Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Common Sense Observations

There are a lot of people in this fandom that need an overdose of these.

Kristen wearing a pea coat with a missing button.

Rob on set days later wearing a pea coat with a missing button in the same place.

Do they both have pea coats with missing buttons conveniently in the same place?

Common sense observation would tell you logically that Kristen went to see Rob in Toronto. Unless of course the pea coat suddenly  has legs.

Kind of ironic that a pea coat is being shared isn't it?

Kristen arriving on set. Notice the jacket.

Same Jacket on Rob? 

Same jacket?

Again same jacket? 

Common sense observation number two. Do they both just happen to have jackets with look alike zippers on the sleeve? That's some kind of lucky coincidence. 

Common sense observation number three. Yeah if I knew every one watched everything I wear and what I do I would be sure to wear a ring on my wedding finger if I wasn't married.


Wait I forgot it's a band aid. 

Is he saying you okay? 


Kristen and her stylist Tara Swennen.

There is quite the debate on whether this photo shoot was done last year or recently.

Can you not see the difference?

Common sense observation number four is saying it was done more recently. Make sure to check out Mama Nails on SRWN. She has some great common sense observations of her own on this topic. 

It has now been confirmed that the photo shoot was done on February 25th 2014.
Thanks Mama Nails!

Common sense observation number five. If you don't want us to include you in our drama then don't go devoting an entire blog post to us. The chicken cluckers didn't have the guts to call us out by name. I on the other hand have no problem calling them out by name. I don't need to hide behind some badly written fairy tale. Got that Kami and Mary? Make sure and go to another blog and cry about me calling you out.  

Rob and Dane on a motorcycle.

If this doesn't make you smile nothing will.

Common sense observation number six. Dane just make sure and don't let Rob drive. He is a notoriously bad driver lol.

Doesn't compare with this though. Sigh.

Elsewhere, you could also keep an eye out for Aaron Paul in "Exodus," Neil Patrick Harris in "Gone Girl," Shia LaBeouf in "Fury," Adam Driver in "This Is Where I Leave You" or "While We're Young," Ewan McGregor in "Jane Got A Gun," Edward Norton in "Birdman,' Domhnall Gleeson in "Unbroken," John Goodman in "The Gambler," Toby Jones or Rhys Ifans in "Serena," Kyle Chandler in "Carol," Martin Sheen in "Trash," Sam Riley in "Suite Française," Matthias Schoenaerts for that film, "A Little Chaos," or "Far From The Madding Crowd," and Robert Pattinson for "Life."

Okay they may be jumping the gun a bit but hey I'm all for it. Go Rob!

And the Oscar goes to .......

Shailene Woodley, Divergent actress:

"Twilight, I'm sorry, is about a very unhealthy, toxic relationship," Woodley says of the romance between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, played by Stewart and her real-life ex Robert Pattinson. "She falls in love with this guy and the second he leaves her, her life is over and she's going to kill herself! What message are we sending to young people? That is not going to help this world evolve."

Guess Shailene hasn't watched the movie or she would know that Bella wasn't trying to kill herself. She was trying to get the adrenaline rush that made Edward appear to her. Nothing like using Twilight to get your name in print there Shailene.

Major cuteness overload. Rob is going to be a great daddy.


And I leave you with one last common sense observation. That is a baby bump. Dream up all the excuses you want. It's there.

Havenettes should we start planning ?

Girl cake

 or Boy cake?

A few games of course.

Party favors are a must.

See you there!


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Anonymous said...

HKN great post only ONE problem you constantly give attention to one blogger lately and she STEALS a lot of things off others on twitter. Just ask some of your followers.

Also the Tara and Kristen interview as someone said on twitter Tara mentions japan promo and talks about how they had a lot of good red carpet looks LAST year. BD2 promo was in 2012 not 2013. So more than likely this was done in December 2013.

I love your blog but wish you would stop giving attention to someone who steals and is very rude to others on her tumblr.

Paula Bain said...

Great post, Kristen and Rob could go on a talk show and talk about their relationship, from when they meet to right now; and the haters would still say bullshit,lies and least not forget pr. They are never going to believe that they are together, but the havenettes will and that's all that matters.

Mama Nails said...

It's so sad that so few have any common sense!

Thanks for this shoutout! Unlike some bloggers I love it when my pics can help u make a point! We are all in this together! Mwah!

Mama Nails said...

Exactly what am I stealing off twitter?! I'd really like to know!

Vernier said...

Freaking awesome!!!! Nail on the head kinda good shit!!! Love it, Well done HKN!!!!!

Tracybell said...

Every time I see you post here You've kinda sorta maybe certainly been a bitch. Are you jealous. Dont start shit you cant finish because I dont have a problem finishing.

You are the queen bee girl. And if im not invited to this baby shower im crashin the bitch lol
You know ur loved.

Dont worry we got ur back. Hkn is the queen and ur the master lol.

Vernier said...

Robstensiempre don't be a hater and try to pretend u r a fan. Mama Nails stole nothing! Everything she posted was hers or sent to her. Get your facts straight! Also you whole thing was to cause bullshit confusion with dates. Suck it up and blow it out your ass. You may be a good one , I don't care, when you attack you will get it back. So step off with the bullshit!!!!

Yassie said...

The ring always makes me smile~~~~!
I was honestly sad when she stopped wearing her gold one, which has been on her finger for years! And then all those rumors and awful stuff circulated across the net... She had other rings and jewelries then but she kept switching those as well BUT now this... seeing a single ring on her only finger which I'm pretty sure, for all this time that I've been her fan, I've never seen with a ring before, that and the fact that all other fingers are ring-less, woah it's like the calm before a storm! It gives me goosebumps~! :)

Now the peacoat, I can't see the buttons, though, haven't noticed it either, too grainy BUT the jacket is just so cute! I don't think it's exactly the same one, like I've said before, they like to match so they probably got it the same time~ Or you know, when one goes shopping, they pick up a matching for the other and I think it's sweet how they immediately wear it almost at the same time~~~ <3

Hatersknownothing said...


I give her attention because she deserves the attention. She is out there fighting the good fight day in and day out. She doesn't steal anything.If you don't want it to be somewhere else it's real simple. Don't post it on a public forum

Vernier said...

You said it HKN!!!!

yarialice95 said...

HKN you rock girl! Some people have no common sense and you don't need any stupid fairy tale you say like it is!

Mama Nails doesn't steal and she's a really nice lady I mean she gives free cookies and posts nice pictures (specially the kittens, I love them) she just puts the haters in their place and that's been real not rude

I forgot those baby pictures are a nice addition to the Blog.

Mama Nails said...

HKN, Tracy, Verni, yarialice95!!! You guys ROCK! Thank you for your support!

Debbie Brechbiel said...

I love your new blog hkn. I just have a question. Where can I listen to pookies song? I read all of your comments and I love coming here . I was on twitter a while ago but it got so nasty. Love being a small part of hkn. Debbie b

Morning Coffee said...

Good Lord First one out of the gate already pointing fingers and crying foul. Tsk, Tsk.

RS I don't know you, will never meet you, but I do know Mama Nails...she has more integrity and compassion in the tip of her pinky than most people who claim themselvves to fans of R and K.

She is witty , shoots from the hip when provoked, doesn't venture to other blogs looking for trouble or posting her viewpoints.

She is almost always welcoming, I have seen some of the crap she deals with daily, by anonymous posters who always have to hide their identity.

SRWN is popular because it's a fun place to stop in and visit. It's upbeat and positive and most definitely pro Rob and Kristen together as a couple but individually for their artistic and humanitarian achievements.

People flock there and to HKN...DIDY..RD and a few others I don't frequent. I have life to live. No time to check out all of them.

People come and find like minded individuals, no one has to agree with us, but when people come and blatantly attack first or others who smile and pretend fanship while driving the knife in your back then., who needs them.

Stay where you are a welcome voice, it certianly isn't here when you start accusing right out of the gate.

Guess what... this isn't a competition to see who the best fans are. This isn't the girls bathroom in J.H.S. where rumors are heaped on the heads of people deserving or not.

When did I go to sleep only to wake up one morning to see how ugly girls and women of all ages have become. The shame that one woman can't be loyal or supportive or have compassion or empathyfor another.

As women we should be lifting each other up with genuine open hearts and minds and teaching our daughters and grandaughters the same thing.

Instead we have become women who ridicule and hold others in scorn.

I don't know about the rest of you as I can only speak for me. I hold judgement day in very high regard, everyone has a day to account for their lives.

Life is far too short and far too precious to waste it on hatred.

Tomorrow strive to lift a sisters spirits with a kind word or deed.

Tracybell said...

This was your comment on this site last week.

"Would you STOP with the K is going to have the baby then go back. After giving birth a woman is out for SIX weeks. And do you really think K is going to want to leave her newborn for hours a day right after giving birth?"

You obviously dont believe she's pregnant. How is that going by the way? Is that still working for you?

And you said yourself tonight photo shoot was probably dec. 2013. Well no shit. She was prob 5 to 6 months along end of december. Thank you for supporting kristen being pregnant in december lol.

Also now I know who a certain anon is on sluts tumblr lol. You can sneak in and reply but we'll always see you lol.

Tracybell said...

Morning coffee
Girl you are right. Im done with this sluts anon. I just cant stand htt's who think they know more or better than anyone else. I had to stand up for my best good slut. Comments dont lie lol.

Morning Coffee said...

HKN...I din't mean to jump on my soapbox....another wonderful post...love the pictures of the baby showers..I love the common sense even more...people don't see, what they don't want to.

I like and or love everyone until they give me a very good reason not to. I so like you sister friend, Keep telling it like you see it.

You also Mama..you're good people.

Morning Coffee said...

Tracy...Just could not believe the first comment to chastise and point a finger..Hope she knows where she can stick that finger.

We have each other nothing else needed.

Vernier said...

Robsteniempre you came to ruin but as you see we came together. Now step the fuck off. We have a baby shower to plan...... Ladies when do we plan on having the shower? I gotta find the perfect gift....

Robsteniempre -Mama, HKN, and all the Havenettes have more integrity than you could ever elevate to. (Mama I was gonna say ass crack hairs, the really short ones but thought it might be a bit over used lol lol).

arty at HKN house!!!!!!

Teresa Holmes said...

Robsten siempre I agree I also believe the photoshoot was done in dec. Because k is wearing the jewelry she got from jillian dempsy show and in the leather pants her legs look similar to the leather pants she wore at jillian Dempsey show. So im thinking early dec before dallas.
But you got your facts wrong. Bd1 and bd2 were filmed in 2011. Bd 1 came out in theaters nov 2012. Bd2 came out in nov 2013 . So tara was talking about looks for these 2 years.

Vernier said...

Good job morning coffee :-). Love the comments

Morning Coffee said...

Verni...hi girl how you tonight? I a tired old lady and I am getting ready to hit the sack. My eyes are actually fighting to stay open...Up way to early this morning the dog had to pee and the cat decided he was hungry. Husband was dead to the world..My Barney doesn't usually need out during the night but he's getting older too , guess when you gotta pee you just gotta pee.

Love you my friend...see you tomorrow.

Vernier said...

Lol Okay Morning Coffee..... we know that lol when you gotta you just gotta lol Have a peaceful night Chat atcha tomorrow friend!!!

Vernier said...

HKN let's not forget the baby shower!!
Yarialice95 - love the calm before the storm. I think so too.....

Teresa Holmes said...

Really cool post hkn. Thank you. Mama nails does rock doesn't she.
Also I would think that an issue celebrating top stylist of year would take place at years end not at the beginning of new year before people have seen the stylist work from that new year. Si I believe dec 2013.

winnie said...

I loved the post HKN..You are a brave woman!!! Same with mamanails..she is so cool.. Keep doing what you are doing.Love all the havenetts..You are all wonderful,lovely ladies..

Debbie Brechbiel said...

Hi! Is there anyone that can answer my question about pookies song. Thanks debbie b

Delle1 said...

@Teresa Holmes,I think you'll find that BD2 came out in the US, Nov 16,2012...

Morning Coffee said...



click on the music bars above the song and enjoy it's truly amazing.

pookie lewis said...

Hey Debbie Brechbiel! thank you for being interested in my song about new orleans, where i left my heart some time back... the url is
thank you for asking, it meant alot to me...

ps dearHKN you are simply the best. it's going to be a girl and her name will be ...."Robert"! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on Havenettes! Love the post. Well, I am going to bed now. I had a long day today. I just needed get out because of sadness and shock. And you all made me better. Thanks for being there for me.

pookie lewis said...

thanks my good friend morning coffee!

pookie lewis said...

Hey Debbie Brechbiel! thank you for being interested in my song about new orleans, where i left my heart some time back... the url is
thank you for asking, it meant alot to me...

ps dearHKN you are simply the best. it's going to be a girl and her name will be ...."Robert"! LOL

pookie lewis said...

Oh my dears-- i just went back to the earlier HKN post "Deflecting Attention from the Bump" and i just saw the lovely comments from my great good friends Sue Morris, Morning Coffee and Verni. You are such beautiful beautiful people and i love you all so much! yes it was the pookie singing thanks so much for the shout out there-- gee i love this place!
felicity i sure hope you're feeling all right and tracybell you keep those dukes up and fight the good fight my darling...
sweet dreams to the Haven

pookie lewis said...

sorry about the double post-- i'm not sure wht it did that-- ??

NOLA girl said...

Hey Havenettes!!!
So many things to say and so little time - so here I go:

Tina - sorry you are not feeling well. Hope the antibiotics do the trick and it's nothing serious. Be well!

Pookie - I couldn't click on the link for the song yet. The poem is lovely. I have lived in this area all my life and have never really wanted to leave. I left for 12 days for Katrina and I was so homesick.
There is something "otherworldly" about this place. You can feel it at night - especially during Spring, Summer, and Fall. Your poem and lyrics capture "it" so much better than I ever could. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing my dear.

HKN - this is such a fun post!!!!! I hope at some point we get a pic of Rob with the baby - can you imagine??? Thank you for all your hard work to keep us happy. I really don't know where you find the time, but it is greatly appreciated!

Arleen - my deepest sympathies to you and your family. There's a lot of us on this blog all going through the same things, just trying to roll with the punches. Sometimes they come harder and faster than we'd like. What's that saying? "Life isn't what 'it's supposed to be'. It is what it is." Ain't that the truth?!

Morning Coffee - you definitely know how to say how we roll on this blog! Well done.

Mama Nails - love you!

Hatersknownothing said...

@ pookie lewis

Just listened to your song. Wow! you have a beautiful voice. I'm jealous.

Hatersknownothing said...

@pookie lewis

I'm going to put a link up on my blog list. This deserves to be heard. I'm still stunned.

NOLA girl said...

Pook - just typed the link into my browser and got to hear the song. It's perfect for NOLA!!!! Good gosh almighty woman, you are TALENTED!

pookie lewis said...

this little mouse is beyond honored by the sweetness and kindnessof our queen HKN-- *ears turning bright red with sheer happiness and pride**whiskering away a bit of a tear**
and dear NOLAgirl-- soon over at my new little tumbler i'll put up my song about a small part of what happened during Katrina-- i swear to you that almost killed me...i know it did kill many others...i call it "5 Days and 5 Nights". i left my heart in new orleans and i've never gotten it back...
love to you all and i'm so grateful for each and every one of you,

NOLA girl said...

Oh yeah - Shailene, go back and watch the movie...Gawdalmighty.

NOLA girl said...

Pook - I know, I truly know. I could never go through it again. I literally at one point just wanted to die.

Hatersknownothing said...


I have posted a link to Pookie Lewis tumbler on my blog list and my fav links. Either one will take you to Pookies beautiful song. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

NOLA Girl- Thanks!
Well, I am going to bed now. Good night! Hugs to you all. Keep me posted. Night!

Debbie Brechbiel said...

Pookie, I loved your song.. It was so beautiful and touching. Thank you for letting me listen. I also wanted to say how much I enjoy your comments and all of the hkn posters. It has been a wonderful experience for me. I have loved rob and kristen since twilight and I think you ladies have made me enjoy them more!
Love, debbie b

Hatersknownothing said...

@Arleen P

So sorry for your loss. Prayers to you and your family.

Cristal Pelayo said...

Wait!! Is she having a baby shower soon???

Anonymous said...

Thanks HKN! Night!


hello as always thanks for this new post I love me, well just hope the babyshower hope if one boy will not lose a bet with a friend. You who think you will boy o girl? LOVE YOU HKN THANKS SEE YOU NEXT

Sanni K. said...

OMG what a great post HKN.
It's like an exciting thriller and we expect the end.
I can not wait to the moment when Rob, kristen and baby are on the go. (I hope we will see it, eventually babies fresh air need ;-))
Have a nice Thursday

felicity said...

hey HKN, great post, with one thing i need to say, (sorry in advance)

the zipper jackets are def not the same one. rob is wearing a black bomber jacket (courtney justice identified it) and kristen is wearing a vintage darkblue one (again, courtney is sure that it is vintage and is searching for it)

all the other things are just awesome..

@mama.. i've got your back just like i have the back of HKN and Tempest.

@pookie.. thanks for sharing. you have a wonderful voice



fishyone2 said...

I think there might be two jackets. The first picture with Rob wearing the jacket - spot on match to Kristen's - DONE. The second picture, I think he might have another jacket as that one does seem a bit darker and there is a placket by the zipper that is not seen on the others. But that does not negate that the other jacket is quite obviously the same one. And for anyone questioning whether Kristen looks pregnant in every single picture? I'm assuming you have never been around a pregnant woman - there are times when a bump can be quite obvious and others where it is not. Its pretty simple. Do love the trolls that come out in the middle of the night to stir things up. If they hate this blog so much, why are they here? Just baffles me.....

Smiles for a beautiful new day.

Happygirl said...

@anani I feel so sorry for you that you are so blind. If K has a flat belly in the new pics then I´m the pope. you can clearly see that her body has change since the last couple of month, but I know that you don´t want to see it.

Annie said...

Oh dear God!......The denials are priceless!

Annie said...

Now it's Rob's and Kristen's privacy they're screaming about......Funny how that was not important when those same people were stalking their homes, their friends, their families, their production companies, attacking anyone who had a good word to say about Rob and Kristen.

kisses_terry said...

hi everyone,

this would be my first time to leave a comment here. i normally lurk and i enjoy this blog so much.

i believe rob and kristen are already married. if you would contend this by saying rob isn't wearing a wedding ring, please remember that he's from the UK. Men from there doesn't always have a wedding ring. If you say this ain't true, Prince William is popularly known not to wear one. If you watched the royal wedding, he only presented Kate with a ring but he wasn't given his own...

You can Google it :)

Annie said...

Kristen and Tara both look gorgeous in the Hollywood Reporter Stylists issue.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Havenettes! I am up and getting ready for my water aerobics. Hope all have a great day!

andreana said...

Kristen's new curvier pregnant body is so flattering she is beautiful in the latest pictures.... on the baby's gender I'm going with what I am sure is kristen' s choice. A cute little baby Rob.... awwww whatcould be better than a tiny little baby boy that looked like his ..daddy ?.

Marion said...

@Pookie,that was a beautiful song and I could picture everything you sang about. You have a beautiful voice and a great talent. Can't wait for the baby shower HKN is going to throw and we can all attend. Haters have to step to the left and not leave unwelcome comments.

Jane said...

Good Morning Havenettes

Just my opinion but I think Kristen's TOM Boy shirt is sending us a message that she is having a BOY!! She is far enough along to know the sex.

sue morris said...

WOW, This is such a sweet and funny post, HKN, you are a double dip strawberry ice cream cone, my favorite, today and everyday! What a treat! I would bet some people are going into their HAPPY TWIRLS or HAPPY DANCE! Mama Nail, remember there are always going to be dumb dipshits! Nola , there is nothing like the smells of the early blossoms in New Orleans, near the Quarter. My brother lived very close, near the big A. Park, on SONIAT moved to Metairie to build new home which was swept away by Katrina. He moved to Memphis, during the storm, his wife still lives there. So much beauty in Nola, there. I still have family Glad Rob and Kristen are able to do what they need to whenever, what an amazing life! My sweet little MOUSIE, have a good day and send more poems, they are eloquent and lovely, you are truly gifted!

Morning Coffee said...

Good Morning Havenettes.....

:ots of writing t do today, so will only pop in to check what's going on around lunchtime....

Pookie, my Lord but you are talented. But more than that you are one of the sweetest ladies I know.

Hope you all have a wonderful day, see you later.

Tracybell said...

Morning Havenettes!

Wind has finally quit blowing here. If I could upload a pic of the farm across the road yall wouldn't believe it. We have sand dunes on our road lol. My allergies have been unreal. Ok nuff of that.

Pookie gurrrl
You're the real deal...awesome song!

Ima try real hard to be super sweet to everybody today so here's my first try lol.

Hey anani
Long time no see. Where you been? Youve let enna take your spot as #1 bugger. What's up with that? Oh well, this is just for you, because I've missed you and I know you'll enjoy it...


Pregnant women are so cute aren't they? ; ]

Have a good day Havenettes!

pookie lewis said...

Heartfelt thanks to
Morning Coffee,
Sue Morris,
Debbie B,
and if I left anyone out
I truly apologize
because i know how it feels to be left out--
it does not feel good. The kind remarks concerning my poems and music i've had the utter joy to read by you loving, wonderful women of the Haven have lifted me beyond words. i will never be able to tell you how much it means to me. Ever.
the best i can say is thank you from the very bottom of my heart.

One more day closer to the arrival of the precious little stranger.... *sighing, twirling (thanks liz! always loved that!)
i wonder what will happen today??? Exciting!

andreana said...

Anani....well what else is there to say .... you are the most perfect human on the face of the earth... your opinions are all correct... you shine like like the sun . .... compared to you , all of us at HKN's blog are likened to slugs that crawl in the dark of night.. So my question to you is .... WHY THE FUCK are YOU here.. ?

Lisa G. said...

Hi kisses_terry,

I am in agreement with you regarding the cultural differences in men wearing wedding rings in the UK and North America. Prince Charles when married to Diana wore his wedding ring on his left pinky finger beside his Prince of Wales signet ring.

Hatersknownothing said...

Annie and Shima

I deleted a couple of your posts by mistake when taking out the troll trash. I apologize!

Annie said...

HKN: No worries. ;)

Mama Nails said...

Good morning havenettes...I just want to do a shoutout to all the have supported me! I so appreciate your support and friendship here!

I also wanted to point out that the info for the photoshoot was there all along...right on one of the photos. As I had suspected due to Tara's post on her IG on February 23 about a photoshoot on the 25th and that's when the photoshoot happened.

You can see it here


I just posted about it here:


Sanni K. said...

the shirt with Tom boy could be a nice hint really. I just remembered that Rob, second name is Thomas. So does that shirt Tom;-)
ok was just a fantasy or idea.
All haters in waste

Annie said...

Tsk, Tsk Anani.,,,,,
Januay 19th 2014......You wrote that you read Kristen's friends IG accounts because they are open and you have been reading the Starlight board for months now although that blog is private and requires a username and password.
Don't be all forgetful now. :)
I get the trying to lash out, the pictoral evidence is very hard to dismiss at this point....My advice is to just breathe! :)

Lisa G. said...


I was wondering what your thoughts were of the marriage poll results.


Happygirl said...

@anani You always come here and attack HKN what ever she posts! So why ? What do you want? What's hurt you so much? That RK are still together or that K is pregnant with R's baby? Or maybe both!

Happygirl said...

@Anani BTW RK were together in NY at the weekend on Feb 22/23! So what's you problem? So the people who saw them were right!

Happygirl said...

@anani It's not our problem that you don't want to see the truth! And if you don't like it what we are talking here, then stay away! JS

Sanni K. said...

it is possible that has been the picture in the house photographed earlier. and the exterior shots before short?

Annie said...

Anani: You're trying so hard, yet failing miserably.
I know it's tough but focus! :)

Hatersknownothing said...


Lol.Yes pregnant woman do travel lol. She went to NYC to be with Rob Feb 22/23 and she flew to Toronto recently when she had a few days off from filming. Hence the pea coat swap lol.

Hatersknownothing said...


I'm guessing math wasn't your best subject in school.

andreana said...

Heavily pregnant???? WTF. What makes you think pregnant women can't travel ? You are either a man or a very young girl who has not ever been pregnant...... or stupid.... which is it?

Morning Coffee said...

Hi Anani so happy you could take time from your overly busy life to join us here today....it's good everyonce in a while to get away from the haters and come to a place like HKN, where the atmosphere is upbeat and friendly.

What's that you say? people aren't embracing your sunny personality with open arms...Hmmmm, that's strange.


Have you come here with your very own agenda?

Have yo come bearing the fruits of your dislike of all things Kristen Stewart?

Have you come to attack HKN personally?

Or are you here just to attack and harrass the other commenters for what they believe?

Any of the above you answer yes to will give you far less than an open armed welcome from anyone here.

That is a shame because every last one of us are truly nice people. We dislike when we are baited into sinking to such low levels to match yours perhaps?

My suggestion would be simple...get a hobby ...besides cyber stalking and bullying.

Grow up and curb your envy of Kristen Stewart. But if you are a grown up mature female...then I really and truly feel deeply saddened for you.

have a plesant day anani we wish you well.

RK Faith said...

I'm ignoring anani and all the haters..

HKN - thanks on another great post! I wanted to ask you - did you ever post the results from the last poll regarding the time of RK's wedding? I can't seem to find it and was curious..

Lisa Genova, Still Alice author tweeted this today -
"Last day at the Howland brownstone. #StillAliceMovie http://fb.me/3oh053ghv

Wonder where's the next filming location..

RK Faith said...

Lindsey, K's friend in NYC with her, posted a tweet liking a huffpost article regarding -
"Lorde's Awesome Response To Lesbian Jab About Taylor Swift"..
the article she posted about also has a "Celebrities Who've Faced Gay Rumors" photo set with Kristen, among others..

Morning Coffee said...

RK Faith ...You have the right idea, it truly doesn't pay to answer them or to try to be civil.

Closed minds and all that, wish their mouths would follow. But then that would take a lot more intelligence than they possess.

Hatersknownothing said...

The results of the poll were They've been married for some time winning by a landslide lol. In second was Recently in NYC.Cannes and the other one weren't even in the running. So most of you think they have been married for some time. Interesting lol.

Hatersknownothing said...

The new poll April is winning with May close behind on its heels.

Happygirl said...

Here is a pic of K & Tara and everyone who still say her belly is flat is blind! LOL


Paula Bain said...

Morning ladies, I see the haters are spitting the dummy over the latest post, can't they just be happy for one moment in their ugly little world where they are always right and the rest of us wrong.

I'm guessing that the usual haters have never been pregnant, so they have no idea what happens to your body, I didn't look pregnant from back on but I stopped seeing my feet at 3months as I was pregnant with twins.

As for the item about Lorde being gay she has a lovely boyfriend back home, I'm from New Zealand and live about 20 minutes from where she lives. Pookie loved your song and your poem, Mama Nails love your blog.

fresakiut Apellido said...

love you heaven! well where i start? ok well first of all i stand by all the ladies here who said she is pregnant at this point its absurd denied it, its so obvious, then in the vid of BST at the 21 sec you can see pretty clear her baby bump and i can tell you is gonna be a big and beautiful baby girl/boy <3 :)and look Rob Kristen smiles of couse that is a future parents big smiles God Bless them always

fresakiut Apellido said...

love you heaven! well where i start? ok well first of all i stand by all the ladies here who said she is pregnant at this point its absurd denied it, its so obvious, then in the vid of BST at the 21 sec you can see pretty clear her baby bump and i can tell you is gonna be a big and beautiful baby girl/boy <3 :)and look Rob Kristen smiles of couse that is a future parents big smiles God Bless them always

RK Faith said...

HKN - thank you so much! I love these polls..

Morning coffee - I totally get how hard it not to to interact with them.. they drive me mad as well..

Good night y'all!

Flowergirl said...

HKN...Shailene Woodley really needs to think before she speaks while doing promo for Divergent. Based upon the promos that I have seen, she wishes that she and her co-star have half the chemistry that Rob and Kristen had while filming Twilight and acting out that horribly toxic relationship. LOL

Gigi Cullen said...

Hey y'all! I just had a chance to read over this. I love all of the Havenettes!! It's a wonderful thing for us to have each other. Mama Nails, you rock my world with your sharp wit and resiliency. HKN, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your humorous and intelligent updates. My husband and I look at the pictures of Kristen and we thoroughly believe she's pregnant. In his words, he would be "very shocked" if she wasn't. She looks almost exactly like I did when I was pregnant with my daughter. I only gained 10 pounds. My mother only gained 7 pounds when she was pregnant with me. She never had to buy maternity clothes. The haters are scared to death because this is their worst nightmare. To Morning Coffee, Vernier, Tracybell, Pookie, and everyone else that I know I missed, thank you all for being fierce! Arleen, I'm so very sorry for your loss. Love to you all!! XXOO

fresakiut Apellido said...

Hi there! Alert! Very pregnant woman at 19-23 sec in the BST video! love you ladies <3

fresakiut Apellido said...

Hi there! Alert! Very pregnant woman at 19-23 sec in the BST video! love you ladies <3

Tina Wotherspoon said...

HKN you did it again Fantastic,Brilliant,Superb you are just AWESOME, you make me smile each day and especially when you do a new post,Havenettes love you all great group on her, Mama Nails your Awesome as well,Arleen hope you are ok big hugs to you, take care be safe you all the havenettes.

Tracybell said...

Whats up Havenettes?

Its been a fun day what about yall?

Debbie Brechbiel said...

I was on twitter last night and I was upset reading what some people are saying about the people who believe kristen is pregnant. They are so upset that we are invading kristens privacy. It is very hard to be pregnant without people seeing the truth. They are making something that is very beautiful in a woman's life as something negative? I really think it is for attention and to see how many people they can get on their side. I hardly ever write but I was so offended by them. I can't wait until the truth comes out! Debbie b

pookie lewis said...

Hi Paula Bain, thank you for the nice compliment on my song, i completely appreciate it-- and
it's so nice to meet you! and the same friendly hello to GIgi, wonderful to meet you too.
And say hey, Tracybell! Whazzzzzaaaap??! You're in fine fighting form i see! you get 'em gurrlfrien'! i'm right behind you! heehee
And mamaN i made you a big, really big, beautiful, ooo-ey gooey....CHEESEcake! *squeakyYUM
(and thanks for the cookies, oh they're so so good-- yas tis good to be teamdarkside baybis!
laters, and love to you all
the pookmeister

June said...

"It is very hard to be pregnant without people seeing the truth"?

Debbie sorry but I don't quite get you. If Kristen is pregnant it's her choice to remain silent and I guess she always chooses what's best for her. I mean if she wanted people to acknowledge her alleged pregnancy, she could make an announcement like Scarlett Johansson did, for instance.

Mama Nails said...

tina, paula, pookie, gigi and anyone else that I might not have already thanked for your support thank you again!

I just have to say that I love the egos on some of these "fans" that think that Kristen Stewart gives a titty fuck what we are saying here on this blog, or my blog or twitter or wherever the darkside might be lurking! LOLOLOL...

Kristen's choice of keeping her pregnancy and her personal life private always has and always will be to protect what is her's from becoming a media specticle. It still is to a certain degree in the media, but she can control to what degree.

Can you imagine her coming out in public regarding this? No I cannot! Think how the paps have been for the short stretch she has been on set and just think what it would be like if she had announced her pregnancy...yeah..not going to happen.

But to come to a blog and tell us that Kristen would be up in arms about what we say here, is the height of narcissism. Kristen has better things to do with her life.

So why don't these ppl take a page from Kristen's book and go do better things with their lives than pay attention to ppl that they disagree with!

Sorry my dears...just been dealing with a lot of htt's today...sick of them and their BS!

Debbie Brechbiel said...

I know that she hasn't announced it, and I respect her for that but I am sure she knows that people have noticed.
I don't feel that we should be called names by other fans
Because we have noticed. I have seen some of the hate that mama nails has seen. It is hard to accept.
Debbie br

Hatersknownothing said...

Mama Nails

Just hang in there.They are trying to get the best of us but it's not working. Keep doing the wonderful job you do:)

Hatersknownothing said...

Debbie I don't think we will get some public announcement. That's just not their style. They will try and keep it on the down low as long as they can.And I'm okay taking the heat while they keep it hidden.I'm a big girl I can take it.It will eventually become obvious.

Morning Coffee said...

Hi girls MC here....Had to go take a deep breather for a while today..some of the comments here and onSRWN have been truly ludicrous.

I still maintain while they are trying to make their comments about concern for Kristens privacyy...it actually the fact they really don't want Rob and Kristen together now or ever.

When she actually has the baby, instead of Like HKN always described as exploding ovaries...there will be exploding heads.

I'll BBl have Excedrin headache number 1008.

JMF said...

HKN and Mama
I have said this before and will continue. I admire you. You deal with the attacks and stand strong every day. We are right here beside you, supporting you all the way.
Thank you for what you do.

Debbie Brechbiel said...

I am sorry hkn but I don't feel like we are being disrespectful. I felt that was what June was insinuating.
I care about the people on this blog, and I know you are good people. No one should be verbally abused for
Noticing that kristen is pregnant. Debbie b

Mama Nails said...

HKN, Debbie, MC, JMF &Pookie for your deliscious cheese cake my favorite!!!

These people frustrate me but the crack me up at the same time, they truly are just big cry babies.

Some don't want the to be together and some are just pissed that HKN and I were first out of the gate with this and getting the "glory" for noticing and having the guts to say something publicly on our blogs.

They HATE that they aren't the queen bees....LOL I didn't do the for queen bee status I hope you all know that, I just posted my observations like I always have and BAM!! But what they truly don't get is the hate has fueled this movement. their constant harping on the subject brings ppl here to HKN and to my blog and ppl are really starting to SEEE the truth.

Won't be much longer now I don't think! LOL

I have a sneaking suspicisin that both RK are either already back in LA or winging their way back soon. I think it's likely that K's done with her scenes and I would think that Life is moving to LA soon to finish up. Rob hasn't been seen at all since the Sunday night fan pic.

Oh..not posting this, but I guess now they all think that lyndsey K's friend that took the pix of K in the TomBoy Tshirt is making fun of all of us.

Not sure if you saw, but she posted a pic today of a pregnant woman wearing the same tshirt saying "ohhhhh look at this TomBoy on board"...they are claiming that this means that she's making fun of those of us that think K is pregnant.

hmmmm, I can see two other possibilities. That it means nothing...just a coincidence, or....could she be trying to tell us something. LOLOLOL.....

Tracybell said...

Hey ladies

Been enjoying all the comments. I havent been around much today becuz ive been on a super special intelligence mission lol.

Watup gurl? Im impressed how perceptive you are lol. Yeah bitches be dumb that's all im gonna say. Hope you're workin on a new song for us ok? Something for the Havenettes lol.

Mama nails
You know where instand *fist bump*

Where you be? You MIA or what? Lol im giving you 1 hour to get yo ass home!

I joined twitter so I could follow you and mama and verni but I am so bad at it. I forget I can go on there and see all the crap but you know what? I imagine I know what, who and why so I think I'll not. I see enough stupid shit from chicken anons at sluts to know lol.

Ladies I dont let one stupid ass thing these haters, nonnies and HTT's say get to me in any way, shape or form. They are jealous and bitter. Jealous of Kristen for having Rob. Jealous of hkn and mama because they know deep in their sorta souls that we are right. Bitter because no matter how hard they are trying they are not winning. Matter of fact, the harder they try the more they loose. They dont understand it, but we do.

When you're in the right your story doesn't change. Liars stories change to suit their agenda, and their stories have constantly changed.

So hkn is right, stay the course, keep to the message and keep up the good fight.

Ok that's it lol

Love you guys and VerniD if I dont hear from you soon im putting out an apb lol.

Annie said...

Mama Nails.......The pic posted was a of a pregnant woman wearing the same Tom Boy T-shirt wasn't it? Shouldn't the implication be then that her friend is in the same state.
If the picture posted was of a non pregnant woman wearing the same Tom Boy T-shirt then what they're trying to say would make more sense don't you think?

Tracybell said...

Hey mama
I was dead set on believing rob and Kristen were having a boy, but after lynsey posted that pic ive switched to the girlside of the darkside lol.

Morning Coffee said...

Oh My God can you just picture Rob with a tiny baby daughter in his arms...he will so wrapped around her tiny little finger instantly...I could just sit here and cry like a big dummy that visual makes me so happy.

Of course it won't be any different if it happens to be a boy.

They are going to be wonderful parents.

Annie said...

Also wasn't this the same friend that took pics of Kristen with the same Tom Boy T-shirt in the hotel room in NYC where a bump is clearly visible?

pookie lewis said...

mamN i'm so glad you enjoyed the CHEESEcake you know i love you so so much and appreciate you every single day. Debbie B dear you come right on in here and sit down make yourself comfortable i made you some delicious CHEESE danish and i do believe Morning Coffee brought the--- yep, she did, ummm just smell that rich dark roasted aroma! Thank you dearest.
i know you were upset Debbie B but don't be, honey, those po' li'l hatery-people are just really confused or perhaps they had a disadvantaged childhood-- you know bad li'l chi'ren really just wind up only hurting themselves... don't pay them any mind. Delicious CHEESE danish, anyone? Vernie? NOLAgirl? Tracybell? Anyone? well i'll just leave them right here, along with this great big ole pot of super delicious Morning Coffee... and here are my best china cups. Only the best for my beautiful havenettes... umm yummy!
if i might here perchance hazard a tiny comment--? i was thinking mamaN that since R and K have traditionally communicated with us fans nonverbally over the years with their trading clothes, socks, backpacks, shoelaces, guitar cases, hats, bracelets and whatnot i should be surprised indeed if friend Lindsey's comment had no point-- although fooey i was betting on a girl!! LOLOLOLOL
-yo besties,
forever yours, pookmeister

pookie lewis said...


but wait-- a 'tom boy' IS a girl...heehee

and 'hi!' annie! here sweetheart have a danish...

and Tracybell i have a good start on that song for you!
-- <:3)~~ (pookie)

Barbara Fenwick said...

Great post hkn. I am a true believer...I believe R/K are married, and I believe they are expecting a baby. Thank you for all the things you do. We need more people like you in this fandom.

Until next time, take care.

Tracybell said...

Yo pook
Im a cheese danish girl with coffee, straight up. And I love using the good china makes me feel special ; ]. And you've given me a new word to use...po' li'l hatery-people lol I love it

Love what you said it is a beautiful visual. Girlside? Boyside? It doesn't matter becuz that baby will be loved from the sun and moon and back.

Tracybell said...

Cant wait I know it will rock!

Gigi Cullen said...

I was over at SRWN on Tumblr earier and holy crap, I was laughing so hard over the haters comments. Mama Nails, you've run all over them! They cannot accept what is right in front of their faces - a happy couple who have a baby on the way. I'm so sick of their delusional, desperate comments. They are proof that you can't fix stupid. Y'all don't know how happy I am that there are sensible people that I can talk to about Rob and Kris and the baby.

Annie said...

Hi Pookie Lewis: Thanks for the danish, will save it for the morning. :)

felicity said...

zucchini-chocolate cake anyone?? lol..

a cup of tea with that?


@annie.. yes, it was lindsey, the same friend who took the pics of kristen in this shirt.

@mama.. there were some tweets about signs in toronto for tomorrow about LIFE.

Still Alice is moving to a different location in NYC for tomorrow.

pookie lewis said...

ooh felicity may i have the recipe for this amazing zucchini-chocolate cake, oh my lordy such a tender crumb (piling a cheese danish on top of a slice of zucchini-chocolate cake and getting out the pistachio/mint-chip ice cream)
--hard to tawk wi' my mouf full 'scuze me

Annie said...

Felicity: Thanks for the info. :)
Wonder if Still Alice will be filming in Manhattan.

Tracybell said...

Pass a plate please and I think GiGi needs one to. Thanks for the info on filming although I wish they were done in ny and toronto and headed to la. Maybe next week.

Hmmmm...mint chocolate chip...good mix lol

Hey verni will be here in a littlw bit save some for her lol

Vernier said...

Hello Havenettes!!!
Tracy, I's home now!!!! lol lol lol
I see today has been one of excitement and great things.....
I was gonna name everyone with a special hey there but I just giving all of you big hugs, hellos, and love yous!!!!
So Hey everyone Big hugs I love ya each and everyone!!!!!

Vernier said...

Yeah Pookie and T is correct I am starved for sweets and sweet people!!!

Vernier said...

Mama is hitting all gears on her sit. Like a mac truck running em down!!!! Love it!!!!!

sue morris said...

Mama Nails, That picture to me means a baby girl on board. Kristen said she was a tomboy through most of her school and wore mostly her brothers hand me downs in school, the catty girls made fun of her and she finished school at home school, because of their hatefulness. She was making movies at 8 or 9 years old and loved movies from a small child. But it could also mean a boy on board! I keep having dreams of twins, but I can not see what kind! It really doesn't matter what kind, just happy healthy babies! Mama and Dad may be a bit tired for awhile.

pookie lewis said...

**spewing zucchini-cake crumbs all over
Oh i just saw Tracybell's avatar pic oh mah lordy a po' li'l old keeled-over chicken oh gawd that's funny thanks Tracy you really are sumthin' honey
--that one turned mah ticklebox right ovah!!
*whose fine china cups and saucers always make her talk like that

Morning Coffee said...

We need to buy some plaing old vanilla ice cream to go with the ckes too...I'm a vanilla freak. Of course my insulin will be fighting an uphill battle but a little indulgence once in a while is ok.

I'll Bring the coffee and Felicity will bring the tea and yummy chocolate zuchini cake. pookie hope you made plenty of cheesecake.

We need to get mama and HKN Motorcycles and helmets so they can mow them down faster.

Welcome home from work Verni.

pookie lewis said...

**serving a CHEESE danish up on a delicate little spode plate**
--sue morris? or zucchini cake? or both? yes when i first heard about Lindsey earlier i was thinking 'oh well she's sayin' 'boy'' because of the giant word 'boy' on the shirt and i was like-- rats! i truly believed with all my psychic mouse-power it's a girl! but of course i'm thrilled for them no matter what, and know that the faery godmothers will be at that little cradle ladling out the blessings, you better belie' dat! i was just wondering if my mouse-psychic power was waning or something then when Tracy was saying she was now thinking 'girl' BECAUSE of the t-shirt thing it dawned on me why because a 'tom boy' IS a girl so i was like "YEAH!" again confident in my mouse-power, because i really did and do feel strongly it's a girl.... and her name will be 'Robert'!-- 'cause Rob already said so! lol
--all your friend,

pookie lewis said...

MC mamaN took the CHEESEcake home with her... but we have love CHEESE danish and Tracybell brought a gorgeous zucchini-chocolate cake! And i do have vanilla in here somewhere **rummaging through the freezer throwing out odds and ends, an old shoe, some frozen meatballs from 10 years ago** oh here it is, vanilla bean ice cream oh and look on the lable **perches a pair of little tiny glasses on pointy little nose and reads** "this virtual dessert will in no way bother anyone's insulin whatsoever" ...well, there you go! Have as much cake and ice cream as you please dear MC! And don't worry about the calories, either!!

Nancy Allen said...

Great post, great thoughts, LOVE YOUR STUFF!!!! Keep writing and remember, "you can't fix stupid!!!!"

Morning Coffee said...

Absolutely devastaingly delicious...and calorie free....heaven on a dainty little spode plate. and the company of ggod friends...what more could I ask for.

hey Pookie...who was your musician for your song or do you play too?

a stargazzer said...

Can someone link to the "tomboy' pic please? I tried to search for it but I cannot find it :/

pookie lewis said...

MC he is a dear, dear, awesomely handsome lifelong friend, one of the greatest, most talented musicians i've ever heard much less known. we played together in the best band in la for a while until i ran away and came to my little farm here in the pac n. w. thank you for asking about him. you can hear his incredible touch he really gets me yeah-- if you leave me an email address on my tumblr i'll lead you to more of my music, i just didn't want to run into any of those awful po' old hatery people--

pookie lewis said...

@a stargazzer, here ya go--



--love to all,

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on Havenettes! I am home from water aerobics, helping my friends out for party tonight, Tutoring, and then went to the party with my friends. Its ladies night. And I had fun. So what have I miss here?

Tracybell said...

Pookie and mc
I think I missed most of the party lol. Hey pook you liked my avi? Just wait till tomrw. Check back its gonna be awesome lol. Im gonna fine tweek it a little with a little advice from verni because verni makes everything better lol.

Maaaan alot has happened. Kristens pregnant, my chicken died and pookie threw us a virtual calorie free tea party! There might be some leftovers if u ask nicely lol.

Welp havenettes im callin it dunner than biddy's biscuits. See yall tomrw bright and early. Sweet dreams sweet ladies.

Anonymous said...

Tracybell- I am all partied out. And I am exhausted.
As for the rest of Havenettes, I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all. Night!

sue morris said...

OK now, I missed out on the chocolate cake and cheese Danish and cheesecake, I have my brown sugar apple cinnamon butter coffee cake with Irish Coffee made with Irish whiskey, hot dark coffee with whipping cream and cherries on top! This is family special for St. Patricks' Day. I cannot go the green beer although when we had two clubs we did order the green beer for the younger crowd, who always showed up with KISS ME BUTTONS. I always asked WHERE? Good Night.

a stargazzer said...

Thank you Pookie <3 XXX

Wow I think the fact that she added the time of this lady #7 months means that Kristen most be smaller than that. Maybe 5?
I think it might be a gift for us indeed a "this is how she will look in a few months" specially if she is going to start to lay low from now on.

pookie lewis said...

sue morris you sound like you are covered lol but of course we saved you some. You too HKN you darling... and plenty for everyone that still wants to drop in. It's all piled right over there on the table, by the potted palm, on the haviland platter, by the tea and coffee service... i'll just stay here by the fireside *pulls warm angora shawl tigher around shoulders* i'll confess i'm a bit tired **starts to snore**splurb* splutter" oh excuse me, i'm just so cozy after i ran into the kitchen to make myself an irish coffee with irish whiskey , whipped cream and cherries on top! Cause that just sounded so damn gud sue morris you little genius!! so cheers here's to ye my sweet irish lass *breaks into a very broad brogue, waves giant mug in the air at sue morris, spills a bit, breaks out into a loud "when irish eyes are smilin'"
Oh an' sure an' your welcome, a stargazzer my dear ...
(falls off couch)

NOLA girl said...

Hey there Havenettes!!!

Goshdangit! I missed the party. Pook, I know Mama Nails is higher on the food chain than me, but next time, make extra cheesecake puhleez. If I'm gonna lay on the calories, I want it to be cheesecake. Thanks for putting out the good china :). Still thinking about your song - so lovely. My only talent is doing laundry :(-

sue morris - any of that BSACBCC left? Why did your brother wanna leave Uptown? Really sorry about the Metairie home.

Hmmm, quiet today with our couple. Kristen and Tara were incredibly lovely in their photoshoot. They really do have a great chemistry - JMO, but it says a lot that they have been together so long - especially in Hollywood. Nice to see.

Chillax mes amis!! As for me I am seriously TWIRLING in LaLa land and very, very happy!

Big hugs for you all...

felicity said...

@stargazer.. that the friend looks like this doesn't mean that kristen has to look like this. each woman is different. you can find women in their 7th month of pregnanycy and have them lined up.. you will see that they all have a different size ob baby belly.


@pookie.. love the tea/coffee party.

take care

sue said...

You know, as a Dutchie I used to think it was made with cheese and think how disgusting is that. Wondering what the hell the fuss was about. Now after tasting it, I think it's rather yummy.

Anyway, that's my input of the day.
Oh and the haters are missing out on life. Nothing wrong with disagreeing but the catty bitchyness and overal smug righteousness of some, is so fckn hypocritical.

It's a beautiful Sunny day down here in Holland, birds are singing, it's Friday, quiet in work..life is good!

Sanni K. said...

good morning
love your comments.
beautiful Friday all

andreana said...

Ananinny .......hey precious ....STUFF IT ! ...by the way is your alternate personality called enna?. Yeah that smug arrogance of yours is a dead giveaway .. ... Huh, you have more than one personality disorder.... who knew?

Sanni K. said...

Some people have many faces,
lucysea90 took HKN in the mouth to the lindsey Instagram. Hmm, who that is?

Teresa Holmes said...

just curious wonder if r and k are going to show up for work today.
Felicity the author just said they were finished filming at the haveland brownstone. Thats not giving us much info. If k part is small her time on set should nt be that long. Shes been on set for two weeks now. R has two weeks of filming left. Sometime during he has to go too la. Unless la was never a location for the movie. Can we check that. Link please?

Teresa Holmes said...

Every one let lyndsey ig go. No friends of k are going to discuss her pregnancy online. They are not disrespectful like that. So obviously it had nothing to do with k.
I did notice in the background of lindsey pics of k in hotel room that there is a t shirt just like the one k is wearing folded up on the dresser. Why? Its the same tshirt. Why would k have two ts hirt exactly the same. I left question for mama nails and waiting to hear back. Anyone know?

Eva Richterova said...

Teresa,very good observation.

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all the Havenettes! Hi everyone! Tomorrow is the big day for me and my family. Tomorrow the funeral. Well, I better get to work. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all! Have a great day!

sue morris said...

Dear HKN LADIES, I see we have our regular cats on the prowl, howling in the March winds, just not happy about nothing ., but TOUGH TITTY but the milk is just fine! Nola Girl, my brother and Betty his wife were sitting up inside a very tall hospital when the hurricane hit New Orleans, he was needing blood, and dying slowly. His policeman friends had him airlifted emergency to Memphis during those horrible days so he would survive with Betty for their new brick home imploded in Metairie. He kept in touch with us by cell-phone. The older home they sold in the quarter was not damaged, it was built high and is still there. We have more family there still that will never leave. POOTIE, glad you like our Irish coffee, have made a few thousand of those for family and customers of the Pub. Beautiful weather today Tracey and Vern, hope you all are feeling mellow like JELLO. Have a cool ST. PATRICK'S DAY!

Jane said...

Why all the hoopla about the pregnancy picture on Lindsey's instagram? To me it's just a photo of her friend at 7 months pregnant. People are reading too much into it.

fishyone2 said...

To continue with the baby bump conversation........saw my daughter last night - she is going into her 6th month. Still can barely tell she is pregnant (there is a tiny tiny bump). She is quite tiny and very active (dance teacher, yoga, pilates, Cross Fit). She actually complained that she wishes she would look pregnant - feels like she is missing out on that piece hahaha!!!

Saphire1231 said...

Ah ladies I really enjoy reading your input... it is nice to see so much positivity... ((ignoring the odd troll who pops in to spew their unwanted drivel))!

The whole drama created by some with regard to pregnancy or not is so pointless... ((anyone with eyes can see for themselves))... but there is "None so blind as those who will not see" (and for the most part... those who will not see stupidly believe that by dismissing Kristen (who has done nothing to anyone) will somehow get them a shot at Rob ((As If... LOL)).

I have no problem with those who genuinely disagree re the pregnancy... I do have problems with those who hatefully spew nonsense and manufactured drivel!

My answer is always... Believe what you want to believe... but just because you believe differently to me.. does not cancel out the validity of my own opinion. (no matter how loud you shout)!! You are entitled to your opinion... I am entitled to mine!!

For those who troll this site.... I would truly love to know... why they bother to come to such a positive blog (regarding Rob & Kristen as a couple expecting their first child together)!!! To try to convince its residents that your opinion is right!!! Just give it over and accept what you cannot change and go find a blog that matches your own thoughts!! You will never win here!!

HKN, Mama Nails, Please keep those blogs pumping out the positive... You both do such a fine job!!

To all the Havenettes... Keep smiling... Keep positive... Right will win in the end and Love will always overcome all the evil drivel!

Love to all

Morning Coffee said...

Good mornin to all my darlins'

Will be out most of this afternoon and will catch up then. Have a happy Friday and a good weekend to those of you who are in different parts of the world.

Sue Morris You're Irish coffee sounds devine dear lady.

Till later...MC

Saphire1231 said...

@ Anani

Your opinion was not sought... however since you choose to inject yourself... Your opinion does not cancel my own.

I believe this is a positive blog and I further believe you come here to create dissent and try to sway people to your view...

It's Not going to happen!!!

Hollywood Life, is I believe a gossip trashloid and obviously one you know lots about!

Go take your copy and find yourself a nice warm spot and have at it!!

Cheers Chrissie

Happygirl said...

@anani If you don´t like it here. Then STAY AWAY!JS Nobody forced you to come here over and over again and attack us.

Tracybell said...

Here's my guess on the tshirt thing but only if that is indeed another black tomboy shirt. Kristen is with Lynsey. Lynsey took the picture of Kristen. Lynsey also took the pic of the other pregnant woman in tomboy shirt. My guess is Lynsey bought both her pregnant friends tomboy shirts and took pictures of them. When she took kristens picture she hadn't given her other friend the shirt yet. Walla! I think that's a pretty good answer if I say so myself...which I did, and Verni says she's always right so Im going with that to lol.

Morning Havenettes

Hello sue m
I remember using that phrase tough tittie lol and I like it now. Kisses to you.

The party was a blast last night and even snuck in some intoxicating beverages afterwards lol so now i gotta run it off. Going to enjoy the beautiful day.

Morning mama and verni my best good sluts.

Morning PookieD
Hope you didnt hurt yourself falling off the couch. If it was me I mighta grabbed a blanket and slept right there!, lol

Shout out saphire/chrissy and fishyone...enjoyed your comments

Hey hey to Jane and Arlene hope all is good.

Have a good day sweet ladies!

Jane said...

Hi Tracy!

I agree a picture is just a picture.

felicity said...

@teresa.. the location is still the same: Toronto and LA. but who knows, things might have changed and they did not update it on their website.

still alice is filming in the bronx in the next couple of days. that's what i have seen. and kristen was on set yesterday.. rob had a day off as it seems.

Teresa Holmes said...

Felicity. Why didnt we get pics from set of k yesterday? We got no pics of her wednesday either. No pics of r from wed or thursday either.

Happygirl said...

OMG it seems that Rob is in NY.

a stargazzer said...

Oh I know that not all pregnant ladies are the same is just a hunch. I voted later in the poll for K having a baby too. I might be wrong but I think she is not anywhere near delivery, YMMV.

Tracybell said...

Uh stargazzer
I think you mean someone else?

Where you hear that?!

Happygirl said...

@Tracybell It´s all over twitter now and there is a blurry video. Where K, her BG and Rob are running.

Tracybell said...

I tried to view it on windswept girl twitter but wont work. Where did you watch it?

Happygirl said...

@tracybell go to @gulendamm_ on twitter she has it too.

Happygirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hatersknownothing said...


I have seen the video and screen caps And it definitely looks like Rob. Please be careful about posting links to this. The video is very restricted right now.

Tracybell said...

Ok will do thanks. Hkn will u share screen caps via email?

Teresa Holmes said...

Please hkn share screencaps in email.
My email is teresajholmes36@gmail.com
Thank u

Teresa Holmes said...

Happy girl does it really look like rob? When u say k running. What u mean? Was she running to the car or into a building? Details pleeesae. I want to see video?

pookie lewis said...

*nursing an irish whiskey hangover, icepack on head
oh wow well that was fun *burb* 'scuze me
good morning Haven
oh cool video i saw it on a russian site robsten.ru i love how we fans are literally world-wide
gee i adore this place thanks again HKN for doing it you're truly wonderful
slice of felicity's left-over zucchini-chocolate cake, anyone? i saved it in the cake dome...

also fun on RD some nice pics of K wearing R's green jacket with the red plaid lining (March of 2012) the same one she wore at Sundance recently to promote CXR... take that, nonnies!!
**fierce little mousie-fistpump then winces takes aspirin and goes back to bed**
--Éire go Brách!

Teresa Holmes said...

Im thinking Why would k run if she with a friend? Now it makes sense to run if she with rob.

Sanni K. said...

The video is very bad but in the beginning you can see Kristen.
the video was shot by paps?

sue morris said...

OK YOU GUYS! If we were right and Mrs. PATTINSON was PG in July , which is when these guys traded homes back and forth like in May, like musical chairs, to make it interesting and were filming in LA and away from home, she might have her baby or her babies in late March or early April, and I like April, because Kristen's birthday is in April so then Rob's birthday is May 13,2014 and honestly that would be really so cool. Yeah, planned parenthood! Tee HEE! Silly old Ladies and our imaginations going right off the wall! Something for those two to giggle at. I am one of those who thinks they both read movie reviews from the better magazines like the New Yorker and from Rolling Stone or the periodical entertainment magazine VARIETY , which has been around since the beginning of time, and I would bet money they do read HKN and DAZZLE just to get the feel of things. SRWN is also a real probability because it is a howl and I love the cats Mama, the cat blanket was just so sweet! Tempest and HKN can always be counted on to write an amazing post and Mama's daily replies to the ANONS are just perfect. What I really appreciate is the light cheerful scope of these posts. The only negatives are from the reply or peanut gallery and since these are open posts, they have to be resolved on a by the piece basis, deleted from history. Anyhow, I believe the world is simply going to just keep spinning without the haters and mindless judges that pass by and are tossed out into the electronic space galaxy to just float around in empty space. Ms. Susie getting down off the super duper large soap box to go wash and dry some bedding. Bye, you all.

Happygirl said...

@Teresa Holmes sorry it´s difficult for me to explain. She is only running with Rob and the BG. I don´t know why or where they were running.

Tracybell said...

It's Rob. I watched it on same russian site...thanks HG...he has a beanie and he follows k and bodyguard to car in beginning of vid. Holy shit I can't wait to see this in cleaned up form. It has disclaimer on vid so it'll come out cleaned up somewhere. But hkn is right we need to keep this on the dl.

pookie lewis said...

oh honey it is so him

sue morris said...

This video is why we almost never see these guys, you all! I imagine they are together when they aren't shooting. I would definitely be with the one I love when I have down time, wouldn't you, but to be chased down or have to run for it just makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up and HOLLER STOP! I hope it goes down soon and we are left to wonder again. Basically I have no doubt they want to have quiet down time to eat, sleep, shop, and love each other. They are just not for public consumption anymore and I dearly love them and would adore seeing them together soon, but looks like mad cow disease is still a concern with those little heifers that are running around clicking their cameras. Be calm, be happy.

Tracybell said...

I can see it now...

See she's not pregnant...pregnant women can't run!!!!

Lololol you just watch some dumb ass anon on sluts will ask that question lololol.

Teresa Holmes said...

If its all over twitter we are pass the down low right? Hg says its all over twitter. This is good news for me but I just wish it was a fan pic.

JMF said...

Please don't share the video publicly. The person who originally put it up for a select few and only for a few minutes will get in severe trouble if found out. We are doing all we can to contact people to ask they take it down right now. Spread the word please!

JMF said...

Oh and anani: FUCK YOU!
I was helping my husband pour cement for our new house foundation at 7 months pregnant!! Have you ever been pregnant? Pregnant women do not lay on the couch with someone waving a fan in their face these days. Grow up and get a dam life. I am sick to death of your shit every single day!

Sorry HKN, I just couldn't hold it in any longer.

Tracybell said...

Thank you anani...
a nonnie...get it....lol...thank you for proving me right...look up....uh huh that's right...I called it.

JMF said...

anani I played soccer with my 5 year old. What else you got? Ever been pregnant sweetie? didn't think so.

Tracybell said...

Okie dokie

Morning Coffee said...

anani needs to see the video of the surfer who surfed up until the day before she delivered a healthy full term baby.

Happygirl said...

@anani You´re so funny. Now you are saying a pregnant 8 month woman can´t be running. What do you expect should a pregnant woman do? Stay at home on the sofa? A pregnant woman can do what ever she wants. Even do a marathon. But I think you were never pregnant. Right?

Happygirl said...

@anani So when K is not pregnant like you want to believe us. Please tell us why K´s body change in the last couple of month. What is your excuse.

JMF said...

Pregnant woman surfing month by month. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GV4msMDsQno

Happygirl said...

@anani I say it again. There are a lot of pregnant woman who are doing their sports like surfing, jogging and so on, but you must be very young to understand that pregnancy is NOT an illness.

Morning Coffee said...

Tracybell...love the chicken and the rose nice touch too bad you couldn't find a place for the possum and your dog...LOL

God I love you girls...I go away a few hours and all kinds of exciting things happen.

pregnant women since the beginning of time have labored daily, gotten up and continued on with daily chores. It's a natural event..not an affliction.

I hope all the HTT's, nonnies, haters, and naysayers start getting a grip on reality soon.

Repeat after me...Robert Pattinson is in love with Kristen Stewart,always has been, always will be. They are eagerly awaiting the birth of their first child.

Happygirl said...

@anani Did you see the vid. that JMF posted and now please say again that pregnant woman shouldn´t jogging. LOL

Tracybell said...

Hey guys
Dont justify to anonnie. She's in the bargaining phase of nonnie grief right now and her little mind is working overtime to think of ways to cope.

Nonnie Bargaining
The normal reaction to feelings of helplessness and vulnerability is often a need to regain control–

1. If only Kristen would go away and I could have Rob to myself....

2. If only HKN and SRWN would just shut up about Rob and Kristen having a baby...

3. If only I had never watched Twilight...

4. If only I had never visited Robsessed...

Secretly, they may make a deal with God or our higher power in an attempt to postpone the inevitable. This is a weaker line of defense to protect them from the painful reality.

Define reality:
Rob and Kristen are married and expecting a child soon.

; ]

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