Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Kristen!


This beautiful girl who has grown into an amazing woman.

Give yourselves a much deserved hand!


Rob's fans are doing one for Stand Up For Cancer. Unfortunately a few robssesed bad apples full of petty jealously are putting a bad light on a very worthy birthday project. They have said they don't want Kristen fans or Robsten fans donating in his name.

Rob would be ashamed, embarrassed, and appalled at your behavior. 

Peter Travers (rolling stone mag)
vor 51 Minuten
Happy 24th Birthday to Kristen Stewart. Free of the Twilight noose, KStew has been making lots of film choices that put her in the indie sphere where she can spread her wings. At Sundance, in Camp X-Ray, she did powerful, textured work as a military prison guard at Guantanamo. Next up is American Ultra with Jesse Eisenberg. For big bucks, she’s the new face of Chanel. I think the outlook is bright for the birthday girl. You?

I agree with everything he said except the Twilight noose. She is very proud of her work in Twilight and her AND Rob would not be getting the chances to do the amazing movies they are getting right now without it. I don't like it when people diss Kristen or Rob's involvement with Twilight. Twilight was and is not a noose. It was a blessing. 

A blessing that brought them together onscreen and off. 

This is a new/old picture of Rob when he was traveling form Toronto back to LA a few weeks ago.Those sun glasses get around. Tee hee.

So how did those sunglasses get to Nola and hanging on Kristen's shirt? Also I want that miracle wonder bra that according to the dipshdiots is the reason for her increased breast size.

Rob's been MIA for quite a while now. Wonder where he could be? Nola perhaps? He hasn't missed a birthday in six years. 

Oh Rob you silly man. 

Guitar, Romantic weekend in Croatia while filming Bel Ami. Jewelry left on her pillow. Somehow I doubt he forgets her birthday.

 I now have to address a very serious situation that has been happening on this blog. We have some very determined trolls who were desperate because they weren't getting their usual attention here. We were hop skipping and jumping and basically ignoring them. So they decided to attack another blogger who comes here and comments occasionally. Tempest. It had its desired effect.They caused complete havoc. They threatened to post her address and phone number and her real name which is against the law.

They have been reported to blogger by both me and Tempest and blogger is doing its best to take care of the situation. Their intent is very clear. They want to disrupt the comment section of this blog and scare people off from coming here. They say well make your blog private then you won't have to worry about us. 


NO that won't happen. You do not get to tell me how to run my blog. I also do not want to have to moderate the comments and disprupt the natural flow of commenting. It is sad that these attention seeking vile hateful people have nothing better to do with their lives than to constantly insinuuate themselves where they know they are not welcome. 

Thankfully for us there are also fans like The Mad Ones@themadones4. She made a wonderful, sad and thought provoking video about what Kristen has to put up with on a daily basis. She gave me permission to post it here.

Things for Rob aren't much better. 

Yes the paps come with the territory where their jobs are concerned. But Kristen and Rob  should be able to assume to be treated with a small amount of common decency. Cornering someone and then attacking them verbally is not part of a paps job. Writing something on someones car and then giggling  while you lie in wait to see what the reaction will be is not part of a paps job either. Bringing a man to near tears after he desperately asks police for help after being followed and causing a near accident is not a paps job either. And you wonder why they are so desperately trying to keep things hidden? Do you blame them? I sure don't. And especially with little sweet pea on the way. 

  Kate, William and Prince George arriving in New Zealand. Just imagine this will be Kristen, Rob and sweet pea soon.

Wishing Kristen a happy birthday and maybe just one fan pic of her and Rob celebrating?


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Jane said...

Great post. Loved all the GIF's. Thank you for not giving in to the trolls. We love this blog.

Hatersknownothing said...


Results of the poll are LA by a landslide with 175 votes and 78%. London and Somewhere Else with 21 and 22 votes and 9% each. Nyc trailed the pack with 4 votes and 1%. Guess sweet pea will be a California surfer dude lol! If it's a boy that is:):):)

Barbara Fenwick said...

Great post, as usual. I am so thankful for having you because I depend on you to tell us how it is, and to put the trolls in their place. The more I think about it, the more I feel like the trolls are totally crazy and evil or they would not do the things they do.

Thank you for being here and not giving in to these evil people.

Arleen P said...

Great job HKN! I love it.

Arleen P said...

Hi everyone on Havenettes! I am still resting. Almost getting better. But tired. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all.

Morning Coffee said...

HKN...Thank you for once again bringing an excellent post to us.

When you see a small amount of what Rob and Kristen have had to put up with over the years it leaves you even more amazed at what wonderful people they truly are in the face of their adversities.

The utter despicable behavior of the paps and lying gossip rags and equally offensive haters and trolls...They are truly the garbage of society..the bottom feeders, mal-content sociopaths of society.

You dear lady keep calling them out on their shit. it's a shame you can't put your delete button on automatic.

All of us here at the Haven love you and what you stand for and against..None of us are going anywhere anytime soon.

I wouldn't want to miss the updates about our wonderful couple and sweetpea.

Happiest Birthday ever Kristen.

pookie lewis said...

pookie lewis said...
i posted this earlier today but it think it's more appropriate on this wonderful HKN Happy Birthday Kristen post-- thanks HKN!!

hey my darlings good morning! Happy Birthday, Kristen!!
look i've decorated the mousehole with balloons and crepe paper lanterns! isn't it pretty?
here's your party hats put them on yes everybody, put them on
so for today's special day i got us a case of Moët & Chandon White Star champagne (it's over there on the table one bottle is open there in the ice bucket by the champagne flutes)
and look here i made this giant 5 tiered pastel green-frosted with spring flowers piped all over birthday cake with alternating layers of delicate vanilla cake with rum syrup, dulce de leche and a caramel and dark rum buttercream for a big birthday party for our girl today! **lighting twenty-four candles**
everybody sing!
**okay make a wish Kristen dear, where ever you are, and blow out your candles**
i wonder what she wished
i know what i wish
i wish for them both to have all the health and happiness there is and for everything to be just as they want it
i wish that everyone here has all the health and happiness in their own lives and realizes what a miracle you all are and what a gift life is
okay *turns away to brush off a little tear of love for you all that may have spilled over just a bit*-- there's the plates and forks i brought out my best haviland china over there's the ice cream right over there now have at it!!
**blows into a little paper blowout that makes a **pppfffttttttuuutt!** sound
--so much love comin atcha

pookie lewis said...

April 9, 2014 at 9:57 AM
pookie lewis said...
okay M C!!
*passes a big glass of bubbly to dear MC*
**indicates a big cardboard box by the champagne table**
okay here's all the party hats look inside and pick the one you feel suits you best
*pulls out a diamond tiara and lays it on the table*
okay here's HKN's
*rummages around a bit more*
here's a golden crown for MamamNails and one for Tempest as well
*pulls out a velvet jester's hat with bells*
oh! here's mine *passes it to MC* 'k MC, pichk yours out
and i know some good party games we can play-- 'pin the tail on the jackass' anyone?
okay the band is setting up in the corner over there be sure to tell them your favorite songs you want them to play-- i'll get them started with "Brick House" by the commodores--super-dedicated to Kristen!!
Everybody sing!!

She's a Brick...
She's Mighty Mighty, just lettin' it all hang out
Yeah She's a Brick...
The lady's stacked and that's a fact,
She ain't holding nothing back!

She's a Brick...
She's the one, the only one,
who's built like a amazon!
We're together everybody knows,
and here's how the story goes

She knows she got everything
A woman needs to get a man, yeah!
How can she lose with what she use
36-24-36, what a winning hand!

The clothes she wears, her sexy ways,
Make an old man wish for younger days
She knows she's built and knows how to please
Sure enough to knock a man to his knees

Yeah She's a Brick...
Mighty mighty, just lettin' it all hang out
Yeah She's a Brick...
The lady's stacked and that's a fact,
She ain't holding nothing back!
Shake it down, shake it down now
Shake it down, shake it down now
Shake it down, shake it down now
Shake it down, shake it down now

*pookie maniacally running around dancing crazily shakin' it down now jester hat slipping down over her eyes she stumbles and falls into the horn section knocking over their music stands their charts fly everywhere but they keep vamping shooting a stern look at her while she embarrassedly hurries around trying to gather up all the horn charts but they're hopelessly out of order and the sax player starts playing the stingers to Sly and the Stone's 'Dance to the Music"
*pookie gyrates wildly*
--keep partying and pick out your hat!!
*pookie downs a glass of champagne and falls into the ice cream*
oh well there's more in the back*goes to get it leaving a puddling trail of ice cream behind her*

**pookie up on stage groovin' with the Commodores as Average White Band is setting up on the other stage

yarialice95 said...

Hey you all, I've been a little bit sick this week but it has been and will continue to be amazing:yesterday I took my transfer admissions test in college (I nailed it), today is Kristen's birthday woohoo! And on the 11th my beautiful grandna/mom will be turning 68, many reasons to celebrate I feel so blessed.

vana said...

Happy Birthday sweet Kristen!

Beautifully done HKN.

vana said...

I hope people don't mind my saying it....couldn't help it, on Thinking of Rob there's a picture of Rob when filming Remember Me and I noticed that he had a chain around his neck similar to the one Kristen has been wearing lately. Do you think they are similar or is it me seeing things which wouldn't surprise me.

Annie said...

Happy 24th birthday Kristen Stewart. :)

irie deb said...

Nice post.......loved the gifs esp the ones of her as a child....so sweet!!!

Vernier said...

Happy Birthday Kristen!!! Love the post HKN....
Hello ladies of the Haven

Sherry said...

Once again you have nailed the trolls to the wall where they belong, or maybe that's back under the bridge! Loved all the love that has been around today for our girl. Especially Mama Stew's post. Still not over the pink plastic flamingo. I have two of those. My daughters think they are so dorky. I think they are eclectic! I think I spelled that right. Anyway, thanks again for keeping the truth out there and don't give into the trolls. They are narcissistic, sociopaths. Don't argue with them or give them the negative attention they crave. Love you all!

Morning Coffee said...

Yariaalice ...congratulations on acing your tests and happy birthday to your grandma/mom.

feel better soon.

Verni baby I forgot you were throwing a party for our girl...have missed you...my friend...where's Tracy tonight? probably resting she was working on the house today.

love to you all BBL.....MC

sue morris said...

DEAR HKN- This is a beautiful birthday post and Kristen, you are so sweet and lovely, we hope you are getting rested and having a wonderful day! We miss seeing you and Rob but we want you to be comfortable and relaxed to day especially! Hope you will send us a fan picture of you all when you are ready, only if you want to. A picture of you guys running for cover just makes everyone sad. Love you all, (blowing kisses) Have a mellow type day and night!

Vernier said...

Hey Morning Coffee my sweet friend. Yeah. We were partying on the other post and everyone was here... lol lol No prob. I have missed you all dear friend. Tracy must have crashed. I haven't talk to her but I left a couple of messages for her. I hope you have had a wonderful day?

ann smith said...

Love the post HKN!! Happy 24th Birthday to Kristen!! Hope you have a great day and wonderful year!! Love to all the Havenettes!!

sue morris said...

PARTY HARDY TIME IS HERE. I brought the British Sterling Vodka, 100 proof with CRANBERRY juice, combined with raspberry, blueberry, blackberry juices, and marvelous shrimp and crab puffs with cream cheese. A selection of salted and baked cashews with barbequed pecans and almonds, some chocolate covered peanut butter and chocolate fudge bars, with fresh frosty Brandy Alexander in tall snifters for dessert, topped with fresh spices. I am bringing THE DOORS, THE WHO, ROB PATTINSON, THE STONES, and Carol King, just because she my favorite sweetie. I am wearing my best sundress with leather sandals and my short blond hair is short and blonde. I am expecting everyone and need a POOKIE LEWIS BALLAD to dance to. GROOVE IS ON! Playing some Queen for a little mood music, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, MY FRIENDS ! WE'LL KEEP ON FIGHTING TO THE END! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS! Boy, do I ever miss those guys! They were just fantastic. Time to croon a little Elvis doing "MY WAY and Prince singing the long version of "Purple Rain" just for us. Prince, you need to write some music man! You are still beautiful and so is your voice. Time for some drinks.

Teresa Holmes said...

Hi hkn happy hearing from you. I liked your post. I did not watch the r and k pap videos. I do not choose to have that negativity in my life. Questions. Its strange that k mom mentions spring has sprung in a birthday shoutout to her. Hidden message? Belly poped? Baby born? R and k mia? Come on. We all know they are together right now. Even the haters thats why they are lashing out so hard. Literally spewing and foaming at the mouth.

Morning Coffee said...

Okay and I'll throw in Fleetwood Mac
and Bob Seger..maybe some stylistics..a little doowop anybody?

Rob singing Lady to Kristen...

They do love in a way few ever get the privilege of seeing...much less experiencing...

since it's still the 9th somewhere in this world....

Happy birthday Kristen.

Hey Sue party bus pulling in now.

off to dreamland for me...love you all goodnight.

NOLA girl said...

Howdy Havenettes! Sorry I am so late to da party. It has been a helluva day...

Pookie, Annie, Vern, and sue morris - thanks for planning the festivities. You guys r fabulous!!!

I hope Kristen is having a most xcellent 24th birthday today. Kris, we adore you and wish nothing but the very best for you and your loved ones! Hope you have been able to spend your special day with people you love!

Tempest - I was horrified to read about the cyber-hoodlums you are dealing with. I truly hope justice prevails.

Pookie - your poem was just lovely - as are you my friend. Thank you for sharing.

Talk about dipshidiots, I was one today. Got in a wreck in Baton Rouge and think my car is totaled. Came home and ate a pint of Bluebell Dutch Chocolate. Still bummed :(-

HKN - thank you for the new post. You are fabulous my dear!

Arleen - feel better love.

Havenettes, HKN, and Mama Nails - love you!! Sleep well. Kris, hope it was a great 24th! We love you here!!!!

RK Faith said...

Morning / good night to all the ladies!
I've been MIA too long, missed you guys dearly and I see there was a lot to deal with.. Good job all of your for dealing with the daily scum.

HKN - as always, big hugs and thank you always for your posts and this open, free comment section.
Hop Blogger screws them over..

Tracybell - thanks so much for the recommendations of fanfic.. sort of fell deep into a few these past few days..
Mama nails - for answering my question regarding the pic. you always rock and notice everyone, so thanks.

I hope our couple enjoyed some New Orleans bignettes on her birthday and had some free time to relax and be together. We don't intrusive pics to know they're good.

Love and Peace to all of you sweet cookies!
RK Faith

RK Faith said...

Lindsey Byrnes, K's friend who was with her in NYC while filming SA posted a pic on her IG with a sweatshirt we saw K with on March 22nd in NYC.
I am NOT saying it's Kristen, Lindsey's in LA at the moment and there's no reason it's her - I just thought it was cute they share the sweatshirt / have the same one.


Arleen P said...

Good night to all the Havenettes! I am going to bed now. I need to sleep off the nausea. My tummy still alittle sore. Have a headache. But I am almost better. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all. Night all of you. Nola girl, thank you. Night!

Lazmeister said...

Huge Happy Birthday to Kristen - although it's the 10th here today... Belated then!
Sue Morris I like your style, my favourite drink is Vodka with Cranberry juice, the only problem is it can taste a bit like just drinking juice, so if you try to stand after drinking for a while it proves to be a bit of a problem!
Pookie and Vernier I'm loving the parties being held (although they're probably over by now!) and the imagery you're portraying, absolutely brilliant and very well thought out!
HKN thanks for the fighting you're doing against the trolls and the sticking up for Tempest.
Arleen hope you feel better soon.
Mama nails love your site.
MC, Nice Jane, Traceybell, Annie, RKFaith, Teresa and NOLA girl (Love NO BTW have been twice in 93 and 97 long time ago now but loved it!) love all the insightful, amusing, thoughful comments.
Loving all of the posters on here, thanks for lightening my day!

Sanni K. said...

good morning Havenettes.
thank you HKN for the new beautiful post.
I think kristen had a nice quiet birthday for two (third)
Have a nice day all

felicity said...

@hkn.. a wonderful birthday post. thanks for that.

if we don't hear a thing about kristen's birthday.. not from fans, people out there and not on their fans instas.. honestly.. i am more than fine with that. they were not able to celebrate a birthday private in the last couple of years.. let this happen this year.

have a good day havenettes.. i don't have the time now, to go through all comments.

felicity said...

@rkfaith.. it can't be kristen, since kristen's hair is not brunette anymore.. and the woman in the picture has brown hair. you can see it

a stargazzer said...


a stargazzer said...



Asi se habla HAVEN, a esta gente hay que ponerla en su sitio porque están tan locas que no distinguen la realidad de la ficción. No tienen vida propia y quieren vivir la de Kristen y ROB cómo si fueran la suya, es triste pero por desgracia es la realidad. Suerte que hay gente como haven, tempest y mamá nails que hacéis un trabajo estupendo y tenéis los pies sobre la tierra y estáis ahí para decir la verdad y defender a nuestra pareja de tanta gente loca suelta por el mundo. Animo y nunca os deis por vencidas. Un beso grande. Feliz jueves a todas las havenettes.

Vernier said...

Good Morning ladies of the Haven. Actually had a B-day party last night. My daughters, as a lark, bought a cake, ice cream and balloons. The cake said "My momma loves Kristen Happy 24th" They didn't know it was awesome to me till I got through screaming. lol lol
We all, including the grandkids and nephews, ended up having a blast. I told them I got the last laugh. lol lol
My theory on Jules post is it is just a well wish for her beloved, only daughter. But if I wanted a pleasant dream theory I would say that K has had the bell pop (maybe the baby?) and has revealed the sex to her family. Which she might not have earlier. So Jules being the cool eclectic chic she is did a pic and put the closest thing she had to relay the message to the fans. A pink baby flamingo in a budding pot of new plants and flowers (new life). Remember this is just my dream theory. It is most likely a plant in a pot, with a laying down flamingo. The significance for this pic to K for her birthday only Jules and K know, if there is any at all.....
Have a great day ladies......

Vernier said...

Paloma said:
So talk HAVEN, these people must be put in place because they are so crazy that they do not distinguish reality from fiction. They have no life and want to live how Kristen and Rob if they were could, it's sad but unfortunately it is the reality. Luckily there are people like haven, tempest and mom nails doing a great job and have your feet on the ground and you are there to tell the truth and defend our couple from the so crazy people loosed upon the world . angry and never truly happy is overdue. A big kiss. Happy Thursday to all Havenettes

Tan cierto Paloma. Usted tiene un maravilloso y bendecido día mi amigo. Mucho amor ......

I said: So true Paloma. You have a wonderful and blessed day my friend. Much love......

Annie said...

Morning all.

Vernier: I like your theory. :) Hope you had a blast at the surprise birthday bash from your daughters. Too cool.

Paloma: I agree!

Pollen count is high today, lots of sunshine though......Not great for me. Oy!
Having a Chai with espresso to cover my disconfort. :):)

andreana said...

Hey HKN...that picture of the little sad puppy face was reaaallly going low.......(I hope it works). LOL. Hope kristen's birthday was fabulous. Vernier I hope you are right about mama Jules and the flamingo message!Happy post birthday to all the best girls on earth ( literally) the Havenettes..... keep on skipping I will do better no more falling down

Jane said...


What an awesome family you have.

I like your theory.

Arleen P said...

Good morning to all the Havenettes! I am going have to see my doctor. I am still not feeling good. Keep me posted. Hope you all have a great day.

Morning Coffee said...

Goodmorning ladies....

Vern...I love what your girls did in surprising you with that cake, you are an awesome mom, to have nurtured such caring and fun loving children.

Yes I like your theory also if only things were that simple to figure out.

MamaN...busy dealing with the nasties over at her place..stupid asshats so desperate they make shit up as they go along.

Arleen: Sorry you are having to see the dr. again...You really never give yourself time to heal properly from one thing before you are off and running again...even though you may feel better it takes time for the body to really recuperate. Hope you feel better soon.

I dreamt a very vivid dream last night the news was reporting that Kristen had withdrawn from AU...so that her and Rob could be at home with the arrival of their first child, a son. At least I woke up with a smile.

I miss seeing them together, however I am happy that they are maintaining their privacy and enjoying life with each other,friends and family. ooh and SWEET PEA!!!!

Y'all have a good day...I will be back much later today...lots to tend to on my end.


Tina Wotherspoon said...

Afternoon to you all,HKN what another great post you have gave us it is such a pleasure to read,Well hope our Kristen have a beautiful birthday yesterday with Rob,MAMA NAILS,HKN,TEMPEST YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB ABOUT THE HATERS,TROLLS AND ANNOYING PEOPLE MY HAND GOES OUT TO YOU ALL NO-ONE DESERVES ANY OF IT THANKYOU,well went for my CT scan today wasnt to bad now to wait for results thinking positive,Pookie Lewis love your poetry you put a big smile on my face thankyou ,Morning Coffee,Tracy Bell,Nola Girl,Felicity,Sue Morris,Jane,Pookie Lewis,Vernier,Annie,Vana, and anyone else i have missed apologises to you i love all your positive comments, well hugs to you all take care have a great day

Teresa Holmes said...

Hi felicity. How are u. How is your mother in law. I was thinking of you and your family. Did u receive the memorial invite info that I sent you. When u have a chance to talk. Let me know. Have a good day sweetie.

Tracybell said...

Loved your happy birthday post for Kristen. Especially loved pics of young kristen. I was a tomboy and so was my daughter so it brings back sweet memories. She was and is adorable!

Congrats on passing your tests!

Like your theory and ur daughters are the best!

Sorry im not around much last couple of days. We put in our custom solid wood entry doors yesterday and I was spent from the exertion and stress lol. I just kept tinking "if I drop this door im gonna ruin it" lol and they weren't cheap! So I did crash! Doing hvac calculation today to order hvac unit so another kind of stress lol. Hubs keeps me hopping when he's off lol.

Have a great day ladies!

Vernier said...

At work but a few quick lines.
My girls thought they were teasing but I turned it into a fun celebration and had them all laughing and singing happy birthday. I hope our couple is having a ball being ninja. Thanks MC and TBell and everyone. My kids think I am nuts and love to tease me about it. I had been telling them for two weeks their little sister's b-day was coming up. They said "mama you have gone over the crazy nest and landed." lol lol But then they turn around and do things like this. All in great fun!!!! Love you ladies.... Till later.... After party tonight "Be there or be square." BYOB and come bearing gifts. 7 pm central time.

felicity said...

well, pics of kristen in nola celebrating her birthday with jesse and other friends.. playing frisbee.. they are at poopsugar. she has cole with her too.

and one single sighting of rob in la at soho house. out with friends. no pics so far. we will see, if we get some.

felicity said...

well, pics of kristen in nola celebrating her birthday with jesse and other friends.. playing frisbee.. they are at poopsugar. she has cole with her too.

and one single sighting of rob in la at soho house. out with friends. no pics so far. we will see, if we get some.

Ana Luiza Pereira said...

Its not Cole!!!!!!

felicity said...

@ana.. and even if it is not cole. it is a black dog.. sorry, if i am wrong about the dog.. i am on my phone! tiny screen

Ana Luiza Pereira said...

@felicity That's ok, i also thought it was Cole, but it's not :)

Teresa Holmes said...

Felicity. Any hater can lie about sighting of rob in la. Theres no pics to prove it. Do u really think rob is away from k. And he has been mia for the same amount of time as her. The pics are from pop sugar. Professional liars. K might be hanging out with jesse and friends but I garantee that those pics are not from her birthday yesterday. Yes k is hanging with jesse because they are previous associates and shooting a movie. K been down there awhile naturally pix are gonna pop up. Trust me they are not from herbday. If r been in la all this time. Where are pix? Dont u find it strange sifghting in la comes around her birthday.

felicity said...

@teresa.. wait and see. usually the pap pics from LA are coming out during my night time, so they still have a few hours. the first pics, with the black flag shirt, might be from the day, when she was getting her new hair color, yes. the three night pics, that are there right now, seem to be from april 9th. i can only go with the things i see.. i have no further information so far. and i am not at home right now to look further into that. http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/9yykr8s5rtuo57hndld52ovlecjakpju/

felicity said...

here are the day pics, they say april 8th. who knows. http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/liv8j70cp4a7u899c6qcxwd5j728xh3j/

Vernier said...

Go to Robsten dreams our girl has popped !!!!!!! Love it lots of pics!!!!!!

Anabelle said...

Our birthday girl is sure is a lot on her cellphone... :)

LariiDuarte said...

Hey girls! My first comment in here, love the blog, it's really amazing! Anyway, sorry for my english, that's not my first language : P
So about the new K pics, I think they are not from april 9. I mean, at least not the night pics... Like someone said above, Jesse and K are doing a new movie together, so it could be some kind of reunion. And the photos where she plays freesbee she is wearing shorts and her white T-shirt with something in it... And there's another pics that she wears a white T-shirt (a different one) with leggings. So it could be from different days. And more, if the night pics are from yesterday, why there's just 3 pictures?? So could Rob be in there but the paps wont show us?? That's my guess girls... Again sorry for my english : )

Gigi Cullen said...

Another excellent post, HKN, and holy crap, Verni...you cannot miss her belly. It's absolutely impossible to deny that she's pregnant. Until she has the baby, Kris is only going to show more.
How is everyone? I hope you all are having a great Thursday, and that was sweet of your daughters to get a cake for you, Verni.
MC, how is your writing? I've been so busy with home caring that I haven't been able to write.
Pookie, you're a sweetheart!

a stargazzer said...

Verni that was great surprise. next year I will bake a cake in honor to Kristen too. I can be cray-cray on my own. :p
I also think that with TomBoy T-shirt, CJ pink cap and now the pink flamingo is clearly that they are having a girl.
The whole spring has sprung is telling IMO since Spring was a month ago and is not like California has being cold or anything like it. Time will tell ;)

Teresa Holmes said...

Larri d. U are a women of common sense. Yes. Paparazzi think we are stupid.lol. hahaaah.I garantee you The night pix of k are not from her birthday. She is with the cast and crew people. Hahaha. If this was k birthday celebration she would be with cj, suzie, alicia, lindsey etc. Not the au crew. This was from earlier right after k and jesse arrived there in nola. This was a cast dinner. Lol. To meet and greet people they will be working with and wish goodluck during filming. The day pics are not from even the 8th. They are from different days on set. Note k wearing 3 different outfits for 3 different days. Paps trying to make u think this was all one day. Hahahaaah. Lol. Paps have been taking pics of k. Holding them. Then released them on her birthday. Total bs. They dont have pix from k birthday. Lol. Hl selling pap story that k not with r for her birthday. Lol. R is mia. Same time as k. U really think he not wigh her. No pix and no sighting s of r in la all week despite lies from haters that he had meetings all week. But now he just happen to be sighted by 1person on k birthday in la. Hahahaaaaaa lol. Yeah right. Thanks for the laugh. ! K frisbee pix are from set. Remember she was throwing frisbee on sils maria set. Yeah just like that. The pic with burgundy hoodie is her arriving to set. The pic with leggings looks like leaving set. Paps trying to sell story they always do that r and k spent their birthday s apart. But they say r and k spent Valentine's day together. So rob is going to spend romantic day of year with k but not her birthday. People come on......hahahaaaaaa. lol.

Hatersknownothing said...


They are now saying the pics aren't from her birthday but on Tuesday night.

Jenny Reeves said...

She is gorgeous and looks very happy.

Teresa Holmes said...

Hkn not surprised. Which liar recanted. The esteemed Hollywood darn lies, disgusting paps, which one? Lol.

Vernier said...

Here's my take fellow Havenettes. The pics are from 4 separates times.
1. cast dinner
2. playing Frisbee
3. with back pack - heading to or from set
4. same heading to or from set on a different day. I kinda think those by the car could be LA because of car color can't see type.

Notice the shades?
Next, Just because a beer is in her hand where are the pics of her drinking it. We all have held a drink for a friend while they were busy doing something.
If paps had pics of her turning it up why haven't we seen them? You know they would have splattered them out there. Next there is NO pic of K with a cig. You also know if they had one of her smoking it would be plastered out there too. Ask a friend who takes pics. That is a reflection off lens from sunlight. We get those when we are at the wrong angle. Finally see the belly pop in these pics:

And finally before anyone gets bent This is my opinion and I am sticking to it. BELLY POP!!! BELLY POP!!!! I do the head waddle and the booty shake as I sing "BELLY POP BELLY POP!!!! LOL LOL

Chris b said...

Love the post wished Kristen all the best on her Birthday.

I want to state that I believe she is pregnant but I'm questioning when she got pregnant. I say if she was pg when she filmed CXR then she should have had the baby by now. If I remember right that is when everyone thought she must found out she was pg. Because she skipped dying her hair for the role. Now I've seen her due date pushed back as far as the end of May, If that were true then there is no way she was when she shot CXR, That would make her getting pg in early Aug. Before going to Europe. My point is she was seen carrying a can of Coors lite, on Tuesday, while playing in the park with her dog. I would just like for someone anyone to address this issue without being snarky about it and calling me names. I love coming here to read what you have to say and the other blogs because I agree with 99% of what is said but I have notice that people are getting into fights and some are just rude. I don't agree with everyone here but I try not to say anything about their opinion.

Sorry to drop this on you. Like I said I'm just tired of all the BS going on. Some days I just want to say I'm done with this fandom but I have met some nice people here and don't want to give that up.

Hatersknownothing said...

Chris b

But was she seen drinking from that can of Coors? Or was she simply holding it for a minute for one of the people with her?

Hatersknownothing said...

Chris b

It was confirmed to me in October that she was pregnant.I don't know when she is due.

Vernier said...

Chris I think she got preggers around Camp x-ray time. If you read my post just above yours you will have the rest of my answers. HKN, Mama Nails, Tempest, MC, Tracy or felicity are better at dates than I am. But my opinion is still sometime in may.

Teresa Holmes said...

Chris b. I try to explain. The info you got about k in the park. Is from the tabloids. They are liars. Dont believe anything they say. This pix was of k more than likely on set. Yes she had can in her hand but notice no pix of her drinking it. Tabs have been trying to prove us wrong. Making up liesof her in bar drinking. If k was turning beer up to her lips. U dont think paps would have taken pic of her drinking it. She was just holding it. K has been hiding this pregnancy from day 1. She is out in public and she know she is being watched. Photographed. She is using this as a distraction. With all those pix that paps took we would have seen her drink from that can. She is holding it as a distraction.

K body began changing in late aug. Boobs first. So she had to be pg before then. Some of us believe shegot pg in late july or very early August that would make her give birth around late may or early june. We are all just quesstimating. We dont know her actual due date. But her body began changing in late aug with boobs growing so she had to be pg before this time. She is pg. We just dont know actual due date.

Vernier said...

I think in October she may have been 3 months and told some people.
Pregnancy is 38 to 40 weeks, which is 9 and a half to ten months. Not 9 months.
I think late may for due date but it is just my opinion.
HKN told us what we were already thinking in October.
She could have been 3 days to 3 months, who knows. We all started giving due dates not HKN. It has all been wishful thinking on when little sweetpea is due. We all do believe she is preggers.

Arleen P said...

Hi everyone Havenettes! I called my doctor this morning so I could set appt today. Because of my tummy problem. He just said its a flu bug thats been going a round. So I am on a bland diet. And see if it helps. Means no spicy which I don't eat them, no dairy, and no sauce like tomato. And rest and fluids. That is all. Which I am doing. Keep me posted. I love all your comments. Great job everyone. Well, I better rest. Later.

Morning Coffee said...

Ok then...I spend the day away and all hell breaks loose....

ChrisB: nobody is rude to anyone here without being attacked first..are we justified to do it...yes. Are we right to do it ....no. It brings us down to the level of the ones who come here to mock, accuse and hurl insults all because our opinions differ from them. The simple solution for a rational person would be if you don't like a blog and their viewpoint you stay away from it.

If they have trouble with it..then they can take their trouble to Jesus as we have enough of our own.

But here is my take on this whole thing for what it's worth keep in mind I am no child, I am a mother, a grandmother and aunt to numerous nieces and nephews went through pregnacnies with families, friends and even neighbors on quite a few occasions...while each pregnancy is unique just like the moms.

There are basic similarities....

usually within the first six weeks you will see a noticeable difference in breast size, especially when the woman is smaller breasted to begin with.

by mid to late august Kristen's breast seem to be a little more prominent than usual...it became more apparent or let's say obviously noticable around the time she started appearing with Cole the black pup...not sure if that was Sept.

I think it was actually between CXR and SM.


Morning Coffee said...

The following month pictures on set of Sils Maria she had noticabley looked heavier across her abdomen.

I am not sure of the dates of these last two occurances...I'm sure it's easily tracked.

HKN made us aware of what she knew.

the next confirmed sighting was Thanksgiving and the Dallas Chanel show...she looked like she was dressed to minimize stomach area.

Each time we have been shown photos unless we know absolutely where she is...they are open to speculation..simply because they are not always when paps say they were taken or even where.

In some photos depending on the angle of her body the baby bump is very apparent...in others not so much. that has caused some to believe and others to doubt..also understandable..especially for those who are unfamiliar with the fact that pregnancy comes in all shapes and sizes.

They think all pregnant women need to look like they are delivering an elephant before they believe.

My original assumption was that she got pregnant mid to late June that was obviously wrong.

In today's photos many do not look like a pregnant woman...unless you know what to look for...my first impression was damn did she have the baby? no, what I see is that the baby has not only dropped further down...it is lying transverse..not yet in a birthing position.

let's for argument sake say her last period was aug.1 an ob would estimate her pregnancy due date by counting backwards three months and adding seven days so we would be looking at a due date of May 8th...approximately...babies come when they want to ready or not.

Why are we guessing? Because we don't know the actual moment of conception. Some have come here and accused HKN of releasing info that is private..she may or may not know the due date..but she told us what she was allowed to tell us...obvioously we can't be told when or where.

That would only provoke a great security risk to Rob Kristen and their child...It would be a media circus of epic proportions.

I am sure both Rob and Kristen have co-ordinated their lives and work schedules with their due dates in mind, they are not ignorant people they are both highly intelligent.

You say you want straight answers because you are tired of all the BS...but that is pretty much what gossip rags and trolls deliver and have been delivering to the public since the first Twilight movie hit the theaters. We should not only be use to it by now...but avoiding places where you know you will be lied to before hand.

We See the attacks on us and others that believe...growing by leaps and bounds...The ones who hate Kristen and the ones who want Rob...or the ones who hate Rob...take your pick the losers are having a meltdown....

They are not cute, witty, or clever in their pretenses...they can't hide what they really are.

Actually happiness really chafes their asses big time.

Vernier said...

Great answers Morning Coffee!!! love you lady... I knew you would do a far better job than me explaining.
How has your day been?

Gigi Cullen said...

MC, you hit the nail on the head. No two pregnant women are alike in appearance. My mom gained seven pounds with me - I weighed 6lbs, 9 ozs. Several people didn't believe her when she told them she was pregnant. Sound like another woman we all know?

Vernier said...

What up Gigi Cullen my friend? :o)

Annie said...

Evening ladies.
Morning Coffee and Vernier: Agree! Agree! Agree! :):):)

Morning Coffee said...

Vernie for the most part day has been good...did some writing and rearranging ...suffered some major writers block misway through and had to sit and rethink some stuff..hopeful inspiration will strike soon.

Going with my husband in morning to get a skin cancer removed..on his leg.....then for lunch with friends before coming home.

other that and the pictures of Kristen day has been good and peaceful for the most part.

Our Tracy off to bed early again?

How was your day today?

Love you too sweet girl.

Chris b said...

Morning Coffee,

I agree with everything you have said. That being said I have 3 children and 3 granddaughters, and an aunt great aunt and seen many people pregnant myself. My daughter had my 1st granddaughter on June2 and she got pg. in Sept. I had her on July 10 I got pg in the middle of Oct. so I know dates. I was just asking because so many people had been talking about her not dying her hair for CXR, some even thought that is why they went with the whole break up story was to cover her being pg. By the way I wasn't saying that anyone on here is rude, I have just run into a few on another board that I go to. As for the tabloids I didn't read them I just seen the pics that was posted on Robdreams, So I was just going by what I seen. I did see one pic I thought she look pregnant in but the rest she don't as for her holding it for someone else I did see one pic where one of the guys she was with was holding a can too. Sorry If I came off rude I didn't meant to.

Morning Coffee said...

Gigi and Annie ...I had three children and none of my pregnancies were the same...there are so many factors that figure into it.

Vern...about what everyone is saying is smoke...it isn't as a smoker I can attest on an exhale smoke doesn't stop one inch from your mouth then disappear.

Vernier said...

MC day was pretty quiet for once. Getting geared up for my trip. I can't wait. If I could leave tomorrow I would be gone.
Chris B you weren't be rude. We invite everyone in as long as they understand we are about uplifting and positive. All the negative attacks we've had lately makes everyone leery. "No harm No foul" I like to say. MC is a wonderful person and she is full of knowledge. She lays it out so we can understand it. Love that lady!

Morning Coffee said...

Chris B no actually I apologize for misunderstanding you...lets start over.

Welcome to the Haven..gald you felt able to comment and hope you will contribute more to our conversations from time to time or how ever often you feel comfortable with...

you will unfortunately see the ignorant and mentally impaired stop by to deliver messages of how we are abusing Kristen.

Some folks have extremely limited lives and they find it entertaining for themselves...Oh well to each his own.

Anyway as I was saying glad to have you here and again I apologize for misunderstanding you.

Vernier said...

Chris B told you Morning Coffee was awesome!!!!!

Morning Coffee said...

Oh Vern I miss taking road trips with my husband...We pretty much stay within a 50 mile radius anymore, and that is seldom...it's difficult with the dog and three cats to leave them behind..and far too expensive to kennel them.

I know you are going to have a wonderful time and much needed rest. It's been a very tough time for you and your family recently
and time to lift your spirits is in order.

love you lady.

phone back in a few mins.

Gigi Cullen said...

Hey Verni and MC. I'm feeling rather emotionally undone right now. My house isn't settled, my family is not happy, and I'm worn out. We've had a long day.
Hope you have a fun, safe trip Verni, and we'll miss you.
Feel like I could lie down and cry my eyes out. All I want is for the baby to be born. And one fan picture of R or K holding their child. Then I'd lie down and sob happy tears.
Am I the only one waiting for something amazing to happen? It's like sitting on pins and needles. Sigh...
MC, reading your posts always makes me feel better. Your wise words soothe my anxious heart. I think I need to go lie down and sleep. See you all tomorrow.

Vernier said...

Thank you MC. I'll be here for a bit.
Tracy where you be at?

Vernier said...

Gigi are you gonna be okay? we are all here for you to chat, cry it out, whatever you need. We are your Haven family and we got you boo!!! Tell us what you need and what we can do to help please....

Tracybell said...

Hey havenettes

Morn coff
Im bout crashed for real. Cant wait to be finished with house and get back to important stuff like this lol.

Pics mean shit and I wouldnt trust crapsugar to ever tell the truth

Vernier said...

Gigi settle your house, rest your mind and watch your family cheer up. Then all will be good.

Tracybell said...

Hey v

Im drained. K looks cute though

Vernier said...

Tracy you are awesome. Helping to build your home. "Pauline Bunyan" you are. You make us proud.

Vernier said...

Get some rest dear friend. Love ya lady.....

Morning Coffee said...

I'm back that was my youngest son reporting in for the night...bless him he always calls to check on us nightly.

Talked to the older son earier this evening and Daughter this afternoon.

It's just something we have all always done ...can't lay our heads down for the night till we know all is well.

Gigi: I have wide shoulders, they don't sag easily and have held lots of tears over the years feel free to unload anytime you need to.

You can send me a pm also if you want I will answer you.

New house...things need settled or repaired..new locations, new friends, new schools, new jobs...

difficult at best of times...Just remember as unfair as it is you are the cornerstone of the family, if your happy they will be happy sooner than later.

Emotions like water run downhill.

Vern is right we love you girl.

Tracy go get good night's rest..and have sweet dreams.

I'm going to jump off for a while...be back in a little while.

Arleen P said...

Good night to HKN, Morning Coffee, Barbara Fenwick, Vernier, Tracybell, Felicity, Sue Morris, RKFaith, and the rest of Havenettes! I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all. I will promise you that I will get better. Night everyone!

sue morris said...

Ladies, Rob is a creature of habit, just like Kristen. They are together and those pictures are not of Kristen's birthday. I would imagine they had birthday away from the cameras as they have been rather touchy about pictures. Rob is going to take care of his baby and Kristen is taking care of their baby. She can complete the movie fairly soon and might have to stop and start depending on delivery time. Babies just come when they are ready and Mom and Dad are probably a little stressed because they want people out of their private life. To me Kristen looks pretty, pregnant, and pooped. Time for a nap, and the crew will probably shoot around Kristen and her friend, because he has another picture shoot.

sue morris said...

I still think the nine months would be April. May would be 10 months. I was a 10 month baby and weighed 10 pounds. ouch! My first and second were 8 months and weighed 7 and 6 pounds. Each and every baby delivery is different. Some are early, some are late and they never give notice, they just are!

NOLA girl said...

Hey Girls!!!!!
I feel like MC - I nearly took the day off from here, but something told me to take a peek.

Saw all the pics on RD, let's let the dust settle and then see what's what. One thing's for sure, she hasn't had SweetPea!

Tina - no matter what remain positive!

Vern - you have one terrific family. You are truly blessed.

Gigi - take an afternoon and go get a pedi. Get out of the house for awhile!!! Sometimes a good run beats the hell out of a bad stand. You're stressed and need a break honey!!

Tracybell - good luck with the rest of your house - don't wear yourself out.

Arleen - time for a timeout. Get plenty of rest and get plenty of fluids.

Lazmeister - come back again soon!

The French Quarter Fest began today and the weather is going to be fantastic for all 4 days. Estimate the crowds could total 1/2 million - yikes! Hope Kris is able to get out and enjoy without what happened at Coachella last year. Can't see that happening here, but hey, you never know.

RKFaith - always good to hear from you!

"The most tiring thing is waiting for something to happen." - Lady Cora Crawley, Downtown Abbey.

Hang in there Havenettes! Big hug to all and sleep well....

Sanni K. said...

good morning,
much excitement for nothing.
We know that she is pregnant. I think it will be the end of May. Most come kilos during pregnancy in the last 2 months. Then the pounds may come now;-)
The weather was beautiful in the park pictures, and would not she pregnant, she would have had her shirt bare midriff again. Or knotted.
I also do not think it's her dog.
She had a lot of fun playing with the crew and a non-alcoholic beer is not bad, if she drank it or not.
Furthermore, wait and see. And now I am sometimes selfish and would look forward to a joint photo of Rob and Kristen. Just a few.
Have a nice Friday all

RK Faith said...

I just had to POP by to say I love your answers here tonight - MC. TBell and all the smart ones here (sorry I'm not mentioning everyone, we've grown!)
These pics are exciting.. I'm happy to see her carefree and round :)
I don't care if it's real beer or not, or when these pics are exactly from - I think she looks great and I'm just happy for her.

(I'm knee deep in fanfiction mama nails recommended... muhaha)

irie deb said...

Seems I can't sleep....so I come on here & start reading the comments here. And smh......why on earth would anyone have to help someone off the edge because of those pics of K......all because "gasp" she has beer in her hand. Now....the funny thing is as far as I can tell, I did't see one where she was indeed actually drinking it. She very well could have been holding it for someone else.....and I am not one bit concerned if she did take a sip or two. Here's the thing.....it is none of our business as far as I am concerned. And I have grown tired of the moral police saying what she should or shouldn't be doing. I love the ladies here....and to be honest....it is not the job of HNK nor the people here to help others off that ledge because they have bought into the lie the media has been portraying for almost a year. If you are having doubts....then the media wins....cause that is what those pics were meant to do.....cast doubt and then stir up drama. Cause they don't get paid if that does not happen. It really is as simple as that. So much is going on in this world right now......like all the families who still don't have any answers about what happened to their loved ones on that plane flight that went down weeks ago, the crash in CA or the one in Florida not to mention a 16 year old who stabbed a security guard and classmates.....with no clue as to why as he is a shy young man who has never been trouble ever.....only thing I have read is that as this was happening was that he wanted to die. That dear ones......that is what is important.....not whether or not she drank a beer.....as I don't think that is earth shattering nor all the news worthy. You just need to take a step back, breathe, and maybe get out & do something. Cause at the end of the day, Rob & Kristen are doing what they feel is right for them.....like it or not....because it is their lives to live.....they are growing up.....what young people do....thus, it is all going to be or is just fine.

Annie said...

Morning all.
I love how Rob and Kristen are handling their lives.
The moral police are all over the place making me laugh harder and harder. :)

It's Friday, I'm off.....Coffee choice today is Cafe Au Lait.
Gigi Cullen: I hope you slept well.

It is a common experience that a problem difficult at night is resolved in the morning after the committee of sleep has worked on it.

John Steinbeck

Tina Wotherspoon said...

Morning to all you lovely Havenettes,Chris B WELCOME,Morning Coffee love how you explain things it is really interesting i couldnt do it,great pictures of Kristen and crew/cast members not to sure but she looks happy and relaxed shame the paps found her, i beleive Rob is with her until there are any pictures showing otherwise,HUGS TO YOU ALL HAVE A GREAT DAY THE SUN IS OUT TAKE CARE

Sanni K. said...

Kristen had been drinking, had paps pictures.
kristen would smoking weed or smoked, had paps pictures.
Where is your problem?

LynnZilla said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sanni K. said...

I see no picture where she pulls something
or drinking

Jane said...


It's none of our business what people choose to do.
Who made you God?

And how do you know maybe she already had he baby? Problem is you don't.

So what you are trying to prove doesn't mean S__T.

You only come here to cause trouble so leave little girl. I see you are sneaking the computer again.

Jane said...

Sometimes sitting in the corner is well worth it.

Have a good day my Havenettes.

Vernier said...

Anyone ever think that the pics are part of the movie. I know it's suppose to start on the 14th but what if they pushed it up a few days? In the movie they are stoners. Don't jump to conclusions based on trolls. Where did pic come from? why is it not with others? Why is a troll the one who has it/ To many whys in my book.... JS

Annie said...

Vernier: Morning.
They would never think of that. Ever!

Sanni K. said...

@ Vernier which may well be possible that there is a sample for the film, but only a sample of what she has she does not wear her personal shirt probably during the films. Or someone shows her how to use as a bong, not everyone can be like that.

Annie said...

This campaign of theirs is to discredit HKN by any means necessary.
i am enjoying my cafe au lait.

Sanni K. said...

Anani you realize that which you always attack HKN?
Something's not right surely! I wonder now who smokes pot here!

Annie said...

Why was that link from a blog and not from the gallery of pictures posted yesterday?
Was that a photoshopped pic planted as real?

Jane said...


Good point.

Happygirl said...

Nice try trolls! If the papz had a pic of K with a bong yesterday it would be all over the Internet with a big headline! BTW in NOLA pot is illegal there would be a big Headline now if K smoked pot in a park!

Annie said...

Jane: Morning.
It was one pic in that link, no others and i thought it was off with the angles.
It felt like a case of ......"See, i made you look."

Tracybell said...

Morning ladies

Ha! Pauline Bunyun I am lol. My shoulders are aching and still have metal roofing to do today lol pray for me lololol. Have a great day girl...13 days to go woot woot

OK gang I can't give advice to ignore because I slide like andreana, verni, jane and MC and crew every now and then....but anani? Lets ignore the twat. She's probably just signed off as enna and signed back in as anani anyway lol.

Now that we got pics of K its time for pics of Rob lol. Come on rob...come out come out where ever you are lol.

Jane said...

Kristen has been MIA for about three weeks. Is it possible she has already delivered? No one knows.
Stop judging because you don't have all the facts.
Maybe Jules was telling us something when she said spring has sprung along with a baby pink flamingo.
Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not? No one knows S__t.
For months you didn't see Kristen smoking or drinking then wallah now you see her doing both. JS

Morning Coffee said...

Ladies Good Morning...

Question....why are you talking to the idiot? Trolls like to think they are so urbane and witty...you feed their overinflated egos to bother to answer them...They will never acknowledge the possibility they are wrong...because they already know they are.

they are just stirring the proverbial pot of shit.

I haven't seen this picture you are all discussing...but photo shopping is nothing new when it comes to R/K .

iredeb...I couldn't agree more.

annie enjoy your latte and have a good day.

Rkfaith nice to see you this a.m.

Jane it's lonely in the corner come out and ignore the monkeys.

Verni...you are a very shrewd woman...of course they could be filming...

Here is something for you trolls to choke on...did anyone ever think that mom and dad Pattinson the grandparents of sweetpea...May have come to help Rob with the baby while Kristen finishes the film???? Maybe they are in N.O. rocking the baby to sleep even as you sit there making up lies and maybe Kristen was filming during the pics..

Just a little tidbit for you to worry over today...I mean it's possible ...right ....just as possible as some of the crap you all come up with...

Yep that's my story Kristen as had the baby a little girl and the {attinson's are all busy loving on her...wouldn't be surprised if the whole damn family isn't pitching in at the moment....

Now run along and turn a nice shade of green.

busy day heading to Dr.s office

back later.

Jane said...

I see we have a new blogger from April 2014 who thinks she knows everything. Just coming here with no other agenda but to cause trouble. In my book that is a troll.

Jane said...


Bravo! Great minds think alike.

Sometimes I get off the wagon but I'm back on for the rest of the day.

Annie said...

If the pics are not photoshopped then it's from filming.
It is illegal to drink and smoke pot in the open in a public park in NOLA.
If Kristen were doing that in NOLA openly, she would be arrested.
I think people are looking at filming pics and assuming they are real.
All of those people around her look like crew.

Every photo agency/tabloid would have that news up in a flash if these pics were not from filming......

Morning Coffee as always......Excellent points.

Jane said...


Again, good point.

Annie said...

Oh and i don't think Kristen has had her baby yet......Kristen is a smart young woman. What a stroke of genius to take a role as a stoner......

"Keep 'em guessing i always say." Hahaha

Jane said...


I'm teetering about her delivery. Some pictures she looks pregnant and others it looks like she just delivered. She's a smart cookie but I'm not sure about taking chances of smoking and drinking while being pregnant. We'll agree to disagree.

Jane said...


On SRWN there is a picture of obvious photo shopping the dog in the picture. No telling what else they photo shopped.

fishyone2 said...

@Arleen - Totally off topic, but I was thinking about you Arleen and wishing you good health. It seems like you have been battling some stuff this winter and this morning it really struck me that you need a big virtual hug. This is a place for being kind to each other - not hateful like people not to be named. So I wanted to start the day with a happy message to a caring woman. I agree with NOLA girl - keep the fluids coming - its amazing the healing power of water :).

madhler said...

@anna, that's not really true. public consumption of alcohol is legal in new orleans. and she wouldn't get arrested for smoking pot in public either. she'd get a summons but that's about it. it's not a big deal.

i am surprised that the pic of her holding that bowl (it's not a bong) and lighter isn't making news.

Annie said...

I don't believe she gave birth yet. I might be wrong. We might all be wrong.
I believe she's filming......Filming is all about smoke and mirrors, it is often not what it appears to be.
We shall see.

Chris b said...

thanks for the welcome,

I just read what Jane said, and that is what I was kind of getting at yesterday that maybe she had already had the baby. I know her boobs looks even bigger than they did a few weeks ago. I know when I had my second child I had to go up 2 cup sizes after her birth until the milk dried up. I seen some others talking about weigh gain during I gain 40 with my first and under 20 with my next two. My daughter just had a baby a year ago and she said after that she needed to gain 2 more lbs to weigh what she did before she got pregnant so she lost weigh instead of gaining. As for the pics with the beer can and bong, I hadn't thought about they could be props for the movie we all know how the papz work. Trying to pass of something like that as a real thing.

Hatersknownothing said...


Ignore the trolls. She is playing a stoner in this movie and they will invent this kind of crap the entire filming. By the way a little birdie told me Rob was indeed in Nola a few days ago. Someone else has said he is still there.Make of that what you will.

Annie said...

I'm not saying you can't consume alcohol in public in NOLA. From what i understand it has to be not in it's original container when outdoors.

I am convinced that as i type this, tabloids etc are searching high and low for a summons issued to Kristen Stewart for smoking/drinking in public in NOLA.

Doesn't anyone find it strange that for as many times and all the films Kristen has filmed in NOLA, she would be unfamiliar with their laws.

Teresa Holmes said...

Annie u are correct. Common sense should tell eveyone that. The pix are from filming. Come on. K is not going to smoke a bong in public in front of her boss and crew. She knew paps are there.annie right. She would be arrested. And annie right again. That would be headline news for tabs and media if k was smoking and drinking in public. They would love to humiliate k like that. The paps know it was filming they just lied to public acting like it was her birthday. Thats why pix are somewhat close cropped only showing k and dog and what appears to be her body guard. K is not going to spend her birthday with strangers.ha lol. She just met them so they are strangers.

Jane said...


Hey, she can smoke but doesn't have to inhale and she can hold a can a beer and not have to drink it. Right?

HKN thanks for the update.

Jane said...

SR reports Kristen to star in Seasons of Dust with Robert Redford, James Franco and Ewan McGregor. Thats our girl doing what she loves.

Arleen P said...

Good morning to all the Havenettes! Happy Friday! I hope you all have a great day! Keep me posted. I am alittle better. Just waiting for my tummy, nausea, and chills to die down. I am still resting. And also I am eating bland food. Lets just wait and see.

Tracybell said...

I remember a while back during sundance and bitch jane from robsessed made fun of Kristen for saying she felt like shitting her pants when meeting robert redford. Well now bitch jane from robsessed..
Looks like Robert redford liked that lol.

Tracybell said...

Im not gonna justify shit about Kristen. She's a grown ass woman and knows whats going on and we dont. Can we all quit hypothesizing and wait till the truth comes out? And no if she was preggers she would not be smoking pot. So I say this has something to do with filming.

Morning Coffee said...

I'm back...the baby is pouting cause he got an owwie on his leg...He'll live.

Now just for shits and giggles...where is this picture with the bong?

Teresa Holmes said...

Mc. Go back through this post. A troll provided the link. The pic is not on rd with other s. Wonder. Why. K is holding bong in hand. Not smoking from it. Peeps are panicking over nothing. K is filming a movie where she plays a stoner. Didnt everyone expect beer, bongs, etc. To be in the movie. U are a moron if u believe k will be smoking and drinking in front of paps out in public in front of her boss. Yeah right. K is filming.

Jane said...


I'm not judging put on RD picture 8 does show her blowing smoke. Like I said earlier she doesn't have to inhale. If this was for movie so be it. If not it's not our business.

Jane said...

Good Lord

She's in a movie about smoking pot and drinking beer. Get a grip. No one and I mean no one knows whats going on in these pictures. It doesn't take a moron to figure out what might be happening.

felicity said...

one thing.. this is not a bong.. it is a pipe. she was not out and about in her free time with friends (OG) she was with her co-stars, most likely rehearsing. JS.

and.. make what you want about the news about the movie.. i loathe james franco and will never like him. he is strange and his remarks about kristen were creepy as hell. awesome that Robert Redford and Ewan Mcgregor will be in the movie.. bit i couldn't care less about JF.

Morning Coffee said...

Jane...that is a light reflection not smoke...as a smoker myself...smoke doesn't stop so close to your mouth without conntinuing on.

definitely not smoke.

If it was it would have no ill effects on the baby...I smoked through all three of my pregnancies..babies were all healthy weight at 7 1/2 lb.

that was back in the early 60's before any pregnancy police were recruited into society.

If this movie is a stoner movie...then why wouldn't she be seen with a bong?

Jane said...


I have to agree about James Franco. He is creepy. He's made some bad choices in his personal life but Hollywood seems to love him.

Gigi Cullen said...

Hey you all. I am so happy to have you as my family. My own has been very difficult lately. There is someone walking through my home at this minute looking at all of the repairs that need to be done (we're renting and I think the people at the rental company hate us).
I think I need a vacation in NOLA.
As for the pictures, all I'm saying is that the paps/tabs are notorious for photoshoppping.
Kris and Rob have a wonderful future together. That much I'm sure of.

Jane said...


Thanks for the info. I'm not a smoker but the picture looks like she was blowing smoke out the side of her mouth. Never to old to be educated. Thank you.

See, it's nice to share information. You never know what you are going to learn.

JMF said...

I have to agree, those photos are all concerning the movie. There is no way K would be out at a public park with a bong/bowl and an open container of beer. It is against city ordinances. People have been tweeting that they looked it up, it's public info. And some of those pics are strange, the dog? no shadow? K and the guy have a shadow but not the dog? Grain of salt....
Have a good day everyone.

Tracybell said...

I agree about pic 8, she is exhaling. But in pic 9 she clearly is looking at whoever is photographing her so who knows whats going on *shrugs*

Tracybell said...

Left off this is movie related K is not an idiot

Morning Coffee said...

Gigi: if you are paying hard earned money for rent..complain all you need to about repairs..They should have taken care of all that prior to leasing to anyone.

I know our Rob and Kristen are just fine and together....Not to be crude but I will anyway....

The thing that pisses off the Kristen haters and the Robsessed the most....It's Kristen's legs Rob lies between at night.

SMH and jealousy..it enrages them and makes them rabid animals.

Tracybell said...

I have to disagree. You dont exhale pot smoke like cigarette smoke lol but I get what you mean lol.

Morning Coffee said...

Tracy...well you've got me there..I have no idea since I never smoked it. Tsk tsk I can hardly believe I may be wrong about something. ROFLMFAO

Mama Nails said...

Lordy the moral police are out and they loud!!!

I guess we should have been prepared for this with the subject matter of the movie...but even I was taken by surprise. LOL!

Lesson learned. but honestly K is looking beautiful and I really like the hair color and can't wait for this movie.

talk to you all later my dears..I'm being a bad girl typing this while sitting in a training meeting. but hell...i could be teaching this damn class, so I'm bored to tears.

I'll be in meetings all day tomorrow and then back on the road sunday to go back home.

I'll be answering questions/comments in my inbox as I can. though i'm ignoring a bunch of questions from the moral/pregnancy policy police they are soooo full of shit!


Annie said...

Sooooooooooo.....All that drama caused but don't ya know....AU has started filming. :)

Gosh......I love Kristen Stewart!

Tina Wotherspoon said...

Evening Ladies hope you all have had a great day see we have Trolls back trying to stir things up again about Kristens photo's,HKN thanks for the heads up about Rob i posted earlier i thought he would be with Kristen i dont think he will leave her much incase BABY P wants to make an appearance, Mama Nails hope you have a safe journey home on Sunday, Arleen glad your feeling a little better,@Tracybell love your post at 8.43am today spot on,well hope you all have a lovely weekend and Rob and Kristen have a good one hugs to you all take care.

Tracybell said...

I plead the 5th on my knowledge lolol and just to clarify I totally believe she's exhailing vapor and not pot!

Lo and behold isnt it amazing? A movie? Lol.

Annie said...

Hahahaha.........Yes! A movie. :):)

Mama Nails said...

Annie, do you or does anyone have a sourced story/report that they've started to film? Wld love to have this to post and cut these asses off at the knees!


Arleen P said...

Well Tina, I am not better. Lets say there no such thing as 24hr flu bug. There is no medicine for a flu bug. You just got let it out and let the nature take its course. I thought I was better. I didn't think so. So I told the lord to let it out. So I am resting and drinking fluids. That is all I could do. Later.

Annie said...

Mama Nails........I don't have a sourced report.

a stargazzer said...

I didn't liked James Franco since he bashed Twilight. Interestingly enough he also seems to have a hard on in our girl too.

I hope whatever his role is is one they don't have to be on set at the same time or that our girl and Rob already came out as married couple and small family at the time of filming. If anything to minimize all the BS they are going to try to stir linking them as a couple.

It wouldn't be the firs time :/

Morning Coffee said...

a stargazzer: That won't stop the haters and liars....
I cringe sometimes when I think of the whole new batch of lies they will continue to come up with through future years.

Is there really any wonder that Rob and Kristen stay under the radar when they are not working....

Euclid said...

Mama Nails - Perhaps the source of the idea that filming has started was a tweet from screenwriter Max Landis, which was passed on to me last week. He mentioned filming was starting on April 7, so based on that when I saw the pics I assumed filming had begun.

After the tweet it emerged the AU team doesn't want any filming details revealed, so I doubt that anyone outside the movie has any reliable information about what's happening.

Subsequently Max Landis has said that he's been asked not to give any more details about AU filming. See Landis comments re keeping things "under wraps" below:

1) Max Landis ‏@Uptomyknees 3h

I have been told by publicity to keep things "under wraps" on twitter about #americanultra, which is fittingly top secret.

2) Max Landis ‏@Uptomyknees 3h

Luckily, our publicity department has offered to go over my tweets and approve them, censoring as necessary! here's my first approved tweet:

3) Max Landis ‏@Uptomyknees 3h

I just ████████ ███ █████ ███ ██ ███ candy bar █████████ American Ultra ████████ ██ hair ████ Jesse ███████ █████ ███ █ ███ eyebrow pencil.

4) Max Landis ‏@Uptomyknees 3h

secrecy, bah, do they not understand? I have all these tiny little K-Stew avatar mouths to feed!

Jane said...

Who believes what they read in the Tabloids?

Not I. I don't read that trash.

Vernier said...

E-Online also said she flew back to LA on her birthday. She went to dinner on the eighth and flew back to LA on the 9th hmmm......
Here is article:
Nothing like spending your birthday with a couple of furry, four-legged friends.

Well, Kristen Stewart did just that when the actress turned the big 2-4 on Wednesday.

Sporting newly dyed orange hair (for her role in the upcoming movie American Ultra), the Twilight highlight was spotted at City Park in New Orleans running around with two precious pooches.

What's more, an eyewitness tells E! News exclusively that Stewart was also seen happily playing frisbee golf with her driver and security guard.

Earlier in the day, the star was on the American Ultra set and, at one point, she went to the production office to pick up all the flowers people had sent over for her birthday, our source says.

WATCH: Kristen Stewart's surprising hobby

Meanwhile, on the night before her birthday, Stewart had dinner at Annunciation Restaurant, where she celebrated with Jesse Eisenberg and other cast members.

According to the source, the group dined there for more than four hours and Stewart appeared to be in a good mood and enjoying her time out.

Stewart, who had been staying in a private home in New Orleans during production, flew back to Los Angeles on her birthday.

In American Ultra, Stewart plays Phoebe, the girlfriend of an unmotivated stoner named Mike (Eisenberg), who live together in a small, sleepy town. One night, their lives take an unexpected turn when Mike's past comes back to haunt him, and he becomes the target of a government operation set to wipe him out. Uma Thurman also stars in the film.

Vernier said...

So when Max Landis tweeted the truth they ask him to stop and keep everything top secret. This means to me that they are afraid for K because the fans and vultures will descend on them. I understand what they are saying. I believe his original tweet. Now he is censored to keep paps and fools which are one in the same away.

Euclid said...

Vernier - Agreed.

Vernier said...

Remember everyone. Kindness is the best stabilizer. You know enna spelled backward is anne or maybe annie Packard....... hhmmm and then we have annai or her play on annie hmmmmmm........

Annie said...

Vernier: Come on! Give a girl a break here. :)

When i picked my dad's nickname for me to use as a moniker i never thought the depraved in this fandom would have similar names........
Looking up to the heavens and shaking my head.

Jane said...


You are absolutely right!!

Vernier said...

Not you Annie lol lol. No there is a vicious troll called Annie Packer or something like that. Not You sweetie..... Sorry should have been clearer lol lol

Vernier said...

Love you Annie :o)

Hey Jane thank you. It is all playing out so obvious....

Annie said...

Vernier: Heard of her but thought the spelling was with a y instead of ie.

Tracybell said...

Annie, verni and euclid
Between us all we'll solve this lol.

Its funny. Ive always pronounced anani to sound like "a nonnie" lol because you know she is

Vernier said...

Enna there is an obnoxious woman named Annie Packer who lies about R and K all the time. No one likes her, trust her or believes anything she says. She is a shit stirrer of the worst kind.

Vernier said...

Hell I've seen it spelled a couple of ways so who knows. I have seen it with a y and an e and an ie. Never thought about that much. lol lol

Morning Coffee said...

It's sad to realize that with as many stupid and gullible people there are in this world the gossip mags will never go out of business.

And of course they get all their reliable information from idiot trolls and their ilk.
You know like the ones who come here as though we hold any interest in what they have to say.

Annie said...

Tracybell: When i opened up my I-pad early this AM and read the first comment dealing with the pic, i swear you could feel the joy they felt posting that link.
Pathetic shits!

Vernier said...

What up MC? How are you this beautiful day?
T we will work it out. lol lol or not lol lol

Vernier said...

Annie when I saw I went on a mission to discredit. I was at work trying to do inventory, trying to write schedules, control inmates and get whatever info I could from wherever I could that was reliable. If it weren't for T and Mama Nails I would have screamed. Well hell I did scream lol lol

Morning Coffee said...

Vern doing pretty good baby girl....running around most of day and playing nursemaid to my poor wounded man...God had valid reasons for men never becoming pregnant.

Big Babies.

So much to look forward to in the coming weeks and months.

Hey girls...those dogs you know the two adorable ones running around with the Frisbee pics...are they vampire dogs they cast no shadows?

Vernier said...

Love that MC... lol lol I need to look again lol lol
Yes all men are weenies when it comes to pain or doctors. lol lol

Annie said...

Vernier: I should have been out the door but i was too fucking furious to move. :)

Teresa Holmes said...

Euclid. I agree with u wholeheartedy. I always believed max when he said april 7th. But thanx your comment made my day.
U too verni. Your wit and humor always makes me smile.

Mc your thinking abilty, common sense and mild tempered joy is a great asset to the havenettes. We love u and thank you.
Wishing r and k a happy peaceful weekend In nola.

Tracybell said...

Lol on vampire dogs.

Omg I felt the same way you did. They are pathetic.

Now we can have a quiet and relaxing friday night lol...no screaming needed!

Very relaxing night ahead ladies with a big fuck you to those twats who posted pics this morning...assholes

Vernier said...

Enna I was not mocking you. I was giving you the explanation you ask for. I don't have time for mocking. Why do you think that? Why do you call me Vernistene instead of Vernier? Just wondering. No one else does. Shows you went to my info.

Jane said...

HKN wrote this about you:
Our resident trolls who can't stay away Assanani and Enema have their own excuse for the weight gain.

You are a troll. You have been coming here for months giving us trouble. What changed your attitude? What is your agenda besides not believing Kristen is pregnant. HKN has always deleted your posts now you are playing nice? What's up?

Vernier said...

Jane same question I was thinking?

Annie said...

Jane and Vernier: The answer to that question is so easy.....Just remember what has happened here the last few days then you'll have your answer.

Vernier said...

Enna we have all said we will agree to disagree. We all know we've been in a bad place with each other before but now we have all moved forward. Are you saying that you are moving forward? Being civil even tho you don't agree with us? Because if you are and you are sincere, it will take a bit for everyone but some may be willing to see. I can't speak for them cause you have been rough and in turn so have we but are you looking to lay down the anger and vile remarks and move forward?

Tracybell said...

you're full of shit

Annie said...


Vernier said...

Enna we don't need saving from HKN. HKN NEVER gave a date. We started coming up with our own conclusions. Every pregnancy is different. That has been proven time and time again. We all agree to disagree and it is pleasant to have a conversation without all the put downs and vile remarks. But please don't attack HKN. We are all grown women here and we can come to our own conclusions. This is not a cult where she has taken control of our minds. We do think for ourselves. HKN like every blogger out there gives her opinion and any info she might be privy to and allowed to share. We can believe or not believe. Most of us here choose to believe. So it is not HKN leading us astray. It is us following our own opinions.

Morning Coffee said...

Teresa H:

Thank you I try most of the time...until I get really upset and then I rant incoherently.

Euclid: thanks for dropping by with that information...it's appreciated ma'am.

Tracy: how's your house projects coming along?

Gigi: hope you have a good night tonight.

Arleen: Feel better soon...stay hydrated and rested.

Annie: They constantly look for new ways to think they have won...
What's worse is how obnoxious they get about thinking they finally got one over on any R/K followers.

Vernier said...

But we can still agree to disagree but not knock HKN for what we decide to believe, okay? Good conversation is just that good convo. When you put in the negative stuff it turns ugly. Everyone, including the person doing or saying the bullshit, gets upset, stressed and it takes a good place to the pits of hell. Let's try and stay away from that okay?

Marion said...

Thank you, Vernier and I'd like to say I'm going to stay as far from MNN Wonderwall as much as possible. I just came across an article about celebs whose romances have ended tragically and of course Wonderwall had to pick their favorite target-Kristen. I sat there thinking to myself, I wonder what other hater celeb blogger sites and other Nonnies will think, when they come to realize Kristen has been expecting her and Rob's first child all this time? Most of them will look like the BeJesus has been slapped out of them, because they thought they knew what is going on in their personal life, when in fact they don't have a clue. Relying on someone like Rolando and his "magic camera" doesn't make for a very credible source. So I expect a lot of dropped jaws and cricket sounds on Twitter after finding out Rob and Kristen have been blessed with a beautiful child.

Morning Coffee said...

Enna....I am not trying to be rude...I will try to explain something to you in simple terms...

HKN told us what she was ALLOWED to tell us...She is not able to divulge any particulars if she even knows them.

Kristen isn't trying to hide the fact she is pregnant...neither is she advertising it...

Unless you lock yourself away through your entire pregnancy in a convent..People are going to notice how the body is changing.

And before you go there...when people gain weight they don't pick and choose where they want the extra body fat to go to. The plastic surgeons wouldn't be too thrilled about that.

Don't judge Robert or Kristen the way you would other Hollywood celbrities...They are nothing like the rest of them...which is why they have become targets and a great source of others horrendous behavior.

Kristen doesn't visit our blog and she doesn't visit any others...She truly doesn't care about anything other than Rob...family and closest friends.

Enna...please get help..not just for your sake but for the sake of your family. Their are many places to seek help ...but please do seek it.

Your behavior really isn't stable or normal. Maybe you are unaware of this.

Tracybell said...

We have been working on roof. The only reason im posting is because I refuse to do something that involves height and danger so hubs is doing it while I chat with you ladies lol.

He'll get paid back for all his hard work tonight ;) I keep telling him this house is full of "caulk" lol

Sorry I ventured off into dirty thought land lol.

Ok does anyone else think K Is wearing Robs black shorts he wore last summer? Lol

Tracybell said...

Im not Verni...you're full of shit.

Vernier said...

Lol Tracy I love you. Your house is full of caulk lol lol
nalla210 I agree more with honey than bile
Love you Tracy!!!!
MC love how you explained. Told you, you are much better with words than me... Love you so much sweet lady.....

Euclid said...

MC and Teresa H. - Thank you - I'm glad I had some useful information to share. Love the positive energy and fun here on HKN.

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