Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Spinning Wheels


A lot of haters spinning their wheels. Getting very very nervous.

Why? Well first was a fan pic of Kristen

Notice the glasses. Look familiar?

Guess she went over to his new digs in Beverly and swiped them. 

 And Kristen At LAX. 

Yes haters that is the new bauble from Rob. Could be his jacket too. Stop foaming. 

 That guitar case looks very familiar. 

Yes it is Rob's . Taking it on ahead for him when he visits later perhaps?  According to the haters any pics that prove this are photo shopped by Sash.


This Dior video caused a big uproar. He is an actor. Playing a part. They paid him big bucks to do so. Its for men's cologne. Guess what for men sex sells. That's what they are aiming for. Just chill and enjoy gorgeous Rob. That being said Dior is trying to paint a pretty picture of single and free Rob. He's not cooperating to much with their wishful thinking. Going out with friends and not one hook up story is sticking. 

The haters have to be fuming with Maria  "exploding ovaries" Estevez. She blew smoke up their rears and didn't deliver .

Robert Pattinson says he's not the perfect man, but he's very close. His millions of fans believe so, and after seeing him in the new Dior Homme ad, so do we. Discreet and mysterious, Pattinson (London, 1986) is still the same he's always been in spite of the fame he got with The Twilight Saga. Since then, his CV grows in an unstoppable way with titles like Water for Elephants, Bel Ami and David Cronenberg's Cosmopolis. We'll soon see him in The Rover, and he starts filming: Maps to the Stars, again with Cronenberg and Hold on to Me, with actress Carey Mulligan. Used to living with the rumors of his break up with Kristen Stewart, he feels grown up for the first time. In Los Angeles and in a Glamour Exclusive, he confesses that he's a one-woman man. As said before: almost perfect. 

 Lol. Don't think that was what her buddies were expecting.

Used to living with the rumors of his break up with Kristen Stewart. 

You just have to love that sentence. 

He confesses that he's a one-woman man. 

That doesn't sound too good for the hook up trolls. 

Another James Dean jewel is "Forgive quickly", is it easy for you to forgive?

*Sighs* I'm good at forgiving myself.

Do you have to forget to forgive or are you capable of forgiving generously?

I think I'm capable of forgiving without further ado. But at the moment, I don't feel the need to 

forgive anyone. There's nothing that really bothers me.

Funny how no matter hard she tries he doesn't go there. 

Do you worry about dressing well? Is clothing important to you when you define your image?

Of course. I think shoes are very important, because even if they're nice, if I don't feel comfortable wearing them, it ruins the whole ensemble. In the perfume ad, I'm wearing my own clothes. 

 Yep shoes are very important. Especially Balenciaga ones. Tee hee. 

Maria has now said she will have more of the interview on her twitter. Trying to save face with the her hater buddies maybe?

From another German interview

Are you talking about yourself or the general need for fans to get close to famous people?
In general. The internet changed a lot. If you google something long enough you will soon know everything there is to know about me: what I eat, what my poop looks like, with whom I’m sleeping, what my dick looks like, even what I look like when I masturbate…

Well, that might be a little exaggerated. But my hand-job face is recorded for eternity.

Ever since you played the young Dali.

Can one not simply pretend to do it?
Try it. I can tell you right now, no chance. It just doesn’t work. So I rubbed one out in front of the camera.

Gotta love his sense of humor. 

What do your friends from London say about R-Patz, the nickname the yellow press gave you?

Fortunately they ignore it. Just like Twilight. But regarding R-Patz: I’d like to strangle the guy who came up with it!

Do you know who the father of the fighting name R-Patz is?

No. Well, actually I do. Some fat celebrity blogger… let’s just leave it at that.

Is he calling Perez Hilton out?

Full Translated Interview Here

 I got this comment on my blog on Sunday.

 Anonymous said...
Hkn, I was given irefutable proof they are no longer together. I am giving you a chance today to come clean. If you choose to not tell the truth, I will do it for you tomorrow. Have a nice day.

Oh really. If you are going to hand out threats at least have the guts to say your name and deliver on said threat. Is your name Real Info by chance? 

  Still waiting.

 There were three trolls on GC who started a story on GC and it got blown up to epic proportions. According to Meme she saw Rob and Kristen together for about 15 minutes. She was with a group from where she works so she could get fired if they know she's talking. Okay first off this was supposedly outside and no paps got pics of this? Yeah right. Then her buddies Just Thinking and Mind Games joined in. They thought if they went to an old obscure GC board it would be private. One of them joked they had done this before. Of course they added more to their story. After Kristen left two women showed up and one of them was rubbing on Rob outside in public. 

When they knew the jig was up they went scurrying to delete their posts and started crying their excuses for what they had done. Of course Powder Doughnuts was on their side lol. Now I guarantee if the shoe was on the other foot. she would have been furious. There is no excuse for this. It was a game and they got caught. End of story. And NONE of it is true. 

Rob on set for MTTS. Uhm Rob sweety keep your eyes on the road! English drivers.

Enjoying a laugh with David Cronenberg.

Grabbing a quick snack.

Love that smile. Hey Dave I feel a little gypped . No chauffeurs hat!

This just in!


@aitchhollywood @SilsMariaMovie Johnny Flynn, you don't know him, more established as musician but he is an amazing actor..

He is replacing Tom Sturridge who has gotten the lead in another movie Vinterburg so he will no longer be in Sils Maria. 

Good luck to Tom!

Until next time!


felicity said...

hi hkn, yes, i am with you still waiting for the delivera of that certain anon, who has irrefutable proof.

i guess we will be old and grey till we get that, won't we?

thanks for the new post.

Unknown said...

Love it! The haters have got to be freaking out! Their world is about to explode!

BearlyImportant said...

Rub one out!! LMFAO



Hatersknownothing said...

Corrected just for you Bearly lol.

Anonymous said...

Amazing that they are wearing the same sunglasses and no one has picked up on this?? I wonder what kind of excuse will they give for this as it is difficult to ignore. Do we know what jacket she is wearing at LAX? It is definitely man's jackrt but eonder by which designer. Must be new collection as he hasn't worn it before....

Delle1 said...

Lol at the Charle Gillibert comment,Johnny Flynn,you don't know him he's more known as a musician but he's an amazing actor.....this is so funny that they've hired another one of Rob's musician buddies without knowing and best of all Kristen knows him too.

vana said...

Always love your posts HKN. I think you're amazing the way you put all together.

Unknown said...

"PowderDonuts - Haters Know Nothing
Why you lie on me? How was I on someone side when I wasn't even there when it happened? Gorl you lie"
- no comment...

Madeline said...

Love the way you are always on top of everything. Love you HKN!

LizzieD said...

Great post, HKN!!!


I'm still floating on the RIVER OF DELUSION ... soon to be renamed ... RIVER OF REALITY!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi HKN, LizzieD, felicity, Morning Coffee, Mama Nails, Mia, And the rest of HKN! I just got home from dinner with friends. I had a great ladies night out.
HKN- Great job on your blog. Thanks.
LizzieD- Hi and how are you?

KStew Krew said...

HKN...laughing all the way to the bank!!! You did well on this post and I thank you for the laughs...should help me live a little longer!!!
Waves to LizzieD and Arleen! Liz...I am twirling with ya! Truly the haters and lunatics have it coming and it is gonna be painful!!!!!!!!!! Karma is a bitch ain't it!!!!!
Rob's comment about "rubbing one out"....must say that's a new one for me!! Hilarious! And the comment about Perez.....fucking priceless! Loved the backpeddling by that biotch Maria....another stupid ass loud mouthed no nothing attention seeking media cunt. I really hate using the c word...but if the shoe fits.....

LizzieD said...

Hi Arleen - I'm good. Glad you had a fun "girl's night out" ...

Hi KK -- Good to see you here!!! Things are happening and won't be long before we are rewarded, I think.

Anonymous said...

Hi KK, and LizzieD! Thanks! I did had ladies fun night. And I agree with you on your comments.

edangel said...

Hi Friends...

Thanks for the post HKN!!!

The haters are fidgeting and nervous!! Whenever something bad is going to happen there will be some sort of intimation to us!! and whether we acknowledge it or not our subconscious will know that something is gonna come!!!
Thats why all the haters and nonnies are in full swing now!!!

Glad that Kristen and Rob are busy filming and the guitar makes me wonder if Rob will join her soon!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi endangel! Great comments! And I agree with you too about the guitar. I was telling Rose when she got troll and haters on her twitters to use this The air horns.

Anonymous said...

I am going to go to bed now. Keep me posted. Good night to all the HKN.

casryn said...
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Unknown said...

That coward anon who told HKN to come clean else she wil do it the next day, she posted it on Sunday? and today's already Tues (in fact from where I am its Wednesday) so where's the proof? LMAO~~~

killingitwithkindness said...

The bully tactics in this whole R/K situation are astounding. It is actually really sad to see. For people who do this, I am so sorry for you. I'd like to think that you are juvenile, but your age is irrelevant. You are emotionally immature. I hope, for all our sakes, that you grow the f*ck up.

Here is my interpretation of this promised threat-
"I am so angry that RP will never be mine. I was DELUSIONAL to think that he might ever be. And because I am in denial about my delusional state, I project anger/hatred/rage/threats to other people. And now I am so stuck in my anger that I invest time (precious, precious, cannot ever be replaced time) attempting to prove that I am right. At this stage, I am so invested that I care more that I am right. I don't even identify/care as much about what I was invested in. Right now, the most important thing is preserving my ideal that I am right."

My response- I am calling your bluff AND informing you that you are DESPERATELY in need of intensive therapy.
We are living in such violent times- I hope that you can be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

vana said...

Sleep well Arleen.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...


Unknown said...

HKN This great post!!! Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Are these the same shades? They look different on this photo... I am pretty sure they are together but perhaps the sunglasses are not the same? Or am i totally blind?:)

Unknown said...

hkn, I heard that someone found closed Kristen instagram and there are a lot of pics. Do you know anything about this? does Kristen have instagram?

felicity said...

alyssa.. there is a fake kristen who has an instagram. don't fall for that.

she is a good impersonator but she is NOT kristen.

Unknown said...

When you really think about those sunglasses Kristen was wearing at the LAX-they look like the newest cellphone glasses, very neat and very expensive , perhaps to make communication easier, anyway, they are really cool. Please have good trip to Europe and beyond Kristen, and Rob has a rather droll sense of humor as he now has the world having a refreshing giggle. Thanks Rob for a close up of real acting!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning HKN! Hi HKN, LizzieD, sue morris, felicity, Morning Coffee, Mama Nails, Mia, And the rest of HKN! I am getting ready for work. I work at a store. I do mostly stocking. What makes me is that they always mess up my master pieces on stockings. I don't say anythings. I just be nice. Its what I can do.
Mia stay away from Just Jared. They are making money.
felicity- I agree with you. I know Kristen doesn't have instagram. If it is it would be provided. Talk to you later.

Unknown said...

Kristen is now in Germany? Some say they would be in England. Think it's great that no images are still found today;-)

felicity said...

@arleen.. hi dear, don't work too hard, take care of yourself.

and yes, kristen is in germany, berlin to be exact. she is starting with sils maria on august 23.

suzie flew in with her, no clue if she will stay with her for the whole time. suzie might catch a flight to london to meet up with jack standen, her boyfriend. it is just a short flight from berlin to london.

@mia.. those are different shades. in fact, he had two different shades with him on set. maybe these are a part of his costume, who knows.

and the sunglasses kristen has with her, were worn by rob in the past.. they are NOT new

Anonymous said...

HKN people THINK that Alannah had RKs puppy Tuesday August 20th because of this pic http://pbs.twimg.com/media/BSMsLgSCMAAHmnB.jpg#twimg

And they think that means RK are broken up. But really there multiple black dogs and Alannah seems more like scouts friend than RK.

Can you please address this

Anonymous said...

Hi HKN, LizzieD, felicity, Morning Coffee, Mama Nails, Mia, KK, And the rest of HKN! I just got home from work.
Felicity- Hi and how are you? Glad that Kristen is safe.

Unknown said...

Lizzie D , I think you use common ordinary "horse sense" when you feel that actually, Kris and Rob have never REALLY been separated other than being in different states or countries. I think they really do not care much about what the WORLD thinks, only what they think and feel because as Kristen said," I just want to live my life and work" and Rob is not happy unless he is busy so those guys should be happy as can be for their work and personal life to be so in tune, and distance does make the heart grow fonder --sorry to be so repeatable-it just sounded right. God bless each and every one of you.

LizzieD said...

robstensiempre - About Alannah puppy sitting ... we all know that puppies require a lot of attention and Rob has been working the past couple of days, long hours. So it makes sense that someone would be watching the puppy. LET THE DOUBTERS DOUBT!!! NO WAY WOULD KRISTEN HAVE BEEN CARRYING (AND SUZIE) ROB'S GUITAR IF THEY WEREN'T TOGETHER!!! IN MY OPINION ...

LizzieD said...

SUE MORRIS -- I like the idea of having "horse sense" ... I think that's pretty much like "common sense" right? There are so many reasons to believe they are together and so few reasons to show us otherwise.

I believe Rob will "hop the pond" sometime soon, LOL.

LizzieD said...

ARLEEN -- Hope you are having a good day :)

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on HKN! I am about to make my banana bread and making enchiladas, and give away some away just the banana bread. I got some much bananas so I am planning to make them and give it away. Keep me posted.
LizzieD- Thank you.
Sue morris- Great comments.

socceredout said...

Hello ladies!!

Sorry to have missed all the hoopala about the puppy and the nutcase Packer. Man that woman has lost her marbles. Does she even realize that she will never have Rob even if he wasn't with Kristen?
Lady needs to check into the loony ward!!
Can't wait for Kristen to begin shooting. Wonder how long it will be before Rob shows up on set?

Hope everyone has a great evening.

Anonymous said...

@lizzieD yeah but Alannahs pic that dog is WAY to big to be RKs puppy. Kristen was just carrying the pup a week ago dogs don't grow that fast

rklove said...

Hello ladies!!

Sorry to have missed all the hoopala about the puppy and the nutcase Packer. Man that woman has lost her marbles. Does she even realize that she will never have Rob even if he wasn't with Kristen?
Lady needs to check into the loony ward!!
Can't wait for Kristen to begin shooting. Wonder how long it will be before Rob shows up on set?

Hope everyone has a great evening.

rklove said...

Sorry ladies

My account went crazy today!! LOL
I posted twice, once on my gmail account and another on aol. Stupid google!!

Anonymous said...

The puppy on the picture is Kristen's, have a look at recent pictures + the collar.HKN do you know why wasn't this puppy with the other dogs at Rob's? At least we now know it's a girl...gorgeous little thing!:)
Btw so annoyed at E's recent article that Rob's visit to Kristen's house was dog related'! The story has changed - Thought she wasn't at home when he came?? Wonder who their sources are...:)

Tempest said...

Chillin' with this little lady - if anyone is interested is not code for 'I am looking after this pup because she is Kristen's - Rob took the the dogs in the divorce' its code for - I am chillin with this little lady - nothing more, nothing less. If people want to believe in the crap generated by two very disturbed young women who basically want everyone to believe that Rob is over Kristen so that they have got a chance at him.

Common sense is lost in this fandom it seems when you choose to believe haters over looking with your own eyes and seeing with an open mind.

rklove said...

Unfortunately, many people have a hard time believing what their eyes see. They choose to believe the delusional because it is easier than having faith and really opening their eyes.
These young ladies, who choose to spew garbage, will end up in a not so happy place when Rob and Kristen decide to be seen together. Until then, they will continue to come up with disgusting language regarding Rob and Kristen. As someone said before, "their world is about to implode" and I can't wait to see the meltdown.

Unknown said...

MY GOODNESS, MY GRACIOUS--what is all this nonsense about a picture of a little sweet puppy, that might belong to her friend or might be from the same litter. Kristen wanted her babies to have their own baby, so they are all three at home and SOMEBODY SPECIAL is watching and cuddling the family. I raised many a Boston Bull puppy and no matter which kind of dog you have, they become a real family and both R and K love their doggies. THAT YOU CAN BELIEVE, so everybody chill as TEMPEST suggests cause this A.P. NEEDS to be in a mental ward and restrained from using a computer.

Anonymous said...

Hi to all HKN! I have been home since lunch times. Then I was busy baking banana bread. It came out good. I have so many now I am giving it away. To my neighbors, friends, and family and two for ourselves.
Tempest- I agree with you more.
Mia- That is because E keeps spreading lies. Best to stop reading them or watching them. Boycott them if you have to. Because they bring nothing but lies and bad luck.

Anonymous said...

Hi to all HKN! I am going to bed. Keep me posted. Goodnight.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding unpopular here, i have to point out few things- firstly, i joined this blog as i believe that it makes much more sense than any other opinions out there. Also because I am big RK fan and really think they can go the distance. However, the picture that the puppy has been left with a friend is quite concerning in my opinion if it cannot be explained. Why wouldn't she leave her at home with the other dogs? Whether this question is asked by a RK supporter or worded very rudely by those insane people on GC, it's still a legit question, one that a lit of dog lovers/owners would ask. Therefore I would ask HKN to check with her source if possible so it is cleared up.
I do believe in R&K, but I need to also believe is for objective reasons (as it has been so far). I hope you understand my point and that i haven't unintentionally offended anyone. If i have, sincere apologies. Thanks

Unknown said...

Great post, love all the info. you got, and so well put together, am a Robsten love to, and i bealieve in them .

irene said...


1) All the dogs may be together, we don't know!
2) Rob is working long days on set.....
3) The puppy is a baby, which can't just be left at home by itself or with 2 adult dogs.
4) Bear & Bernie could be left by themselves for a time, but I doubt they would be left for whole days, so it's safe to assume that someone will be looking out for them....

Why, oh why do the fans need to know every single little detail of their bloody lives??? Leave them alone - I cannot even begin to imagine what it is like to never have anything for yourself without it becoming public property...
Now I see 'fans' toting the new puppy's name on the net... Who the hell do they think they are? They make all fans look shallow, selfish stalkers and I know that I am nothing like that.......
I find it totally infuriating from proclaimed fans, you expect crap from the haters on either side, but not from those who profess to love them.......

linese said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Mia - I don't understand what you find concerning.First of all we have no idea whether or not the other dogs were also there since Rob is filming,I could well imagine Rob and Kristen have banned pics of them because they're too well known hence why the last one was of paws only! I have 4 labs,1 of which is only 5 months old.She's too young to be left for long periods and although she's great friends with the adult dogs,they get very boisterous when they play and if we aren't around to watch them,she could very well get injured. It's impossible to tell from a snapshot what arrangements someone has made for the care of their pets but considering Rob and Kristen love their animals,I think it's safe to assume that whatever arrangements they've made will be in the best interests of all 3.

rklove said...

Good morning everyone!

To answer the doggie question. I think the concern over who is watching the puppy and the other two dogs is really a question about Rob and Kristen and if they are still together. People use the dog sitting as an excuse to blow things out of proportion and point fingers. The Nonnies got very excited yesterday when they saw the lone picture of R/K puppy.

Like many of you, I have a puppy and would never leave it with the older dogs because they can hurt her unintentionally. It's like leaving a baby with older children. You need to be extra careful, they need more attention, training and supervision. Besides, whose to say that Rob didn't go pick up puppy after filming?

So, supposed concern over puppy is another jab at R/K togetherness in my humble opinion.

People need to look at the bigger picture. Did you not see Kristen at LAX with all things Rob? Why would she have Robs guitar/jacket if they weren't together? Please don't tell me the crap about her inheriting them in the break up!!!

I love coming here and reading what HKN writes but, independent of her confirmation, I believe that R/K are still together.

Have a wonderful day ladies.

Sorry if my opinion offends anyone.

Unknown said...

Hi, hkn. I know I already asked about a possible Kristen’s instagram, but people keep saying on Twitter that pffftuhsuh is Kristen. Please answer

Anonymous said...

Alyssa- With the greatest respect, what business is it of yours if Kristen has an instagram account? Rob and Kristen have little enough privacy without nosy fans stalking their friends LOCKED social media accounts.Should they not be able to interact with their friends and family like any other human being without obsessive idiots trying to spy? To quote Joey Tribbiani, "You're so far past the line, you can't even see the line. The line is a dot to you"

Unknown said...

rklove@ Great answer.Thank zou.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning to all the HKN! Hi everyone on HKN! I am getting ready for work and babysitting. So I won't be home til about 7 or 8pm. Keep me posted.
Irene- Amen to that at 2:55am.
R/Klove- Great comments.
Well got to go now. Have a great day.

Mickeymackey said...

wow - miss one day on this site and all things go crazy. First, if the picture that was posted on a previous blog is one of Annie Packer she needs to write to Chris Powell immediately and hope he takes her on as a client on Extreme Weight Loss. She should also make sure no one ever takes a picture of her again. Second, it is not anyones business what happens with the dogs or with Kristen and Rob for that matter. Does anyone ask you what you do with your pets much less in a public forum. I can't wait to see what is said about the pics from Rob's filming today where he is kissing his co-star. I wonder if this will be the new girlfriend of the minute. I thought when this particular blog posted that things had quieted down a bit but boy was I wrong. Well, back to work for me.

Sue from Holland said...

Has this world gone mad or what? 1 pic of a puppy looked after (maybe) by Kristen's friend and this means most definitely that they broke up plus the fact that E! reported it, it must be true?
Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahaha, oh man this is hilarious. Hum, R&K are working and puppies are like babies, they need a lot of looking after but any one with a bit of common sense knows this.
This AP thing should have 5 straight jackets waiting for her, bloody hell what a obnoxious piece of shit.

Unknown said...

GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY - I really think that at some point somebody should say this again, Rob and Kristen are working and they ACT on the silver screen (fighting, kissing, poking people, kicking , laughing, crying, and all the other EMOTIONS, and that's the job. ) But their personal lives are NOT in the movies, as they have friends hired to HELP them with the whatever they cannot do--so DO NOT READ GC OR HWL OR any of the supermarket junk, they are making you an insult to injury--they lie about everything and cannot get anything right, so save your money and spend it on seeing a new movie?

rklove said...

Hello again..

I know this subject was discussed already but what does Rosee mean by the number *9*? Does it pertain to Rob and Kristen?


Tempest said...

Isn't it amazing how some people come on here pertaining to be 'loyal' Rob and Kristen fans and yet their delivery slips into delusional nonsense in between the third and fourth line. IF you were such a hardcore fan of Rob and Kristen's then a photograph of a puppy in the company of a friend of Kristen's would not send you spiralling into the whole 'i am worried that they have split up' Sorry but that's not a fan that's a flip flopper or a badly disguised hater of Kristen - which one are you Mia?

Anonymous said...

Hi HKN, LizzieD, sue morris, felicity, Morning Coffee, Mama Nails, RKlove, And the rest of HKN! I just got home from work and babysitting.
rklove- Great comments.
Tempest- Great comments. And I agree with you completely.
sue- I agree with you completely. Bunch of liars. Don't believe E.

Anonymous said...

Sue morris- I love your comments at 11:41am. I agree with you 100%.

Anonymous said...

I am going to bed now. Good Night to all the HKN! Keep me posted.

Anonymous said...


I am most certainly a fam of both and most of all fan of them together, not because of Twilight but because they are the best suited couple in HW.
Having said that, as a rational creature I do question things, specifically when it comes to something so close to my heart like the dogs as being someone quite dedicated to my dog as they are to theirs, i would never leave it with anyone but my husband at home when going away on business. Hence why i asked the question.
I buy into the explanation that a friend looked after the puppy whilst Rob was working, but we are again guessing so you cannot blame people using this photo to confirm that ghey have indeed broken up.
As I said in my previous post, i joined this blog as i believe it offers valid arguments with which i mostly agree, and when i have doubts i thnk its fair enough to voice them and ask for clarification. I also like the positivity of the posters which made me comment whereas i normally fear that crazies will jump on me because my opinion would not suit their agenda.
I honestly and genuinely hope they are still together but blind conviction is not my thing,

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the typos,i am using an ipad whilst holding my sleeping 6 week old!

Annie said...

I've always found it bizarre that the general population inserts how they do things to be how everyone else should do things, including the celebrities they are supposedly fans of. If those celebrities are not doing things a certain way then something must be wrong.

I like Rob and Kristen but this need by some to be privy to every little detail of their personal lives and the lives of their pets is an exhausting read and many times off-putting.

Sue from Holland said...

@Annie, very valid argument. I agree with you. just because R&K don't do the things you seem normal or how it should be done, doesn't mean there is something wrong. I really don't understand all this fuss about Kristen's friend (maybe) looking after their puppy. I mean, maybe Rob picks it up after his day of filming. What is the big deal?

Annie said...

Sue: The nitpicking makes you just want to scream at times.

It's just a picture of a puppy on a friend's instagram.
I have pics of my friend's dogs on my photostream, even stranger's dogs. Does it mean anything? Is it a clue to the status of my friends relationships? Hell, no! All it means is that i think the damn dogs are cute.

SusannahKay said...

Annie & Sue - I just don't get it.It's hard enough managing your own life without obsessing over the details of people you don't know. Sadly,it's this level of scrutiny that forces them to hide in the first place. If people took the time to actually listen to what they say,for instance Kristen's comment that if she was invisible for a day she'd just like to go outside and walk around and some of Rob's recent interview comments along the same lines,it's heartbreaking. I just can't imagine how bizarre it must feel to have a trip to buy milk or toilet paper become international news!

Saphire1231 said...

Whew!! I am so glad that Robert and Kristen do not feel the need to consult the fans for their every move!

They would surely not get any work done if they were to do so... they would be too busy walking out hand in hand, showing PDA, in and out of court, suing the trashloids for their salacious stories, walking the dogs, and supervising the puppy, driving just one car each so as not to confuse fans, advertising which house they are currently living in so the fans can mob/hound them, deciding which article of each other's clothing to wear each day, so that the needy fans can be sure they are together and a whole raft of other things which I constantly see posted on the net with regard to how people think Rob & Kris should conduct their lives!!

Really!!! Come on People!!! Get Real!

Acting is their passion and their job. They are both multi-millionaires... With their kind of money... don't you think they could afford to hire the very best dog trainers to look after their pets if need be. But they choose to have close friends do the job, because they want their dogs comfortable with someone they know well looking after them whilst they are both busy.

Kristen is currently out of the country & Rob working on his current film... then who knows... maybe he might slip across the pond and have a few days in seclusion with his lady love in Berlin (between Kristen's filming schedule)and before he has to be back on deck for his next production.

Nobody knows what they are planning... nor should they. Rob and Kristen have a right to their privacy,

Just know they are together...no matter what the insane "Annie Packer bunch" want/try to feed the stupid media press!

A day of reckoning is on the horizon for all the detractors...

Keep the faith!! Believe!!
They are together!!
They have come so far... against all odds... that kind of relationship does not dissolve over lies and misrepresentations by money hungry entertainment sites or the criminally insane bunch.

Have a good day everyone.

Cheers Chrissie

Anonymous said...

Good Friday Morning to all HKN! Hi Saphire1231, felicity, Mama Nails, HKN, LizzieD, sue morris, felicity, Morning Coffee, Tempest, edangel, and the rest of HKN! I am up and getting ready for work. And also getting my daughter up for school.
Saphire1231- Hi and we missed you. Great comment. And I am 100% agree with you.

edangel said...

Have a nice Weekend to all @ HKN!!!

Arleen!! Thanks for your comments!! :)

The haters demise is nearing and i am going to throw a party soon!! Cant wait to have that party!!! ;)

Take care

Anonymous said...

edangel- You're welcome. I better get ready for work and doctor's appt.

gothgirl_deni said...

i can't believe that one innocent puppy picture can cause such uproar. This is what some of the haters want to happen...they start it by posting an innocent pic and their OPINION on what it means and twitter takes over. I read that this pic was leaked (from a private acct. which is so beyond wrong) by a well known K hater...hmmm. OF COURSE this person will paint the story in a bad way.
We do NOT know where the pic was taken.. everyone assumes it was not at R & K's home. Their friend could have easily come to their home to play with and care for the puppy while R was filming. (I have done this myself when i had young pups and was gone for the day it is easier on the puppy to stay in it's home and i had friends come in to feed, play and let them out).
It is so easy for some to get caught up in these stories (agendas) that others start but remember,no one but those involved know the who, where, and why in that picture. (and any other that comes out)
I for one am not letting these haters - who are getting desperate - convince me of anything. I have my own mind and can form my own opinion. All i saw was a cute puppy and a friend of R&K spending time with it.
I am sticking with common sense on this one.

Flowergirl said...

Chrissie...great comment. So heartfelt, and oh so true. I wish every person who follows Rob and Kristen could read it ...and think about it.

Unknown said...

Mia, don't let people bully you.You can be a fan and leave the relationship out of the equation,just not sure you can talk about it here.Many are fans of both Rob and Kristen.Oh and who cares who is puppy sitting,I mean really,both are working right now I am sure friends are helping/volunteering for dog sitting,give it up. Everyone have a good day.

vana said...

Rob and Kristen and anyone close to them must be laughing their heads of at the way people react. They can do anything and they know the public will go crazy.

LizzieD said...

MIA & ANYONE ELSE WHO WILL LISTEN, LOL --- I don't want to bully, just want to ask a question. I think I already asked this .. so forgive an old lady if this is a repeat ...

How can anyone doubt that R&K are together after seeing Kristen & Suzie with Rob's guitar case at the airport? I'm just curious. I don't think I am "blindly" believing they are together. I've seen NOTHING to show that they aren't together.

LizzieD said...

ANNIE -- *Waves* ... how are you? Glad to see you here. I think GOOD THINGS are coming our way soon.

ARLEEN -- Hi, hope you had a nice day and are you planning a good weekend?

Saphire1231 -- You always have great comments, so well thought-out ...



Saphire1231 said...

Good morning all... it is a beautiful spring day here in Christchurch, New Zealand... Our fruit trees are in full bloom Those which loose their leaves in the winter are full of buds waiting to pop open and bring forth all those lovely green leaves, and the smell of fresh mown grass is in the air!!! Wonderful!

Thank you so much for the lovely comments from:
Flowergirl and
Lizzie D.

It is very much appreciated that you took the time to acknowledge that my post struck a chord with you.

Twitter is a cesspool these days - even after I have cleaned up my time-line and un-followed anyone who is in the ranks of the imbecilic or the young and stupid. I look but just sit and shake my head in amazement at the rampant stupidity of many posters and only bother with those saner people I have chosen to follow and who follow me back. Still I only visit it maybe once a week these days... I just can't be bothered with all the drama generated there!!

Well I am off to check out the very few other saner sites & blogs I follow.

With a bit of luck, Rob & Kristen might have a little peace for a few days... here's hoping!!

Hope your day/evening/night, (depending on your time zone) goes well... Cheers Chrissie

Tomoto said...

Hmmm, I am thinking someone will be leaving for Europe soon. I hope he gets to do it with privacy too.

Have a Good Friday evening and weekend everyone!

Unknown said...

Lizzie, I don't have the answers to their relationship.It's none of my business.Do I like them Yes.Do I judge anyone for saying anything about the relationship no I don't,others do,I don't.Kristen has said before that she was/has been bullied before I just don't think she would approve of it being done in her fandom for any reason.JMO.Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Saphire1231, LizzieD, felicity, flowergirl, HKN, Tomoto, and the rest of HKN Haven! I just got home from doctors, errands, and from Sonic. I am starting to like Sonic. I like their banana cream pie shake.
Saphire1231, LizzieD, Flowergirl, Tomoto, and edangel- Great comments you guys. And thank you. And I am with you.

Anonymous said...

Tempest- Is it true that you are leaving DIDY. Because I love going over there too. I don't want you to go. We love you. I hope this isn't the end of DIDY.

Anonymous said...

Good night to all HKN Havens! Keep me posted.

Anonymous said...

Good Saturday Morning to all the HKN! Hi to everyone on HKN Havens! How are you? I am doing my housecleaning and relaxing. My walking partner is out of town. And its looks like its going to rain. Plus, I will be stepping out soon. Keep me posted later.