Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New Blog Up and Running!

Hello Ladies. I hope this all goes smoothly.

This is the link to the new site


(Giving it to you this way to copy and paste in case you have problems the other way.)

If you have any problems let me know here with a comment or on the new site!

See you there!

Keeping fingers crossed!


Shirley Hashim said...

Dear Haven, Thank you. I will be most honoured should you allow me to continue follow your blog albeit always silently. My best wishes and warmest regards. Thank you. Shirley Hashim...

Unknown said...

dear HKN, Howdy! We are all so happy for you! I am tickled to death it works!

Cindy said...

HKN I easily got to the new site and it was easy to navigate and after I read the new post I did cwrite a comment and clicked on post comment and that was about 5 minutes ago and it's still thinking. Since I can post here easily thought maybe there is a snag?

andreana said...

Testing 123

andreana said...

I think I made it over the rainbow...followed the link..thanks hkn

Cindy said...

Yes I too made it over the rainbow. All is good now.

luckychris37 said...

Your link work perfectly, thank you. I don't know if I have a word press ID, so I may be posting as something else.

Hatersknownothing said...

luckychis I don't think you have to have a wordpress ID. It has open ID like here and you can probrably use your google account to log in.

Janie said...


How can I change how my name appears when I make a comment?

andreana said...

I am ignorant about this stuff.....how will this keep hope LESS out?

Unknown said...

I've been trying for twenty minutes and now I don't recall what I did to get on. I think I may have to change my name and password as they kept refusing my password which is only 12 letters long email address is twenty two long.

I think I logged in at the old address and it just let me in. If I have to use a new email I guess I will. Anyway I don't comment that much and I can still read you.

When I first tried I ended up at a Yahoo address. I don't use Yahoo so that was odd.

I'm glad that LIFE has a US distributor, Cidgna. So it will hopefully be shown in a lot of theaters internationally. LIFE is now one of the top ten most anticipated films of 2015 with Queen of the desert also being another; both with Rob in them.
That sounds great to me.

Unknown said...

Adreanna...I am also technologically challenged. I love the internet for ordering and I got hooked following Rob and Kristen. That's about the sum of my use for it.
If I read a book I want to hold it, so aside from the occasional fanfic I don't even use it for that.

I hope I can find my way back without changing my email address.

I'll talk to you guys later...Hopefully. lol.

Ms Glinda said...


Hatersknownothing said...

Hannah yahoo is where my new email is. maybe it was taking you to that for some reason.

Unknown said...


Ms Glinda said...

I can still post here , but having trouble getting on to new site. Cant find a new place to log in new site,. I am terrible at computer.

Cindy said...

Ladies I used my google gmail account to login and it's working. It's also the same email I used here. I only have that account to log in to HKN blogs but it works. Try that. If you don't have a gmail just go to google and create an account then use that. I have my regular email that I use for all other things and I don't give it out.

Hatersknownothing said...


you mean the pic beside your name?

VickMonick said...

Hi Ladies, just checking to see if I successfully changed over to the new blog. It's going to be so awesome not to deal with the hater trolls. Thanks, HKN.

Unknown said...

Hi HKN I finely found this one to, I had a hard time at first but got it now.
Again thank for the new blog/site love it. Ms. Glinda glad to see you again it's nice here ain't it, it's going to be very peaceful here. Love you, hugs Mae F.

Lisa G. said...

HI Shirley Hashim. Were you able to get to the new site?

Shirley Hashim said...

Dear Lisa G., Due to the kindness of Miss Haven, I got to new site without any hitch. My deepest appreciation to her. Thank you. My best wishes and warmest regards, Shirley Hashim.

Unknown said...

HKN, I love both. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi HKN,well of course it did not work for me it just takes me to wordpress sites,HELP!this betty not jeff

Anonymous said...

i finally got in had to go to google love the new place

Unknown said...

I am starting the morning with a rant I am so angry. Once again one of Rob's films is going down the tubes, despite or because it's distributor. This time that being being Nasdaq Cinedigm.

When a film is put on a list as one of the 10 most anticipated films of 2015 that should mean something good.

Apparently not anymore. The hype is just the sugar to coat the bitter pill; because in reality Playlist says LIFE will be in wide release in theaters and on Video on Demand this fall. It sounds as if this will happen simultaneously.

Can it even qualify for an award being released this way?

Sounds to me like they start their propaganda early and then slowly eliminate films clearing the path for the film The Power That Be want to win. It's bullshit.

France thankfully is still about art more than politics and they basically threw a pie in the face of Hollywood and the Oscars when they gave Kristen Stewart The Cesar
based on her acting and not her popularity, politics or favoritism as Hollywood has been guilty of in the past.

I don't think many of us comprehend the truth of Kristen's win nor the odds against it happening. No wonder some actors saw what was happening to the movie competition and refused to be a part of it and refused their Oscars, Marlon Brando and George C. Scott namely They may not have liked playing the game when the fix was already in.

The Oscars started as a competition of talent and has devolved into a meeting for a competition of politics and favoritism. This doesn't seem right. Don't announce with fan fair that a film is among the top ten most anticipated movies of the year and then tell us it will be released in theaters AND on Video On Demand at the same time. There is still dignity in losing but none in telling who is not going to win.

Unless the French declare it of award merit. Viva La France! at least as far as the arts go.

Unknown said...

If someone reads Playlist and gets a different point of view I'd like to hear it.
I don't like the way my above comment sounds for young actors careers. Is this really business as usual or does someone really have it in for some actors Robert Pattinson included.

I read a bitter comment the other day where someone said Hollywood was still trying to make an actor out of Rob. To me it doesn't seem that way at all. I'm not going to say Cosmopolis, or Maps to the Stars should have been award winning films. But to make the decision to toss LIFE before it's even had a chance seems stupid and underhanded to say the least.

Getting down off my soapbox.

Marion said...

Love the new site, but I'm not seeing my comment listed. Do I have to sign in or register? Please let me know.

SURNATKA said...

HKN part, reports that everything is working on the new site, I hope that trolls will not have access here, I added a comment about testing new site :-)))))

Unknown said...

Hello. I just love the new site wordpress, it's a fantastic place to go to.
Thank you HKN, I just love it there thanks again for a safe place to go to.
Well that's it for now, talk to you all later, love and hugs to all of HKN Haven ladies, and love to RK&SP, a friend to all Mae F.

Unknown said...

Hey! Where is everyone?

Hatersknownothing said...

Hannah we are at the new site


Come on over. You can log in with your Google,Facebook or Twitter account. You don't need to sign up for WordPress.

Unknown said...

Hello I keep getting loosing my google account why is that I'm having problems getting my comments posted. This is a test so I hope it goes through Mae.

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