Thursday, December 18, 2014


I had a nice talk with the cuz and yes Rob and Kristen are still married and still have a child together. The dipshidiots were hoping this would miraculously change but no such luck.

 And Rob still lives in LA and is not moving to NYC with Twiggy, to London, or Timbuktu. Rob has stated in interviews several times that L.A. is where he prefers to live now. I'll take his word for it. Not some desperate tab trying to get hits. Oh by the way the new house is Rob and Kristens.They bought it together. Like most people that are married do. The dipshidiots can give up their dream that it's Rob and Twiggys love shack. It's Rob and Kristens love shack.

Now I have this song going over and over in my head.

As for the Twiggy shit ...

It's all for show. The paps can photo shop and overlay chaise lounge pics at a beach all they want. Won't make it anymore true. The flea market pics tell you one thing when actually another is the truth. Rob arrived alone not with Twiggy.Twiggy showed up later with a friend. Just in time for her latest photo op.

 The paps also want to make sure we know that Kristen is in a different place than Rob. Why so desperately trying to prove that point?

 Yes they are afraid of us.We have outed their photo shop fails and their lack of professional journalism skills. They want to get back at us and think they have found the perfect way. Too bad anyone with a brain isn't buying it.

Some more photo shop fails to drive the point home.

The paps think suddenly Rob is their friend and is giving them exactly what they want. Rob is laughing his ass off while playing them for the fools they are.

No he hasn't suddenly had a personality transplant and loves selling his personal life to pap scum.

Does this man  look happy to you? No he doesn't. Think about it. He's getting tired of the game. But he will do what he has to do. Which means unfortunately it will continue for a while. 

Some people ask why Rob and Kristen don't cut their losses and let Twiggy sink on her own. Because they aren't the only ones with a investment in the petulant child. They have friends invested in this too and unlike Rob and Kristen they can't afford to cut their losses and bail.

Another reason why they don't cut and run? It's working on two fronts. The dipshidiots have their heads so far up Twiggys ass they are leaving Kristen alone. Can you imagine the threats against Kristen that would happen if they realized Kristen was Robs wife and the mother of his child? They threatened her life more than once simply because she was his girlfriend. Imagine that ten times worse if they knew they were married and had a child together. The cuz said Rob will do anything to protect his family. Incuding playing the dipshdiots for the dumbasses they are. 

Secondly the dipshidiots are spending their hard earned money on Twiggy concert tickets hoping for a glimpse of Rob. Helps Rob out on the business side. Too bad they don't support his movies the same way.
 Hey Santa I have a long list of dipshidiots but can you start with the one named Hopeless? She desperately needs to be shit on. She keeps my delete button way too busy.

Rob and Kristen are all to happy to let the dipshidiots and paps have their Rob and Twiggy delusions. It gives them the chance to live their lives the way they want to. 
With sweet pea.

The cuz also said Rob and Kristen had a wonderful Thanksgiving . TOGETHER.

With sweet pea.

They will spend Christmas together too.

With sweet pea.

Funny how Rob hasn't left for his annual trip to London yet. He has usually left by now. We may get a Rob/ Twiggy photo op to make you believe otherwise. But rest assured Rob and Kristen will be spending Christmas together.

There has been a lot of rumors about Kristen being Pattinsonated again. The cuz said she has heard nothing of this. YET. That sure would stop the dipshdiots in their Twiggy loving tracks wouldn't it?

Maybe if were lucky sweet pea number two will give mommy a kick in the middle of a photo shoot like sweet pea number one did.

Listen to her words. Theres a lot of bullshit being thrown out there right now. Don't eat the shit.

I know it's hard not to buy into it sometimes. But remember this, Rob and Kristen know exactly what they are doing. Have a little faith in them. Rob hasn't done anything wrong. Kristen knows exactly what is going on. Stop creating drama where there is none.

Kristen surprises us again.

She is just amazing. As always.



I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas. I'll be heading to Ohio and hope you all have safe travels and happy family times this holiday season. 


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Frenchie said...

Thank you HKN! Have a wonderful Xmas yourself!

And a fantastic Xmas to RK & SP!

Unknown said...

Good night to Sherry, HKN, ASFJ, Frenchie, Sue Morris, V is still standing, Tina, Merle, Lazmeister, and the rest of Havens! Tomorrow Friday is the big day for me. Funeral and work. I will need all of you. Hugs to you all! Keep me posted. I still have a cold. I love you all. Talk to you tomorrow before work. I love this new post HKN. Love you! Night!

Unknown said...

What a terrific surprise! Have a great Christmas in Ohio, hope the weather cooperates for you! Have a very happy Christmas and New Years to the Rob Pattinsons and to all the Haven! Arleen, really try to get some sleep with your three jobs! Good Night Everyone! Susie

Sherry said...

Thanks for the new post. It does get tough sometimes, but I prefer to believe.

Have a wonderful time, HKN.

Arleen, my prayers are with you.

Love you all.

Unknown said...

Thank you HKN for the update. I have no doubt RK will spend Christmas together. And I don't care if pics try to show something else. Merry Christmas!

Morning Coffee said...

Merry Christmas HKN and thanks for the early Christmas gift to all of us...

Glad you demonstrated once again why people shouldn't get overly invested in pictures that have been manipulated, by either camera angles, or photo shopping....If you don't look, you really find peace of mind, they are designed to promote the lies to the less then intelligent who flock to buy their rags...Yes there really are people that are that gullible.

To those of you who are traveling to visit with family stay safe...

All is fine with the Pattinsons, Sweet Pea's First Christmas how exciting and wonderful for Rob and Kristen and the grandparents, aunts and uncles...good times ahead.....

EllenRamey said...

Thank you! Happy Holidays:)

Unknown said...

Totally Brilliant as always HKN!!! Thank you for always reining us in. Ladies I will continue to shout it from the mountain tops. IF it comes from HKN then open your ears, eyes and minds. Hear, see, and Know she speaks the truth. HKN have a very blessed and wonderful Christmas!! Lady you deserve it!!!!

LKC81 said...

Thank you for this post! I look forward to it. Have a Merry Christmas!

Luv London said...

Thanks for the early Christmas gift,HKN! I've been following you since 2012 and you have never been wrong yet. I still believe in their love - there is no reason to think otherwise. The Pattinson family will have such a fun Christmas with little SP.

Mickeymackey said...

Thanks for the post. As always you are the voice of reason in this crazy world. Have a safe trip to Ohio and I hope the weather holds good.

Unknown said...

HKN thank you for this unique and eye-opened Post
Wishes a relaxing holiday and merry Christmas.
It looks like we must a while to close his eyes, and faith.
And hope for next year to picture the family Pattinson. Haters will always exist, and a marriage can not always be kept secret.
Both have received threats in the past, now and in the future.
You can not make it all the people right.
Have a nice day. love you all. Hugs

Unknown said...

Good morning Havens! Happy Friday! ♡ you all! I better get ready for a funeral now.
Thanks Sherry!

Annie said...


HKN.....Thank you!
Have a beautiful Christmas in Ohio. Eat, drink and be merry. Cheers!
Arleen : My thoughts are with you today. Just breathe.
Take care of yourself.

Lillianolivia.white@gmail.com said...

Wonderful post, HKN. Wishing all people here a truly blessed Christmas. I feel peace at the knowledge that rob & Kris are happy together with their little family, extended family and friends. I'm ignoring any new BS photo ops w/ stick, and it's the best thing I ever did.
Hope everyone here is happy, healthy, and safe.

silvermau said...

Pattinsonated! is a fantastic term. It should immediately enter F&W dictionary. I as well,like all here,am keeping the faith. No one could luv so much for so many yrs. and let it go. It is inhuman. I wish RK all the best, and you folks as well. Safe holidays, and enjoy your families. Thank you HKN for the light through the BS and your precious humor. You make me smile all the time.

Unknown said...

Have a nice x-mas hkn and to the pattinsons family and sp frist x-mas and also a happy new year

Unknown said...

HKN - Thank you for early Christmas gift and the eye opening post! Safe travels to Ohio and have a blessed holiday with family and friends.

Arleen - My thoughts will be with you. Please don't overdue it!

Love is in the air with the Pattinson Family and this Haven!

Truth said...

Great post again!!

Unknown said...

Here's hoping everyone has a safe and peaceful holiday time wherever you may live. We are a Heinz-57 grouping of people here and although our lives here are not perfect, we love each other and we care about all our friends overseas. Sending warm hugs out there to everyone! And, please Kristen and Rob, take lots of family pictures for the precious memories to come! Love, Susie

chole said...

Hi Everybody I've only written in once but I come here almost daily. Can anyone answer this question? It's so obvious to us that Kris and Rob are married and have a baby. We all know that this thing with the branch is pure PR bullshit, but why can't others see the truth like we do? Are they so filled with hatred for our beloved Kristen that they are willing to lie to themselves in order to not see the truth? Are they so blind that they can't see what is right in front of their own eyes? To me is so very obvious, Kris only hanging around her friends and Rob involved with the branch (a girl he can't stand by the way). And what about the tabloids? These journalists must have IQ's of "5" to not see the truth, or do they know the truth and are cashing in on the game? Any thoughts on this are welcome. Love Kristen, Rob & little Sweet Pea, Love this blog, and I Love you all. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.
Chloe M.

Lazmeister said...

Good Morning all,
HKN again I love what you post and I am with you.
Arleen, my prayers are with the family and yourself today.
We have our first Family Christmas today - so I'd better get cooking!
Merry Christmas to all and I hope it's one full of love and laughter.

Morning Coffee said...

Hey all...Hope everyone is doing well this evening...

Chloe...The Robsessed only cre that Rob is with anyone but Kristen makes no difference to them who it is, why? because they hate Kristen that much...They believed 2012 even though it was more BS...The Krisbians want Rob with anyone but Kristen because they hate Rob...seeing a pattern here yet?

Then you have the papparazzi who earn their living by taking photos and selling them to the gossip rags, for big money..The gossip rags then make up a story and manipulate the photos to make them look anyway they can to sell the lies...it's all about two things hatred and greed....

Stay away from gossip sites and never be tempted to buy a tabloid..even if they try to pretend to be a magazine of good reputation...They all twist the truth.

Arleen..Honey Sorry you had to attend a funeral today and then go to work while you are not feeling well..Take care of yourself...

Merry Christmas to each of the Havenettes here at home and around the world...stay well and have fun

Blessings to each of you...

NOLA girl said...

Dear HKN and the Haven -
First, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a blessed, peaceful New Year for you all.

HKN - you have been missed, but we know real life calls. Just got a little concerned when we hadn't heard from you in a bit. THANK YOU for this latest post! I wish Rob & Kris could walk away from the Twig, but if it keep Kris and Sweet Pea safe, she is a problem I'll have to deal with. Crazy fans are a much bigger problem - i.e., the mad cow that visited the Haven yesterday. I need to learn to not take the Twig thing seriously.

I nearly begged for Preparation H when I saw that pain in the ass's posts last night. Then I remembered, you cannot be logical with crazy people.

Arlene - the last thing anyone would want to deal with this time of year is a funeral. Love and blessings to you my dear.

Everyone that will be traveling, be safe.

Enjoy your time with loved ones and make some happy memories. Love and hugs to all in the Haven!


Floyd Mae said...

I am so glad to hear you say that your cousin said that R/K are indeed are married and do have a baby which is called Sweet Pea.
Thank You HKN and the Haven family. This just made my day's and night's so much better.
Now my Christmas will be so much better, even so my Christmas I will be alone I by my self I have no one But that's Ok! I so happy to hear about the updates on R/K thank you so much. I wish R/K and SP a Merry Christmas, and a Merry Christmas to everyone here and HKN Good by for now love Gloria.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Thank you hkn for a wonderful post. You always know exactly what to say to keep us calm. I have never believed Rob was involved with that girl, but it is always reassuring to have it confirmed. I have faith in your posts. I have been following you for many years and have never doubted your words. Thank you for that.

I also want to wish you a very Merry Christmas. Please be careful on your trip.

Unknown said...

Dear Chloe, Maybe it is because so many of these negative posters are full of just plain green-eyed jealousy. Kristen is beautiful woman, very smart and a creative actress who loves each part she plays. She enjoys her life and loves rob so much she had his baby girl. Rob seems to have always been very fond of Kristen, they just clicked. Almost every relationship has its problems but I don't think anyone expected so many people would try to control their lives. They have been with each for some time but the gossips do not want a happy family here, they insist on drama and lies to control RK's real life. It failed and RK have actually become very strong, a couple that plans and works closely together because they want to I would imagine. They haven both stopped even trying to describe their lives, because the gossips corrupt everything, and so they make fools of the media, rather than talk to them because you can't talk to gossip dipshits, they are just idiots. Haven is one of the few truthful posts that bases the facts on reality, not make believe daily drama from tweets that originate from people who hate either Kristen or Rob, because they do not like for them to be together at all, they want to have a single Rob/and or/Kristen. If you read Hollywood gossip/photos daily, it warps your mind negatively and makes you stupid as Rob says. Have a great Christmas LAZMEISTER and happy cooking! Arleen, so sorry about your friend's baby. Happy Birthday Mama Nails! Have a good evening Haven. LIZZIED, Susie is spinning around like a top! VERNIER, you are missed! Susie

Unknown said...

Hi HKN,and other wonderful ladies here wishing you all peace,joy and happiness in this blessed holiday season and wonderful 2015 for us all!xo natt

chole said...

Thank you Sue & Morning Coffee , you guys really shed some light on this for me. I try to stay away from the tabs as much as possible but even "Vogue" is joining the dipshit bandwagon. Sometimes the haters are so awful I can't stand it. It hurts me, I just can't imagine what Rob & Kris go through on a daily basis! Thanks to all the wonderful people here that put everthing in perspective. Love to all.
Chloe M.

Unknown said...

Ladies, don't get upset with the last pics, Rob is just saying what it is. They were in a place called The Comedy Store, Rob's shirt shows a middle finger up. That says it all for me. He's just making fun of idiots, exposing their own lies and fucking all those who hate his wife. There's no kiss. That's just what Rob wants the dipshits to believe, those who keep blaming Kristen for something that happened more than 2 years ago without having all the keys and calling her all kind of names. Of course Twiggy is hoping we believe it too. But there's one photo that shows Rob's true feeling. He's disgusted. He's an actor. He knows how to faint love but there's none. He put his hand 2 sec on her face, that makes hundreds of"pics and he stops. He puts hid hand on her shoulder for 2 sec, more pics. Cut. As for the kiss, he has his lips just under her nose. And excuse me if I sound harsh, but Twigs is So not sexy that it's impossible he could leave Kristen for that. Just no.

Mickeymackey said...

Hey, not only does the branch have 5 fingers so does R. I guess they think we cant count. As for the pics yesterday they are so stupid to think we would believe them. The one pic that shows them almost kissing her eyes are looking off to her left. I guess that is her photo op. Plus the pics seem so out of order as to confuse anyine looking at them. Interesting how they come out a day leter. Dont you think if they were true they would have come out the same night?

Unknown said...

beautiful afternoon
The latest photos are so stupid photos for stupid people see nothing. Rob once with 4 fingers then 6
Someone recognize some people who were there?
I hope it will be in the next few days quiet and Rob enjoys his time with wife and child. for this christmas is there and not to make a fool of himself with Mrs. T.
Nice day. Hugs

jel said...

I really don't enjoy people coming here and telling us about and describing the Rob/T pics that are being posted in the tabs. I don't go to look at any of them because they upset me. I don't want to hear about them either because that is as bad as seeing them, to me at least. Sorry if that offends anyone but it is the way I feel. To me, bringing up and discussing the pics is as bad as discussing T and Rob on here. I don't want any of it. Even though I know if is all fake, it still is like a knife to my heart to even have to think about it.

ASFJ said...


Thank you once again.....very, very satisfying...when I read it, I instantly thought of the old Gene Autry song from "Sleepless in Seattle":

"We're back in the saddle again...
Out where a friend is a friend....
Whoopi - Ty - Aye - Oh...
Rockin' to and fro.....
We're back in the saddle again......"

To all the gorgeous Havenettes, and especially to you HKN, have a wonderful, blessed and safe

Morning Coffee said...

orning All...someone late alst night sent me the newest batch of garbage photos...That is just what they are...I have to think Rob's arms are photo shopped into most of them since he is missing fingers in some and gaining an extra digit in others.

Her eye in the make believe kiss pictures keeps shooting to the windows to be sure someone taking the photos...Rob facial structure never changes as it would need to to actually be kissing someone...

Think ..why would it take someone 24 hrs to release the photos???simple they had to be doctored...

At the end of the day Rob goes home to his wife and child..probably scrubs himself raw in the shower, may even spray with lysol...JS ...and then kisses his daughter goodnight before crawling into bed with his wife...

Don't buy the BS lies...ignore the pics and the idiots drooling over them..they couldn't see their own asses if they were in flames. Keep the faith HKN has lied about
nothing..She told us yesterday to expect more..and lo and behold we got it...Sure there is more to come too...Ignore it all put on your big girl pants and your hip waders because the shit is getting deep....

Have a good dzy and remember to trust R/K...They know what they are doing and they are doing it together as alwAys....

Unknown said...

Dear Haven, Rob is using photos for a reason, and I still think he is making a film with Kristen about the Hollywood gossips and paparazzi. Anger can force people to do many things, and when they have already stated that these shit eaters eat shit, it is entirely possible they decided what shit to feed them and when and how often and where, to suit their needs as a diversion. Just cannot waste my time or energy watching phony pictures, it's so boring, and it's for the dumb nuts, not me, to believe whatever makes them happy, like Kristen said. Of course the pictures are retouched, that is the idea. So having said that, I still think watching cartoons is much more educational. JMO. Life is way too short to waste on trash, which is exactly what the photos are, exhibit A, shit on a shingle, no beef, just more photos reconstituted, remade, badly done poop for idiots to swallow whole. To ignore is bliss, start using your brain and just enjoy your friends and family and let RK have their joke on the press? Tis the season to be jolly, so time to just put up your third finger and have fun this Christmas, I know I will. Later, Susie

Unknown said...

Morning Coffee, after reading your post at 7:25 am , I was remembering something I learned when studying psychology in college. It is a form of therapy to do unto others as they have done to you. I also remember Rob said he was getting really paranoid about the crazies. In other to do a really good snow job you have to know all the little twists or tricks of the trade, and have a good solid plan that everyone is on board about, which means everyone. Instead of allowing the phony haters to mess up their lives, they are doing unto others as they have done to them, only most of them are too stupid to realize it. So, every picture is a therapy session for RK who are returning the party favors to the party , used and just what they are, more garbage for the deep six trash basket. Just so they know it, I do believe someone might be filming the whole thing for posterity. JMO. Susie

Unknown said...

I always stand by RK and give a fuck the Papparatzzi images. Thanks for the great update and I wish you all a Merry Christmas. :-)

Paloma said...

Gracias por la aclaración sobré toda esta mierda que está pasando. La verdad es que es difícil de entender, parece el mundo al revés. Tengo una pregunta para haven y no quiero molestarte ni que te enfades con migo, pero ¿no sería mucho más sencillo para ellos y acabarían de una vez con tanta mierda sobré su vida en común, mostrarse como lo que son, un matrimonio feliz?

Feliz navidad para todas, de corazón, tengan mucho cuidado con la carretera. 🎅🎅🎄🎄

Unknown said...

HKN, you rock girl!! Everyone has to stop take a breath, look at the obvious and remember the word "Faith," and how it paves the road back to the word "Truth," This is Rob y'all! The same Rob who wanted Kristen, fell hard for Kristen and fought for a long time to win her heart! This is the same Rob! He hasn't changed, nor has his feelings for Kristen! He now has two girls he loves more than his own life, "Kristen and baby doll! Do you remember in The Bridge to Terabithia, the bridge was built with an open mind and they knew the wonderful things that awaited at the other side. We are crossing the bridge with trolls and small short battles, but they mean nothing!!! Rob and Kristen are planning a magical first Christmas for Sweet Pea! Imagine Rob and Kristen both playing Jingle Bells on their guitars while Sweet Pea laughs out loud. It's happening friends!!!!

Unknown said...

what I do not understand the paps manipulate the arms and fingers, but why?
The kisses are real. This has nothing to to do with her hands and fingers!
Although it's just a fake relationship, kisses go too far.

HKN knew your Cuz whether rob further accompanied these T in January? Or does it make an end! It goes for a while, is difficult to assess.
And when this is all over, will Rob and kristen together to present? How ´´ Wala`` here we are? !

The questions that have gone through my head!

Unknown said...

Hello, HKN ladies. I agree that what Rob is doing is just a distraction.

You can't hide body language. That's how we were all tipped off about Rob and Kristen. They couldn't keep their eyes off each other, always glancing at each other. Touching each other and always turning to keep track of each other when they were walking single file.

None of that is happening with Rob with Twigs. Also if Rob wanted to make it plain that he and Twigs were not temporary, that they are the real deal they would be on Oprah or Ellen. He wasn't even with her on Jimmy Fallon.

Also, this time last year he was in London. He's still in LA. Seems she's losing her audience in London so why aren't they back there doing PR photo ops over the holidays. That would be the most natural and logical thing since London is home for both of them.

Bye everyone have a good evening.

Unknown said...

Hello to all the Havens! Sorry I was at work this morning at Ihop. Now I am on my way to work at Sizzlers. Keep me posted.
Sue Morris, The funeral I went to yesterday was my friend/working partner. Let's just say he took his own life away. All of us Sizzlers went to his funeral. I am still mad and sad. Right now I got to get to work.
I will talk to you all later. I love you. YES, I still have cold
Coughing, sore throat, possibly ear ache, headache from coughing. It even hurts when I coughing alot. It feels like my head is going to explode. I can't bearly talk. You should hear my voice. It sounds weird. Anyways, I will talk to you later. HKN, I love your Tumblr. Love you. Hugs. Keep me posted. Later.

silvermau said...

Jel, I do not believe anyone is trying to offend. I would like to take the metaphoric knife out of your ticker. We are here because we share a belief that RK are solid. The campaign (FANS & Media is to discredit. That is the hot topic at the moment and Rob set the stage. Maybe you can understand that discrediting a source, exploring the lies, and photo manipulations, help us to see the crap clearly and bind us together in what we believe is the truth. Does that make sense? It does to me. I do not like to see those pics either, but that is the way of it for a while until hopefully we see the truth come out

fishyone2 said...

OMG - I had the best laugh of the day. Hey gossip sites - if you are going to post some manipulated photos at least make sure the photoshopping is halfway decent. Its even insulting to those people who believe they are real to post such horribly shopped photos. These are as bad as the ones from a couple years ago.........oh wait - is there a pattern here. Pretty sure that Rob cannot have the same face in every photo and magically grow weird arms and hands. Thanks for the laugh though!!

andreana said...

Are you related to kristen?

Unknown said...

There are two points I wish to make(1)Rob loves and respects Kristen (2) Rob married his love and she gave him an early birthday present, a baby girl. For years these two have had threats(death), and have been stalked continuously since then, and then word of their baby became well known. Rob can be nutty on camera, but I think he is very bright and rather stubborn, and never really ever separated from KJSP , they just went dark, underground, ninja, and became very hard to follow by the gossip hags, so Rob has had thousands of girlfriends that were not and now after declaring he was not talking to the gossip, he has for months kept up this high profile, really yucky relationship, well photographed and byline developed with totally tampered with photos to create a phony girlfriend for the gossip news hags. The only way this works is with Kristen's complete knowledge and help to develop the byline because she can and does have a part in this, and Rob is not doing anything she has not already thought about. Why!? Because they have control over the whole project, as it is a job with a price tag to be paid and a client who is very demanding and rather rude to fans,yes she is unfortunately. I wish she was more mature but this is her problem, not theirs. These pictures are suppose to cause fans to be angry. They are supposed to disgust and cause a lot of temper tantrums, and a lot of gossip drama mamas to foam at the mouth. They most certainly do. But, I am thinking that T will possibly become greatly disliked and discarded completely eventually. And, we sure do see through T and her non-involvement with Rob personally but her need to ride the gravy train to the end to get full exposure. In it for the money folks, just the money for sure . MC, kissing above the mouth near the nose is the original movie kiss, and Rob once quipped he had to teach Kristen the proper way to kiss in a movie, I wanted to cuff him. But he has had some relatively recent experience doing a movie kiss, even with men, which I would imagine was kind of a delicate situation in the movie about a gay artist. DAVI, I believe, was the artist, that Rob portrayed. So, remember Rob is acting, and this helps to separate the unreal from the real, which actors have to do all the time. Kristen said she more or less puts on each character like you might wear a dress, but she includes herself in each role. She was amazed at Julianne because she stays in character while looking at the character from inside herself at the same time, therefore using each character as a study, ongoing, and is developing that character continuously, which absolutely genius, just amazing to see. J. Moore is a marvelous actress and she sees the beautiful creative work of Kristen, up close and personal. Julianne Moore and Juliette have said Rob is a wonderful man and excellent actor. They are very fond of both Rob and Kristen. They must know something and as many friends do, repeat absolutely nothing, and remain friends of this couple. This is like a movie, lots of drama, acting is for the show.

Anonymous said...

Hey great post. I want to know why people think that these photo's of them kissing isn't just a ploy? I took one look at them and knew she was playing to the camera, with her looking at the camera out of the corner of her eye.
I seen some of the comment on RPL, one said I'm so happy for Rob she went on to say how she has waited for so long for him to be in love and happy. Well I think they finally blocked me from there because I tried to reply to her but it didn't post oh well I don't really care, I just like to go there and see what kind of shit I can stir up and then dare them to delete my comments.

Well anyway I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and Hope all this BS will be over soon.

NOLA girl said...

Hi Jel - Good evening dear Havenettes!

Jel, trust me, none of us in the Haven are delighted about this PR thing - NONE. The Haven is the one place where we can bitch and moan (should we choose) about this and be understood. Believe me, I have done it on more than one occasion. May I make a suggestion? If it bothers you that badly, take a step back. Abstain from fangirling for a week or so.

It's the holidays! Make it your mission to enjoy them as best as you can and forget this other stuff for awhile. You may be surprised how your perspective gets 'readjusted'. Please understand I am not trying to patronize you. It may just be a good time for an R/K "time out" - that's all I'm suggesting. We all have Twig fatigue, and I wouldn't bet on it ending anytime soon.

I wouldn't worry about the Vogue article. Remember, this is PR. The article's author is gonna write whatever to make his/her subject more interesting. Vogue's job is to sell mags, so the "alleged" relationship with Rob will be in there. Vogue is not the Wall Street Journal.

This too shall pass...

Gloria - Merry Christmas dear. I do have extended family, but with my parents and in-laws now deceased. I find myself feeling alone. I can't imagine having no one. If possible, get out and go to a midnight mass or a movie or both. No one should be all alone on Christmas. (with a big nod to Darlene Love and my favorite Christmas song!) It tugged at my heart when I read your post, so I'm sending you some NOLA love!

Havenettes and HKN - big hugs!! HKN, if are tired of pressing the delete button, let me know - I'll volunteer. It's great here when there is no Hope!!! 😝

sookiePattinson said...

Ms H. and Ladies,

Ms. H. you've done it again. You have such an expert eye for the games people play. Absolutely nothing gets past you. Great! keep it coming.

Just peeking in to see what's up and to my surprise more photos.
Really? I don't dare look but she has no choice but to kiss ass and hold on for dear life. If Rob backs off she is up the creek and she can't float.

What we know: R/K will never just walk away from their project. The papz, tabs, and her have only to sit back and enjoy that free ride courtesy of Rob. Remember the lessons learned from 2012 regarding the tabs and papz. They lie.

Now ya'll have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, ya hear!!!

jel said...

Thanks Silvermau and NOLA girl. I am trying to keep on an even keel and I appreciate you taking the time to answer my post and ease my anxieties. I know in my heart this is all a set up to take the spotlight off Kris and SP and I adore Rob even more for doing this. It has to be so difficult to pretend with T that he cares about her to keep the paps and rags occupied with him so they don't find out about his 2 true loves. He is one fine man!

sookiePattinson said...


About the kiss, I have read she has been attempting to kiss him like forever. Basically, it's her job now! It's her job to ensure that she gets press. Needless to say, she doesn't get any unless he brings it.

I'm still wondering if the "ring nosed one" will be meeting mama Clare this holiday season. Like hell no!!!!


Unknown said...

Hi SOOKIE, I read your post at 9:21 pm and was thinking basically the same thing, that T should respect Rob and Kristen because at any time they need to, they could just fold up the tent and take off due to her bad behavior. She isn't exactly the rage, regardless of the RK haters club. Inflated opinions that she has of herself may end her abilities to roll. Hopefully this project will end successfully, but she should not push RK, because they are only completing their business of responsibility to friends who committed to this venture, and they do have a life of their own. I would imagine this business venture has been an education for both RK. If there are others, I do hope they are really talented and attractive.

Unknown said...

Hkn another brilliant post and would love to wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year, i would just like to wish all the Ladies/Gents and their familes on the Haven a Lovely Christmas and New Year,also Rob and Kristen and their Family and friends a Merry Christmas and New Year.

Unknown said...

Good morning to all the Havens! Happy Sunday! I am really going to see my Dr tomorrow. Or called them. Right now I am at work. Love you all. Hugs! Keep me posted.

Unknown said...

We are really keeping the issue of T at the forefront, and I believe it might be really intelligent to just walk on by this mute point. All talk is fine but do you realize by capitalizing on a phony you put her ahead of Kristen and Rob? Phony baloney is just what I see, phony in talent attached at the hip to the Pattinson's due to lack of talent and beauty. Talking about Kristen and Rob really is much more interesting, and watching their movies. We are the ones who actually go see the movies, and love to see them on the silver screen. This blog is devoted to sending out the truth to make it obvious that gossip tabloids do lie. For me, more of this disgusting talk, however upset you may feel is not really productive to finding out when or where to view films. Rob has indeed proved his point to many adults. But for the young and rather immature fan, this pretense is rather cruel, because stupid does not think, stupid just reads gossip magazines and throws this up online, where most of the damage is done. Not being psychic or able to read minds, you can bring a horse to water, but you cannot make him/her drink. So, talking about this does make sense but really needs to be buried deeply under the 2012 assumptions, pushing up daisies, dead and forgotten. Sorry to be such a moron, but I cannot help but think this mistake of trying to help a performer of sorts has actually damaged RK due to the effects, primarily in their workplace. I certainly see the reasoning and the frustration that led to this well-meaning attempt. Just do hope everyone will blow this phony stuff off soon, it is getting knee deep in poop out there. Thank god for common ordinary horse sense. If it looks like shit, smells like shit, by golly it is really horse shit. Going for a ramble for Christmas , please everyone stay well and be safe. Susie

Unknown said...

Bunny, Everyone loved your comment and I can see both of them enjoying time at home hopefully not bothered by the outside demands. I am not going to ask you if you are related, that is none of our business and has caused you problems in the past. I hope if you do ever have a chance to see them, please tell them we do really wish them all good things, and love to you this Christmas and New Years. Susie

Unknown said...

Good Sunday Morning greetings to The Haven - Posted on RPL are two pics of Rob on board a flight to London posted by a fan seated right behind him. No mentioned of anyone with him. Yea!

ASFJ - Sleepless in Seattle is my all time favorite movie. The movie had the very best music with Jimmy Durante's As Time Goes By, Louis Armstrong's A Kiss to Build a Dream On, Joe Cocker's Bye Bye Blackbird, Rickie Lee Jones' Makin' Whoopee, etc. I listen to the CD on long drive after all of five Twilight Sagas Sound Tracks.

Gloria - A cyber hug is on its way to you. No one should have to spend the holidays alone.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Prosperous New Year! Love you all!

fishyone2 said...

MC - I hope you post again this week. You are such a level-headed voice on here and its needed when there are all kinds of things happening "out there". And wishes to everyone for a peaceful and blessed holiday season!!!

LariiDuarte said...

how are you, my friends? I hope everyone is fine.
I'm here now just to tell you: please, PLEASE, don't give up on RK! I'm really surprised because a big part of the fandom is leaving the ship recently, people whom I admired, I trusted...
I know it's hard and painful, but as a fan - for 5 years now - I'm going till the end with R&K, no matter what. Think about all the good things, all the pics, all the looks they gave to each other!
Rob is going to London? Photos of one day ago? Think about that: today is Marcus Foster's birthday. One of his best friends! I don't know if I'm right, but as far as I know, T is his friend too, right? Maybe R is in London to celebrate with his friend, and IF T is in the plane with R, what's the big deal? Maybe she's going to celebrate with them! And also, she's not sitting with R.
Oh, and he can go to LA again or K can go to London, we still have 4 days to Christmas.
Just please, believe in R&K. They love each other and they are fine... Maybe next year this PR ends, and if it don't, well, patience. T can fall in love for someone or finally she gets all the fame that she wants to.
Do you want a final advise? Don't go check R/T pics, it's BS, just for the dipshdiots!! KEEP IN YOUR MIND HKN'S WORDS:

Unknown said...

HKN predicted it! Two pics are supposed to let us think that Rob and Kristen will spend Christmas in different places. The pics could be old for what we know. If you go look at the pics at The Comedy Store it's impossible to grow hair so fast. So something is phony. Also, no sightings from other passengers, no fan pic, no paps pics at LAX,...
I believe RK will spend Christmas at home in LA because that's what makes sense to me. This is SP first Christmas. And this is actually a good thing if everybody believe Rob's in London. That will allow them to spend a peaceful holiday.

Unknown said...

I came home from shopping and find out some devoted members of the fan base is saying awful things about Rob. I am furious guys! This is wrong on every possible level! I will not go into any details, but rest assured these people don't know shit!!! HKN knows the truth guys! Not these people!

LariiDuarte said...

~ Dorothee Ramos
I think you are totally right, my friend!

~ To all my friends here: if you still believe in this game that R is playing with the dipshidiots/media, please check out this link here->


Sorry HKN, I actually don't know if I can put this link here, but, please, it's a great post just as yours!

I also don't know if you, my friends, have seen that... But unfortunetely MC don't believe in R&K anymore. Yeah, that's really sad. She sayed earlier that Rob cheated Kristen with T and that this information was given by someone close to K. Well, I don't think this happenned. I really don't. But I'm really disappointed because she used to believe in them so much... Maybe she is tired of all of this. I hope she comes back to the ship one day :)

Unknown said...

What's happening now?

As I think I was saying:

I am not throwing Rob under the bus. I am stating facts.

Fact: Kristen Stewart's career is flying high now. With each film the praise for her acting rises higher. Plus Kristen has three more films, or is it four? scheduled for release next year.

Fact: With Rob's film release dates scattered and far between for the next year, do you think Rob wants to just be known as Kristen Stewart's boyfriend now?
I think not.

At this point in Rob's career he has no forward momentum. He's figuratively spinning wheels, due to the poor timing of his film release dates, and the small parts he took waiting on the lead in Mission Blacklist to get under way.

Fact: Rob's career may not pick up again before late 2015 and the fall release of LIFE, which I presume will wait for a fall run in order to have a chance for the 2016 Awards Season. The Golden Globes and Oscars.

Fact: Aside from his renewed interest and participation in music, ( guitar on Death Grips 'Bird')what is Rob supposed to do until LIFE premiers next fall? Accompany Kristen or some other starlet to premiers and film events? I think not.

Would you really expect Rob to wait complacently until its his turn to shine? I wouldn't. I'd expect something like what's happening now. So wake up! Rob and Twigs have been PR for each other from the beginning. She doesn't have to be the next singing sensation. She just has to look hot and in love. In short some one the Nonstens can adore.


Unknown said...

Havenettes - Check out Mama Nails blog. Based on good authority, she says Kristen and SP are in London to spend Christmas with Rob, and his family! Wow, HKN is right on!

Bunny - There are a lot of vile and ugly people in this fandom of late and it is getting worse. Ignore them if you can. We know Rob has always been protected of Kristen and that is what he is doing now with PRgate.

Good nite everyone and sweet dreams!

Unknown said...


First, Second and Last, It's Business.

As has been said Rob and FKA Twigs have been PR for each other from the beginning. Miss T. doesn't have to be a great singer she just has to look hot and like a woman in love. In short someone the Nonstens can adore. So watch the birdie for the camera and believe what you want. But that doesn't mean a single inch of film is true. Rob and Twigs are selling a line.

The man voted sexiest man alive multiple times can't hold that title for DIOR while sitting in Kristen's shadow. So let's use our heads. FKA Twigs is official business on one front for Google and friends and personal business for their mutual careers. First, second and last, it's business.

Sorry if I have offended. No, actually I'm not. Because if we (me included) had paid attention and listened to what Kristen and Rob have said before, we would know these things for ourselves.

Don't you find it odd that a girl he has known for many years, who was part of his friends, (and in fact was one friend's girlfriend) is suddenly the love of his life?

I find it very convenient for Rob that one of his friends was dating an exhibitionist performer. Someone use to crowds and cat calls and all the things she said she was trying to bring to people's awareness. FKA Twigs, a little known unGoogleable exhibition performer knew what she signed on for. PR with Robert Pattinson meant up close and personal hate from many in a fan club many call crazy.

This seems to me to be logical.
But people unfortunately are not always logical beings. Right now what I see is a trusting and completely at ease relationship. Good friends putting on a good show. Will that always be the case? As Tempest of Do I Dazzle You is fond of saying, time will tell if First, Second and Last, It's Business.


Unknown said...

Bunny, There is a lot of people upset about pictures and from what I understand both R and K went to England, leaving pictures to print of Kristen at home. As we know these PR pictures mean 100% nothing, they are acted out and usually completely changed to bring drama and this is something the gossip writers are playing up so to show R and K are at two separate places during Christmas. They will be together even though pictures may be shown to confuse the Press as to where they may be. I read only HKN and SRWN. Rob is going to do whatever he has to protect K and SP . I said we need to just avoid T. Too much has been made of PR pictures that are retouched. All this chatter that shows most do not really think RK are together is from kids who do not see that Rob is acting out a part and T is hanging on for dear life. HKN does know the truth but the retouched pictures are a pain to everyone. Nobody really blames Rob, there are just a lot of drama Mamas on all the posts. And, no matter what is said, there are always some people who cannot see the forest for the trees. And remember it is probably a good thing if people really cannot be sure where RK and SP really are for sure. Everything is fine with the Pattinsons. It's the ladies who are disapproving of T and her antics that are mad. But we all have had enough of that subject for sure Bunny. Merry Happy New Year, I am sure RK are very fine. Susie

Unknown said...

Christopher Dark - Thank you for your excellent comments. Part I seems to be missing. So good to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

waahhhh MC nooooo don't go you were one of our strongest voices of reason here :(

Unknown said...

Sorry ladies it seems Blogger has lost my first post.

It wasn't the most important one anyway.

I was not a fan of either of these young people. My niece's distress over the summer of 2012 made me see that there was a method in the tabloid's continued persecution of Kristen.

I got involved with Justice For Kristen and then The Plan.

Kristen has become a stronger person and I admire her for it and Rob for standing beside her.

I don't like theories but I am addicted to facts.

The fact is Rob has had some rotten luck this past year and I think that he signed on to help Miss Twigs because the PR for her would also benefit him.

To stay relevant in show business you either have to have work showing or peronal exposure. Rob's work got off schedule so I think he thought a little PR for a friend might also be a good thing for him.

Just because I see a photo of something doesn't make me believe it. In fact it sometimes makes me suspicious.

I probably won't comment again so in advance let me say thank you for listening.

Unknown said...

I have not seen any negative chatter from MC so why all the fuss. I last saw a post dated Dec. 20, and she was calling it PR. The pictures are PR, period. Somebody close to KRISTEN would never discuss their private life. Sounds remarkably like the gossip machine laying a big egg right before Christmas to send fans running to the magazine racks. And, where is the proof, where did MC post? Are there two people calling herself MC ? MC is very tired of the PR, I am too.

onagee said...

Hello everyone. The rumor repeated here about Rob, which someone says Morning Coffee now believes (I won't speak to that) is absolute BS, as Bunny also said. I'm writing this because it's good to stop poison from spreading.

Unknown said...

Facts will speak for themselves too, I agree Christopher. I also think MC should be allowed to speak for herself on HKN, and why did you speak for her on HKN? Why LILIDUARTE. Why would you say that? Where did she post personal information about Kristen and Rob? You are trying to hurt this blog, I think, nothing more.

Unknown said...

Just popping back in to say a gent on another post agrees with me, T has the face of a puffer fish. I noticed that several months ago. Might be rude to say this but I cannot imagine being crazy about a puffer face, oh well, you just never know!

Unknown said...

When beloved members of this board are saying Rob cheated on Kristen, well, you bet this makes me fucking angry! They KNOW NOTHING! They are calling out HKN and MN behind the scenes to stop with the lies. HKN and MN have never lied to you and they never will, and I won't either!

Barbara said...

@CD. you are brilliant, of course I always say that about you but it is so true. So Thankyou dear Christopher you have brightened my day. You really do make a lot of sense. so I will leave you with something I always say after reading your amazing posts . "Christopher Dark you take my breath away".

fishyone2 said...

I will only believe MC has said those things if I hear from her directly. I am not going to listen to someone else telling us what she believes. I could be wrong but she has always been forthright about what she believes/knows and I don't see that suddenly changing.

Unknown said...

good morning,
It is sad that some no longer trust put in RK. I must say when I saw the photos of R and T kissing and now in the Aircraft, I was confused and angry. I thought it can not be the father wants to miss the first Christmas of his daughter. But then I read the kristen and SP could be in London. This makes sense but then would kristen itself not with her family together. hmm all stupid.
Perhaps there is a turning point in London, and we get nice pictures of Rob and Kristen. what do you think? Believe and Hope
Rob and kristen must know that there are people who believe together on both . That these people very confused in recent months, and some have hurt. I think a clarification would now soon good. My opinion.
So sometimes I can not believe they give this Robsessed much updrafts.
Yet I will believe, and hope to see. But I'm getting tired of all the crap
All a nice day. Love you all. Hugs

Unknown said...

Oh something else,
I think the PR is fully gone in the pants, it's been so long, but Miss T has in the next 3 months mere 9 gigs. And it are no concert halls. I find really bad for such a Complicated nerving PR. Yet more reason to finished it. Or?

divyvicki said...

Christopher, I don't comment much here, but your words made a lot of sense. I hope you continue to monitor the board and provide insight into any future events.

Truth said...

So are you saying that even tho R and T are PR, they ARE having a relationship? That he has left K for T?? Wow

Truth said...

T needed R to get off the ground, R didn't need her, sorry that's crazy! He hasn't done a 360, if pics could talk he looks like he is ready to end this! I don't think R has known her before BL wedding from what I've heard!! R never needed T for his career!

onagee said...

Genalee, if you mean C. Dark is saying that, he isn't! And no, there is NO 180 degree turn, no Rob leaving anyone for the singer, you are right about that, trust your common sense above theorists; it's time to stop the nonsense that is being spread about a very good guy!!

Sherry said...

I have just one question. Why can everyone else say they are tired of the pr and get posted but if I say it, my post never shows? I have never said I don't think RK are together, but I think the show is getting old. I understand protecting K & SP, but I'm not sure hanging out with the branch is helping Rob's image. Just my opinion. I'm not dissing Rob, it's just a concern I have.

If for some reason I am being branded a hater or a troll, I think it would be common courtesy to tell me why and you can tell me in front of everyone else. I'm a very good person and I do care much more then I should about Rob and Kristen. They are the same age as my own kids and I feel very protective of them.
If I have misinterpreted why at least 4 of my posts have not been posted I'm sorry.
Have a nice Christmas. Love you all.

Unknown said...

Good Morning Ladies, I know how you feel about the kissing photos but if you are trying to convince papz that you are in love with someone then you have to kiss them at some point. Rob kissing her was like was kissing her in a movie sence. If Rob let the PR go now then the media will probably think he was playing them although he is. Rob pictures with her of late is showing he is tired of her so don't you think some one brought it to his attention. That is probably why you so the kissing photos. Rob loves Kris and they are together with their child.

Unknown said...

Sherry, I'm having some statements from you very your opinion.
-I am tired from PR
-PR Is useless and stupid
- Despite PR I would never go to the concert because she can not sing. And the CD also do not buy
- PR is not good for Rob
- I am for open relationship (marriage) (kristen and Rob)
- Hate or threats from the haters and trolls against kristen and rob it will always exist, whether hidden or open relationship

If friends have invested with kristen and Rob, this will sometimes hang out with this T.

Therefore, I would be delighted if soon beautiful photos from kristen and rob appear.
Kristen and Rob with SP happy in London.

Unknown said...

Also for give the spelling saw it after I hit post comment. Let's get ready for more photo from London on Christmas day with the branch. But believe me kristen and the baby will be in London celebrating Christmas with Rob and his family. The man that is always with them is the branch boyfriend . But she is now into Rob because of attention she is getting and has falling in love with him.

Unknown said...

I really think that we have exhausted the subject of T, and the truth is, there is no truth in a real relationship but it puts Rob and Kristen's hits way up on the boards, oh my gosh. I believe Morning Coffee is just sick and tired of the lies about HKN, TEMPEST, VERNIER, MAMA NAILS, and the harm the hateful crones of the fan blogs(?) attempt to do daily. The thing is we know the truth will eventually be good. MC has said this almost on a daily basis, and you can take that to the bank. All negativity is coming from those people who really want RK to be just R. The fact that Kristen is at a very high point, the haters are trying to ignore this and she deserves every good thing. So lets love MC and HKN and TEMPEST and MAMA NAILS and VERNIER and LIZZIED because they are terrific, so stand by them and do not listen to liars. Carrying lies and gossip from other blogs here really sucks. So when some do this, expect to have yourself called out. I strayed from home and read a caption from Gossip Cop stating the a horrible blog was saying that Rob and T were broken, but they just couldn't say. How normal to say one thing and mean another. Just saying, what goes around, definitely comes around! And GC is being called a typical trash blog, only much worse, they just cannot get anything right, because they cannot speak the truth, just repeat daily dregs of lies for today. We need agree on one thing, RK are really neat and seem happy. Merry Christmas.

Unknown said...

I think RK are together in LA or London, and I am sure they would want everyone to definitely not know. The airplane pictures are also phony as recently as today. Kristen has not been seen but many say she is in London. She may have gone to Japan for all we know with the baby and Rob. Rob's friends are on the plane with a Rob head on another body. Another phony photo to dramatize a big nothing. More to follow, no doubt. Any picture of Rob and Kristen is big money. Even when they are not in the photo. So very tired of this crap, I am going back to sleep and visions of chocolate fudge and Christmas cookies dancing with the sugarplums.Susie

Mickeymackey said...

I can't believe how fast the pics are coming out of London of R and the twig shopping. Something about the picture bothers me though. I can't pinpoint it right now but something seems off. The R sites are touting how this is the confirmation that they need to prove they are together but to me something seems off. its almost like he is carrying the same bags when they were in London in the fall.I can't imagine that there is only 1 picture of them from the back so you can't tell when it is from. If I can think of it I will be back

Unknown said...

@mickeymackey trust your gut...I always do!

As for ppl that claim to be fans and then spread lies about RK behind the scenes. These are not fans at all. These are just shiteaters and needed to be treated as such!

onagee said...

"this is confirmation'??? in their dreams.

Mickeymackey said...

and now another pic. I am staying away from any and all sites except you HKN and SRWNS. I can't keep anything straight. I see no new pics of K which could mean anything.

LizzieD said...

SUE MORRIS --- THANKS for the love and a very MERRY CHRISTMAS to you ...


Morning Coffee said...

if hkn will post this ...look for a post from me on my tumbler tonight or tomorrow...I am waiting on something before I speak...Unlike someone in this fandom who has caused nothing but problems for many ..many people...Hold your opinions of me or anyone else in this fandom until you have the facts..

Unknown said...

For weeks, I've heard that if Rob showed in London with Twigs then it would be the confirmation. So I can't say I'm surprised to see there are pics of them. To me, this is as manipulated as the pics of them in Malibu or in Los Angeles this week. Some so called fan pics are as fake as Rob kissing T's pics. The goal is still the same. Manipulation. Diversion. Anonymous may be as good as professionals with Photoshop. And it may be RK's intention to lead people where they want to lead them: far away from their damn business. Remember that RK are in total control in this story. And I'm sure they work with a lot of people to reach their goal: Twigs in a first place, photographers, shops owners, fake fans, etc. They're brilliant!

Barbara said...

I don't post very much on hkn I lurk, I am a didy poster and also a Rob and Kristen fan, so seeing @Carol Walker's post puzzled me. This is a Rob Pattinson hater I saw the vile spew you poured out on the Daily Mail comments some weeks ago.

Haters like you think that by screaming their hatred about a famous stranger Kristen will be jumping with joy you are so wrong, Kristen would most probably be disgusted by your uncouth and vulgar behaviour. So to see your post on hkn is a puzzlement.

Unknown said...

It would appear the busy little picture makers are still pushing their Possessed theory to prove Rob and T are what? If there is a chance these pictures are old and they have heard RK are together now, you can be sure they will keep shooting out dummied up pictures that even a non-professional can figure out. I believe Mama Nails has some professionals who can figure out the details if really curious. My guess is you have a bunch of girls and paparazzi trying to shoot RK down again, just like 2012, only in reverse. The truth will come out, because RK are together. What childishness, to keep pushing the obvious looney tune shopping pictures that mean zero, nothing. What seems obvious is that RK are really ninja out and cannot be found so pictures are substituted for fact, because they do not want to be found. Too bad, so sad. Also, just anything to prove Kristen is NOT with ROB, her husband of about 18-19 months, and their daughter, born in April, that is about 6 months, probably crawling about like a speedo kiddo. Honestly it begs the question, hum, wonder where they really are? If Rob can show pictures and so can Kristen , they could be almost anywhere, and god knows I would go somewhere really pretty and not to London in winter, woof! I would go to Hawaii or the islands, somewhere secluded and somewhere the family could really relax. We are getting rain and snow here, so somewhere really nice would be best. Sometimes even LA is sunny this time of year, but this year, we really have had rain and MUD. oh well, just thinking for myself that if you let every dingbat picture upset your applecart, you may have a stroke or something and ladies, that is just stupid. Just let things shake out. Exactly what can we do anyway? Absolutely nothing , and so for revenge on these buttholes, just follow Kristen guidelines, third fingers up salute, and have a beer to celebrate freedom from bullshit online pictures, stories and haters in general! With love, Susie

Tbell said...

Hey ladies...i wanna give a shout out to you...especially HKN and MN for staying true...and Bunny for your steadfast support...and hardy well deserved FUCK OFF aimed at 2 specific people who know who they are, and you all know who they are.

I posted several months ago to be careful of who you follow and who you believe. Whats going on is a prime example of that.

It breaks my heart that 2 people who are supposedly such great fans of Kristen Stewart would paint her as a fucking dormat! In what world would Kristen-fucking-Stewart ever...EVER...EVER let go on what is said went on? Think about it people...this bullshit story is like an episode of General Hospital for fucks sake!

Mickeymackey said...

so much for me not looking. Here is what I am totally seeing today. Only 2 pics. Nothing from the front, except for that poor excuse of a photoshop with the girl from the restaurant. they were reportedly in and out of stores, in and out of a restaurant walking the streets and all we get are 2 pics. I find that very hard to believe when they were in London a month ago there were tons of pics. Im calling BS on this one

silvermau said...

HERE, HERE!!!! Sue M. I applaud your last message so much. I know those ladies get bashed tons and I stand up for them if the haters cross my twitter target range. I too am glad they are around and are some of my fav. folks.
Best wishes all for happy holiday

Unknown said...

Love this blog the UK papers have Rob loved up but we know the truth

Unknown said...

There is something I have to say, if someone from the Havenetts put's out something on her tumblr about Rob, I think this is the most malicious vile thing this person could do, even if she thinks she is doing the right thing, she's not! Bless you all, because you are all a great group of people.

Unknown said...

Morning Coffee, Hope you are feeling all right. Time to take a break from the insanity of the games people play. I feel everyone should just back the heck off and enjoy the holiday. No matter what is happening, I feel that trying to outguess the PR is stupid, and that the only thing that is happening is play acting, acting bored, looking unattractive and looking more boring again. What a bum trip. Have a good holiday. Susie

jel said...

HKN, where are you? MC plans to blog tonite or tomorrow as soon as she gets confirmation of something from someone. She said she learned something today that has broken her heart, that R and T are together for real. Please tell us it isn't true. Please!

ASFJ said...

Hi All:

What a difference two days make! It seems like common sense has completely flown the coop from the RK fandom.

Had a long and fruitful conversation with MC. .......she is not commenting for the time being. She is still learning the tremendous scope of the lies being told against her, and that are spread by so-called RK fans and admirers. As hurtful as it is for her to be treated in this manner, she is determined to get to the bottom of what is the real truth and will tell it as as only she can, you can be sure of that....This person she discovered went so far as to make a duplication of her tumblr page with a phony post on it..of course, the coward took it down but then long enough for everyone to see.

I am 100% behind her. The reality of this situation can only be seen by people who want the unvarnished truth, and are not afraid of any pain or hurt it may cause regardless of the outcome. That means acknowledging truth....that which is painfully obvious and corroborated by people with good authority.

For such a decent person and such a loyal fan of RK to do otherwise would be perpetuating a phony dream and continuing to hurt, at the very least, an innocent young woman who didn't ask for any of this shit that has been coming out since saturday afternoon.....

Wishing you all the best...

onagee said...

Be of good cheer Havenettes and ignore those who wage drama and await "source" tidbits. Jel, no need to fret. Rob is a great guy. Stories of him changing are laughable. Kristen's co-star Julianne Moore (and Rob's) praised him to the skies very recently. I wish the libel and phony gossip mongering would stop, Rob and Kristen deserve so much better. Oscar nominations are announced January 15, I believe. Hoping to hear Kristen's name.

Unknown said...

Jel this is to you, Always listen to HKN, she is HERE and KNOWS what is going on, No, MC knows nothing and whatever she claims to know or is about to find out, Is information that IS NOT VALID! You rest assured Rob and Kris are together. I have to tell you I find this situation about claiming Rob cheated on Kristen while she was filming Equals as MALICIOUS! I am hearing strongly, that the other person involved in saying this information is backtracking through DM's. One more thing, YES the PICS in Miami and the pics from a few days ago have been MANIPULATED, MAJORLY. Not my opinion, this came from expert!
Listen to HKN and MN, this is where you will find the truth!!!!
Tbell, hey girl! Thank you for your support for what we know as the truth! I have always liked MC so much! I loved her posts and she is a devoted member of this blog. I believe she is trusting people who are misleading her,and I hope she rethinks things.

Unknown said...

Hello ladies. Merry Christmas.... I see the drama has started again. Now because my name is mentioned as starting a new tumbler with MC I am now a R/K basher? Yeah Right. We have talked about starting new tumblerS with and S, more than one, a lot of times. Bashing R or K is never gonna happen, me bashing them is like me bashing one of my children. That damn sure will not happen. I am a diehard R and K supporter. Those of you who know me know I speak my mind. MC too. She loves R/K. Now there are 2 people who use to be dear friends and they know me too. I think it bothers them that I have not slammed them in the blogs. Not my shot. But I see they want to slam me. If I came out with all I know it would not be pretty and this is not about R/K. Not my shot ladies. I live and let live. your secrets are safe with me. But please don't push me. They know I would not bash R or K. They want people to jump on this bandwagon of bashing me or MC to push their agenda of discrediting us before the bullshit they spout gets discredited. What they say on their little private blog, in DMs and emails is their business. I don't give a flying fuck in the fandom world what they have to say. I know what I say or don't say. I am hardly on the net at all anymore and still I am pulled in the middle of shit by two people who want to make sure no one pays me any attention. I am not there to seek attention. they can have it all. I have all the attention I need from my family, friends and man. I could give a rats ass about all this unnecessary bullshit. Let those who have no one in their unhappy, unfulfilled lives seek the attention of strangers behind a computer or cell phone. Who R/K is or is not fucking is really their business. Not mine or yours. Do you all really think he would leave K for the stick? If you are scared or worried this could happen I can see why you all or attacking and having a melt down. It means you were wrong and have no control over anything. It also means your faith is not what you pretend it is. If you truly believe in them and their love then you have no reason to flip out. You should be laughing at anyone who says different instead of this evil vindictive bullshit that is going on. But to become as angry as you say the Robsessed are about something as simple as say "breathing" at people you have interacted with for at least a year and longer is not cool. Then people who don't seem to have time to come here and say something as simple as Hello or Merry Christmas but to spout more hate because they want to push and agenda so their bullshit will stay hidden is just wrong. I don't think Kristen is a doormat. I don't think Rob is stupid enough to do anything to hurt Kristen. What I do know is I have a real life and I take time to enjoy it now. Not spend my time trying to live someone else's life. I do believe in HKN and Bunny and what they say. Anyone else I can live without. Now you all have jumped to your own conclusions but never asked a question. Not Cool. I would ask you. Now I am going back to my little corner of the world and enjoy my life. You all should try it. It's Christmas and it is the season for love and peace. Not hate and anger. HKN Keep doing what you do...

Unknown said...

Good night to all the Havens! I am going to bed. Keep me posted! Love you all! I posted some pictures of my best memories on my Google+. I hope you all love it. Hugs to you all! My prayers are with you all! Night!

Morning Coffee said...


Let me tell you all something and this is for the ears of the Robsessed also...

HKN i have always had tremendous respect for you...So please heed what I am going to say here..you may or may not choose to print this...

First of all to Bunny...I have not bashed Rob I have been pissed at him recently as have alot of other people who are voicing their opinions...and yes I do have valid information and don't bad mouth Vernier because she is not involved in this in any way shape or form except in trusting the wrong woman with information...she asked that her name not be mentioned because she doesn't want to be villified by MN..she is scared to death that the saintly MN will do to her what her and her faithful minion have done to so many others throughout this fandom..

I have had people from Robsessed coming to me saying things about T and Rob...Whatever I have had to say about T has been said in private to two people only neither who would have spread rumors...

Why are the robsessed coming to me because I understand I now have a twitter account and I am talking all kinds of shit on it...except one thing wrong with that..I don't have one...

They falsified my tumbler page but I think ASFJ has already told you all that...the questions from the portugese woman were turned into an elaborate lie there...

This same person also sent the threatening letters to Vernier, they were too stupid to realize they were the only two people outside of Vern's family who knew what her grandkids called her...

Then low and behold I come to find out how often they get away with the shit they pull...and how many good people inside this fandom they have hurt and brought damning charges against...

I could give you all enough documented information to hang them but you know what it isn't worth my time or my effort...because you will all continue worshipping at the feet of this reprehensible person all of you to scared to stand up against her...

I am going back to my life and enjoying the things I always enjoy doing...I will follow from a far distance and watch how things unfold...I will never comment here or anywhere else ever again...

But you need to look closer into your own lives for allowing this evil woman to make herself comfortable amongst yourselves and praising her everyday...Don't be afraid to question things and leave Verni the Fuck alone you evil bitches and you know exactly who the two of you are..you have caused her enough heartache recently...

To the ladies of the Haven Sue M..TinaW..lazmeister..Pookie...Arleen and others too numerous to mention and fishyone2 thank you all for being who you are...I wish you all a blessed Christmas and a prosperous and blessed New Year...

HKN Thank you if you post this...none of my Vitriol is directed at you..

Lillianolivia.white@gmail.com said...

Hello ladies of the Haven. I am really sad for what happened to MC's blog and that my friend Vee got dragged down too. It has occurred to me after having my Twitter account hacked in 2013, that someone is screwing with us. They target people who are positive and believe in Rob & Kris as a couple and do their magic to make us believe that these ppl are actually haters. I don't know who did it, but I can believe MC's account was hacked. I never found out who hacked my account and posted rude comments on the TL. I have to believe that either Robsessed or haters are doing this. It's just sad as hell, right here at Christmas.
I have been reading MC here on
HKN as long as she has been posting, and I have only seen positive , up-lifting posts with respect & love for Rob & Kristen. I have only seen her Tumblir posts re blogged on other blogs but they all seemed positive. Who ever wrote that on MC's blog did not appear to be an American. If she was a Rob hater, why would she spend so much time on these long positive posts on HKN's blog?
And Vee said awhile back that she thought RK would want us to just sit back & let this play out and quit talking about PR/Stickgate. Rob & Kris are together with their little one, and that we know.
I have never talked to MC, but it just seems suspicious to me that one by one, the ppl who have been voices of calm in all this turmoil are being singled out as closet haters. Could someone out there perhaps not want us to listen to anyone with positive info about RK.? HKN & MN , thanks for being there. And all you ladies on the Haven, I wish all of you a wonderful holiday, whatever it means to you. Hugs to all of you.

Unknown said...

Dear Morning Coffee, I am so happy that you and VERNIER and the other ladies spoke up, I now understand what HKN was talking about. How painful to find out your friends are out to hurt you and lie about something so private as K and R to achieve what?

Dear Morning Coffee, ASFJ, and VERNIER, WOW. I really find this whole mess just sad, sad, sad. Now I do understand what HKN was referring to about dear friends that were hurting each other and then to lie about something you said on a tumbler, then remove the page. That can and should be tracked HKN. Sounds like somebody might be abusing the law. So much jealousy, so much lack of faith in Rob and Kristen. I agree, we need to support HKN and try to avoid making judgments of RK, these are adults that do not need babysitting and everyone has over reacted to the PR shade that is sometimes just plain weird, for whatever reason. So much of the reporting changes everyday, honestly either you choose to believe they really love each other or you don't. I do. MC does. VERNIER does. HKN does. And Bunny sure the heck does. So really we do not need people to spread misery by copying a computer page that has been added to and then reshown as valid, then removed from their site. That there is LIBEL. And jealousy caused VERNIER some genuine fear and pain. HKN has seen best friends try to destroy each other, not from here, TEMPEST was attacked also and threatened by the same kind of person who threatened VERNIER and MORNING COFFEE. I will only post here and DIDY. I am so very shocked and hurt. So hurt for my friends, all of these nice people. And most of all for Rob and Kristen, who have had nothing but hell from the so-called fans. Trying to manipulate the public by creating lies about others out of fear is just so very wrong. This is not our life, this is RK's life, and none of it is our business. It is fine to care about their movies but it needs to stop there. I am so totally confused and very troubled tonight. May God help those who need his help tonight. I do trust HKN, and always have. I will greatly miss MC and miss VERNIER everyday. Love, Susie

Unknown said...

Christmas Eve., coming up on Wednesday, and New Years Eve, in one week, I ask one thing from our members and visitors. Please try to not bring your hatred here. This post was for Rob and Kristen admirers who can enjoy each other and talk about how really neat both stars are and our hopes for them. We need to be more thoughtful of them and each other, and separating the real fans from the hateful fans has been protected for us by HKN. Some of our biggest, strongest fans have been threatened from outside this blog and some from inside. I can only say be careful who you talk to, and everyone should trust HKN. So, Christmas Gift, the joy of sharing kindness this year. Bunny, please have a happy Christmas, you are loved here, and Christmas Cheer to the Pattinson's.

Unknown said...

Hello to all the wonderful ladies here and sweet Bunny love ya lady,I still believe firmly in Rob and Kristen together and knowing what they are doing I've followed them for over 6 years and also little angel baby doll sweet pea! Well Merry Christmas to everyone here and to the Pattinsons and I wish people would remember the reason for the season which is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who would not be happy with all this malicious vitrol and jealousy that people are exhibiting and have to be really miserable people to want to cause that upon others but ladies stand firm in your beliefs and thank you to HKN for the update!

fishyone2 said...

Dear MC - I hope your temporary leaving (and yes - I'm holding out for it being temporary) is to let things settle down and that you will still check in. So I'm sending you a virtual hug because you've been a victim of bullying. People can call it what they want - but that is what it is. I actually don't even care of other "fans" see things differently - if they want to believe the stories being pushed, photos being leaked, etc. I'm a firm believer in people having a right to their own opinion. Its not what they are saying - its HOW they are saying it. Going out of their way to ATTACK someone who believes something else? Creating fake accounts? Accusing people of being racist because they say "I'm not a fan of her music"? (Yep - that is what I got on GC - and I left there). So two things --- a) those haters and creepers and stalkers lead very sad and very pathetic lives if that is their entertainment. They fill the in-boxes of both HKN and MN and probably countless others with their ugly attacks and hate-filled messages. I feel so sorry for them that its the best way they can spend their precious time. Truly pathetic. b) IF all of the gossip stories and pictures were valid, why are they so bent on proving otherwise? Hmmm? A little Shakespeare here, but "thou doth protest too much". If you have to spend so much time telling people why they are wrong, "proving" why they are wrong and generally being livid if someone dares to question it, well why is that? If you were so sure about the story, why worry about other versions? See - to me - that is one of the most telling things. If they didn't have some doubts about the validity of it all, they would be "psshhhh - who cares what those blogs are saying". But they are nervous - nervous that everything being said here and on other sites makes sense - that there is some doubt in their minds because honestly, even they should be insulted by the poor quality photoshopped pictures coming out. Because its so obvious how staged it all is. So my dear MC and V - and any else who has left or has gone silent, I hope you are truly still here and know that your calm voice of reason will be missed but not forgotten, that we will check in here looking for little words of wisdom from time to time and that in the end, we can all sit back and say "wow - that was an adventure - glad the story is now in the open". Happy holidays to all and as one poster commented, perhaps we can get back to just celebrating these two that we are fans of instead of getting sucked into the muck and mire. Its their personal lives and we would be hypocritical to say they owe us anything more than what they want to give - their privacy has been one of the biggest things we have all appreciated. Positive thoughts to all in this crazy fandom - here's to hoping 2015 brings peace to R and K - and to all here who believe in a happy ending.

Unknown said...

I'm glad to see there are so wonderful observant people here. I enjoy reading the posts. Sue Morris, I like what you say. I share many of your thoughts.

Unknown said...

good evening
as I read here everything is not all that good.
MC I have always loved to read your posts, they were always so reassuring. I hope you are thinking about your decision not to comment here.
Vern very sad that you closed your page.
It's a shame what haters, trolls, robsessed do everything, barely to imagine. smh
But this is exactly what these people want with their attack.
That the true believer retire, close their pages.
But I can understand if their own private life or family members attacked and threatened.
exactly win these horrible people.

HKN MN and find it good their stands to your opinion, since her strong women, and displays this bad monsters they are wrong.
I am with you!

I'm sure Rob, kristen and SP have a great Christmas with the grandparents. And my wish would be a nice photo from K and Rob together in london, lol (dream) (completed PR)

Havenettes love, all a wonderful Christmas with family and friends.
keep the faith and the attacks of the evil away.

Merry Christmas.

WindSweptGirl said...

I hope HKN is kind enough to port my comment here. I want you all to think about what just happened to Vern and MC...how they were attacked. Lies made up about MC and the length they went to to make her look like an RK basher. Then I want you to stop and think about what has happened to me over the past few months. Lies were told about me and everyone believed them...even after 6 years of my being part of this fandom and defending RK from the tabs lies. My TL is open...and you can go back and read all the years I have supported them. Never bashed nor attacked either. I love them both. And I have always tried to help keeps the fandom's faith in rough times. Yes when someone lied about me - claimed to have proof (which BTW no one has ever seen) Everyone turned on me and attacked me as a hater, liar...and even worse a criminal. So now seeing what you have been...attacked on HKN, Vern, MC, Tempest...Think about what happened to me and hope you can see that I also an a victim and have been slandered here in the fandom. Anyway...I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. This year left me broken and I can only say good things are coming for us all. Enjoy YOUR family and let RK enjoy their family in peace and happiness. Yes I know they are happy and together and I know this has all been nothing but PR.

Morning Coffee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I don't really comment much just lurk but wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, this and the other blogs that support RK are great and somewhere we can read about the truth, maybe someone is trying to divide and conquer and causing friends to fall out, but ladies we are stronger than that and 2015 is the year we should show those haters just how strong and together we are

silvermau said...

What kind of sick folks call themselves RK fans? Attacking other people for no damn reason! This is a fan base for damn sake, not the Congressional Senate or HOR! MC, V, AND WS and all others attacked I do not know of my heart goes out to you all. To attackers,get real, get help, become a decent human for Gods sake! I luv RK, but I am sane enough to keep it real. They are actors,and human beings trying to live their lives of which we have no control over. Who made you attackers the RK lynch mob of character assassination? Is it any wonder RK go Ninja? Who would want to be around you shallow hateful excuses for humans.
I am sorry, I go livid when folks are attacked and bullied. It puts the attackers on the lowest rung of the food chain. Shame On You.
As Rob once said "To the good fans" be well and know not everyone is slime.

Sherry said...

MCI am so sorry this hashappened. I don't have a blog or post much on Twitter but all it takes is one thing and the evil ones attack. This is the one place I post regularly. As of late it has been sparingly. I can't wrap my head around the kind of hate that is fueling all of this.

Whatever is going on with RK and the branch is truly no ones business. My concerns have always been how this will affect Rob's image. The truth will prevail. I do believe we will have to endure a little longer now that a single extended dvd of the first three Twilight movies is set to come out in 2015. Not buying it. This cash cow needs to be slaughtered. Truthfully I just want all of this to stop. Every picture, every opinion is just making all of this worse. Maybe we should all just step away. This is not fun anymore. It's stressful.

There is a pic up of Rob and the branch at a Christmas party. Robs dad is there. I will not say what this party looks like to me, I'll let you make up your own minds. I think I will just sit back and comment whrn I feel the need. I have several scenarios about all of this. I'm afraid one I don't like might be right.
Love you all. Have a great holiday.

Unknown said...

It's the last night of Hannukka and Christmas is less then 2 days away..
my heart aches for the wonderful ladies of this place and for all the hate spilled in the fandom.
MC, Vern and all the wonderful ladies (thanks for the very warm welcome 2 weeks ago) - know that you've spread nothing but love here and I really respect you guys.. and the love you give is the love you are surely receiving from your loved ones and THAT's what's important.
May peace reign true in 2015 for all of us and over RK.

Unknown said...

Hello to all the Havens and HKN! Sorry I took so long. I was out with my friend to visit some friends for a little. Now I am off to my dental appointment. My left mouth keeps hurting alot. Ouch. As for coughing and colds still have it. Its still in my chest. But I am to wait to my doctor after the Christmas week. I am going to let the Lord take care of it. I know he won't let me down. Anyways I am off. I hope you all have a great day. Plus I love all your comments.
MC, Vernier, and HKN, please be strong. Hugs! Love you all. Talk to all later.

Unknown said...

I'm not falling for the new party pic. It could have been taken at any time, any place. Rob doesn't fit in the photo. Rob's dad either. Nothing will convince me it happened for real.

Anonymous said...

I hate that there is all this in fighting, I do believe that R&K are fine but I think for the time being I'm just going to take a step back. People telling me on twitter if I follow this one or that one they won't follow me anymore. This is crazy I was under the impression that most of us were adults. I way to old to playing these games that was played in high school and my early 20's. So I will be watching from afar.

Lazmeister said...

Good Morning all and Happy Christmas Eve from Down Under.

Just wanted to add my support to MC, Vee and Windswept and let them know that they will be sorely missed in this world... I hope, like someone else said, that it's only temporary.

Bunny I hope you get to speak to them to clear things up.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas surrounded by Love and Laughter.

jel said...

it is so disturbing that all this is going on within our usually happy, safe Haven. The trolls are winning if we turn on each other. We are stronger than that and more intelligent than to allow these crap stirrers to wreck out happy place. Let's love and respect each other and build each other up. Stand tall and together against this bullying and hate mongering.

Unknown said...

Forget the photos, most are set ups to upset you by who? Think about it, you know who. I am cooking and watching good movies. Maybe Rob will be in a movie or Kristen? ROBSESSED IS POSSESSED. Remember that evil dwells in the heart of man, who knows? THE SHADOW KNOWS! Love, Susie

Unknown said...

I'm so not surprised the pic was deleted and now we have a big LOL. I told you it was fake! Photoshop, Photoshop my friends!

fishyone2 said...

Happy holidays to all here - from the beautiful land of white Christmases - Minnesota. Except this year - we have absolutely no snow and its so strange LOL!! Hoping you all have a peaceful and happy holiday season. And wishing peace for those we come together to support - R, K and all that are important to them. Truth always comes out in the end (see Dorothee's lovely post --- we all knew - and the poster is saying she has SO MANY but out of respect.... blah blah blah). She just got called out on a bad photoshop. Cheers to all - keep believing in that happy ending.

Mickeymackey said...

First of all, I want to apologize to you HKN for my by more than ridiculous reaction last night. If I had only looked closer I would have seen it for what it was. Crap. The only thing I can say in my defense is that I was brewing something last night that required a doctors visit this morning. With that being said, there is only one thing I want to say - who knows where K is and maybe R is in London but who knows. All we have are some pretty bad attempts at photoshop and that is all I am going to say. It is less than 2 days away from Xmas and I chose to devote these days to my grandchildren and as part of our new tradition, we will be off to see Santa at the mall in the morning and then home to clean and attend mass. I hope that all of you have a wonderful and blessed holiday season full of love and compassion.

WindSweptGirl said...

Thank you HKN for posting my comment from earlier.
And thank you all for your kind words. <3
I know along with others, MC, Verni and I will always be around...fighting the good fight for RK. My heart aches for what's left of this wonderful fandom. I've been here since the beginning (6+ years now?) and have seen many come and go...but nothing like it's been of late. I can only hope the fandom can reunite together with strength, in love and support of the wonderful couple that brought us all together. Merry Christmas. Please enjoy your holiday with love and warmth surrounding you.

Unknown said...

Good afternoon ladies, it's the 24th here in New Zealand, after reading everyone's comments, great post hkn, I got to thinking.

For months people have realized that Rob is in Pr mode, which just isn't sitting right with a lot of people, because that means Rob isn't playing by their rules.

The real fans are noticing the manipulation of photo's, so the haters are trying everything to tear us all apart, and it's working, I think the haters are realizing that everyone else was telling the truth that Rob and Kristen are married and have a baby.

So that's my two cents worth, in the last couple of days I have done a clean sweep of my twitter and tumblr accounts,now I get no photo's of T, and it's been wonderful.

So Merry Xmas to everyone, and hope everyone has a safe and wonderful xmas day.

Unknown said...

Dear HKN, It would be cool if everyone would do as suggested and just chill. I appreciate you being there and know you will let us know if there is a really important event like a opening of a movie we are able to see. I know you feel confident in what the Pattinson's are doing/or not. I feel way too much time is spent on photos that are always retouched in some way. It is true that pictures eventually reveal truth. The truth is that RK may be in GB, but by now could be anywhere. All these photos to me are just trolling, children's games , certainly not reality, and since their reality is guarded, what in the beanbags is the bloody point? Just a charade for fools I think. At some point I hope RK will not feel they need to hide away. Susie

Unknown said...

Dear Morning Coffee and Vernie - Please don't stay away too long. You two are the heart and soul of Havenettes and will be missed. It is a sad day in our fandom when one is bullied, create lies, threaten, and it effect us all.

Let there peace on earth, love and good will all. Merry Christmas to Havenettes.

Unknown said...

Good night to all the Havens and HKN! Keep me posted. Hugs to you all! I am going to bed still need to get better. Just came home from dentist. Let me tell my front mouth was numb from deep cleaning. Right now I am going to bed. I have work tomorrow. Love you all! Night everyone! I love all your comments. Great Job! Night!

NOLA girl said...

A lovely evening to HKN and fans of the Haven!
MC and Verni - so great to hear from you both. You are sorely missed around here!

MC - so sorry to hear about these ridiculous issues that are plaguing you. I hope they can be resolved soon. Bella sends her love and a little Bellakiss too.

Verni - you are so right. It's so important to focus on Real Life and not be living your life online everyday, all day focusing on Rob and Kris. They are living their lives. Everyone else should be doing the same. I hope the person or persons who attacked you and your family get their just desserts and then some. Love you honey!

I don't do Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, any social media. My life is just that - my life. Who cares what I think and do? I am a R/K fan and pretty much stick to here to get updates. That's it. There are too many people with too much time on their hands searching online all day long and/or trying to destroy someone, anyone, that doesn't agree with their agenda. What a sad state of affairs... these folks need to get a grip and a Real Life.

RK Faith - it is always great when you check in!

HKN - I hope there is some way we can keep the Haven free from asshats and a safe habor for those of us who want nothing but the best and brightest of futures for R&K (and factual updates!).

Bunny and Windswept - I don't know either of you as well as MC and Verni, but I like your passion and fiestiness!

Good people of the Haven, Happy Holidays. Spend time with people you love and make happy new memories during this time!

P.S. Christopher Dark, I have been a fan since "Justice for Kristen". I hope you post here more often.

Truth said...

And I not aloud to post?

Sherry said...

As long as all of us keep fueling this are they aren't they fire RK will continue to hide. As I said earlier it doesn't help that the Twilight cash cow keeps producing. We, the fans, can slaughter the cash cow by not buying another copy of Twilight and saying enough. Until RK can get some real distance from Twilight they will continue to do what they are doing, have us look in the wrong direction. It's time we as fans step away and give them some space.

Love you all.

Annie said...

It's Christmas Eve!

Well, it's been a busy few weeks for me and lots of drama in this fandom i see......
Ti's the season to be drama free after all, isn't/shouldn't it?

Wishing everyone who celebrates a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful celebration with family and friends.

Cheers! :):):):)

Vernier said...

Merry Christmas Ladies and any lurking Gents!!!!

I hope you all have a very wonderful and blessed Holiday. Much love coming to ya..... The King is on his throne and he is blessing our world..... HKN thank you and keep keeping it real lady....

Unknown said...

Good morning to all the Havens and HKN! Merry Christmas Eve to you all. Vernier and Morning Coffee, please don't stay away too long. We love you.
Anyways, I just got to work. Yes I am working on Christmas Eve and Day. All my side of my families are in California. All my hubby's family are here. Plus I love to keep busy. I don't mind. Tomorrow I get spend with my family before work. Today 9am to 4pm at Sizzlers. Then at 6pm at ihop. Tomorrow is ihop. I betier clock in now. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all. Talk to you all tomorrow. Because tonight I might be tired. Later.

Morning Coffee said...

Christmas Eve and all is well...

Today is a day for final preperations for tonight and tomorrow, the decorations are up, the ights are lit, if you are all blessed enough to have little one in your life it adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation waiting on the arrival of Santa Claus...

Tonight is usually followed by a gathering of family and friends, sharing laughter and love, gift giving and good cheer...Let's remember and give thanks to all our men and women in the armed services around the world who have dedicated themselves to keeping us all safe to enjoy tonight and tomorrow with our families...While they must be away from theirs, Thank you and God Bless..

To each and everyone of you here at the Haven and especially to HKN for giving us a safe place to gather and make our comments and share with each other...

Tonight when the clock turns the eve into Christmas day..let the knowledge of the reason for our celebration ..our Father who loves us all gave us his only begottn son carrying a message.... Peace on Earth....Good Will to All...

God Bless and watch over you..


Annie said...


A Dieter's Style........

Twas the night before Christmas and all round my hips
were Fannie May candies that sneaked past my lips

Fudge brownies were stored in the freezer with care
in hopes that my thighs would forget they were there

While Mama in her girdle and I in chin straps
had just settled down to sugar-borne naps

When out in the pantry there arose such a clatter
I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter

Away to the kitchen I flew like a flash
tore open the icebox then threw up the sash

The marshmallow look of the new-fallen snow
sent thoughts of a binge to my body below

When what to my wandering eyes should appear:
A marzipan Santa with eight chocolate reindeer!
That huge chunk of candy so luscious and slick
I knew in a second that I'd wind up sick

The sweet-coated Santa, those sugared reindeer
I closed my eyes tightly but still I could hear

On Pritikin, on Stillman, on weak one, on TOPS
a Weight Watcher dropout from sugar detox

From the top of the scales to the top of the hall
now dash away pounds now dash away all

Dressed up in Lane Bryant from my head to nightdress
my clothes were all bulging from too much excess

My droll little mouth and my round little belly
they shook when I laughed like a bowl full of jelly

I spoke not a word but went straight to my work
ate all of the candy then turned with a jerk

And laying a finger beside my heartburn
I gave a quick nod toward the bedroom I turned

I eased into bed, to the heavens I cry
if temptation's removed I'll get thin by and by

And I mumbled again as I turned for the night
in the morning I'll starve... 'til I take that first bite!

Happy Christmas Eve! :):)

Hatersknownothing said...

It's so good to be back in Ohio having fun with family and old friends.Every one have a Merry Christmas.Morning Coffee and Vern sorry you had to put up with the bull right before the holidays.Everyone enjoy their time with family and friends.Hugs!😃

Annie said...

Internet Style

A Festive Holiday Poem
Hugh Drumm & Vincent Ambrose
'Twas the night before Christmas,
when all through the Net,
There were hacker's a surfing.
Geeks? Yeah, you bet.

The e-mails were stacked by
the modem with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas
soon would be there.

The newbies were nestled
all snug by their screens,
While visions of Java
danced in their dreams.

My wife on the sofa
and me with a snack,
We just settled down
at my rig (it's a Mac).

When out in the Web
there arose such a clatter,
I jumped to the site
to see what was the matter.

To a new page my Mac
flew like a flash,
Then made a slight gurgle.
It started to crash!!

I gasped at the thought
and started to grouse,
Then turned my head sideways
and clicked on my mouse.

When what to my wondering
eyes should appear,
My Mac jumped to a page
that wasn't quite clear.

When the image resolved,
so bright and so quick,
I knew in a moment
it must be St. Nick!

More rapid than mainframes,
more graphics they came,
Then Nick glanced toward my screen,
my Mac called them by name;

"Now Compaq! Now Acer!",
my speaker did reel;
"On Apple! On Gateway!"
Santa started to squeal!

"Jump onto the circuits!
And into the chip!
Now speed it up! Speed it up!
Make this thing hip!"

The screen gave a flicker,
he was into my RAM,
Then into my room
rose a full hologram!

He was dressed in all red,
from his head to his shoes,
Which were black
(the white socks he really should lose).

He pulled out some discs
he had stored in his backpack.
Santa looked like a dude
who was rarin' to hack!

His eyes, how they twinkled!
His glasses, how techno!
This ain't the same Santa
that I used to know!

With a wink of his eye
and a nod of his head,
Santa soon let me know
I had nothing to dread.

He spoke not a word,
gave my Mac a quick poke,
And accessed my C drive
with only a stroke.

He defragged my hard drive,
and added a SIMM,
Then threw in some cool games,
just on a whim!

He worked without noise,
his fingers they flew!
He distorted some pictures
with Kai's Power Goo!

He updated Office,
Excel and Quicken,
Then added a screensaver
with a red clucking chicken!

My eyes widened a bit,
my mouth stood agape,
As he added the latest
version of Netscape.

The drive gave a whirl,
as if it were pleased,
St. Nick coyly smiled,
the computer appeased.

Then placing his finger
on the bridge of his nose,
Santa turned into nothing
but ones and zeros!

He flew back into my screen
and through my uplink,
Back into the net
with barely a blink.

But I heard his sweet voice
as he flew from my sight,
"Happy surfing to all,
and to all a good byte!"

Cheers! :):)

Sherry said...

Merry Christmas to all! Have a wonderful Christmas Eve and a very happy Christmas Day.

Love you all!

ASFJ said...

BUON NATALE......Merry Christmas and blessings to all....

Made some wonderful friends on this site, and I thank you all for that....

Peace and Love to all you girls.....

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas to everyone at the haven. Let's enjoy the holiday with family and friends just like RKFaith and sweet pea are.

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas to every at the haven. Enjoy family and friends just like RKFaith and sweet pea are.

Unknown said...

Christmas Blessings to all and enjoy these special times with our precious loved ones. Every day is a gift given to us by our God. I am proud of all of you, you are sweet ladies and this is a special place where you can express yourself without so much negative fuss. HKN tries to be very careful and succeeds in cheering us up every new post. Have a safe and happy day tomorrow ! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you! Susie

andreana said...

Merry Christmas Havenettes

I hope all of you have a very blessed holiday!
To hopeless if you are lurking( I am sure you are).... you've been bad so here's the scoop...all you get for Christmas is snowman poop!

Nite girls sweet dreams to you all!

a stargazzer said...


Unknown said...

Merry Christmas my friends!! Peace and Love.

Annie said...

Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

Love you HKN please update as I'm showing all I know just how wonderful you are.

Unknown said...

Good morning to all the Havens and HKN! Merry Christmas to you all! Hugs! I love you all. ♡ I am stopping by my in laws and then work at 2pm at ihop. Later!

Unknown said...

Good morning to the ladies and gents of Haven - Merry Christmas!

Annie - Thank you for your wonderful poem and sharing the beautiful thought with us!

Hugs, Love, Peace, and Hope to all!

Frenchie said...

Merry Christmas to all of you my Havenettes friends!

Peace on earth and a wonderful time with family and friends for all of us!

Unknown said...

hello dears, pookie here, wishing you all a wonderful Christmas Day!!

i put my new christmas song up, just a demo you understand, very rough, 'Christmas Mystery' on my tumblr pookielewis.tumblr,com

remember that the most important part of anything are the people, the people, the people
the darling friends we make, and those waiting to be friends


may the Dearest Creator bless you one and all!


Lazmeister said...

Good morning all, I hope you're all enjoying wonderful Christmas surrounded by those you love.
Today is recovery day!
Love to all

Anonymous said...

First off, I would like to wish everyone here a Very Merry Christmas!

Now I would like to say to whatever mod. that runs the SL board who follows here. Why did I get blocked? I haven't said or done anything wrong unless I refused to play childish games by unfollowing someone I happen to like because you don't like her. See I went along with the pack when they said that Windswept was starting stuff, my fault I didn't check it out for that I'm sorry Windswept,but I won't do it again. So if that is why you blocked me sorry it's you loss.
Never thought someone would let the haters win by pitting us against each other, but if this keeps up they will get there way and this fandom will die a slow and painful death. I for one don't want to see that happen I love to see what everyone thing and talk about something other than my life. I have so much going on it was nice to come and talk about something else for a little while everyday.

HKN sorry to bring this here I hope you post it, I understand if you don't.

Unknown said...

Off to bed now the numerous pics just prove that they RK that is have got better at the game wishing everyone a merry day goodnight from the UK

Unknown said...

Dear Annie, Loved the Christmas poem chuckles, both of them, hope your Christmas was beautiful. So happy to hear from our new Mama, Stargazer, please kiss her sweet top-knot for me! Dear MC, I know you had a great day, I had a wonderful one, very mellow, good food, good company. Hope you all have safe trips coming home. VERNIER, LIZZIE D, BARBARA, JD, NICK,FRENCHIE, ARLEEN, HKN, -- --everyone enjoy the weekend.

Unknown said...

hkn. I am a follower of bloock in his last work whose title then updated the comment of the day Bonny texas December 20. the following can not be translated to Spanish not fluent in English I like reading all the reviews. Merry christmas greeting for all .Good year for fans of Robert and Kristen

Unknown said...

First off Merry Christmas to everyone here on HKN I Hope you All Had Amazing one! Now to Chris B I am one of the Main Mods over at SL I Have No Clue why your were Blocked and I don't even know what your name is when you come to SL! So Yea if you have a issue then Find someone who does talk to one of us mods on that board and We Will Get back with you when we have time! Anywayz Keep the Faith Alwayz even when Your eyes Tell you one Thing Go with your Gut and Stick to Your Guns! Much Love xoxoxo

Sherry said...

Had a very relaxing day. Hope all of you did too. Just one quick question, people keep talking about a bunch of pics. I've seen two. That bogus Christmas party pic and one supposedly at a pub on Christmas eve with the branch supposedly with Rob that you can't really see her because she is hidden part way. Not even sure he is at a pub or if this is a new pic. I'm not believing these two bogus pics.

Love you all.

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas to you all from the great state of Texas, We live in the Northern panhandle and the cold breezes of Winter are blowing from the mountains of New Mexico. The memories of Christmas past is always on my mind and I am blessed with the greatest of families. I miss my dad, and remember his wonderful presence, especially this blessed time. I want everyone here to know I am not a bully in any shape or form,a lot of you know a lot about me and even that I am as easy going as they come and I love to laugh! I do know Rob and Kristen, and I love them both, they closed ranks after 2012. But, I have kept in touch with people who know them well, I want everyone to know the truth, always! not speculations or suspicions. Like HKN, the truth about Rob and Kristen has to be share the best we can. HKN has always been correct in her news and I thank her for sharing and never wavering! I love Kris, but I especially love Rob, he is a protective husband and daddy. Bless you all and may 2015 bring all of you wonderful things and God's strength each and every day.

onagee said...

Christine, you were not blocked at SL. This is HKN's blog so I won't clutter it but that is NOT what happened. If there is a way for me to contact you directly we may be able to fix that but since you are making unfounded accusations here I'm not sure you want that anyway.

onagee said...

I hope everyone here had a very happy Christmas or Hanukkah, or both.

I won't be posting here indefinitely—no loss, I'm sure, since I've never been a frequent commenter. I completely support HKN and her blog, she is a straight shooter, and I feel the same way about everything Bunny shares. There are a lot of wonderful people who comment here as well, and I respect you all.

Unlike some I won't be naming names and bashing, but please, don't give your trust to anyone "angry" at Rob based on facts they don't put forth, or anyone posting crackpot theories that degrade both Rob and Kristen. Two or three such people have been posting here, and I won't be anywhere they are. 2015 will be a wonderful year for the two talented, creative, very good people—married, with a child—we all first came here to support. I hope 2015 will also be the year people stop bashing Rob and judging him from a distance based on lies I've been seeing people buy into, just as Kristen endured for so long. I look forward to their movies.

Unknown said...

good evening
all have beautiful Christmas days?
Unfortunately, with too much rain.
Were all photos by Rob in the last days Photoshopped?
In May come beautiful things? Did I miss something?

I hope and believe that good things come in 2015 with few stress and dispute.
Have a nice evening. Hugs

Unknown said...

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Bunny I believe you. He is a protected hubby and daddy. Hope he will be able to stop this charade in 2015.

BubbleeChick said...

What is SL?

Annie said...

'Twas The Day After Christmas
David Frank

'Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house
Children sat slack-jawed, bored on the couch.

Wrappings and toys littered the floor,
An incredible mess that I did abhor.

With Mom in her robe and I in my jeans,
We waded in to get the place clean.

When suddenly the doorbell: it started to clatter,
I sprang to the Security-View to check out the matter.

The new-fallen snow, now blackened with soot,
Was trampled and icy and treacherous to foot.

But suddenly in view, did I gasp and pant:
An unhappy bill collector and eight tiny accountants.

The door flew open and in they came,
Stern-looking men with bills in my name.

On Discover, on Visa, on American Express,
On Mastercard too, I sadly confess,
Right to my limits, then beyond my net worth,
Over the top I had charged, in a frenzy of mirth.

The black-suited men, so somber, so strict,
I wondered why me that they had first picked.

They stared at me with a look I couldn't miss,
That said "Buddy, when are you for paying for this?"

I shrugged my shoulders, but then I grew bolder,
Went to the cabinet and pulled out a folder.

"As you can see," I said with a smile,
"It's bankruptcy that I'll have to file!"
And with a swoop of my arm, my middle digit extended
I threw the bills in the fire: the matter had ended.

The scent of burnt ash came to my nose,
As up the chimney my credit-worthiness rose.

Without another word they turned and walked out,
Got into their limos, but one gave a shout:
"You may think that's the answer to all of your fears,
But it's nothing you'll charge for at least seven years!

Anonymous said...

Sasha Marie, I forgot I have a different name here, I must have sign up a long time ago because when I tried to get a ID here it said that this was mine. Anyway it's Christine, The only way I can talk to someone is here so I'm sorry again HKN. Blu-ii, Iona, I did try several times to post and I just try again I even sign out and try as a guest, even try with a friends email It won't let me post. I never said I wasn't coming back,the last time I posted there was on my birthday, I have lurk on occasion but I have never said anything bad about Rob or Kristen, I wouldn't. The only reason I could think Of was what I stated above. You can find me on twitter @baileychristine my account is locked, but I still talk to people who go there. Again Sorry HKN, don't mean to bring my drama here.

Unknown said...

onagee - Please don't don't go away. I always look forward to all of your postings. I will miss you. You are a strong supporter of Rob and/or Kristen. Another sad day!

Unknown said...

Dear Bunny, I am very sure you are one of the few people that really does love Kristen and Rob and does know the truth and I completely agree with you. The only people wanting to try to EXPOSE anything or anyone else would be shit-eating gossip writers/cameramen who live off RK. I suppose if I were being stalked, I would make up anything or do anything to stop the stalking/photographing. Few would go to the extent Rob does to protect his loved ones. I remember he said he felt like a detective when looking for a home, and that GB was not favorable because few homes were really protected. I hope they are able to finally have some peace of mind and no longer have cameramen in a tree photographing their backyard pool and gardens again. And Rob and Kristen in their underpants. Pop Sugar got nabbed that time. No matter who is living where or when, that is a crime, no matter who you are. May their lives be peaceful and less stressful. Love, Susie

Unknown said...

Hello to all the Havens friends and family. Sorry I took so long. For not respond yesterday too. I had been sick as you all know with the cough and cold. Plus my left side of my mouth have been hurting since Saturday. Went to the dentist on Tuesday on 23 at 4pm. My whole my was numb for deep cleaning. I do need a root canal. With that I have to see a specialist for that. After that took codeine my left side of the mouth kept hurting no matter what. On Christmas Eve worked at Sizzlers from 9am to 4pm. Then shop real quick. Then work at Ihop from 6pm to 8pm. Because both places where slow. By the time after six pm. The parking lots and streets were completely quiet. Went home took codeine and my antibiotic. Knocked out. Woke up at 7am Christmas time took Ibuprofen. I end up throwing up. Never take Codeine and Ibuprofen close by. I think that is what happen. I was trying to stop the pain from my left side. Then open gifts at my house then to my in law. After that went to work at Ihop from 2pm to 1am. Because Ihop was the only one that are open. And I was the only one doing the dishwasher from 4pm to 1am. But I am not going get into that. Because I am pissed about it. At the end of the shift. I kept coughing and almost throwing up. So today I went to Urgent Care I end up paying 65 bucks for co pay because on my insurances. Its the same on how much is the ER today. And thank goodness I got antibiotics and Muinicex. I just took Ibuprofen just now. They are starting to work. Hopefully. Today I just worked today at Sizzlers. Now I am going to bed.
Keep me posted. Love you all Hugs to you all! Good night all! Talk to you all tomorrow. Again I am truly sorry I get to you all yesterday on Christmas Day and today. Because with work. And taking care of myself. Speaking which I better go and brush my teeth. Nite!

Annie said...


Arleen: I hope you're resting today.....All day!
Will you please, please take care of your self.

Hoping you're feeling much better today.

Marion said...

I hope everyone here had a Merry Christmas with family and friends. Thank you so much HKN for all that you and the other wonderful ladies do here on our board to keep it safe and troll free. Now we can start looking forward to the New Year and some cool projects that RK have lined up to promote.

Unknown said...

My goodness Arleen, you really had a tough day yesterday! I hope you feel better! It is snowing here in Oklahoma, and getting colder. Annie, I loved your poem about cc's, and it is so true. Saturday morning and all is quiet and becoming white out there! Everyone stay well and catch up on those catnaps! Making fudge today for friends! Happiness to Rob and Kristen and wee one! Love, Susie

Unknown said...

Hi Arleen I'm just back from emergency dentists as I've cracked my back tooth too. Novocain and pain killers I'm just catching up with all the news

Sherry said...

Good morning ladies. Had our kids and families over last night for our Christmas. Had a great time. Loved all the presents but most of all just being with my kids and grandkids.

I want to say that I recently got my head rearranged about all this pr stuff. I was watching Letterman the other night and he and one if his guests were talking about Joaquin Phoenix and how you can never believe him and how he always is pulling stuff and you never know if he's being real or not. It hit me like a brick that he and Rob were hanging out last year. It also occurred to me that Rob laid low last year. It finally occurred to me that Rob has been planning this whole thing for over a year. Well, both he and Kristen. Some screen play. This is a real life docu drama being played out. I can be so dense at times. I humbly bow to RK. This should receive an Oscar. Sorry it took me so long. Between the 3 bogus pics of Rob and now 20 + pics of Kristen that are strange at best, and the comment I mentioned above about Joaquin P., the little light bulb clicked on. Well played.
I hope all of you have a nice quiet weekend. Oh, the K pics are on Twitter. No Biggy. Just her and friends. Love her hoodie/sweater. Anyway, one other thing. Arleen, slow down before you wind up in the hospital. You need to rest.

Love you all.

Unknown said...

Wow Sherry you are correct this or stuff is planned big time

Unknown said...

Well. Lighting, cameras, smile! I saw Letterman last night and what amazed me was how gentle that Letterman was to Joaquin and how very astute he was and definitely cerebral and yep I think Rob is a friend who had a brain explosion with Kristen about how to solve problems that would not go away quickly. I mean they do not want to have to have family intervention later for becoming HERMITS. Both Rob and his mate Kristen are privacy needing adults, but they also love to get out and party whenever they want, so that has cramped their style somewhat having idiots deciding they were good prey to photograph and write daily drama about. How to eliminate the predators---turn things around just 360 degrees and turn up the heat, but how exhausting and boring, seriously, consider the source. Oh, double yuk. Especially the really weird people in the chairs, by the computers that are on an endless mission to destroy Kristen and or Rob because why, because they just want to set everyone straight. Well now, what have we learned if anything about RK, and its is really funny guys, we KNOW absolutely fucking NADA. And I for one think that is so funny and such a win that we should all do our happy dance or Irish Jig, whatever you do when jumping around, because the assholes really know nothing and that makes this 72-year-old Grandmother happy as a June Bride. So, ignore the crazy nitwits and enjoy your happy world, whatever makes you roll! We are only here to enjoy the ride and get to know each other, and hold up two actors that keep having shade thrown on them by very unhappy people that cannot be like RK. Hoping everyone is better, including Arleen, the all-American working lady that needs to REST MORE, Annie, FRENCHIE, MC, Sherry, V IS STILL STANDING, LIZZIE D, Dorothy, Ellen Ramey, Olivia White , SANNI, ONOGEE,MERLE, NOLA GIRL, Mary French, HKN HAVEN, Barbara Fenwick, ASFJ, MICKEYMACKEY, FISHYONE, Bunny from Texas, LKC81, LUVLONDON, SILVERMAU, LYDIA CALLWOOD, RKFAITH, BARBARA from DIDY,CD, NICK,LAZMEISTER, GLORIA HOVIS, and to all the readers and posters who are so nice, please have a fine brand new year with much happiness! Susie

Unknown said...

Annie - Your After Christmas poem is so cleaver and appropriate to many of us. But after shopping, wrapping and watching their smile in anticipation and their excitement after opening is magical and worth every dime spent.

Arleen - Rest, rest, and rest. Hope your dental ordeal is over and you are getting better.

HKN - Thank you for moderating the post and keeping it peaceful here in Haven.

Mickeymackey said...

Good Evening HKN - at this point, I don't believe any of the pics are real. Honestly, with all that has been said about K and R in the past few days, are they trying to think that we are morons to believe that only 1 photo was taken of R and the branch with a fan at a Starbucks no less. Same is true with K. No one else has come forward to say they saw her there. Maybe they figure that more pics means that they have to be true. I don't think we should accept that anything that is posted is the real deal at all. If you do, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you in New York. I have to give them both a standing ovation in being able to pull the wool over our eyes. It has been a brilliant few days of watching everything unfold. I just hope that they are really enjoying some quality uninterrupted family time together.

Sherry said...

That pic of Rob and the branch at Starbucks can't be new. I remember one like it a few months back. People were steamed the branch was doing the peace sign like Kristen does. I could be wrong but don't think so. Anyone else remember this?

LKC81 said...

I just want to say I love coming here to this place that always make me smile. I normally never post as I guess I never know what to say. But I will say thanks for letting me visit and read everything. You all are a bunch of great people! Happy New Year!

pinkpepper51 said...

Sherry, I remember someone talking about a peace sign that she was giving during a picture one time. What struck me in the Christmas Eve Starbucks pic is that his hair looks really short compared to the Christmas Eve pic taken at that pub. I'm sure we will be seeing more confusing pics to come. Hope it ends soon. Wishing everyone here a very blessed New Year to come!

Unknown said...

Hello to all the Havens and HKN! I just got home from work. Now I am going to bed and take it easy from today to Tuesday. My health comes first. But I will be checking in to see how you all doing. Love you all! Keep me posted.

Unknown said...

If you think about it, the moronic pictures have been going on since 2012 and are made to throw people off the track. I always thought it was the paparazzi, but I think more and more it was Rob and Kristen just blowing hot air. It kept their world more intact. I have never thought their recent pictures were for real, primarily because they want complete control over what people know about them and are willing to make up stories to close ranks, especially when people get too close to their real life. Then you get a smoke screen, which is understandable, because anyone can claim to have the real story, but nobody knows anything for real but them. These are two good actors that have created a shade identity that no one can pierce, not even the best friend or the maid. I am sure they have made mistakes, we all do, but I really doubt if you ever really know for sure, with certainty, anything. The reason is this, they are each other's best friend. They are partners. They are man and wife. They protect the family and probably do not tell their own family much. I have not spent much time really seeing a whole lot of change because K has always been tight lipped, then relaxed for a while and in 2012 they finally gave up and went dark. I wish them well and hope life is better for them.

Unknown said...

good morning,
I hope you have enjoyed the time with friends and family!
The pictures are confusing! But the last alleged is the 23rd
from London no Pap images! only fans, strange or

a new Fan Pic of Kristen, is it possible that she is back in LA? Hmm so quickly. We have 28 Dec. With flight! ? And what will happen to New Year's Eve! ?
Oh when the crap, only an end

Have a nice day all. Love you all. Hugs

Unknown said...

Good morning to all the Havens! I love all your comments. Great job ladies! I just woke with the coughing attacks. Its giving me a headaches. I almost threw up. EW. I am resting today. I love you all!
So what is going on here? Thanks HKN for making this safe for us.

Unknown said...

Hi everyone hope you all had a a great christmas and are enjoying the holidays,me,my hubby and kids all had the Dreaded Virus which is going round so wasnt good hopefully New Year will be better for us, well would just like to wish you all a Happy New Year Rob and Kristen also all the best for the new year take care be safe to you all.

Unknown said...

Have had my flu shots and have not gotten sick so far, just have sinus problems. I think the photos of RK that are current are not current or just a joke and allowing yourself to even consider them real is just the point, they really are changed to confuse the public and press. Everybody takes such an interest in where RK are over the holidays so putting them where ROBSESSED wants them is the desired goal of the individuals who plant the photos for the press. Manipulation is the game, and its anybody's game. All this is noise and confusion and most people have seen this as phony and ignore all the photos of R or K as carefully placed photo manipulation, either by RK or the press, who makes money off it, so my guess the old and phony made photos are created by the press primarily. However, R and K have had a hand in some of these duped pictures, and I believe some are really funny. Recently, we have more pink flamingos on some of Kristen's friend's INSTAGRAM account again, not Kristen's mother account. And, someone noticed some detailing of a London Christmas party with Beatle record cover simulations. I think it is downright curious the games people play. There is a great song about the games people play, the lyrics are amazing. Happy New Year! Susie

Floyd Mae said...

Good evening I thought I would drop by and say, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.
To pepper51 one Pic of Rob and the branch, in the Christmas Eve starbucks with hair look really short compared to the Christmas Eve pic taken at a pub.
And to Sherry You hear a pic of Rob and branch at starbucks and miss branch doing the same peace sign like Kristen does do you honestly think that one pic is going to show you the real story behind what these fans is saying about what's this fans have seen they don't know what's going on and you said these fan saw K and there were only the pic taken of her then what makes you think she wasn't there. if there were more pictures of K was there then it would show that the story that is been telling the truth.
So don't the tell you something that R/K are for real that they are together. if you were hearing what HKN and Haven.
You just don't have faith in these two couple/RK just sit back and way it out like the rest of us are doing. Now I am a True fan of both R/K, and I believe in them now some times I get a little worried then HKN, Haven and MC and some of the others here will tell you if it's true or false and/or that the pictures are fake or photoshopped.
So quit worrying and let just set back and let things play out and we/you will see.
So don't worry Ok.
Love to all Gloria.

Sherry said...

Gloria, I don't know who you are, but read my whole post. I don't doubt RK are together, I have not really cared for the pr show. I realize now that it makes more sense then I have been thinking. I realized the pics over the past few days in London were junk. I'm 58 and been through a lot of crap and lies in my life. I sometimes have to sit back and connect the dots, nothing more. And I don't like to be blind sided. I also don't trust things like this easily. The only thing I put my full faith and trust in is God. And even then my patience can wear thin. I don't need a lecture from you whoever you are. We try to support each other here, not diss what each other says.
Sorry, HKN, for this little piece of drama. I was very happy my ADHD brain finally connected the dots. It doesn't work like everyone else's.
Hope the rest of the Havenettes are enjoying this lovely season. Love you all.

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