Friday, September 20, 2013

Invisible - 26 Days Ninja



Invisible  26 Days ninja. Nothing. Nada.
The haters went crazy wondering where Rob could be and very afraid of where he might turn up.
We had  photo shopped fan pics and very badly faked signatures on restaurant receipts. Desperate times.

And then we got this.


Rob finally out and about. With male friends. Damn killed the hookup rumors again. He's just not cooperating is he. Thanks Rob!

One lone pic from a rogue pap named Noel Vasquez. One? Really? Where are all the others? He needs schooled on papping from Rolando. This pic is supposedly from September 17 at No Vacancy. Now the dipshidiots and their ovaries were jumping for joy. 

noel vasquez ‏@the_nole 17 Sep
A lady in lingerie just opened a secret door. Speechless. (@ No Vacancy w/ 4 others)

Now I wonder where he got that from.

Andrew Droz Palermo ‏@DrozPalermo 1 Sep
Heard about a party in Hollywood. You clear the line, enter an empty room with only a woman in lingerie on a bed. You say the password (1/2)

Andrew Droz Palermo ‏@DrozPalermo 1 Sep
The bed slides to reveal a staircase below. That's where you party. Robert Pattinson sightings included. Sounds like an 80s movie. (2/2)

Hooker fest part deux. How convenient. 

Why you might ask were they so excited over this? ? They breathed a sigh of relief because they were getting a little nervous over a London tweet. 

Yeah this one had them quaking in their boots. Oh by the way this one was from five days ago. He could have been there. So he couldn't say at this stage. Wonder why.

Yeah it was running rampant among the trolls.

And then we got this. Not from the paps but from a fan who posted them on ONTD a known hate monger site. 

Omg stop the presses! Its Rob and Katy. Uhm yeah so what? They are friends. Notice they are with a group.  Of course this was turned into an intimate dinner date for two. 

Here's some clues for people who can't seem to wrap their brain around this FACT. 

No 1.

No 2.

She's in love with John Mayer.

These pics are supposedly from around Labor Day. We know this how? I guess we're supposed to take this fans word for it. Sorry if I don't buy it. We don't know when they were taken. Doesn't matter in the long run. Know why?

Because he still could have been here.

Beautiful. And Nettie another friend of Rob's visiting Kristen.  Now of course this means  Rob's friends aren't his friends anymore because of this. They are only Kristen's friends now.

Whatever gets you through the night. No his friends aren't going to to be flying to another country to spend time with his ex girlfriend. Girlfriend yes, ex no way no how. 

So he was invisible for 26 days and we supposedly have two sightings with pics now. Where was he the other 24 days? Yeah that. 

Now of course the dipshidiots believe ALL the tweets they have gotten of Rob bar hopping all over LA.
ALL of them.

Of course ALL the ones of him in London and a couple from Switzerland were ALL fake of course. 
ALL of them. 

Now you didn't think Annie Packer was going to stay silent during this did you? 

Nope she was typing her fingers off writing her latest Kristen and Rupert fan fic for Hollywoodlife.

The sad part is she actually thinks someone is going to believe this crap she sends to the tabs. 
No one is buying it. Just like no one bought her phony valet story. 

Guess that London tweet had her more than a little worried. 

New fan pics with Kristen. Still wearing her new bauble from Rob. 

@ imfakfays is a new insider that says that the new bauble is a family heirloom given to her by Jules. 

@ imfakfays you need to keep up with your fellow trolls. It's a movie prop remember?

Holy Batman! She's so cute. 

   South Tyrol (Italy)

Next stop for Sils Maria filming

I'm booking my flight now.

So here we are waiting for something good. It will happen. We just have to be patient and let them do it on their terms.

This is coming again. 

I'm hungry and feel the need for some of this.



felicity said...

love it..

haters are getting more desperate by the minute..

they see that they are running out of time.

good job HKN

natt39 said...

Love it and I am so looking forward to Kristen wrapping up her filming and then things will begin to start moving again and Kristen looks pretty happy in those pics you could even say she was glowing me thinks she had a special visitor recently!

bwen said...
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bwen said...

Well you have seen it before and will no doubt see it again. People can't see what is hiding in plain sight and they are easily distracted by the trash in the sandbox. But Karma seems to be slow these days so maybe she is saving herself and will nail everyone at the same time. Thanks for your insight once again.
I support Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on HKN Havens! I just got home from physical therapy for my left hip. Its working now. But it still hurts. I need advice besides physical therapy. You see can afford every week for the co-pay. So I might advice to do it at home. Trying to cut back on our expenses.
HKN- Great job on your blog. I love that title. Invisible-26 days Ninja. I love it.
The rest of you I hope you all have a great Friday.

vicki Brooks said...

icesMuHKN another great post. Kristen looks so happy and I truly believe she loves her true fans. I believe rob visited her because thats what they do when they are seperated. One love always thats rob and kris and please keep up the good work on the haters!6

sue morris said...

this was just right and was very cheerful. Kristen looked very happy and I imagine she is! I am glad Rob gets around so well without all the hassle--he has got to be the fastest in the west!

Anonymous said...

Hi HKN, another great post. You are so funny. I was laughing at your pictures. Holy Batman, Kristen looks rested, happy, and GLOWING. I love the one pic with her ring clearly showing. Take that nonnies.

kriert said...

Hello Everyone here in HKN

Happy to see a new post. Rob and Kristen are STILL TOGETHER and this is what I WILL BELIEVE ALWAYS. Is there a tweet of Rob been seen in Switzerland? Remember when Kristen was filming Snow White in London and someone tweet that Rob was on set and months after that when Rob was interviewed in I forgot where (sorry) he said that he was in London and confirmed he was there. I think that was when Kristen hurt her foot and i dont know if the tweet about Rob carrying her to her trailer is real.

Kristen and Rob knows what their relationship is to each other. A relationship is stable if two people are dedicated to make it work and that is Rob and Kristen.

Thanks again for having you around.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, sue, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am going to bed now. Keep me posted.
sue morris- Great job on your comments. And I agree with you.
vicki Brooks- Hi and how are you? Great comment.
kuffkuff17- Love what you said. Take that nonnies and haters. I agree with you there.
Well good night you all. I had a long day. Night.

Anonymous said...

kriert- Love your comment there.




thanks arleen parkinson

sue said...

Well I still believe they are together although I feel a lot of people are turning their backs on them, specially Rob. It's making me melancholic and long for the old days when the fandom was less toxic.
I'm still with you HKN.

kriert said...

@arleen parkinson



Anonymous said...

Good Saturday Morning! Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, sue, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I just woke up early and getting ready for my morning walk. I go at 8:30am. I love farmers market.
Martha Oriz- Hi and thank you.
kriert- You're welcome.
sue- I agree with you. They are still together.

Morning Coffee said...

Those of us who have lived long enough know what real honest love looks like...Rob and Kristen have it...disappear together and show up at the same time...not coincidence that had their time together away from prying eyes.very well planned stealthy ninja skills. You have to love them.

Miss you all, staying off computer as much as possible for now dry eye condition really bad last few weeks. Think of you all often.

Blessings to all.

sue said...

@Arleen, Hi girl, left you my last comment on DIDY. It's not important to read but you are always so sweet. You asked me not to leave so you deserved an answer as why I don't feel comfortable any more.

Hatersknownothing said...


I'm sorry you feel that way. Read your comment on Didy and I get angry too when people blame Rob for things reporters are writing in their interviews. He has no say what they write in their story after he is done giving a interview. He has said nothing mean about Kristen. Listen to the two audio video interviews he has given. Funny how nothing about his personal life is said. He has done nothing to blamed for. Please don't leave us. It's what the fools want. To divide and conquer.

Enna said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi everyone! I just got home from my walking.
sue, Just to let you know I agree with HatersKnowNothing. Everyone started to blame Rob. Which he didn't do anything Rob. Just one. And I know Rob is the not that kind of person let anyone hurt Kristen. When tempest gets back I hope she takes care of the problem. Mostly started out Velma Jean. Yes I am sweetest person. Because I know in my heart that they are together. Sorry, HKN! I love being here and I am not going anywhere. Because I believe in you. And I am with you.
Morning Coffee, I hope you feel better.

Hatersknownothing said...


If you guys need laugh look at this. AnnyP thinks the woman sitting next to Rob in the Katy pics is Camille lmao!

Frances F said...

You are amazing as usual. Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

HKN- I am laughing right now. I don't think so. I think she needs to be in a nut house.

sue morris said...

Haters know nothing, --I CANNOT believe what you said about A.P. and those pictures where she sees another blonde (French) from the famous Dior Rob film. Oh well, she went around the bend a long time ago-somebody get that girl something to drink or take her to a hospital for a shrink to help her remove herself from any more bad behavior on line-as she has become a sad joke .I am so hoping that we will have some more pictures of Switzerland and Italy and Kristen. Can you imagine being able to travel and work in a craft that you love at the same time! What a joy to see the Alps and walk around with some hot tea or Coffee and enjoy a mini-vacation with friends and loved ones. That would make life truly wonderful. Have a good weekend!

Hatersknownothing said...

@sue morris

I would love to see those places that Kristen is lucky enough to see. Just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Hatersknownothing- Hey, don't forget me too. You have done a great job on your blog and keeping trolls out. And I agree with you what you said to sue. I love being here and read your blog and everyone talking about their day. Well, I better get going. I have to put a surprise from my mother in law on her kitchen counter. I got her something from the farmers market. Its good to buy something from the farmers market. Get them while you can before winter.

sue morris said...

Arlene- you are a joy to read in all the R/K posts and I believe you are much loved by all of us. You truly are the best of us, Arlene, because your love for Kristen and Rob is so special and real- we can all thank you for keeping us cheered up from the cruelty that exists in this world You are an angel, as Barbara says. You make my day!

barbara said...

Hello.HKN. What is all this hatred being hurled at Rob,because he hasn't mentioned Kristen in his Dior Campaign interviews.Why would Rob use Kristen that way,? he has the upmost respect for her. Dior has Rob as their Face not Kristen.Rob is very protective of her and refuses to speak about their private life.Sadly some fans do not agree with this,and so the Hate Rob Campaign is up and running out of control.I find it sad that this is happening.Come on People keep the faith keep believing.xxx

Nancy Allen said...

LOVE your blogs. I need reminders because I do believe
in R/K, and love, just never have had it myself. Not that their's is perfect...Can't wait to see them together...sooner the better! Keep blogging the truth!

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I just got home from dropping off my mother in law's gift. Her and her hubby are on vacation. So I left it on her kitchen counter. Its just two mini pumpkins. I thought she would like to use them as decorations. I am two of them too. And the indian corns. And now I need to dry them. All I am looking for a table cloth. But I am either going to Joanns or Walmart for the fall fabric table cloth. I just want to decorate my kitchen table. To look like fall season. Anyways, Did I miss anything while I was out?
sue morris- Thank you. I am sorry about Velma Jean. She was the one that started the negative part. And like HKN has said its not Rob fault. He didn't say mean things about Kristen. And he never talk about his personal life. And another if they were broken up why are they spending time with each other friends. And another thing about Rob defending Kristen. What can he do? One I don't think they are want to get in trouble like what beat up papz and what get arrested or go to court? Like Kanya West. Or like Justin Bieber. One Papz and tabs are same as bullies. One best way to do with bullies is to walk away and to ignore them. Like what Rob and Kristen are doing. But the papz should go to jail for their mistakes. And should not get away with it. And two if you leave here or on DIDY Or RPI. Or start believe the trashy tabloids or gossip sites. Which I don't believe them. And Haters, trolls, nonnies, and all the idiots. That I can't stand. Like you give up standing up for our couple. You will let them win. Just like if you don't report the attackers and rapes. And don't stand up to them. They will win and give them power. Me, I am stay here, DIDY, and RPI. Because I am not going to give haters, trolls, nonnies, and the the lunatics that kind of power and win. I love Rob and Kristen. They are my favorite people. I love how they are avoiding those idiots. And I am sure they are not giving them that kind of power or win to step all over them. So I agree with HKN Havens, RPI, and DIDY. Truth I believe in them. And you guys too. That is why I come here. And I am glad you kick out those haters and

Anonymous said...

trolls, nonnies, and all other idiots and telling them off. Me I am not going to chew them out. I have been ignoring them just like I am ignoring bullies. Bullies, abusers, and all others idiots and along with haters, trolls, nonnies, and all other idiots got together. They are cowards. I am sure you guys get the picture. Thanks for having me here. And no I am not going anywhere. I am staying because I am on your side and Rob and Kristen's side. I hope I am making sense. Thanks for listening to me.

vana said...

I can't believe how insane people can be. Rob is doing interviews about the product that he is advertising, absolutely effin nothing to do with his relationship. I really feel for the way Rob has been treated.

Anonymous said...

Vana- I agree with you there.
sue morris- Hi! Love your comments.

barbara said...

@Vana.Well said.Rob does not deserve all this hate garbage that is being hurled at him.His private life with Kristen is just that,Private.Off limits.
I'm disgusted at the treatment he is receiving,and for what?? oh yes he hasn't mentioned the love of his life in the Dior Campaign interviews,neither one of them have ever used their relationship in any interview,
they are more classy than that.

rklove said...

Good evening ladies!!

Sorry to have been MIA but work is kicking my butt!!

Arleen, how right you are about everything!!
*Fans* are over zealous and don't understand boundaries. Rob and Kristen are selling a product/movie. That is their job!! If they wish to share any part of their relationship, that is their prerogative. They are not obligated to do so. They are unlike so many Hollywood couples who love the publicity surrounding them. Rob and Kristen are the real deal and God bless them for want to keep sacred what is theirs
*Fans* who think they deserve more than what Rob and Kristen are giving them, are never going to be satisfied. It's unfortunate for the rest of us. Maybe, if Rob and Kristen aren't harassed by the pappz and so called fans as much, they would be more willing to be more open about their relationship. It's the crazies who threaten and continue to spew garbage that keep them from being more open.
The fact that these *journalist* interviewing Rob for Dior feel the need to mention his love life is, disheartening and only fuels the fodder for the "dipshitidiots". People really need to show some respect and allow these two to do their jobs.
I don't remember which one of you ladies said this but, when people break up, they don't have their childhood friends traveling all over the world with their exes. It's obvious that Rob's friends are doing what Rob can't at the moment. They are keeping his girl company and safe!! Love that man :)

Anyway, let's keep the faith and *TWIRL, TWIRL,TWIRL* for RK Love!!

Have a wonderful night!

Anonymous said...

Hi rklove, very well said. I agree with you 100%. RK do not owe us anything. Also, exes did not hang out with each others' childhood friends. It is so obvious he is taking care if his precious.

Anonymous said...

rklove- I agree with you. If you're asking me about my left hip its still feel the same. Just feel like a little balloon but it feels funny. As for my comments its what I see from HKN, RPI, and DIDY. And what I believe in and I believe in you guys. As for so called fans. They are related to bullies or same as I mention about the idiots they are idiots if you ask me. Well I am going to bed. Night. And thank you for my comment. I hope I made sense on that. Keep me posted. Good night.

vana said...

@Barbara I agree with you, Rob is selling his product not his personal life and yes he shows huge respect for Kristen. He is not using her. The way these supposed journalists use Rob and Kristen for a sell disgusts me too.

@Arleen what you say is so true and you said it so well. I agree, pappz are bullies.

As much as I love Rob, I don't think I want to read another article only because I believe they twist words, ideas and include things that aren't spoken about. I will support Rob but I hate what the journalists do. They love creating hysteria.

sue morris said...

THE TIME IS 3 in the morning and I cannot sleep. I just wanted to say that you girls are great , we need to defend Rob from this nonsense, because he is the protector of Kristen and she is well loved by him and many others. I think you guys are truly the best and have shown great support of both . Wish we could shut down some of the jerks but that's free speech--you just don't have to read it or watch it. Have a great Sunday-god bless.

sue said...

@HKN/Arleen, I'm not leaving. I still believe in R&K. I won't let the trolls win with their hate campaign. I'll still comment here and Intoxication.
My RL life is affecting my way of thinking, some things are dragging me down and reading some of the comments on an other blog I visit a lot just put me off some of the people there. A lot of hypocrisy and people jumping on the bandwagon. It was making me sad and angry and not feel comfortable anymore so I took the easy why out. Too many voices screaming out Rob being a dick in the Dior interviews for not defending Kristen and being an arrogant shallow arse. Fashion mags vs gossip rags. What's the big difference? It's like GC, the site pretending to be the upstanding crusaders telling the truth and nothing but the truth. Yeah right.
It didn't feel right anymore but I'm not leaving this place or Rose's and I still love reading Tempest's posts and I will keep doing that.

Love sue. xx

Anonymous said...

Good Sunday Morning to all the hkn havens! Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, sue, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am ready for church. All I am waiting for is my ride to church. Keep me posted.
sue and vana- Thanks! Papz are like more peeping toms would do. They are the same as peeping toms. Anyway, got to go now. I won't be home til 12:30pm. Later. Have a great Sunday. And have some faith.

Litmom said...

Hey Y'all!

I've been scarce as a ninja - MY RL is kicking me in the tail.

Thanks for the positivity, HKN - and thanks to all of you great regular commenters who keep the good MOJO going!

HKN is right - the haters are trying their darndest to divide and conquer, because they know (or are desperately denying) that the TRUTH is OUT THERE!

Hugs to all of you!

barbara said...

@Sue. I am saddened to hear that you will no longer post on didy.I will miss you,I always looked forward to your post.I know it got a tad heated,the Dior Rob interviews I found had been twisted and manipulated to the point,to me anyway,it was all the journalists input not Rob.
As for him not mentioning Kristen he would never disrespect her with such a cheap shot as bringing her name into his job as the Face of Dior.
I couldn't work out why people became so incensed with him over it.The hate waggon was overloaded with vile and vulgar spew,all aimed at him.Rob is a gentleman,who is deeply in love with Kristen and she with him.
THey are both fine,and together,despite what the hate tribe say. xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, sue, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I had a long day. Went to church, Had company, had Sonic for lunch, baked Apple Crisp, did the dishes, and now I am relaxed. So did I miss anything?

vana said...

@Arleen, sounds as though you had a really lovely day. Time now to enjoy and relax.

@Sue, the way you describe what they're saying about Rob is horrible. I was aware of some of the things but what you describe is just plain terrible. He does not deserve any of that treatment. Sounds like these people have truly lost the plot. I don't understand how they can't see the difference between personal life and public work.
The worst crime Rob has committed is being protective of his personal life. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

HKN is K pregnant? She looks like she gained a little weight and is wearing baggy shirt (Robs lol) more and more and is not tying a know in them like she use to

Barbara Fenwick said...

It is too big a coincidence to believe they are not spending time together. When one disappears, the other is out of sight as well. When one reappears, the other shows up in a day or two.
Thank you Tempest. I am right here with you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, sue, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. My apple crisp came out great. And I am still working on my table project. I will let you know. As for all of you keep up the good work on your comments. Except for trolls/haters. They need to keep out. Well night.

sue said...

@Barbara, hi girl. Yes I'll miss it too, it was fun while it lasted. I'll still be reading the comments, well maybe.
I'm a total anal idiot when it comes to vibes and feeling comfortable and I lost that loving feeling on DIDY. Haha.
Seriously though, too much of an anti-Rob campaign, too many agreeing and jumping on the bandwagon and all I could think was "you bunch of hypocrites".
I defended Rob too many times as it wasn't the first time the same ones spouting about him, disagreeing with him how he acts or did/didn't say, but I came to point that it didn't feel right anymore. I'm not part of the inside clique so I doubt my words or absence make any difference, I lost the pleasure so took the easy way out.
Still love you and Tempest though.
Have fun!

Love sue xxx

barbara said...

@Sue.I am still saddened that some Rob fans could treat him with scant respect,He is a rarity in Hollywood,he is gentle caring funny loyal smart he has more backbone than any of the so called tough guys.This is what Kristen saw in him,fell in love with him, he had already fell for her.He loved the toughness, her sensitive nature,her kindness,along with her beauty.

I am a fan of both of them,I have no favourites.And I believe they are together and he has made more than one trip to visit her on set.

Tempest has a new blog,she is spitting chips and I can't blame her. I apologised and knew she would be taking the bitch slapper to us,it was deserved.I feel like I should stay away from the site for a while,I have a feeling I have been put in the naughty room with the others.so time out I think will be the best thing to do.love you Sue.take care sweet friend.xxxx

sue said...

@Barbara, I read the new post and she is absolutely right.
I took the easy and probably cowardly way out but when I'm not comfortable I become a total anal twat and clam up, not really wanting to say anything again.
I'm not the best of talkers as it is, I always see myself as socially inept, it took me maybe a year before I started commenting on R&K blogs. I mean who in the hell is interested in what someone from Holland has to say, probably still people in this world who don't even know where the country is.
Anyway, I have too much drama in my life as it is and don't have the energy for more BS. So I'm keeping a low profile and see what happens.

Love sue xxx

Sanni K. said...

Hi, anyone knows when the filming of "Mission: Black List" begin?

Tempest said...

Barbara and co from the DIDY, i am not putting you in the naughty room...yet, but did you have to give me the 'red room of pain' reference? You did not do the whole 50 shades on me, did you? *shudder*

I am not saying that people can't have an opinion, but when the opinion is negative and the person who is posting knows it's negative, it brings others down with them, especially when others are finding the whole 'not being seen due to a really logical reason' very stressful. If people are suggesting there is no longer a relationship based on what i have written today - the questions - then they are indeed using their own opinion and not facts at all.

As for the rest...lol and i will continue to sit in my corner and eye roll until i detach the retinas again.

Lou said...

@ Sanni K.
There is no start date as of yet. Last we heard, the script was getting some work. So far, Life seems to be next on his agenda. It's supposed to start shooting early next year.

Lisa G. said...

Kristen is looking great in these pictures and I loved the signed autograph she gave to one of her fans. Interesting that there were no pictures of Rob and Kristen for quite some time and them bam! Over the weekend there were a lot of pictures of Kristen on set and having dinner with friends and then we have pictures of Rob heading to the gym. I love that Rob is ensuring the Kristen is surrounded by friends and being protected given how crazy it was with the paps when he is was attending a concert late last month.
HKN - you comment holds true about only one picture release by a pap of NV but there are eight of Rob walking to the gym. I guess Rolando is hot on Rob's tail again; not sure who is credited with the gym pictures.

sue morris said...

Tempest- you are so funny, it is 9 am here and I am sitting up un bed giggling at you new post and your newest response here at HTML I think that's what is so remarkable about these posts, you are able to all see the same thing I do--there is absolutely nothing wrong with saying that we appreciate both Rob and Kristen and we are looking for the new movies and just wanting them to be safe and sound.

Sanni K. said...

RadarOnline claims that Robert at a birthday party with a brunette was together and are near. It was with a friend, I do not know my Radar Online is credible? Do you know more and can enlighten me? I can not imagine it!

felicity said...

@sanni.. radaronline is down below with hwl, usw and the others.

no source with a name.. no pic..

if it is not a mystery brunette, it is a blonde or a red head.

i've never ever heard about the actress who was having a b'day party

i am not even sure that rob knows her.

Anonymous said...

Good Monday Good Afternoon to all the HKN havens! Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, sue, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I just got home from running errands. Still working my tables. I will let you know how it comes out. So did I miss anything while I was out?

Sanni K. said...

felicity --- I have already thought, the press must have a lot of boredom. Thank you

Sanni K. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mia said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lou said...

@ Mia
Lol. Whatever. I'm hoping that with that declaration, you are off to the outer reaches of the internet. Best regards and peace out.

SusannahKay said...

Mia - I really hope you're flouncing off for real this time but somehow I doubt it.....

Eva Richterova said...

@Lou,thank you,I wanted to write it.Mia away.

barbara said...

@Tempest.NOOOOO I did not do the the whole 50 shades.I did try to get the team back to believing after my lapse.I tried very hard.But that was when I realised some of Rob fans were flimsy fans,and that upset me.So then I tried music to calm them.It was sadly not working.I have taken your bollocking and ear boxing.
I promise to never again falter.love you T.xxxxx

Anne Jenkins said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tempest said...

If people on here want to believe the bs of radar online, i have several bridges i would like to sell them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, sue, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I just got done with dinner and cleaning. Tomorrow all I got to do is clean my room. Now I am going to bed.
Tempest- Truth, I haven't even gone on any tabs gossip trashy site. And I don't believe it. I believe in you guys. Not those idiots. I don't even like Radaronline. They are nothing but lies. I can't stand them. So I am with you.
sue morris- I always love your comments and agree with you and tempest. Good job.
As for the rest of you great job on your comments. Except for Mia, and all the haters and trolls. Which they don't belong here. This is not for trolls/haters here. As for the rest of HKN Havens great work. Good night. And hugs. Keep me posted. Night.

anani said...

please don't spread that rumour. of course Kristen gained weight. she is in swiss mountains with healthy air and food. and that is the place sick people are sent to get well, and why is it surprising that a healthy girl gained a little weight ?

anani said...

and i don't believe that radar online thing. because they are tabloid and if you believe them then one should also believe all the shit they write

Mickeymackey said...

you know - I can't even open my local paper at 5 in the morning with reading the crap that radar online is spewing. I guess they need something since they don't have anything. Too bad they don't have any pics to back up their claim. Shame on them. As for Kristen - don't you think if he moved on that the friends wouldn't be hanging around with her in Europe? They can't catch any breaks. There are so many more important things happening in the world right now that to take up space with this sh@@ is disgusting.

rklove said...

Good morning everyone!!

Was out with family this weekend, enjoying RL :)
I just saw the last two posts from Tempest and was reading all the comments here on HKN blog. I can't even believe people still read all the crap from the Tabloiddipshits!!
I wonder sometimes, are we the only sane Rob and Kristen fans? My TL was littered with the Radar article. The only thing going thru my mind was, Kristen finished filming and was back in LA with Rob..LOL Then I saw some pictures of her on set still.

The truth is, the Nonnies are running scared because Kristen is almost done filming and will be heading home to her family. (Rob and pups)

I look forward to happy times. I continue to *TWIRL* with all you beautiful ladies here@@

sue morris said...


Anonymous said...

Good morning to all the HKN Havens! Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, sue, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I just woke up and getting ready for a day. And looking forward to my two students at 1:30pm. Hope you all have a great day.

sue said...

@Arleen, I wouldn't be too upset for people disliking what you said on this board yesterday. I for one think you were absolutely right, sometimes a spade is a spade nothing more and nothing less. You never speak ill about others so some should bite their tongues and stop being so hypocritical.

Noticed Rob has a new girlfriend, at least it's a brunette this time and not a blond or redhead.
I wonder how many clicks Radar-online got today, good for business, next will be GC jumping in with some vague report of denial. The tabloids have another few weeks of material to spin around and around, $$$$$$$$.

I liked Tempest new posts. It's funny, when I saw that pic of the wedding first, was it last week?, I thought for a nanasecond "hee he looks familiar" and then the moment was gone'. Was that my subconscious? Now looking at it, it really is not far fetched. Those fingers did it for me plus the hairline is identical.
Tempest is no delusional bullshitter. I wish I could tell her straight that the way she writes, rocks. You are a cool chick and I gubble up every word you write. It always make sense, while this fandom is becoming more and more rotten then it ever was.

Sanni K. said...

If Kristen is now in Italy, then the shooting would soon be over, right? Then both are united with the dogs again, but both are currently no shooting at! ?

Lou said...

Everyone is welcome to their own opinions, so I will try to say this as respectfully as possible because I enjoy you all. However, we have all looked at probably thousands of pictures of Rob and not one of them looks remotely like the picture on Jack's instagram...like at all. I think that we do have to be careful of looking for conspiracies everywhere. With all that we know of Rob, is he really the kind of person to don a 'disguise' at a wedding and agree to have a picture of him uploaded to an open instagram account? Nothing about that suggests the non-attention seeking guy who doesn't even like to dress up for Halloween. Also, hands/fingers are hardly fingerprints. Two guys can have hands that look very similar and there is nothing to it. I'm sure that the picture is of a friend of Jack's - nothing more, nothing less. I would hope that we don't start inventing stories based off specious claims...let's leave that to the tabloid press...

I hope you all have a great day, and forgive me if my thoughts are unpopular.

Anonymous said...

Sue- Stop reading those trashy tabloids. They always lie. Included that one. I haven't any trashy tabloids. So I don't believe it. And its not true. I agree with tempest. We don't believe those bs. They radar online always lie. So stay away from those trashy bs.

Annie said...

Hmmm.......Every SINGLE aspect of Rob and Kristen's life is analyzed, obsessively so. Every look, every glance, every interaction, every touch, every word. It has moved on to not just them but their friends and families......Who can honestly say that if it were us, we wouldn't go for a disguise to enjoy one short moment of normalcy..........seems a small price to pay and it would fun too. :)

Lou said...

@ Annie
Really? I mean, I'm not trying to antagonize you (or anyone here), but does donning a disguise seem like a normal thing to do at a wedding? Or something that Rob would/has done ever? Presumably, he would know many of the people there...so why would he need pretend??? It seems like overanalyzing (and overreaching) to see Rob in that pic.

Okay, flame away...I've said my piece...Back to the regularly scheduled programming.

Annie said...

Why would you think you antagonized me? You gave your opinion and i mine.
I don't know what Rob would do. I don't know what he has done ever and I certainly don't know what he would be pushed to do. :)
I don't follow his life or Kristen's life that closely.

sue said...

@Arleen, I was being sarcastic. I'd be insulted if it wasn't for you, I know you just misread. I've been around this fandom for 3,5 yrs, I've seen it all.
If there are pics of him with this new girl kissing well so be it but for now it's BS as far as I'm concerned.

Lisa G. said...

I see on Robsten dreams they have pictures of Rob at what looks like him leaving the gym and in the pictures there is a brunette in workout clothes walking away from his car and then turns around and walks back to his car (but the pictures look out of sync they way they are posted). Just wondering if was the girl that they were trying to hook up with Rob as the new girlfriend from the Radar crap posting.
Anyways I hope the water was not too cold for Kristen and her co-star as they take a plunge in the river on the movie shoot. The comments are so true that you don't go half way around the world to visit your friend’s ex-girlfriend. There have been too many of his close friends visiting/traveling with Kristen.

sue morris said...

HKN-Ladies--I hate to break it to you but both Rob and Kristen have been know to kiss their friends and ACQUAINTANCES, as in thank you or goodbye. I know I do give hugs or kisses to friends. I think they are normal people that do normal things and watching every last little move they make is very, very sick, and not normal--they really do need to remove the long distance lenses from their every last wiggle. Good grief. Why do people even care-like it's not our business at all.

rklove said...

Hello ladies!!

First, that girl is his trainer from what I understand!!

Second, I love the *dipshitidiots* who would love nothing more than to have that girl be Rob's gf!

Third, its not!

Fourth, Kristen looks adorable in her tidy whities and black bra!!

Fifth, HKN I sincerely hope your enjoying how much CROW Rolando and the *dipshitidiots* are eating today!! I almost fell off my chair laughing at the slap in the face they got!!

Love you ladies!! Rob and Kristen are together!

cjrob said...

The girl walking by Rob's car was with another guy. You can see part of him in one of the pics. Just the tabs yet again trying to tell a story that is total BS!

Mickeymackey said...

I agree - the pics seem to be out of order to make it look like it is something that it isn't. Kristen looks like she is having a lot of fun. Its great to see her so happy. I think its so funny that the first pics of Robert that are posted are of him going into the gym on his own but once someone got around to messing with all the pics they put up that crap on radar online. I guess they don't have anything better to do. I for one and going to stop looking at anything, including this site, as I am getting whiplash trying to figure out what is going on. See you in a few.

Anonymous said...

Hi HKN Havens! I just got home from running errands. I was talking to one twitters. I know I am a sweet person. Me and my hubby were running errands. On the way home my hubby was driving you know I don't drive. Anyways, we were on way home. I looking around me and my husband drove by saw this person lying on the ground. We look at each other decided because we keep looking back to see if anyone saw her or just stop and check her. So we decided to turn around just to check on this person. I thought she was hurt. Utah is known for helping out something like this or something for being known as a good Samaritan. I thought she was hurt, dead, or pass out. When we stop I got out of the car. Check ask her if she is ok. Something wasn't right with her. But she said she is ok. So we said ok. Then she has ask to give her ride. So we did. I got the feeling something wasn't right with her. She keeps licking her up like drug or some psych. And my hubby kept looking at her like worried hope she doesn't pull a knife or something but good thing we drop her off at her home. He told me we did just a good thing helping people. But other part its scary for me. I don't know what was I thinking. Am I wrong for helping people?
Anyways, Did I miss anything while I was out?

rklove said...

Arleen...I want to hug you!! If I am ever in need I would love to have you in my corner.
In saying that, I think in this case you should have called the police. This person could have pulled a gun or knife on you. Unfortunately, in this day in age you have to think twice before aiding anyone.
Last year this same situation happened to me. I called 911 and they took care of the situation.

God bless you!!

Anonymous said...

rklove- Thanks that helps alot.

Lisa G. said...

@rklove - I hope you don't mind my asking but what happened today that Rolando and the *dipshitidiots* are eating CROW?

Tempest said...

Here's a little kick up the teeth for a few people who really need to open their eyes and wake up (yes this will be an unpopular opinion) why would Rob try and disguise himself and really, that's a disguise???
A pair of glasses that look identical to the ones Kristen wear and i have also photos where he has worn glasses before (white heart shaped ones, black rimmed ones he wore when on the red carpet for a joke) and a growth of a week or so worth of scruff and that's a disguise?

You see what people have missed the point completely is that they are so hell bent in placing Rob in LA because a few vague tweets and no photo of Rob but this has been brought to the attention of some people, simply because it 'look's' like Rob. Yes we have the 'i would know Rob anywhere' fanatics, the 'i've been a fan of his and i have seen every single photo of him and that looks nothing like him' fanatics and then you have the 'well i have an open mind so it could be'

The old line...anywhere except near Kristen and i don't mean the person in the corner of the photo i mean near the same country she has been shooting - why would Rob secretly slip away and not tell his fans goddammit!!

Yeah looking at people and judging them harshly. The self entitled fans who believe they would know, because the paps would catch him and there you have the kind of fans who follow Rob 'pics or it didn't happen' or actually it's
'if he's not papped it's not real'

You will be surprised the number of times either have slipped in and out of a country undetected but i will leave the delusionals in the corner with that one for now.
Not everyone who has an instagram account think about the number of people who will look at the photos. let's face it, does anyone know who Jack Standen actually is, other than a band member of Marcus Foster and how does anyone know Marcus Foster?

Through Rob and his friends that some people seem to stalk religiously, so really for the likes of Jack how the hell would he know people would even care what he does or does not put up on his instagram, other than self righteous and self entitled who stalk and comment and tweet photos from 'his account'

The friends of Rob and Kristen are 'aware' of the fanatical fandom that follow them, but unlike some people who sit on their computers 24/7 the world is not all that interested in what Robert Pattinson's friends do or do not do...only the fanatical fans.

I posted the collage to prove a point, to open up the debate that some in here and indeed my own blog has been infiltrated by mind numbing self-righteous - that Rob can and does go where he wants to go and he doesn't have to stay in LA because some people say so, he has enough idiots making up stories about him and then sending them to idiots like X-17 Online, Radar gets it wrong again online and HWL

andreana said...

Arleen P . You are without a doubt the most wonderful person on this planet... never pick up a stranger , just call for help. No one would ever want to lose you from their lives. Stay safe but never change .

SusannahKay said...

Arleen - I don't think it's ever wrong to try to help someone but maybe call 911 next time? Just so you don't put yourself at risk while doing a good deed

hazleblnde said...

OK, don't everyone fall over laughing at the same time,but the stories with Rob and Kristen on CG are blocked out/unavailable!!!!!! You click on them and you get NOTHING..bwahahahaha how perfect is that. OMG can not stop laughing...crying...:""") tears of joy

Lou said...

@ Tempest
First, I don't quite understand the aggression in your tone. If you opened this up for debate, why not allow it to be debated without attempting to shout down alternative points of view? That picture looks nothing like Rob. Post all the collages you want to - it just looks ridiculous and a tad desperate. Also, crazies from all parts of the fandom tweet Jack and comment on his instagram. He is totally aware of the rabidness of this fandom.

You can lecture all you want to, but I wish you had done some research on my posts first. I am perfectly aware that both Rob and Kristen can move about often unnoticed (they have a lot of money, and privacy is one of the few things they will use it on). I have no idea whether or not Rob (or Kristen) was at that wedding. I am not their keeper. It certainly is within the realm of possibility. I was merely commenting on the fact that we know what Rob looks like, and that is not him. I also am not of the 'pics or it didn't happen' ilk, and I am certainly do not need pap pics to let me know what's going on.

If you want to judge harshly, get to know me first. We're actually on the same side. As I know that Wednesday has already dawned on your side of the world, I wish you a good day.

Tempest said...

To @Lou; why yes it is already Wednesday on my side of the world and let me throw the gauntlet back at you, did i mention you by name - no i didn't so i would kindly use the phrase, think first before accusing someone of something they didn't do. You are all entitled to your opinions as i said and you should also allow me to be entitled to mine since the photo was on my blog that has caused this debate. Would you like me to give you the contact details of my friend who works in Pathology to break it down for you why so many markers show that there are more markers for Rob's face that Jack's or do you have some insider knowledge that suggests Rob wasn't there or anywhere near Kristen on that given weekend? I will be interested in your reply.

My post went out to the fandom, that's fandom not a name called Lou, so if you feel offended by my post that's not my problem but think first before accusation. To be perfectly blunt and honest here, i didn't even read your post, my post was known as a fly by.

have a nice day!

vana said...

@Arleen, you and your husband sound like really beautiful people, please be careful.

I am shocked and appalled (sp) at the constant horrible things being said about Rob and the ways he is pushed into any corner. I can't think of anyone who has been treated so badly (understatement) for doing absolutely nothing. I'm aware there's a justice for Kristen but I feel so strongly at the moment in wanting justice for Rob. Actually, Hatersknownothing is probably the closest there is to justice for Rob and also DIDY and RPI. I'm so happy for this site.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, sue, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I have been home from the book club. Did I miss anything while I was out.
vana, SusannahKay, and andreana- Thank you. I will do that next time to called the police or 911. And love all your comments.
Tempest- Love your comments. Great job on it. Thank you.
As for the rest of you I am going to bed. Keep me posted.

felicity said...

hi hkn peeps.

isn't it funny that tempest posts something here.. without naming some certain people and yet someone is feeling offended by her post?

i mean you @lou, yes.

where did tempest directly address you? nowhere!

you should think twice before you react, because it shows where you are standing.


i know what people were and are talking about the pic that tempest posted on HER blog.. and i also know tempest very well. she would never post something like that without making sure that she can back it up with facts.


@arleen.. love you. take care and don't work too hard

hope all people at hkn are having a good day.

we can see how desperate the nonnies/haters, robsessed/krisbians are right now..

they are grasping at straws.. yes, all of them.

we will see, the wake-up call will happen!

we just have to wait a little longer

Sanni K. said...

The woman in the photos is said to be Anne Schoeneberger. How do I know she knows Rob from earlier so again just scaremongering.

anani said...

Sanni K.
and who is this anne schoeneberger?

anani said...

Sanni K
if you mean the brazilian model anne schoenberger she looks nothing like the grl in rob pics

Sanni K. said...

hmm ok then I was wrong, my opinion was good at first glance, but the people here are making it look better :-)

anani said...

Sanni K
lol i don' think the girl's name is that important

weepingindian said...

It's funny someone would bring up the name of Annelyse Schoenberger.I remember this online gossip piece where it said they hung out all evening,look like they were having a good then left together.A interviewer, sometime after the fact asked Rob about her he said "I never even met her." This is when I realized the tabs were full of crap.

rklove said...

Good morning everyone!

Tempest: Great comments. TBH, I never thought that the picture was anyone else. It was obvious to me from the beginning. Look at that crooked smile, teeth, finger's holding glass, Kristen's glasses etc. Plus the fact that his cousin recently got married in London. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but, trying to disprove it was Rob because of your hatred towards Kristen is ridiculous.

Lisa G... Rolando and all the Nonnies wanted to make us believe it was Robs new *gf* in those pics, it turns out, it was more made up crap to suit their agenda. From what I understand, it was his trainer..

Ladies, have a wonderful day!!

sue said...

I've been reading Tempest's comments and posts for over a year now. It started last summer on RPI and later I followed her on her blog. She has integrity, says it as it is (I love that), she seems to know how people tick as it is her profession and she never gave me the feeling to be a delusional fan talking out of her neck. She has one of the best blogs around and I always seem to agree with what she has to say.
I feel that she wants to open people's minds, think outside of the restricted box that is R&K. At least that's just my opinion and I hope she sticks around for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all the HKN Havens! Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, sue, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am up and ready for work. Keep me posted.
felicity- Thanks I will. And you too. And I agree with you about haters and all other idiots.
rklove- Love your comments. Great job. And I agree with you there.
As for the rest of you hope you all have a great day.

Lisa G. said...

Sorry to do this I have to give credit to E! this time who reported that the mystery woman is a trainer, who steps in to work with Rob when his usual trainer Harley Pasternak is unavailable to meet with him.

Also this is something I found interesting about how x17 manipulates to fit the lies. I have not heard of this poster before but I thought this was interesting. Blanco was credited with those gym photos.


sue morris said...

DEAR Arlene, Tempest, Sue, Felicity, and everyone--I am amused when there is someone who just is so obviously got the I am right attitude and begin to react rudely to Tempest or Haters no nothing or Rose as if they are in the know. haters no nothing---a very appropriate name for such a person. I am so happy to see Kristen laughing, even in a cold river in Switzerland, what a tough little sweetie, and I would bet you somewhere there is a Rob type person-joking and kidding with Kristen and the other actress who is very famous and French and a former cast mate of Rob's. That shoot looks chilly! Nobody really knows where Rob is and he is such a goof, he could be here, he could be there, he could be anywhere! Good for him, I think he is really neat and full of fun.

hazleblnde said...

Regarding the collage of pics on didy,I still don't think that is Rob in disguise.Rob has very distinctive teeth(not just crooked as someone stated). The teeth to me do not match,the beard growth does not match(I will admit to not seeing his in all stages of growth)but never have I see his that patchy.Just adding my two cents/opinion.

sue said...

I've been meaning to ask this question for a few days now but I'm afraid it's gonna cause a stir. Is it normal for an actress to wear her rings during a shoot? I mean I keep seeing kristen wearing the big bling while also being on shoots, it could be a total different one and I don't see anyone noticing it either so I just let it go but the new pics of her swimming she still has those rings on. Jeez please I hope I'm so ignorant for not knowing the obvious, believe me it's an innocent question without any malice but it's been bugging me for days now.

SusannahKay said...

Sue - It's not unusual for Kristen to keep her rings on unless it doesn't fit the character she's playing.She wore the gold band through part of BD1, if I remember rightly

Sanni K. said...

Sue-She wears while filming their double ring then it will also allow the character. The new ring she has since Paris. Only at Camp x ray because she had taken the jewelry.

sue morris said...

BOTH Kristen and Rob have been pictured with a gold wedding ring on. The wedding picture of Rob, that I believe is a giggling Rob and almost all recent pictures of Kristen with gold rings on both hands including a tiny ring that look like Rob's. And why should they not wear rings? Some people choose to and some people have to hide their existence because of written and verbal death threats against them. They would be in real danger if they both wore wedding rings at the same time. The larger issue is not whether you agree or not that both Kristen and Rob dutifully attended a family wedding and caught a Twilight music fest, because there are zillions of people who would disagree with me, the point is this--what difference does it make if you agree or disagree? No one prove one way or the other. But, this is what they do(1) they go to family and friend's weddings(2) they love music events like concerts, etc. They are together and they love the English countryside and it is their life.

anani said...

so the girl is sydneyliebes. x17 posted article. they say she is personal trainer but still say rob is dating her. they just forgot to mention her boyfriend

Lou said...


Again, I'm not quite so sure why the tone??? I certainly wasn't throwing a gauntlet at you; my sign off was meant as a 'peace, my friend,' and that was all. I'm sorry if I took your comment personally - I was really the only person who had posted a contrary opinion here, so I thought your comment was directed at me...my bad. However, again, as we are on the same side of this, and I have never once been a drama lama around here, I'm not quite so sure why you're jumping down my throat for directly addressing you and having an alternative view point? I can certainly show the picture to my husband who works in criminology...but I'm not going to because how embarrassing would that be? (just like I'm sure you're not showing the pic to your friend...it just ain't that important)

And to all of Tempest's defenders here - guys, you don't need to defend her to me. I was only saying that the pic doesn't resemble Rob. That is certainly no attack on her honesty or veracity. I just happen to believe that we shouldn't just accept everything that we read/see online as automatically true. (which I think we can all agree on( We should be allowed to question, and we should not all have to fall into lock step with each other. We just need to be respectful of each other...especially when we disagree.

Okay, onwards... Have a good day - and ignore the tab bs.

Jean Worley said...

Lou, I have the feeling that EVERYTHING to do with Rob and Kristen is important to you.
As for Tempest's tone, you were most likely the 103rd or so person to say pretty much the same thing. That gets old. TWITTER and e-mail remember? She cares,
so she went to the trouble of answering you. Had it been me I would have simply shrugged and tossed your
comment on the SO WHAT? pile and went on with my day. That's the difference between Tempest and me though and the key to why she runs one of the most successful blogs about Rob and Kristen. Instead of feeling miffed you should feel honored that she cared enough about your opinion to answer.
Instead you feel ticked that she didn't do it while stroking your ego. You disagree with her. I disagree with you. It's OK. We're all grownups and it's OK to agree to disagree. That's what adults do and then we walk on instead of taking things personally. OK? OK. It's been nice talking to you..JW

Jean Worley said...

Lou, I apologize. I should have left out all personal reference to you. But since I felt all points of view have some small bit of pride involved I'm not sure how else I could have worded it. Peace..JW