Friday, March 7, 2014

How To Deflect A Baby Bump

This post is brought to you by the deflection of the baby bump. This is a how to primer with Kristen showing you the ropes.

The Umbrella deflection. Simple but effective. 

Hide the face with the Umbrella and make sure paps are paying attention to it and not the obvious.

Ignore the Umbrella and take a close look a little lower. Yep there it is. The baby bump in all its glory.

Layering the boyfriends clothes is always  another good option.

 Uhm no dipshidiots that's not a spot it's a tear . In the same place. Yes it's the same shirt. Jacket and gray shirt look mighty familiar too. 

Good csi work RKsoulmates 913!

And again for good measure. Yep I would be wearing my boyfriends clothes if I had been broken up with him for nearly a year. It's called common sense. Grasp it.

The cap deflection. Strategically placed can be extremely effective in hiding the baby bump.

The ring deflection. Put it on the wedding ring finger and it's guaranteed to get the dipshidiots  scrambling for excuses. 

No her character in Still Alice is not married. Save the movie prop excuse. No she does not usually wear a ring on that finger. Going back six years to try and prove that she does isn't going to help you much either. The excuse that will send you into fits of laughter? It's a band aid not a ring .

Does this look anything like what's on her finger above?

These are kind of interesting but not the same. Try again dipshidiots. And thanks for the laugh. 

None of it is  going to change what is.

No her stomach isn't flat. Rattle off all the excuses you want. A picture tells a thousand words and this one says plenty. 

Kristen knows the fans watch everything. You really think shes going to wear a ring on THAT finger for everyone to speculate about? Nope she wouldn't unless it's there for a reason. And that reason has the dipshidiots terrified. 

Yeah the thought of this has them squirming.

In my last post I wished for them to reenact this picture on the set of Life.

My prayers have been answered. A pig chasing Rob can't be far behind. 

Rob Rob! I'm ready for my close up.

Kristen: I don't think so Miss Porky!

First still from Life. 

Wet Rob running his hand through his hair.


I'm wondering if this is a scene where he finds out about James Dean's death. He looks kind of sad. (Also take notice of  black and white Thomas and Sienna pic in shop window:):):) )

A little tired Rob?

Looks a little nippy too. Bet he wishes he were in L.A. doing this instead.

I miss Malibu beach Rob. 

This ones for the moral police. Yes it's e cigs. 

Lol. I so hope it's a boy and I want to see him in this onesie!

And last but definitely not least I would like to give a shout out to Mama Nails who runs SRWN. Mama I love your wit and humor. I love how you handle the anonymous trolls  and your sarcastic answers back to them.You handle them day in and day out with class. 

Take a bow lady. You deserve it. 


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felicity said...

first... love it.. hugs hkn

Annie said...

Thank you! :)
They're so panicked and freaked out.

irene said...

Just brilliant.......thanks HKN!!!

And Mama Nails, kudos to you too - the patience you have to deal with those anonymous numpties, lawd!!!

Take Care, all 💝

andreana said...

Great new post hkn... you're a pretty classy broad yourself!!

Vernier said...

Love it HKN!!! It is as awesome as always. Love the belly pics... makes you go oooohhhh......

Hatersknownothing said...

So judging from the poll most people think they've been secretly married for some time lol.

Unknown said...

Awwwww HKN!!! That was so sweet! & just so you know I'm stealing that Minion gif! Lol!!!

I loved it all and never expected a shoutout! So thanks!!

Thanks again for letting me have a home away from home here with the havenettes!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on Havenettes! I am still resting and take it easy. I am being taking care of.
HKN- Great job on your posted. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Irene, felicity, Mama Nails, Vernier, and the rest of Havenettes by the way. Hugs to you all.

Morning Coffee said...

HKN...Absolutely loved this....How anyone can look at these pics and deny the existance of a sweet little baby...

You and tempest and MamaNails...ladies of integrity every last one of you.

I wonder if the nonnies are busy throwing themselves on the floor holding their breath and turning blue yet? So spoiled rotten little twirps, can't have it their way ....so they resort to bullying.

The three of you ladies don't fall for any of it. Thank God.

Hatersknownothing said...

Mama I signed up on tumbler yeaterday and tried to post something on your blog lol. It didn't seem to work. Don't know what I did wrong. And your welcome. You deserved the shout out.

Janie said...

I love your new post.
You are right on.
If there are still doubters they
are in denial.

Petie said...

Have you heard from your cousin about when-ish the baby is due? I treatment Olivia Wilde going from teeny baby bump to baby belly not too long ago. Who knows if Kristen will do the same poor if she'll just have a tiny baby belly the entire pregnancy. Or how much we'll get to see with deflecting tactics. And with 'Ultra' coming up in April....where she'll be in the pregnancy. Anyone know?

Petie said...

I meant remember not treatment. Didn't check spell check, before I posted. Oops!

Tbell said...

I love everything about this post . especially cold rob. He makes the funniest expressions. I loved the bandaid rings to. Those are especially hilarous. Have a good weekend...

Vernier said...

Arleen feel better sweetie.....
Hello everyone.... I hope you all had a great day... Where do I go vote lol lol

W said...

"We are always inclined to believe what we wish." Demosthenes (greek orator)

Hatersknownothing said...

Vern top right of the blog. Right below wedding manip of Rob and Kristen.

Hatersknownothing said...


I don't know when she is due. They seem to be keeping that under wraps pretty good. Are we so sure au will shoot in April? Jesse Eisenbergs other movie seems to shooting soon too. I guess we see on that.

Unknown said...

Fabulous post, HKN! The band aid rings were priceless. Mama Nails, you, and Tempest are the best at cutting through the bull. It's going to be a fabulous spring. XXOO

Unknown said...

for me she is pregnant this time but unlike you think will come a girl do not know why and this is what I wanted but if boy will be beautiful anyway what matters is being healthy .... And for those who believes that Robsten ended one hour but sooner or later but will break your face when you have new photos'm just awaiting

Petie said...

You're right. Shooting dates often change as does when a person shoots their stuff. I'm just excited (as is everyone on here) & their movie schedule keeps growing (awesome) with many projected upcoming dates....such great things happening with them....& there are days when she looks more pregnant than others (I think), so all that rolled up in on leads to "I can't wait to see what's to come!" If that makes any sense. :)

Unknown said...

HKN loved your post. Enjoy coming here to lift my spirits. Love Mama Nails too.

Unknown said...

I love your blog!!! Pics, happiness, K...R....I bet they are over the moon! Thanks for putting it into words for us!!! You and Mama make my day!

EllenRamey said...

Fun post!

Vernier said...

@quitalready21 We see you are a bit irate. We are here to help. You see that bridge downtown around the corner? yeah that one? Yeah... Go take a fucking flying leap! If you don't like the ride don't get on the train! Don't come here and disrespect and put people down!! Jealous much??? Sounds like it. If they are laughing why you on here bitching and moaning? See ya boo!! Go do you and let us do us!!!!

Unknown said...

Hello HKN, I see you figured out how to ask a question, have you seen my response!

As for AU...I keep seeing more and more about them shooting in April, they seem pretty insistent. Obviously you all know I'm a wait until my chickens are on set kinda gal, but I was discussing this and had a thought. And forgive me, I talk to a lot of ppl and right now who I had this discussion with I'm drawing a blank.

But....AU is a particularly long indie shoot right. a little over 8 weeks.

I think that the movie is gonna have some action which means some special effects/stunt work. So...what if Neither Kristen or Jesse will be on set until May and they do the 2nd unit stuff the first few weeks in April.

That gives K time to recuperate from having the baby cause I really do believe that she's gotta have the baby before she shoots if it's starting that soon.

And that also gives Jesse time to do his part of Batman vs. Superman. Yes, Jesse is playing Lex Luther, but the two leads are Ben Afleck and Henry Caville, and who knows how much of Lex is actually in the story line. But he's certainly not going to be in every scene and Jesse shouldn't be needed for the full shoot.

Anyway...just a way for it to all work out.

But as usual we will see!

Rae H. said...

HKN, I love this new post so colorful and witty.

Band aids? That is the most desperate wishful thinking yet.

I don't know if the BD2 wedding scene set was a secret wedding scene set or not.

But I think they were married at the time of the interview where Rob said, "In the eyes of the church we're married," and Kristen looked both embarrassed and exasperated.

I think Rob wanted it out there, an admission of the fact of their marriage. That's just my opinion.

So I think it happened sometime between ECLIPSE and BREAKING DAWN ONE. More likely somewhere more private than a closed movie set. That's also just my opinion.

Baby on the way? The evidence keeps mounting. Sooner or later even we cautious ones will be convinced, I think.

Vernier said...

And speaking of class quititalready21 I stand by this HKN and Mama Sluts has more class in their ass crack hairs than you do in your entire body bitch!!!! Don't insult good people, my friends!!!!

Rae H. said...

quititalready21, If I found a blog to be distasteful and embarrassing to fans everywhere, the very last thing that I would do is lend them credibility by posting on that blog. Even if it was only to put them down.

Are you one of those seeing band aids too? If so then I question your state of mind and motives also.

Vernier said...

Great break down Mama nails..... sounds plausible to me..
Rae H that is also a good thought. I like that. I feel in my gut she is pregnant so come on over to the darkside....Throw caution to the wind and lets all have a babygate party!!!!

Vernier said...

Rae H I love how you handle that... You are a quiet elegant soul.... :o))

Anonymous said...

Would you STOP with the K is going to have the baby then go back. After giving birth a woman is out for SIX weeks. And do you really think K is going to want to leave her newborn for hours a day right after giving birth?

Unknown said...

Hkn u are really good at blogging. This was a really good post. Loved the close shots of the belly. Now doubters compare this belly pic to the one of her arriving on set of cxr. U have to difference. Hkn could put those two pics side by side to see what it look like. I would love it.
Everytime I see rob on set of life , I keep thinking robs going to be a daddy!!!!!
Is it just me or does he seem even more sexier knowing that fact.

Vernier said...

Havenettes we are officially under attack!!1 HKN you must have hit a big nerve!!! LOL LOL They are coming out the wood work!!!! They been lurking waiting on a new post.... lol lol Thank you trolls for the hits and welcome to the party!!! We gonna do the Pattinsonated followed by the Rob did it and ending with the Bitch gotta run cause she having to much fun on a site she seems to dislike. Boo we got you come on over to the darkside. You know you wanna

Vernier said...

Teresa he seems more sexier!!1 lol Can you say "Yo baby daddy fine as hell and even sexier than that. Face Plant"

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on Havenettes! I am going to bed early. So I could get better. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all. Night!
HKN- Again, I love your post. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Just for people on here that didn't read the article talking about Uma and AU they now say that they are SLATED to start AU filming in April that is NOT a confirmation at all. Indie movies take a back seat to big time movies like Batman vs Superman

Hatersknownothing said...


Where are you getting this six weeks crap? Funny a woman at work gave birth a week ago. She's coming back to work on Monday. You need to take a chill pill.

Hatersknownothing said...


No one knows when she is having the baby. 2 movies are saying they are filming at the same time. Unless Jesse Eisenberg has a clone that isn't happening. And I would say Batman/Superman movie has dibs lol.

Annie said...

Oh dear! I think the desperation is showing more and more.
Too freaking funny! :)

Vernier said...

Don't get caught up on dates. As everyone who has been down this road with others have said time and time again. You don't know the date till the actors are on set. So chill. Give it a rest why don cha???

Vernier said...

Annie they are sweating bullets!!! lol lol It is to freakin funny!!!!! lol lol

Vernier said...

HKN you have struck a mighty blow for Pattinsonation!!1 Lol LOL they can't turn a blind eye to your evidence. Well they can but it would make them look like bigger idiots... lol lol
Yo haters
"Nah nah na nah na They're having a baby they'er having a baby" lol lol

Annie said...

Vernier: Oh my gosh! :):):)

Unknown said...

HKN, This is a really funny blog and strangely I can see Kristen giggling at it. Also, I think this baby is going to be coming sooner than later because she is already as big as I was at 8 and one half months. I am same height but much bigger. Mama Nails, need help learning how to use your blog. VERNIER, you are so on top of these dingy TWIRPS! Tracey, I think twins would be sweet, don't you? Irene, we have a new name here girl--NUMPTIES! Very cool, very cool. Honestly, HKN I think if the umbrella belly shots are not about as clear as a belly bump, I don't know what it would take! You all keep it clean now HAVENETTES! Susie

Morning Coffee said...

Hey guys do any of you remember which mag interview Rob had where the reporter asked if faced with a choice would he choose the love of his life or his family??

He answered with what if the love of your life was a member of your family...I think that was very telling...he and Kristen have been wed a very long time.

The Haters are on the floor turning blue and throwing a temper tantrum....me I'm peeing my pants laughing at them.

HKN don't ever stop what you are doing they can't bully their way into making us back down.

I am still saying by the end of March that baby will be making it's entrance to the world.

Now then for all the baby police who think they know everything.

Mothers and fathers have children and most of them have full time jobs also. They do not hang onto each other 24/7 because the woman is pregnant...Usually one or both have jobs they go to.

I am beginning to believe most of you are single or living in the 50's/60's. The world has changed.
Your living fairytale dreams and romance novels.

Welcome to the real world.

Barbara said...

@Vernier Your post at6:29 pm has made me laugh after all we do have the same risqué
humour at the moment it is a waiting game with our little dog,who became unwell suddenly.You my sweet friend have made me laugh and stop crying. love you Vernier V007.xxxxx

Unknown said...

Lol! SueM I'll post a pictorial tutorial tomorrow to help you out.

Morning Coffee I've figured it out!
I think the kids going on about Rob not spending enough time with K are confusing the two of them with Edward & Bella. Neither had jobs, Edward never slept, they are living in Breaking Dawn Part 1 world! Not the real world! LOL

This is for the trollers. Turn your DVDs off.
The movie is over. Edward and Bella are fictional characters.

Yes, the two actors that played them are Rob & Kristen and yes in REAL LIFE, Rob and Kristen are a couple that are going to have a baby. But unlike Bella and Edward they are having a human baby and Rob does work as an actor, Kristen works as an actor
Also.. And in the REAL WORLD, women have babies all the time and go back to work.

When exactly Kristen will be going back to work depends on her film schedule. That is not hers to decide so much as negotiate. I'm sure this has already been negotiated.

And I'm with you morning coffee and you know how much I love my morning coffee and afternoon coffee and after dinner with dessert coffee... That baby is coming by the end of March! But time will tell! Lol doesn't it always!

Janie said...

I found a quote from Rob in an interview with Capricho don't know the year.
How do you define love?
Wow. (laughs) I think it's to be with someone and let that person to be herself. Each one has to live their own lives, but with the support of the other person. And you need to be able to do what you want. This is one of the definitions of a couple in love, because love is about so many other things.
Boy, this really does this describe their relationship.

Vernier said...

Oh Barbara I'm sorry to hear about your little dog. Feel better soon little doggie!!!
You know I can't be civil at the trolls and haters lol lol I'm glad I made you smile :o)))
I love you too my sweet friend ....
V007 on the job lol

Barbara Fenwick said...

Love your post hkn. I agree the haters are so panicked, and all I can do is laugh at them.

Thank you very much for your post. I always look forward to them---check every day.

Vernier said...

Mama Nails you so funny. I can see this in my crazy mind lol lol
"Kiddies turn off that move rite now! you hear? I mean rite now!!!!" Why" I'll tell yo ass why... Cause Mama Nails said so!!! lol lol mama I love it. To cool for school.......
Jane great find. I love this and you are so right. This is them!!!!

Dreamer said...

I've been waiting for this post~!!!! the skirt and ring got me excited this week~ *sigh* yeah for as long as I can remember, she wears rings in all of her other fingers but never in that one finger~ and she likes her layered clothing but this has been the longest time that I've seen her in baggy clothes and she's the type to knot every shirt she has despite any weather~ I'll be called delusional in other sites but I hope I can safely say here that this has been a secret fantasy/super powerful wishful thinking of mine since I've boarded this ship: that what they have is true and they'll be together for life, because I simply cannot imagine one without the other~ Wheeeeee~~~! I feel giddy with these two, still, after all these years~! They are simply one of a kind, their genuineness is something rarely seen in this world, that no words are needed to convince people~~~ <3 ahhh okay it feels good to let that out~! have a good night everyone! ^~^

Vernier said...

Rob work today. New pics of him on set on RD....

Morning Coffee said...

Verni...love you...you make me smile.

Mama Nails....yep...they have taken Bella and Edward into the real world.

Scary isn't it.

P.S. lived in New Bern several years .... love N.C.

Rae H. said...

Vernier, Thank you for liking what had to say.

Morning Coffee, I think that interview was during the promotions for Breaking Dawn One.

Vernier said...

Morning Coffee you know you are one of my idols. I'm glad I make you smile. You my dear friend are a class act!!! :o)
Rae h you have a peaceful way in how you phrase and it transcends... :o)

Janie said...

Morning Coffee
That statement what if the love of your life was family. I read where that was from Breaking Dawn 2011 from a Brussels fan.
If you scroll down quite a bit there are a bunch of quotes from Rob and Kristen.

Vernier said...

Yassie I agree with you wholeheartedly!!! :o))

Morning Coffee said...

Thanks Rae H. Jane for the info it has been driving me crazy.

What would I do without my peeps to keep me on my toes and well informed.

Pookie mouse....me and Verni missing...are you better yet?

Verni darlin' you are the class act.

heading off to bed in a few more minutes I think.

Love to you all.

yarialice95 said...

This post was so awesome that I even forgot how to post about comment (a software engineering student forgets how Blogger works...). That bump looks so cute I want to touch it :3.

I was checking out Rob's new pictures with his adorable Co star Jack Fulton, the look on Rob's faces just melted my heart, his demeanor is completely different around children he really likes them, I can only imagine how it will be once the little bundle of joy is born.

In my country there's a saying that when a woman is pregnant with a girl the girl sucks her mother's beauty since Kristen looks more beautiful than ever maybe it's a boy, and also if the belly button sticks out is a boy. Anyway what matters is that the baby is healthy and that he or she will be loved no matter what.

I read on a Latin American tabloid that Rob is recording an album dedicated to Kristen -_-.

I was looking up info about James Dean and I read that people that took pieces of the car that he died in died in horrible accidents, the man that took the engine died in a horrible car wreck that's creepy.

Unknown said...

what a wonderful treat to drop by the haven and find a lovely mousie-mention by sweetest well-wishers! god bless you all, and special loving hugs to my precious M C and my darling SupahV! I'm glad to say I'm quite back to my old mousie-self... but may I say something here?
The appearance of the simple platinum/gold band on K's third finger, left hand, was a truly magical moment for me. I just stared and stared at it... with a great big old smile breaking like sunrise across mah face. Also, I noticed that one of our many brilliant peeps mentioned seeing what she felt might be K wearing Rob's ring-- and I saw a photo that clearly showed, yesterday, the very large (obviously a guy's) simple band around the base of her right thumb, and my gut reaction to seeing it was a resounding positive jolt-- it's Rob's ring-- she's keeping it for him... *sigh*
It's a happy time, Havenettes, a very happy time...
love to all always, and thank you for remembering me--

Anonymous said...

HKN, I love this post especially the Kristen guide to hiding a pregnancy. Reminds me of someone who gets on my train who has several ways in which she covers her pregnancy but is still wearing her skinny jeans and trainers.

Unknown said...

and i meant to muster a rousing 'Thank You!' to HKN for another masterful post. You always bring it, HKN, and we love you for it!

Happygirl said...

Thank you HKN for another wonderful post :)

Unknown said...


Rosey said...

Hkn. Love the post. You always make me smile and I'm very quietly squeeeeeeing over here. Lol


felicity said...

@morning coffee..

the 'love of your life is one of your family' is from the BD1 promo.. the video

at 2:02 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKLQnrY6YyQ

Unknown said...

MORNING COFFEE, you are right about March, I believe she is getting close to have her babies! I am still dreaming in the form of twins for their first babies. Hopefully one of each!

intothesun74 said...

Some individuals seem to have lost their minds spouting nonsense about math = ice cream lol! So much anger over things and matters out of any fan's control! I will never understand who are truly the crazy people here? the 'Havennete inmates of HKN Asylum' or the crazy people who visit here to are argue with the 'crazy inmates' - which is ridiculous frankly, why would a 'sane' (for these irate nonnies and naysayers I use the term loosely)try to have an argument with so-called delusional fans? you will never convince the delusional so why start now, it's a futile endeavor.

The other people hung up on dates and so forth, let us wait for the film to start shooting to see the fallout - either K and Jesse will be needed on set early or not. Time will tell.

To those sage individuals counseling Havennetes that the info on this blog is fantasy - well good for them, maybe they can fantasize Kristen with a flatter stomach because this fantasy is becoming reality with a vengeance.

Unknown said...

Hkn you have done it again Bravo to you, you never fail us thankyou so much ,Mama Nails your blog is great as well,well to all the Havenettes hope you are all ell and you have a great weekend, Rob and Kristen love to you both hope your both chilling somewhere peaceful, hugs to you all ake care be safe as always.

Unknown said...

Oh my god! i love it!!
you and Mama are rocking it :)

Paloma said...


Morning Coffee said...

Pookielewis...my sweet mousie muse..

So glad you're feeling better
Was about to send a letter
it's so nice to have you back where you belong.

Pook will please you
if you let her
if you don't you'll never get her
to be your friend
and that would be so wrong

Life would be so blue
If Pookie didn't love you!

Welcome Back! girlfriend

Unknown said...

Hey Pook glad to hear you are feeling better.

sue morris I posted a tumblr tutorial last night/this morning, check it out.

OMG...Twitter is a free for all this morning. The inmates have come out with a vengeance attacking both me and HKN. I guess we must be doing something right to have freaked them out so much.


Morning Coffee said...

Sue Morris..I feel like she about my timeline of my first pregnancy...carried exactly the same way...also had a March baby.

Not sure about twins ..but pray for a happy healthy child for them both. It will be so loved.

Felicity; thanks for the info I am going to go listen to it in a few mins.

Morning Coffee said...

Mama Nails..... the crazies are having a meltdown for sure.

You and HKN are doiong everything right...don't ever stop.

felicity said...

seriously.. the fandom police is talking on twitter about hkn's and mama's blog..

if they don't want to read it or don't like what is written here, they should stay the fuck away from here.

i bet you all know who i am talking about. one of them was here already, starting with a c! she has her own blog. her intentions was good at first, stop the paparazzi and tabs with their BS. but now they seem to feel entitled to tell other blog owners, what they are allowed to post and what not..

getting way over their head..


pookie.. glad that you are feeling better.


mama.. you are a strong woman. i bow to you..

and to you


Tbell said...

Morning Havenettes!
Another beeeeutiful day to be alive! Make it a great one.

Hey mama
Thanks for the cookies they were delish lol. Tumblr is rockin and rollin this morning, as usual.

Went back and reread post this morning and laughed my ass off, again, this time out loud...reminds me..."say it, out loud" lol. Anyway there's such beauty in the art of distraction non?

I know its hard to realize your dreams are slowly but surely being flushed down the toilet but it will be OK. We have Nonnie and naysayer grief counseling available as soon as you've hit rock bottom. Based on your trolling habits I would say you're pretty close, it really depends on how long you stay lurking here and at sluts hanging on every word. You have a ways to go but you'll get there. When you start asking mama nails to stop posting about babygate you know you've made it. Remember we'll be here to help....not.

Janie said...

Great comments Havenettes!
I'm loving how the trolls are panicking. So cool to be on the darkside.
The trolls are like children throwing a tantrum because things aren't going their way. It sucks to be wrong.

Unknown said...

Tracybell u are hilarious this morning. Twitter must be on fire. Still I rather skip the Twitter drama. U ladies can hold it down fine. Begging for someone to stop telling the truth is definitely rock bottom.

Sue from Holland said...

@Mama Nails, I said this before and I'm gonna say it again, you're blog is fckn bonkers but that's what I really like about it. I like crazy.

@Vernier, girl, I really wouldn't like to be on your bad side 6:29 (march 7). "More class in their ass crack"?? Hahaha.

After 4yrs of being a devout R&K fan, I never got (and still don't) why the haters/naysayers wanna waste their energy going to R&K blogs and spout their drivel. So bloody stupid.
Sure, I don't always agree what you girls are saying but to each it's own. I'm not gonna attack you on it as we are all in this together. We all have a mutual love for these two sweet, endearing, talented, very courageous, smart, beautiful young people. Bloody hell, what is there to hate? How can you hate someone you don't know anyway?

It's the saddest example of the depraved, pestiferous degenerates walking around on this world.
My last visit was about 5 months ago. Every time I read the comments I was pissed with myself for subjecting myself to that vile crap. So so depressing.

Tbell said...

Teresa H
Thank you m'dear I try to always keep it light lol. But I don't do twitter I just know the mindset of these people. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know they are beeboppin all over social media tryin to stir up shit :)

I dont understand people who follow people who they vehemently disagree with. They must be miserable. Exhibit A: sitdownalready21

Good mornin jane sue and any lurkers...come out come out wherever you are lol

Annie said...

Dear Oh Dear.......Meltdowns, Smackdowns and fuck-offs!
They know they're fucked!

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.:):):):)
Mama Nails, HKN and Havenettes.........Carry on!

Annie said...

Tracy ell: Yep, their desperation is showing. :)

felicity said...

okay.. own experience... i was pregnant 3 times and i am similar built to kristen.. same height and same clothing size. (yes i know this because I have seen kristen IN PERSON!)

my neighbours did not realize that i was pregnant till i had my children. i was still wearing my skinny jeans, i was still wearing my regular clothes and i just had wider hips and larger boops. that was it!

if i wouldn't have pushed my stroller through the neighbourhood, no one would have known that i was pregnant!

so.. if people want to believe that every woman MUST HAVE A BIG BUMP AT THE END OF THE PREGNANCY...


otherwise i would not have my children!

Tbell said...

*puts on nerd glasses pulls up hair like naughty librarian, gets out pen and note pad*

Ok Sitdownalready21...
Thank you for coming to therapy today. How are you feeling? Not good huh? Well thank you for proving my point. You're getting there...your begging...that's good, that's a good sign...you're almost there...are you crying yet? Tears are good, it releases feel good hormones. Maybe you just need a good cry. *buzzer* ok times up see you next time. My advice is to stay away from blogs that upset you and keep crying.

felicity said...

and i have the feeling i know who is behind the account who is posting here right now!!!

it is so obvious that is is screaming in the face.. twitter talk today only confirmed my suspicion.

Happygirl said...

I know it's hard for the haters that RK become parents, but I don't understand why the haters are still come to HKN's Blog and tell us that K is not pregnant! Everyone with a little brain can see that K's body changed in the last couple of months! So I think it's time for those people to accept the truth! And now I say it loud so that the haters hear it too: Kristen IS pregnant and Rob IS the father! Deal with it! It's time! :)

onagee said...

Quitalready = Nikola#007 or whatever her name is. Same pretentious lecturing, same obsession disguised as bizarro crusade to straighten out the silly masses at HKN's blog. What a mission. Quitalready, there is a LOT you don't know and even more that you assume.

Tbell said...

Now im jealous of you and verni...You both got to see Kristen in person lol.

Ive had 4 kids and was never as lucky as you. You couldnt tell I was pg from the back but carried a soccer ball in the front lol. I truly wish doctors had the same mindset in the 90's as they do now. My dil's doctor basically demands she gain x amount of weight. It is truly so different for girls now.

intothesun74 said...

Now Math = shoes ? I am lost truly. am also lost at the individual deigning to spend precious time explaining simple concepts to obviously delusional havenettes. It has been stated by the owner of this blob that if proven wrong she will state it. It is only individuals like "quits" or "sits" who seem to want to turn this into some time of dangerous stand offs, if the pregnancy is proven false OK, if it true (as it seems to be) will you take the high road and admit you were wrong.. unlikely
Again All of the posters here are adults, we do not need some one telling us what blogger to believe or ignore and then condemning those of us who choose to believe as stupid or naive. if we are so be it, that fault is ours but attempting to police fans who only wish positivity and best wishes for both R and K. That's bull shit, for years. I remember the TGC talk when it was col on twitter and many people perhaps even those to against the 'dark-side theory' (hey Mama N!) were joking about it, even calling Tom and Sienna's babe TSC - (the silver Child' some of the fandom's most holier than thou est! I am sure it the theory had started in the fandom approved section there would be no uproar so please hypocrites 'sit down quietly' somewhere and save the sanctimonious drivel for others like haters who REALLY do not wish R/K harm!!

intothesun74 said...

I should have said wish R/K harm, sorry - phone typing!!

felicity said...

tracy.. i was standing face to face with rob in berlin at the BA premiere...

i don't know if the link is working, but this is my pic of rob.. he was closer when he was signing my poster for me, but i couldn't take a pic, because i was holding the poster for him to sign


and i have seen both of them at the BD2 premiere in Berlin. yup.

Morning Coffee said...

Any mature experienced woman would have realized that Kristen was showing the signs of pregnancy long before HKN said anything about it.

Back as far as pictures taken in August it was plain to see her boob size was rapidly increasing, as the haters and nonnies were so eager to point fingers and cry loudly that she must have gotten a boob job.

So larger breasts while the rest of her remained skinny...which means the pregnancy hormones had kicked into gear..6-8weeks in.

If she were to give birth by the end of March beginning of April...
Here's some math from OB'S worldwide.

count back three months and add seven days from start of your last menstrual cycle or in case of full term birth already taking place.

Based on that I would venture an educated guesstimate that conception was around the end june beginning July...

1 sperm plus 1 egg = 1 baby or more depending on identicals.

If you don't like my math too bad.

Not everybody gains 50 or more pounds when pregnant...not everyone looks like they are ready to explode when they are pregnant.

That's the beauty of being pregnant they are as unique and individual as the little human they contain.

To those of you so bent on the no baby theory...time is always the bearer of all truths whether we like it or not....Either we are right or you are.

IN the mean time chill the fuck out and leave us the fuck alone...Go bother another celebrity couple there are so many to choose from ...so many famewhores who would eagerly play your insipid games with all of you.

That's Hollywood for you....pisses you all off that neither Rob nor Kristen give a flying continental about what Hollywood thinks or wants.

intothesun74 said...

P.s If the 'sits and quits' want people to heed their words, I suggest doing away with the 'self-important twit' airs and less than transparent contemptuous hectoring tones. Somewhere in the dark recesses of their oxygen deprived brains they somehow have a misguided sense of superiority - history has given us several examples of this misguided superiority and need to thrust it upon others, it has been called - DICTATORSHIP.

Annie said...

Enna: You let it go. You will be happier. :)

Happygirl said...

Oh Enna Enna I know it hurts you that Kristen is pregnant with Rob´s baby. So now go and cry in your corner. I promise you the pain will go away.

intothesun74 said...

See what I mean another dictator waiting to reinforce bullshit - it is like Mussolini and Lenin are having a party HAHA
Cannot admit the truth or accept so I will torture those who do accept!

Janie said...


I had no idea you were that close to Rob. I'm proud to know you and Vern. You two are the closest I'll ever get to Rob and Kristen. Bravo!!i

Annie said...

Intothesun74: They are just torturing themselves.

Janie said...

HKN a lot of cleaning up to do here.

intothesun74 said...

On this final note - Why should these happy people let go? they are not sad on the contrary seem well adjusted individuals sharing positivity on a blog of like minded people.

The question I would like answered is why you cannot exhibit self control and stop visiting this blog. These characters have a boiler room of internal issues that seem to center on HKN: You hate this blog and all that it stands for, suggest the content bloggers seek happiness away from the inferred 'toxicity' of HKN and you still visit. the psychosis is really at an all time high with these troubled souls. Anyway laters Havennettes!!

Unknown said...

OMG Havenettes, it's official the inmates are having a full blown meltdown!

The new tactic coming to me on tumblr is to sound reasonable and how horrible I am for invading their privacy and yet,they are reading my blog! muahahahah...

sorry, but I'm done dealing with them, so I'm deleting their assess. They can go create their own blogs so they can gossip about me, gossiping about Kristen and Rob. LMFAO

Morning Coffee, if I didn't know that you weren't me, I would think you were. Because we are so on the same page regarding how far along she is! It's so nice to hear that someone else sees the same thing that I've been seeing.

Have you all seen this pix from Camp X-Ray. I know she's got her uniform on, but just a few weeks to a month prior depending on when during filming this pic was taken she was almost too skinny while in Paris for PFW and then look....LOL...


The signs have been there for a long time!

Love to all the Havenettes and to all my sluts!

intothesun74 said...

Dear Enna - My darling I suggest that you do not attempt to take me on with your childish attempts at passive aggressiveness, to be sure you and your ilk have convinced your self of some time of mental superiority when indeed to borrow the English term, you are just 'mental' please (to quote another slang) 'stay in your lane' and attempt to create petty distractions - this is what YOU are good at, carry on and do not attempt anymore petty dictator tactics.

Janie said...


I have one question for you. What do you think is happening with Kristen's body change? And I'm only talking about the pictures on "How To Deflect A Baby Bump" page.

Unknown said...

good evening Havenettes,
HKN and Mama Nails great and brilliant work on your pages.
every day many positive posts.
The new post HKN makes me happy.
Not long now and the unbelieving will bite you in the butt
Wish you all a nice evening / day and a nice weekend.

Morning Coffee said...

Mama Nails ia m a three time mother each pregnancy vastly differentt from each other....I have six beautiful grand kids same applies to those pregnancies...But always the first noticeable change is nature preparing the breasts for the tremendous amount of changing that will be required from them in the months to come.

Enna...dear one...sounds like you are idolizing sit down I suggest you and she become BFF's and go off together and share your misery....afterall it does enjoy company.

felicity said...

again.. claire danes anyone?? julia roberts pregnant with twins at oceans 12? jodie foster in panic room? reese whiterspoon in vanity fair and walk the line??

and I am delusional??

intothesun74 said...

It has been stated by the blog runner if she is wrong she will accept it. it has been stated by the posters if they are wrong they will admit it.

What more do some people need - this not about HKN it is about Those who need to control everyone around them. THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE, now conveniently someone's father is an OB good gravy! Is this what you are going to use as your defense!
Many actresses have played non pregnant roles when pregnant this is not a new concept. An indie film typically runs between 6-7 weeks it is possible , so stop.
Your common sense or my common sense - my truths are not your truths, my experiences are no yours, so stop trying to foist your opinions on others like your dear friend stated 'let go' you will be happy, for now accept the fact that these who are here are delusional and accept it, scurry on and go play in the sandbox, this ridiculous attempt to insult, berate and hector is pathetic!

Tbell said...


I know who you are

"bulges that most likely are caused by the pants she is wearing"

You are that dumbass anon from sluts this morning lol. You should have told me that during therapy ealier. Heres some new advice:

No matter how hard you try you'll never be hkn or mama nails. One, you're not funny enough, smart enough, cool enough and two, uou are just boring and unoriginal. And here I thought you were just a pathetic fan. And now I realize you're just a pathetic wannabe.

Annie said...

quititalready21: Do what you moniker states and quit already and sit the fuck down! Take Enna with you.

You're typing so much shite right now it's laughable.

Tbell said...

Nope you are not!

Great Rob pic! Awe mission blacklist hair. That film festival brought us all kinds of awesome. Loved his long black coat...did you get that autograph?

felicity said...

i really hope that some people will never get pregnant. it seems they will stop to work, to do anything and will just sit on their couch to tell others what they want and what they need to be done, like they are sick. sorry. the world is not like this. women work during their pregnancies. they have to or they want to, doesn't matter. a farmers woman is not going to stop to work, just because she is pregnant and she will do what she always has done if she is feeling okay with it and if everything is okay.

a woman is also able to go back to work right after giving birth. i have a very good example for that.
i don't know if you know her.. michelle hunziker, former wife of eros ramazzotti.

this is michelle september 14th, 2013.


her baby was born in october and she left the hospital october 14th.

and five days after giving birth, she was back working at the host of her tv-show!

so, yes, you can work till the end and you can go back to work right after giving birth. damnit

felicity said...

@tracy.. yes, i have the autograph.. i am keeping that precious item very safe and secure.

intothesun74 said...

Oh Mama N, i forgot the twit Anon with the skinny jeans and the baby bump comment, ask them to defend this theory with the skirt pic of Kristen because for me that is the clearest 'bump' pic yet there is no jeans creating a muffin top effect! just a little skirt and a round belly!

Hatersknownothing said...

Hey Havenettes! I see we had some deleterious with worry trolls visit us this morning.

You are a welcome ray of sunshine in here :)

Ladies just let them rant. They seem to have an obsession over what we say and do.

Mama and I got it from all sides on Twitter this morning too. They must of all got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Or we touched a nerve lol.

Have a good day ladies! Love the new pics I just saw of Rob with the little boy playing his son. He's going to be a great Daddy:):):)

intothesun74 said...

Thanks HKN, hey call me Sunny! anyway you are so right Chica,let them burn LOL. Anyway my ride's finally here and I am off to catch some sun! talk to my haven ladies later!!

Vernier said...

My old friend enn AMA... How's it hanging? See ur dumbass is up to the same useless bullshit! We thank u for the hits. Now run along and play on the tracks. The stupid train will be along any minute to pick all who have a pass. We know u have one

Unknown said...

Hey sunny! LOLOLOL...

But the thing that kills me is that she doesn't have a muffin top...there's a bump over the top of her jeans in that pic, but it's not a muffin, I know cause I have the muffin, the muffin is squishie, the bump is taut!


Unknown said...

not be long and we will see K & R push a stroller protectively around LA.
And then no one will ask, they smoked, why they filmed pregnant, she has a lot of belly, why no pictures of her and Rob, and and and ....
Only the dipshidiots, haters and trolls will wonder why they did not believe.
If we ignore the stupid blabber

Tbell said...

Like I said...boring and unoriginal wannabe

felicity said...

again: hkn stated clearly, that she will admit that she is wrong, if she is wrong..

will all of you do the same if she is telling the truth?

highly doubtful

i have no problem in saying that i was wrong, if that is the case. not at all. i will continue to support rob and kristen and move on with my life, because I DO HAVE A VERY BUSY DEMANDING REAL LIFE!

Happygirl said...

OMG the poor haters have a big meltdown. They know that Kristen is pregnant with Rob´s baby. That´s why they still come here and attack us. It´s really funny to watch. LOL

Tbell said...

New tumblr


How to deflect people from Realizing I'm a dumbass

1. Visit blogs that I hate and chastise them for not agreeing with me. That way people wont focus on what a dumbass I am.
2. When people respond to my comments ignore what they say and make up shit, so they won't realize what a dumbass I am.
3. Dont reveal my identity so people won't know who I post as on gossip cop, so they wont realize what a dumbass I am.
4. Get my 1 friend to go to sites I disagree with and back me up, so people wont realize what a dumbass I am.
5. Go to disqus and clear my history just in case people find out my true identity, so people wont realize what a dumbass i am.
6. If none of above tactics work and people realize I'm a dumbass, change my name and start over with step 1, and maybe I can figure out how not to be a dumbass.

Unknown said...

Quitalready 21 u wasting a lot of words and time on something u believe is not true. Why waste a good Saturday. I didnt read any of you comment. I just scroll pass but u seem to be getting on every one nerves.

Unknown said...

SO if I cry do I get BOOBIES? This is just the funniest picture so far, I LOVE it! Looks like the phony old haters are wigging out because RL is sinking in, or as my Dad used to say, all chickens come to roost, as reality is something we can see and I am sorry but Kristen's declaration by wearing a ring on her left wedding ring finger did mean what she said. She took it off to film. The same haters haunt all the logs and like to stir up the locals. They really don't belong anywhere, they are just negative spinners, I also find it hard to avoid Kristen's bump as the umbrella really emphasizing her baby's growth. She was doing what she did filming SILS. So, as HKN and Tempest has said, I really wound not respond to the 2-3 disgusting and nasty haters, just ask HKN to clean house, she cleans up good.

Happygirl said...

@Enna Here is my advice for you if you don´t like what we are talking about on a RK fan blog. Stay away from here. Nobody force you to come here every time HKN post a new blog. So please do us a favor and stay away.

Unknown said...


Tbell said...

Well Enna
What site do you discuss hkn at? I know you do. Who are you at gossip cop? Yall discuss the whole pregnancy issue over there at length. You are outing kristens pregnancy to how many hundred thousand people over there? Plus you're giving a forum to the haters to openly amd disgustingly trash her. So by your own definition you need to quit commenting here, quit commenting at gossip cop, quit commenting at rk naysayer sites and quit going to sluts and asking gossip oriented questions about kristens pregnancy.

Annie said...

Well Enna, that's a change of tactic on your part. Not getting anywhere with your previous angles were you?

Rob and Kristen never announced they were a couple and yet people outed them as such.

Rob and Kristen never announced that they had broken up, yet people insist that they did.

You can't pick and choose Enna.

felicity said...

my last and only response to you, enna..

those women i have mentioned worked/filmed while they were pregnant, that's why i mentioned them. in answer to the 'an actress is not going to film as a character who is not pregnant in the movie' nothing else. you should have read more carefully, what was said before.

Paloma said...

Gracias a DIOS, somos muchas más las que creemos en ellos que las que no. Pero siempre me he hecho esta pregunta. ¿porque este odio, estas ganas de desearle el mal A dos personas, que te pueden gustar o no, pero no te han hecho nada?. Sigo sin encontrar respuesta. Y una cosa importante, si a mi no me gusta alguien, no pierdo tiempo de mi vida en hablar ni bien ni mal de nadie. Pero claro las pobres no deben tener vida propia. Quizás esa sea la respuesta a mi pregunta.

Skent94 said...


That is a fine list you have put so much time and effort in to...posting, sharing...and of course evangelizing.....however, one question remains....what makes you a "better fan" ? I mean, you are calling yourself a fan or Rob & Kristen right? Or are you just bored, online and feel the need to cyber bully?

I admit I am a fan of both of them...enjoy them from a far, rarely post anything online...but your posts here clearly show YOU too have an agenda....you seem superior somehow, it does cause me to question your efforts if you feel it necessary to come to THIS blog and spew "facts". I admit I question things myself...am a bit surprised that with as much is tweeted and blogged about that the webloid a have not openingly asked the question if Kristen could be pregnant. it does seem odd to me that the stories I see in my google alerts are crazy enough...but THIS one topic is openly "talked" about, yet I see nothing on the lowlife or Ok! Or even USweakly....websites or twitter feeds. THAT is more shocking to me then the idea that she could be with child. But, why does the notion make the naysayers openly cry out?

Kristen and Rob are moving forward, living life and pursuing their craft.....meanwhile their online factions chat, share and speculate- only TWO people know the truth.......

People just need to make their minds up.....and stick to their own corners.....and focusing on living their OWN life wouldn't be a bad idea either-

Tbell said...

the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one's own behavior does not conform; pretense.

Insert name
Enna & Quit

Unknown said...

Just wanted to drop a line a say I'm reading and the comments here are awesome and filled with love.
We have some smart ladies here, dealing with a lot of hate coming from all sides - you women are wonderful, level headed an d write great answers to the dipshitoids..
have a great weekend and keep warm

felicity said...

Paloma said:

Thank GOD we are many more who believe in them than not. But I have always asked this question. Why this hatred, this desire to wish evil to two people, you might like it or not, but I have not done anything?. I still do not find an answer. And one important thing, if I do not like someone, do not waste time in my life when anything good or bad about anyone. But then the poor should not have life. Maybe that's the answer to my question.


@paloma.. you are so right.. they have an agenda.. they hate with determination.. but they would never admit it. that is all what's behind their posts. they don't like it here, they should stay the hell away from here.

no one is forcing them to read hkn's blog or mama's blog.


@paloma .. tienes razón .. que tienen una agenda .. odian con determinación .. pero nunca lo admitiría. eso es todo lo que hay detrás de sus puestos. que no les gusta estar aquí, deben permanecer lo más lejos posible de aquí.

nadie les obliga a leer el blog de hkn o el blog de mama.

Skent94 said...

So from what I can tell Enna is an RK addict and is begging for HKN to make her board private? Why, so she can then claim to be someone else and somehow gain access to it and spew her thoughts? Um, that IS how it usually goes, right?

I am now certain that I have seen it all......begging for a board to go private because you just "can't help yourself or stay away"......and that makes me think about the definition of crazy-

andreana said...

Lord god almighty not enna again... I guess we should all be flattered that she cares so much about all the havenettes that she keeps coming back to save our soles...... one more pregancy testimonial ... I word with a you girl who was rail thin she came to work rvery day dressed the same hospital scrubs that she always wore to work every day.. That girl was eight mos pregnant and never needed different clothes ...... she gained 6 pounds during the entire pregnancy ... she gave birth to an eight pound baby boy full term and healthy.... the baby weighed two more pounds than the entire weight gain during her pregnancy....

Annie said...

No Enna, I don't believe you.
I think you make an effort to find any board where there is support for Rob and Kristen as a couple and try to discredit the members of that board and it's owners.
Even if this board were private you'd find a way. You did with the Starlight board ( you admitted as much) and that board is private.

You want HKN and us to not be heard and it's not because you care so much of maintaining Kristen and Rob's privacy, it's because you and others like you are so very afraid that HKN is right and it scares the shit out of you.

Janie said...

I'm waiting for an answer.

What do you think is happening with Kristen's body change? And I'm only talking about the pictures on "How To Deflect A Baby Bump" page.

felicity said...

good lord.. @enna. ever thought about the fact, that not everyone here on this blog is from the states or is speaking english all the time??

as for respecting the request to leave a blog...

if you respected rose's request to go...

why do you not respect hkn's request to stay away?? she asked that from you quite some times already.. but here you are.. not having any respect to hkn.. why is that?

i am questioning your sanity.. or your obsession.

andreana said...

Oh thank you ennis... its very nice of you to correct my spelling...... now piss off beyotch!
Surely you can find someone to talk to that might actually give a shit about your opinions.......


felicity said...

@enna.. no, it doesn't take hours of my time, because i know what i have to search for and where. despite your believes. i am not even at home right now. i am at the hospital to take care of my mother in law, who is currently sleeping.. so, there you go.. i do have a life.. more demanding than yours is.

and.. hkn asked you politely too.. but you refuse to listen. that's why she was more forceful and is deleting your posts. think about that!

andreana said...

Oh thank you ennis... its very nice of you to correct my spelling...... now piss off beyotch!
Surely you can find someone to talk to that might actually give a shit about your opinions.......


Morning Coffee said...

Ladies...I have come to the conclusion the more we answer Enna and her new BFF the longer they will hang around after all that is what they are both craving.... attention.... because they don't get any anyplace else in their lives.

Take pity on their poor sorry selves , it must be hell having so little time in life for anything other than causing dissension and grief for others.

I am sure if we asked Tempest she might agree they would make great case studies for the truly mal-content faction of society.

felicity said...

@Morning.. you are right and i need to go home now anyways.. 2 hours drive for me.

hope you are all having a great rest-saturday.

andreana said...

Ennis who are you kidding? People with better thingsto do never post here so please don't use that as your excuse... I am pretty sure you post for attention and when not posting you are lurking.... Per your statement above , you post on other sites also .... so my question to you why the SMUG SELF RIGHTEOUS ATTITUDE? What is that about exactly ?... I think you are a pretty sad person... you put down others to make yourself feel more adequate ..... I feel bad for you.... but not that bad ......lol

Andromeda said...

Enna, you are so full of shit your eyes must be brown.

You left Rose's blog because they have better guard dogs on this subject than you could ever hope to be.

There you were just another also ran,
Here you can masquerade as the voice of reason except for when you let your immaturity peek out.

You are at best a tiny distraction. Interaction with a teen megalomaniac like you is a waste of time.

So the best use of my time would be to ignore the blast you are having.

Whistling in a corner is no fun at all if there is no one to see how brave you are, how sane, how righteous how futilely mediocre.

You weren't even appreciated on a site that flies the beliefs that you hold dear. That right there should tell you how important you are not.

Think about that before you send us another of your much researched but slanted facts.

This is me asking politely, "Please Enna and all of your pseudonyms and alter identities will you leave HKN HAVEN alone and not return for at least two months? Your point will be proven by then if you are right. If not I expect you to show up to eat crow and say Sorry."

Unknown said...

The new Rob pics from March 8 include some great and funny ones - hope they help our minds stay away from the haters that keep bugging us here.

Unknown said...

Annie, Tracey, HKN, FELICITY, do you think it is possible that ENEMA is one of MAD women that threatens blogs? Morning Coffee she sounds remarkably like the recent insults from another blog that are so special. Perhaps so, perhaps she just loves to really smells up her chicken coop with chicken shit, and track shit everywhere she goes! Just another chicken in lamb's clothing. I smell a phony shit-eater, who is not well, very sick and needs to be gone.

Andromeda said...

HKN Sorry for showing up without prior notice or introductions.

Your blog was the first I read this morning and I was in a bad mood.

RL sometimes gets in the way. Add someone bent on causing trouble and I just got angry. Sorry.

I'm thinking about erasing my comment since it essentially puts me on her level.

But I think I'll leave it for a while. Good day and apologies all around__A.

PS: I think you are all entitled to believe whatever you like.

If we are guaranteed freedom of speech and expression then freedom of thought goes without saying.

Little dictators like Enna have never been popular that's why they see themselves as the much put upon saviors of people who don't know any better; because she wants to do other people's thinking for them.

I like to do my own thinking;and if I arrive at the wrong conclusion, oh well, at least I got there on my own. And like Kristen I'll stand by my mistakes.

I think you ladies are right; and if you are not you have the right to be mistaken. Live and learn that's life. Being told what to think. that's prison.

EllenRamey said...

<~~Waving hello. I'm thinking we get babied in late March and AU is playing along to help protect Kristen's privacy. Now excuse me but I've gotta run....late for my Hvenettes tattoo appointment:)

Morning Coffee said...

Andromeda thanks for your comments, freedom of thought...I guess some of the dissenters who have decided to stink up the place around here don't recognize that particular liberty.

thanks for your insights, rationae is always appreciated.

Happygirl said...

To all the people who still come here and still don't want believe what we believe! Can you please do us a favor and stay away from HKN Blog! Please

Morning Coffee said...

that should say rationale...OOPS

Tbell said...

Enna you are pathetic and a liar

Hollywood life comments:

ennaPosted at 4:39 AM on October 3, 2013
Rob and Dylan look gorgeous and are the new couple

ennaPosted at 4:30 AM on October 3, 2013
I hope Rob is dating Dylan , she seems nice

You say you don't post anywhere and in 30 sec I found this. I bet if I dug deeper I'd find you at robssesed, gc or any other rob fantasy blog out there.

Please stay away we know your true inspiration for your recent requests.

Janie said...


You still didn't answer my question. I'm not talking about pictures from the past I'm talking about the pictures on How to deflect a baby bump. Do you not understand English? Yeah, I thought so. Leaving because you have no answer.

onagee said...

quitalready21, it's impossible to take anything you spout off seriously when presented with such laughable pretensions. Your kind of "adoration" for R/K is disturbing. You may not believe Kristen is going to be a mommy, but you're sure acting a lot like Know-It-All Mommy from Hell.

Tbell said...

Gawd *looks around* you're still here? Don't you have a date or something?

intothesun74 said...

The hypocrisy I have returned too I find amazing. the nonsense infuriating, this individual is a nonnie as Tracy has pointed out quite clearly.
What B.S, you don't care one whit for Kristen and truly it is disgusting that you are attempting to portray yourself as a person who does.
The Dylan myth is gone,(you were quite vocal about that too!) the so-called breakup illusion is crashing down as we speak, more people are coming to their OWN conclusions and you and your little cohort are stamping your feet both literally and metaphorically 'listen to me or I'll scream myself blue!' this is what you represent a spoiled child that no-one wishes to indulge, you are not even important enough to address by name, seek help for your closet robsession - only an obsessed fandom person would stay here struggling in vain. indeed perhaps you need a 12 step program you seem to have an HKN obsession instead, this is far more unhealthy than the speculation of a few fun loving women on a blog.

Janie said...


You are hopeless. Your answer was just what we expected. Now You told me awhile back you like them separate but not together. Now, that is the answer. It is killing you that they are together and having a baby. You are truly deluded.

intothesun74 said...

From what I have inferred from the post above these individuals seem to be quite young. So they need to have certain things explained. their is no monopoly on being a good fan we all have our opinions, you want to impose a dictatorship in thought and belief, you will not succeed, just as there are Rob fans, Kristen fans, nonnies, haters, RK fans, etc there is diversity in this fandom. You are extolling Zionism you little tyrant, begone, in your last statement you mentioned we are the majority and you are the minority my god you need help! you truly believe you have a self appointed right to police what every fan says or feels, you are truly CRAZY. No one can do that otherwise this fandom would not be at war 24 hours a day. neither you nor your pack of bullies and thugs can stop that.

JMF said...

I believe I know who this quititalready21 is as well. Saw this person all over this morning.
Pompous, arrogant and a supposedly good fan. Today I believed you were called a gem. You can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.
You had your say, took up space here and now be on your way. You shared your thoughts and insulted people here on this blog enough. Go back to Twitter and your group of followers. Do us a favor and go back into hiding in your second accounts where you cut up Kristen and insult R/K fans for the ways they support them. But perhaps you should check out your so called friends.....loose lips sink ships.

intothesun74 said...

It's so called fans like these that have created this situation not this blog and certainly not HKN - a set of power mad harpies intent on bending anyone to their opinion, this is a social blog - we meet, chat and exchange beliefs but because they are different from yours you attack. What's more you truly think you are in the right to say and administrate your form of 'justice' - this ladies is true delusion, let them yak, the more she talks people begin to see how crazy they are 'we the majority, you the minority' ha ha Lenin and Mussolini indeed!

Tbell said...

You're so full of shit lol and now its a sad day because you have crossed over into schizo land and you're no longer fun to fuck with...you're njust kinda sad.

You're not sad you're just pathetic. Rob will never be yours and Kristen is having his child. And mr. And mrs. Pattinson are going to be grandparents pretty soon and they'll do a grand parent pic with john and jules and I know its killing you.

Tbell said...

I yada yada yada'd 99% of ur comment but I caught the last part. I think kristen would laugh her ass off if she indeed did read this. What would scare her is people like you on twitter and gossip cop.

Anonymous said...

Enna, this lurker will be happy to give you her opinion. I think Kristen would be thrilled that people who truly care (not just pretending to care) about her, Rob, and their baby are so happy for them and supportive! I' m sure both she and Rob would be shouting their wonderful news from the rooftops if it weren't for the crazy Robsessed and what their whacko reactions will be when they can finally bring themselves to face the truth. That truth is that they are together, happy, and expecting their first child.

intothesun74 said...

Sorry to all those who saw Zion it should have read moron! my typing on this phone is crazy guys! sorry

Morning Coffee said...

Holy Mother of God and sweet baby Jesus....are they still here with their tongues flapping in the breeze....

would you two get a life and leave ours alone.

You want HKN to go private...why don't you both go private? Better yet go into seclusion, join a convent they are sure to appreciate your holier than thou attitudes.

I am beginning to believe you are one in the same person your driveling monologues are very similar in style.

That was always a favorite trick over at GC sign on as 3 or 4 different pwople and have your very own hate fest just to incite the masses of haters into drowning out fans of Kristen and Rob.

Talk about wolves in sheeps clothing.

The both of you little girls sicken me and should be ashamed of your own behavior without anyone else having to pooint it out to you.

Grow up and get a life where you can actually do something

Your acting disgracefully.

Janie said...


I don't think Kristen gives a rat's ass what people say about her.

She would think you are pathetic.

Janie said...

I say let the nonnies and trolls vent all they want. Lets just not answer them. Then maybe they will go away.

RKsoulmates913 said...


How DO You think Rob felt and feels when his Lunatics 'fans' were/are ALWAYS picking apart his body on a public board/twitter? Yeah, exactly! They want to know ALL about his penis! I see it all the fucking time! It's disgusting! And so WHAT if we are discussing a BABY? A baby is a blessing, what may happen is: she is not preg and we move on! We're just happy with this possibility. It's very different from analising his 'peen' and exploding ovaries, and 'LAWD' comments on Net! I do not see how this is disrepectful and it's ridiculous that ONLY his Robsessed fans are worried about it! The Possibility of him and Kristen having a stronger bond for life, forever is very scaring for you!

If she's having a baby, we'll be over the moon, if she is not, we'll ALWAYS have RK together and their careers to cheer us up! Either way We WIN! Just go away and find a right place for you!

"A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for."

HKN- Glad you liked my CSI work! ;)
It's a pleasure sharing it with all of You Ladies!

Happy Women's Day!

Anabelle said...

Well I'm not a regular poster here but I do check the comments here a lot because I use to appreciate the ladies here and their comments, even if I admit it is surreal sometimes. :)

But what is it that I found today?! Well they're coming in force aren't they?
I won't even bother to answer one.
Though I might adress the other, people thought that RK fans were delusional even before all these speculations, I can't even count how many times I read and heard " give it up they're no longer together, face it ! Or it's just acting they're trying to safe what little image and dignity they have left " after july 2012 ! At this point I think every fans who believe they're still a couple are all delusional! But did we hide or go private? No people who still believed didn't and if they did frankly I would have give it up a long time ago because I would have felt so lonely in this belief! So you can't ask those who believe one thing or the other to hide just so you won't be "embarassed" about this! Really?! You know what embarrassed me so much was people who went directly to K's friends social network and comment/ ask them about K being gay, or being jobless or any other shit they would come up with! That was utter embarassing! Yes HKN's theory is becoming quite popular but at least they have the decency to keep it in the fandom!

And breaking news this fandom is fucked up, so you just have to deal with it just like we have to deal with haters. In the end RK fans believe in the same thing that R and K are still a couple and are still in love with one another! In a way we're in the same boat, pregnant believers can be at the end of the boat if you want to but it still the same boat!
We can't start fighting among RK fans because in the end the only winners will be the haters! So please don't feed them more fuel.

Unknown said...

Kristen said she doesn't get upset at people's/fan's perceptions, because they are just perceptions of her, so it doesnt make since for her to get upset. None of us know Kristen personally, we do not play a significant part in her life.

As I've said before, I'm in this for the fun of watching these two talented actors carve out prosperous careers for themselves, and at times, get glimpses of what could be going on with their personal lives. I do not feel the need to judge others for their beliefs, as I would not want them to judge me.

I really wonder about individuals that feel compeled to come to a blog and spout their self righteous pompous lecturous words to people that believe in something they do not as if their lives depend on it; as if Kristen is on the verge of a nervous break due to the fact some fans believe she is pregnant.

Truly, you are not that important, your words are not that profound, your insight and knowledge are deserving of greatness. Your cause if not that significant.

If Kristen doesn't take fan's perceptions of her seriously, why should you. Let people believe what they want. And why are you so wrapped up and bent out of joint about someone you will never know. You claim HKN and her followers are over invested, have you looked in a mirror lately?


onagee said...

quitalready21: I have news for you. You need not worry that your precious fan profile is being lowered in some fashion by the existence of blogs like this one, and the good people here. The world isn't listening. The world does NOT care. Rob and Kristen likewise do not care. They seem quite happy, actually. If you are tainted, your ridiculous word, it may be because you and your pals have picked up some social media disease from sucking up to the wrong people.

Unknown said...

Oops lol! I meant to say are NOT deserving of greatness.

Unknown said...

Dear Havenettes I know it's hard to not fight back and engage the inmates. But it's true, they are just children having a temper tantrum and most of you have kids and some have grand kids so you know when you pay attention to the temper tantrum they just ramp it up, but if you walk away they calm down and move on with their day! Lol

So let's just talk amongst ourselves and they can foam at the mouth while we talk about the cute and sexy pix we got of Rob today in that pea-coat and hoodie.

Was I the only one that got a little nostalgic for twilight when seeing Rob in that pea coat??

Awe remember the scene when Bella confronts Edward! Damn the feels and to know where those to started and to know the joy and the temper tantrums that are coming to their expanding family!!! Again the feels!!!

OMG also just remember the Twilight Tuesdays! K picking something from Robs mouth! Lolololololololololollolol now that's true love!!!!

Tbell said...

Wtf are you still doing here lol its 7 fucking 30 on a Saturday night. Im sittin in a hotel, soaking my ass in a huge tub, drinking a glass of moscato, looking at my naked hubs *uh huh* why would you spend such a beautiful night arguing with people you hate? Lol Dont make me post more of your comments from hollywood life lol. Your infatuation with rob is just to funny.

Hey mama
The moscato is pretty good but ur right a little sweet ha!

Whats up girl?

Lets switch to sluts lol

Morning Coffee said...

Mama Nails you are spot on attention seekers. I said it yesterday after the new post they would throwing tantrums and turning blue....

Actually they are entirely deserving of being ignored..If I don't miss my guess, they are actually the same person..Dr J and Mz Hyde

Vernier said...

Just got home T what's up Havenettes?!!!

andreana said...

Hey ennis aka enna!! Hey girl here goes...... YOUR post are redundant....YOU'RE not quite as clever as you give yourself credit for and YOU ARE a smug snotbag... see I do know the difference...

Sorry mamanails I promise i will ignore her extremely annoying ass from now on...sorry

Tempest said...

Oh dear where do i start? For the record: i have akways believed everyone is entitled to theur own.opinion, those who believe Kristen is and those who believe Kristen isn't. I have always polietly declined answering, because i am nit invested in the outcome. I simply sit back, watch and wait.

I am friends with both sides of this fractured fandom as long as they are respectful to Rob and Kristen. Its the people who are dusrespectful (spreading lies and hate, rumours if hook ups and homosexual conquests) i feel are the lowest of the low...that is...until you have the obsessive fans, the 'do as i say nit as i do' the sanctimonious clap-trap i.have seen, more prolific and a lot louder than normal this passed week.

I will address the flybys in a group, as you seem to be coming in here with the same angle and ask, 'why does it affect your thought process that people in here believe that Kristen is pregnant?' As far as i can see they are actually doing nothing wrong but speculating about Kristen. They are not running to gossip sites and spreading their theories. They're not suggesting Kristen is dating someone else or suggesting Kristen is pregnant with another mans child or she and her lesbian lover are having a baby?'

Plainly putting it, they are a group of women who believe that Rob and Kristen are still together and still very much in love. So why so mamy need to come into a pro RK blog to, put it bluntly 'push your theories down their throats?' I have stayed away from.the vitirol that has been festering out of control in this fandom for some time now, because the cyber bullying is toxic and worse now than when it ever was between 2009-2011. People seriously need to get off their high horses and come crashing down to the ground, because really - double standards? Don't confuse your obsession with Rob for compassion now for Kristen. Considering you have given a clear view of your personality in the constant referring to Rob hooking up with Dylan Penn, therefore they possibly COULD NOT be dating Enna - changing sides to support your need to enjoy the attention you crave, coming into this 'train wreck' as you so aptly put it. That expression derives from the need to or obsessive want to not look away from a disaster about to happen, OR the general entertainment of watching other people's sufferings. So again, its back to YOUR obsessive need for attention.

As far as i can see, no one in here is being disrespectful: they are not calling Kristen names, Rob names. Suggesting he is sleeping his way around Hollywood, either have substance abuse problems - or bearding their sex life through PR. They are not making blogs or objectifying about body parts - so really from what i can see in this blog and similar blogs - the elephant in the room seems to have stemmed from fans 'euphoria' of what may or may not be happening. And this in an RK fandom is a problem? The way i look.at it, the only dislikes i have are the ones forementioned. If people want to speculate Kristen is carrying a child, i dont see the problem, if you disagree, fine but you don't have to click on the blog and read their theories - thats just obsessing a bit too much don't you think?

Oh and attacking other bloggers: the only time i will ever lower myself to that standard is when i feel the need to defend someone who did'nt deserve the vitirol they got for talking about either actor 'respectfully' bloggers cyber bullying and trolling other blogs. I've been blogging about RK in this fandom since 2009 and i've seen a lot of blogs put up just to be disrespectful and objectify, instead of just blogging because you are a fan. Maybe its because i am of a certain generation, but we were always taught, if you have got nothing nice to say, don't say it. That applies to posting on social networks, thinking your right to 'freedom of speech' gives you carte blanche over that piece of having respectful manners, your parents taught you.

Tempest said...

In case the grammar and spelling police are around, i apologise for my typos, i was sending it from my phone :)

Unknown said...

LOOK at rob shirt. It looks familiar. Didnt k wear that same t shirt? Im talking about the pics from march 8 on life set with the pea coat.

Don't quote me but I think k had on that t shirt back in October 2012 when she and rob were papped at night with friends outside that resturant.

Unknown said...

Yes that is the t shirt from oct 2012 only rob was wearing it then too. Not k. I knew I remember that shirt.

Unknown said...

Thanks HKN for coming round and taking out the trash for us! We can actually read comments without wading through really sick comments. Thanks Tempest for reminding us about why we are here, and it is for positive input from friends and news about Rob and Kristen. I love HKN, DIDY, SRWN, and I would like to read more on JFK. Hope everyone is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Hi Felicity, Irene, Vernier, HKN, Morning Coffee, and the rest of Havenettes! I am going to bed now. Just to let you all know I am feeling better. Happy Women's Day! Hope you all have a great weekend. Keep me posted. Night all! Hugs to you all.

vana said...

Hi everyone, lovely post yet again. Can't help but smile thank you HKN you do an amazing job.
Tempest, love your comment ....voice of reason. Actually love them all, I mean the positive ones.

Annie said...


Sue Morris: I didn't get to answer your question yesterday so let me do so now.....
I think there are those who get off on causing strife. For some unknown reason the thoughts we share here bother them.
My thoughts on that are the same as Tempest's.......don't like it, don't read it.
For all the talk of us being delusional and people finding what we chat/share so ridiculous and laughable that no one is reading it or taking us seriously they sure are putting a whole lot of effort, spending a whole lot of time here.

I have never seen so many comments from people who don't care. They care so very much about what we say and how we say it........I think we should say it loudly and more often. :):):)

A whole lot of shaking (of the panicked kind) going on.

Off to have some coffee........

Flowergirl said...

HKN...thanks for the post. You had me LOL. And Felicity...my favorite example of an actress working while pregnant is Julianne Moore in "Far From Heaven". Not only was she in her third trimester while filming, but this was a period piece set in the 1950's so most of her costumes consisted of dresses with cinched in waists and full skirts. I don't know how the costume designer pulled it off, but she sure fooled me. Great movie, BTW.

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all the Havenettes! Hi Felicity, Irene, Vernier, HKN, Morning Coffee, and the rest of Havenettes! I am up and getting ready for church. Keep me posted.

Annie said...

Love reading about actresses filming their movies while pregnant. :):)
Lalalala......Life and work go on. :):)

Naomi Watts found out she was pregnant as she was filming the David Cronenberg directed Eastern Promises with Viggo Mortensen.

"It was very interesting finding out I was pregnant and dealing with all these baby issues on screen,"
Helena Bonham Carter. After two years of trying, Carter was able to conceive her second child at the age of 41 without IVF. Just as she received the good news, she was preparing for her role as Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd, directed by her husband Tim Burton. Carter, a noted supporter of alternative medicine, told The Telegraph that she used Listening Therapy (which aims to expose the middle ear to different frequencies) to stay calm as she balanced work and pregnancy.
Jodie Foster. After Nicole Kidman was unable to play the lead role in David Fincher’s Panic Room due to injury, Foster stepped in as a replacement. But just a few weeks into the project, she realized she was pregnant with her second child. The movie is full of intense, acrobatic fight scenes, and Foster had to wear a tank top for the majority of the shoot. This added a bit of pressure on the scheduling end, but being an expectant mother didn’t hinder her performance one bit.

Tbell said...

Morning Havenettes!

Was just looking at pics of rob with little boy on life set and I have to say I love that little tweed coat that boy is wearing. I would so wear one in my size. Love tweed!

Hope everyone is having a beautiful day.

Janie said...


Thank you for that comment.

I hope EVERYONE reads it.

Have a great day Havenettes!!

Happygirl said...

I see we have this annoying person here again who always want us to stop talking about RK life. This is a RK fan blog and we can talk here about what we want if you don´t like it stay away from here.

fishyone2 said...

@quitalready - why don't you do that -- quit already. Your pompous preachings are BORING. Perhaps you need a little fun in your life because we are having fun speculating (do you understand that word?). The fact that you searched out someone's personal blog is absolutely hilarious. Go on to the public sites like HL and GC where they trash people. Trust me, this is a fun little blog - but you just had to pontificate to us all. I bet you are the life of the party.

Sorry Havenettes - I know not to engage the wet blankets on here - but this one just cracked me up. I love people who use all kinds of pretentious language to mask their own insecurities. Little does she know that those of us on here are smart, supportive, educated and best of all - hopeful and fun. That seems to be beyond her comprehension. Perhaps she should start her own blog.....

Janie said...

I just read anther book called Love Anthony by Lisa Genova who wrote Still Alice. I like how she writes. Smooth easy reading.

Annie said...

Why here?
Why don't you take that beating drum of yours over to blogs like Robsessed where Rob is objectified every minute of every day. Where Kristen is vilified every minute of every day!
I am positive that site has not changed since I was last there, if anything from the comments I've read from others it has gotten worse.

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