Monday, January 20, 2014

Sundance, A Jacket, A Cap, And A Dog Named Cole

Robert Redford: Are you nervous?
Kristen: yeah. I'm shitting my pants.
Robert Redford: Good it'd be weird if you weren't.

Kristen if I met Robert Redford I'd be shitting my pants too lol.

Kristen working it at Sundance. Looking good. So is that very  visible baby bump. 

Can I say how much I love Josh Horowitz? 

Guess that answers that question. From her own mouth. Cole. Guess that means I have to stop calling the pup Baby B :(

Funny how that differs from what In Style Germany said she told them. Just goes to show you not everything a print magazine says they said is true. Even if it is in quotes. Kinda like with Rob and the many print interviews during Dior promo claiming he said things and the one or two video interviews with the words coming from his own mouth he didn't say a word about his personal life. Yeah that.

One more for the Sundance road. 


Kristen arriving back in LA.

That jacket looks familiar.

Thank you fandom csi! Good job!

And again for good measure for any dipshidiots whose brain can't compute the obvious.

Tell me again she doesn't look pregnant.

And while we're on clothes sharing. This cap she's wearing a few days before she left for Sundance. Yeah it's Rob's.

Damn that cap gets shared a lot!

We got this picture of Rob supposedly in LA. The dipshidiots about had a cow.

  Uhm not sure if it is recent. Some are saying it is geo tagged from LA and recent. I'm not tech savvy enough to understand the whole geo tag thing so who knows where he is. Timbuktoo for all we know.

Are we getting ninja fooled again?

Movie News!

Jack Fulton has been added to the Life cast as Rob's character Dennis Stock's son Rodney.
He's too adorable!

Kristen is definitely confirmed for Equals.

This just in! It looks like Kristen will be playing Julianne Moore's daughter Lydia in Still Alice. 


Kristen a good while back.

Kristen Now.

I rest my case. 

Lots of rumors swirling. Could it be?


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salena said...

I loved the post as always! :) Thanks so much for sharing! Kristen looks so good, I mean she is glowing! :) I'm so happy for my favorite couple :) They are going to be great parents :) Can't wait to see what's next :) Great things ahead! :) <3

Anonymous said...


Still Alice is still a rumor since no official announcement has been made just rumors from fans and that screen cap says a NEW script is available

Anonymous said...

Awesome my friend!!!!!!!! Ready to celebrate!!!!!

Morning Coffee said...

Thanks again HKN for keeping us all in the loop.

thank you for putting up with all the BS that you do and for sticking to your guns. I admire your tenacity.

Thank you for always putting a giant smile on my face.

Blessings to you and the rest of the havens and for Robert and Kristen and little?

Anonymous said...

HKN, we need to buy some drinks? We can share with your cousin :)

Hatersknownothing said...

Holy smokes I've been getting some interesting Dm's on Twitter!

Anonymous said...

HKN- I love your blog. Great job! Well night again. And to the rest of you. Hugs!

Unknown said...

Love your post,HKN!!! :)

Rae H. said...

ROBSTENSIEMPRE,..STILL ALICE is listed on Kristen Stewart's Google IMDb page and it's listed as 2015.

Check it for your self. I don't know about you but I think there would be a big ruckus from the film's production people over a fake claim to star in their project. Plus it would open Kristen up to all kinds of
unfavorable criticism.

I think she's had enough of that to last her a life time. Don't you?

Unknown said...

Good morning!
HKN - great post, I love it!

Unknown said...

HKN you are the best.
Sundance was awasome and so exciting! There is sooo much good news around their careers at the moment! I think we should just be happy for them, ignore the haters and wait and see..

HKN - I love your little hints.. what exactly are you saying? Do you know anything substantial about a wedding? Are you hinting at an exaplanation for the tans after July 2012??

Unknown said...

Regarding the new Still Alice project which is still not 100% confirmed. The word on the street is that K will play Lydia, Alice's daughter and Kate Bosworth Anna, the other daughter. Since filming starts in a few weeks and Anna is the prganant of the 2 in the (really great!) book - I have a hunch the casting might be the other way around.. but we'll have to wait and see.
Like mentioned before, these things are never final until filming starts.
In the mean time - read the book, its amazing and K should be in the movie remake of it!

Petie said...

Still Alice I'd such a good book. I can't wait to see it in screen, especially now with Kristen on board! Alzheimer's entirety is my passion & of great importance to me. It's something I'm quite involved with professionally.
I don't see the match between the blue denim jacket. Not saying it isn't...I'm just not seeing it.

Happygirl said...

@Rae H. sorry but IMdb isn`t really legit or how do you explain that they don´t listed Equals which is confirmed from Kristen herself?

felicity said...

imdb: everyone with a pro-account is able to change the entries there. it is as legit as wikipedia. everyone with an account is able to mess there too. smh. if someone believes that those entries there are reliable......

there is NO confirmation about kate bosworth or alec baldwin for Still Alice, by the way.. none! it is a rumor as well.

they are also still looking for funding for this movie. i love the book, by the way. very interesting to read.

if we should have learned one thing about indie movies, during the last couple of years, it is, that the filming start dates are in flux. they can be pushed back and pulled forth, just as they needed to be. remember Mission Blacklist? yeah, just like that.

have a good day everyone and hi HKN.

Saphire1231 said...

A really nice post HKN... well put together and I love the use of the various pictures illustrating the nuances and meanings LOL.


I am not disputing clothing here... but would like to point out a thought of my own.

Could it be that the lighting in the two pictures (the denim jacket is the one I speak of) is just different... hence the colour difference... Pictures can do that!

I am a honey blonde naturally and I have several pictures over the years where my hair looks almost brunette due to various lighting conditions (i.e. daylight v night, inside v outside.

Cheers Chrissie.

Unknown said...

My God,you deal with seams on their jackets? This is perverse.It does not make meaning.I've never experienced before.

Vernier said...

HKN awesome post as ever you knocked it out of the park.
As to anani and Leah there are two reason HKN didn't answer the puppies name 1. Maybe that never came up in her convo with her cousin or two at the time K got the pup till now they hadn't spoke. All of HKN blogs do not say she talk to her cousin and was told anything. So get a grip. Stop trying to start stuff.
HKN you own them. They keep coming back to see what you say and sticking around to try and break us down. They are not smart enough to know they are giving you hits and we are NOT breaking. To each his own but stop the attacks trolls.

fishyone2 said...

Without naming names, I love people who come on here "I'm a fan but..............". No you are not. This is HKN's blog - if you don't like it - don't read it. Its a very simple and mature action to take. Go to GC and post your jacket stitching theories.

Anyone who has not read "Still Alice" - its a must read. Very beautifully written - as the book progresses and the main character is further along in her illness, the voice of the narrator changes. You have to read it to understand but I thought it was a very subtle but effective tool.

Flowergirl said...

Saphire123...regarding the jacket... although I did not scrutinize the pattern of the stitching, the similarities are there and it seems to be sized for a man. The hat with the white rectangular symbol, however, is undeniable. Now, my question is, why would Kristen be wearing these things or even be in possession of them is her and Rob "broke up" in May? I also agree with you about photographic lighting. I too am a blonde, and have pictures of my hair looking almost white, while in others red. I've not been one to mull over pics and compare R/K's choice of clothing, but the similarities HKN pointed out in this post are there.

GaliRK said...

I loved the new post as always HKN your on point. Good job

natt39 said...

Great post HKN,and 2014 is going to be fantastic professionally with some great movies coming out and also personally as they prepare for the most important role in life as new parents here in just a few months,I saw Kerry Washington at the sag awards and you could barely tell she was 7 months pregnant it was amazing I wish both peace and happiness to Rob and Kristen!

GaliRK said...

Loving all your comments except for the negative ones. You ladies are amazing for sure

rklove said...

Hello Ladies!!

Saw this on my TL this morning and can't make up my mind about it. Makes me giddy to think it might be real tho: Thoughts???HKN??

Stay safe in this winter storm everyone!!

Unknown said...

HKN Thank you for the happy, funny, informative new post that is so pleasant to read. I think that we do have some nit-pickers in the peanut gallery again! There are always a few bad apples in the old bag. You just have to throw them out before they spoil the whole bunch! Kristen looks so happy and you know she is thrilled about the new movies for later gator! Clothing is going to look different after washing a million times, even jeans jackets, and you know that one has got to be Rob's , but he is much bigger in the shoulders now, even old ladies can see that .Thank you HKN for reminding us that they are doing great and life is good!

Unknown said...

Did anyone read the comments after the last Rob sighting (which seems old)?



Unknown said...

WOW craziness on those comments indeed!!!
They actually tagged Kristen???
No limits at all,it seems.
They act as if Kristen would actually answer goodbye

Unknown said...

HKN as always a fantastic post right to the point thankyou, loving all the positive posts,take care be safe.

Annie said...

@Fishyone2: I think we should start naming names:):)
I'm going to laugh my way through the snow and freezing temps in NYC today.
Good grief the desperation by some is off the charts....You can't flatten a cap, jackets not the same, curve different, stitching different, should fit this way, that way......Man oh man!.....

Unknown said...

OMG, I SO HAPPY TO. USED BY YOU HAVE MY PICTURE, THANK YOU I LOVE ROBSTEN * ........ *, I LOVE YOU , I'm so happy for my favorite couple

Tbell said...

Great post HKN! Grew up with a crazy lovin robert Redford mother so I think ive seen all his films lol so yeah id be nervous to. It be like meeting steve mcqueen, paul Newman, or william holden. Anyway such a good post.

Im gonna answer the color question once and for all. Computers, phones, ipad etc or any device that uses similar technology to decipher color? They will NEVER EVER be true. If you go on any site that sells anything to do with color choice? That site will recommend obtaining raw samples because theres no way color you see on screen will be accurate. I personally know this to be true because ive had several paint color fails over the last year on sherwin williams site lol. That is the exact reason some comments here about blond hair photographing different. Same reason kristens hair is a multitude of colors. That, and dyed brunette hair changes color as it fades and turns red. No getting around it lol.

When our generation went digital we lost a depth of true color. Ask any photographer. They only went digital because of cost.

I posted a link to a pic of a jacket and im pretty sure it was same jacket HKN posted, just another photo at different time. And if its not same jacket? Who cares? And to be honest I dont give a shit what anyone thinks. I know what I know, I know what I feel, and I know what I see. And I've been married ahella long time and been through several kids and life to know people do make it work and im tired of hearing from people who focus on the 50% who dont.

Fourthly (I know)
I dont go to sites who openly disagree with kristen being pregnant and make comments and try to convince people she is. Why do people come here to try to convince us of their opinion? Why do they care? Whats it to em?

Ok stepping down.

Still basking in sundance glow. Hopefully I'll get a sunburn lol.

Please keep posting links of this twitter stuff going around. Those of us who dont do twitter say thank you.

Have a good day. Sorry for the novel but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do ; ]

Unknown said...


hello girls, this photo is already the new movie robert?

I loved the new post hkn. :)

Tbell said...

That pic you posted looks photo shopped. If not really crappy photography *shrugs*

Tbell said...

Chanel is showing in Paris today so if kristen went we should see photos today. Cant imagine her going if not at least for chanel. She would have probs flown private I would think. Any Havener's heard?

Tbell said...

now I'm answering my own question lol. Chanel showed...no kristen.

Hatersknownothing said...


Which pic? The new one of Rob with the two guys? That has been the subject of much debate. The comments on his instagram has everyone talking lol.

Tbell said...

Hey there hkn
No I was referring to the pic that Aurora posted Lol. but now that I look at that pic it looks weird to me too lol. I swear its going to get to the point that no one believes any pic that's ever posted haha.what are people saying about that pic with the two guys?

onagee said...

Hello! It's a random b/w pic of a girl in a showgirl costume, seen through an open door, and you can see part of Rob's face in the background. It may be from Dior cameos.

DarkSoul89 said...

the pic could be from WFE but i'm not sure

felicity said...

alexa... seriously.. rob is playing T.E. Lawrence.. there will be NO showgirls in this movie about Gertrude Bell. roflmao.

Janie said...

Are you for real? Don't any of you follow Rob's career? It's a picture from the Dior ad campaign. Seriously.

Tbell said...

Jane? Who me? Or alexa? If me, to be honest I watched video all of 1 time. Looked at pics RD posted but thats really it. I dont watch things over and over like that. If I wanna see sumpin specific I google it lol.

Janie said...

Tracy, no not you. I thought it was obvious who I was referring to without naming names. Sorry. You will never hear me talking like that about the true fans here. You know who you are.

Lisa G. said...

I have to say that the pic of Rob and showgirl looks weird to me. The girl looks fine but Rob in comparison to the rest of the photo just does not look right; JMO. If the pic is part of the ad than this is different in style than what I have seen for the campaign.

Tbell said...

So that pic of rob and two guys has led to that on twitter? Hmmm. Do you know what rk vs them knows and she emailed to madforrobsten? What are you hearing? Gawd...I gotta join twitter lol.

Tbell said...

Jane lol. I didn't take offense was just wondering because im one of those fans who arent into the commercial stuff. I mean they look amazing in both their perfume ads but I get into that so I would've never known it was dior lol.

Lisa g
I agree the photo looks like rob was shopped in the background lol. Not even same lighting :/

Tbell said...

At jane
Im a goober...should have reaf "I dont get into that"...phones.

Tbell said...

*deep breath*

Unknown said...

I doubt what was posted on Instagram is true. They posted something about Rob's 'Australian' manager. The only manager I've ever heard associated with Rob is Nick Frenkel. I don't think he employs more than one manager.

Janie said...

Tracy, I say it's from the Dior because the scene where he pulls beads back to view Camille it's the same time period. I've never see Rob in anyhing with that same time period. Slash me with a wet noodle if I'm wrong. LOL

Janie said...

Check out Spunk Ransom. Yaela Vonka on twitter talks about fitting costumes for Nicole Kidman, Robert Pattinson and James Franco. You'll have to read it for yourself.

Tbell said...

Sophie oh
I think rob has a different agent in London so you never know. That twitter seems crazy though.

Tbell said...

Wet noodle huh? Lol. Thanks for the heads up on costume fitting thing. Now we know why he was in london, besides visiting family, in december. Probably other movie related preproduction activities also. How much you wanna bet more stuff and pics start popping up on IG, twitter etc. Now that rob is probably almost done (if not already) filming.

Has anyone else noticed that in the past fan encounters, movie stuff, etc would be posted immediately. Now its like everyone has made an agreement to wait and post their pics? Im probably over generalizing lol.

Marta said...

Also she tabs seam to be afraid of being sued or sth. How could they not post anything yet? Maybe they were told not to try anything by RK and their teams...

felicity said...

yeala vonka also stated on facebook, that she never met any of the actors at the costume fitting. she only tagged the actors of the movie. .. so.. there is still no confirmation that rob is there. and she will be wearing a costume with an underdress under a pink dress.. an oriental dancer. not a showgirl.

Tbell said...

Aaaand the plot thickens lol. I'll just stay out of this one cause I clearly have no idea what im talking about lol.

See anani
I can admit when im wrong. Ha!

But on another note...how the hell do you fit costumes without the actor being present? Measurements?

Janie said...

Felicity, Always here to set the record straight. Thanks

Janie said...

The cap in question looks like the one Rob is wearing is brand new and the one Kristen has on is faded, worn and with sweat lines. No wonder she wears it, it smells like her man.

Barbara Fenwick said...

Great post Hkn. Your post always make me happy. Kristen looks fantastic. I can tell from looking at her that everything in her life is right. Thank you for keeping us informed .

andreana said...

rock a bye baby on the tree top, when the wind blows the cradle will rock!!!!!! That girl is hiding something....LOL....did you hear about Laura Liney hiding her pregnancy until after she gave birth...See it can be done...thanks for the post HKN...I back on board full steam!

Morning Coffee said...

Just dropping in to see the topic of the day...about the showgirl pic. Has anyone besides me noticed the leg bent at the knee doesn't contain a foot? Piss poor job of photo shopping if you ask me. Which of course no one did.

sometimes I just have to sit back and laugh at the shenanigans of the trolls.

BBL. Hi to all the HKN havens....you all know who you are and I love each of you for supporting Rob and Kristen.


Janie said...

Well, obviously I was wrong about the picture. Owning up to it. Good eye morning coffee.

Morning Coffee said...

I learned to really study photos at JFK...not all is as it seems. No worries.

Even photos that are legitimate depends on the angle the photographer wants you to see.

One photo that all the gossip rags passed around of her supposedly intimate dinner with RS....
you could see her eyes weren't looking at him, yet the two of them were the only ones appearing in the photo...looked cozy.

However from a different angle you could actually see that Charlize Theron was sitting between the two of them at a dinner for the cast, that's who Kristen was actually looking at.

Just goes to show you can no longer even believe pictures.

Have a great evening Jane.

casbaby said...


color different but is same

Anonymous said...

Hi HKN, felicity, LizzieD, Vana, Irene, Tempest, Elizabeth, Sanni K, GaliRK, SusannahKay, Tina Wotherspoon, Tracybell, vernistene, Nancy Allen, sue morris, rklove, RKsoulmates913, and the rest of HKN Havens! I just got home from babysitting and tutoring. Everything went great. Except for the tutoring. But we are working on it. So what have I miss here?

Lillianolivia.white@gmail.com said...

Great Post, HKN. Kristen looked wonderful & so happy at Sundance. The reviews were great& I'm so proud of our girl. Can't wait for this movie and for Rob to do promo for the movies he's has coming up. We have so much to look forward to this year with this adorable couple.

Unknown said...

Your admiring,

NOLA girl said...

HKN - thank you so much! When I saw the photo of Kristen and Redford, all I could think was "your girl is lovely Hubble".

I know there are people who hate when we look for shared clothing, but I love it. I prefer to think of it as positive reinforcement!

Hope everyone is staying warm and well. This is the coldest winter we've had in the New Orleans area in several years - ugh! Tonite is the umpteenth hard freeze warning since winter began and winter will only be a month old tomorrow. We're also being warned of a possibility of snow on Friday. It's the apocalypse!!

Arlene - hang in with the tutoring and be careful.

Marta - the gossip rags have been saying Rob and Kristen have been broken up since May. The only girl Rob hasn't been dating is Mary Poppins. How do they walk this one back? That's probably why you haven't heard a peep about a baby from them. No official confirmation has been given either, although that has never been something that stopped them from speculating when they want to. All I know is any day Rob and Kristen are left alone by the media is a good day. I wish they would move on and find someone else to torture. Scum...

Stay awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi HKN, felicity, LizzieD, Vana, Irene, Tempest, Elizabeth, Sanni K, GaliRK, SusannahKay, Tina Wotherspoon, Tracybell, vernistene, Nancy Allen, sue morris, rklove, RKsoulmates913, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all. I love all your comments.
NOLA girl-Thanks! I really appreciated. I will. Night!

Unknown said...

Its not often that I have been brought to tears in this fandom, but last night was one of them. The first time I cried in this fandom were happy tears, was when I was at work and received an email from my Twilight online best friend saying that there were photos of Rob and Kristen at a Paris airport tarmac holding hands. It was the first time we officially saw that they were a couple after more than a year of trying to prove to the haters that they were together even though there was a tonne of evidence already. When I showed my husband the comments left for me on this blog last night, he hugged me, because he knows more than anyone what a staunch supporter of Rob and Kristen I am. God bless him for enduring my obsession with Rob and Kristen and all things Twilight over the last 5 years.

I have stated I have a research/science background. I can’t help that I look at the fine details. That’s just who I am. Ironically some of the early clothes comparison photo collages floating around this fandom to prove RK were sharing clothes were actually done by me. I didn’t just look at the photos HKN posted and immediately dismiss them. I had already spent time researching the jackets for my own knowledge and knew they were not a match. That does not make me a hater. Its just makes me someone who wants to be sure that what we are seeing is correct and can’t be disputed.

I did not explain the differences in the jacket properly, and I was remiss in doing that. I didn’t mean I could tell what stitch they used in making the Edward Eclipse jacket, I meant that there is an inch wide criss cross diagonal stitch design that runs along the front of the jacket where the button holes are. Kristen’s jacket doesn’t have this. The pockets are also different.

G-Slim Tailor Jacket – This is the Eclipse jacket


Edward/Rob wearing the Denim Eclipse Jacket. If you look closely it has the same Diagonal stitch design along the hole buttons at the front of the jacket.


Kristen’s jacket up close. The diagonal design is not here.


This jacket that Rob is wearing in the pic below is almost an exactly replica to Kristen and when I first researched this, I was positive it was the same. Every detail is exact, except for the buttons.


@Sapphire 1231
Firstly, thank you for being kind when addressing me.
As for the other jacket, I stand by that’s its not the same jacket either. I understand the lighting can affect the colour of the jacket, but there are photos of Rob inside the store and outside the store and the colour is significantly lighter, but most importantly Rob’s jacket has two thick stitch seams along the front and Kristen’s doesn’t and the pockets are completely different. Again, I didn’t explain that well enough in my original post, which doesn’t really matter since it was deleted.

In this picture you can see Rob’s jacket clearly as he walking alongside Tom, which is the same jacket as posted in the pic above.


Kristens when she arrives in LAX.


I was really hurt by the ‘you are not an RK’ fan today, or being called a rotten apple etc. I know in my heart that I am a fan.

I’m sorry I have given the wrong impression, but I do believe a few of you need to step back a bit and not be so angry if someone has a different view. In the end it was just a jacket and I’m sorry I ever said anything, because the hurt I felt in being called a hater, was not worth it.

I hope this fandom finds its heart again, because I do believe some have lost theirs along the way.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Good morning, love all their positive reports and thoughts!

@ Laura M - great post! And there are photos of kristen and Rob from the airport in Paris? or have I misunderstood?
If this were true why are not the photos on the net?
beautiful still all day

Unknown said...

And we should take from the dresses ask distance, it is not important that rob and kristen are doing well, they are happy. And kristen their pregnancy healthy and brings in peace behind.

Unknown said...

Also, I have never once argued with anyone over whether Kristen is pregnant or not. This is only my opinion. Someone made a general comment on the previous thread that if you don’t believe she is pregnant, then what are you doing here? Since when did this become a Pregnancy blog? This blog started out as a Rob and Kristen support blog and that’s why I’m here. I still believe in Rob and Kristen, even if I’m a little different and rely more on facts than assumption.

We have lost sight of who the true haters are. Remember, they are the ones that hate on Kristen simply because they are jealous that Rob fell in love with her. I have felt the wrath of the haters for trying to prove Kristen was at Nick Jarecki’s birthday party, or because I believe she was the girl in the truck. Haters are not people who try to find correct pieces of evidence, and as we know Kristen has been wearing some of Rob’s clothes and no one who breaks up with someone or hates them would ever do that.

I don't know what the future will bring. I don't know if Kristen is pregnant or not? My hope for the future is that we see Rob and Kristen together, forever and with a family. I look forward to my 7 year old daughter growing up, so I can share my passion of Twilight with her and read the books with her and I hope she falls in love with Edward and Bella and Rob and Kristen as I have.

Unknown said...

Sorry, no Sanni. The photos I was talking about were when they were on the New Moon Promo and Kristen and Rob were holding hands as they left the airplane. There was already so much evidence out there, but it was the first time where it wasn't just based on seeing them together, sharing clothes etc, etc, etc, but they actually were holding hands like a couple. I cried happy tears that day.

Unknown said...

Ah ok, yes this photo I also know. Yes like any normal loving couple. It would be nice to see it again;-)

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Laura M - you ARE a true researcher! I think it goes to actually prove your love of the truth AND of RK. It's really impressive actually.
I hope people will only show you love.

Tracybell - I think you're on to something.. there has been a strange quiet considering everything that's been happening.

I always wonder how much control can Ruth, or any publiscist, have on the media but it seems something is going on.

((This takes me back to the false apology on People in July 2012. In justiceforkristen they spoke about how People is SUPPOSED to be the actors / publiscist "loyal" tab.. but that's a whole other can of worms)).

We'll find our soon enough..
I'd really love to know if K is Anna or Lydia in Still Alice..
How cool would it be is she filmed next month as the pregnant daughter and then just "stayed" with the bump for the whole world to see. They'd think it was a strap on bump for filming and then the world would be amazed to see it's real!
How genius would that be..

Unknown said...

RK Faith - what do you mean by 'false apology in People in July 2012'? I don't want to rehash what happened, but let's not rewrite history. Kristen did apologize, HKN herself confirmed this in one of her posts a while ago.

Unknown said...

Good morning everyone from the east coast of the US. We're frozen through here lol! Just trying to keep warm.

Thanks HKN for yet another great post! I just want to point out a few things......

HKN said K would go to Sundance if she felt up to it.....and she did. But she sure didn't stay long, not even for the Q&A on Monday. Some thought this was so because she was going to go to PFW......but she did. This to me is an "eyebrow raiser" - Here she is at Sundance, famous indie film festival, surround by what she loves, with people of like minds and careers, celebrating their craft.........and she stays for one day? Now surely a newly single/non pregnant Kristen would stay and party right? Cetch a couple of films right? No, she hightailed it back to LA. That says something to me......

Next, HKN stated that Kristen would most likely not be going to PFW, and guess what! She didn't . Point to HKN lol!

The jacket. It may or may not be Robs, but it is a male jacket and it is noticeably big on Kristen. She does like to share clothing lol.

Laura M- a lovely post. I agree with you. In an effort to support this blog and it's points of view, sometimes the innocent have become casualties. I think we have to step back at times and remember who the haters really are.


Unknown said...

Lol meant to say she did NOT go to PFW!

Janie said...

Sophie oh, google people mags dirty little secret:the kristen stewart apology lie. Feel free to share with your friends.

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all the HKN Havens! I just got work. Keep me posted. All of you stay warm and safe.

Unknown said...

I believe that it's fine to be a awesome fan Laura, and yet avoid trying to split participles. Too much attention to coats t-shirts, rings and things. It is just really over the top. Let's try to be more positive , avoid the temptation to prove a point, and just talk about the movie and the recent news. The need for everybody to be RIGHT is almost staggering. This post is supposed to be about HKN and her reactions to the information she is given, which is truthful. Getting hung up on a detail is why there is so much sniping. We need to be happy for these guys, and the details of who is and is not right is sometimes really stupid. Kristen was wearing a jeans jacket, a man's jacket that might have definitely been Rob's. How do we know because we do not see these guys that often or for very long. What exactly does it prove to be right? That you are right about what? Kristen wore a man's jacket and it matched her jeans. It was big for a reason and she needed big jackets, she wears a lot of big jackets. Everybody needs to take a breathe, stop working on the stupid details awhile, good grief. There surely is more to talk about? Can anybody prove Rob and Kristen do not share this jeans jacket? Does anybody but me how insulting this is to these people? This is why you do not have recent pictures of these two. It is called overkill and it ruins normal fan input.

Janie said...

Sue Morris

Great post I couldn't have said it better. Some things just need to be kept to yourself.

Rae H. said...

Sue Morris, I read this site all of the time, and I have to say that I listen carefully to all of your remarks.

This seems to be Laura M.'s way of being a fan and pardon me for saying so but these kinds of observations seem to be the norm here.

As I do not keep track of these little instances of clothing and personal item sharing it interests me that some people do and so objectively at that.

I bet Rob has 20 blue jean jackets. I bet they are strewn from London to LA and many points in between.

As far as I can see it could be his
jacket. There is a big difference in the Robert Pattinson of 2008's Twilight debut and Rob as he looks now. Particularly in the shoulders.

I'm just saying is this worth arguing over? I like reading both your comments. Comment suppression can and does make a sight boooring. Yes?

I hope that doesn't happen here.

Janie said...

@ Rae H

You might enjoy the bickering and arguing but a majority of us don't. If you think we are boring you can always move along. Sue Morris's comment is right on with this blog.

Tbell said...

Robert Redford:
"Are you nervous?"
"Yeah. I'm shitting my pants."

"I just say the first thing that comes into my head out of nervousness. During interviews I’m literally shitting my pants....” Robert Pattinson

Has Rob rubbed off on Kristen? Or the other way around? ;)


Rae H. said...

Message received. This is my last visit to read or comment.

Best of luck with your theory, your clothing that some can have an opinion on and others can't.

HKN is fun, likable, and brave. I admire her.

Tbell said...

@sue morris, jane, rae h
In my highly educated and over-valued (please note sarcasm) opinion? Theres nothing wrong with dissecting clothes, hats (not caps lol) and jackets. Its hella fun and keeps this site from becoming boring and comment policed. When things cross the line is when one fan jumps on another for disagreeing with subjects such as these. For example, yesterday Jane? We had a teeney tiny back and forth about that stupid photo lol. But it ended well. I asked you to clarify before I jumped to conclusions and it was all good. It was actually all my fault because I assumed you were talking to me. How silly and self centered of me non?

Anyway this fandom has been doing this since rob wore kristens shoe laces tied around his wrist when papped at the airport leaving for Remember Me filming. Remember that? Or was it Cannes? I think after Chateau marmont video? Lol.

I think if someone wants to comment on clothes go for it cause I like it and I'll look. If someone wants to comment on movie roles etc. I like that to and I'll read it. And I may even respond lol. I'll even tolerate ;/ those who comment and say Kristen is not pregnant. Unless of ccourse you are baiting and then I wont be quiet unless hkn beats me to it lol.

What im saying is...I think any subject should be fair game unless someone throws shade at rob or kristen. You can throw all the shade at me because I have my phone that can bounce it right back lol.

I know im being sarcastic and you may not get me but I really enjoy everyones comments and even the occasional tussle, but please lets keep this place fun and light hearted...

Sue from Holland said...

I wanted to write a 'deep' hah, comment today but time ran a way from me.
@HKN, I know they don't but I'm glad the naysayers don't get to you and that you're sticking to your guns.
As for the wardrobe CSI'ers, I've been in this fandom for nearly 4 yrs but I was never into the tshirt/hoodie/cap debates but even I recognize some of the stuff that's Rob's. It's not important though and really no reason to get our knickers in a twist.
If you believe they are together, we shouldn't be so needy to prove it's his coat/sunglasses/bag/hoodie/whatever or not.
As for the sharing of their clothes, I've been around a while, seen a lot of shit in my life, I have a large family and seen a lot of people falling in and out of love and affairs going on and really I wonder if the haters possess any common logic. Nobody absolutely no one who breaks up, wants to wear his/her exes clothes or stuff unless you're a masochist. You do it, maybe the first few weeks, torturing yourself looking at pics when you are about 15 but please not after 8 months of allegedly splitting up. Kristen is not some dumb scared little girl, she'd rather burn the stuff I reckon.
Bloody hell, use your logic please.

Anyway, love you R&K ers.

Tbell said...

I have an idea...lets start over...

Hi...my handle is Tracybell...im a rob and kristen fan and I love twilight books but threw popcorn and red hots at most of the movies lol. Because lets be honest they were fuuuuucked up. Catherine, Rob, Kristen, taylor, Billy and kellan saved it for me though. And then of course, bill saved BD2....YES! I would say twilight and bd2 are my favorite. Anyway love the love story of rob and Kristen and fell into this madness in spring of 2008. Never have believed scandel, breakup, etc. They are not lindsey lohan or the kardashians and dont live their life like a soap opera imho.

Anyway, nice to meet yall...have a good day :)

LizzieD said...

Hi All, I've been MIA for awhile & haven't been able to catch up on ALL the comments. BTW --- HKN --- GREAT POST ... AS USUAL!!!

So, what the hell is going on here? I saw the word "boring" ... and the word "clothing" and "jackets" ... but missed everything in between. I continue on in my ignorance and say my usual ...

LIZ IN LALA LAND --- TWIRLING & TWIRLING & TWIRLING!!! because "our girl" truly knocked 'em dead at Sundance. I can't wait to see CXR, hopefully in a theater. OH, AND ... RK ARE SOOOOO TOGETHER!!!

Tbell said...

I'm nodding my head to everything you said but would like to comment on the csi'ers and the needy thing. I think some ARE needy and DO need reaffirmation every now and then. But there are some, like me, and others, who just find it extremely adorable and enjoy either proving or trying to prove to the unbelievers lol.

To be honest, until rob and kristen ive never seen any couple wear each others stuff like they do. When I was in high school girls would wear guys letter jackets and maybe senior ring but thats it. I think thats what made them special because no one had done that before, at least in my neck of the woods anyway. Ive been married 28 years and all ive worn of my husbands was his tshirt and boxers to bed or his hoodie. But never outside to walmart or anything lol. Love your no nonsense comment. Very direct and reading between the lines unnecessary. My kinda girl :)

LizzieD said...

Tracybell -- I agree, I think their "sharing" is so cute and sweet.

Actually, I think EVERYTHING about RK and their love is sweet. I know I'm not alone in that thinking or there wouldn't be so many who are mesmerized by them.

Janie said...

Twitter siting of Rob at Mr Cad Photographics in London today. Per SR.

Unknown said...

what is the Mr Cad Photographics? What's Rob doing there? it has to do with the movie?

Tbell said...

M farrow?
Are you ok? Are you having a panic attack?

felicity said...

@sanni.. rob is playing a photographer in LIFE in february. maybe he bought stuff to prepare for that.

felicity said...

@tracybell.. ignore her. she is not worth to get any comments.

hkn.. please remove the trash, thanks

Unknown said...

God,this already really not normal.This MFarrow _ comes thereof the scary.

Vernier said...

Hello everyone!!!!!
Hey Tracey loved your intro. I agree about the sharing. I think it is so cute and it is like a little game. Guess when and where?
Lizzie I am still twirling cause R and K are together and expecting.
My intro:
Hi my name in short is Verni. I am a diehard Twihard but an even bigger R and K fan. I fell in love with them when I first saw them together and realized this is real. This is not for the movie. Soulmates. So awesome. I am very protective of people and things that I love so if you go for them expect me to come for you. I never believed K cheated and I never will. I loved Twilight and the first half of BD! and all of BD2. The others were okay but these were my favorites. Trolls be damned. I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion as long as they don't attack people personally. When they do be prepared to get ripped at back. I turn the other cheek only once after that it's on and popping. Keep the shade in your own yard and let my flowers bloom in the sunshine. In other words kept your dark damp attitude to yourself and let us live in our sunny happy place and all will be great.

M Farrow stick a sock in it Boo!!!!!!

Vernier said...

M Farrow such anger and hate at someone you don't personally know. She must have hit a big ass nerve. Scared the shit out of you and now you don't know which end is up. It'll be okay boo. One day you will have a K or R of your own. These two are taken by each other. I think today you just realized how much and it has scared you shitless. AWWW Boo boo I feel for you. But as I said it will be okay!!!!!

Unknown said...

TRACEY BELLE, you are right, but we should not get so upset we cry about a jeans shirt. I am indeed sorry if I said something about apples, but we are just a blog, and we need to keep it light and also respectful of things. It's great to muse around about stuff but good grief, I think R and K think a confusing argument over a piece of clothing is just strange. Like Lizzie and Vern were saying - we are twirling around, these guys made it, they are together with or without shirt, rings, jackets and/or hats! Oh my goodness, be happy, don't worry, do some super duper twirling and let us CHILL.

Unknown said...

RAE- There is no comment suppression here, only reactions to folks getting tearful about jeans jackets. GG. Nobody should ever, ever get all into bits about clothing, rings, hats etc., because we do not know who owns what hay, coat, and my guess is they SHARE. I would never, never want to contribute to anyone who is questioning something. I was virtually torn apart from asking a question on another blog. I am saying this-keep it calm and clean guys, this is a good post and the folks are actually nice to each other, if you are respectful of two people, Rob and Kristen, and HKN.

Unknown said...

TRACEY- I HAVE ADULT BRAIN FREEZE. I meant to say to you and Rae that I would never want to contribute to someone being upset or hurt over a statement of certainty of a jeans jacket on this or any post. So much stuff is always being said about these two young people and we really should keep it calm and happy. That's where HKN starts her post--I for one like to see it filled with jokes and fun stories.

Tbell said...

Omg ur to much ha! When I typed in your name Vernier came up on auto correct lol.

Sue morris
Im confused. Do you think im upset about jacketgate? If so, dont worry im not. Thats what I was trying to convey...to not be so serious and instead be fun and light hearted. I guess I suck.

Ok...I'll stop :)
One thing bugs me though, you know this new film "just alice"? How is it gonna start filming feb/mar like some are saying if they were looking for $$$ at sundance? That doesn't seem plausible. Thought you'd have some insight.

Vernier said...

Tracey I might like Vernier even better. I am Vernier than some.... lol lol lol What would that mean anyway? Hell what would that say about me liking it so much? lol lol Oh well I like it so now I am Vernier.
"Vern knee er" is how I am pronouncing it...lol lol You can tell I am over the top today crushing on a new name and all lol lol

felicity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
felicity said...

@tracy.. remember mission blacklist?? production weekly has it on its list for months now.. almost a year in fact.. and they still don't have the money to make it. (besides other difficulties) indie movies are like that. it is the same with 'still alice'

Unknown said...

TRACEY- ok to you girl! VERNISTENE- shall I call you VERNIS for short? You have a beautiful name lady, it is French is it not? NOLA GIRL- we had 21 in OK and we have a heat wave of 7 coming tonight so I would imagine hard freeze is a possibility. I loves New Orleans, my brother and his family live there. It is almost MADIS GRAS , hope it turns out good . LIZZIE D - love you-please never change.

Anonymous said...

I know that I upset a few people with my comments the other day and that most certainly was not my intention. My intention wasn't to promote one side or the other of this issue even though I did state what I believed but in no way did I say that you had to feel the same way. I would NEVER do that, and to answer someone's comment about why I came to a blog that is pro-pregnancy to ask my question, why wouldn't I come here? The majority of the people here think that Kristen is pregnant, I've seen comments multiple times about someone being a 'hater' if they don't think Kristen is pregnant..seemed like the logical place to ask the question since this is the place I kept seeing the comment. Silly me.

Laura M, I think you are a very nice person, you've always been so supportive of this couple and I'm sorry that you have been hurt by comments the last few days. you certainly haven't deserved that. Don't let this get you down. You are a wonderful person.

At the end of the day regardless of what any of us, myself most certainly included, think about whether or not Kristen is pregnant, it won't be long until we know the truth. Whatever that might be, this is one issue where there is no gray area, either she is or isn't. I for one will gladly come back profusely apologize and say that I was wrong in my belief, and then will dance for joy at the happy news. I just wonder IF and I realize none of you think that there is a snowballs chance in hell that she's not pregnant, and hey that's great...but IF she's not, I wonder how many of you will feel guilt for the way you treated those people like Laura M and others who were in fact right.

You guys have a great night, and as the song says whatever will be, will be, but regardless I will always be a fan of theirs.

Vernier said...

Sue Morris I think you are the tops. I read your thank you to me on the previous post. You never have to thank me for telling the truth. I think you are awesome and am proud to chat with you. Keep keeping it real and all will be good. My best friend's name is Francis and she is 75. I love her to no end and would rip someone to shreds about her or her hubby. Who by the way are soulmates. She says some of the most funny, off the wall things (like you do) and people don't get her sometimes but with my 5'11, 225 pound self standing close by they tend to grin and get over it. My theory is they've lived long enough to say any off the wall, funny thing they want. They never say anything to hurt anyone. It sometimes just comes out different than what they are saying in their heads and I am cracking up. She is about 5'3 and 100 pounds. He is 6'1 and 175 pounds. They are gorgeous to watch. They were married when he was 26 and she was 20 and have never missed a beat. She goes on trips and things with her church and clubs and he stays home. He is on a trip with his brother now and she is home. So you see soulmates don't have to be up under each other 24/7. Their connection spans time and space. Sue Morris keep on keeping on Gurl!!!!!

Tbell said...

Theres no reason for you to leave because there is lots of other stuff to talk about besides kristens pregnancy. And yes I think the good ladies of this blog would say they are wrong if indeed kristen is not pregnant. But I have to say something. Ive gone back and read some comments to see why some are getting upset and I really cant find anywhere where anyone called you, Laura m or any rob/kristen fan a hater or troll just because you dont believe she's pregnant. I think you're taking comments directed to anani, enna, mia and m farrow, etc. and thinking they are for you, and then respond as if the comments were directed to you and then its blown up. You have to understand that people like enna have had different approaches in posting over the last few months. Sometimes she acts like a fan who is concerned and then sometimes she's like our wonderful m farrow today who calls everyone a liar. Others pop in time to time to cause trouble and let me tell you we've seen it all. Glorianne? Isnt a few days ago the first time you posted? And when you did you basically called everyone on here stupid because you talked about using common sense? If im wrong I apologize. But I dont think laura m or you are owed an apology because there isnt anything to apologize for. But you are right one way or another we will eventually all know. Unless kristen decides to hide until after march lol. Have a good evening and I sincerely mean that.

Tbell said...

I agree. I also think those who dont believe she's pregnant are using that as an excuse to say she's not.

I just had to type it and make it happen lol.

Vernier said...

Tracy I did what you did and basically saw the same thing. Glorianne, she is right. There was nothing said toward you until you mistakenly thought someone was talking to you then it all got whacked out. they were addressing the trolls. The women, and or men here, for the most part, are very intelligent. They come here to leave all the drama behind in the RW and dream and have fun. It is okay to not believe or believe. Everyone has their own beliefs. It's when people come on here and insult others personally. That is not cool or tolerated. We've spent a lot of time these last couple of days trying to convince people that they have a right to their own beliefs. But why should we? They should know this by now. We've never tried to make anyone believe what they don't want to. It is our belief she is pregnant. It is others beliefs she is not. Friendly banter over disagreements makes the mind more sharp. We know you and Laura are not trolls. You may have said a remark or two that seem to be tossing a bit of shade but here we word spar it out and move on. The trolls we rip apart and try to incinerate. I think everyone here has tried to show you and others it was not you or them the comments were for. You make up your own mind. I think all the drama over this misunderstanding has been beat to death. Tracy and Lizzie D are fun loving people and big R/K fans, Sue Morris, Arleen and SanniK are caring people and true R/K fan, Jane and Felicity are the voices of reason, Our girl HKN is a beast of a good person and the voice of truth, Jan H. is a R/K fan who words it all so very elegantly (Love her), Morning coffee is our break down artist and very good at it might I add. I could name more and state what they are to this family and the parts they play. How they keep it upbeat and real but I don't need to. You stay or you go but know that here we defend everyone's right to be, to believe, and to do what they want as long as they don't attack R and/or K and anyone in our HKN family personally.

rklove said...

Hello ladies!!

Sorry for not posting as often, I have been inundated with so much family drama in RL.

I try to come on and keep up with whats going on regarding R/K. I can't believe how much drama is still circulating about Kristen and her pregnancy. Why can't we just appreciate her work and let time decide if she is or isn't. It's obvious that there is a rift between believers and non believers. No matter what either side says, minds are not going to change. Let's let time do it's work on that.

I am a believer, as are most of the beautiful ladies here. Anyone else that doesn't believe in what HKN has stated, I don't hate you or criticize your opinion. I only ask that you respect ours and respect Rob and Kristen. Fans are allowed to differ in opinion as long as they continue to support their idols.

I love this site because I believe everyone loves and support R/K together and separatly. Excluding the Nonnies who like to come and create drama. I love the comments by all the lovely ladies here and appreciate what true fans are all about.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening. Stay safe and warm!!

Vernier said...

Tracy Love it!!! lol lol

Vernier said...

Hello rklove!!
Glorianne rklove is another true R/K fan and a peacemaker. She keeps it upbeat and real.
So what I am saying is you are in great company with a lot of intelligent good people!!!!

Vernier said...

Tracy I changed my tag. Lol Lol

rklove said...

@Vernier..Peace maker extraordinaire!!

I knew I loved you for a reason. Also, thank you for the lovely comments. Your one of the really good ones here :-)

Janie said...

I love coming here. Enjoying all the new comments. Thanks girls.

Vernier said...

@rklove -Peace maker, Great person, my friend extraordinaire to be exact!!!!!
Yo Jane Good to read ya gurl... Hope you are having a good evening!!!!

Tbell said...

Woot woot!
Love how you put your thoughts into words woman.

Jane, rklove, glorianne, felicity, sue m., sue and anyone else I missed....and hkn if you're lurking....love yall!!!

Dont yall wish we had more info about rob and the photography store? And where the !*&//# Kristen is? If she doesn't pop up somewhere soon im inclined to beleive she's helping rob learn lines lol.

Vernier said...

I wish we had more info. I hope K is there or at least headed there.

Hey tracy, thanks for my new tag. lol lol My daughters love it to. They say I am Vernier or something lol lol

Vernier said...

Tracy I had to look it up. I needed to know what it meant. lol lol
Vernier Definition

n. noun

1.A small, movable auxiliary graduated scale attached parallel to a main graduated scale, calibrated to indicate fractional parts of the subdivisions of the larger scale, and used on certain precision instruments to increase accuracy in measurement.

2.An auxiliary device designed to facilitate fine adjustments or measurements on precision instruments.
Number one unlike me is to complicated. I like number 2 simple and easy to understand like me. lol lol

Tbell said...

No. 2
You are woman designed to facilitate all the fine adjustments that need to be made.
Hmmm I like it too......

Vernier said...

Tracy thank you for that. I like it.... I think I am turning in for the night it is cold as a popsicle in the north pole.

Then again I may pop back on later lol lol
but for now have a great rest of the night....
Slept well, dream big, and wake because God said so!!!!!

EllenRamey said...

I look forward to your posts! I'm betting K has already ninja'd her way to London and we will likely not see her again until early April:)

Anonymous said...

Tracybell, if I called anyone stupid the first day I posted, I certainly don't remember doing that. I think that the only time I used the phrase 'stupid' was when I posted again and I used the phrase "Attacking an ally is stupid" I was not referring to anyone in particular here. If anything I said led people to believe I was calling them 'stupid' then I assure that was not my intention and never entered my thoughts.

I was leery to post, I have read various blogs over the years, but I've never made my presence known, choosing instead to read what others were thinking and keeping my own thoughts to myself, which I probably should have done in this particular case, but I was genuinely curious as to why people who still supported Rob and Kristen but didn't, for whatever reason think Kristen is pregnant were suddenly being called haters. I might have mistaken a comment left for someone else as pertaining to me, but that is my own problem I assure you. I truly have no desire to stir the proverbial pot, and I'm afraid everytime I post I am going to be seen that way and I do not want to disrupt the blog by being "THAT" person who comes and says something then wants to fight everyone on the blog, that's not me. I feel horrible because I do not think I have represented myself in a good light and I allowed my own paranoia, I guess is a good word, to put me on edge. So Please be assured I never intended to call any specific person here stupid, and if that should ever be my desire, I will have enough decency to name that person...although I seriously doubt I will ever do that.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Hi HKN, felicity, LizzieD, Vana, Irene, Tempest, Elizabeth, Sanni K, GaliRK, SusannahKay, Tina Wotherspoon, Tracybell, vernistene, NOLA girl, Nancy Allen, sue morris, rklove, Morning Coffee, RKsoulmates913, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am tired. I was at work and had fun with my friends at the ski resorts. I just watched. I didn't ski or sled. But I had fun. Those I said hi I love your comments. Great job! Well, night and hugs to you all. Keep me posted.

NOLA girl said...

HKN - thank you for taking the trash out! I read the comments from that piece of garbage before you deep-sixed her. I am very sorry you had to read any of that. I was killing time in a doc's office when I read it, and was appalled that anyone would be that vile. It's okay though - Karma's a bitch, right? Chin up girlfriend!!!

sue morris - stay warm girl! I actually live in Mandeville which is on the north shore of Lake Ponchartrain. It's amazing how the lake affects the temp difference here. Another hard freeze tonite on the north shore, but NOLA will have a lite freeze if any. The last several winters, I have not needed a coat. This year, nearly every other day. I know, I'm a wimp! Mardi Gras will be late this year - March 4th I think, so hopefully all the cold weather will be done. Should have BIG crowds!

I was surprised Kristen didn't stay 1 more day at Sundance. So happy to read good reviews about her performance. Wasn't Rob supposed to finish filming QOTD by the end of January?

Jan - what is PFW? Sorry to be so thick headed, it's just about my bedtime.

LizzieD - keep twirling my dear! Lots to be happy about 4 sure!

Arleen - take care and have a good day tomorrow. Be careful!

Stay awesome ya'll!!!

Unknown said...

Maybe Rob is buying camera to take pictures of the baby:) or just for his role in Life. You never know

NOLA girl said...

How soon is Rob's next film after QOTD?

Unknown said...

I really like this place..

Charlotte, RK's friend, was in LA, papped with Kristen and was on CJ's IG.
Nettie, Rob's childhood friend, was papped with Rob in London (and of course his "new" gf). She also visited K on her SM set this Summer.
K's friends (Alanna, CJ, Alicia, Kassie..)keep posting comments on both their IGs and even K herself every once in a while.
Nettie and Charlotte posted pictures last night on their IG together at Nettie's art exhibistion. She's an artist and has alrady published work of Kristen.
This London gallery is not too far away from the photography store were people twitted Rob bought supplies last night (maybe as preparation for his role in Life?).

Some of you guys like to research jackets and I like checking on (open )IG accounts.. everyone have their fetish and as long we're not helping the horrid paps or hurting anyone I think its ok.

I think its sooo sweet that they SHARE so many friends and not just jackets :) Theu have tons of joint friends and their friends are even in relationships together (Suzie, Dakota).
Spreading the love.. and SHARING IS CARING

Unknown said...

One last thing - I only lurk open IG accounts. I do NOT comment like some fans / haters on their friends' accounts. I don't even have IG.. some haters leave horrible comments on her family and friends' accounts - its a disgarce to everyone actually and really embarsaasing. I can just see K cringe every time one of her friends posts some random thing and is bombarded with rude comments and questions about K..
A lot of her friends are artists, PR and movie industry people and they need to have open accounts.

Unknown said...

WELL, I imagine Kristen could be anywhere! I do agree they ask friends to post little snippets to tweets and other areas to confuse and keep the people more curious, and they do not want anyone to know exactly where they are. Now, I wonder why? I think that life is great for them when the world is just a nice private place. Wherever they are I would like to say, we really do care about both of you and I hope your child is just healthy and has two countries to belong to! I love the idea od dual citizenship, it's cool! Wherever you are, stay well!

Unknown said...

Good morning to you all been busy for last couple of days with family business but all sorted and back now,Arleen, Sue,Sue morris,Vernistene,Morning Coffee, Jane, Nola girl,RK Faith,Rae H,felicity,Happy Girl,GailRK,rklove and sorry if i have missed anybody love to see loving all your great comments it makes my day even happier when i have read all of your posts, looking forward to weekend im really tired,Rob/Kristen love to you both,take care hugs to you all.

Unknown said...

NOLA girl- sorry for the late responce, PFW is for Paris Fashion Week. Chanel was featured there this week. Some thought the reason Kristen left Sundance so quickly was because she was going there, but she didn't; which HKN said would be so. HKN was spot on:) So why did Kristen leave after just one day? She did not even stay for Mondays Q and A. I think it seems suspicious, and could possibly support the pregnancy rumor.

Sue from Holland said...

@Tracybell, sweet lady, I do understand what you mean, it is sweet they wear each others clothes, it's just that some go to the extreme, pro or anti R/K, and arguments/accusations start flying all over the place.
I'm an extremely laid back kind of person and wonder sometimes about the stuff that gets people so upset. I just want to say to them "chill and relax", no point in getting so worked up about hypothetical things as nobody knows for sure who owns what, etc.
Hey, that's just me maybe I'm too old for this shit.

Tbell said...

Im down with your train of thought.

Lets start over. When did you become an Rob and Kristen fan?

Loved all your comments especially the sweet one that ended in sharing is caring and you are so right about our "fetish" lol that was kinda funny but true. I think I love comparing clothes because I have a thing for them, especially coats and jackets. I probably own 20 different ones not to mention my hoodies lol.

No no no no never to old lol. Laid back is a good style to be. Have a beautiful day even though we could all freeze our titties off lol.

Up and attem haveners...well except for you felicity because you're probably up already lol how's the weather in Holland?

Unknown said...

Tracybell - as long as our fetishes don't make us lose our heads. not fight and not hurt anyone - I'm all for it. It's actually part of our love for RK..
it's great to have people to share it with :)
You sure do have tons of clothes but it seems between you and RK, they win! How many jackets can a guy have?! Does he but them and think "I'm gonna confuse those fans even more now"..

Since in recent IG pics both CJ and Alicia have been with RK stuff, I tend to think they know what they're doing and that fans watch them closely :)

I'm 10 hours ahead of LA, its 3:30pm here and it's the beginning of the weekend as well (here).. so have a great day! Hope we get more great news from HKN soon!

Unknown said...

Good day,
with all the clothing exchange, I wonder whom they want to confuse you. the good and loyal fans! Or the hater trolls and gossip pages.
Because the fans have it then do not deserve! Unfortunately, everything is to get under a Hunt impossible.

Tbell said...

Hey all
Please go to slutsrwn and read the theory post by rkstoriesrus. It does make a lot of sense...

Lisa G. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa G. said...

Hi Tracybell,

The comment by rkstoriesrus on slutsrwn made a lot of sense and it tied in with the entry of "The IG Mystery & To IG or Not to IG…these are the questions" regarding the BM (Mani Brothers) and numbers in the background.

Hatersknownothing said...


Could you paste a link to rkstoriesrus on slutsrwn? I tried to find it to read but couldn't find it.Would love to read it.

Unknown said...

Just type into the search engine "rkstoriesrus".

Sue from Holland said...

@Tracybell, assuming you're talking to me, knowing I'm a Dutchie, the weather has been so mild this winter but the last couple of days are a lot chillier (is this even proper English?). Ice on the roofs this morning.
We have Carnaval, you can compare it to Mardi Gras, in early March down here in the south of the Netherlands as the south is still the more Catholic part of Holland during the history of this country it stayed Catholic. Why in the hell am I telling you this, I don't know but you'll see that in early March it will start snowing or something. All the people in their beautiful colorful outfits, freezing their balls and titties of, sorry don't be offended I do have a rather foul mouth but I try to keep the verbal filter in tact.

@HKN, in case Tracybell doesn't respond till tomorrow here is the link:
http://slutsrunningwithnails.tumblr.com/. I hope it works.

Happygirl said...

New K pics and again she covers her belly with her jacket

Happygirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tbell said...

Thank you sue for the link, just saw all the comments and you saved my fingers some work lol. Wow...what different weather patterns you have. Your foul language doesn't offend me in the least lol.

I swear guys this so called mystery to where they've been is maybe not so much a mystery. The day the house sold? The day the pic was taken? I dont think these guys would sully themselves with posting outright lies. What seemed inconceivable before...now im thinking maybe its true? Crazy huh?

LizzieD said...

Tracybell, are you saying that you think the IG guys are telling the truth? I know there's been a lot of controversy. So, am I right that the pic was taken the same day the house sold? Interesting. Let me know if I'm understanding your comment correctly.

Anonymous said...

Hi HKN, felicity, LizzieD, Vana, Irene, Tempest, Elizabeth, Sanni K, GaliRK, SusannahKay, Tina Wotherspoon, Tracybell, vernistene, NOLA girl, Nancy Allen, sue morris, rklove, Morning Coffee, RKsoulmates913, and the rest of HKN Havens! I have up, cleaning, and got ready for the day! So what have I miss here?

Lisa G. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa G. said...

Hello HKN,

Here is the link to the comment made by rkstoriesrus. Not sure if you might have to go to the next couple of pages after page 3 depending on how fast the site is updated.

Hatersknownothing said...

Yeah those new pictures do speak for themselves. Especially the ones where she is using her hands to cover her tummy lol.

Hatersknownothing said...

Thanks for the link Lisa G! Good read and interesting observations!

Marta said...


Here you can see actual bump under the jacket ;)

Tbell said...

What im saying is that the time the media reported the house being sold corresponds with the time the two guys said the pic was taken....IF they are telling the truth.

They are standing in front of realestate agency in soho house LA. Dont know if it true but sure is a little eye squinch ah ha moment for me lol.

Tbell said...

Thank you Marta

Janie said...

We don't need pictures to show us she is pregnant. We know without a doubt.

Tbell said...

I read this on sluts this morning about the guys who posted pic

...I looked up Jezz Bedwani and his brother on Facebook. Both of them are in the “business” and one is actually a producer and both friends of Toby Duncan. They didn’t back down on anything and there were HATERS on his Instagram!

You can go there and read while comment I just didn't want to reveal whole thing because it wasn't my words. Anyway. ..pretty interesting

Tbell said...

You are 100% correct...but it sure is fun to look at em :)

Janie said...


I have to agree we don't need pictures but I too enjoy looking at her. (that sounded weird) Anway, I'm like Vern I've watched her grow up and have seen all her movies. I had to watch Yellow Hank. on you tube. I've watched her grow and I feel kind of like a protective mother. Don't mess with my Kristen!

Happygirl said...

@Aurora Roux K wore always knotted shirts and showed her tummy but since Sept. she doesn´t she always covers her belly with big shirts and jackets.

Tbell said...

Oh gawd aurora...go home

Tbell said...

Im a huge fan of jodie foster. My fave movie of her is stealing home. When I saw panic room I thought that little girl playing her daughter was so cute, tomboyish, and did excellent job at playing a diabetic. A few years later my kids were watching Catch that kid and I thought that girl looks familiar lol. And then I saw one of her movies on lifetime but I cant remember which one but she just kept popping up every now and then lol. Then I saw twilight and thought wow thats her she sure has grown up lol. But I really didnt follow her until after twilight and I will admit its because of her and robs complete adorablenous lol. Now rob is a different story all together. Remember RAoR site? She was freakin hilarious and constantly pointed out robs adorkableness which I love and happily accepted him and kristen as a couple. Miss her site but she would never survive in the fan climate of today.

Anyway you are exactly right about protectiveness thing. Some call themselves a mamma bear but im more like a mamma cat ha!

Lisa G. said...

I was looking at BM's website and they deal with commercial real estate but they also allow their buildings to be used for filming and special events. Also there are two properties this agency holds that start with '92' -- one location is Sunset Medical Tower (proximity to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center)and the other is commercial property that contains Boa Steakhouse and is located by SOHO house as stated by some other commenter’s. I will let you make your own conclusions based on this information.

Tbell said...

Lisa g
So are you saying they wouldn't handle the sale of robs house because they deal in commercial realestate?

Tbell said...

Lisa g
Woops my comment got cut in half lol.

Or do you think he was there for another purpose? Maybe this agency bought robs house?

Janie said...

I read where someone said it's possible Alicia wears K's clothes in order to divert attention away from K. I think they might be on to something.

Lisa G. said...

Tracybell - to me it looks like MB only handle commerical property so to me they would not handle the sale of their house. My comment regarding 92 could mean that they were at SOHO house as been stated, or the steakhouse or maybe at the medical building; JMO.

Tbell said...

Lisa g
Aaaaaah I get you now. Ok, another twist in the story. You otta post that info on slutrwn. This is crazy!

Vernier said...

Good Afternoon Everyone! I hope you all had a great day.
Saw the new pics of our girl Looks like she got that overnight pop. You know where you are small for a while in your pregnancy and one morning you wake up and "Pop" goes the belly. It is just kinda out there. It may go back in a bit depending on how the baby is but it is out there. lol lol JMO
Very protective of K and R. I am grinning like I am expecting my own grandchild. lol lol

onagee said...

Hi everybody,

Because certain people are always making insinuations about Kristen wearing Alicia's clothing, vice versa, I think these pics of Rob and his friend Jamie, Dakota's boyfriend, are very amusing. Note the red hoodie AND the denim jacket! Lots of sharing among good friends.


Tbell said...

That is too f*cking funny. You know Rob said "hey jamie, dude wear these today and I'll promise you that you'll show up on a blog"

Lololololol but so true. Love it!

Vernier said...

Onagee that is too funny.... Tracy is so right. I can hear Rob saying k is doing it with her friends I need you to do it too. lol lol Great find and great post!!!!!

Vernier said...


Ladies if you have time and a mind to. Please read this. It is kind of interesting about small baby bumps.

Marta said...

Just imagine Kristen's bump becoming huge next month ;)
She won't be able to hide it then ;D

Vernier said...

excerpt from http://community.babycenter.com/post/a24776759/small_belly_for_7_months:

Posted 10/20/2010

im 28 weeks almost 29 weeks and i only have gained 7lbs and i still wear my same clothes u cant tell im prego at all i keep gettin told hey look at it this way no strech marks! but i wanted a belly but the doc said she is growing just fine so im not to worried about it now! he says prolly a few more weeks and i will be bigger so just wait! good luck

Unknown said...

TRACEY & CO. you guys are really smart as a tack! Because Rob and Kristin have been making fun of the alley cat gossips and game on. Rob in particular has a really gamey sense of humor, and I just love it. Wearing each others clothing, oh good grief, this could go on to infinity. Going to bed with sore throat and infected ear and medicine. Night. Good night VERNI. love the name and you!

Tbell said...

Wow...that was never me but it happened to my sister. She concealed her high school pregnancy for 7 months! Informative article ;)

Vernier said...

Goodnight sue Morris. Love u lady. Hope u feel better. :0)
Tracy never me either lol lol the only thing I could conceal at seven months was anybody standing behind me lol lol

Vernier said...

Had to change my tag on my other log in lol lol
Love it!!

Unknown said...

Where's Rob? We haven't seen or heard much about him being anywhere and I think that if he is in QOTD that his role is small so he could easily be done with that movie.

Janie said...

He's working.

LizzieD said...

Tracybell -- THANK YOU for that info earlier. No comments on there from me but it's great to hear another "positive" side to that crazy story. Maybe not so crazy???

Tbell said...

Your welcome and goodnight.

Sue morris
Get well and goodnight melady.

Goodnight and sweet dreams to vernier, sue, jane, lisa g, happygirl, marta, onagee, hkn and anyone else who is lurking.

Anonymous said...

Hi HKN, felicity, LizzieD, Vana, Irene, Tempest, Elizabeth, Sanni K, GaliRK, SusannahKay, Tina Wotherspoon, Tracybell, vernistene, Nancy Allen, sue morris, rklove, RKsoulmates913, and the rest of HKN Havens! I love all your comments. Right now ! I am just supervising my daughter and her date. Making sure nothing goes wrong. I don't know the guy. But I am doing my job as a parent. Now he is leaving. Now I can relaxed. Yes. Now I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all! Night!

NOLA girl said...

Jan - thanks much for the info. My brain was frozen last night.

Vernier - you and I thought the very same thing when we saw the latest pics of Kristen - WHOA - where'd that come from since Monday?! Exciting, isn't it?

I know some of you may still be on 'da fence regarding the pregnancy. No matter what side you are on, there can be no denial something is going on with Kristen, and it isn't menopause :). When is the last time we saw a picture of her smoking?

Kristen, don't know if you ever take a peek over here, but there is something you should know: there's a whole bunch of us that adore you and wish you all the happiness in the world! We all are hoping and praying for an uneventful pregnancy and a healthy baby for you as well. Continue to surround yourself with people who love you and take care of yourself! Rob - ditto for you!

LizzieD - you didn't mention it today, but I know you are twirling!

sue morris - take care and be well soon.

Arleen - sounds as if you had a very interesting evening! Also sounds as if you are doing better - good!

Tracybell - you should work for the FBI. You are a true detective!

HKN and those of you that do the CSI work to give us as much of the truth as possible, thank you! This is a very exciting time for Rob and Kristen fans, and it takes a lot of time to dig up this information that a lot of us don't have. We truly appreciate it.

Stay awesome ya'll!!!

p.s. Hi Tina!

Unknown said...

good morning,
the new pictures are great by kristen, she looks very relaxed and happy.
The exchange of clothing is really funny, especially the all participate. boys and girls! Yesterday I want to whom they confuse me so even asked the good fans? today I'm sure it is the gossip pages.

I'm looking forward to the next few weeks, which will write the gossip pages when the bump is not to be overlooked! (Who is the father, or how did it happen? Since Rob and kristen together never were!)
Or pictures of rob and kristen together push the stroller through LA, to those articles and finish I await with great anticipation. Yes to this family images I'm waiting! I wish you a nice day!

When was the house of rob sold? And do you think Rob was at the time in LA?

felicity said...

the producer of QOTD said on twitter, that rob will arrive very soon.. so he is not done with his part.

Unknown said...

therefore rob had to wait now in london? Did he know the time not of his shooting began? or was he on call? hmm

Unknown said...

felicity- You do know if there was filming in London earlier this month as well as Morocco? I know the production specs said London, Morocco, and I think Jordan? for locations of filming. Just wondering....


Janie said...


I just love those HQ pictures. I have to agree with your "just popped theory".

Tbell said...

I used to looooove Lainey. She got all the shit for Ted, and rob and kristen made her. Anyway, she fell victim to her pessimism and kissing every other gossip bloggers ass after july 2012 and has dutifully since. Anway, I still visit her sight and I read what she says with very heavily spectacled eyes lol. Her sasha finds section is awesome for fashionistas and she has a biting wit that I enjoy, but she has said some pretty shitty things about Rob tthis past year so much so I question why I even still visit her site.

Saying all that, since the pic of rob and kristen in October, she has been very quiet on the subject. Quiet to the point that I keep wondering what was up with her and her quietness on the subject lol. Anyway, yesterday she posted a pic of kristen at sundance in a very odd spot and in a very wierd way, surrouned by very interesting words. Look below or go to her site to see for yourselves. Lainey is a master at this shit...this was not random.

Here's to many more years of sharing our favourite gossip... and baby names (your picks: Tatiana, Konstantin, Aleksandr). - Heather

And for Katie who’s waiting on that new job -- good luck! Here’s Kristen Stewart at Sundance as you requested to help with distractions until you hear back. And let me know!

- See more at: http://www.laineygossip.com/January-23--2014-Smutty-Shout-Outs/29232#sthash.iMiGA13W.dpuf

She either knows something or she's baiting.

felicity said...

@jan.. i don't knwo for sure, if rob worked a few scenes in london already, what i do know is, that part of the production team was in london. so it is possible. i wouldn't be surprised, to be honest.

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