Monday, April 8, 2013

Together Again As Always


This picture of Rob at LF 1 with Isabella Summers of Florence and the Machine had the haters salivating. Of course this meant that Rob and Kristen aren't living together lol. Seriously? Uhm no actually they do live together. Fact. The person who took this pic was Jeremy Harris. They were not here alone. But the haters were hoping. Why were they at LF 1? Probably because it was a jam session and he has a music studio at LF 1. The haters have no brains so they cant wrap their heads around this logic. The best part? In the middle of all their ranting and raving some other pictures were suddenly posted  that sent their heads spinning:

Even better in motion!:)

Yeah this. The way it always end up. Rob and Kristen together. As always. Happy. Does that look like two people forced to be together by a contract? No it does not. It just puts a smile on my face. A normal happy couple having a fun day out with friends. Holding hands.

Sigh. Just sit back and enjoy shall we?

 Now if this wasn't enough we got this from Rob!:

Hanging with Joaquin Phoenix

 And Vince Vaughn

Boys night out and having fun. Of course the haters made a big deal about this and Rob is an alcoholic because he goes out and has a few drinks with friends. Their stupidity astounds me. Hoping maybe a new project with these two. Wouldn't that be exciting?!

Tomorrow is Kristen's birthday and much to the haters dismay she will be spending it with Rob.  Hope she has a wonderful day made special by her wonderful man!


MG said...

Awesome banner HKN! Love your blog!

Happy Birthday Kristen!

beg1314 said...

Are you proud of yourself. I'm sure Rob is thrilled that you posted that picture of him in his house on your blog. Oh but I forgot your an insider so that makes it ok, right? Did your relative give you Robs permission? SMH at you. Your actions are so fucking transparent, I don't know how others don't see it.

Hatersknownothing said...


that pic is all over the net. ask jeremy harris why he posted it on his twitter. and yes Im very proud of myself.

beg1314 said...

So because it is all over the internet it makes it ok for you to re post it. Just like it's ok for you to repost crotch pics of Rob because they are on the internet
I don't care that it's all over the internet. you claim repeatedly that you know them, your relative works for K, yet you continue to do things the contradict this. Rob and Kristen are private people yet you find it ok to re post on your blog a picture of Rob in HIS HOME. The way I see it, someone that really knew them or had a relative that worked for them, would never do the things you do. Just by the way you write your blog and your response to me I can tell you get a perverse pleasure from posting that crap, which I find rather disturbing. You make everyone think you care so much for Rob and Kristen, but i'm not buying, your actions prove otherwise.

Hatersknownothing said...


oh but I do know them. And yes my relative works for Kristen. uhm you need to lighten up. who the hell do you think you are. Acting all high and mighty spewing your crap. Im thinking your a hater until your actions prove otherwise lmao!

beg1314 said...


Aww HKN you wound me.
Wow I'm a hater because I think you are a hypocrite for posting a blog on Rob and Kristen. That's rich. I'm far from a hater, you don't see me posting pics, you see me telling personal information about them. I don't claim to know them, nor do I claim to have relative who works for them. By the way, I'm pretty sure anyone that works for R/K signs a confidentiality agreement. Seems a bit odd and a huge risk that they would risk their job to feed you a little bit information. HMMM wonder what Ruth would think if she saw your blog I feel sorry for the people that actually believe the nonsense that you spew. With all the pics you post how come you have never posted a picture of yourself with Rob and Kristen? hmmm. You can call me a hater all you want, but i don't show any hate towards R/K. I don't show hate to anyone. It's so easy for you to throw around the word "hater". because you know I'm right about what you do and you have no arguement. I don't agree with what you do so I'm a hater. OK! You have never shown one bit of proof of any of your claims, you may have fooled some people, but rest assured this lady here is not.

Hatersknownothing said...
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Hatersknownothing said...


whatever lol! you know nothing about me. your just a hypocrite who thinks they are above everyone else. dont come here if you dont like what I post.

irene said...

Love this blog, thank you!!!!!!!!

Anyone who doesn't and keeps coming back is just a twat.....