Saturday, September 14, 2013

He Still Loves Her, She Still Loves Him

This man. This beautiful man. He supposedly broke up with the love of his life and hasn't spoken to her since.  It's gotten so bad he even refuses to share the dogs with her. 

Oh really. Riddle me this.Why would a man who is so completely over some one ( according to People) go to his exes house multiple times? 

Yes that's his car parked in her driveway right by all of her cars. The dipshidiots excuse? Okay get ready. Someone else drove his car there. He was there to tell her he couldn't share custody of the dogs with her anymore. She wasn't there.

 No he wouldn't be there while she wasn't there if they were broken up. 

The paps we're there for 2 hrs before they were chased away. How long was Rob there? Quite a while since he was back living there at this point in time. 

Now why would he be doing that? Simple.

He Still Loves Her

This woman.This wonderful independent thinking woman. She does things her own way and doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks. She supposedly kicked the love of her life to the curb without looking back.

And if you believe that I've got a bridge to sell you.

Now why would this headstrong young woman who supposedly is so over her boyfriend that she kicked him out of her life still be wearing his clothes. ?

According to the dipshidiots it's her hoodie not his. Really? As tiny as she is you think he's wearing HER hoodie? 

It's his hoodie and she likes wearing it. It reminds her of him. And it smells of him. You know why she likes that? 

She Still Loves Him

This is a recent picture of Kristen with a fan.

This is a picture of Rob on set a few days later. Now if they aren't talking or speaking to each other explain how did he get those same glasses. Beuller? Beuller? Anyone?

They live together that's why. They see or talk to each other every day. Sharing is caring. And why else? You got it.

He Still Loves Her


The picture above is Kristen with her guitar that Rob gave to her. Now you would think she would take this guitar with her to Europe when she went there to start filming Sils Maria recently. Did she do that? No she did not.

Instead she brought Rob's guitar with her. Or his guitar case. Take your pic.

The dipshidiots we're extremely nervous about this and even claimed that the pics we're photo shopped by Sash. 

Why did this make them so nervous? Because there is no explanation for her taking HIS guitar or case to Europe with her if she supposedly kicked his butt to the curb. Why would she do this? Taking it on ahead for him to use later when he visits perhaps? Yeah that. Oh and this reason too. 

She Still Loves Him

Explains a lot doesn't it. Why hasn't he trashed her if he supposedly despises her so much? He's had plenty of opportunities to get his digs in with all the recent Dior interviews. And yet he has said not one bad word about her. And something else to think about. Why hasn't he stepped out with somebody new?  Somebody that's actually believable that is. 

We've had a woman with a girlfriend, a best friend of Kristen's who has denied anything but friendship, Katy Perry who wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole, a woman named Mischa Barton whom we have not seen even one picture of him with, and my favorite Sia who likes dick just not Rob's. Not to mention mystery blondes and a secret girlfriend named Lauren.

The dipshidiots running around like three blind mice praying  for anything to stick but getting no where. 

This is Kristen and Rob. Anyone with any common sense knows it is. Again I ask you why would you be riding with your ex in his truck if you kicked him to the curb and want nothing more to do with him? No explanation is there. Nada. 

And why would you wear a new bauble from an ex boyfriend that you want nothing to do with? Yes it is from Rob. According to the dipshidiots logic it is a film prop from Sils Maria.

The desperate crap is getting thicker and thicker. The more nervous they get the thicker the crap. And why does the fact that the ring is from Rob make them so nervous?

Yep you got it.

He Still Loves Her and She Still Loves Him

Movie News !

From Screen Daily

EXCLUSIVE: Robert Pattinson will star as Magnum photographer Dennis Stock and Dane DeHaan will play James Dean in Anton Corbijn’s Life. FilmNation handles international sales and will introduce the script to buyers in Toronto.

See-Saw Films’ Iain Canning and Emile Sherman produce with Christina Piovesan of First Generation Films, marking a post-The King’s Speech reunion between See-Saw and FilmNation. CAA holds US rights.

Luke Davies wrote the screenplay to Life, which chronicles the friendship that ensued when the straight-laced Stock embarked on a road trip with Dean in 1955 for a Life magazine commission.

Filming is scheduled to commence production in February 2014 on location in Canada.

“As an internationally celebrated photographer, Anton Corbijn is the perfect filmmaker to direct Life,” said Canning and Sherman. “Finding the right actor to play James Dean was a big responsibility, but Dane’s body of work has proved what a chameleon he is and what he will contribute to the role.

“Casting Robert Pattinson and Dane DeHaan brings together two of the most exciting young actors of their generation.”

“We were fortunate to work with Anton on A Most Wanted Man and are thrilled to be a part of his next film,” said FilmNation CEO Glen Basner. “His incredible talent combined with the chemistry between Dane and Robert will bring to life the fascinating story of the fast friendship formed at a very pivotal time in Dean’s life.

“The project also marks our re-teaming with See-Saw Films whose impressive track record continuously keeps them a top-player in international film production.”

Pattinson will next be see in David Michôd’s The Rover and starred in David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis as well as the Twilight franchise. He recently wrapped on Cronenberg’s Maps To The Stars .

DeHaan broke out in the sci-fi hit Chronicle and also stars in Toronto entries Devil’s Knot, Metallica Through The Never and Kill Your Darlings. His credits include The Place Beyond The Pines.

Dane DeHaan who will play James Dean.

This sounds really interesting! Can't wait to see what Rob does with this! Congrats to Rob!

Lots of rumors that Rob has dropped out of QOTD. Nothing official as of yet. Hopefully he will still be able to do this. I really want to see him as T E Lawrence. 

And speaking of Rob

I mean Where's Rob. Here There and Everywhere. No pap pic of him since August 22. Of course there are twitter sightings everywhere. And typical of the dipshidiots you can guess which ones are oh so true according to them.

You guessed it. Any bar or club sighting has got to be true. Most especially if it places him in LA and far away from Kristen.  

The London ones can't possibly be true. Why? Because it would put him dangerously close to Kristen. Those ones make the dipshidiots twitch with nervousness. 

Here's why I will bet a million dollars Rob is not in LA. To put it simply in two words.


Rolando is not going to go for three weeks without a payday from Rob unless he has no other choice because Rob is not in town. If Rob was anywhere in LA you can bet Rolando would be on it. All these so called bar and club sightings and not one Rolando the stalker pic of Rob coming to or leaving these places? Really? You believe that? 

  My bet is he is in London or maybe even closer than that to Kristen. 

Oh like say this close. This is what happened the last time the dipshidiots were over confident that Rob and Kristen were over. They are scared to death of it happening again. Anything that remotely smacks of them possibly still being together oh like say him being in London, or even nearer to her sends them scurrying to make up the latest hook up rumor or Rob at a bar or club sighting. 

While we wait for ninja Rob to show his pretty face how about a nice game of Where's Waldo?

And Id like to leave you with this just because the mere thought of Kristen actually being pregnant with Rob's baby sends the dipshidiots into convulsions.

They've had this conversation. Oh really Kristen? You've talked babies with Rob? 

Aww come on Kristen take one for the team! Tee Hee.


jesicama said...

awww babies... like The Beatles sing "she loves you, yeahhhhh yeahhhh, she loves you...She loves you, yeah,
She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah
And with a love like that
You know you should be glad."

sid vexy said...

its was a GREAT POST!!! thanks... the dipshidiot really need to look at this one...

kriert said...

Hello Everyone at HKN!

ROB AND KRISTEN ARE STRONGER THAN EVER. This is what I believe always. I know this drought is giving doubts to lots of RK fans but i strongly believe that before this year ends we will be have a picture of both of them together. THATS WHAT YOU CALL FAITH.




Thanks HKN for having you around.

RKsoulmates913 said...

Did You see where SilsMaria has been filmed? Hmmm WONDERFUL place, far away from Stalkerazzis and amazing to have you Hubby to visit you... Chloe's brother has amazing pics from the location... sigh...

Love in the mountains...so romantic, so RK...they like the rural England, why not the mountais...fresh air, and peace and so much love!!!


Unconditional Love!!!


My heart is FULL of love!!! XO

anani said...

what was new in this post? nothing. the same as the previous one. so why post it?
and don't agree about the sightings-there are fake ones I admit- but when you get 5 sightings from one place( no vacanc this time) then i think it tends to be true. so even if those london sightings were true and he was there how does that make him close to kristen?

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, sue, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am about to get ready for bed. Before I go to bed.
HKN Havens- Great job on your blog. I believe in you. You have done a great excellent job on this. I give you ratings score of 20. Means great. And I agree with you more.
RKsoulmates913- Hey you! How are you? Love your comments.
kriert- Love your comments. I love Whitney Houston's song.
sue morris- I agree with you too. About the other on Kiss. Too much drama.
Well, I am going to bed. Keep me posted.

edangel said...

Rob being MIA for more than 3 weeks inspite of all the sightings in LA only makes the plot more thicker!! Lets face it!! If he is in LA and there are 5 sightings in a day in LA, do u think that he can get under the radar and not papped?!!! Please, if you have not learned anything from the past years then dont come and give the lecture that we had 5 sightings in LA on the same day, so he might be in LA but he was a ninja and so was not papped!! Not for more than 3 weeks!!! The papz are watching like hawks to get a pic of him in LA!!

There were 2 sightings in London on the same day around 3 weeks before and 2 sightings a day before!!! and another around 3 days back!!
There were totally 5 sightings!! I am not saying that he is in London but i am just saying that the probability of him being in LA is very very less!!

HKN is not an insider and as per my knowledge she is not the PA or manager of either one of them to post their day to day schedule or whatever you are looking for!! She posts here because its her blog and we all come to read it!! We read her thoughts!!! So please dont come here read her thoughts and complain to her!! She has all the rights to post whatever she wants to!!

Finally IMO RK are together somewhere!! Rob is by her side or may be a little away where she can reach him whenever she wants and vice-versa!!!

Keep the faith , the truth will be revealed soon!!

vicki Brooks said...

talk about psysic I had just left a post on my favorite blog about being down about not hereing anything rk related when notification of another entry from you. thanks aton gave me a boost when I needed it.

vernistene said...
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Lady Chancellor said...

Fantastic post HKN !
Thank you for keeping our spirits up !

Lady Chancellor said...

Another fantastic post HKN !
Thank you for keeping our spirits high !



SusannahKay said...

Anani - I really don't understand why you waste your time on things that clearly don't meet with your approval.You have got to be one of the most miserable people I've ever encountered and you really need to find something to do with your time that makes you happy,it can't be much fun to constantly be in such a negative frame of mind.I feel sad for you actually.

felicity said...
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kriert said...





felicity said...


since everything that HKN is writing on HER blog is nothing you like or you find interesting at all..

why do you even bother to come here?

just to say 'i don't approve'

well, sorry, i don't care if you approve or not..

and i don't care if you like what HKN wrote here or not.

it doesn't matter, if YOU like it..

HKN is not seeking for YOUR approval.

don't waste your time.. and don't waste ours.

go to a site(blog) that is interested it your thoughts.

you are always so negative.. just because you don't want to see the positive side in anything.

HKN, common sense is NOT common anymore..

anani said...

@felicity @susanahkay
if it makes sense for HKN to write same things over and over , it makes sense for me to come here over and over
and susanah-so you know so much about me to call me names? and what did I say to offend? i said the truth-how is this post different from the previous one? it is not , there is nothing new there. maybe because the cousin is not really working anywhere? i know i know negative vibes. do post that rob is MIA for three weeks (which he is not) and sure that makes him somewhere near kristen . i would be happy if it were true but I am not gonna ignore everything and blindly believe.
I have just one question-why do you believe they are together without any pics or proof-and why don't you believe the sighting without pics? what's the difference?

candydo said...

I also think that R and K are together, somewhere in the mountains, enjoying some quality time together, far far away from the paps and the fans, just being themselves, carefree and happy. I also think that Kristen is the girl in the truck and that the ring comes from Rob.

vana said...

Another great post. Thanks HKN.

rolange said...

Great post.

Just a clarification though. Rob's Dior interviews are not new. They were done back in May and are only being released now, so there's no new information (or speculation on the writer's part) in there. At least not in the interview part.

irene said...

@ anani

"I have just one question-why do you believe they are together without any pics or proof-and why don't you believe the sighting without pics? what's the difference?"

It's called having an enquiring, thoughtful mind + a good dose of common sense...... The proof is there!
Pics are neither here nor there......... they can tell as many lies as truths......

vana said...

Love Rob and Kristen and looking forward to their upcoming projects. Rob's quotes are gorgeous.

Enna said...
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Saphire1231 said...

@ Anani

Please note: The answers I have given to your questions are my own opinion... but I offer them for what they are worth!

You said: "What was new in this post? nothing. The same as the previous one. so why post it"?

Answer: I was not aware (and I would bet that HKN is not aware either), that she needs to get your permission to post anything at all on her own blog - let alone some statement that meets with your, or anyone else's approval!
What has been posted is not in question by those of us who believe in R/K's togetherness... it is only doubted by those who do not believe or by those who want to "stir the pot" so to speak.

You said: And I don't agree about the sightings-there are fake ones I admit- but when you get 5 sightings from one place(No-Vacancy this time) then I think it tends to be true.

Answer: If you think that one attention seeking person who posts a sighting has not got friends to back her/his bogus sighting up with tweets of their own... then you are just burying your head in the sand!

You said: "So even if those London sightings were true, and he was there how does that make him close to Kristen?

Answer: Because it is just a short flight (in a private plane - & you know they have the money for it) to pop over and visit/spend time with each other... However... LA on the other hand is many hours of flying time and not as viable!

Whatever... Those of us who believe in R/K's relationship gather together on blogs like this to share our positive views... and yes~~ the topic often attracts the dissenters and those who want absolute proof... but as they say... "There is none so blind as those who will not see".

So if you don't want to be perceived as negative... Please stop with the inane questions seeking proof... after all... ultimately those who can answer with any certainty at all, are Rob & Kristen... and you know they are keeping their relationship PRIVATE!

HKN kindly shares what she gets from her relative... I would think her relative is away working with Kristen in Europe at this time and so there is nothing she would be able to share right now! So please stop expecting every post from HKN to impart some new information... It will happen, all in good time... in the meantime... we wait,, we share and we care!

Cheers Chrissie

Annie said...

All these naysayers running to every pro Rob and Kristen website looking to see what's being said.
Hmmm........Nervous much?

Arleen Parkinson said...

Good Sunday Morning to all the hkn havens! Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, sue, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am up and ready for church. Just waiting for my ride. Keep me posted.
felicity, Saphire1231, and SusannahKay- Great comments.

Mama Nails said...

Love it. So true. He DOES love her. She DOES love him. I believe they are currently together or have been together recently. Love that the haters hate the idea of him being in London now. When Kristen is in LA they always want to say he's going home to London. But now that Kristen is in Europe they want him to stay out in LA!

It KILLS them that so many of us are calmly believing that our favorite couple is still together. We have to stick together and be as drama free amongst ourselves as possible. There's nothing more frustrating for the haters than the believers calmly and rationally sticking to our beliefs. They can't stand it! LOL

Morning Coffee said...

What a great post....I will smile the rest of the day.

Simple and to the point they Love each other, always have always will.

RKsoulmates913 said...

If you don't reply Anani and whomever always come here to bother us 'the delusional', I'm sure we would not have them here anymore. The more attention you give them, the more reasons they have to come and say shit.

I guess my msg will be ignored too...I saw SEVERAL similar msgs and nobody gave a shit about it...Really guys, those people who want to create/bring drama, they are not worth it.

RK are SOULMATES and there is NOTHING haters can do about it.

KEEP in mind haters & Co, RK relationship is not entertainment or a circus, It's a PRIVATE relationship, it's their and only theirs.

"This thing with everyone knowing you, it's weird, because people have this one-sided relationship where they look at your picture and feel they know you more than someone they actually know. I don't really know myself that well." ROB

Rob would NEVER say he bought a house to some random interviewer

"I'm afraid of buying a house or anything, 'cause if there's one paparazzi outside for one day, then they'll never leave."ROB

Until you hear it from Rob or Kristen >>> don't believe all you read and hear.

And Why do people think Rob would settle to secondsss? Really? My gosh Where were you while RK relationship was getting stronger and stronger? Go and watch all those interviews and you will see that RK are TOGETHER, that media manipulates words and twists facts, where FACTS become a bad, ridiculous fanfiction... and sadly there are people who believe them...

Have a nice Sunday!

RK are TOGETHER and stronger than ever. They are soulmates, even if you like it or not!

>>> " #Soulmates>>If you think that finding or being found by a mate is all about having a perfect partner with a tag of awesomeness, then change the way you think. Soul mates are not any special people with some out of the world qualities. They are just ordinary people with an extraordinary passion to make a relationship work despite the odds, despite the complications and despite all the imperfections in their life. No one becomes your soul mate the very first day you meet them. It is a journey of two people in love who happen to be really good together in all circumstances. They just have this spark in their relationship which helps them to make compromises and overcome their imperfections in the most beautiful way. It is a relationship where things just work out and the bond just keeps getting stronger with each passing day." <<<< #RKSOULMATES

RKsoulmates913 said...

#LIZ I miss You!!!

Twirling with you!

Yeah, RK are Together!

#Elizbeth >>> WHERE ARE YOU sweetie!?

Enna said...
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cjrob said...

First time commenting here, I usually just lurk. I feel like this is a good time to jump in and show my support for this blog and all the positive commenters here! Keep it up ladies! I believe RK are very much together, but are wanting some much-needed privacy.While I miss seeing them, I am glad they have been able to escape from the spotlight that is constantly on them. Let's stop demanding pics and respect their privacy and just be happy for them!

Annie said...

I don't think HKN has anything at all to be nervous about. I think it's those who try to discredit her that are extremely nervous........ Countless hours, every posting spent trying to discredit her. Fascinating!

RPIndie said...
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Sheri Simms said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
S Simms said...

I understand what you are saying and no, there is no new information in her post. I think she does this to keep spirits up because there is not new information to give at the moment.

Last year she knew they were together, but did not get specific information very often. Kristen is filming and is away from paps at the moment and Rob has gone MIA. I am happy they are both getting some respite from the paps.

It does bother me when people pick and choose what tweets they believe, but to each there own. I do not believe any without a picture to back it up, even if it is where I wish he was/is. If he is in LA it is okay. He works and lives there and I am sure he is lining up more projects. We just found out about another one this week that i am very excited about. I will be the first to admit I have no clue where Rob is and I suspect, whether, LA/London/Switzerland/Timbuktu, that is exactly as he wants it.

HKN is a fan with a source who gives very limited information, so much of what she posts is her wishes or opinion. However she has stood firm that her source tells her they are together (as a couple, not necessarily physically in the same location) and doing fine. That is really all that matters.

I am not a fan of the speculation and clothes sharing stuff. I think it is silly, but I do believe her source is accurate, so I come for that reason alone. I ignore the silly stuff and focus on the fact that her source was right about them being together last year, so until proven otherwise, I will believe what her source tells her now.

Eva Richterova said...

RKsoulmates913@ thank you.Beautifully written. "It's my decision who I want to be together with.That's why my life should be more beautiful with her than without her" ROBERT PATTINSON

Enna said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Hatersknownothing said...


This post is not like the previous post. I talked about dior last post. Right now things are very quiet so theres not a lot of news. Kristen is filming and Rob has gone ninja. so not much going on. If you want to believe in every tweet be my guest. you will be dissapointed in the end.So all these people on twitter knew he was at no vacancy but Rolando didn't get the tip? riiiiiiight.Like I said in my post Rolando isn't going that long without a payday unless hes forced too because Rob's not in town.

RKsoulmates913 said...

“My God, I’m so in love with my boyfriend. I wish he were here now. I think I want to have his babies" Kristen (Vogue 2012) ;)

“I love the way he smells. And him me. Like, he loves to lick under my armpits. I don’t get this obsession with washing the smell off. That smell of someone you love – don’t you think that’s the whole point?” Kristen (2012)


" She is amazing, ambitious ready to grasp life. She has an attitude she doesnt kiss people's asses, she is respected. I would die for Kristen. Yesterday i was watching her movie and felt so proud." Rob (Cannes 2012)

>>> He mentions he has been writing something so that they can work together again. Something very different."It will be difficult and it will have to be far ahead in the future because many people will not like it. But i do not care. I want her. She is mine".ROB (Cannes 2012)

She is so in love with him and he doesn't care what haters think, he WANTS her, She is his!!!!

Nice weekend!!!

Rob mentioned he is writing with a 'friend'...you know that soulmates are friends, lovers, partners and forever! ;)

Sanni K. said...

Who is rolando?
I hope it's not a stupid question!
Moreover, the Post is very good and I think he is in your in Switzerland!
As the friends of K and R are now on the road again.

Hatersknownothing said...


Rolando is a pap who likes to stalk Rob and Kristen. If Rob was in LA he would have been papped by him by now.

Madeline said...

Love your blog HKN! It is refreshing in a time of drought to read a nice positive post like this that puts it all in prospective.
So do all the negative people sit on the edge of their seats waiting for a new post so they can be first to say something stupid? Sure seems that way.

sue morris said...

thank you HKN --I absolutely adore the kitty-cat! Art in it's purest form! We love these two young actors for their ability to create their characters and then stand back and be themselves and be recognized as themselves, because they were nothing like the characters in Twilight, they did get acquainted there and continued to make independent films at the same time--with Rob producing one. I think they have a great relationship, based on trust, love and fierce devotion to each other and a great need to keep the world out of their world. BRAVO. We are in the real world, my friends, and we will be allowed to see their movies and an occasional photo, and that should really be enough. Pray for their safety and stop trying to figure out where they are please--their privacy and safety depends on you-and your silence. Gob bless you HKN.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, sue, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I just got home from church and errands. So what did I miss?
Mama Nails, morning coffee, RKsoulmates913, cjrob, and sue morris- I love all your comments. And I agree with you. Sorry took so long today. I was at church, running errands, and lock my twitter account to prevent from haters, trolls, and all other jerks. I don't like junks. Haters, trolls, nonnies, nonberts, and all other idiots are junk to me.
And I better get dinner ready and keep me posted.

rklove said...

Good evening ladies!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Spent some quality time with my son. Can't wait for the next visit. His college is so far :(
I am sure some of you have had to deal with that too.

I was just saw a picture of Rob drinking out of a huge martini glass and a picture of Kristen in the background. People are saying it's from this past weekend from Rob's cousins wedding in London? Has anyone heard about this? It looks legit.

I will put the link here if you want to look.


Hope it's okay to do that. If not, I am sorry.

Great post HKN. You keep me smiling!!

barbara said...

@rklove, are you sure that is the right link it isn't working for me.xx

rklove said...

Barbara, you can try this link.


Tempest said...

Ugh I am so over 'certain people' and their need to refute and criticize on a blog that they have no intention of believing in, so why waste your time? Because you enjoy the attention that's why.

Its clear that believing in every single tweet that suggests Rob is in LA soothes your disparaging mind - anywhere other than the obvious isn't that right. So many paying claim he is at a certain 'hotspot' for a pap or paps to take photos, or the random person who saw them to take a sneaky photo from a cell phone...but nothing, and people are meant to believe that?

As HKN says and it makes sense, Rolando has been stalking, photographing these two since April this yr and all of a sudden he's got bored of what has become his bread and butter? I don't buy it, sane people don't buy it. The only people who do buy it are the negative idiots who feel compelled to post on here and other R/K blogs, because its lonely in their shallow corner of the world. Don't like my post, stop posting negative bullshit when you know clearly your repetative dogma means absolutely nothing.

Incidently, I don't believe that's Rob in that photo, but possibly Jack Standen as he posted it on his own instagram acct.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, sue, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I just home from walking with my daughter to and from the dollar tree store. Did I miss anything while I was out?

yuri said...

Can I just said that I am positive and totally think they are together but that is not Rob in Jack pic...come one ppl please dont pass around false info. Also that is not Jack in that pic. The guy is just one of the friend

anani said...

Sheri Simms
thanks for answering. all I am saying is people willingly believed 2 sightings from london and did not believe 5 from LA? it smells of double standards. and yes you are right i must only believe sightings with pics.
you say yourself-you have no new info at this moment at least.
that rob is not in town is you assumption nothing more. so please make that clear- people will be putting up the\ir hopes again and disappointed if rob is photographed in LA again

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, sue, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. I believe in you guys. Certain mother nature and that hip pain don't mix with me right. So I am going to sleep now. I love that word. He still loves her, She still loves him. I love that. And I truly believe that. Night everyone.

vana said...

Just read your post again. I love it so much, very uplifting. HKN you have a great way with words.

vana said...

@RKsoulmates, you use such beautiful language in your comments, I love reading them.

@Barbara I couldn't log onto to those pics either.

barbara said...

@Vana.I saw the pic of the wedding,It isn't Rob it is Jack Standen Suzie's boyfriend. xxx

vana said...

@Barbara thanks for replying, I always appreciate the time you take to reply.

anani said...

yes another sighting in santa monica LA-with card and signature this time

fishyone2 said...

@anani - I have read all the posts again and I think I see the problem. It appears you are under the impression that we are all sitting around just waiting for word on Rob and Kristen to allay our fears. That is the issue - we aren't concerned - we don't need our hopes raised up by HKN because we are just fine. We don't need her to confirm anything for us because we are comfortably on the same page. This is purely a landing spot for those who believe that they are still together and a chance to share positive thoughts. If you are coming here in order to confirm anything, then you are not ready to be here. Please give us all the benefit of the doubt that we are quite capable of forming the opinions we have without going into hysterics when a random tweet is relayed or a circumspect sighting is discussed. We are comfortably secure in our opinions. You are not on the same page as those of us here and for your own peace of mind, you might look for a web site where the "are they or are they not" topic is happily discussed. Its not here and you know that. You are just wasting your time doing that and I'm guessing you are an intelligent person and could use those influencing skills somewhere else where they would be appreciated. On this blog, they are just white noise.

fishyone2 said...

To all - I just read my post to anani again -- and hope it did not come across that I don't appreciate this blog. Completely do and respect the heck out of HKN for putting her thoughts out here so openly for us all to share. I think we all share the same POV and its just nice to have a place to come where people are not being hate-filled and posting horrible things. I already believe - HKN's blog just gives me a like-minded community to share it with. It just seemed like potentially my words came across as being unappreciative and that is far from the case.

Sanni K. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sanni K. said...

Anani and where they have seen it again?

barbara said...

@anani.There is a site that would best suit your beliefs regarding Rob and Kristen,actually there are two sites,Robsessed.and Gossip Cop.You would fit in perfectly with either of them.

anani said...

i don't think it is for you to decide what suits me . thanks for your
suggestions though

that's jack, not rob and you can hardly say if it kristen or not
@sanni k
in santa monica brick and mortar bar/restaurant
and people if it is ok for HKN to say he is not in LA and she does not need proof, why is it not ok for me to say he is in LA?

fishyone2 said...

@anani -- I think you should say he is where you think he might be --- but why do it here? It just doesn't make sense why you keep posting contrary opinions. You are NEVER going to change anyone's mind here. As an "informed" person, there are other sites that would be much more open to your viewpoints. It would be like me going on to a non-Rob and Kristen website and trying to convince them otherwise - why would I do that? Just doesn't make sense and since this blog is openly pro-Rob and Kristen, it seems a bit like a waste of your time and skills coming on here and challenging people - yet you are on here often. Perhaps the whole concept of blogs with a specific POV is confusing to you. I doubt you will respond to those thoughts.

Sanni K. said...

yes ok. there was not just photos again? ;-) Who believes it then?

onagee said...

I'm happy Rob has taken back his private life for now and Kristen has had many days out of view as well. No reliable tweets anywhere, tweets are rarely reliable now, a signature that isn't his, and instagram photos of other people—all those mean nothing to me. The lack of paparazzi photos in LA says a lot. But really, it doesn't matter—weeks have gone by, and while some will say there is no evidence he is with Kristen or has been, the fact is, he easily could be or could have been, all the time or some of the time. Prove otherwise. In the meantime he is unseen, and I'm glad for him.

Mia said...

Ok i am guilty of still checking the new posts despite what i said previously. But have to agree with everyone on this-if you don't buy into HKN's claims (rightly or wrongly), just dont read or comment any longer. I don't get what your comments achieve any more. You made your point (and i agreed with you so i am not judging you), leave it at that and find a different forum to express your views.

Chris b said...

I love your post and I keep saying what are the haters going to do when It comes out that they never broke up. I hope that it makes them so mad that they destroy there computers Iphones or whatever device they use so we never have to hear from them again.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Good Monday Morning! Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, sue, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! Right now I am piss at my hubby and daughter.
Barbara, fishyone2, and onagee- I have to say that I agree with you. But, that Jack does look like Rob. I have a feeling that Jack is going to have a huge hangover.

sue morris said...

ROB AND KRISTEN ARE TOGETHER AND HAPPY! We can believe that and the more we have visits from pests we know that the haters are having a tizzy fit. I really do see that people will just believe whatever and if there is any sign of Rob and Kristen being a real solid couple, which they are, they go into panic syndrome. Kristen knows what she is doing and neither one has to say anything. I would not worry, we will see them together when they want us to. Right now they are loving being unseen and not photographed.

Litmom said...

HKN - Meant to thank you when you posted this the other day, but got busy.

Common sense - eyes in our heads - that's all we need to see that these two are together.

The IG pic on Jack's account is of himself at or after the wedding, but the girl in the background certainly does resemble Kristen.

And if anyone actually thinks that's Rob's signature on that receipt from the IG account, you are dreaming. Not even close - plus the girl has deleted it from her account.

felicity said...


in the photo of jack's insta.. it is NOT jack and he never said that he was there. he took a pic of one of the guests at this wedding.. end of story.

don't try to make more out of something that is so easily to see.

second.. who knows if the girl in the back is kristen or not? it could be.. or not..

the only thing we know for sure is, suzie and jack were at a wedding..


nice try with the fake receipt.. just bad for this person that too many people have the real signature of rob and are able to prove that this was not THE robert pattinson.. it could have been a different robert pattinson.. or just a made up receipt.

by the way.. I have a real signature of THE robert pattinson.. and it does not look in the slightest like the one on this receipt..

the nonnies and haters are desperate to prove that rob is still in LA..

sorry, i am not buying it.

the lack of pap pics is screaming the truth.

have fun..

and ignore certain people here.. they are not worth our time!!

las38 said...

anani is it??? I think some fine ppl on twitter have proven that the receipt in question is a fake with a fake signature so please crawl back under your rock.Thanks for the laughs you supply..bai. ;)

rklove said...

Hello ladies!

Sorry to have started a fire storm regarding that wedding picture. Someone left it on my TL. Do I think it's Rob? In a way it looks like him. Same smile, same teeth and same finger's holding glass. Do I know for sure. Nope. Does it look like Kristen in the background? Could be.
Do I believe R/K are still together? Absf*ckenlutely!!!

That receipt I saw was one of the stupidiest/funniest thing I have seen. How low can the Nonnies go?LMAO The signature looks nothing like Rob's. If you can take a picture of a receipt, why not of Rob? HMMMMMM Maybe because he wasn't there?

Bottom line, I will say it again, Rob and Kristen have mastered the art of *NINJA*! Proud of them. Wherever they are, they are in love and together!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!!

Arleen Parkinson said...

felicity, Litmom, rklove, and sue morris- Hi! I have to say is that I agree with all four of you. The receipt is fake. And I agree with you all about the wedding. Maybe I don't know about you guys I think Rob and Kristen are both MIA. I know they love to keep things private. And I am praying for something good.

sweetowl said...

@ anani

Please would you leave? You would do us all a large favour.

Guene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Guene said...

4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 8 Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. 9 For we know in part and we prophesy in part, 10 but when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears. 11 When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. 12 Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known. 13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Mickeymackey said...

when they couldn't get us to believe that the pic was of Rob,which of course, it isn't, they are trying to spin another story that he is pining away for her at home in LA. As if. I am getting so tired of listening to the same sh##just said a different way. There are so many more important things going on in this world right now -- shootings in DC, flooding in Mexico and Colorado that listening to the haters, etc. is just not going to cut it at the present time. Go away and don't come back until you grow up and worry what is important in the world and let 2 people, who owe nothing to you, be to live their own lives.

Tempest said...

Dear ppl in here, don't you know what this flip flopping person is doing, she's simply on here to rile all of you up. Its very clear she wants Rob in LA - possibly art of this gang going around, issuing fake tweets of sightings of Rob in LA. I have to ask you, why do you think she has an agenda? She's not a Rob and Kristen supporter - she screams like a obsessed - prove he's in LA dear little confused one - lets shout out the hater motto 'pics or it didn't happe' you have all these 'supposed sightings but yet n one had a cell phone on thm to take a sneaky picture? Highly unlikely given society today and the 'need' to rove the met someone or saw someone famous where they were.

As for the RP signature, maybe you need to go and ask the 'dumb blonde who had a 'dumb' moment as she admitted it was fake and deleted it. It took you mere seconds vrim it was posted online until you can into here to gloat about it - wow you have such a....boring life!

Any fan of Rob's (respectful one that is) would have told you that wasn't Rob Pattinson (actor) signature. There are a lot of people out there who have the same name as he - real or otherwise.

RKsoulmates913 said...

Just as you opened your eyes this Monday morning, God opened new doors for you. Expect amazing miracles this week!


"Always know that there is bigger force working behind everything. An amazing, divine force that's absolutely beyond any explanation or logic. Faith is the beautiful key that connects us to that divine force. Once you are able to find the link to that eternal divine force, you start seeing life from a very different perspective. you start realizing the bigger picture of life and what our journey here is truly all about. Always remember that everything is working in divine order. Just have an unbreakable faith in God. His love is so overwhelming that it cannot be expressed in just a few words, it has to be only felt with your pure heart and soul. Love and light to all."

Lisa G. said...

I guess that pen Rob gave Kristen for her birthday has already been put to use if they are writing a script together. Loved the picture of the kitten. Hopefully Rob and Kristen are enjoying this time without the papz (particularly Rolando) following them.

anani said...

and you would do me a great favour if you did not ask to leave

Arleen Parkinson said...

Tempest, we might need your help on your DIDY comments. One of them might believe it. Its Velma Jean. You might want to explain to her.

artemisluvv said...

Mmmm that was a very gratifying post to read!! Love is in the air!! Gorgeous pics. In that pic of Dennis Stock, his hands remind me of Rob's hands. Rob will be great in that role I think. & Finally I get to see some awesome pics of this guitar case I've been hearing so much about! Thank you!!

Tomoto said...

Hey all,

Sorry been really busy with RL.

Please, I implore ALL of you who believe to ignore hate, do not read Fanfiction on HLies, GC, or any other rag webloid tabloid whatever stupid crap published!

We all need to support their careers and admire their love for each other in a non-invasive and intrusive way.

That is all, take care.


barbara said...

@Tomoto.Brilliant.Ignore the hate filled doubters and jealous haters, and the sawdust for brains trolls.I agree 100% with you.And please those Rob and Kristen fan,stop needing pics to prove that Rob and Kristen are together,BELIEVE IT.Some of the wobbly trembly "fans" sound more like doubting Thomas.Keep the faith.xxxx

anani said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, sue, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am about to go to bed. Keep me posted. Thanks for the advice about my hip pain you guys.
Lisa G, artemisluvv, Tomoto, barbara, and the rest of HKN Havens great job on your comments. I have to say that I agree with you guys. Except for anni and the other troll.
artemisluvv and tomoto- I have miss you both. I hope you are ok. And I believe you guys.
He still love her, She still loves him that is all the matters. And having their privacy peace.
Well good night.

sue said...

Haven't said anything for a few days, just observe and read the same old stirring up crap.
The people who are adamant they are not together, well good for you but why in the hell are you so possessed in trying to convert others with your righteous drivel.
Like Tempest said, you are just a bunch of trolls who want to stir shit up.
You are not just ex-R&K faithful who lost the believe they are still together. You are either part of the group who never believed they were in the first place or part of that jolly haters group who detest R and/or K. Mostly Kristen haters though.
Well hope you get the daily kicks you need to fill up your sad little lives in spouting around childish nonsense like fake signatures, hahaha man oh man sad bitch.
Oh and if it wasn't obvious, Yes R&K are together and No my believe doesn't hang onto tweets or whatever sightings. Don't need them. I hate twitter with a vengeance, don't believe anything good or bad.

barbara said...

@anani.Why are you still here,you are not welcome,and you are certainly not liked.

anani said...

why is that YOUR business ?

anani said...

omg lf1 for sale?

please no. it was such a beautiful house. but as paps know where it is and can stalk him there, it makes sense

Mia said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anani said...

i did not call you names. so why don't you just do the same? you can always keep away from me. or wait can you?

Mia said...

I am not calling you names, but show some respect for the people coming here... It truly isn't fair. As you can see I agree with you and yes i come here but i try not to annoy anyone (well apart from the previous comment which will be deleted i am sure and that's fine). But it seems that you deliberately annoy these prople. Did not mean to offend you honestly but it is best to be a bit quiet when people are convinced of them being together and seem to have fun discussing it.

anani said...

lmao. so you can say things like they are broken up here, but if someone else does that, it is not OK? makes huge sense.
can you just mind your own business? oh no you can't

Mia said...

I just deleted the post which was for your benefit really to clarify few things that you seem unsure about, and do that from a different perspective... I absolutely won't call you names as i never believe people should resort to that but i am now convinced that you are a teenager judged by your reactions. So I won't take anything you say to heart.

Sanni K. said...

He has not sold his house LF1, right? And a new not bought!
Or am I wrong and he bought this new home? modest because someone knows? I can not imagine that someone can hide in his house for weeks.

anani said...

your being here also makes no sense if you really believe what you said yourself so it is not only my reactions we are talking here
@sanni k
that blog says lf1 is for sale now (not yet sold-although i don't know how reliable that source is)
about his new house-you mean the BH one? the only info about it came from E-online and they said he rented it , not bought, and rented it from riley keogh's mother Lisa Marie Presley. this is what ppl on twiter are saying-I don't know if true

Sanni K. said...

okay. that sounds so again then lie of not knowing insider to

hazleblnde said...

Intrusive fans are why he has his new home in BH,fans/paps can't get to it.Rob and Kristen's stalker pap(Rolando Blanco)now has a harder job.(I wish they would deport his ass)Whether Rob is in LA or with Kristen is none of our business,let them have some time to feel normal,is that such a small price to ask??

hazleblnde said...

I fully expect LF2 to be sold before 2014 is over,thanks again to the paps and horrible fans.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Good morning! Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, sue, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens!
felicity- I love your comments. And I agree with you there.

Lisa G. said...

If he is selling his house my thoughts are that he is looking for a new place for both of them that is more secure. Given that the paps were in her gated community for 2 hours before being chased out, as stated by HKN, he might have concerns over her safety. This time it was just paps but it could have been a crazed fan intending to do harm. Looking back at those pictures that the paps took within in the gated community it is just too close for comfort. Secondly, maybe they are looking to the future in their relationship (i.e. marriage) so they will only have one marital home. This could be a great place with the high level of security that will offer more privacy for any future children given how intrusive the paps even with children are around.

Still floored that doubters stated the ring is a movie prop; she had this ring since she left for Paris. So interesting to get a large new ring during the time his Mom was in town. Kristen has only been wearing this ring and the plain gold ring from the pictures I have seen.

rklove said...

Lisa G

I agree completely regarding reason for possibly buyng/renting new home in a more secure area. Their most private moments are being photographed. They are in their home for god sake!! Nothing is sacred to the pappz. So if it's true, good for Rob and Kristen.

That new bling that Kristen is sporting obviously has importance since it is always on her finger :)

Hazleblnde...I would bet that LF2 either is put up for sale or rented out.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi to all the HKN Havens! Today I will be starting my tutoring for helping kids with their reading. Its a reading program. Its AmeriCorps. I am hoping I get the same ones. I will start 1:30pm today.

Jen said...

Just thought I'd toss in my two cents on a few things.

First, ~anani and ~Mia were both on at the same time this morning...when no one else was...talking to each other about who "belongs" here...that is just cracking me up. Make of it what you will; I know what I've made of it.

Next, LF1... *If* it is for sale, who didn't see that coming? It has been a guest house at best for the last year (as beautiful and historic as it is). The only thing that makes me question is the ~source and the fact that that I'm not sure that the market in LA has recovered enough for him to reap a profit, and we know how cheap Rob is. Probably better to just rent it? But, hey, what do I know? His life, his choices. In any case, its sale would have little to nothing to do with R/K's status as he hasn't even lived there in a year.

Finally, on the topic of Rob's whereabouts, I don't think any of us has a clue, but I do think that I differ from a few of you. I'm not of the 'pics or it didn't happen' mindset because it reminds me too much of nonnies of yore (not that I'm saying that any of you are being nonnie-ish - no way!!!). Some of our best and most cherished sightings of R and K did not come with a pic, yet we didn't discount them. We have to remember that not everyone ~cares about these two the way we do. I know that if my husband sat down next to K in an airport, he wouldn't blink an eye and wouldn't take a pic. When he got home, he would just say that he "sat next to that chick from The Runaways, you know the girl who was in Panic Room?" (He obviously does not know the depths of my fandom, lol) Also, if I was at bar with them, I wouldn't snap a pic because I wouldn't want to bother them.

If there are multiple (unrelated) sightings of R or K in a particular place, I don't see any harm with just saying, yeah, he/she was probably there. That's why I would say, yeah, he was probably at No Vacancy last week with friends as the people who put him there were not there together. (Also, NV is not in a pap infested area like the CM is, so the lack of pap pics doesn't surprise me.) It's also why I discounted the London Fashion Week sightings as a) it's not R's scene and b) the two "sighters" were friends (they turned out to have mistaken him for Chris Pine???)

Rob has repeatedly said that he knows how to ninja around LA. (He also knows how to ninja at the airport - remember when he got in and out of London during SWATH filming and we didn't know until he said that he had been there?) It wouldn't surprise me if he was still there because he is WORKING. His being in LA right now has no bearing on his relationship status. Still, though, I have no real idea where he is. That was not his signature on that receipt. The last possibly legit sightings were last week, so we'll just have to wait and see.

This thinking about his ninja skills, though, does make me wonder about all those CM trips earlier this summer (where he knows paps often get him) and how those have now stopped. Just makes me wonder.

Jen said...

And that was super long. Sorry, guys! Have a great day.

anani said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Hatersknownothing said...

realastalker is NOT a reliable source for info about someones house for sale lol. it's a tab site. he hasn't lived there for quite awhile so I wouldn't be surprised if he did but this site is not a reliable source for info. and again he is NOT renting or buying anything in beverly hills!

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hatersknownothing- Good job!

Lisa G. said...

HKN - thanks for the clarification on the legitimacy of the realastalker site and your update on the house topic.

Lou said...

HKN - Totally agree with you on the ~source for the sale of LF1. All the "little birdy" stuff made me have flashbacks to the old AT, and I threw up a little in my mouth.

@ anani
I find it so interesting that we can agree on so much and then put it together in such different ways. The timing of that ring (which has nothing to do with where R's mom was and everything to do with R's and K's behavior before and then after its appearance), its placement on a ~particular hand, her whole aura in Paris, and the fact that it has been constantly on that finger (other than when filming in July), it's all just a little bit too much of a ~coincidence for me. We know that K doesn't buy jewelery for herself and only wears stuff that has significance. Sure, I guess her mom could have gotten it for her, but does it really look like a mom/daughter ring? In any case, it would be as much of an assumption that her mom gave it to her as R did.

Lou said...

Also meant to say that I agree with you about sightings for the most part. Although, still, multiple sightings can be wrong. It all depends. In the end, none of us knows where Rob is.

cjrob said...

@anani and Mia

I don't understand why you continue to come to a site with total opposite beliefs of your own! What do you get out of it? I make it a point to stay away from certain sites (Robsessed, GC to name two)because I don't enjoy them.They are too full of bitterness and hate. And I used to be a regular visitor of Robsessed! I loved reading about Rob and his career and life. I miss reading those posts. But this last year and a half has shown the true colors of most of them! I think many of them were secretly looking for an excuse to hate kristen all along, and now they feel justified in spouting their judgmental, self-righteous hatred! I'm glad they are all such perfect, flawless human beings!!! Sorry if this is so long, but I'm so tired of it! I don't understand why you don't frequent those sites that believe as you do. You would find a welcome ear there!

sue morris said...

I THINK WE CAN PROBABLY DISCERN THAT OUR FAVORITE BRITISH BOMBSHELL--or The Robert P. that we all know and love is in his favorite condition, GONE FROM SIGHT! If you do not see him and even that weird LA guy who stalked Rob and Kristen cannot find them-well it's just possible both have flown the coop. So, trying to project Rob or Kristen when you really do not know where they are is just dumb. They have friends and family to keep the home fires burning, truly they do. And, who cares where they are as long as they know where they are. This is where we all need to take a hike and shut the heck up. Promise that they won't care one little bit if everyone just shuts the heck up--and you get---the sounds of silence!

Jen said...

@ sue morris

You're on a blog where we often discuss Rob's and Kristen's personal lives. There is no real crime in playing a little where's Waldo, and we're just responding to HKN's speculations in this post. I don't quite understand your lecturing tone. There is no one rule book for being a fan.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi everyone on HKN Havens! I just got home from my reading program. Anyway, Did I miss anything while I was out?

Mickeymackey said...

No Arleen you haven't missed anything here. Just the same old BS from the haters, etc. I was just going to say the same thing. I haven't been on since this morning and nothing has changed.

sue morris said...

HATERS KNOW NOTHING, I think we still have the trio of haters as we just read that are not aware that this is a pro Kristen and Rob site-and refuse to go to Gossip cop or just go away, because they are hoping to close this post and drag others down to the mud under the rocks. Boring, tiresome haters who cannot really do anything but pretend to be so very precious--but with velvet claws to draw blood and attempt to lecture as though they actually cared about Kristen and Rob, and do not really understand that you are just remarking that Rob is not in LA, not really, even though you have some Kristen haters that want to not accept the fact that he's gone and any one with common sense would agree with you but like you say-that common sense is not always there in your haters, not even the haters that lecture the fans who care. I do understand why you are hit so hard--it is the Kristen haters that will never be loved by a really lovely man named Rob who loves his lady Kristen Stewart, and Kristen Stewart adores that lovable , funny Rob, and I hope he knows that there are many normal people who look forward to his new movies and to Kristen's newest movies and we wish them a peaceful happy world.

Christopher Dark said...

ANANI I seldom comment here but you make me curious. If hkn haven is such a loser site why do you waste you time here shooting down everyone's opinions and comments. Doesn't that make you the biggest loser of all? Because it seems to me that you are in reality sitting and commenting on a site you believe to be horse shit. Whose stupider the horse who drops it. Or the fly who plays in it, knowing it's not to her taste? Seems to me the fly doesn't know what to do. She hates it but somehow she loves hating it. If you don't mind me saying so ANANI that's seroiusly messed up and just wrong headed as well.

sue morris said...

What has happened to pictures of rob and Kristen? they have been removed from my computer but remain on my phone? somebody has tampered with my computer and they will be reported . The police love to put this kind of person in jail.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, sue, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am just enjoying the storm here in Logan, Utah.
sue morris- I love all your comments. And I agree with you about those bs.
Mickeymackey- Thanks.
As for everyone on HKN Havens great job on your comments. I believe in you. I think I am going to bed. I am so tired. Keep me posted.

sue morris said...


Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi everyone on HKN Havens! I am going to bed. Keep me posted. And Keep up the good work on keeping positive. And don't believe those bs. And Keeping trolls out. Night.
Sue Morris- I am sorry you got hack on your computer. But glad that you got your pictures back.

rklove said...

Good morning to all the beautiful ladies!!
Sue, I am sorry to hear about your computer.
Ladies,I found this statement on my TL this morning and thought how appropriate it was for the Hater's and NON believer's who come to this blog making ridiculous comments:
"How's is possible that there are doubters with Jamie & Marcus following K on insta and Nettie & Michaela visiting K on set?"
These are all Rob's childhood friends. It's clear as day people. Open the eyes and let the truth in!!

Have a wonderful day everyone. I for one, will have a great knowing that the NOnnies are running scared.
HKN, thank you :-)

fishyone2 said...

To all - I have a confession :) and its painful. I made the mistake of popping over to GC to see what is going on. Big mistake!!! Nothing ever changes - people are rude and bullying. The hatred they show towards either Kristen or Rob is embarrassing. I will try not to do it again.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Good morning HKN Havens! I am off to work. Keep me posted.
rklove- Great comments. I am glad that Rob's friends are with Kristen. He must of told them to be with her. That is cool.
fishyone2- I agree with there about GC. They are a joke.

sue said...

@Fishyone2, believe me I know. It's a vile/negative/hateful/bitter sesspool of degenerate sick individuals on that board. 'Gossip Cop we tell the truth' my arse, it's one of the worst sites to go to. I always have my suspicions that GC are in cahoots with HL/InStyle/USWeekly and whatever crap gossip sites there out there. Click click click $$$$$$$, the amount of comments on that place a nice little earner for them.
They are always stating the obvious, things that a 5 yr old can see is BS.
I don't shock easily but that place is the lowest of the lowest example of how horrible and hateful people are. Needless to say I'm not going there anymore.

fishyone2 said...

@Sue - I never made the connection, but you are very likely right. They probably all sit around a big pool every week and say "ok - what kind of crazy story should we post this week?". But I put the hatred completely on the posters. I find it ironic that GC used to post something about "being nice etc" but of course there were no consequences and its gotten worse. I choose to live my life in a happier manner than that. So glad I can come here and read nice comments and talk to positive like-minded people. Thank you HKN.

cjrob said...

It doesn't really matter, but I'm curious. Doe anyone know for sure if the pics of Rob and Katy and friends is from Labor Day or this spring in NY? HKN? How can we tell?

Lisa G. said...

cjrob - what pictures are you referring to? If Katy is wearing shorts and a top with yellow sunflowers this would have been from the Labour day party from pictures I have seen on the net.

Lisa G. said...

cjrob - what pictures are you referring to? If Katy is wearing shorts and a top with yellow sunflowers this would have been from the Labour day party from pictures I have seen on the net.

sue morris said...

HATERS KNOW NOTHING--I think it is just plain sad that people question pictures and the friends of Rob and Kristen ,over and over , and my point is this, --when did the public's need to know become such a big deal or what I meant was-every little thing, every single photo, is picked apart. This is why we do not have current pictures. And probably won't for a long time because of the fact that they are tired of the constant gossip. This is a really upbeat post and you are super! Thanks for nice positive attitude you have-it keeps people cheerful.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, sue, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I just got home from work. Did I miss anything while I was out?

Mickeymackey said...

I think the pics they are talking about are on robstendreams. They are blurry and hurt the eyes to look at. You would think if someone is taking pics they would at least focus their lens. Katie is wearing a plaid shirt and rob looks animated in his conversation. Pretty innocent if you ask me. I too made the mistake of going over to gc and now they are saying that her "hair loss" is due to Rupert and Liberty. I guess they didn't get the reaction they thought they would get saying it was because of Robert so why not attribute it to someone that will cause a reaction. how typical. I wonder what it will be next.

sue morris said...

You know I read this post and it was very clear from HKN that Kristen and Rob were more or less overseas-and that she was given a beautiful gold ring from Rob, that Rolando was at a stand-still because Rob is most certainly gone and that all the bullshit about the buying of new homes was just that-. Rob has a tendency to hold onto what he has, like Kristen, there are two homes and no one has moved from them(L1 and L2) and we were told they stayed at another home during May and June and July to avoid the press and it was probably a very close friend of Kristen's and I would imagine Rob has carefully left the dogs with family to protect their homes and dogs(2 homes and three dogs) and nobody really knows where but I would bet Kristen and Rob do! But since only the family and Rob and Kristen plan these events I think it would be smart to just say--hey, they handle their own business and there really isn't ANY DRAMA here except whatever the hater-shit people or gossips can make up to fit their desire to lie some more on any pro-Kristen and pro Rob blog to fuck up a nice blog on a daily basis because they know they are not welcome here. Why is it they don't really agree with HKN? Well because they want to insist on being wrong and stupid because they do not agree with HKN.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, sue, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am about to go to bed soon.
sue and fishyone2 at 9:28 AM - I have to say about those trashy tabs and gossip site that I agree with you there. And great job on your comments.
sue morris- I love your comments from 2:47 PM and 9:14 PM. I agree with you on both of them. Great job.
Mickeymackey- Truth I don't believe the bs stories. And Great job on your comments.
Well I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. Hugs to you guys. Night.

LizzieD said...

HI ALL --- Sorry been MIA, been working 12 hour days the past week :(

I believe that HL and other BS tabs are scraping bottom with terrible stories about Kristen in hopes that RK will "come out" ... but they are not going to be "blackmailed" ... they will "come out" when they are ready and not because the tabs (or the fans) or us want them to.

All is well!!!



Arleen Parkinson said...

LizzieD- I agree with you there. All is well. Night.

Mia said...

There is a picture of Rob from No Vacancy, so he is still in LA. HKN, what was your opinion on the status of the relationship back in mid June when the Dior press took place? Edited or not he doesn't seem his normal self with some of the comments ie giving people a chance than cutting them off completely (it just reminds me of the dramatic move out pic). You said at the time they were actions of two stubborn people (in May) but these interviews were in June and he still sounded bitter. Just curious as to when in your opinion they patched things up?

Sanni K. said...

Is it true that the friends Jamie, Marcus, Nettie and Michaela with Kristen or were?

KstewPattik said...

Hi, HKN, i do love your blog and respect your opinion.. Your our hope for sane information, but please, please, please don't misbelieve ... Current foto of Rob and Ketty are not from April it's September 3. Rob had a beard in April and Perry was spotted in the same clothes on September 3.

KstewPattik said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sue morris said...

I wonder if this picture of the back of Rob's head, a cellphone picture is actually recent. So many pictures are planted to PROVE whether he is here or there. And if I did not want anyone to know my whereabouts I would plant pictures myself. I really do not think either Rob or Kristen want anybody trying to find them and that they are very good at confusing the paparazzi as to a current location because they are moving around a lot and working at the same time-making time for each other as often as possible. I would not ever conclude where they both are at any given time as I would guess they are way ahead of anybody's best guess, because both want to confuse the general public also. It is for their own safety and for privacy that other people are assisting with the confusion.

Lou said...

Of course you're going to key in on the one quote (out of hundreds from Dior promo that included sweet Rob (talking about his long friendships), artistic Rob (talking about his craft), and Trollberto (leg warmers anyone?)) that the tabs seized on as being Kristen related... Um, if you want to focus on that one as "proof" of Rob's bitterness, go ahead. As far as I have been able to tell, all of the reporters tried to get Rob to comment on his relationship/feelings about K, and Rob, as always, avoided talking about that aspect of his personal life.

@Sanni K
Nettie and Michaela have visited Kristen since she's been working in Europe. Jamie and Marcus were two of the first people to follow the Instagram account that is fairly clearly K (but they haven't visited her).

@KstewPattik said

I don't know why it matters at all when the Rob/Katy pics were taken. They are friends. They are allowed to do what friends do - go out for a drink and enjoy some conversation.

@ sue morris
I know that we often disagree, but I do appreciate your point of view. Still, though, I happen to disagree again. I really don't see any grand conspiracy here. The length of Rob's hair fits perfectly for post-MTTS and there were at least 4-5 different sightings of him at the record launch at NV. I think that it is pretty clear he was there. Now that a pic of him has been taken there, though, I'm guessing it may not be a hang out for him for much longer. I hope you have a great day.

onagee said...

Hi all, and Lou, some interesting thoughts there. Rob also said something in a Dior promo interview about forgiveness that is directly opposite the tone of the one quote so many have latched onto as "fact." But I'm not bothering to find the one I mean, because while it would bolster my sense of things, "my side," I understand this is a smart man experienced with the twisting tactics of the media. He NEVER gives reporters any "truth" about his close relationships, so "fans" with a certain agenda can go ahead and try to make giant claims based on suspect stories, but he is either being quoted out of context or riffing or misdirecting. His most pointed, scathing words recently have been about people's crazy presumptions about him.

Lou said...

@ onagee
And the paps - Rob has had plenty to say about them as well ;)

imfakfays said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Arleen Parkinson said...

Good morning to all the HKN Havens!
Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, sue, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am going to my physical therapy and tutoring. Keep me posted. Hope you all have a good day.

Sanni K. said...

@ Imfakfays - rings from my grandmother look different, it looks modern and not by an heirloom. My Opinion.

Let's wait until all the starting rotation is complete, the end of september, the shooting days in Switzerland for 9 days

Maybe we will see K and R together again when the two want it

Enna said...

Sue Morris. Regarding your post up there from 5:05 AM.

Um . . . What?!

You're not making any sense.

Lou said...

@ imfakfays

I can't even...like, seriously? Come on! If you're gonna troll, can you at least do it with appropriate grammar? You're already hurting my brain...do you have to hurt my eyes as well???

But keep on 'faking', sweetie.

Mia said...

@sanni k
The ring actually foes look vintage, if i remember correctly the fashion spotters agreed on that. Also it does look very different to the previous jewlery given to her by Rob.
Funny, i came up with that theory (as a possibility) the other day when having a sort f written sparring match with anani. So i was right? Why would K's mom share that with someone though (sounds very personal) and share that with a person that immediately came here to share with a bunch of people she doesn't know???
I will admit to not beleving much of the unsubstantiated RK are together claims (but am still hopeful that the cousin insider is real) but you have to admit that your claim is a bit far fetched! Youare welcome to prove me otherwise.

Saphire1231 said...

@ imfakfays

So you would like us all to believe that Kristen's own mother told you this story about the ring??

Well pardon me if I do not believe you... there is not one member of Kristen's family or their friends who would dish that kind of info to any person!!

Sorry but your information smacks of a whole bucket full of doubter seeds you are trying to plant... I doubt you will find any water on this blog to germinate those seeds... perhaps you should try some other blog!

Cheers Chrissie

cjrob said...

LOL! Did iamfakfays open a new account to post that? Maybe because she has many other well-known to us accounts? NICE TRY! Why do these haters keep coming here??? Who in their right mind expects us to believe that K's mom opened up to a stranger??? And yes, that ring definitely looks more modern. When we see Rob's childhood friends not just hanging out with Kristen, but traveling to another country to give her support, that speaks louder than words!!!

Jen said...

Okay, iamfakfays (with your 'clever' little name), if you want to actually set people into a tizzy, at least make your post believable. No one is going to believe that a person who formulates sentences in the way that you did would have the ability to be working closely (close enough to have such a random conversation - like, come on, how would that even come up in a work environment???)with a writer/producer/director. Dude, come on...

felicity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
felicity said...

desperate trolls on board, be aware.. new accounts created just to spew crap all over the net..

i've had it with them..

as if kristen's mom would talk to someone about the personal life of her daughter.. especially now, when the whole world seems to be after her and against her

you have to be more creative than that. @iamfakfays


hope the rest of hkn has a good life..

oh and @anani.. if this place is so completely not to your liking, why are you still here?

S Simms said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
S Simms said...


You are the worst kind of troll. No one believes you got any information out of her mom. And the ring does not look like a family heirloom, but nice try.

kuffkuff17 said...

Hi HKN, thanks for your great blog & helping to keep us all sane. I still don't understand why nonnies continue to visit here. They should stay on sites with other negative like minded people. I willl continue to support your site & others like knotted up rk, robsten dreams,Tempest's blog, & Rose's blog. Please keep up your great work. Aloha, Jane

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, sue, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am just leaving for my tutoring. I didn't go to physical therapy because the treatments they gave me is because they made me sleepy and I don't want to fall asleep while having kids with their reading. I switch it to Fridays afternoons. Any got to go. Keep me posted. I will talk to you later and respond to your comments later. Just don't believe the bs. And stay away from tabs and papz. They are nothing but lies and trouble. Sue morris, felicity, onagee, and some of you I have agree with you. One thing I think Rob ever talk about his personal life or Kristen. They are very personal. They only talk about their movies and ad. That is it. Nothing more. Well got to go now. Later.

Hatersknownothing said...

S Simms at 110:06 am

I never said might ever. they are together. you might need some reading comprehension lol. the only thing Ive been talking about on GC is wether Rob is in LA or not.

Hatersknownothing said...

@ imfakfays

lol nice try troll uhm no the ring is not from her mother or grandmother. It is from Rob. FACT.

sue morris said...

HATERS NO NOTHING- I am really just overcome with confusion on some really strange recent comments about the ring and the picture of Rob's head taken by a cellphone that looks incomplete and really odd-supposed to be yesterday. I think somebody needs to have Rob in LA. He might be- but that picture does not look for real.. Also, why do people have to lie about Kristen's ring? There are some very strange "possessed" people that need to get professional help. There are other people that do not think that recent photo is real--so I guess I am not alone. (It is a head scratcher.)

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, sue, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I have been home since my tutoring.
Hatersknownothing- I love your two of your comments. I have to say that I agree with you there. I don't know about you but I smell troll here.
sue morris- I agree with you what you said to Haters Know Nothing. That person needs help.
Felicity- I love your both comments. I have to say also I agree with you and a great job.
Saphire1231- I love your comment. I agree with you telling that troll. How are you?
kuffkuff17- That's because nonnies love drama. They don't know nothing and they are bullies. I agree with you about the negative part.
cjrob- I agree with you there.
And the rest of you I hope you all have a great day.

Enna said...

HKN, please don't take this the wrong way, but since you used the word FACT in your last post, that means you have proof. The very definition of a fact is that it has concrete proof.

I'm sure I missed it, but when and where did you offer your proof, and exactly what might that proof be?

Lisa G. said...

Wow the trolls are really out in force today trying to attack HKN on her own blog. I guess they are nervous Nellie’s since Rob is not doing what they want.

HKN - Hope you are doing okay given all the attacks today. To all HKN supporters I wish you a good day/evening.

Arleen Parkinson said...

Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, sue, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am going to bed early because of my head hurts. I woke up this morning with it. I took aspirin for it this morning. I guess I am sorry there. Keep me posted. And all the the HKN Havens are doing a good job keeping positive. Goodnight.

KstewPattik said...

Lou September 19, 2013 at 6:50 AM
HKN on twitter said photos from April. I simply don't wanna give opportunities to the haters talking about her as a liar.

vana said...

@imfakfays, surely you are not expecting anyone to take you seriously.

HKN you are wonderful and I LOVE the work you do.
Someone said that Kristen is still in Switzerland...I haven't kept up with details but will she be there till end of September?

anani said...

i don't think it makes any difference when the pics were taken. friends having dinner no big deal to me . but i HKN on twitter said from new your in April in NY he had beard in all the pics. here he is clean shaven. i think they are recent. and also people say they were published in a german tabloid exclusively last week. so they are most probably recent. I don't know why HKN needs to lie-to fit her agnda?

Sanni K. said...

Photos with Katy will be open from April? In April he had not a full beard?

Mia said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
hazleblnde said...

The only people who can state a FACT about the ring are Rob and Kristen,anyone else,it's conjecture,because we don't know.The only ones who know FOR SURE are Rob and Kristen.We can only guess and hope.As for the hype on the pictures and when and where they were taken,I don't worry about those,I suggest the rest of you don't either. ;)

Arleen Parkinson said...

Good Friday Morning! Hi Elizabeth, sue morris, sue, felicity, Saphire1231, LizzieD, irene, Tomoto, Atticus, Tempest, Barbara Fenwick, KK, HKN, Mickeymackey, MARTHA ORIZ, morning coffee, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am up and getting ready and to go to work then go to physical therapy. Keep me posted.
KstewPattik- Great comments. And I agree with you there.
vana- Great job on telling that troll.
As for everyone else I hope you have a great Friday. I won't be home til 4pm.

sue morris said...

DEAR HATERS KNOW NOTHING, How is it that almost all of your regular readers understand that you do know what you are talking about and that haters know nothing? Some of these know nothings are down right idiots. Well, as a true Cockney friend used to say, "don't let the buzzards get you down,"-not using the Latin, as few people read Latin--remember what buzzards eat ! ? ! I think if anybody wants to know something about Kristen and Robert-they should watch the older videos, they do have precise quotes also that were on talk shows and television. Kristen knows that she is watched everywhere and Rob does too. Stupid people--of course they are together. I think they have had enough of the few really sick haters, so has this blog-so spew your doubt and hatred with old gossip cop and their very odd people who either hate Rob or Kristen or Both and like to spread their hatefulness wherever they can but you know-it is only going to make a hater look stupid-like nuts. Have a good night to the real folks of this blog-- keep up the good you are doing to cheer up everyone who actually cares about Rob and Kristen and is not here to fulfill their agenda to break them up in the eyes of those who do not agree with hate and rude insects. I believe Kristen called them rats and parasites, and that is just about the best description I have ever heard.

Chrissy vs said...

THIS IS CRAZY.......I know of NO ONE who think Rob is hooking up w/ anone....except the papp mags. The theories U share R all IN YR HEAD W/ NO PROOF 2 SHED ON ANY OF IT!!! THERE no R&K....they have not been seen 2gether since MAY 8TH..this is a FACT!!! If they were 2gether, there would B PICS not JUST TWEETS...give us a break, someone would have taken a pic b/c those pics of R&K WOULD B WORTH MORE THAN I MAKE IN A YR...so Rob does Dior, has parties 4 such & Kristen does NOT go 2 SUPPORT OR CELEBRATE W/ HIM???(Not 2 mention all his dinners & concerts w/ friends, she has missed out on....ALL b/c they HATE THE PAPPS??LOL CRAZY!!) What kind of relationship would that B??? STOP FOOLING YRSELVES & DEAL W/ A LITTLE OLD THING CALLED REALITY!!!! ROBSTEN IS BROKEN!!!!