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Yes he does say it at the 12:55 mark."We" which means plural not single lol. Who does he stay in a lot with? I'll give you a clue...

Yep her. His wife and mother of his child. 

At the 12:00 mark the interviewer goes there. Of course. Same old shit.

 "You've had to live out the breakup of a big relationship in public"... 


 "Did that make it worse or did that really not matter?"  

"No, it's all the same... your reality is detached from that, it's a totally different situation... the only connection to reality is when stories happen and there's more paparazzi around - it's a higher intensity level... no one really knows anything about you really...and I've tried really hard to make that separation between my lov.../real life, and my public persona."

Rob corrected himself when he slipped and was about to say love life. If he was single that  would mean he has no love life at the moment. Right? Yeah that.WE and LOVE LIFE. Double whammy on the dipshidiots single dreams.

It's also funny how he supposedly opened up so easily to the Esquire interviewer but goes back to avoiding and skirting around the question with everyone else. I guess Sanjiv was that special . So special that the  Robsessed dipshidiots sent him a gift...

Sanjiv Bhattacharya
Those lovely people at Robsessed just sent me a couple of cedar planks look. 

For his next barbecue where he pretends that Rob spilled his guts to him about the epic break up I presume.

Rob and his missing clothes again...

Not a lot of people. Just one in particular.

Hey Rob I would suggest looking in this country first...

And with your wife...

Twins. It's a husband and wife thing now. 

     Too adorable!!!!

Claire and Richard Pattinson supporting their son.

Marcus Foster and Tom Sturridge were there too.

Marcus with a fan.

Rob is so proud of sister!

Go get em Lizzie!

Rob doing exercises to stay awake during the Google hangout.

Rob finally woke up at the end of the interview. Jet lag and  late night Skyping with your wife when you have an early morning interview is not a good thing.

Can you imagine if Rob actually called David a wanker?

Do I even want to know?


And now it's the Wife's turn.

Kristen as a domestic goddess in a photoshoot for Elle.

 Unfortunately the interview that came with it was a sister to the Esquire crap. Very few actual questions to Kristen and the rest the interviewers bullshit narrative. Maybe the Krisbians can send her a nice gift like the Robsessed did for the other hack.

A can of spam maybe?

The movie also wreaked havoc with her personal life, when Peeping Tom cameras caught her getting lovey-dovey with married director Rupert Sanders.(Poor Robert Pattinson seems unable to shake the role of ingenue as far as his relationship with Stewart goes.)

NO. He is nobody's ingenue but nice try bitch. He's a star all on his own. So is his wife Kristen.

As we all know , the tabloids having mowed down acres of forest to let us know, the actors portraying Bella and Edward fell into each others arms as rapturously as their characters did.

No the tabs didn't let us know. Rob and Kristen did.

After the scandal broke Stewart issued an apology to Pattinson in People magazine, essentially casting him as the Wronged Woman in the love triangle

You need to stop while you're behind. Oh by the way it's 2014. Not 2012.

I ask Stewart who she is dating these days Are she and Pattinson secretly back together?or is she seeing Nicholas Hoult, Hollywood's young hunk du jour? or has close friend Alicia Cargile become more than that?(In just the past 48 hrs I've read gossip items suggesting all three possibilities.)

But wait. This interview was done BEFORE Kristen went to Japan and the tabs invented the Kristen/ Nicholas hook up crap. No not in the last 48 hrs unless she added it later for some salacious gossip.Some stellar journalism there.

Kristen shot her down with My private live is private.

When Rob came back to L.A. he went out with friends to an Iron and Wine concert. Too bad for the dipshidiots no women sitting near him. Now according to the dipshidiots he can't go out with his friends and be a daddy and a husband  too.

Oh look it's Tom Sturridge and he's out supporting his friend Rob at the Rover in England. He must be a bad daddy and fiance for not being attached to Marlowe and Sienna  24/7. Maybe the woman with him is his new mystery love.

Is he texting Kristen when Iron and Wine sang Flightless Bird?

He was also at he Roosevelt.

Andrés Benedicto
Robert Pattinson was yesterday partying at Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood. He left with a girl in his Suburban pic.twitter.com/qwtnyH1kOS

Stop the presses! We have Rob getting into a car with a woman.


Is this supposed to be his epic picture of Rob with a woman?

Or maybe this one?

I've lost track how many times the dipshidiots have counted on the Rob in a car with a woman bs and lost.

The last time they got burned...

 They believed the paps and tabs with their cropped pictures.

Then we got this. Paints a different picture doesn't it.

Someone else was there and got his picture taken with Rob

Funny how his story is a little different  than the other one.

Wow you are so lucky. Can I ask who he was with? People are saying he was with a whole bunch of girls
@pheonix786 he was with a group of guy friends


 Funny no woman mentioned.

Looks like Marcus came back to L.A with Rob for a visit!

Did you also know Marcus has recently started following Kristen's friend Allannah on  Instagram? And Kristen's brother is following Marcus. Yeah I would follow my sisters exes friends on Instagram. Sure thing.

Two Hollywood legends passed away this week.

Robin Williams. 

“I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy
because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless
and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that.”
Robin Williams 


This video shows you where he got his sense of humor from. They are both in heaven now cracking each other up.

I can't believe he's gone. This just got to me so much because I will miss the way he would always make me laugh and feel better about things. He was not only a comic genius but an award winning dramatic actor as well. I think it's harder for a man to reach out when depression is getting to them . I wish he had reached out to someone before it was to late. 

Rest in peace Robin.

Lauren Bacall

She'll be Bogey's baby for eternity now.

Truer words were never said. 

We are going to win our battle. RIGHT LADIES?

Our time is coming ladies.


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Unknown said...

HKN thank you for the great and truthful post
Do you have information when Rob goes to japan or singapor
And whether they reveal their little baby secret? Just curious!
can expect the day hardly

andreana said...

Love this post HKN! Thanks again you work so hard to keep us informed...it is appreciated!!

ASFJ said...

Thanks once again, HKN.....just love you and always will...common sense, credibility and of course, so much fun!

Love from you're #1 fan....

Hatersknownothing said...

Sorry ladies wasn't quite done and hit the publish button early lol. almost done!

Lisa G. said...

Thank you for another great post!

Unknown said...

Thank you was again super, thank you

Unknown said...

Thanks I love you post , only hope see Rob goes Japon o Singapore :) thanks have great week

Morning Coffee said...

HKN..Have I told you lately that I love you? NO?...well then let me clearly state here and now "I Love YOU"

This post was fantastic and Yes for those who have hearing difficulties Rob did and does say WE very plainly.

You are correct..journalist for Elle just as pathetic as Sandy and his infamous cedar planks.

Your tributes to Robin and Lauren were wonderful..enjoyed the live interview with his mom.

thank you for this HKN.

Unknown said...

Again me :) maybe today Rob pics papz can you check this. >> @TwiHardMonster: knowing where Rob is going to be today and not being able to see him sucks 😔

Anonymous said...

Don't you just love the haters that come here and tell you how wrong you are. Great post by the way. I didn't know you said that Rob was going to Japan, or Singapor. Hope you said He's been out 3 nights in a row with 3 different women wow. I wonder how the rest of the guys he was with felt him being the only one with a girl while out with his friends. I wonder why a girl would dress up like a guy to be seen with Rob, Because all the ones he was with at the concert were all guys too. I just love how they would rather Rob be a man whore then be with Kristen. I guess the didn't see his interview only the ones that were written not the one that you talked about from his own mouth. I feel sorry for these girls what are they going to do when you turn out to be right about everything. Can't wait to read more HKN.

Morning Coffee said...

Chris b

Ignore the idiots please it just keeps them around longer...the longer they talk the stupider they sound.

Anonymous said...

Oh Boy Jane, You've shown my the truth because you see I don't have a mind or eyes of my own. Get real Jane HKN or any of the other blogs have not told me or probably anyone else that comes here any thing we don't already know. Because you see we have eyes and minds we don't have to be told anything I haven't seen any fake pics here if they are fake why don't you prove it. Sorry HKN, I just get sick of seeing these dipshitidiots trying to I don't know what but I don't need them to tell me anything.

Happygirl said...

Rob will be at the HFPA Charity Event tonight :-)

chishi2010 said...

I love your postings HKN. I especially liked Robin and his mom video. I will surely miss him.

Unknown said...

Hey HKN! Cool as hell blog!!! That Rob seems to want to say something! He kind of appears to be thinking hard about how to say the appropriate words without spilling the beans! So cute! "We"! Loved Kristen's pics, it's a shame the article was somewhat of a WASH! She deserves so much more! Loved the tribute to Robin Williams and to hear today he had Parkinson's was heart breaking. Just sad beyond words. I wanted to share something really sweet; did you ladies know, Rob and Kris love the sound of FALLING LEAVES!!

Unknown said...

ASFJ asked that I post this post here. I posted it earlier today on Do I Dazzle You. ASFJ thought it would go well with HKN's new post.

After all that has been written and all that has been said about Rob and Kristen, it seems to me that a lot of pertinent facts have escaped a lot of people; both fan and anti fan alike. The evidence one fact at a time is obvious; but when they're all put together, the truth of the matter is inescapable in my opinion.

Kristen has led an extremely quiet life since 2012. In fact if not for her longtime friends and costars she would have practically no social life.Even Taylor Lautner who she has likened to a best friend or younger brother has been seen with her no more than three or four times. There is nothing to gossip about concerning Kristen Stewart; yet tabloids speculate, endlessly.

As for Rob's social life, it too seems to be friends, coworkers and group outings. In this same time frame Rob has not been seen so much as holding the hand of anyone who could be termed a romantic interest; this despite the many photographers Ken Baker of E must have had following Rob everywhere in his vain attempt to prove a romantic link between Rob and Dylan Penn, even after the woman said there was no truth to it.

As has been mentioned by many of us fans and so often, Rob and Kristen must still be together, because it's evident that they aren't with anyone else. In fact, (and this is the part totally ignored by those against them being together) if it were not for that well publicized event in 2012, most RK fans would be totally convinced by Rob and Kristen's behavior that they are together and possibly married even.

Sorry HTML TAGS won't let me redo it here. If HKN wants to cut and paste it on her blog, that's fine with me. Peace.

ASFJ said...


No, I didn't know...(about the falling leaves), but it makes both of them so much more endearing. One thing is for sure, they love the sound of each other's voices...

ASFJ said...

Thank you, Jean...just saw your post. I appreciate your doing this...I hope everyone of us fans will love it as much as I did.

Thanks again.

Unknown said...

Jean's Do I Dazzle You comment PT2

As I ended the first part of my comment from DIDY for ASFJ:

If not for that well publicized event from 2012, by Rob and Kristen's behavior alone, most people would automatically assume that Rob and Kristen are together and possibly even married. That would be the conclusion of most fans and certainly mine.

Resumed From My DIDY Post:

Lately people are taking everything that Rob says for the gospel truth. So, what did he say that has so many Robsessed saying
"Yippee! Rob finally talked? Indeed Rob did talk. He said, "Shit happens. Get over it,"

The shit was fifty or so photographs of which many have now been proven to have been manipulated. All were lied about and in some cases photo shopped. The photo story was the news story of 2012. So why did the photographer of this money making event of not step forward and claim the glory of the story of the year?

Because the photographs were not 100% real. They had been tampered with. They were part lies. The supposed stalker photographers couldn't even keep the story straight of the location where they were taken. They were a lie and people get sued who step up and attest to lies. Perjury does have penalties. So no proud photos of the photographers will ever appear.The story that never was. Yeah, that's some real shit alright, sworn to and distributed by every tabloid around the world.

Part 3 soon

Barbara Fenwick said...

Great post as usual hkn. Thank you so much. We all depend on you to keep us informed, and you work so hard at it, so thank you again.

Unknown said...

Jean's post from DIDY for ASFJ pt. 3

I said "sworn to" because the tabloids can either step up and admit they've been printing lies about Kristen and Rob's life or they can stand by what they have so far printed over and over and over again.

My post from DIDY Resumed:

The people who can't stand the thought of Rob and Kristen together can keep on believing their dreams. Me, I'll trust my eyes. No one special has been shown to be in Kristen's life, and
no one special in Rob's since May of 2013. That's fifteen months of chastity for two stars who are among the most beautiful and sensual people who ever set the movie going public and the tabloid world ablaze. Rob and Kristen are beloved by many and famous around the world. These are people photographers follow every chance they get. Rob and Kristen are documented to the nth degree.

Secret Lovers? Come on. What woman is going to date Rob and hide her relationship with the catch of the decade? The same goes for Kristen. What man lucky enough to win Kristen wouldn't also want the would to know that Kristen was in his life now? Not one.

So Rob did tell the truth in the Esquire's interview, but as usual the interviewer didn't listen; neither did many of us. "Shit happens. Get over it." Rob and Kristen did long ago; and now they're busy making sure the same thing never happens again.

Sherry said...

Excellent post and equally excellent what you said Jean Worley.

Loved the video of Robin and his mom. Heard today about his Parkinson's. Just heartbreaking.

Had a lovely day today. Hubs may come home sometime next week. He is doing really well. Thanks for all of your prayers and encouragement.

Have a nice evening. Love you all.

Unknown said...

Jean's post for ASFJ resumed.

The way I see it we shouldn't expect personal announcements of any kind other than updates about their films; because now Rob and Kristen live not only a private life, but one enclosed against the world as well. Kristen doesn't care what fans dream up about her life, but she'll never share anything of her real world again; which given her treatment by the world, I totally understand.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have given the world what I consider beautiful movies, and many photographs and memories. In return the world gave them suspicion, slander,speculation and ugliness such as I've never seen shown to normal non-criminal people.

Why should they give us anything real again? When they do talk, we don't listen; and we hear only what we want to hear. Sadly, even the best of us have failed them and I am sorry for that.

Unknown said...

Hkn best post yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Busy now but come back later to fully comment. Jean worley want to talk to u. Rob was 1 stunner at charity event. Yeeeeaaah!

a stargazzer said...

Wonderful as usual. Rob was seriously trying to keep things under wrap and failing miserably.

I finally got the watch a documentary called $ellebrity. I think it explains a lot of why Robsten had to go so deep to hide their family and relationship. There is a story of a pregnant Sarah Jessica Parker that was scared to death and crying over some paps following her around and had to trade clothes with a stranger to get away from them and another one of Salma Hayek's baby almost falling to the ground because of the paps. I cannot even imagine what kind of danger Kris would had been if her pregnancy would had been public.
Very enlightening and a good way to keep our commitment to not trust any source outside the live interviews.
Here is the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFuctZT-Nus

Now off to dinner! TTYL

Unknown said...

Hi to all the Havenettes ladies! I hope you all didn't forget me. LOL Sorry, I was out and taking care of RL problems of my own. Which everything is fine now.
HKN, I love this. Great job!
Now I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all! Night!

Unknown said...

The only word I can think of is masterful! The truth in his own words! The look coming out of Rob's eyes was beautiful, trying to explain how important the serenity time alone and private is to him, and how he likes to arrange his own world. He use of we and love is just amazing. Thank you so much HKN! Rob and his Mom were a terrific duo! I cannot imagine that he is gone, he was a gift to us all. Lauren Bacall was lovely and very professional, and Bogey adored her. We miss that wonderful bass voice of hers, she was terrific. Thanks for the memories HKN, you hit a home run! Susie

Unknown said...

Whoops, meant to say his use of the words we and love is just amazing. Rob was putting a lot of things right, including the fact that he has no sources that report his life to these gossips, and they know nothing of his life. Also Kristen repeats her private life is private. They are a young married couple with their first child, protecting their life, and working hard at it. Many actors have had to resort to hiding out a great deal, sadly for their own safety and that of their babies.

Unknown said...

Hkn thankyou for a wonderful and truthful post as always i always look forward to your new post and what a lovely tribute for Robin and Lauren they were both truely talented and loved people from all over the world,@sue morris enjoyed your post you hit it on the nail thankyou,@Sherry glad your hubby is doing well and maybe allowed home next week thinking of you all,@Morning Coffee how you all doing have had a few RL issues this week also health again so been MIA for a few days but getting on track again thinking of you all,@Gig and Arleen how you all doing,well do miss Rob and Kristen but no pap pictures and MIA means they are safe and thats all that matters, well ladies have to go so love and hugs to you all have a great day and weekend keep safe.

Sherry said...

Morning ladies. Looks like rain here today. Going to head back to school to do some more work before Monday.

I am so proud of Rob and Kristen for taking control of their life and protecting their child. I have said this before but I saw something different in Rob when he came back from doing the Rover. They tried to just be a normal couple but the paps were awful. Wasn't surprised they went underground and to have Rob confirm that's what they were trying to do is icing on the cake, so to speak. Everyone deserves privacy and they also need to have that privacy respected.

Have a great day ladies. Love you all.

Unknown said...

Love this and agree still feel Rob could deny and support her more though.

Unknown said...

DEAR HAVENETTES, I dearly hope that everyone is doing well this a.m. Bunny, I loved listening to leaves fall in my childhood, and the rustling of leaves blowing around in the fall so much, so I do really feel the same. We have four seasons here, and have been blessed with rain recently. MC I want to hear you are OK! Arleen, you take some time and rest, please, you are a hard worker. Sherry, so happy your husband is showing good signs of getting well. Prayer always is powerful and when you have many praying, you have a prayer line. I never gave this much thought until my youngest almost died. But I do feel my trust in God has increased, I never doubt his blessings. I hope Annie and TBELL and Teresa and ANDREANNA are well and happy. Thank you Tina for the call out. Thank you Jean Worley for your words of wisdom. Thank you Tempest for the input, so well written by Jean. Sherry, you are so right about respecting their privacy, Rob and Kristen really just need to be able to be left alone to allow them some normalcy in this really strange world of computer clicks and demanding turkeys who won't shut up about stating made-up stories that just plain suck. I love it that gossip magazines are going the way of the wastebasket and are dying out. Sign of the times, some people are using common sense, and it doesn't cost a thing, just have to think for yourself and use your own eyes and ears. Amazing, what?

Morning Coffee said...

Goodmorning havenettes...
Just stopping by to say hello and hope that all of you are doing well.

As for myself like always good days interspersed with not so good. That's life for everyone, not just me.

postponed any more dental work until Sept. Tired of having my personal space invaded by the medical world for a little while.

Hope you all have a great weekend, I will be busy so may not be able to get back here for a day or so.

Take care hugs to you all.

Tempest said...

Rest in peace Robin xxx

Unknown said...

good evening
how are all?
All talk and also Rob, he keeps his private life private.
I find 100% ok
Private matters should remain private
now I wonder. he talks about personal ask the interwiev or that he has not been as appears in public with kristen?
Because HKN writes `Our time is coming ladies. `
Only when, and as long as the trolls can continue to nerves.
Only thoughts and questions have gone through my head.
Beautiful weekend, love you all.

Unknown said...

HKN, thank you for making my crazy day better with your post! Excellent, truly excellent. Great things are coming our way, Havenettes. I'm just biding my time and enjoying the recent pictures. Love to you all.

Unknown said...

Thanks for another great post

Unknown said...

Hkn the pic of rob with fan who said he was with guy friends. That was at the twig concert. The lying pap only one who said the Roosevelt hotel. Its a lie. Tell him to prove it.

Unknown said...

Hello to all the Havenettes ladies! Hope you all haven't forgotten me. Just to let you know. YES! I just got in for work. I am covering for one of my workers. I hope to talk to you all tonight. Going to clock in soon. I am doing fine. I was takingoing care of real life stuff of my own. Everything is ok. Well got to go. Going to clock in. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all. Talk to you all tonight. Later.

Annie said...

Evening all.
The picture of Kristen and Juliette Binoche for the cover of the September issue of Interview magazine is just gorgeous!

Have to catch up with news of Rob at the HFPA dinner last night.

If I start listing names, I'm sure to forget someone.......So....Hi, Hi everybody. :)

MC: You taking it easy?

Funny story......Had on flip flops, was on my phone, hit a pothole and flew through the air with the greatest of ease........bruised knees, bruised palms, busted I-phone case (but the phone is fine. :):)

How was your week? :)

Unknown said...

Hey y'all. I have an update if anyone is interested!

EllenRamey said...

Thank you:)

Sherry said...

Well just got back from seeing hubs. Doing well and should be home by this time next week.

Hope all of you are doing well. Annie glad you are no worse after the graceful fall. Sounds like something I would do.

Going to get ready for bed and then watch a movie if I can decide what to watch.

Love you all.

Unknown said...

Good night to all the Havenettes ladies! I just got home from work. I am beat. Hugs to you all! Keep me posted. I always love your comments. Great job Havenettes! Night!

Unknown said...

Annie, you say you flew through the air with the greatest of ease, the daring young lady on the flying trapeze! Tripping for me is a disaster with two bum knees, I have to get up on my knees to rise up, quite a situation! Mama Nails has some funny videos of Rob and his silly questions and answers with his bud. He is so tired and really bored of the questions . Have a great Saturday everyone.

Annie said...

Morning all.

It's unseasonably cool around here..........Low 60's in the AM and at night. It is so strange to see people in light jackets and sweaters here in August.....It feels great though.
Another brisk morning .......Who expected you'd have to consider wearing long sleeves here in mid August!

Sherry: Glad to know your husband's doing well and will be home next week.
I always trip or stumble in flip flops........can't explain it.

Sue: It's the landing that hurts the most.
Sorry about your knees.
Mama Nails has some eye opening revelations on her Tumblr.
I see the only recourse some have is to attack and insult her relentlessly......Mama Nails is well able to handle them though, she is one tough cookie!

It's coffee time! :)

Sherry said...

Annie when I trip in flip flops it's always up stairs. I've done that one a lot.

Rainy morning here. Drinking my decaf coffee & relaxing. Got a few more things to do before school starts and then we're off to the races.

Have a nice weekend ladies. Love you all.

Morning Coffee said...

Morning Girls...

Start of another busy weekend for me and stopping in to wish you all an enjoyable weeekend as well.

Annie...you are going to have to stop texting while walking..sorry about your bruises but you could have broken something besides your phone case. Please be careful.

Sherry I continue to be happy about your hubs progress and know he will be overjoyed to be back home again.

Ladies suffice to say without naming each of you individually which is near impossible anymore, take care and blessings for you all.

ASFJ said...


Sorry about your fall....please be careful. Saw a video of a lady walking and texting and she fell right into a fountain!

Everyone else, have a great weekend....

Unknown said...

good evening,
all have a nice day?
Can anyone tell me what Marcus Foster has to do with Jenny Lewis video

Beautiful weekend, love you all

Happygirl said...

@sanni Marcus has nothing to do with the Jenny Lewis video, but Kristen was in his video, too.

Unknown said...

oh nice. And where you see it? does anyone have a link?

Happygirl said...

@sanni here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13yE7J4GqNs

Unknown said...

Thank you Happygirl

Annie said...

MC:Yes Ma'am! :)

ASFJ: Thanks.....I've seen those videos but
you never think it's going to happen to you........Geez, i think i would've preferred the fountain to a NYC sidewalk! :)

Unknown said...

Evening ladies! I've been out most of the day at my in-laws house. It takes us about 45 minutes to get there, so we have to leave early. They're doing fine for now, but I can tell my mil is having trouble breathing.
Annie, please be careful! I wear flip flops all the time, too, and I occasionally trip (usually over a kids' toy lol).
I have to make some cinnamon bread for small group after I tuck the kids in bed.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Love and abundance to you all.

Charlottes Web said...

Hello ladies! Hope you are all doing well.

Just a thought here...the Falling Leaves that Bunny is referring to are not "actual" leaves. Food for thought.

Have a great day/evening!

Unknown said...

Morning ladies'@Gigi hope you MIL is ok and her breathing settles down for you all Cinnamon bread sounds lovely thinking of you all,@Annie sorry to hear you tripped i always wear flip-flops and always tripping or banging my toes always a few chosen words said to myself but i still wear them,@Morning Coffee,Arleen ,sue morris,Sherry,andreana, felicity,Chris b,Happy girl,a stargazzer,and anyone i have missed i apologize i hope you are all well,lots of children go back to school tommorrow my son goes back on 3 September so good luck to them all, Well hope you all have a great day and love and hugs to you all.

onagee said...

Hmmmm ... "leaves" as in "pages," Charlotte?

Wishing everyone a lovely Sunday!

Annie said...

Morning all.
Gigi: Cinnamon bread......Yum!
Wishing the best for your Mother-in-Law.

Gigi and Tina: I love flip flops but every time I trip or take a tumble like this last time I pledge to never put them on again.......As if! :):):)

Charlottes Web: Thought the same thing. :)
Just something I noticed........Why are some saying Rob was dissing London in his interviews?
People who have lived in the US long term note some of the same things........It's easier to get things done here, more opportunities in many areas. For instance here in NYC, I can find 24hr supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, transportation.

Christ! People take any opportunity to criticize.

Sherry said...

Morning ladies. Thought the same thing about "the falling leaves".

Getting ready to go do some work I need to do before school starts that I forgot to do. Will head over to spend afternoon with hubs after.

Hope you all have a great day. Love you all.

ASFJ said...

Hi All:

My head must be still in the clouds over our beautiful couple...so will somebody please fill me in about the "falling leaves"???

Annie: As Frankie Baby says in one of his songs...."the city that never sleeps"! Noo Yawk!

Unknown said...

Good morning to all the Havenettes Sisters! Happy Sunday! I miss you all! Sorry for taking so long.
Hi Morning Coffee, Sherry, andreana, ASFJ, Lisa G, Sanni K, Gigi, Tbell, Annie, sue morris, HKN, Tempest, HappyGirl, Charlottes Web, Bunny from Texas, onagee, and the rest of Havenettes ladies!
Tina and sue morris, I am doing fine. I am still here. I would never forget you all here.
Gigi, I am going to read that fanfictions. I love reading them. Its really fun.
HKN, Hi sweetie! Hugs!
Sherry, How are you? How is your hubby?
As for the rest of Havenettes sisters, I hope you all have a great Sunday. Going to get ready for church and then go on a walk today. Keep me posted. I always love your comments. You all have done a great job on your comments. Love you all! Stay cool. Hugs! Remember I am still here. Haven't forgotten you all. I always keep you all in my prayers. Better get ready for church.

Unknown said...

To all of the people who liked my comments ASFJ, Sherry, Teresa,Sue Morris and Jean White I want to thank you for your kind words.

The first three are well researched
and true I think. The last one is simply my opinion. Because so many have been so ugly and critical of them.

I thank ASFJ for inviting me to post here and I love all of you ladies enthusiasm for all thinks Rob and Kristen...Peace

Unknown said...

Hey you all. How is everyone? Thank you Annie and Tina for your sweet words. I keep praying for my in-laws. The cinnamon bread was well received in my small group, and it was sugar free. I'm taking some over to my mom's house this afternoon.
How are you Arleen?
Where are you MC? Hope you're fine.
I have my fingers crossed that all is going well for Kris in Japan. Rob is MIA for a few days now, but I saw the picture of him looking at his phone at the charity event. We know who made him smile! Love to you all.

Morning Coffee said...

charlottes web....the baby's name is Autumn and they love the sounds of her cooing???????

I think I may be right...what say you?

Morning Coffee said...

Ladies....I am just getting home from daughters...will be back later to catch up.

Love to you all.

Angelofserenity said...

Thank you HKN for your blogs. They are great and make my day. You always do a great job.

Unknown said...

Bunny, when I think of autumn leaves, I think of September Song, and Ole Blue Eyes singing that beautiful song. -- the falling leaves brush by my window, the falling leaves of red and gold--am I getting any warmer? Cannot imagine a more beautiful name. Autumn. Susie.

Morning Coffee said...

ASFJ..bunny from Texas comment earlier she asked if we wanted to hear something sweet and continued with R/K love the sound of falling leaves..charlottes web commented and then today again CW said the falling leaves that bunny is referring to are not actual leaves...

so I guessed in the spirit of riddle maybe the baby's name is Autumn and they love the sound of her cooing.

Doesn't mean I am right..I am guessing..but it's fun. so lady how are you doing today? well I hope

love you girl

Morning Coffee said...

Annie...How are your bruises doing now? Hope you are not too sore, take care.

Gigi...I am doing okay hon..just very tired.

Sue I think Autumn is a pretty name..but probably way off track on my guess. I don't need any clues to know how much Rob and Kristen love their baby girl..and every sound she makes.

Arleen...glad you resolved your RL issues and things are going well for You...late happy birthday to your daughter.

Sherry things going well with hubs, hope he is back home with you this coming week.

Jean Worley...we had many discussions on JFK with CD and I enjoyed them all...I'm not morning coffee there.


Have a good evening

ASFJ said...

Well, I'll be darned..wouldn't have guessed a riddle in a million years! Thanks for clueing me in..

All quiet on the western front here, and hope everyone else had a peaceful, quiet sunday....

To all you gorgeous Haven gals, the best to you all always.

Love you....

Unknown said...

Hi to all the Havenettes ladies! I have been home from church. Anything new? Did you all miss me?
Morning Coffee- Thanks!
Gigi- I am good. I am trying to plan dinner. Can you give us the recipe of your Cinnamon bread?
Jean Worley, Hello sweetie!
As for the rest of Havenettes, I am off making dinner. I will talk to you later. Hugs!

Annie said...

Evening all.

MC: Doing good. The pain is gone for the most part. I can finally bend my knee without it hurting so much.

I like the name Autumn, not sure that's the significance of Falling leaves but it would lovely if it is. :):)

Unknown said...

Arleen, the cinnamon bread I made is from a box mix by Pillsbury. I found it the other day in WalMart on the baking aisle. It tastes a lot like coffee cake to me and my husband.
Autumn...if that is her name, I love it.
MC, I'm worn out from this weekend, too. Would love a day at home where I can just read, write, work on jewelry, or relax.

Morning Coffee said...

Annie...glad you are doing better..I like the name Autumn have no clue if this is what was meant but I can't resist a riddle or cryptic speak. I feel a compulsion to figut=re it out. I know I am strange that way.

Gigi...have the kids gone back to school yet? I know it's different in different parts of the country here the kids let out early but go back mid Aug.

In NY when I wasa kid the term ended near the end of June and we started back after Labor day. Not sure if it's still the same.

Tbell...VEE you girls are sorely missed around here...we don't see you nearly enough to make me happy.
Love you both.


ASFJ said...


Boy, do I agree about TBell and Verni! Where the heck r u girls????? Miss you a lot and oh, before I forget,
JMF...where are you and how is your brother doing? Keep us posted.

And MC, did you see someone mentioned you on MN?
Don'tcha love it?

Morning Coffee said...

ASFJ...Yes and I'm sure that went over like a fart in church. If people are going to quote a situation or other peoples words they need to make things more clear in the context.

There is a world of difference in declaring something and guessing at something for fun.

I could really scream sometimes...

Unknown said...

MC, my two oldest start school tomorrow. They're very excited about going back. I have to go to orientation for parents of kindergartners tomorrow morning. So sleepy tonight you all. I'm ready to have some sweet RKian dreams.

Charlottes Web said...

Hey ladies!

Sue Morris - Very warm!

Not the name.

Unknown said...

Good night to all the Havenettes ladies! Keep me posted. Hugs to you all!
Gigi, I will try that. And get it from the store.
As for the rest of Havenettes ladies, Good night!

Sherry said...

Morning all. School starts far me today. Hope you all have a good day. I'll see you after school!

Love you all.

Sherry said...

Meant for. And the let me teach! Lol!

Morning Coffee said...

Morning ladies...Tempest has put up a new post today that is a must read. it is stunning in it's truth and a wonderful trubute to Robin Williams.
She did a beautiful job of putting things into perspective.

to all of you here at the Haven I wish you each a wonderful day filled wirh love and laughter. I will be off until tonight. Peace MC

Lazmeister said...

Hey all, long time no chat! I hope you're all well and are living life to the full!
I'm shocking at cryptic clues - need more help!
Love to all!

Unknown said...

Afternoon ladies of the Haven hope you had a wonderful weekend,i've just been catching up on RL stuff here cant wait till Tuesday my son's back from Annual Camp with the Army Cadets been 9 days he's got a few cuts and bruises but ok otherwise, @Annie hope your feeling better after your stumble,@Morning Coffee,Gigi,Arleen,Sue morris,ASFJ,Sherry,Lazmiester hope your all good,well thats me hugs to you all got a busy day be back later i hope.

didi84 said...

Hi Haven, Havenettes. Thank you for your post, I loved it. You´re doing great.

Unknown said...

Good morning to all the Havenettes ladies! Happy Monday! I am out grocery shopping. Get two chicken so I can roasted.
Tina, I am doing good.
I better go run some errands. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all. Ouch and itching. I just got bit by a mosquito.

Unknown said...

Dear Arleen, you sound so bouncy and happy, I am happy for you. Rest up a bit, I want you to stay well. Dear Annie and MC, so glad you are both taking time out. I think you really have to in order to maintain a little bit of sanity. Writing for real life is taxing enough. I am really proud of what our creative writers are doing. Hi Gigi! Love to Sherry and ASFJ- have a lovely afternoon. Hot and humid Oklahoma Tornado Alley/Dust Bowl

Unknown said...

Hey you all. Its been a very busy day here. I spent over two hours waiting to register my youngest child for school. Then I had to go buy some supplies and pick up my two oldest at the end of school.
I won't know what to do with myself when all three of them are in class tomorrow - lol.
How was school for you Sherry?
I'm glad your son is home and fine, Tina.
Sue, I thought about the version of Autumn Leaves by Nat King Cole. My mom used to play his beautiful music when I was a child, and I still love to listen to him.
Arleen, roasted chicken sounds good to me.
Hope your day was good, MC.

Annie said...

Evening all.

Hey Sue: Ain't nothing gonna break my stride. :)
Hoping things are great with you. It's a beautiful evening here.
Heading home now.

Soooooo........Mr. Pattinson has gone MIA after the HFPA
dinner in LA. :):):):)

Annie said...

Hi Gigi: School starts here after Labour Day.

MC, Sue and everybody......I stopped to send the texts. :):):)

Sherry said...

Good evening ladies. I had a very nice first day at school. Glad to be back. Keeps me out of trouble! Lol!

Counting the days til hubs comes home. This Friday! I had noticed Rob seems to be MIA. Good for him.

Have a nice evening. Love you all.

Morning Coffee said...

Just dropping in to say goodnight heading off to bed early tonight, well early for me.

Annie... glad you stopped to text.

Sherry...know you are excited about your husband getting to come home on fri.

Gigi donit you just love red tape?
hope the kids enjoy school this year.

ASFJ..hope all is well at your end, take care my friend.

Arleen...Roasted chicken is really good, enjoy.

Sue...It's hot as blue blazes here too girl..the funny thing it feels hotter at night than in the day..at least the humidity is horrible the last two days..Hope you and sugar have a good rest.

to the rest of the Haven ladies and a goodnight.

Unknown said...

Good night to all the Havenettes ladies! I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. By the way my roasted chicken with roasted potatoes came out great. Yummy. I even posted on my google. Well I better get some sleep. Because I have to wake up my daughter for her first day of senior for High School at 6am. Hugs to you all. Night everyone.

Unknown said...

good Morning,
how are you?
How happy Rob is several days Mia, and thumb push we know where he is, lol
All a wonderful Tuesday, love you all.

Unknown said...

she is not a lesbian?
and again no phots? lool
the people are nervous because Rob is not seen too time

Happygirl said...

@White Come on show us the pics! The only pics of R with his friend Jamie and her are month old!. To bad for you that NOT even the tabs mentioned her anymore! So please tell your BS someone else! I know it's hard for you that Rob is still with Kristen!

Happygirl said...

Rob is MIA since Thursday! I love it! :-)

Unknown said...

Good morning to all the Havenettes ladies! Happy Tuesday!
Hi Morning Coffee, Happygirl, HKN, Tina, Lazmeister, Gigi, Annie, Sue morris, ASFJ, Sherry, and the rest of the Havenettes ladies! I just woke up my daughter for school. Its a first day of her senior in High School.

Frenchie said...

Ha ha ha White, so funny! You made my day!

Frenchie said...

Hi Arleen, my eldest daughter is also a senior... How time flies!!

Annie said...

Morning all.

Arleen: i hope your daughter has a great first day as a senior. Is she nervous, excited or a bit of both. :)
Trying Taco Bell coffee.

Annie said...

Frenchie: Are back from vacation?

Annie said...

Oops....That should read.....Are you back from vacation?

Unknown said...

Dear Sweet Haven of lovely ladies, Well it is another WARM week ahead, with 90's for highs and 70's for lows. I am rested for once and getting activated to take Jacqueline to her Tuesday appointment in Tulsa. I see we had an unwanted early morning hater. I am always amazed at STUPID but I guess they cannot hear, see, or read well, because Rob was very clear in the posts video. Yep, he said what he meant and meant what he said, the elephant died from a hole in the head ---DUM DEE DUM DUM. Some folks cannot read writing. I can reveal this at last, Rob loves not being seen, poked or prodded by the gossip hags and weird phony fan drags. Kristen and Rob seem to love being quiet at home people, just like us. But they love to work, unbothered by the press. This Japan shoot has to be almost heaven for Kristen who loves fans like Rob, but hates stupid rude fans or press. Japan is famous for polite, quiet people, that show respect to visitors and are very patient. Have a lovely day everyone! Susie from a hot Tornado Alley

Unknown said...

Hi Annie! Taco Belle coffee here is strong like chicory coffee, it walks! The crunch breakfast is supposed to be good there. Taco Bueno here is good, serves full sized breakfast like McDonalds. Going to kitchen to fix breakfast for Sugar Lump, my 78 pound Female Boxer who loves breakfast. Have a beautiful morning in a wonderful city! Susie in rather warm Oklahoma

Frenchie said...

Yes Annie, I am but the kids don't go back to school before Sept 1st... How are you? Pretty quiet around here it seems... So nice!

Annie said...

Morning Sue! I put a lot of cream in my coffee but Taco Bell's coffee has a mild/medium taste to me (which i like) Cannot take coffee with milk....Eww!
Not sure about the breakfast but i can be persuaded. :)

The mornings here are Fall like, low 60's in the early morning and at night in the city. Much lower temps in the suburbs.
It warms up in the afternoon though. These early morning temperatures are so unusual for August, it's shocking.

Enjoy your day Sue. :)

Annie said...

Frenchie: I'm good or should i say better....Took a tumble walking, talking and texting but i have a great excuse (I was wearing flip flops......A recipe for disaster. :)

I'm seeing that The Clouds Of Sils Maria will open soon in France. I can't wait until it opens here.
Looking forward to Camp X-Ray as well.

Morning Coffee said...

Morning Girls...

Hope everyone is doing well today, I am getting ready to polish my eyeglasses and get to work reading a manuscript and then work on my own writing and whatever else comes rolling in on the pc. Makes for very tired eyes at the end of the day, which is why I went to bed early last night.


Frenchie said...

Oh dear! I'm happy it was not too bad, Annie! No more texting and walking at the same time with or without flip flops! Take care! x

Unknown said...

Haven't read the J/K interview for that German mag...but seeing some really interesting quotes..... like this one that was shared on twitter:

RK vs THEM ‏@MadForRobsten 1m
"And concerning kids, it doesn't make sense to give [you] any advice anyways." Juliette to K. INTERESTING TOPIC ;)

I find these kind of tidbits utterly intriguing......I mean....why say things such as this if well....you know.

Then there is the one were J tells K not to let her kids play with an Oscar award cause the gold will come off. LOL

Not typical things you say to someone unless....well......you know what I mean.

Those are the things that are those whispers that just sneak in there.....if you truly block out all that background noise....you can actually hear them.

Unknown said...

Hey Havenettes! My youngest son had a good fist day in Kindergarten. It was so strange going to the store without a child. MC, it felt like we were trying to pass an act of congress while waiting to register.
Hope your daughter has a great first day, too, Arleen.
Love that Rob is MIA, and when we do see him, his phone is almost always in his hands. We know who he's talking to ladies, and isn't that a great thing! Love to you all.

Unknown said...

Morning Coffee, I do know how my eyes feel after 9 hours at the computer board. Like dried out little raisins! Get some sleep to night if you can. Oh yes, I do think Ron stays in touch with Kristen and everyone by phone. I imagine he checks on the baby constantly and is very much hands on Gigi. Just a hunch but I imagine because between an incurable virus going rampant in Africa, wars in Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Russia, and Syria, I would be a bit hesitant about travel right now. I am beginning to think that this global warlike attitude is off the charts. If Rob is still home, I imagine that Kristen would feel safer about him being home with the baby. Just my stupid opinion. Really wish everyone racing around killing people would just stop. Life is so precious and children should never be bombed, ever. End of my sermon of the day. Everyone say prayers for the sad business in Missouri. God bless you all. Every one of us.

Unknown said...

Whoops! I think Robs name is Rob, not Ron. My fingers are stiff and not so swift!

onagee said...

Hi all,
Rob has been nominated by Zac Efron for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. And Kristen, as part of the Still Alice cast, also challenged. We'll see if we see them dump the bucket!

onagee said...

Hope, you have officially become a monster.

ASFJ said...

Hi All!

Been really busy with RL and just caught up with the comments....

Irie Deb:

Yes, I know what you mean...isn't it grand? Tra-La-La!!!!


Miss you girl...hope you're not melting away up in Central FL...been roasting down here and been shuttling all over town with little grandson (who turned 4)...fortunately, we were both indoors during one of the worst thunderstorms we've had in years...my fanny was spared this time!


Your chickens sound yummy....one of my favorites is Lemon Chicken Sicilian-Style...a little work intensive, but the result is to die for!!


What's the ARL Ice Bucket whatever? My head has been in the clouds lately, so I have a lot of "'splaining" I need.


You're lucky you didn't knock yourself out with your fall! I did that some years ago and still suffer the consequences with occasional bouts of vertigo...yuck.

To the rest of the Havenettes Laz, Andreana, Sanni K., Merle, Sherry (how's the hubs?), GIGI and the rest, as always, the very best to you all.

onagee said...

Hi ASFJ, to raise money to find a cure for ALS, aka Lou Gehrig disease, somebody challenges another person to give $ or dump a bucket of ice water over her/his head within 24 hours and film it and nominate three other people to do the same. (I'm assuming they donate too or it seems short on the fundraising part!) Justin Timberlake, for example, challenged Jimmy Fallon, Fallon's band, and some comedian. There are LOTS of videos out there now of people doing the challenge.

Annie said...

Evening all.
Onagee and ASFJ.........They've raised over $10 million so far. Awesome!!!!

Morning Coffee said...

Hi all...well not all, just my Haven loves...

Boy I just came from MNs blog...holy crap are the haters getting more vicious by the day...they are scared shitless..but that's okay it goes hand in hand with them being brainless.

I haven't yet read the interview of J/K...but it sounds interesting.

onagee...how you doing hon? good to see you here.

ASFJ...it's been hotter than bloody hell here this week..and it never lets up..had a bad storm roll through yesterday, lasted about and hour of all the usual and still no relief from the heat it jsut got sticky after. Glad your fanny stayed dry.

Happy B'day to your grandson. You my dear take care of yourself I miss you too.

Sue...dried raisins, that's apretty good description of how my eyes felt last night..But I found a product for dry eyes and another for allergy eye that works better than prescription drugs like restasis. Cheaper too around 8dollars a bottle it's called Similasan and is homeopathic..You can pick it up in walgreens or
walmart, target etc.

Gigi glad your son enjoyed his first day of school..I remember I cried.

If I go on you tube what do I look for ice bucket challenge?

VEE and TEEBELL...ladies I a missing you both..love you girls


Unknown said...

Onagee, I thought I saw something about that earlier. With Rob and Kris having such big hearts for charity, I can see them doing that. Sue, I'm constantly praying for this world. It's very difficult for me to explain the violence to my kids.
But I remind them that there are good people that do good things. We need more of that, and it all starts with a choice. No one is ever told to have a bad attitude. I choose optimism.
Love and abundance to you all.

Sherry said...

Hello ladies. Got home about an hour ago. I always love it when Rob goes MIA. It drives the haters nuts. Me, I just smile bigger everyday he is MIA.

The violence here in Missouri is just heartbreaking. I pray people can calm down and let this thing get sorted out.

I'll have to read that interview of J/K. Intriguing!

Have a nice evening. I'll try and stop by before bed. Love you all.

ASFJ said...


Thanks so much for the info....sounds absolutely wonderful...and a lot of fun for all involved...wow, and Annie....$10 million!!


I forgot to mention this before, but keep up the good work praying for world peace, especially for Palestine, Israel and all the other countries you mentioned. I was there last year, Israel, Palestine (the West Bank, referred to as Palestine by Israel's Arab citizens) and Jordan. The misery of the refugee camps is terrible.....so yes, we should keep everyone in our hearts.

Take care girl.

Unknown said...

Just dropping by before I go to bed. My youngest son had a good first day. I was so worried about him.
Once we get into a routine, I can get back to work on Magnolias in N.Y. I have a plot bunny for a new story, but I need to hold off on it.
Night you all.

Unknown said...

Hi to Morning Coffee, Gigi, HKN, ASFJ, andreana, Sanni K, Tina, Tbell, Lazmeister, Annie, Sue Morris, Tempest, onagee, Irie Deb, Sherry, Merle, Frenchie, and the rest of Havenettes that I miss! Yes, my daughter did had a great first back to school. She loves her senior day. Time do go by fast don't they.
ASFJ, and the rest of Havenettes, My chicken came out great. I use my herbs from my garden. Just fresh sage, oregano, basil, and parsley. It gives a good flavor. I even squeeze some Orange juice over my chicken. They came out yummy.
I love all your comments. Like I told others on twitters. About speaking of challenges. That Rob and Kristen should throw ice bucket at those peeping tom papz. And that goes for the media. That feels so much better.
Well I better hit the sack. I got to wake my kid at 6am for school. Night everyone! Hugs to you all! Keep me posted. Nite!

Sherry said...

Morning ladies. Read Tempest's new post. Wonderful tribute to Robin Williams and very much needed about depression. It is a disease that deceives and costs lives.

Have a great day. Love you all.

Annie said...

Morning all.

I read and saw what was going on in Fergusson, MO with such sadness.
Now, i just don't have the words to describe the inhumanity of what is on the main pages of the newspapers here and I suspect everywhere today.

I think we all need to take a moment and pray for peace.

Oh my God!

Unknown said...

Good morning to all the Havenettes ladies! Yesterday, while I was out I got bit by four mosquitoes. Two on my right leg. One on the left. And one my right wrist. Ouch and very itching. The got me good. Mosquitoes are coming out. I really missed winter.
Sherry, I saw Tempest blog. She did a great job on her blog.
Well I better hit the showers and then get dress. Later on I going make a meal for my friend that had her baby. Her baby's name is Grace. I think it's a cute name. Anyways, talk you later. Hugs! Keep me posted. Stay cool. Try to put deets on you. It's no fun to be itching. Ouch! ��

Morning Coffee said...

morning All..

Annie...I couldn't agree more it's like the entire world has gone mad. it's enough to tear ones's heart in a million pieces.

So much hatred that if I didn't know there were still good people in this world I would give up.

Tempest asked a very good qestion in her post te other day..Where will you be in 45 years? Think about all the shit that everyone finds so important today in 45 yrs. in will be a distant memory to some if not most.

Putting it into perspective I will be dead and gone...my children will be in their 90's if they live that long..my grandchildren in their sixties.

Rob and Kristen will be in their sixties...their baby girl will be 45 and any other children that they have will be well into adulthood probably with their own families and all the hatred in this fandom will be directed at someone new a long time past.

What an absolute waste of time and energy to hate someone so much..to what end? All the hater does is play a sick game that provides entertainment to no one but themselves...I have seen good people change and turn on each other int his fandom...people who have lost their way out of envy and have turned to bitterness and snide remarks...people who have gained steadyily in popularity and get larger than life heads...We forget one thing we all started out admiring two young people who accomplished an extraordinary feat by taking a low budget little independent film and studio into a multi billion dollar franchise..

And miraculously fell in llove with each other along the way...everyone one who followed watched this love grab hold and blossom into something very few get the privilege of witnessing, much less having it for themselves..What these two have ad to face would have destroyed lesser people...which was the goal of many..destroy what they couldn't have.

So they accused an innocent girl enmasse of doing the unthinkable based on photos that were manipulated to the point of being a joke. Then the true malcotnent and haters..and greedy rags and paps became something so foul and disgusting it turns ones stomach.

They turned their backs on both Rob and Kristen,,The Krisbians who hate Rob...The Robsessed who hate Kristen..the Nonstens who deny they ever existed PR my aunt Nellys ass. The truth of the matter none of them have any love or respect for either of them as peope or actors or two souls unitied by love, marriage and a child.

Hatred and Greed are the driving forces in today's world...Isn't it time to bring the driving force back to Love and faith????

Unknown said...

Hey you all. How is everyone? I loved your words, MC. I believe in the power of love and faith.
I'm in the midst of emotional meltdowns in my home. Our youngest son is having difficulty with school. There was a note for me from his teacher stating that he's having trouble listening. He's five years old!! My oldest son left one of his bags at school, so the sky will be falling soon.
My kids make mistakes...don't we all? Some people seem to forget thus fact.
Sorry to vent you all. I wasn't expecting a battle this afternoon.

ASFJ said...


I'm assuming school started for your kids on MONDAY....so if that's so, how do you get a note on WEDNESDAY stating he has trouble listening???? What in the world? Does she think she has gotten to KNOW him in such a short time? Keep me posted on this one...I'm curious to see what modern education has been reduced to. And don't let it get you down....stay on top of this teacher.


LOVED your post...and I have to say truer words were never spoken. Love and Faith.....I wish this for everyone.

Have to run...hope to BBL.

Happygirl said...

Rob did the Ice bucket Challenge. He said: I can't find a bucket at such short notice, I had to improvise!" Is so funny


Happygirl said...

@Hope you stupid troll. He did only the Ice bucket Challenge nothing more. He isn´t partying or anything else.

Unknown said...

ASFJ, my son started yesterday, and in my opinion, he's still making a huge transition. Not sure what his teacher is expecting. The letter was about half a page, typed, and formal. Neither of my other kids got anything like this in kindergarten. I don't know how to respond.
Oh and I just found out that our oldest son is in an advanced placement class. The district didn't let us know this.
But at least Rob gave me a good giggle. He's such a good sport.

Happygirl said...

@Hope Kristen already get a nomination. Did you understand it or are you to stupid to understand it?

LizzieD said...

HOPE -- Rob could have been anywhere in the world during that video!! I'm pretty sure that was Kristen using the water hose :)

Oh, and, GO AWAY!!! Why bother with those that believe something you don't? You need to find somewhere else to hang out, some people who believe what you do and love to hate.


a stargazzer said...

Hubby's birthday (the big 40) is today how nice of Rob to do the challenge today for him :p

Seriously loved it so funny and cute and love the "I couldn't get a bucket" He should had talk with the man that manages his money he can't even buy a 2 dollar bucket for a video he is robbing him obvs :p
I hope Kris is prepping hers too.

LizzieD said...

HOPE -- LOL, hate to burst your bubble but that is NOT a real Nick Frenkle account.


Happygirl said...

OMG hope you really need help! You know That's NOT really Nick Frenkel! Or are you really so stupid! I feel so Sorry for you that you believe every BS!

LizzieD said...

Happygirl -- Can you imagine Rob's reaction if he knew that Nick, his manager, were following Nikki Reed on Twitter!!! Talk about "shit hitting the fan" LOLOLOLOL ...

Happygirl said...

OMG He would fire him immediatly! LOL

Morning Coffee said...

Hope..If God had to give the world an enema he'd shove the nozzle of your ass.

You are the nastiest, rudest, most obnoxious person to ever draw breath. What the hell makes you think that anyone here gives a fiddlers fuck what you have to say or what you think? You show yourself each time you post what a bitter bitch you really are..and not mentally stable at all.

You are supposedly a grown mature woman...try acting like one, instead of a teenage spoiled brat.

so us all a favor get lost there are more important things going on in this world then wasting your time coming here going visit your favorite hater blogs.

Sherry said...

Hey ladies. I'm visiting hubs at the hospital. We had dinner together. He ordered a tray for me. I loved Rob's ice bucket challenge. Hubs and I got a good laugh over it.

About the 45 years thing. Hubs and I will be dead or 103! Kristen will be 69 and Rob will be 73! It really won't matter by that time. My daughters will be 77 and 71. My grandchildren will be 53, 51, and 48. My son-in- laws will also be 77 and 71. Does put this hate thing into perspective. Life is just too short.

About the note from the teacher, I'm a teacher and there is no way any teacher I work with would say something like that the first week of school. Is the teacher a first year teacher? If so, could just be a little over zealous. I'd talk to the teacher though and find out about it. Make an appointment and talk face to face. It really helps.

Have a nice evening. Love you all.

ASFJ said...


And who the hell are you? Thanks for sanctimoniously pointing out something MC said about three posts ago....people are entitled to change their minds, especially when reading stuff from a blithering idiot...oh, wait, I know who you are......

ASFJ said...


I'm dying over here....."nozzle up your ass", "went over like a fart in church"....hahahahahahaha!

It's hilarious and I want you to keep them coming.....

Like my old Uncle Nunzi used to say...Fuggedaboudit.

Morning Coffee said...

ASFJ...thanks girl....They are too dense torealize I have been answering them all along just not addresing them personaly some people like Hope need to be addressed once in a while.. Of course she never gets a clue how ridiculous she makes herself but then again none of them do.

They should try hopping off of their sanctimonius pedestals once in a while and learn how to turn their mouths off. Either that or stay on the hater blogs where they belong.

andreana said...

Hey girls of the Haven!
Just checking in to say hey to you all! I see hopeless paid another visit...I'm sure everybody was thrilled.....glad HKN dropped her miserable ass off into cyber space...Mama Nails has a hilarious post up tonite on Sluts...and Rob in the wet shirt contest...all that comes to mind is yum!.......LOL....kristen is a lucky lucky woman.......! good night all!

Morning Coffee said...

Night girls..sleep well going to read a while.

See you all tomorrow

Unknown said...

Going to bed a little early. Praying that tomorrow will be a little more calm. Love to you all.

Unknown said...

Hi andreana, Sanni K, ASFJ, HKN, Gigi, Morning Coffee, LizzieD, a stargazzer, Tbell, Vernier, Happygirl, Sherry, and the rest of Havenettes ladies! Right now I am having a thunderstorm. I will go to sleep soon. Just in case. I saw Rob's the ice bucket. HAHAHA LMAO! I am hoping Kristen gets it too. I also made two dinners. One for my friend that had her cute little baby. She is so cute. I love babies. They are so cute.
Well, I better hit the sack in case the storm. And incase we get a black out. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all! Night everyone!

Unknown said...

Hi there Haven! I loved Rob and his pan of ice, hose and what not. He has no INSTAGRAM or internet twitter SO we will have to deal with it! And Kristen has already been elected but she may be filming, so when will she respond? I think he, Rob, was trying to respond and did great. I was surprised he jumped right on it so quickly. Night everyone! Oh, Morning Coffee, I agree with everything you said about the almighty public assholes. Tact and honesty went out with the creation of twitter. I am so glad I do not waste my mind and sensibility on the greater insult network.

Unknown said...

good Morning,
Ice bucket challenge with rob is super funny.
How people try to stay calm.
Nevertheless, I heard giggling in the background kristen.
Kristen was actually also nominated?
Have a nice day, love you all.

Annie said...

Afternoon all.

Rob and Kristen both did the ALS Ice bucket challenge.....
Bravo! :):):):)

Happy said...

My name is Happy

Yes, they did Annie and how awesome is that.....she even did it with dirty bath water to conserve water she is the best that girl. You gotta love those two. By the way I love this blog. You guy's are all wonderful. I usually post on Mama's blog. Have a good one!

Morning Coffee said...

Hi Happy and welcome..

They both did a awesome job on the ALS challenge..loads of fun looks like they were both good natured about it.

Looking forward to seeing Guy Pearce do his challenge.

Hi ANNIE our couple rocks!!!WTG R/K

Unknown said...

HKN Love your posts. A wonderful tribute to Robin Williams and Lauren Bacall. I retired after 32 years working for the CA State Dept of Alcohol and Drug Programs, an agency that oversees the funding and rehabilitation/recovery programs for those individuals addicted to alcohol and drugs. It is sad and painful to lose another one to this disease especially with RW, RIP.

RL activities are consuming: vac at Lake Tahoe with family, sat at the "nose bleed" at Bruno Mars concert, went to Society of Seven (Honolulu entertainers) concert, finished making 12 dz peach jam with 4 dz to go. still nursing a bad back.

I think Rob's tribute to ALS is the best one of all videos...so creative and dorkie. Did anyone pick up on a dog's bark? Maybe Bear? KS recently challenged.

Bunny, CW-love the song the falling leaves-@MC Autumn is a beautiful name, but no.

Stargazzer, Annie (knees ok?), Sue (Great posts), Gigi (5yr boy)(? teacher), ASFJ, MC, Happy Girl, Sanni, LizzieD (twirling), Charlottes Web, Bunny, Frenchie, Sherry (Home 4 hubby), Tina, Jean Worley. Tempest, HKN, Arleen (Delicious dish), Andeana, Theresa, Onagee, Lazmeister, irie deb- love and hugs to you and all the ladies of Havenettes.

Missing JMF, Felicity, TBell, Venier, Nola...

Have a great rest of the day.

Nicci said...

Kristen's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was pretty awesome. Man she must have got brain freeze though! Hope they all jumped in a warm bath afterwards.

Unknown said...

Hi to Stargazzer, Annie, Sue, Gigi, ASFJ, MC, Happy Girl, Sanni, LizzieD (twirling), Charlottes Web, Bunny, Frenchie, Sherry, Tina, Jean Worley, Tempest, HKN, Merle, Andeana, Theresa, Onagee, Lazmeister, irie deb and the rest of Havenettes. I just got done cleaning my kitchen. And my house is all quiet.
Merle, Thank you!

Sherry said...

Hello ladies. Saw Kristen's ice bucket challenge. Awesome doesn't even describe it. Really a good one.

Just had supper and getting ready to do some light housework before hubs comes home tomorrow. Really looking forward to it. More good news, my youngest daughter just got a new job. That means she won't be having to be out if town anymore. I'm really happy for her.

Well better get to work. Love you all.

Morning Coffee said...


That is such happy news for both your husband and daughter. Prayers can move mountains.

ASFJ..you have mail ;)


Unknown said...

New fan pic of rob on rpl. Hes at costume store in nyc. The woman in store said it was just posted today but not taken today. Notice rob is wearing same clothes he wore ib london for his interview and twigs concert. I believe rob left london .flew to nyc and then to calif. Costume store. Wigs in background. Maybe buying outfit to go incognito in japan. Hmmmm

threethirtythreeam said...

"They should try hopping off of their sanctimonius pedestals once in a while and learn how to turn their mouths off. Either that or stay on the hater blogs where they belong."

They were your own words, as you know. Nothing else.

ASFJ, I'm a human being, a rob and kristen supporter, and I miss the little poet that used to hang around here. She hated the ugly posts and you all drove her away. I'll continue to enjoy HKN's great posts and that's all. You all have nothing to contribute except your eternal complaining about your variously disintegrating health, boring posts about what's for dinner, and abhorrent, repulsive nastiness toward people you don't know.

Nicci said...

According to the gurl in the puc -the picture in the Halloween shop was taken and posted today. The confusion comes from the girl tagging it as #mcm which means man crush Monday (so people thought she took it monday) but she explained that she took it just now (2 hours ago) and Rob is her perpetual man crush. Her dad owns or works at the shop and called her to hurry over to get a pic with Rob.

Unknown said...

HKN, We have those really nasty non-wanted posters again hoping for teenage drama .We managed to make it through the whole week without gossip crap and I would appreciate having the trash removed. Some old, some new, still sick and I have go check out some friends and come back. As Morning Coffee said-it is a waste of time and energy to respond to haters. I have been really enjoying the ice bucket videos and watching a special on Robin Williams on the Actors Stage on BRAVO. See you later ladies.

Sherry said...

Well, just thought I would drop by and complain about my good health and the lovely supper I had. I am grateful for every good thing in my life and even the not so good. If you live long enough, you will eventually get old and die. I am glad I found this blog where there are people who care about each other.

I will be glad to get my husband back home. By the way, we are only 58. I was 16 when my parents were 58. I'm glad I had parents and grandparents and even cousins that were much older then what we normally think of. My mom was just fortunate she had my older sister and I. I learned to respect people no matter their age. It's your body that gets old. My spirit is just as young as it ever was.

To the ladies of the haven I know you understand what I am saying. I have made a promise to never call anyone names or stoop to the gutter. Life is too short.

Love you all.

Sherry said...

Remember, in 45 years none of this will matter. Although I still wonder if a pap on one of those scooters will be trying to chase down Rob and Kristen on their scooters. See, that's how important all this is. It's not worth arguing and calling people names over.

Love you all.

Unknown said...

Dear Sherry, Love you sweetie, so happy the hubs is coming home! God Bless all the ladies from Haven. Night!

Annie said...

Evening all.

MC: I agree . Loved what Rob and Kristen did with the ALS ice bucket challenge. :):):):)

Merle: Hey there! :) Care to share the recipe for the peach jam. :)

The bruised knees are healing nicely. Can't say I'll never wear flip flops again....Should say it but won't....Hahahaha. :):):)

Arleen: Hi back. :)

Sherry : I couldn't agree more.

Let's share some recipes why don't we.:):)

Kristen loves fish tacos......So here we go...

This entree serves 4

8-12 three-ounce pieces of whitefish (like mahi mahi)
olive oil for rubbing fish
Cajun spice rub for coating fish
8-12 small corn tortillas (or flour tortillas)
1/4 small head white cabbage
approx. 1/3 cup chopped fresh cilantro
1/3 cup mayonnaise
juice of 1/2 lime or more to taste
diced avocado and tomato salsa for garnish (optional)

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.
Count on 2-3 three-ounce thin slices of mahi mahi per person (or use other types of white fish like halibut or codfish, or even shrimp).

Thinly slice 1/4 head small white cabbage, chop 1/3-1/2 cup fresh cilantro, and make a dressing by combining a 1/4 cup mayonnaise with a good squeeze of fresh limejuice.

Spread the corn tortillas out on a large baking tray and then, on a separate plate, drizzle a little oil over and around the fish fillets and generously season them with the Cajun spice rub.

Use a pan that has a handle that can end up going into the oven (like a cast iron skillet or metal handled pan) to cook the fish, on the stove top, on medium high heat. Cook them for a minute or two on the first side and then flip the pieces over and pop the pan into the oven to finish cooking, along with the tray of corn tortillas, so they can warm up. Depending on the thickness of the fish, it shouldn’t take any longer than 8-10 minutes to cook.

To finish, put a couple of tortillas on a plate and put a piece of fish on top of each one and a good handful of shredded cabbage, a good drizzle of lime and mayonnaise dressing and finish with a sprinkling of fresh cilantro.

Traditionally, the fish is battered and deep-fried, but this also works really well with fish cooked outside on the grill, with or without the Cajun spice rub.

Marion said...

@Sherry, I can picture them hitting the pap with their canes and the pap's scooter falling over. LOL! Hopefully in 45 years the focus won't be on them like it is now and I'm sure they'll shake their heads over how the new young couple is being chased. I can see grey-haired Rob holding grey-haired Kristen's hand thinking those creeps will always be around to harass somebody, no matter how much they want to be left alone. I'm glad that they were both able to do their part for the ice bucket challenge and Kristen's added message for conserving water in California.

Annie said...


Happy: Welcome.
Kristen took that challenge on and then some. :)

Happy said...

Thanks! For the welcome Annie & MC

Have a great weekend! All

Try to avoid the nasties (haters) that come around.

We know what we know and happiness is best.:)

Morning Coffee said...

Ladies it is almost midnight and I am off to bed...

Love you all and wish you a pleasant sleep or if you are jsut waking up a wonderful day.

Annie thanks for the recipe, thats a great idea..we can bore someone a little more ;))))

Unknown said...

Annie-Thank you for the Fish Taco recipe. That will be my dinner selection for our weekly family dinner this coming Wednesday.

For peach jam, I follow the directions from the Ball Real Fruit Liquid Pectin.

4 cups finely chopped peaches (about 3lbs or 9 medium)
1/3 cup lemon juice
7 1/2 cup sugar
2 pkg Ball Liquid Pectin

Yield 7 (8oz)half pints

1. Prepare water bath canner, jars and lids
2. Combine prepared fruit with lemon juice and sugar in an 8 quart saucepan Bring mixture to a full rolling boil that cannot be stirred down, over high heat stirring frequently
3. Add Ball Real Fruit Liquid Pectin, immediately squeezing entire content from pouches. Return to a hard boil for 1 minute. Skim foam, if necessary. Add up to 1/2 tsp butter to reduce foaming.
4. Ladle hot jam into jars, leaving 1/4 inch head-space. Wipe rims. Center lids on jars. Apply bands and adjust to fingertip tight.
5. Place filled jars in canner ensuring jars are covered by 1 to 2 inches of water. Place lid on canner. Bring water to gentle, steady boil.
6. Process jars for 10 minutes. Turn off heat, remove lid and let jars stand for 5 minutes.
7. Remove jars and cool. Check lids for seal after 24 hours. Lid should not flex up and down when center is pressed. It may take up to 2 weeks for jam to set.

I share with the neighbors, 6 siblings, 4 children and 7 grandkids, friends etc. PS: watching Twilight Saga Movies during the preparation time makes it a painless task.

Enjoy! Good night and sweet dreams to ladies of Havenettes.

Unknown said...

Hi to all the Havenettes ladies! Me and my family went to a movie. To watch If I Stay. I also saw Kristen with the Ice Bucket and included all the celebs are getting their ice buckets. Very funny. And even included couple of my friends.
Annie, Yummy Tacos. I am going to try that some day.
As for the rest of the Havenettes, Night! Hugs to you all! Keep me posted. Night ladies.

Unknown said...

Morning to all the Havenettes hope you are all well,@Sherry ,Morning Coffee,Gigi,Happygirl,andreana,ASFJ,sue morris,a stargazzer,Lazmeister,Annie,Bunny from Texas,hope you are all good weekend upon us again seen pictures of Rob and Kristen doing the ice book challenge just love these guys and miss them,well got new laptop so getting use to it,been busy with RL stuff but missed being on here for a couple of days, well hope you all have a great weekend and bank holiday take care be safe hugs to you all.

Vernier said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vernier said...

Hello my Lovely Havenettes.... I have missed you all so much. RL has me tied up right now but I do scan through. I will finally be rejoining you this weekend. I need the positive. Work is a beast to be tamed but I am taming it. Big sis, Morning Coffee, I love and miss you lady.
Laz, Annie, Gigi, ASFG you know you my girls and we need to get our roll back. Bunny how's Texas. Miss chatting at ya.
HKN awesome post. Loved it. Keep on, Keeping on!!!!
Later ladies headed to work... See you later tonight......

ASFJ said...

Hi all.....my computer just crashed and am using my phone. .yikes. what do I do now? My computer expert is in LA. .so that doesn't help. It's 4:30am there now si I don't dare call...or he could be partying somewhere (CM) ? Too blotto to hear me..do I go to a mac store and get a nerd to help? Kinda psnicked...This has never happened and the weekend is upon us. Any suggestions?
Verne a big sloppy kiss to you...so happy to see you again

Unknown said...

good day
Kristen and Nicholas it can just as great as Rob yesterday.

But what makes rob in NY? Was thinking he would be with child at kristen. Hmm
a little disappointed

all a good Friday. Love you all.

Unknown said...

Sanai the fan posted the pic yesterday. But her hashtag on ig says monday. This pic was taken days ago . Rob has been known to tell fans to wait few days before posting pics to protect his location. This pic I believe was taken over last weekend or on monday before rob left for japan. Also remember rob spent 2weeks in japan prior to going to lLondon. R was in a costume shop. Wigs and disquises in background of pic. May be he was buying something towear incognito in japan so he can leave the house lol. Remember rob and k are masters of diversion.rob has obviously been popping up l places to throw tabs and paps off. Rk anf baby are fine

Unknown said...

Teresa Holmes thanks for the clarification.
what it would be nice a photo of the two in the same city and a nice fan Pic
(Whether we ever get)

Morning Coffee said...

ASFJ..try the geek squad at Best buys

or if you are connnected through cable modem call cable company they will trouble shoot for you

good Luck lady love you

Unknown said...

Good Morning everyone. What fun to see the ice brigade at work! Mama Nails has a really touching pictorial of a Alzheimer patient, a photographer, thanking everyone for their contributions and in an earlier video, having ice poured on him, as a cute vamp. Just amazing in bathing suit. Most pictures of Rob and Kristen on personal outings are taken ahead and shown much later. We are happy that they are together, happy with a new child, and are working actors with great talent. I find it impossible not to grin at the futile attempts that some make to upset or depress this post and our friends at other posts. I cheerfully object to the stupidity of the haters who know nothing, but you can't fix stupid. Susie in sunny 99 degree Tornado Alley, Oklahoma. HI TO ASFJ, ANNIE, M.C., ARLEEN,VERNIE, LIZZIE, HKN,TERESA, SANNI, ANDREANA, BUNNY FROM TEXAS,HAPPYGIRL, CHRIS B, MARTHA ORTIZ, JEAN WORLEY,BARBARA FENWICK , TBELL, MAMA NAILS, SHERRY, TINA,GIGI, MERLE(love the recipes)and MARION. You all are great! HKN, PLEASE CHECK OUT LAST NIGHT POSTS, THERE ARE SOME NEGATIVE NELLIES , two, posted.

Morning Coffee said...

Morning Ladies of the Haven....

Vee ..Little Sis, grinning knowing you will be with us the weekend..it's not the same without you lady. Love you so much.

Everyone have a fantastic day will check back in later.

Unknown said...

Hi ladies. Thankyou sue. Still on the links the girl didn't say what day pics were taken. Often rk pics are taken and shown later. Note rob wearing same outfit in this pic that he wore to rover interview in london and to the twigs concert.

Unknown said...

Hey everyone. Yesterday was so difficult for me. There's too much conflict in my home so many unsettled emotions. And I spoke with my youngest son's teacher. Basically, according to her, she's "starting from scratch" with him since he didn't go to preschool last year. I wish she would focus on what he does know instead of complaining about what he hasn't learned yet.
Glad to her from you, Verni.
NOLA Girl, where are you? USC is playing the first college football game soon.
Sherry, I'm glad your husband is coming home today. I love hearing good news.
Welcome to the group Happy.
To everyone I've missed, hope your day is going well.
Have to pick my kids up soon, but thank goodness it's Friday!
Oh and Kris did so well with the ice bucket challenge. Seeing that was one of the few bright spots yesterday, as well as the picture of Rob smiling.

Unknown said...

Hi Gigi, Morning Coffee, Vernier ( I missed you! How are you?), Teresa Holmes, ASFJ, Annie, LizzieD, HKN, Sanni, Andreana, Bunny from Texas, Happygirl, Happy (Welcome!), Chris B, Martha Oriz, Jean Worley, Barbara Fenwick, Sue Morris, Tbell, Mama Nails, Sherry, Tina, Merle(love the recipes)and Marion! I love all your comments. Great job ladies! You are great people with a good heart. And have done a great job on keeping those trouble makers out.
By the way me, my hubby, and my daughter went to a movie last night. We watched If I Stay. You all should go see it. I am not giving it out because I don't like to spoil it for you. I prefer you go watch it yourself. And I believe it really raining right now. Because I can hear it above my roof.
Merle, I love your recipe.
As for the rest of Havenettes like NOLA girl, and the rest, I hope you are ok. Don't forget us.
Well I better get my laundry going. Keep me posted. Hugs!

Unknown said...

After watching the news briefly about Chinese warplanes, new thoughts on possible airstrikes on Syria, I became frustrated and talked with my daughter about how the news affected me. I said, you know it is almost like the news is trying to effect my rational mind and stoke up action against China, Syria, etc. I am against further wars because I do not think they solve a darn thing, and trying to make a democratic government out of Iraq has not worked well. These people still have the mentality of Arabic warrior clans like 300 years ago. ALS is Lew Gehrig's disease, and it is the weakening of the body and respiration, always is fatal. I am proud of those who have joined the ice bucket challenge, ALS is worth the time and money to cure and prevent. Hoping the drug companies will fight to take it on. God Bless Rob and Kristen and their child, may you all have a fine evening.

Annie said...

Evening all.

Vernier: Hey! Hey! Long time, no chat. :) Like MC I had a smile plastered on my face when I saw your moniker attached to a comment......I'm thinking the weekend starts now. Come on, come on! :):):):):)

ASFJ: Is your computer working now? It's rare for Macs to crash.

Merle: Thanks for the recipe. :)

Hope everyone else is doing fine.

Unknown said...

Feeling very sleepy tonight you all. A good night's rest will make a world of difference. Sweet dreams Havenettes.

Unknown said...

K been in japan for a month.robs been mia for 3 weeks out the month. And some people dont think hes been to japan. Are u serious?????????

Thanks hkn for following me on Twitter.

Night havenettes.
Verni looking forward to this weekend.

Sherry said...

Hi ladies! Hubs is home!! Our dogs were very happy to see him. I loved both of the ice bucket challenges. RK are so creative.

First week of school is under my belt. This looks to be a good school year.

The haters are always gonna be around. It's sad, but I'm not wasting my time on them.

Gonna go to bed and get some real sleep. Love you all.

Unknown said...

Good night to all the Havenettes ladies! I hope and pray that I don't wake up and get a flood tomorrow morning. Because right now I am having a storm here. Night everyone. Hugs to you all! Keep me posted! Night!

Morning Coffee said...

Good saturday morning all..

Stopping in to wish you all a good weekend.

Sherry..I am so happy your husband has made it home at last..I know that is a big milestone and will keep praying for all good things for you both from here on out.

It is supposed to be record heat here today..thats saying alot condidering how hot it usually is anyhow..expecting heat indexes of 112 to 114 Glad to have air conditioning for sure..hope the electric stays on as people will certainly be putting a drain on it today. For those of you in the southern states stay safe and hydrated.

Vee looking forward to seeing you here today..hope T stops in also.
Love you lady.


ASFJ said...

Hi All:


It seems my google is what's giving me fits on the computer. Gonna try and post and see what happens..

Hope you are well and having a great weekend...here goes.....

ASFJ said...

Eureka!!! It's working!

ASFJ said...

OK...Now that it's working...gonna catch up..


So glad about your hubs...have a wonderful weekend with hin finally at home!

Annie and Merle:

Loved the recipes!


It's boiling down here too...having a quiet peaceful day ALONE at home .....it's truly a blessing.

I see people bitching on MN about Rob not being in Japan....how do they know this? Did they bitch this much when he was in Toronto or Australia for two months?? I think this is their mojo as a couple...visits (some unknown to us except much later) towards the end of shooting.

As usual, best wishes always to all the gorgeous Havenettes...

Unknown said...

Hello andreana, Morning Coffee, ASFJ, HKN, Sanni K, Sherry, Annie, Merle, Happy, Happygirl, Stargazzer, Sue Morris, Gigi, LizzieD, Charlottes Web, Bunny, Frenchie, Tina, Jean Worley. Tempest, Theresa, Onagee, Lazmeister, irie deb, Vernier, and the rest of Havenettes ladies! I always love your comments. Great job ladies. And for keeping those trouble makers out. Best thing to do is ignore them.
Missing JMF, Felicity, TBell, Nola...I hope you are ok. Miss you.
I am almost ready for work. I work tonight. So how are you the rest of you ladies.
Annie and Merle, Love your recipes too.
Morning Coffee, Heat is no fun. I just storm last night. Everything is safe. Thank goodness no flood.
Well I better finish get ready for work. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all. Love you all.

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