:00: I understand what happened. We are all going to whatever "positive" boards we can find at this time. AND yes, Kristen's comment about communicating with the fans ... SO WHY AREN'T THEY LISTENING? On May 27th, she was wearing his hat and looking absolutely, perfectly happy. On May 31st, she was wearing his shirt (under a jacket) at the Reno airport looking absolutely, perfectly happy and so on and so on and there have been many more "clues" that people just don't WANT to see.


Anonymous said...

Hey LizzieD - Thanks for understanding.


MoFoDouchebag said...

Well, I am still high on the Big Ass Ring Rush.

Trolls be damned. They can't deal with anything positive, no matter which camp they are in.

The truth is simple. If you want to see it. And that ring sure looks purdy and shiny and full of future promises to me :)

LizzieD said...

MOFO and others, here's a link to closeup shots of the ring ...


Sue from Holland said...

@Tempest, exactly.
I said exactly the same on your blog. Last year Kristen was the bitch, this time Rob is the dick. All based on shite. Some people have a very short memory.

@LizzieD, Yes Kristen said it often: ären't things obvious, c'mon people".

Anonymous said...

Hkn, would love some substantial info from your cousin. If it is vodka she wants, she will get it. All this assumed stuff is getting annoying.

Tomoto said...

Lizzie, thanks for link of close up shots of the ring!

Has anybody in the fandom figured out who made it or if it my be an antique piece?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@Anon - NYS is a troll.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that was hilarious to read NYS coming out haha at least she/he confessed -_-" trying to teach us a lesson pfff we knew he/she was a fraud from the start haha and HKN said so :)

Anonymous said...

Hey HKN How does vindication feeling.?.LOL Once again you were spot on in your information...You are still the warrior queen of Robstenland...!! ANDREANA

Anonymous said...

Hey HKN How does vindication feeling.?.LOL Once again you were spot on in your information...You are still the warrior queen of Robstenland...!! ANDREANA

Anonymous said...

*waves* Flu got me but I am getting ready to celebrate even more. I have some fireworks ready lol

tempest said...

Really...some peeps didn't know NYS was a troll, spreading garbage just for 'shits and giggles'
I am shocked truly I am. It only took the person 1 brain cell to post the crap they had been peddling and the same brain cell to delete it and start again, so really when you think about it - they were running out of choices. The net was closing in same with RKinsider, anyone who believes the crud they've been peddling as well - make an appointment and come and see me, because we need to talk.

Anonymous said...

Tempest, what is going on?

tempest said...

Arleen ppl are a bit surprised that @notyoursource was a troll - like duh, sorry but when someone chops and changes their minds and second guesses themselves consistently, you bet their shady ass theyre a troll. Just a bit surprised this idiot took this person to be real. Same with @rkinsider - they're just a PAP in training, trying to gain the confidences to stupid people who believed they had inside information, when they were the ones trolling the fans.

Anonymous said...

Tempest- Sounds like a troll to me. If you ask me about that.

Anonymous said...

Dear HKN! I love this site. I do not want to be pushy, but you know something new. I can see that Rob and Kristen are getting further apart. Separately, very happy. If you too would like a break-up.

Anonymous said...

To all the hkn haven, Good morning and Happy Fourth of July! I got to go now. Have to go babysit and then go to breakfast with them. Keep me posted on our couple.

Anonymous said...

There are no words how beautiful Kristen.

I do not know how Rob could leave this wonderful girl. Sure he went out of his mind.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous posters at 1:43 and 4:58. Rob didn't leave Kristen, he is about to go and shoot a movie in Toronto and can you imagine if Rob and Kristen both went to fashion week? I think that Rob and Kristen at fashion week together would upstage fashion week. I also think that Rob has a bit of an MO in that we see and hear about him with friends when Kristen is out of town but don't hear or see much about Rob when Kristen is in town, read into that what you will. Kristen's hair also looks red in some of the new pictures from today July 4, 2013.

RKsoulmates913 said...

No words are necessary.No doubt pic.twitter.com/MJKwv0Bq5f

Anonymous said...

That link does not work for me, RK Soulmates, can you repost it please?

KstewPattik said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KstewPattik said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KstewPattik said...

Anonymous said... July 4, 2013 at 10:04 AM

Anonymous said...

It won't work, just copy/paste it if you can't see it :)

linese said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
linese said...

http://s1.ipicture.ru/uploads/20130704/2oL3OdMO.jpg This works

Anonymous said...

Happy July 4th.. all robsten fans everywhere...It is nice to have a place to post where there are true believers...Kristen does not have independence from the british..she is still with her brit. LOL...and now to quote one of the popes from a hundred years ago..""Have a great independence day...!

Bones said...

This is Kristen in the Rob's car. No doubt. Matching. http://s003.radikal.ru/i202/1307/8e/008373143923.jpg

LizzieD said...

ANON 1:53 AND 5:26 -- Rob & Kristen ARE TOGETHER!!! How many clues do you people need? Just open your eyes ...

THEY are together!

They ARE together!

They are TOGETHER!

Anonymous said...

RK Forever :)

Anonymous said...

Hi hkn haven! I hope all of you are having a great Fouth of July.

Sue from Holland said...

Well, my gut instinct said it's Kristen and if that's not Kristen I definitely need to go to Specsavers. Do people still have doubts, really? I mean Rob must have put an add in the papers: " Wanted, Look a like Kristen to mindfck media". C'mon how much in denial can you be.

Anonymous said...

Good Friday morning everyone! Hi to all the hkn haven. I just lurk at Robsten Dreams pictures of Kristen at the LAX. They must be rude to her. Looks like to me. I love her outfit.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! Good Friday morning. I am about leave for work and the post office. I am going to send my hair today. Keep me posted about our couple.

Anonymous said...

Hello people! The flu really like really got me lol Home sweet home for Kris, her man is beyong happy I am sure :)Now waiting for something epic.. yeah more please hahahaha Have a nice day and wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
irene said...

Dream on, Anonymous.........!!!!!

All the little signs that they are indeed still together are there.....

Wonderful, isn't it???

Anonymous said...

So is this what we call a passive aggressive troll? Lol!

Anon2:53- If you are in so much emotional pain, by all means move on. I think that would be best for you. You seem very unstable, maybe you should seek professional help for depression. The rest of us here are just going to keep on doing what we're doing- believing in RK, because we have eyes and a working brain between our ears, and therefore know RK are fine and together!

Jan a loyal RK fan.

Saphire1231 said...

To the sad sack @ Anonymous at 2.53PM

I don't know what kind of depressive drink your on... but sorry I DO NOT AGREE with your opinion

In the first place... as a reader of Tarot cards myself I can say mine are obviously way more positive than those you are hearing about.... and as one with a conscience I personally would never post my personal readings of someone else in a public place... that is just rude and even worse if the reader is not accurate with their reading....(& sorry twitter is full of nutters and not a place for the esoteric) I even met some old biddy on twitter recently, who claims she is a clairvoyant and can read Rob's brain waves... hah! what a load of cobblers that is... some of her claims are too ridiculous to repeat lol.

In the 3rd place... you need to do your reading in some more positive places... leave the tabs and mags alone and the entertainment sites.. Twitter is pretty poisonous but there are some good folk still there and today we have such positive pictures of Rob out filling in the shopping list Kristen probably texted him on her way home lol.... and all the Paris goodies of Kristen and then her coming home... her lovely ring and the fact that the stupid pap who tried to run a truckgate... is now being shown up for the fool he is as more and more proof comes out to destroy the myth of the unknown woman in the truck... IT WAS KRISTEN...& NO OTHER!!!!.

So if you are a true fan having a downer time... Pick yourself up and turn that frown upside down... there is lots to celebrate... Rob and Kristen are together... AND always have been!

If you are indeed a doom and gloom seed planter... then toddle off on your grumpy march and try poisoning some other meadow.. it ain't working here.

As always.. Keeping the faith

Anonymous said...

Saphire1231 Agree with you, bb!! Great things coming from this beautiful couple!

LizzieD said...

ANON 2:46 & 2:53 -- Are you nuts? With all due respect, as for Kristen communicating with us, she can change HOW at any given time. LOL, I think the fact that she was wearing his jeans yesterday communicates all I need to know!!!

Go ship someone else and leave us to our "delusional" expectations. We are HAPPY in the KNOWLEDGE that THEY ARE TOGETHER!!!


Skent94 said...

At the end of the day....the relationship is between two people......I cannot imagine living the life in a fish bowl while having to manage everyone's expectations and wishes.....

Could any of us who are so faithful about checking up day after day on what they are doing, who they are with, what they are wearing, driving, eating...could we honestly trade places? Doubtful....

I believe time is a powerful thing and being patient is a strong virtue many do not possess.....I believe that everything will work as it should and perhaps the most helpful thing for any of us to do, would be to step back a bit...let them maneuver this obstacle course...they KNOW the truth of what is or isn't about THEIR relationship.

I appreciate all the posts here and HKN does a great job of keeping the positive in the air......

I leave with a powerful quote.." Blessed are those who expect nothing, for they shall not be disappointed". Rob and Kristen never disappoint, as long as the fans remember..they aren't Edward and Bella....then everything will work out as it should...know that-

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! I just got home from errands and work. Anything that I missed while I was out?

Anonymous said...

Deb I have followed your blog Silently for a while.
l love to read all the positive comments. I was just wondering if your source will be getting back to you soon. I was wondering if rob and Kris have had time to be together before he goes away. I would love to know if they say goodbye on a positive note. Being apart again. Has got to be hard. My name is deb I put it in the wrong place. Thanks


Sue from Holland said...

Saw the pics of Rob doing his grocery shopping, what is it that makes a man look so adorable doing a bit of shopping?
Anyway, he didn't look a happy chappy seeing the cockroaches snapping their pics.
Same with Kristen yesterday. She looked so happy and cheerful in Paris, sets one foot in LAX and wham there is the sadness and anguished look back. Poor girl, you can only imagine the horrible things they say to them, specially Kristen.
Well I hope this sweet couple have some alone time before he leaves again.

Just wondering, the info about Kristen going to army camps or something, for research was that true? Is she playing a soldier or commander? Does anybody know?

irene said...

She's playing a WARRANT OFFICER.........

Sue from Holland said...

@Irene, thanks.
Hmmm, very interesting info.

Anonymous said...

HKN we are ready for an update :) the question this time is... r RK really talking, are they together... if so why did she remove the gold ring?

Anonymous said...

I am sorry Anon above me.. you are worrying about a simple old gold band when she is currently wearing a BLINGING huge diamond ring (most certainly from R) now? are you serious because diamonds > gold band

Lori said...

@anon 5:22
You are wasting your time here. If you question anything, you are labeled a hater or troll. Only sunshine and rainbows allowed!

All joking aside, I hope hkn gets the news so many want to hear. I have my doubts, but will happily admit I am wrong if it turns out they are together after all.

Even if they are not together at present, they will find their way back to each other. I believe that wholeheartedly.

isis said...

Good weekend to everyone here : ) I saw the news pics of rob , he looks good and happy. Kristen was looking good and happy in paris.
He was getting a lot of things from the supermarket for someone who goes to toronto in any minute.

The new ring is gorgeous. Anyone knows if is diamonds?

HKN we need an update this weekend please? : )

LizzieD said...

ISIS -- I thought Rob looked good but I think he was anything but happy about the paps. I think he was very, very upset and was trying to keep his cool and not doing a good job. It's not like Rob to talk to them. The bastards.

Anonymous said...

Excuse me Lori, perhaps I must put this question to you, HK never claimed it was all sunshine and rainbows , she stated that RK are a normal couple with normal issues but hardly the Drama filled Taylor Burton imaginings that the media and paps like to portray..
Your insinuation that this blog does not deal in reality but "sunshine and rainbows" suggest dissatisfaction with what HK has stated and claimed, if you have such a negative outlook why come here and be dissatisfied with those who espouse good sense and positivity and yes Anon 5:22 Diamonds beat an old gold ring from the beginning of a young relationship. This pair have weathered several storms and still hold on to each other , so Diamonds are hard, indestructible and yes dear I say forever.

LizzieD said...

LORI -- How you even doubt that R & K are together? I'm not going to repeat all the evidence that's been posted here over the last couple of posts but if you go back to the last post and look for comments by RKSOULMATES913 and me, LIZZIED, then you're going to see a very long list of positive evidence showing they are TOGETHER.

It's not my blog but if it were, I'd say DOUBTERS GO SHIP SOMEWHERE ELSE~!~ Seriously, are basing this SPLIT theory on the media and the fact of no pics of them? Again, I would say, GO ELSEWHERE because I believe it's going to be AGES before we get "real" pics of them together, not some accidental ones like the pickup truck.

HAVE A NICE DAY, EVERYONE, GOTTA WORK .. BE BACK LATER to spread my repeated message.

isis said...


Hi bb : ) i love read your posts, they are all soo positive. I wish have your positive view : )

Yes i agree with you, he said something to them. maybe we will get a video.

honey you think we will get a update for HKN this weekend?

Lori said...

Thanks for proving my point as always, ladies. I hope you are right and all is well, but I remain unconvinced. I enjoy hkn since last July on GC and as it is a free board I will continue to visit as I wish. HKN is not the sunshine and rainbows I was referring to. It is you posters who are against anyone voicing anything but sunshine and rainbows. HKN is great.
I can hope for the best and remain skeptical. It is my right and what I am comfortable with at this point. Still wish the best for our couple and still believe the future is bright, just not buying all is well at he moment. No big deal. Does not change their reality any more than your beliefs do.

Tomoto said...

Hey everyone,

I hope you had a great 4th of July.

Has anyone gotten info on who (pap? was it Rolando the ass?) took the pics of Rob at Ralph's grocery shopping? What area of LA it was located? I would like to believe it was in the Malibu area near Cielo Vinyard (OG pool party...). Yes, I do believe Kristen was there and the Diet Snapple was for her.

So, do I think that my views are rosy, sunshine, and full of nothing but positivity...?

No. Because, it is what is.

Why over think it?

Look, Lori, you can believe what you want to believe. However, isn't it easier to believe what you "want" to believe?

Like anything in life, taking the the high road, or thinking the glass is half full, or maybe that things are simply just not as negative, drama filled, and complicated as the media, internet gossipers, and haters will have people believe is just easier.

Why fight with people on the internet about it? It only makes you bothered; it only upsets the balance in your thinking.

The people here who "just believe" don't bat an eyelash to the cynics, non-believers, haters, trolls, whoever...

All in all, those of us who do believe they are "together" and "fine" just go about our RLs solid in the notion that "it is what is".

Just my humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

I read the grocery store was in Beverly Hills, but who knows coming from the paps.

Cielo Voneyards huh? That's where the pool party was? You know, I remember a sighting of Kristen at a wine bar called Sips, which is there. And there was an instagram from one of the OG the night before Rob's Bday of all of them partying at a vineyard there too (Kris was in the pic with friends).

Wonder if this is where they have been staying. Hope the paps can't reach them.


LizzieD said...


Anonymous said...

Who cares where he was gettin them toilet papers at! The location of the market is completely irrelevant but i mean to some people it might be. It really doesnt matter. Think about in my opinion i have never seen a man buy home supplies in an organized manner as he did.almost as if he had a list written by a certain someone ;) but man oh man dont even get me started on that huge ass ring! It almost looks like a sports championship ring in my opinion. Its unique, its definately different but most of all it is absolutely 100% kristen.

I hope everyone has a great day!!

lavender said...

Hi HKN,you really need to go to gc today the hate that is going on for kristen is awful saying the paps had the right to do what they did to her only you can set them straight love your blog

Cher said...

I didn't think it was kristen in the truck either , but if you look at the picture close and put your hand on bottom half of her face, it's her. I think they distorted the rest of her face or just didn't have a good shot. I can change a picture with iPhoto . So you know they can.

lena said...

HKN cousin is not say anything to her about Kristen new work with Nicholas Hoult? LOL
HKN still think Kristen is pregnant? What is the excuse that it will take now?