Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Don't Be Fooled

Truer words have never been said. Gloria is Alicia Cargile's long-time girlfriend. 

 A lot of people are being fooled right about now. They don't realize they are being played by the person they hate most and she is laughing her ass off at them.

And her husband is too.

Even her cousin Brittenelle gave them a clue but they couldn't grasp it.

They are blind with their desperation for Kristen to be Alicia's lesbian lover. They think this will somehow erase her being romantically with Rob for going on six years.

Doesn't look like a lesbian here. Giving the hubby a love pat.

 Or here either.

Yeah this is a lesbian. 

This one killed the hags.

We got these pictures the other day supposedly from January 1st. ( Uhm No.)
 Kristen and Alicia in Hawaii.

Oh my god they are holding hands! This means Kristen is gay!

I guess Jada Pinket Smith is gay too. 

Rihanna is gay too right?

JLaw and her bestie are lesbian lovers too! Of course they are. They are holding hands This proves it!

Omg they are kissing! They are gay!

Funny I don't see any kissing. Do you see any lips touching? Once again the hags trying to make something out of nothing.

I guess Katy Perry is gay too.

 Miley is too! Who knew.

Bet Tom Sturridge will be surprised to find out Sienna is gay too.

Sharon Stone too! Lordy!

According to the hags if you have your hand on another woman's shoulder you must be gay.

Guess Kristen dumped Alicia for Lindsey!

Yeah that about says it. 

Don't see anyone claiming J Law is gay for having fun with a friend do we? Of course not!

Can you see how ridiculous this all is? The hags can stop jumping for joy. Rob and Kristen are still married with a child and a possible second one on the way...

Open your eyes.What do you see? Hey just a viable question.

A close up shot for the blind.

Funny how they missed this part of the Hawaii pictures. The dipshidiots selective eyesight wasn't working on these particular ones. Gee wonder why that might be.

But wait the hags weren't done yet. Rob hadn't been sighted in days and they were getting frantic. They had to prove there was no way Rob was in Hawaii too.

Enter the flight manifest ....

First off its against the law to post a flight manifest anywhere. Am I afraid? No. Why am I not afraid? Because it's so fake it's hilarious. Funny how their full names aren't on this. They would be if it was real. Secondly why did this person not show us the part of this document that says they are heading to the Maldives? Anyone could have typed this up and passed it off as a flight manifest. The gullible hags of course swear it is real.

The hags had to get even more creative as no one was buying their fake flight manifest.

Enter the 14 year old Russian girl...

I guess her parents stalked Rob multiple times since he has two different shirts on. Hey maybe he has some magical powers. His hair changes lengths in the middle of pics why not be a shirt changing magician too. According to the hags that's not a beanie he has on its a backwards cap.

So where is Twiggy in these pics? Oh wait that's her pretending to be shy covering her extra long photo shopped face.  

When the dipshidots were challenged about the pictures Hopeless chimed in with this....

Hope Katz @HopeKatz  ·  Jan 8
http://veli-maldives.anantara.com/dining.aspx  @antea67

Hey I want to give her due credit for this farce.

According to Hopeless this is the place where they were...

When that didn't work out to well for her she went to another site...

Hope Katz @HopeKatz  ·  Jan 10
http://reethirah.oneandonlyresorts.com/content/images/1043.jpg … @E_MariaM

Hope Katz @HopeKatz  ·  Jan 10
@HatersNoNothing @753112jma Wait. There's more tomorrow..bar pics. Restaurant pics..no photoshopping it's the Maldive

 All three of these pictures are the same place according to Hopeless. I dare you to try and not laugh. According to the trolls same pillars, celing fans,furniture, etc. etc. Uhm NO idiots they are not. But thanks for playing. 

We also got a video of Rob and Twiggy on a Beach. Again supposedly in the Maldives.


Now when challenged about the validity of this being from the Maldives the dipshidiots went scurrying all over the Internet to try and prove it actually was from the Maldives. Hopeless claimed to have pics that would prove everything. 

This is what she sent to my email as her first proof. Supposed to be same hut as in the beach video. 

Then she sent me this...

From two weeks ago from Trip Advisor. Guess the Reethirah  site didn't pan out for the beach pictures lol. 

This one was next....

Hope Katz @HopeKatz  ·  Jan 11
“@E_MariaM: @m76mph @HopeKatz  that's exactly the same area Rob and Twigs were walking in the video, jetty is exact!!” @HatersNoNothing

Yep if I was a celebrity I would go to a one star resort that says "Suberb but... Avoid it!"

Notice anything else?

Theses two huts are supposed to be the same. 

Or is it these two huts? 

 (Hey I lost track. I couldn't keep up with her multiple hut pics.Sue me.) Doesn't matter. None of them match.
Hopeless excuse for them not being the same? (She had to think quick!)

 She claimed the first pic was three years old from the web and that's why it didn't match.

Pick yourself off the floor. She isn't done yet....

 She superimposed (or a friend did) Rob and Twiggy onto the Trip Advisor picture. This is supposed to be the thing that ends me. 

Have you died from laughing yet?

 For Someone who said it didn't matter where they were because they are together she sure was determined to move heaven and earth to make it true.

Twiggy trying to show us how shy she is. Showing her skanky side again is more like it. By the way the crap she sings is not Soul. Not by a long shot. Take the fugly nose ring out of your face it might help. Then again maybe not.

Did you notice something else?

She copied Kristen's jewelry look. How original of her.That's kind of a desperate move don't you think?

The Queen, Rob's wife owns her ass!

Speaking of  Mrs. Pattinson it's promo time!

"She's just cool, isn't she? She's not trying to be anything."-Stella McCartney about Kristen

Okay raise your hand if you thought this was a dress!

Nope it's not a dress. Let's do like the hags and pretend to not notice something else. 

Thank you Kristen for crushing the PRstens dreams of you quitting Hollywood! Suckers!

Stunning as always!

“I texted my mom on the way over here. I literally just said, ‘Um, incoming, package of love in the form of a text message, completely random but I love you, dude.’ She replied, ‘Wow. That was really well-timed.’ Now I get worried [about my parents]. My dad the other day couldn’t think of a word, and it was something really simple, and I was like, that’s weird. You should know that word!”

Awww too sweet!

More Promo Stew in next post!

Congratulations to Ohio State Buckeyes! Awesome game!


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Andromeda said...

HKN, what a pro you are at detective work. Love your style, love your blog.

If you bowl as well as you knock fake evidence down, I don't see how you get anyone to challenge you to a game. On the other hand I'd want you on my team any day/

It's kind of weird how desperate this Hope character is. She has to know every time she posts this stuff you are going to hand her butt to her. So why does she keep messing with you?

I don't know how old you are but if they ever make a Rob and Kristen fan movie I'd like to see Julia Roberts in Erin Brockovitch mode playing you.

Arleen P said...

Good night to all the Havens! Great post HKN! Hugs! I love this. Now I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all! I am tired. I just took my two inhalers and Predisone pill, plus antibotics. And Codiene. Because I also had Anterior Root Canal. Now my mouth hurts from it. Love you all. My prayers are with you all and RK. Plus Kristen look gorgeous in my book. So does all of you! Night!

Gloria Hovis said...

Hi HKN. Well HKN looks like I'm the first to post. Like what I seen thank you HKN, Haven yet again you've showing the truth again once again thank you.
Now it's see what others will say and you know who I'm talking about they will deny this and say you are lying to us again.
like yell how could it be a lie and you just showed us pictures that show the truth.
Why can't people see that you have showing that there are different days, months and even years so how in the hell can't you see the truth it's there just open your eyes and can see it.
don't worry there are a lot of RK fan and supporters that will come and will agree with me of what you have showing they will believe you to.
and I am one of them so again hank you. Well that's all I have to say about it.
Well I will go now thanks again.
Love to HKN, Haven, and love to RK & SP. Gloria.

pookie lewis said...

Thank you HKN for another great post. i really enjoyed that so much. Especially the lovely picture of Gloria Noto, thanks for posting that. She's just beautiful. i've always liked Alicia so much, she's such a fierce protector and wonderful friend to Kristen—when she stood up to that guy that tried to follow them into the elevator at the airport parking lot i just shouted "You GO girl!!! YEAH!!" She was superb. Ready to do battle for our K.
And just a real shocky-stopper about Twig's jewelry, that was fun to see it being the same as Kristen's. Nothing gets by you, HKN!

Super post as always, darling HKN. Really enjoyed it. As always! Thanks again dear!

Love to the haven,

Hatersknownothing said...


I love Julia Roberts in that movie

"How did you.."

"They're called boobs Ed"

BudDaimond said...

I have not been commenting for a long while for various reasons.
Mod was on (and while it was off, it turned into a zoo!), but I have to hand you this compliment for making me laugh so hard! Entertainment value off the charts! Keep up the good work :)

Arleen P said...

Thanks Sue Morris and NOLA girl, about my health. Yeah its asthma alright. I am waiting to keep under control. And also my teeth too. I am getting them fixed now.

Barbara said...

Hkn.Your Post? Hilarious Stunning Brilliant.Hecule Poirot would be so proud of you as well as The best detective ever to wear a raincoat, Columbo. Bravo !Bravo! xxxxxx

Sanni K. said...

good morning,
HKN - I love it, I love it, I love it, thanks for your great detective work.
Great post!
Kristen looks excellent as always, sweet and elegant.
Clearly if Kristen is pregnant, it looks as if this time they do not want to hide anything.
Have a nice day, love you all. Hugs

Dorothee Ramos said...

Love your post HKN. Of course, two friends can hug, hold hands without being linked romantically, however Kristen sure had fun to play with her friend Alicia. She played with the rumor. To me, it's sure the next act of the play written by Kristen and Rob.

Sherry said...

Great post. So brave of you to put up the skank pic. Hadn't noticed the jewelry! Wow! This is betting to be interesting. RK are playing this well. All K this week and daddy Rob out of site. They are so awesome.

Love you all.

mary french said...

Great post HKN. I had my doubts about thya.ose pictures. the huts did not look alike. also Rob must be spending quality time with SP and Kris before he goes to film. She sure does look like SP 2 is on the way. maybe your cuz will spill the goods next time. Love

Tina Wotherspoon said...

Afternoon everyone hopefully you are all well, Hkn was a fantastic post you gave us as you always do honestly, funny and just damn right brilliant hats off to you once again, Arleen hope you fell better soon poor you try take it easy sending you lots of hugs, Kristen looked stunning as always so proud of our girl she deserves every award going, Gigi, Morning Coffee hope you and your families are ok missing you both on here please come back soon,well my knee all swollen and bruised but on the mend, to all the lovely havenettes take care be safe be back later.

Mickeymackey said...

A co-worker went to see Live with Kelly and Michael in NYC yesterday. While they were in the studio, they announced that there was a bonus guest who would come out and it was Kristen Stewart. My friend knows nothing about her and commented on how shy and laid back she was compared to Chris Hemsworth who interacted with the crowd a little better. What they did say to me was that while her leg bounced almost continuously she really only had eyes for a 2 year old boy who what sitting in the front row.
I thought it was amazing how this co-worker who knows nothing of this was able to pick up on her actions. She also said that they said that Julianne Moore was going to be on today and that they taped Kristen's interview so she won't be live.
Thought you all might like to hear this. If anyone else was at this show it would be interesting to hear what they thought of it.

SmallDragon7804 said...


It's very simple. Hope is an attention-seeker. She wants to be the center of everything. That's why she keeps stalking RK blogs. She believes she won't get attention if she starts her own Rob and Twigs blog or goes to one featuring them. She says she doesn't stalk and that she is the one being harassed, but she is a bigtime liar. She is the one who butts in on the conversations of our fellow RK fans to get a reaction. She claims no one is making fake accounts and posing as Kristen fans to make racist comments about Twigs, but why should I believe her after all the lies she's told? All of us know doesn't care the least bit about Rob and Twigs. If she did, then she wouldn't be here. She doesn't want Rob to be happy. She wants him to do what makes HER happy. The same goes for Kristen. As for Twigs, she is just another plaything for her to mess with. I can guarantee the robsessed fanatics would try to hook Rob up with Halle Berry if they were sitting across from each other and having a friendly conversation. That's never mind the fact Halle is married to Olivier Martinez, who reminds me of a French version of Brad Pitt. Halle may be forty-eight, but she is as gorgeous as hell and makes many twentysomething women very jealous. She has an acting career that spans twenty-five years. It's unlikely Twigs will having a singing career that spans so long. However, she seems to be a talented dancer. Maybe she should focus on dancing. That'd require a bit of work, but I think she'd be good for it.

sue morris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gloria Hovis said...

hi everyone in Haven and HKN.
Now I'm just asking wonder why I have a trash can for deleting I'm just curious that's all.
Now if anyone could delete me if someone was to either hate or gets mad at me could delete me or could anyone. Sorry for being this way, it's that no one else has one, so no one else can delete them I'm just curious that's all. please don't be upset with for asking.
Well that's all I have to say love to everyone here at Haven and To HKN again I'm truly sorry for any trouble I may have cause thanks for listen to any way.
Again I send love to HKN and to RK & SP. Love Gloria.

Hatersknownothing said...

sue morris

I can't stand the skank either but we have to careful about using words the hags will construe as racist remarks. ie, Aunt Jemima. They would love to jump on us and say we are saying racial things about the branch. I'm just saying choose yourselves carefully.😃

Hatersknownothing said...


Every one has one. If you think better about posting a comment it's for deleting it and starting over. No one but me or you can delete you.

SmallDragon7804 said...


I've seen people calling anyone who says they don't like or care for Twigs's music racist. If I am a racist, then why am I listening to Whitney Houston's music and watching Halle Berry's movies? Both women are black. In Halle's case, she's actually biracial as her mother is white. The bottom line is the robsessed and krisbian fanatics don't care about Rob and Kristen. They don't want them to be happy. They want them to do what makes THEM happy. True fans respect their idol's decisions, even if they don't agree with them. Some don't believe Rob and Kristen are married and have a child, but they believe they are together romantically. That's fine with me. I'm not going to slander them. As for the robsessed and krisbian fanatics, we need ignore them. They're only looking for attention. If we ignore, they'll eventually get bored and leave for good.

Hatersknownothing said...

sue morris

Choose your words carefully is what I meant.Damn Kindle auto correct.

EllenRamey said...

As much as I despised...repeat...despised...the see through with the neon peach/orange getup a couple of years back, I absolutely adore her dress from last night!! Breathtaking. At first I didn't understand the coral belt and then I realized it was another Tara Swennen camouflage stroke of genius. Her hair...wow..and I loved the color. One of her best looks ever. In fact, the whole week has been gorgeous and so Kristen. She glows because she is obviously happy and comfortable in who she is.
Thanks for debunking the photoshop crap! I'm not the most tech savvy person so it was very helpful for me. I knew it had to be bogus:)

Arleen P said...

Hi to all my Havens friends!
Hey Marion, I post a picture for you on my google.

sue morris said...

HKN Sorry about that, at 72 sometimes you just do not think before you open your mouth! ANYHOW, really good post, love that RK, and hope they video their PR movie to the nation showing all! And, it does seem like somebody is trying to be Kristen and auto-failed. RK made their own nude pictures, movies, etc. that really are sexy and are used in couples sex orientation classes, really they are, and who hasn't seen the over the counter shots made and stolen from RK? Good lord, it is a wonder they did not totally disappear to an island for YEARS! I think Kristen and Julianne were beautiful in that movie, they are special, and Kristen adores her parents so they did a good job in making her see what was important in life, it is called integrity and honesty. Yes, of course we love RK, I really cannot see where either one deserves any of the BS. They are only trying hard to live their lives the way they need to. Susie

fishyone2 said...

The manifest? Fake as a $3 bill - look closely - her name is spelled incorrectly. Done.

Remember - do not respond to the b*tches who post on here when HKN opens the door. They are sad - pathetic and in great need of therapy and perhaps a friend or some family. Its obvious they have none.

Chris b said...

Hey, I tried to wait up last night for your post, but I was to tried. Anyway great post. I had to laugh the other day when you posted that pic on Twitter where she said they was, because just before you posted it I got one from Beautiful Pictures of almost the same thing. I was thinking she must be following them too. I find it funny that there weren't any other pics of them together in "Maldives" coming or going. As for Kristen and Alicia being together,I don't believe it for one minute. I think I've said this before but I'll say it again. My daughter's best friend is gay and when I show her the pics and the comments she laughed and said if that made her gay then my daughter was because she had grabbed her but coming out of the break room at work. Just so you know my daughter isn't gay, she has been in a relationship with her bf for 6 yrs and they have a daughter besides that she said her friend was missing one body part she couldn't live without. I love the pics from this week of Kristen, oh and the Old one of Rob in London to bad we didn't get a new one.
Great post keep the good work at uncovering the BS they keep throwing at us to prove that they are not together.

Sanni K. said...

is the new / old picture not current? I ask because the jacket is new
I do not understand why these stupid Robsessed, Rob rather see with that T rather than the sweet kristen. smh
can someone give answer?

Gloria Hovis said...

Hi haven ladies, this goes out to hatersknownothing, I'm sorry I should of known better sorry about that, I wasn't thinking I should have known again I'm sorry I hope you can forgive me for my stupid ways I still got a lot to learn. I hope you can be a will be patient with me I sure you can. thanks for your helping me and caring enough to tell me how that works thanks again.
HKN I am so sorry about this I hope you can also forgive me.
Love to all of Haven and HKN love to RK/SP.
Love everyone here Gloria. P.S. I hope we all can be friends here I don't have many, thanks again.

Merle Yamasaki said...

HKN Thank you for another great post!

Jean White said...

That no you this post really cheered me no end. We are waiting for snow to arrive in Liverpool so the UK usually goes crazy when this happens. Love the RK proof all that Maldives crap was so much BS it hurt. Well done keep up the good works. Jean in Liverpool x

Happygirl said...

@sanni because these trolls know that R loves K and that kills the haters. So they hook him up with every woman beside K.

Velma Jean said...

HKN, I never realized so many women in Hollywood went around holding hands.

But the Twigberts do a happy dance because Kristen is seen sitting on a beach with Alicia.

Both women walking and holding hands, helping each other over rough spots on the beach, to them is a sign that Kristen has found a new love.

Oddly enough I would have taken it for courtesy and friendship.
But to the Twigberts ,it's Kristen getting ready to come out.

It's doubtful they've noticed all these comparative photos everywhere which makes their opinion seem stupid.

They're like ants looking at a firefly as if it were the moon, that's how off their perception seems, and that's why we question everything they think they see.

DONNA LEE said...

Hello :-) I first read you HKN on GC several years ago. I admired your tenacity and loyalty to RK and I still do. Thank you for your common sense approach . I adore it . I always look forward to reading your posts and stand behind you 100 % . Until the next time, take care of you :-).

fishyone2 said...

Gloria Noto is very pretty :)

Rae H. said...

Holy cow VJ, Nick will be so jealous when he sees your comment.

"They're ants looking at a firefly as if it were the moon. That's how off their perception is."

"That's why we question everything they think they see."

Great line.

If Hope were my child I'd tell her to sit down and shut up before she embarrasses herself.

Since she's probably spent her whole life embarrassing herself without knowing it, why worry about it now?

Got to get moving. Thanks for the laugh.

I agree, Julia Roberts as Erin Brockovitch would be great as HKN.

Sherry said...

Hi ladies. I see you let the noise through twice. All blah, blah, blah.

Arleen, take care iof yourself.

Tina, get better soon.

Been busy filling out more forms to get my hubs on kidney transplant list at two more hospitals. Got them faxed today. Been busy at school too.

Gloria, we will guide you through this. Don't worry about the haters and trolls. They do protest too much!

Love you all.

Gloria Hovis said...

Hi to all of Haven, except Hope and the one called guess one.
To guess one, why don't you use your own name on here are you afraid that we might found out about you. I myself don't give a damn what you do or think you are full of it you crazy stupid idiot moron that's what I think of you and I'm only specking for myself.
And that goes for you Hope but I'm not even going to bother with you I I/we would like to do is go away just leave and go.
You two are not even worth my time. Sorry everyone sorry HKN and all of haven I should not let them bother me any more their not worth it. again I'm sorry I will not do that again don't want to start trouble with anyone differently not myself that's for sure. Well I better go Love to all and HKN and to RK & SP. love to all Gloria.

Cindy Hughes said...

I see a lot of very desperate RK haters and stalkers in defcon 5 mode. Meltdown has occurred. Houston we have a problem. Ok peeps wait for it. They will most likely pull out their version of their big guns. Hahahaha! countdown and in 1,2,3......

Doesn't matter what faked,photoshopped,phony stuff they come up with it will always be just that faked. Karmas coming and all we have to do is be patient and watch. They have been proven wrong and proven to be the fakes they are 100% of the time. Always remember that.

Suzanne Vorstenbosch said...

Hello Ladies. Lovely reading all of you. HKN, brilliant post, once again. I still believe and take the media with a big boulder of salt. Hope. Oh Hope, there's no hope for you! You think you made HKN a laughingstock? Look in the mirror, dearie. There's your laughingstock. You have never once answered the question: why do you care what we believe? We don't go looking for you to convince you to come on our side (though we do have cookies, that should be enough incentive to do so) We don't look you up to tell you you're a fool to fall for the clickbait (though you are, sorry to say), that the media is lying to tou (though they are) yet here you are again, trying to make us see the error of our ways. Please, save yourself the trouble and put all that energy in supporting Rob. Go see all his films, multiple times, buy all the dvd's and chill. Your wasting precious effort. Your coveted video? Already picked apart and deemed false. More to come you say. Good! Go and watch it! Start your own blog and see how many followers you get..Bye Hope, don't let the door hit you on your way out!!

Ladies, keep on doing what you do, you are all great! Mwah!

Mickeymackey said...

How in god's name did hope get in here. just when things were quiet we get her bs and they same from the video. What I don't get from the video is why the girl was giggling as she is videotaping. that made no sense. the dead giveaway that this was an older pic were the moustache and beard on R especially if he was in the Maldives last week when he didn't have it

sue morris said...

I am really curious HKN, how does the sick one get in? I know you cannot spend very long with the post daily but she must send you thousands of posts each day. Julianne did a great job on Today and the talk show following, I didn't see Kristen's brief visit after Chris but they were probably catching up with each other after the show yesterday. Please remove the post from the pest, thanks. Susie

Barbara Fenwick said...

Great post hkn. I have faith in you and you have never let me down. Thank you for keeping us all straight. Rob and Kristen must be having a wonderful time laughing at all the ridiculous claims.

Kristen looks so beautiful in all her appearances. Loving every minute of it.

Take care, until next time----

sue morris said...

If anyone has stopped to read the sick one, you will notice she just has to have her name in print, so I really do think we can eliminate her name from print here permanently. She is brain dead, repeating the same thing, over and over, and no one is listening at all, she is deleted forever. I refuse to let evil control my happiness or my reason. HKN is one of the few people on this earth that actually cares about RK and the truth. I believe the members of Haven do also. Have a good night. Susie

Gloria Hovis said...

To Happygirl.
Thanks for explaining and answering to Sanni what she needed to hear. And I do agree with what you told her, and I can add to that, that Robert loves Kristen and they do have baby and are married as well.
And for why you don't see Robert with Kristen and you only see Rob with FKA Miss Twiggy, and now I can tell you why is he is trying to protect his love ones.
Now wouldn't try your best to protect your love ones, if you had to I know you would.
and I know I sure would I do all I could to protect them even with my hole life depended on it.
And that's what Rob is doing and it is PR any way I there is nothing that nobody can do to change it that's the way goes.
Well I am going now talk to you all later Love to all of Haven and HKN and also to RK & SP.
Sincerely yours love Gloria.

NOLA girl said...

Evening all!
HKN - thanks for the new post my dear - Pookie is right - nothing gets by you!!! Pookie - big hug and wave to you, my friend.

I was thinking today the picture of Rob and FKAT could have just as easily been taken while they were in Miami awhile back. It has been nice to not be bombarded daily with pics of them, especially since Kris is in full promo mode. This is her time to shine!

The jewelry thing is a little bizarre...kinda creepy. Reminds me of the movie "Single White Female" with Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh

Tina, hope you are making progress everyday. Arlene, do what your docs are telling you to do, and hope you are improving everyday.

Is Kris or Rob going to Sundance FF?
Big hugs!!!!!

NOLA girl said...

Just checked the list of films and casts for this year's Sundance FF - nothing regarding Rob and Kris.

Sweet dreams al

Sherry said...

Night everyone. Nice to have such a safe place to come to.

Love you all.

Arleen P said...

If Rob and Kristen come to Utah for Sundance FF. I am going to get my sign ready. Say Welcome to Utah!

Arleen P said...

Hi to all my HKN Haven friends! My coughing are slowly making progress. Except my nose is stuffy. Thanks for being there for me. I love all your comments. Great job!

Olivia White said...

Awesome post, HKN. Nothing gets by you. I love your tenacity. I'm reeling from how beautiful and professional Kristen has been in the SA Promo. I love getting to see her, and hear her speak. I absolutely love her hair.
This whole Maldives thing is a worthless crock of shit. Don't believe it for a minute. Haters have been trying to say Kris was gay for years. They are stupid. People stew over Alicia & Kris' friendship. They forget they are related. Jeeze. Here in the South we hold hands with our cousins and girlfriends all the time. Anyway, loved this post. Hope everyone is doing well.

Annie said...


Kristen has looked stunning and confident throughout her Stiil Alice promotions here in NYC and her interviews continue to prove what an intelligent and caring young woman she is.

Today the Oscar nominations will be announced and Julianne Moore is certainly a lock for Still Alice. I would love to hear Kristen's name announced for Best Supporting but even if she is not, her outstanding performance in the movie and her unwavering support of Julianne is what I and many others will remember.
Still, I hope for a nomination for Kristen, she deserves it for her excellent work in the movie.

Looking forward to all of the great movies to come this year.

fishyone2 said...

Dear friends of the Haven – good morning to all. I wanted to share a thought that has been nagging in my head for quite some time now. Call it a new year resolution or trying to be more kind, but bear with me. We need to not stoop down to the level of those women who stalk HKN and threaten/harass her. She’s a big girl and seems to handle it quite well . I’ve even been one of those who has been caught up in it and even tried to reason – they only hear what they want to hear, see what they want to see and get some kind of morbid pleasure in attacking people. We should not attack back, we should feel sorry for them and pray they find some help and peace in their lives. But the bigger thing is the attacking I see against Twigs. If you believe HKN, there is nothing negative to say about her. Don’t like her music – fine – but be the bigger person and not say she is untalented – she’s just not your taste. Don’t think she is pretty – fine – but don’t call her ugly (I would certainly hate to be judged on that level). And honestly – that girl has a kicking body……….just saying. If you believe HKN, you will see that her issues are not with Twigs – they are with the rabid fans who morph photos into something they are not. Her issues are with the obsessed fans who stalk Twitter accounts and gossip sites – and then twist that information into some grand love story. If you believe HKN, then you would be mad at Rob and Kristen too for their part in this. Don’t blame Twigs for the media hype – she is as much of this game as they are. Sure, there were times she said things that I think went a bit too far, but I think she got caught up in the attention – that level of it is new to her. My a-ha wish for this year? A photo of Kristen and Twigs together . So let’s be better people and not attack her, just like we don’t want to be attacked.

Mickeymackey said...

my co-worker saw Kelly and Michael show in NYC Wednesday. When she came in to work yesterday and I asked her how the show was she indicated that when the show was finished an announcement was made that a bonus guest was coming on and that they could stay or leave. She and her friend chose to stay and the special guest was Kristen Stewart. Let me say this, my friend has no clue to anything that is going on with her and R and she started telling me about this by saying that the girl was from the vampire movies. Anyway, when she came on to her she appeared shy and standoffish and nothing like Chris Hemsworth who was on earlier and interacted with the audience much more. My friend then went on to say that Kristen's leg was bouncing really fast and she really only had eyes for a 2 year old boy who was sitting in the first row. I was truly flawed by her comments and wondered if any other NY fans on this site was at this taping. It would be interesting to see what they saw.
The account that I stated above was given to me by someone with no knowledge of K and R and she couldn't even remember her name when repeating this story.

Sherry said...

Kristen did not get a nomination for best supporting actress for the Oscars. Julianne did for best actress. Don't despair she wasn't the only one snubbed. Her time will come.

Sanni K. said...

good evening
Congratulations to Julianne. Kristen is just fantastic, she gets her chance too.
Is it possible that rob in London for the film THE CHILDHOOD OF A LEADER? He plays a greater role there or smaller?
He did eventually met with this woman -T?
Friends at lunch? then in turn I ask why there is no Pap images.
Have a nice evening. Love you all. Hugs

P. S. HKN I have respect how you the fight against this Hoppeless to take on your twitter page.

Happygirl said...

@Sanni we don´t know where R is. Only that the Trolls made up BS again. COAL will be filmed in Budapest. R´s role is small.

Arleen P said...

Hi to all my HKN Havens! I am no longer working at Ihop. I am still working on getting better. The only jobs I am keeping is Sizzlers and BK.

Jean White said...

The sessed have him in UK but no pics in any papers here prob with baby in LA. Jean

pookie lewis said...

Hey NOLA girl, thanks for the shout-out! You made me feel so good when you mentioned the ol' pookster i hauled off and hugged myself!!!!!! as always, i dream, dream. dream of New Orleans... *sigh* have a nice, hot beignet for me, will ya? yummmmm

...and fishyone2 i always enjoy your comments, anywhere i see them. Love is always the most beautiful answer of all. You know, i wouldn't even be surprised if Kristen herself loaned Twigs those necklaces for her cover shoot; after all, she helped her get her Nashville performance hall... ;-)

...and i can just see our dear Arleen, holding up her sign and waving it for Kristen! sweet, sweet Arleen! i bet she'll write something like, "The Haven Loves You, K!!!"

...and are you keeping warm, dear suemorris? You get snuggled up under some good warm blankets now, and put on an extra pair of socks!!! i know a nice hot water bottle helps too on those cold cold nights!

...and a big hello to Annie over there in the great city of New York! i'm gonna pack my little mousey bags and get over there one of these fine days...

...and Sherry, i'm praying for that kidney for your poor dear husband, so sorry he's in need of that, bless both your hearts. He's on my prayer list big time!

...and an affectionate 'hey there!' to all the lurkers, and of course all the friends from DIDY, i enjoy all your comments so much-- i'll never forget Rae's analysis of Kristen's poem, i just will never forget that. Velma Jean and Nick and Christopher Dark and the whole crew of them, i just love them.

...heck, i just love you all!!!!

...well alright, catch you all later
...lovingly, especially to the divine HKN, and to all the wonderful Haven,


divyvicki said...

Great post HKN. U maintain my sanity

fischer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sue morris said...

Dear POOKIE, You are the sweetest person and you always see the light at the end of the tunnel. I wish I was as nice as you! I am afraid I do not like seeing people taken advantage of no matter the economic reason, and I think RK have been used by certain people to the very limit, and I suppose not being any of my business I need to just forget it, but for most everyone, enough is really enough. I also hate cheap snipes and really cheap nudes. If you are going to do a nude, do it right. Cluttered overdone racial looks are actually disliked by most people who study nudes. They call it a crude word, I will not say it. I think Kristen is probably a lot more tolerant than most of us. I believe Rob's filming may start at the end of Jan. , I do hope we have no more terrorist attacks in Europe, France and Belgium so far have been hit. I would not want to travel right now, just not a great time. Kristen's last NY show is tonight. She certainly knows how to handle the news interviewers, I got tickled this morning, something about three dogs, and she controlled these people well. She is quite a lady. HKN, thanks for giving us a place to express our feelings. I am so glad it is warming up here, my foot is not doing well, have the darn toe red and infected with ingrown nail, so back to the podiatrist, same nail, same doctor. Arleen, glad you are better. Sherry, I will pray for your husband, I know about waiting for those kidneys, it is a heart breaking wait, so I am praying for you. Annie, you need to give Kristen a hug from us! Wish you could see her! Susie

Sherry said...

Thanks Pookie and Sue for your thoughts and prayers. I hope I am a match and am healthy enough to give one of my kidneys to my hubs.

As for Rob in London, I doubt it. He does like to get on set a couple of weeks ahead of time, but I think the movie is being shot in Budapest so I find it unlikely. He's either at home with SP or with Kristen and SP in NYC. Just a guess. Wherever he is I'm sure it's where his heart is!

Sue, I agree with you on that nude pic, if it's the mag cover you are talking about. I don't think it was posed very well. I hadn't noticed the jewelry but that doesn't speak volumes it shouts it. It has occurred to me that since it appears that Kristen and Rob are helping this young lady, then she deserves a little more respect. I don't really care for her music or what I've seen, but I will try and be nice. I do think it is going to take more then RKs presence for her to be a huge star. People that make it have to do so on talent and lots of hard work. Not sure about the latter.
Been another busy day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
Love you all.

Gloria Hovis said...

Hi to all. Ha HKN I hope I didn't say the wrong thing again.
I don't mean to be a bother but sent in a comment earlier today I was just wondering why my comment didn't go through maybe you just haven't gotten to yet I don't know. Sorry for any convenience that this may cause I surly wouldn't want to do that again if I have I'm sorry. All I was wanting to know I really didn't mean to but I was turning the my channel on my TV and I just turn on the e-news, I guess I just turn on there the right time and there were showing Robert and FKA/Twigs and were saying That Robert was more happier then he was with Kristen and more in love then he was with Kristen.
Now I don't believe it but I was just being curious about that's all. And then I remembered that was an old picture of them I saw that on Hollywood life before with Bonnie and there was another lady that was saying the same this to, and get this even GC even emitted and I'm suppose to believe them when they were caught lying before even you did so I was just curious could you or anyone tell me it's a lie it's false so I can stop worrying.
And you need to know I am a worrier wart and I am sorry about that. That's just the way I've been and that is because I been lied to and a lot of things have full through and have been taking advance of many of many time so that's way I am.
Well I'm going now talk to you later love to everyone here and to RK&SP. P.S. Thanks for listing to my story, again Love to all especially to HKN and all of Haven
sincerely yours love Gloria.

Arleen P said...

Hi to all my HKN Havens! Right now I am in my comfort zone.
Gloria Hovis, Word advice. Please boycott all those trashy medias include Hlies and E too. Because one I don't believe those trashy tabs and medias. They bring nothing but lies, hate, and money. Is all they care about. They are nothing but haters. Plus they will bring you down.

Sue Morris, Not totally better. But I am working on it. Thanks! You are sweetest person.
As for everyone, I am going to bed. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all! Love you all and RK. My prayers goes out to you all and RK. Night!

Sherry said...

I took a look at the supposed video of Rob and the branch. Can barely tell its Rob and who knows who the other person is.mthat could be a wig under that hat!!

Gloria, don't listen to the junk being said. Rob and Kristen are saying zip about their private life so these places just make it up. Don't lose any sleep over it.

Love you all. Night!

sue morris said...

Gloria, please stop bringing the BS gossip to Haven. If it looks made up, it is. Most of the trash news is reused over and over because Rob has been under the radar. Nobody has seen Rob for weeks, and he is always hiding out because he really does not like being photographed on his private time. You keep on with what is said elsewhere. I believe most of the Hollywood Gossip Reporters report 100 % lies because it makes for drama, and makes them money. You should believe whatever you think is right, and if you do not know what to believe, you should understand that confusing people is what Hollywood shows are for. They want you to come back and believe whatever they say, and it does not matter to them to tell the truth or print the truth. If you are coming here to upset you should know you don't, you just sound like you let everything you hear and read upset you. If Rob and Kristen ever separate for sure there will be a statement from them, it will be very clear. So far we know they are together, have three dogs, and a little girl, and they do not want anyone photographing them ever. This is true and most gossip blogs refuse to report that because that is not what their money market wants, so RK have been using them to gain more complete privacy without the paparazzi ruining their lives.

Gloria Hovis said...

Hi HKN. Thanks for posting my comment sorry for being a pain to you but I'M sure it happens at or two I guess I get a little in patient at times sorry about that this will not happen again.
Again thanks for my comment. thanks for your a safe place to go and comment here and to be able to speck our mind/opinion to that doesn't criticize me thank you so much HKN and haven.
Well I'm going to leave for now but will be back some time later.
Love to all and to HKN and to RK&SP sincerely yours Gloria.

Alex Orrantia said...

Dear Gloria,
Best to not watch shows like E news, all they're doing is repeating the same bs past articles have said before. If anything it's a good thing because it shows the have nothing new, the pr is slowing down, maybe even done, and they're running out of things to back up their little romance narrative with. How many times are they going to repeat the same old "he's more happy and in love" before people catch on that they really have no info on what they're reporting about?

fishyone2 said...

Thanks Pookie!!

Good morning haven. So here was my thought today. I was doing a little poking around - just seeing what kinds of things were being said (ugh --- some of it is VERY creepy). I digress and I confess - Yes, I fishyone2, went one of "those" fan sites. And do you know what struck me? How is it that when Rob is MIA - all in super ninja mode - and especially when Kristen is somewhere other than LA or herself MIA, lo and behold, a Rob or Rob/Twigs fan just happens to be in and just happens to be at and bam - gets a "new picture" or "new video" of them. Right. Of all the places in the world, YOU run into them and are the only person who saw them or got a picture........ Another moment that made me almost cry I was laughing so hard at the irony. I wonder how that happens???? Cheers everyone.

Lisa G. said...

Hi HKN and Havenettes. I enjoyed the last post. When I saw the magazine cover I immediately though of the necklace Kristen wore and then to scroll down and confirm it was the same. I see that Google dropped Google glass.

Chris b said...

Great post as usual. Well I have thought the same thing about it all. I have to say when I first seen the mag cover, I thought I had seen that necklace before thanks for pointing it out. I've noticed that she tries to be like Kristen a lot. How she poses the peace sign, I could go on for days with all that I have noticed, but I really don't want to waste my time on her. I've been watching and reading the interviews from Kristen this week and oh my she looks great, and so grown up. Hate she didn't get the Oscar nod she deserved it. I said they my just as well have one award show because all the same ones gets nominated. Oh I seen someone mentioned that they watched E-news,I used to watch ET every night until they started with all the BS in 2013 If I wanted to see that I would have just looked at the tabloids because that's all they are anymore. When Mary left it changed, I think she kept it real and not trashy.

SmallDragon7804 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paula Bain said...

Good morning ladies, congrats to Julianne on her win, congrats to Rob for his nominations, Kristen looked her usual gorgeous self this week.

@Gloria I used to believe everything the media and E news told me, till I discovered justice for Kristen, that site open my eyes to the lies that the media told just to get a story.

Stop reading gossip sites, if E news is on turn to another channel, if you see an article don't read it don't click on it; if you have twitter or tumblr if you don't like what they are saying or posting stop following them.

Now someone said that Google have stopped selling those glasses, wasn't that the deal the branch was involved with?

If Kristen and Rob have broken up maybe Kristen should give Rob back his clothes, and stop wearing the jewellery he given her, plus she is looking after 3 dogs, one of them is Robs.

The point being, Rob and Kristen could give an interview and tell all, show the marriage certificate even the birth certificate, maybe even the stick she peed on, people would still not believe, they want Rob with anybody as long as it;s not Kristen.

Have a lovely day ladies.

Gloria Hovis said...

To Sue aren't you being little hycritical of me, didn't you read the hole post. I accidentally turn to e news,I didn't say I went to any other sites I just remembered I had heard them say that before, so when I saw Robert with FKA Twigs that's how I remembered the photo before it's an old one I saw that one on extra extra TV show and Yes I have saw that on Hollywood life I used to go there before I came here I saw the photo and they said the same thing to and so didn't GC, GC has change so much I quit going there the same thing with Hollywood life I quit going there to. So if you don't mind back off a little mad because you how reason to upset especially with me and did apologize and said I was sorry that's is what that means you know.
you're so quit being critical of me I don't judge you so quit judge me every time I do or go some place by mistake people do that I means we/I are only human we/I do make bad decision at time.
And I'm not being mean or criticizing you by all means heaven for bid, that's not my way an lese someone is being mean to me see I not going to let people run over me or use me like a door mat to wipe your feet off on to that just ain't going to happen to any more. Now if you want me to be a bad ass I can.
But that's not me, I am a really nice person I'm only 52 and that's all people did.
And all people did was make in fun of me because I was in special Ed for a long time when I was a little girl and now that I have grown up I don't have to put up with it any more because I will tell you fuck off and yes I said a bad word I curst sorry but I hear people here cuss all the time on here, to HKN I sorry I'm just expressing my feelings and voicing my opinions here like everyone else is doing and that's all I'm doing again I'm sorry'
And I'm not trying to be mean at all that just not me really isn't I am not being mean to Sue by no means if she thinks I am I already apologize said I'm sorry many times and I'm not going to do it again I feel I have already did it enough But I am apologizing to you again HKN and for anyone this may concern or defend/affect don't mean to at all I starting to feel love for everyone on here and that's the truth. I guess I will go now maybe I'll be back I'll see.
People need to respect me on here like I respect them and I do I respect you HKN and all of Have.
Well love to all and especially RK&SP sincerely yours Gloria.
P.S. HKN please I hope post my comment here thanks Gloria.

Sherry said...

Well, another one pic of Rob supposedly in London today. Funny how there is a restaurant full of people and only one picture. I swear these trolls are desperate. When has there ever been just one pic of Rob or Kristen when they are out in public? You can tell it was taken without his permission as he looks pissed. Who knows when it was taken!

Glad the week is over. Have a good weekend. Love you all.

Mickeymackey said...

you are so right fishyone2 - low and behold pics of R at a bar in London. Supposedly T is with him but no shots yet. just lots of supposed tweets. I can't keep up with this anymore.

sue morris said...

Most of the photos and stories are old and this is because nobody really knows where RK are. I just love it. It must be nice to be able to thumb your nose at everybody and just do your thing. I just hope everybody is happy and safe and resting . A BAR IN England? Damn, it's cold over there, and some of these pictures are really old. The obsessed are truly brains out to lunch. There are some really good bars in NY and CA. England has really nice taverns & eateries. Kristen loves the roast beef there I read. LA has excellent food, I love the seafood and the Mexican food there. But, if I were RK, I would be where nobody has any idea. Google was always going to drop the Google Glass, they did not have it perfected. It is a good idea, just not fully ready. Hope you all have a great weekend. Good Night Arleen! Susie

Mickeymackey said...

All i want to say about the pics of Kristen this week - she was in such beautiful clothes couldnt she have worn a nicer pair of sneakers?

Merle Yamasaki said...

Good evening - Crew -United reported that The Childhood of a Leader starts filming January 30 and will end February 21. Filming is at Budapest. If Rob is true to form, he should be leaving to film site very soon.

Mickeymackey - Love the tidbit about Kristen being taped on Live with Kelly and Michael. Been watching the show hoping to catch the release of her interview.

Arleen - Take care of yourself and be sure you have your inhaler with you at all times.

Kristen is the shinning star with all the SA promo. Love her telling Seth Meyer when he ask what will she be doing after SA, her reply "none of your business"!!! and she said that with a big smile!

Sending prayers to those in need, love and hugs to all except those trolls. Sweet dreams.

fishyone2 said...

SmallDragon - LOVE it!!

fishyone2 said...

Gloria - do not attack Sue please. She is a long time poster here. She was just cautioning you not to bring the lies here. When we turn on each other, that is just not ok. She was offering guidance - that is all.

sue morris said...

Nobody here is criticizing Gloria, if you would read most of the messages they all say the same thing I did Gloria, just ignore what the gossips say, it is made up 100% to be repeated again. Nobody believes those E. shows or their posts on computer or their magazines. Read all the posts here , they say just skip the gossip shows. Susie

Arleen P said...

Hi to all my HKN Havens friends! I just got home from work.
Sherry, Chris B, Paula Bain, and the rest of my Havens friends, Well said. I agree with you completely. Media sucks! They have bring nothing but lies.

Sherry said...

Saw on SRWNS that most of the sites with supposed pics and bs are sensed sites from Russia. To say it like MN did, that should tell us something.

I may be off grid for a few. Visiting relatives and may not be on much over the weekend.

Love you all.

sue morris said...

Gloria, This is a pretty mellow blog and nobody calls out others with four letter words and quickly says I am sorry to make it seem ok. I believe HKN would delete anything that was deliberately mean and rude, and really does regularly to keep her blog pleasant, so actually we just do not call each other names, and those who do get deleted. Anytime you name a gossip magazine you are advertising for them and few people want to make them more money, those guys are rolling in money, so I asked you to stop bringing stuff here, because the gossips really do lie and these lies are repeated by all the blogs who hate Kristen and Rob. It needs to stop somewhere, and maybe with this blog, we can avoid calling each other out over GOSSIP LIES ? It just is not a good idea to keep it going just because it is new gossip, that's why we do not see RK together, and it exactly why they hide out. Maybe you can avoid four letter words also?

moon river said...

Hello HKN, I'm an italian reader and I follow you by time. Let me ask you only one thing ... why? Why two young guys should hide and deny their mutual presence? For the paparazzi? To blame the paparazzi Rob would rather pretend to be with another? I hope to receive an explanation. Bye!

Mickeymackey said...

Just got word from my friend that she got an email indicating that the interview she saw taped at the Kelly and Michael show with Kristen Stewart will be aired January 26th. If this is the same that she saw then it wont be live on the 26th

Gloria Hovis said...

Hi to all.
OK this out to everyone and to Sue as well. When I apologize and say I'm sorry I do say it a lot but because I am being sincere that's how I get my feelings out and that's the only way I can express myself, if that's ok everyone here. So when I say I'm sorry just I mean from my hole heart that's the only way know how now if someone can tell me another way then by all means do tell me and I'm not being mean or sarcastic to any way all by all means so when I say I'm sorry to take so hard Ok. Now I ask you to and I mean it when I say it can you all especially Sue please forgive me for saying for letter words or try not to curse now there are some that do but that doesn't give an excuse or the right to so I will reframe myself from using such words again.
Now about RK I have been there fan for along time I've been Kristen fan way before Twilight the first movie she star in was with Jody Faster in panic room and the massager and yellow handkerchief and she sing in that one with some other guy I don't remember his name though.
So I known her for along time and I care for her I adore her and I love and adore both RK and will always will support them no mater what. Well I did say my peace so I will go now love to all of Haven friends and HKN to and also to RK&SP love, sincerely Gloria.

sue morris said...

MOON RIVER What are you talking about? Russians? More possessed money hungry people looking for cash from Rob pictures, manufactured a couple of times, just to make sure they are not able to be real, just to look somewhat like they are real? Yes, they are trying for any other male or female but Kristen, because that's the current gossip popular opinion of the possessed women who are still barking at the moon for Rob, sniffle. Rob is most probably hoping for a little quiet time until he starts shooting a film. He is still under the radar somewhat. He could be just about wherever he wants to be!

Arleen P said...

Hi to all my HKN Havens friends! I love all your comments. Great job! Keep up the good work. I am going mark that on my calendar. I am to clock in. After my shift is over. I am all yours! By the way I colored my hair. I will posted on my google +. Hope you all love it. I even post some songs too. Later.

Arleen P said...

HI everyone! I am off the clock. I kind almost broke my ribs at work. Ouch. But I am ok. I think its going to leave a mark. I am just going to be sore. But I'll live. Now I am home, took a shower, going to take motrin and then straight to bed. After I finish those fanfictions.

Sherry said...

Hi ladies. Thought I'd be off the grid but I'm not. Had a nice trip and arrived safely. Looking forward to Sunday, actually is Sunday as hubs gets to preach and we are going to be eating at Lamberts.,great place to eat.

Have a nice weekend . Oh about the Rusdian thing it was on MNs blog. She said a lot of this hateful Robsessed junk comes from Russian Robsessed sites.

Love you all.

Arleen P said...

Happy Birthday to Betty White!

sue morris said...

The sun is out here! It's a beautiful 38 degrees and totally warmer! Started on antibiotics for R. toe, and slept through for the first time in weeks. We should avoid discussing exactly where Rob might be possibly for his safety ladies, besides I dare you to tell me where you KNOW he is or for the matter where FOR SURE Kristen is. It is not life changing for us to talk, but it might be for them about where we, the detectives, think they are. I think it is really the gossip nags and hags that push this, hoping to get ideas from a post like this. I would for sure say just exactly where I did not think they were, just to rumor the idiots in a wrong direction. Arleen, I hope you feel better today, with asthma and having dental work done, trying to rest is a real need, so put the feet up and take a load off more! I am soaking with salts and using antibiotic cream and taking antibiotics, so I should be in good shape if I have more surgery. Sherry, still praying for you all! MC,VERNIE, sending you both much love, I miss you both every day. Little POOKIE , so happy to know you are out there, love you always, you are a loving human being, please stay well and warm. I am wearing very soft stretch silk-like diabetic socks that feel so good I forget they are on! With two ingrown toenails on one foot, you need soft! I am off to feed my little 70 pound Boxer, Sugar Lump, her morning protein, chicken breast, and let her out again for a run. She is registered and very pretty for a black masked boxer, but her spirit of sweetness is her main attraction. Sugar would probably lick an attacker to death. She has a ferocious set of teeth, and scary growl and bark, but she licks the postman and guests to pieces. I have the original greeter guard dog, all noise, no bite. But she always alerts me of every single movement in the house and yard. Those squirrels keep eating her pecans and she does not like it one bit! We have to work on the over licking. Have a great Sunday. Susie

Gloria Hovis said...

Hi to all of Have.
Thought I'd check in see how everyone 's up to.
@Sue I would like for us to start over fresh, and be friends.
So if you write/type me back and let me know what you think about that and I personally want to apologize to you, and ask you to forgive me and let you know this will not happen again. Thank you Sue I hope you get to read my comment here.
@ Now at Haven I also want to be friends to the rest of Haven and I want to thank everyone on here.
Well that's all I have to say for now we be back later love to all and to HKN and RK&SP Gloria.

divyvicki said...

Sherry, I love Lamberts. Wish I lived close enough to go more often.

Merle Yamasaki said...

Sue - I love the name of your boxer, "Sugar Lumps". Sounds like SL is a sweet soul with her being so kind. Waldo, our old English sheepdog, lived until 15 years. He was a lovable, floppy, happy dog at 65 lbs. He had this strong loud bark which would scare any thief and then he would run to the girls room and hid his head under the bed with his rear end sticking out!! A real protector (?) but adorable. We miss him. Sue, I feel for you with your toe issues. Ingrown toe nails are painful so I hope yours heal quickly.

Enjoying the peace and harmony at HKN Haven. Later!

Alex Orrantia said...

Lol @ hope and her multiple monikers. There isn't over 1000 tweets, more like a few trolls, and no pap or fan pics of the branch. Btw hope, the photoshopped pics are dated by the shit tab as before ITS birthday. Nothing ever quite works out for you huh? Prove HKN is Debbie or whoever and maybe people won't look at you like you're so insane, even sane xsessed ladies hate you. The only moron around here is a grown woman who spends her time hating on a group of people who simply don't have the same opinion as her, and that grown woman is you! I can guarantee you're probably old enough to be my mother, but I've never even witnessed someone my age act so poorly and immature about something that doesn't concern their real life, and that, you should be ashamed of.

sue morris said...

Hi Everyone! Merle, your baby sheepdog sounds familiar like Sugar Lump. My Dad called me that as a child, and my baby boxer is like a child to me and my daughter Jacqueline who allows Sugar to lick her fingers. Gloria, we just started over so let's be friends, ok? I can't stop anyone from reading or looking at the STUPID GOSSIP STUFF which Rob suggested that we not do, but it is lots nicer to not see or read the lies made up by Hollywood Gossips and the crazy possessed fans who create the recent made up trash. Anybody can make up that stuff and apparently make money off it. Alex, you are right about H but don't waste your time on her, she is just sad and has no real respect for Rob or Kristen, she is just looking for attention. I would much rather talk about how beautiful Kristen looked in NY and how proud I am she made this movie, Still Alice, with Julianne. I really hope this is JM's year to win AA! Rob's new photo for Dior is beautiful, those eyes of his are really something! Love to all, Susie

Paula Bain said...

Good afternoon ladies, did I miss hope and her multiple names, she likes to sneak in here and inflict us with her supposed real truth to us poor delusional souls.

Why on facebook the other day someone posted this quote and I thought it was perfect for what has being happening.

Someday, everything will make perfect sense, so for now, Laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.

So I see we had some more fake photo's, the sessed are so good to us by telling us there are more to come, that so the person doing the photoshopping tries to do a good job, because we are all blind and can't tell the difference.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, here in NZ it is Monday afternoon, it is summer here, and it's hot and humid.

Sanni K. said...

all had a nice weekend?
Pictures from Kristen Cole and Nettie on the beach. Ok and Rob in London, lol
There are actually people who have so much bored to fake to Pictures
There is talk from Rob with 6 fingers, I have unfortunately not recognized.
Pictures from Rob in LA that would be good now.
All a nice day. Love you all. Hugs

Sanni K. said...

I have a question and maybe someone can answer this!
On tweeter I have read that some hate Sam, why?

sue morris said...

Have a good Martin Luther King Day and show respect for a man who tried to avoid violence and encouraged respect for all people. I am having a time with my foot, I cannot find anything but summer sandals to wear with the ingrown nail that regrew in ingrown. I may have to discuss removing this nail and opting out for regrowth, not my choice but as a diabetic, it may be the best one. It is still 30 degrees here but it is going to warm up to 60. Does Kristen have any more commitments in NY? She has a pre-recorded visit to a morning talk show next Monday with Michael. Doesn't Still Alice begin this weekend? Really wanting to see that one! Have a great day, you all, and that goes for Rob, Kristen, and everyone in their family! Susie

sue morris said...

Paula, Look at it this way, the dingbats who are blindly going on with the photo shop photos are doing the supposed PR job for RK. If it were not pathetic, it might be funny. But remember these people sell the photos to the rags who make money off the idiots who buy the magazine and ticket sales and computer hits. It is a business made off the backs of two actors, Kristen Stewart Pattinson and Robert Douglas Pattinson, who just recently discovered a way to make money off the rags. Hum, that's getting rather sophisticated don't you think? Good Lord, what's next? The Pattinson/Stewart Dog Game Show, allowing each dog one paw click for yes and two paw clicks for no. Well, I have seen game shows with less imagination, remembering the Smart Chicken who clicked yes and no. Life can be so tedious! Wish you could have cooler weather, hoping for less humidity! Susie

Arleen P said...

Good morning to all my HKN Havens friends! How is everyone? I hope you all are ok. I hope you all missed me. Sorry I wasn't here. I was having problems of my own. Also, went to church. And then relaxing. Today I am going to the movies by myself. Keep me posted. I needed to get out. I am still sore. But I needed to get out and walk around a bit. I am going to see PADDINGTON. I wish Still Alice was available in my theaters in my town.

sue morris said...

SANNI, check out Mama Nails blog and all shall be revealed! I really think you know the answers to many of your questions! If you don't, guess what, nobody has all the answers to negatives. I like to focus on the positive and happy facts. Happily, Rob and Kristen's careers are going uphill not down and both seem happy. I really believe they are quite good at living their own life and never discussing, not for real, their real life. Maybe that's why they are happy!

sue morris said...

Arleen, I think PADDINTON is a great choice, let us know how you liked it! Glad you are getting out! Susie

Gloria Hovis said...

Hi everyone.
I wanted to ask, does anybody know about this illness I have been diagnose is bipolar with depression, and I also diagnose with schizophrenia. That's what my therapist diagnose me as and I go through mania as well so that's what I go through so Now their giving me antidepressant medication called Brintellix and Depakote ER. So that's what I'm supposedly have, this is suppose to help me with my depression and my mood swings and also my mania mode so that's what she said so now I'll be seeing a psychiatrist every three months for my meds.
I always been afraid to tell people they might think I'm either crazy or insane and so they wont what anything to do with me so that why I have a hard time talking to people and things I feel so ashamed I hope you all don't think that way about me. now it's something you talk about all time and it is embarrassing.
Now I know why do or maybe say things I don't know so can someone help out and to understand what I'm going through so that's why I'm asking for friends like you all for help me out and be patient with me out if I get a little out hand please don't be mean but tell me ok.
Now I'm telling you to feel sorry or sympathy for me nether just a little help every now and then and that's all.
Well I guess I said enough sorry if I bored you I wasn't trying to. Well I'm going now talk to you all later. Love to all and to RK&SP and love to HKN Gloria. Oh P.S. I did just found out about my illness just a little while ago sorry forgot to tell you well I'm really going now Gloria.

Sherry said...

Quick hello. Back home and tired. Talk to you all tomorrow. Love you all.

Arleen P said...

I thought I would to dedicated to all of you.
Meet me Halfway by Kenny Loggins

In a lifetime
Made of memories
I believe
In Destiny
Every moment returns again in time
When I've got the future in mind
Know that you'll be the only one

Meet me Halfway
Across the sky
Out where the world belongs to only you and I
Meet me Halfway
Across the sky
Make this a new beginning of another life

In a lifetime
There is only love
Reaching for the lonely one
We are stronger when we are given love
When we put emotions on the line
Know that we are the timeless ones

Meet me halfway
Across the sky
Out where the world belongs to only you and I
Meet me halfway
Across the sky
Make this a new beginning of another life


Meet me halfway
Across the sky
Out where the world belongs to only you and I
Meet me halfway
Across the sky
Make this a new beginning of another life

Some reason I love this song.

sue morris said...

Good Morning, I am floating a new theory. These new pictures of Kristen and Nettie on the beach in California. Kristen is grinning in almost all of these pictures, which is great, but I think Rob could be photographing this shoot and/or directing Kristen and although she is not looking directly at the photographer, she clearly is giggling at him, along with others. It is a great shoot with Kristen and friends and her puppy from last year's Camp X-Ray Days, her baby dog from the three. This comes out same time Rob's newest photos, which some are really not Rob. If those are Rob's pictures of Kristen, they are good. I understand that pictures of them together are automatically bought up by RK. Can you imagine how much money is spent to hold those pictures? You kind of understand the need for the ninja. Old or new pictures, that is really all anyone has to talk about, photo shopped Rob beach vs. Rob produced pictures of Kristen on beach. I love the running shots of Kristen and C., big black sweats and tummy showing! Who has the last laugh, laughs best. Susie

Arleen P said...

Good morning to all my HKN Havens friends! How are you all? You all seem quiet. I hope you are ok. Today I am going to my daughter's school to watch her try on her Cap and Gown so she can order it. Then straight to work. After 3pm I am all yours.

fishyone2 said...

Gloria - I don't think we are qualified to respond to your medical concerns. You should find a good healthcare provider. This web site is for RK fans and I'm concerned that you are looking for something we cannot provide. I urge you to find a person you can talk to in person. I do not mean to be rude but I have concerns as to where this is going. Best wishes and prayers to you.

Sherry said...

Gloria, I have a counseling degree. You need to talk with your health care provider and either your psychiatrist or a good psychologist., the depression happens due to the up or down mood swings. You can also Google this info and then take it with you, I'm surprised they didn't give you any information about this disorder.

I am ADHD. My hubs suffers from depression as well. No you are not crazy. If anyone says so then they have a disorder called ignorant.

The meds should help. They may have to adjust them from tome to time or change them if they are not helping you.

Hang in there. Everyone has something be it physical or psychological and to varying degrees. You are just brave enough to admit it.

Love you all.

Gloria Hovis said...

Hi to all.
@fishone2 I'm not asking you or anyone's help with my illness or problems. I'm just looking for friend, friends to be a friend that's all. asking your or anyone else to help me with my issue's or my problems, I'm just asking people not to be afraid of me or to talk to me. But to a friend because I could use a friend or friends right now that's all I'm asking of you and others on here. I mean I not an idiot or stupid you know, I'm a hole lot more smarter then what people think.
I do how ever do have a little problem with understanding and concentration on certain things and I also have a time of picking up with what others saying and little slow but that doesn't mean I'm stupid or a idiot. And I Don't expect you or anyone to understand what I'm going through.
I have a therapist, counselor and a doctor that's giving me my meds I need so know I don't need yours or anyone else's help.
Now I got that clear up.
And I do know this is a RK blog, post that's why I'm here, I am also their fan of theirs as much as you all are and I love them both very much and will always will and always support them.
and know matter what.
so there you have it, you heard that from me so don't you ever say anything like that to me.
You don't know and that's Why I was telling you all about me so can get to know me better that's all I was doing. I've been Robert's and Kristen's fans for along time, And I have been watching their movies and films for along time as well.
Well I said my peace so now you know more and understanding of me.
I going now, hope to hear from everyone or lest a few of you any way. love to all of Haven and to HKN, and HKN if I was out of line please tell me, I don't if I did I'm so sorry I did not intend to hurt anyone. Sincerely Gloria.

Arleen P said...

Hi to all my friends of HKN Havens! How are my HKN Havens friends? I am off the clock. I am all your. Anything new?

fishyone2 said...

Taking a break for awhile. Bye ladies. I don't need to be chastised for showing concern for someone who needs more help than we can provide. I'll go hang out in the wings with MC.

sue morris said...

Good Evening, This has been a long day so I am going to bed early, as I have a doctor's appointment at 8 a.m. to see the podiatrist. What fun! Gloria, take it easy and just remember that everyone has problems and the main thing is to just realize this is a post to talk about RK and their movies, it is just for fun. Everybody have a good night! Susie

divyvicki said...

Fishyone2, who chastised u? I thought ur comments were spot on. This is a support board for Rob, Kristen, HKN and those of us who still believe in their love and that they are together. Like Sue said, everyone has problems. This is a site to get away from those and bask in the joy that is Rob and Kristen's love.

sue morris said...

fishyone2 You didn't do anything wrong and showing concern for others is great. So, whatever upset you, don't allow it to frustrate how you feel. Every day I have lots of frustration regarding how people overreact and do not support each other. I really appreciate your support and I try to be there for others. I am not perfect but I am here. So, don't let anything here bother you, or encourage you to leave, I believe HKN and support her. There are few places where you find positive people that support RK equally. It is a rare blog that does that. And, MC had the very same threats to her personal blog that VERNIER, HKN, and TEMPEST did. I think it is truly sad when freaks cause normal people so much damage. You are right, we cannot help everyone. There is a real push to injure this blog and others like it. Telling the truth in a world of hate just isn't easy. Take care lady, whatever--. Susie

Sherry said...

fishy one 2

If you are referring to what I said, I was responding to g
Gloria about how people don't want to be around her when they find out about her. I was not referring to you. The comment was intended for Gloria. She knows what I mean. Some people are rude and don't understand that psychological disorders aren't contagious. Sorry you were offended but my response, again, was directed to Gloria.

Love you all.

Gloria Hovis said...

Hi. I'm sorry if some of you got a fended, I was only letting you know that I wasn't asking anyone to help me out like were a therapist or a Doctor I know you not I was just meaning a friend that would just be a good listener and supporter like do others here when their sick and that's all I'm asking of you.
I'm truly sorry if I hurt or a fended I didn't mean to especially not you fishyone2 or anyone else that's for sure.
I didn't mean to I sometimes have a hard time picking out my words and sorry about that I really am.
I know I'm saying I'm sorry a lot again don't mean to, but it's hard for me at times because I'm afraid they may come out the wrong way that meaning to say so please don't take it personally any more I wasn't trying to be mean or anything, I will try to pick my words out better next time say anything that's a promise you can take my word for it. all I really doing was just trying to find friends real friends that I can confined in and that's all, thank for listen to me I hope you come back fishyone2 I need to apologize to you and to explain myself so you can understand me more and get to know one another just like I want to do with everyone here just give me the chance to please.
Well I said enough so I'm going talk to you later, love to all and to HKN and to RK&SP, Gloria.

Gloria Hovis said...

Hi. I guess you having been listening to me. I been say it on just about every time I post a comment here That I am a fan of Robert and Kristen. And I will tell you again to get this trough you all I am a True fan od Robert and Kristen and always have been.
And so you know, I known RK way before I went on any sites and I've known about Robert and Kristen dating. That they started dating right after the first twilight movie, but In didn't know about them being married I knew they were living together.
I remember Robert buying the house for him and Kristen to live in together yes the same house he sold I think it was in February of last year. So see I've been following them for along time and will continue to do so and I don't care what people think or have to say about it, and there ain't nobody going to chance my mind. So you see I do care about RK and Now they have a baby together now I care for all three of them and possibly another on the way so yes I am a fan of RK and always will be.
I love this family with all my heart and will support them as well so don't so I don't care or think about them because I do.
So don't you ever excuse me of not caring or any way at all
I know this is a blog for RK that can post here in peace and to express how we support them.
And I am a believer of RK&SP and maybe another SP on the way I lest I hope so. Well I said my peace and I am standing up for myself. Now I will go leave you all don't know when I'll be back maybe someday I have to see because as of right now some of you sound just like the other sites to me, I left them for this main reason so I was hoping you all would be different.
So you show me that you are not like them and then I might see you all in a different light.
Now I only said about my illness I was really afraid to say that because other people have made in fun of me and calls me the crazy lunatic and was to scared to be near me or talk to me so I was just trying to make friends that's all. So that's why I told you all I was only trying to make and find friends and I thought I would try and see if you could be a little understanding and know me a little better that's all.
Well I'm going now for sure.
Well love to all and to RK&SP.
sincerely your friend Gloria.

Tina Wotherspoon said...

Hi to all my friends on the haven hope you are all well, Rob and Kristen love you both to bits watched all the twilight movies the other day again now reading the books again why im getting my health back on track,the weather here is up and down at the moment just hope it dont snow any more dont really care for it when its all slushy and horrible,loved the pictures of Kristen from her promos she is one beautiful and talented woman, well take care ladies love and hugs to each one of you and your families,

fishyone2 said...

Sherry - no worries at all. This may offend a few so bear with me. I feel like we've lost the reason we are here - support for RK. My concerns with gloria were that she was sharing some detailed medical info and names of meds - then asking for our input. We can be a listening ear but that was too much. Her posts drain me. I miss the days when we bantered about RK but then again, it's been quiet - they are ninja and all is good. Sorry for the drama but I am genuinely concerned about gloria. I'll be hanging out ladies. Cheers!

Sherry said...

Ladies what I am getting ready to say will offend some of you and I apologize in advance but, why is it okay for us to ask for each other's thoughts and prayers for physical ailments but not psychological ones? We just don't talk about RKand SP here but support each other in personal ways. Therei is such a stigma in this country about mental illness. So much so that one of our best actors killed himself. Sometimes depression is a side effect of chronic illness. Sometimes it isn't. Lots of mental illness is due to an imbalance of chemicals and/or hormones. And sometimes too many stressors bring things on.
I am tired of the fear people have about this. Here we are praising the movie Still Alice but acting like hypocrites. Gloria just asked a question. I was glad to help as I could. If it makes some of you uncomfortable I'm sorry. It's an illness just like anything else. There is no reason to be afraid of someone who has these issues. I'm ADHD. Im not ashamed of it. It was actually a relief to find out and get help. Why is it okay to say I have the flu but not I have a psychological disorder and I wanted you to Know so you would understand my idiosyncrasies? Gloria, I applaud you for being so candid.
For those of you who don't know, my husband has suffered several complications from diabetes including depression. Lost a lower leg, one toe, damaged eye sight, and now he is on dialysis. It's life. We can all be affected by who knows what at any time.
We are adults here. Let's act like it.

I love you all,but I will not tolerate what amounts to insensitivity. HKN, I will be happy to stay away if I have upset you by saying this, but only if you ask me to.
Again, I love you all.

fishyone2 said...

To Gloria - I appreciate that you are here as you share a respect for RK as we all do. You do not have to apologize for anything - just take those thoughts out of your posts. My suggestion is to keep the detailed private medical information off of here. As posters we can be supportive and friendly, but sometimes you just go a little too into the details and that is private and should be shared only with your medical team. I'd like to know about you as a person. So here is a little about me - I love to work out, volunteer at a food shelf, worship my family, love photography and travel and actually love my job. Tell me about you. It's a wat to start over. And no more apologizing - just be you.

sue morris said...

Just one more time. I believe HKN set up this post to help encourage all pro RK people to have a place to go that did not have happy positive place to go. That is why she called it HKN HAVEN. There are no rules except to not contribute to the haters who know nothing about RK other than being hateful or negative. I have the flu so I do not feel great, so for HKN, lets just talk about Rob and Kristen, and try to remember they really do need more positive postings everywhere. You know I doubt seriously if they really care very much about the lies constantly spread about them, but are interested in what we think about their movies. We all see the mashed up photos made by many different groups for money, and see the made-up tall tales by the rags for money. Anything about RK sells well, especially lies about their personal life, of which very little is actually known. RK decided to create their own tales and the PR became so much fun, the possessed fans are creating their own photos and stories to SELL. Even the Russians are getting into the act, they need money too, and RK sells well. Rob and Kristen are together, Kristen isn't gay, and Rob isn't having affairs with other women but then that is a staple lie that has been said about both for seven years. Rob and Kristen have been together for quite some time and have grown up together somewhat. About the best thing we can do is reward their efforts to entertain us by seeing their movies, because at this point this is probably the only way they will let us see them for some time, and I actually understand why they feel this way. No matter what they have told us about each other, very few people really listened and most only think what they want to about them. So, I think they are happy together and protect each other always, so sue me! Their personal life is a closed book. Susie

Sallyann Saull said...

Morning lovelies! I hope this finds all well and Happy today! OK so anew post plssssss!' It's always nice to pull up you page and see a new title. So happy hump day every one and here's to rk!!

sue morris said...

Dear Sherry, Everyone here has discussed their biggest fears, their sad moments, as you remember my daughter attempted an overdose and with God's help, I found her on the floor dying, and she made it! She is on heavy medication and she took too much. My husband died of a colon cancer that exploded into the blood stream, six months after a colon scan that said he was just fine. My oldest daughter died suddenly from a kidney problem, she had developed from medicines. I came close to dying trying to work three jobs and developed a serious infection while taking antibiotics, that were ineffective to the infection. My youngest saved my life. I really do think our better angels have me on their watch list, I never feel alone, and I have a very careful watchful daughter that is my best friend and truly sweetest companion. My friend Mary that I worked with for seven years believes we surely do have heavenly companions that keep our lives protected and I do not doubt it. So for you to connect with Gloria to me is very special and very good for you too. I would not suggest anything else is true. HKN blog has been a sounding board for many, and many beautiful memories have been made here. We love our friends here. We also care about Rob and Kristen and their talents are why we are here, to celebrate them together and individually. This is a board that HKN keeps carefully moderated and I think that takes extra time as there are always daily garbage to remove, and we all know who she has to deal with. I find it difficult to post to others, for so many are judgmental and negative, so it is unpleasant to read the posts. Someone should remind the sad posts that nobody really knows anything specific about RK's private life except they both seem happy. HKN has never lied to us so I feel just the way I did five years ago, I somehow knew they were happy and together. And, everything else was simply none of my business. I do think RK put up a cloak around their life to cause confusion, because they want to and it really is a protection. I really do not want to know a bunch of details about their life, it does not concern me or affect my life in any way. We need to be supportive of each other here. Remember VERNIER, LIZZIED, MORNING COFFEE, POOKIE LEWIS, and so many of us out there, reading and quiet because of computer abuse that attacked them. All this from hateful people who want to control Rob and Kristen. Deranged people will not control HKN, she has the ability to just eliminate their garbage. I do appreciate not reading the negative posts and we are here to just enjoy the visit. Goodbye, Susie

Merle Yamasaki said...

Sue Morris - Well Said! You definitely have an angel watching over you! Haven has become a family to me as well. Love to All!

Sherry said...

Thanks Sue. I feel very strongly about mental illness. I have known several who have ended it due to depression. I see so many kids with ADHD it really concerns me.

I have a heart for people. Drives me almost crazy sometimes, but I don't mind.

As the song says "if I can help somebody as I travel along...then my living will not be in vain."

Love all of you lovely ladies. Have a nice evening.

Gloria Hovis said...

Hi. to all.
@Sherry I wanted to thank you for your support and understanding. and explaining to the others on my behalf, and spoke up about there are different kinds of illnesses and how it affects people in different ways, and how people here have talk about their illness like the flu and other things and my is a illness and was trying to ask for people to understanding of mind which is a mental illness, and I was asking is to a friend/friends and not to be scared to talk and that's all I ever wanted, because it's not like it was else for me to even talk about because of how people would act and some of you were so you see that's why it's hard for me.So thank you, once again thank you for explaining to the people on here And how people should be a little more understanding
and more supportive, that people shouldn't be afraid to talk to me and that's all I wonted and be friends, I appreciate you for doing that I really do.
Now I sent in a post to fishyone2 I told him that In wanted to apologize to him if I had offended him in any way at all that I was sorry.
So all I was looking for was a friend, to be friends with so I could have friends to talk with.
Well that's it for now I'm say good by. Love to all of Haven and to RK&SP, and I especially to Sherry, and also to HKN as well.
Sincerely yours Gloria.

NOLA girl said...

Evening Havenettes!! After a few days of Spring preview, it's going be Winter again down here for a couple of days - yuck! Those of you who know me know how much I LOOOOOVE winter - NOT!!!!

Is it just me or are several members of the Haven "waiting in the wings"? I backed off because I felt like an idiot to be so interested and time-invested in 2 people I don't even know. Curiosity gets the better of me regarding Rob and Kris, but even more than that, I enjoy hearing from the friends I had made here. Some are still posting, but others are not. Kinda sad...

I know, as Sue Mo has stated, that some of the Haven regulars were cyber-attacked. I understand why they have posted only occasionally. Not only do I miss them, but there are many of the other former regulars I miss.

The ones still here, I''m glad you are. When I have time to check in, you make my day! I am thrilled Rob and Kristen are doing so well. The chanteuse-thing still bugs me, but hey, nothing I can do about it!!! BTW, for those of you who don't know me, my best gal pal for over 33 years is African American. I'd be bugged if Rob was doing PR duty with ANYONE but Kris!!!

Anywho, love and hugs to all the Haven.. Sweet dreams and keep the faith 😊

a stargazzer said...

Just wanted to say I'm still here and I still believe.
Just busy with my newborn girl so that is why I haven't commented.
Stay strong!

fishyone2 said...

Ladies (and I am a woman also) - it's apparent my posts/concerns have been misunderstood. That is always a possibility with texting and posting. My concern was about sharing the med names and asking "what do we think?". That is a slippery slope. But I'm done with that discussion. I'm the most sensitive and caring person and if I've painted a picture that is anything different, well shame on me. I reached out to gloria to start over with getting to know each other - so ball is in her court. This has mad me sad and I hate those feelings. Sorry for stirring things up. Cheers.

Sherry said...

Good morning. Getting cold again here as well. I just had a random thought. After looking at the pics on Mama Nails blog I figure RK will show up together eventually, but it will be when we least expect it. As Kristen says Rob likes to shock people. Just an idea.

Have a nice day. Love you all.

Mickeymackey said...

can't believe how quiet it has been this week so far. I guess no news is good news.
Arleen - how was Paddington? I am thinking about taking my granddaughter to see it. She's 5.What do you think is the movie too old for her? Well, lets hope for more of the same for the rest of the week and into the weekend.

sue morris said...

Hi Nola girl, We are having a heat wave here 59 degrees for a high 29 for low! With the MG coming up a few weeks off, hoping it warms up. Hugs right back at you! Susie

Arleen P said...

Good morning to all my HKN Havens! Sorry I took so long. I was resting because of a huge headache. I am ok.
Mickeymackey, Hi sweetie! Yes, you should take your granddaughter to see that movie. You both will love it. Its funny. I got to about London homes from seeing the movie. I think it's beautiful.
As for all of you, I hope you haven't forgotten me.
a Stargazzer, I understand. Hey talk to me on Google. You go enjoy your beautiful baby.
Well I better start my day. Later.
HKN, when are you going to do new post?

Sanni K. said...

good evening,
a sweet hello to you
I love the Sweater from Rob at kristen.
I can not wait for a definite day, when everything comes to light.
Have a nice evening. Love you all. Hugs

sue morris said...

Hi! The sweatshirt was a great hint along with the No Problems ball cap. Kristen and Rob know their nutty fans do watch for hints from them. I really like that sweatshirt and the Ohio fans probably do too. Their friends have left messages to watch for hints. Their friends leave messages in pictures for us. Like I said, Rob and Kristen are fine, and have been for almost 7 years together, basically since they met. My last husband and I were inseparable to a great degree, but we always gave each other space. We were together in every way imaginable. We do not know Rob or Kristen but people do develop a life long trust and love even in the most difficult situations. I lived through just such a situation and was so very much loved and cared for, I hardly noticed any problems. I miss him every single day. Hoping that everyone here is fine and has a great night. I am still on heavy antibiotics and I need to get to bed early. Susie

Sherry said...

Hey guys! I was curious what pic you are talking about of Kristen? I limit my online looking. Sounds like some major clues were dropped.

I'm pretty tired so am heading to bed shortly. Hope all of you are safe and warm. Looking forward to the day RK shock the trolls by, oh let's say, walking down the street with SP. It will happen. Maybe not that way but it will happen.

Love you all.

Gloria Hovis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Just a reader said...

Hi Gloria. I've never posted on here before, but am a long time reader. I just wanted to caution you about sharing all your personal information here. By stating your full name, birth date, the lcity/state in which you were born, and your former & current cities and states where you live you are leaving yourself wide open to identify theft, among other things.

Anyone with an internet connection can read this blog, and I would hate for some criminal to take advantage of your sweet and trusting nature. I don't know if you can edit a comment here, or if you will need to delete it altogether. If you can't edit you can always copy it before you delete it, paste it as a new comment, and then edit out your personal info before you click on publish.

Take care!

Rae H. said...

Sherry, it's on KristenStewartHQ
the Kristen side of the old RobstenDaily.org site.

It's Rob's 2011 sweat shirt he wore in the Cincinnati promo I think.

It's green, has an alligator on it and says Welcome to the Jungle on it.

The cap says No Problem.

The shirt looked a little small on him then. So Rob's or Kristen's who cares? I've seen them both in it before.

sue morris said...

Just check SRWN Sherry. I only check RD to focus on their movies. The picture is current, taken when Kristen was out for coffee and green bottled health drink. The hater denials are going really nuts, which Kristen probably anticipated. Are you having any cases of Chicken Pox? I thought measles were basically not a problem. Immunizations were considered required when my girls were babies. Some children need boosters, some do not. I hope the scientists can control these new outbreaks, I had measles and chicken pox, definitely not fun. I was born in the 1940's, my Dad was an MD. Just a Reader, those were good suggestions, because even with protective computer restrictions on your account, almost anyone can be assessed directly into your account, with enough information. Hacking the accounts of the rich and famous has become the art form of today's criminal. Most misinformation is created from hacking. So, less is best while online. Accounts that have been hacked of movie stars have gone virile. All their personal information is out there and that really is like being raped as someone who makes movies said. So, we all need to be more cautious. Have a good morning and enjoy your weekend! Susie

sue morris said...

We all have a tendency to go to a blog that is agreeing with one side or another. The ROBSTEN blog that split actually takes both sides, to please RPI groups, etc. I like blogs that still focus on the reality of RK, and do not separate them to draw more hits on their blog. Besides RK are not ROBSTEN and never have been. They are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Pattinson, legally and every other way. They have to go into hiding and have learned how to trick the pap. The really nervous chicks that refuse to believe this will probably never believe it. Because nobody wants to believe Rob is a master at faking out. But, honestly he really is, and is going to the Jungle to shoot another acting job. There is a rumble in the Jungle, Kristen. I remember Rob wearing this sweatshirt also, he must really like it because Kristen has worn it several times and with washing, it has probably shrunk somewhat. Those wanting to shoot Kristen down, PSSSST! She also likes to put that third finger up to the jealous assholes that love to do the dance and fail. We, the mighty HAVENETTES salute you Kristen and hope you join Rob Redford in watching more good movies! Love, Susie

Sherry said...

Sue, thanks. I don't need to see pic but thought that was the shirt. I'm sure the haters are going, pardon the pun since that shirt was a zoo shirt, bananas!

It took me a long time to get all of this wrapped around my head. It's so easy to see once you start looking for what's in plain sight. As for the cyber bullies out there, I've had worse. Face to face threats. People are mean and some are downright evil. Don't like it, but I don't let it ruin my life.

Have s nice weekend all of you. Love you all.

Merle Yamasaki said...

Sue Morris - You are right about the measles outbreak. Disneyland just reported they are offering their employees free immunization and testing after five of their employees reported out sick with measles. I came down with the measles in my adulthood and it was not fun.

ABCHD is showing the extended versions of Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. I watched each of the movies and each addition enhanced the movie greatly and I feel should have been included in the original movie. Viewing dates are January 29, 30 and 31.

Have a good rest of the afternoon.

Sending love to RK, SP, and ladies and gents of Haven.

Arleen P said...

Hi to all my friends of HKN Havens! Happy Friday! I hope you all have a great day. I am going to clock in. Keep me posted! Hugs to you all! Love you all and RK, plus SP. I hope you all haven't forgotten me. I know I haven't forgotten you all. Anyways, got to go. Later Havens!

Gloria Hovis said...

Hi to all of Haven.
I did a comment yesterday, Fishyone2 was telling about them self's, because fishyone2 posted comment about starting over and to tell her about myself, well I did send one in but someone on here told I shouldn't talk about myself into many details of my life. I gave my full name where I born the state I was born where I lived and where I live now.
The person here told that people could steal my identity well I did delete my own comment that I posted on here. But you I just thought of something I don't have anything they would want I really don't I as poor as they come.
but well Now my life is important to me so I deleted my own comment Not HKN I did it, I wanted to get that straight HKN did not delete me ok. So now I am going to start
All over again. @ fishyone2 and anyone else that would to get to me better and I am going to do it the right way this time.
My name Gloria Hovis and you all know that right, I love working on my computer, which I got an award for I was presented an ward for my, outstanding performance of successfully mastered achievement award. That I got from a program I finished.
that's great I think.
my other hobby interest are crafts sewing making clothes that I design I make some of my own clothes, I do embroidery, needle point and cross stitching.
And now I'm getting ready to back to school next month, I start in February the 15th so I'm getting excided about it. Now I'm sure it's safe to say what my birthday is others do my birthday is in September the 19th and that's all I'm going to say.
Well I said enough so I will go now but be back maybe later but for now it's good by.
Love to all of Haven HKN and also to RK&SP yours truly Gloria.

Merle Yamasaki said...

Just purchased the Twilight saga Extended Editions Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse all in one DVD at $12.99. Also picked up The Rover. So it will be awesome night.

Debbie Brechbiel said...

i just wanted to say how I miss MC, Vernie, Felicity, and others who have left
The blog. I hope you will at leas,t check in and let us know how you are doing and why you had to leave. Miss you all. Debbie b

Arleen P said...

Hi to all my HKN Havens! Sorry I wasn't here yesterday. I was working and got tired. Apparently, my coughing attack has appeared. I am just going to rest right now.
Debbie, I am not going anywhere. I am staying right here. Right now I need to rest to my asthma under control. I will check in later.
I love you all. Keep me posted.

sue morris said...

Debbie, I second that wish! MC, VERNIE, Felicity, please do not allow the haters to run you off. That is why they hack into accounts, to close anyone down that disagrees with HKN. I know that some like to attack me on other blogs, because HKN keeps the snakes out of HKN. Life is too darn short to allow snakes and bugs to control what a person does. We all have different theories about RK, but I have found she is the most honest and careful about RK in her blog. So, please come by and say hi to let us all know you are fine. Love, Susie

twicrazreader said...

I miss HKN on twitter!

Arleen P said...

Hi to all my HKN Havens! I am going to go to bed.
I really do missed Morning Coffee, Felicity, Vernier, and to all the rest of my Havens! I hope you all are ok. Please don't forget us here.

twicrazreader, I agree with you there too. I do missed HKN on twitter too.

Well I need to go to bed now. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all! Love you all and RK!

Hey HKN, When are you going to post new one? I always love it. You are doing a great job on your post. Keep up fighting for RK.
Well Good night everyone!

divyvicki said...

Arlene, I have cough variant asthma also. I use a prescription cough tablet named benson ate or Tesselon Perles. If ur doctor will give u a prescription it might help. Just a thought.

Sherry said...

Good morning ladies. We were busy going to our oldest grandson's birthday skating party yesterday and then did a little shopping. Yes, I skated. It was a lot of fun.

So nice how quiet things are for RK and SP. I find it amusing that no matter how the sessed and rags try to bait RK with faked up pics and made up crap they can't get RK to bite. Must be driving the sessed and rags crazy. Of course that's a short putt for the rags and the sessed .

Gong to clean house and do some paper grading and recording today. It's rainy here and we could get some snow. Yikes! It was so nice yesterday! Oh well, that's winter in the Midwest for you.
Have a great day. Love you all.

sue morris said...

Good Morning! It is a beautiful morning here in Oklahoma! Perfect weather, warming up to 50-60, sunny and my daughter and I are out for the day. I think HKN does a terrific job on all her posts. This was a really great post! In this really strange world of really strange reactionary fans(?) that we all know and wonder about (?) I think we are really lucky to post here on HKN HAVEN, where you will not find those haters that know nothing, but find good people who care about RK. Remember that on Monday Kristen will be on NBC television in the morning talk show with Michael. It was televised earlier in NY, because I think she is now in LA. Have a great Sunday ! Susie

sue morris said...

Annie in New York, Are you all covered up with snow? I heard you all are getting a snow storm! Just what you needed, more snow! Well, according to the weatherman, we are going to have more cold weather in a week, so we have a short reprieve. Stay warm! I hope LA, Louisiana is warming up and stays dry for awhile Nola Girl! New Orleans is beautiful in Spring, I love the flowers and smells there. Susie

Sallyann Saull said...

Hi everyone. So we're bracing for a big storm in NY you should have seen the supermarket madness. But I know time will pass and one way is coming here and enjoying ur wonderful love filled posts. After all we r the true fans buy enjoying all aspects of the rk family. So hopefully you will be posting again soon. Thxs for all ur hard work!!!

Mickeymackey said...

Arleen - thanks for the recommendation for Paddington. We are supposed to get a tremendous amount of snow over the next few days here in NY so hopefully I can take my granddaughter over next weekend.
Isn't it interesting that we get 100's of pics of Kristen and just 1 of Rob. To me, it seems that something is up. Don't know what it is just yet but??????
Sue - they are saying up to 2 feet of snow by the time it is all said and done. I am on Long Island and I am not looking forward to it. How about you in Oklahoma? Do you have much?

sue morris said...

MICKEYMACKEY, It's beautiful here with 65-70 highs, no snow yet. Kristen is flying to probably France for Fashion Show Week carrying her Chanel bags and I think she has on Google glasses because of her cupped hands over her ears. Also had blue ribbons on her luggage. You really have to double check these pictures, laughing on the elevator and serious to the pap expressions. Since no real shots of Rob recently, good for him, he really is invisible, he could be almost anywhere, rocking and singing to a beautiful baby or off to blend in to the new film setting. The Kelly and Michael Show showing Kristen this a.m. was good, and we got to see her dog baby, he is getting big. I have just one worry about Africa, please have everyone attached to this new movie be well! I know Ebola is west Africa, but travel is a problem there as well as Europe right now. Kristen and Rob are very brave to travel right now, and nobody really knows where or when they travel, so they have that covered, thank God. Keeping my fingers crossed about Europe staying quiet, all of Europe, with no attacks at all planned. I cannot believe our President has been in Saudi and is in the Middle East. It is important being there but he is right in the heart of Islam terror territory. Just keeping my eyes, fingers, and toes crossed, on that one. Arleen, glad you are better! Annie, how's the coffee? Susie

Merle Yamasaki said...

On Twitter, Kristen Stewart Fan acct, there is a video of Kristen arriving in Paris with HB. She is being escorted by an airport staff and in his attempt to shield her from the paps, opened his jacket wide but to no avail. The video follows her to the car. It was reported that after the paps left the area, Kristen got out of the car and took several pics with her fans. This is so typical of how Kristen is so good to her fans. Chanel is having two fashion shows on Tuesday: one at 10 am and the other at 12 pm. Looking forward to see her at the Chanel fashion show.

On the La Sago Robsten blog, there is an IG of Rob arriving at in London on January 26th. It is stated on the IG that Rob was asked to take a photo and he refused; however, he did say he was sorry.

According terminal area, the plane arrival in London departed from LAX. The Rob Pattinson Family evidently spent precious and quality time together with SP in the privacy of their home.

Have a good rest of the day, Havenettes!

sue morris said...

I forgot, Rob is expecting some awards during Feb. and March is filming in Europe and Africa. Kristen is in Paris and Rob just flew into London for European awards. He left LA recently. Rob probably has meetings and Kristen has shows in Paris. They are just like a well-timed watch, and I would imagine nobody really knows their schedules except them. I wish for them a really good trip, and safe return home to LA. Have a good afternoon. Susie

Annie said...


sue morris: Hi!.......
The snow is falling here......We are on blizzard alert, visibility is not very good at the moment.

I'm home. We may get two to three feet of snow. Schools are open but no after school and schools will be closed tomorrow because the brunt of this blizzard will hit tonight into tomorrow.
Subway system will shutdown at 7/8 PM (limited service if the system is not shutdown altogether) and there's a no travel warning starting at 11PM. (Only emergency vehicles and persons allowed) Railroad will shut down at 11PM.
Parks will close at 6PM.......(In case of falling trees etc)
Any shows scheduled for Boadway tonight are postponed and refunds/ another date given.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Annie said...

It's official......NYC subway system will shut down at 11PM.
Also official, you will be fined (a misdemeanor) if you are on the streets after 11PM (unless you are emergency personnel)
Fine is $300 or more.

Sherry said...

Ladies in NYC stay safe.

If you haven't been to MN's site you need to go. Rob just arrived in England and Ktisten is in Paris. Hmmm...!

Ssessed are trying to say Rob was leaving but pic of him was posted by a person who works at the airport and he said Rob was arriving. Ever notice we don't have to prove anything here? Strange that. Lol!

Have a nice evening and again stay safe if you are in NYC.
Love you all.

Gloria Hovis said...

Ok HKN I'm don't know why you are so angry with me.
I told you, you didn't have to print my first or the second one I am really sorry, and I do apologize. I don't know how many time I have to apologize and to say I'm sorry, I don't know what else I can do to convince you please tell me what I can do.
Love Gloria.

Merle Yamasaki said...

Annie, Ssllyann, Mickeymackey - Be safe.... Weather reports 4" of snow in NYC already and major storm is expected tomorrow...

Try to have a good evening..

sue morris said...

Dear Annie, Sally Anne, MICKEYMACKEY, Do you all have plenty of food and water? I hope you have plenty of everything because this may be a real heck of snowstorm, lasting some time. I will hope the electricity stays on and you all will be just fine! I am concerned about you ladies, please keep in touch by this post. I would much prefer snow to ice storm, we have had , in years past,both here for several weeks. I have a habit of overstocking during the winter. Sugar and I are hitting the sack, I have an early drive in the morning. Have a good night. Susie ( Merle, tell MC hi for me)

Paula Bain said...

Afternoon ladies, beautiful summer's day here, I hope that all of you living in NYC are safe,

So Rob has arrived in London, but the sessed said he was there for the last month, don't tell they were wrong, and Kristen is in Paris, well that's only a hour away from Rob, the sessed will have an answer for that, cause they're good like that.

Just finished watching Purge-Anarchy good movie, wouldn't that be a fun way to clean out the fandom (maybe not the killing part).

Still Alice is in theaters on Thursday, hoping to go see it, just read the book, if you haven't read it, you need to it's a great book.

Well that's about all everyone have a great day/night.

Lazmeister said...

Jeepers all you New Yorkers! I hope you're doing ok and are safe and well. I hope you all get through this unscathed.
Prayers offered up for you.

Arleen P said...

Hi to all my HKN Havens friends! I hope some of you are stocked up and prepared for the storm. And I hope you all stay warm too. I will pray for all of you to be safe. I will keep you in my prayers.

Mickeymackey said...

Weather update - 8" already down with up to 30" total. At least no school or work tomorrow. I shopped yesterday fortunately as the shelves are bare today. Dont plan on doing much of anything until this all stops.
Thanks for your kind words Merle and Sue. As for my fellow New Yorkers, stay dry and warm and be careful if you need to shovel. Just wishing I was in Florida right now.

Gloria Hovis said...

Hi just wondering if you got any of my comments I've posted.
If you have disregard the three posts and I hope you will/can put them on here, I would surely appreciate it. I don't know if did, well if you didn't it maybe because my Google was messed up I hope that's all it was.
So please post my comment on HKN blog I have to beg it seem to be all I'm doing here.
Can we please at least compromise with one another that would be good I do, I want to thank you for having me and hope to be on here more if you will let me.
Well I said enough and again thank you. I do care for everyone here and love everyone as well and that's does includes you to HKN lets start over fresh can we.
I really do care and love RK&SP.
Love to all on Haven and to you HKN. sincerely yours Gloria.

NOLA girl said...

Havenettes in the Northeast - be warm and safe! Been thinking 'bout you guys all day. I bet there's NADA left in the supermarkets - just like a hurricane down here. Sorry I haven't expressed my well-wishes sooner. You know how RL gets. Just catch up on your movie watching and have lots of hot chocolate and popcorn!

Sue Mo - are you ready for this? Pollen started showing up on my car yesterday!?! We've been getting 3-4 days of sun lately, and then a day or two of rain. It's in the high 30s at night and the 60s during the day. Mardi Gras kicks off this weekend and there's supposed to be some rain. It's early this year - and hopefully not too cold.

Didn't Kristen look terrific on Kelly and Michael? She is getting much more comfortable doing the TV thang. Loved the "we - I" slip about finding Cole. Can't wait to see photos from the Chanel show!

I'm guessing we should start seeing some new Rob pics in the near future. Looking forward to that too!
Can I say I haven't missed the singer?

Lazmeister - hope you and the baby are doing well. Been keeping up with the Australian Open and of course pulling for Serena and Venus! Hope it's not overly warm where you are.

Arlene - how are you honey?

Everyone else - hope Life is treating you well. Big hugs to all the Haven and HKN!!

Pardon my additional fangirling, but I am so happy for Julianne Moore - she been a fave of mine for many years!!!!! She makes us Gingers look GOOD 😄. Can't wait for the Oscars!!!!!

Sanni K. said...

good morning
Kristen looked wonderful. Already looking forward to paris pictures.
Rob landed in London, These two are always surprising.
Especially Kristen hints are amazing.
Sessed I believe you have the ass card
Have a nice day. Love you all. Hugs

Sherry said...

Morning ladies. Hope you are all safe in NYC area. Have to get going so I can get ready and head to school. Lots to do today.

Here's to RK, SP and to another quiet week.

Love you all.

sue morris said...

Good Grief New York, Mass, Conn., Vermont. PA, Maine, and the whole NE coastline. You all stay inside please! Wait a day ! New England, you are having a blizzard! Thank God, New York City, you missed the bullet somehow. Must be holding your mouth just right! Praying for you all! Julianne Moore deserves the Oscar, she is just an amazingly lovely person too. Both Kristen and Rob are very nice people and very talented. I can see why they have so many close friends, they are respectful of others and need time alone. Hoping all of you folks out there are fine! Nola Girl, I am so glad your world is looking beautiful, I do love the Spring down there, and praying the old Muddy behaves this year! I called family and everyone has their fingers crossed. Throw me some beads lady! Love, Susie

Tina Wotherspoon said...

Afternoon Ladies/Gents hope you are all well and my thoughts are with all of you and your families that are caught up in the snow storm/blizzard praying for you all keep safe,Kristen looked beautiful as always,Arleen hope your feeling better, Hope MC and Gigi are ok miss them so much on here one day they will be back hopefully sooner rather than later,NOLA girl how are you thankyou for having me in you thoughts, well wish you all well, RK also wishing you well, take care everyone be safe you are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Arleen P said...

Good morning to all my HKN Havens friends! I hope you all are ok, safe, and warm. This morning I woke up with upper back aches. I am ok. I Took motrin it should help. I have keep you in my prayers. Anyways, I better work that lasagna to take for my friend. Her hubby had surgery a brain tumor and at the same time her mom had a stroke. She is in California with her mom. And her hubby is in the hospital. So I am taking a dinner meal for her family. I will talk to you all later. Hugs!

andreana said...

Just dropping in
Loving the pictures of kristen in Paris! she looks awesome! Classy!
Posing with Laugerfeld at Anna Wintour's event..... no twiggs anywhere... surprised she didn't fly to Paris rip off her clothes and butt kristen out of the way to get her pictures made... but then again I am guessing desperate to be famous girls who pose mostly nude on a lesser known magazine were not invited.. lol.... yes I am mean...and I mean it! I love Kristen. Still

sue morris said...

Dear ANDREANA, Kristen is amazing, her face is just lovely. It seems like HBG is taking very close cover of Kristen, and those posing with her seemed to be guarding her somewhat. She really gives this show a touch of excellence that you only see from the best. I doubt if many could really compete with Kristen, with any garment or hair style. Kristen is a style maker. She really should design for male and female design, I am sure she really can create original clothing for her own house of design. Hoping everyone stays safe in Europe. Susie

EllenRamey said...

Lovely white dress in Paris today....with an arm our strength spanx underneath:)

Sherry said...

Hey ladies. Saw the pics of Ktisten in Paris. Amazing! Loving the ear cuff. She looks so good.

Loving that RK are only an hour from each other. Paris has been good to them (and us)!

Have a nice evening. Love you all.

Gloria Hovis said...

@andreana, know you're not mean you're just stating your just speaking your mind that's all.
I know you don't know me but I'm a friend. I would like to be.
I do how ever agree with about Kristen she is very pretty and I also think she is a fantastic actress. I don't really like FKA But that's my opinion though.
I'm sure I'm not the only one that think that way about her.
But I do adore Kristen and I love her to, I also adore and love Robert to, I really love RK together and I will support them both I will support all three RK&SP. P.S. I want to thank HKN for posting my comments I appreciate it and I respect you and your blog to and I mean that, thanks again. Love to all of Haven and to HKN and to RK&SP to.
sincerely yours Gloria.

Rae H. said...

All of the people yelling about how Rob has been in London with Twiggy all month, how are they not aware that FKA Twigs has been in concert in Australia most of January and into February.

To me that proves they don't know or care where she is, but they care very much where Robert Pattinson is:
anywhere but near Kristen.

I wonder if they have the Chunnel
watched by Sessed fans for him.


Arleen P said...

Good night to all my HKN Havens! Hugs to you all! I am having arthritis issues. But I am will be ok.
Anyways, I love all your comments.
Kristen is gorgeous. I love her dress and her hair. I love her earring star. Its so cool.
Night everyone! I have work tomorrow. Love you all and RK! Keep me posted. Night!

Merle Yamasaki said...

Rob is confirmed to attend Berlin's 65th Internationale Film Festival and Premiere for "life" on February 9 along with Dane Dehaan, Anton Corbijan, Alessandra Mastronardi and Luke Davis. Rob is not listed to attend Queen of the Dessert Premiere on February 6. It will be good to see Rob promoting his films.

Sue Morris - I do not have direct contact to MC since she has deactivated her Tumblr account.

MC, Vernie, Felicity, Bud - Your presence, leadership, friendship, postings are greatly missed by us at Haven. Hoping to hear from you soon. We love you!

Kristen was the belle at the Chanel Fashion Show. She is confirmed to star in Chanel's handbag campaign, shot by Karl Lagerfield due out April, 2015.
Kristen will be the face of the 11.12 Chanel Classic handbag priced at $8,900.

Have a good evening... sweet dreams.

Paula Bain said...

Evening ladies, didn't Kristen look gorgeous as usual, she's the type of women that would look good in anything.

@Andreana loved your comment, I didn't see it as nasty, just facing facts that if it could it would.

So Rob is mia again, the trolls must be busy with a stint of photo shopping to prove that he is not an hour away from Kristen, that doesn't get their seal of approval.

Well have a great day/night everyone.

NOLA girl said...

Andreana - love your comments! So nice to hear from you my dear! Where you been?

Tina - hoping and praying you are making positive progress toward a complete, perfect recovery honey 😚

Havenettes in the Antarctic Northeast - hope you have heat and electricity. Be careful should you make your way outdoors! Know you are in the love and prayers of the Haven.

Bring on new press photos of Rob!!!!!! Kristen and HBG rocked it today at Chanel - so proud 😃

Mickeymackey said...

curious as to why Kristen seems to always keep her left hand hidden in a pocket. Wonder what she is hiding from us?

Annie said...

Morning all!

Congratulations to Kristen on her Cesar Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress in The Clouds Of Sils Maria.

.....And yes, it's a big fucking deal.


Sallyann Saull said...

Well congrats to Kristen and her nomination. If anything no one can take away from her the dedication she has to her trade truly deserving! Im Sure Robert is as proud of her as we are. Snow only 10 in in Nj lucky we we are. Have a great day all!

sue morris said...

Annie, I am thrilled about Kristen's Cesar nomination, it has been 30 years since an American has received this honor. I am happy Rob will be at the showing of one of his movies. Merle, I did not realize MC had cancelled all her posts. Hope she is OK. We love her here. Love you too and hope you are feeling great! I have been having RA attacks and it affects all my joints, definitely an OWIE! So glad that the snow is slowing its roll somewhat on the NE coastline. ANDREANA, you gave us a giggle with your heartfelt tribute to the branch who has been in Australia for a month and not in London. Rob flew from LA to London and one day after Kristen flew from LA to Paris. And both are somewhat ninja at the moment. I think since their life is supposed to be private, the dodos who make up the stories and phony pictures should realize how STUPID they look and are. We are so very proud of Rob and Kristen Pattinson and their amazing talent and beauty, I believe they both really need congratulations to have come out ahead and are doing very well. They have been together for about 6 to 7 years now and counting. Everyone stay safe and Nola Girl, wish I was down there on the river with you sipping and grinning! Susie

Lazmeister said...

Morning all, I hope you're all doing well.
@NOLAgirl thanks for the shout out but it's @Stargazzer who has had a baby - BTW @Stargazzer I hope you're getting plenty of sleep and all is well.
@NOLAgirl I hope all is well in your beautiful part of the world.
@SueM I hope your pain is not too bad and it eases quickly..
@andreana great to hear from you!
Love to all

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