Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New Blog Up and Running!

Hello Ladies. I hope this all goes smoothly.

This is the link to the new site


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If you have any problems let me know here with a comment or on the new site!

See you there!

Keeping fingers crossed!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Ole JR

That about covers my attitude right now so you are fore warned.

Ole JR Ewing . One of the best villains ever on television.We have our own version of JR. JR Thorpe. She isn't nearly as talented as Larry Hagman. She fancies herself a journalist but in her case it would be an embarrassment to the profession to actually call her one.

She tried to contact me not as a professional would through my email but through my comment section on my blog so she could get the most attention which is what she was after. Her article was all about us conspiracy theorists who believe Rob and Kristen are married and have a child together.

Funny how she didn't mention the conspiracy theorists called Save Rob Now who believe Rob is a drug addict and needs saved desperately. Talk about nutters!

 Funny how she she didn't mention the conspiracy theorists that believe Rob has sex with every woman he comes in contact with. They even typed their fingers off writing up a list with about 1000 names more or less. Maybe you should ask these conspiracy theorists if NASA faked the moon landing. They love the attention so I'm sure they'll give you the chance.

We also have the conspiracy theorists who believe that Kristen is in a lesbian relationship with  a woman who is possibly her cousin. Oh wait that makes you a conspiracy theorist fruitcake too doesn't it JR.Yes women do have friends that they are close with but it doesn't make them a lesbian.

 Funny how Dakota Johnson can hold hands with a friend and not be considered a lesbian isn't it?

 Funny how Jennifer Lawrence has a friend who she has spent quite a bit of time with but no one is suggesting she's lesbian.

Oh wait there's one more...

Funny how you don't consider IT a lesbian when she acts out with a friend like this isn't it?

Yeah That Ole JR. Doesn't fit your agenda too
 well does it.

So JR you say there was publicists statements about the breakup? Oh do show me those. Neither Rob nor Kristen's publicist has ever confirmed a break up. Maybe you should do some research before you make those kind of claims. And Neither Rob nor Kristen has mentioned the word breakup in an interview. Again do your research.

You say out of one side of your mouth that you don't want to mention any commenter's names so not to embarrass them. But then you copy and paste people's comments complete with their user names. You are full of shit. You didn't use certain people's names (including mine) because you knew you would get ripped big time if you did.

There is no exclusive nature to my knowledge. There is more than one person with the knowledge of Rob and Kristen's marriage and baby sweet pea .Some of them with more knowledge than me. Why don't you go ask Chelsea over at Rotten Pineapple Life about her knowledge of how Rob and IT supposedly met? Ask her for some proof and see what she comes up with. I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for  that proof.

You got the attention your sorry ass wanted. Now go crawl back into the hole you slithered out from.Your 15 minutes is up. 

IT provided 
 us with some more entertainment as she stepped in her own shit in her latest bid for attention. An interview in the New York Times.

First off she called out the Rob fans lol! The robsessed begged the New York times for a reprint.

Message to it . The reason you can't have show's like Drake, Beyonce, and Kanye is because you have to have talent along with respect from your peers and others to get to that level. You have neither.

You can't get respect from your peers or others when you show up to a respectable fashion show wearing an outfit designed for a Ron Jeremy get together.

And claiming it is art isn't going to save your ass. You were an embarrassment to your profession and to Rob.

Rob looked stunning.

You looked like a fool.

Someone in the mental health field needs to talk to you about your obsession with wearing dicks on your person.

That's a disturbing affliction you have there.

Maybe you should take some lessons on how to dress for a fashion show from Rob's beautiful wife.

This is how it's done.

Kristen is doing another movie with Olivier Assayas!

Happy belated birthday to Rob!

Rob's in NYC babysitting the Twat making sure she doesn't screw it up. Again. He doesn't look too pleased with her. 

If looks could kill. The bloom coming off the Showmance rose? (No he is not glaring at a pap. He's looking directly at IT.)

He did get some time to himself going for a bike ride with Jamie..

He sure likes the biking. Not the same as surfing Rob tho....

Message to the trolls....

When you moderate a blog it doesn't mean it's private. You know that right?

This blog has never been private. You invading my comment section isn't going to make me go private or or turn moderation back on but you can dream. I'll just keep my delete button ready to flush you back down to the sewer where you came from.

To close this out I want to mention the blog being moved to Wordpress. This blog will not be deleted. I just want to try this out and see if it's better. If we don't like it at Wordpress we will come back here. Just looking to try something new and hopefully keep the trolls at bay a little better. I will give you all the details once I have it all sorted out. You ladies are the best and don't deserve to be bullied by the trolls. I am doing my best to take care of that.  

Monday, May 4, 2015

It's Rant Time! Take Cover!

 I have to do a rant.Why? A lot of bull shit going around and a rant is in order.
There was a  big mess in the comment section of this blog recently. Someone said some things about IT and some of the people disagreed with it. She was upset and said some things that she shouldn't have. She apologized. Been there and done that many times so I understand. Of course the trolls that like to stir up trouble couldn't resist and made this situation worse. Message to these trolls. YOU of all people have no right to jump on people on this blog for their opinion of IT. What is being said about IT isn't one tenth of what YOU have said about Kristen. Not even close.Get off your high horse.

Trying to put a halo on IT's head on this blog isn't going to work for you. Especially when she poses  nude one second... 

and tries to pretend she's so shy the next. 

Sorry not buying into her shy bull shit.

This is not, I repeat NOT an IT fansite. If you want to buy into the showmance that's being fed to you go over to Rotten Pineapple Life and get your daily helping of  B.S. Make sure and buy into their dates of pics while you're there too.

No we don't believe ALL pictures are photo shopped but we do call out miss dated pics and photo shopped ones. Our eyes are wide open and we can see when pictures are obviously old or been manipulated with.

NO Rob's hair doesn't magically grow from one pic to the next within a couple of weeks. Grow a brain.

 His weight didn't change in that amount of time either. And NO you don't wear winter clothes when it is spring in L.A.

Rotten Pineapple Life got called out on posting this as coming from May 2nd or May 3rd trying to make it fit their agenda. Funny how they now have removed the date from the pic isn't it?

While I'm calling out Rotten Pineapple Life...

Chelsea NO Rob did not meet IT at Coachella last year. And NO Sienna Miller did not introduce them. Nice try.

  Message to the holier than thous...

 I don't need to see a marriage license or birth certificate to know Rob and Kristen are married and have a child together. (And another one probably on the way.) It's pretty obvious if you look at what's staring at you right in your hypocritical  face.

Yeah I'd say this is pretty convincing. Case closed.

One last thing and the rant part of this post will be over.

Threats to me will not be tolerated. You will be called out out. Especially when they are hilariously desperate. I touched a nerve with the troll Hopeless and she went on a rampage threatening me...

And yes Hopeless that IS a threat. Don't try and downplay it. It was a threat. A hilarious one but still a threat. 

But wait there's more...

As you can see I'm shaking in my boots over the Hopeless son in law. 

Message to the other trolls .You threaten me you will get called out. Count on it.

The Dipshidiots have been drooling over IT's cubic zirconia snake ring.Oh wait it's supposed to be an engagement ring.

Oh look what do we have here. No cubic zirconia ring. So much for that engagement ring. Where is it? In your dreams that's where. Firstly Rob has more class than to be engaged to someone like IT. Secondly I don't think Rob is the type of guy to be into bigamy. 

Kristen did an interview with Harper's Bazaar recently and stated that she felt that Hollywood was "disgustingly sexist."

She's right it is.


On a Fox News show called Outnumbered a woman named Stacy Dash responded to this...

"I just want to slap her."

Well Stacy Dash you're the one that needs slapped.

And Kristen's friend Alannah Campion handed her her head...

Way to go Alannah!

Kristen in Korea For Chanel!

And you try and tell me he traded this for IT? 
No way in hell!

And to close this out you just have to love William and Kate! Congrats to them on the birth of their daughter Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana!