Monday, February 24, 2014

New York Ninjas



@/brianokum 1h Just saw Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson in NYC together!!!"

 One tweet had everyone up in arms.They started hating on his twitter and he immediately deleted the tweet. 

olv ‏@olv  Feb 22
Anyone know the filming schedule for #Life in Toronto? Wondering if filming on weekend

@olv Not filming until Wed

And this had the dipshidiots even more shook up.

 So shook up that they invented a story about how the guy that tweeted the NYC sighting had suddenly tweeted that he was joking and called Kristen a mop.

Nice try Robsessed but NO.

If this was true it would have been all over twitter. It wasn't. Secondly I guarantee the dipshidiots would have screen capped it and re posted it over and over again. 

And then we have this:

Anna Wood, Dane DeHaan's wife. That makes things a little more interesting doesn't it.


The dipshidiots tried one last ditch effort with a tweet that said 1000 people were waiting in line for Rob at a University in Toronto. They're waiting in the wrong place. And we got only one tweet? 1000 people and one tweet and no pics? Yeah right.

The ninjas have us going around in circles AGAIN.

I'm being quiet Rob! No spilling where you are here!

Don't mess with ninja Stew. She will kick your ass!

A Russian astronomer has named an asteroid he discovered after teen heartthrob Robert Pattinson, famous for playing a vampire in the popular “Twilight Saga” film series. 

Amateur astronomer Timur Kryachko, who found the 2-kilometer-wide space rock with a commercial Astrotel telescope, which can retail for about $1,000, conceded to RIA Novosti that the name was his wife’s idea. 

The rock, discovered in our solar system’s asteroid belt on February 24, 2009 and initially identified as 2009 DM89, was listed on Wednesday in a registry published by the International Astronomical Union as 246789 Pattinson. 

There is no chance that the asteroid will impact Earth, unlike Pattinson, a former model who has won the hearts of teenage girls across the world with his role as Edward Cullen, a compassionate “vegetarian” vampire who only feeds on animal blood, in all five “Twilight” films.

Who's pitching in with me for the telescope? We can take turns sending it back and forth. I get it first of course.

I'm thinking that amateur astronomer got some serious loving from the wife for that gesture.

The moral police were all over this picture.

 How could she! She's drinking while she is pregnant!


New study shows no harm from moderate drinking in pregnancy, but experts urge caution
link to article here

Get off your high horse and stop trying to tell people what to do with their own pregnancy!

There is no law against smoking  or drinking while pregnant. Quitting smoking cold turkey while pregnant may not be a good thing according to some doctors. And drinking moderately while being pregnant has never been taboo.

 Except for moralistic idiots on their high horses!


As Renee would say enough with the heavy . Back to some fun.

A shout out to rklove for giving our lovely ladies a name!

The Havenettes!

This one might be better  :)

This is me lol!

 And thank you to the Havenettes for the baby clothes pics!

I think my favorite is Robsten Is Unbroken  I'm the proof.
Thanks to rkimagines!

Vernier you have done it again!

More and more sightings are coming in from NYC. There are a couple of Kristen and one of Rob on the 6 train. This train runs straight through to the Bowery. Rob and Kristen's favorite place to stay when they are in NYC. Getting better and better!

And I leave you with this beautiful pic from rkimagines


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Jane said...

HKN, I was surprised to see a new post. As usual brilliant! Thanks for making us smile.

Vernier said...

I Love it!!!!!! Thank you for the props but your post is awesome!!!!!! Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!!!

msinmi said...

Here's an FYI...that pic of Bella and her Mom from Eclipse you posted, could you tell that the actress who played Kristens mom was pregnant when she filmed that scene. They did a good job covering that up, don't you agree ;))) Thanks HKN for another good post!

Vernier said...

Awesome and interesting news msinmi........Thank you for that.....

msinmi said...

You're welcome Vernier, I remember reading or seeing an interview with her and watching Eclipse to see if I could spot it, they did a good job, I think she was very far along too.

LizzieD said...

HKN!! GREAT POST!!! I loved all the little onesies, they are all so cute I can't pick a favorite, LOL. I truly love the pic of the "skeleton" woman on the bench "waiting for Rob" ... LOLOLOLOLOL


kuffkuff17 said...

Hi HKN, another great post! I love your sense of humor. Thanks for all that you do ! Kuffkuff

Teresa Holmes said...

Enjoyed new post. It was great. Haters need to stop talking k drinking and smoking. First we haven't seen k smoke in very long time. We dont know if that was a lighter in her pocket going to paris, people are just assuming. And the after party as well. We don't know that it was beer. Root beer and some soda pop comes in glass bottles like that. Want proof! Just Google it.
We haven't seen k drink alcohol in a longtime. Not even after this pic. Stop assuming. Makes an a.. out of you.
K is good at keeping people guessing and confusing media.
Personally I believe IF...... it was beer and lighter k carry the lighter high up in pocket while going through airport to fool papas if maybe they noticed her bump. When have k ever carried lighter that high up in her pocket.....come on!
Same for supposed beer bottle, we never saw her drink from it. And isnt it a big coincedence, that after the blonde woman at the chanel Dallas event noticed k bump and ask her how far along she was then k is pictured right after at the after party with what could be a beer. Seems to me k is doing everything to throw off suspicion of her pregnancy. Seems to be working on some people. An actress saying she wants kids but not ready yet is oldest distraction in the book. Steven tyler daughter liv said same thing few months before she had her son.
The key things to remember : she never drunk from bottle she has not be drinking and she has not been smoking. Enough said.

onagee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
onagee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rklove said...

@HKN, I am honored to have been mentioned in your post. Love the pictures and Lady you look hot in that red poka dot bikini <3

Again we have the dipshitidiots who prefer to believe that Rob was at some Univeristy rather than being in NYC. One Nonnie tweet vs a few from NY is more believable...NOT!!

Love, Love the bb clothes!! That baby will have her/his pick of Chanel or Dior. Hobo chic Pattinson style...LOL

Have a wonderful evening Havenettes. Thank you HKN for a wonderful post!!

onagee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mama Nails said...

HKN!!! Good one my dear! Hello my dear Havenettes!

I see this post has riled up the inmates! Hmmmm why so scared???

It's late my dears! Gifts to get my beauty sleep see ya tomorrow!

Teresa Holmes said...

Bearly since we are hurting k. I feel this is not a blog where someone of your caliber can afford to be associated with. I know rose havent had any new post. Im sure one will be up soon. So with all due respect would u please return to your regular blog thank you.

sue morris said...

HKN HAVEN LADIES Looks like the hate patrol from Gossip Floppy and HL is sent to throw up big time all over! a clean-up is need to disinfect the post as those nasty old Kristen haters are crawling the walls! Vern, I saw your baby shirts and hats over at Mama's blog--so darn cute! Tracey, we need to spray Lysol tonight, the bugs are crawling! My baby Boxer is so sweet, she crawled up and just gave me a bed-time hug and lick on the chin goodnight. Nighty night ladies and don't let those old bed bugs from the hate blogs bite, they are just out of lies!

Jane said...

msinmi, I had no idea Sarah Clarke was pregnant in Eclipse. Goes to show you how well pregnancy can be hidden in a movie. Thanks for that tidbit.

onagee said...

Bearly, I remember when HKN defended Kristen tooth and nail at Gossip Cop while you were going on about how they were already married according to your own special source. You not only egged on "insiders" at Gossip Cop, who were spilling on private matters right and left, you even pretended to be one. So hold the sanctimony, or at least serve it with something better than "lol." Just to let you know, whatever "clever" reply you post, I'm not replying. You are NOT worth it. So have at it.

sue morris said...

HKN Thank you for a really funny post that came out swinging! You know, I seriously doubt if Rob or Kristen give a hoot about the idiot haters that only make asses out of themselves and really should just go to their regular posts, unless they are no longer welcome. Truthfully , life has a way of showing the truth, and we are very happy for a young couple who has had more than enough hate dumped on them by selfish hateful women who are jealous of Kristen and Rob, who are going to live their lives just exactly the way they want to. No buts, right Lizzie! Thank you so much HKN for standing up for them , you are just terrific!

Teresa Holmes said...

Bearly please do not act like u know me or anything about me. Thank you

Barbara said...
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NOLA girl said...

onagee - well said!

Hello Havenettes!! Just checking in. HKN - wow, a new post already. Thank you so much, you are incredible!

Like LizzieD - RL has gotten in the way this weekend. Looks like there was quite the baby shower - sorry I missed it. You did good ladies!

Saw on the Drudge Report today where Alec Baldwin says he may leave NYC. The article was about his podcast getting deep-sixed on MSNBC. As usual, it was everybody else's fault. Everything with this guy is major drama. I can't feel sorry for him.

Be patient and perhaps we'll get some pics! Glad our couple is getting in some quality time together.

Havenettes - remain awesome!!!!

sue morris and felicity - thinking of you both and keeping you in my prayers.

Arleen P said...

Hi HKN, felicity, LizzieD, Vana, Irene, Tempest, Elizabeth, Sanni K, GaliRK, SusannahKay, Tina Wotherspoon, Tracybell, Vernier, Nancy Allen, sue morris, rklove, Mama Nails, RKsoulmates913, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. I am too exhausted from cleaning and cooking. Its pizza night. Those flatbreads comes in handing for pizzas. Anyways, I love all your comments.
HKN- I love your blog. As always. Great job!


HKN!! GREAT POST!!! I loved all the little onesies, they are all so cute I can't pick a favorite, LOL. I truly love the pic of the "skeleton" woman on the bench "waiting for Rob" ... LOLOLOLOLOL


RK Faith said...

Good Morning!
I've been very busy with RL but always find the time to read all th comments here.
Thia truly is a great, safe haven thanks to HKN - thank you!
Loved the new post that rounded up all the NYC info.
Love to imagine both of them enjoying themselves at a cafe or just on a regular hassle-free ride on the metro..

Wish all of you a great day / night!

winnie said...

Hi HKN and all the wonderful ladies here..This is such a great place to come..I really want to comment here more often but you ladies are doing a great job on your comments and iam afraid i will make a fool of myself by commenting..HKN.. ur posts are so to the point and hilarious..I love the way you go for the haters in twitter..there are some crazies out there who are mature women..i really wonder how women can be so mean to other women..esp a 23 year old delicate,beautiful actress just living her life,who is so genuine and talented..
and vernier .. U really are a gem..congrats on seeing kristen..my favorite onsie is the golden child one..
I really miss jan heuther in the comment section...

winnie said...

Then to those crazies who say what will RK think when they see this blog..well...as there is no hate spewed in this blog .. they wouldnt mind it ..would they??

Sanni K. said...

good morning,
HKN again a great post.
So the morning and the day can begin.
The Romper pictures are sweet as sugar, I want them all. ;-)
Your posts in the last 2 days were awesome and insightful.
As I have understood, there were already two sightings of Rob and Kristen in NY?
If they so publicly run around in NY, then why no pictures?
Have a nice day.

Tracybell said...

Really fabulous post. I especially enjoyed the havenettes lol. I'm the second from the left! Love ya

Well Havenettes
Enjoying all the comments. Hey winnie....please comment more often. I love what you said in ur last comment. I don't think rob or Kristen would mind either. I think they know love when they see it.

I've been helping my daughter finish a project for school tonight and it was hard but it guaranteed I missed the shitheads. Im so thankful for that.

Sue m
Sounds like life is moving forward...still thinking about you.

Sorry if I butchered ur name but every time I scroll tonight I loose my comment so I hope im close. Thanks for that tidbit about "Renee". It never occurred to me she might be pregnant.

Will talk later im sure. You already know I love your onsies. Where's Mickie? Haha

Hey mama
Thanks for the headsup. Sleep well...

To all the Havenettes? Guess what? My phone auto corrects it now....smart phone!

Nighty nite

felicity said...

hkn, wonderful post. mwah. i love the onesies

one thing to clear up. sarah clarke (renee) was not pregnant during eclipse. she was pregnant during breaking dawn filming. she gave birth march 2010 and the wedding scene was the last scene the cast filmed. if you remember the dress sarah wore then, you can't tell that she was pregnant, not at all. (sorry msinmi.. don't want to offend you)


so, giong through the comments, i see that we had a visitor. one who made it absolutely clear, where she is standing in regards to rob and kristen.

my advice to YOU, bearly, stay away. i've seen what you did on twitter and at the KU and i've heard what you are doing on GC. leave us alone. you've hurt many people with your posts lately (sorry, hkn, if you want, you can remove this post)

SusannahKay said...

Felicity - According to Sarah Clarke she was pregnant during Eclipse filming https://gossipdance.wordpress.com/category/sarah-clarke/

felicity said...

Rowan (born c. March 2010).


sorry, yes, i've got the years confused, @susannahkay. i apologize.

they've started to film Eclipse august 2009 and ended late october.. so sarah was not heavily pregnant at that time. she was around 6-7 months along when they've finished. but we don't know exactly, when they've shot the scenes with sarah.

felicity said...

@msinmi.. i am sorry.. hugs.. hope you can forgive me.

RK Faith said...

felicity - Everyone gets mixed up from time to time. I admire your search for truth and facts. You're an asset here for the Havenettes :)

SusannahKay said...

Felicity - Just avoiding giving the trolls anything to jump on :)

onagee said...

Good morning, I deleted some of my comments since the posts I replied to are gone, and why have pointless negativity. If you want me to delete the last one above, please let me know. Hope everyone has a great day.

irene said...

Good Morning, all on HKN.....💖

Great post, HKN, keeping the home fires burning!!!

Forget bearly worth it, she's bearly keeping it together and bearly making sense these days......

We get the message, bearly....... everyone's wrong except you, right??? You just stick with that, then!

Love the onesies......... LOL!
And I doubt that the suggestion of a beautiful baby would be somehow insulting..... Pffffffttttt!

Have a wonderful day, all of you......!

Vernier said...

Have a great Day Havenettes!!!! Love you ladies........

Annie said...

Really have to laugh at the panic being exhibited by some.......Scared shitless!

LizzieD said...

HELLO FELLOW HAVENETTES!! Just saying a quick "good morning" as I have much work to do today. I'm sure that RK are enjoying a little quiet time although today will probably be a travel day for them. Will be interesting to see if we get any pics.



Mama Nails said...

Good morning Havenettes! There was a sighting of Rob leaving NYC yesterday. Not saying it's true, not saying it's not true.

The funny thing is the response this tweet got! So one girl responded saying it can't be true cause Rob was filming all weekend in Toronto! LMFAO!

They've been stalking him onset since they started filming and then he was filming all weekend and we have not one f'ing pic?? Sure that makes total sense. Well if any of you believe this can I interest you in a lovely bridge? I'm only asking $100,000 for it! Teehee!!

Later, Havenettes!

Bunny Sherman said...

Hey ladybug, great and wonderful blog as usual! Love the pics and yes mam they both were in NYC!! Keep em coming!! We love our head cheerleader! Now, I have been told by a good friend that Bearly was on GC last night calling all of us LADIES names. That's fine, we all understand it must be frustrating when you can't crawl out from underneath your bridge! Love ya HKN!!!!

Jane said...

I noticed CJ is back in LA. If he came back with Kristen once again they came back undetected.

Happygirl said...

@Jane CJ is already back in LA since a few days and K is maybe still in NY!

Tina Wotherspoon said...

Hkn another brilliant post as always ive been poorly but thankfully on the mend i hope reaing your posts and up-dates and all the lovely ladies comments posted cheers me up what can be better thankyou , my love for Rob and Kristen constantly is growing and can wait for baby news to appear,hugs to you all take care be safe.

Morning Coffee said...

Morning my lovelies....HKN wonderful post...but I never expect anything less from you. Reliable info, and always a healthy dose of humor, you make me smile more times than you can imagine.

So happy I missed the negative visit, but then again it was bearly relevant in the grand scheme of things.

I absolutely love and admire how Rob and Kristen go about their lives and ignore the idiots out there spewing their poison.

Now heads up girls!!!

I don't address each of you by name most of the time when it's a general post to the havenetes. But I know who you are by reading all the comments and I am so damn proud of each of you, you are beautiful women with good hearts and souls. You help make this one of my favorite places to visit.

Busy day for me need to get started, I'll BBL.


Tracybell said...

Did you get my emails? Did you go to that blog link I posted? Really interesting and informative comments huh?

Let me know if I need to send the link again.

Hey Mama nails
Thanks for the heads up last night. We finished up at 2am lol. I'm a ridiculous perfectionist when it comes to making things look pretty and I drove my daughter crazy ha! But she learned a few things.

Was thinking about rob and Kristen being in ny for Dakota's bday and got to thinking...she's 20? Holy cow I remember watching her in that movie with mel gibson and juaquin p. The alien one? Swing away? She was so cute. I cant believe she's 20.

Mama nails
every time you type laters I think of fifty lol. Thems were the days lol.

phxden said...

I believe that some day in the future, pictures of Kristen and Rob together in NY will surface. For now, I am just happy that both were MIA together.

Jane said...


Sorry but I felt people skating were teenagers. I was thinking someone sent him that video and he just posted to throw us off. Just my thought. You could be right he could have come back with Suzie. I just know Kristen doesn't like traveling alone and I thought CJ might have stayed behind with her.

fresakiut Apellido said...

hi! never comment but i always read heaven blog and i love it since always! well thanks to msinmi for the info i never knew that until now!
i have a co-work who is preggo she have 28 weeks is more short than Kristen is def more weight than Kristen and she´s not showing preggo belly she looks on weight but not look preggo only cos we know she is we almost can noticed but if i seen her on street with not know her i barely can say she´s preggo JS have a great day ladies! <3 thanks! heaven for your new post :)

GaliRK said...

Ahhhh I love all your comments ladies.... Wow just wow

Tracybell said...

Afternoon Havenettes

I really detest hypocrites...really detest them. But you know what? What goes comes around, so maybe I'll just sit back and watch it come around.

Hope you Mavens have a beautiful day...

GaliRK said...

I just love reading your blog HKN... It's truly an amazing thing your doing

GaliRK said...

Ahhhh sorry for the repeated comments lol just wanna make sure I'm getting alerts

Nancy Allen said...

Thank you thank you thank you!!! LOVE your posts...wish you had been there the other night when I was being assaulted by some non-steners..wow they can be HORRIBLE!!! I will send them to your site next time. Love all the csi that goes on here! Thanks again for making my day..between you and mama nails my R/K life is in good shape!

Gigi Cullen said...

Hey y'all! I'm super thrilled about this post. HKN, you made my day! Mama Nails and Vernier, you two always put a smile on my face, too. I cannot wait for the the next few weeks to pass. The baby clothes are perfect, absolutely perfect. Their child is going to be gorgeous, but we all knew that. This is going to be a great spring you all. Being a Havenette rocks!!! XXOO

Tracybell said...

You know what? Fuck it. These people don't offend me in the least but I was once told that it was not nice to have your name discussed on other blogs. You know what? I took that to heart and I fixed it for myself. I was sent a message from a person in the fandom (sorry if this word offends some people), who does not comment on this blog. It stated I should check out another blog and provided a link. Welp...I've debated and debated about what to do with info and decided I would provide the link and let you ladies decide for yourself if it means anything to you.

The comments get very interesting after the your asked to load more comments.

Some people are the do as I say, not do as I do kind I guess.

Moranguinho Max said...

I love this blog!!

Kami said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Teresa Holmes said...

Im choosing not to go to link tracy. I refuse to bring negativity into my life. No thanks. But how are u today? Fine I hope.

Tracybell said...

Ur a hypocritical bitch and I will never read any reply by you to me. Maybe I oughta post our email back and forth for everyone to see. You're a liar and a hypocrite. Hurry up and go set your blog to private and delete all your comments

Tracybell said...

Teresa h
Im doing great. Thanks for asking. Just ignore the troll she'll probably play crybaby for a while then disappear to talk about people again lol.

Jane said...

I think it's safe to say, stop reading other blogs except srwn's. Don't let others get the best of you.
If you lurk at other sites you're going to see something that upsets you. If you like it here stay. You'll have fun.

Tracybell said...

Although I wasn't lurking you are right. This person sent it to me because these ladies once commented on a blog with most of us and are now dedicating themselves to making fun of sweet ladies who have never hurt them. They dont want to be talked about but they sure like to do it themselves.

Tracybell said...

Kami give it up. You lost the right to be heard when you started posting mean things about commenters here. Im serious im not reading anything you post here because its all bullshit

Vernier said...

Ladies I love our Haven here. We all like to keep it lite and positive but when others come from other blogs and attack we chew them up. now kami came here once but went back and tried, I repeat tried to rip us to shreds. Didn't work. I see she also had a few negative things to say about my K encounter. FUCK YOU KAMI!!! and the rat hole you crawled up out of. No I don't know you personally and I don't want to. You are a vile person who lives off belittling people. You think it makes you special to put people down and snicker at them. No it doesn't. It makes you sad and pitiful. You can belittle but you can't take being ripped apart. If I cared one iota about you are what you said I would ask why. But I don't. You are a hypocritical, lying conniving sniveling little bitch. Now take that and run back to the coop. Cause chickens eat their own shit. So I see why you are there. I am proud to be a Havenette where we look to the positive. we don't shit on each other and we damn sure don't eat it. Stick that in you coop and suck it!!!!!

Sorry Haven Ladies for the nasty rant but this bitch has been ragging on a few of us for a while her and her co-puppets!!!!!

Vernier said...

HKN and ladies I apologize to you all wholeheartedly for my angry less than lady like tirade. I hope you can forgive me. I did not meant to do this here. I am just so fed up with bullshit people and them thinking their shit don't stink and everyone else is a joke. No justification for me crawling down to their level. I love it here and I love you ladies. Please forgive me......

Mama Nails said...

Tracy...what truly amuses me about that link is as much as they bitch about what some of us are discussing they are obviously reading every post and now we know they are even lurking watching every comment we make.

If they don't like what we talk about, why do they even pay attention. It's very easy to just ignore and block what others are talk about that you don't agree with.

They claim we are ruining the fandom, but to me it's very easy to pick and choose which part of the fandom I want to be a part of and which parts I want to dismiss and ignore.

I choose the Havenette's!

And I'm sorry to say that there is now another blogger that I'm going to have to stop following. I used to really enjoy her posts, but now seeing that she's chosen her side I will no longer be defending her to my peeps and will no longer be reading her posts. She's done a good job straddling the fence her on her blog but now I know where her heart really is in all this.

Like I said, it's easy to pick in choose.

And I've made my choice. Laters ladies. Tracy...I just love fifty! Don't care what anyone says...teehee

Jane said...


Forgiven. You are awesome!!

Teresa Holmes said...

Hi mama nails how you doin. Verni calm down. Of course u forgiven. Theyhad it comin.
I don't care what they say about me . How are they contributing to my life. There not.
Lets be like r and k when tabbs and paps talk trash about them they just keep lovin and livin.
They must believe k is pregnant otherwise why would they be panicking just because we imply it.
If we wrong why they are so upset .

Mama Nails said...

Hi teresa holmes...I'm great...just been laughing my ass off!
And I will have to say I'm doing more than implying that Kristen is pregnant. I'm flat out saying she is!

Now..if I turn out to be wrong than oh well, that'll be fine..but don't think I am! LOL

JMF said...

I looked at that blog. I am disgusted, I cannot believe the vile nasty things that are said over there. I hope they are proud of themselves.
I will stay here at HKN and be part of everything happy and sane.

fishyone2 said...

Ladies - I'm confused. Why is this Kami poster coming on here telling us that she care if we read her blog??? Ummm - we aren't. I have no idea who she is - it gives the impression that she is riding on HKN's coattails trying to get some recognition for her own blog by stirring things up here. That's weird. I think people are jealous of the passion with which we support HKN and her very positive and specific POV. If they talk about doors and windows, I will not be going there any time soon. Sounds way too boring.

fishyone2 said...

(correction to above) - "...DOESNT care if we are reading her blog".

Tracybell said...

Hey enna look at this blog. You might like it.


You'd fit right in

Tracybell said...

Absolutely no apology necessary. You are justified my friend. They are the worst kind of women in my opinion, hmmmm what did you call them? Lets see...oh yeah! "...hypocritical, lying conniving sniveling little bitch" good one and so true.

Mama nails
I truly think they all have hkn open and refresh it every 15 minutes lol. Because how in the hell else would kami know I posted my comment lol. They probably subscribe to her posts hahaha!

Yes im done with that blogger also and you know how I feel about that because you basically took the words right out of my mouth.

felicity said...

i am getting a whiplash from shaking my head so hard..

do they really believe we are so dumb and won't see where they are coming from??

some 'fans' they are.

verni, tracy, mama.. and the others.. glad to be amongst you.

@bunny.. glad to see you here. hugs

natt39 said...

Great post HKN,and bravo to all the wonderful ladies here stepping up and defending this blog for which we all admire and adore Kristen and Rob also it's great to see all the positive here because there are hardly any left now since some who had remained perched on the fence like a big fat yellow canary are jumping it now and following the mean people and naysayers out there just keep your chin up and move forward because this will be an awesome year for R/K and those who follow them so hang in there ladies.

Arleen P said...

Hi Havenettes! I just got home from a long day. So what have I miss here?

natt39 said...

Hi Arleen P. nothing much Rob will be back to filming tomorrow as someone posted there was a sign about the filming near her house and Kristen is still mia and just the usual venom that seems to be spewed here lately I hope all is well with you!

Tracybell said...

Oh Arlene lol you didn't miss anything. Dont go up and read any comments. I battled some nasty nasty ladies today and you'll be upset with me. How was your day? Is everything settling down in your house?

Vernier said...

Unknown how bout this.... Go back and cluck with the hens at the hen house. After you I am through acknowledging ass wipes..... Fuck off!!!! Is that enough cursing or cussing as we say here in my neck of the woods. Oh and if cussing is not mature in your world it is in mine. I don't set in judgment of how someone expresses themselves. We are not the moral police and if you don't believe then Leave!!!! To intentionally talk about and put people down because you think your way is right is total bullshit. I don't care what people believe but I do get very pissed when they try and put others down with their smug self righteous attitudes and comments. People like you and them take the good out of goodness. Leaving just crap.

Vernier said...

Hey Tracy and Arleen. How was your day. Arleen I am glad you are home safely.
Tracy I see the vultures were out and about. I was so fed up I just snapped. Who is Unknown? Nobody right?

Unknown I read your comment again and I just have to say this......
Eat Ass!! You self righteous immature meddling bitch. I can see through you and your comments. You mean nothing good here. Kick Mother fucking rocks!!!!!

Tracybell said...

Oh hi kami uh what verni said... Still refreshing I see?

Hatersknownothing said...

Ladies I went to the blog mentioned and you have every right to be upset. But I sincerely hope none of our havenettes wrote the comment wishing someone's niece death. Let's not stoop to their level. Let them roll around in their chicken shit but let's not get down in it with them. It's pretty obvious they are secretly fascinated with us as they seem to know every word we say.Don't worry karma will visit them soon.

Tracybell said...

Yep verni
Like I always say a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. You get the jack and I'll get the coke and mama nails can bring the peanut m&m's lol. Sound good?

Tracybell said...

Right on...

Vernier said...

Now it is out of me and I am fine.... I will apologize again. I know I went over the edge. Probably to far but today was not the day to push a big black woman to far. She has had a day and a half and then to find that one of the good things that has happened in her life recently was belittle and stepped on by the hater nation just caused me to snap. If it had been in person I would have been saying "hold me back, hold me back" as I greased up with Vaseline, took off the hoop earrings and put on my converses. lol lol But really I promise I will stop. They all need to go back where they came from and leave us be........

Vernier said...

I'm with you Tracy. Hkn thank you and I apologize for polluting your blog with my bad attitude. Come join us for a drink and peanut m&ms. You can bring the calming influence.
Oh and HKN what you said. Never bring folks family into disagreements. Not cool at all.....

Tracybell said...

Omg verni you've just put visions in my head that dont really need to be there...vaseline? Lol. And the funny part is I totally believe every word you type lol. Like I said no apologies...just smile and wave girls, just smile and wave...;)

felicity said...

for all those 'how can a pregnant actress still work' people. here are a few who did work while pregnant:

Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex in the city

Julia Luis Dreyfuss in Seinfeld

Alyson Hannigan and Cobie Smulders in How I Met Your Mother

Jodie Foster in Panic Room

Helena Bonham Carter in Sweeny Todd

Reese Witherspoon in Vanity Fair and in Walk the Line

Naomi Watts in Easter Promises

Julia Roberts in Oceans Twelve (she was pregnant with twins)

Anna Paquin was pregnant during the fifth season of True Blood

Halle Berry in X-Men

and.. Claire Danes while she was filming Homeland.

Mama Nails said...

Verni just know that comment from that bitch was because she is jealous as hell that you were there and she was not! And don't tell me she wouldn't have gotten pix if she'd had the chance! I don't buy it! Nope not one bit!

Hatersknownothing said...


You have nothing to apologize for. They attacked you and you have every right to defend yourself. I completely understand how hard it is not to react to their stupidity sometimes. They have dragged me in more than a few times. You go to the dark side briefly but always come back to the force lol!

felicity said...

so.. rob was working today. there just came a post through that there will be more set pics of him. sigh. i wished they would let him work in peace

Tracybell said...

Thank you for having each others back

Thank you

Thank you

Mama nails
Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

I love ya man...

Hatersknownothing said...


Do we need to get a ring like they have on WWE? Have you and Kami/Unknown go at it? My money's on the big black woman named Vernier lol!

They chastise you for telling us about your adventure but trust me if the same thing happened to them they would of been doing the same exact thing. You have every right to be excited and happy about meeting Kristen.They are nothing but jealous hags.

Vernier said...

Thank you ladies. I just don't understand that much hate. They have nothing better to do than to rip at folks. Like I said and I stand by it. I saw a small hump in her lower belly. Pregnant? Yes? No? Maybe? I think yes but if I'm wrong, I'm wrong. To hope that someone has been blessed with a gift from God, a baby, that he entrust them to take care of and raise is not meddling or gossiping to me. It is knowing they would make awesome parents and wanting to see all the great promise come to them. So they can say what they want. I hope she is expecting and if she is not I will still love her and R and lift them up.
I bet if I had told about my night there first they would have felt superior to everyone else. I have never been to their site. Still haven't. I was e-mailed their comments. I was sent their link by someone I trust but I was at work. Then someone e-mailed me the parts they said and I was angry. I still didn't go there. Not worth my time now.....

Vernier said...

HKN our mind is on the same thoughts lol lol I don't want to do the Mike Tyson on her with the "one punch knockout" lol lol. Like you said I am now back on the light side. You ladies are awesome. Thank you again......

Hatersknownothing said...


Unfortunately with them filming in Toronto it will be a daily thing. Of course the dipshidiots will think this means he wasn't in NYC lol. Yes he was in NYC over the weekend.

felicity said...

@vernier.. they are not worth it. jealous is what they are, nothing else. you are an awesome lady and your report was so wonderful, they just know that they will never have that and that's all. hugs

Hatersknownothing said...


Just don't go biting a part of her ear off like Mike Lmao!

Vernier said...

Thank you felicity.... Come join me, HKN, Tracy, and Mama Nails for drinks and peanut mms. I promise I won't bite her ear off and serve it on a platter HKN lol lol
Mama Nails thank you. You are right. She would have taken a lot more pics than me.
You ladies are awesome. My anger has been officially doused. Thank you all...
Love you great ladies lots!!! :o)

sue morris said...

VERNIER, TRACEY, MAMA NAILS, HKN, JANE, LIZZIE D, THERESA, I have a question for you all. Does anybody remember the tongue lashing I got from some of these same women because I asked a question about a picture of Rob at a piano? It was a simple question, and actually silly, but these (ahem) ladies went absolutely bonkers and lost it, I was covered by their HATEFUL CRAP in less than a second! And this hate went round and got bigger and sadly did not help Rose a bit, nor did it solve a darn thing. At some point these folks need to just agree to disagree and not leave zingers in pointless blogs to show their(ahem) displeasure. Who cares about what they think, as they do not show even the most remote sign of respect for another blog that is successful and pleasant and polite to others. HKN Haven is a cheerful place where we come to visit and exchange many different opinions. We surely don't always agree, but if we remain polite and do not begin to argue or insult others, or say hateful negative statements to upset and disturb the natives here, we live and let live. It is a nice place to post your feelings and we honor our members with simple thank you to all here. I am watching Breaking Dawn Two and they are about to begin the vampire war with the werewolves to help. Remember how that ended? Good thing it was only the future Alice saw ahead and ARO backed off! He would have lost his bloody head. We all enjoy Rob and Kristen so lets be having a good time and enjoy each other. Love our HAVENETTES!

onagee said...

Vernier, you are the first person in a long time to write (in your Nashville posts) about Kristen in a way that really showed with respect her passion for her work, her wonderful alertness and intelligence and kindness and professionalism. The Sundance press coverage and your posts really stand apart from the endless media lies and OCD lectures.

Why do some focus ONLY on that bump you described? Anyone who bashes you has an embarrassing agenda underneath it all and the Dior ad on constant reply. It's their own Hunger Games and poor Rob is enlarged 3,000 percent on their screens.

andreana said...

I got home from work late and came on and saw a great new post from HKN?. Perfect uplift to a bad day... what happened here? Why would anybody attack Vernier? J JEALOUSY perhaps?.. Just cannot stand to hear her exciting kristen encounter?..don't worry Vernier they can't steal your thunder. You got something they most likely will never get and it kills them.....! You know what I always say. Fuck em


Barbara Fenwick said...

Great post hkn, you always make me smile. I love Rob and Kristen, and I have so much faith in them. I would love to see a pic of them, but at the same time, I am happy they aren't being bothered.

I am really looking forward to the next few months. Take care everyone.

pookie lewis said...

Love love love you, and all the Havenettes, of which I proudly count myself one! Although unfortunately I don't even in the most minuscule way resemble those beauties in the Havenettes group shots. Oh well, rats and rats, rather sad but there it is.
Morning Coffee, I've been thinking a great deal about that poem theme you asked about-- I thought of a theme, maybe... how 'bout: "Morning Coffee"? heehee!
love to you all, and thanks again to the marvelous HKN for yet another wonderful post,
-- hrmm (her royal mousie majesty) pookie the pink

Vernier said...

@sue morris I remember that. I spoke up then. They were wrong. You did nothing wrong and if you had they aren't your parents. Just hateful, spiteful jealous women. They hate that we love you and love hearing what you have to say because it is always uplifting where they like to tear down.

@onagee thank you. I tried to be as exact and truthful as possible. She was awesome, in her element doing what she loves. It was magnificent to see. I like what you said about Dior and Hunger games lol lol so true lol lol
@Andreana Love that "Fuck em" lol lol thank you sweet friend and I will leave it at "Fuck em" lol lol

Mama Nails said...

Hello Dear Havenettes! A very interesting drama filled day for us. Not typical for us at all! Oh well, it's been awhile since we had trolls in our midst I think this was to keep us on our toes.

I have to say I'm proud if us, though we fought back I think we did so with some class and dignity. Unlike our counter points.

But I sadly did lurk over at the coop and I now know why they are lurking here!! Hi Kami *waving hello*.

It's because their's is such a snoozefest ! Sure they had some nasty stuff to say and love *forehead wrinkled, cause I don't understand* how they refer do K & R as Ms.S & Mr.P WTF??? But whatever. they are holier than thou claiming to be above it all but that latest post and many if their comments prove that they are no better than some of the haters out there.

Anyway, that's over and done with and even though I hate that they are stalking Rob on set at least he's working and doing what he loves! And we get to see him all hot in his period costumes.

I hope K is having a good time wherever she is at the moment!

HKN, thanks for being a haven from the crazies!

Love to you all!

Jane said...

New pictures of Rob on set on RD. Could be pictures of Kristen coming soon. Whenever we see Rob a few days later we see her. Fingers crossed.

pookie lewis said...

Oh and m'lady La Vern don't you think another thing about stupid bits know-nothings post-- you, Verni-bo-Burni ROCK!! WURD UP TO YO MUTHA!!!
--lil queeniepook

Arleen P said...

Hi HKN, felicity, LizzieD, Vana, Irene, Tempest, Elizabeth, Sanni K, GaliRK, SusannahKay, Tina Wotherspoon, Tracybell, Vernier, sasha marie, Lazmeister, Nancy Allen, sue morris, rklove, RK Faith, Mama Nails, RKsoulmates913, and the rest of HKN Havenettes! Sorry, I took so long. Have a high school dance play at my daughter's school. Then tutoring that need my help for their reading, had company while cooking dinner, at 7pm going to book club with my friends, and then meet my friends for hour. After that I am all yours. Hopefully, I am not tired. I don't want to miss anything. I am still here. I love all your comments. As for not reading them. I understand. In my book no one is perfect. The only person is perfect is the big guy upstair or in the sky so they say. I haven't forgotten you guys. Keep me posted. I am leaving for the book club for hour and then meet with friends. After this I am all yours. Keep me posted. Later.

Vernier said...

Yo Pook? Yo know you my G!!! Holdin down for the real real!!
Word my Gurl!!!!

pookie lewis said...

@m'Vern **kiss kiss **
and to the heavies **pookie's little pink mousey paws making the Two-Finger Salute that looks like a peace sign, but notice you see the back of the fingers, not the front?** heeheehee
--pookie yo rappin' cappin' soul sistah who does love you all so much yeah i gotcha back babies!!

Vernier said...

Pookie that's my gurl!!1 Remember next road trip we on it together. RK faith and felicity will keep us alerted......

Vernier said...

Hey Pookie like that rappin flow too ;0) just sayin!!!

chishi2009 said...

HKN your post made me smile.

sue morris said...

VERN, The only thing you need to know is you are a beautiful amazing person that has shown so much respect and love for Kristen, it makes me very proud to be able to call you a friend. I really feel that the old green eyed monster caused most of your grief. Jealous women can be really disgusting my dear! You had a big moment and met Kristen and were a very special representative of our post, and did a fine job. We all appreciate how special Kristen is and feel Rob is a very lucky man to have her love and respect. I can only say that I believe Mom and Dad Stewart and PATTINSON really did a great job on their children! They are very neat people, just like you! Never let an ignorant person hurt you, don't give them the satisfaction!

EllenRamey said...

Wandered over and read the above mentioned blog post. Yikes! Why has it all become so hateful? I enjoy this site and appreciate your work. Thank you for it. May I propose we regulars promise to stay positive and simply ignore anything vitriolic ? No name calling, response rants, nada. Haven can File 13 inappropriate comments. Without a rise from us, eventually the negative nellies will go someplace else to play. Just a thought:)

sue morris said...

TRACEYBELLE, I am sickened to death by the snakes in the grass who are so stupid and crude. Ignorance is not something you can cure but they show their true selves this day. I am sure HKN will know what to do about this. Karma does return to teach the cruel people who feel so right about their actions, that they are just what they are, miserable poor excuses for human beings. They are not happy campers to hurt others, they are misfits.

Teresa Holmes said...

Thats why i didn't go to the link. Lets ignore negativity. Don't even go to those sites.

Annie said...

Some people's sole intent is to cause strife.
Rob in the NYC this past weekend and people insist you can't get into NYC without being papped, that theory has been proven so wrong time after time.
It was gorgeous here weatherwise this past weekend, couldn't have picked a better weekend to hit the big Apple. :)
Vernier: I think you should post your Nashville report again. :) Must be all the positives you wrote about Kristen....A happy, smiling, nice. HAPPY, SMILING, NICE Kristen!
Cheers! :)

Lazmeister said...

OMG! I really should stay away from other blogs! TraceyBell I read the link and couldn't understand the hate that comes from these people! They keep going on about the hatred that is poured on here if someone doesn't agree with the Havenettes (Love that term BTW)I don't understand their comments! I've only ever seen aggressive responses on here when the poster posted something really mean - not just a difference of opinion. Anyway I'll stick with HKN and DIDY from now on, much less angst and much more fun.
Vernier I love that you told us about your experience, and allowed us to live a little through you, keep positive and don't allow their negativity to enter into your world at all!
Loving all of the commentors on this site, keep up the good work!

pookie lewis said...

@teresa holmes-- quite right as usual. Very good. Will do!
@sue morris-- you sweetie, amen to that!
@vernie-- yo Capt'n V, packed and ready!
@mamaN-- whazzzzapp gurrlfren'??!! Thanks for the gif of the calico kitten loving the little fox-- pure heaven!!
--indomitable supahrapmeister pookieG

Lazmeister said...

I am also very perplexed at the pretending to have no idea why you had a go at them on RPI either Vernier? Smacks of double standards to me, to post why on one blog and then pretend to have no idea on another.

Jane said...

Sue Morris

Yes, I remember. It certainly wasn't very nice. I enjoy commenting here and never has there every been any animosity amongst us. I don't need to visit other blogs except srwn's. I'm happy here with the friends I've made. We are Havenettes. Let's be proud for the women we are. Don't let others pull you down.

Lazmeister said...

Oh and Mamma Nails, I'm so sorry - of course I love your site as well! How rude of me!

sue morris said...

I make it a point to not be negative and call me a slow wit but acting innocent of all blame is like pretending the skunk did not spray at the blog with fewer hits. Hum, maybe we have hit on a better than thou reason to cause injury HKN? Could all sweetness and life have a ugly motive. HKN Haven has a very busy blog and active happy posters. Now why would somebody want to discourage Vern and Tracey from actively supporting Kristen and Rob and actually wish harm to one of Kristen's employees? Oh my! Evil lurks in the hearts of some very sick people. Do you think? Yeah, we think it stinks. Very immature, almost junior high age stuff, definitely not adult behavior. HA. I definitely think HKN owns them. Definitely.

rklove said...

@Sue Morris, I agree with you completely. The attitude is very juvenile. The best way to deal with it is, don't give it substance. Walk away and let them stew in their own hatred and filth.

In the meantime, I will continue to have a smile on my face thinking of R/K being MIA in NY for a few days!

Have a great evening my lovely Havenettes!

Mama Nails said...

Aww lazmeister, thank you!!! And no worries! This is the home of the Havenettes! I appreciate shoutouts for my blog, but never expect it! So please don't ever worry about me feeling snubbed!

NOLA girl said...

Tracybell - I did click on the blog link out of curiosity. We would never have appreciation of our Havenette family, if everyone was kind and polite. Too bad there are so many hateful people out there, but that is their choice. My choice is to forget about them.

Verni - those people (for lack of a better description) don't matter. So many people act like 12 year-olds on a playground when they post comments on a blog. Same thing with Twitter. The only opinions that matter are from the ones who love you - like us! Don't give them the satisfaction of acknowledgement. Choose to ignore it. Those people won't matter in 10 years.

HKN and Mama Nails - you are wise in your advice. You make things so fun and interesting on your blogs, which is why you get so many good people. Yeah, you get occasional shiteheads, but nothing in Life is perfect. There's always a jackass that can't stand happiness. The lovely thing here is you can just delete them! If only all unpleasantries were that simple to deal with.

Saw the pics of Rob today. So happy he and Kristen got some down time together! Verni - I was going to suggest you drive to NYC and track them down for pics! Can you imagine the look on Kristen's face if she saw Verni - again - but this time in NYC? Especially if Verni wore her badge again.

Stay awesome girls and take the high road!! These shiteheads don't matter, and ignoring them drives them crazy. Mean people suck.

Euclid said...

@Vernier - You didn't deserve what was said about you and I hope you take it "from whence it comes" - in other words, it's not to be taken seriously. I made a comment on the last post after you re-posted your story - it was the last comment before HKN's new post, so you probably didn't see it. I'm re-posting it now to remind you of the positivity, smiles and laughter you brought to many, including me. Don't let the loud voices get to you.

Here's the comment I made yesterday:
Vernier - I just came for a quick look to see if there was anything new and saw your re-post about your Nashville experience, which I've read again as if for the first time. It's just so good, so descriptive - I could picture everything vividly and now have a clear impression of exactly how protective CJ and Suzie are of Kristen. The way you describe Kristen's demeanor is exactly what I imagined it would be and I love hearing that her smile lit up the room. Your attention to detail and vivid descriptions made it come alive for me even though I wasn't there. I know I've already thanked you but want to say again - thank you so much for sharing this amazing experience with us. It's been uplifting!

February 24, 2014 at 6:22 PM

Arleen P said...

Hi HKN, felicity, LizzieD, Vana, Irene, Tempest, Elizabeth, Sanni K, GaliRK, SusannahKay, Tina Wotherspoon, Tracybell, Vernier, sasha marie, Lazmeister, Nancy Allen, sue morris, rklove, RK Faith, Mama Nails, RKsoulmates913, and the rest of HKN Havenettes! I am going to bed now. I am exhausted from a long day. I had a great time with my friends.
Tracybell, I am settle in thanks!
As for the rest of you all good night! Keep me posted. Hugs to you all! Night!

Morning Coffee said...


My lord ladies I was steeped up to my eyeballs in paperwork today, so missed the fun and games.

I have a great suggestion...lets do like HKN's post says....let's give them something to talk about...

We can talk about Rob and Kristen and how much in love they are and we can talk about the baby...and their new films....their ninja skills...and how they have so much integrity, that they never sold their souls to the Hollywood machine.

They are the kind of people that you can be proud of.

Vernier...little sunshine..don't let the asswipes get to you. They have excrement coming from both ends at once. Just like Mama said they are just jealous of the opportunity you had and so unselfishly shared with the rest of us. They wear envy in such an ugly way.

Pookie I'll get going on the poem soon as I finish this edit probably Thurs.

to all my girls I ssay goodnight...as I find my way to bed.


Atticus said...

Hi Ladies, mostly a lurker but I just wanted to add my support. Went to that site also and man, what a bunch of "mean gurls." They have an attitude of being above it all & their shit don't smell. It's sad that all R/K supporters can't get along whether you believe or don't believe in the little one. For the record, I'm a believer but will sit in the box of shame with Phronsie if I'm not, but I don't think I am.

Shouldn't all this outrage be directed at haters (using all the words they hate), you know those vile holier than thou hypocritical banshees that want to ruin Kristen. You get rid of them & I think the nonberts will be closely behind.

Verni, thank you for your funny & beautiful account of that night. So envious you got to witness Kristen, the director, in action.

Lizzie, keep twirling, love ya, mwah!

Mama Nails/Phronsie, you know I just adore you! Big mwah!!!!

HKN, what can I say, judging by the pic, you're the sexy leader of the Havenettes!

Sanni K. said...

good morning,
again great posts of you are reading today.
Beautiful pictures of Rob on set, after a little weekend getaway. Would not be surprised if now come pictures of kristen.

I had a thought, it may be possible that kristen and Rob not bring her baby in LA to the world but in a different city to escape to the Paps?
Otherwise, Rob will soon need for filming to LA and kristen because'' Still alice''

The filming for American Ultra are from 14.04., How long are the of Still Alice?

Have a nice day

felicity said...

@sue.. i remember the attack against you.. you did not deserve that either. those hateful people need to get a life. seriously. one thing that makes us so different.. we own up to our mistakes.. they would never do that. and we apologize when we were wrong and make it right.. they would never.

@sanni.. the fact that still alice is starting to film on march 3 does not mean that kristen is needed there for the whole time.

do you remember the movie notting hill with julia roberts and hugh grant? there is the character of spike, the roommate of hugh grant, played by rhys ifans. this character is very important in the movie and his scenes are not small by any means...

and rhys ifans was on set for exactly 3 days to get them all done. so.. you'll never know how long one actor is needed on set. kristen is only a supporting role. not the leading lady.

Annie said...

Felicity: Amazing that Rhys Ifans shot his scenes in three days. Recalling just how many scenes he had in it and wow!

Teresa Holmes said...

Good morning havenettes. Here's hoping for a good day and no negative influences.

deejay said...

I remember Spike! Keep laughing on his scene wearing underpants! Groovy! Lol

Marion said...

I decided to poke my head over at that other blog you all mentioned and I'm happy to say we're nothing like them. Thank God!!! It seems our lovely HKN struck a nerve and they don't like it, because they reference "dipshidiots" as an overused term. If the shoe fits, where it. I don't see the point in visiting a blog and it's followers and insult them at every chance they get. If you disagree with what's being discussed here, stay away from the "grownups" table. LOL!

Tempest said...

I don't post on many blogs and have come to the conclusion that those, who were once die-hard fans are just as offensive as those who they ckaim to hate, because of their overly invested ideas in how Rob or Kristen should conduct their lives.

Such petty lives, too much time spent trolling people they dont agree with, seperating their thoughts as nothing short of just 'speaking my mind' when they get their kicks attacking and then running to the safety of a blog with like-minded bullies. Bottom line, if a member of DIDY was running around, attacking people on another blog, be sure to know that i would call them out publicly for their hateful double standards and holier than thou attitude. But i guess, thats just the kindof person i am, its not cool at all, and those that are doing it are childish, pathetic excuses of women - young and old a like.

felicity said...

*applause* tempest, that's why i love you, my dear friend.

Vernier said...

Thank all of you here at the Haven. Each and everyone of you have made me feel cared about. I love you all. You are great people and I am proud to be a Havenette!!!! I truly feel the love and caring...... I posted my final statement on RPI. I wanted them to know. I will never visit there again. Deleted it out of my favorites and everything. Not worth the headaches.So on to bigger, better and greater things....Annie I will repost one day... Right now what do we think bout the new pics of Rob? Just so handsome.......

Vernier said...

HKN, Mama and Felicity thank you all for having such great supporting sites and never bowing down to the bullshit. We all appreciate it here. You all keep everyone in check. You are three great ladies who are followed by great women and men who appreciate each other and their opinions. Again thank you all for all you do!!!!!! Oh so on HKN we are "Havenettes" (awesome) and on SRWN we are now proud "Sluts"(love it) so Felicity what are we there? we gotta be something awesome on DIDY too.....JS ;o)

felicity said...

@vernier.. you should ask tempest, that's her baby.. lol. on the RA we are all angels. (that's the board, where i am the admin)

Marion said...

Bravo, Tempest and as usual you're always the voice of reason. I think you hit upon the main problem the once "die-hard" fans have is that they're now saying-"oh I used to like Kristen, but I just can't get past July 2012". Well if they want to remain in that time period, I say knock yourself out. The rest of us moved past it with Rob and Kristen and have so many great things ahead to look forward to. The hollier than thou can stay on their own bully blogs and away from the other RK support blogs, since they don't like that we continue to support RK. It's their loss.

Arleen P said...

Good morning to all the Havenettes! Hi everyone!
Vernier, felicity, Tempest, HKN, Mama Nails, Tracybell, Sue Morris, Barbara Fenwick, and the rest of Havenettes- Good morning! I am up and about to getting ready for work. And then I might help out one of my friends out because she is has to be on bed rest because of her pregnancy. She is having complication on her pregnancy. So I am going to help her out. Whatever she needs. But other than that I hope you all have a great day!

felicity said...

@arleen.. hi, there, keeping my fingers crossed for your friend. please take care of yourself too.

Rosey said...

Hi Havenettes. I have been reading this excellant blog for simply ages, although I haven't commented. I just need to say 'keep up the good work.' I see some names here I recognise from didy, RA reand twitter and it's wonderful see like minded, mature and positive ladies coming together in such a positive way. It never fails to amaze me how Rob and Kristen can move around under the radar and enjoy their life together, on their terms.

Jane said...

People magazine and Just Jared will no longer publish pictures of actors children without their parents consent. Yeah for privacy!

Tracybell said...

Thats great news. If I was an actor I would take my kids everywhere lol.

Tracybell said...

Ha! Julianne moore on kelly and michael this morning lol.

Tempest said...

I run Do I Dazzle You sweetie x

Tempest said...

Sanctimonious twaddle, thats what i call it. Its not your life, not your relationship. Id hope they would take the same stance if it ever happened to them. But chances are half of them are not married or in a relationship. Too busy fantasizing over one they can never have, with Rob. Including some blog owners.

Teresa Holmes said...

Tracy what did julianne talk about?
Did she say when still alice start filming and for how long.

RK Faith said...

I love this place and all the comments, esp. after reading about other blogs.

Jane - I agree with you regarding People mag but they'll continue with the sanctioned kid pics, meaning the ones they pay for so who knows.. I've never trusted People Mag and they haven't been too great with K..

Anyway - the IG which is supposedly Kristen's (and I actually really think its her from reading her comments a few months) just posted now that she ate an Umami Burger last night as a comment to a friend's pic - there's a place right in Los Feliz but there's also one in Greenwich Village :)
Guess she needs the iron :)

Tracybell said...

Teresa h
I missed the first part but what I saw she didnt. She was there to promote something else. It'll be on you tube soon I'm sure or kelly and michael site soon

felicity said...

@rk faith. since we are talking about brit (who is related to k, as far as i know) and she is living in LA.. it is clear that k was not with her eating that burger.. so it is fairly sure that she is in new york right now. lol

RK Faith said...

felicity - I know she's not there, that's Kate, Brit's gf. There was a comment from K's IG "I just had an Umami Burger last night" and its deleted now for some reason...
and it doesn't contradict K being in NYC since there's a branch there too.

Vernier said...

Sorry Felicity lol You know my moind is tricky lol lol Tempest sorry to you to. I feel kinda stupid right now lol lol But still we need a name... I love the post there.... lol

RK Faith said...

The comment's there now. webstagram sometimes deletes the last comment or gets stuck.. sorry

felicity said...

@rkfaith, you misunderstood. i meant that it is clear, that k was at the umami burger place in nyc.. and not in LA, since she was not with brit at the burger place in LA. otherwise, k would not need to inform brit, that she had a similar burger.. brit would already know. rofl.

RK Faith said...

@felicity - ooohhh.. sorry :)lol

Hope K is continuing to have a peaceful stay in NYC, without paps or unwanted disruptions.

pookie lewis said...

Hey Verni, hey Tempest! Hey Everybody! Gooooooooooodd Moooooorrrrrnnning Havenettes!
What about 'the Dazzlers' for the name of Mighty Tempest's followers on DIDY?

--yore luvin' pookie

pookie lewis said...

Oh, and Morning Coffee, can't wait for Thursday *wink wink**smile smile** I'm working on a little poem for you too!!!

sue morris said...

Dear Ladies of HKN, Again we have cold weather! This flip-flop weather is just a pain. The women who are regular posters here are very special people, very nice ladies. You all make a new person feel comfortable and appreciated. Thank you. I love DIDY, SRWN and those posts devoted to supporting Rob and Kristen, and not critical or negative discussion of their private lives, of which we know nothing anyway. This is a loving post dedicated to both, and we do trust in the judgment of HKN. I have often heard of the ANGELS and am happy to know they are still alive and functioning! Have a great Wednesday HAVENETTES!

sue morris said...

JUST A THOUGHT- Anyone who posts with just numbers or an A for a name is truly not worth reading my friends! The previous post is an excellent example of hot air with capital H. No guts, no glory! I am always amazed at STUPID , no integrity, just leave a negative wave, hit and go, just like commenting on another blog to insult, and too afraid to state your name. How Jr. High School, actually, more like Third grade behavior. HKN, PLEASE CLEAN UP THE MESS.

Lisa G. said...

Just saw the recent pic of Rob on set of Life with the cows. Hopefully they don't have too many days working with outside shoots. With the wind chill it feels like -22 C at the moment in the Toronto Area. Hopefully we get warmer weather next week.

Jane said...

Loved Rob's smile as he's leading the cows!

Teresa Holmes said...

I agree sue. These people are truly miserable. Who would sign up to be unhappy every day like that. Dont even respond to them. They want to bring us unhappiness. I choose to be happy.

Mama nails want to leave qustion on your tumbler. How do I do that.

sue morris said...

The pictures of Rob are neat. Imagine the smile on the face of the cow from California Dairies! HKN- I didn't know that we sound self righteous? That sounds like a person who tries to be cool, looking like they are just not. Actually I think everyone tries to make you feel relaxed and happy here. I feel very happy and relaxed here.

sue morris said...

Thank you HKN and thank you Teresa, I am just thinking that this is such an awesome place to post and really hate the nonsense you have to wade through HKN. I was thinking that Kristen must have the patience of a saint, honestly to enable her to place her values high and help those she loves to excel and accomplish their goals. She is indeed a strong lady supported by a strong man. Life is good, all you have to do is survive it!

Mama Nails said...

Good Afternoon Havenettes!

I saw that comment earlier glad to see that HKN has cleaned house? I love this bunch so much it's why I keep coming back!

I don't know about you guys but Rob's new blonde/ginger is super cute! Obviously makes him laugh. It's just too bad that some will call her a heifer! (Lol)

@Teresa Holmes it's super easy to ask me a question on tumblr. Just go to my blog and on the left is a link/button that says ask. It will direct you to ask/comment no need to have a tumblr account as long as I have my anonymous option activated which I currently do!

Layers bbs!!

fishyone2 said...
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Jan Huether said...

Hello Havenettes! Cute name:)

Talking about cute, what about those pics of Rob with his heifer? You could stick that guy in a pile of three week old garbage, and he would look amazing! Adorable:)

I know it's all speculation, but I do believe RK were together in NYC this weekend. That guy's tweet was too random, and there was no report or info on either one of them going there last weekend, so how would he know they were there. He was also just an average Joe, who obviously became disgruntled when he got nasty tweets in response to his sighting and shut down his account. After his account, several other RK sightings were tweeted about in NYC, but his was the first......so how could he know unless it really was true.

As far as "fake" tweets, I honestly think there are fewer and fewer of them being made. I believe the tweets of Rob in Toronto early this month were most likely all true. He did turn out to be there. It just seems to me that most of the people that would take the time to post a fake tweet have lost interest in the situation. The last twilight movie came out over a year ago, Rob and Kristen really haven't been in the media much (thank god) for quit some time, people are moving on, and I'm under the impression that all that is left are the diehard fans. Yes, the haters are holding on too, but they seem to be dropping off faster than the pro RK fans are.

What am I getting at?... The flighty/immature type tweeters that get a high out of tweeting fake tweets are loosing interest, and whats left are people that are lucky enough to actually see Rob and/or Kristen and tweet about honest sightings. Just my opinion.

Lastly..... I read all the comments on this last post. I was disheartened by how Vernier was treated by other fans on another blog (so sorry Vernier :() But what really got to me was the fact that I recognized many of the names from other pro RK blogs that I have been reading for over 2 years. I thought we were all in the same boat? When did this change?

Fine don't agree with one another, but why the mocking attitude towards HKN and the commenters here? What did HKN ever do to them beside believe in something they do not? The most surprising? Rose.......

I love her blog...her wit....her rationality.....her creative style, but this? I did not like. I will most likely continue to read her blog, but it will never be the same to me.....sad:(

Cheers Havenettes!
Have a good one,

Vernier said...

Hello Everyone..... Just got home from work. How was everyone's day? Love the pic of Rob with the cow. lol lol Totally handsome....
You ladies are awesome... You have made me believe that good conquers evil every time. Thank you all. I deal in an atmosphere of maximum security prisoners. They are some of the vilest most conniving, cunning people to be amongst on a daily basis. You ladies brighten my day and help put joy back in my world. You, my sweetie and my grandchildren. My life is full and I am blessed. Thank you all !!!!

felicity said...

@jan.. sad to say, but rose is not the same anymore and for quite some time already. sigh. is stopped to read her blog a long time ago.

and.. yes, there were some names, that i did recognize from other blogs and boards. it makes me mad to see those two faced people. really mad.

i have no doubt that rob and kristen were in nyc over the weekend. kristen is most def there now, many tweets about her having dinner somewhere, going to a drug store and so on...

take care havenettees.

andreana said...

Enna your opinion does not sound humble .... it sounds judgemental...Any reason that you think anyone here cares about " your opinion" ....?

felicity said...

okay.. i am not hanging on one tweet to belive that rob and kristen were together in new york.

seeing that we always got tweets about rob beeing out to have dinner or something to eat, when he was not filming.. and we did not have that this past weekend

also.. seeing a tweet about him being in train 6 (underground in nyc) that is leading to the bowery hotel and that there was a tweet saying that he was seen leaving new york.. (it still is only 1 hour to fly back and forth btw toronto and nyc)

the multiple tweets about kristen being in NYC at a diner, at a drug store, seen walking in new york, her post on insta (if it is hers) about the umami burger, she had..

yes, i still strongly believe they were both in nyc over the weekend.

Morning Coffee said...

Evening all....finally got my ediits and proof reading out of the way. Need to do some writing and creating for Pookie girl...

Vernier you have a thankless job in the penal system, but you still keep your sunny disposition my friend. I admire you tremendously.

I am turning in early tonight or at least I will try to.

Take care and I will drop by tomorrow.

Morning Coffee said...

Felicity...I am with you girl...I believe Rob and Kristen are together more than they are ever apart...they have learned at long last how to fly under the radar unless they want to be seen, they won't be.

This is one of the reasons I love coming here and SRWN, DIDY the positive attitudes of the men and women who I find here.

Yes we get the occasional whacko who wants to pee on our cheerios, but what else do they have in their lives besides their own miserable selves. They have to find entertainment somewhere and hatred seems to be the winning game for them.

It really is a shame that they have nothing better to do with themselves.

Jane said...


I think you meant pining not pinning. Need a dictionary?

pining - to yearn deeply; suffer with longing

pinning - a short, straight, stiff piece of wire etc.

RKsoulmates913 said...

STILL ALICE is really happening!!!

@LizProBackstage 4h
Still Alice will be filming in my neighborhood next week. #happylizzie #nyc

There's pic "NO PARKING - film shoot- Sunday March 1 2014"

Ohhhh hyENNA we do NOT believe in Tweets, we believe what we SEE and have been seen for more than 6 years.

And Haters are freaking out, Kristen is filming in NYC that is 1h from Toronto. RK are always making time to be with each other! ALWAYS!


RKsoulmates913 said...

LOL and just ignore my post if the tweet has already been posted.

I'm too anxious to see it happening! I Loved the book!

And you can find info at @olv too!

DreamerKind said...

Don't doubt this

Never Ending Song of Love

Delaney & Bonnie:

Jane said...


Thanks for the update!

Mama Nails said...

Good evening Havenettes!

I'm excited to see some pix firm Still Alice this week!

So glad that we don't feel the need to prove anything here!

I'm out for the night!


Marion said...

@Enna, let me explain to you how this works now that Rob and Kristen don't have to be photographed everywhere, to prove they're still a couple. There's things called private jets that can get celebrities to and from locations without being detected. If the guy said he saw them, then he saw them. There was no reason to start World War 5 over it. Nonnies can't stand it that they can't make anything stick as to saying they have concrete proof RK are with other people. So unless we see a HUGE wedding announcement from either one of their management camps that one of them has indeed gotten married, we're going to continue to believe they're still together and support them no matter what.

Tracybell said...

Night night mama nails...you had some bad ass bloggy thingys today lol. Loved the little talks and the blond ginger was a hoot! When I typed "ginger" I said it like Fat Amy lol. JS

Precious enna im in such a good mood today im gonna give u a pass sweetie. Hope you have a glass of wine and drift off to a peaceful sleep.

Night night Havenettes
Loved your comments today. You are all such sweet ladies

Tracybell said...

Verni nighty night to you but im working on an email...It's already a novel lol...

Teresa Holmes said...

Jan h , u are right. That guys tweet came out of nowhere. Completely random. He couldn't like any of us have known r and k would be in nyc. No way he could have forseen that. I believe him 100 percent.
Rob and k have not been photographed together since late October. If guy wasllying he could have daid he saw just r or just k but both together. He is telling the truth.
Be careful a lot of other tweets maybe copycats. I don't know if I believe the one with r on 6 train.
Rob was in Toronto on feb 4 and feb8 for fittings but he was not there all that time. He was only photographed on those two days, no other s. No pics of him , no tweets nothing ........untill retuning toronto......the day after Valentine day...hmmmm.
Just like this past weekend no pics on friday, saturday, sunday and monday in Toronto. Production even stated he was off this weekend. Dehann his costar just decided to also be in nyc this weekend. Come on. How much more proof do some people need.

intothesun74 said...

You know I really prefer to lurk and not comment but some statements border on the ridiculous.
First, it's the "It was just one tweet don't pin your hopes" - The denial, then a few post's down the progression to "Oh, Toronto and NYC are a short distance blah blah, of course they both can be in the city same time, it proves nothing Yada Yada" - grudging denial.

That type of reasoning is exactly why nonnies and trolls have no credibility, first you doubt the sighting, now there appears to be evidence of BOTH R and K being in NYC, You claim no romantic attachment. Straight BS. Why would any Single, attractive, successful and desirable man choose to visit a city where a) his supposed ex is in residence that SAME weekend and b) possibly celebrating the Bday of her BFF Dakota - just to visit the said Bday girl's boyfriend who just happened to be c) R's BFF Jamie. Instead of d) Having a fun SINGLE guy weekend in Toronto , one of the most exciting and entertaining cities in the world. Really, does R love Dakota or really Jamie that much to give up a a potentially fun SINGLE guy's weekend to hang out with a girl he broke up with under supposedly emotional circumstances? that RIDICULOUS rationale holds no water, this my ladies is proof that they , the trolls are holding on by a slender thread...

Teresa Holmes said...

Into the sun 74 pleeeeeeeeaaasseee comment here more often. Your good logic and rationale is exactly what we need here at this blog. U make absolute sense.why settle for an emotional downer weekend. When u could be partying. Ridiculous.

Tracybell said...

I agree with teresa please comment more often. And I appreciate a good snark when i read it lol.

Olivia White said...

Great Post HKN , you keep me smiling along with all the happy, positive commenters here. I will always choose to believe that Rob & Kris will find a way to spend time together when they are working, even if for a couple of days. I will continue to believe until I am convinced otherwise.
Vernier- I haven't had a chance to tell you how much I enjoyed your detailed account of Kris' work directing the video for S &theS. Your report was so positive , and it was exactly as I always thought K would be. I especially enjoyed your telling that your co-workers daughter saw an older black lady rock in' on with a badge. That was epic. I wish I could've gone with you, as I'm only 2 hrs west of Nashville. You are awesome!
Tempest- thanks for posting here. I always enjoy everything you have to say. Same with Mama Nails. You guys are great!
Adorable Rob with his ginger heifer!!! Her eyelashes were so long. I loved that. Can't wait for 'Still Alice'. Love that they are working, & that they both look so healthy & happy.

Arleen P said...

Good night to all the Havenettes! I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. I love all your comments. Great job! Keep me posted. Night!

intothesun74 said...

Thanks Teresa and Tracy and btw call me sunny,ok?
It's this stupidity that CONFOUNDS ME, really is that the best argument they have now? the slowly disintegrating wall of illusion they have built is crumbling and with it that shaky logic . Imagine R, the subject of feverish fantasies and romantic obsession turning away good times in Toronto to spend a "platonic" weekend with that 'villainous heart breaker" Kristen, are they serious lol

Tempest said...

Attention seekers need to feel they are being talked/thought about, they believe they are more intelligent than anyone else. They enjoy the reaction they get from people, it creates a buzz and they want that adulation of feeling wanted, hence they cyber bully to get a reaction.

They don't usually have anything intellectual to share, rather they pour scorn on peoples point of view and dismiss it as having no merit, when.they have nothing or bring nothing to the table to discuss. They live their lives solely in the eyes if others or in this case, they live their llives their social life online, where they feel they are the mist important.

Mom Trap said...

Watching twilight......holy crow they are so young! I don't think I've watched this in years. I'm really "jonesen" for some R/K lovin'

Jane said...

Well, you got me on that one. But you're here still lurking. Why does it bother you so much they are together? It's none of your business.
You need to get over it.

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