Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Pictures Create Drama And More Drama

Pictures create drama and more drama. We got plenty of both this past week.

First was this pic of Rob at a party. When this pic first came out I and a lot of other people thought it was a not Rob. Sue me.

You know where the dipshidiots and the tabs went with this right?

According to Marc Malkin Rob was flirting with multiple models.Yes the same Marc Malkin who got burned by Dylan Penn. Some fools never learn I guess.

He looks more interested in who is texting him on his phone than the bar sluts all over the place. 

Kristen: Sweet pea and I miss you.
Rob: Bored out of my mind. Miss my two beautiful loves too. Will be home soon.

Come on you know it happened !

Then we got this pic.

Rob July 4th at Ashley Greene's pool party. How much you wanna bet the dipshidiots tried to hook him up with the model in front? 

Hope they didn't wager their life savings on Kristen not being there with him. Hehe.

So let's see. We have Rob and Kristen together on June 21st (taco truck) and July 4th  at Ashley Greene's pool party. 

I think we can safely cross off October as the last time they have been seen together and move it up to July 4th lol. I think it's also safe to say she wasn't in Hawaii, Oregon or Timbuktu.

But wait it gets better!

 This is another pic. Rob at a pool party on June 28th. (Wow that'a a big pool party! Too many people for my taste.)

According to a source for Gossip Cop Rob was looking single...

Our insider notes that Pattinson was not necessarily approaching women, but he’s “showing up at a lot of parties these days… He looks single.”

Great journalism there. Pulitzer prize winning stuff. This was Gossip Cop's way of reassuring the only commenters they have left. Unattached Rob for the Robsessed. They get more pathetic by the day and it's hilarious to watch them beg.

On June 28, The Rover star enjoyed the VOCO Summer Kickoff pool party in Beverly Hills, where Pattinson and other dudes were outnumbered by women in “sexy bikinis and high heels.”

Guess their source missed Kristen at the party too. Circles for the mentally challenged that want to ignore the truth.

 If you are keeping count that's three sightings with pics in a two week period. I'm sure the dipshidiots have their excuses handy for all three. 

Shout out to Mama Nails for all her hard work! You rock lady!

There were a couple more pics of Rob.

Doesn't look to be ready to move back to England anytime soon does he.

Rob out with friends at a concert on  July 12th. He seems to be going for the mountain man look again (Not my fav look but hey it's his down time not mine. I prefer a little stubble Rob).

Now according to the dipshidiots these pictures should ring the death nell for us. We should pack up our tents and give up. Don't hold your breath on that.

 And of course Rob is a bad daddy for going out with friends....

Ashton Kutcher in Brazil at the World Cup Finals drinking and having fun. While leaving his pregnant girlfriend Mila Kunis in L.A. 

He didn't seem in a hurry to get back.

Is he a bad daddy to be too? Funny how this fandoms pregnancy police haven't said a word about this isn't it? Hypocrite is a good word to describe them.

And now let's switch gears and get ready for some beautiful Kristen!

She cut her hair and I love it! Kristen said it will be going even shorter for Equals. 

 She cut it in her hotel room the same morning! 
She said how free it made her feel. Of course the dipshidiots took that to mean free of Rob. That's why she cut it. 

 I call this her I dream of Jeanie outfit. She slays it!

Who wore it better? Kristen of course!

Posing with Dakota Johnston. I am so ready for some Fifty.

Looking beautiful! Love the hat!

Before and After. If you can't see the difference there's no hope for you.

We have some ingenious fans out there. Cuteness overload!

Kristen out and about with Alicia. Of course this means Kristen has suddenly turned gay. Alicia is wearing Kristen's shirt so this means they are together romantically and we should now shut up about Kristen wearing Rob's clothes according to dipshidiots warped logic. 

Alicia wearing  Kristen's shirt has what to do with Kristen still wearing her supposed exes clothes a year later how again? 

Yep. All three of them in the same shirt. It still doesn't explain why a woman would still be wearing her exes clothes a year later does it. The dipshidiots excuses are wearing a little thin. Literally.


Kristen surprises us again! New Jenny Lewis video with Kristen, Anne Hathaway, and Brie Larson.

You know she had to be fangirling when asked to to be in this video! Cross that one off your bucket list Kristen. Done deal.

Rock it girl!

This from the woman whose haters say she can't smile and have fun.

Just three chicks jamming!

George Clooney blasted Daily Mail for its disparaging remarks about his future mother in law. They tried to apologize but George didn't back down and refused their apology.

Read About It Here!

We also had an ugly incident on this blogs comment section. A racist remark was made against one of our Havenettes, Vernier. And just like George she got a lame apology and refused to back down.

George and Vernier deserve a hand for not giving in to these vile people.

                                                              BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO!

This is a little something I found that explains what the gossip rags are all about! Eye opening!

Confessions of a gossip magazine writer
8 HOURS AGO JULY 13, 2014 2:00PM

YOU can spot a gossip rag a mile away.

It will say Kim Kardashian (with her “$22 million booty”) is divorcing Kanye West, while the one next to it on the shelf will tell you she’s pregnant with his second child — and said child
already has an album deal. With Blue Ivy.

It will read, “Kim’s baby shock!” and you will lap it up.

If this article were a movie, you’d now be watching a 20-year-old girl walk through the halls of one of the country’s biggest magazine houses.

She’s starry eyed, Bambi-legged and ready to make a good impression on her first day at a gossip glossy.

Scene 2: two weeks later. That same girl is being presented with a set of intriguing photographs of a famous person.
Would she like to break the news story behind the photos? She most certainly would!

She feels prepared, because she’s been spending her days researching what ingredients make up BeyoncĂ©’s Master Cleanse (lemons and cayenne pepper) and speculating why Snooki from Jersey Shore wore ugg boots to the beach (answer: because it’s Snooki from Jersey Shore).

That girl was me. “Your reading shock!” the headline of your life now, no doubt, reads.

All those three-hour-long university lectures on moral integrity? They joined the lessons in thorough research and reputable sources flying out the window quicker than you can say “two pages in a national magazine?! Yes, please!”
But there’s always a catch. And this one was that the only information I had on what was actually happening in the photos was … the photos themselves. Convenient, eh?

Scene 3: A troubled starlet sits in a grimy LA street, puffing on what I can only assume is her third Marlboro Light and covering her eyes.

Is she crying? Is she applying mascara (badly)? Or has she simply read a hilarious text message and is now in fits of laughter?

I had no idea, but I was quickly schooled in the art of writing a gossip story. Legally, I could call myself an “onlooker” based purely on the fact I was literally looking at the photos. Handy. I was also “an industry insider”.
And, yes, even a “source close to”. Hear that? It’s the sound of the glass shattering in your mind. How did the story end?

I handed in my copy, the editor loved it and I felt pretty darn good.

Scene 4: A man comes up to comfort Crying Starlet, and, according to … me, is pushed away. She is inconsolable (in my defence, she was obviously teary), because she has just been dumped.

By a celebrity who will remain anonymous so as to protect my own now-non-existent-gossip-magazine-writing career.
Bet you never saw that one coming as you read my story in the check-out line waiting to buy your lemons and cayenne pepper.
I should have known my creative writing skills would be called upon. In my job interview, when I’d tried to impress the editor with my big contact book in case, you know, she needed quotes from certain celebs or friends of celebs, she’d looked at me as if I were mad and said, “Oh, we don’t really use contacts!”

As I soon learned, my little ‘writing around photos’ jaunt was the tip of the proverbial gossip iceberg.
An iceberg so large that it could sink Titanic II (which apparently exists — along with Jennifer Aniston’s baby).

If we didn’t trust our own eyes enough to draw conclusions from the “exclusive photographs!” that came across the newsdesk (is she drunk or blinking?), we’d phone the photographer to source “eyewitness” comments.
Technically, they were eyewitnesses because they were there.

And for when we were feeling slightly more ethical, there was our man in Brisbane.

We’d write an email to him, saying, “We’ve heard Brad and Ange are getting married/divorced/moving to Mars. Can you confi rm this with your sources?” Within a couple of hours we’d get a long email back from his “sources” (aka him) confirming exactly what we’d asked about (“Yes, they are”). And to think my editor “didn’t use contacts” …

Journalism is about fresh ideas and groundbreaking investigations. So it’s only natural we would also go through clips from UK and US papers and magazines, and decide in the ‘news’ meeting which stories we would rewrite under the headline, “It’s a scoop!”

I know I’m being harsh, but it’s out of love and understanding.

I quote the home of all truths, urbandictionary.com, in defining a gossip rag best as: “A magazine or blog containing rumour, speculation and trivial information, generally about celebrities. Often presented in a catty manner.”
See! Rumour; catty; rumours about cats.

So let’s give the gossip magazines a break and see them for what they are: wonderful entertainment and nutritional advice.
Because everyone knows celebrities eat only steamed vegetables and chicken for dinner. Every night.
Stop the presses: it’s a scoop!

Daniel Radcliffe supporting his friend Rob!

Let's close this out with the coolest chicks ever!


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Anonymous said...

HKN it's funny how GC "source" says R was at a pool party then 2 weeks later a random picture pops up from a random pool party and you automatically believe it's R and K. Didn't you notice the girls hair isn't red like Ks? And that guy looks nothing like R. Sounds like you believe GC that R was actually there. There would have been TONS more sightings of RK being there if they even were. Can't take a blurry pic and fans saying it them as fact

Hatersknownothing said...

Nope.Not taking Gossip Cops word for it.Mama Nails word for it yes. Gossip Cop no.

Unknown said...

HKN, thank you for the update! This one packed a big punch for the haters. Their sad little world is about to come crashing down. The sightings of them are more proof that there was never a 'break up.' The tabs and haters know that as well as we do - they don't want to admit they were wrong. Kris and Rob are married and have a baby. It's that simple. The truth is obvious and in front of everyone's eyes.

Unknown said...

And one other thing...if they only had a "professional relationship," they wouldn't be at pool parties together. My husband also said the same words.

Anonymous said...

Great post as usual. I still don't know about the pool party on the 28th. I don't even look at the gossip mags in the store anymore while in line. Loved the video that she did and know one knew about it until it came out yesterday. I don't know how they hide it but I happy that they did. It just goes to show you that they can hide anything that they want.

Anonymous said...

anani, why don't you hop right back to Robessed, where you would be much happier. They are the only stupid ones I know of believing everything that E or GC post and reprinting on there page as if its the gods honest truth next they'll be posting things that Hollywood lies write and call it the truth. If you don't believe what HKN, or mama nails has wrote why do you visit here they did ask you to come here so leave us alone.

Unknown said...

Great post.

Morning Coffee said...

Chris b....nameless visits here because she gets bored in her country. I guess no one likes her there either...LOL

So an insiders look at the gossip industry..it's not about the rags admitting they print lies it's about who is the biggest money maker for them...Nothing jingles the pocket book like Rob or Kristen...alone, together, broken up, newly mended, eating, fighting, at concerts, flirting, new loves, old loves, old hags trying to sell books. Any of this ring any bells????

Don't even let me get started on the hideous lies being spewed by vitriolic haters..the death threats..the need for body guards.
The need for secrecy..the invasion of privacy..the constant hounding and brow beating coming from the left, right and dead center.

The haters are terrified their world is getting ready to catch fire and burn down around their ears ( it is! ) and the rags are afraid their cash cow is getting ready to go dry ( it is! )

Meanwhile we can sit back relax, and have a front row seat to the epic meltdown that is hauling ass a little bit closer every day.

I for one cannot wait.

HKN wonderful post..and thanks to MamaNails for her unrelentless pursuit of the truth. You ladies rock.

Sherry said...

Great post. It doesn't get clearer then that and yet the first comment here just looked at the pics and didn't read a thing. Shows that those who believe the rag mags don't read just look at pics and false headlines.

Love you all!

Unknown said...

Mc loved your comment. So true.

Sherry said...

Hope, get out if here. Or will you have to be reported too. Again, don't come somewhere you don't believe and comment. It's called common sense. It's like if you don't like what's on tv change the channel.

Enough said.

Morning Coffee said...

Hope.. you are the one lost in a dream and the lie..you listen to gossip whiel we have actual facts on our side.

Take your tripe to robsessed where it is appreciated.

have a pleasant evening.

EllenRamey said...

Thank you:)

ASFJ said...

The first commenter on this site obviously hasn't kept up with any of the latest stuff coming out in the last ten days, or hasn't read anything on here or kept up with the commentaries of everyone (which always bugs me), and cites GC and a "blurry" picture. Very surprised, as seeing who it was. Thought she was a friend...but I haven't been around long enough, and I'm not going to jump into that puddle again....

Good job, HKN, as usual, and again thanks for your hard work.

Rob has such a distinct profile, it's pretty easy to spot him when you're paying attention.....and Kristen for that matter, especially when she seems to be the only girl wearing a cap at that party....

Unknown said...

Great Blog once again HKN! This is directed to robstensiempre, The girl at the party, with Rob's cousin standing next to her is Kristen! Rob is making his way through the crowd back to his wife and cousin. Guess what there are more pics! Just none for doubters eyes. Fact is RK are Mr. and Mrs. RK!!!!!

JMF said...

I want to know why? I cannot understand the attacks this blog receives after a new post is put up. If I didn't agree with a blog and it's opinions I would never go to it. And yet, just like clock work people come out of the wood work and start right in.
I don't understand what the problem is....believe what you want and leave others in peace to believe what they want. Don't come banging on the door of this blog and try to change minds.

Unknown said...

I guess the DIPSHIT IDIOTS that have trouble understanding perfect PIGLATIN cannot just make like a jet and FREEKING fly away and join the buzzards at the GOSSIP COP COMMENT SECTION where they can improve their hate skills. I think there is always a person who knows better and is so good at lying about a picture of Kristen and Rob and because they say it is not them having fun with friends and family that we believe their lies? HOLY MACADAMIA NUT, that just sucks big time. We already have proof and do not want two goofy posters that are here always with a new post= to crap on our floors. Go take a goofy pill and just fly away. Please!

Morning Coffee said...

Hope...you are really embarrassing yourself by continuing to try to start an argument here...no, you are not just voicing your opinion you are on the attack. As is usual with you.

The facts we have are not for public consumption at this time and are not ours to tell. Rob and Kristen will make their own announcements when they are ready to do so.

You and others like you who come here and to sluts trying to badger the facts loose from anyone of us is a lost cause.

I don't count K's pregnancy as a violation of her privacy any one who had eyes to see and common sense..without an axe to grind could see she was pregnant.

Like I said at the top, please don't continue to embarass yourself..Your just proving our point all the nay sayers are scared of the truth..that's exactly why you all keep trying to get us to shut up.

Not happening baby cakes...better luck on another blog.

Unknown said...

Terrific blog HKN! I would love to hear Kristen mention the baby, I missed, where to find it? Tracey was this in the video? I do understand they are talking about babies and their clocks running down. Actually do think Rob and Kristen may have more sooner than later because both are nearing 25 and 30 . The old biological clock just ticking away. Wasn't Kristen and Rob teenagers just yesterday? The fact that they have been together since 2008, just amazes me, especially denial is not a river in Egypt(NILE RIVER). Goodness, it has been a long time! HAVE A GOOD NIGHT HKN, GREAT POST! Thought provoking & FUNNY! from Susie in beautiful downtown Sapulpa, OK, Tornado Alley with rain and lightening and big ass thunder. NITE ALL, TIME FOR LASTCALL.

a stargazzer said...

I doubt robstensiempre will talk to HKN like that. My guess is a troll that copied her name or she has been hacked, IMO, YMMV.

vana said...

Hi everyone, hope all is well. Thank you for the new post, HKN, it's great as usual.

Lismeister sorry if I've spelt your name wrong, I can't open the previous post to check the spelling. Thanks for your reply, I didn't have time to get back to you yesterday. Anyhow, I agree with you, I love the fresh, cool air first thing in the morning. Are from Melbourne or Sydney, you don't have to say I'm just wondering. I'm from Melbourne. It never used to get so humid in summer.

Vernier said...

Hello Ladies.....
Great Post HKN. Thank You for always Keeping it Real....
What Up Bunny? Yes they are married and yes they have a baby... All will be revealed soon I hear...... Trolls get over it....
Hey Gigi, Chris b, ASFG, Sherry, and sweet sue morris. How are you all today? I hope it is raining blessings on you all.
Hey Big Sis... How are you sweet lady? Are you feeling better? We need to chat. I love ya lots lady.....

Unknown said...

HKN thanks for the shout-out! Very glad to do my part. As for that pic at the pool party it was posted around if not on the 28th of June and it is less than 6mos old and based on how they are dressed it stands to reason that the pic was taken that day.

Was this the VOCO party? I have no idea...BUT the ppl circled ARE Kristen and Rob! I have absolute faith in my peeps as they have equipment none of us have access to!

As for Ks hair color I was told that when zooming in 10,000x and with equipment that enhances rather than distorts you can see the orange in Kristen's hair!

Anyway...it's obvious at the inmates are getting nervous about what's to come cause as I always say they'd have no reason to visit here.

Everything they say to attack us should be understood as how they feel about their side of things...

When they say, no baby, no marriage... Their thinking "please dear god don't let them be right!"

When they come to us with the tick-tock..know that that is how they spend everyday... Waiting for that clock to toll!!!

So when you read

Morning Coffee said...

vee, baby sis...I am doing fine thanks...did you get my e-mail? I just sent a little bit ago...call me when you get a chance. Love you.

To all my sweet ladies here, I love each of you..you are all unique and wonderful women.

Tbell said...

Cute post....wish I could like the little red heart lol.

Hey all...lovely evening

*shrugs* to bad for you

What is wrong with you? You're making me believe you and bitch jane are one and the same, or you need medication.

Unknown said...

Yeah bunny please send that pics!

Tbell said...

What club do we have to join to get a look at those other pics? Lol. Wish we could get a look at them :)

ASFJ said...

Hey Verni..

How are you? Did you see the "Jane" post? Holy Mackeral...think they could be one and the same Jane?


Didn't "good Jane" always differentiate herself from "bad Jane"?


Looks like Ocoee is on!!! Is there someway we could communicate privately? Don't want to put my email out there. I don't twitter, tumblr or anything, so you will have to figure it out. My friend says there is a Starbucks not too far from her......getting excited. I hope you are feeling well and are able to do this little get together. Keeping you in my prayers.

Love to all.

Tbell said...

V....love your Avi hard

Tbell said...

Excited for you to meet up with others here...yall have fun. As you know me and Vee have met and it was an awesome moment

ASFJ said...


No, I didn't know.....how fabulous was that!!!! Wish I could meet you two ladies too, but have a feeling we're not in the same state!?!

Morning Coffee said...

ASFJ....Let me think...I'm like you I hate to post anything on here related to my private e-mail or phone... however mama, vern and t-bell all have them and they have my permission to share with you.

Sounds like your friend may be just off hwy. 50 which is a further out from me..but not a problem. Hoping all goes well and we can get together.

Vernier said...

Hey Ladies... Jane get over it. I don't give a fucked up fart in hell about which Jane you are. You are one and the same. Everyone here has always treated you with so much love then you start this good Jane bad Jane shit. As soon as one post the other shows up minutes later saying "It's not me, It's not me." I don't care one way or the other to be factual. My pit with you are her or you/her is the comment about my Mom. So if it isn't you and you have nothing to do with it why do you continually show up when she shows up? Why when it is run back it slams the fuck in to you? I will ask you for the last time, leave me the fuck alone. When you dis my mother I have nothing left for you or her or you/her. So in the nicest way I know how to ask a disrespectful fucked up asshole mother hating bigot, LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE. DON'T TALK TO ME, DON'T MENTION ME DON'T COMMENT IN A ROUND ABOUT WAY ABOUT ME. DIP BITCH, DIP!!!!!!!!!

Vernier said...

Glad you like it T.
ASFJ T and I did meet. She is cool as an electric fan. She is a happy person. All smiles and laughs. Love her much.
I saw the Jane shit. She is one and the same and need to leave me the hell alone. She can go cry on her own shoulder or better yet that split personality bitch she hanging with. I don't care. She spoke ill of my mother and that ain't cool and that I don't forgive......
MC I will call you later sweet sister.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Great post hkn. I look for your blog everyday and am always happy when I find it.

Thrilled with all the sitings of R and K. It is so exciting. Also, the video of Kristen and the others was wonderful. I have watched it several times, and always laugh out loud. So nice to see Kristen out doing things she enjoys.

I hope the haters are miserable, trying desperately to explain these pics.

Until next time, take care---

Unknown said...

Hey you all! Thank you for your sweet comments and encouragement last night. The woman from the census office came to my house after I posted, and we got into the most fascinating conversation. She said I was an old soul, which is true. Bunny, I'd love to see those pictures too. Rob and Kris are my heart you all! Sweet Pea also. Hey Verni! Love your new avi sweet lady. MC, I'm working steady on another chapter. I had so many kids in my home today. Haven't written as much due to that.
I can only imagine how happy and content the Pattinsons are in their home. That to me is the picture of domestic bliss. Love and abundance to my Have family!!

Unknown said...

This is for Hope, No one here owes you anything, anytime, anywhere. Believe it or not, there are people in the fan sector who know exactly what is going on with RK. But, to share with people like you is beneath all of the ladies here. You can taunt, call us liars, or what ever floats you boat; but, no way are you getting the goodies here.

Vernier said...

Yo Bunny.... You go Girl.... Hopeless needs to kick rocks.......
I wanna see photos too... lol lol

Vernier said...

Gigi I am a little late to the party with you but you know I am one of your staunches supporters. Don't You Dare Ever Stop Doing What You Love and Are So Very Good At.....You do it for you first and the rest will follow......Nuff Said.....

Vernier said...

Does this Chick not get it?
Jane last time. I don't care. Leave me alone. I have let this go. The bullshit to me is just shit, so let it go. You will not change my mind. If you are two different people in your own head space that's okay. That's your life not mine so don't inflict it on me. I don't give a turd in Tahiti.

Vernier said...

Oh and Jane, Yes HKN should have posted it. First this is her blog and she can post what she wants. Don't want it posted, don't fucking say it. Second, She wanted all to know what we were dealing with. Two faces of Jane. Now have a life just don't include anymore conversation to me.

Unknown said...

Wowza!! Deleted comments & the nasty patrol is out & about showing once again everyone their own special can of crazy!! SMH It is beyond me why those who don't like what a blogger says time & time again....why you waste your time coming here & wasting your breath. Seriously?? Is this how you get our jollies???? Cause I can think of 1,000 different things I could do besides vising sites that I don't care about what is going on or don't care for. So many things......silently being whispered.....that many choose to ignore. For the record...GC is just as bad as HLies....gasp...you bet I dared to say that. Cause that stupid, stupid board about him "looking" single is exactly the kind of garbage that Hlies, Eww!News, Daily Fail, Poop Sugar, & all the rest have been writing. They say that they "bust or bash" the stories others put out there....but what in heaven's name where they debunking....from what webloid or tab did they get that crazy ass story?? Ummm emails!! Yes emails cause as far as I could tell as I sadly admit to reading that crap I didn't seen them mention who they were bashing or agreeing with. Come on....that is just as stupid as that Thanksgiving story they put out there saying they didn't spend that together because OMG he wasn't pictured with her when she went to the store. Are you kidding me? Just Loony.....The thing is they want the clicks & hits cause like all the rest.....they are in it for gasp....dare I say it...the money!! Yep...I mean think back to May 2013....or was that June 1st...when they had the nerve to thank their readers for making May their best month ever....so proud of themselves they celebrated themselves with a board. RME And since the end of 2012 GC has just not been the same......they used to trusted....not anymore. They use those "so called" sources like others do. It is sad & laughable all at the same time. I do hope you lovely trolls with your blackened hearts with veins full of hate & envy....get it one day....while you are spewing the venom you so desperately want to penetrate others....not going to happen. I feel sorry for you in a way....cause why you spend your day hating.....well, the rest of us are going about our lives...have jobs, families, friends, & a life. I often wonder what kind of life you have by coming here day after day....to spread hate. Must be sad there where you are drinking from that bitter cup for one!! One day....maybe you will be able to let it go.....your life will be better once you are able to do that!! Have a good one ladies!!!

Tempest said...

♥ great to be back frommy vacation. Shout out to Vernier, geard about the disgusting personal attack onyour family hun. There is no room in this world for racist and socially unaccepted remarks.

Vernier said...

Hey tempest... Hope you had a great Vaca... Thanks for the support... I'm over it. Just little minds doing smaller things... Love ya lady... Chat at you soon....

Hatersknownothing said...


Troll Jane thought she was safe when I deleted her comment right away. I saved it and posted it again later and yes I was right to do so. You post that kind of remark you will get called out. Just a warning to our resident trolls. Even if I delete you there is a copy in my email.

Hatersknownothing said...


Love your avi!

Vernier said...

HKN thank you and again I say you did so very right. It needs to be called out. Love how you stick to what's right not what's easy or popular. :o)
I got the avi from your post. Thank you.

Tempest said...

To post your opinion is one thing, to attack a person 'personally' is another. There are a lot of 'high school' mentality, idiots out there, who have yet to learn the basics of common sense and decency. They believe they can post disrespectful comments and get away with it. come to a blog where the content they read is not to their taste and complain about it. It doesn't show your support of Rob and Kristen and it doesn't matter how many times you bang that drum, it shows your hate, it shows your nonsten and you are most definitely are not on the same side as I have been since 2008!

Persisting ppl in here are wrong, actually exposes your fear that they might be right, its reversal in its simplicity. You shout loudly hoping someone will hear you, when in fact you are screaming in an empty room, no one hears your screaming, just silence.

But hey whatever helps you cope in this fanfom where you feel the gossiping media knows the truth, when unfortunately they make up more stories than the haters...or as I like to see it, they're one of the same.

I said this in the last post as I was away on vacation, but I think it needs repeating...

According to a well known name in this fandom who 'actually' works in PR and never 'pretended' to ppl that they did, as the once upon a time Rob supporter but now hater used to put about,

Dan Abrams and his Gossip Cop team have NO cobtact with Nick Frenkel or William Morris Endeavour OR Ruth Bernstien, associates both in the UK or the US of BOTH actors.
E! News, Gossip Cop or any other 'celebrity site/magazine' if they have a person willing to confirm information have to name the contact for legal reasons, because if in the event the information given as inaccurate and untruthful, they can be sued.

Issuing a piece of 'gossip' as (sources close, insider, onlooker, eyewitness) allows idiots like Marc Malkin and co, carte blanche over every piece of journalistic crap he churns out. Only when it has an 'Excuslive' tag can it be seen as he actually went out and got a confirmation. Since 2012 when this fandom went to shit in a handbasket, neither GC or any other rag have been able to 'reach' either RPs or KS' team, except for work related information.

Robsessed, krisbian or just plain old haters, should understand reading and writing comprehension, before they type one word on their troll keyboards and embarrass themselves. I get an absolute kick out of so called 'supporters' who use GC or any other media outlet as a reliable source. Has the hacking enquiry in the UK taught you nothing? If you can't get the truth, envade privacy then lie about it to boost the sales of your publications.

Only dumb people don't understand this.

Tbell said...

Smooches for the kind words.

Meeting Miss Vee happened smack dab on i40 at mcdonalds in sayre oklahoma lol. She was on her way to LA on vaca. If any of you ladies ever find yourself traveling thru the great state of oklahoma and want to meet up and I can make it happen I will. So if you and MC can make it happen please do. Meeting MC is actually a goal of mine. I would love to sit and talk and have a few and discuss rk and life in general.

Night ladies...great things are coming...haters to the left and out the back door cuz there will be no room for you in the end. Period.

Tbell said...

Oh and i forgot something...

This is for the lurkers with sensitive ears...

Fuck shit whore slut etc.

Its after 9pm so its ok ; ]

Morning Coffee said...

Girls...just stopping in to say goodnight. Sweet dreams to all my haven ladies.

Unknown said...

Thank you more than words could say, Verni! The ladies of the Haven make my life brighter and each one of you is a blessing. And Tempest, you hit the nail on the head (again). The hate that has been spread all over this fandom only serves to show how horrible these individuals are. It's like a mirror. They are naive, scared, and/or arrogant people. I'd hate to live my life in that manner.
Love you all so much. See you all tomorrow.

Tbell said...

Wise words...im glad you posted that again. Hope your vaca was wonderful and restful and peaceful. When are you gonna put up a new post?

Tbell said...

Mc and gigi
Night ladies

Night haven

Morning Coffee said...

Tbell...you crack me up ROTFLMAO...

Unknown said...

HKN, Great post - loved it!

Question please, I'm usually a reader and not a commenter, I noticed a comment on the last post that sweet pea is a baby girl but I have not been able to find the original source on this blog. (sorry - I have floaters and my eyes are very unhappy if I hang out reading for too long...) Can someone assist? Just curious because I was so sure that sweet pea would be a girl. ☺

Vernier, I'm so sorry you for the malicious comments posted. There is no excuse.

Thank you Ladies!

Hatersknownothing said...


Welcome! I have no confirmation as to whether sweet pea is a boy or girl but most people believe it's a girl.

Lazmeister said...

Hey Girls,

Loving the new post HKN! Love the video - the best ever - I love watching K have fun!

Hey Vana - I'm in Melbourne! Not far from Windy Hill.... Without giving too much away publicly! lol! And it has sure as hell been windy these last few weeks! There's supposed to be snow in the Dandenongs today! Love it! I really should take the kids to see the snow one day!
SueM "Holy Macadamia Nut" PMSL! Love it!
Vee shout out to you sweet lady, I hope you're not too stressed!
Love to all others and keep posting!

Unknown said...

Hi to all the Havenettes! I just been home from work. My body is really tired. Vana, my mom is doing better. Thanks for asking. I am going to bed now. My internet at my home is down. So hopefully, my phone company should fix it tomorrow. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all. Tempest, great comments. Night everyone. Its a good thing I boycotted all those trashy webloids and tabloids. They really sucks. They lies, hates, and most is money that they care about. Night all.

Frenchie said...

Oh but anani, you're wrong there because much much lower than beneath us is you dear!

Unknown said...

good morning dear Havenettes
HKN a great post and summary the last days.
HKN and Mama Nails you do a great job (detective work)
I love it more every day as the truth comes to light!
Not long now and everything is out.

Vernier I find it pitiful that strangers you and family to attack.

Ignore the trolls and haters they feel its companionway! Every day more;-)

All a beautiful and sunny Thursday, love you all.

Frenchie said...

What an idiot that troll is! She fell for it! So funny...

Anyway going back to normal... Hi Sanni, I'm back with you ignoring trolls...

Hope you have a lovely day!

Unknown said...

Hkn was a fantastic post again thankyou,@Mama Nails thankyou for the detective work what would we do without you.Havenettes hope you are all well have a great day be safe.

Annie said...


Anani: What are you so afraid of?

Sherry said...

Anani only one thing to say to you and I'm saying it for the haven, Get thee behind us satan.

Leave us alone.

Sherry said...

Ok. Now I see why the trolls are out. New pics of Kristen out in L.A. with C. J. And what looks like Ruth. I forgot that these pics always mean Kristen is single and doesn't have a baby because you can't go anywhere and do anything on your own when you are in a relationship and have a kid. You would think I would know that having been married for so long and raised two kids. For the trolls I'm being sarcastic. Geez! Please use the brains you have and start your own blogs. I promise none if the haven will go to them.

Vernier said...

Good Morning Haven...
Fuck off Annai you troll bitch.......

Hello Sherry... Glad to see you here. Great words of Wisdom....
Thank you Sanni K.......
What up Annie, tina and Frenchie?....
Hi Arleen... Hope you get your internet working. Glad you mom is better and sorry you're tired from work but I know you are enjoying it......

Unknown said...

Sherry can u send me a link of pic with k cj and ruth?

Vernier said...

Here you go Teresa H.


Unknown said...

If kristen go with Ruth, then it is not for business?

Tbell said...

Good morning ladies

Boy anani is chatty today, and Sherry I do believe you are correct lol. Although im feeling left out becuz anani didn't have any words for me *pouts* lol.

How are you today? I think the cupcake craze is dying down also. It might have something to do with the current health craze lol.

Are yall in winter over there? I cant believe you have snow in your area...thats crazy! My husband will be working in another country soon and where he's going they will be entering spring in October! Lol I know yall are opposite of the states also and understand. Have a good night? Evening?

Miss V says there are new pics of kristen and CJ so im off to check them out...Shout out to the regs! Have a wonderful day

Unknown said...

Thanks verni.
Yes sherry that is ruth.
Sannai yes. Ruth is k bussiness manager. So whereever they going it had to do with k career. Maybe last meeting to finalize contract for equal? Possibly talk about a new project? But whatever it was its for bussiness.

Unknown said...

The place has valet. Does anyone know what this place is?

Tbell said...

Just looked at pics...at least Kristen doesn't look pissed. CJ has long on top blue hair and he's looking cute.

You might search businesses with valet service and parking meters in LA and look at each one and see if there are any similarities? Goodluck!

Lazmeister said...

TBell - I meant to say before that your posts are hilarious! Love the pouting in particular!
Yes snow here is quite rare! We have it on the mountain range about 4-5 hours away, but not usually on the local hills - so it's a bit of a novelty - particularly when we had such a warm Autumn.
Your husband will feel a bit weird for a while! Especially if he's there for Christmas because it will be a hot one!
Love to all.

Sherry said...

The pics are on Twitter. It's just pics of her and CJ and what looks like Ruth. Looks like they were going to lunch. I'm assuming a work lunch since Ruth is with her. No big deal really. But of course a big deal will be made by some.

On that note I have something I have wanted to comment on. It concerns me that there are those who call themselves fans that consistently try to make Kristen into a lesbian/home wrecker. And the ones who want to make Rob into a man whore. This is more then believing in a lie that was put out there by the rag mags. This is a way of trying to convince ones self that they have a shot with them. I'll use the man whore one as it is easiest to explain. By seeing him as a one night stand type of guy a person can then convince themselves that if they met him he would want to have a quickie with them. That's the simple explanation but it has to do with self esteem. To be able to be happy for people who are together and wish them well is healthy. To turn the object of your obsession into something that they are not so you can delude yourself into thinking you have a shot with them is a problem. We all have done this when we we're say in Middle School or even in High School. Usually by the time you are out of High School you have a more mature look at things and a better grip on reality.

So what does this have to do with the trolls, haters and nonnies? Well, they have let the rag mags and rag mag sites keep feeding this childish behavior. They are obsessed and can't let things go. I know this argument can be used for those of us who believe there is a marriage and a child, but we don't sit around going from blog to blog to blog trying to prove our point. We believe what we believe and then we talk about our lives, the weather and just plain boring stuff. I don't have any desire to be more then a proud fan of Rob and Kristen. No delusions of being their BFF or whatever.

This world is big enough for all of our opinions, but not for disrespect. The bottom line is that every time fans attack each other it hurts the fans and it hurts the one you are a fan of. It comes down to the Golden Rule. Simply treat others how you want to be treated.

Ladies, I'll be back later. Love you all, praying for the haters.

Lazmeister said...

Hay Ladies, I'm just watching our version of Masterchef - I really should learn how to cook more - they are making my mouth water! I would love to have the time to cook wonderful things! Waiting for that Lotto win so I don't have to work!
Love to all..

Lazmeister said...

Sherry - very well thought out and spoken!
My life motto is treat others as you want to be treated - a far better way to live and you end up much happier!
It frightens me that so many people want to wallow in their hate and unhappiness - it leads nowhere nice.

Lazmeister said...

Funny thing is, I don't think I'm lying to anyone. I haven't taken my beliefs out to anyone else apart from on this site and with Mama. And as we all believe in close to the same thing, if not the same thing - it becomes a discussion about a mutual passion.
If I took my beliefs elsewhere and shoved them down peoples throats as the lovely petal that keeps coming on here is doing - then that might be a different story.
Not sure who we're lying to..........

Annie said...

Vernier: I'm good. Working afternoons today and tomorrow, so having a rare lazy weekday morning.

TBell: There could be a Crumbs revival. We shall see.

Anani: Nobody puts anything in my head but you seem so worried by Mama nails's findings, HKN's posts. If you were truly confident in what you believe to be the truth, there would be no need to constantly come here........ by doing so you show us how worried you truly are.

Unknown said...

Yes sherry your comment is so very true
Annai is missing something in her life to be so hateful miserable.
They can keep calling rob a manwhhore all they want. His behavior proves what he said long ago. He is not a one night stand person. Hes in it for long haul.
K never cheated. Get over it trolls. Its so sad. U can't tell that u been had. Wake up. It was scam. U got played.rk got married and took back their lives from the media. Lol. Lol. 2 years later and u still dont get it was a scam. Lol. Idiots.

Sherry said...

Anani, I didn't say she was out. Read the entire post. I said there are people who say that's what she is. And yes that type of behavior is not healthy.

Sherry said...

Anani .....and coming here and making fun of people is adult behavior? I don't hate you contrary to what you think. I feel sorry for you. I don't agree with you, but I'm not going to call you names or make fun of you. I don't agree with a lot of things that go on in this world but I know enough to not try and convince others to see my point of view. All I'm asking is for you to respect the view here. I respect your right to believe differently. Just stop being rude and bullying people. That is not freedom of speech. Bullying is harassment. I'm more concerned that you continue to come to a blog you do not agree with.

Later ladies.

Unknown said...

See thats what were talking about. No reading comprehension. Who read sherry comment and thought she said k is gay . Lol.

Sherry said...

Teresa, thank you. I had a very hard time after the drama two years ago. It took me along while to get all the stink in' think in' out of my head and see things clearly. I don't hate the people who come here and disagree. I just won't name call and sink to that level. I feel sorry for them.

I hope all of the ladies of the haven have a nice day. Trolls and haters, I'm sorry you think laughing at the ladies here and dissing us hurts us in some way. It doesn't hurt me at all. I just feel bad for you.

Love you all.

Morning Coffee said...

Good morning my beautiful haven sisters...

I see the head idiot is back boring us once more...must be lonely in Georgia she has nothing else to do, either that or her attitude has ostracized her there also. I'll go with the last, who in their right mind would want to associate with someone as miserable as she/he/it?

Annie..you are correct...if they had as much belief in the crap they spewed about us being wrong then they would ignore anything we have to say. But all they can do is fear that we may be right and if that's the case they must try their damndest to shut us up. That is why they constantly come here to attack...they are proving each time they show up they know we are right and they are wrong.

Tbell...OH my God your husband going to work in another country...oh wow...must be bad husband, father, grandfather...Have you fought, are you breaking up, coming out, is he going to whore himself out while he is away? Shall we contact HWL,GC, Etv..Poop for brains, AP..the paps????Tell me my poor friend.

Sorry baby girl couldn't resist Playing with the troll.

Sherry, Tina, Sanni, Lazmeister, good to see you all.

VEE...talk to you later baby sis...have a good day today. love you all.

Unknown said...

Mc lol. Aah haha haaa lol. U so funny.
Guess he will be joining rob and ashton. Trolls are morons.
Hey tbell. Your hubby is lucky wish I could visit such a beautiful place.

Unknown said...

Hope - how heinous are you?
One thing which slowly boring, re-write here again!
Everyone knows when a divorce is shared. The marriage had long been broken
I hope that soon Kristen, Rob and baby are seen.Can not wait

Tbell said...

LMAO...but in all seriousness he has worked away several times but we kinda love it, cuz when he comes back its all about us, know what I mean? Plus his work schedule will be envious. More money and only works 6 months out of the year! Can you say 1 month VACA?


Who the fuck is aaron kutcher?

Annie said...

Oh dear! Here we go back to 2012. Must be tough having nothing to go back to but that.

Hmmm.......I may be incorrect but I don't think Suri Cruise was seen until she was close to 6 months old and that was in the pages of Vanity Fair.

MC: I know. Desperate lot they are.
How are you doing?

Unknown said...

Good morning my Haven sisters. How is everybody? Isn't it wonderful to wake up and be happy with your life and choose not to spread hate? That not only makes you a happier person, but it also makes other people enjoy being around you.
Yes, Mama Nails has some amazing help. Thank you for sharing that invaluable information with us. MC, I laughed so hard over your comments. My kids looked at me as if I were crazy.
I need to go out to the store, but you know since I have three kids and I'm married, that's impossible (insert sarcasm). Heaven forbid that I have a life. Sherry your comments were perfect. Loved them.
Verni, Tracy, Arleen, ASFJ, Annie, and anyone else I missed - hope you are having a splendid day!

Morning Coffee said...

Annie...I have my good days and not so good days...This growing old isn't for the faint of heart ;)

I think I have figured out what is lacking in todays society...people are so attuned to technology and instant answers they have forgotten how to think..Once that happened there went deductive reasoning, common sense and logic flew right out the window.

Journalists used to be respected because they prided themselves on those three qualities and were actually investigative reporters.

Today everything is outrageous headlines followed by unsubstantiated BS.

The trolls are prime examples of people who lack these three critical skills. Which is why they are so easily led by the nose. When you are not use to thinking, I imagine it can be quite painful and not nearly as gratifying as picking up a rag mag and getting your info that way.

Sorry Annie aren't youu sorry you asked now???LOL

Have a good day sweetie

Morning Coffee said...

Tracy...lol..I couldn't resist playing with the troll sense of reasoning...By their standards we are all a bunch of losers in the parenting and marriage arena..I guess the 55 years my husband and I have been together is not successful, because we weren't glued to each other's hips 24/7.

I have the dentist Mon. a.m. two extractions..followed by two more the following week. UGH!

Morning GIGI...glad I could give you a laugh. We all need smiles.

Teresa...what kind of stories are you looking for..I don't write B/E
I am writing a wolf fic...but I know some excellent Edward writers I can post their sites for you.

Annie said...

MC: Hahahaha........No, I'm not sorry I asked. :)

Gigi: Hi and have a great afternoon.

Ok......Have to get myself in gear. Later ladies.

Unknown said...

Mc yes. If u have any great favorite e/b and r/k fanfic stories please send them my way. The more romantic the better. And I love the pregnancy rk eb fics please.
I cant stop reading no ordinary proposal. Thank u so much for that .

Morning Coffee said...

Teresa...Here is an exceleent place to start...Carano is an unbelievably brilliant writer..Start with This Life..st top of her page you will see stories. click on and follow down the line...should keep you busy for quite a while.


Unknown said...

Here it is...another day....a Thursday & the little troll is at it again. For the record....I have known HNK a long time. Then I found MamaNails. Funny thing about these ladies...they are fierce, passionate, head-strong ladies. They love life and RK! Now....I don't see anything wrong with either blog.....I mean Rose has a blog too. Tempest as well. The only one I don't read is Rose's. But that is my choice!! So...because I choose to not visit her blog.....I don't comment on it. I respect her right to her opinion along with the others who visit there too. I would not go after her or the ones commenting their.....as that would serve no person & just have a big on stamp on my head that "I'm an idiot." Or just plain crazy. When you are part of a blog....with like minded people, who agree on topics & such....you form friendships & form a support group for those times that life pulls the rug from under you. That is what this place is....a community. They care about each other & share themselves with others. Friendships have formed. To come here day after day, just to attack HKN & others on here, to call them names & such, makes me wonder......what is missing in your life that makes you want to do what you do. Why is it important for you.....really. Life is so short....to waste it on hate and negative things. We are only promise this day....if we are lucky, we might get tomorrow to share with family & friends.
If your goal is to come here with this attacks to change the minds or what the people here believe....you truly are just wasting your time, energy & breath. They are steadfast & strong in what they believe. It is like big ceder trees....standing stall & with roots holding them firmly in place. They are united as one......something that is hard to penetrate.....even with hate when you come up against a group like this. Keep that in mind when you start up your dive by attacks again....cause you will not be able to get to them the way you want too.

Morning Coffee said...

irie deb...very well said sister. I wish they would heed your wise words.

Have a lovely day...I need to go get some things finished.

See you all later.

onagee said...

Irie Deb, I love your image of the cedar trees!

Unknown said...

Irie Deb, I'm applauding you for those wonderful words! Our Haven isn't just about the lives of Rob and Kris - it's about friendship and love also. I read DIDY and SRWN, but I do not go over to rpi. The ladies here are simply some of the best in the fandom. Y'all are treasures.
Teresa, I have a story called The Shelter of Your Kiss, and it's very romantic. They are trying to have a baby. Honestly, it's not my favorite of my fics, but if you;re looking for that, then it might be the story for you.

Vernier said...

Laz I forgot to say hello my friend. I hope your day/night is going well. Let's chat later tonight my time and early in the mrning your time.

Unknown said...

Gigi send me a link for the shelter of your kiss and any else that include romantic and baby. Thanx.

Unknown said...

Teresa, here is the link for that story. Hope you enjoy it.

ASFJ said...

Hi All:

Been babysitting my 3-year-old grandson (alone) since monday night...glad I can make it here every once in a while to check in. Just got back from Walgreen's with him in the middle of a huge thunderstorm! Have you ever strapped a 3-year-old in a baby seat in the back of the car with your ass sticking out with 30-mile-per hour winds and pouring rain blowing up your shorts!!! Quite a thrill...

So sorry to hear about your dental problems...looks like some of it will happen the week I'm in Ocoee.....will you be up for anything?
I'm driving up the 28th and leaving the 31st. Keep me posted.

Best wishes to all the Havenettes.

Unknown said...

HKN-Brilliant post. irie-deb, Sherry, Tempest, MC, Bunny, Laz, Verni, Theresa, Gigi, TBell, Haven ladies your comments are inspirational for a "feel good morning" so thank you! Stargazzer-I agree comments made by Robstensiempre is atypical of past posts so it is suspect. Theresa-need more reading material-Twilight-Missing Pieces by PA Lassister, Everything from Edward's POV (Midnight Sun). Here is a message to the Trolls: Your mind is a powerful thing, when you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change. Try it!
Bunny-love to have more pics of R & K!

Unknown said...

ASFJ-wish you could send the rain over to California!! Due to the drought, residents are facing fines of $500 a day for over watering ones lawn (mine is brown), washing a car without a closed nozzle and using water to wash drive ways or sidewalks. Cannot complain of the 88 degree temperature and low humidly. Gigi, M.C. jotting down all references to fan fiction. Love them.
Later again!

Tbell said...

Standing in check out line at walmart reading your post and LingMAO about your situation. Would say sorry, but I'm not becuz your mishap was our entertainment! LOL I mean that in the most kindest of ways ; ]

Ok...got an excellent fanfic rec. If you are familiar with Plummy and have her on alert skip this comment. If not she just finished The Babysitter. A one shot that she extended. Four long chapters and I actually started over this morning. She also wrote Love in Idleness. This fic is fucking perfection. Period. Very Shakespearish but readable and understandable. Take your time and dont rush.


Enjoy...edwards internal warring with himself over younger Bella is just....hot...thats the only word I can think of right now lol.

Sherry said...

Ladies, ever since reading the confessions of a rag mag writer and how they look at pics and come up with a headline I've been thinking about the pic a year or so ago of Nick and Rob coming out of the grocery store and Rob with the cart full of toilet paper. I have looked it over and I think I have a headline for it.

Kristen Horrified to Learn that Boyfriend Robert Pattinson was Spotted With Mr. Whipple at the Local Grocery Store Squeezing the Charmin! " I had no idea they even knew each other', said a distraught Miss Stewart.

Makes as much sense as some of there trash! Lol .

Have a nice evening ladies.

Lazmeister said...

Hey all, have just woken up to the most awful news about the plane shot down over the Ukraine! Lots of questions being asked over here as to why it was even flying over that zone..... Sending out prayers to all of the families involved..

On a lighter note - ASFJ OMG hilarious! And yes I have it's not very pleasant but funny if you can laugh about it later!

Vee I'm here gorgeous lady...

TBell I answered your ques earlier - I hope you saw it!

Love and best wishes to all..

Anonymous said...

New Kristen pics in LA. http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/n9sr0c50bit1lzptzag7tiqo0v8fj3z6

andreana said...

Hey girls

I saw a discussion above about fan fiction and I writing down all of your suggestions....I have read about 20 so far...most of them were sooo good....my fav I think has been Hit By Destiny...it was hard to read cause the first 20 chapters made me tear up so much it was hard to see....anybody have any recommendations about more stories please pass thim along....I am having so much fun reading so many different stories about the same two people....LOL
Thanks HKN. For your new post...I looked everywhere for those pictures...good old common sense once again.

Morning Coffee said...

Honey I'm Home!

hey girls that are looking for Bella and Edward reads here is FFrecommended reads with summaries and pretty banners and everystory available and where you can read them. This should keep you busy for the next five years.


ASFJ...hysterical story and yes it has happened to me on more than one occasion...well not the rain up my shorts but everything else and sopping wet groceries. Sorry to laugh at your expense but it was funny.

I think we should be good to go by the time you get here...will finalize plans next week sometime.

Have company BBL

Nicci said...

Weird that Kristen drives around with a sticker in window of her car that tells the world what street her Malibu house is on. You'd think she'd want to cover that up so the paps do capture it and spread it everywhere.

andreana said...


Thanks for the link....5 years huh?.... I am barley coming up for air now....lol

Unknown said...

IRIE DEB Your post was really just very special and gave me a renewed understanding for all these frustrating pokes from seriously sick minds. I wake up happy and have a pleasant life with ordinary daily activities and when I read a new post or any post I do not expect to see verbal shots to the body, and I agree, these people are not happy, and I guess they want everyone to be as miserable as they are. Well, it is not going to happen. When you take pot shots at individuals , you really should expect retaliation, like what happened to the JANES. I am even more sure Gigi that I was right about Rob and Kristen and all the magazine bullshit about the 2012 and 2013 picture scandal being a set-up for the gossip magazine. Who specifically was responsible for the set up is probably going to be known. I hope they pay and pay and pay Rob and Kristen forever and ever into eternity. Rob and Kristen have a family now and they need money for the baby's college fund! I am really ready to see a new Rob and/or Kristen movie. You all have good evenings and sleep well MC. Susie from Tornado Alley

Unknown said...

I'm about to tear my hair out! The two boys I watch are still in my house at 9 PM. And the oldest is a pistol. He's 13 but behaves like an immature child. My daughter has a friend over for the night, too. There's too much noise.
I'm sorry you all, but I had to get that out. It's been a rather trying day.
At least I was able to write some this afternoon.
Love you all.

Unknown said...

Hello to all the Havenettes ladies! Sorry I took so long. Still internet. Till tomorrow. You all know how these phone company are. They are pain in the butt. I even rested all day. I was so all day. Anything new?

Unknown said...

Hello to all the Havenettes ladies! Sorry I took so long. Still internet. Till tomorrow. You all know how these phone company are. They are pain in the butt. I even rested all day. I was so all day. Anything new?

vana said...

Hi everyone, hope all is well.

Hey Lazmeister, Windy Hill is a good central point, I don't live in the area but not too far from there.
Work will be consuming a lot of my life now so I probably won't comment much. Not that I don't want to it's just that RL will take over. I'll continue to read the posts though. Love to all.

Anonymous said...

@Nicci, it is well known, where the Malibu house is. It was in the gossip magz with the complete address. There is no use to hide this address, since it is out there anyway. But it is located on a private road, that's why Kristen has the sticker on the whindshield, she needs it to get inside. The papz and tabs are well aware of this house. They even got Rob out on the beach a couple of times there.

andreana said...

Gigi cullen

Girl you need a vacation.....and a babysitter! Lol

Unknown said...

Also, check out this photo with Tamra: https://www.skandaliky.sk/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/alicia5.jpg

That's why I don't buy gossip BS

Lisa G. said...

Really like the car she is driving. Cannot imagine Rob squeezing into that car.

Just wondering how the mad medusa is doing these days. Is she still in hospital?

MN - I don't have tumbler account so I just wanted to respond to know the person who posted question of Rob in Canada on your blog. All I know is that Katy Perry has been in Canada this past week (Montréal, Toronto) for her concerts. Some people just wanting to stir up the pot again.

Nicci said...

@Jumper AH okay. I didn't know people knew where her house was. Makes sense I guess.

@Lisa and whomever was talking about Rob being in Canada - I think people are confused thinking the latest old/new photos of Rob at the Toronto party are new when really they are from when he was filming LIFE. Its just that old/new pics were just found and posted all over so that may be where the Rob/Canada thing is coming from.

I read that Rob (or a Rob-a-like) was spotted in the UK 2 or 3 days ago but who knows if that's accurate. I know their are a few overseas premieres of The Rover coming up. Perhaps he had some press stuff to do prior to that. I imagine there ARE people who look like R out in the world. Now if only I could meet one! ;)

Unknown said...

It is 65 degrees in July here very strange weather and in some places, it is still raining. But it is great to have the rain, we are still dry here. July 16, at 7:48 p.m., I just read that TBELL, TEE HEE, I just love you! You are really funny and I do not like phonies either . It is worth remembering that everyone can lurk, and not very much escapes the machine. Have a really nice day everyone and stay safe on the road! M.C., I am thinking of you, feel better, praying for your health and all those in need this a.m. My hands are hurting again, have to stop tapping the keys. Julie Jade, you sound like a smart cookie. Adios, Susie

Frenchie said...

What do you mean about the picture you posted Julie Jade? I don't know what you are trying to show us...


Unknown said...

Frenchie. K wore that mm shirt in dec and jan. Alicia wore it a week ago. Trolls trying to say it prove alicia and k dating. But this pic showing tamra wore it too. And there is pic of rob wearing his flannel shirt. Then suzie wearing it. Then alicia wearing it. Julie is showing friends share clothing.

Unknown said...

Morning everyone. Still exhausted from yesterday, but I have to get out of the house today. Why do the paps really need pictures of anyone driving a car? Seriously? I'm sure that's annoying for Rob and Kris, and it really can't be safe. I can not stand the paps. They don't give a damn about anything but money. Who could really blame them for hiding the truth? Andreana, I would love a vaca soon. My kids start school one month from today. They're bored and need the structure of a routine. Love you all.

Unknown said...

Anyway frenchie go to verni tumbler. Its the same shirt.

Lisa G. said...

@Nicci - Didn't think that people would assume those pics of Rob would be of a current.

Unknown said...

Thanks Teresa :)

Unknown said...

Lisa g. One of mama followers ask about rob and Canada. She said she was referring to pic of rob a the dinner in canada. Thats from march when he was filming life.

People dont believe Twitter sightings without proof. Lisa im not talking about u. Answering an earlier question.

Frenchie said...

Thanks Teresa!

Unknown said...

Like in the past, Rob and Kristen do like to see if everyone is watching the clothing. I used to think that their wearing each others clothing was just accidental, but anymore, with Rob attending rock concerts with gay girls and Kristen running around with same, basically the clothing may mean, "these are our dear friends, get over it, and leave us alone, as we love everyone of our friends." It is a statement against gay hatred and for equality in all matters. It is a political and personal statement. I think these two actors, Rob and Kristen are married, happily living together with a new baby at home and want for their friends, all of them to have equality in all things. This is the United States, we are all equal in this country. I am super mad at the Supreme court right now, but that is another subject. Women's rights are not being respected by men in this court, religious decisions should not be left up to this court regarding a woman's body. Twitter sightings are always out there for the press to use for Proof? I hope this shooting down of this plane over Post Russian country is now being shown to be Russian led, knowingly shot down of a passenger plane by Pro Russian troops, and Russian soldiers in the Ukraine. I think at this point, if I were Obama, with the mess at the Texas border, the mess over in Israel/Gaza, the new plane downing and the new evidence about Russia-the tape that shows who did what, -Russian denial- I would be at the screaming point-ready to do some damage-and things are just popping everywhere. Let's hope that cool heads prevail. Good grief.

JMF said...

Morning ladies,
Someone asked for an update on Jae, The Mad Medusa. She is going home tomorrow! I am so excited for her. If you are on Twitter you will find her under that name. I have told her you all were pulling for her, and I know she would be happy to talk with all of you.
Have a good day.

Unknown said...

THANKS JMF. Prayer is powerful.

Tbell said...

And yeah Palestinians strap bombs to kids and women to go blow people up....how awesome is that? *insert sarcasm*

Tbell said...

A stray bomb by isreali forces seeking terrorists accidentally killing 4 teenagers is not anywhere in the same zip code as Putin shooting down a civilian airliner and you know it. Its inflamatory terroist like statements like yours that makes this world sick to the point where all people in Palestine do is throw rocks and bitch.

Its so easy to say shit like you do but when you tear it apart and look at the truth yours is simply a lie. US will always back Isreal and when we stop supporting them? Look up because thats where %25 of the population will have gone.

Tbell said...

Every time a palestinian civilian blows up a isrealite, their family is supported by the palestinian government. Explain that.

Unknown said...

Hi to all the Havenettes! I am working tonight. I hope will work when I get home from work. Keep me posted. 12

Morning Coffee said...

Good afternoon ladies i see the idiot patrol is back in full swing...Tbell you are wasting your valuable breath trying to talk to this jackass. She tlaks out of her ass and her words mean nothing to anyone but herself..himself..itself. take your pick.

Don't let it bait you into an answer maybe they will shrivel up and blow back to hell.

Hope you are all having a good day...I'm exhausted been busy all day so far..need a nap.

back this evening.

Morning Coffee said...

hey Arleen have a good evening at work hon. take care.

Unknown said...

WHY IS ANANI HERE? Oh my gosh to bring us love and cheer! POOR LITTLE ANANI. It's time to tip-toe through the tulips dear on your way out! Thanks so much for your lack of input. HKN has been very polite in her treatment of dipshit idiots , please tip-toe out and do not return as we know why you are here and it will not work, we can't hear you, we can't see you and certainly can't speak to you , so do a tiny tip-toe out. Haters to the left please.

Unknown said...

Arleen, have a good evening and be careful coming home. Hope the weather is nice there.

Unknown said...

Morning Coffee, Hope you are successful having nap, I have made five attempts, last one was a Medicare man with new information, and I have the flu. I am going back for another try. Night.

Tbell said...

I know...im an idiot for trying to show what a liar she is because when you expose her lies she just shifts into 2nd and starts down another street with another lie and generalization. Thats why I quit responding to her outrages claims. She's full of shit. How are you this beautiful grey day?

ASFJ said...

Anani...AKA Anus....

And yet you have the freedom to come to this site and criticize us and this blessed country without a fear in the world...can you say that about your own, wrecked and bombed out country???

Go take a hike, sister...

Tbell said...

Oh well I have food on every corner. Maybe Putin can sell some of those wack olympic buildings and buy yall some damn food.

Tbell said...

Remember...you went there first

Tbell said...

For every comment about how awful America is I have 100 for yours so bring it on bitch.

Sherry said...

Anani you need to leave. Just get out. You have no idea what freedom of speech means. Nod you just crossed the line. This is the last time I will ever respond to your nastiness.

Tbell said...

Your equating bread and water as food lol. Were you allowed to turn your lights on today? oh thats right you'd get arrested for that Or indiscriminately shot!

Sherry said...

Sorry meant and you just crossed the line.

Happygirl said...

@anani It's a shame what you are posting here today! Lower with your stupid comments you can't sink!

Sherry said...

Hkn, Can you please block the noise coming from your blog. Some blogger is making a lot of annoying sounds. Very annoying and unwanted.

Sue, I'm under the weather too with a stomach thing. Hope you feel better soon.

Too the rest of the beautiful ladies of the Haven have a nice day and weekend. Love you all.

Happygirl said...

This stupid little Girl don't even care what's going on in the world right now! Yes anani I mean you! If you would care you wouldn't post those comments!

Tbell said...

Gross national income (GNI) is defined as the sum of value added by all producers who are residents in a nation, plus any product taxes (minus subsidies) not included in output, plus income received from abroad such as employee compensation and property income.

GNI figures for 2013.

177.43 billion

242.9 billion PPP dollars

109.3 billion PPP dollars

United states of America
16.51 trillion PPP dollars

12.21 trillion

4.688 trillion

3.516 trillion

3.273 trillion

12.21 trillion

Need I say more. Iraq is better off than your country and not much better than Libya. Russia is a joke. For all the shit we get about debt we still produce, earn, borrow, repay, lend and save better than any other country. Try again.

Morning Coffee said...

Robsten sempre and robsten siempre are not the same person...she never speels siempre..till this time just like you did now anani..

The truth of the matter is you are a miserably unhappy soul..but then that would denote you have a soul and I honestly think you lost yours somewhere along the road in this lifetime.

I feel sorry for you and have nothing but pity for you and others like you. You are aan empty chell of a human being and have no empathy or compassion for anyone in any country or situation. The only thing you know how to do is to point fingers and make fun of everything and everyone else..

You do that to try to deflect the spotlight from shining on your own miserable existance. I will keep you in my prayers..whether you worship God or Allah..no one should have a heart as black as yours.

Don't bother throwing insults back at me..they slide right off because I always consider the source from which anything comes and coming from you an insult is absolutley nothing and worthless.

Ladies please in the face of ignorance such as this troll spews turn your back and walk away. Don't waste your breath, your time or one more moment of your life on it.

Unknown said...

Bravo MC, bravo! We need to change our focus back to what matters - our friendships here, and our love of Rob, Kris, and Sweet Pea. Also, with my fingers crossed, have something for you to read soon. It's been a much more quiet day here at home, and I'm looking forward to the weekend. Arleen, I hope you your internet is back up and running tonight. As for me, I'm going to read over a chapter of Magnolias in New York to email to my beta. Love and abundance to you all.

Unknown said...

And, JMF, thank you for the great news about Jae! Knowing that she's going home soon puts a smile on my face.

Morning Coffee said...

Jmf..Yes thank you for that info on Jae..that's enough to put a big smile on my face..missed that announcement in the midst of all the confusion here.

Gigi...I will be looking forward to the next chapter of Magnolias, love that story so much. Glad you are having a quieter day today.

Unknown said...

Morning Coffee, you are really absolutely right. This troll is from hell. No morals, no compassion, no god in this person, sadly. I cannot hear , see or talk to the face of evil. I feel this is just a game for her and nothing more. Did not sleep but my puppy is nosing me for dinner so I guess it is time for Sugar's dinner bowl. Have a much better evening everyone. Susie from Tornado Alley

LizzieD said...

HI LADIES!! I'm Twirling only figuratively this week as I've been under the weather with a bug, sort of like a flu but don't know for sure.

I truly miss everyone here & I try to keep up with comments as much as possible.

HKN -- Great post!!! The stupidity of the fandom is amazing but one day, someday, they'll all know the truth :))


Unknown said...

MC, sweet lady, you have mail. XXOO

ASFJ said...

Hi All:

Just gave my precious 3-year-old back to Daddy. Phew...I love him with all my heart, but boy am I pooped.


I'm twirling along with you! Haven't had much time for anything, but I have been lurking on and off....you go girl! Ninja mode for both of them means only one thing!!!!

Tbell, MC, Sue, Sherry and Happygirl and anyone else I've missed....thank you for answering ANUS....she obviously is not a student of history...her country just lost a great patriot a few weeks ago, but she wouldn't know about it...she has to be 12 years old.......all I can say is, what would they have done without aid from the good old U.S. of A.?


I tried to click on to your FF and had no success.. gonna try MC's tip....5 years worth of reading is what I'm looking for!! I hope I live that long!!

Have to say how much I love you girls.....you are the absolute best....


Sorry about any Aussies on that plane....such a tragedy...I saw there was one woman who lost family on both Malaysian flights and she is an Aussie.....so sorry!!

Love you all...

Lazmeister said...

Wow ASFJ Thank-you for such a beautiful sentiment! I believe that there were just as many Americans?? And yes it has been all over the news about the family that has now lost people on both flights absolutely tragic....
I'd love to wade into the Israel/Palestine argument with you TBell, I have seen so many disturbing videos in the past week (I work with people directly involved) that I just wish that more people would see what atrocioties the P leader asks his people to do in the name of Allah! Discraceful. But you're right this probably isn't the forum and some people will never get it anyway.
Vee - hey lovely lady I hope ll is well.
JMF thanks so much for the news about Jae, I sent her a message on Tumbl so I hope she got it.
Pookie and RKFaith I so hope you're still lurking and all is well, would love to hear from you.
MC, Gigi, Vana, LizzieD (so good to hear from you!) SueM and happy girl and all other Havenettes - hope you have a brilliant Saturday with lots of love.

Annie said...

Evening all.

I see you all got bombarded today........Shakes head in disbelief.


I hope everyone is doing well.

I pray for the souls lost in the tragedy involving the Malaysian Airlines jet over Ukraine........
May their souls rest in peace and may the family and friends left behind find some measure of peace as well. The sorrow and pain unimaginable.
So many innocent lives lost.....It's a global tragedy.

Annie said...

Laz: Hi there.

The news here is reporting just one American, a Dutchman with dual citizenship.

Caroline said...

This whole flight thing is a tragedy, particularly for those parents who lost their three children, but also what a sad loss for HIV/AIDS research to lose so many brilliant minds on their way to the Melbourne AIDS conference. Biggest Aussie loss of life since the Bali bombings. As an Australian, I feel numb this morning.

Morning Coffee said...

Evening Ladies...

This is a very solemn moment for the entire world of rational thnking people..so many senseless deaths, so many broken families from such tragic loss. Praying for the families of all the victims.

I will never understand senseless violence and hatred. Ever.

I hope that everyone here is doing well in their personal lives and Lazmeister, Caroline, Tempest and vana..to all the aussies amongst us..my sympathies for the loss of your fellow citizens.

warm wishes..MC

Morning Coffee said...

ASFJ...Too bad we can't bottle the energy of a three year old and sell it we would be wealthy in no time.

I know you are exhausted tonight, I feel like someone ran me over than backedup and did it again. ;)

No rain today for us nice change to actually see blue skies, but it was very hot..still is tonight.

Girls if you want a really good read...Gigi newest story Magnolias in NY is so very good..take a peek and leave her some reviews.

Annie, Vern, Tbell, andreana, susie in tornado alley, JMF, Sherry love you girls..

if I missed anyone it's only cause my brain is in idle mode at the moment. BBL

andreana said...

Anani. Ninny. Nin•com• poop

Sincerely ....Andreana.... :~(

Unknown said...

God bless all of you from Holland, Australia and all who lost relatives on the airliner lost over Russian terrorist territory. We cannot possibly know your pain but pray for the peace of the Lord's spirit be with you now in the name of God. May the blessed one bless. We honor your loss and just pray for peace now. Please have a pleasant evening Haven and I am actually going to bed finally. This virus really has been tough. Oklahoma has voted for gay rights today and the judge ruled for gay equality in marriage . I was pleased and surprised, this is a very Republican state, anti gay and anti almost everything. I am Democrat and a liberal. Of course, the conservative base will fight this decision. Hopefully, sexual equality will survive the constant war against it. Stay strong Haven, the haters are having a serious meltdown. Susie from Tornado Alley, cool and comfortable weather tonight.

Unknown said...

Oh thank you MC! I'm trying to make this new fic as good as I possibly can. I will say I'm a much better writer than when I started in 2011. My heart and prayers are with everyone who was effected by the recent tragedies. Have a good night you all.

Morning Coffee said...

Night girls...can't keep eyes open. have a wonderful weekend. Sweet dreams.

Tempest said...

I'm sorry to butt in here but can I just say one thing?
I couldn't give a rats ass who is to blame, whose economy is to blame, whose country supported, didn't support, bringing or buying weapons of who...

Innocent lives lost is inocent lives lost, its as simple as that.
I came from a country, who had over 30 yrs of trouble/war, whatever floats your boat. Did I understand it, no, did support innocent lives lost, no and this tragedy that's happened is exactly the same. I don't care what country you come from, as long as you understand that throwing the blame aund doesn't hange what has happened or what does happen every single day in this world - terrorism is terrorism.

Living now in Australia, my heart is heavy for the families who have lost loved ones because of this and reminds me of a little over 2 yrs ago, when my family and I traveled the same flight path from London to begin a new life here. I doesn't matter your argument, innocence taken cruely away, can never be revenged or argued. Their place in an act of terrorism is a result in a senseless loss of life that, like so many, will never be forgotten.

Tempest said...

Excuse the typos, I rushed my comment

Unknown said...

I AGREE . Terrorism is terrorism. We experienced that on 9-11. It can happen anywhere. There is no other issue, the world is in shock again.

Unknown said...

Afternoon all would just like to give my Condolences to the families and countries who have lost loved ones i cant begin to know how they feel,love all you ladies so have a great weekend take care be safe.

andreana said...

To little....to late....

Unknown said...

Morning ladies! How is everyone? I have a lot on my plate today - cleaning and baking. My daughter is having Xmas in July in her small group, and I'm making something for mine. Hopefully, I'll have time later on to write. Love how Rob and Kris are MIA right now, but we know what they're doing. Thank you, Tempest, for your words of wisdom. Terrorism hurts everyone. It's tearing apart the world. I hate having to explain it to my children.
I'm praying for those who were involved. Much love to my Haven sisters.

Sherry said...

The noise is back. Hopefully it will go away.

Good morning ladies. I will never understand hate that drives a person to or group of people to hate others so much that they think they have to eradicate them from the earth. Of course we deal with hatred here on a regular basis and I don't understand that either.

Have a nice weekend ladies. Love you all.

andreana said...

This is my hole you are the intruder here...you leave.....I am sure everyone will agree...you are the cancer here

andreana said...


Call the exterminator... vermin of the lowest form have invaded the haven....

andreana said...

I am going to read your story..its on my list..I will wait for it to be finished first....I like to binge read! Lol. I can't get over how creative all of you writers are...the stories I have read are really good.!

Unknown said...

Good Morning Haven, dear ANDREANA and Sherry I hope you are feeling good and learning to talk around pests. I just heard another idea about shoot down of this plane stating this airline was targeted. In the days ahead we will probably have a million reasons why nearly 300 innocents died. There is no reasoning terror. It does not think. It just is. I woke up to 60 degree weather, very pleasant hugs and kisses from a boxer named Sugar and we have to think just one thing. Life is a real gift from God, let's enjoy our friends and family and not waste one minute on hate or allow anything to destroy the love of life. I really can appreciate the need for Rob and Kristen to have privacy to have a life and hope their world is safe and full of contentment. I wish the same for each of you! Hello Morning Coffee! Good Morning Annie, TRACEYBELL, VERNIER, Gigi, Tina, HKN,LAZMEISTER, LIZZIE D, ARLEEN, and everyone of the HAVENETTES, let's remember that love is all you need. Love you all, Susie

Unknown said...

MAMA NAILS, your tumbler is such a pleasure and thank you for all you do! I also love to read TBELL and VERNIER'S tumbler. Mama, I think your kitty and dog pics and animal pics are just great. The bunny and the cat hopping along together is a howl! It is a pleasure to read you and I know you must be having fun doing it! Have a wonderful weekend. Love, Susie

Morning Coffee said...

Hi everyone...it's going to be a very lazy day for this old girl today...I really over did it yesterday running around in the heat, knocked me for a loop. By last night my legs looked like tree stumps and felt just as numb..but the rest of me was an aching mess.

I will use this time to catch up on reading and movies..can't clear my head enough to write.

Watched the movie Heat last night I had recorded it and never got around to looking at it..I laughed so hard I had tears rolling and gave myself a stich in my side.

If you haven't seen it yet give yourself a treat. Sandra Bulloch and Melissa McCarthy was a winning combo. they deserved more recognition for this than they got.

andreana I am with you..I hate reading stories that are not complete..I have been burned too many times people never finishing them. However I do know Gigi will finish this one it is too good not to.

Sue..you and sugar have a good day and enjoy some of those cooler temps..it is horribly hot today, heavy air and almost white skies.

If you have a spare moment today remember the victims of the airliner and their families pray for peace for them. Pray for the victims of terrorism no matter where it raises it's demonic head.

I love you all my sweet ladies..have a blessed weekend.

Nolagirl..RKFaith..and Pookie you three ladies are in my prayers and hoping one day to here from each of you again. if you are lurking know that you are not only loved and missed but a vital part of this group of women.

andreana said...


Who are you kidding here....oh you care....you care...poor pitiful pearl....you make me sick and you make me laugh...I don't know which side of you is the most interesting....but you keep this locked in whatever amount of brain material you operate under....you are VERMIN....and you are the intruder here....make no mistake about it.

andreana said...


Yeah...I was reading a story I got interested in ...Edward an Bella met in an airport and edward was a herion addict trying to get clean.
.. it just ended right when he was coming out of rehab....WTF?.
.no resolution at all...that is just cruel...lol... I will wait for gigi to finish hers....I.am sure it will be good.... she is a RKian....she gets it....lol


The cat and the bunny did me in ...I am in a coma under sweetness overload.......!lol

Annie said...

Afternoon all.

Anani: Be quiet.
Aids or any other deadly disease is not a laughing matter.

Andreana: It seems as if you're enjoying reading the stories. There are really some excellent writers out there. Hoping things are great with you.

It's cloudy and mild out here...........Nice after the stifling humidity which comes back on Monday......The weekend break is nice though. :)

MC : Nothing bad at all about taking it easy. :) Enjoy!

andreana said...

Hey newyork Annie

Yeah I am deeply entrenched in fan fiction....I have read most of the stuff recommended on SRWN....that is the reason I have been MiA from the Haven...I am reading like an obsessed fool... my favorites so far have been hit by destiny and firefly in summer....so. good...!
I check in everyday and read to keep up with everybody......hope you are doing ok.....!Sooner or later I may get sick of Edward and Bella.......nah....that won't happen! LOL

Unknown said...

Hi HKN, Gigi, Morning Coffee, JMF, LizzieD, ASFJ, Lazmeister, Annie, Vernier, JMF, Vana, andreana, sue morris, Tempest, Tina Wotherspoon, and the rest of Havenettes ladies! Sorry, I didn't get home til 12am from work and alittle grocery shopping.
Tempest, Well said.
I don't know about the rest of you. If I were you all, I would ignore that bully. Yes, anani is bully. Needs to stop coming from here. Someone should filing a report on that bully. HKN, can you delete that please. I don't like bullies. I think I don't know about the rest of the HKN Havens here. I think that bully should leave. You have been nothing but a bully here. You should behind bars. Bullies like you. I believe that bullies should behind bars for bully.
Sorry for the rest of the HKN Havens ladies.

Unknown said...

I didn't mean you Havenettes. I meant that Anani is bully. So if I you all I would ignore that bully. I don't know about you all I believe we should ignore that bully. Trolls and haters are nothing but a big bully. Sorry for the rest of you, I am tired and cranking. But that bully really needs to leave. And Tempest if you can. Can you help HKN to filing a report against that bully.

andreana said...

Good. Glad you are happy...

Unknown said...

Anani, You are nothing but a big bully here. Why can't you disappear. Because you have been coming here for being rude. And I wonder if you ever been bully when you are in your school years. And you don't belong here. Stop coming here and if you don't like what we say here. Then leave. All you do is coming here and bully us here.

andreana said...

I am happy to hear you agree with everything I said about you....you are fun to play with...you are entertainig.

Unknown said...

DEAR ARLEEN, pretty much true that ANANI is a bully and most ignore her. I think she enjoys a game of blame and insult and wants attention, any way she can get it. When you do not talk to her but talk around her, it makes her mad. I believe she is very much mentally ill and Tempest has spent a lot of time helping us with her. She does the trolling because it makes her happy, she likes to irritate, but she just looks sick and nobody really hears her anymore. She is just noise in the background you ignore and forget, but do not answer, because no one wants to argue with a sick mind, that just does not work and does not make sense. Hope you had a good day Arleen. Bye for now, Susie

a stargazzer said...

I can't believe how much violence we had been seeing lately. I pray for world peace and for the hand of God to touch the hearts of men everywhere so we can make solutions based on love and not greed and hate.

Well said. I also loved The Heat great and funny.
Let's ignore the heartless troll by talking about better things.
Can you imagine Robsten in a buddy cop comedy? That would be hilarious!
You know another movie they could make a remake of Speed. I think that would be a great story to work with both.

Unknown said...

Thank you Sue! Sorry I am still cranky.

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