Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Something To Talk About



Let's give them something to talk about
A little mystery to figure out
Let's give them something to talk about
How about love, love, love, love?

Let's give them something to talk about
Let's give them something to talk about
Let's give them something to talk about
How about love, love, love, love?

Rob and Kristen.  They gave us plenty to talk about the last few days.

First up was sightings of Kristen in Atlanta and Pittsburgh. The dipshidiots were ringing their hands with worry that she was flying to Toronto.

Atlanta it is.

So this guy was asked not to take a picture but took one anyway. Some people can not comprehend the word NO. I want to be left the fu*k alone.

She was headed to Nashville to direct a music video for her friend Sage. 
Thanks to one of our ladies Vern! Who was able to actually go see Kristen! and gave us the scoop!

Did she purposely give us a hint with that sign in the background? It needs a red circle for clarification!

We need a red circle around her belly for those who are blind .

 Something tells me they still can't take the hint .

I rest my case.

Now a so called fan called Kristen rude.

Bridget Truchon ‏@Bridgietruch  14h
But Kristen Stewart is a horrible person, like you're a horrible actress you don't have a right to be that rude

  So she was trying to enjoy herself and didn't want to be bothered  This was being rude? Remember what happened when Rob didn't want to be bothered?  A pic was taken anyway and then sent to TMZ complete with fan fiction story of how upset he looked. And you wonder why they say NO?

Psychos like this explain why they say NO.

 Alright ladies rev up your engines and grab a glass of wine! You know what's coming right?

Rob as Dennis Stock in Life.

That look says "damn the paps are here !"

This look from Dean says "Go ahead make my day!"

The dipshidiots will make the woman in this pic Rob's new mystery girlfriend in 3,2,1....

Before the moral police get up in arms...

Yes Dennis Stock smoked.

Dane Dehaan as James Dean. Looking good!

There are few things that need clarified.

1. No ones Auntie is designing a kitchen for Rob. Kristen once said the best thing Rob did in the kitchen was open a can of beer. (I can think of a few other things but let's just keep this pg. : p)

If  hes getting a kitchen designed you can bet it's for his girlfriend who loves to cook. Her name is Kristen.

2. Neither Rob or Kristen have any kind of social media account. Nada. Nothing. No twitter, No instagram (no jimmy or whatever it is is not Kristen). And No Kristen wouldn't be telling some fan on ASK or anywhere else on social media whether she is pregnant or not. 

New /old pic of Kristen and Rob in Paris March 2012. Only took it two years to surface. Makes you wonder what else is out there that hasn't surfaced. 

And I leave you with this just because it's so stinkin cute!


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RK Faith said...

HKN always love your posts!
Can't wait to Sage's video.
I'm off to bed after a great day -good night dear ladies!!

Anonymous said...

Well, Kristen DOES have an instagram account. That's a fact. And it IS the Jimmy one. You don't need to hear it from her mouth to figure it out. It's plain obvious.

Maybe it isn't that convenient for your theory but that's the truth. So, stop telling other people that she doesn't have an account like it's a fact and you know it best. Who are you to say these things as you were Kristen herself? "No twitter, No instagram (no jimmy or whatever it is is not Kristen)." <-- Seriously?

Tracybell said...

Omg best post ever. You have the best blog with the best followers ever I swear. .that giF it the end of Rob and Kristen laughing? cutest and sweetest and most adorable gif ever...period.

Vernier said...

Awesome Awesome Fucking Awesome!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Himbery you don't know it because it's LOCKED RK both have said they would have ANY social media because they don't like it. Fans ASSumed it was hers. But newsflaah their friends know each other so just because their friends follow the account doesn't make it Kristen's. HKN would know better than you would

Mom Trap said...

Awwwww when you said grab a glass of wine I thought you were going to give us a cousin update:(

Tracybell said...

Who are you? Do you know thats Kristen's acct for positive? If you do? Then ur a shitty friend of kristens for coming on here and telling the world lol. I'd dump your ass if you were my friend lol.

Jane said...

Love it!!!! Keep doing what you do. You do it so well.

Hatersknownothing said...


Take a chill pill!If you have proof that jimmy is Kristen's account by all means show me and I'll correct myself. If her account is locked how would you know anyway? I don't remember jimmy saying anything so earth shattering where her personal life is concerned. But you keep dreaming that she will give you a clue on instagram.

Lady Fallow said...

Well HKN, nailed another one.

Always on time and succinct. Liking the fact that you don't want to waste anybody's time, you just want to set things straight and the truth doesn't take a lot of words so thank you for that.

Sage...? Wasn't she Ikki's friend as well? Clearly it's a small circle where everyone knows everyone but I was surprised that Kristen is the one directing the music video seeing that Ms Reed introduced her to Kristen and Rob whilst filming in 'Couve. Didn't Ms Reed also film one of Jackson's music video?

I guess Kristen has more clout.

Now I understand why someone posted a picture of Sage, Ms Reed and Robert back in the day (you know, the one where Ms Reed's hand is on Rob's thigh)...just to stir the pot eh?

Well, I say the one stirring the pot should lick the spoon ;)

BTW one of my niece's looked a little smaller than Kristen when she was seven months pregnant...js

Tracybell said...

Verni...mama...jane...anybody? Can we discuss a few things?

1. Robs glorious hair and eyebrows

2. Deans glorious fauhawk
3. Deans shitty shoes
4. Deans weight loss
5. Deans bald spot
6. Deans smirk

Anybody have an opinion? Because I do...lol

Tracybell said...

Lady fallow
Hello...the funny thing about that pic? Her hand wasn't on his thigh at all...ever...I'm sure nikki doesn't appreciate being brought into this after all this time. She learned to keep her mouth shut and stay out of it. And as far as who is still friends with who? Well the fact that kristen is directing Sage's video and ms. Reed is.......? Well we know who the real friend was.

Mama Nails said...

My dear HKN spot on as usual! Great job! Though I have to agree when you said to break out the wine I thought a cousin upddate was coming;). Lol

Tracy.... Omfg I think Rob is adorable but there is something about him in this role... The hair, the eyebrows... The period clothing! *fanning myself, as I apologize to Kristen for objectifying her man*

Dean is a pretty good looking guy. I like that he's tall!! I like tall burley men! Anyone know if he's single LOL *she asks somewhat tongue and cheek!*.

Shamrocker said...

I wasn't even going to say anything, but I can't help myself lol
Kristen herself talked about her instagram when doing sundance press.
Its locked, her avi is a picture taken from nicolas g's apartment in paris, her make up and hair people, plus her friends (including jess and britney coy) and many of rob's friends all follow that acct and she follows them back.
Plus, some have slipped and included her in group pix and tagged that insta name, which clearly didn't belong to anyone else in the picture.
Add all that up and I'd say its 99.9999% certain that kristen is jimmy.
Its not a coincidence.
And there is a lot more evidence off that being her instagram acct than there is for a variety of other things people believe or hold to be true.

I admire hkn for always sticking to her guns, regardless of what the haters and crazies say. But I gotta say, hkn, you are wrong on this. That's kristen's account.

Tracybell said...

Mama nails
I always thought dean never got enough love. No one even knows his last name becuz I've looked lol. Someone had a tumblr a few years ago. It was texts and emails betwn rob and dean and it was fucking hilarious. He doesnt wear a wedding ring...again I've looked lol. Im telling ya...he's HBG2 lol.

You know, with all our expert private investigatin skills you'd think we could find his ass lol.

But, you know the man makes some money, so he should be able to buy some decent shoes lol. Unless he spent it all on his haircut ;)

Tracybell said...

Oh and mamma?
If we had to apologize to Kristen for every time we objectified her man? We wouldnt have any skin left on our knees lol.

Hatersknownothing said...

I am going with what I've been told. Anyone can make up a fake inastagram account and put pics on it. A lot of her firends have unlocked accounts so any troll can follow them. Until I have proof otherwise.(and no her telling some entertainment jouranalist isn't proof lol.) If it is locked how the hell do you people know anyway. Stalking her friends instagrams?

Vernier said...

Vernier account of her Amazing experience watching Kristen Stewart’s directorial debut at High Watt in Nashville TN

I arrived at the venue at 6:30 pm. All was quiet. I went inside to see what time you could go in. The guy at the door said 8pm. I decide then and there I would wait. I didn’t want to leave. I sit on the hood of my car and watched.
I had been there about twenty minutes when a food delivery car from Chappy’s in Murfreesboro Tn. Pulled up to deliver food.
At this point I saw CJ and who I thought was Suzie at the door to meet them. I wasn’t sure about Suzie at first till they came back. I started to get closer when I saw Kristen dart across the door behind them. They were still all inside I was in the parking lot, second row, and perfect vision to the entrance. They all headed toward the back. There was an outdoor balcony with a Tent up on the second floor. I saw CJ and Suzy go in there. There were other people floating in and out of there. I didn’t see K but I thought I heard her laugh. Couldn’t be sure but since they were eating it possibly could have been her.
I stood out by the steps and watched as all the different bands arrived. All were super nice and said hello as they past. People started arriving around 7:30 and waiting out front. About five minutes till eight the guy at the door came out and said they were running a little behind because they were setting the lights for the video. There were about twenty five people there then. I’m still the oldest one. By some years… lol lol
He open the door and allowed us in. I was the first to head up. I past Suzie who was at the bottom of the steps we had to go up to the venue. She was on the phone. She is a really pretty girl. She is also a little taller than I thought. She is slim but not skinny. She has beautiful eyes but you could tell she was very cautious and watched everyone with interest.
I went on up the steps and into the bar area. This is where I first saw CJ and one of K’s other friends. I was standing near the bar. He kept watching me. Remember I was the first inside. Older black lady (out of what they thought was her element) lol lol.
K was on stage kinda behind the scenes at this time. She would pop out for a sec and back in.

Vernier said...

Tracy Yes we can!!! lol lol Go head gurl!!!! Did you get my email with my address?

Jane said...


Have you posted your photos yet? If so, which ones were yours?


Dean is HOT!!! but HBG is HOTTER!! Just my opinion. lol

Shamrocker said...

Yep, I did stalk her friends and associates instagrams.
When people first started talking about jimmy being kris, I didn't believe it.
So I took it upon myself to investigate further and see for myself rather than just believe someone else on if it was or wasn't her.

Jimmy doesn't just follow these accts, they all follow her back and talk to her. They tag her, mention her, respond to her comments.
So its clearly someone they all know.
I find it hard to believe that there is another person, besides kristen, that would have an avi pic taken from nicolas g's apartment and who knows all of rob friends, kristen's friends and kristen's family as well as kristen's hair and makeup team around the world.
To me, its glaringly obvious that it is kristen.
Add to the fact that kristen herself talked about it and why wouldn't it be?
Its not like its public and she is interacting with fans or people she doesn't know.

Mama Nails said...

Tracy have I mentioned that I love you??? Lol

Soooo.... Did you all see this?!
Max Landis @Uptomyknees
American Ultra Is shooting In April.
*imagine me squealing and clapping like a seal*

Soooo according to max AU will start in April. Who thinks this is really gonna happen???

Here's what I gotta say and I'll be posting later... IF this is true 1st he didn't say WHEN in April. April 30th is still April lol!!!

So again IF that's the case then I'm going to my original guesstimation of her delivery mid-late march! With the way Verni describing our girl as a great ball of energy it won't take her anytime to be in shape to start filming!!!

So my two cents for you all!!! You get the news first!

And Tracy though HGB is hot I gotta say I kinda fancy dean!! Maybe we should co-own a blog about him and give him props! LOL (wish I had the time:( )

Hatersknownothing said...


Beleive if you want. I have a hard time believing someone who is extremely private and who is known to detest social media and avoided it like the plaque is suddenly going to post on instagram.

Mama Nails said...

Hey Jane... Are you my anon jane???

I think both HBG and Dean are hot in their own ways! Lol

Vernier said...

Vernier account of her Amazing experience watching Kristen Stewart’s directorial debut at High Watt in Nashville TN continued.........

They were trying to get a shot a certain way. When they hit the nail on the head she came out smiling and shouted yes and laughed. That smile lite up the room. She is stunning. She clapped and patted the guys on the back. Others were trickling in and she went back behind the wall.
I was still by the bar. Not drinking yet but still by the bar. Lol lol I look over and CJ and Suzie are watching me. The out of place lady lol lol. I smile at them both and they smile back. You could still see the apprehension in their eyes for their friend. CJ has a very handsome profile. He was a bit smaller than I thought. Him and Suzie seem to get along awesome.
Kristen came from backstage to the bar and back she did this a few times. I was close enough to her as she passed. I did not try to talk to her or bother her. She was in her element working. She was standing about 8 feet from me with CJ and Suzy. They looked over at me and smiled. I smiled back. As K turned to walk back to the back stage a couple ask for a picture. She declined saying sorry but she was working. She smiled real sweetly and genuinely before she went on back stage.
I moved to the middle of the floor to get a better view. At this point is when she came out again and stood right by me. I nearly passed out but ladies I have you know I played it cool. Lol I was not trying to take a picture, speak, nothing. I was trying to stay standing. Now I love K but if it had been R I would have passed the fuck out… lol lol. Any who she went back up and back stage. She came out and did this three more times. She is a tiny little thing. Not as short as I thought but still tiny. I am 5’11 and she came to my chin maybe. Her jeans waist was high. They actually looked like a new pair of Jeans. Now when I first saw her up close, with the white shirt tucked a bit in the back but hanging out in the front I was like “We are all so wrong. She is tiny and I don’t see anything.



Tracybell said...

Its really awesome so far. You have nerves of steel woman. I would've acted like an idiot and got kicked out lol. Cant wait for your conclusion. Yes I got ur email and ill get it out tomrw.

Mamma nails
Hbg is like fantasy hot and dean is like realworld hot...you know hot for 50? Lol. Ill say it again but u using my song was hilarious. That song is about as ridiculous as the dumbass anon's question lol.

The eyebrows...
The makeup people used the same exact color on his brows that they used in his hair lol. Its to matchy matchy lol. Now dont get me wrong he looks hot and im sure its like how actresses have to be super skinny because film puts ten pounds on you? Well maybe film lightens your eyebrows? Maybe? No? Ok lol.

Vernier said...

I was ready to go to Vanderbilt and kick the doctor’s ass and everything. Lol lol
She was constantly walking leaned forward so her shirt hung loose with her arms hanging forward too. Then she relaxed into what she was doing and forgot. That’s when you could see a little rounded bump. Now standing near her I could see her black bra from the side. It is not a padded bra. Them there hooters are baby gurl’s own stewbies. Larger than they use to be in pics.
At one point she jump down off the stage which was about at the most two feet high. She was constantly moving. Dropping to a stoop to get out of the shot as she followed the camera around. Almost crawling across floor under the camera to stay out of the shot. She was awesome. It left you in total awe at how professional she was. She was always courteous to everyone around her and she does smile a lot. CJ was like her bodyguard when she was in the crowd. Him and the friend that looked like Alicia and Alana. Suzie helped out too. When she was directing on the floor is when I tried to ninja some pics. Now you know I was horrible at this but I did get something. She continually amazed me. Her skin is flawless except for the tat. She literally glows. She is a stunning girl who does not seem to know it. She was just down to earth doing her thing. At one point she and a couple of others were headed out. One of the assistants handed her her coat. She said “Oh thank you,” and made a precious little squish face from the heart. About five minutes later CJ and Suzie followed her out. At this point I knew I needed to leave. I had to be up at four to be at work by five. As I headed out I saw K, Suzy and CJ on the deck. Some of the other people were smoking. I did not see any of them smoking. K only drunk water all night. I never saw her with any alcohol. CJ and Suzy had some but not her. She was awesome and I think she was doing a wonderful job. She was not rude, stuck up or any of the bullshit any of the fools who thought she should stop working and pay them some attention. She smiled sweetly and declined like she hated having to decline. It was true from the heart. What the idiots should have done was stand back and watch her work. It was a sight to see. You know why R loves her so much and everyone enjoys working with her. She is just over the top awesome. Side note. She has a lot of nervous energy. Her foot is always shaking or tapping or her leg is wiggling. When she is discussing something and getting her idea out she shakes her hands a lot. She plays with her hair a lot too. It was so precious to see. Just a lot of nervous energy to get it done and get it right.

Tracybell said...

Ily...you are awesome. You should be a reporter!

Going running ill check yall later unless hubs makes it home.

Mama Nails said...

OMG Verni this is awesome!!!! Such a great account! You represented us well my dear!!!

So ladies I'm sitting in the parking lot at Walgreens posting this drinking a strawberry milkshake because at least here I have a bit of light.

For some reason my electricity is out and I just got word it's not expected to be fixed for another 45min. Lol

Oh well at least this time the weather is nicer, nice enough to enjoy a milkshake, and get out of the house!

Mama Nails said...

Verni! I got your pic it worked! Lol you got a robust butt shot. Teehee!

I'll post it along with your account as soon as my power is back on! Hopefully within the hour.

Hatersknownothing said...


great job! glad you got to see Kristen!

Litmom said...

Love your report, Vernier! So exciting!

Vernier said...

Thank all you ladies. At least I finally learned how to get pics off my phone lol lol
Now in conclusion me being in the same place as K has stood out in my mind all day. I am still star struck and awe struck at her beauty, her gentleness, and her dedication to her friends and craft. This is something I will take with me the rest of my life. In my humble opinion never believe what the hags, rags,trolls and nonnies say. She is none of that negativity. Also she is very clean, her hair was beautiful and clean people. So all you who say the bullshit we know better!!!!
My theme song for last night is Pharell's "If You're Happy" Cause by golly gosh I am!!!!!!!

rklove said...

@HKN Wonderful post!! Don't they both look gorgeous!! Both doing what they want, happy, successful and together.
@Vern. OMGGGGGGGGGGGG!! So proud of you girl being all ninja, taking pictures!!! So happy that you showed how true fans are supposed to be. Bet CJ and Suzie enjoyed having you there. One of Kristen's true fans!!

rklove said...

Forgot to say, that Kristen really is lucky to have such wonderful and protective friends.

@ Vern thank you for representing :)

Vernier said...

HKN it was awesome. It really was... It was worth being the old lady in the room. I stood back like a proud parent watching their child shine. She was amazing and I will never forget it. If I had been able to take a pic with her I would probably have fainted before they snap the pic or been grinning so much they would have thought I escaped from the looney bin and took off running from me. lol lol
I mean all the stuff other actors have said about her, the beautiful things R has said are more than true in my opinion. When you watch a person work and mingle for over two hours you see a lot. And what I saw was a very special person that justifies the protection we here give her and R every day 24/7/365!!!!

Eva Richterova said...

Vernier,wonderful experience. I envy!

andreana said...

Tracybell .... Dean was in the pictures with Rob? ....... huh , funny... I didn't notice.....lol and Vernier you are the luckiest woman on the earth tonight!!! Thank you for all you have shared with everyone .. I would love to get a look at her from afar ... Anyway you describe your experience so well I almost feel like I saw her to !!!!! HKN you da woman..... again...! Where do thebest girls on earth post ?. On hknshaven....BOOM!!

Jane said...


Thank you so much for going and reporting back to us. You are one awesome lady.

Euclid said...

217@Vernier - Thank you - I love the entertaining descriptions of your two hours as part extra, part undercover agent!!! You're an incredibly observant and astute reporter as well as a talented commentator, poet and, apparently, dancer - I think you've missed your true calling!

@HKN - Thank you for another fun and entertaining post.

Euclid said...

@Vernier - Just a PS - have no idea how that '217' crept in before your name in my last post - sorry about that!

Velma Jean said...

Vernie...I have enjoyed listening to your account.

I'm glad to hear she is just as her many costars and friends have described her.

I guess maybe Bruce Dern really did describe her best. Because from your account she really does seem to be "One of a Kind."

Thank you Vernie.

Morning Coffee said...

HKN...I came to check the comments and to see my sister warriors..and what a great surprise another post from you. Short , Sweet and to the point.

I sit and truly laugh my ass off at the hags, they know in their nasty guts there is no denying the fact that Kristen is pregnant.

There is no denying that her and Rob have been together for the last five years and have every intention of staying that way.

They are so enraged at this they are foaming at the mouth and have gone into overdrive trying to think of ways to deny what their own eyes tell them is the truth.

Vernier, spectacular job lady...so proud for you that you got to live a dream we all have had at one time or another. Your account of what you experienced was very informative and well thought out.

Tracybell and Mama Nails..HBG or Dean..I would be happy with either of the man mountains or both if they are inclined to share...JS
Yep, I'd be happy to climb either of those mountains.

BBl sista warriors...we fight for the good side.


Vernier said...

Ms. Jane you are welcome !!!
It is all to do with RKfaith. She told me about it and I had to go represent.
I sent my pics to Mama Nails. What few Ninja shots I got. You can see them there. I got a couple of short videos too. I mean really short cause I thought I was taking a pic. lol lol Really phone illiterate. I don't know how to post those. If you e-mail me I will send them to you by e-mail. lol lol vernistene@hotmail.com
Good to see you Litmon.
Thank you Andreana, Eva, Euclid and Velma Jean It was a really awesome experience.
rklove you would have loved it. I mean I can still see her doing her thing and being just Kristen not Kristen an A list movie star you know?

Barbara Fenwick said...

Great post hkn. It is so nice to have people in this fandom we can depend on. Kristen looks great.

Kristen has a right to a personal life without being bothered for pics. I wish people would realize this and leave her alone. These same people would not appreciate being bothered all the time by people they do not know.

Robert looks so handsome. I think this movie is going to be great.

Until next time.

Vernier said...

Hey Morning Coffee it was surreal. I am still floating. Next time we will all be there cause I am going to win the lottery tonight and we are all going to California and I will be flying you all there. That's when I win the lottery tonight lol lol

Phyllis said...

I am truly glad you didn't have to whip any papp ass last night! I was on stand-by to bail you out if that had happened. I truly wish that I had found out earlier yesterday about your plans. I would have LOVED to drive down and meet you for the big event. I am only about an hour from downtown Nashville. I am so glad you had such a great time!!!

Vernier said...

Oh and if I had seen this Truchon ‏@Bridgietruch fucktard and heard her make her nasty comment probably would have slapped her like a bugs bunny cartoon or three stooges show till her head bobbled. Just saying!!!!

Vernier said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vernier said...

Phyllis that would have been awesome. Glad to know you were waiting to have my back. You would have loved it. I'm sure she will be back to do more. I wonder if this had anything to do with her road trip into Nashville last year...

Lazmeister said...

Vernier thanks so much for the extended post! It has had me smiling all night and today! I'm so glad you got that experience and could tell us about it. Go Kristen, what a strong beautiful girl!
Loved living your night through your post!
Thanks HKN for another brilliant post as well!
Love Love Love

Mama Nails said...

Hello ladies,
Verni, I've gotten all your pic and your account and I put it all together in one post.

Here is the link so you all can see her pix....


Vernier said...

Lazmeister you are welcome it was awesome.... I hope everyone gets to experience it one day.

Mama Nails thank you. It is an honor being include with all you wonderful and brilliant women and men.... You all make me proud and constantly smile at how genuine you all are in protecting two young people who deserve all the good there is in the world....

Lazmeister said...

Thanks Vernier, I'll have to live it through you guys though. Being DownUnder is a bit far away to go and check somebody out!
One Day!

Jane said...


Considering your pictures were done on the sly I think you did a good job. And yes, you were really close to her. I am so jealous. Good picture of high waisted jeans! Only one reason for her to wear high wisted jeans. Wink , Wink!

rklove said...

Ladies, I am dying with all these hot pics of Rob. He is so gorgeous!!


Lucky, Lucky Kristen!!

Tracybell said...

Mamma nails
Thanks for posting vernis Kristen story. Im heading over there right after this. You do such an excellent job. Thanks woman!

Wow what a wild 24 hours huh? I think this is a turning point in this fandom. Between rae's poem and now your story and all the other pics we got of kristen...the haters have Nothing to stand on. Ily!

I love this blog and I love all you ladies.

Morning coffee/nNancy?
Omg the wild woman comes out lol.

Seriously we need to have our own convention. I know I would enjoy gettin down and partying/chattin/visiting with you ladies. Id host it right here in Oklahoma lol.

Vernier said...

Lazmeister when I hit the lottery I am going to flew everyone to Cali for a meet and greet..... Families included.....
I have been to Australia five times. I have an ex- Aussie boyfriend in Wodonga. I visited there, Jindabyne, Brisbane, and Melbourne. My first two times there I flew into Melbourne and drove to Wodonga. I love it there. It is so beautiful.....

Vernier said...

I'm with you Tracy. They have nothing to stand on. It is such a good high to have been able to go and see her in action. My employees thought I was sick I was so nice today. Buying lunch for everyone and actually smiling all day... lol lol

Vernier said...

Tracy you get it together and we will come.... As the saying goes....You build it and they will come.... lol lol It would be awesome lol lol Oklahoma wouldn't know what to do with us lol lol

Lazmeister said...

Vern - nice trip! I'm from Country Vic originally - now in Melbourne and I love it! We do travel (although more to Europe than the US) and everytime we come home we heave a sigh of relief.
You have seen some beautiful country side in your travels down here!
I've done a Contiki around the US in '93 and we came back to visit all of my favourite places for our honeymoon - but that was 17 years ago! I'd imagine a lot has changed since then!
I love the US! But I love living here....

Vernier said...

I was there between 99 and 2002. I was ready to move there. Just so beautiful and laid back. I plan on coming again. I still have friends there. My friend Sharon and my ex Warren. He was one sexy Aussie lol lol Those were the good old days.....aw well....

Lazmeister said...

Vern, you'll have to "pop in" when you're here to have a break before your 3 hour drive north!

Vernier said...

I love the Australian phrases. To cool for school.. Warren was old school Aussie he would be talking and I would just smile and say yes. The phrases he used left me lost but in a very good way...lol lol I drove his truck to get gas right. You could flip switch for gas or propane I didn't know I got gas but didn't flip switch. he nearly had a stroke lol lol but all was fine....

Hatersknownothing said...

Mama nails

Great job posting verniers pics and story! We have a party mood going on in here tonight. Woot woot!

Mama Nails said...

Hey Verni...you are twitter famous the ladies there love you!

Your post has gotten at least 100 hits so far. Unfortunately my tracker doesn't track total hits just hits in a 2 hour span but still that's huge and lots of favs and retweets on twitter.

13 notes so far on tumblr. Which...for a long wordy post is a lot!!!

You go girl Oh and verni ppl on twitter want to know if you have a twitter account?


Mama Nails said...

awe shucks HNK...you know that I just love you all here and I just love that you let me crash the party!

Lazmeister said...

Vern - Oops! lol!
Well done on the twitter and tumblr!
Love everyone on that high!

sue morris said...

HKN-What a terrific post! WOW! Oh my gosh, VERNIER, I would have fainted, seriously, to be in the middle of that !You need angel wings sweetie! Trying to describe, very well I might add, how you felt, how Kristen really is, and how we have always somehow known she is just the best! And, we see her sweetie in Canada, in the snow, probably freezing, and taking photos of a little boy. I have always believed they time their trips and work to fit together with their real world and this is another good example of planning and organizing their real time well. And, I do believe HKN is telling the truth when she says Kristen and Rob are not into tweets, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK, OR ANY THING THAT WOULD SHARE PRIVATE STUFF. If somebody is dumb enough to believe it, please go for it, and get your groove on. I think I could sell you an island off the coast of New York City, belongs to the Indians ! Called MANHATTAN! We really should just let the stupid blockheads stay in their misery. I wanted to tell VERNIER and BARBARA AND TRACEY AND EVERBODY that little Precious is eating GERBER BABYFOOD and beef soup by MEDICINE DROPPER. He will allow me to feed him about half a bottle at a time. Still very weak but trotting around in and out the door X2 daily. Thanks for the prayers everyone. He is extremely weak and only god knows how long he will be here, but I will do whatever I can to keep him comfortable.

Tracybell said...

It sure feels like a party!

loved your pics. They were really clear. Alot clearer than others ive seen and the color was great. You had a great spot!

Ok I guess no one cares about robs dark eyebrows. I guess im wierd lol. But im with you guys on the georgousnous of his look. The part in his hair and the way it puffs up is so cute. His cheeks were so red it reminded me of him in Twilight sitting under that bush in the rain telling bella about his family lol. Oh and it also reminded me of goblet of fire. His cheeks were always so ruddy!

Would love to start a get together for those who can. I've "met" several ladies like you who I get and get me. I guess it just depends if anyones interested In coming lol. Me and sue morris live here so maybe? Btw has sue m posted today? I wonder how andrew is and if everything is alright.

Vernier said...

Hey Mama Nails I don't know if I have one or not lol. Thank you!
"I would like to thank the academy for this great REward of being able to see Kristen in person and not be an idiot!!!! lol lol

Vernier said...

Tracy she just did

Vernier said...

Tracy I care about his eyebrows. He is one sexy, handsome, face plant in the pants guy. Opps getting carried away but he looks damn good!!!!!

Tracybell said...

Sue m
I see you posted while I was posting. Glad to hear andrew is getting along. And yes it sounds like you're doing best as you can keeping him comfortable. Hope all is well with you. Its been exciting here the last 24 hours!

Vernier said...

sue morris thank you. Tracy just ask about you. Andrew is in our prayers. He is so lucky to have you and you him......
I got a diamond mind in my backyard for sell to the same folks that's buying that little island lol lol

Tracybell said...

Wtf? Does face plant in the pants mean what I think it means?

Tracybell said...

Hey verni
Dk gave you props at RPI. She's so cool!!

Tracybell said...

Goodnight you must be exhausted. Talk atcha tomrw.


pookie lewis said...

Dear dear HKN! I've been goofing on that last gif of them laughing for a solid 5 minutes and I am gonna be staring at it for a long time to come-- fantastic! It's an instant mood elevator! If you're in a shitty mood, just watch that and bingo! There's a smile on your face! God bless you for putting that up, so great! Loved the whole post, actually...
loved the whole post actually,

Vernier said...

Tracy Yes it does lol lol

Vernier said...

You know I'm stupid!!! Lol lol

pookie lewis said...

And wow! Verni my lady! I just saw the SRWN post and your pics which were fabulous! Thanks so much for all the wonderful sharing of your Great Adventure!


Vernier said...

You r welcome pookie it was fun!!!! She is a beautiful young woman who smiles!!!!!

Cristal Pelayo said...

Hello HKN I love your blog!!! But I've been meaning to ask if you have asked your cousin when kristen is due? And if she did tell you when and don't want to say anything than I understand. But according to my calculations and others theory's I would think she would give birth in the end of March or a least mids of March...? What do you think?

sasha marie said...

@Vernier Big props To You For that Amazing Fan Account With K I'm Glad you got to meet her Too she really is a True Beauty inside and out Gotta love her!

Anonymous said...

Hi HKN, felicity, LizzieD, Vana, Irene, Tempest, Elizabeth, Sanni K, GaliRK, SusannahKay, Tina Wotherspoon, Tracybell, Vernier, Nancy Allen, sue morris, rklove, Mama Nails, RKsoulmates913, and the rest of HKN Havens!
HKN- I love this blog. Great job!
As for everyone, I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. I am still here. Hugs to you all. Night!
Tracybell, Vernier, RK Faith, and the rest of HKN Havens, Love your comments. Great job. Well night everyone!

Melanie Chisolm said...

Hi everybody,
this is my first post. I have spent a LOT of time reading this blog and following twitter. I have not shared with my usual online friends what I believe. But I do think she is pregnant, I don't know how far along, but all I see are signs that she is expecting and that she is very happy, and happy means one thing: Rob.
I hope you don't mind me sharing my opinion and sharing in my happiness here, there are so many haters on Twitter, on fansites and Gossip Cop especially that I realised there are not many places where I can be this open.
I also hope that I can get to you know all much better, especially HKN - you deal with so much crap from some ppl! I don't know how you cope and still come here to make us laugh ?

Hatersknownothing said...

Welcome Melanie!

Anonymous said...

@Verni, thank you so much for sharing your meeting with Kristen and for the respect you showed her. You are a great lady!

Jane said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jane said...

Looks like Robsten Dreams posted one of your pictures on their site. The one with her hands on her knees. Great photo!

Anonymous said...

Strictly Robsten posted it as well...

Sanni K. said...

good morning,
great post HKN.
If the date for April shooting will start from American Ultra 100%?
of what a photo you're talking about where Rob has his hand on one knee? I did not find one!
Have a nice day everyone?

Frenchie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Frenchie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Frenchie said...

Hi again, just to let everybody know that I'm on Blogger now as Frenchie but I'm still the same person aslefrenchy... Like that I have the same name wherever I post!

Have a nice day Everybody!

Vernier said...

Thank you Jane I want to send you all my photos. There are more and a couple of video mistakes lol lol vernistene@hotmail.com

irene said...


I loved your account of meeting/seeing Kristen!! And thanks for taking the time, twice, to write down your thoughts..... awesome!!


Thanks for the shout-out, you always remember me, although I post only once in a blue moon!!
But, I'm always here reading what you great girls have to say and love the vibe.....

The trolls are always good for a laugh too!!!!

Vernier said...

Thank you sasha marie and Frenchie. As I have said it was awesome being in the same room with her and feeling the energy. She was amazing to watch. I would do it all again and again.

Vernier said...

You are welcome Irene and glad to see you ....

natt39 said...

Hi Vernier,I am glad you had a great time wish that I could have made it to nashville because I am just 2 hrs away in crossville but I didn't have anyone to go with me and I don't really travel that much but I would love to see your pics.

felicity said...

vernier.. what a wonderful report. i am so happy for you, that you were able to be there. thank you so much for writing everything down. it was a lot of work to put all of this into words.

arleen.. take care and thanks for the greetings all the time

bella.new moon said...

I just found your awsome blog. And I'm already in love with your posts. They allways made my day. What you are saying is so true and it is good too know that I'm not alone with my thoughts. That there is someone that thinks the same as I'm. I think it's really obvious that Kristen is preagnant. It's good too know that you and many others think the same.So please keep posting the great stuff. It's one of the best blogs I have found. Looking forward for more great postings.

Teresa Holmes said...

Hkn amazing post. Really entertaining.

Verni I am so jealous of you.
I do think k is wearing maternity jeans.

Melanie welcome to the haven! Advice dont go to gossip cop. Makes u feel crappy.

Tina Wotherspoon said...

HkN you did it again as always what can i say bl**dy awesome thankyou over and over, morning to all you lovely ladies hope you are all well, Vernier thankyou as well wish i was there would have loved to be in your shoes, Well tomorrow is my 25th wedding anniversary so going out for a meal with the family looking forward to this as have been poorly, so hope you all have a great weekend take care be safe hugs to you all.

Annie said...

I don't think Kristen was talking about herself having an IG account.......I think she was saying she is not distracted by such things, therefore she can concentrate on the job at hand.

Tracybell said...

Congratulations on your anniversary and hope you are feeling better. I've wondered where you been. Have a good time with ur family!

Tracybell said...

Sanni k
She's talking about this photo


Nikki is not touching rob at all. Rose busted this in a post a long time ago. If you zoom in you can tell she's actually got something in her hand like a cell phone if I remember right.

After twilight exploded and paps started following rob and kristen around and they were photographed several times late at night bloggers started going back to old photos and making photo-assumptions. This is one of them.

Mama Nails said...

Can I gripe for just a minute? LOL

So why do ppl find my comments and then come to me and say...YOU SAID...without reading EVERYTHING I SAID...ugh...

either there are a lot of ppl that need their hand held out there or there are a lot of haters/naysayers that are terrified that we are right.

LOL...Oh well, I have a pretty intersting post ahead for later today.

I'm at a school today and I can't get online to get to tumblr, but it is letting be online HKN's site. and twitter. I find that funny.

More laters ladies. Let me know if there's anything going on.

Mama Nails said...

OMG...please, please save me...ugh....this question...really???

Anonymous asked a question
If K has a bump how can she be crawling across the floor to get the perfect shot? Can preggo women do that?

Tracy I blame you for this shit...UGH!!!

Tracybell said...

Mamma nails
First of all you should be thanking me. How in the hell would we know how stupid people really are? Lol I feel very high iQish right now ;) omg you really can't police stupid, can you? lol.

I think I have an answer for why you can't get in tumblr. Have you seen some of these sex tumblr's? Remember mars vs venus sorta fanfic. Holy cow is all im gonna say. Now remember you said on sluts the more lemony the better ;]

Cant wait to see ur post and thanks for following. You've inspired me to try something!

RK Faith said...

Verni - thanks for the pics! loved your account!

Tracybell said...

Just caught up after I fell asleep last night. Can you email me the other pics? I saw your pic at RD but they didn't give you credit :(

GaliRK said...

Another awesome post HKN ahhhh appreciate all the effort...
@vernier Omg definitely represent ahhhh sooooo happy that you could see Kristen wonderful indeed. Love all you awesome ladies...
The instagram account I've always been skeptical about it, whether friends are following it or not

GaliRK said...

I love how trolls keep coming back here, showing HKN some love... Mama nails still love your comments here and your tumblr updates... Amazing women for sure

RK Faith said...

Regarding K's IG - If you look way back at Jadan's open IG you'll find pics of a visit to Salvation Mountain. K's supposed IG account once wrote there "I made a movie there when I was 15". Anyone can write that of course.. but this was over a year ago before word of her account spread and the crazies started writing her friends regularly.
So I started regularly lurking her IG account a long time ago and I look at a lot of her friends' IG (only look, I do not comment) and when she writes they write back an react to her - lots of them actually besides the known ones (CJ, Suzie etc). Also some of Rob's UK friends too.
There also a conversation between her, Ken O'rourke (her UK hair stylist) and Sydney Lopez (Tara's, her stylist, assistant) on Ken's IG that sounded very much like her.. and they wrote back to her too and tag her at events and pics.

I still lurk to look for her but I never know 100% if I'm not being fooled.. It its an imposter he's a damn great one.

Vernier said...

at work right now. Lurking will post a bit in a bit lol lol Having TCI inspection.

Mama Nails said...

Tracy..Oh..I know why they don't let me into tumblr...I just find it funny that they do let me on here and twitter.

I would think that they would block all social media.

But thank you, yes thank you for proving just how fucking stupid ppl can be! LOL

I'm putting together a post that I should have up on blogspot and then I'll post it on tumblr later.

RK Faith said...

HKN - I totally agree that K would never give clues to the account or any other being hers but her friends sometimes, by mistake, do otherwise.
Again - I could be totally wrong but I've see a few examples in the last few months that have made me believe Jimmy is really her.
I could round up some open IG examples of why I think this once my kids stop being sick so much and I'll have a few quiet hours on the computer..
In the mean time, my lurking helped Verni get to meet K and write her great account for us (and testify to seeing the bump first hand) so I'm happy :)

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all the HKN Havens! Hi HKN, felicity, LizzieD, Vana, Irene, Tempest, Elizabeth, Sanni K, GaliRK, SusannahKay, Tina Wotherspoon, Tracybell, Vernier, RK Faith, Vernier, Tracybell, Nancy Allen, sue morris, rklove, Mama Nails, RKsoulmates913, and the rest of HKN Havens! I am up and about to get ready.
Irene, felicity, and the rest of HKN Havens- You are all very welcome. Well, I better get ready for my day. Keep me posted. I will have my phone with me to check on you guys.

sue said...

@Vernier, that must have been surreal to see Kristen. Sorry maybe I'm a bit slow but were you there on purpose or was this just a freaky coincidence? All I can say is "wow".
You wrote a very nice report and I'm happy for you that you saw her. Nice one!

onagee said...

Mama Nails, a little story: when I was 9 months pregnant my car muffler nearly fell off, dragging on the highway. It was over 90 degrees. There I was, by the side of the road, crawling around in the dirt trying to pull that muffler into position and tie it up with wire till I could get to a repair place. I could barely get under the car without getting stuck permanently. I got it done. No biggie. Pregnant women can do just about anything.

fishyone2 said...

@Tracybell -- LOVE your profile image. I've been waiting for FOREVER for HelenaHunting to release her books as fiction outside of the fanfic world. Read the first "teaser" and can't wait for the others to release :). Her original stories were so good....

fishyone2 said...

I'm always left chuckling when I see people say "if she is PG, why is she crawling around on the floor?". First, I'm not sure if she is truly crawling, but even so, we are talking about pregnancy, not a disability. Go watch that video that MamaNails posted of the pregnant surfer. If you've been active, you can keep being active. My daughter is five months pregnant, not showing at all - and she runs, does yoga/pilates, teaches ballet and lifts rather heavy pediatric patients (they have no mobility). Now that part will probably taper off --- but pregnancy is a condition, not an illness. Gone are the days where women sat around doing nothing and ate all day.

Tracybell said...

I agree on the active pregnant woman thing. Keep doing what your body is used to. I love hunterhunting aka helena hunting. She got alota crap when she pulled to publish from some pretty crappy women. I'm so happy for her. I also love shay savage. Transcendence was released the 14th and im ordering my copy today. I have the Occupied series and Surviving Raine aka Surviving Bella. SB Is my all time fave along with Georgygirl's aka Georgiana Guthrie The Weight of Words series. I'll prob change my avi soon to another cover lol. Do you get HH's updates? Did you read the valentines day post? Classic. Im slowly but surely calling them Hayden and Tenley in my mind although I keep seeing Edward and Bella lol.

Mama nails
Okey dokey ill refresh refresh refresh lol.

Teresa Holmes said...

Mama nails loved your whole tumbler section on rob intentions of pattionsanating k. Loooooved it.
Can't wait for your later post.
Bella.newmoon welcome to the haven.

Fishyone 2 and onagee people are crazy arent they. You can crawl on floor when pregnant. Tamar braxton which is toni braxton sister was doing yoga in 8 and 9 months pregnant. Tamar was on floor on her knees excercising. Jeez.

Welcome bella

fishyone2 said...

Tracybell - thank you for the recommendations - I will check them out. I'm always fascinated by people who attack writers and their stories -- umm, don't read it if you don't like it? I don't know - just a thought......

Vernier said...

Hey all I got some side note stuff for you all when I get home in about three hours. Love all you folks here and the doubters and haters can bite me!!!! lol lol
Yo Mama, Tracy, Jane, Sue and SueMorris, along with both RKlove and RK Faith, Teresa, Lazmeister, Morning Coffee, Pookie and last but never least HKN, our awesome host, all is well here in Nashville but a friend of mine here at work said her daughter was there at the video shoot. I got to tell you . You will dye of laughter. Gotta go... Chat at you in three......

Mama Nails said...

Hello ladies...
onagee thank you for sharing...I added it to my response. Love it!

and thank you fishyone2 and my friend scully for reminding me of the surfer video.

Sorry tracy you can stop refreshing for a moment. Since was reminded about the video I want to add it to this post, so I won't be able to finish the post until I get home.

I need access to youtube and I don't have access here at the school.

I'm gonna clean up my stuff and start heading home in the next 15 minutes. I'll try to have the post up by 5:00. I'll post a link to it as soon as it's ready so you can just check here for the latest installment from Tales from the Darkside. LOL

Tracybell said...

Well how coincidental is that lol. Cant wait...


Mama Nails said...

Hello ladies....

Verni, I can't wait for you to share. Get home soon!

Tracy....everybody else...here's the post. let me know what you think. I love talking to you all here but comments on my blog would be great. LOL


felicity said...

hkn.. i saw on twitter, that the dummies where threatening you.. smh.. they are scared. that's the only reason.



vernier.. i am curious about your 'side note' lol.

mama.. i'm on my way to your blog.
i'll let you know over there..

cjrob said...

Hi ladies!
Just wanted to add something. It's been many years since I was pregnant, and pregnant women today are way more active than they were back then (about the time Rob's mother would have been pregnant with him)! I took a pregnancy aerobics class up till almost 9 months. And, yes, it did involve getting down on the floor for various activities! The only thing we did not do was high impact aerobics. It was a great way to stay somewhat toned and in touch with your physicality! Great post HKN! And Vernier, you are awesome! I am so proud of you for putting yourself out of your comfort zone and meeting K in those surroundings! I'd love to meet her someday, and especially Rob! But I doubt I'd be able to form a coherent thought after I met him :) Mama Nails...love your blog so much! But I do wish someone could help me navigate the fanfic site u recommended!!! I was on it once a couple years ago and now cant get on it to save my soul!!!

cjrob said...

After reading my post I need to make something clear. I took the pregnancy aerobics class up until about 2 weeks before the birth, so well into the 9th month!

Mama Nails said...

hey cjrob...thank you but which fanfic site are you having trouble navigating. I'd be happy to help if I can. Just not sure which one. I've recommended a bunch. LOL

cjrob said...

Mama Nails, the site is Twilighted. Sounds like we like alot of the same type fanfics, so tried to get to it but was unable to. Like I said, I did a couple years ago, but I can't get past the security code.

Vernier said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vernier said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vernier said...

Oh and by the way when she called me she couldn't get me. I was already there inside, music loud, star struck deaf and dumb. She was mad cause she couldn't get me. lol lol She really wanted me to get there. I love that!!!!

Vernier said...

Hey ladies…. Here’s the side note I promised. I have a friend at work, Janet, whose daughter was at the video shoot. She came with friends to see the other groups. She didn’t know about the video or K being there till she got there. She called her mom and was screaming that she was in a video and Kristen Stewart was there. She said she is totally gorgeous and as nice as can be. Janet told her to hold on while she called me, the twihard diehard with a hard on to do a face plant for anything or anyone to do with Robert Pattinson. I told her I love Kristen just as much. I also told her not to tell her daughter that shit. She said her daughter is twenty six. I said still…… She said she didn’t meet her personally but she was close to her several times. Said she smelled good. Lol lol I guess she did now that I think about it. She said K was nothing like the paps play her out to be. She said she smiled a lot and was extremely nice with the people she interacted with. She said Suzy and CJ seemed a bit aloof to her except with the people they knew but she guess they were just protecting their friend. Janet ask if she thought K was pregnant. Her daughter said funny she should ask because one of the friends she was with ask the same question. She said she told her friend she didn’t know cause she didn’t keep up with other people’s shit. She did however start looking. She said K was really tiny. But for someone so tiny her waist was thick. Not big but thick. She also said she had on weird mom jeans. Janet said she ask her what she meant by that and she said the kind of jeans people her (Janet’s) age bought that had the stretch in them. They were high waisted, hold the gut up, but stretch so I can breathe jeans that old ladies wore to look slim in. She said it looked like CJ had a pair on too. lol lol (I never thought about that) Said K had a nice butt on her and really nice breast. She said when she saw her on the red carpet in that awesome red dress she didn’t have them there hooters. Now here’s the kicker. She saw me there but she doesn’t know me so she thought I was a body guard for K who also worked at the Sheriff’s dept. I had my badge on my hip. I forgot to take it off when I left work trying to get there. She said the lady (me) was by the steps that K was going up and down and that K stood by the lady (me) a few times. She said that the lady had some big hips and when K stood near her (me) you couldn’t see K. lol lol (My hips ain't that wide lol) She said then the older lady (me) got to head bopping and singing the songs so she wasn’t sure if she (me) was a bodyguard or just there to see the show. She said the lady was to cool for school and the people around her seemed to get in the head bopping grove too. I didn’t tell Janet it was me till I got ready to leave work. I just kept oohing and awing over everything she said. She said her daughter left before it was over too but that while she was there she was awestruck at how gorgeous K was and how damn nice she was. Now this is too cool for school‼‼‼! Lol Lol

Mama Nails said...

cjrob...you have to have an account on twilighted to see get to the stories, it's very easy to join no harder than blogger or twitter and then it's super easy to navigate.

I think easier to find good stuff there than fanfiction.net

OMG verni you just have the best stories ever!! I love what she said. I bet K had on her florabotanica which she probably sprayed onto them there hooters that she has now thanks to her pattinsonation! theeheheheheh

I love that she commented about you and didn't even know that was you! tooo funny!!!

Ohhhh hey Verni...another note, sasha marie and I talk on twitter she said that she sent you an email and to tell you that she's cool and she is.

By the way if anyone is wondering my email is slutsrwns@gmail.com I can't promise answer right away but I'll try to answer as quickly as I can.

felicity said...

vernier. how awesome. i love it. thanks for sharing..

andreana said...

Vernier you keep making my day with your stories! Hey, girls who are 5'11 gotta have some good hips no shame in that ! Wear them with pride girl! Keep sharing yourstories they are the next best thingto HKN's updates! Its good to be R/K fans right now !

Vernier said...

Thank you Andreana. the inmates that work in my kitchens at the jails call me "Muh Dear" lol lol So there you go. I was just so glad to hear someone else's account of seeing Kristen. I have talked to my friend's daughter Carrie. She likes K but she is a Rob fan. Said she never really was over the top about any actors. Justin Timberlake yes but that's it. lol lol It was good to know that me being such a big fan didn't color what I saw and make me see what I wanted to see. I really tried to make sure I kept an open mind. To hear her account and know she saw it too was the icing on my cake. To cool for school!!!!

Vernier said...

Felicity and Mama thank you both. She said her friends felt the same. That K was really sweet and a flawless beauty. No kidding. Their words.It made me smile from top to bottom and back again......

Tracybell said...

Only you.... I swear that would only happen to you. Did you ever think in your wildest dreams this would happen to you? What a crazy life huh? Awesome story and man what a coincidence lol.

You bet she sprayed it on her stewbies lol. Gawd we are a wierd bunch of ladies lol.. oh well

Jane said...


What a funny story. See anyone can go incognito. Again, thanks for all the sharing. It's not everyday you get to talk to someone who has actually seen your idol.

Vernier said...

Tracy it was so funny. But Nashville is known as the big city, small town to a lot of us here. No telling how many co-workers or acquaintances had kids or grand kids there that I don't know. To tell you the truth the only thing I remember about any smell was it just smelled clean and fresh. Hell it could have been her soap or dry shampoo for all I know. I was more focused on not passing out lol lol

Vernier said...

Jane you never know. I am just so thankful RK faith told me about it and I went. It was a memory for a lifetime for me. I was hoping for a glimpse when I go to Cali next month but this is way better. My birthday present came extra early!!! lol lol

RKsoulmates913 said...


for you:


I'm so happy for and with your fan encounter! Thanks for sharing! <3

RKsoulmates913 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mama Nails said...

Verni...just saw something fun that was done with your pic of Kristen. I had to post it cause I knew you'd appreciate it!


sue morris said...

Dear VERNIS, TRACEYBELL, JANE, HKN, MAMA NAILS, RK FAITH, ARLENE and all of you nice people, I have been running with my daughter and got back home to feed the dogs and me and take my insulin. Vern, I do not see how you make time for everything and everyone! I think having someone else see Kristen and see and say virtually the same thing as you makes you feel very righteous inside. Really does bring it home and gives HKN a big shot in the arm as if she needed more proof! But, truly this daily grudge match that gives me a very bad taste in my mouth is so much like the original denial of Rob and Kristen being a normal couple that are very "together". That is because there has always been so much angst about someone 's private life, I have always thought that weird. First, they attacked Rob, didn't want him in the series, than they went over the normal reaction of like into lust and absolutely made Rob totally whacked after several movies. A lady with scissors wanted his hair? Do you all remember this crazy creepy stuff? I don't wonder why Rob wears caps and hats a lot. I am so glad it was you Vern that was able to go see Kristen and she was lucky you were there because I would bet you could have protected her well just being there. I love your devotion and respect for them! They really do need fans who speak the truth and are not afraid to stand up for them like you and like HKN HAVEN, and three other blogs that are really written as support blogs for happy Rob and Kristen fans. Have a really good night everyone.

Jane said...

Sue Morris

Enjoyed your comment. Sorry about your Andrew. I know what you are going through. I had to put down my dog of 16 years last year. She had cancer. Kept her comfortable as long as I could then decided to let her go. It's ever easy. Take care.

Jane said...

I don't know about you guys but sometimes this text you have to type in to prove you're not a robot is frustrating. I prefer to input the numbers.

Vernier said...

RK soulmate thank you so much :O)
Mama Nails that is so funny!!!!lol lol I love it!!! It's about right. You know our flippy loves a nice ass!!! lol lol
Sue Morris that was beautiful I love you great lady....
Jane you are a keeper!!!!! I hate the you're not a robot too lol lol
Tracy where you be at?????

Mama Nails said...

Hey verni...just an update on your little post...it now has 99 notes! good job my dear. And that doesn't even count all the retweets and fav it's got on twitter.

Not to mention that your photo of kristen's robust butt is just about everywhere now. RobstenDreams posted it, other blogs posted it, and of course we can't forget that manip of Rob taking a pic of K's ass! I bet it's just art imitating life! LOL

And Jane I know how you feel about that robot thing. I new I had to make a comment cause number came up and they are way easier than the letters. Can't tell you how many times I have to reset those letter combos where I can make out all the letters.

rklove said...

Good evening Ladies!!

@ Sue Morris I agree with your comments and especially regarding the beautiful ladies here. I enjoy coming here not just for R/K but for the wonderful way you all treat each other. It just proves that there are good hearted individuals in this world. God knows that Rob and Kristen need a few good fans on their side to offset the idiots out there.
Sue I am sorry to hear about Andrew :-(

@RKSoulmates and Mama Nails, Ladies you rock!!

@Jane..agree about the text. What a pain in the hoohaa!!

@Vernier, lady I lovesssss ya!!

To the rest of the *Havennetts* I am so happy to know I have a safe haven to come to and be with ladies of like mind.

NOLA girl said...

Verni - if I were you, I'd go purchase a Powerball or Megamillions ticket. The planets are definitely aligned for you to have such an incredible couple of days. Thank you for taking all this time to post and share!

Happy to see Rob and Kristen doing what makes them happy. Incredible pics of him from the "Life" set.

sue morris and felicity - thinking of you both and know you are managing difficult situations the best you can. Hugs to you both.

Have a great evening ladies. Mardi Gras goes into full swing tomorrow night - yeah! Stay awesome!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi HKN, felicity, LizzieD, Vana, Irene, Tempest, Elizabeth, Sanni K, GaliRK, SusannahKay, Tina Wotherspoon, Tracybell, Vernier, Nancy Allen, sue morris, rklove, Mama Nails, RKsoulmates913, and the rest of HKN Havens!
As for everyone, I am going to bed now. Keep me posted. I am still here. Hugs to you all. Night!
Tracybell, Vernier, RK Faith, and the rest of HKN Havens, Love your comments. Great job. Well night everyone! Hugs to you all!

Anonymous said...

NOLA girl and the rest- All of you are awesome to me in my book.

pookie lewis said...

I loved loved loved reading about the V G A (Verni's Great Adventure) but now I'm so glad that brave and wonderful Verni's safe back at home! Welcome home, SuperVern! It's a bird! It's a plane! it's SuuuuupahVern!!! You're famous now, ya know. **busily packing a bag to leave by the door just in case Verni hears about anything else K's doing and needs an assistant luggage schlepper/infiltrator/iphone holder/martini mixer/body guard/lookout **
Gee, mousie-suitcases are so small! And yet they hold so much!

vana said...

Vernier, I loved reading about your adventure, it was a great story. I know I'm going to get hung and quarted for saying this but I really feel the need to. Reading your account has warmed my heart towards Kristen, for quite some time I have struggled to like her as I used to. I felt horrible for Rob when he used to look at her so adoringly and she seemed cold towards him during those twilight premiers, not so much BD2 premiere. Anyway, whatever Rob liked or respected I did too. So for what it's worth I thank you for such a warm account.

Arleen, hope you are well. Take care.

So many great Rob pictures filming LIFE. So many good things to look forward to. The Rover soon and I've been reading so many good professional accounts regarding this movie. it's going to be fantastic. Choices by both actors are great.

HKN, when I get the chance,this is the only RK site I read other than a couple of Rob sites based more on his work and I've always loved what you do. If however this comment offends anyone I'm sorry, if you feel it should be deleted I'm ok with it. It's your blog.

Vernier said...

Vana thank you. I was the same way when I first started watching them. Then I noticed in an early interview how she looked at him. With pure adoration and love. For me, I could tell she was shy and didn't like all the attention. Her nervousness manifested into her drawing in, his nervousness made him more giddy. He would look at her trying to put her at ease with a gentle touch, a look, just different gestures. She is a really, really sweet girl who truly is misunderstood. You can tell she is shy and really doesn't like the light on her as much as on her work. She is a phenomenal woman who deserves all our support and protection. And for any haters, don't even think about it. Yes if you pay attention to someone in their element you can learn a lot in a short amount of time!!!!!!!

Vernier said...

Pookie, the next one we road trip together friend!!!! I got yo back and you got mine!!!!
I don't know about super Vern but I think Super Pookie and her mouse bag will make a big hit!!! :o) How was the weather there last night?
Let's name the ladies here Super Sistas of the HKN Haven!!! Ladies you all are good at names what should we be?

Vernier said...

Nola girl I forgot to get my ticket for Wednesday but I am going to load up today for Saturday. Got to win so we can all have a big party in Cali on me!!!!!!

Lazmeister said...

Vernier, That is a brilliant extra note to your story! It gets better and better! Kind of makes me feel like we were there, just a little. Thanks for making me smile today.

Sue I hope Andrew is still going Ok and is comfortable, I feel for you.

Arleen I hope all is well in your world.
Tracybell, Mama Nails and Felicity I love reading what you write, it keeps me smiling and updated!
EVeryone else, I love this site so thanks for contributing and making us all feel warm and reminding us that there are special things in life!
Jane I got the numbers not the letters today! Yay.

Tina Wotherspoon said...

Afternoon ladies hope you are all well,Tracybell thankyou, im getting better but ive hurt around my shoulder blade and the pain has gone right down my arm just my luck,Vernier think you are doing great with your story thankyou, have a lovely weekend ladies take and be safe.

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all the HKN Havens! Hi HKN, felicity, LizzieD, Vana, Irene, Tempest, Elizabeth, Sanni K, GaliRK, SusannahKay, Tina Wotherspoon, Tracybell, Vernier, Nancy Allen, sue morris, rklove, Nola girl, Mama Nails, RKsoulmates913, and the rest of HKN Havens! I love your comments. Great job! I am still here. Health is ok. Just because I have arthritis doesn't mean that I have stop everything. I am not going to let it get to me. Right now lets I am bloated for a week. So those trouble makers don't mess with me. I am in a bitchy mood for a whole week. Trouble makers don't belong here. We want no trouble here. If you all wondering what trouble makers are. They are trolls, haters, nonnies, and you all know the rest. Well, I better get to work. Keep me posted. later. Hope you all have a great day.

Sanni K. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sanni K. said...

Good day,
beautiful contributions by Vernier, what you have experienced great.
Do we want to continue trolls, haters and nonnies free days.
Beautifully no sighting of kristen;-) But great pictures of Rob.
All a nice day

Mama Nails said...

good morning my dear *Havennetts* as @rklove called us last night and I have to say I love it!

I'm back at my school and can play all I want on HKN and blogs spot in between meetings.

Hopefully I'll have so many meetings and gaining so many clients I won't have time to talk with you all! LOL!

Verni, Pookie, I want to join in on the next trip! Please, please, please!!!!

Also verni, I'm gonna post an update of your great adventure and include your friend's daughters account. I think it's very important for ppl to see that especially considering that she's not (or was not) a crazy fan like the rest of us! For her to reinforce everything that you noticed about Kristen truly shows that though we love *Our Girl* we are also objective in our love!

More later, I got some good asks to answer. Surprisingly and refreshing...no hate *crap now I'm ducking and hiding cause as soon as I wrote that I probably just jinxed myself!*

Laters *Havennetts*

sue said...

I remember how devastated I was when CW&IA was pulled before I got to read it. I'm happy for her cause that story is one of the better ones out there.
I was reading some story and the author mentioned her all time favs and CW&IA was one of them, she said when you look you'll find it out there somewhere and so I did. Finally I found a site called Perusing The Shelves (you have to log in to download the PDF's)
http://www.perusingtheshelves.com/It has all the good pulled ones like:EP/ Master of the Universe/CW&IA/ Million Dollar Baby etc. All the stories from Lambcullen/ Teambella23/ CLP superstar etc etc. Lambcullen wrote one of my favs called Tides and yes I was so happy finding it again.I was like a kid in a candyshop and downloaded the PDF's like a mad women.
@Fishyone, yeah if you don't like what you read just stop but then you have the moral police on FF pulling stories aswell. Yes we are all such sensitive souls who have to be protected, society will make the decisions for us what's allowed and what not. Grrrr.

pookie lewis said...

Verni you got it!! **squeaking excitedly** i'm getting gas in the pookiemobile right now! Ready! And i've packed some delicious cheese sandwiches for you and mamN for the ride!
You know, i realized, i never gave proper shout out props to the darling darling rklove-- wasn't it rklove that alerted our intrepid Verni to the video shoot? So, fabulous reportagé, you fabulous rklove! Wow, how the fantastic ladies of the HKN board do work together!! You make me spin with fierce and joyful pride!! **spinning madly about the mouse hole crashing into things**
And did I mention how I adore mamaN?! A huge 'thank you' to mamaN (among so many other 'thank yous' for so many other things!) for turning me onto the Ferocious Medusa-- i mean, just wow. I laughed so hard at the utter ridiculousness of some of those hater comments, and then Medusa's savage and cut-em-off-at-the-knees handling of them-- my mousey whiskers got a little singed!! I mean, i have no more eyebrows, they got burned off!! Really i had no idea of the awfulness of some of the haters. Brothuh, that's taking an uncomfortable peek into the dark dark corners of the (in)human mind... Sad, really, just sad. i do believe i shall stay firmly right here on the very sunny side with my darling and fabulous ladies (and gentlemen of course-- Nick and Chris, i know you're out there lol and most likely others as well!). Yep, right here on the sunny, sunny side.
i just appreciate you all so much-- and especially HKN the Magnificent!!
Squeaking and spinning with happiness,

Morning Coffee said...

Good Afternoon my Haven Mavens,

I am thrilled to report that I am alive after praying to the porcelain god all day yesterday...24 hr. bug.
Thank you sweet baby Jesus I feel wonderful today.

I have been trying to catch up on my housework, so I can spend some time writing, and to do some editing on some manuscripts for other writers.

I was busy the other night looking for an old hand written book I had done about 40 yrs ago of my original poetry back when I use to send funny poems to my BFF just so she could get a good laugh. Long story short I have no idea where I hid it.

Verni...I have a new name for you, even though you say you are 5'11" if I remember correctly....you are now my little miss sunshine. Thank you for being the sweet soul you are.

Tracybell, NOLA girl, Pookie, Sue Morris, Arleen P., Mama Nails and the rest of you lovely girls. My life would be less if it weren't for your thoughtfulness and devotion to our beautiful young couple and the impending stork.

Adored the manip of Rob photo op of Kristens bodacious booty. We need another of him taking a pic of the Stewbies.

Love you all...Blessings to each.

Mama Nails said...

Pookie...I love you too my dear, you know I do!

I think that the credit for Verni's adventure actually goes to RK Faith!

Of course not that we don't love our very own RKLove as well!

Can't wait for the next adventure ladies&gents! So looking forward to it!

pookie lewis said...

Oh wow, i just realized it was RK Faith that had the excellent reconnasense(!) and got the info to SupahVern... thank you, dear awesome RK Faith. i always enjoy your posts, thank you so, so much!! You keep those lovely ears of yours to the tracks and let us know of any smoke signals you may glean on the horizon!! my little bags are packed!!
--the often incorrect and much humbled but very appreciative pookmeister
p.s. and i love rklove too-- i do love you all so much

pookie lewis said...

MamaN spot on, as usual!!
--your lovin' pook

pookie lewis said...

Hey everybody i am so sorry to be cluttering up the feed with all these inane comments but morning coffee i do just have to ask if you might let us read some of your poetry-- i love poetry (was enjoying so much the interactive poem Vernier the Great has instigated! Such fun!) and you intrigued me no end mentioning your writing. So, forgive me but i'd love to hear about that-- And also, a huge 'THANKYOU' to Sue for the 'perusing the shelves' tip-- i'm so lovin' it...
i'm so lovin' you ALL,
pookielove who will stop squeaking and be quiet now

romina2 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
felicity said...

@romina.. she is holding a bottle. do you know if it is non-alcoholic beer? no. you know nothing. what you can picture or what you mean to know about her.. is irrelevant.. YOU DON'T KNOW HER

Happygirl said...

romina2@ Do you ever considered that K maybe doing this to distract or people, so that everyone think that she is not pregnant

sue morris said...

DEAR LADIES, I thought, well I understood, everybody was getting off the critique on pregnancy, anybody's pregnancy. It is not my pregnancy and you do not know Kristen, not even a smidgeon. I realize we are all slightly nutty but PLEASE, leave the cigs and liquor talk out! Way too personal. I was TOLD to drink red wine, one to two glasses daily by my OB-GEN, when pregnant, because I am very hyper. I only had an occasional drink, and I was RH-NEGATIVE and Caesarian-Sections were a must , BECAUSE of surgery at 11 years old that took 8 hours. My dad was an MD or I would have died t 11 years. He was a brilliant doctor and saved many lives. I am sad to say my Precious passed in his sleep last night. He ate a good dinner and was hungry for his turkey dinner. Baby food is easy on his tummy but his breathing was very shallow. He was still smiling up at me last night, I should have guessed he was saying good-bye. I appreciate so much your kindness ladies and thank you for your comforting words. Sugar Lump has made a bed beside me and she often reaches up for a hug. She is a female boxer with a heart of gold. Love watching Snow White again, please have a good Friday.

felicity said...

@sue morris. i am so sorry that your little one did leave you. tight hugs. he knew you love him and he will smile down at you from the heavens above. you were an amazing mom for him. mwah

pookie lewis said...

My heart is with you, Sue Morris dearest. I too lost a best friend three years ago March 11th-- i know well the pain and loss. May your Precious rest in peace; i know you gave him the very best of yourself and the best life possible and i am sure he knew it and appreciated it...
God bless you and may the angels surround and comfort you, dear Sue Morris love, even as they usher in another sweet friend to heaven...

Jane said...

Sue Morris

I am so sorry for your loss. Glad you have Sugar Lump there to help ease your sorrow.

Tina Wotherspoon said...

Sue Morris lots of hugs coming your way from me,i repeat what Felicity and Pookie lewis has posted and im deeply sorry for your loss.

Mama Nails said...

Sue Morris, so sorry about your baby...that is so sad...glad you have sugar lumps to console you!

RKsoulmates913 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Teresa Holmes said...

Go to Google and Google root beer in beer bottles. Then Google soda in beer bottles. Enough said

irene said...


So sorry to hear of your loss, love.
Take heart and know he had a great life - the best with a warm, safe home and loving family, what more to ask for? ❤️❤️❤️

RKsoulmates913 said...

@SueMorris >>> http://www.idlehearts.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/I-wish-i-could-give-you-a-big-tight-hug-and--300x297.jpg

May I say something??? Why do you bother answering someone who obvious come here just to stir the pot?? Someone that has too much time on their hands and nothing better to do besides sitting in front her computer and wait 4 something to come out and then start shit here. If we believe that RK are Together, in love and there was never a break up and they are having a baby to share their love with this baby, bc what they feel to each other is so immeasurable that this little human being is the LIVE proof of it.

Don't engage trolls in your conversation, they are NOT worth our time. FOCUS your Positive vibes and energy on good things: RK, and the amazing ladies you found here.Again, this comment is not to upset anyone, just to state what should be part of this 'family' here: Trolls are NOT allowed. If they want yo bark, let them bark. 

I used to get mad at haters and trolls on Twitter, I even had my account locked, then I thought ' why should my account , that spreads LOVE, be locked
And theirs open and free to spread hate? I made the decision to ignore or block them and it was the best decision. :D

Have a nice weekend!!

RKsoulmates913 said...

and I just wanna add that what makes me come back here over and over again is the little teasing which occurs between mates that is harmless, playful, intelligent and original. And the 'fan encounters', the amazing POEMS and of course HKN posts! (Not the haters and their shit-lets them freak out)


Morning Coffee said...

Sue Morris.....there are few things in life that can bring as much joy as a beloved pet..They love without condition accepting us as we are completely. Your precious was one of the fortunate ones to have the unconditional love returned in full measure.

Nothing breaks your heart as much as having to say goodbye to a loved one. I have a card here somewhere that my son bought my husband and I when our pup breathed his last a few years back .
I can't find it off hand but it's called Rainbow Bridge...Google it.
Then go have a healing cry.

I send you love and prayers for God to soothe your aching heart.


Morning Coffee said...

Pookie ...I have literally just about torn this house apart looking for that book of poems the only thing I can think at this point is I may have let my grandaughter take it home with her to read and forgot about it...it happens alot when you get old.

I'll make you a deal give me a topic and I will write you an original.

See my girls again later time for dinner. No one gets between e and my groceries.


RKsoulmates913 said...

NEW Kristen pic!



Tracybell said...

Is that the new pic on RD? With caterers? If so that shirt is adorable around her belly lol.

Been gone doing mom daughter stuff and im trying to catch up. So many wonderful comments.

thank you. Sometimes I put my foot in my mouth but I generally try to have a good time :)

Morning coffee
Love Haven Mavens

And I think it was Mama nails who coined Havenettes? Love it! Your tumblr is rockin today woman!

Sue m
Jesus im sorry about andrew. Keep sugar lump close. He'll need you as much as you need him. Praying for you sweety.

Does anyone know Barg's Rootbeer. We used to buy it as kids because it looked like a beer bottle lol. Actually Rootbeer used those types of bottle before beer. Does it say Coors or Heineken or bud light on the bottle. People are freakin stupid.

There were so many sweet, wonderful, beautiful and supportive comments today im just smiling my ass off right now.

Catch yall later

RKsoulmates913 said...

@Tracybell Yes, it is, I checked on RD and it is!...I found it on twitter! LOL

Cute blouse indeed! ;)

RKsoulmates913 said...

Suzie and CJ #Nashville (New/Old)


NEW/OLD pic (Not Nashville) #ConnanTaping


AWWWWWW CUTE baby Kristen!!!


and here too



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