Monday, February 10, 2014

Small Bump


It doesn't matter how many photo shoots or interviews she did months ago.

The small bump is still there now.

No amount of excuses from the dipshidiots can take away that fact.

We got  a new print magazine article from Kristen and the dipshidiots  peed their pants with glee.

This pic caused a brief nipple gate controversy.

You know darn well someone was giggling away at that pic. 

Lets look at the interview shall we?

(Is that a small baby bump peeking out a little? Tee hee.)

First off the hack journalist didn't do his homework or fact checking.

Her breakup with Pattinson in 2012 may also have instigated her year of partial exile.

 Guess he missed this from 2013.

And this also from 2013.

But he did mention that all three dogs were with her .

Back in the living room, where a Bugs Bunny cartoon DVD plays on mute, she lights a Camel filter, slides open the glass doors beyond which her dogs, Cole, Bernie, and Bear, are whimpering and scratching, and then comes back, exhales, and sits, twitching her feet in vain attempt to burn off excess energy.

Now remember the dipshidiots at first said Rob wasn't sharing the dogs with Kristen because he couldn't stand her. When that didn't pan out they went to she only gets the dogs when he is out of town. This interview was supposedly done in November. WHEN ROB WAS STILL IN LA. A new excuse will be forthcoming.

After moving out of the Los Feliz house she shared with Robert Pattinson in 2012, she looked at four houses before deciding on this one in a gated enclave, which doesn't feel lived in so much as inhabited. There's mission-style furniture, TV still not hooked up to cable, book cases cramped with books-Steinbeck (her favorite author, though her favorite book is On the Road), McCarthy, Plath-and a small sculpture that reads "Fuck." It's a 23-year-old's crash pad, with the appropriate air of being done just enough to feel comfortable. It's not a style statement; she's just passing through

Now this is interesting. So it doesn't seem as if she is actually living at lf 2 at the moment. Wonder where she could be living. Think about it. 

 Let's take a look at some supposed quotes form Kristen. I say supposed because this is a print article and they are notorious for not only making up quotes or using old ones but also leaving out the question that was asked to illicit the celebrity's response in the first place. 

1. "You don't know who you will fall in love with. You just don't. You don't control it. Some people have certain things, like, 'That's what I'm going for,' and I have a subjective version of that. 

The dipshdiots concluded that she was talking about Rupert the pig here. 
Nice try but no. She was never ever in love with the pervert. They wish.

2. "I don't pressure myself... if you fall in love with someone, you want to own them-but really, why would you want that? You want them to be what you love. I'm much too young to even have an answer for that question." 

The dipshidiots are sure the part about wanting to own someone was about Rob.

3. On being judged as a peril of fame: "I stand by every mistake I've ever made, so judge away."

Now you know where the dipshidiots went with this right? It was all about July of course.

4..  Stewart does acknowledge a desire to some day have children (and believes in adoption) and recreate the happy childhood she had. 

"I had it too good to not have that, too. If I were to put money on it, definitely, yeah. But you earn that, like, that's so not here yet." She laughs. "I mean, at this point, I can't tell you if I want to hang out on Saturday."

Now according to the dipshidiots this should shut me and my followers up for good.

Right. So you think she's going to just tell this guy "Oh by the way I'm pregnant"? Nope she's going to skillfully lead him in the opposite direction.Which she did. 

The dipshidiots would like to forget Kristen's quote from British Vogue in 2012

"My God, I'm so in love with my boyfriend," she suddenly confided, squeezing her fists and stiffening that little body with anticipation. “I wish he was here now. I think I want to have his babies.” 

Mention this to the dipshidiots and they will tell you she was drunk and going through a rough time. Again they wish. 

Picture of Rob and Dane Dehaan in Toronto on February 8th.

A so called fan ( and I use that term very loosely where this person is concerned) took this picture. Then she preceded to sell it to TMZ along with her own fan fiction account of how Rob looked upset over Kristen's new magazine article ( discussed above). Does he look upset to you?

Rob had already told another fan NO pictures and yet this person took his pic anyway. And after you've seen what this person did with the pic you wonder why he refused?

New pics of Kristen supposedly driving to a gym.( I've used that word a lot in this post.)

Do you see a gym in any of these pics? Hey just asking.

Poem by Kristen Stewart

I reared digital moonlight
You read its clock, scrolled neon
across that black
Kismetly... ubiquitously crestfallen
Thrown down to strafe your foothills...
I'll suck the bones pretty.
Your nature perforated the abrasive
organ pumps
Spray painted everything known to man,
Stream rushed through and all out into
Whilst the crackling stare down sun snuck
Through our windows boarded up
He hit your flint face and it sparked.
And I bellowed and you parked
We reached Marfa.

One honest day up on this freedom pole
Devils not done digging 
Hes speaking in tongues all along the 
pan handle

And this pining erosion is getting dust in 
My eyes 
And Im drunk on your morsels
And so I look down the line 
Your every twitch hand drum salute
Salutes mine...

And my new favorite word thanks to Bronze is


Yes indeed Kristen has been Pattinsonated and once you've been Pattinsonated you never go back.


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Janie said...

Thanks HKN. As usual brilliant post.

natt39 said...

Great post as always HKN and haters to the left.

LizzieD said...

Oh, HKN ... I needed that!!! Really great post ... yes, ppl looked at those shoot pics thinking about how "thin" she looked ... rolling my eyes!!!

So sorry I've been MIA but I try to keep up with what's going on with the blog comments and hope that everyone here knows that I'M TWIRLING!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi HKN, felicity, LizzieD, Vana, Irene, Tempest, Elizabeth, Sanni K, GaliRK, SusannahKay, Tina Wotherspoon, Tracybell, vernistene, Nancy Allen, sue morris, rklove, RKsoulmates913, and the rest of HKN Havens! I just got done with dinner and cleaned my house.
HKN- I love your blog. Great job!

Anonymous said...

LizzieD, Jane, and natt39- I love your comments. Great job!

Unknown said...

Love it HKN!! You are the bomb as usual!!! Excellent insight!!! Riding the HKN train is always food for thought, but right now I'll have a glass of Cabernet and set in the club car with an RK view!!! LOL!!! They can trash me on Gossip Cop for riding this train, because they couldn't even get a ticket on one of the cattle cars!!! Haters be gone!!

Unknown said...

LizzyD, Hey gal!!! Looks like all the LADIES are here to comment!!! Love yall!!! HKN great as always!

Hatersknownothing said...


I see you still can't take a hint.

Unknown said...

Super duper post! Makes me smile and feel good inside and I know we have lots of really happy folks! Makes you realize that Rob and Kristen are fine and life is good for them. Lizzie-definitely time to twirl and practice the FUNKY CHICKEN, oh yeah now let's dance!

Unknown said...

Adore the post hkn. You are right. K is not going to out her pregnancy to this interveiwer. She's going to mislead him. Reminds me of steven tyler from aerosmith daughter. I saw an interview she did on tv where she stated that she wasnt going to have kids for a longtime and then 4 months later she gave birth to her son. Eveyone was talking about that.

NOLA girl said...

HKN - brilliant post, as usual! You spoil us too much my dear! We love you.

Arleen - thanks for the kudos :)

sue - sounds like you and I could have a helluva talk about social and print media in this country.

Flowergirl - you gave me the best laugh of the day from your earlier post re: Twitter.

LizzieD - I have missed you, but know you are twirling!!!!

felicity - thinking of your family and keeping you in my prayers. So glad to see you posting today!

Picture of Kristen going to the gym: she hasn't worn that cap since returning from Sundance. Are these photobastards and twitter idiots lazy or what? I get the feeling that b/c they're not getting anything on a regular basis, they're digging up old shots and re-cropping them just to try to keep people interested. No pictures from Los Feliz in some time - does she still have her home there?

As for the MC Interview, you can bet one thing, Kristen is waaaay smarter than the alleged journalist.

Enjoyed the photoshoot video - especially her with Cole.

Mama Nails - like you hanging out here w/the real fans! HKN has done a most excellent job keeping us in the know. She is THE woman!

sue morris - how's Andrew?

Lovely ladies - stay awesome!!!!

Unknown said...

good morning,
thank HKN for this brilliant post. Whenever the breath is getting shorter, you come up with a new encouraging post. more is not to say.
However, I have a question, they no longer live in LF 2, it was not called the Rob and kristen the rental agreement for the house in the suburb of Beverly Hills not have continued? Can not even say where I read it! or am I wrong?
Have a nice day

Anonymous said...

Hi HKN, felicity, LizzieD, Vana, Irene, Tempest, Elizabeth, Sanni K, GaliRK, SusannahKay, Tina Wotherspoon, Tracybell, vernistene, Nancy Allen, sue morris, rklove, RKsoulmates913, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all from the bottom of my heart. Night!
NOLA girl- You are welcome. I love your comments. Great job. Night!

Happygirl said...

To the stupid people who stil come here and make always trouble if you don´t like what HKN say: here is a little advice for you. Don´t come here.

Janie said...


Kristen owns you!

Janie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
felicity said...

morning, brillant post, hkn, and spot on.

now we can only hope that we won't get daily pics of kristen.

i see i've dodged the usual 'fans' who try to make trouble..

can't say that i am sorry that i've missed them..


but one little piece of advice for THEM

if all people in one certain place are telling YOU 'DON'T come here; we DON'T want to read YOUR shit; stay away' and YOU are still coming to that place, write your BS posts and try to make trouble.. this should make YOU think about, if YOU are even able to READ and to UNDERSTAND what is written out there.

sorry, i am so done with them!

hope you all stay warm.

i wonder how long rob is able to dodge the papz in toronto, i hope for a long time.

cassian elwes (producer of QOTD) tweeted, that rob is def finished with his part.

Tempest said...

ROTFL my ass off at the people, whose asses are 'owned' by property of Kristen Stewart.

Sherry said...

I have been lurking for awhile. Love your blog. Thid is definitely a haven from the bs.Love you all!

andreana said...

Great job HKN ! You are so right about journalist making stuff up to suite their agendas. Our family experienced this when my son was injured in a high school hazing incident . He was hospitalized for two weeks and during that time we were bombarded with requests for interviews from TV and newspapers . We gave no interviews to any source not one. Even so they got pictures from high school yearbook ( that were a year old) and they quoted us as ifthey had interviewed us. It was a shock to read the things they wrote . The facts they used were all wrong nothing they wrote was true. So you are 100% correct when you say they make most of this crap up to sell their lies .

bronze said...

Thanks HKN for using Pattinsonated. And for people wondering: by that I mean knocked up. ;)

To all the poor souls so opposed to the idea....Cyndi Lauper has a song especially for you.

Vernier said...

Great Post HKN!! Totally what is needed here.
New post on DIDY too.

HKN you keep us grounded and sane.......

Annie said...

There so many people who are so worried for want of a better word......Maybe fearful/panicked is a better choice by what HKN continues to insist. I think it's from the realization that she is right.

I have a feeling the tabloid media and it's accomplices such as social media is about to get it's comeuppance.

Kristen is happy with herself, it resonates in every word from her Marie Claire magazine interview. She doesn't need your approval, she doesn't care about your judgements......# Judge away.

Unknown said...

hello girls,Loved the new post hkn.

This picture is from when?


BD2 backstage?

Vernier said...

@Alexa not sure. He was wearing totally different outfit in that scene. He had on a blue shirt. My be a manip or rehearsal

GaliRK said...

Lol I still laugh at Pattinsonated, that was an awesome word phrase Bronze lol love it. Loved the post HKN. Forget the stupid fans cause we gonna celebrate. Love it

andreana said...

Pattinsonated and Kristenized. That's says it quite well..!

Unknown said...

Alexia its behind the scenes rehearsal on the bd1 dvd.

Unknown said...

Thanks HKN. You're wonderful-- great post, as always. 'Nipplegate'--hilfuckinlarious!


Unknown said...

Brilliat post and on the spot as always HKN, loving all your positive comments,hugs to you all take care and be safe,lots of love to both Rob and Kristen and their familes and friends.

felicity said...

start date of American Ultra got pushed back to mid april.. not surprised.. and they will push it back more ;) i will believe it, when i see kristen ON set... not before.

Unknown said...

Hi everyone,

Hope everyone is keeping warm and as healthy as possible.

Suzie just posted on her blog - she gave us an answer to the "apple guy"! Not that we really needed answers but for the nonnies..


go to the 2.4.14 entry.

Unknown said...

Yep suzies friend of 2 yrs ago elmi. Met him 2yrs ago backpackinng in Europe. Thanks rk faith.

Unknown said...

Hello Ladies...hello HKN..you surprised me! I was not expecting a post! But great job loved it!

Unknown said...

A letter to K regarding her poem in MC.. worth the read!!


Janie said...


Thanks for the that link. Way over the heads for these trolls lurking around here.

Unknown said...

thank girls

Unknown said...

All I need to say is YES!!!

Thank-you, LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!

Unknown said...

p.s. just saw it again..."Gunna give ya some love!" on TV and every time I see him I cry!!!

Morning Coffee said...

A bright spot in my day once again.

Thank you HKN for your uncommon, common sense...

To all the people so eager to put down HKN... I hope you read this.

Kristen Stewart, she owns your asses, every last lying one of them.

Thank you HKN for another spot on post.

To all my HKN'ers stay warm and healthy. Give someone a giant bear hug today and don't forget to tell the people you love that you love them.

Blessings to all

Barbara Fenwick said...

Wonderful post hkn. I agree with you completely. The haters are idiots and can't see what is right in front of them. I used to feel sorry for them, but not I just can't stand them and avoid them if possible.

Thank you, until next time.

Vernier said...

New pics of K on RD. Not very good quality with all the writing on the pics.

Janie said...

Hi Vern. You beat me to it.Lol

Vernier said...

Hey Jane... lol lol What do you think about pics?

Unknown said...

Since when do the papaz put out black and white pics covered in words. Come on.... the paps are up to games again. I see k , cj, and alicia. These pics loock like same pics of alicia and k walking at night from jan 24th. Something fishy! These look like old pics from jan 24 only in black and white.

RKsoulmates913 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RKsoulmates913 said...

@RKfan <<< Thanks for the Link! AWESOME open letter!


"I don't pressure myself... if you fall in love with someone, you want to own them-but really, why would you want that? You want them to be what you love. I'm much too young to even have an answer for that question." Kristen

I think what Kristen said it's VERY similar to what Rob said:

"Wow. (laughs) I think (love)it's to be with someone and let that person to be herself. Each one has to live their own lives, but with the support of the other person. And you need to be able to do what you want. This is one of the definitions of a couple in love, because love is about so many other things."

In the END it's the same damn thing: They do not want to own a person they are in love, they want them to be themselves.

And for Kristen's poetry... I was amazed by it. She is really a brave woman. She knows, she is fully aware of her haters and even so she put herself there,to share a piece of herself, she showed her poem, she gives a flying fuck what they could possible think about it.Kristen is truly amazing!

Thanks for the new post! Haters gonna hater(ALWAYS), so ignore them and let's keep doing what we do best: Be RK fans NO MATTER WHAT!


Felicity ~ You are our sunshine my dear! ;)

Vernier said...


Vernier said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vernier said...

Oh and Aurora DO NOT USE WE. We are not part of you and never will be.. So Go Fuck with other trolls and call we we we all the fucking way there!!!!!!
I know you hear this a lot. I am sick of you and your judgmental bullshit. You cut a nut off at the path. Like a cold bucket of ice water. People chillin and enjoying the evening about to get their mack on and here you come slithering in like a pit viper from the bowels of hell. slither back. I have been taught cut off the head and the body will lay down. So lay your ass down!!!!

Vernier said...

Great observation RK!!!! :o)
Hey Teresa different pics I checked. Alicia has on different shirt and no jacket. K has on almost same outfit but shoes look different. Picture so grainy you can't tell.....

Unknown said...

Strange rob is supposed to be in Toronto but been mia for last 3 days. I dont believe he is there.

I believe these pics of k are old. Just like in late dec. Paps cant find k so they are manipulating old pics again. I think rob and k are together somwhere. Either la or on vacation

Vernier said...

Teresa I like your scenario. I think the same thing. I think she may be laying low in Toronto with him.
Aurora back to lying again I see!!!!

GaliRK said...

@Aurora since well you called HKN a liar well babygirl YOU.ARE.A.LIAR!!!!!!!!!! Big time girl. You and your facebook friend are complete and utter LIARS!!!!!

You still sound lost and like a really broken annoying record...
Like @Vernier said don't say WE, cause WE are definitely not sailing with you... Gosh she's so annoying

Janie said...


Kristen owns you. Ha!
You are so obsessed with her it's
pathetic. I bet you dress like her use the same pefume and makeup. You even have a pair of high top converse. But one thing you will never have and that's her life or her life with Rob. Please move along you are creepy.

Morning Coffee said...

HKN there's a Kanga roux hoppin around in here and it's crappin' all over the place and leaving a really foul smell...could you show it the door please.

Vernier said...

Sorry ladies about my tirade to everyone but Aurora. I am just so tired of all the negative bullshit from people who say they don't believe in anything HKN says or anything others say here but want to come here and spout any crap they can think of to start a problem. Not a good day and I really didn't want to here the bullshit. Just wanted to come here and have a good chat with like minded women keeping it positive and upbeat.... She hit a nerve that she shouldn't want to hit!!!!

Elizbeth said...

Good evening all at HKN. Wanted to say thanks to HKN for another post. Thanks a bunch.

Went to that link to read the open letter to Kristen and I have to say I found the whole thing very offensive. This is just my take on it, others may see it differently though. For one thing, poetry is a way of expressing something from one's point of view and I don't believe there is a specific way of doing it. Throughout this open letter I see the mention of "for someone who didn't finish high school", or "you should read this, or that, read more". Truth is, she was home schooled and I say good for her because she is well spoken and is a very smart woman. Second, she reads a lot. But then again, the person writing this open letter did not know that. And the other so called poets (I say so called, because while they are quick to critic her work while sitting on their high horses, Shakespeare they are not) are under the impression that this is just another empty headed Hollywood chick trying to write a poem. Little do they know that this is a 23 year old in the body of a 50 year old. I know some of the books she has read and at the age where most would not be able to comprehend what the author was trying to convey, but not Kristen. She is wise beyond her years. I got to read her poem and my respect for her just went up a notch just when I thought it could not go any higher. Rob, just wow, you lucky dog!! lol

Vernier said...

Elizabeth Good job. I spotted that too. Some was positive but some was as a professor he didn't do his research. But I think he was trying for a positive spin. Rob is one lucky Man. Beautiful bride with a baby on the way who can has an awesome career and can cook and keep a house taboot!!!

Unknown said...

Im so tired of talking about marie Claire. Im over it.

Rob and k are definitely together some where. I dont see rob sitting around in Toronto that long waiting for the 18th and movie to begin alone when he could be with his wife.

GaliRK said...

@Aurora I have already pegged your character and you are a nuisance honestly... Yet you say all this but still come back to read and comment. You are such a hypocrite, like the BIGGEST HYPOCRITE EVER!!! My two year old nephew has more sense then you.
Get a man get a life

Vernier said...

Aurora your "source" doesn't have to seek attention with you around. you are the pig of attention seeking.
Go get a life!!!!
For the last time then I am over your pathetic existence FUCK THE FUCK OFF!!!!!!!
You have to be in to some sick shit to come to a place time and time again where you are not wanted and get verbally abused. Is that it? you so use to it at home you think it is the norm? Well it's not! Go away worrisome troll!!!! Go away!!!!!!!

Vernier said...

Everyone I think I know what the problem is with Aurora. My granddaughter just said "Nannie sounds like that lady you are complaining about needs a hug. For her to like so much abuse her life must be miserable. try to be her friend. She may need a shoulder to cry on." She is twelve. I was fussing and mumbling about people making up things on R and K when she walked in and ask me what was wrong.
She also said her and her friends chat about it and they know for a fact they are together. She said we grown ups need to believe with the eye of a child and it will come out!!!! I love my grandbaby she is wise beyond her years. She hangs with me too much I guess. lol lol

Vernier said...

But if Aurora needs a friend she best go buy one!!! Can't do it. She is to negative for me!!!!

Janie said...

Good post Elizabeth. I read it also and thought the same thing. It really ticks me off when people tell you how you should do something. Like they know. I wouldn't put too much thought in it though. It may not be her poem at all. And because it is Kristen she doesn't have a chance. There are always going to be someone to complain and pull her down.

I shall not comment further on your nonsense. You want a fight but I will not give you the satisfaction. You are getting off on it by coming here and I won't be a part of your sickness.

Annie said...

I thought that open letter was brilliant. I thought the points made were insightful and coming from very influential sources.
I'm going to stop there because i don't see it makes any difference at all if the author knew every single detail of Kristen's life.
As for Aurora Roux and her musings...,,Oh man! Taking HKN's advice and ignoring.

Vernier said...

Good call Jane... I'm off to bed. Hopefully to arise in a better mood in the a.m. Have a great rest of the night. :o)

Janie said...

Hey Ya'll,

Let's stop answering these trolls. They want to
fight with their BS. So, let's all ignore them.

I'm guilty of getting hooked but no more. Enough is enough.

Vernier said...

Goodnight Annie ignore ignore ignore my new mantra..... lol lol

Unknown said...

Vernier, I love your grand baby! But I'm with you! Aurora's gotta find friends somewhere else.

She can go back to her FB friend that seems to know everything!

I looked at the pix from yesterday. There was an added pic showing the front of the Trooper. Still no plates in the car. It's been over 60 days it's official, those pix are old.

And as for the ones we got tonight, I'm with Teresa, they are old and fishy!

I love the open letter about K's poem. I love that professors are giving our girl props!

Don't know if any of you saw Into the glosses "article" where they claimed MC article was bringing up "July" .

It so pissed me off! MC wasn't the best interview ever and if they made illusions to "July" at least they were just illusions. But into the gloss rehashed everything in supposed defense of Kristen. It proves that these magazines are no better than the tabs they just want a piece of K to make $$$$


Annie said...

Goodnight Vernier. :)

Unknown said...

HKN- I think that Aurora must be gay because she is in conflict with reality and is like the teenager kicking and screaming on the floor because she refuses to think Kristen is a woman that loves a man! And don't even suggest she is probably very much pregnant with their first child and very happy about it. Her repeated attempts to call out HKN and call names has all the earmarks of a disappointed teen who loves Kristen. So many people are actually very sick and totally living their lives through the lives of others. It is why Rob and Kristen were pushed into going into their private and sane world away from the nut cases. I would just remove her sad rants from this site and not give her any further attention. She is the reason why we do not see them .

Tempest said...

The problem you have in here is everyone wants to be an insider, to stand up and say they know someone who knows someone who knows Rob or Kristen and kabam you have the latest in the 'i know more than you do and because this blog gets attention, i want the attention too' this latest person has sought out the approval or disapproval (it's all attention, negative or otherwise) of the people in here and therefore they have a basic need to come in and post.

They stir up the people here, with their blatant attempt to rile everyone up, they are neither a supporter or a hater, they just desperately crave the attention and in this fandom it's all about who can get the most attention by suggesting or even hinting they know someone who has connections to either Rob or Kristen.

I find it very sad, considering this person's need to go under many guises, while they feel they can fog people here with a different moniker, unfortunately for them their writing is still the same. The very fact that throwing a cautious bone like 'English is not my first language' will give you a hint as to who it is. Many of Kristen's haters unfortunately are not from the US but further afield leading them to believe that they can be armchair warriors on the other side of the planet, completely ambiguous to the feelings of people who support Kristen because they continue to attack with hate and disgust and when you disagree with them they turn to the playground behaviour of calling out people in slander.

This person needs this attention, that's why they are so desperate to get it. As soon as HKN puts a post up they are straight in here with their disagreements therefore they adulate HKN more than despise her or they wouldn't be doing this. If they hated what she wrote, they wouldn't take great pains in dissecting everything she posts up or indeed need to produce a counter argument for that matter.

Being a fan of HKN is their own sly way you should congratulate this person for her time, they obviously admire HKN that much that they are a reverend follower of her blog.

Unknown said...

Tempest! I now to you my dear!

Unknown said...

BOW! Damnit!!!

EllenRamey said...

I choose to enjoy my visits here with the many positive commentaries. Everything else I choose to ignore. But, I just gotta say, kids....BRONZE, "Pattinsonated" is priceless! Rock on!

Unknown said...

NOLA GIRL and Tracey- My little man, Precious Andrew, is doing pretty good, but wants good food, baked chicken or fish. He is braver than me for he runs out into 17 degree weather to pee. I pray he gets over this serious infection, his vet was very serious. So, he keeps me busy baking for he refuses any dog food, fresh or canned, so does his partner in crime, my boxer, Sugar Lump. Well, it keeps the house nice and warm with the oven busy. Time to bake that chocolate sweetheart cake for St. Valentines.

Unknown said...

Tempest... I completely agree with your last statement. If you follow someone it's because they interest you or you admire them.

They may not admire HKN but she interests them greatly and in my opinion they are also jealous as all get out of the attention her blog receives.

These people are bullies and would likely rather argue than eat. To me life is too darn short for fussing and fighting unless that's all one lives for.

In that case I pity such wrong headed souls. What's the point? What do they gain by trying to discredit every thing said? It's too silly for words IMO...Peace.

Anonymous said...

Hi HKN, felicity, LizzieD, Vana, Irene, Tempest, Elizabeth, Sanni K, GaliRK, SusannahKay, Tina Wotherspoon, Tracybell, vernistene, Nancy Allen, sue morris, rklove, RKsoulmates913, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am going to bed now. Love all your comments. Great jobs. I am talking to the ones I said Hi on my list. Well, Night. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all from the bottom of my heart.

NOLA girl said...

Hey girls -
EllenRamey - I agree with you. I cannot stand people screaming for attention by continuing to visit somewhere where they are not welcome and basically telling everyone there they are stupid. I'm a grownup, make my own decisions, and choose to be with these like-minded, good people. I also choose to ignore attention-screamers!

I am probably behind everyone else in seeing the Dior Homme commercial, but I saw it for the first time today on ESPN. So much better on TV than just as a video clip. Rob looks so handsome!!! I don't see many commercials, but glad I caught that one.

I know I'm behind the rest of ya'll on this one too, but I had to say something: Bel Ami was on one of the Showtime channels last night. I have never seen it, so I thought I'd watch. Uma Thurman has had some sort of nose surgery - I couldn't focus on the movie b/c I was so fixated on wondering what she did to her nostrils. I had to finally change the channel! It must be the cold weather driving me crazy.....

I was going to comment on this last night, but thought it was dopey. I changed my mind. Kristen commenting on running a household, being a homebody, cooking - I wonder what that was all about? Thought it was really sweet PLUS that puppy!

These B/W photos on RD - I know there are questions about them. The only thing I'm going to say is, if it is Kristen with Alannah and CJ, she is heavier.

I think Rob has surpassed Kristen in "ninja-ing". I hope they are together wherever they are :)

sue morris - Andrew sounds like my Bella ALL the time. She does not do dog food unless she is starving to death. I really hope he rallies back to his regular self - Bella is my baby and I get very upset when she is not well. She weighs a whopping 4.5 lbs - I run to the vet at the first sign of distress!

Ladies - have a lovely evening. There is a thunderstorm going on here and it's raining pitchforks.
Stay awesome!

Oh, HKN - I'm afraid cleanup is needed in 3 posts. Same damn customer.

NOLA girl said...

Oh, Elizbeth - ditto your comments on "Open Letter to Kristen Stewart". I must confess, it was a bit over my head, but kudos to K for putting it out there!

Unknown said...


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

good morning,
It's too bad that these Paps, kristen and Rob pursue everywhere, moment kristen more. When I saw the black and white images was my thought, miserable working. I have never seen so crappy and blurry images. What is this?
I also believe that the images of the alleged Gym visit from now, since she wore this black armband, that's new, right? And it looks like she is waiting for someone or pick up.
Have a nice day

Unknown said...

The valet sign in the pictures says "Casita del.." - that's Casita del Campo, a Mexican restaurant close to Los Feliz, in Silver Lake. Kristen has actually met with a reporter there once, I remember an interview with her there and I think that maybe Rob was papped there?
Anyway, don';t think its pics from the Sushi place but it doesn't mean they're recent either.

Unknown said...

I do not understand why the pictures are so bad and why black and white! Looks like they want to hide something.

felicity said...

@nicola.. i don't know you. but i want to say one thing. the interview was in november 2013. we all know that kristen will never reveal her most private thigs to the tabs. so, that she would say to this random interviewer 'oh yes, you know, you will be the first one to know, i am pregnant. we will have a baby in 2014' is something that will never happen.

why should she? she did not address anything really private in this interview. you choose to interpret her words like she was not ready. but you also ignore her other interviews, where she clearly said, she couldn't wait for that to happen.


for all the 'WE' user here, who try to gather us up in THEIR group.. fuck off.. i will never belong to YOUR group.


the 'new' pics are blurry and it seems that the papz were not able to sell them because of their bad quality. a friend of the og and her boyfriend is moving to NYC according to suzies blog. maybe this was their goodbye dinner. it could be.

@suemorris.. glad that andrew is getting better

@arleen.. take care

felicity said...

oh.. i just wanted to add.. this ff-story about a trial-relationship was invented by hwl and usw last year. so, if anyone is believing a 'friend' who is repeating that crap.. i have a bridge in germany to sell..

Tempest said...

when one little hater bows out, another little hater steps in and so begins the dance of 'let's discredit HKN' when really all along the ones who come in to pour scorn on all that HKN posts absolutely adore her.

Really people why don't you just stop the shadow dancing and admit you just cannot live a day or let one go past, without needing to come in here, grab attention, throw insults about and try and decipher and dissect information that you have no understanding how it works. Armchair warriors, armchair Psychologists and armchair journalists.

It's a nice day outside, if your homework is boring you, why don't you all (every single one of you including the multiple accounts) run along and play?

Unknown said...

Saani - I would just love not to see pics like this, because it means Kristen can go out with friends and just have fun and not be harassed. They give no one nothing, like "the gym" pics - they only harass her.

As a fan, I'd love to get zero pap pics and know she's left peacefully alone.. I'd miss seeing her since interviews and such are a rarity but it would mean a better life for her.

Annie said...

I think HKN's insistence that Kristen is pregnant is beginning to weigh heavily/worry some and.......It makes me smile.........WIDE! :)

Vernier said...

Good Morning Everyone.... I know another storm is about to hit but have a great day anyway. Stay rugged up and inside.
I agree with you Annie. Keeps me smiling and when that baby gets here the trolls, nonnies and haters will most likely melt like the witch in the wizard of oz. lol lol lol

andreana said...

I am embarrassed but I have never been a lover of poetry and the reason is I have never been able to make sense of it . My strengths were in the other side of the brain ..... the sciences . I read constantly butnever poetry .... could someone please interpret kristen' s poem .... I am lost

Flowergirl said...

Haven Ladies...I only pop in here occasionally, and would never presume to tell the regs on this blog how to post, but really guys, you might want to consider going into "no response" mode when it comes to the naysayers that seem to show up here on a regular basis. It's been my experience over on DIDY, that if you just ignore them, and don't give them the attention that they seek, they will get bored and eventually go away. I know it is only human nature to defend something you truly care about, but you will never change their opinion and they will never change yours...so what's the point. You guys have got a great thing going here, so please don't let a few bad apples suck the life out of your positive state of mind. Just say no.

fishyone2 said...

@Flowergirl - posters like Enna and Nikola must have very boring lives that they continue to come on to a personal blog that is complete contradiction with their personal beliefs. Don't they have better things to do with their lives? Apparently not. I would highly recommend they get a hobby or do some volunteer work because the repeated posting on this blog (that they have to seek out) is really just a negative reflection on them. There are sites that dislike Kristen - guess what? I don't go there and try to stir things up. I'm a little more respectful of their views even though they are contrary to mine. Time for some posters to just grow up and get a life.

Annie said...

People here are willing and have answered the question, many such as yourself, don't like the answer. ;)

Sue from Holland said...

@Aurora and all the rest of the trolls it's oh so very nice and considerate of you to warn us and telling us we're delusional but if I were you, I wouldn't worry your pretty little heads over it cause quite frankly dear, nobody gives a damn.
If it's so, that R&K are over well than you can have your parade and all you little trollies can hop up and down and go to your next project of hate and negativity. Is this what keeps you and your sort alive, filling your days like this? Man oh man what a way to live your life. Love is beautiful and all you do is piss on it is it really such a crime that we like to think that R&K still have this love for each other?

@Nola girl, sounds like we're two peas in a pod or even better..great minds think alike, haha.

fishyone2 said...

If you don't like this blog, don't come to it. Its very simple. Its a personal blog with a VERY specific POV. If you are upset with it - don't come here. I think websites like HL and GC are awful as they post outright lies and especially in the case of HL, make very open statements about celebs as if they have talked to them. I stay away from there because their POV is very obvious and counter to mine.

We are on HKN's blog having fun and if you think that millions of people are coming on here looking for updates on R&K, you seriously need to grow up. The people that come here are solid fans who like to speculate about what's going on. There is no harm in that and your constant pontificating about sharing private information etc. is completely irrelevant. Nothing said here is harming anyone - ITS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN!!!

Please find somewhere else to post your counter theories. You are taking this way too seriously.

Annie said...

You find it hard to believe that they can get around the planet without being hounded. Both have gotten in and out of major cities without being photographed.

Cryssielee said...

Sanni K. - I agree on the black UP24 bracelet. It's in the so called "gym" pics.

As for the more recent restaurant pics at Casita del Compo it's hard to tell when they were taken. Looks like she has the black beanie on her head though.

As for the haters...really? I enjoy reading HKN's positive notes. It brings happiness and hope. Why not just appreciate the good? My view of haters... it takes a really insecure person to try and bring someone else down. You, the hater, only use "bullying" as a way to build your own self up. I'd rather be a hopeless romantic than having to live my life trying to figure out who to bully next. That's really a sad state to be in.

onagee said...

Oh goodness, the lecture circuit has opened up a branch here at HKN's blog. Robsessed, Gossip Cop, other prime spots of "free speech" aren't enough....

Janie said...


That's exactly what I believe. Ignore them and they will go away.(I've been baited and hooked many a time but no more)

nikola6 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

WOW! HKN --you definitely hit some nerves because more haters than I can count, of course I was never good at math. They threw up all over the blog and overnight made a big mess for you! Seriously, some of the haters are from GC and R and they make the post stink like that, whew! Not nice! Have you all watch the snow count go up ? The SE is getting hit really hard, SC and GA are in trouble! So many out of power! So glad any real news of R and K is quiet. I hope R is doing his thing and K is resting up. K loves to cook and it is time for really good fudge, brownies, chocolate cake, and chocolate candy! My personal favorite is homemade brownies with chocolate frosting! Oh my gosh, I have got to make brownies! You all have a fun day and forget the ugly little bugs that keep coming back like roaches. I have some dynamite spray! HKN HAS A LITTLE DELETE KEY!

Tbell said...

Morning hkner's

Been outta town enjoying hubby and off the grid lol. I missed alotta stuff on other post and just wanted to say I read some beautiful words by you ladies.

Great post. I really have been enjoying the weekly thing lol. It spoils us.

Hey mama nails
I have a favor. Someone posted that you had a comparison of recent jacket kristen wore on your fucking awesome tumblr. I've been scanning your updates but I guess its buried to far down lol. Could you post link to that post until I have time to catch up? I looked and looked for a pic of rob in that jacket and never found it!

Hey hey hey to the usual suspects!

Hope things are getting better.

Sue m
Glad to hear andrew is at least still eating. Eating is always a good sign. Doesn't the sun look amazing this morning?

You've been on fire woman. Your words are heart warming, hilarious, biting, true, meaningful, sarcastic, and completely lovely... all at the same time lol. You must be a writer ; ] ; ]

There are so many ladies that have posted such great comments wish I could say something to everyone but no one wants to read that novel lol.

Welcome crysseilee! Agree on the bracelet. Your sharp observation lead to some really interesting cconversation ; ]

It's to bad you feel the way you do and especially that you have the likes of enna sympathizing and supporting you. I dont care that ur doubting...but I've gotta a little side eye going on as to why you are expressing it here *shrugs* so dont be surprised if you get a little shade honey.

Celebrities always gotta a catch 22 going on. Brad and angie went thru a period where everyone thought they were broken up because they weren't seen together for several months. And guess what? She was going thru a mastectomy, reconstruction and treatment and no one ever knew until they wanted us to know. I have a feeling rob and kristen will let everyone know in their own way whats going on just like they have with everything else. And I'll still be a fan who adores them to death!

nikola6 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
onagee said...

Loosely "theorizing" on the basis of knowing nothing firsthand about how these two actors manage their lives, which keep changing, or what external factors are in play, is like chasing moonbeams. There have never been so few photos of R/K individually, also, in all the years since Twilight came out. They are managing brilliantly, I say together, others say apart, why spend 2,000 words on this, rehashing the past, which is NOT like the present.

Tbell said...

I've changed my mind about you. You're disappointed? Who the fuck cares? What your real problem is is that you're disappointed in rob and kristen for not giving you your daily fix anymore. You are the worst kind of fan girl because you're only nice if they continue to give you the proof "you" need. Plus, you lost me at robstenation being normal lol. Give me a break. There were some freaking crazy ladies on that blog. And you said it yourself...this is your first time to post...and you bring this? Goodbye

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Annie said...

Nikola6: Why?

It's almost a mini riot whenever they went out together........Coachella was a nightmare, pictures of them in their home were taken and plastered online, their friends and families have been hounded nonstop, movie directors, production companies and on and on are harrassed almost daily. Any and everything is scrutinized adnauseum......I think they were sick and tired of the constant intrusion of very basic things.
You may not like what HKN has to say and you may not like feeling that your view of Rob and Kristen's every move has been blocked. I think they needed to do something drastic and thank God it appears that they have.

Unknown said...

@ Nikola 6 - rob and kristen protect yourself And that's good. Perhaps both have a goal set by a year or so. Or until the child is there, no one can know except R + K.
If the baby is there, then it will be hard to hide it, you can not! But you can protect children and the parents should do. (All parents)

fishyone2 said...

@Nikola - if you are so disappointed with this blog, why do you come back? I don't get it. You are way too invested in worrying about them or what others think. This is a fun blog - if you can't have fun and want to get all emo, I get it. But can you do it somewhere else? There is nothing disturbing about the people HAVING FUN here. If they are not together or there is no baby, so what? I'm pretty sure we will all survive that because we are HAVING FUN. Yes its a public space - but thankfully HKN has enough faith in what she is doing to let people on it. Its still HER BLOG - not mine, not yours. If you have such heartache with all of this FUN, go create your own blog. You really seem to be overly invested in all of this.

Tbell said...

You are all over the place and contradict yourself...in other words you are full of shit. Do you understand that?

Tbell said...

Oh yeah fishyone2...you are exactly right!

Marion said...

For the love of Christ. If HKN keeps us updated on Rob and Kristen, she'll be the first one to tell us what's going on with them. I don't think she'd put her reputation on the line by saying she has a cousin that works for Kristen,without facing being sued for false information. If you don't like what she has to say on this blog,feel free to leave. The regs here do not analyze and dissect every stanza of her posts to see if she's bs-ing us with fake news about R/K. You can take or leave what she says,but don't say we didn't warn you,when we see that what she's been saying her cousin has been telling her is the truth.

fishyone2 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
felicity said...

@nicola.. that our local troll army knows you so well, shows where you usually post.

sorry, i won't engage in a conversation with you ever again. your posts show, that you don't even know what you write about anymore.

you don't like what is written here, easy solution: stay away.

and do us all a favorite.. take anani and aurora with you.

that you write posts with hundrets of words, doesn't make you more believable.

you say, there is no proof that rob and kristen are together,.. there is also no proof that they are not together anymore. in fact, there is more proof that they are indeed together.

so many celebritiy couples out there.. and they are rarely seen together, no tweets or anything, but they are still going strong. and yes, it is possible.

they are all keeping their private life private.

but, if in the next month, we will see one of them or both with other partners, my life won't fall apart. my world won't turn to shit. i have enough going on in my own life to worry about.

this here is a fan blog. nothing more nothing less..

and you, nicola, said yourself that you never ever believed that rob and kristen would last.. so, you are def. at the wrong place, because we here, we belief that they have a chance, that they are able to last.. despite all the odds against them.

Unknown said...

Hello ladies, I don't think I need to add my two cents about our new visitor except to say, have fun or go away...lol

@traceybell, yes indeed I do have that pic. Luckily I tagged it sharing is caring so it was easy for me to pull up.

here you go...

Saw a new/old pic on my dash this morning from Paris and I'm sure I saw it before, but is just caught me! I swear if her arm was down in this pic there would be no more doubters it's just so obvious!


tell me what you all think.

Hope those in my neck of the woods are doing okay. It hasn't hit NC yet, but it's on it's way. For those in GA and SC stay warm!

Vernier said...

Welcome back Tracy!!! Missed you my friend.....
@Nik who the fuck cares. Step off!!! You bring contradictory bullshit to a straight forward post. I'll give the answer you seek. The confidence was not given to HKN by K and or R. It was a separate person. I don't know the semantics of how it was told to her but knowing HKN it was told so she could put it out there. I must add that none of us here has ever seen her betray a confidence. So for her to post it, it was meant to be posted. Next you come using your so called intelligence at being an adult. Sometimes the two don't go hand in hand. Sometimes the brain needs to catch up with the age. In your case probably a good idea to let it do that. You come here under the guise of being new but you know all the trolls. I think you are one of those tag changers spouting the same shit you did under your other tag. Chick you need to seriously dip out and dip now. You are not welcomed here and you are not wanted here. You spout your crap for attention. You got it. Did you like it? Did it get you off? Well we are glad to oblige but it is time for you to crawl on back o the troll hole. So in my native language FUCK OFF!!!!!!!

Janie said...

You girls really need to stop feeding the trolls

Vernier said...

Mama Nails I agree. if her arm was down all would finally shut the fuck up. She is so a little mama and by Robstanated. She's on the good ship "Rob Did It." lol lol

Vernier said...

Yes mam Mrs. Jane. :0(
lol lol
I promise I will try ;O)

Flowergirl said...

Haven ladies...you keep falling into the trap. Just say no. I would really hate to see this positive blog degenerate to the likes of the comment sections of HWL or GC because you let these people get under your skin. By responding to them you are giving them what they want. What they think does not matter, so ignore, stay in your happy place and JUST SAY NO.

Unknown said...

“My mantra is ‘everyone calm the fuck down!’ When things get crazy - and I have been through it - I often repeat those words.”

Let's just ignore until they find some other place to harass fans..

Unknown said...

Yes move arm and its obvious. Go to RD the original post with k sundance pics. They added a new pic. K is walking outside in the daylight. Her hand is near her bump and the hand is blurry because photographer snapped pic while her hand was headed toward the bump. You can reaaly tell from that pic.

Unknown said...

Theresa - not sure which one you mean..
this one?


Tbell said...

Thanks Glad to be back.

Mamma nails
Exactly perfect pic of jacket. The funny thing is is that in the next pic of mamma kristen the jacket miraculously gets shiny again lol.

And verni I think her hand and arm are in perfect position. You know how when ur pregnant you cant help but sorta rest your hands on top of the baby? And you might not even know the person is pregnant unless they do that? I think her arm being away from her body and her hand above, or same height as baby perfectly displays their baby. Am I being wierd? Its just that when ur pregant you cant help but do certain things with your hands you know? I mean who walks around with their hands like that if they're not pregnant lol. I guess what im trying to say but probs doing a shitty job of is that her mannerisms are of a pregnant woman lol. Ok?

Thank you mamma nails!

Me and jules are both going to be nanna's this year! Lol

Tbell said...

I just had a thought. A kinda creepy, but funny thought. Dont judge. Part of me really wants kristen to allow one of her friends to take that about-to-pop photo and put it on her instagram lol. Then we can make t-shirts with her belly popping photo and the caption "Pattinsonated" underneath lol. Now, we wouldn't wear them outside in public, because that would be wierd, but only when we blog lol.

Unknown said...

Its pic 113 rk faith.

LiZaAnya said...

She means this:

LiZaAnya said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...


Hatersknownothing said...

I see we got invaded since last night with those who can't seem to stay away.

I don't need your thesis telling me how I should run my blog or what I should post. I stand by what my cousin tells me until she is proven wrong. When and if she is I will gladly admit to it. So far tho the pictorial evidence is
is telling me she is dead on. You can malign her or her intentions all you want. It won't change that fact.

Are you a glutton for punishment? Who do you think you are going to convince with your bs? Oh and no you can dream. Rob does not have a new secret girlfriend. Been waiting since May for your proof of him being with anyone but Kristen.

We have something positive going on in here and it makes the trolls very nervous. So what we are talking babies. Better than attacking their friends on instagram (good for CJ telling them to fuck themselves!), twisting their words around to fit their hate agenda,and inventing an upset Rob when he looks like a smiling happy Daddy to be.

Again you come in here and try to upset our peaceful fun environment
you will be deleted. Every time. Until you take the hint. Some of you are a little brain dead and have problems comprehending this.

Ladies until they can take the hint ignore and don't engage. I will delete them as soon I see them.

Have happy day ladies! And don't let the trolls bring you down!:):):)

fishyone2 said...

I'm pretty sure if I was ever in a fight an needed someone in my corner, I would pick HKN. She is so full of conviction, dedication and a little bit of mama bear :).

Rae H. said...

Adreanna..Every poem is open to each persons interpretation. This is just mine. The poem is full of imagery and too long for one comment. So we will do this 2 lines at a time. OK?

The poem is from her point of view and she starts with herself from the beginning.

I reared digital moonlight/ I was reared/raised up in digital/precision moonlight/ reflected light and beauty.

(She was raised in the world of movies.)

You read its clock/face scrolled/spread neon/brightly.

(You saw this face spread brightly.)

He saw her first in the movies.

She stated an obvious truth that we all already knew wrapped in powerful descriptive imagery. Those are the first two lines of her poem. Addressed I think to Rob who has many times stated he first saw her in INTO THE WILD.

hazeleyes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

@ las38 if you are so concerned for how Kristen would feel about our harmless and fun speculation than why are you even lurking?

I think Kristen can see the difference between those of us excited about this change in her world and the media making up lies about her life!

(damn...why did I engage...bad mama, baddd girl!)

@Rae H...
OMG...I'm really looking forward to the rest of your interpretation. So far I think you are spot on...please continue to share!!!

Rae H. said...

Adreanna, Kristen makes it hard on at us times. This is a very private person writing a very private thing. So we have to work for it.

Across that black/dark
Where was he when he saw her? The theater.

So lines 3 becomes across that
dark theater.

Kismetly/destined ubiqitously/everywhere/always crestfallen/giving up/surrendered.

So line 4 becomes "Destined always to surrender."

But it's a mutual surrender because line 5 has Kristen thrown down/bowing giving in.

bdeyes said...

Just a couple comments:

Rae...your interpretation of the poem is very insightful!

And to those saying how lucky Rob is to have Kristen...I agree, BUT...she is also very lucky to have him! Let's not forget that!

Unknown said...

anyone that can find their soulmate at anytime in their life is lucky.

they are lucky to have each other! to have found each other so soon!

Rae H. said...

Adreanna and Mamma Nails. Line 5 begins with a mutual surrender.

Thrown down/bowing to strafe/rapidly follow your/foothills (foothills sit at the base of mountains like small peaks/success.)

So line 5 is "Bowing to rapidly follow even your smallest success."

She wants him to succeed in her world.

I'll suck/devour/savor/cherish-the bones/deep pretty/beauty.

Line 6 becomes "I'll cherish the deep beauty."

Tbell said...

Omg rae
How cool are you? Please when you're done do the whole poem in your interpretation please. You are very talented you know that?

andreana said...

Wow I don't know what to say . Thank you for answering my question and I am in awe of your ability to decipher her words. I am the same way with a painting.I see a picture only.... with poetry I see words with no particular meaning.. I am not the least bit romantic or sentimental. It is amazing to me that you can do this and i am so pathetically clueless...!I guess what is said about either the left or right side of a person's brain being dominant is true ..... thanks again LOL

andreana said...

Once again rae thank you. I cannot believe that kristen would give this to a reporter . The meaning is beautiful and so intensely personal.. WOW ... just shows me that none of us know her at all.it is ridiculous for any of us to pigeonhole this you g woman....I admire her even more.. She is truly unique...

Rae H. said...

Everyone who is following the interpretation of the poem; these are very deep, very private and personal thoughts.

The only reason I can think of for her to release this is she wants everyone to know how she feels so maybe we'll stop wondering and creating so much are they/aren't they speculation. This is how she feels about the man women are so nutty over. I think it's her way of saying, "He's mine."

It's a claiming. A manifesto of how she feels. No woman would do this unless her feelings were returned 100%.

This is going to cause some to swear the poem is not hers; that it's fake. I think it's real.

It may take me the rest of the evening to finish this, Because until Adreanna asked someone to interpret it I never thought about doing so and I want to be precise.

I'll do the whole thing when we finish it together.

rklove said...

Good evening Haven Lovelies!

Trying to lurk while finishing dinner.
You ladies are on fire tonight. If I was one of the drama queens, I would leave and never come back with my insanity...LOL

@Rae. H OMG sweetie!! You are incredible. I am in awe of your interpretation. As I read your explanation, I begin to understand. He is her's as she is his. Can't wait for the rest. Thank you so much <3


fishyone2 said...

Am I the only one on here who seriously doubts that poem is hers? It just seems so out of character for her to share something potentially so personal with a random reporter. Its fun reading everyone's interpretations of what they think it means -- but it would be even funnier if it IS her poem and she said "you know what - it means nothing". My daughter always hated those types of classes because as she said "unless I wrote it, how can I truly know what it means?". It was so hard to argue her logic hahaha!!!

hazeleyes said...

I guess Miss Nails I lurk just like people rubber neck a passing car wreck, because it's there. I am a fence sitter on most of you're issues you speak/blog about,except for their movie roles. :) All else I don't care about,there are a lot of fans like me who care only for that side of them and we lurk on many blog sites and follow you on twitter :)

andreana said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rae H. said...

Line 7 begins "Your nature(soul) perforated (pierced) the abrasive (harsh) Line 8 Organ pumps (hearts)

Line 7and 8 becomes "Your soul pierced the harsh hearts."

He became popular. The public fell in love with him.

Line 9 begins Spray painted (newly covering) everything (all the senses)known to man ( ever imagined)

Line 9 Becomes "Newly covering all of the senses ever imagined."

There are now umpteen books on what we imagined. I've read some of them.

Kristen is saying she knows he's an object of obsession and adoration.

She's telling us that she knows it's a fact she has to live with.

Rae H. said...

fishyone 2, If Kristen didn't write this and objects to its interpretation in some future article I imagine she will snort and say AS IF.

I'd never write something like that. So far you're the only naysayer; and you are correct poems are open to interpretation.

This is my interpretation. If you disagree with it, stop reading. Skip my name.

Vernier said...

Rae H. Your interpretation gives me good goosebumps and chills. It is amazing!!!
Hey Tracy I like your T-shirt idea. You know me I'm a rebel. I'd wear it out. lol lol
Mama Nails, HKN, rklove and everyone else. Love the upbeat banter. Love the positive vibes.

Vernier said...

I'm with you Rae H.... fishyone 2 don't like, don't read it. interpret it for yourself. Rae H is on the money. If she gets it half way right it would be awesome but I think she is spot on. So don't shit in a wind storm cause you might just end up with shit in your face.

Unknown said...

@traceybell @vernier...I too am up for the T-Shirt! and I'm with you V, I'd probably where mine out too. LOL

Rae...keep going with your interpretation. As you said, poetry is personal and i think your interpretation has merit!

Hope all in the south are warm in cozy in their homes and out of the snow and ice!

snowmageddon2014 might be happening outside but we can be living in our HappyRKWorld right here together! LOL

winnie said...

Rae..refreshing webpage over and over to read rest of your interpretation..cant wait

felicity said...

@rae.. beautifully interpretation..

so... more pics of kristen driving around.. still only the temporary tag on that car... and still cropped pics, with no gym to see. but the bracelet is on her wrist

Vernier said...

See Mama Nails and Tracy that's why I love you both. We are straight rebels!!!! My son in law is in Atlanta in this mess. My mom is on the Tennessee Alabama line in Fayetteville Tennessee and they have a mess. All are safe and at home. I'll go down this weekend and check on my mom. it's an hour and fifteen minutes away.
Rae Keep Going! It is a great interpretation.

andreana said...

Thank you rae I appreciate what you are doing and I look foward to reading the rest if it . The negative nellies will try to ruin it for the rest of us if they can... just don't read their post... I never read their post it works for me.. I am, as I have aleady commented, completely in awe that you can decipher these words... I love it

Vernier said...

Mama Nails when Rae H finishes the poem interpretation you will post it on slutsrunningwithnails too?

LizzieD said...

RAE H --- THANK YOU so much!! I was on the phone with another RK fan a couple of hours ago and we were lamenting over the fact that neither of us are good at interpreting poetry ... again, THANK YOU!!!

As for this not being Kristen's poem ... I find it difficult to believe that the interviewer would be so "bold & stupid" to publish it in MC ... but hopefully, we will find out at some point IF it turns out not to be her poem.


Unknown said...

@Vernier great minds think alike. I was going to ask @Rae if it would be okay for me to post it.

So this is me asking if it's okay for me to post it! LOL

Rae H. said...

Adreanna and everyone else interested we have done the easy part now it gets tough. I hope I get it right.

Line 10 "Stream (information, knowledge implies the media) rushed through (invading Rob and Kristen's privacy)and all(everywhere)out into (exploding outward, carried afar) Line 11 into Something.

Capitalized means its important.
Something: (1)A particular thing.
(2) indefinite having no limit conceived or stated (3) Infinite

I think this line refers to the sacandal

So LINE 10 says "The media invaded
everywhere exploding outward carrying Something which means having no limits conceived or stated. It just is.

There has been no end to the speculation. She's not glossing over anything. This happened to Kristen so it's included.

Vernier said...


I have shown it to two of my daughters. one is 28 and one is 31. They both think it is on point.

Mama Nails they have been lurking on your blog and love it. They both work at Vanderbilt in the pharmacy here in Nashville and they lurk even at work when time permits. Them and others love HKN and SRWN. They love the positivity and upbeat banter. My daughter Paul said she showed K's pic to one of the doctors there and he said When is she due? He also said she looks to be about seven or eight months for a tiny frame but you would only know upon examination. Every body is different. Then they showed him her face and he said they got him. But in his opinion she is pregnant. WOOHOO!!!!!! They said hello all and they are headed home!!!!!!

Vernier said...

Paula not Paul lol lol She is flipping out lol lol

rklove said...

@Rea I agree with Vern. Please allow Mamanails to put your interpretation on her site!! I just want to say, that Kristen is extremely visual with her wording. Such an intelligent young lady.

@Vernier, please thank Paula. That gave me goosebumps and validation regarding Kristen looking pregnant. We can see it, and the Dr can see it, let's hope the Nonnies see it too.

Be careful in the snow ladies! I live in NY and not looking forward to more snow. It's been hellish the last couple of weeks. Stay safe and warm.

@Rae, keep up the great job <3

RKsoulmates913 said...

>>>>> @Rae H <<<<

Are you sure you're not Kristen??? Coming here and telling us what it really means???

OMGosh sweetie, it's Amazing!!! Thanks for sharing! After all drama this simple poem brought, it's really refreshing to read that behind such simple words there's a beautiful and meaningful thoughts! ♡

RKsoulmates913 said...

Apologizing ...

Kristen Stewart I’m Sorry I Mocked Your Poem


At least the guy had the balls to apologize. But certain COUGHbitchCOUGH woman thinks she has the right to humiliate Kristen... as if... >>> @JennSelby

And I did like the guy that wrote THE open letter too. At least he provided constructive criticism,.

Rae H. said...

Mama Nails if this ends well YOU, TEMPEST AND ROSE are welcome to it. If not only HKN where I started it. OK?

We ended with line 11 Something.

Line 12 "Whilst (while) the crackling (popping: perhaps of flash cubes from cameras) stare down (challenge of press and fans) sun (invasive) glare (intense stares)

Line 12 says " While the cameras flashed in the challenge of fans and press, it was invasive beneath the intense stares.

Line 13...Snuck. (stealthily followed.) Through our windows boarded up ( invading our privacy.

Line 13 They stealthily followed invading our privacy.

Rae H. said...

Line14..He (Rob) hit (struck) your (the fans) flint (judging) faces and it sparked (caught fire.)

Line 14 says Rob struck the fans faces and it caught fire

Some fans took it personally when Rob stayed with Kristen and their reaction was like a fire raging out of control.

line 15..."And I bellowed (protested) and you parked (refused to move on.)

Line 15 says "And I protested and you, many fans, refused to move on."

Line 16 We reached Marfa.

( Marfa: A place of unexplained phenomenon that has been happening for a long time. In essence, THE SURREAL. That's where they are now.
Their life is changed forever.

Janie said...

Rae H,

I'm very impressed with your interpretation of the poem. You are truly gifted. Please continue.

Goodnight everyone!

Janie said...


I'm just now reading about the Dr. comment.
I have always thought she was at least three months
along when she was filming Sils Maria. I knew something was up when she was on the bank in her
two piece swimming suit.

Unknown said...

OMG! Rae your interpretation continues to astound me!

I can't wait to see it all together!!

@vernier, thank you again for your support! And I just can't tell you how big the grin on my face was when you told me about your daughters! I especially loved hearing what the doctor said. Would love to know which pic they showed him.

This feels like vindication, considering how much crap I've been getting saying that I think she's about 7mos or perhaps further along. So thank you, thank you for sharing!

I'm continuously amazed by the traffic I'm getting but very grateful to have met such a wonderful group of women!

Thank you to all the HKN ladies and HKN for your support! It really means the world to me!

Vernier said...

Jane I wasn't sure. I just believe she is. When they told me that I was happy. I thought some of the ladies are right on in their time frame.
Rae keep going it is awesome.

Vernier said...

Mama Nails I'll find out and post the link. Thank you for sharing with us and always keeping it real. I tell everyone I know about you and HKN. You both are awesome!!!

onagee said...

I'm really enjoying Rae's interpretation, but Rae, I have one question if you don't mind. You interpret "I" as Kristen's voice and "you/your" refers to Rob...until line 15, when voice shifts suddenly and you write that "you parked" refers to the fans. I thought it referred to Rob. I wondered if this was conflict, to be resolved...

Or did I misread? Intense words!

Unknown said...

Vern! Love you!!

Jane! I thought the same thing when I saw K in those Sils pix. At first. Many ppl i talked to at the time poopooed me to i thought i was seeing things.

But when the ChaneI pix came out I was certain. I went back to the Sils pix and guesstimated 3-3.5 at that point which is why I'm at 7-7.5 now.

So it's so cool to have a doctor look at her picture and see the same thing I've been seeing for months!

Lol! It's probably wrong how much joy I'm getting out of this. But now even if I'm wrong I feel good about my guesstimation. Does that make sense??

Later ladies! I'm heading off to dream land.

I hope/pray that all of us in the south going through snowmageddon2014 keep our power on!

Night all. Can't wait to read more of Rae's interpretation tomorrow!

NOLA girl said...

I'm late to the party as usual - Rae, I am in awe of you. This poem was so over my head! Andreana, I know how you felt.

I did see the 2 black bracelets in the pics previously known as "Kristen going to the gym" and now known as "Kristen driving in L.A."

HKN - instead of hitting the delete button, just call Serv-Pro - it'll be like it never happened. Damn Hater Zombies and their shite!

Those of you covered in ice and snow, please be careful! It's just cold in NOLA. I think my dog has SADD.

Mama Nails - was that OK magazine that did that stupid crap with Kristen's face? Good Lord, grow up little media twerps.

Put me on the t-shirt list! Arleen, where are you sweetheart?

sue - so glad you get me. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi HKN, felicity, LizzieD, Vana, Irene, Tempest, Elizabeth, Sanni K, GaliRK, SusannahKay, Tina Wotherspoon, Tracybell, vernistene, Nancy Allen, sue morris, rklove, RKsoulmates913, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am going to bed now. Love all your comments. Great jobs. I am talking to the ones I said Hi on my list. Well, Night. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all from the bottom of my heart.

Rae H. said...

LINE 17.. "One (a measure) honest (real) day (a space of time) up (away) on this freedom (liberated) pole. (perch, stand, platform island)

Line 17 says " A measure of reality, a space of time, away on this liberated island. In time maybe? Gone ninja. Privacy.

Devils (tabloids) not done digging.

Tabloids, the media are still working to dig up dirt.

Vernier said...

She said these are the ones they showed him after they showed him this link first:

They had her face covered on the first so they could get his true reaction. She told me to also leave her alone she is in bed but for R/K fans she would get up and send the links. So here you go!!!

Anonymous said...

NOLA girl and Mama Nails, I am still here. I just had a long freezing, windy, and freezing cold rain. I still do have a long shirt on at night. Night you two. Keep me posted. Hugs!

Vernier said...

My daughter said tell you ladies hello and use the first link they showed the doctor for the t-shirt lol lol it tells all. Now she is going back to bed and for me to leave her alone lol lol anything for mom and her friends of R/K lovers!!!!!

Rae H. said...

Line 18 which I forgot to list ended with tabloids digging.

Line 19.." He's (Rob's) speaking in tongues (phoning/texting) all along the panhandle.

Texas is a state that appears to have a pan handle. So it becomes

lINE 19 says..Rob's phoning/texting all across Texas.

Texas was a state where Kristen stopped to eat as she passed through on her way to New Orleans helping a friend to move.

That's twice now she's mentioned Texas, which makes me think something crucial was decided between them while she was on her road trip.

Perhaps it was arrangements for this new way of moving about mostly undetected by the press.
Ninja. Maybe it really was Nick of DIDY's idea of doubles. (SHRUG)

I don't know but something changed that left fans and press both more or less clueless.

Vernier said...

Rae could it be they decide about having a baby you think?

Rae H. said...

Vernier, I have no idea. I think their biggest problem at the time was privacy. That probably meant buying alternate homes. Ensuring both companions and professional guards and coordinating personnel and work schedules. He was likely burning up the phone.

They could also have been discussing the future too. But Kristen seems practical to the bone and protective too. So if I had to choose one I'd choose the first one.

It's getting late. I'll finish up tomorrow and put it together in poem form.

Thank you everyone for the compliments and cheers. I'm glad you like it. And I feel sure the rest will be good.

But Kristen is telling us about her feelings about the past. I think that all her intent is.

I need a break. I may finish up after a while. Thanks again for the generous words of support.

Rae H. said...

onagee..In sectioned stanza poems identity doesn't have room to change.

He Rob was already designated as there. To switch to your would switch the identity and time so Rob already mentioned as he would have been hitting himself. The fans were the only conclusion left.

Rae H. said...

Line 20.. "And this pining (lonely) erosion (loss) is getting dust in my eyes. (Making her cry.)

Line 20 says "And this lonely loss is making me cry.

If they're really the soul mates they seem, then anytime they're apart it's like half of them is missing and they're lonely for that missing part.

Line 21 "And I'm (I am and am always implies the present/now)
drunk (intoxicated) on your morsels ( honeyed bits) perhaps she's speaking of morsels as sweet words or bits of time together.

Line 21 says "And now I am intoxicated on your morsels these honeyed words in our time.

Line 21 is the most romantic and the most explicit she doesn't dress up the imagery. She's telling us straight out that she's intoxicated with and crazy about him. It is what it is. She still savors him.

Rae H. said...

Line 22.. "And so I look down the line. (into the future)

Line 22 "And so I look into the future.

Line 23..Your every (smallest) twitch (gesture) hand drum (echoes) salute (respectful greetings)

Lie 24..Salutes (greets echoes) Mine. the soul in this case it's all we own.

Lines 23 and 24..Your smallest gesture echoes in my soul.

Rae H. said...

From this I gather they are still together. Still in love and very respectful of one another.

But their popularity and major celebrity has exiled them to Marfa/the land of THE SURREAL and they don't live in our world anymore. You won't run into them together on the street or any place public.

You have to go to Marfa to see the "lights." And you have to go to where they are to see them.

The movies.

Thank you all for your attention. I hope you like the poem once I put it together.

Rae H. said...

RKsoulmates913... No I am not Kristen. But I thank her for giving us this little one time peek into her life.

This poem says it all. Will it shut every body up? Probably not. But it might silence quite a few.

We really need a few to give up, pack it in, fold their tents and move on.

To me this poem leaves no room for doubt.

Rae H. said...

Vernier.. She said she was looking into the future with a man whose smallest touch echoes in her soul.

So maybe you are right. When people look into the future children are implied because children are our future.

So maybe.

Rae H. said...

My Heart Is A Light Thing That Revolves Around Our Time Together

I was raised in precision light and beauty.
You saw this face spread brightly
In that dark.
Destined always to surrender,
Bowing to rapidly follow even your smallest success,
I'll cherish the deep beauty.

Your soul pierced the harsh hearts,
Newly covering all of the senses ever imagined.

The media invaded everywhere, exploding outward carrying
Something without limits or boundaries,
While the cameras flashed and popped in the challenge of fans and press, it was invasive beneath their intense stares.

They stealthily followed, invading our privacy.
He struck the public's face and it flared up catching fire.
And I spoke up but you all refused to move on.

We reached Marfa...and THE SURREAL.
A measure of reality, a space of time, away, on this liberated perch.

Tabloids and media are still working to dig up dirt.
He's phoning/texting across Texas.
And this lonely loss is making me cry.
And so I look into the future.
Your smallest gesture echoes in my soul.

Translation by Rae H.

winnie said...

Bravo Rae..Bravo..!!!

Rae H. said...

Funk and Wagnall says pining may also be grieving. Sorry

So line 20 could read: And this grieving loss is making me cry.

What did she lose? Her privacy and her untarnished name.

Tabloids have a lot to answer for.

I'd like to roast marshmallows on their butts as they burn for their heartless use of one woman's life.


Cut her some slack. Her face has sold enough and made tabloids rich. It's time it was over and long ago.

Unknown said...

RAE, thank you very much for the amazing interpretation of what might be a very loving poem. Kristen does write poems and I doubt if she thought very many would attempt understanding her at all. There is a common thread in this poem. They are as one, always. It is a difficult concept if you have not had such a bond with another. I do appreciate your careful examination of her words. I said when I read this poem that it was true art. It is written with great affection for someone who I do believe is Rob. You can actually see their great caring for each other in videos, snapshots, and in the movies. Kristen is much loved by many and Rob is adored by same. At some point I believe we will all see that they are always very much apart of one another and they need to live their own life away from the public demanding that they share their world with them. These two have always needed privacy and their world was invaded without mercy. I believe they are really fine and working and living a good life together, carefully without the glare of the lights, thank the dear Lord. Please everyone be careful in this weather. I washed my car at the carwash of ICE! It is warming up here and I went nuts and washed the dirty car and used two canes to do it. Andrew the precious is still kicking it!

Flowergirl said...

Rae H...thanks for taking the time to do this. Job well done.

Rae H. said...

Sue Morris and Flowergirl, thank you for liking my translation. I'd put it on Do I Dazzle You? but some people are unwilling to credit that Kristen even wrote it and I don't want to make waves. They asked for a translation here.

To Adreanna and everyone who thanked me and encouraged me to keep going, you are welcome and thank you all for your kind attention.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic translation! I'm very impressed by your analysis! It pushed out of the lurking mode I've been following for months...

Bravo! And thank you!

Anonymous said...

Sorry! First post and first mistake! It pushed me out of my lurking mode...

Unknown said...

Good morning everyone,Rae H what you have done i think that is something very special thankyou,hope the weather isnt causing to many problems for everyone where i am the rain and the wind is terrible the fence in my back garden came down sop new ones it will be,hugs to you all and Rob and Kristen take care and be safe.

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