Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Chasing Tails And Striking Out

 The dipshidots were chasing their own tails a lot this past week. A lot of bs flying about.

 Unfortunately for the dipshdiots none of their hopes and dreams came true. They kept striking out.

 Ninja Rob showed up at Coachella. Wait. Wasn't he supposed to be in London? Guess the dipshidiots fan fic didn't pan out. Strike out number one .

The dipshidiots tried over and over in vain to make something  out of Rob at Coachella . Unfortunately for them they failed at every turn.

First it was Katy Perry. Seen at Coachella with Rob. 

 And you know where this went with the tabs and the dipshidiots right? They are deaf, dumb, and blind and didn't hear Katy say multiple times that she and Rob are ONLY friends. 

Give it up. You're  embarrassing yourselves.

Now this is who she made out with at Coachella.

Dildo oops I mean Diplo Katy's new man. She has been seen multiple times including at Coachella getting  her flirt on with him. Strike out number two. 

Supposedly two mystery blondes were there with Rob. Guess they were invisible. There were multiple pictures of Rob from Coachella. 

 Funny no blondes.

Still no blondes. (Who is he texting? Tee hee)  Stike out number three. 

Rob,Tamara and her girlfriend Erika. Both friends of Kristen. The dipshidiots can't seem to catch a break. (Message to the dipshdiots. Make sure the females you are trying to hook up Rob with aren't gay before you start your bs). Strikeout number four.

But wait it gets worse for the dipshidiots.

A fan posted this video on instagram.

Now why would Kristen be tagged ? Was she there? She commented later that yes Kristen was there with Rob. If you look at the youtube video frame by frame watch the right side of Rob. Supposedly Kristen is in there hiding from easy view. Make of that what you will. There were five sightings of Kristen at Coachella. I believe she was there. Strike out number five.

Some will tell you no Kristen is working she couldn't have been there. The last time we saw Kristen was on April 8th in Nola. Yes April 8th not her birthday. So yes she could have flown back to LA for a few days and flown back on Sunday. There are these things called airplanes. 

Rob used an airplane when he went to see Kristen for a few days in Nola right before her birthday. I luv you cuz!

 This pic came out and the Kristen haters were out in force. 

 Kristen holding a can of beer. Omg that means she's drinking it and she's an alchoholic! Wait she's pregnant! She can't have a drink! (Yeah she can.)

It got even worse when a pic of her supposedly holding a bong, bowl (whatever) showed up on Perez fos Hiltons site. Funny how it never turned up anywhere else. Why would that be? Photo shopped maybe? No I'm not bringing it here. It's total bs.

Smoke! Omg she's smoking!.Stop the presses! Funny how you see no bong/bowl and no cigarette. There is no pic of her taking a hit off a bong/bowl or a cigarette in her hands.

The dipshdiots can't seem to grasp the fact that she is filming a movie where she plays a stoner/slacker.I'm guessing we will get more pictures of her smoking and drinking. WHILE FILMING.

According to the dipshidiots there are no cameras in view so they aren't filming.


No cameras. guess they weren't filming here either.

No cameras. Guess he wasn't filming lol. He's just into cute heifers.. 

Strike out number six.

Some people need to get their heads out of their asses.

Movie News!

Maps To The Stars Trailer! 

Watch it while you can. First one's already been taken down. 

Some other goodies. I think I'm going to like this movie.

Benedict Cumberpatch said in an interview that Lost City of Z to start in June. Lord help us all.

Mission Blacklist end of April and thirty day shoot.? Lets hope so. Finally.

Seasons of Dust. A new Kristen Movie? With Robert Redford, Ewan McGregor, and James Franco. Wow! is all I have to say. Not crazy about James Franco but that's just me. Sounds interesting.

Sweet pea trying to make his/her presence known. Anyone else notice she has on a different outfit? Supposedly this is from same day as  the park pictures.

 Another one supposedly from same day at park. So that is three different outfits now from the same day at the park. Something fishy going on here don't ya think? 

New pic of Kristen on set. Wow that hair is red !
Anyone who can't see something else is blind or in denial. 

  Oh the stories those sun glasses could tell if they could talk.

Keep calm and ignore the bullshit!

And if that doesn't work do as sweet pea does.


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Annie said...

So many strikeouts.:) :)

Morning Coffee said...

HKN I love you..seriously ....I do.

That baby shooting the bird priceless.

Time for all you havenettes to take a deep breath and relax.

Unknown said...

Thank you, HKN! Loved every word of it. That giant sweater speaks for itself. And the comments about KP's new man made me laugh hard. This was much needed tonight. R&K are absolutely together as far as I'm concerned. Everything is fine.

Vernier said...

Gigi when that baby is born I'm gonna twerk, do the booty clap, drop it like it's hot and rotate them hips back up and do the running man!!!! lol lol lol
Girl I will be party central!!!!!!

Vernier said...

I loved it HKN!!!! Love it! Loved it! loved it!!!!! The baby and the bird? PRICELESS!!!! I wanted to say hello little Kristen Pattinson!!! lol lol Great post and just what we all need... Thank You Mam!!!!!

Unknown said...

OMG! The perfect wrap up for the last few days of crazy!

And SweetP already taking after her mum! Lol

Vernier said...

Hey HKN step on the troll and keep it moving.... Love ya ladies

Morning Coffee said...

Vern...so glad you posted your thoughts about Rob and Kristen..you too Gigi..They honestly do have a love that transcends time and space. It was visible for the entire world to see on literally thousands of occasions. It's the kind of love that makes you believe in a world where love is still true and hatred and bitterness don't win.

they are everything good and right about love. Those who don't believe it or accept are only judging them by how they live their own lives and what they are use to. You really have to pity them..it must really hurt to be filled with that much hate.

Vernier said...

MC did you hear something? Nah, me neither.
Thank you and you are so right. Love you lady....

Vernier said...

I need everyone to remember this. I shared this with a true friend who I have grown to love like a sister. I know we were all looking forward to pics of them together. I was and I wasn't. I think I wanted all or nothing and when we got parts it broke hearts. We do get overly invested in this young couple. Why is a question I am always ask. My answer is always the same. With being as tom boyish and rebel like Kristen is. And as gentle and silly as Rob is. These opposites were cut from the same cloth. She is his missing rib and soulmate. They fit perfectly and we all witnessed this. We have who we love and we are comfortable with it but they have a love you can see and feel. A love that was created before they were born I believe. When you look into his face or hers' as they look at each other or when they are near each other, all you see is love, adoration, true soulmate love and you want it to last forever. You root for it, you fight the naysayers for it, and you want to glimpse it as much as possible. When you see it, it consumes you. You fight for it to last like it is your relationship or someone near and dear to you. I am tired of the arguing and believe me it will stop. I believe, You believe and so does MC, Tracy, HKN and Mama Nails. So let's not lose sight of the real reasons we are here. The love of R and K and the love of the great company and friends we have here. The love of each other......

Annie said...

Hello again.....I was watching Coldplay in concert on EPIX. :)

Tbell said...

Love it so much you dont even know. Ive been m.i.a. alot becuz my husband has really needed my help this week and ive only gotten glimpses of everything from friday on. I felt so outta the loop lol. This post kinda wrapped everything in a big bow for me and I got to unwrap my present!!! Wierd analogy but it works for me lol. And baby sweatpea can not be denied in that big white sweater....your right....she's right there saying look at me!!! And all im gonna say about baby flyin the bird is...yes yes and yes! Love the post ♡♡♡

hi guys ive missed you all. Hubs is going back to work tomrw so I'll be freeeeeeeeeee!!!! Proof that marriage survives time apart. Im practically kicking his ass out the door lol.

Tbell said...

Hey V
Loved ur comment ♡♡♡

Hatersknownothing said...


Loved your comment! Just beautiful.

Morning Coffee said...

Annie I love that group...one thing I have never lost is my love of music all kinds if it is good.

Bravo Vern: I want to quote something from the wedding vows and then add a smidge..

"What God has joined together let no man or (woman put asunder)" God really frowns on people who do that kind of stuff.

Hot damn but it's good to get out the mops and dustrags and wipe all the negativity out of a place.
Love you girls..

POOKIE...Where are you little mouse...did you fall down the litltle mouse hole?...duz you needs a ladder to climb up?
Are you and hubby still at your matinee???????? speak woman I need deets and music and poetry from you Pookie. I miss you!!!!!

Come back little pookie ..Come back!

Hatersknownothing said...


I just want to give you a shout out for the way you've been handling our resident trolls. Ignoring is the best policy with them and you have been doing a great job with the hop skip and jump. I'll keep the delete button handy lol.

Morning Coffee said...

Tracy..I hear you my friend...mine is retired God help me...don't get me wrong I adore the shit out of the man...but there I days I would love just a little me time...I get it at night he is asleep hours before me.

He gets bored...easily....use to working and feeling like he has purpose...told him to go find part time job or take up a hobby. He told me he has a hobby, aggravating me.... with a shit eating grin on his face.

Tbell said...

Thank you and absolutely no problem. Im gonna try real real hard to 100% ignore this week lol. And once again the baby flyin the bird was so many kinds of awesome!!! Have a wonderful evening

Hey MC
Its late but I'll shout atcha tomrw. You to V if ur up. Annie..loved the salad recipe. It looks like a winner. When I make it ill let you know how it turned out.

Tbell said...

Posted at same time lol. My hubs works 2 weeks on 1 week off so this week we were attached at hip lol. So ready to be alone it aint even funny lol.

Unknown said...

Love post hkn. One of your best. We may not got pic of k but we were definitely rewarded by haters getting a dose of their own medicine.

NOLA girl said...

HKN - thanks much for this newest post! Looks like Kristen's hair color was amped up a bit. You are a helluva pitcher to have all those strikeouts :)

Monday, it was 80* down here and pretty muggy. Had nasty weather from around 2pm on. The front came through last night and it was 20* cooler today and very windy. We may get a freeze tonite.

That is definitely Kristen's child :)-

HKN - all we know is what we see, hear, and read. Doesn't leave much in the way of options, does it? Thank you for being so very generous in sharing your cuz's information.

Tracybell - totally understand where you're coming from. I wanted to lock my hubby in a closet this weekend and throw away the key. How's the house coming along?

Morning Coffee - hope you find him a job soon!

Vern - well said.

Pookie - just let us know you're still alive!

NOLA girl said...

HKN - heads up, there's a full moon tonite...

Hatersknownothing said...

NOLA girl

They are already making a big deal about new pics of Kristen smoking. They say she is on her break not filming. Funny how her audio mic is still on her if she's not filming.

a stargazzer said...

Love this. We all should be happy that our couple has become so good in hiding. This means the paps cannot make money out of them.

I wanted to share the way I keep myself sane.
Rob and Kristen are two attractive young people. The idea that they had been celibate for years is almost laughable, IMO.

They have a track record of being in committed relationships. So their "needs" cannot be fulfilled by random hook ups or anything like it. Furthermore if they were doing that we will have reports and pics all over the place because who in the right mind would not admit to have had a ONS with any of them?

My logic says that they must be seeing someone and unless you think they are a) jerks and b) so hot that they can get away with it they wouldn't humiliate a SO they care about by keeping them hidden and allowing people to link them to other people including themselves.

My logic says they are together and as long as I don't see them sucking face with someone else not even the lack of pics will make me think otherwise.

For me Robsten is unbroken.

Unknown said...

Good night to all the Havenettes! Thanks for wishing a happy anniversary. Yes me and my hubby have been married for 19yrs. Its the best. I love him. Well good night. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all! Night!
HKN- I love this. Great job! Night!

Unknown said...

Nola girl, thank you!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

great comment of :)VERNIER

vana said...

HKN I love you to pieces. Can't stop grinning.
Hi everyone.
Arlene congratulations on your 19th year anniversary, that's beautiful.
Love the red hair.
Love what I see regarding MTTS Rob and all the cast sounds really amazing.
Rob and Kristen have always reminded me of the symbol, Ying/Yang, love them so much together. Better get some work done.
BTW Vernier, interesting visual of the twerk, loved your comment :))

Unknown said...

good morning,
great and redeeming post from you HKN.
Amazing what was going on in the last days. Then the tranquility must come, we hope.
Beautiful pictures of kristen with oversized clothes, lol.
And a fan picture of Rob from the concert.
Wishes a sunny day all

Paloma said...

Chapó Hkn, una vez más me tengo que quitar el sombrero ante este nuevo post, eres grande muy grande y sincera tremendamente sincera y eso causa malestar a mucha gente, pues que se jodan, el que no quiera que no te lea . Vernier hermosas palabras, estoy de acuerdo con tigo, si hay dos personas en este mundo que están destinadas a estar juntas son ROB y KRIS, están hechos el uno para el otro.
Si KRIS fuma o bebe es cosa suya y de nadie más, punto y pelota. Que paséis un feliz día havenettes, un beso a todas.


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Good morning to all the Havenettes! Thank you all for last night wishing a happy anniversary. And today I am officially 40 today! And my hubby's is 44 today too. Hope you all have a great day. Sorry about the last part.

Vernier said...

Paloma said:
Chapo Hkn No, again I have to take my hat off to this new post, are large very large and extremely honest and sincere that causes you discomfort to many people, because fuck them, who do not want do not read. Vernier beautiful words, I agree with you, if there are two people in this world who are destined to be together are ROB and KRIS are made ​​for each other.
If KRIS smoke or drink is up to her and no one else. Hope that you'll have a happy day havenettes, kiss them all.

FELICITY BEAUTIFUL AGAIN. ARE YOU MADE LESS. :) :) Havenettes have bad blood with people coming here to insult, invent and criticize. Insult can catch up and then nothing separates us from them. The truth has only one way and sooner or later all will know and see. Good night.

Gracias Paloma. Sus palabras son tan ciertas. Que tengan un buen día.

I said:
Thank you Paloma. Your words are so true. Have a great day.

Unknown said...

Morning you all! It's a chilly day here, but the sun is shining.
Where are you Pookie? We miss you.
MC, you made me giggle with your comments about your husband. My dad is retired and he gets on my mom's nerves all the time. But they've been married almost 55 years.
I was looking at the pictures of K on the set when my husband came into the room. His words were "'anyone who misses that is an *%@# idiot.'" And yes, he believes beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are together, too.
We're going out for some fun today since my kids are on Spring Break. I'll be back later on. Hope everyone has a great day!

Tbell said...

Morning ladies

Its a beautiful day and I love K's hair. The things she will do to her hair amazes me. Mine would burn off if I did that lol.

Here I was thinking we'd only get a few pics here and there but wow day 1 and looks like its gonna be Still Alice all over again.

Hope you ladies have a great day ♡

Unknown said...

HKN another fantastic post you make it so enjoyable coming here and thankyou , Great post Vernier totally agree PRICELESS, GREAT PHOTOS OF KRISTEN ON SET SHE IS ABSOLUTELY GLOWING , SEE THE haters/trolls are going to be all over the pics with the cigerette in her hand cant they tell Kristen is actually working the mind boggles, well love and hugs to you all have a great day.

Unknown said...

What a funny post and baby bird! I did not stop laughing through the whole post! Thanks HKN, you have a gift! Thanks Vern and M.C. and Tracey for your posts! Gigi, your husband has profound intelligence! What is the BOOTY CLAP? Vern, I need instruction for that one! Gigi, everything has been fine for about five years now, those two really are together , and kind of ignore the rest of the world, big smile!

Morning Coffee said...

Hey girls...

Just stopped to have a look at Kristens newest pics ...I'm sure all the idiots in the world will say oh look she's smoking...They will refuse to acknowledge that she is in the middle of making a scene and being filmed. The fact she has her audio equipment attached to her and you can clearly see the cigarette never burns down during the filming should let people realize it is an electronic cigarette. But of course that would not serve there purposes of making Kristen out to be a bad expectant mother.

I for one am sick to death of know it alls that really couldn't tell the difference between their own ass and a hole in the ground.

For all you naysayers and doubters..Take your heads out of the asses of other haters and learn how to think for yourself. Take your head out of the asses of all the rag magazines who earn their very lucrative living by telling the most bizarre lies ever created..Yet you all drink them up like Jesus was delivering the Sermon on the Mount once more.

Just for a matter of interest pregnant women can drink and or smoke in small quantities and cause absolutely no harm to the baby. So pregnancy police back the fuck off.

Go worry about the babies who's mothers are drug addicts or carry HIv virus where the babies are doomed before they take their first breath.

You want to fight ...then fight a good worthwhile fight...use your life for something worth your time and effort.

Get down from your high horses, we don't need or want your opinions or your advice...We didn't come seeking any of you to tell us your version of the truth and what you believe..So don't come seeking us.

Get a final clue and here it is.

No matter how much you all wish for Rob and Kristen to mean absolutely nothing to each other, you'll never get it.

They fell in love long ago and remain that way and yes they are awaiting the arrival of their first child.

when you find out you were wrong on everything are you going to kill yourselves from grief or start a whole new batch of lies about them.

You're all a bunch of losers in my book. I have a wilted head of lettuce in my fridge with a higher I.Q. than 99.99% of you all.


Hatersknownothing said...

Morning Coffee

It will be like this the whole time she is filming this movie. The haters were probably wringing their hands with glee when they heard she would be playing a stoner. And yes the moral police can't seem to grasp that some pregnant woman do smoke and drink while pregnant. In moderation. My.mother did with all five pregnancies. She was a hard core chain smoker for years but finally gave it up about 10 years ago.

Morning Coffee said...

HKN I also came from the generation of smoking expectant women..no one told us other wise including our drs.

My kids were all born healthy and between seven and eight pounds.

I just get so damn tired of all the lies they make up.

Love you girl thanks for keeping us sane.

Unknown said...

Mc and hkn love what yall said. U know if I didnt believe k was pg. I wouldn't waste my time talking about it. If I believe they broke up again I would spend time talking about a non existent couple. The know r and k are together. Trust me. We at hkn blog aren't worried about k pix. If k was still smoking why didn t she smoke during filming still alice. Why didn't she smoke during dec, jan, feb, mar, etc . Months weve seen no smoke until she a stoner in au. Same for drinks. K is filming and surrounded by crew. U morons. Shes filming! The cigarette is not lighted! Theres no smoke! We have known for years they can use fake cig and pot in movies. Google it. Dummies. The haters always saying she on break. Well haters when she ever gonna film because according to yall she always on break. The should change the movie from au to k stewart on a break.

Unknown said...

Everybody, please calm it down to the ground and do the BABY FLIP OR BIRD for a little fun! I think that Kristen knows no matter what she does or does not do, there will be she-bitches there to just be there to crap in their own nests. And, her microphone is just turned off to that. Before she even began shooting these crazies were shooting their wad around. I think she looks great, very happy, healthy, and her sweetie, Rob, is a happy man. They are a couple of lucky bunnies to have each other, to be able to do what they want, when they want, and ignore the pests! I have always thought they were just really fine and amused at the idiots who could not control them or influence them in any way. In fact, the nastier they get, the longer they will stay under the radar to be comfortable and have a somewhat normal life they do not share with the general public. I have to say that I respect them even more, every day, for their ability to stay quiet and happy about their personal life. These are movie stars who are really just normal people who need their lives kept undisturbed, and are willing to work hard to keep it that way. Here is to Rob and Kris,
keeping it cool! Got to go!

Unknown said...

GIGI That sweater is huge and she is tiny so how come we still see sweet pea so well? I mean in some shots you can really see their baby is getting definitely ready to get up and go, so to speak. I am just guessing but is everybody really sure about May? I am no professional, but if the baby is as big as it looks, methinks an April arrival after all. I sure would not plan around the picture shoot, I think they are shooting around a beautiful little Mama to be. JMO. As anybody knows, in this case, the baby decides when and where they are ready, not Mama or Daddy. Both of mine were very early and very healthy. Heavy hitter kickers too. Active babies seem to walk earlier also. Babies are ALWAYS a big surprise!

Tbell said...

You my friend are hilarious...K on a Break lol. If I had the equipment and skills I'd make a teaser trailer for that new movie and post it lol. People are stupid aren't they? Well thanks for making my day sweetie!!!!

andreana said...

Well marie grab some popcorn and enjoy yourself..... could you be any angrier to people you don't know?.. Chic you and your little rant are WEIRD.....and not in a cute way...yeah grasshoper send the pictures....don't you just feel all warm and fuzzy creating trouble?..

andreana said...

P.S. marie we do not care if she smokes,drinks, or runs naked thru NOLA .... We are still her fans and we cannot wait for the baby tobe born?.

Unknown said...

Needed that, great post! The baby flicking us off is great. But the best is the cuz, needed to hear that he was there, she was there, they were there!!!!! Can't stand the drought. When I saw the video I thought it was her he was rushing out. Thanks for you and your wonderful blog!!!!

Unknown said...

Hey Vernier, couldn't have expressed the "reason why"
any better if I tried for ever....forever like R/K...thanks

andreana said...

Marie.....bite me

Happygirl said...

Some people need really a brain if K had really smoke pot in a public park, the police would had arrested her, because it´s illegal, but I see K and the crew are still on the set.

Happygirl said...

Ladies I think it´s time to ignore the stupid trolls again.


Happygirl said...

@marie that shows me how stupid you are. They couldn´t arrested her because at was her house, but this was a public park. JS

Tbell said...

Grasshopper? Bwahaha love it

andreana said...

Hey tracybell I have missing you here.... welcome back!

Tbell said...

Thank you

Tbell said...

When one says they are "not as stupid" they are admitting stupidity *raises eyebrow*

Unknown said...

Hey you all. How is everyone? Sue, my husband enables my addiction to Twilight, R&K, fanfiction, and B&E. When I tell him the about the things that go on in the fandom, he laughs right with me. When I showed him a picture of Kris in Dallas, he said that she looked almost exactly like I did when I was pregnant with our daughter.
By the way, my mom smoked during her pregnancies, and I, along with my older sisters, were fine. She also drank a beer on occasion, such as the night before I was born after she painted the nursery.

Tbell said...

Well first off, i cant "listen" to posts on this blog, but I can read words on this blog. Lol. Didn't say I didn't read posts, I just don't give two flying fucks what some people post on this blog.

Btw, I dont read other blogs but I just found out that Kami from RPI and Whyreadabook aka. The chicken coop, accused me of sending her an email that said I wished her niece would die. That is completely untrue. Kami and anyone perpetuating that story is a liar. I don't believe she was ever sent an email and if she did, she sent it to herself.

Plano Soprano said...

Honestly, are we now criticizing other posters' mothers for decisions and actions that were taken decades ago? Really???

That's just wrong. You wouldn't like it if someone criticized your mother, so why in the world are you doing it to someone else?

Hatersknownothing said...


Is Kami bringing that up again? She doesn't know who it was. She had no proof it was you. Sounds like she is trying to stir up trouble again.

Tbell said...

Well I know who visits gay blogs and where they got their info js.

Wind is blowing here like a hater troll spinning their rpf lol. But at least it aint knowing

Tbell said...

Isnt it interesting how all these new posters names end in numbers and originate from livejournal?

Tbell said...

Knowing should be at least it aint snowing lol. You get it? Because it snowed here on Monday lol. Clumsy thumbsy lol

Morning Coffee said...

Hows my girls this evening? I guess doing good by the sounds of it...

Tracybell I am very sorry that you are being accused by the idiot for something you didn't do...It's known as attention seeking, it's actually quite pathetic on her behalf.

Unfortunately there are those who will buy her lies hook, line and the nasty worm on the hook.

I think HKN is correct as long as Kristen is making this film, the moral police will be on patrol and we just need to gird our loins and bite our tongues.

Teresa you cracked me up...They should change the name of the movie..Kristen takes a break...I'm still chuckling on that one.

I guess they better put the actual film to be complete late august to account for all her break time.

Still no word from Pookie????
Pookster...could you pop in and give a squeak girly mouse...so we don't worry. please.

I'm off for dinner ...back later love you all.

andreana said...

Gigi cullen; lol my husband does the same thing...He went with me to all of the movies, listened to me talk endlessly about the books, and he even tolerates my cougar crush on Rob..LOL..its ok.... he thinks Kristen is gorgeous...I showed him a recent pictured of her and thinks she looks quite pregnant..

vana said...

Happy Birthday Arlene and to your husband too. Hope you are having a wonderful celebration.

Paloma said...

Buenas tardes para ustedes señoras, buenas noches para mi, vivimos al revés :) :). Sólo quería desearles buenas noches.

Crucemos los dedos para que ROB y KRIS vayan a CANNES, o uno de ellos por lo menos. Dudo mucho que se vuelva a repetir lo del balcón, pero la esperanza es lo último que se pierde.

Tbell said...

Sorry I directed my post to Verni and should've been you. Someone let me know that was being brought up on a blog and they were discussing the chicken coop quite extensively. They were talking like the cluckers this innocent group of old ladies being attacked. Just want to set the record straight in regards to the death of a child incident. Everything else I take full responsibility for lol.

Vallie said...

Hi Havenettes! So many exciting things happening.

Tomorrow we get the Cannes lineup announcement. If they both have movies included for the second time, at the same time, that would be so cool for them! The Rover trailer is also coming out tomorrow so tomorrow's a big day.

MTTS trailer is awesome! Makes me really excited to see the movie. Isn't it a funny coincidence that R has similar limo scenes with Juliette & Julianne and K has made movies with each as well? I saw a gif that showed the 4 pairings and it was really funny. R worked with each of the ladies first so I bet there were some funny conversations between them and K when she worked with them after.

I am loving Mike's & Phoebe's hair and the pics we're getting. Such cute stoners ;-) K looks really happy on set.

Annie - I have been trying to decide what to take to Easter dinner & I now have my answer...your salad! Sounds great and will be a perfect addition to all the non-healthy food that I know will be present. Thanks for the recipe!

Traceybell - the hair remover I was talking about is called Tria. It's a laser and really hurts but probably not as bad as your waxes (I write while wincing and crossing my legs.) The good thing about the Tria is that it's permanent, so after a few painful sessions you're hair free forever! And you see results after the first time! Did that sound like a commercial?? Promis I don't work for the company;-) and I loved your fanfic in public comment. Been here!

Enjoyed the post & all the comments!

Barbara Fenwick said...

Wonderful post hkn. I enjoyed every word of it. Hopefully the haters will give up one of these days, and in the meantime I love how you stick it to them.

Loved the pic of the baby shooting the bird....priceless.

Rob and Kristen look so happy, and they have so much to look forward to. I am loving it.

Thank you hkn. I look forward to next time.

Morning Coffee said...

New pics Kristen RD filming at Nola airport. she looks good.

Also tweets about K from Max Landis.

Unknown said...


New pics robert.

good night girls. :)

Unknown said...

I missed all the RUDE DAWGS who came through today and am so sorry that stupid ass has started problems again for you Tracey. I think M. C. and HKN are right, she is looking FOR ATTENTION. You would never threated any child and she does not know who said that. That makes her what she is, an LY TATERPATCHER. You guys had snow!? We just froze our tiny little TITTIES off, it was 30 and below in the Tulsa area. We are still chilly here and might have nice weather by Easter. Have a much better week Tracy! WHERE IS MY LITTLE MOUSIE? POOKIE, ARE YOU ALL RIGHT? We love and miss you. We don't always remember to write posts to everyone because sometimes we don't have time to read all the posts, but we love you all! The strawberry salad is magic! Thanks lady from New York! Hello to Annie and Jane! Hi to loving ladies Vern and M.C. I wish to hear from Lizzie D, are you there my friend? Blowing a kiss to little Arleen and hoping everybody has a great Easter. My car is going to be fixed by the other party that hit me, my nerves are settling down. Nola Girl, hope you are doing good. I need some good Cajun cooking! Nightie night!

Unknown said...

yo people! whatttzzzzup?
homies! Gigi Cullen, NOLA, MC, sue morris, morning coffee, tracybell, venier, annie, felicity, mamanails, jane, andreana, a stargazzer (sending hugs), RK Faith, intothesun74, lisa g, euclid, ‪Debbie Brechbiel‬, all yall, each and every darling one of yall! Halloooo *waving wildly*

great great great new post by our sweet queen HKN-- god bless you darling HKN you quite brighten the day

well it took me quite a while to clean up after K's big birthday bash
all told seven different bands played, average white band, the allman brothers, the commodores, k c and the sunshine band is actually still here drunkenly repeating 'get down tonite' while conga-ing around the entire mansion where the mouse hole is, blowing erratic toots and blatts on their trumpets, up and down the stairs, out on the lawn and back again!... i still can't get the mango ice cream out of the curtains, the balloons out of the belfry and the crepe paper that has wetly merged into the chandeliers the crepe paper was red and blue now the light from the chandeliers is too it's quite pretty actually

i've also been working on some new stuff writing some new stuff a story that i'd like to turn into a book then a screen play i can dream can't i? lol! a person needs to dream by crackie!!

so i wrote a song and recorded it (i did all the parts) about it like a theme song or something it's called "Blood Will Tell" it's about two fraternal-twin brothers on a huge spanish land-grant rancho in the very late 1700's or early 1800's somewhere around Sante Fe New Mexico, or Arizona maybe-- hey here's a shout out to mabear57-- i saw you were from Mesa Arizona that sounds really good! maybe you could let me know any legends from around your parts! anyway i've been researching to include in the story of a young girl who wanders out of the desert to the rancho, a girl so beautiful, whose mother turns out to be a woman shaman the last of a line of medicine people from an ancient people in the desert there, the mysterious pueblo people the anasazi, and i can work in their myths and of course the mysterious petroglyphs-- kind of "A Duel in the Sun" meets "Altered States" meets "Legends of the Fall" well anyway like i say the song is called "Blood Will Tell" and i posted it for you to listen at my tumblr pookielewis.tumblr.com **(if that's not cool, HKN dearest, i'll delete this whole post with sincere apologies-- i possibly presumptuously figured you might not mind as you've so graciously allowed me to do that in the past and i appreciate it so much and i thank you so much)**--
i freakin hope you like it

and sorry dear ones to be gone so long also another thing my poor son had all four wisdom teeth pulled but he did so great, but for a few days i was keeping the ice packs going and pulverizing cooked chicken for him, with mashed peas and mashed potatoes and every other mashed thing the darling, he never complained not once

anyway i love you all very much and you are all never far from my mind

never worry about what other people say
life is too precious to hate

LizzieD said...

sue morris -- HELLO!!! Yes, I'm lurking at times. Unfortunately, I'm missing a lot of comments. Work & RL can really be a bitch and cuts into my PLAY TIME!!! I see they have Kristen wearing TONS of clothes while filming :) She looks great even with orange hair, the color actually resembles Victoria's hair from the Twilight movies, right?

LIZ IN LALA LAND --- TWIRLING & TWIRLING because only good things in store for our favorite couple!!!

Unknown said...

Dropping in for a few minutes to see how everyone is doing. Tomorrow will be a big day for them. I'm hoping for the very best you all. Rob and Kris put so much of their hearts into their craft. They deserve as many accolades as possible.
I'm so very sleepy.
Love you HKN, MC, Verni, MN, Tracy, Sue, and the rest of the group.

Unknown said...

wasPookie, I read your post on Tumblr, and my heavens, you floor me with your talent! The imagery is tremendous. Thank you for sharing it. I'll have my husband to read it over in the am b/c he'd love it too. Take care of yourself and love you!! XXOO

Morning Coffee said...

Pookie....I have no words for that newesr song...you have been blessed with a God given talent. it told the whole story and ws beautiful and heartbreaking.

Love you...now throw kc and his crew into helping you clean up the mess.

a stargazzer said...

Pookie welcome back!

I love songs that say legends yours is painfully beautiful.

Not sure how good is your Spanish but there is a song by Spanish rock band Mecano called Hijo de la Luna. That is really good and about a legend, Sarah Brightman did a cover too.

NOLA girl said...

Haven Babes - how are you?

Well, it sounds like the Full Moon last nite brought out some crazies! Can you imagine spending your day spewing hate about people you don't even know? WTF?!

I was trying to think of a name for the color of Kristen's hair: Ariel Red, Pomegranate Red, but it's really closer to the color of boiled crawfish and I really love them, so that's gonna be the name for me :). It looks great on her doesn't it?

I wanted to mention that it should be very easy for Rob to visit and Kristen to go home while she's here. I know they can afford private planes, but Southwest has non-stops to/from NOLA to/from LAX.

Arleen, happy birthday wishes to you and your hubby!

sue mo - hope you are feeling better. I was at fault in my accident and I have been pretty miserable since. I've never hit anyone before. Maybe it's better to be the hittee... I truly hope everything works out great for you and the driver had good insurance.

Nice pic of Rob with a fan today, wasn't it?

Thank Gawd Coachella is done, or is it? I sure hope so.

Enjoy your evening Havenettes and sleep well!

Pookie - you had me worried. Glad your son is doing better! You were missed.

Unknown said...

Good night to all the Havenettes! I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. Thanks for wishing me a happy Birthday. Hugs to you all! Night!

Unknown said...

Thank you NOLA girl! Good night!

Saphire1231 said...

Wonderful News Havenettes!....

Cannes will be really interesting and exciting for all of R/K Fans, they both have movies Announced in the competition...

I.e. Clouds of Sils Maria for Kristen and Maps To The Stars for Rob

With The Rover playing as a showpiece (not in the competition)...

Hallelujah and pass the pop-corn!!

I am Sooooo excited ...

Winners announced May 24th!

Don't post much these days my lovelies... but I read you all daily and love the camaraderie... And am happy to ignore the trolls!!

Love to all Chrissie

Annie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Annie said...


Morning all.
Wonderful news coming out of Cannes for Rob and Kristen.
Happy fan here. :):)
It's cold outside!

Unknown said...

Morning to all Havenettes,Hkn,Mama Nails, hope all is well Great news about Rob and Kristen with both MOVIES for Cannes this years fans are going to love them, great pics from Kristen working an Rob at Sams concert and some fan pics,well hugs to you all have a great day.

Tbell said...

Super excited for Rob and Kristens movies being nominated for Cannes! What an honor for them.

Loved Kristens pics filming. I wonder how long she'll keep her red after filming is complete? And is she wearing Dr Martens? She looks so cute in her boots and skirt :)

And Rob pics at a concert? We're lucky lucky fans

Have a good one everybody

Unknown said...

WHAT A HAPPY MORNING! I hear from my sweet little Mouse and she is writing lovely music! And Lizzie D is twirling for joy for our favorite couple who have movies going to CANNES! I watched Rob's newest video on RD and I really was terrific. WOWZER! MD --I think your husband might like that one it looks like a winner. Kristen has a hair color that reminds me of tangerines- and really, who else could pull that off? The bad vamp in third twilight had curly orange hair, darker, but she was beautiful in that awful wig. Loved her portrayal of the bad old vampire. Loving the fact that our sweeties are being recognized again for their work. Nola, I was flabbergasted that the police drawing was so clearly in favor of me. I was so shook up about a fender bender, so grateful I did not get totaled by the other car. The car makes noises and door scraping is driving me nuts but it is still running and I have to go get dressed to take Jacqueline to Tulsa for her colon cleanse with Kathy, a very sweet Christian lady who is very caring for my little girl. Everybody, please have a fine morning and Sweet Pea, you are a lucky little baby, you have a nice family waiting for your arrival! Bye now.

Unknown said...

I'm thrilled for R&K every morning, but this on especailly. Not only do they have a remarkable relationship, and a baby on the way, but they also have the nominations for their movies. Life is good for them.
Yet I'm not getting my hopes up about seeing them at Cannes. MB is supposed to start filming the end of this month, and K has AU plus the baby. If they are there, then I'll be tickled pink of course, but I'm being realistic. Yes it would be heaven to see more of what happened in 2012. I just don't see them being that open in public for a very long time. And I blame it all on the paps b/c they ruined it for us.
So here's to Cannes, you all, and the month of May. I hope it bring us an unexpected surprise or two, at least for those of us who can not see what is in front of their eyes.

Unknown said...

good day all
nice news for Rob and Kristen and their films. Whether both really go to Cannes because we will have to wait, I do not think so.
Kristen turns AU, then Kristen will be heavily pregnant in May, and Rob MB. And in mid-June'' The Child of a Leader'' a lot of work in the next month. Rob's role is big? Looking forward to all the movies.
And between all dates is still the baby. what you mean actually when it comes? Just curious on your opinion!
Wish you all a sunny day.

LizzieD said...

GOOD MORNING!!! CANNES, CANNES, CANNES .... not a surprise but I'm sure we are still happy for the "official" announcement. God, don't we wish & hope for "other" announcements ... an old lady can dream, right?

LIZ IN LALA LAND --- TWIRLING, TWIRLING & TWIRLING (extra twirls for all 3 movies) for R & K as I'm sure they both really happy today. Tearing up the FaceTime I'm sure :)

Morning Coffee said...

Morning All...Ran out erly with hubs for his Dr. appt. and came back a little while ago to such fantastic news..

I'm so happy and proud of their acheivements...Both in the same year once more.

They both have so much to look forward to in their young lives. I am happy to be able to share in their successes and life, even from a distance.

I hope God continues to bestow on them, triumph after triumph, joy after joy. and sends his angels to watch over them and keep them safe always.

Love you girls ..so happy for our sweeties and sweetpea.

Unknown said...

MC, thank you for your wonderful words! They really do have a bright future together for many reasons.
Keep your fingers crossed that we'll have heating and a/c in our home by this afternoon.

Morning Coffee said...

Gigi; consider it done...even if they have to put in a whole new unit.

I am so excited for Rob and Kristen and their continue success. Especially when so many said they were both washed up in Hollywood. Just shows you the difference between those who never lost faith in them and the haters and naysayers who haven't been right yet.

Love you sweetie

Unknown said...

Hi all! It has been awhile since my last post, but lupus rules my life mostly now. Anyways, I couldn't miss Pook's "shout out" to me! Dear talented Pookster I would be more than happy to help in any way possible whereas I am a native of Arizona, so pick my brain or what is left of it! I am thrilled as all of the rest of you for our kids great news today! But I have to say that it still pales in comparison to the upcoming life-changing entrance of their beloved child! I can't wait for them (& me)! Many hugs & much love to all! 🐻😘

andreana said...

Cannes again for both!!!... is it weird that I feel like a proud parent ?.... :-)

Morning Coffee said...

Anger in its time and place

May assume a kind of grace.

It must have some reason in it,

And not last beyond a minute.

If to further lengths it go,

It does into malice grow.

'Tis the difference that we see

'Twixt the serpent and the bee.

If the latter you provoke,

It inflicts a hasty stroke,

Puts you to some little pain,

But it never stings again.

Close in tufted bush or brake

Lurks the poison-swellëd snake

Nursing up his cherished wrath;

In the purlieux of his path,

In the cold, or in the warm,

Mean him good, or mean him harm,

Whensoever fate may bring you,

The vile snake will always sting you.

- Charles Lamb –

Found this today and found it far too interesting and accurate...to not share it with my sisters...my little bees.

I love you each and everyone.

Unknown said...

MC, that was fabulous and much needed. Snakes come in all shapes and sizes simply waiting to tempt us. Thank you more than words could say.
My family is yet again driving me insane. We have heating and a/c now, but they are simply a bunch of irritable people. Thank goodness I can come here for a break.

Tbell said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tbell said...

You saying you're the Queen Bee?


I'll gladly be your worker bee ; ]

Morning Coffee said...

Tracybell.....I'm only the queen of my own castle...and sometimes not even that. I jsut read that and thought how appropriate is this.

Hope HKN doesn't mind me taking the liberty of posting it.

Gigi: Give your troops and kick in the seat of the pants and tell them the Easter Bunny is going toby pass your house if they keep up their nonsense.

I will be back a little later.

Unknown said...

TEE,HEE, TRACEYBELLE, Well don't you know, young lady , we have some very special ladies who speak the word, and the word was heard, all around this beautiful world! For instance, Rob and Kristen have a special world where their lives are their own, and their families and friends. We love them just the way they are and are very happy for them in that they are so talented and we want to see them succeed in all they do. We pray for their safety and the safety of their families. We love each other and will protect our own here, and special pats on TRACEYBELLE'S back, many hugs to POOKIE AND LIZZE D AND VERN, and M.C., we cannot tell you how much happiness you bring here. Everyone here is a friend, and we are strong in our support for HKN, who is a wonderful friend to all of us. Gigi, Annie, Jane, Teresa, Nola Girl, and Arleen, we are all happy for Rob and Kristen. MARTHA, SANNI, PALOMA, ANDREANNA, SAPHIRE, we have such a good group of friends here. STARGAZER, TINA, VANA AND NANCEY, isn't it wonderful to have a pleasant positive post to read and comment on? A real haven. HAPPYGIRL, VALLI, thank you for your swift and smart reactions to the attacks here. MAMA NAILS, TEMPEST, HKN, we do love you so much for your support. Annie, thanks for being so sweet. Cindy, we have the same diagnosis dear, I will be praying for you and keep you in my thoughts. My oldest daughter was named Cynthia Sue. Please have a good day on Good Friday and a safe Easter weekend. Susie

Unknown said...

Where is everyone tonight? But I like this quiet time, too. Perhaps R is in NOLA with his girl tonight. They could be celebrating their nominations.
Love you all.

Morning Coffee said...

I'm here been on the phone most of the night talking to family in other states to wish Happy Easter.

I'll be up for a while yet will check back later.

Sherry said...

Very excited for Rob and Kristen. Never surprised at the negative as Nancy's. I'm exhausted. Daughters future in-laws have both been having major medical problems just 2 months before wedding on top of my husband's kidney disease and waiting to get on donation list yo wait some more. Better sign off and try to get some rest. Love you all.

Morning Coffee said...

Sherry: so sorry to hear all the troubles going on for your family will add you all in my prayers.

I guess everyone is taking a night to regroup and rest up...I was wondering if Kristen has off for the holiday weekend...it would make sense to break now till Monday.

I was looking at the airport filming pictures and a thought struck me...that's how to hide a pregnancy in a film...use the jacket to block sweet pea....you know he/she is gonna be flying that bird when finally arriving.

Will be reading for a while..and check in before bed...If no one here I will use this time to say night and sweet dreams.

Unknown said...

Mc im still here. Been enjoying your comment s all day. It has been quiet today. I guess no r k news. Im enjoying the no drama but know it will start up again when we get pix. Wonder if k filmed today?? Note rob mia again....thats because hes in nola. Have anyone heard from rk faith. Shes been mia. In case I dont talk to you later good night dear friend.

NOLA girl said...

Haven Babes - what a great day, huh?!

I was so happy to read the news about Cannes. It goes to show our belief in their talent has also been recognized by the 'pro evaluators' as well! I'm just beaming - imagine how their parents must feel!!

I don't know if you read Mama Nails' blog today, but it is a friggin' miracle her BP and cholesterol are normal... and those were the questions she didn't dismiss - criminy!!! HKN and Mama, you are far better humans than me. 'Nuff said.

It was sunny for about 10 mins here this morning and then cloudy, cool, and a few sprinkles. Supposed to be a little warmer and partly cloudy for the Easter weekend.

sue morris - so GLAD the accident sketch is in your favor. How are you doing physically? Happy you can drive your car too. I'm still dealing with a very sore sternum and it hurts to cough. I still haven't heard how long it's going to take to get my car fixed. I did learn yesterday that the people I hit have attorneys already. One of my sisters-in-law is a judge and I talked to her last night. I was pretty down and very worried, but she told me my auto insurance and umbrella policy should handle it. Sorry to complain, I just feel terrible about what I did.

Cindy - very sorry to hear your lupus is really acting up. You need a little fun place like here to come to and escape for awhile. Try Mama Nails' blog too. It's on this website. More fun and escapism for you!!!

Gigi - you brought up a very happy thought - Rob here tonite with Kristen, celebrating the BIG announcement today! Sorry your family is driving you nuts. Perhaps you'd like me to lock them in the closet with my hubby?

LizzieD - so nice to hear from you!

Sanni - I'm starting to think the baby is going to need to make an appointment so he/she can fit into Mom and Dad's schedules...

Tracybell - you said a cotton-pickin' mouthful, we are very lucky fans! BTW - congrats to Kevin Durant for winning the scoring title this year - I am a very big fan! He is one cool cat...

Morning coffee - maybe we should just call you Yoda. Wise words everyday - thank you.

Arleen - you are welcome honey :)

Saphire1231 and Sherry and Annie - nice to hear from you and Tina, you too. Hope you are doing well.

Sweet dreams and sleep well Haven Babes. We had a great day today!!!

Morning Coffee said...

Hey Teressa....RKfaith is celbrating passover..so didn't expect to see her here this week....

I think K may have the weekend off, didn't see anything from her filming today. for all we know she may be in LA..and fly back Sunday late.

I am heading off to bed myself night to you also T. sweet dreams

NOLA girl said...

Hey Teresa -
RKFaith is celebrating Passover this week. She lives in Israel, and it is a very big celebration there. I think her kids were out of school this week for it.

NOLA girl said...

andreana - I didn't mean to leave you off my list. I know what you mean when you say 'feeling like a proud parent'!

felicity - if you're lurking, I miss you. Hope you are doing as well as possible. Happy Easter to you and yours!

Unknown said...

yo peeps! here's the little ol' pookmeister her own bad self sending you bushels and pecks and hugs around the necks full of love!!

i am wildly excited about the Cannes news i know their films will be justly honored

Gigi Cullen your husband sounds so wonderful, to support you in your R&K fangirlishness god bless him! my husband can barely be patient with me when i launch into one of my tirades about how the moronic haters treat our dear K-- i guess he might be tired of my rants about that by now maybe-- oh well can't help it
*breaks out into song to the tune of Gene Kelly's 'Gotta Dance'*
Gotta Rant! Gottttaaaaa Raaaaaaannnnt!
*spins around the mousehole crashing into the furniture, breaking dishes, knocks the hatrack through the window*

phew! aw lookit that mess

oh yes and thanks sweet Gigi, and darlin' M C, and precious sue morris (thank GAD you're all right from that wreck holy crap! lordie!!), and very dear stargazzer for the great kindness of supportive words about my little project-- you all help me so much to keep my spirits up and keep trying to work on it.

NOLAgirl it's always so good to hear from you, you lucky duck to have Kristen so near you! much less what/ LIVING IN NEW ORLEANS

and mabear57 is that you Cindy Welker?? Cool! if you want to you can let me know how to talk to you privately to discuss any local desert myths and such of your desert area by going to my tumblr address (pookielewis.tumblr.com/submit)
it is completely private (it does not post onto any public page) and i can get back to you from there if you want to let me know of a suitable email address or anything

same goes for any of you other dears that care to reach me anytime

i miss felicity :'-( hey felicity girlfriend here's a wave to you honey *waves a tiny bit forlornly* i went by robstenangels but its all locked up no way to say 'hi'

well MC that was a cool poem by Charles Lamb you posted thanks for that-- he had such a hard life. but he lived at the nexus of his times... the phrase "the purlieux of his path" was a complete gas! i really love words and 'purlieux' is a wonderful new addition to my collection thanks for that, and for reminding me of Charles and Mary Lamb

also i just wanted to say , isn't Sanni K the sweetest thing??!! i love her posts, i actually collect some of them, i have my 'sanni k's greatest hits' list i just really admire people who can speak and write in more than one language-- jeeze i wish i could
i love all yall's posts!
i love all yall!

riding into the desert sunset on my pinto pony with a big 'yeehaw!',

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vana said...

Sue Morris a personal thank you to you. Yes, this is really a lovely site without the negativity.
Wonderful news for both Rob and Kristen, so happy for them both. I think Rob will attend Cannes as apparently The Rover will be shown at the midnight viewing. I heard Rob, Guy and David Michod will be there to present it, not sure about Kristen though. I guess we will see what they want us to see. Anyhow, fantastic that their movies were acknowledged.

Unknown said...

I wish you all a Happy Easter,beautiful ladies.Great and awesome news for Rob and Kristen on Cannes.

Unknown said...

Good night to all the Havenettes! Keep me posted. Hugs to you all! Sorry, I took so long. I was just hurt by one of the Twitters. I already said my peace. Those of you have twitter. I am sure you read it. I love you all. Night!

felicity said...

happy easter holidays for all of you.

@pookie... i am here to read only. *waving 'hi'*. no need to post anything. and yes, the robstenangels are locked up and we are going to stay like this. mods decision. too much hate going on out there, we don't need that on our board.

i am happy for rob and kristen. hopefully they will finally receive the recognition they deserve as actors.. fingers crossed.

they both are so much more than edward and bella.

enjoy the weekend and relax, if you can.

Unknown said...

hey felicity! so nice to see you!
how's thing's in würzburg today? fine i hope
i spent some happy time in nordfriesland and hamburg-- i know that's north of you, but i also was in frankfurt too i think that's closer to where you are
i saw the most beautiful horse in the world in a field outside Hamburg he was a dark brown frisian 16 hands tall and he came all the way across this huge field to see me he was like a king
love at first sight
good to see you dear
--your friend pookie

Unknown said...

Morning to all our lovely Havenettes, Hkn, Mama Nails hope you are all having a lovely easter break and the weather stays nice, its great to have great news with Rob and Kristen for Cannes they both deserve it , well get my results next week for my scan fingers/toes crossed, well hope you all have a lovely easter weekend lots of chocky eggs and fun, Rob and Kristen have a great weekend hugs to you all take care.

Annie said...

Morning all.

Happy Easter and Passover to those who celebrate.
Came across this and thought how brilliant. I hope you all enjoy reading it. :)

Mayonnaise Jar & Two Beers..

When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar and the 2 Beers.

A professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front of him..

When the class began, he wordlessly picked up a very large and empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls.

He then asked the students if the jar was full.

They agreed that it was.

The professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the jar. He shook the jar lightly.

The pebbles rolled into the open areas between the golf balls.

He then asked the students again if the jar was full.

They agreed it was.

The professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar.

Of course, the sand filled up everything else.

He asked once more if the jar was full.

The students responded with a unanimous "yes."

The professor then produced two Beers from under the table and poured the entire contents into the jar effectively filling the empty space between the sand.

The students laughed..
"Now," said the professor as the laughter subsided, "I want you to recognize that this jar represents your life."

The golf balls are the important things---your family, your children, your health, your friends and your favorite passions---and if everything else was lost and only they remained, your life would still be full.

The pebbles are the other things that matter like your job, your house and your car.

The sand is everything else---the small stuff.

If you put the sand into the jar first, he continued, 'there is no room for the pebbles or the golf balls.

The same goes for life.

If you spend all your time and energy on the small stuff you will never have room for the things that are important to you..

Pay attention to the things that are critical to your happiness.

Spend time with your children.

Spend time with your parents.

Visit with grandparents..

Take time to get medical check ups.

Take your spouse out to dinner.

There will always be time to clean the house and fix the disposal.

Take care of the golf balls first---the things that really matter.

Set your priorities.

The rest is just sand.

One of the students raised her hand and inquired what the Beer represented.

The professor smiled and said, "I'm glad you asked."

The Beer just shows you that no matter how full your life may seem, there's always room for a couple of Beers with a friend.

Cheers everybody. :):)

felicity said...

@annie ... love it..

@pookie.. frankfurt is almost 2 hours north/west from me.. and hamburg 7 hours north.. but i love both cities.. i know what you mean about the frisian horses.. they are really a sight to see..by the way.. love your new song.

@tina.. fingers crossed for good results

all of you, if you have health issues or RL issues.. take care and i hope that things will be better again.

Unknown said...

GOOD FRIDAY NOTES Annie, thank you so much for the mayo jar and two beers! That was really perfect. Life is too short to get all confused in the sands of life. Felicity, so happy to hear from you, consider you a true friend and wish you a beautiful holiday in Germany! POOKIE, I love you little mouse, and am still praying for your friends and residents there in Washington. I remember what happened in New Orleans to my family , and so very many. We are so very blessed to be here and we need to send out good feelings to all those in the pain of loss. Easter is the time of rebirth, renewal. We are all so very fortunate for HKN and again I pray for the safety of Rob and Kristen and their little family. Nola, I love you and know every accident is just, an accident. We don't plan them, they just happen. I feel lucky to be here still. I believe God is in each one of us, his spirit is there to guide us always. We need to listen to that still soft voice inside for his help. Blessings to all this Good Friday.

Vernier said...

Hello Havenettes..... Dropping through to wish you all a beautiful Easter weekend. Love you ladies!!!!!

andreana said...

Annie that was eye opening.. I loved it ... so Annie and all of the havenettes have a wonderful Easter Holliday with all of the Golf balls in your lives ....! ...Happy Easter weekend to you all

Tbell said...

Morning ladies

Annie...lloved your story. Such a good life lesson.

Hope everyone has a wonderful easter. Safe journey to those who are traveling.

Im sure Kristen wont be filming today through sunday so her and Rob will have a 3 day weekend together to enjoy family. Still excited for Cannes. I know they might not attend but I cant help but plan their red carpet outfits. Rob in traditional black with bow tie and Kristen in something flowey lol.

Have a blessed day. Lets go take care of those golf balls and that beer!

Unknown said...

Annie, thank you for that lovely piece. I just got a call from my mom letting me know that my uncle passed away. I wasn't close to him, but it sends home the message of what is important. We all know what that is - family, true love, spending time with the people that matter. Maybe that's one of the reasons why I love R&K so much - b/c they have the deep connection we all hope for in this world, one that will stand forever.
Happy Easter and Happy Passover. Love you all.

Morning Coffee said...

hello everyone...

it's nice to be able to join friends here for a few minutes out of each of our days..our little haven where we can indulge ourselves in a little laughter, lots of mutual love for two outstanding actors, well wishes to cheer us along when life is dragging us down.

Annie...Thank you for the lovely post, it's a very good life lesson.

Tina Keeping good thoughts heading your way.

To all my girls....This is a special week around the world
Easter/Passover...both depicting the amazing love God has shown to his children.

Whichever you celebrate with family or friends, do it with a grateful heart for the promises to each of us that they both represent.

Hug someone you love with everything you have in you...while you have the chance.

I really do love you all and wish the best for each of you.


Annie said...

Gigi Cullen: My condolences on the passing of your uncle.

Everyone......Who would have thought.....,,Golf balls, pebbles, sand and BEER as an analogy for life. :):):):)
I am off to lunch........on the menu.....Curry coconut vegetable soup. Hoping it's as good as it sounds. Hahaha. :):)

Have a wonderful afternoon ladies. Later!

Unknown said...

YA, I really think if our favorite two actors will both try to make the trip to France for the showing, I would most probably faint dead away. I would ADORE seeing those beautiful people there but if they went, I do not think you would necessarily know it, just like we do not know their real life schedules, for some strange reason, they just do not notify me of their whereabouts! How very mysterious! Rob has some tweets out that he will show for a showing of his Aussie flick, but maybe that just depends on other things like making movies and babies and that other stuff. We have seen these two on the carpet, many places, many times, and they are unforgettable . I wonder just how in the beanbags they are fitting their real life into their busy schedules? Probably every time they can! Anyway, I will be rooting for them, and by the way, where are the videos of Kristen's movies, DADGUMMIT! I hope they are able to enjoy Easter and can just relax.

Paloma said...

Hola chicas, feliz viernes santo. Espero que todas estén bien. Cuídense mucho:) :)

Unknown said...

Ladies...it's the second weekend of coachella...so we might have to gird our loins for coachella part2! am I the only one that hopes that neither make an appearance?

I'm so over coachella...LOL

Hope you all are having a "Good Friday"!

Unknown said...

MN, I didn't even know that it had a second part, and I agree with you. Yeah, I'd love to see a fan picture of them together, but I'm not holding my breath. A few quiet days would be fabulous.
Thank you, Annie, for your kind words. Back in a little while.

Unknown said...

Hi everyone on Havenette! I am just taking a break for now from twitter because of a conflict with one of the twitter. I just need to think. So how is everyone here?

Flowergirl said...

sue morris...I didn't realize that Rob had a twitter account (don't partake, myself). I was under the impression he wasn't into the whole social media thing, but what do I know.

Annie said...

Curry, Coconut vegetable soup......It was as good as it sounded. :):)

Morning Coffee.....Did you ever make the salad for lunch?

Mama Nails......This weekend's Coachella lineup is awesome. I hope if they do go, whether separately or together, they are not hounded.
Making some Easter baskets. :)

Happygirl said...

One thing is 100% sure! Rob doesn't has a twitter account! He said it several times! And he hates Twitter!

Morning Coffee said...

Hey Girls....

Annie: Yes I made the salad and it was truly delicious...I think I actually could have eaten the whole thing by myself it was that good.

Arleen: I have no idea what you saw on twitter..I don't have twitter now or ever..nothing but more aggravation if you ask me.
Whatever it was don't let it uset you too much.

Mama N: I know what you mean if Rob shows up and no sighting of Kristen their will be another round of hooking Rob up with every female who is withing 1,ooo feet of him..

We need to make up our minds right now ladies to just let the garbage talk roll right off our backs. Cause you know it's coming.

Gigi: have the troops settled down at your place yet? Hope so for your sake sweetie.

Happygirl: I'm with you Rob despises social media.

Suemorris: What's up girl..how are you feeling today?

Tracybell: You're awfully quiet today..ev'thng ok?

Vernier: Sweetie you heading out tonight? if so you have a safe journey and enjoy yoursself...come back to us safe and sound.

Havenettes: all that I haven't named, this list would be endless. I wish you all a great weekend with friends and family.

back later.

Unknown said...

Things seem to have calmed down considerably on the home front, MC. I have some baking to do tomorrow for Easter dinner. Thankfully, I have all of the items ready for my kids' baskets.
I've heard that Kris might be an early contender for an Oscar for Camp Xray. How marvelous would that be for her to get a nomination? She deserves that. It would be just as marvelous for Rob to get one, too.
See you all tomorrow.

Unknown said...

hey haven pookie here
yes sue morris the mudslide horror is never far from my mind but i try to get myself back

i have a poem for easter
well it includes easter anyway
i was thinking about easter and my boy
i'd like to show it to you if nobody minds

i know poetry isn't everyone's favorite thing
but a poem about easter and a poem about being a mom might be nice
thanks for your patience and consideration,

Morning Coffee said...

pookie everything from you is my favorite thing...Please post the poem.

I may not see it till tomorrow a.m.
my eyes are getting sleepy and my bed seems to be calling my name.

Gigi have fun baking...It has rained here most of the day and windy...
Hope for sunshine tomorrow.

That would be wonderful if they both were not nly nominated for there work but won as well.
They are both fantastically talented actors.

See you all in the morning.

NOLA girl said...

Lovely Havenettes, HKN, and Mama Nails -
I wanted to wish each of you the loveliest of Easters/Passover. I love this time of year, the trees full of new foliage, the smell of freshly cut grass, flowers in bloom. Longer days, warmer temps, nature renewing itself. Easter weekend is one of my very favorites.

Reading the posts today was truly delightful and heartwarming. Great reminders of why I come here!

Pookie and sue morris - love you too!

felicity - so happy to see your posts today. Did you shut down Robsten Angels for good? If so, good for you - less negativity in your life. I sure do miss you!

Gigi - my sincere condolences

Oh Gawd - when I saw there was a 2nd weekend of Coachella, I grimaced. Gird your loins HKN and Mama!!!

If I didn't single you out by name, it doesn't mean I adore you any less, there's so many of us. A big hug from me to everyone. Have a tremendous weekend with people you love and love you...

Unknown said...

Good night to all the Havenettes! Hugs to you all! Keep me posted.

Happygirl said...

Yes @anani you're right this shows that RK are still together, because the dogs are only with RK's friends when RK not in town! LOL

Happygirl said...

BTW anani the pic of the dog Bear was posted over 3 weeks ago! RK were both working and the other pic Bernie was when R was at Coachella and K was working You fail again! LOL

vana said...

Hi everyone, wishing everyone a very Happy Easter.
Felicity, I'm so happy that you are still here. Gotta go, have so much work to do. BTW pictures about the dogs sound good. Love to all.

Happygirl said...

I think it's time to SKIP IGNORE JUMP!!!!! The trolls are in the house!!!

Unknown said...

good day
beautiful no pictures of R & K, they enjoy together the Easter holidays.
Yourselves beautiful Easter holidays and enjoy the time in the family.
Beautiful day and weekend all

@ Anani, of course, are the dogs with friends, mama and papa are finally on the road together, lol

Morning Coffee said...

Good morning to all my dear haven girls...

Nolagirl...love what you had to say about the beautiful way spring unfolds itself into new life..what better weekend to pay extra attention to it....

Happygirl: pay no heed to children or disallusioned ladies who are so miserable in their own lives they want to bring pain to everyone else.

I am going to start handing out quarters to them all...You know like the old song here's a quarter call someone who cares.

We are awaiting more April showers here today and yes everything is in full bloom and quite beautiful.

HappyEaster/Passover to each of you and your loved ones.

Unknown said...

HELLO AND HAPPY EASTER EVE, Looks like I am being monitored for MIS-speaks. CORRECTION, I said Rob has tweets out, meaning there were tweets out about Rob, going to view his new Aussie movie at the festival in France, CANNES, but lupus bites my tongue, sorry. Those afflicted do often MIS-speak and hopefully note, I believe Rob would NEVER want or have TWITTER, so bitter. So please forgive my lapse of verbal correctness. Actually I was commenting on another poster here who mentioned this item, it was not a twitter glitter moment at all, just a point of interest. We all miss them and want to see them, but NOT in the horror show of paparazzi mugging of their bodies and souls, for the sake of God. I would also be happy for a few days of quiet for them ! Have a fine visit with loved ones and give lots of hugs to them, remembering time is fleeting and our time here is very precious! Much love to everyone!

Vallie said...

Happy Easter Eve Havenettes!

Pookie - your poem is so beautifully moving!

So many great things from the R & K movies this week - filming pics, Cannes nominations, trailers, posters! It would be so awesome to see them go to Cannes and walk the red carpet together, him in a tux & her in some Nicolas Ghesquiere original with the baby bump & rings on full display. Of course, this will never happen because, well, they're private people but also they respect their films and know that the focus for so many would be on them and not the films. Oh well, like someone said earlier this week, a girl can dream can't she?

My daughters and I made the cutest cupcakes last night. Topped them with a ring of toasted coconut around the edges and put candy coated chocolate eggs in the middle that had little Nutella eyes so they look like baby chicks in a nest. Got the idea from Pintrest of course but they were easy and really fun for the girls to make.

Off to continue my Easter Bunny duties. Have a great day everyone!

Unknown said...

HKN--you didn't like my poem??

Unknown said...

gee, i didn't think it was *that* bad

Unknown said...

vanni liked it... thanks vanni dearest!

Hatersknownothing said...


I deleted it by mistake. Sorry repost please!

Unknown said...

jeeze i mean "valli"!!!
excuse me everyone i'm quite ill today with a high fever, not myself today

very, very sadly and more than a little sick,

Hatersknownothing said...


Sorry you aren't feeling well. Please repost your poem. I loved it! I was deleting ananni troll and deleted you by mistake.(((hugs)))

Unknown said...

i love you HKN
thanks for saying you loved it
yours and vallie's words mean worlds to me

*cheering up, looking for the poem*

Unknown said...


by pookie

I went down into a dark, dark place tonight.
A garden of the mind and heart, and maybe, soul.
Two a.m. again and I'm alone
A squall of tears pour down my cheeks in waves of sudden, hot remorse
That join me with an also sudden, husking presence
Lightly hammering
On the closed skylight.
A swollen little cloud
Just swimming by, filled all full with cold spring rain
Connected me to black sky night above
With a voice much like my own regret–
Wet and cold. I had to go
Out alone into that lonely night
Right before the voice began its gentle drum,
To make some magic for a sleeping boy.

Embarrassed now, I must confess
I was nervous out alone
In that spring darkness
And felt exposed to every hidden, alien eye
One more forced and furtive creature
Tiny, tired, darting out into black openness.
You see, the easter baskets hide beneath the house
And tonight the sometimes slightly bitter
Cup of tyranny
Of easter bunnies, santas, fairies, elves,
And other magic crucial to
The keeping whole of
Shimmering childhood fabric
Too soon frayed
Too soon unraveled
Would not be taken from me.
Alone I moved in dust beneath the sleeping house
Clumsy with the burden of my expectations
Breathless with the terror of discovery.
I've failed them all in all too many ways,
But tonight, by God, the easter bunny comes!
And with God’s grace the Easter sun
Will rise again
On that boy’s bright face
And maybe then I’ll know again
Just what it means
To have been saved.

Too soon, although, I also know,
He'll have to be released
To swim upstream in
Creeks of smaller truths
To finally rush headlong to join the mighty waves 
Of laughter, tears, and slightly salty blood
That sweep us all away, flailing, tumbling, thrashing,
Surfaces so far above our heads
Down and down into the fathomless unfathomable
Of oceans wild– deaf, dumb, blind, dark, wet
With mystical magical


happy easter and a blessed warm passover everyone
with especially kisses and love to our sweet queen, HKN


Unknown said...

Dearest Pookie, I love your new poem. It lifted my spirits on a rather angst filled, dreary day. My home is still unsettled, but at least I have a doctor's appointment for next week. I need help with my anxiety disorder since it's gotten out of control.
R&K are fine you all, and probably happier than we realize.
Hope everyone is having a good day. This really is my favorite time of the year.

Unknown said...

thank you Gigi
i thank you and i love you as well--
don't let those bastards of anxiety and stress get you down
sit quietly right now in a lovely corner of your world
watch yourself breathe and experience the miracle of your life
we all reach the ends of things (which are really only beginnings in masquerade)
and we lose the thread of our blessings by too much stress, or maybe, pain-- i know plenty about our friend pain
i wish i were there with you to give you this heartfelt [[[[[[hug]]]]]]
darling girl keep up that chin
you are needed so much in every junction of this world
--your friend,

Flowergirl said...

sue morris...sorry if you took my comment as being a correction of what you were saying. I honestly don't keep up on who has twitter or who doesn't. My mother would often misspeak and my sister never missed an opportunity to correct her, whereas I would just let it go. It always drove me crazy, so I can understand if you were offended. Hope there are no hard feelings.

Annie said...

Hello from a sunny NYC.......A nice, warm, sunny day here.

Pookie Lewis: So sorry you're not feeling well. Do you have a link to your poetry/songs?
I thought you had and I had bookmarked it but now I can't find it.
I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.

Unknown said...

DEAREST POOKIE Your poem for the Lord Jesus gave me such peace in my heart. When the world seems so dark, we have the Easter blessing of eternal life and his great love of mankind. We are given life to make good use of it is all I pray for. You are making wonderful use of your life, your gifts are amazing and your love for others is beautiful. I would hope that those who criticize Rob and Kristen and choose to cause discomfort to them would realize that evil can only beget or create more evil. Good reaches out with the arms of love to silence evil and promote the growth of love. I choose love. I choose happiness and truth, I choose reading happy, positive posts like HKN. DIDY, SRWN, and other posts devoted to Rob and Kristen and their creative efforts. Hope to see Kristen's new movie shorts soon! Mama Nails, I saw today's posts, and honestly, you have more patience than anyone I have ever read. You are amazing!

Morning Coffee said...

Pookie your poem brought tears to my eyes...it is so filled with your soul and the souls of Mothers over the world...to protect such sweet innocence.

I am including a link to what I hope will prove to be a blessing to all of you this Easter weekend...it is meant for each of us and know that I post it with a great amount of love and respect for each and every one of you.


Enjoy....your friend MC

Unknown said...

Hi everyone on Havenette! About yesterday I didn't leave twitter. I just needed a break to think. Now I am still there. I already took care of it. Now I feel better about it. Just let it go and move on. Now what you all doing for Easter?

Unknown said...

Same for you, too. MC

Unknown said...

annie darling i'm so happy you asked for the link to a few of my songs and lyrics-- it is


--placed here in thanks to the wonderful HKN and with her permission i post it here in her loving queendom that she gives us
--the very grateful and most humble pookiemouse

p.s. thank you MC for your sensitive heart
i love M C as well she knows and the dear sweet sue morris-- indeed i love all of you here on the Haven
what would i do without you?

intothesun74 said...

Kerry Washington filmed Scandal very late into her due date, indeed, the season was truncated to 18 episodes to accommodate her rapidly approaching due date...So I guess that may give us something to think about as well Happy Easter dear friends, life is soo busy that I miss posting! have a great holiday!

Happygirl said...

Sorry But I just spit water over my Keyboard because I laughed so hard! Hahahaha OMG the Story is so funny thanks for the laugh!

Annie said...

Pookie Lewis: In the Queendom. :):):)

Holy Shit woman! What a beautiful voice you have! Standing up and applauding......seriously! OMG.......
Just listened to "Through those eyes again".....Applause!

Annie said...

It was a scheduling conflict that made Marion Cotillard step away from Cosmopolis, she was filming Contagion at the time.

Annie said...

Happygirl: I expect there will be a multitude of excuses. :)

Annie said...

Kristen signed on for AU before there was ever talk of a pregnancy and we have no idea what her part in AU involves, if it's determined that she can film, why wouldn't she?
These words were posted here....She's pregnant, not disabled. :):)

Happygirl said...

Just a few names of actress there were high pregnant when they filmed their movies! Claire Danes, Julia Roberts with twins, Penelope Cruz and even more!

Annie said...

Happygirl: Exactly! I don't see what the fuss is......Well, I can guess what the fuss is. :):)

I was watching a show dealing with how Kerry Washington's pregnancy was dealt with in Scandal.....Strategically placed lamps, subdued lightning etc.

Unknown said...

annie now you have brought a tear to the ol' pookiemouse's eye with such a kind kind effulgence of love and encouragement

god bless you annie

your appreciative friend,

Annie said...

Nikola6: No need to make any call at all. We'll just have to wait and see now won't we. :):)

Happy Easter. Don't worry so much. :)

Morning Coffee said...

nikola 6...Just exactly what point are you trying to make? That Kristen isn't pregnant? You say your dad was an actor for forty years...maybe back in the day that was the case...

Today all actors are insured by the film maker in case of death or injury where the actor is unable to continue...didn't it just recently happen.

why is this point so important to you? Just come out and say what you think from the get go, no beating around the bush necessary.

You don't have to agree Kristen is pregnant ...but I respectfully ask that you allow us the privlege and right to believe what we want .

Thank you

Unknown said...

Are you making this stuff up or are you staing facts nikola? Jodie foster was 9 months pregnant during panic room. Also, Catherine zeta jones was also pregnant during Chicago. If what I read is true she was dancing for that role. Kerry Washington is very pregnant in scandal.
Check all your facts.
Debbie bi

Tbell said...

Hey ladies

Traveling this weekend but wanted to drop in and say heeeeeeey. Have a beautiful wonderful happy Easter.

And a troll free weekend lol

June said...

" Foster became pregnant during the shooting schedule, so filming was suspended until after she gave birth."


Annie said...

Kerry Washington did film very late into her pregnancy....The producers did not want to write it into the show, so they cut the season short.
The producers were running out of ways to hide a heavily pregnant Kerry Washington.

Annie said...

Jodie Foster was pregnant with her second child when filming started and reshoots were done in the fall AFTER she gave birth.

Vernier said...

Hello Ladies,
I pulled this from the Screen actors Guild. It would be a violation to discriminate against Kristen or anyone because they were pregnant. I thought so. Being a manager and running a department I can't tell someone they can't work because they are pregnant. If the doctor, who is the authority, says they can work, we make it happen. Even in the movie business. Someone's father may have been in the business for forty years but them times was a changing. All things evolve. So I think if they had chosen Kristen signed on the dotted line they couldn't break the contract. It would be a federal violation. With the role being the type it is I don't see it as causing a problem with pregnancy. So again to all the Naysayers. Talk what you know but know what you are talking about.....

SAG-AFTRA is committed to ensuring that its members have the opportunity to work in environments
that are free of unlawful discrimination, harassment and any other form of inappropriate workplace
behavior. Consistent with this commitment, and in compliance with both federal and state laws,
SAG-AFTRA has adopted a ZERO TOLERANCE policy against discrimination and harassment of its
members and others employed under its collective bargaining agreements.
As to discrimination, SAG-AFTRA is committed to ensuring that its Members are not discriminated
against on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression,
pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, age, marital status, disability, medical condition,
veteran status or any other characteristic protected by state or federal laws. Further, SAG-AFTRA is
committed to ensuring its members are not the victims of sexual harassment or other actions based on
any form of unlawful harassment, including any other characteristic protected by state or federal antidiscrimination
and harassment laws. Consistent with all SAG-AFTRA collective bargaining agreements
(including legacy AFTRA and SAG CBAs), this policy applies to employers of SAG-AFTRA members,
including their employees, agents, representatives, contractors, subcontractors and vendors. All
producers are expected to comply with and enforce SAG-AFTRA’s anti-discrimination and harassment
policies on any project in which a SAG-AFTRA member is employed and/or engaged to provide

Annie said...

Marie: We shall see.
There is "doesn't sound....." and there is "what is......":):)

Vernier: How are you this Easter weekend? :)

Vernier said...

Ladies we are not in the 19th or 20th centuries any more. Women can do a lot of things pregnant. Did you know that a lot of actors are hired when it is well known that they are addicted to drugs and or alcohol. Which makes them very unpredictable but they are insured anyway. Drugs and alcohol can cause a lot more health problems more rapidly than childbirth. You who keep grinding on this sound like antiquated fools. Give it up! We are not going to be pulled into the past with barefoot and pregnant. It is a new day, women have evolved and so has the rest of the world. You can get insured while pregnant. But have you thought that all this was taken care of when she signed? After that they cannot discriminate.

Vernier said...

Hello Annie.... Happy Easter to you too!! Are they serious that she can't act late in her pregnancy because of insurance issues? Damn they be drawing at straws. lol lol

Annie said...

Vernier: LOL....Grasping, clinging, holding on for dear life. :):)

Vernier said...

Annie yes they are... lol lol You know we as a cult have to stick together. lol lol Maybe if they let some beautiful illusions into their life they would be less miserable and judgemental. JS lol lol

Annie said...

Vernier: Hahaha....I love it here. :):)

Vernier said...

Well said las38. It won't bake our biscuits one way or the other. To each his own. Illusion or reality, to each his own.....

Vernier said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Annie said...

Vernier: Exactly!

There are people who don't believe Kristen is pregnant.....Fine!
We here however believe she is.........Shouldn't that be fine for us to believe as it is for others to doubt?

Morning Coffee said...

Vernier and Annie....They are hell bent on blaming everything on HKN and Her cousin....what about the thousands of us that saw Kristen as being pregnant before a word was uttered by anyone outside of our own heads?

While they saw her as gaining weight because she over indulged in too much beer and fattening food while in Germany??

The plain and simple fact is that we did not spread the fact that Kristen was pregnant beyond the scope of our own blog here at HKN.

They are the ones who took it on a crusade around the internet just to denounce us all. So yes we do have a moral foot to stand on.

If they don't like the way the shoe fits..it''s because like everything else they do it's the shoemaker's fault..not theirs for buying the wrong size.

Love you Verni and Annie you both have quite a delightful way with words.

Vernier said...

producers are expected to comply with and enforce SAG-AFTRA’s anti-discrimination and harassment
policies on any project in which a SAG-AFTRA member is employed and/or engaged to provide
The producers is considered the employer and they have to honor the contract or pay her out of it if her and her doctor thinks it is okay for her to go ahead and the producer wants her to go away. Which is just as expensive.

Also If the insurance had been taken care of prior to the pregnancy they cannot pull it based on her being pregnant. They can be sued and would lose.
This is assuming she is that far along. That we don't know. Hell she could have been a month along for all we know. And yes you can have that pouch at a month because of the changes in your body. Ask a doctor why don't ya. You all are so into trying to prove she is not and we are trying to show she is. Let's all take a step back from this tiring proving crap and wait and see. Someone WILL be right and someone WILL be wrong a lot sooner now than later.

Vernier said...

Hey MC!!! Happy Easter dear friend!!!!!
If beer and good food make you gain weight in your hooters I'm headed to the store now and I will invest in some of them there miracle companies!!! JS

Vernier said...

Annie I do too!!!! I love the people and the atmosphere. All is awesome until the "I know what's better for you than you do" folks come along and try to shit on our peace. I still love it even then. Cause ain't no nosy rosy gonna shit on my poesy. lol lol We know what we believe and we are through defending it to those who don't. We are all grown folk here and I don't think we have lived this long being sheep. We are not lead easily to anything. JS

Annie said...

Morning Coffee: Hi there! :)

Vernier: I need to head there with you......Hahaha.

Unknown said...

Vernier and Annie,
I am sorry I got drawn into this, but I knew there are several actresses that have worked pregnant. It seems to me if Catherine zeta jones worked on Chicago in her early part of her pregnancy that would be more of a risk. That is when you have more instances of problems. She is going way back in time. I am so sorry. I should have ignore,d them.
I love this blog!
Debbie b

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