Saturday, March 29, 2014


So I had a good get together with the cuz. Unfortunately she beat my butt at PhaseTen lol. 

 The Grey Goose was good too!

Came in handy when this happened.

Slept through the last Quake. Not so lucky this time. The cuz laughed at me shitting my pants.

Ready for the goodies?

Okay first off Rob's parents are in LA! (cuz said yep they are)

 From the Ellen show a while back. Too cute! Somebody help me out here. Is that his sisters dancing too?

Now ask yourself why would they have to come to LA to see their son if he is soon to be done shooting Life and will be heading to his new home in England.

Maybe to see their daughter in law? And new grand baby to be? Baby shower perhaps?

 The possibilities are endless.

Straight from the cuz. Rob does not have a new home in England. He and Kristen have discussed moving to England in the past and Rob feels that it is too much of a sacrifice on Kristen's part.  She would do it in a heartbeat if he would agree. THEY have  a new home alright but not in England. Think about this. The interviewer in a recent article about Kristen said how sparsely LF 2 looked. Yeah that. She's not living there on a regular basis. The ninjas have a new abode TOGETHER.  The good thing is the paps are too busy chasing their troll sources tails to catch on.

Oh and YES she is still pregnant. Hoping that would change dipshidiots?

 Uncle Karl did good hiding the baby bump. Ingenious and beautiful!

Yes she is doing American Ultra while pregnant. I said to my cuz "but according to the dipshidiots she can't do this movie and be pregnant." She laughed. "She's pregnant not bed bound. And it won't be the first time a pregnant actress has filmed a movie around her pregnancy." The cuz also said it has become so obvious how in the hell could any one not see. And no she said she does not know when she will pop .

I think she knows where they are planning to have the baby but she wouldn't spill.
I tried to tickle torture it out of her but to no avail.
"Tell me now! Is it LA? London? NYC? Somewhere else?

We also had a good laugh over the Kristen gained weight for her role. The cuz laughed and said NO the director did not tell her to gain weight. NO she did not decide for herself to gain weight for the role either. You don't gain weight on purpose when you are playing an aspiring actress. Nope you don't.

Oh and yes dipshidiots they have seen each other and been together since May. October does count and no it had nothing to do with the dogs lol. So I went down the list of times they were supposedly together with the cuz and this is what she said. They were together over Thanksgiving. Kristen went to see Rob after the Dallas show in December. They also spent New Years together. They also saw each other in England while she was filming Clouds of Sils Maria. He went to see her twice in NYC while she was filming Still Alice. She went to see him twice in Toronto. Doesn't sound like they have been spending as much time apart as the dipshidiots hoped.

The cuz said they are desperately trying to keep things on the down low right now. They are doing a good job. I told her to tell them a slip up now and then would be nice.

It's not funny Rob!


Seriously though she said it's what they feel they have to do right now. They are doing everything they can to protect their little bundle of joy. 

We had a good laugh and a drink over this

Poor larissa .Couldn't get a tab to bite on her Kristen and Alicia BS. She must not be the Pattinson source or close friend of Kristen that the tabs trust for their info.

The cuz said Alicia is just a friend nothing more. 

Oh but wait it gets better. Bonnie Fuller and her cast of idiots ARE biting from their source anny packer (congrats to anny for winning the most pathetic dipshidiot poll by a landslide lol). 

Dylan Penn & Robert Pattinson Romance — Couple’s Hookup In Madrid
Dylan was all smiles when she was spotted at the Madrid-Barajas airport in Spain on March 28, and according to a new report from Celeb Dirty Laundry, that’s because she’s planning to meet up with Rob in the capital city very soon! Dylan and Rob have reportedly picked up where they left off last fall, but they’re keeping their rekindled romance on the down-low for now.

Yeah that would be a neat trick since he's in LA with Kristen. Uhm guess Bonnie and anny were having a brain fart together when Dylan Penn herself said the Rob hook up rumors were BS. It's been denied  publicly by one of the party's involved . Give it up. 

Le Pacte ‏@le_pacte  Mar 28
Maps To The Stars de David Cronenberg sortira le 21 Mai ! #MTTS #DavidCronenberg #JulianneMoore #RobertPattinson #MiaWasikowska #JohnCusack

Maps To The Stars coming May 21st!

Message from the cuz. Stop worrying. They are fine and extremely happy right now. Don't let the haters BS get to you. Just use the brain your mama gave you and it isn't that hard to figure out. 

The gorgeous Pattinson family.

Soon to be joined by another family member.

That's about it ladies and don't forget to



And Jump!

See ya next time!


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pookie lewis said...

HKN you and the Cuz are a happy light in my life and i love you both! thanks with all my heart

felicity said...

need to head to bed, but i want to say.. nicely done HKN before i go. hugs to all havenettes..


Vernier said...

Tell Cuz we said Thank ya Thank ya Thank Ya!!!! Awesome Post HKN!!!!
Hopping, skipping, and Pole Vaulting lol lol

Morning Coffee said...

HKN...I love, Ilove your Cuz, but most of all I love Rob and Kristen asn little Sweetpea.

Amillion thank you's for this update...it was delightful, delicious and delectable.

Love the gifs, beautiful.

Love that the dipshidiots are hemorraging stupidity by the gallon bucket.

The haters and gossip rags are going to be getting their just desserts and proven to the world what lying garbage they all are.

You are an incredibly brave lady to put up with all the hatred heaped on you...we love you!!!
Keep doing the fantastic job you do.

MC here doing a happy dance and smiling.

EllenRamey said...

Thank you:)


Hi HKN say you cuz thank thanks thank great post kisses see you next thanks havens 💋💋💋❤️❤️

Sherry said...

Great post. Hopping, skipping, jumping and happy dancing.

icrodriguez said...

I LOVE it when your cousin talks. Thank you for posting this, Darlin'. And btw, I adore that gif of Edward and bunny-eared Renesmee. :)

ann smith said...

Hi HKN!! Great post!! Thank you for sharing!! Hopping, skipping and jumping with all the other Havenettes!!

Arleen P said...

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is ok. Every after the earthquake in LA. Those of you that live in LA.

Tracybell said...

Enjoyed reading lady! Have a great night and hope the shaking has stopped

Arleen P said...

Hi felicity, Vernier, Morning Coffee, and the rest of Havenettes! I love the posted HKN! Well, I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all. Night!

Jane said...

Thank you for posting such goodies!!!!

Can't wait to laugh in their faces. No, I think I'll do that right now. HA!HA!HAHA!

sue morris said...

DEAR HKN, YOU MADE US HAPPY SO EASILY! Tell your cousin thank you and we love you too! We are all bouncing around like fuzzy bunnies doing the happy dance! I do hope that the PATTINSON family has fun and enjoys the visit. HKN, you are doing such a good job, thanks for all you do.

Jane said...

K is pregnant and that's all we need to hear. Doesn't matter when she is having it. Maybe we might be off a month or two but who cares. A little Pattinson is coming.

sue morris said...


Jane said...

Sue Morris

I think we'll be doing a lot of hopping..skipping...jumping! I can do it!! I never get tired. Here I go HOP...SKIP...TURNAROUND...JUMP!!!!!

sue morris said...

Jane, you are absolutely correct. I think we might just have to be more able to know later but I do think sooner than later . I feel really good about their timing. Also, babies come when they want to generally, hard to sometimes know the precise date, because they don't keep a schedule! Rats!

Jane said...

I'm so glad that they are able to go ninja. And they have a new house and paps don't know where. I hope they just stay under the radar. We know they are ok and having a baby. YEAH!!

Can't you tell I'm just over the moon about this new blog?

Have a good night!

sue morris said...

Jane, I feel like getting down like I used to and calling the Razorback Hogs. It makes a sound that makes the hairs on your head stand up and greet you! They have been calling them for many years and funny thing, it shakes up the other team, and they win a lot in Football, basketball, baseball and other sports. And, the fans love to do it. I still do.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Thank you hkn...I love you and your posts so much...you make my day so much brighter. You are one of the few people in this fandom that I trust implicitly, and we depend on you to tell us the true facts. Many thanks to your cousin.

I am going to bed with a big smile on my face. Thank you.

ann smith said...

Sue Morris, I'm with you. Let's call the hogs!! Woo Pig Sooie!!

vana said...

Beautiful HKN. Love it and couldn't help smiling, I just hope your cuz won't get into any trouble and I'm glad she won't reveal where the baby will be born. Nice to have that privacy and hope it can be respected as it's their wish.

Rob's family on Ellen, just gorgeous, Rob's mother is so out there. I remember Rob once saying how much she loved the whole red carpet thing and yes, the two girls are both Rob's sisters. Loved Mr Pattinson dancing, in fact, his family is beautiful.

Must rush off again for now but I'll be re reading the post a few more times. Thanks for the sign of peace. You know it feels so good not even thinking about what others may think, the most important thing is to respect Rob and Kristen.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am a lurker since the start-up of the blog. HKN, you did once again a super job. I always enjoy reading your Posts and the nice conversations between the havenettes. Greetings from Balou

vana said...

Just realised it's Mother's Day in the UK,how lovely for Rob to have his mum in LA for this special day.

Wishing all the UK mums a happy mother's day.

BTW saw Noah today, Russell Crowe is an incredibly powerful actor.

a stargazzer said...

For the dipshits this article talks about all the actresses that had filmed while pregnant adding Scarlet Johanson that is going to play Black Widow. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/HideYourPregnancy

Stop being so idiotic please

Petie said...

I don't understand how she'd know where theylive, where they're having the baby, how many times they visited one another; but not when the baby is due. All baby related, but not the main thing. Odd, yes?


Querida amiga HAVEN que bendición leerte. Eres la mejor, no sólo por tus contactos, sino también por tener la suerte de que seas robsten y nos deleites con tu información, como siempre es un placer leerte. Feliz domingo guapa y muchas gracias.
Saludos A todas las havenettes :) :)

Tina Wotherspoon said...


irene said...

Thanks, HKN...... great post!!!

The nasties are getting pretty restless around all the social media....... time for them to go away now, I think...

felicity said...

for those who still don't get it.. a pregnancy lasts 40 weeks +/- 2 weeks. each and every pregnancy is different..

40 weeks are !!!10!!! months, NOT 9!!

Happygirl said...

It"s time for our sport ladies! Ignore Skip Hop Jump

Sanni K. said...

nice Sunday all,
beautiful post HKN and thanks for the info on the cousin.
Fantastic to hear that it kristen and Rob goes well.
However, I do not understand one thing, and to love someone of you can enlighten me.
If Kristen AU will rotate, then the baby should come first in june? Why are the parents of Rob now in LA?
If the baby suddenly come during the shooting, which also can happen and is not bad, she would not be in LA and Grandma and Grandpa did not. and the shooting would be interrupted for a long time as Jesse in June has his next film shoot.
I was so far the opinion that the pregnancy is the beginning of August, but that would not go with the shooting for AU.
It is not negative and not digress from the pregnancy, or flip flop, only the open questions any of you may be able to answer!
Wish you all a nice sunny Sunday.

Happygirl said...

This is a School lesson for kids

1. A pregnancy lasts 10 months
2. Not every Woman has a big baby belly
2. A pregnant Woman can still do want she wants! She can work, she can do sport and so on

School lesson finshed !!!!!!

felicity said...

@sanni.. kristen is only the girlfirend in AU. the main story is about jesse's character.. so she might not have a lot of scenes which could be done very quickly. she does not need to stay till june, if she is finished with her part already. JS.

andreana said...

There is one dog that just will not be housebroken..... jumping over the
piles is fun!

Thanks for the update HKN you put in a lot of time and effort on these posts it is appreciated!

Happy hopping Sunday to all the havenettes and happy mother's day to all of the Brits!

Teresa Holmes said...

I believe k is giving birth in mid april. Maybe late April. I have a feeling that the dates we were given for au. Are fake. I think the producers are helping k conceal her time of birth. What are odds that around time k give birth april/may. This movie seems to block out large sections of that time. I believe we are being had concerning the au dates.

RK Faith said...

Very excited about the new post! thank you so much for all your hard work!
I agree with Jane, they're pregnant and together and happy and that's what matters! I don't need new pap pics or to know their new address etc.

Pookie - I was super busy and only recently read about the disaster so I'm joining in late. What you're going through sounds horrific and I'm happy for you that you have opportunities to be helpful to others. We can never know God's ways and not everything is in our hands.. that's something I've learned through the tragedies I see here at home. Sending you all my love and strength to keep strong through these times.

Arleen - I'm fairly new to twitter but maybe can help. Can you direct message me there and write the problem? thanks!

Love to all the Havenettes here and the new peeps joining in recently, joining the skipping over the trolls..

RK Faith said...

Teresa - I tend to agree! I've been following this too and it seems right.. but who knows

Tracybell said...

Felicity and Andreana and ladies I'm reading and tumbling lol


Heard you had more rumbles hope you're not took shook up but I imagine you're used to it! Be safe

Teresa Holmes said...

We have no proof r or k are even in la. Only r sighting s in la are 3 tweets from cm which could have been put out by his people. We got old pics of k. So we have not seen her and she hasnt been tweeted about. So how do we know they are in la? Maybe she is in nola filming her scenes for au. She playing gf. R might be with her. Maybe they are off having the baby. Just thinking out loud.

Sanni K. said...

Thank felicity, I did not know that there is no big role in AU is.

RK Faith said...

Teresa - she hasn't been papped since March 22nd in NYC and he hasn't been seen since March 18th.. that's tons of time! Maybe to even finish her parts in AU like Felicity said and take a short vacation before the baby..
I always recommend it before a birth to friends.. considering they haven't been together for a long time and considering pregnancy hormones (ahem.. cough..) - I hope they're having a good time together..

Tracybell said...

Hey ladies Im jumping


Teresa Holmes said...

Hop..skip...jump..the b.s.

Anabelle said...

HKN fantastic post, thank you.

Well I'm a lurker on this blog and LOVE what is said in it and the havenettes so I know I'm not waisting my time unlike others!

Uhhhh people sometimes need to be smack on their head and fall from their high horse. Yyyyyeeeeeaaaahhh keep threatening HKN it makes you soooo much better, that's right ( profound sarcasm, if you can't tell ).

I'm so waiting for when the time will come and HKN is proved right so we could scream to their faces WE TOLD YOU SO ! Best sentence ever!
And get it through your tick head she said that if she is wrong she will admit it, no hiding excuse needed!

Sorry havenettes, I was jumping but I stumpled on the mud and needed to clear it off my chest!

Annie said...

Triple jump, high jump, pole vault........Wheeeeeeeeee!
Just because it's been so rainy and overcast here.....Puddle/Pothole jumping too. :)
Ok, To go out or not to go out.......That is the question.

RK Faith said...

new pics of K in Nashville in Feb.
The people with her (not the kid) are from Sage's video team


what a smile!

Annie said...

RK Faith: Thanks.
Kristen takes beautiful pictures with children, her whole face lights up. :)

Jane said...

Alright, alright, alright

Looks like we're in for some hopping...skipping...jumping...today. Not an uproar for us Havenettes who believe they are together and see each other all the time and having a baby. Looks like people are still hanging around hoping they'll change our minds. What a crock! I better get the move on and start my hopping...skipping..jumping.

Ladie, have fun getting your exercise today!

Tracybell said...

Rk faith
Thanks for posting link. She's so adorbs and last 3 pics are so telling lol.

Jane, im jumping to, but im in a fighting mood. can I do this while im jumping?


Sorry ladies *heading to the corner*

sue said...

Oh my, the butterflies in my stomach are going haywire after reading this new post.

Dylan Penn???? Bloody hell not that crap again. Jeez, why can't they just give it a rest. Doesn't say much for these harpies, linking Rob to anything wearing a skirt. Do they like their boyfriends and husbands to be like that as well?? Being a manwhore??Pathetic bunch of bitches they are. Anyone but Kristen, sad little dumb twats.

Jane said...


Oh my. My thoughts exactly.

What is really sad is that the little twats believe what the tabs print. They see that then read what we have to say and no wonder their panties are in a wad. How dare we not believe what tabs print. LOL

Rk thanks for the pictures. Love her smile.

You can't work and be pregnant at the same time?OH NO. Seriously, how old are these people?

Morning Coffee said...

Morning Peeps....How's all my sweetheaarts this morning? As happy as I am? Yes we are.

You know after this post went up last night, the rabid dogs pounced on it almost instantly, by God I even think a few may have been foaming at the mouth.

A secret pregnancy isn't very secret when half the world can plainly see it staring them in the face, even though and in spite of the other half vehemently denying that it exists.

We know Rob and Kristen are together and always have been. How do we know this? Well again we have eyes to see the kind of relationship and love they have for one another, the kind that just doesn't end.

I don't need to know there address and phone number, or the exact moment in time that Rob's little swimmer fertilized Kristens little egg. I don't need to know the exact expected due date or the sex of the baby, or even where the blessed event will take place.

Can you just imagine the media frenzy that would take place...I am certain the only details we know or guess are the only ones allowed by Rob and Kristen.

I don't know and you don't know any important facts of Who, what,
where, when, why, or how. In fact I don't NEED to know those things and neither does anyone else.

Kristen said in a live interview a couple of years ago and it holds a world of truth....no matter how much information she or Rob would give it would never be enough...someone always wants more. Too bad, so sad for those someones.

I am one person in a vast fandom...I choose to believe good things for Rob and Kristen...I believe that I am part of the majority..the ones who love them both, together or indvidually.

I fell in love with the both of them for a very simple reason. Through all the fame and money and opportunity..they didn't sell their souls to Hollywood..They remained the same two beautiful people they always were...family and life long friends come first.

HKN you and Tempest and Mama Nails have done a great service for this fandom..You all do it with truth, common sense, logic and not a little snarky humor. You three ladies and yes I absolutely do mean ladies...hold up a big mirror so the rest of the world gets to see first hand how the haters and their loyal flyin monkeys operate.

We get to have a front row seat to just how nuts they really are.

So keep on doing what you do. You are so very appreciated.

Jane said...


Love your post!

Cryssielee said...

Felicity--- thank you thank you for posting 38-42 weeks = 10 months. And, depending on hereditary factors...she could give birth early or late. Most first time Mom's tend to go later. However, she is small so baby could run out of room and be here early. Everyone is different...my first was at 39 weeks.

Great post HKN. Great to wake up to an update!

Hatersknownothing said...


My cousin works for Kristen nd yes she would know where they live, and when they visit each other when they are away from each other.Even if she did know the due date I am sure she wouldn't say just like the where.

RK Faith said...

Wow Morning Coffee!!
As K would say "true that"..

Cryssielee said...

Well said, MC

felicity said...

just to make it clear, i did not say, that kristen is already filming her scenes for AU. i meant that they would be able to shot those scenes at first and the others, without kristen, afterwards. movies are rearely shot scene by scene like they are later in the cinema. they are doing that with scarlett johanson now in avengers too. her scenes first and the rest later.

Morning Coffee said...

Good Morning all....

You do know I love each of you dearly...glad you enjoyed the post.
I sincerely meant every word of it.

Chrissielee: it's cold here this morning who left the door open on this north wind? The good news it's supposed to be near 90 in a few days. Much more to my liking.

RKFaith, jane, Susie M, Happygirl, Arleen, Tracybell, Vernier, Teresa, Annie, Felicity and my precious Pookie....and all havenetttes.

have a glorious day today, I will be back later..may even sneak a peek in from my Granddaughter's computer to see what's up.

Till later..MC

Cryssielee said...

MC - yes, it's cool here! Major change from yesterday's gloomy weather. ;) moving upwards to low-mid 80's by the end of the week. I'm just not ready for any humidity. I wilt. Haha

Vallie said...

Good morning, afternoon, evening to all the Havenettes around the world from a first time poster in Dallas, TX.

HKN - I have been following your blog ever since I found it a few weeks ago and just love it and the commentary from all the Havenettes!

What compelled me to post for the first time was Vana's comment about today being Mother's Day in the UK. It's great that R's mum is with him in LA but what put a big smile on my face was the realization that this is K's first Mother's Day as well! Since the baby is half English then I would say she gets to be celebrated today and on the US day. Some might think it's odd to celebrate before the baby is born but it's pretty common in my part of the world for moms-to-be to honored on Mother's Day. Can't you just imagine R wishing her "Happy Mummy Day" as he gives her some really sweet gift?

Have a great day everyone!

Eva Richterova said...

RK Faith,I apologize for the late reply.I was babysitting sick children my niece. In Czech Republic you will be welcomed.She is beautiful.I very love advise.Twitter@Eva Richterov. Sorry for my English!

Jane said...

Well Havenettes looks like a lot of hopping to do. Just skip over the nonsense. They are scared shitless otherwise it wouldn't bother them so much.


Annie said...

What's the meaning of Angst? Oh yes......
A strong feeling of being worried or nervous.

Christ! I am sooooooo angst free right now..........
What a feeling! :)

Jane said...

It doesn't matter when Kristen is due. We know she is pregnant. The baby will come when it wants to.

Rob + Kristen +1 = 3. And it will happen.

Along with Hop,Skip, and Jump we might as well add laughing. Some of the crap these people are spewing is unbelievable. Obviously they know nothing about being pregnant. My guess they are teenagers.

Tracybell said...

Hey ladies I put on my nerd glasses and went to class this morning. Guess what I learned?

stupid; brainless.

usually flames threads without staying on topic.

a person who greatly dislikes a specified person or thing.

Soooooo...when a dumbass hater troll comes by we know what they are lol...a stupid, dumbass, flaming Kristen hater lol.

Sorry...told yall I was in a mood lol.

Jane said...


Same people same bull shit. So scared we are right.


Happygirl said...

OMG I see we have to do a lot of our sport here today. Ignore Skip Jump Hop.

Annie said...

Haha......Gluteal exercises. :)

Jane said...

Like I said

Same people different names spewing bullshit.


ROB + KRISTEN + 1 = 3

Baby Pattinson on the way some people need to just get over it.

I'm so tired. Bye for now.

Annie said...

I was one of the first to post at the the board you mentioned.......I have never called it by that name you used and that board was supposedly about books. I take it there is a change of direction in effect there)You can read my posts ALL you want. :)
Haven't posted or visited there in forever.
I have some posts of Broadway shows too (you might find them interesting)

As for attacking..... I take it you mean defending LizzieD when she was blasted at RPI for asking a simple question.

Happygirl said...

Thanks to some people I´m fit again thank our daily sport hours here. LOL

Ignore Skip Jump Hop!!!!!!!

Jane said...

Did it ever occur to any of you that we believe what we believe because we want to. There was never any evidence of a breakup. Tabs said it was so. I don't believe what the Tabs print. Obviously, some of you do. Just because you don't see them together doesn't mean they are not together. Common sense tells you that. Why do we believe she is pregnant? It's not because HKN has said so it's because we have eyes and we see it. Don't accuse HKN of forcing us to believe anything. We are grown women and we don't need anyone telling us what to believe. You must be really immature if you think we believe because HKN said so. Grow up.

Sorry naughty corner for me today. Stupidity is something hard not to ignore.

sue morris said...

HERE COMES MS. CHUBBIE BUNNIE HOPPING DOWN THE LANE AGAIN. WOW, MORNING COFFEE, YOU ARE SO SUPURB! I am so glad the family PATTINSON came, they seem really fun and nice. Such an attractive family! Glad Rob and Kristen have a new home and can probably have room for every last one, plus a lovely room for babies. Now, is the color blue, pink, yellow or purple? I love lilac, covers the waterfront on colors. And, looks good on guys and gals. I think Easter is a lovely time for birthing, absolutely beautiful. I keep seeing baby pictures of those babies sitting in cabbages, peonies, roses, and various poses. Loved those shots. I vote for baby pictures with old Mom and Dad, with lambs and baby chicks around them. Time to jump on my trampoline and jump over to jump into my jeans and sweatshirt to go hopping out the door to take daughter to do errands and have fun. Skipping out the door ladies, about to twirl Lizzie D. Still waiting to hear you are OK, Lizzie, you be twirling lady!

Happygirl said...

@Jane tsk tsk tsk I see you skip our sport hour today!

Annie said...

My posts at that board had to do with books and Broadway shows.
I actually thought it was a good idea.......Heard it has changed dramatically but that is their business, I no longer comment there or at RPI.
HKN can call them whatever she wants.

You said I attacked them on there and I didn't. I didn't even address them when I saw them post here.

sue morris said...

Jane, Sweetie, remember hopping is our code word here. You are hereby swatted with a wet noodle! HOP SKIP DROP KICK OVER AND UNDER THE PILE, JUMPING WITH THE POLEVAULT AND WE MADE IT AND HAPPY TO COMPLETELY AVOID IT. I LOVE YOU LADY!

Jane said...


Sometimes it's just really hard to ignore the BS spewing out of the mouths of these little girls.

Im ready to HOP...JuMP...SKIP...TWIRL...LAUGH

I got off the track for a moment. I think I need lunch to reenergize.

Jane said...

Sue Morris

I'm so sorry. I had a relapse.

I'm now Hopping...Skipping...Jumping...Twirling...laughing

sue morris said...

HKN when you clean out the floors of CLUCKERS and all day suckers, and this is Sunday so there will be more, as they must have caught a bug, so much shit. I want you to know we really appreciate you and all you do. I really think the shit eaters are in breakdown, pretty sad. So happy for Rob and Kristen, so glad they have each other and a great family and group of good friends that love them.

Hatersknownothing said...


You need to get some facts straight.What tragedy are you talking about? I got banned from gc because I spammed the board with positive quotes and the haters couldn't post their crap so they went crying boo hoo.

Vernier said...

quitalready everyone is hop skipping and jumping over your tired ass bullshit. Me. I'm gonna jump on it and specifically say that if you don't like what's said, implied, presented, written or any other form of communication here. Take your tired ass on!!!! You come here thinking you will make an indention into peoples beliefs by insulting and acting like a two year old brat. Not gonna happen. You are the one who is an ignorant ass. Ignorant of the fact that no one wants you here but your tired ass keeps coming. No one likes you or what you say but your tired ass keeps spewing shit. I learned something to day. That ignorance is truly blind, cripple and absolutely crazy cause it likes to be abused. Instead of getting a clue and stepping the fuck off your ignorant ass along with your
co-ignorant assholes keep coming like a dog chasing it's tail. Continuing to run bullshit in circles never getting anywhere but dizzy. Go find a new sport. You suck at this game. The next time you want to put Tracy, Jane, Sue Morris, Happygirl, HKN or any of those awesome people down look in the mirror first. Cause ignorant bitch you are talking about yourself. Not get the fuck gone!!!! Sick of you and your immature in-bred bullshit!!!!!

sue morris said...

ANNIE, my love, HKN is being attacked for telling the truth and sending out some really cheerful thoughts! I just think you should remember you are a fine hopper, your jumps are super, and oh my gosh, those skips are so hot! Just cross cut and pole vault higher to get over that big ole pile! YOU ARE THE BEST! We are happy thinking happy thoughts and not in a HATELAND FAR AWAY where sad sacks cry and sniffle about drama made up by HOLLYWOOD LIES, a name which is deplored by all. We cannot cure stupid. I think we need some Lysol spray here to disinfect the post of stinky pinkies.

Jane said...

Thanks HKN for getting rid of all that BS.

Annie said...

Sue Morris: :):)
Prepping that pole. :)
I find the negative reactions to this post so very interesting.......Why so worried over something they don't believe?
The truth will be revealed eventually. Why all the angst?

Hey Vernier. :)

sue morris said...

HATERSKNOWNOTHING, I think being off GOSSIP COP is a GOLD STAR MOMENT! You probably slowed their hits for a few hours, maybe a few hundred saw those positive inputs and began to see the truth just right in the eyeball! Rob is right. People are lazy and they do not want to think for themselves. They want their trash easy delivery online Hollywood Lies/Life so they do not use their eyes or brains at all. FAST FOOD BRAIN SHIT, warmed over, right from the cow shitter herself.

RK Faith said...

Turns out that on very short notice, 1 day, Life's castign company was looking for a Rob lookalike.
Interesting, no?

sue morris said...

HAVENETTES, I apologize for my rude and deplorable language and on Sunday too! 100 swats with icy cold spaghetti on the hand. I was and always am able to just ignore the attacks, but do read our reactions to them. I guess it is safe to say, the HATERS ARE IN FULL MELTDOWN. DENIAL IS DEFININTELY NOT THE NILE RIVER IN EGYPT. Truth is being a fact you can see on Kristen extraordinarily well, and it is quite exceptional that most here do not care when or where they are, that Rob and Kristen are safe and sound and happy is more than enough for us. I believe we can actually say to them, GUTEN TAG. It means, have a good day! And basically let's do the same, because from my point of view Morning Coffee, you said it all. Hi to VERNIER, have a great day!

sanu taz said...

I had been waiting like crazy for you update your blog and its midnight here, i had a very hectic day and then i see your update and that just put a huge smile on my face.
I really love it when your cuz talks (lucky cuz)
Its really good to hear that RK are so happy and so in love and of course BABY! *hehe* really can't wait for that one.
But it really makes a lot of sense that they are going to such lengths to protect him/her for all the media/haters circus.

And yes i'm twirling/hopping/skipping/dancing all the way
love ya :)

sue morris said...

RK FAITH , that is very interesting, very interesting! Makes you want to just go HUM?

Annie said...

RK Faith: That is a VERY interesting development.

sue morris said...

ANNIE, The negative reactions are what children or very childish people seem to need-ATTENTION. In college, my instructor called this need A. G. T., which means attention getting tactics. BULLSHIT GOSSIP RAGS HEAVY DRAMA QUEENS,AND DIRECT INSULT POSTS AWAY FROM HOME POSTS, all fit the profile of very unhappy campers for whatever reason. My Dad was always saying, -- they can't see the forests for the trees---.

RK Faith said...

Sue Morris - yeah, hhhmmm.. but then you know, the original guy might be sick or something or maybe Rob just wants to spend the day with his parents and wife :)
Real life has taught me not to jump to conclusions (I have a science background), but hhhmmmm.. :)

Annie said...

Hmmmmmm indeed. :)

Mama Nails said...

Good afternoon ladies...HKN...wow what a post!

RK Faith...that is very intriguing! If Rob is only back in LA so he can finish up filming LIFE then why wouldn't he be on set doing whatever needs to be done. Muahahahaha....

That shit's gotta be killing the nonnies, to know that he's here, his parents are here and it's a very special time for the whole family.

Hatersknownothing said...

@RK Faith

Well that's an interesting development lol. Things that make you go hmmmm.

Jane said...

Well, a stand in lookalike. Sounds like something is cooking.

Shamrocker said...

I don't see what is intriguing about the stand in. It has nothing to do with Rob, it just means his previous stand in is unable to work.
The stand in is used for a variety of scene set ups prior to actually shooting the scene. The actors are not required to do any of that. So, the stand in is someone of approximate physical resemblance that will literally stand in the actors place do lighting, camera etc can all be tested, once done, the actors come out and shoot the the scene.

So unless someone is concerned for rob's stand in used in Toronto, I don't understand why we are discussing this? It has nothing to do with Rob. The stand in isn't taking his place so that rob doesn't have to be there.

Morning Coffee said...

Since Rob probably knew his parents were coming way ahead of time and this call for body double seemingly is a rush situation...could miss Kristen be starting labor I wonder?

Fits my timeline.

Things that make you go ....Hmmmmmm.

RK Faith said...

shamrocker - thanks for that info, I'm not a big movie buff.. it had us wondering, you never know with these things. With Rob's parents in town and everything else.. I guess all of us are always in search for news.

I hate the time difference thing, I'm off to bed. I'l be up early to check on things.. what a crazy ride this is, LOL.

Kisses and good night and don't forget to -


Annie said...

They are not asking for a Stand-in........They are asking for a photo double.
Stand-in's don't need to have the same physical attributes as the actor.

Hatersknownothing said...


Wouldn't they have the double already set up? Even if the other double wasn't available wouldn't he have let them know ahead of time? Wouldn't be very professional of him to wait until the last minute and say I'm not available and make them rush around to find someone at the last minute. Just thinking things through lol.

Hatersknownothing said...


Why would they need a photo double? Pardon my lack of movie making knowledge :):)

Annie said...

HKN: I honestly don't know.
Asking for a photo double seems strange to me.

onagee said...

Hi all, I looked this up, interesting to me:

A stand-in is any person who is used to replace lead actors and stars for tedious parts of filmmaking. These are primarily camera and lighting tests, but can include to a lesser extent costume tests, temporary dialogue partners or as a replacement for close-ups hands, feet etc. Stand-ins do not show their face or have their voice in the final film.

A double is someone who is used in place of a cast member where the real actor cannot be used because of danger or other reasons. Doubles usually physically resemble the actor they are replacing (in body size, shape and clothing) and are often dressed in wigs to complete the illusion. Doubles are used for things such as dangerous stunts, sex scenes or scenes requiring nudity where the actor refuses to do it, situations where the same actor must appear to confront themselves and so on. One very clever use of a double was in the film The Crow. In order to complete the film after Brandon Lee's accidental death on set, the filmmakers shot a couple of critical scenes using a body double (someone that looked like Brandon physically).

from www.filmmaking.net

Hatersknownothing said...

So hollywood life is backing down from its Rob and Dylan meeting up in Madrid story lol.They are acting high and mighty like they never perpetuated the Rob/Dylan hook up stories in the first place.Oh please!

Gigi Cullen said...

Hey y'all. I finally had a chance to sit down and read this. Thank you, HKN!! Loved every single word. his really is going to be the best spring ever. I wonder why they are casting for a photo double? There has to be a significant reason why he's not there. Things are becoming more interesting by the day, you all.

Jane said...


andreana said...

Enna: you would definetly know the way people with half a brain think...............sorrry I'm jumping guys I just slipped for a second

Elizbeth said...

@adreana. In case you missed this; skip, jump, spin, jump, sprint! Thanks. we are not responding to hate. Everyone is doing their best to skip, jump, skip. Thanks again.

Teresa Holmes said...

Thanks onagee for background info. Interesting indeed! Yes there is a reason he is not there. Just have to wait and see.

Vernier said...

Hop skipping and jumping and finishing with a pole vault!!!~!

Jane said...


Today they are really working us.
But loving every minute of it.

This last one is so upset I can see smoke coming out of her nose. She is truly upset with our good news.

Keep it coming we'll keep jumping!!

Mama Nails said...

just a quick thought on the double.

Let's say...work with me. Rob was supposed to be on set and do some scenes with other actors but "something" is keeping him from being there. They could work around Rob by using a double...just a thought...

yes, it might have nothing to do with Rob but it could have everything to do with rob. And I'm with HKN if this is something that was needed it would be a last minute rush to find someone the person would have been in place long ago.

andreana said...




Jumping over you..tata

Morning Coffee said...

I think when Kristen and Rob have their baby there may be mass suicide from the haters and trolls..

One thing we can all be sure of is there will be no apologies from any of them.

Okay sisters heads up...No matter how tempting it may be to scan a remark and answer it...keep in mind this is actually what they want...to get a rise out of someone.

Even this hopping skip jump is giving them a laugh..

The rememdy ...yes there is one...I promise ...IGNORE THEM ...absolute silence...no acknowledgement of any kind. None, nada, zip, zilch.

Then sit back and watch the fury and rage meter rise...promise not to laugh at them either it's unkind.

Tracybell said...

Hey guys
Anybody ever saw the name butterflypoet2083 before?
Just curious ; ]

Jane said...


You are absolutely right.
I relapsed today sat in naughty corner all is fine.


Vernier said...

Okay I'm just gonna say it. I think our girl is in labor since sometime yesterday and Our boy is right there with her and they need someone to stand in for him so they can shoot around scenes for the next couple of days. I also think that a lot of you are thinking the same thing. I could be wrong but hey JMO.
I also think that is why R's parents are in town because it was the due date and they came in case little sweet pea came early. Anyone else wanna chime in?

Jane said...


Sorry, no. But you know how they keep changing their names hoping we won't know the difference.LOL

Jane said...


I'm with you all the way. Too fishy if you ask me. And if I'm wrong my world will not crumble. Just means I have to wait a little longer for baby Pattinson to arrive.

Morning Coffee said...

Vern if you go back up I said that earlier. I believe it...

Vernier said...

Same here Jane. If not now when in the next few days.
Tracy is that that Cassandra chick - butterflypoet2083. I know her last name but can't think of it right now. Why girl? what she do?

Tracybell said...

Verni baby
You know what I think. Im hoping baby girl Robbie is her sweet father's arms bought right now and im not ashamed to say it. And I'm gonna be totally upset if they dont name her Robbie lol.

Vernier said...

OH ok MC I hadn't read everything. Great, Awesome minds think alike lol lol Too cool. I hope so Morning Coffee. I really y do so all the trolls can spaze out.

Mama Nails said...

Well...I think you all know where I stand. It's all so convenient if you ask me.

Occam's Razor: among competing hypotheses, the hypothesis with the fewest assumptions should be selected. In other words, the simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

so when thinking about all that is going on with these two the simplest explanation is that she's having or has had the baby.

Tracybell said...

Im just fishing. You know...throwing my line out seeing what I'll catch lol. You know V I was chatting with my gradeschool buds on the zoo keepers lounge and I found the most interesting shit. You wouldnt believe it lol

Vernier said...

I like Robbie and I hope she is in her dad's arms now. I hope for a girl. I think that little sweet heart will have her dad and grandparents wrapped around her finger.
I think it is last minute for two days for more than just a last minute call. They may do last mnute and it may be because the other stand in had something come up. But I believe it to be more R had something come up. It would not be crucial to have one immediately for the next two days if R was there. he is not doing death defying things in this movie and could have done his own. JMO

Annie said...

Why is Rob suddenly not available?
The casting is asking for a photo double and it's an urgent plea......Why?
They don't want background casting, they want someone who can pass for Rob and now.

Vernier said...

robstensiempre it's just us having fun and wishful thinking. K is having the baby. So two days to be there with her and then get back to work to honor his commitment is what he would do. Then he would rush home to her. They are all in LA so it won't be that hard. He may not have much more to do.

Vernier said...

He could have a week or two of shooting left and then home with the family. He is closer so when he is not shooting he can run home and then back when it is his time. Get on the happy boat and float on with us!!!!!

weepingindian said...

Yep, this was a great idea. Bravo ladies.Hop Skip Jump

Vernier said...

Tracy what did you find on the zoo keeper? I use to visit that and all that was there was a bunch of grade school panty throwing Robsessed little girls... lol lol
High school, grade school days....Aw the memories....

Annie we are all on the same page. To many whys out there..... We need answers... lol lol

Annie said...

Vernier: Yep. :)

Jane said...


Vallie said...

Did anyone see my comment from 9:02 today? I thought some of you might be as excited as I at the thought of K's first Mummy Day but I didn't see one comment in response. I'm thinking it might have gotten lost in the midst of all the trollers' comments since I'm a newbie. Sorry to seem needy but just wanting to share my excitement with like minded people since no one in my RL has much interest in this topic.

Vernier said...

Skip Skip Skip!!!!! lol lol

Vernier said...

Vallie we missed it but that is so true and so cool. Her first English mother's day! Awesome

Annie said...

Vallie: Just went back and read it. Welcome. :)
Very sweet comment. :)

LizzieD said...

HKN!! Great post!! Thanks for all the "goodies" ... Patience is the key ... we all knew they were together and happy (at least those of us who have eyes to SEE things).


Annie said...

Hi LizzieD :):)

Hannah Pennick said...

I'm curious. If the new people really believe that the baby is a hoax like they say, why are they not waiting to say this when Rob is finished filming LIFE and is back in his "new home" in England. Wouldn't that make more sense?

Unless they don't believe there is a new home. Unless they think he'll stay in California again. For Kristen. Again.

If the latter is the case, I can sort of see this behavior as a last ditch effort to stay the hand of fate.

Vernier said...

What up Lizzie D? :o)

Vallie said...

Awww...thanks for the responses ladies! You've eased my insecurities over my first post & made me feel welcome. I'm no longer a blog poster virgin...yay!

Vernier - you are fierce and a hoot and I mean that in the best of ways!

Annie - I love NYCers. My oldest lives there. I was actually visiting him & stayed at The Bowery while K was there during the filming of SA. Made the plans ages ago so had no idea she would be there at the same time. Luckily didn't see her or I would have felt like a stalker but I did dine across the aisle from Tilda Swinton so that was cool.

So excited to see what comes of R's double & the last few days of filming of Life. Could be very telling or at the least maybe we'll get some photos.

Vernier said...

Thank you Vallie. Cool you were in NYC and dined across from Tilda. I with you about R's double and what's up with it. Maybe we will get a few pics or something. They need to throw a group of gals a bone or something!!!! lol lol

Anabelle said...

Hello dear, I saw your first comment earlier it was really sweet it put a smile on my face, I can understand how it could have been missed the trolls have been in full force lately but I did see it !

You'll see the ladies here are the best and the funniest, I'm not a regular but still I check almost every day.

Welcome to the jungle ! :)

Jane said...


If we don't respond it's not because you are not welcome. Sometimes there is so much to read we miss a few. Welcome.

Annie said...

Vallie: :) NYC is a great city. Hope your son enjoys living here. I certainly do.
Awesome that you were staying at The Bowery the same time as Kristen.
I don't understand why requests for a photo double was posted so last minute.... We'll see or hear I guess.

andreana said...

Maybe Rob's parents are here to spend mother's day with their youngest child and only boy....Makes since to me .... I hope the eartquake didn't scare them to much...

New poster Vallie welcome! You are so right kristen's first mothers day ..... cool.....!
Hopping ,hop hop!

Morning Coffee said...

Hi Vallie did see your earlier post sorry I made you feel unwelcome by not commenting on it...it was a lovely thought....and whether Kristen is an expecting mom or has the babe in arms...she is still a mom.

Happy British Mothers Day Kristen!

Sherry said...

I'm so excited for them. Don't care where, when , or how the baby gets here. Just know your cuz only tells what R/K say is ok. And haters to quote Flo on the old show Alice "Kiss my grits." Or in this case our grits!

Teresa Holmes said...

Robsten siempre this is a movie. Millions of dollars went into it. R signed contract. He is under legal obligation to finish filming. He can not take off to hang with mummy. He would have to be severely injured or sick in hospital to not be working. I dont know if k is inlabor but sorry the spending time with mummy excuse doesnt work here. Also what are the odds of r and his double pulling out last minute? I think they were not planning for r to be gone. K maybe early labor.

sue morris said...

I must be tuned in fairly well, have not slept for two days, thinking exactly the same thing VERNIER! LIZZIE D, please do a foxy whirl with a twirl girl, it is definitely time for Mr. Ray Charles. I came to this decision on Friday that we were waiting for baby PATTINSON but the baby is babies. Such a weird weekend, so much from the nervous nellies and grumps. I see babies in both Rob's arms. I must be just dreaming, that can't be right. Hopping along with my two canes thinking chocolate covered caramel creams! Chocolate covered pecans! Chocolate bunny rabbits!

Teresa Holmes said...

Vallie we are definitely not ignoring u. I had no idea today was uk moms day. Thats fantastic. Welcome to the haven. I know how u feel to have peeps in rl not share your love of r and k. We here def do. So share. Feel free.

irie deb said...

It doesn't matter where, the day, or if it is a boy or girl.....just as long a he/she is born healthy....with 10 fingers, 10 toes. That K comes through it with as little difficulties as possible....cause I see this as a joyful event for RK. Age, what one does for a job, or any other excuse that some have come up with should make no difference.....so sad that some feel the need to knit pick, make fun of, or spread lies just at the mere mention of this....I guess I just don't get why it is okay to celebrate other celeb couples & their upcoming births.....but not RK! How funny many have forgotten that Laura Leny not too long ago gave birth & surprise....DID NOT TELL ANYONE until the baby was here. What makes the possibility of these two having a baby make it taboo to talk about as if it were something dirty. Ummmm that is the million dollar question isn't it. It is odd because until someone said K was expecting....there were quite a few talking about TGC....saying okay you two....everyone else is having a baby....why not you? And now....the other side of the coin flips & boom......now it is such a bad thing...why because the media said they weren't together even though not one fucking one of them could 100% confirm that little detail....so....they all just assumed X17...who started this can of crazy...must be right....but we know differently. Guess that just my two cents......

Jane said...

Thank you for that great post. It has nothing to do with the so called privacy issue. It's more like they don't want to believe it because it ruins the break up theory. They like R & K separate but not together. Though they will deny it.
Come here anytime.

lindsey said...

hey HKN, first time posting here coz i prefer reading and nodding and grinning like an eejit with your humor, just wondering tho... some people are taking the whole pregnancy still a POSSIBILITY *cross fingers* right? but your cuz sounds like she is as certain as the sun rises in the east. what if she is not pregnant after all?? what are you gonna do to your cuz? LOL. i dont mean to accuse or stir things up, just something that pops in my head and i can't help myself asking... xx0O

Teresa Holmes said...

Enna go to bed.

Vernier said...

Teresa H you are on fire tonight my friend. lol lol
What did Robsten siempre say that had you straighten them? Some things folks say they need to think about before they open their mouths. JS I mean I would blow off millions of dollars to spend time with my mom. (sarcasm) I would see her before and after work till my day off is what i'd do. Love her dearly but she knows she didn't raise no fool as to skip work to spend time with her and disrupt a multimillion dollar movie contract.

Arleen P said...

Good night to all the Havenettes! I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. Hope you had a great weekend. Night all!

Morning Coffee said...

Hey girls...Just wanted to pop in to say goodnight, not sure sleep will come easily tonight, but since I didn't sleep well last night I need to give it a try.

I am astounded by the utter ignorance of some and the state of denial of others.

Time will tell everyone the story, but I really don't think we have too much longer to wait if at all.

sweet dreams MC

Teresa Holmes said...

If she not pregnant. You have nothing to worry about.

Frenchie said...

Hop! Skip! And jump first thing in the morning! It's good for your health to not read those stupid people believing that after so many attempts, they are suddenly going to make us see the light!

Ignore them ladies!

Have a nice day all!

Netti said...

What i would like the people that don't believe K to be preg to explain is the video with her stylist (it is not a food baby and babies double their birth weight the last 10 wks of pregnancy). Because i have looked at it quite alot and she is not stretching either. What gives her away is her reaction to baby unexpectantly giving a nice big kick. Actually looks like he/she was pushing their butt out. Im thinking late april/may for baby. I wish them
All the happiness in the world.

Bunny from Texas said...

Love the info you and your cuz are sharing! Blog was awesome as usual. Yes, the trolls are melting! Copying and pasting comments from this board to Gossip Cop is just malicious and wrong. To the ones doing this grow the hell up and seek professional help! I have never gone to Gossip Cop, but when friends from Twitter DM me and tell me my comments are on GC, well it just proves how desperate they are getting. Go ahead and copy and paste this one, your proving nothing but your ignorance. Kudos to a great blog!

Bunny from Texas said...

You guys who post here are exceptional ladies who support RK and their happy wonderful life. I am not sure of K's due date, and I will admit it if I am wrong, but I am thinking she has a few weeks to go or so I'm told. Today, Tomorrow, next week, next month or in May; any day the baby makes his or her grand entrance will be wonderful!!!

NOLA girl said...

Bon Nuit Havenettes!!!
Just trying to catch up from missing a few days.

Tina - hope you are feeling better. Hopefully you will get answers soon to whatever is ailing you. Be well.

Tracybell - wow, I didn't realize the grand baby's arrival was so close. Hope all is well! Dewars, Glenfiddich, all sound like good names for your new pup - congrats!

HKN - THANK YOU for such happy news!!! Just sorry you had to experience an earthquake to get it all. Glad you got to see your cuz.

HKN - clean up needed for a couple of posts ahead of mine. Too bad there's not a nuclear option for you.

Mama Nails - caught up with your blog too. OMG - you have the patience of Job with some of those posts the last 3 days. You should just forward them to Vern and let her have at 'em :D. BTW - thank you for the map! I haven't had a chance to look at it yet.

Pookie - love you! I know you are still reeling. Can't believe how little of this is in the news, but don't get me started on them... Glad not as many victims as first thought. What an awful way to die.

Vallie - welcome! Things happen very fast here. Hold on to your hat.

Don't beat me up too bad, but wouldn't there have already been a double lined up for Rob when the movie started? I don't know a lot about what happens when, but it makes me wonder if something happened to the previous double - kinda hard to imagine there wouldn't have been one before now, but maybe there wasn't. Somebody set me straight, please!

LizzieD - how you doin? I am TWIRLING like crazy!

Soooooo happy for our couple!!! It's shaping up to be a special year for them. Glad Mom & Dad Pattinson are visiting!! HKN - you just made my March!!! Merci!!

Netti said...

Enna, what private information exactly i don't recall addresses or phone numbers being stated......... I don't feel that HKN has ever 'over provided' information on R/K that pushed boundaries of confidentiality. Truth is K probably already is aware

RK Faith said...

What a night..
Vallie - sometimes there are so many posts here, people miss some, it's not personal at all and welcome!
I smiled at your post, imaging Rob on Mother's day..

there's a sighting of Rob filming this past hour at Chateau Marmont in LA but no pics of him (only of a set that's set up by the pool) so I can't know if it's legit. It's almost 1 am now in La so it could be night shoots but I still don't get the whole stand-in thing from yesterday

RK Faith said...

and to the havennetes up now, don;'t forget to -


felicity said...

rob's back

filming at the chateau marmont

@vallie.. welcome.

@bunny.. hugs

hope you all are able to have a relaxed week..

hopp, skip, jump and twirl..

RK Faith said...

Hi Felicity, I saw that pic but any chance it could be the stand in?
Why search for a stand in so urgently if Rob's on set?
B team maybe?

RK Faith said...

I asked the person who posted - she's sure its him and she doesn't know about the stand in.

Tina Wotherspoon said...

Morning to all you lovely Havenettes,Welcome Vallie glad you have joined us,Havenettes hope you all had a lovely weekend, weather kept up nice here in the UK for mothers day makes a change well im going to Hop,Skip,Jump so hugs to you all hve a great day take care.

Teresa Holmes said...

How do we know the pic is from tonight? It could be rob filming earlier. Why would they need a photo double if they have r tonight? Also any other link for pic. Twitter link not working for me?

RK Faith said...

Hi Theresa - here are all the pic she posted in the past hour or so.


She says she's an actress on set and took pics during their food break..
who knows, I tend to be cautious with sightings and fan accounts. I thought that maybe it was the stand in but she says it's him.

Can't sleep? It's late in Ohio :)

RK Faith said...

Oy - Sorry I spelled your name wrong!

Teresa Holmes said...

Woke up to use bathroom and can't go back to sleep lol. Its ok about misspelling of my name. Happens all the time. I see pix of trailers, cones in street, lights, and cm. Where is pic of rob? Something fishy is going on? Why photo double if r is onset. Doesn't make sense? Are we being distracted?

RK Faith said...

Teresa - I love your name. We have a name like it in Hebrew but it's more "Tirza" then the way you say it.

I agree that this confusing and hey - anything's possible.. maybe that's what the stand in is actually for?? hhmmm..

here's a new link to the pic of him from the back


Hope you have a good night!!

Teresa Holmes said...

Still could be from another night and maybe double is being hired now if k gives birth in next couple of days?

RK Faith said...

anything's possible, I like your hypothesis though.. I wouldn't put anything past them, they have smart teams working for them..

She first tweeted that he's filming "next door" to her at the CM and then wrote she's an actress and walked around the set and took pics.. I dunno..

Felicity, you saw her tweets - what do you think of her account?

Teresa Holmes said...

Does she have a name? So we can research her to see if she really an actress? Why did she only take pic of rob? Why no pix with him and other actors from set like some actresses do?

Mama Nails said...

Am I the only one that thinks it's weird that she's all about justinB on twitter and has a HUGE following? Cld be legit but seems fishy.

Wld an actress really be running a justinB twitter blog?!

The only pic that cld remotely be Rob is from behind so I need a better pic to prove it's him.

Damn Teresa the same thing happened to me! I was sleeping so well also. Teresa all the info you need to look up her twitter is in the link RK faith gave us her twitter info is at the bottom.

Okay... Gonna try to go back to sleep.


Sanni K. said...

good morning,
it is strange, only a double for rob sought a sudden, something bad image on. I am of the opinion that it is not rob. But as always wait.
Maybe wanted the baby quickly to the world and not wait for his dad work plan;-) Who knows! That decide still the tiny.
Nice day all!

RK Faith said...

I'm picking up my son from kindergarten so can't really write.. She's biebsheaven on twitter and lauraxstar on ig .
mama nails I agree ... too strange

RK Faith said...

new fan account (it's obvious that she's a LA Rob fan) of the filming at cm tonight but there's only a pic of the pool and the street outside, not Rob.. but it seems she's basing her sighting on the last one from the beliber. from what I'm reading she didn't see Rob directly so..
doesn't go against what Mama and Teresa have been hinting at

Jane said...

No one tells me what to believe.

I believe because of what I see.

HKN does not tell me what to believe.

I'm a grown woman. I can think for myself.

Vernier said...

Good Morning Everyone! Hope your day or Night will be a blessed one.... Saw the pic of the supposed back of Rob. Could be R but just a little thicker, not much, just a bit, than he is across the back to me. Something about his ears and hair look different too. Might be him and I'm just focusing to much. Also if she snapped pic at her meal break she never saw his face to snap or was she told not too take pics if she's working there and she tried to sneak one but because it was a stand in she only took a back shot hoping everyone would believe her and she get hits to her sad little Bieber site? Just asking haven't really looked at her Bieber site.

RK Faith said...

Verni good morning and happy Monday to all!
She does has over 636,000 twitter followers, you have a point.. I saw she wrote that her Mom is staying at CM so I guess she isn't really an actress on set - so when I asked her regarding the stand-in she didn't and couldn't know..

Tracybell said...

Morning guys

Yesterday was a very busy day for me sorry I missed all the activity.

Verni asked me this morning to look at pic of BehindRob and tell her what I thought. I looked at it before I read yalls comments so I wouldn't be persuaded lol. Here's my thoughts.

1. The chic is a justin Bieber fan. Nuff said lol.

2. This guys back is way to broad to be Rob and thats as far as I got.

3. The chic is a justin bieber fan.

4. Production companies dont play games with fans. They wouldnt put out a facebook plea for doubles if it wasnt true. Unless they needed one to stand in to get hit or blown up or something but they wouldn't do that at 1 in the morning lol.

5. The chic is a justin bieber fan so anything she says is suspect...she's prolly high!

Have a good day ladies.

Oh hi there snowleopard...why aren't you trolling the pet zoo?

Annie said...

Morning all.

Tracybell: Do not make me spill my coffee. Don't you know we have $7 lattes in this town. :)
I really should stop at McD's......Free coffee at breakfast for the next two weeks. :)

Annie said...

Oops.....posted twice.

Tracybell said...

Oh forgot...I think this dude is the double they were asking for in case I wasn't clear.

Welcome to the Haven. One thing I'll add is that sometimes I comment 4 or 5 times and no one says a thing. Thats just the way it is sometimes please dont be offended. I think we are all busy and also I look and comment from my phone and I honestly thought your name was Vana lol. Truly sorry. Love your comments!

Hey hey to the regs and nubies lol.

Sooooo is anyone wondering if rob has changed his first dirty diaper yet? ; ]

RK Faith said...

Tracybell you are too funny!
All I can sing is "Baby baby baby.."


Tracybell said...

Sowwy. $7 coffee? Holy shit I thought $4.57 was bad lol. But really why are we entertaining the thoughts of a Bieber fan? You cant use the music angle anymore because his music sucks. The manboy let himself be photographed sucking the tit of a whore/porn star. And who cares about her 600k+ little tyke followers? Lets file this away where it belongs *the dump*

Tracybell said...

Rk faith
Omg I didnt even think about that lol. How cute! Yeah little biebs was cute then with his age appropriate music lol.

Annie said...

Tracybell: Oh yes! $4.57 is a steal!

Tracybell said...

I would go broke lol. Ive tried mickeyD's and its just not the same. It reminds me of convenience store lattes lol.

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