Thursday, February 27, 2014

Barnyard Animals and Rob


The Barnyard animals went a little wacky over the last couple of days. It was definitely the cows for the win tho.

Rob trying to dance his way around the cow dung.

Lucky Elsie.

Rob's new lady is a cute little heifer.

Rob: Come on Elsie you can do it!

Oh Oh Elsie has competition.

Bessie: you think you're keeping him all to yourself do you?

Oh No he did it again! Elsie's been Pattinsonated! He just can't help himself.

Please let this be the scene they were shooting .

Wait a minute I see pigs. Could a Rob with a pig picture be in our future? Can you imagine Rob chasing a slippery pig around? That pig better run for its life. Rob's on a Pattinsonated roll.

We already have an elephant.

A giraffe.

An alligator.

Dogs are an extra bonus.

I think are chances are good.

The Chicken Cluckers. A group of so called Rob and Kristen fans. They decided to attack  and make fun of one of our Havenettes. Then they were surprised when she didn't just sit down and take it and fought back.  

Makes you wanna do this.

Vernier had a sweet account of how she was lucky enough to see Kristen in Nashville while she was directing a music video for her friend Sage. She took some pics and commented on how Kristen looked to have a baby bump.

This sent the Cluckers into overdrive. Funny how Vernier is the only one that took pictures that day that the Cluckers decided to single out. They didn't say a word about any other people that were there that took pics. Just Vernier. Wonder why that might be.

You know why. God forbid anyone should mention her pretty telling baby bump.

The Cluckers ran to another blog and protested their innocence. Oh please. Stop acting all high and mighty. Guess what your shit smells like everyone elses. If you can't stand the heat then shut the hell up about people. That simple.

The dipshidiot pigs. An especially nasty smelling bunch.

Message to Enna. Nope we aren't pinning our hopes on one tweet. Actually there was more than one. There were several for Rob and several for Kristen. So despite all your excuses odds are on they were both in NYC over the weekend. Odds are even better that they were there together.

Put all your money on it.

Katy Perry and John Mayer have broken up again it seems. The dipshidiots immediately started their pig slop. Rob couldn't wait to run to Katy. Katy would be running to Rob soon. Let's see if the pigs  can grasp this but I doubt it. Katy Perry has told you in no uncertain terms on three different occasions that she is only friends with Rob. Can you take that hint or does someone have to hit you over the head with a club for you to get it?

From her own mouth. Now move on and give it up.

Of course we have to give Kristen and her animals some face time.

Kristen and her cat Jella/Max.

Kristen and a cute dolphin. 

Kristen and a beautiful white horse on SWATH set. 

Bear of course.

The newest member of the family.Cole. (But not for long. tee hee.)

And now I'll let the barnyard close things out. Til next time!



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Jane said...
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Vernier said...

Thank you HKN. I appreciate you and all you do.
This post was over the top funny and totally AWESOME!!!!! I love what you said and how you said it!!!! :o)

Hatersknownothing said...


You are very welcome.They better think twice before they mess with my Havenettes. :):):)

Jane said...

I love this new post. Cute pictures and funny cartoons. Love how you tell it like it is. There is a baby in a blue blanket do you know something?

Sherry said...

Great comment. Love this blog.

Vernier said...

HKN they sure had. The First Lady of the Havenettes ain't taking no shit!!
Jane I saw the blue blankie. Anything we want to know? not should but want... lol lol

Nancy Allen said...

Thank-you! Thank-you! Love Rob and the animals, but love your post and the upcoming Passinated new one!

Tracybell said...

What a great post.

This is what I love about you. I always...ALWAYS...know where you stand! And you'll never find a kristen hater using your words to prove their point.

I love how you stand behind and support those who are your followers.

I love how your humble.

I love how you give us a wide...WIDE...berth on your blog...YOUR BLOG. because I know sometimes we treat it like its ours. And honestly I think we feel its a little bit of all of us. We're the Havenettes!

I love how you cut through the bullshit and tell the truth.

Well im done kissing ass you're just awesome. Love ya!

Morning Coffee said...

HKN you are a hoot..what a great post....

Verni..see how much you are loved by all of us.

going over to read Tempests new post now..then off to bed. Maybe

love to all.

Anonymous said...

Hi HKN, love this post! R with the cows was so cute. Hope we can see some pics with little piggies soon. Vernier, just wanted to say that I appreciate you very much! I loved reading about your account of K and the filming of the music video. Very entertaining. I felt like I was there. Aloha, kuffkuff

irie deb said...

Lovely post! And....yes how sad it is to watch them all run around like chicken with their heads cut off. Goodness....they can just kiss my grits for all I care!! Must suck in those hate filled lives they are living day in & day out!! I applaud Vernier....I enjoyed her fan account of that night. Took courage to share that....knowing the rats would come crawling out of their holes to try and silence her. Sucks for them....wonderful for the rest of us!

Hatersknownothing said...


I'm just guessing it's going to be a boy. Richard John Pattinson. RJ. Yeah it has a nice ring to it lol.

Hatersknownothing said...


Claire Jules if it's a girl. CJ Pattinson. Bahaaaaaa! lol.

Gigi Cullen said...

Thank you for the new post, HKN! You can't keep the Havenettes down. This was a great and much needed post. You always make me smile. And thank you, Vernier, for sharing your amazing encounter. It makes me feel so good to know that there are so many wonderful women that feel the same way I do about R&K. I love them tremendously. This is going to be a fabulous spring. XXOO

Mama Nails said...

lmfao!!! As always I go out to enjoy some RL fun and I have a treat waiting when I get home!

Great post HKN!!!

sue morris said...

This is such a good post! You are so very good to all of us! I am so proud of VERNIER and everyone really. Do we have a boy? I am really wondering about blue blankets! The animals and Rob and Kristen were so cute and sweet. Our sister posts support Vern and are extremely kind, and it makes me feel very happy, she works hard and is filled with real enthusiasm . Thanks to DIDY and SRWN we can learn a lot from our friends and many other blogs. Thank you HKN, YOU ARE A LADY.

Jane said...

I read your story again about your encounter with Kristen at her video taping. You told us exactly what you saw with such detail that I honestly felt like I was there with you. Everyone here has said such nice things about you. I'm glad to know you. Have a good night friend.

LizzieD said...

HKN -- Love the post!!! I especially loved the dancing horses at the end ... don't know where you find this stuff but it's perfect :)))

Anonymous said...

Hi to all the Havenettes! I just got home from dinner and a movie with my volunteers from the reading program. I had a great time. So what did I miss here?
HKN-I love your blog. Great job.

NOLA girl said...

Hey everyone!

HKN - you are sooo good to us. This new post is great, as is the norm for you! Thank you! I am looking forward to the baby's arrival post. BTW - ditto what Tracybell/Nanna said about you. I'd bet money on your baby names!

Tempest - I know you peek over here. Thank you for the new post today. I appreciate your support of our friend Verni.

Morning Coffee and pookielewis - loved your poems! So many talented people on this blog, it is incredible.

Ya'll had my pulse racing when you mentioned Katy Perry helping a friend in labor. I only get to jump on here once a day, so I was panicked.

So glad it was a relatively peaceful day today. Verni, you sound a little more cheered up - good!

Teresa Holmes - nice to hear you're feeling better!

sue morris - how's Sugar doing?

felicity - didn't see a post from you today, hope things are okay.

Havenettes - Chillax and stay awesome!!!!!!

NOLA girl said...

HKN - cleanup needed right above my previous post.

pookie lewis said...

HKN you're simply the best! Thanks for the giant laugh with the cartoon of that fist (Verni's?or HKN's? lol!) around one of the 'clucker's' necks-- her amazed expression was priceless! So many smiles.. The pic of Kristen as Snow White on the beach with the beautiful white horse "Rusty"-- she loved Rusty, and said in an interview she felt bad making him do what she wanted-- she would rather he just do what he wanted. What a kind and tender-natured (at least for the animals!) sweetheart she is! (I qualify that statement as we all know she does not suffer fools or the paparazzi gladly!) And even though she was afraid to ride the beautiful Rusty (she at that time was afraid to ride horses) she got up on his back in full battle armor (taking a great deal of strength you better believe it!) and rode like a banshee in front of 80 armored stunt riders thundering right behind her in quite a number of sequences. If she had fallen...gee-zus! It took unbelievable sheer guts to do it. Her courage is just astounding...

Well, that's just a few reasons why I love Kristen, and a few reasons why I adored this most recent post, dearest HKN!! Thank you so much, yet again!!
--your loyal fan,

intothesun74 said...

Why would a young virile man want to spend his days off with his reportedly EX girlfriend AKA NON ROMANTIC acquaintance, instead of partying anywhere else in the world where his money, looks and desirability would take him unless the real desire that is his undying passion for her compels him to be where she is, in his every spare moment. This IMO is the real truth and it is scary to those who believed that passion was diminished.

intothesun74 said...

Just a further addendum to the above statement, If indeed this once romantic relationship has now devolved to merely a friendship, what kind of magnetic pull must exist between R and K when they would rather spend time together as NON ROMANTIC acquaintances rather than pursue other romantic partners, Wow you know sometimes the most ridiculous statements bring forth the most profound truths, even haters and trolls have their uses...

rklove said...

Good evening Havenettes!!

Looks like I missed all the drama created by Nonnies. A sorry bunch of women, acting like juveniles. They are vile and I refuse to indulge their rants and idiocy.

I choose to come here and enjoy talking to all the beautiful ladies.
I choose to believe that R/K were together this weekend and pretty soon will be adding a special addition to the Pattinson household.

Thank you HKN for the wonderful post. I love how much Rob and Kristen love animals..especially the wild hiefers ...LOL

@Vernier..Girl you are awesome!!! Fuck the Nonnies and the idiots!!

Have a wonderful evening. Later's BB's

Hatersknownothing said...


I love your way of looking at things and how you put them into words. Excellent comments!

Anonymous said...

Good night to all the Havenettes! I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. Hugs to you all. Night all!

RK Faith said...

HKN - thanks always for this place!
I'm joining this issue late (RL stuff blah blah) but as mentioned by other Havenettes - Verni -you're one hell of a strong woman, I admire you.. and the poets here.. wow!

HKN - I liked the Claire Jules Pattinson idea.. CJ would too :)

intothesun74 said...

"Blushes" Thanks HKN and good night to all the wonderful Havenettes and our fearless leader!



Sanni K. said...
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Sanni K. said...

good morning,
nice and funny post HKN.
Katy Perry and the birth story of yesterday was good. The time for kristen will come. I just hope in a hospital and not in the living room. ;-)
Have a nice day

sue morris said...

LADIES, please check to see if Kristen is OK! I am worried about the report of being carried into what building, where? is this just a bunch of nonsense? I know it is hard to find out things but I am sitting here so worried, it would be a relief to know she is fine. HKN- is Kristen fine?-

Rosey said...

Hahaha HKN, so funny! It's good to leave the serious behind sometimes. I have to say the pics of Rob and his little 'ginger admirer' brings into perspective the saying 'makeing cow eyes' at the object of one's affection! Lol. This little lady does it to perfection. I love Rob's (and K's too, actually) special rapport with animals. It's wonderful to see.

vana said...

HKN, thank you for the great post (as usual).
Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures of Rob with the cows, just brilliant. He looks so happy doing what he's doing. He seems to have such a delightful manner with anything that comes his way.This is going to be an amazing movie.

Vernier, been meaning to say how well you kept it together when you saw Kristen. You were amazing, not sure if I could have held it together half as well as you did if I miraculously came across Rob.

Arleen, hi, hope you are well and still doing all that you love doing. Hope your students are well.

felicity said...

hi there, love the newest blog entry, HKN. thank you so much for this and thank you for defending vernier. (tempest, my friend, i know you are lurking, thank you for your post as well)

@nola i am very busy with very serious RL stuff. not fun at all, so when i am not posting anything, it is because i am not at home all the time. i am more on the road (and i mean that literally.. as in driving through bavaria) than i am at home right now. thanks for asking.

@sue.. i haven't seen the tweet about a sleepy kristen, who was carried/led anywhere.. i wished i could ease your concern.

love all of the havenettes. keep your good work up and don't let the bullies get to you, they are not worth it.

Mama Nails said...

Good Morning Havenettes!

I'll probably be crashing again soon, but I saw some comments and had to join in!

Sunny... OMG! Nail-Head perfect observations. And exactly what is driving the haters crazy!! Rob is one hot guy there are women literally throwing themselves at him and yet he chooses to go to NYC fir the weekend and spend time with his "ex". Sure, right... Whatever helps them sleep at night and keep their fantasies going!

sue morris...maybe this will put your mind at ease.

@hellojanellee: Just spotted a very sleepy Kristen Stewart getting walked into the building across my job! @bloopdanielle #nycmornings
Wonder why she is sleepy .... LOL

This is the actual tweet. Don't know who distorted it, but just think K had an early appointment. I hear it pregnant women don't sleep well near the end... Lol.

I see nothing in this tweet to get concerned about... Hope this eases anyone's mind that was concerned. No need to fret unless we have concrete info to fret about.

fishyone2 said...

Love it here and the refreshing and strong women who just get it. But the #1 thing I love right now............the puppy video on blog - OMG!!! I kind of want them all to come to my house :).

Flowergirl said...

HKN...thanks for giving some context to the cow pics. I was wondering what the heck cows had to do with Dennis Stock and James Dean.

Teresa Holmes said...

Hkn you are amazing another blast of a post. They u for your time and defending v.

Teresa Holmes said...

Mama nails still have trouble leaving questions on your tumbler.
Good morning all havenettes.
Again sunny great logic.
Wishing all a great day.

Jane said...

There are some really cute pictures of ROb from yesterday on RD. Rob has some really funny facial expressions. Dean Dehaan is pretty cute.

Jane said...

I guess we won't be getting any fan pics of Kristen unless it's going in and out of building. I don't remember the book having any outdoor scenes of verbage between her and Julianne. I'm really surprised we haven't seen any pics at all. She must be laying low.

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all the Havenettes. I hope you all have great day. Happy Friday!
Vana, I am ok. And my students are ok. I got two new ones. They are making progress on their reading. Other than that everything is ok.
Well, I better get ready and go to work. Keep me posted! Later.

sue morris said...

THANK YOU MAMA NAILS! I really did not understand that she was walked in the building. Kristen is preparing for filming and she is probably restless due to pregnancy and work. She has always been a very busy little bee, getting things done early. Sometimes I understood she doesn't sleep well when she is working. She reads constantly. Hope she gets some rest this weekend.

Mama Nails said...

Teresa Holmes...here us the link to leave me. Can't imagine what the issue us...


Jane said...

I found a quote from James Dean about animals:
Studying cows, pigs and chickens can help an actor develop his character. There are a lot of things I learned from animals. One was that they couldn't hiss or boo me. I also became close to nature and am now able to appreciate the beauty with which this world is endowed. (James Dean Movies)

Hatersknownothing said...

Ladies I am about to blow my top. Be fore warned.One of the cluckers have accused me of being the one that sent Kami the threatening emails.I am livid.

felicity said...

@hkn... are you serious? how dare they. you would never.. they are so far off .. smh.

Hatersknownothing said...

I'm calm now lol. I went over and said my piece.

felicity said...

hey, anyone here, who can help me?? i have added my avatar, but it is not showing up with my comments.

@hkn. i just don't get them. what do they gain, when they accuse you to post threat emails to anyone over there??

felicity said...

uppps.. now it is there? smh. okay, problem solved. lol

Jan Huether said...

HKN I saw that too. I honestly can't believe the atmosphere over there.

I have only visited that sight once, after hearing about what was said regarding Vernier's encounter with Kristen. As I said in an earlier post, it sadden me to see the mocking belittling attitude some over there have for people who have chosen to believe in something they do not. As you so plainly stated...They started this with their insulting comments, NOT those that post regularly here. THEY are the ones responsible for the unwanted attention to their blog.

Note to the wise... When you disrespect someone, expect retaliation. What's with their shocked behavior by the reaction other blogs are having over what they said? Did they really think there wouldn't be a reaction to their remarks?

As I've said, I have been reading all the pro RK fan blogs for several years. I don't comment often, because time doesn't allow me too. When I do post, I tend to do it here most often. I like the atmosphere here:) So when I saw that individuals, that I had always marked and respected as RK fans, making a mockery of HKN and this site, I was shocked and deeply saddened.

As far as accusing HKN of sending a death threat to a fourteen year old girl, I'm appalled. They started this and have now taken it way to far.

HKN, I too was wondering if the "supposed threatening email" was a form of deflection from the real issue here; making disrespectful comments in a mocking manor towards another RK fan, who had done nothing to them personally, but post about her K encounter.

The poster who received the horrid email even admits she has no idea where it came from, but yet she has decided to lump "they", meaning those that post here, into the group of suspects, as if the horrid people that comment on this blog are responsible. And now HKN is having the finger pointed at her personally! Really!? This all started with rude remarks made by some individuals from their blog towards Vernier. What?

The accusations and generalizations they make about people that post here is ridicules. For example, I truly enjoy this blog greatly. I like the fact people here like to discuss what is going on with RK's careers and lives. I find them entertaining discussions. I feel it is one of the most informative blogs for such things. And the people here are nice and respectful as long as you respect them (fair right?) It does NOT matter if you believe in the pregnancy or not, as long as you respect their right to believe Kristen is. I have been a fence sitter on the matter, but I have never once been ridiculed by those here that believe.

This fandom does appear to be cannibalizing itself, but I'll still be here with you HKN and the Havenettes! musing over frolicking cow pics and deciphering suspicious tweet sightings, because I'm here for the fun of watching what are two favorite people will be up to next, not belittling others that don't agree with my opinions and beliefs.

Sorry for the long post...it struck a cord.
Head up HKN, your the best in my book!


Tina Wotherspoon said...

Evening ladies, HKN Bravo what another fantastic post you should be nominated for some kind of award for giving us fantastic posts each time dont you agree ladies, hope you all have a lovely weekend hugs to you all love to my 2 favorite people Rob and Kristen hope they are both kept safe, take care.

Lisa G. said...

According to Rob's interview in teen vogue he outlines his dream girl to be:

"She's a girl of her own mind, refusing to smell 'pretty' or do what's expected of her. And clearly someone who isn't confused about her idea of femininity."

Yup, to me the clear message is he only thinks of Kristen as his dream girl which we already know. Hope Rob did not stay out too long in the cold weather . I noticed how red his ears were in some of the pics

Teresa Holmes said...

Thanx lisa g . That was nice to hear and reconfirms to us his love , admiration and respect
For who she is.

Vernier said...

HKN that is total bullshit. You wouldn't do anything like that. You even ask everyone here to not do stupid shit like that. I don't really believe she got an e-mail anyway to be honest. I think it was attention seeking to get the monkey off her back and get some sympathy. We ladies here at the haven are to family oriented to want anything bad to happen to anyone especially children. That's just ludicrous. Thank you for all your support, you and all the ladies here. I think it is time they back up off all of us. We have done nothing. We are trying to move forward but they seem to be hanging on like rabid dogs. Or deranged chickens. Love all you Havenettes.......

Morning Coffee said...

HKN..the depths this fandom has sunk to really is mind boggling and seems to just grow worse.

I am truly sorry that you were and the people here have to stand under accusations that have no more basis in the truth, than saying my aunt grew testicles during the night as is now my uncle.

I am amazed however when a once lovely blog would allow a few rotten apples to spoil things for so many. Keep your chin up. We all love and appreciate everything you.

Sunny (as per your permission):
Welcome to HKN from one of the resident zany ladies ME. I really enjoy your insightful reflections.

Verni, Pookster, Tracybell how's my peeps today?

Sue Morris, thinking of you and sugar lady. Sending good wishes your way.

Arleen, glad for the recipes yesterday thank you.

Felicity keeeping an open prayer for you. Hope whatever you need will be taken care of.

To all my havenettes....have a beautiful, peace filled weekend.

pookie lewis said...

HKN darling--
Sounds to me like one of them posting this utterly ridiculous and unfathomably insane supposed threat themselves under another name; it's an old rat tactic. And I always did smell a rat over there at RPI when a particular one of them (p-------) posted and another of them (k---) always immediately answered and then vice versa– it always felt like the same person posting under two names. You know, i really can smell a rat from a mile away; my family's criminal sociopath cousins we'd rather not talk about... lollol *squeak*

pookie lewis said...

Morning Coffee i am squeaking with laughter over that uncle of yours with the brand-new testicles BWAAAAHHAAAHAHAHAHAHAhahahhaha*snort** *cough**choke**eyes tearing up** hahahahaha
omg Morning Coffee you're freakin funny i love you

Jane said...

July 18th can't get here soon enough.
I know it's an Indie film but I hope it plays in more than a handful of cities so we all can enjoy it. Yes, it's The Rover.

RK Faith said...

HKN - Sorry to read this. This is ridiculous.
Deep breaths! Truth is on your side.

RK Faith said...

Anyone here with a small baby or maybe twins??
If yes, here's your chance to meet K :)


My kids are too big..

Tracybell said...

Hey havenettes

Morning coffee
Im good just spending time with my hubs, building our house, having fun. Hope your good to.

Yes thats exactly what Kami and Pist do. They are two different people though.

Kami has already said 2 days ago that she got threatening ails and it was a lie. Whoever is saying it now is just making it up to divert the attention away from the fact they are all hypocritical liars.

And yes they attacked Verni but Rose and the rest that post at the chickenwhatever made insulting comments about several ladies who post here, didy and even on Roses own blog.

Rose made insulting comments about her own sweet followers. What a shame a blog owner would do such a horrible thing. I can't believe anyone is still posting there. How would any of them know she wasn't somewhere else talking behind their backs. I wouldn't put it past her. She makes derogatory comments toward anyone who disagrees with her.

Im glad I left that site a long time ago. I love it here with such amazing ladies.

I havr no doubt Rose, Kami and Pisteuo and crew are lying. I wouldnt trust anything they say.

felicity said...

they are hiring crew for AU too


@jane.. wide release of The Rover will start on july 25th. so you will be able to see that.

Jane said...


Thank you. I had to drive 55 miles to see On The Roaad. I hope The Rover will be closer.

Tracybell said...

And pookie
Dont be afraid to use their names. Its tactics like theirs where they say things about people and don't use specific names but we know exactly who they are talking about. They do that so they can say "we weren't talking about you lots of people say twirling, bbgurl and fandom."

Sweet woman...no one in this fandom...NO ONE...would believe you'd do that. That doesn't even make sense. Every one knows now what vicious liars they are.

Let rose, kami and pisteuo and crew continue to speak horrible vile things because no one believes them anymore.

Tracybell said...

Wow dont know that I'd wish for twins to meet kristen lol but someone will get lucky. How fun to say your babies worked with kristen Stewart!

And wasn't BD filmed around NOLA? What a pretty area. We swamp buggied in Houma 10 years ago and loved the area. The locals are very friendly and the food was fabulous.

I bet the casting agency gets swamped with people wanting to work on the AU.

Thanks for the info...*smooches*

Tracybell said...

Sue morris
If The Rover plays in okc lets agree to meet up and see it ok? You in?

pookie lewis said...

Hi Tracybell m'darlin'
I didn't want to use names when it was just a theory-- *I* might feel strongly and sure about it, but unless I had stone, incontrovertible proof one way or the other (and how could I have *that* unless I actually knew the person(s) involved, which I don't) I wouldn't feel good about using people's names-- which might possibly be a different situation than people just bad mouthing others for no ostensible reason...
anyway, hope you're having a good day Tracybell, and all the dear Havenettes--
...and Verni-- looks like RKFaith may have found another great road trip-- the twins audition!! Now, all we need are some twins!...**checking already packed bags (which stay stashed by the door in case of need for fast getaway) for all needed shampoos, cheeses and condiments**
love to all,

Vernier said...

I am posting this here because I know they are around and I want you all to know what I say...I hope you all don't mind....

To the Ladies from the coop cause I know you are lurking:
Ladies and I use this term VERY loosely. (There are a few there who don’t deserve what I am saying but it is their choice to stay). You have all gone passed the point of civility. You have talked about and maligned a lot of people not just me. No one, and I mean no one on HKN, SRWN, or DIDY has ever talked about any of you until you attacked us and it was brought to light. No one on any of these three blogs would ever threaten a child. We are all too family oriented. For you to sit there and peck at bullshit and help push straight out lies tells us you really are a bunch of lonely, miserable hens. I don’t believe for one second Kami got a threatening e-mail. I think she made the shit up. That is so sad and deranged. I believe is she got caught up in her own chicken shit and tried to toss the shade off her and hopefully get a sympathy vote. Don’t say it’s beyond her because you all know it isn’t. She comes there and spews lies and tears down people and then goes to RPI and pretend she doesn’t know what is going on. Get real‼ She knows. All of you know. You all have a voice in the chicken shit. Pist and Rose too. I always thought better of Rose just from reading her post. I feel like a fucking idiot. You heard the phrase “talks the talk, but can’t walk the walk.” That’s Rose in my eyes now. You all got called out and you got caught. Now people see you for what you are. A bunch of hypocritical, lying, conniving old Hens, jealous that the rooster ain’t roosting in your hen house, so you pretend to think you are better than anyone else by tearing them down and throwing shade. It just make you look like sad little chicken shit eaters. I never knew about your little shitty chicken coup till all this came about. Never had been there and never will. You see my grandmother had a chicken coop. Did you know chickens shit all over where they live and they also eat their own shit? Pecks it right up‼ Hmmm that’s kinda telling isn’t it? Like Rose said “if the shoe fits slide that bitch on!” Now Ladies and again I use the term loosely you need to step off and let this shit go. You say you don’t gossip but you cruise other blogs and come back to your dirty little coop and talk about everything and everybody. Jealous much? That’s how I see it. I got to be around K as she worked. That boiled your asses so you had to throw shade my way. Problem is this bitch ain’t sitting in the shade. I will bring it out in the light every time. On HKN, SRWN, and DIDY we are always upbeat and happy. At the coop you bunch of unhappy, conniving hens can’t stand that so you have to belittle and malign good people who have never said or done anything to you. You say it’s in the name of R and K. and then you go on to say they would be upset. I think they would too. First for the bullshit going on with crazy ass fans like you, but the way you all use their names to be “mean girl bullies.” In reality I think you are all wannabe closet Havenettes. You wish you could be open like we are. Uplifting and motivating. But your hearts are too dark. You can’t find your way to the light. On the three sites I have mentioned we all believe what we believe and agree to disagree on different things. You all can’t seem to do that. You have to tear down and make everything a joke and then cyber bully. A bunch of useless old ass mean girls. How would your children fill if they knew you were mean girls, bullying folks who never did anything to you? They would most likely be embarrassed and ashamed.

Vernier said...

Part 2:

HKN, Mama Nails and Tempest have more class in the hairs on their ass cracks than you all do in your whole useless being. Don’t even think about continuing your attack on them. They have always ask us, and I mean always, to take the high road. They don’t want all the negative crap. Neither do we. They say what they feel and they protect what is right and call us out if we were to say something stupid.

Tracybell said...

Bravo...and ditto.

Now go get a six pack of sam adams summer ale if you can find it. Stop at your fave fast foodie go home kick them feetsies up and no you are one fine kick ass lady. You know you know...and no buts woman...no buts

Teresa Holmes said...

Give em hell verni

sue morris said...

Dear HKN ladies I think when people step in shit and lie, that shit sticks to their shoes. Nobody here has threatened anyone for any reason. Barnyard HEN-PECKING bullies are just covering up their own shit and they have a lot of shit to cover up. Sad thing is that a good blog has been ruined by their chicken shit lies about this blog and others they do not like. Basically these HENS stepped in their own chicken shit by making up lies and accusations and this just looks bad to a lot of people who are just tired of the really rude and sad things said on several posts, and then denied. That sounds like a four year old who craps on the floor runs away and then will not take the responsibility for his own crap. Also, when you accuse someone falsely, you land in the POKEY, I believe that is libel and slander, both can carry heavy fees. It would be best for the barnyard bullies who are now considered by many posts to be very unfortunate, to go about their own business and not falsely accuse anyone of anything, just to gain negative attention. Negative attention is just not good for their blog. Sorry to take up space for this HKN>.

JMF said...

Hi all
I don't say much, I read, nod my head in agreement and applaud everyone here. But I will admit I did go to the other blog and speak my mind. The whole thing just shocked me so much. I couldn't believe that people I had read for years and agreed with would go to another blog and be so mean and spiteful. I won't go there again. I would rather surround myself with the peace makers, the lovers of life and love. Thank you for such a wonderful place to visit.

sue morris said...

OH VERNI--ATTA GIRL! I laughed my little butt off at your response to the Barnyard Bullies. Very cool, very cool. I suggest a cold one also, you deserve a little relax--and so does HKN, talk about cow pies in the snow, I would love to do some punting about now, using something else for my football!

Mama Nails said...

Verni BRAVO that was fucking awesome! And I have to say my ass crack hairs thank you!


Vernier said...

Thank you ladies....You all are awesome!!!! I was just at the point where enough is fucking enough. When they slung that shit at HKN I saw red!!! I don't know her personally but I have read her in action and I have never seen her belittle or malign anyone. Delete the crap yes but wish hurt on someone. NO..... That I will stake my own life on!!!!

yarialice95 said...

Mrs. Vernier that was beautiful *Standing ovation* I hate what the fandom has become it used to be fun and now it's filled with hate I remember it was my safe place from all the shit that happened in RL and I hate the cyberbullyng that some people do, this Blog has been my little peace of heaven and all the beautiful ladies here are so wonderful that I can't even fathom the thought of someone accusing them of such things.

felicity said...

@vernier.. what a wonderful post. completely in agreement with you. hugs

i really hope that other people will find this chicken blog and that they will finally relveal to the other people out there, what is going on with rose and the others. two-faced people like them need to meet their fate

karma is a nasty bitch, when she is seeking her revenge

Vernier said...

yarialice95 thank you. This is all our safe havens. We have to protect and keep it on a positive vibe. It means so much to so many. DIDY and SRWN are just as important. They make it a great place for us all to come and relax without all the stress and pressures of negative bullies.

sue morris said...

NEW SUBJECT Thank you ladies for the info about Rob new movie-The Rover in July? Waa! I want to see it now Jane and Felicity! I dearly hope we can all see the new ones easily, without a lot of driving. AND, whoever has twins might get to work with Kristen. a casting call like that would be so exciting for a young mother! HKN, this was a very good post and looks like your shit-eaters are out in the barnyard scratching. Do you remember Kristen mentioning the shit-eaters? I do, and at the time I just giggled, but more and more I see just how seriously real shit eating has become! It is now the RAGE!

felicity said...

@sue.. i am honest, i highly doubt that i will be able to see the rover. it won't be in the cinama near to my hometownd, i've asked the owner already. he is not taking this movie on. said, that there is not enough audience for a movie like this with that rating..

so.. if i am lucky, i will have to drive 2 hours to the same cinema, where i watched OTR.. but.. i am not sure if they will show the rover. sigh

Jane said...


Bravo for standing up to those chicken shitters. You really have a way with words. I couldn't have said it better. I'm your number 1 fan.

Morning Coffee said...

Verni....so damn proud of you...sending you hugs and kisses enough to cover your entire face....you not my socks off!

Morning Coffee said...

Vernier thats you knock my socks off ;)

andreana said...

Anothergreat post HKN .. I was wondering what rob was doing with cows in his movie and thanks to your brillant bit of research it now makes perfect sense! I don't know anything about this kami crap that is going on but sounds like a bunch of sorry ass whiners have invaded this space.. If they do not agree with what we all hold here as truth.. why then are they so hell bent on forcing their opinions on this site? ... they attack Vernier for simply sharing what she saw with her own eyes and now accusing hkn of threatening death to a teenybopper?... pretty desperate to cause trouble... as I have said before fuck em !! They are jealous immature dickheads and not worth the time ithas taken to writethis!!!! This is a great place for getting and sharing information about R and K !! Keep up the good work I absolutely appreciate thegreat effort..... Thanks HKN...! !

Barbara Fenwick said...

Wonderful post hkn. I wish I had your talent, your way with words, your ability to stick it to the haters.

I enjoyed Vernier's account of her time observing Kristen. She was a lucky lady to be able to do this. Hopefully the haters will leave her alone.

Until next time, take care. We have some wonderful times coming.

Debbie Brechbiel said...

I know I have only posted a few times, but hkn I love this blog. I am a retired teacher with fibromyalgia who has enjoyed reading the comments and love how you feel about kristen and rob. Vern reading your report about your trip to see kristen was wonderful. It was like being there. Thank you all very much for being a special part of my life. Debbie b

Morning Coffee said...

havenettes I've been looking at Rob and the ginger heifers in so many shots and just noticed they ain't heifers they be young bulls.

No udders anywhere to be had and we all know Rob loves his tatas.

JAm I wrong...I don't know for sure I didn't grow up on a farm, but my aunt lived on a dairy farm and her cows you could milk.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on Havenettes! I don't know about you guys. But I am not planning to watch the Oscars this year. Since Rob and Kristen are not going to be there. Because I know they are working on their projects. You know filming. Plus I am still mad at the Oscars after the way they treated Kristen last year. Just because of the crutches. To me that is discrimination right there to me. Except for Josh. He is cool. She is beautiful no matter what.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on Havenettes! I don't know about you guys. But I am not planning to watch the Oscars this year. Since Rob and Kristen are not going to be there. Because I know they are working on their projects. You know filming. Plus I am still mad at the Oscars after the way they treated Kristen last year. Just because of the crutches. To me that is discrimination right there to me. Except for Josh. He is cool. She is beautiful no matter what.

Mama Nails said...

Hello Havenettes, I just got an interesting anon that showed up in my inbox.

They have stopped by with two comments:

1. A pregnant Kristen Stewart and RPatz were together last weekend - an eyewitness in NYC.

and after my hopeful, but realistic response, they came back with this:

2. Not teasing just stating fact. Be happy....

Not going to go into details but I can confirm that my anon is in NYC...so if they are a troll they are a New York troll. LOL

I just had to share with the Havenette's

yarialice95 said...

Morning Coffe, so Elsie is a a he not a she, that means Rob is gay or Elsie is a drag queen LOL, but seriously I think is a bull too :D

Rose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tracybell said...

Oh good luck on that bitch. I read every one of your fucking comments and you knew what and who you were talking about. You're to late for this shit. Fuck you. Claim innocence and ignorance all you want but for every 10 hate comments you get thats equal to 1000 in social media terms. Good luck with that lying backstabbing bitch

Tracybell said...

Oh and to be clear, I haven't visited ur blog since I posted my final fuck you. And I know several who are following that course. No search, no hits Zilch. But you sure have hkn on refresh lol. Slutsrwn too huh? You are the worst kind of rob and kristen fan there is and you sicken me. No one believes a lieing word you say.

Anonymous said...

Goodnight to all the Havenettes! Keep me posted. Hugs to you all! Night!

Rose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NOLA girl said...

Hey all -
Well, another boring day on HKN. NOT!!!!!

HKN - You have a lot more patience than me. There's no way I could develop and run a website/blog. Intelligence is a finite resource, and in this country we are tapped out. You don't have to venture too far out to find the Stoopids.

This is a primarily adult website and we conduct ourselves as such. That's why I choose to be here. I continue to be appalled at the alleged adults on other blogs that act like 6 year olds on the school playground and continuously try to jump on here. I don't even want to venture into their nightmares. I rely on the info I get from folks here. These crazy individuals need to work in an ER or ICU or a prison (nod to Verni)for a month. Perhaps that might give them a little something they are seriously lacking: PERSPECTIVE.

Verni - I hope you enjoyed an adult beverage after your smackdown of the haters! Job well done.

felicity - hang in there. I don't know if you're the one who is ill or are the caregiver, but take care of yourself

tracybell - there are a lot of movies shot down here. I think both BD movies were shot either in Baton Rouge or NOLA. Several of the Oscar nominated movies were shot all or partly here. Excellent tax breaks. Locals leave celebs alone, but are glad to have them here, especially since Katrina. Kristen has filmed a few pics here. We're pretty respectful of privacy. Glad you had a good time!

Kristen apparently will be down here for Jazzfest - our version of Coachella. Last weekend of April and first weekend of May. Eric Clapton and Bruce Springsteen are a couple of the headliners. I'm a Clapton freak, so I am going to see him for the umpteenth time.

Sorry to get off on a local info tangent.

It's the weekend folks, Chillax and Enjoy! I will be down in the French Quarter enjoying Mardi Gras. Stay awesome people!!!!!

Tempest said...

Let's make something clear here, i know some people are throwing names around but stop, please for the love of stop!

I don't know what happened to HKN last night sorry you had to go on the defence it's not nice when the finger of suspicion is pointed at you and i hope you have been able to sort things out. I never have mentioned any blogs i refer to the blogs in general and not all Rob blogs are bad and not all Rob blogs are good - same with Kristen blogs out there.

I put up a twitlonger and if anyone has the link they can if they want post it in here but it was outlining in my opinion cyber bullying and it's need to be stopped. Hurling abuse at one and other is not going to achieve anything and we lower our standards each time we throw/cast stones at one and other - so please, take a moment before you comment to posting something that you may regret saying in a moment of anger.

felicity said...

i see we had visitors. well, to hide rude remarks as sarcasm is a very well known pratice nowadays.. but enough of that. this person might have never made negative remarks on her blog about others, but on other blogs.. and on twitter.. that's a different story.

not going to discuss this any further. it is pointless and will lead nowhere.

take care havenettes

intothesun74 said...

Hi dear Havenettes, Verni, I feel and understand your position, you wanted to share an experience and was mocked for simply being primarily associated with this blog.

I have been in this fandom for a long time, since 2009 and I see how people who have different beliefs are treated. Not nonnies, but fans, especially after 2012 are treated.

Let's be honest we now have self confessed 'RK Fans' who think like nonnies (they hate Kristen) but will assume passive aggressive disclaimers when challenged. There are those who are self appointed 'fandom royalty' who think their opinions should sit as blanket guidelines on who to associate with, follow online and so forth, pure arrogance - only they can joke about TGC's (if they still believe)and set the rules on what to discuss concerning Rob and Kristen - if they talk personal issues it's fine, HKN and others - invasive you see the pattern?
Self righteous drama queens who like to offer set downs but rail in indignation if they are held accountable for their words.

Tracy, your reaction to this hypocrisy I feel so well, you had to let it out.

these individuals do not play fair, they have fandom credentials and backing so they can twist the situation back towards HKN in a negative light, do not let them do this. What they are trying to do is to get the fandom to ostracize HKN, this is why they have decided to step into this arena so they can instigate fights, please don't engage them. You speak truths and we stand by you but refuse to get caught up with them any further. They start fandom brawls and then stand behind so called good names and intentions, it's a crafty but transparent attack. Do not engage them, this is just my humble opinion.

sue morris said...

Vern, Tracey, HKN, I am seriously amazed that Rose would attempt to deny any involvement when there is written proof she is and has been encouraging insulting lies in private at the BARNYARD. Denials are just attempts to cover more lies about HKN or anyone else she can blame but herself. Skirting the real facts do not change them. Too many posters have been insulted at RPI. And, they won't return there because of cyber bullying. And I am just plain disgusted with the traffic from them. It is just time for RPI to just go away and stop using people to bully. Enough already.

intothesun74 said...

To be clear when I say do not engage it is not to suggest to cower in fear before these people but to ignore them. Many in the fandom will hear about this exchange on HKN but not what started it. A cowardly attack by individuals who find diverse opinions to be intolerable. What is ironic this what divided the fandom between nonnies/nonberts and shippers - intolerance towards RK, it is sad that we have devolved into a cult of mean girls who seek only to humiliate the different.

Tempest said...

@Sue and Intothesun;
I completely understand both your point of views, even Tracey's because deep down, emotions and actual people in general have been hurt. Abuse has been thrown and mockery has been issued and laughed at (including myself) i too have been singled out and laughed at by those who freely post where they want without a care, because it's their right to express their opinion.

I won't stoop that low, even though there have been people (i use that as a general collective) have posted in here and then carried tales back to the blog they favour the most. The bottom line, It's better to rise above such trivial hypocrisy, especially when some go crying, that they are a victim of bullying.

If you are the victim it's a dreadful place to be, if you are the one behind a lot of the abuse and then feel you are being targeted, you are a victim of your own abuse when people respond to your attacks.

Don't mock people, don't visit blogs you disagree with and don't then single them out on another blog, believing that it won't be seen. As i have said; once you commit yourself to hitting the send button, you commit yourself to whatever response it evokes.

intothesun74 said...

Tempest, I have always admired DIDY and appreciate the intelligence and well being that permeates your blog. I love it there even though i lurk, lol. I agree with you nothing can be gained by firing shots back and forth, it is relentless and frustrating. Better enjoy your online home from homes with like minded people and ignore the hubris and haters.

sue morris said...

INTOTHESUN74 I do agree with you. I believe this post of RPI has just lost many who would have stayed to read the post but now see that just sickens them at this point. Just too many have been insulted by the barnyard bullies. When posters hurl insults here or injure Rob and Kristen they are deleted. The scary nature of cyber bullies is that they enjoy hurting people. Their purpose is to run off any competition , almost a vendetta, and has been pointed out to me in five other blogs. I was appalled by the black and white lies. I also think it telling Rose posts late at night. It reminds me of my cousin Charles who peed on the floor and then pointed to it and said, "who did that?" Very much the same. I doubt if anyone wants to ENGAGE, my friend, they are not worth any further time spent as it would be just wasted effort.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone on Havenettes! Sorry I couldn't sleep. Tempest, great job on your comments. I am totally against bullies. So I am with you there Tempest.

intothesun74 said...

My dear Sue M, like I said before I have been around the fandom since 2009 and have been privy to the glorious highs and devastating lows but people seem to forget at our core we are all simply fans each no better or worse than each other. If we all remembered that, there would be no self righteous attacks, rants or complaints.

intothesun74 said...

Also Goodnight Arleen, I loves the personal pizza recipe

sue morris said...

INTOTHE SUN74 I know you are correct about not encouraging a fight but what to do when the fight comes to you? I believe the only way to confront a lie is to just do it. The point is this, many find it impossible to ignore damage done. I was badly injured but I continued to just be myself and Tempest was hurt along with all these others, but she doesn't take PRISIONERS nor does HKN. Basically, neither one wants any further shit and both have clout. I suppose you can hide a load of crap but it still smells to high heaven!

intothesun74 said...

Sue, the fight did come and was valiantly fought by these great ladies but in reality those unfriendly individuals are like terrorists, they assault and run away. They are not worth it, they are masters of the spin and are potentially creating an environment of hostility. We are better than them.A fight is want they want because they have greater access to fandom opinions and goodwill than those 'cooky havenettes' - crazy women (HAHA). Every exchange becomes an excuse to chastise HKN and the blog. Do not give them the satisfaction.

Barbara said...

Hello HKN ladies, this is an email I have sent to Vernier I am sure she will not mind me posting it here, I just wanted to let her know how much she is loved.xxxxx

Hello Vernier V007.

Just a quick line to say how special you are. your amazing account of your meeting with Kristen and how you described every little detail so well that we the fans felt like we had been there with you. thankyou for that.xx

So I was horrified to read about the treatment you received from the cyber troll bully block heads. How low to attack you after you took the time to drive to Nashville, after working all day in a very demanding job, and kept us enthralled with your report, you must have been knackered seeing as you had to be up at 4am the next morning. What a bunch of dunderheads they are.

You are an angel, a true Rob and Kristen Fan,and I only wish Kristen could have known how dedicated you are and what you did for the true fans. Thankyou adorable one, you are loved by so many of us.xxx p s, I should have posted this instead of sending it to you.love you V007,

sue morris said...

Tempest, thank you for the post, your thoughts are most appreciated. Thank you Barbara for posting the note to Vern, she will appreciate it. INTOTHESUN- thanks, I am sure HKN is very aware of cyber terrorists, perhaps just cyber chicken shit? I do not feel anyone feels self-righteous about a darn thing here. MOSTLY, everyone who has responded is just disgusted with very immature responses back like Ping-Pong balls, back and forth. As Tempest said, nothing is solved here, not really. Just words. I am not surprised by any of this as the hens eat their own shit.

intothesun74 said...

Sue, your welcome and please everyone call me Sunny ok? yes this is why I enjoy HKN and DIDY so much, no self righteous BS, just support and encouragement for RK and each other! Do not let bitter or cynical people steal your joy - this is the aim of trolls and naysayers, they want to create confusion, dissension and unhappiness - reject them at all costs.



sue morris said...

NOLA GIRL, it has been four years since my last trip to Nola. I will be sitting here feeling sorry for myself because I love the JAZZ FEST/MD/VISIT FAMILY. I hope you have a ball but remember not to carry cash in a purse! Hope the weather behaves! Here we are getting rain and snow starting Sat. I have to go to bed and watch some late night TV, trying to fight a Arthritic attack of RA. My Boxer Sugar, is up late giving her Mom lots of hugs and licks. Have a party Nola Girl.

felicity said...

@paloma... i needed to use the translator to read your post, but you are very welcomed her. take care

Vernier said...

Good morning ladies well I see I missed a lot last night. Barbara I loved your letter then and I love it still. I don't mind.
I am over all the drama. I said my piece and now I am moving on. I know what I have read and experienced now and in the past. HKN is a haven of peace from the RL and all this drama is hurting the good people here. Let's get back to the reasons we come here. Jealous people can be like gangrene. If you don't treat it at the beginning it can spread and you may end up losing in the end. Let them wallow in what they did. I know the truth and so do some of you here. One last address Rose. I never said you talked about me seeing Kristen it was other things that you have said in the past to me directly. When you jumped on the bandwagon to make others feel bad. I let that go then and I am letting it go now. Everyone please let's get back to what makes this site, DIDY and SRWN so great. Leaving the bickering and bullshit kicked to the curb. We are like family. We argue and at some point we forgive and let it go. The truth is out there now. Let's not beat a dead horse or pluck a live chicken if you will. I love you Havenettes. You are a great, protective group of loving women. I am sorry for all this drama. I know it wasn't just based on my attack. There were so many others who suffered at the words of others but we all are still standing and bullshit is just shit. Let's move on. Today is Saturday and it will be a beautiful day for us all.

Vernier said...

Welcome Paloma Here is a translation of what she said:
Thank you Paloma. You are so welcome here. Please join in as much as you like. The women here are awesome and will welcome you with open arms.... :o)
Gracias Paloma. Es usted tan bienvenidos aquí. Por favor, únase a tanto como usted desee. Las mujeres aquí son increíbles, y le dará la bienvenida con los brazos abiertos... :O)

Marion said...

I stopped going to Rose's blog the moment she insulted Tempest. I know she doesn't want us to fight her battles for her, but when she was attacked just for stating that she believes Kristen is pregnant, Rose and her brigade pounced on her. Nonnies would like to see us implode from within and I know my fellow Havenettes here won't give them the satisfaction. As Tempest said, there are some good and bad blogs even within RK supporters. We have to decide which ones we want to follow and hopefully not ones that spread as much hate as the hyena blogs.

Vernier said...

I posted this on DIDY:
Thank you Tempest. I agree completely. It's time to be over this. All has been said. We need to get back to our happy place and live our Net lives as drama free as possible. Our real lives give us enough of that. All you men and women here and on some others sites are over the top marvelous. Even on the not so nice sites there are good people so let's live and let them live in there isolated little world. Tempest is right. Time to turn the other cheek. And if your cheeks are the size of my butt cheeks they can take a lot of slapping lol lol JS...lol lol
Tempest you are awesome and I love your spirit!!!!!
HKN I love ya lady! You are soulful and I thank you from my heart........

Teresa Holmes said...

Mama nails hope this person s intentions are good. I will take with grain of salt. If true it only reinforce s what we already know.

Vernier said...

I was looking at the pics of Rob with the cows, It just makes you smile. You feel his happiness and his good soul. You know what he does is genuine. I love these pics. It reminds you how he sees Kristen, with nothing but open, honest all in love.
(Not comparing K to a cow but I do wish I was that cow right about now lol lol )

Annie said...

I have four words ......
I like it here. :):)

Vernier said...

Annie, me too........:-)

Annie said...

Vernier: A high five from across the miles. :)
How's your weather, we are at 28 degrees as I type this.

Jane said...



Now let's start over wipe the slate clean and enjoy our friendships!

Jane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tracybell said...

Goodmorning Havenettes

It was 78 and beeeeeutiful yesterday and this morning its yucky, foggy and cold, and tomrw night frezzing drizzle and snow? How does that happen? Lol

Sunny♡morning coffee♡sue m♡tempest
Thank you for your supportive words...its appreciated. I got it out at her blog and said my piece there, but she had to bring her crap here. Lets hope this is over, it is for me.

NOLA girl
After commenting about BD being filmed in NOLA I remembered WttR being filmed there also. I also remember rob and kristen rented a house while filming and were seen riding their bikes around lol. We also love the alabama coast. Have vaca'd there several times and always stop in and around Nola for the amazing food and atmosphere. You mentioned Katrina and one thing I noticed about people down there is that they are so appreciative of the vacation $$. All we saw were smiling faces, excellent food, service, beautiful beaches. We go back every year!

Morning Verni
What are ya going to do for the good today? Have fun whatever it is...

Morning Annie jane teresa marion...if I missed anyone sorry.

I agree...no more free advertising lol. How are you hun?

If you are truly a lurker and read comments then I have to call foul. If you just pop in and scan comments? Then I'll give you a pass because you dont know what your talking about.

Mama nails
Had fun last night and loved your blog post. oh and Agnes on your tumblr was to much...so spot on to how we feel.

Ok I'm out before this becomes a novel.

Morning Coffee said...

Good Morning to all My Beautiful Havenettes......

Such Drama....

I am going to share something with all of you, from a long time ago when I realized as a young wife and mother I was spending alot of time feeling sorry for myself and being very self centered at the time.

I had an epiphany of sorts one day while sitting with my Morning Coffee...it's when I do my best thinking and reflecting.

This is about being self centered and self absorbed.

Pardon My Sorrow

Pardon my sorrow
excuse these useless tears
that decorate my face
like the fallen leaves
of a willow tree
crying for tomorrow.

Pardon my bitterness
try to overlook my shattered dream
that are showing themselves
in frowns and grimaces.

Pardon my thoughtlessness
for in my own unhappy mind
I have failed to notice
the tears upon your face
and the dreams that have escaped
your outstretched hands.

I wish you all peace love and joy this day and everyday of your lives and thank you all for allowing me to be a part of knowing you and your friendship.

I love you all.

Tracybell said...

Nola girl
One more thing...how do you know that Kristen will be there for Jazzfest? Is she part of it somehow? Also is The Black Keyes on the bill this year?

Oh and if you're not reading "Rest My Soul" by MrsSpaceCowboy you really should be. Absolutely no excuse not to. Its EPOV, it's NOLA, he's been dealt a shitty hand in bad divorce, Bella is sweet, both are tatted up and hot, but oh the story is so good. Go read it lol.

Tracybell said...

Morning coffee
Same to you. Hope your day is peaceful♡

felicity said...

@tracy.. thanks for asking, i am good. still dealing with my sorrow about my MIL. i wished i could help her in any way. i feel like i need to kick some docs.. and hard. smh. this health system sucks big time

Tracybell said...

I am sorry to hear that honey. Sometimes we get caught up in the everyday mundane and need to remember we are all people with a real life and sometimes real problems. I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. Hope your day gets better.

Tracybell said...

I'm gonna have to politely disagree with your description of the Haven. If you truly believe this:

"Each blog think they are the good guys and the other blog/posters where the problem lies. That is way too simplistic and doesn't reflect what is going on at all. "Holier than thou" attitudes on both sides is what causes the dramas."

Then yes you probably should stay in lurking mode because I think most here would disagree with your description of hkn and the Havenettes.

But I wish you peace and a happy life :)

I wont be pulled into "that" again...promise!

On another note...
Im watching "Chef's Life" a new series on Oeta. It follows a southern chef in nyc who visits real life people and how they cook things in the south and then she translates that to her restaurant in nyc. Its really good. Love the lady who is the chef. Really sweet voice. I wonder if Kristen watches it? Lol today she visited a lady who canned tomatoes southern style. She added sugar! If you get public tv in your area check it out!

RK Faith said...

felicity - hope your day get better.. big hug

Annie said...

Tracybell: I know you can do it. .) I know you can, can......Yes you can! :)
Waiting in line for a Shake Shack burger.:)....Anyone ever had one?

RK Faith said...

This day (US Friday-Saturday) here has been crazy!
I hope things calm down and everyone enjoys their weekend.

From her IG, I think Lindsey Byrnes K's photographer friend (www.lindseybyrnes.com/celebrity) is in NYC, maybe with her..
and Anna Wood, Dane's wife, is in NYC too, like last weekend.

Tracybell said...

Lol you're to funny and thanks! Unfortunately we dont have Shake Shack here in oklahoma, or at least not that I know of lol. We do have 5 Guys Burger & Fries hahaha. Let me see....I have 5 Guys, Kristen has the Shake Shack and Rob has In-n-out....what do you have?

Annie said...

OMG.....Too many to list. NYC is a food lovers wet dream. :)

Tracybell said...

Oops meant to say annie has shake shack lol and what do guys have lol...

Annie said...

Does Still Alice start filming tomorrow or was it today?

Vernier said...

Out and about all day. For the good of all got my hair done so I won't scare folks.....lol lol chat at Ya when I park it at home. Keep it cool and upbeat!!!!

Tracybell said...

You bet Verni...get yourself Vernified today and have fun...

felicity said...

@annie: still alice will start on march 3rd.

to all of you, my day is almost over, only 16 min. to go and then it is sunday.. perks of being in a different time zone.. and the bad thing about that too.

the oscars are on at 2 a.m. monday morning here, not that i will watch it, i have no reason to do that, since it is highly doubtful that k will be there this year

Annie said...

Felicity: Thanks. :)
Still debating whether I'll watch the Oscars.

Tracybell said...

Nite nite felicity...

felicity said...

no snuggle time for r/k this weekend, as it seems, there are new pics of him on set of LIFE at rpl

@tracy.. lol.. just because sunday is here, doesn't mean i am going to bed. i still have three loads of laundry to run.

Elizbeth said...

Meh. This is what I get for taking a break from R/K blogs. The drama! I missed out but no worries as the ladies here look out or each other. Well done, well done.

This place and DIDY never make you feel like the new girl in high school trying to fit in and no matter what you do or say, you are bullied into a corner. Fortunately this is not high school so you can step up to the bullies and the principal too. Bullying on any platform is unacceptable. Kristen Stewart talked about the girls in her school who were so mean to her and most of them never even interacted with her. Sad that people who claim to love/admire her are doing the very thing she hated about school....BULLIES!!

HKN, than you for all that you are and all that you do.

Vernie my old friend, bravo sis, bravo. You have a heart of gold. Sorry some people are too blind with hate to see it.

Tracybell, thanks for having Vernie's back always. Sending you a hug.

Tempest, thanks for your sound advice, a big thank you.

And to all the ladies here at HKN, thank you and keep up the support and love you bring here everyday.

Tracybell said...

What sweet words from a sweet lady. I miss your comments. I remember your story about the closet twilight fan repairman? I wish you would post it here. It was hilarious!

Tracybell said...

I remember those days lol. Your children must be young to have that much laundry that has to get done lol. Put twilight or BD2 in the dvd player while you fold ;)

felicity said...

@tracy.. no, my kids are not so young anymore. my daughter is 19 and my son is 15. but i was not at home all the time, so i need to take care of that.

and.. lionsgate/scummit aquired the distributional rights for american ultra for 7 mio dollars. universal did not get the deal.. i am not sure if i should be happy about that. some huge heads of scummit are working for lionsgate now.. sigh

Elizbeth said...

@Tracey, you still remember that story? lol! I wrote that like a million years ago on RD?

It is a good year thus far for R/K. Great things all around for these two.

It makes me smile when love prevails.

I miss you guys :)

Vernier said...

Hey Elizabeth.... :o) We have missed you..... Good to see you friend>.......

Tracybell said...

Hell yes I remember. You have a way of telling stories that are very memorable.

Oh my gawd snl is freakin hilarious. Jim parsons is peter pan and tinkerbell is gone but her sister tonkerbell is. She's uh kinda chunky and loud lol

Tracybell said...

Yes it will be an excellent year for rk. So excited to see the rover. And kristens camp xray. If they plays in okc im going to host a "come see rob in the rover" party. And "lets watch Kristen in camp xray" party. We'll have to wait and see though lol

sue morris said...

DEAR LADIES, I have been running around like a chicken about to hatch an egg, as we are doing freezing rain, sleet, and just for good measure, snow. So, off to the gas and grocery, and washing for 3 hours and cooking ahead, because the electricity might go off for a day. Temp is naturally going down into the teens and I am really pooped this day! Watched the INDE awards and 12 years a slave was best movie and MATTHEW MCCONNEHY won best actor, for DALLAS BUYERS CLUB. I WAS PLEASED ABOUT BOTH. I am looking to see some special awards for K and R next year, and hopefully both are doing great. It is really nice to see so many people respond and be so supportive of Vern and Tracey. I love you ladies and am just amazed at the positive posts. Have a great Sunday and stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth, Felicity, Vernier, RK Faith, RKlove, Morning Coffee, Mama Nails, Jane, Tempest, NOLA girl, HKN, and the rest of the Havenettes! I am going to bed now. I love your comments. Great job! Well, I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. Night all! Hugs to you all!

NOLA girl said...

Greetings Havenettes!
sue morris - so sorry your RA is acting up. Let Sugar give you lots of TLC. The pollen is so bad here, I have been trying to beat back a migraine all day. It was shorts and t-shirts in the Quarter. Beautiful weather for Mardi Gras!

felicity - as I'm writing this, I'm on my second load of laundry since we got home. There's only 2 of us, but I swear little gremlins come in while we're sleeping and mess up our clothes and towels! I am sorry to hear about your MIL.

Tracybell - Kristen will probably be down here filming AU while Jazzfest is going on. I can't remember all the big artists, but you can find out@lineup.nojazzfest.com
Thanks for visiting the Gulf Coast! Your tourist $ are appreciated greatly!

Morning Coffee - your poem is lovely and so true. I think a lot of us are around the age where we are caring for or lost parents and dealing with our own health issues, and empty nests. Lots of heartache and heartbreak, but maybe that's why some of us come here. A break from our reality to follow a real-life fairy tale.

Maybe Rob's work is wrapping up in Canada, but then he goes to LA right? Kristen and the baby will still be in NYC :(. Glad the pappas are leaving her alone! Would love to see how the baby is growing.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Welcome Sunny, Paloma, and the other new folks!!!! Love to you all :)

NOLA girl said...

Jan and Elizbeth - so good to hear from you!

Teresa Holmes said...

Good morning havenettes hoping to hear some good robsten news today. Still think its strange that we got no pics of k in the city yet. Wondering if she there.

Teresa Holmes said...

I believe k is in Toronto. Still alice doesn't start till Monday. K role is supporting. She don't have to be there that early. When rob went back to Toronto after their weekend in nyc, I think k went with him. Now today she mAYBE going back to nyc because filming about to start. K has been in nyc a lot of times and we have always gotten a pic. No pics like she no there. I dont see paps suddenly gaining a conscious and leaving her. Alone.

RK Faith said...

Teresa - I agree with what you wrote.
Lindsey Byrnes just arrived Friday to NYC and she's been with K on shoots before and probably has her own stuff to do in the city as well..

Tracybell said...

Nola girl
Thanks for the jazz fest info. Been tryin to catch black keys in concert for awhile and they have played there several times. Now if they just get their asses back in the u.s. lol

Morning Havenettes

Sue m
We have thunderice this morning lol. 16 deg and getting worse...yuck. oh well lazy day watching pbs fundraising lol.

Teresa...I dont know where kristen is but whereever she is I know that rob knows right where she is lol.

Have a good day and if you have sun and 70 deg I hate you lol jk

Mama Nails said...

Tracy... I'm sorry to hear that you hate me. Very disappointed:(.

Sorry...my weathers better than yours is...*she sings!*. Lol

Good afternoon Havenettes! I agree wherever Kristen is/has been Rob is fully aware and they are in touch daily.

Later ladies!

Tina Wotherspoon said...

Evening Havenettes hope you are all well and having a great weekend except for the weather,loving all your comments also agree wherever Kristen is Rob knows exactly and she is safe and surrounded by her friends and family even though im glad they are MIA i still miss pictures of them both as many others i should think, hugs to you all take care

RK Faith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RK Faith said...

There are 2 K sightings in Soho right now on twitter. Who knows if they're true..

Teresa Holmes said...

I have never been this sick of sighting. Every one is acting as if cameras were never invented.

Tracybell said...

I'll laugh whenya get a hurricane lol. Ooops guess you could laugh at our tornadoes soooo guess we better not laugh? Lol

Are you doin a blog post today?

Lol its getting a little frustrating isn't it? Its almost like Ruth is sitting there making up twitter names and posting shit to throw us off lol.

Ok I guess I need a fucking decoder ring to figure out these word verifs. 5th time...

Morning Coffee said...

Evening Havenettes...
beautiful day here today sunny and high near 80. wish I could bottle it and to send it to those of you with winter weather.

Had lovely day with kids and grandkids, Love them to pieces. Time goes by way too fast my youngest grandchild will be 17 in june.

Maybe I'll live long enough towelcome some great grands to the world someday.

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the evening. I am going to put on a good movie and the heck with the oscars.

Probably BD1/BD2 that or on the road.

sue morris said...

NOLA GIRL- I think Kristen and Rob will attempt to be close right now, no matter what. I have a very sweet Sugar Lump who just was not wanting food this morning. I tried all her favorites and about gave up, and FINALLY, jackpot! She ate a whole can of cooked chicken from WALMART. She really loved it and it was cheap! TRACEY BELLE, what is this stuff outside? Jackie called and said "Mom, those are hailstones and bigger. We are having thunder-snow and other stuff too. Talk about a variety of ice! Vern, I hope you are home with your feet up, just relaxing. I don't know your schedule, but I can remember two years ago working 80 hour weeks, getting very sick because I could not sleep at home well and ended up in ER with the doc telling me my kidneys were shutting down. Please get enough rest! Any job with responsibility takes a lot out of you. My friends in PA and NY tell me the heavy snow has not hit yet, but it's coming. Something about 10 to 12 inches on the way there. My sister in law in Memphis is resting but I think ice and snow are coming there too, If I were Kristen, I would hunker down, stay warm and be calm, in Canada. I am watching PROMETHEUS, and it is rather slow moving but also weird. The INDI awards were cool with 12 years a slave getting best feature film and Matthew MCCONNEHY getting best actor. I only saw parts of it but they are reshowing it today. Brad Pitt was a producer and he was a happy camper.(12 years). Going to crawl in under the electric blanket to nap, it is in the teens and it is just freezing out there!

alexa maria said...

hello girls, came to wish a happy holiday Carnival for you good week,
kisses to all. :)

felicity said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
felicity said...

okay.. since kate bosworth tweeted, that they will start to film still alice tomorrow, it is not too far off to think that k is really in nyc. if we have a pic or not.

and i highly doubt that k will go to the pfw for just one show of chanel if they are filming! too much hustle just for that. imho

take care people and stay warm

Jane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tracybell said...

Omg olivia wilde is on the oscars and if she didnt turn to the side you wouldnt know she's pregnant lol. I looked it up and she said her due date is may 4th lol. Although I guarantee thats not her real due date. I bet she's way further along than that. What star would reveal to the world her real due date?

Who's watching the oscar pre show?

Jane said...

Hi Tracy,

I'm taping the Oscars. That way I can fast forward commercials and things I'm not interested in.

Tracybell said...

Lol pretty smart

Tracybell said...

Guess what?
John stewart was listed as 1st stage manager on oscar pre show! Gotta be kristens dad right?

Mama Nails said...

Tracy... Yeah no laughing!

As fir posting I decided not to compete against the oscars. I too am recording. I've been watching too mant years and there is too much that is just boring as hell...ie... Speeches by ppl I don't care about! Lol

I know bad Mama... But I can't help it!!!

Jane said...

I went to the dollar movie yesterday and saw Nebraska. I don't think the younger generation will appreciate as much as the older generation. Which is why I loved it!! I love Bruce Dern!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mama Nails, HKN, Felicity, Nola Girl, Morning Coffee, sue morris, RKlove, RK Faith, Vernier, Jane, and the rest of Havenettes! I love all your comments. Great job. I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. I have a job interview tomorrow. Night and hugs to you all!

Sanni K. said...

good morning all Havenettes!
Hope everyone had a nice weekend. It was again a pleasure to read your comments.Great that it has made Kristen to be Mia and the days long.
Have a nice day and a great carnival days.

sue morris said...

HI to everyone here at HKN, it is very cold here Tracey! I really was happy about the wins at the Oscars. Matthew M. made a super speech, and 10 years a slave did well. With 10 to 12 inches of snow due in NY and PA I am thinking, any filming would have to be inside and who knows where Rob and Kristen really are? I would be in LA, weather is better but that is just me.


Gracias por esta grata bienvenida A todas, da gusto poder hablar en un sitio donde se respeta la opinión de los demás aunque no se esté de acuerdo. Pienso que ante todo hay que tener educación, tanto A la hora de hablar como A la de contestar. He estado tiempo en otro blog que se hace llamar LA SAGA ROBSTEN, aunque para mi son un fraude, porque más que informar, desinformar y mienten A la gente, allí no se podía dialogar y te tachaban de loca, solo por creer en que ROB Y KRIS eran, son y serán pareja. Buenos días :) :)

Annie said...

NYC got nothing in terms of snow accumulation but it is bitterly cold out this morning.

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all the Havenettes! Hi everyone! I am up and getting ready for my job interview. Keep me posted. You all are doing great. Later.

Tracybell said...

To all you german austrian and swiss fans looks like clouds of sils maria is coming your way in December! Saw it on RD

Morning havenettes

Sue m
We got 1 inch of ice and a little snow. -10 with wind chill. I want my normal oklahoma back. Glaf jared l and Matthew m won. And lupita n was so cute. Also brad pitt and angie looked teally good and he was so honestly surprised.

Vernier said...

It's cold as a polar bears ass here in Tennessee. We got freezing rain/ice and snow. Sucks to be in Tennessee right now......

Vernier said...

Hey Tracy.... I'm at work.... the jail never closes.... Oh well everyone have a great day....
Keep warm Havenettes!!!!!

Tracybell said...

Hey verni
Sounds like we're in same boat weather wise. Sucks to be in oklahoma to lol.

Hey mama
Loved your take on the oscar tweet selfie lol. Looks like someone was getting a little elbow action lol.

Have a good day you too...be good and stay out of trouble :)

Vernier said...

Trace you know we can't stay outta trouble. We to mannish to behave!! lol lol
Hey Mama nails thank you friend...
I love you ladies stay rugged up like a carpet factory!!!!!

sue said...

WTF is going on?
I've been without internet&phone for a week now due to a severe short circuit. I only managed a few minutes in work last Wednesday and saw @Vernier's name mentioned but didn't get the chance to read it all. So can someone inform me what the hell is going on? Are the bitches out there jealous of you?
I see RPI mentioned. I used to love that blog, Robstenation and RPI were the first I followed 4 yrs ago. It has changed immensely, it has become a board ruled by a few who come close to being bullies and who rather enjoy it too. Their attitude of supremacy I find rather nauseating.
The way they were attacking our @Sue Morris a while back, I thought was very nasty and the saddest and most disappointing fact I thought was Rose joining in with them. That was the end for me.
I thought we were all in this together but apparently not.
I find it rather sad, all this useless aggression and hate among us girls and for what really?

Morning Coffee said...

Morning Havenettes...Tracybell, Verni, PookieTennyson, Sue M. Arleen,Felicity, Nolagirl, MamaNails, HKN...and all the other Havenettes.

It has been an unusually harsh winter for most of you this year and I truly wish I could share some of the warmer temps we have had the last couple of days, but I can't.

I do however wish for all of you a happy and healthy day filled with all the things in life you enjoy the most.

I will BBL this evening...lots of work to do.

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